Common KETO Mistakes (Are You Making One?)

Common KETO Mistakes (Are You Making One?)

Common KETO Mistakes (Are You Making One?)

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Are we live i think so i think we're live we finally figured this facebook youtube thing out i haven't i'm still i'm like we're not like hey it's a learning process that's why they call it practice isn't it yeah okay because you're practicing okay.

So welcome back to the next edition of monday night live we are honored to have you with us this evening and we hope that we can entertain you a little bit and educate you a lot a bit on the proper human diet what you should and should not do.

Should and should not eat we're gonna all right so if you know a friend or someone who's every time we go live they're like damn it i missed their live again text them right now start a watch party on facebook uh go grab them out of the basement tell them to put down the video game and come.

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We've got such a great um appreciation for doing it on youtube as well because there are a lot of people who are more anti-facebook more yeah and i understand that um we have to do we have to do what we have to do but i totally understand people's stance on having opinions about certain.

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Acclimated to the environment because it is virtual yeah but it's going to give you kind of the experience yeah looks like you're in a lecture hall yeah yeah then oh okay so like i said you'll be able to watch it as many times as you want for a year.

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Of the speakers presentations so handy we've done a great job sorry i've got notes here i'm trying to make sure i think that's it that's all okay so we're going to be talking about common mistakes that people make uh that either they just it's an honest mistake or somebody tricked them.

Uh and then they're making a mistake and they just don't know better and i think these apply to people who are brand new to keto to low-carb to carnivore but also there's a lot of people who've been doing keto a while who are making some of these mistakes so.

We're going to go through somewhere between 6 and 20 of the most common mistakes depending on how much time we have and how much time you spend talking about each one you mean how much time i go into explaining in depth so that everyone understands precisely.

Yes you're hot you're so passionate you're hot stop it okay all right guys so what's the first mistake dr barry i'm gonna let you pick oh yeah so we've got a bunch written down but which one do you think it's just.

For the for newcomers for old timers what's just the most common mistake getting too many carbs still yeah and there's two ways to do this uh well there's more than two ways there's many ways to do this so one of the first ways is to is to count net carbs instead of total carbs and i'm.

Not against counting that carbs if you're losing weight and you're getting healthier and feeling better keep counting that carbs but if you stall or if you're not if you're if you think you're doing keto and you're like nothing's happening i don't really feel any better.

Then you're probably one of the people like me who needs to count total carbs and you too you didn't know it for a while but once you started doing it you're like oh yeah this is really better yeah it's effectively easier mathematically because you can you don't have to say okay let's say subtract the.

Fibers subtract the no if it's a if it's a carb it's a carb you count it and that's it and then you can set up an amount of total carbs well it's 20 30 40 or 50 and that's that's your limit for the day and then you ease as much protein and fat as you can and stay.

Under that level of carbohydrates that's a great way to do it yeah so one way that people can eat too many carbs without realizing it is the net carb thing because a lot of the products that are keto labeled aren't really that keto friendly after all if you look at the.

Ingredients they're sweet starch sweet like some of them even have sugar in them if you go watch my keto products video that i have on my youtube channel there's several products that still have sugar in them and so on the front it says two net carbs but when you turn it over there's.

More like 20 there's a significant difference oh yeah and carb count and for some people they can still get away with the net carbs but for a lot of people if you have any kind of metabolic disorder autoimmune disorder if you're over 50 if you're a woman.

We tend to be a little more sensitive to ingredients and so that stuff starts to matter especially did you say autoimmune i did yeah and so that brings me to and then well the second way that you can be eating too many carbohydrates and this applies to the old timers you've been doing keto for a while.

It's carbohydrate creep and you start off doing really good and you're like well i'll just i'll have a pickle it's no big deal it's low carb and i'll have well i have this little fat bomb and i'll have this here and then before you know it you your plan was to eat 20 total grams or less a day of carbohydrates you're.

Eating 30 or 40 or 50. that's called carb crepe and every so often you need to go back and look at everything you're eating with fresh eyes and go okay i know i added a pickle that's a gram of corn or two grams whatever or onion right exactly all those types of things although they're completely natural one.

Ingredient foods if we're not opposed to them all the carbs count all the carbs count and that brings me to mistake number two which is and this is where people trick you if it fits your macros right that kind of ties in exactly so you've heard about aldi's.

Keto bread low carb bread or you've seen all the the the slim fast keto or the keto bars or keto shakes that this company or that company's selling and they're like you flip it over and you read the ingredients you're like wheat germ uh dextrose uh soy isolates yeah but the alti bread.

Actually just has wheat in it yeah yeah it's wheat bread sweet bread more fiber yeah yeah they up the fibers so they can lower the carbohydrate count but if you're counting total carbs still they didn't trick you then it immediately becomes not low carb bread so if you're eating things like that.

And you're not having any inflammation you feel great your joints don't hurt your your energy is great you may be one of the people who can eat those things lucky you yeah or unlucky eventually down the road but if you're like most of us you're gonna do better.

If you mine the ingredients just as much as you mind the carbohydrate count it's a big deal and so something's got wheat in it no that's not keto i'm sorry no grains or keto no sugar is keto if it's added sugar but i mean you have to remember these are companies they're here to make money.

Good marketing for a way of eating that supposedly you can't have any bread but here's this magical keto bread obviously that's gonna sell i mean literally when it first came out you couldn't find it and all the every time it came in it was gone within hours why because that's good marketing oh you.

Can't have bread no yes you can look it's magic it's a cheetah cheeto on the front right but we know in the back so oh that's like a bullet here on the front wheat on the back yeah that's a tweet right there as soon as we get off yeah.

If you don't follow me or nisha on twitter we're there if you don't follow us on instagram we're there on instagram yeah every now and then she jumps on twitter we're on what else are we on we're on parlor yeah we're on tick tock facebook facebook youtube i have a facebook.

Facebook page i have a channel on youtube he is generally you're on his channel i'm on linkedin if you want to be all businessy we can say hi to each other yeah okay all right what's this oh let's see here not eating enough fat yeah being afraid of fat still because.

We've been brainwashed basically our whole lives that fat makes you fat right and so what a lot of people will do is they'll wind up eating a ton of edge and then protein and then they're still not eating enough fat and they there are some gurus out there that would call that keto.

Even though they're still eating 50 to 100 grams of carbs a day they're all veggie carbs and there are there are gurus who say you don't have to count green veggies you don't have to count the carbs did you say that no i never said that you still you had one video though.

I did yeah a long time ago i had one video about the seven keto vegetables you can eat all you want and i actually said in the description this does not apply to everybody it's only for beginners but yeah yeah and uh if i had to remake that video i would probably work it differently maybe you.

Shouldn't i might i might remake it yeah i don't know so not eating enough fat yeah do not be afraid of fat fat will not cause a heart attack or a stroke it is good for you your brain is made of fat your nerves are made of fat every cell.

Membrane of every cell in your body is made of fat but what about saturated fat isn't that gonna clog my arteries and give me a heart attack and all those things no no that's not i've got it is there an article that has been published that says that some importance yes multiple multiple articles and.

Multiple videos talking about those articles are out there for you to find so don't be afraid of saturated fat saturated fat is the fat we've been eating as human beings for at least a quarter of a million years but right not all fats are good that's right yeah and let me just say this the.

American heart association just recently published a review paper that's what i thought about that said hey don't worry about saturated fat in your diet it doesn't it doesn't look like it increases your risk of heart attack the american heart association their journal.

Said that and you probably haven't heard that from your doctor you probably haven't heard it on on cnn or fox or msnbc because for some reason they don't want to talk about it i don't know why i think maybe it's because all of their uh sponsors who pay millions of dollars to advertise.

They want to make stuff out of wheat and sugar and and their stuff doesn't have saturated fat so they're not really interested in telling you hey it's okay to eat the pork chop every time i hear someone say pork chop the episode of the brain bunch because they're running.

Pulled chops and episodes who said that and queen i don't know one of the birdies with them i say that not all fats are good what we're talking about is seed oils processed oils uh crisco canola oil vegetable oil all those there's so many.

Processed oils and even olive oil has gotten a bad reputation lately yeah olive oil in it because it's adulterated so often it's very expensive to squeeze olives in italy put in a bottle put it on a super cargo carrier and bring it to the u.s and so the manufacturers are happy to add a.

Little touch of canola oil or soybean oil because you can't really tell you can't even really tell unless you take it to like a biochemistry lab that's the only way you can tell what everybody's saying it's clear see they know that's happening i'm like he must have been on just a few he must have been a guest star i don't.

Remember you know wayne brady i don't know why that's so funny okay so yeah olive oils you have to be really careful with buying them because they've been even avocado oil there's evidence that avocado oil has been adulterated and that's part of the reason that.

Nietzsche and i over the past year we just pretty much come to just savor a beef tallow and save our uh bacon grease and just use that because we made it we know where it came from it's essentially free too we're not having to buy more of it all the time because when we cook we render our own fat we're going to do a.

Video about that this week actually how we keep our how we melt it off and how we store it and all that good stuff so you're basically getting the fat for free and you can store it on the counter you don't have to refrigerate it you know exactly where it came from you know there's no additives.

It's just meat grease and it's so tasty we've actually started being like we don't ever cook in it because we prefer the flavor over olive oil and alcohol oh yeah yeah yeah i really do and i haven't cooked with coconut oil in two years three years i don't know yeah.

I just don't have any desire for the uh the fruit seed oils anymore just over them one thing you can't use those we're just saying be aware that there could be additives in them and maybe do some research into the different brands what brands you can trust obviously it's.

Probably going to be the more expensive ones which brings us back to making your own fat yeah make your own fat yeah absolutely so what about calories what if somebody in all their life they've counted calories and tried to stay in a calorie deficit and they come to keto.

How might that get them in trouble if they try to keep portion contra controlling and calorie counting and not eating too much not overeating how might that cause problems well it can cause all kinds of problems i can cause the hair loss issue that a lot of people see you could stall out faster.

It can suppress your immune system no can suppress your mental system you can get really down in the dumps and feel like yuck it can slow your metabolism which is kind of the opposite of what we're going for one of the beautiful things about the ketogenic way of eating is you get to.

Eat until you're comfortably stuffed and every time i say that it triggers somebody they're like no that can't be right this is a diet damn it you can't eat through your comfortably stuff yeah you can't if you're eating the right foods if you're eating on the spectrum.

Of the proper human diet you get to eat until you're comfortable stuffed we just had ribs and brisket did you push away before you were comfortably stuffed i ate until i was like that's it now that's real food we're talking about whole one ingredient food so steak all the meats eggs.

Um broccoli even but i mean you can still overeat broccoli the main thing that you can't really overeat is meat for most people every now and then i hear somebody is overeating me but that's like super rare and i feel like at some point that's gonna.

Go back the other way exactly yeah yeah definitely yeah we all come to keto with eating disorders or with um we've been taught rules of dieting and eating that are just wrong and sometimes we've been taught by our mom or our grandmother or a teacher we we idolized at school.

And that stuff almost becomes like a religion to you but that doesn't mean that that stuff is not wrong it's wrong and so one of the good things about keto is you never push away from the table hungry if you're hungry you need to eat more meat every single time and when you start to.

Push away from the table say to yourself self are you full and if if you're not then eat some more meat if you're full then go ahead and have fun or get busy and do something productive yeah we don't snack anymore of course look we're pretty far into our keto journey been doing this for a few years in the beginning it wasn't this.

Easy we're not saying that it's not a process it is a process in the beginning we snack we ate way more nuts than we eat we hardly ever eat nuts down now we used almond flour in a lot of recipes we don't really do that that much anymore.

So it's a process like you're not just gonna swell i mean you could i guess but most people will start using products replacement ingredients those type of things and then eventually clean it up and end up with one ingredient foods that's their main food source yeah yeah totally agree another very.

Common keto mistake is to snack constantly that's a very common and when you first start keto you may need to do that because that's your old pattern of eating you may need to start keto with three keto meals and with snacks and keto snacks in between.

And then but slowly i promise you at some point if you want to keep making progress and keep losing fat the snacking has to cease and keto makes that easier than any other other diet i've ever heard of because you're eating so much protein and fat you stay full and satisfied many more.

Hours after a meal so you don't need that snack two hours later but you may still be in the habit of doing that right and so when you first start keto you may need some fat bombs in the fridge you may need some nuts in the in the car for the drive home but that's that's not always going to be.

Your life think about those things as tools and not actual decisions yeah a good friend of ours who just had a beautiful little baby yeah if you don't follow carb addiction doc you need to go talk to that guy but he says that snacking isn't always.

An emotional event and the more when i first heard him say that i immediately in my head disagreed i was like what no and then the more i thought about it the more i'm like no he's 100 right you never snack because you're truly hungry never you're you're snacking because it's habit.

Because you're bored or you're doing some form of activity like sitting in front of the tv or you're at a basketball football game for your kids right well not anymore we don't go to the movies but you're bored you're tired you didn't sleep good last night uh you're mad at your spouse.

Because they were being mean to you right before the facebook live started yes but those are emotional events those are not reasons to consume nutrition but we've been taught our entire life oh honey you fell down here have a cookie right and so we we've been trained to think of snacks no we need those but.

You don't need those in the long run maybe at the beginning you need them but i promise you once you stall out on your fat loss or whatever your health improvement goal is one of the first things to look at is do i really need to be snacking do i need to and then also this is.

Another great place for the companies you're always trying to make a book which is fine that's human nature but keto snacks just that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it well everybody wants to do it that's one of the number one things i get asked is what do you snack on what do you use as a snack.

Right for some reason nobody wants to start a sheep farm because guys out there entrepreneurs if you're looking to make some money start a sheep farm start a cattle farm start a chicken farm sell your keto brothers and sisters eggs and and lamb chops and riba that's what you.

Can sell us don't be trying to come up with this cheap and easy keto snack that you can make a billion dollars off of come on help us out here it really is and i know it's hard work and it's much easier to just knock off a keto snack and then sell it to a bunch of.

People who don't know better be careful with the in moderation thing because in moderation is basically it meaningless it's meaningless because it means nothing you can't what does that even mean how much is in moderation how little is in moderation and a lot of people do that before they.

Know it moderation is every weekend and then two times a week and then before you know it i've eaten good all day so now i'm gonna have whatever at night i only smoke crack in moderation only every one to seven days of what movie is that from so the point is this is 40. this is 10 that's right.

Very good i know i love it so here's here's the problem with in moderation and i know you meant that with good intention but moderation comes from the front of your brain from your prefrontal cortex from your your thought and your willpower that's always going to lose to the back of your.

Brain the reptilian part of your brain the part of our brain that's been around the longest that it's all tied up with habits you ever started a bad habit and it's almost impossible to break despite willpower that's because it's wired back here.

Your hunger your breathing your heartbeat all that's wired in the back back here in the oldest part of the brain this part of the brain can never overcome that maybe eventually but not not right now this part's going to win every time over this part and so willpower in moderation.

Just you know set limits all that stuff's going to fail it's just going to fail every time and so if you're one of those people and you set rules and then you just immediately break your own rule i do that some people can do it but but it's very hard like i said to maintain the maintaining the.

Moderation thing it gets easier and easier to rationalize like he said that this is still moderation even though it started out once a month and now it's every night yeah yeah exactly so don't let your the front part of your brain try to trick the back part of your.

Brain because your your uh hind brain is going to win every time snacking is an emotional event angel said i ain't held glue in moderation yeah i sniff glue but only in moderation only in days that end and why so what about salt all of our lives we've been taught to.

Limit salt salt's bad for you don't salt your food etc etc right what's wrong with that it's a lie it's a big fat lie now if you're still eating the standard american crap-filled diet you probably need to limit your salt because you're so inflamed you're holding.

So much fluid that's holding extra salt that you might actually cause higher blood pressure if you eat too much salt but one of the beautiful things that i love most about keto and carnivore is that you get to eat as much salt as you want if it doesn't taste as salty as you want it to taste.

Put more salt on it now use quality salt not the umbrella girl salt a lot of those salts at the supermarket have micro plastics and bad stuff in them so make sure that and sugar and sugar some salt has sugar in it not a joke so there's good quality pink himalayan.

Salt red means real salt there's a lot of good ones now more and more as the health craze gets bigger and bigger thank god yeah yeah absolutely but keep that in mind because sometimes salt isn't really salt and then the iodine situation and the salt also do you want.

To talk about that a little bit well the so the umbrella girl salt says it's iodized but the problem is is there's even if it had as much as it said it has in it it's still not enough for it for optimal human health and then also iodine can sublimate out of the salt after the salt.

Set in the warehouse for six months or a year there's no iodine in it and so if you tested the salt that's in your cabinet right now that says iodized it probably has no iodine left in it and that's why we try to go out of our way to get iodine in our food and then just to be sure we.

Also supplement with a little iodine drop but uh yeah the salt situation it's just ridiculous and you may have heard of a huge corporation called cargill they're pretty much in charge of all the salt that that americans use and they there's.

Micro plastic in the salt there's nano plastic in the salt there's aluminum in the salt and most of the salt has dextrose which is just a the english term for glucose which is sugar yeah what's another one well we talked about snacks but you've got one that says too many keto sweets.

So you want to talk about yeah we yeah actually that can apply to sweeteners in general and we all will a lot of us drink coffee every single day and add sweetener to it yeah and so any sweetener at all any of them from sugar to honey to agave to stevia monk fruit erythritol xylitol they're all going to.

Raise your insulin a little bit because of something called the cephalic phase insulin response you taste something sweet on your tongue and you actually did you know you had sweet receptors not only on your tongue and your esophagus and in the upper part of that so crazy.

So and she used to say well dogs gulp their meat they can't even enjoy it and i i thought i looked it up they have taste buds all the way down to their stomach and i was like i wonder if we do looked it up sure enough we have especially sweet receptors all the way down and so that that.

That sweet taste that you can taste not just here but all the way down is raising your insulin because your body thinks sugar's coming and it's getting ready for the honey or the berries or whatever it was a hundred thousand years ago that would taste sweet like that some people can use those and it doesn't.

Matter some people can't the other big thing about keto snacks is the the is the nut flour right we talked about the sweetener but the nut flours some people can eat a few almonds every now and then and it's okay it doesn't really slow them down but if when you eat a keto.

Brownie that's made of almond flour that's about 20 or 30 almonds that's their that's ground up and for some people that will stall their weight loss and they'll actually get inflammation from the ground up nut powder you talk too fast about sweets there's other things oh okay we'll go back to.

Sweet tonight veto me pull me back well i was just gonna say even if your blood sugar if you test your blood sugar and your blood sugar is fine and your insulin could still be affected by that but also it's a mental stimulation as well for a lot of people.

Even the keto sweets will trigger the overeating thing and before you know it you're doing the same thing with these sweets that are keto friendly yeah because you're still getting that dopamine right because you're getting the pleasure sensation from it so be careful.

With that too thinking that oh yeah i'm still in ketosis and my blood sugar is okay but will it stall you because you ate 10 of the keto oreos instead of two which is the serving size on the keto oreos that kind of thing i hear a lot of times that.

People who have been on their keto journey for a long time did fine on the keto sweeteners and then had to give them up because it was triggering the over eating more than anything and stalling them out because they were eating too many of the sweets and increasing the insulin response.

Which was stalling them and the sweet taste is that harkens right back to the snacking the sweetness is always going to tie in with your emotions from when you were a kid because that's what we were given as treats right uh only beckett berry is the only.

Human child i know of who gets ribs or scrambled eggs is a treat that's his treat yeah so he's not gonna when he grows up he will not be hardwired that a sweet is a sign of love because he's we have to give him anything sweet so he's lucky in that respect but i ain't and.

She ain't you probably ain't you probably got all your life you got over here's grandma's lemon pie but he loves food he loves me he woke up from his nap today and was screaming bloody murder and i handed him some brisket and he shut up immediately he was like he was like.

So you know yeah it's not that he isn't pleased by food he is but it doesn't take something sweet to make him happy with his food yeah this next keto mistake i think people are rising up to this i don't hear it nearly as much as i used to and that's exogenous ketones yeah i.

I think there's still a few people there's still something yeah and so if your goals for keto are to lose weight to burn fat and to improve your overall health and you're just a normal person exogenous ketones are a complete another waste of your money you do not need them at all okay.

They're not actually putting you in a state of ketosis they're just putting ketones in your blood and in your urine but you're not actually in ketosis and so you could literally eat oreos and drink orange juice and take your exogenous ketones and then pee on your stick it's going to show.

That you're in ketosis but i promise you're not so there are a few key uh places where exogenous ketones might help but if you're trying to lose weight they are a waste of money and a waste of your time so if somebody's already sold you some they're not dangerous go ahead and use.

Them up but don't cancel your subscription because you're a western one and that's the table we have a little ad okay that's pretty good oh not drinking enough water yeah let's talk about that dr barry.

Doesn't believe in this yeah and so every healthcare guru from i think richard simmons he was probably one of the very first i'm sure there was one for him you've got to drink this ungodly amount of water every day to help you lose weight some have actually said it'll flush the fat out of.

Your system someone said that your your tummy will be so full of water you will have no room for food all of that stuff is hogwash none of that's true if you're thirsty you drink just like i just did i was thirsty so i took a drink drinking a certain amount of water is.

Never going to help you burn fat it's never going to help you be healthier it's not good for your kidneys to drink water when you're not thirsty there's actually research about that you can get something called water intoxication and throw your electrolytes off if you drink water when you don't need i mean it's.

Really hard to do yeah so yeah but if you're thirsty drink i'm not saying don't drink i'm saying if you're trying to oh i've got to get this quart of water in before 10 a.m that that's that sounds like an eating disorder to me don't do that there's nobody and you're just gonna it's inconvenient because you.

Don't have to go to the bathroom like every 25 minutes right and so then again you're you're trusting your willpower to overcome your brain stem which is in charge of telling you like if you get truly thirsty you will drink toilet water because you've never been truly thirsty.

In your life but if you ever were in the desert for three days with nothing to drink and you came upon a i'm not talking about a clear toilet bowl either i'm talking about a little murky one you would drink it drop because that's how strong this part of your brain is but forcing yourself to drink water.

That's that you're trying to make yourself do something that's not physiologically normal you can't that's not sustainable there's an exception to this rule if you're breastfeeding you do need to drink water but i have never had to force myself to drink water i am constantly.

Thirsty and that means she needs to constantly trusting i remember when i heard the first night when we got home from the hospital i woke up and my mouth was stuck like stuck together yeah and i mean how many hydroplasts the big hydro flies i probably drank seven of those a day for like three months and i still drink.

A lot of water and we'd be talking just like this she'd be fine and she put back it on the breast and literally 10 seconds later she's like can you give me some water like that's the sign that you're truly thirsty and that you should drink but just trying to force because some.

Guru on instagram said you need to drink two gallons of water a day that's dumb and that's not going to help you lose any fat whatsoever yeah i don't track how many liters a day i drink i just drink you don't track your water i forgot i need to put my water in yeah a lot of people.

Have those um water bottles that are like by nine a.m by 10 a.m by 11 000 that's a drinking disorder yeah i've never done that no that's dumb but i go through the big bottles of toppo chico i don't even i don't like these because i go through them in like 15 minutes.

Yeah so i carry around the big leader bottles with me another big uh keto mistake is not minding your electrolytes almost every adult on the planet is deficient in magnesium and potassium but they're eating the standard american or the standard western diet.

So they're very inflamed they're holding anywhere from five to 25 pounds of water that they that's unhealthy for them to hold but they're holding it because they're eating so many carbohydrates it keeps the glucose and insulin high so they hold all this extra fluid that fluid contains.

Electrolytes so when you go keto how many of you guys have experienced this in the first week you pee off five to twenty five pounds of fluid depending on how heavy people really do yeah yeah and it's very common anybody goes keto's gonna at least lose five pounds of water weight and that's and a lot of.

People say well that's not really weight loss that's it well yeah you're right but the thing is i was holding five pounds of water inappropriately like i'm happy that i'm not holding that five pounds of unhealthy unnecessary water that was making my heart work harder i'm glad that water's.

Gone yeah you're happy about it but you have issues with the yeah with that fluid shift out into the toilet go through some of your electrolytes because that's the way your kidneys work then you can't just pee out pure water there has to be electrolytes in there and so.

We try to eat i've got videos about magnesium rich foods potassium rich foods and then we talked earlier about you get to salt your food as much as you want because your taste buds are connected to this part of your brain they're going to tell you if you need more salt but we use ketochow electrolyte drops.

There's also relight redmond's has one element they're very tasty uh ultima there's many good alternatives to the gatorade and the pedialyte and all those things that you think are actually electrolytes but really they're sugar yeah and.

You just use this directed there's it's perfectly safe to use them uh if you're scared because you're on some sort of medication that interferes with potassium then just talk to your doctor about it absolutely and just clear it with them before you start you know yeah but my favorite is keto.

Electrolyte drops because they're just electrolytes and water but the relief powder by redmond that's pretty tasty i like lemon tea you like it it dissolves better ah yeah redmond's you have to really stir it i actually use the coffee coffee frother.

Coffee drop frother yeah yeah but yeah once i get them mixed up they're really tasty yeah but you you need to think about that because you're not holding 20 pounds of extra fluid to store a bunch of extra electrolytes in so you think about your electrolytes our ancestors 200 000 years ago they.

Drink river water and mud puddle water which are very rich in electrolytes but we don't do that anymore we drink this kind of water which doesn't have a lot of electrolytes and that's why we add electrolytes back into our water it doesn't have minerals yeah this one does there is no water is.

It really barely barely yeah yeah there's not a lot of minerals at all but i mean it is mineral water they're not misleading i still prefer it over regular water oh 100 i love mineral water absolutely what else do we have over here is that one side or two no that's one.

Side no dairy jerry is my favorite subject lately yeah because it's one of the most misleading things to keto newbies i think because you come into keto and you think heavy cream is keto and it is and cheese is keto and it is.

And those type of things are keto foods but and let me preface this by saying we both love love dairy obsessed love it's a problem so this is not like when i've never liked dairy anyway that's we ain't those people.

Okay but for some people that can be the cause of your stall because you're eating a lot of cheese a lot of heavy cream and those things may be holding you back because you are sensitive to them there's some diagnosis that um.

Are particularly particularly there i go i got it sensitive and guess what one of them is hashimoto's thyroiditis yay and so if you have hashimoto's and you're stalled or you're having symptoms still or you just don't feel as good as you think you should.

Try taking dairy out i know i'm having a hard time myself but that is one of those foods that kind of gets a pass and a free-for-all and for some people it's just not it's just not yeah and i i freaking love a little bit of coffee in my heavy cream.

Right love that okay but if i do that i will i will start to put on some pounds in the middle and i will start to have a little bit of rosacea flare back up so there's three things in dairy there's the sugar there's the protein and there's the fat three macros right it's never the dairy.

Fat that's causing the problem and that's why anybody even someone who's lactose intolerant they can eat ghee and butter that's fine nobody has a problem with the fat but everybody every adult has a problem with the milk sugar you even if you don't think you're lactose intolerant.

I promise you you're having a reaction you're having inflammation somewhere in your body maybe your joints maybe you're good it may be your skin but you're reacting to the milk sugar if you're over the age of seven because that's when all of us over two thirds of the population of the planet.

Can't drink milk after the age of seven without paying for it now the amount you pay may not be a big deal you may just get a little patch of eczema or something like you don't associate that with the dairy but that's what's causing it now the dairy protein.

Here's where it gets dicey the dairy protein is not necessarily bad for everybody right but but there are amino acids in dairy that are more insular genetic than other amino acids for some people it really seems like.

When they even eat full fat fermented keto cheese heavy cream and stuff like that the dairy protein raises their insulin enough to just stop their fat burning and it's sad it's very sad because it happened to me but that's just how it is you're making me sweat.

Are you is it getting hot you're too hot i'm hot-blooded i got the meat sweats another thing is i feel like dairy uh for some people is addictive and a trigger food i could totally eat an entire charcuterie board by myself yeah which would be way less bad than eating the entire pack.

Of oreos but still not good for some people for some people exactly um and there's an actual specific thing in cheese that is addictive yeah they're they're she some of the cheese some of the protein and cheese and definitely the sugar and cheese.

Can activate uh your pleasure receptors no doubt about that and have opioid-like effects and for some people it does not seem to bother them at all they can take it or leave it for other people it seems to be quite addictive the dairy yeah there's 2400 people.

Watching this wow hey guys how are you doing thanks for tuning in everybody uh wow we must have picked a good topic tonight yeah this is a good topic so like i said that's not for everybody some people can eat dairy and it's okay or you can eat dairy for now and it's okay.

But three to five years from now you may have to tone it down keep in mind if you get to the point where you're like i'm literally eating a carnivore diet and i'm stalled or i'm gaining weight it could be the day it's probably the damn damn dairy yeah and so what i've tried decided to do.

Is i'm just going to use dairy in moderation that was a joke because that's never going to work i'm gonna get yeah so when i get the heavy cream container like i'm just gonna go like that in my coffee you know just a little bit then i wind.

Up going yeah and so there is no moderation for me and heavy whipping cream i either do it or i don't because if i do it i'm going to have a little coffee with my cream i'm going to get a really cute tablespoon to put by my coffee station so that i am forced.

To put a tablespoon because i know i'm like that's a tablespoon probably not i've never thought of using a spoon for my cream yeah but that way i am aware and it doesn't take much and i know this because i've literally just put a splash of cream in like just a little.

And it totally makes the coffee oh yeah that's a good idea because if i'm pouring and i and i pour too much you can't take it out it was like it was an accident i did not mean to do that it wasn't honest that but it's still in there and but if i had a spoon that's a good.

Idea yeah and just cute that i'm more likely to use it so like a pumpkin can we have a football shape you don't even like football i like playing football whatever i'll go outside tackle that's a good way to keep yourself in check because.

Eyeballing it like yeah i give myself a lot of credit okay i'm 100 sure i'm putting more than a tablespoon whenever i make a video and i'm like a tablespoon i'm like whatever probably a little more than that yeah but yeah all right so just keep that in mind.

What about some comments we got any questions you guys if you have a question we we've been talking and not looking re-type your question and we'll see if we can't answer a few love you elise we said she loves us oh thanks for the super chats and for the stars guys thank you very much for that.

Um several people have said that dairy was what was calling them yep it's very common and it that's on the surface of it that sounds like how does that make sense dairy is a natural food here's the kicker we've been eating meat as a species for two hundred thousand years we've.

Only been drinking dairy for about four thousand five thousand years according to the archaeology so that is milk drinking milk other than our mother's milk when we're a baby i'm talking about after you're the at the age of five six seven when you're weaned from the breast.

Human beings never drink milk their entire life only up until about five thousand four thousand years ago then we learned how to how to raise cattle and get their milk but that's when it started and so we have not been drinking milk the entire time like we've been eating meat.

So meat is a much more natural thing for us than drinking dairy and i think that's why some of us have have developed strategies to cope with it others of us have not here's a good one that really we should have talked about okay does bulletproof coffee in the morning break that over.

Now fast has butter cream a lot of people think that bulletproof coffee is like magic when you first come to keto and when you first come to keto for some people it is kind of magical yeah but so let's first of all say what's in your bulletproof he has okay.

So remember i said earlier the the milk fat the butter the ghee that's nobody's problem uh butter and ghee barely raise your insulin level at all they don't taste sweet there's no amino acids there's no sugar that's not gonna that's gonna.

Barely raise your insulin which does not break your physiological fast you're still fasting okay now if you eat a whole stick of butter you can't really say you're fasting but if you put a teaspoon or two of butter in your coffee and froth it up that's i in my opinion that's an.

Acceptable bulletproof coffee let's call it keto coffee because yeah we don't like to call it bulletproof dolly because that's a brand and you don't need that brand yeah it costs fifty dollars a bag and it just blocked it it's not even good.

Yeah you didn't like it at all yeah uh mct oil is also an appropriate fat yeah when you start putting sweeteners in there heavy cream yeah yeah so i think but some people say you can put about a tablespoon and it's okay i think it depends yeah but it depends on each person so even like when you hear these.

Rules you need to take it with a grain of salt because this may or may not apply to you and you need to self-experiment yeah exactly and she said a grain of salt and that's exactly right so for my when i'm doing my best keto and feeling my best my standard morning coffee.

Is black coffee with probably a teaspoon of butter and a shake or two of red mousse real salt that's when i'm rocking and rolling and feeling my best and then she leaves the heavy cream out and i'm like i'll just put a little splash in and then i accidentally put in half a.

Cup yeah and so but but the butter's never the problem salt's never the problem it's either the protein in the heavy cream or if you're using other junk it's the sugar yeah but the bulletproof coffee in my definition.

Is is pure fat with your coffee plus amount of salt and i really don't think you can put sweetener in keto coffee because the sweetener is going to raise your insulin enough to break your fast and i know i'm sorry i'm sorry that you you love sweetener in your coffee i understand i used to i.

Couldn't drink coffee it didn't have copious amounts of sweetener now i couldn't drink coffee if it had sweetened this is a great point david which is basically what i just said is that you need to do a self experiment n equals one that's what that means that you are experimenting on yourself.

Because we're all individuals we all have different metabolic issues autoimmune issues age sex all that stuff stress levels came from different places if you're a midnight nurse or a day's nurse like both totally different like whoa yeah.

Completely different people and your eating habits are going to be different and just all sorts of things so just because something is we say probably will work doesn't mean that it will for you and if we say it won't work that doesn't mean that it won't work.

For some people some people are lucky some people are 21 and have no health issues and can eat mug cakes keto mug cakes every night and not affect them but we are not those people unfortunately hi guess who wants to say hi the little boy baby.

Yes he is a baby what you got oh he's got his chicken chicken come here to me come here uh if you're new here this is our baby he is 10 months old and he is a kid of boy baby he eats lots of meats a little bit of veg every now and then mostly breast milk well i don't know he.

Thought 75 25 breast milk to work he's ripping up the real food here lately he actually you can tell that he he knows the sign yeah he can sign for food and for milk yup and he can blow kisses now can you blow a kiss.

And he's fixing to start walking he took like three or four steps in the past few days he's kissing his chicken give me that chicken he does it with both hands it's so funny don't take it away from him hey.

Anyways he's doing very well he's 28 and a half inches tall he's off the growth chart and he's pretty smart little baby oh no oh no oh no hello i'm mama he'll say mama sometimes but uh what spices are okay that's a really good question.

I think as long as they're just spiced no sugar pretty much all of them are game i haven't found have you found any spices that bother you well you have to be careful some spouses have sugar that's right yeah you just got sugar inside um but so far yes spices and they get.

Along fine as long as they're quality spices but we have friends ambrose michaela peterson um who's somebody else i think i think uh peter balorstep they can't do spices they do meat and salt if they get into the spices they start to have inflammation.

And so that's another place where you get to experiment try some spices see how you react if they bother you don't eat them if they don't bother you then enjoy them i can use salt pepper all the spices they don't bother me at all oh we've got the treasure to go mmm look man.

That was a bad turkey oh man it's keto for kids okay hundred percent this is a keto or right here uh for dinner tonight he had he had a brisket and some red he had some ribs he had a little piece of pickle a dill pickle and that's it right yeah and then he topped that off with some breast milk.

Because he's a baby human and he should drink milk get from his mother i got the goat i got your go let's take one more good question let's do it talk ain't no turkey car no now pedro you want me to get pedro in here he can call up a turkey we'd have turkeys looking in the window.

If he started doing uh let's see somebody asked about gap how do you prevent gout uh keto yeah i have a youtube video about you what actually causes it what actually causes gout is eating too much fructose whether it's from.

Coca-cola or orange juice or eating fruit if you are predisposed to gout eating too much fruit will give you a gout flare-up alcohol and then eating too much sugar and keeping your insulin level high go watch my easter video about it keto is perfect for for helping you never.

Have another gout flare up for the rest of your life he's such a baby hey you know where i go what's wrong with you what else what else mommy cat um again the cut off to buy a summit ticket is tonight at midnight unless we've already sold 3 000 then it would have already come off um.

Because like we don't have time to send out that many t-shirts and stuff to people oh my gosh uh if if we still have tickets available you can find information at phd virtual summit dot com the link is in the description up here on facebook down here on youtube um.

That's the main things if you haven't got your t-shirt yet it's coming obviously there's a that's a lot of t-shirts and we don't we can't send them all in one time they come out every day you'll get yours as you can if we don't have your size t-shirt you'll get a coffee mug instead.

Or if you put you don't want a t-shirt then you'll need a coffee mug instead you'll get all the information for the summit sent to your email on tuesday the 8th of september so make sure you're watching for that email if you've already bought your ticket or you're going to buy a ticket.

And then from then on you'll get all updates to that email the email that you use to sign up that's where everything's going to go check your spam make sure they'll walk you through everything in each email before the summit you'll get a instructional.

Email how to do it how to register like get into it it's how to test your internet all the troubleshooting and there'll be a help desk to ask questions we've pretty much made this as user friendly as we possibly can obviously this is our first time doing it so there may be glitches but there shouldn't be very many yes i think.

That's it whoops all right good deal thank you so much for joining this evening feel free to share this video if you think it would help one of your friends do keto right thanks for the super chats thanks for the stars on facebook tomorrow night tuesday at 6 pm will be live if you.

Didn't get enough of us tonight we'll be live in our private facebook group you can get access to the group by being a facebook supporter or becoming a patron on i think there's a link in the show notes yeah all right guys thanks so much for joining us beckett's going to show his.

Booty we'll see you next week guys see you next time
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