Concealed Proper Human Diet, Q&A with Ken Berry, MD

Concealed Proper Human Diet, Q&A with Ken Berry, MD

Concealed Proper Human Diet, Q&A with Ken Berry, MD

Check out the video on Concealed Proper Human Diet, Q&A with Ken Berry, MD.
Hello my friends welcome back I thought I would hang out with you this Saturday and answer questions about a proper human diet you know there are people out there in the world people in positions of power who are basically recommending.

That you eat a slave diet a prisoner diet a fallback food diet they want you to eat lots of rice and beans and wheat and pea protein they want you to eat lots of fruits and then more grains and we know very clearly from archeology and anthropology that these are the diets of prisoners.

And slaves these are poverty Foods these are starvation Foods and what I'm advocating I call a proper human diet because it's a diet that human beings ate for the majority of their time on this planet our ancestors ate this diet for millions of years and we if we are to optimize our health.

Both our physical health but also our mental health we also have to eat a proper human diet and I'm happy to explain what that is and answer any questions that you have about medicine medical conditions medications nutrition fasting any of that kind of stuff because all of that is on the proper.

Human diet Spectrum so I'm ready now is the time to to type your questions into the comments I am live on four different platforms and I'm ready to answer questions Rob Rox is in China wow excellent so glad you guys could join me if you have a friend who's suffering from metabolic disease please share this.

Video with them you can send the link there's a share button send it as a text message a email direct message or you can just tag them in the video comments and they should get a notification Donna says Hey doctor I need help with my A1C so an A1C is the three-month average of what your blood sugar has been running and Donna the way you're.

Going to lower your A1C back to normal I'm assuming yours is high since there's no such thing as one that's too low uh the way you're going to lower it back down to normal is by lowering the amount of daily carbohydrates that you eat each and every day and so calculate how many total carbohydrates you're eating a day you might be shocked to find you're.

Eating 200 300 maybe 400 total grams of carbs a day and as long as you do that you're going to have an elevated A1C and you don't want that that's very dangerous it increases your risk of all kinds of disastrous complications thank you Tamara for the Super Chat any super chats we get goes towards our mission of improving the health of the entire world.

So super chat super thanks any of those things are greatly appreciated Tia says hey Dr Barry I watched your video on the helpful bacteria all over our body and it made me wonder if we should be using moisturizer for our face and body so if you're eating a diet that is Rich enough in animal fats including.

Omega-3 Rich fats you're not going to need a moisturizer in many cases people use expensive soap and scrubs to scrub all of the naturally occurring healthy oil off their skin also they scrub several layers of the dead skin cells that are on their face on purpose those cells are supposed to be there it's called the stratum corneum.

It's a protective layer you scrub all that off and then you apply some chemical moisturizer to your face and you've just spent 30 minutes in the bathroom in probably 30 bucks depending on where you bought it at and you didn't help the health of your face at all you decimated your your face is microbiome you scrubbed off a lot of the.

Protective cells that are there for a reason and you scrubbed off all of the essential healthy oil that your face had secreted your face is supposed to have oil on it that's normal and then after you got rid of all that beneficial stuff then you put a a fake moisturizer that's made in a chemical Factory backed on your face.

Yeah if you want to use a moisturizer on your face I would use a really high quality beef Tallow if you think you need that that way you're not introducing any chemicals onto your face but the vast majority of people don't need any moisturizer on their face at all and they wash their face much too often and.

Much too vigorously your face is not dirty okay stop stop with the scrubbing we've got oh there's Paola hey Paula how you doing um yeah so many people say gosh meat and eggs are really expensive and then they spend half of their grocery money on cookies and candy and bread and chips.

And soft drinks and but they want to complain that meat and meat mags are getting expensive it's like you know if you just stopped buying all the junk you would have quite a chunk of change left that you could use to buy real food with and I know money's tight times are tight and you might not.

Even have enough money even in that case but at least you're going to have more money left when you don't buy the jump Matthew says some of my family think I'm crazy for doing keto ketovor I am starting to think people are crazy for doing the typical Western diet yeah so did you guys realize that the diet that's recommended by the American.

Dietary so American Diabetes Association there's not a single controlled research study in humans that proves that that diet is the best diet for diabetics or that it's even safe for humans to eat that diet long term and so many people hear about keto or ketovor or carnivore and they're like well that's a new kind of diet I bet.

There's no research to support that well guess what there's no research at all supporting the usda's my plate nor was there any evidence supporting the usda's food pyramid they were completely unsupported by any meaningful research what about the American Heart association's DASH diet is that has that been proven safe.

For long-term consumption by human beings that's not a trick question the answer is no no it has not there is no control research in humans showing that a diet that low in salt that low in saturated fat is healthier optimal for human beings and so when you look at it like that uh.

Keto ketovor carnivore they have just as much research as the standard American diet as my plate as the Ada diet the AHA diet and any other diet wherever you're watching in the world I guarantee you the diet that your government recommends is a poverty diet it's a prisoner diet it's a slave diet and it has not been proven.

To be safe for humans to consume it long term think about that many people assume well it's the federal government of course they've proven it no my friends it's completely unproven YouTube man says I'm going I go to boarding school I want to get on the diet because of hydrogenitis suppurativa yes absolutely this is one of the many.

Skin conditions that are caused directly excuse me by chronic inappropriate inflammation and chronic hyperinsulinemia what's the easiest meat to eat every day so literally any meat that's pure meat we can be ground beef it can be eggs with the yolk it can be Seafood it can be goat sheep lamb it can be hot dogs.

And bologna if you look at the ingredients and make sure that it's an all all meat hot dog or all meat baloney because sometimes they try to add in fillers so that basically it doesn't cost them as much to make that hot dog or that stick of bologna and you don't want filters you want all meat if it.

Says all meat on there you're going to flip it around and you're never going to trust the the front label right you're going to read the ingredients and if it's says yep nothing but meat and it has less than one gram of carbohydrates per serving and the serving size is a meaningful serving size uh like three pieces of bacon that.

That's that means that makes sense but if it's like one half a piece of bacon has two grams of carbs then it obviously has too much sugar does that make sense so um you can actually eat keto or carnivore out of a gas station if you live on beef jerky and meat sticks right it's not ideal but I guarantee you it's better.

For you than anything else you can buy in the gas station good question good question Shirley hey Shirley I posted in our community about my my missing depression it's gone so Shirley recently adopted the proper human diet she's at part of our private community uh there's over 3 000 people in there.

Now who are supporting each other and sharing their Journey their Journey back to good health and her her depression is gone how cool is that huzzah Shirley huzzah that's what I like to hear that's why I do what I do every day that's why I'm doing this live right now is for people like Shirley I.

Guarantee you if you'd asked Shirley six months ago Shirley do you think changing your diet you think that might help your oppression she would have went no duh that's dumb I need I need medications I need pills what are you talking about now Shirley knows the truth and Shirley's happy to help you so if you're suffering from depression right.

Now I would recommend joining our private Community there's a link in the show notes and you can hook up with Shirley and say hey Shirley tell me exactly what you did because I also have depression and I would love for it to also be missing I would love for my depression to be gone Jeff says why does the new video say type 2 is cured.

At less than an A1C of less than 6.5 good question Jeff so my recent video I was talking about the spectrum of diabetes and if your A1C is 6.5 or higher then you are a type 2 diabetic if your A1C is less than 6.5 so if it's between 5.7 and 6.4 then you don't you don't officially have type 2 diabetes you have what we currently call.

Pre-diabetes and what I would call it early diabetes but what you want is an A1C less than 5.7 that is non-diabetic not only do you not have type 2 diabetes yet but you also don't have pre-diabetes I think pre-diabetes is early diabetes it's just not it or you might call it mild diabetes but but the research has proven.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you have pre-diabetes that there is permanent damage being done inside your body every single day to the microscopic uh arterioles into the capillaries all over your body that that tissues and cells are being glycated or gummed up so they don't function properly by your high sugar levels So you you're right.

You want it to be 5.6 or less and I don't know I did have written down the the UK European conversion but I think I've misplaced that I never can remember what what the normal would be in the UK or Europe but yeah you're right you should be targeting for less than five point seven so if any of you guys out there if your doctors told you that.

You're able to see of seven is oh that's fine or 6.5 that's fine that's a lie that's one of the many lies your doctor may have told you you want an A1C of 5.6 or less you deserve an A1 A1C A 5.6 or less dad at a on Instagram lowered their A1C from 12.4 all the way down to 5.6 eating a proper human diet so reverse not only type 2 diabetes but.

Also got rid of the pre-diabetes as well that's what I'm talking about thank you very much Holly thank you chadara all right let's find a good hospitality suite thank you for the super sticker Hospitality Ron Ron Navy since on this I'm taking electrolytes noticing my urine is a fluorescent.

Yellow is that normal so I've got a video on my YouTube channel about all the different colors your urine convenient whether that's normal or not and basically any shade of yellow it is not a sign of any kind of disease or problem so fluorescent yellow is probably from a vitamin or a mineral or an electrolyte.

It can be a kind of a vivid yellow sometimes but that's completely normal Ron don't worry about it thank you Al very much thank you Bonanza pilot Sean's got a question you have a few videos on low iron but not high ferritin levels just got my blood work back ferritin is 918.5 freaking out a bit so read about ferrit.

And Sean and you'll quickly realize that just because your ferritin's elevated that does not mean that you have iron overload which many primary care doctors will they'll just knee jerk to that and say oh you've got iron overloads you need to cut back on red meat completely not true at all there are many different things that can cause your ferritin to.

Be elevated uh ferritin is a bit of an acute phase reactant ferritin can be high if you're still hyperinsulinemic there are many many things that can make ferritin high so you just need to keep working Sean on on improving your diet tightening up your diet making sure that you're not eating anything.

That's not on the proper human diet spectrum and your ferritin will continue to return to normal thank you Wren very much books uh Thank you Buck very much Hospitality State I think I'm perimenopausal will this diet help me I'm on day five hot flushes are awful yeah Hospitality state.

Uh one of the things that helped me understand the power of a ketogenic diet years ago when I was just recommending it as a temporary weight loss hack because I thought it was a fad diet too until I started researching it is that women with with with premenopause perimenopause menopausal symptoms their symptoms improve greatly.

In fact I had a couple of women one was 48 years old one was 51 years old who were perimenopausal their periods were getting irregular they were having hot flashes they started a strict keto diet full of real Whole Foods they ate until they were comfortably stuffed they didn't portion control and their not only did their menopausal symptoms go.

Away but they started having normal periods again and both of them got pregnant the 48 year old was ecstatic and the 51 year old was not happy about that at all uh I was on her other list for a few weeks until she came back for follow-up and she had made peace with it and she was like well I guess thank you.

And that was that was I was like I've got to start reading some some science and Physiology behind this keto thing because both of the women also lost weight that's why I I prescribed a ketogenic diet for him but I didn't realize that it would make their menopausal symptoms so much less severe and in many cases.

Depending on your age of course you'll start having regular periods again it's almost like it turns back your hormonal clock to a younger age it's really quite fascinating when you start to read the science Dirk hey Dr Barry I had a friend bring up eating for your blood type recently so it had me wondering does blood type.

Really have any relation to what we should or shouldn't be eating so there was a book a few years ago and I've read it as soon as it came out called the blood type diet and when I first read the book it was before I knew anything that I know now I don't know it was 10 years ago a long time ago I was like man that is.

Fascinating and very sexy I wonder if that's true and the the author actually had research studies in the back of the book so I'm like I'm gonna look some of this stuff up because I may start recommending this I was I'm always looking for new things that might help my patients you know when I was started looking at.

The research it literally didn't prove a single thing that the author was saying in the book and uh subsequently further research that blood types might matter a little bit but we currently have no idea how they might matter so if you have uh type O type A B type A type B we have no idea we but we do know Dirk what we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that.

You're still homo sapien sapien if you're still a human regardless of your blood type and you need to eat on the proper human diet spectrum and that means very low carbohydrate nutrient dense ancestrally appropriate real Whole Foods regardless of your blood type that's the diet you need to be eating is somewhere.

On that Spectrum Brittany hey Brittany can diet cause or help hair loss wonderful to see you and thanks for all the help you're giving to everyone so Brittany uh when you're losing weight quickly you're going to have some hair loss and this actually happens with any diet even if you're doing Medifast or swim fast or anything or if you just.

Lock yourself in a bar and starve yourself you're going to also you'll lose weight yes definitely but you're also going to lose hair uh women can any after any big stressful event women are going to notice hair loss um after having a baby after having a.

Divorce a breakup bankruptcy any huge stressor you're going to have some hair loss because when your body thinks that there's danger it's going to prioritize all the protein for for your organs and for your muscles and Bones it's going to end because you know Brittany I'd hate for you to go bald but if you did you'd still be able to function perfectly as a.

Human you don't really need your hair right I want you to keep your hair but you see what I'm saying and so what losing weight quickly even though it's very very healthy if you do it properly you're still going to have some hair loss and I've got a video on this channel on YouTube that goes into more detail about that.

Good to see you Brittany Tony Blair hey my blood pressure is high at 140 over 90. I weigh 165 pounds fasting insulin's around five that's good eat primarily animal based but do eat fruit I know you don't approve do you do don't really want to do meds what's next so even though your fasting insulin is pretty good we don't know.

What your how high your insulin spikes when you eat that fruit and elevated insulin is going to make your blood pressure go up what I would do tone Blair before you start taking any medications is I would do either 60 or 90 days just meet and eggs stop the fruit okay fruit is full of not.

Only fructose but it also is full of glucose and sucrose which is just table sugar all fruits have some combination of those sugars in them those sugars are going to raise your insulin and they're gonna they're gonna cause glycation all over your body so I would really stop all the fruit for 60 to 90 days and just eat meat and eggs.

Keep up with your blood pressure sit down relax for five minutes ten minutes chill out chillax check your blood pressure write it down do that roughly 12 hours apart twice a day and after I think you'll notice as you stop the fruit that the blood pressure keeps coming down now it may not come all the way back down to normal you may still.

Wind up needing a small dose of one blood pressure pill but that's much preferable than to what the average patient with hypertension they're taking two or three blood pressure medications and I don't want you to have to go through that good question B Thomas heart attack three years ago ejection fraction was 40.

After the attack today it's back up to 50 to 55 which is essentially normal ejection fraction did carnivore do this Improvement so carnivore definitely helped that fasting also definitely helped that um cardiac muscle cells are full of mitochondria okay more so than many other tissues in.

Your body the cells of other tissues in your body because your heart is constantly working it has to have a very high amount it probably has close to a thousand mitochondria per cell when you eat a proper human diet and also blend that with some degree of either daily intermittent fasting or a longer fast once a week you're going to.

Ramp up eat mitochondrial biogenesis which means making brand new perfectly healthy mitochondria and also my autophagy which is where your body breaks down the old and damaged mitochondria and recycle them so absolutely a proper human diet intermittent fasting helped play a role in you getting your ejection fraction.

Back to normal yeah yeah so keep doing both those things carnivores on the proper human diet Spectrum uh do at least an 18-hour daily fast every day eating a six hour feasting window or you can do a two or three day fast once a week or you can do a four or five day fast uh once a month it's up to you however you want to do.

Your fast is totally fine whatever works for for you and your family situation and your social situation good question Rachel two weeks on the key to board challenge so my wife nation is running a key to war challenge inside our private group right now and I think they're on day 11. but you can still join right now.

It's going to be a 90 Day Challenge and so if you need to join a private community of really helpful people there's a link down in the show notes that says join our community night sweat's gone joint pain all but gone less angry thank you and thank you thanks to you and thanks to Nisha yeah so how many of.

You guys are having joint pain right now and you're like that's just part of being my age I used to think that too but I'm 54. I just was out in the woods working with the chainsaw today for about three hours I came back in and played with Beckett and Bonnie in the floor for about an hour uh I have zero joint pain I get up in the mornings I.

Get out of bed just like when I in my teen years I just hop out of bed and go about my business I don't walk I don't wake up I'm like oh my God oh I don't do any of that and most people that eat real whole food meat heavy keto or ketovor or carnivore they don't do that either their joints it's like their joints are.

20 years younger uh but what about the angry Parts he's less angry I also noticed this as well when I'm when I'm ketovore carnivore you just you virtually cannot make me mad so like you know how when you're in traffic and some dumb ass Cuts you off and you're like you mother and you're just instantly Furious I I used to be.

That guy like I I pity the people that had to ride with me back in the day before I discovered a proper human diet now literally I'm just like we lamb whatever I don't even care it's hard to make me mad but I guarantee you if my if my life or my family's life are in danger you would see a a ferocious Berserker come out and probably break a.

Bunch of stuff and maybe break a few people but that's that's that's how we're supposed to be we're supposed to be very calm and very cool and collected but also capable of danger if you threaten us or our family that's kind of how human beings always were and that's how we.

Still should be you shouldn't be chronically angry at the world that's not a healthy place to be and yes your diet can absolutely have an effect on that good question good question sufficient me still key divorce thank God I have a wife who supports me my keto Journey even though she doesn't do.

It uh you're very lucky to sufficient me and we have chickens uh went to Walmart and saw the price of the eggs yikes yeah eggs are uh starting to return to their true value a lot of people think that their price is going up but actually their price has been artificially suppressed by the way the USDA and the big farming.

Conglomerates have have done things eggs were falsely cheap and they're basically just returning to what they're what they should rightly be um marked marked at price wise and so even if you guys have to lower how many different streaming services you're you're subscribed to if you have to you know knock down your cell phone cell.

Phone package a notch however you need to save money you deserve a prop the foods of a proper human diet your family your children they don't deserve every Subscription Service on your TV but they do deserve a proper human diet think about that what's more important than the diet you're feeding your family every each.

And every day what's more important than that that's literally what your family the people you love that's what they're going to be built of so uh well done I hope all you guys get chickens in the backyard or quail in the garage or sheep in the pasture cows in the pasture because I think the time's.

Coming where that's going to be a sign of wealth actually hey Ashley how's it going uh it's the best community ever love you guys Ashley is one of our members she's a she's always interacting with people and helping people and sharing her journey as well and that's what everybody does in there I'm so glad that we have you Ashley Kristen what are.

Your thoughts on raw milk why the stigma so back a long time ago in the 1910s 20s 30s the people that sold milk would cut the milk with stuff with adulterants so they would get a gallon of milk and they would pour some of it off and they'd fill it back up with lot.

With with with plaster of Paris they would put all kinds of stuff that made it look quieter and and so they could basically make a bigger markup on the milk and children were developing severe diseases because of this and so the U.S government stepped in and said hey there's got to be guidelines about milk.

Because you guys are adulterating the milk and so in one respect I like that but now what they've basically done is they've villainized raw milk now if if you if you see a gallon of raw milk sitting beside the road and you stop and pick it up that can make you very sick I wouldn't recommend doing that but if you buy raw milk from.

A reputable person who you know takes care of their cattle and takes care of the milk uh raw milk is the least bad kind of dairy that a human being can drink now if the human being in question is under six or seven years of age then raw milk isn't is a superfood for them but if you're older than six or seven years of age you don't need to drink.

Milk anymore it's not benefiting you at all the reason that mammals give milk to their babies is so that they will grow and gain weight as quickly as possible when you drink milk it makes your insulin go up which for a child who's growing is a good thing because it helps them put on new body tissue but for all y'all out there that are grown like me.

You don't need to grow anymore because when you're an adult you can't grow like this no more you just grow like this so of all the milks I would much prefer you drink a quality trusted raw meal then pasteurized homogenized milk from the supermarket but it's it's hard to combine in some states in the United States it's actually illegal but is it.

Worth taking the risk uh if you've got a young one at home if I think that probably the the least bad of all the raw milks would be raw goat milk for for children uh Beckett drinks goat milk every day we can't find raw goat milk but if I could find a reputable supplier we would switch him to Raw goat milk immediately.

Good question good question Rin says since accidentally stumbling on up on your channel my weight is down 115 pounds in ten and a half months thank you wren huzzah question scalp always itches and gets tiny scabs bumps after me after meals.

Very odd now some people would say this may be oxalate dumping but you've been on this diet for ten and a half months unless you're still eating some oxalate Rich veggies if you're still keto then just do an internet search uh what are the highest oxalate veggies uh and then cut down on those and see if that doesn't go away.

But did you guys realize literally for free Wren found my YouTube channel and said who's this crazy redneck from Tennessee I don't know it kind of makes sense I think I'm going to try this and she's lost 115 pounds in 10.5 10 and a half months well done Rin well done I gave you the.

Information but you did the work well done lucky Kentucky Dr Barry what can you recommend for people with crohn's flares they can't tolerate most proteins without uh severe pain so tired of eggs and broth so the vast majority of people with crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel disease can.

Eat the protein that's found in animal meat red meat effortlessly and it's actually going to decrease the risk of having a flare-up of Crohn's or UC for IBS so eggs are great brought the real homemade bone broth is also great but you've gotta you might you might need to.

Add back in sheep or goat or or or cow but you you need some red meat in your diet and then also if you could eat some kind of liver two to four ounces of chicken liver sheep's liver Goose liver cash liver once a week that would go a long ways toward keeping you from developing any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Thank you Sharon body blow biscuit butter says thanks for sending me to stop the thyroid Madness I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis I found a new PCP on their site that prescribed armor down two grains was on Levi levothyroxine I now feel great doctor was surprised my HDL improved by 20 points and triglycerides are now under.

80. that's a proper human diet and if you have Hashimoto's you don't need to be on Synthroid or levothyroxine you need to be on Armor or nature because they have all of the thyroid hormones synthroid and levothyroxine they only have fake T4 that's all they have armor and nature have t0 T1 T2 T3 and T real T4 and also calcitonin so they.

Actually make everything that a healthy thyroid makes whereas Synthroid is synthetic it's not even Realty for it's it's fake T4 well done well done also best handle of the day so for body blow biscuit butter how did you come up with that Al Romero hello doctor my 10 year old son suffers from hives he also.

Has a hard time sleeping his doctors refuse to test to find out why he has hives what do you recommend well first of all I recommend you fire that damn doctor and find a doctor that will test your son for for allergies and see why he keeps having these recurrent repetitive hives secondly.

I would remove all the sugar from your son's diet I would remove all the grains from your son's diet I would remove all the vegetable oils from your son's diet and let your son eat a diet full of red meat and eggs with the yolk and he's 10 years old so he's too old he doesn't need milk anymore definitely no fruit juices he doesn't.

Need that that's just pure sugar and I think what you'll notice is when he's eating a carnivore diet the hives go completely away and stay completely away and your son's growth will will do even better on the growth chart than it's been doing in the past Diane says I got my mom's A1C down to 5.6 after cutting 98 of the carbs from.

Her diet it's 5.8 currently she had an emergency an emergency for a bowel obstruction uh and I guess removed a 3.9 centimeter Loop in her intestine I hope it wasn't 3.9 meters uh yeah so it's very simple if you just think about carbohydrates as a knob however many you're currently eating turn that down to 100 total grams.

A day your A1C is going to improve it may go to normal it may not if it doesn't go after 90 days then go down to 50 total grams recheck your Labs again in 90 days if that fixes it huzzah if it doesn't fix it turn it down to 20. you will find a an amount of total carbohydrates that you can eat each day where you're able to see will stay 5.6.

Or lower and that's normal well done black Sun can a carnivore diet cure a demyelinization disease cidp caused by alcohol all consumption so this is a booger in many cases in Alcoholics this is considered a permanent condition but if anything's going to help a a carnivore diet that's very rich in omega-3 fatty acids so pastured egg.

Yolks but definitely Seafood like sardines anchovies Herring mackerel stuff like that small fish that are not going to be laced with Mercury you want a small fish not a big fish that's going to give you all the building blocks to rebuild the myelin sheath that's wrapped around the axons.

That help the neurons fire more efficiently so and definitely never touch a drop of alcohol again like sun definitely make sure that your friend is getting plenty of minerals like keto Chows daily minerals and eating a diet full of fatty red meat and eggs with the yolk and seafood to.

Get even more omega-3 fatty acids good question mark Wilson's a new channel member welcome mark Eva's a new channel member and I love that you guys support this the work we do on this channel by becoming a channel member but if you want to be part of the tribe you want to join and it's down in the show notes.

Below let me see if I've got it on a banner here I can put up the yeah right here if you want to become part of the tribe or you can actually interact with other people it's community Community you go there it costs the same as being a channel member but you get access to to this private.

Network of 3 000 other people who are on the journey to improve their health but if you just want to support what we do you can be a channel member that's fine thank you so much for that D Johnson thoughts in carnivore and or Andover salt for Meniere's disease please yes so most doctors will tell you if you're diagnosed with men years.

You need to greatly decrease your salt intake did you know that there's not a shred of research to support that because in patients they studied these patients all had hyperinsulinemia which is one of the main causes of men years and so of course when you lower salt that's going to lower blood pressure and cause fluid.

Shifts but if somebody has a normal fasting insulin level you can eat as much salt as you want you get to Salt your food to taste so it has nothing to do with salt I actually have a video on this channel about Meniere's disease D Johnson watch that video and apply those principles and I also have links to the.

Research down in the show notes Buck does donating blood provide any Health Advantage to the donor I donate regularly since I'm a typo so I was actually doing research for a YouTube video on this because I had been taught as a medical student and still believed as a doctor that there are several health benefits.

For people who donated blood like probably lower you know cholesterol lower blood pressure I don't know when I did the research for the video and you may have noticed I didn't make that video because there's literally no proven advantage to the donator for giving blood there's also no no negative health impact either we replace.

That blood very quickly okay within just a just a week or two that blood's completely replaced and there there is some research that might show that have it being giving blood routinely like this might be a life extension hack Maybe but that's not proven but there's a lot.

Of people in the Life Extension community that and they'll they actually even if they don't donate it they'll just uh go and have a unit of blood removed like every two months every three months and now the one thing it will do is lower your ferritin about 30 points and it will make your A1C falsely low.

For a few weeks um so if you need to if you need to trick your health insurance company or somebody and get a really low um A1C number then give blood the day before you go and have your or two days before three days before something like that before.

You go and get your A1C checked and it'll be falsely a point or two lower than it would be than it actually is now there's no health benefit in that but there might be a a health insurance benefit to that right just a thought good question Sandy says my doctor told my 730 sister her high cholesterol has.

Nothing to do with her diet but instead enzymes HDL 61 which is pretty good ldl's 230 which is meaningless total cholesterol 330 which is meaningless mine's actually 350. but her triglycerides at two 206 they need to be under 150. enter A1C is high she's pre-diabetic at 5.8 he wants to put her on her Statin so he literally completely.

Ignored her pre-diabetes and her hyper triglyceridemia and all he wants to talk about is the LDL you understand how that's run you do obviously understand why that's wrong Sandy that's that's ignorance on your doctor's part your mom your sister needs to focus 100 on her of her effort on eating lower carb than she currently is.

So whatever amount of carbs she's eating a day she needs to cut that in half that will bring her A1C back down to normal and that will reduce her risk of having a heart attack or stroke immensely she and that will also bring her triglycerides back down under 150 back to normal which will also reduce her risk of having a heart attack or a.

Stroke and that the research actually shows that that women who have a higher total cholesterol or a higher LDL cholesterol actually live longer and have cancer less often so yeah I would focus on anyone seeing the triglycerides Sandy I just I like my patients to live a long.

Time that's that's I'm funny that way I don't know some doctors maybe don't care about that hipsters hello from the UK I've been on keto for two years and lost 154 pounds are you guys all ready you ready just started carnivore in 2023 can you safely fast on Carnivore like you can on.

Keto yeah if when you eat a carnivore meal you eat two full satiety which means you eat until you're comfortably stuffed you don't portion control you don't calorie count you eat until you cannot comfortably eat another bite you can absolutely fast on Carnivore absolutely yes well done hipsters.

Eva I'm on Carnivore for a few months how can I support my teeth and gums especially heal and avoid Decay and maybe carries uh you can do that even by doing exactly what you're doing by eating a carnivore diet did you know back when humans before the Agricultural Revolution about 12 000 years ago when we find uh human skull fossils.

All of their teeth are pristine unless they had a tooth knocked out by trauma they have all their teeth and they have no cavities when back when they were eating an all-meat diet or at least a meat very very meat heavy diet cavities the bacteria that cause cavities in your teeth they must have sugar in your diet they must have.

Starches in your diet if you remove all the sugar from your diet and all the grains from your diet which basically turn into sugar and all the legumes and beans and peas from your diet which turn or starts they turn into sugar and you remove the vegetable seed oils and you eat lots of fatty red meat.

And eggs with the yolk did you realize that it becomes virtually impossible for you to develop a cavity you also change your mouth microbiome when you adopt a carnivore or proper human diet you actually the the bacteria that used to drill holes in teeth remember that commercial they go away and you're repopulated with.

Beneficial bacteria that actually protect your teeth that's one of the many benefits of a proper human diet that many doctors and many dentists either don't know about or I don't know maybe they're afraid it'll affect their profits I hate to be conspiratorial but at this point there's so many people out.

There who have used a very low carbohydrate diet to improve their health I don't understand how every doctor in the world hasn't heard about this by now and has looked into it I don't know what's going on with them Christy says I have pancreatitis and liver issues can I do.

Carnivore and will it help or hurt it'll absolutely help Christy now you can't be taking any acid blockers you need the strong stomach acid that's in your stomach and you may your diet depending on how many bouts of pancreatitis you've had you may need your doctor to prescribe you pancreatic enzymes if your pancreas has been damaged enough but you.

Can absolutely do a carnivore diet full of delicious meat and eggs absolutely all right guys if you haven't already done so please you feel free to share this video on your favorite social media and tell me in the comments if you share it that's how we reach new people that's how we reach people who've never heard.

Of this because their doctor hasn't told them about it is by you sharing my videos and sharing Misha's videos that's how we reach new people jahay thanks Dr B struggle for 19 months after getting the c word into and which turned into long c word and with a cytokine storm carnivore eliminated all my symptoms and there were many and I.

Ended up better than ever proper human diet for life so if any of you guys out there if you know anybody who's suffering from long C you might Point him towards jahay's comment here because this is not the first time I've heard this I've heard this many many times that um.

Long C you just kind of goes away when you're eating a proper human diet full of fatty red meat and eggs with the yolk Lottie can I make pure cow cheek soup that lasts ages and is cheap sir love and peace everyone absolutely Lottie you can use any part of the cow any part of the cow except for the contents of the.

Intestines the contents of the gallbladder and the contents of the urinary bladder don't use those things but literally every other part of the cow you can eat as part of your diet and I encourage you guys to start eating things like cow cheek soup and oxtail and all the parts of the cow if if we're going to harvest the cow the least we.

Can do is honor the cow by not letting any of the parts go to waste because they're all nutrient Rich nutrient dense very uninflammatory they're gonna in some parts of the cow like the liver and the spleen in the kidneys are just superfood multivitamins and people throw them away or turn them into dog food and I tell you who should.

Be eating that is the people who have vitamins and mineral deficiencies that's who should be eating it so yes Hazard a cow cheek soup I haven't never tried that but I would definitely come to your house a lot and let you fix me a bowl Dora help me keep my gallbladder one week out of a short Hospital stay with.

Pancreatitis no stones found that's important but vultures want to take it and by vulture she means the surgeons I ate too much fat yesterday and fasted today just had bone broth so here's this is so there's only a few reasons you should have your gallbladder ever taken out ever this includes Dara and all you guys if you have a stone that is.

Blocking your cystic duct that's that's a gallbladder attack you're gonna currently we can't fix that you're gonna have to have your gallbladder out if you have a ruptured gallbladder from from a car wreck or you fell off a roof and ruptured your gallbladder you're gonna have to have that taken out if you.

Have an infected gallbladder cholangitis you're probably going to have to have your gallbladder taken out if however all you have is gallbladder sludge you do not need your gallbladder taking out if you have a dysfunctional gallbladder or gallbladder dyskinesia that just means your gallbladder is weak because you haven't been eating enough fat.

As you slowly increase your fat intake your gallbladder wall is going to strengthen you're going to if you've got sludge it's going to push it right out even if you have gallstones themselves and unless they're blocking the cystic duct you do not need to have your gallbladder removed Dara I want you to ask go back to the surgeon and say.

Just want why the hell again or do you want to take my gallbladder out I don't have a stone blocking the duct I don't have a ruptured gallbladder and I don't have a gallbladder infection and I was told those are the three reasons that I I absolutely must have my gallbladder taken why do you want to take mine out there's no stone in there.

And obviously there must not be any sludge or they would have mentioned that why do they want to take your gallbladder out other than to charge your insurance and make their Mercedes payment I don't have a clue why they would want to take your gallbladder out you need to keep your gallbladder.

Jim hey Doc I suffer from OCD could you please fix the books on the shelf behind you hey uh you know what Nisha and I were just talking about today I'm I'm going uh to Texas this coming week to speak at a a uh a regenerative ranching regenerative agriculture conference and she said while you're gone do you mind.

If I kind of tidy up your bookshelves and I was like as long as you keep them close to where they're at right now I don't care so Jim next week when I get back and this looks better you can thank Nisha for that love your information and thank you for continuing to fight to fight the good fight be well brother Jim I will never.

Stop fighting because I'm a doctor I took an oath my job is to help improve the health of as many people as I can that's my job and I used to just do that in my little clinic in Camden Tennessee I just helped people that lived in Benton County but now thanks to social media I can I can help people I've never met and maybe.

Never will eat I can help them improve their health why wouldn't I do that that's literally what I am called to do and I will never stop unless there's handcuffs involved who knows all right Jerry ketovore for nine months lost 30.

Pounds beautiful let work yesterday my total cholesterol was 311 my LDL was 231 my A1C was 5.7 so it's still one tenth of a percentage Point High you've or you're almost there Jerry one more tenth of a point and you will have completely reversed your type 2 diabetes uric acid 9.1 your thoughts please what do I need to do you need to keep keep a eating.

Kitivore which is under 10 total grams of carbohydrates a day and get your Labs checked in three months now I don't care that your total cholesterol is 311. I don't care that your LDL is 231 I wish I knew what your triglycerides were but you didn't you didn't include that but those numbers don't increase your risk of anything bad the only thing they.

Increase your risk of is that your doctor might harp on you to take a Statin and you don't need to worry about that you need to focus on the most important thing and that's your A1C still a tenth of a point I that's the thing that's going to increase your risk of heart attack or stroke focus on that Stefano.

Dr Barry I have been I've been in and out of keto for the past 10 years recently had a diverticulitis flare-up probably because you're off keto three day fast and then keto cured this immediately there you go keto is optimal physically and especially emotionally thank you I appreciate you Stefano I'm so glad you.

Figured this out initially when people start keto they're like well you know it's the weekend why can't I have a piece of pie it's just this one day it's just one piece of pie and then I'm gonna go right back on it but if you have a condition that could flare up like diverticulosis I would highly advise you and not have.

The pie because it ain't worth having a having a flare-up of diverticulitis or a flare-up of some mental condition that you had in remission because you were on keto it's not worth the glycation that's going to happen to all your cells and tissues from the sugar it's not worth the inflammation that you're going to get and that inflammation may show up in.

Your joints in your skin in your gut in your mental health it's not worth having to suffer for three or four days for that damn piece of pie and many people they'll they'll do that and then they'll suffer for three days and they're like oh hell no I'm not I'm not it's not worth it it's not even a.

Treat now that I know that that literally causes disease how is that a treat it's like people who used to formally be alcoholics and their and their friends are like hey you want to drink and they're like hey no I don't because alcohol is poison and I'm covering alcoholic you why would I want to.

Drink I don't consider that fun I don't consider that a treat I consider that a disease and that's what I consider pie unless it's very well made keto pie eaten very rarely good question Stefano Sandra.

Uh just watched an ad for Nano e CBD oil for pain is it safe yeah I think I'll think of all the CBD oils if the ingredients are read the ingredients always read the ingredients of everything you're about to put in or on your body if the ingredients are clean I think CBD oil is fine and I think it's safe now.

The question is is it really going to help your pain maybe maybe not I'm sure the company doesn't have any control research to prove that it helps if they did it would be FDA approved and cost 10 times as much maybe 20 times as much but give it a try I don't think it's going to hurt you at all I'm on the.

Challenge oh Sanders in the group she's doing the key to board challenge uh I've been doing keto and it doesn't help my back pain so she's going to tighten it up to key to board and see if that helps would it be better to try yeah yeah definitely try key Devore for 90 days Sandra if that doesn't help the back then go straight carnivore for 90 days.

Then if that doesn't help the back and your symptoms are truly disabling then it might you might need to go into the knife but before I did that I would get a second opinion from another surgeon who was in no way affiliated with the first surgeon just to verify that you truly need surgery any of you guys if you've got surgery coming up never just.

Have one surgeon the guy who's going to make the money from your surgery say oh you need surgery because there are some surges out there that are just like car mechanics they'll tell you you need a new transmission and a new motor when all you need is an oil change there are surgeons out there like that they're rare but they exist and so.

Before any of you guys have any surgical procedure unless it's an emergency life or death surgery you need to go to another unrelated Doctor Who's unaffiliated with that surgeon and say Here's I brought my records I want you to look over this how would you treat this don't even say do I need surgery just say what would you recommend I do.

About this and you might get an answer that surprises you that you don't need surgery then you'll know a secret fact about that first surgeon won't you see how that works just because you're a patient doesn't mean you can't be the smartest person in.

The relationship never forget that Kitty joined she's a super sticker now thank you kitty Leah hey my wellness check was good except elevated C reactive protein it was 3.8 and my uh ESR was uh greater than 130. so you do have inflammation in your body Leah the the problem the c-peptide the C-reactive protein and the ESR both good.

Non-specific markers of inflammation so what they tell us is that you do have inflammation somewhere but we don't it doesn't tell you anything about where it's at so it could be an ingrown toenail it could be that huge infected zit on your back you've been picking at when you know you shouldn't have been picking.

It you might have an ulcer in your mouth you might have cancer you might have any number of things but if you're like oh no I did twist my knee a few weeks ago that's why you're that's why your CRP and your ESR high it's just inflammation somewhere in your body could be infection or it could just be inflammation.

So clean up your diet Leah and and and I would get it rechecked once next month CRP and ESR and see if they went down if they're going down good that's all you want you just want them to be trending down and you can get them checked monthly or every three months to make sure they're going in the right direction but if they're going up or if.

They're staying the same then then you and your doctor as in a partnership you're going to start looking for what what this inflammation is where it's coming from because it can literally be an an Ingrid a hang nail that's a little infected that can make these numbers higher or it could be cancer you don't have cancer Lay It calm down.

But it's it's 99.9 of the time it's some little thing that you didn't even think about or if you just started eating a proper human diet it could be the inflammation left over because your body still needs more time to heal that could be it as well oh the QB life I have been carnivore about 10 months I've lost 40 pounds my.

A1C uh was 6.6 now it's down to 5.9 so you're no longer type 2 diabetic kill me life huzzah you're just pre-diabetic now keep it up and it's going to go back to normal BP my his blood pressure now is finally normal just from diet my HDL triglyceride ratio was 9.2 and now it's 2.4.

My LDL is 482. should I be concerned no eat fatty meat okay all the research done on total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol was done with the preconceived notion that it was bad and that you needed medicine for it the reason they did the research was to show that a particular medicine which you would have to buy would lower your LDL.

It's never been definitively proven that a high LDL increases your risk of anything except living longer and having a lower chance of developing cancer your labs are are very good they're almost perfect keep going keep going on Carnival you're almost there thank you Cam Gina.

Rowan y so that she had a gastric bypass surgery it's a specific kind Rowan watts is really the most aggressive kind 16 years ago and also she had her gallbladder removed should I still do the supplements yes Gina your gastrointestinal system has been permanently surgically mutilated it is not the same system that God gave you.

So you they took out a large hunk of the part of your gastrointestinal system that absorbs vitamins and minerals so you're going to have to definitely eat nutrient dense foods that are rich in vitamins minerals but you'll probably have to take the supplements as well loving carnivore was keto for years but fell off any advice for a new bariatric.

Carnivore exoda family uh thank you Gina so yeah you carnivore is perfect for you you may not be able to eat omad one meal a day carnivore you may have to eat two three or even four smaller carnivore meals a day to get the nutrition that you need and you're probably still going to have to take the supplements because.

Your your guts were chopped about by a surgeon and they'll never work again like they used to work your your your guts used to be very efficient Gina that's why you were so overweight your guts could pull nutrition out of a dried Acorn and half a rat's tail.

It didn't feel like a blessing but like you really had a very very efficient gut but not anymore they they chopped it up JM how do I reverse 90 visceral fat that shows on MRI so this is the visceral fat is just like fatty liver I've got four or five videos on this channel if you'll just after this live JM go to my YouTube channel and search for fatty liver uh.

You'll see I watch all those videos and those videos will tell you exactly what you need to do to get get your visceral fat back down to a normal percentage now the normal percentage is not zero percent visceral fat we human beings are the fattiest primate on the planet we are fatter than any other primate.

By Design or Evolution which could also be called a sign depending on how you look at it it's not going to be zero but it's going to be back to within normal limits and that's what you want and so I would go if I were you I would just do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs beef butter bacon and eggs you can eat.

As much as you want as many times a day as you want and eat two or four do that for 90 days and then have them recheck your fatty liver and I think in your visceral fat I think you'll find it is much much much improved good question a zip or has a bit of a an inflammatory question but also I think it's a valid.

Question there's a really a large rise in young people having heart attacks or is it just false click bait anybody else wondering this yeah it's a good question and so there have been a lot of videos out there of young healthy athletes literally just dropping dead.

Uh I don't know if we have enough research on this to know if there's been a huge increase or if it's just something that's on everybody's mind right now and so when they do see it they post it it's kind of like when you buy a new car and then you you had never noticed that that model and make of car on the road.

Really but now when you buy it you see them everywhere it could be partly that or it could be that there are young people just dropping Dead with a much higher frequency now and many people are blaming it on a medical intervention that was effectively forced on many of the young.

People I don't think we have the research to answer the Poor's question but I do think it should make all of us think and question and research and read and ask questions there's that and if anybody gets mad at you for asking a question that's a red.

Flag if anybody gets mad at you for reading about something that's that's a red flag why anytime you're learning about something that's a good thing even if some people will consider it a conspiracy theory it's still Great Brain exercise if nothing else so a valid question zipporah but I don't.

Think at least I don't know of the enough research to give you a definitive answer on that Sven started October the 1st 2022 was 72 hours fasting every week lost 94 pounds.

Huzzah Sven after being stalled in weight loss for 12 months carnivores since September 2019. yeah and for many people the carnivore diet will take them far down their journey of improving their health and getting them back to a ideal body weight range but for some people it won't it won't get them all the way it's only when they incorporate.

Some degree of intermittent fasting somewhere between an 18-hour daily fast all the way up to a 72-hour fast once a week and for some many many people that's what unsticks them from that stall so all you guys I've got a lot of videos on this channel about intermittent fasting if you've been doing great on.

Keto ketova carnivore but it's your your progress is kind of stalling out you probably need to start watching the fasting videos because that's probably going to be the next step that's going to get you to the next destination on your journey plus it's a fasting is healthy for you in hundreds of ways Leelee says I've.

Been keto since August lost 50 pounds huzzah so far but one week before my period I'm starving I crave everything and I eat everything what is up with that how can I stop it or control it so my wife Nisha would be the better person to ask um she used to have a very severe premenstrual dysmorphic disorder so the.

Point where at one point she before we met she was she was taking a prescription for it and now on key Devore she's still that that week before is still not the best week of her month but it is not the ordeal that it used to be for her so uh key Devore or carnivore I think.

You're going to notice the best premenstrual symptom Improvement if it's a meat heavy keto filled with only real Whole Foods no keto Cookies Cakes pies shakes bars real keto food meat heavy that's going to help too the key Devore carnivore would be the way to go and like I said that week is still not going to be the best week of.

Your month but it's going to be much less severe much better than it currently sounds like it is Sue carnivore 110 days uh esrcrp RF Ana all negative I do have osteoarthritis but still can't function without NSAIDs otherwise doing well 71 years old by the way any ideas on neck back shoulder pain uh heating pad Chiropractic maybe.

Acupuncture all of these things might help and they're definitely safer than taking anti-inflammatory medications every single day multiple times a day so so if you can take less of the NSAIDs that's a victory and so if you're like okay I got a heating pad I keep that on there all the time I go to the chiropractor once a.

Week and I go to the acupuncturist once a week and none of them have cured it which I'm not saying they will but it's less severe then you can take less anti-inflammatory medicines does that make sense and I think if you have an occasional flare-up and you take ibuprofen or Aleve or Naproxen a day or two and then you.

Don't take it again for a month or two that's how they're meant to be taken that's perfectly safe but for all you guys who are taking daily ibuprofen Aleve Motrin Advil uh naproxen sodium all those things if you're taking that every day you've got to work on the inflammation now Sue 71 and she may have some severe.

Pre-existing arthritis that's still going to give her some pain also so you need to be moving more even though I know it hurts when you move if you can lift some weights if you can do some range of motion even though it hurts it is going to make it better in the long term and then you can take less of the daily.

Anti-inflammatories sir Digby chicken caesar that's a pretty good handle right there hello I started carnivore in 2023 after two years on keto with a weight loss of a 154 pounds I was wondering can you fast on Carnivore do you advise it yeah I think it's perfectly fine and it may not be necessary.

But if you're if you're losing weight on Carnivore but you're like yeah it's kind of stalling out then absolutely watch my videos on this channel about fasting and start to implement them along with your carnivore diet it's perfectly safe hey bro Dr Barry do you still recommend daily spinach to protect against macular degeneration I have early signs of AMD.

But want to ditch the spinach no I do not when I made the macular degeneration uh video that's been what two or three years ago uh I did I I I mentioned spinach because there's a study that shows a possible benefit from adding spinach but now looking back yeah ditch the.

Spinach Deborah eat the fatty red meat and eggs with the yolk that's going to protect your eyes from any advance advancement of the AMD it's going to stop the progression Barb hey Dr Barry can you please do a video or chat session about lipedema I recently realized I have it I have lost 50 pounds on ketovor but of course my.

Legs are still a problem I was told to not eat salt which is ignorant you know that barb you need to Salt your food to taste like every other mammal on the planet does so yeah I actually spoke at a lipedema conference uh that was hosted by my good friend Siobhan Huggins if you don't follow Siobhan Huggins uh Barb you need.

To search her out she's a great she has a lupedema and she's she's very sharing very giving and she shares with you and she basically eats a high fat carnivore diet now and I'm pretty sure she solves her food to taste and her lipedema now is less severe and gives her fewer symptoms now than it has since she had it many many years ago.

Good question Rachel says the PHD Community is amazing I agree I think you guys are an amazing group of people if you want to join our PhD Community there's a link in the show notes five bucks a month that's cheaper than your copay that you go to the doctor it's cheaper than your copay at the pharmacy and with five.

Bucks a month you can literally transform your health with the help of me my wife Nisha who's a registered nurse and a health coach and a nutrition coach and a certified breastfeeding consultant and the 3 000 plus people in there who are actively transforming their health and they're realizing a level of Health.

That they never even dreamed it would be possible again Dr Community that'll take you straight to it thank you for the super sticker Lottie does slow cooking cheaper cuts of meat and adding chicken livers to cook slow does the slow cooking take away the nutrition so the answer is no Lottie it.

Does it the the longer you cook something or the more thoroughly you cook it you are going to lose a small amount of the vitamin content you're not going to lose any of the minerals but you will lose a small amount of the vitamins but not much and remember chicken livers are a superfood multivitamin and so absolutely.

By the cheaper Cuts because I know meat's getting pricey and throw some chicken liver in there and that's it you've solved the problems right there Lottie post I if you're in our our community post your recipe because there are many people that would love to try that Sam following up on donating blood how.

About donating plasma I worry about what they do with the blood before it goes back in so there's a standardized process how they handle the blood they really don't to my knowledge they really don't do anything weird with it it's it's protected the entire time and they they extract the plasma and then they put.

Your red blood cells back in and the other white blood cells and other stuff they just take out the plasma I think it's perfectly safe to do it um I don't know the exact procedure it's been years since I studied that but I'll look into that same day and if there's anything to worry about I'll post it.

Here on my YouTube channel in the community feed and also on my Facebook but I think it's perfectly safe and fun Ellen what are your thoughts on animal-based supplements uh for example krill oil fish oil wild salmon oil organ supplements mussels and oyster supplements so my thoughts on that alien tea would.

Be why are you not eating fish eating wild salmon eating mussels and oysters why are you why do you still have the false belief that to have your best health you have to take a capsule or supplement or a liquid why do you think that why don't you just buy a cod liver in cod liver oil it comes in a can just like sardines or tuna.

And it's packed in cod liver oil eat the cod liver and then drink the oil out of the can that's it you're going to get all the Omega-3s all the the fat soluble vitamins all that stuff and it's going to cost you literally a buck and a half or two bucks stop with the supplements you don't need supplements hi bunny blue you want to.

Say hi Bonnie Blue says it's time for me to get off here thank you oh we got a new member Dave welcome Dave Christa look at my Bonnie Blue this is our little ketovor baby what did she eat today she's got two little teeth she's six months old she.

Eats lots of breast milk and she also had a little avocado today what else that's all today yesterday she had some lamb and some pork rib and some scrambled eggs not yet but when it's time you want to come say hi back it and show them your muscles here hello bunny let Becky come say hi.

Come here get up here show them your muscles ah what'd you eat today what'd you eat today um I mean she 'd a big cheeseburger skinny sausage yeah he had pork sausage and he had a hamburger with cheese on top with no bun what a buns give you if you eat buns.

So that's how we're raising our kids look at this kid look at this he's already in kindergarten by the way he's three and a half not bragging or anything get out of here okay get out of here let me finish up I'll come play with you mwah I love you get out of here Krista says I have pancreatitis and.

Liver issues and high blood pressure trying carnivore for about a week now I'm still really tired will this help or hurt 100 Krista it's gonna help just go slow take your time be patient it may take 90 or even up to 180 days pancreatitis is rough as you know I don't have to tell you Krista uh and it can cause liver and.

Gallbladder issues the high blood pressure is going to come down as you eat a very very low carbohydrate essentially zero carbohydrate carnivore diet right when your insulin comes down you're going to pee off anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds of unhealthy fluid that your body's been storing that's going to lower your blood.

Pressure okay your liver is going to regenerate and heal itself and if you've got fatty liver that's going to go away by eating carnivore as well and you're not going to be eating or drinking things on Carnivore that's going to piss off your pancreas again sounds like a win-win-win to me Dara recovering from pancreatitis.

I think we already did yours didn't we Dara yeah we already did that I think Patty can I put Redmond salt in any drink along with coffee yeah you can put Redmond salt we we love Redmond salt or you can put the daily minerals because it has a salty taste you can put that I put this in every cup.

Of coffee I put about 15 drops that way I know I'm getting plenty of minerals if I get too many I just urinate them out not a big deal but if I need some I got them right there okay semi-retired Bob hey Bob thanks again doctor now down 126 pounds.

In eight months anybody else need them some of that semi-retired Bob did it and he's semi-retired Bob's a great guy Love Bob he's in our community too Tish in Tennessee I had multiple gallstones and a detached gallbladder that had to come out do I need to take enzymes so um.

Typically if you have your gallbladder out your liver still producing biles and your the collecting ducts in your liver will take on they will actually dilate and start to store more bile kind of mimicking the function of your gallbladder it's never quite as good and that's why some people wind up having diarrhea the rest of their life after.

They have their gallbladder taken out okay but you might benefit at least for a month or two from an ox bile supplement if your pancreas is fine then you don't need to worry about taking uh digestive or pancreatic enzymes make sure you're not taking any kind of acid blocker you need the acid in your stomach it's a.

Good thing not a bad thing all right guys I'm going to wrap this up thanks so much for hanging out with me here's Padawan hey Dr Barry do you know about uh stargard's disease and how keto affects it keto's not going to affect it in any negative way that this is a very rare condition but there's no reason why you can't reap all the benefits that.

Come from eating the proper human diet Sam been doing carnivore for four months my ferritin levels are 781 doctor thinks I have liver damage uh did your doc check your liver enzymes triglycerides are 154 they're almost normal still a little bit High HDL 76 that's great vldl33 uh LDL was 513 cholesterol 546. uh yeah so.

The don't worry about your LDL I mean your HDL I don't worry about your LDL or your total cholesterol you got to get the triglycerides down continue carnivore I want to know what your AST your alt and your ggt were Sam you can go back and re-watch this and write those down that that's how we're actually going to know if you have liver.

Damage or not so that's what your doctor needs to be checking also an A1C in a fasting insulin I need to know what those are oh Gary said his triglycerides were 176 Okay so still too hot so keep cutting the carbs keep the carbs super low and the triglycerides will come down.

Artist hey Doc I have a chronic epigastric pain for a year Doc's not sure what it is any tips I am carnivore but still causing a lot of pain after eating uh pain when fasting too even bone broth aggravates it so the this has got to be investigating more artists this could this may not be your esophagus or stomach this might be your.

Heart this might be uh your pleura this might be something else in your mediastinum this has got to be investigated have you had a CAT scan of your chest and abdomen yet if not you need one at this point because your diet it should not because that's definitely not causing the stomach pain you've got to to get this investigated.

Thoroughly even if it means going to a specialist or finding a new doctor all right Alicia alcia I've been on Wellbutrin 300 XL for 10 years anytime I've ever backed off it it gets dark fast I've been keto for five years now how can I know when it is safe to try to back off of it so what I.

Would do is I would get your doctor to prescribe you a 300 and a 150 because you're going to have to go down very slow because you've been on it a long damn time take 300 today 150 the next day 300 the next day 150 and do that for a month or two or three then you can try just going to 150 a day do that for two or three months then go.

To 100 do that for two or three months and then you can go down to the next dose or maybe consider stopping it from that point um antidepressants change the way your brain works and your brain needs time doctors are taught very well how to titrate up how to start and increase these medicines but they aren't taught.

How to decrease them to stop them so just because your symptoms show up that can actually be a withdrawal symptom and not meaning that you still need the medication but you're going to have to wean it very very slowly good question mark hey Dr Barry Oh cousin Mark in the UK I bet we're related does a thousand milligrams of.

Metformin daily for someone who has an A1C a 41 seem excessive God Bless America oh here it is yeah so you're able to see he's 41. so you still have an A1C it's still it's still a little bit elevated uh Mark so keep cutting the carbs and then at some point when you when your A1C gets under 30 38 or less.

You can stop the metformin you won't need it anymore okay I found my conversion chart I am warlock I am carnivore to heal Diverticulitis and CLL leukemia and my husband will not stop nagging me to eat vegetables your husband loves you you know this that's why he's doing this.

Because he still believes falsely but still he believes this in his heart of hearts that vegetables are magical that you need the phyto chemicals in Plants you don't okay you with with diverticulitis you need to probably eat as low plant as you can as much carnivore as you can the CLL leukemia is not a solid tumor it's more.

Of a bone bone marrow cancer it's it may or may not improve with carnivore but carnivore sure the hell ain't gonna hurt okay you need to be very very low carb no sugars at all no grains at all no vegetable seed oils at all all right guys I got to get out of here nisha's getting the knife she's going to stab me you know she's had Puerto Rican.

Right all right guys thanks so much for joining me I'll be back I'll see you next time thanks for super chats thanks for joining our private Community I promise you it'll be worth five bucks a month to be part of this tribe the links down in the show notes thank you very much
Concealed Proper Human Diet, Q&A with Ken Berry, MD
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