Confessions of a Big-food/Big-pharma Insider with Calley Means

Confessions of a Big-food/Big-pharma Insider with Calley Means

Confessions of a Big-food/Big-pharma Insider with Calley Means

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Many of us suspect maybe even you suspect that big food manufacturers have other goals besides the good health of the citizens who spend their hard-earned money on their products and I've got a special guest today who had an inside peek at how big food manufacturers think and even big Pharma manufacturers and so if you if you know someone who thinks.

That Coca-Cola and McDonald's and Kraft Heinz and Mondelez has your best interest at heart I would highly encourage you to share this video with them you can share it and send a link in a in a direct message an email a text message they need to watch this video because what Cali means is about to tell you is a bit disturbing.

It may be upsetting and and that's good I want you to be upset by this because I think for long enough the people with billions of dollars have made decisions in my interest in your interests when they should not have been doing that so I'm going to bring up my guest this is Cali means welcome Cali so glad to have you.

Okay again great to be here and talk about this topic this is uh this is a very important topic and it's a it's kind of a difficult topic to talk about and I think for many people listening it's difficult to wrap your head around the things that you have to say about how big food thinks about the average consumer.

Yeah can I bet on a journey because as you said early in my career I was working for these companies saw inside the room um and you know in the recent years you know reading books by you reading books by Dr Mark Hyman rob lustig you know these books really calling out the system my sister Dr Casey means who's.

Been outspoken on this the co-founder of levels I I've been on this transition to really understanding this is the most important issue in the world and and I gotta say um you know in in the previous years I was despondent I was very upset um and I think you set it up really well what I hope folks can take from this.

Conversation is actually empowerment I I do think that the first step to taking control of our health and really I think fixing the biggest issue in the country which is that we're all becoming metabolically dysfunctional especially our kids which is you know it's literally cellular dysregulation which I I couldn't think of a more important.

Issue it's happening systematically um the first step is actually just acknowledging what's going on um because I think patients have been gaslighted over the past couple decades to not ask questions in the face of violence happen to ourselves so yeah I'm really excited to dive into this yeah I think patients and customers have have.

Both been gas lit because if you start to if you start to pontificate about well I wonder what Coca-Cola I wonder if you know I wonder what their strategy is I wonder how they why are they spending all this money on lobbying you're quickly labeled as a conspiracy theory oh absolutely quickly and then you're canceled and.

Then you're ignored but I think it's maybe time for even people who consider themselves part of the intellectual crowd to start doing you know over the last three or four years a lot of the conspiracy theories have turned out to be true and maybe just maybe we should start to listen to people like Cali means and and think.

About this and then decide what are what are we going to do about it as individuals but also as small groups and hopefully as larger groups what are we going to do to change our system because I for one I'm sick and tired of it tell us tell us your experience your experience how long were you a consultant right if.

You don't mind saying what companies were you Consulting with if you're allowed to say that no I'm laying it all on the table because I think I this is my life's calling the most important uh issue in the country and I I think yeah let me go through my background because I think these issues are so large and I think what's hopefully been resonating.

Is just really breaking it down to specific companies and specific issues can at least give a little bit more hopefully armed viewers with a little bit more of just an understanding of how systems were because I think these stories are transformed almost everything but I grew up in Washington DC and my dream was to you know if.

Impact public policy United States and you know I was a more on the conservative end I interned at the Heritage Foundation I went to Stanford studied public policy worked on a couple campaigns and what I learned after those campaigns were over is that almost everyone in politics on the left and the right uh see themselves across the table.

Consulting for uh special interests but the big Behemoth um and I think a lot of us know this but but it's very clear uh the big Behemoth this health character is Pharma specifically spends five times more on lobbying than the oil industry it spends three times more than any other industry in the country you know when you when.

You add up all the healthcare interests of the American Medical Association hospitals Pharma they add up to about 35 of all while being spending in the country and the second biggest spender the big the other big Behemoth and Watson is big food um so I'll start with coke uh the specific Story the specific issue I.

Worked on with Coke in 2011 2012 and just to be specific as you as you talked about the the umbrella groups the American Beverage Association so all these groups kind of hide behind umbrella groups so it's Coke Pepsi other sugary drinks they're finding this organization Coke's obviously the big one but they wanted you guys watching.

This we've already got 1300 watching this we need way more than that Cali means is about to pull back the curtain and tell you guys how Coca-Cola does what they do how they use their money and influence to sway Congress to sway the USDA to sway the FDA please share this video right now on your social media there are 10 000 people need to be.

Watching this right now because this is important go ahead Callie Spill the Beans yeah so so the specific issue was that members of Congress were saying that coke should not be an item on food stamps uh food stamps is a very important government program uh it's a hundred and fifteen billion dollars it's 15 of Americans uh depend on this for.

Nutrition you know whether you you know agree with it or not this is a vital program that a lot of people and I think you said it exactly right they depend on it for nutrition but right right yeah and and just to back up I'm a Libertarian I think a lot a lot of drugs you know frankly should be legal I I think we can all agree addictive drugs.

That have no nutritional value that cause a lot of harm with sugar unquestionably is um should not be funded by government nutrition programs this is this is a vital Lifeline that the 15 of Americans at the lowest income level depend on um and rely on and Coke wanted to keep food stamps spending on soda now believe.

It or not uh sugary drinks soda specifically is the number one item purchased back then and up until today on so you mean when when somebody takes their their food stamps or their their SNAP benefits to the grocery store all the things all the meat all the vegetables all the canned goods all the dry goods soft drinks are.

The number one thing that food stamps are spent on sugary drinks are 10 of all food stamps spending yes the number one item this is a material percentage of coke and Pepsi's Revenue okay these highly addictive I call it diabetes water this weaponized sugar that's hitting our bloodstreams is the number one item okay.

And when you back up 70 of food stamp spending is processed crap this is absolutely unprecedented compared to other developed countries there is a mass bipartisan effort to figure out you know children's nutrition lower income nutrition in almost every other developed country you know and you look at the BC rates you can understand but.

This is absolutely a rig system a huge part of coax revenue and the mission was how do we keep it that way and there was a couple elements to Playbook and the Playbook really revolves around rigging institutions of trust um so you know something I've talked about a lot but I think it's very instructive you know this is not.

Complicated and we see it day if you call someone a racist or racialize the debate or you know make somebody feel like they're fat shaming or or offending some marginalized group the debate really shuts down and this is well known um so back then one of my and I was pretty Junior but one of my first jobs is to put a list together of civil.

Rights organizations you know African-American pastors things like that and we would reach out and we would you know and just just to take you inside right it's not an evil conspiring but it's like hey you know your communities really like these sodas uh their people are trying to take away choice you know would you we'd love to.

Make a donation would you be you know could we create a strategy to keep choice of course that's just a just a complete perversion of the discussion because what's actually happening is it's keeping government money tens of billions of dollars of government money going to this diabetes water right it's terrible public policy but that's how.

These discussions happen and as the New York Times reported the time time the NAACP and the Hispanic Federation some of the most leading civil rights groups in the country went on a war path uh calling parents who were concerned about kids ingesting a hundred times more sugar than they did 100 years ago the fact that 25 of kids now have.

Pre-diabetes which is just unprecedented and just just a scandal obviously um calling them racist and and racializing the debate and saying we're taking away choice and that was all driven by public relations consultants for Coke you know unfortunately myself seeing this and being a part of it um driving that.

So the Civil Rights that's that's a big example and it's continuing obviously today and today it's really expanded into the body inclusivity movement that originally came out that Nestle and other processed food makers have been funneling millions of dollars to body and uh positive Tick-Tock influencers and there's really been this systematic.

Uh debate to label doctors asking about weight or talking about food or talking about exercise as fat shaming um so it's like how do we weaponize these groups to make you know basically anyone asking questions a little bit nervous and now you know again those tactics are being used today but yeah back to Coke a couple other big things and and one I.

Really want to highlight and I think we all know this we all know that research can be rigged but I just want to say one stat here that I saw firsthand which is that coke and processed food companies according to Mark Hyman in his book food fix and and some other sources then 11 times more funding basic nutritional research than the NIH.

Okay 11 times more and I can tell you you know all these studies say that the funding came from Coke or the funding came from the American Beverage Association but that didn't impact the research let me tell you let's just use our Common Sense let's not be gaslighted here if processed food companies are paying billions of dollars which is what.

It is for nutrition research they expect something in return and they are getting it um we still to this day have studies from leading research institutions questioning whether sugar causes obesity today still the foundational research from the NIH and tops this food compasses as you probably I think I.

Think you've recently done a video on this um it says literally I mean it sounds ridiculous but it's it would be funny if it wasn't too tragic this goes into childhood nutrition guidelines but the Lucky Charms are healthier than beef um but back then back then right it's a ton of studies just pounding down it's.

You know it's very simple you fund the studies the studies question the efficacy considerate all the of sugar all of these research nutritional research said there's thousands they're being used and weaponized to throw to lawmakers and Regulators we can't villainize sugar it's it's cheap calories and that so it's pay for the.

Study take that study to regulate the members of Congress confuse the debate so I believe that research studies seeing this and just literally having a list of professors um uh you know from Harvard from Tufts from other top places um and just just that money being directed now I think a lot of these.

Professors are good people but they are absolutely Pawns in a scheme to to confuse the debate we didn't even care what these studies said we just wanted studies that said different things that question a lot of different things and getting away from the core principles that you uh and other Warriors in this fight that it actually nutrition is a.

Lot more simple than we're led to believe yeah so yeah this actually I'm sorry yeah no no please please it sounds like a page ripped straight from the big tobacco Playbook even if the study still shows that cigarettes might be bad it still confuses the issue it muddies the water and uh people who watch my channel regularly they know that when.

The study is completed if the researchers are worth the funders don't like the results of the study this study can it's called file drawing they just put it put it in a file drawer and it never sees the light of day they have no mandate to publish a study whatsoever right and so if the study comes out just.

Egregiously bad like oh my God Coke causes cancer then they'll just they'll put in the file drawer it's never published nobody knows about that and and in many of the contracts the Coca-Cola or the big food company they actually have the final say before they own that intellectual property and they have the final say before it's published.

That that's right and uh yeah and I I I'm just you know have an opinion and and you know I've gotten and the the head of the Tufts uh research uh the tough school called me and I I've been promoting this new food Compass study and I've been in a lot of conversations with academics um you know have told me that they are.

Just not influenced by the fact that they've taken millions of dollars both in researcher Nations and personal payments from food and really just beating the table that we need to accept money from food because we need this nutrition research I'll just say it I don't think we need nutrition research I think nutrition research has absolutely.

Gaslighted the problem um I I think you make a great point about tobacco I think the only difference on what's happened to kids right now getting them addicted to a highly addictive drug of sugar the only thing different between that and what happened with tobacco is that what's happening now with sugar and food.

Happening with children is an order of magnitude worth I I really do believe that and I want to just say you know the firms I was working for and what I was doing in DC were the exact firms that were built on the backs of tobacco you know in the 70s 80s and I think it's very interesting because this has all come out we don't have the documents.

That I saw from the from the food uh big sugar right now but we actually do have um there's a database of of PR documents from the tobacco industry that came out in a lawsuit and it says this explicitly and this is exactly what Bigfoot is it said one line from the from the 80s is that um researchers like mothers everyone.

Respects them everyone listens to them and all we need to do is just fund research for the sake of research that's exactly what's happening um and I think another link another step on the Playbook that I I just you know I I don't think most people know about this and it just it's actually just almost hard to believe when you think.

About it but Coke also during this time took that research and used it to directly pay millions of dollars to organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Diabetes Association and you literally have during this time the American Diabetes Association while Coke was you know pushing for diabetes water to Beast.

Government subsidies for kids not only did the American Diabetes Association not say anything against that they actually on their website encourage small cans of coke as a good move for diabetics and I was like what the hell did you just you just recommended Coca-Cola the full full strength sugar Coca-Cola but.

Just in a tinier can and I was like what the hell is going on and so for people who don't really understand how this works when a when a like a big Academy like the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Academy of family physicians who don't no longer takes that kind of money I don't know if the AAP still does when they receive a.

Humongous check they're not going to come out and start saying no Coca-Cola is good for you what it's going to do is it's going to have a very subtle hush effect right right and so if it weren't for that two million dollar Grant or fund or whatever then they would you know the American Academy of Pediatrics would literally be.

Tweeting parents attention please do not give your children any soft drinks they will give them cavities they will give them obesity they will give them type 2 diabetes alert alert warning warning warning but with that two million dollar Grant they're like well you need to minimize this sort of thing you know and it needs to be on the minimized list.

Which it's that's a sellout in my opinion 100 and I think this is important everyone right and this isn't personal this isn't personal but we have to acknowledge the economic it says I think this gets the next thing my other clients and the other you know the biggest spinner in DC which is Pharma so right after a meeting with the soda.

Companies you go to Pharma which is the biggest spender DC the biggest spender on Research in this country um you know the biggest spinner on public affairs work on almost everything and you would think right just a stepping back or you know most people just assume that health organizations.

Like like take the American Diabetes Association would be starting with the premise of how do we keep people from getting diabetes but that is not how health care works it is how do we treat people once they get diabetes so the key thing to understand is that the every entity of Health uh from Pharma companies to hospitals to Med schools to.

The NIH and the American Diabetes Association the medical groups they're not taking responsibility for the fact that everyone's getting sick they're not taking responsibility that diabetes is up 700 in a generation exactly and it is their responsibility right you know there's nobody guilty you would expect that these huge grants to their.

Foundations into their funds it it then they're content just kind of sit back and be like well we don't really know what causes childhood people really know what causes that we think maybe it's genetic we're not sure we're doing a lot of research on it though and it's like what the hell dude Coca-Cola and Reese's pups which was recently graded by the.

Tufts food Compass to be better than a a egg for breakfast right take your children oh no I was in their guidelines that it's way better than a than an egg fried in butter and and so I I can't imagine I'm out of that now because I still have a small practice but I'm on YouTube and I'm I'm.

Telling like it is but the average doctor who's still afraid of the medical board still afraid of their their professional Society they've got to be miserable because you know doctors are not stupid no they kind of got through medical school they know what's causing diabetes in children and obesity in children but they really kind.

Of feel like they need to not say too much or they'll get in trouble if you go against the American Academy um a Pediatrics as a as a pediatrician or the American Diabetes Association you're at risk of tell me if I'm wrong here doctor I I you know having your license in question I mean these these organizations really set the guidelines.

And the standard of care um and I think there's a lot of fear I think you make a really good point I mean you know as a quick aside I've been really inspired by my sister Dr Casey means who founded this company levels which helps with metabolic Health now but she was the pride of the family Stafford med school top of her class.

President over Stanford undergrad class and a surgeon and she looked around uh and realized that she had no idea why the patients were sick below her knife and she realized trace the money and realized that she didn't learn one nutrition class at Stanford med school they didn't require one like 80 percent of Med schools and all of her classes.

Were in Pharmacology and all doctors learned us how to treat people and all their responsible for is that and what the link she put together looking around her doctors have the highest rate of burn on the highest rate of suicide of any profession so I agree with you I think doctors are very smart they're very dedicated we have actually this.

Crazy system where we basically are a magnet literally for the most dedicated smartest people in the world come to the America to be a doctor and learn and then they find themselves in the system where patients are systematically getting more and more sick you know in case they realizing she had The Bravery to drop out after 12 years of training.

She realized that the a person she was doing surgery on which she didn't realize that she they were sick doing a sinusitis she was had a neck surgeon that they were under her knife seven months before that and these patients kept coming back the root cause of why we're sick isn't being treated by this plethora of drugs and surgeries and.

Procedures that we're doing it's just a Band-Aid um and I think the key thing to understand right I think you said it really well this subtlety the the the the the money the the money from food companies to literally medical organizations and of course the main funding to to Med.

Schools to Medical organizations you know is Pharma and it's it's all about interventions all of these institutions make money on interventions when people are sick right absolutely if you take any if you take any it's just then this is not conspirate this is just a statement of fact I don't think anyone even disagree with this but if you take.

A diabetes you know we spend over a trillion dollars on Diabetes Care in the country right now right if people are eating Whole Foods right there's less patience but then once you have diabetes it's a even though it's reversible they say it's a lifetime condition that needs treatment that's that's a beautiful situation where then Medicare Medicaid.

You know multiples more than our defense budget is going literally to the results of diabetes right it's a total reversible and preventable condition but none of these groups are talking about why people are actually getting diabetes and then of course all the money 95 percent of Health Care spending isn't going to trying to get you know obese.

Potentially diabetic kids better food it's it's waiting for them to get to get them treating them so that's what the money does it basically normalizes this incentive and then of course as Casey talks about it Med schools and doctors you know in Pharma it's it's this Warrior mindset it's that we're standing you know once people are getting sick.

With great treatments but but they've they've deluded this systemically we've taken good people and and and and and and basically made it that nobody's asking why there's so much Devastation and just you know one other thing that that I think has really endemic to the system you know on the Barry Weiss podcast recently I was debating a.

Leading obesity doctor from from Harvard um about this new uh uh obesity drug which which is I think a really a good microcosm of these Dynamics and the question I had was just very simple um it's that we're pushing for government funding for this drug which is going to be about twelve thousand dollars per patient per year and it's a.

Lifetime drug and my point was very simple which is that it would be multiple steeper to literally just buy every obese American healthy food um yeah let's go back to the SNAP benefits which stands with supplemental nutritional assistance program it used to be called food stamps they changed.

The name because that had a little bit of a derogatory uh feel to it right right so on Snap the reason that people are given SNAP benefits is because they're they're in poverty they're they they're not making enough income to afford nutrition right we established that earlier that's what the program is for.

It actually has nutrition in the name now all of my all of my followers are very common sense people and but I want to ask everybody a question so listen up the SNAP benefits people pay taxes those taxes part of that goes to paying for SNAP benefits for people who cannot afford real food to help them afford food to feed their.

Families to feed their children should federal dollars be allowed to be spent on Coca-Cola and Pepsi and Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew everybody tell me in the comments yes or no now I'm like Cali I'm a bit of a Libertarian and I think if you want to if you want to drink 10 liters of coke a day go for it brother that's fine it's.

Your life but if you're gonna tax me and I pay taxes brother believe me and then you're going to use that money to literally pay for somebody's young child so and so first of all it's a young parent they're busy they're trying to get ahead in life they don't have a degree in nutrition they don't know and plus tough School of nutrition just came.

Out and said no Reese's Puffs are fine your kids can have them every damn morning and so they use their SNAP benefits to buy Reese's Puffs which is literal pure chocolate sugar vegetables that to their children every morning because Tufts nutrition said it was okay and the federal government gives them the money to buy it with.

Should Coca-Cola and Pepsi should you be able to to use your SNAP benefits to buy those yes or no now granny Barry would say she's back from the olden days Cali she would say Beggars can't be choosers but there are a lot of people that they feel like that's offensive and they feel like that that's uh paternalistic patriarchal I want to know what people.

Think in the comments do you think that is that is that a or is that a common sense like if if I if I was going to ask you Cali Cali dude me and Misha are down on our luck can I borrow a couple of thousand bucks from you just for a while I just need it and you're like well yeah man what do you need it for right well I'm gonna buy some weed and a little bit.

Of blow and you'll be like no no you can't borrow two thousand dollars you're going to spend it on weed and blow no now if you're going to pay the rent and pay the electric bill yeah 100 I would loan you the money that's kind of how I look at this if if I'm being given something because I can't afford.

I don't really get to be the boss and I don't think people on SNAP benefits feel that way I think that Coca-Cola and Pepsi and all the people that spend the millions of dollars in lobbying they want that to stay on Snap because that's part of their bottom line so let me get this straight you're telling me that Coca-Cola had you compile a list.

Of uh NAACP and other ethnic organizations and then they went to them and said hey uh you know the these Republican congressmen and Senators they're trying to take away your people's your people's free free choice and they're trying to take Coca-Cola off snap we feel like I mean I don't know do you.

Think that's racist I don't know maybe it is and then all of a sudden news stories every news cycle in every newspaper every television news program talking about how racist this was right right and you're telling me that coke funded that yeah it's bipartisan right so they go to the the left you know they have you know the spokespeople you know.

Al Sharpton was involved in this too you know go and Hound the left about being racist which nobody wants to hear and then they really it's it's a very subtle but they really pervert this nanny State thing on the right so you go to the right and run these campaigns and say it's Nanny state to snatch the coke you know this great American Beverage that.

People enjoy from the hands of lower income folks but of course it's not about snatching the coke away again we're not disagreeing with the ability of coke to exist but as a public policy matter and I you know Beggars can't be I think that was an interesting but it's it's more just basic it's just like we have public policy our public policy.

Just as a matter of fact the nutrition program should not be uh paying for diabetes water we are being like I I I feel like I'm in a Bizarro World sometimes yeah is are we not being brought to our needs as a country with our human capital and with our budget by metabolic conditions tied to food are eight of the ten leading causes of death.

In America largely preventable metabolic conditions you know tied to food from diabetes and heart disease now Alzheimer's being called type 3 diabetes kidney disease covet deaths you know just just going down the list I I I mean I mean are our children our precious human capital who 25 of now have pre-diabetes 45 early they're obese or.

Overweight Mass issues autoimmune conditions 15 of kids now have fatty liver disease 25 of kids which I think is highly related to metabolic conditions 25 in in 2021 said they're contemplating suicide of teenagers I mean we are seeing like unprecedented metabolically centered issues and and we're paying for diabetes water like.

Like which is costing by the way trillions of dollars of Downstream health effects are like you know I'll take it to me I enjoy a beer sometimes like I I enjoy you know having a drink I never would think that the government should be as a matter of public policy subsidizing beer for me right it's the same thing with sugar and I do think you.

Know when you look at the basic just facts you look at the dopamine release that Sugar causes you look at the long-term impact this is a drug this is a highly addictive drug um so as a matter of public policy you know it makes no sense to be subsidizing and it's and by the way it's not just um it's not just the food stamps.

Um you know another huge one is school lunches which have no sugar limit and are federally and state subsidized and then of course something I also worked on a little bit is just and this comes up every couple years is maintaining their crop and agriculture subsidies where 90 of those go to basically what makes up a Reese's pump.

So a Reese's puff basically any food any processed food you pick up the label on you point this out so well it's the trifecta right it's highly processed grains it's some crappy I I don't think they should be called seed of vegetables I think it should be called industrial byproduct which is what it is um and then um and then added sugar.

Obviously all three ingredients evolutionary unprecedented basically invented in the last 120 years um that's what we subsidized with 90 billions dollars vegetables and fruit is point four percent of federal subseas and considered a specialty crop so yeah I mean this is this is just not smart and you know I think you make a great.

Point on a mom and a parent like like I am privileged and I am optimistic and I'm happy to be in this fight you know following along you and many other people have inspired me but most people in this country have to defer to institutions right whether you're on the left or the right we need to as institutions like like from a foundation.

And we expect those institutions are looking out for the ability of ourselves to work and and I I think it but this makes sense for a particular lower income mom uh to defer to those institutions and I don't I think people will be shocked yeah I think people would be shocked that we're actually just pummeling not just with.

The food stamp subsidation but the fact that a Coke is cheaper than water because there's so many subsidized ingredients in there you know and it's it's all people can can afford I think parents would also be shocked to learn that in the face of this catastrophe particularly with Children of Men of all conditions the FDA.

Says that it's okay for 10 of a two-year-old's diet to be added sugar 10 percent now it's just like alcohol it's just like alcohol alcohol is legal um people enjoy it you know it has societal consequences but we're not Banning it that went bad in the 20s uh but but there's not like an FDA recommendation for it like like the like.

The nutritional the nutritional guidelines are basically it's zero it's like it's like and the traditional guidelines said everything the fact that we actually and and tracing that and this is also something I say you know but but the way it traces what we talked about with the academic research how coke and farm and all these interests.

Are able to funnel and actually the predominant funders Private Industry is I think 70 to 80 percent of all academic research spending yep they fund both in direct research payments which is the currency for a researcher and this is important direct Consulting so so many nutritional research including the the person who's the head of that tough.

Study that said uh Reese's Puffs were better than beef right they have also received direct payments just direct payments from food companies right Big Stuff different companies 60 different big food companies that funded Tufts University School of nutrition who now tells us that uh Reese's Puffs and Lucky Charms are green light that means to be.

Encouraged and that beef and eggs are red lighted which means to be discouraged that's right that's right and I just did a video about this last week I've got all the documentation in the show notes if anybody just heard me say that and went that can't be right yeah it's right it's absolutely the truth and so.

So basically the federal government is funding the SNAP benefits which is Lady allowing people to buy sugar water and Industrial Waste and all the all of the the grains the highly processed wheat rice oats and corn and also they're funding the school lunch and the school breakfast programs which have no upper limit for sugar but they do have.

An upper limit it can only have so much saturated fat but there's no upper limit for sugar and they're also funding on the other end of this Medicare and Medicaid so that when these people do develop diabetes fatty liver obesity hypertension all the other things that go along with this whether children or.

Adults then that they cover that as well so it's like they're they're basically paying the salaries for the big food companies on the front end and they're paying the salaries for big Pharma on the back end which are the two biggest which is the two biggest Employers in the United States um.

And biggest lobbyists and I call it the devil's bargain because you kind of understand that food companies are trying to use you know resources at their disposal to make food cheaper and more addictive you know it's not great but you kind of get that you would expect the Health Care System then to be ringing the alarm Bell but it's just as.

A factual statement it's a statement of fact the Health Care System makes money when people are sick so they turn a blind eye when the food companies Lobby and they turn a blind bag to the nutrition so so you know going back to the research funding I think this is very important for folks understand when the FDA makes their nutritional.

Guidelines every five years that's not a non-partisan you know FDA bureaucrat making those recommendations they put together a panel of outside experts and it's people just like the folks that did this tough study that says Reese's Puffs are better than eggs it's it's all outside researchers and in 2020.

95 and you could Google this it's all over 95 of the people that made the nutritional guidelines that said 10 of sugar diet being sugar for a two-year-old is okay we're directly paid off direct payments from Pharma and or food companies um you know processed food companies and that's how you know back my earlier.

Career that's how you were able to get it that you're able to you're able to fund it's the same thing with Pharma uh the the the the department and the the FDA panel that's making uh obesity recommendations right now those aren't FDA bureaucrats those are outside people back when I was working for Farmer 2011 2012 it was all about opioids and they.

Had a blue ribbon panel on opioids uh for guidelines and the head of that panel was the dean of Stanford med school who was a pain specialist and the exact year that he uh issued this panel with a ton of conflicts and said uh we should have loose opioid guidelines essentially which led to Devastation uh Pfizer one of the largest opiate makers.

Made a direct payment for pain research three million dollars uh to to that professor and then school he oversaw so you know this is how it works uh it's not that complicated and and the fact that there's such a close collaboration between Private Industry you know Academia and the Regulatory Agencies and such a revolving door you know where you.

Obviously have the FDA director you know coming from Academia going to the FDA then going to the board of Pfizer it's all this just revolving world of influence um where uh where there's this massive conflict and we're being asked to believe that that doesn't matter so tell me this Callie when you were in.

That situation with Coca-Cola Consulting with them how how did this feel to you at that time because at that time you were a young man you were trying to make a name for yourself you were trying to write in the industry we're all trying to get by and get ahead that's that's human nature yeah it just feel off did it feel wrong.

To you and also did you hear anybody any other grumblings from other Consultants or even Coca-Cola employees like man this is kind of shady I have to be honest with you it did not it is this is a lot of this is in retrospect um because what happens is you know and I've you know my whole life I've been.

Chasing institutions you know Stanford I went to Harvard Business School and I do think I really feel that these institutions and especially in DC really breed Conformity so you know it's about the magnificence of the American Agriculture and pharmaceutical Industries I was buying that right I was buying that we were getting lower income.

Folks cheap calories you know working for Pharma there's a lot of mission-based talk about you know curing these diseases and you know really life-saving cures it is the biggest lie in the country right that the medical system you know has innovated in a life-saving cure the more we spend on Health Care the worse life expectancy.

Goes down and chronic diseases are exploding the more stands we prescribe the more rates of heart disease go up the more ssris the more suicide depression go up the more metformin we prescribe the more diet it's because diabetes it's because we're treating things in silos right and there's this lie where everyone's just hammering away.

At their siled issue but then Rome is burning right so yeah it's it's it's taken a long time for me and again like uh uh you know inspired by my sister inspired you know who led me through her journey dropping out of med school being radicalized on this reading books by you um you know breaking out of the system but but but but I feel it's my life's.

Calling now to both talk about this and also we've got to change the incentives Americans respond to incentives right now as you very well stated the incentive for an American is to eat crappy food which is subsidized and then Healthcare only kicks in once they get sick and they get free health care essentially once they get sick that's.

The incentives people follow incentives but people aren't systematically trying to have their children be obese and pre-diabetic and themselves be sicker than their parents were so they're going to miss their their kids uh milestones and grandkids Milestones but that's happening and I think it's because of incentives um so no it did not.

Feel to be honest and you know very important Cali yeah I want everybody to listen to this carefully from where Cali was in his career the people surrounding him even though when we're talking about this now in 2023 it sounds egregious it sounds almost satanic but in that situation in that moment.

It felt like he was just doing business yeah yeah I think people are waking up you know I I we talked earlier about the doctors it's the number one burnout number one suicide you know Ray I I think I think there's a bit you know I've talked to a lot a lot of doctors have reached out right a couple are defiant and defensive that the medical.

System I mean I don't know what what their argument could be it's not it's not producing healthier patients but you know a little bit defensive but there's there's been pretty much a a thought it's it's it's kind of like even chatting with you know people at high up in the organization have been attacking who I.

Still know and friendly with it's just like yeah it kind of is right right but everyone's I mean these are the two largest Industries in the country I kind of like it at you know to to not to not to call this out too much but you know uh business school at Harvard Business School you know and it is this institution very similar to DC it takes.

Very ambitious people you know there's a lot of examples I have a friend who wrote their essay for admittance about reforming Healthcare and and how we need to fix inequities and because of this chamber these these these institutions they drive you to Conformity you know she goes to McKenzie uh a leading consulting firm and was working on the.

Healthcare Group that helped Purdue Pharma prescribe more opioids and it's now getting like massively investigated and had to pay a huge fine it's like the people are being funneled into Pharma companies you know people are being funneled the big ton of people working at Pepsi now these are all good people they're friends I'm not trying to call.

Them out too much but it's just like I do think systemically high level our Elite institutions basically demand Conformity and there's huge economic incentives I think we all implicitly know right that big institutions are really letting us down I think we know big food is obviously right just look at the Obesity rates between you know a.

Japanese person the United States and the Japanese person Japan it's Forex worse obesity right this isn't genetic as we're being told um and um you know and I and I just think we all see these institutions letting us down um but can I you know in a weird way again we're taking it back to what you.

Said at the beginning I don't think the message is everything is screwed here um I think I think I think the medical system has made a lot you know has we've lost our way but we've done I don't think a person 100 years ago would imagine where we are now with a lot of respects and I don't know the fact that a lot of folks are watching this YouTube.

Waking up listening to podcasts reading books um I think we will change to change it slowly but but um I think there's just no other way to get it back to food and kind of kind of take down this sick care system that we have where we're being poisoned by our food um and then have these incremental cures.

That are profiting the system but bankrupting our country it's just not mathematically going to work um but yeah it's still like chronic metabolic disease is gonna break the yeah it's going to break the federal government mathematically we don't do something about it and I'm so happy to hear about your sister who stepped away.

And said enough I can't do this anymore and more and more doctors every day are either taking that step or they're saying you know what I'm going to start telling my patients to eat real food and if the State Medical Board wants to come get me I guess they can come get me and so more and more doctors and and that's a very unusual position.

For a doctor to take you know that doctors are very risk adverse they do not like confrontation they do not like Risk they do not want to get a phone call from the medical board right right when you see when you see what you and I have seen when you hear this when you read one of these books you're like holy crap I'm part of the problem I'm not.

That's why because so many doctors are burnt out suicide rates got high because all they do is write more and more prescriptions for people who get sicker and sicker and sicker that's not fun that's not that's not why any doctor went to medical school when you asked that's right give me why do you want to you want to be a doctor he's like yes.

Why Jimmy so you can write lots of prescriptions so I can help people save people make people healthy that's why I want to go to medical school and then every doctor gets in their position gets in their Clinic gets in the the ER or wherever gets in the or they're not helping people get better unless you're a trauma surgeon you're not saving.

Anybody's life you're really kind of making people sicker and just minding the status quo until you've got your 20 years in you can retire and that's depressing and I see doctors every day reaching out to me saying okay how do you how are you able to do what you do and not get in trouble with the medical board and I tell them I have gotten.

Trouble with the medical board more than once but you know what if they want to come at me again and try to take my license come at me because I will never shut up because this is a wife and death for people who are not doctors and who are not dietitians they don't have the academic training to be able to look at this this study and go that's utter.

and look at this study and go no this is a very good good study this is well done they don't know how to do that all they can do is trust the authority figures in their life who might be their doctor it might be their mama or it might be the tough School of nutrition and and health policy and so they they saw oh it's a new food Compass.

Okay I'm gonna go by that because I really want my young children to be healthy and then five years later their children are obese and have to and have pediatric type 2 diabetes so now that's enough depressing stuff um we've got a guarantee we got doctors and.

Nurses watching this life oh they're going to be watching on the replay let's start talking about what are we going to do Cali what can we do yeah I'm just a truck driver I'm just a nurse I'm just I work at Walmart I'm just whatever I'm middle management what can I do to make a difference let's talk about that because everybody watching all 2 700 you.

Guys you guys can absolutely change this you can fix this it ain't going to happen overnight but we can start tomorrow morning breaking this system down and building up a new system that actually makes sense what are we going to do Cali great well let me let me just list off a couple so if you're if you're in the.

System right now and I would just say this I have been inspired like I'm doing this path and from a unique background from folks like you from folks like my sister Dr Casey means from Mark Hyman from others who have basically uh bucked the system you know who who basically um saw inside and said there's something really really wrong here and created.

Content and I would just say this there is an optimistic generational I think economic Trend that's going to happen in the next uh 20 years where mathematically we are going to go bankrupt from this secure system like it's 20 GDP it's growing at an increasing rates could be 40 I don't think people understand how fast we'll.

Have to shift to root cause Frameworks of food as medicine and getting back to basics and encouraging exercise we literally are just going to cease to exist from a budgetary standpoint as a country and I do think I would just say this you know Casey my sister when she dropped out of resin see after hundreds of thousand dollars of debt and you know.

All this training you know it was tough right it was a tough decision it was the greatest decision she's ever made and I do think if you are feeling stuck in the system I just say like there's so much opportunity in content and in potential Solutions with your knowledge um and I do think you know you can make change from within the system but but I.

Do think more and more people uh coming out and speaking out and creating alternate Solutions is really important okay so what are some tactical things we do I think number one at the most basic level before societal and policy change happens right you really feel confident really feel confident to ask questions humans are the only animal uh in the.

World and animals that we feed that have chronic obesity and diabetes and metabolic dysfunction we have an innate understanding of what we should be eating and what we should be doing and the fact that we should be seeing the sunlight and moving that's how kids are born they have a predisposition to these things in natural food so I just do.

Think very simple like going down this journey reading more of the books by the folks we mentioned and asking questions of your pediatrician or your doctor particularly when it comes to Chronic conditions this is my framework if you have a appendicitis or a complicated childbirth or you know a gunshot wound or something like acute like like an.

Urgent infection yes yes yes talk to your doctor but we the medical system deserves no benefit of the doubt when it comes to Chronic conditions which are 80 percent of the causes of death of Americans and take up 90 of health care costs do not implicitly trust your doctor on preventing chronic conditions if they're pushing a Statin on you if.

They're pushing these drugs on you if they're pushing you know uh certain drugs like Adderall in your cab step back it's scary to go up against a doctor it's scary but I think it's very important on the public policy level um I'll get to my company a sec but it's true but on our email list we're also doing some Grassroots effort.

And this is my framework on public policy there is a lot of money we're going up against with Pharma and food and we've talked about that but I've talked to a lot of legislators in the last couple months and I've worked in politics before as I've talked about there's one thing that can counteract money and that is Grassroots support and.

What I think is going to happen and I'm going to work on if you sign up on we're going to catalyze Grassroots support I'm actually going with the Coalition of other food as medicine folks and we're going to meet with a number of Senators and members of Congress on both left and right and the way we can counteract is Grassroots.

Support and and something I really want to rally for and there's going to be more information on this follow me on Twitter sign up on that email if I mentioned um I think it's about the new nutrition guidelines I think they should be zero if we can get sugar nutrition guidelines it's a very simple issue but if we can.

Get that to zero where it obviously should be that then impacts a lot of these things that we talked about uh you know parents defer to those guidelines and when they're at 10 percent for sugar for a two-year-old that gets into a lot of foods if it's zero percent that starts impacting childhood nutrition it starts impacting school lunches so we're.

Really going to work on a Grassroots effort to really get that nutrition guide so we gotta we gotta pick our battles the last thing I'd say doctor I got one other just specific uh policy I don't know if we're going over but I got one other folks can do right now is is um this is this is the question I've been asking it's how can we incentivize.

Patients right now to not wait to get sick but keep themselves healthy if we change incentives I think it changes everything so something I'm very interested in is these HSA FSA accounts I actually think it's a great part of Health Care policy most of you probably uh listeners probably have heard of them out there somewhat lower optimized but.

They're these accounts where you can basically choose where to spend on your health and I think fundamentally what we have to spend on is less on interventions what works once we're sick and more ways to keep it us healthy well my company is doing we found is that if you have a doctor's note saying you should eat healthy food or.

Exercise to prevent a certain condition and prevent a certain condition and most of us should be on a prevention plan for metabolic conditions you can actually buy healthy food and exercise tax-free and you can Max those accounts out 7 200 bucks for a family so I think and I this is part of the mission I'm on is to put an exercise equipment or broccoli you.

Know in a dietary intervention versus Statin for preventing heart disease right food and exercise interventions just I think we would all agree are much better and actually do count for medical spending um so that's one way right now with your tax dollars those HSA FSA accounts are usually used for once you get sick to.

Save up for drugs once you already get heart disease or something like that you can actually you we like to think of it as kind of revolutionary act to actually use those right now to stay healthy and prevent disease with root cause habits not just prevent one disease but you know prevent a lot of diseases by eating and exercising and we're working to.

Incentivize that but that's where we need to move uh public policy um is we need to be using more of our tax advantage dollars and Health Care dollars to stay healthy yeah and then specific public policies we got to get rid of crop subsidies the AG subsidies um and we've got to treat Sugar like more and more like tobacco I do think.

That's a free market solution as I hope I've been explaining they have been knowingly and consciously rigging the system um they have been obfuscating research everything the cigarette companies have been doing and the externalities these shouldn't be subsidized products we should be pricing in the externalities.

Like we do with cigarettes so there's some efforts working on that we're talking to a couple billionaires and and some great lawyers about bringing class action and various legal challenges to these companies I think that's really going to be what breaks this open just like it did with uh Purdue there's going to be some Young and Hungry assistant.

District Attorneys somewhere that's right that's right who is going to say you know I think these guys know they're doing harm and I'll bet you if I could get my hands on all the emails and all the documents and so all of a sudden if they're if there is an indictment and some subpoenas go out we want all your emails Coca-Cola we.

Want all your documents we want all your manuals we want every single penny you've spent on every single thing I think all of a sudden we would it would be better than the Twitter drops that we've been seeing like there will be stuff coming out where these guys know that they're causing harm they know they're causing poor innocent children.

To be obese and type 2 diabetic and for poor little babies to have fatty liver almost before they can walk I am waiting for that young hungry assistant district attorney to say come on boss let me let me run with this let me run with this because when that starts it's all going to fall down can you you you're very smart you're.

Actually getting very detailed there which is actually something we're really excited about so just again high level I'm devoting my life to this putting that out there in the universe well we're working on it so so it's been a so amazing on this journey is you know meeting folks like you but also just very interesting imbalance and a huge.

Opportunity as well is District trades but also the attorney generals in States and what's very interesting is every state I think literally every state is it's on the verge of bankruptcy due to their health obligations so they have a real rationale actually to look into this into how things are being rigged and an attorney general actually much is.

In the Class Act and can launch investigations and and compel Discovery and compel the emails so so we're actually been so fortunate to just be brought into this issue and in this fight and and playing a small role but we're actually um you know you use your chat with some of these attorney generals we're trying.

To just get them chatting with the smartest people um and there's a huge appetite there's a huge appetite both on the left and the right to um to start asking questions looking at some emails uh because we do have a rig system and we should simply Embrace that absolutely and um and I think gosh if I.

Think if we change incentives you know it's like drinking it's like I think Americans you know they make some mistakes but generally when there's the right guidelines like people try to do the right thing for themselves and their family we just are addicting kids to this substance at two years old at one year old and um and if we start.

Investigating that but yeah there's a couple angles but I I just appreciate you and your community here just looking at the comments and it's just I I it's been a life-changing Journey for me to start asking questions I'm still obviously on that Journey with the one-year-old son um and I just uh it's great to be part.

Of this movement absolutely now let's sum up Cali yeah I've got I've got six things written down some that you spoke about some that I thought of while you were speaking somebody listen up this is stuff that you can start doing right now as soon as you click off this video number one start paying attention again so many people have just clocked out.

They're just like it's this is psycho world this is the episode of The Twilight Zone you need to know who your congressman is you need to know who your Senator is you need to know who your district attorney is you need to know these things you need to be active in this stuff again I know that sounds I don't know almost paternal to even say.

That it sounds weird but everybody you need to stop watching Survivor 27 are Dancing with the Stars 38 or whatever it's up to now that's not helping these children okay start paying attention start getting back in the system and getting back in the game number two you need to start boycotting these products and forbidding anybody in your family to.

Use your checkbook to spend one damn red Cent on any product that Pepsi or Coca-Cola craft times mandolas any of these gigantic multi-billion dollar multinational corporations that literally sell poison to children you need to boycott them that's number that's number two number three you need to start leading by example you need to.

Be eating a proper human diet and fixing yourself when people see you and they haven't seen you in a few months they need to go damn you look good you've lost weight I'm you you're glowing oh my God lead by example number four question authority when you go to your doctor and they're like oh you're you need this pill say well why doc can you show me.

The research on that but why why does my four-year-old need Adderall are you sure isn't that an addictive substance isn't it just like methamphetamine but legal you ask questions you can be respectful but question all authority number five ninja tactics Alice is a nurse she I saw her comments she said I'll get fired if I say this stuff so there are so many.

Nurse practitioners Pas and nurses who know they've got us they've got to check their boxes and say what they're told to say but you know what you can do at home you can use your little Hewlett Packard printer and your little computer and you can make up a little tri-fold pamphlet and you can say okay now that's all the stuff I was told that I have to tell you.

Now when you get home here's a pamphlet that's got some YouTube channels and some book recommendations I want you to look these guys up when you get home that's called ninja tactics I don't want you to lose your job Alice but I do want you to honor the commitment you made to be a nurse and every doctor out there you need to honor your damn oath and Do.

No harm and I don't care if you if you might get fired by your HMO or you might get in trouble with the medical board you took a damn oath brother and sister and you need to uphold that oath number six no subsidy on any sugar whatsoever there needs to be no federal money spent on sugar either to subsidize the growing of it or to subsidize it in in school.

Lunch School breakfast in hospitals in prisons or for the SNAP benefit program now how are you going to how are you going to fight that you got to go back to number one and start paying attention who is your congressman who is your senator they need to know that you strongly oppose any further substitution for sugar and you oppose any further.

SNAP benefits paying for Reese's Puffs or Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola what a what a fantastic list and I think number one in what you closed with reaching out and knowing who your congressman is I think a lot of times I've heard that people hear that and it's it's a little bit sounds a little daunting I know um I I've been digging.

Deep into this I do think this is important it's all about where the passion is and if there is hundreds of thousands of parents and folks who are concerned about these issues to me it goes to my one-year-old son it's like he is walking into a buzz saw right now yep um with metabolic dysfunction I do think there's a lot of rage frankly.

And and people that want to see change we've got to channel it to the right outcome it can't just be uh you can't do this and this would be great but like we've got to do it to food stamps we've got to do it to nutrition standards um what I'm we're I'm you know I just went on Mark Hyman's podcast working with a number of people we're trying to.

Channel some specific asks because if everyone if a hundred thousand people can call make one app can start chipping away that that's what the special interests are doing it's very targeted so again I you know I've got my company but what the real life passes if you follow me on Twitter Cali means or sign up at we're going to try to.

Galvanize this Grassroots and and try to have specific asks specific because if everyone can be in one voice you know as food stamp uh reappraisal comes up as the nutrition guidelines start coming up for Renewal uh we we have another rigged Board of folks who are totally paid off one doctor from Harbor who says that obesity uh isn't caused by what you eat.

It's genetics it's literally on the nutrition board but if we can really if we can really speak in one voice uh in Channel your viewers and it's a simple call but that matters that counteracts money I think that's a great Point doctor I love it Cali means thank you so much now you and your sister are working on a book tell us just a little bit.

About that and I'll let you go that's great well my sister Dr Casey means again I mentioned uh dropped out of residency and started levels Health which is a metabolic Health company which helps you measure your glucose and understand what you're eating and then I I'm starting another company incentivize healthy food as I talk about the HSA. uh we're trying to fight this forward and um and we have a book from penguin called good energy and it's basically making the following Point uh that I think the next Paradigm of health is out of the siled view where there's 42 different Medical Specialties and a pill for every condition I think the revolution in health is this metabolic.

Revolution is understand that everything almost is tied to metabolic Health um and that's going to be the thesis the book through Casey's story inside and outside of the medical system and then we're going to try to compile the best tactical tips um you know things that you've been talking about but really try to really.

Put our spin on the best tips to live an empowered uh life before this system changed so that's going to be in about a year um yeah and check out calm we're really again this is free for for for for customers um it's a payment integration that actually makes food and exercise compliant uh which I'm excited.

About you know just again there's many people just chipping away at a lot of different levels but if we can save and buy food and exercise as medical purchases tax-free uh that's one area I'm really excited about so those are the two things I'm trying to channel my efforts on I love it I love it thank you so much Kelly guys if you haven't.

Already done show you gotta share this video this is the kind of video that's going to wipe people up and begin to change the world for the better so thank you Kelly means man it's been a pleasure hopefully you can come back and we can talk more about this obviously I could talk for hours about this this really pisses me off thank you doctor thank you.

Guys thanks for joining us bye-bye
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