Boosting Immune Function: Dinicolantonio, PhD & Berry, MD discuss the Evidence

Boosting Immune Function: Dinicolantonio, PhD & Berry, MD discuss the Evidence

Boosting Immune Function: Dinicolantonio, PhD & Berry, MD discuss the Evidence

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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm dr. ken berry I have with me this evening this afternoon the distinct honor of having as a guest dr. James D Nichol Antonio author of the salt fix and numerous other important works of nonfiction and he's he is a him tell him about telling you about himself and then we're going to jump into what I consider one of the.

Very most important topics every day of your life but here lately this is going to be a much more important topic we're live on Facebook YouTube and Instagram so if you see us looking around that's why we're doing that we're trying to help as many people as we can all at one time and so I'm going to be looking for your comments on Facebook and on YouTube.

I don't Instagram if you have a question type it in the comments we're going to get a ton of questions and comments so if we don't get to yours in three or four minutes type it again and that way it keeps scrolling by thank you in advance for the Facebook stars and thanks coming for the YouTube super chats and super stickers appreciate that.

Very much that helps us have time and resources to do this dr. D Nikhil Antonio for those one or two people in the world who don't know who you are please tell us who you are what you do and why we should care about what you think so I mean the reason why you and I wanted to get together is because I recently published a academic paper on.

Potential nutraceutical strategies that may help boost immunity against RNA viruses so we published that paper a couple of weeks ago and I've been publishing the academic literature for about a decade now with over 250 academic publications and so with everything that's going around globally I think you know both you and I really.

Thought it was important to really address the public as soon as we could go ahead okay so yeah I have a doctor of pharmacy degree I'm the associate editor of the largest open access cardiology journal and you in the UK it's called BMJ open heart I my website is dr. James so dr james doneck di ni SI calm and i'm on instagram at dr. james de neck and so.

I've been posting a lot on you know this virus that's affecting the globe right now and hopefully we can talk about and answer a lot of people's questions yeah absolutely and I think dr. D and I both are 100% committed to the to the concept first the 8020 principle we're going to talk about the things that you can do with the least effort that are going to.

Give you the most benefits and by far without doubt nutrition is number one when it comes to boosting your immune response strengthening your immune system and also helping your immune system be intelligent and wise and not be inflamed and overworked and confused and so diet diet far in a way is the number one thing I think we should talk.

About followed up closely by so we talked about eating first then we're going to talk about probably not eating at some point because fasting there's reams of research data that shows that the immune system is both strengthened and the response time is shortened by fasting there's there's a category of minerals that absolutely are vital to.

Proper immune system function there's no I mean this is unequivocal nobody disagrees with this and so right at the onset let me say I'm a medical doctor I've been practicing medicine for 20 years in the clinic in the ER and in labor delivery in the ICU this is not medical advice this is an MD and a PhD talking to you about what we've spent.

Our lifetime our career doing for a living and what we've learned along the way and very often people think they need expensive medications or expensive supplements and that's quite often not the case so no medical advice here just to doctorate level people professionals talking I've put links down below in the show notes on Facebook and YouTube for.

All of the doctor do and Nicola Antonio is his book his papers his website and then some of the things I think we're going to be talking about during this life so where do you want to start doc let's start let's start at the base of the pyramid yeah the absolute most important thing and then let's work our way up.

Okay perfect yeah let's go sort a thirty thousand feet high level and then we'll kind of get into the weeds yes perfect because that's what most people want to know is what are the three things I need to do right now what can I do today or tomorrow to improve my immune system response in the strength of it without at the same time confusing.

It or making it irrational and I think that's a very valid question and so let's start with the absolute bedrock of not only immune health but all hill which is nutrition yeah absolutely and even above nutrition like let's even go let's say even more at the base social isolation right you know everyone we there's a lot of good data that.

Basically social isolation isolating yourself is the most important thing we can do right now we need to basically band together as a community and only go outside of the house for essentials these dramatic data that that is going to absolutely help reduce the spread of this virus absolutely and this is something that we've known for hundreds.

Of years but people forget this and so there are several key facts about viruses and we're not going to be naming any viruses by name today because what we're talking about applies to every single virus that I can think of without exception right and so if you are not exposed either directly or indirectly to an infected human or animal then you.

Cannot possibly catch the virus that's that's one of the postulates from the very beginning of time and infectious disease is you have to be exposed to the virus to catch the virus and that's why right off the bat we're going to tell everybody who's 60 years and older or if you have multiple medical conditions you have to take injections or pills on a.

Daily basis for your health you need to go home and stay home and you don't need to let anybody in unless it's mandatory that they be in your home and I know this sounds a little draconian this sounds a little like a Blade Runner movie but at this point in this situation absolutely and so this goes for the flu season too if you have.

Multiple medical conditions and you're 75 years old you don't need to be going to concerts during flu season you don't need to be going to the mall and just touching every rail and every door not that that's bad behavior because any time you're metabolically ill you're at risk you're an increased risk of catching a.

Virus period any about it doesn't matter which one you're talking about they can they're saying that go is pretty bad on your end should you try the I your pots no they're not hooked up to my computer I've got my volume turned all the way down here let me the prettiest just gonna Instagram that I'm heaven and I'm not seeing any comments.

On Facebook or YouTube about this hey guys how's the echo now is it better maybe that's better no you think it's coming through your speakers it's better someone said it's better now okay beautiful beautiful fantastic now it's bad nor saw mine yeah Amy sue says she hears no echo at all Lori says were both good so let's proceed we are not in.

Professional recording studios so therefore we're not gonna sound like CNN or Fox News it's just we're gonna have a little echo okay yeah okay God so definitely social distancing social isolation these things are vital when it comes to this you've got to stay away from people who aren't affected and one of the one of the main dangers about.

This latest virus that we're all talking about is it looks like it has a latency period of several days it looks like that someone can have the infection and be of hours for multiple days and have no symptoms whatsoever in throw if you go to the restaurant at the mall or you know big-box store thank God they just won't buy you you.

Look perfectly fine you no symptoms but he may very well not only be effective appreciating the virus and if your if your tweeners only pre-eminently healthy and feel great and have no moment disease you're probably pretty safe but you got to think about the rest of your family and friends who may not be in such a fortuitous position.

As you exactly yeah so so definitely all the hand-washing with super important keeping your hands away from your face mouth nose eyes ears and other body orifices is also very important there are some reports that this latest virus may actually be spreadable by fecal contamination like hepatitis A and so again hand hygiene is absolutely it's.

Not optional that is mandatory if you're going to slash your risk of catching any infection definitely disinfection yeah I completely agree and you know hand-washing to at least 20 seconds with soap and water absolutely absolutely so we've got we're taking all our precautions that we can hand washing distance e staying home as much as.

Possible staying at least six to eight feet away from each individual human we do have to be in public wiping down everything with at least a 60% isopropyl alcohol wipe or bleach it also where it seems to work very well from research I've read on this kind of virus now let's talk about how do we strengthen our body how do we how do we strengthen.

Our immune system what do we what do we not eat what do we have what do we subtract yeah so I mean I guess for chronic maintenance for immunity vitamins and minerals are extremely important um zinc especially with copper because then can reduce the absorption of copper selenium is also very important there's.

You know who the found peroxidase which you know depends on selenium is a cofactor and basically glutathione in order to build that you need two particular amino acids cysteine and glycine and so basically those two are very important and glutathione is our body's no natural endogenous and the reason why that seems to be.

Important in viral infections is because the main cause of death in RNA virus infections is oh wait they're saying they can't hear me fine there's that on Instagram I don't see anybody I don't see any negative comments on yeah okay your pods don't come all right I'm gonna try the air pods that go is better with air products okay yeah and so I.

Definitely think the the supplements and they don't necessarily have to be supplements you can get virtually any of these in your diet if you know what to eat and that I think both of us would HIGHLY advise you to eat the proper food but as 20 years of it as a family doctor working closely with surgeons I have fun I've actually put some links down below.

The really the biggest thing that a surgeon will say to you is if you have hyperglycemia or high blood sugar or an elevated a1c which is evidence of a chronically elevated blood sugar they're not going to do surgery on you they're gonna say no we got to get that down I will look at we'll check it again in a month and if you're doing better then.

We'll give your surgery the reason is because everyone who is in a high blood thinner state is it increased risk for infection but this is settled there's no debate about this whatsoever we here in a hyperinsulinemic state that's gonna also lead to inflammation and that's going to lead to a confusion of the immune system none of these things you.

Want right and so for everyone out there is listening who is a pre-diabetic type two diabetic we're gonna type one diabetic or you have at least one of the markers of metabolic syndrome and I talked about all five of those markers on another video on my youtube channel you are an increased risk to catch any virus including the one that the news.

Media won't shut up about currently so if your blood sugar is running even a little bit high you are definitely an increased risk of infection from the virus if you and so that means surely you can at this point you know if you don't want to catch this and spread this to your family you really no longer at the luxury of saying well I don't.

Like me I don't like broccoli I don't like liver yeah you know what it's this kind of episode that's happening in our society right now is basically a wake up call hey we're all grown-ups here okay you may have lived on teen strips and ketchup for the majority of your life but this is not this is not the time to.

Complain because this virus that no other riders cares about you complaining you have got to start eating the proper human diet spectrum I don't care if that's an oval Alecto pescetarian low-carb diet or if that's just a pure fatty red meat diet with organ meats you've got to start eating somewhere on there because those are the diets that.

Are gonna lower your blood sugar back to normal and those are the diets that are going to lower your insulin level back to normal or even low normal that's the sweet spot that you absolutely want before you even start thinking about minerals and vitamins and supplements than any of the sudden you've got to fix that diet and also thing I know so many.

Of you guys have tried to talk to your family about low carb anti and Keating keto or whatever and they just won't listen right well I think maybe the news media has got their attention now and so this might be your one opportunity that you could share a video on Instagram youtuber Facebook and say hey here's this MV in this PhD they're basically.

They're not even basically saying they're literally saying that your high blood sugar is increasing your risk of catching this infection and if you catch it you're going to give it to me and so if you love yourself and all if you love your family at all it's time to put away the highly processed carbohydrates it's time to put away the soft drinks and the.

Fruit juices and all the crap that spikes your blood sugar and spikes your insulin and start eating real whole nutrient-dense human appropriate foods that are going to lower your glucose lower your insulin and also lower your levels of inflammation so that your immune system is 100 percent right it's not.

Because it's having to fight 14 different chronic fires here and there and everywhere it can focus all its energy on this one thing which currently looks like the most important thing to be focusing on what do you think about that doctor yeah I mean I think at the basic level of nutrition is so important basically you know you're if you're.

Gonna catch the virus you're gonna catch it right right but if you have optimal nutrition it can help reduce the replication of the virus and it looks like from the research I'm reading doc that you know they keep saying oh if you're older you're you're more at risk you know that's definitely true but how much of that is because as you get older.

You're more insulin resistant or another way of saying that you're more hyperinsulinemic because the actual conditions that they talk about the puts you at increased risk diabetes high blood pressure heart disease right kidney disease all of these things are related to metabolic syndrome all of these things are related back to your.

Diet and so if you have any of those conditions including high blood pressure chronic kidney disease if you've had a stroke in the past you are at super high risk from this or any virus you got to start taking precautions and this is something you can literally start to turn around as soon as this video is over you can start to improve the.

Strength and health of your immune system yeah exactly so we are we still a G can people still somebody said ah geez messed up at Facebook is solid so we're just going to continue on on Facebook and YouTube you guys if you've already asked the question time to get in the comments we're going to try to get to those now.

Doc you've actually written a paper and you cited a few more about things that you can get in your diet or take a supplement that will actually that actually seemed to improve the immune response and some of these are rodents stasis and I think one of them was a human study talk to us about what you found yeah the most evidence-based.

Supplements when it comes to RNA viruses is elderberry and anise it'll cysteine yeah we have you know clinical studies in humans in patients with influenza were ant common cold that those two supplements have utility yep and we've actually we actually have used in signal system for years in things.

Like tylenol overdose and it I think it actually helps thin mucus secretions in the lungs it we've used it for several things over the decades but it so I'm not sure if it is because of the mucus thinning or the the mucus lessening attribute of it or if it had some other mechanism of action or you are you clear about that so I don't think anyone's.

Really a hundred percent clear but you're absolutely right and the civil cysteine has good evidence for chronic bronchitis yeah because as a mucolytic right it helps going out the mucus right the main reason why we seem to think that it helps with RNA viruses is because again the primary cause of death is the.

Inflammatory storm in the lungs basically your immune system kills yourself it over reacts to this virus damages the alveoli in your lungs you can no longer oxygenate your body you died of acute respiratory distress so a nice little cysteine helps boost glutathione which is an antioxidant helps basically combat cytokine storm in.

The lungs absolutely yeah and I think the the research on that is fairly compelling I don't think there's any doubt about that what other diet foods specific foods or specific supplements have you really are you really enamored with the research on elderberries very interesting and has them not analysis in for clinical.

Studies and humans most were in influenza A and B and the other was in the common cold and it seemed to reduce the duration of symptoms in influenza by three or four days nice yeah I mean you typically are symptoms and influence is about seven days so the next three to four days that's pretty compelling yeah that's a big dealing you know humans.

Have been using eleméry extract in some form or another whether it's a syrup or whether it's just the drive berries we've been using that for hundreds of years and genji know I'm basically a carnivore for the last 14 months but I absolutely believe that humans have used vegetables plants for herbs for medicine and for seasoning for a mean forever I.

Don't know if there's a time in recorded history when we weren't using plants for those things and I think that's absolutely an appropriate use for plants as medicine seasoning and herbs and the element falls perfectly within that so yeah we nation actually just bought a pound of freeze-dried elderberries and she's going to make us make us some.

Concoction or decoction I'm not sure what kind of caution she's gonna make us but she's going to make us something with that and I think that's probably going to help a little bit but I don't know anybody make a mistake that they can okay so I'll buy some elderberry syrup and I'll be okay and I can see I can keep beating my Special K.

And skim milk and keep having my whole wheat bread for lunch no no you've got to work on the foundation first and foremost you got to lower your blood sugar you got to lower your insulin back to low normal then if you want to add the elderberry extract or syrup you might get an extra one or two percent protection from that from.

The research it looks like you definitely do you're going to have less symptoms with the NAC you're going to be able to spend the secretions so that you can caught those up easier so they won't block the alveoli completely all of this stuff matters but do not get lost in these weeds that we're about to talk about and forget the number one most.

Important thing the number one cause of post-operative surgical infection is diabetes is high blood sugar is insulin that's it nothing else is more it's a bigger deal than that so you've got to eat a diet that's going to lower your blood sugar or insulin and then I'm happy to talk to you about adding these other things so you've talked about the.

You nicely we've talked about selenium and zinc two very very important elements that act as minerals in the human body they are essential as far as I can tell the human body cannot make elements we do not perform nuclear fusion in our bodies so they have to be in the food you eat or if you that's kind of the truth of that matter.

And so anything you want to add about zinc and selenium yeah I'm sink in the a right study which is a randomized control trial and about five thousand elderly patients they tested 40 milligrams of zinc with one milligram of copper twice a day caused a significant 27% reduction in mortality it was primarily driven due to deaths.

From respiratory causes and that's what we're talking about here right dying from a respiratory costs yeah in in Rob's is so elderberries are not an option for type 1 diabetes Rob absolutely could be if you use the dried bearing you don't have any sugar to it nobody says that you're very syrup has to taste great we're not talking about.

The kind of syrup you put on pancakes here we're talking about a therapeutic use of an ancient elderberry extract and so yeah I think it's perfectly fine you can actually buy over berry extract in a capsule form I think what do you think about that doctor yeah I think most of the studies they used elderberry extract and use that either extract as like a.

Tablet or a syrup yeah exactly exactly and so it does not have to be full of sugar just because we said the word syrup no don't think pancakes okay that's not we're talking about this is like a cough syrup that's the kind of thing we're talking about here okay so we covered that what about formic acid.

What about freulich acid so what's interesting is drinking coffee actually produces for rule ik acid in the body so that chlorogenic acid and our coffee that we drink gets converted to caffeic acid and then that gets converted to for rule ik and for rule ik acid is probably how elderberry possibly works is in those islands they get converted to for.

Real gases in the body and then hopes that's one of the body's very potent antioxidant and so that can help with that inflammatory cytokine storm that we were talking about absolutely and so if you're like Farooq acid what the hell is that where do I get it it's in coffee you don't worry about it just make your coffee strong drink it.

Every day it's going to hundreds of other metabolic benefits for you it may even decrease your risk of dementia maybe some of the observational research looks like it shows that but you're going to be getting for alloc acid which is going to be strengthening your immune system yeah I love it what's the next one you want to talk.

About doc vitamin C vitamin C okay so vitamin C is interesting right because from an evolutionary perspective we would get it both from animals and plants and we would hunt animals and they when an animal is stressed and exercises it will produce ten times the amount of vitamin C and so we would actually get a lot of vitamin C through.

Fresh meat interstitial fluids blood all those things as well as plants right and so we don't consume a lot of vitamin C if you look at animals in the wild gorillas they consume 5,000 milligrams monkeys consume 700 milligrams that are one-tenth our size and we no longer produce vitamin C and so our diet is dismal and vitamin C and it's super.

Important not just for reducing the inflammatory storm because vitamin C can get concentrated in the fluids lining your lungs it can help fight the inflammatory storm white blood cells will take it up as well to help calm the inflammation and alongs yeah and Carman we're talking about vitamin C right now I and I really feel like there's a.

Spectrum of need for vitamin C in human beings doc and you may totally disagree with that and you know just to let you guys know we're great friends but we don't agree on every single thing that we talk about and that's totally fine because we're all trying we're all bumbling around in the dark trying to discover it'll reduce go to the truth.

That's what we're doing here and so I think if you're eating the standard American diet full of Prussia processed carbs yeah you definitely need one thousand five thousand units of vitamin C a day 100% agree with that but as you lower the carbohydrate intake I myself I have not been sick a single time in 14 months that I've been you know.

Essentially zero car I eat or you meet two or three times a week and so with that liver I'm getting a little bit of vitamin C in fresh meat I'm getting a little bit of vitamin C even nowhere near thousand absolutely right about that but I you know I've become friends with a lot of people in the carnivore community and.

They just don't get sick they just never get a call they never get the flu they just don't get infections and so obviously they're not getting they're getting maybe oh maybe 100 milligrams if I don't see it they may be and also when we check our vitamin C levels they're not they're still within normal limits and so something's going on there I.

Heard one person opine that they thought that maybe because you know we missed we liked one key enzyme in the vitamin C production pathway and they don't crime that if you eat low carb enough maybe the enzyme kicks up and we can actually make our own I doubt that seriously but I mean it's a it's a provocative theory more than likely though as you eat your.

Fewer carbs and fewer and fewer inflammatory foods you just don't need as much vitamin C to do the job but if you're eating a crap diet Pepsi's Cheetos cornflakes yeah you need to take at least a thousand a vitamin C every single day yeah what could be going on there to humans they have the ability to recycle oxidized vitamin C through red.

Blood cells and so if you are at a low inflammatory State you don't need as much vitamin C exactly and it also looks like that people on very low carb diets or carnivore diets the red blood cells actually live longer and so that wouldn't that would be would also make sense and that respect as well so that's excellent excellent thank you for that.

Do I eat do you eat raw liver doc not raw liver no I don't either I cook it for about a minute a 1 minute on each side thinly sliced with some butter and some garlic and it's delicious no I don't eat raw garlic but I'm not above it I would try a spoonful but I haven't done it yet what about glucosamine mm-hmm what about.

Basically our paper had two main strategies how to boost your own immune system and then how to reduce the inflammatory cytokine storm in the lungs okay and so glucosamine is interesting because it boosts something called the mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein which helps boost interferon.

Regular to refactor three everything comes down to interferon regulatory factor three that is how we produce type 1 interferons and type 1 interferons produce antiviral antibodies so anything that stimulates that is very important when it comes to glucosamine again it's boosting that mitochondrial antiviral.

Signaling protein and it helps boost our own type 1 interferons it seems that you need a fairly high dose at least 3,000 milligrams but it's interesting that you know even maybe up to 10,000 again we can't make recommendations I'm just you know talking about the literature and the dosing of sure how this would potentially work yeah and excellent low.

Carb sources of glucosamine include homemade bone broth you can't always be sure about the stuff you buy at the store but if you make it yourself it's going to be full of glucosamine knowing the cartilage off the end of those cheek bones absolutely that's gonna help and then eating sardines are in choice any kind of small fish that.

Still has the bones and cartilage in it that's gonna be a ton of glucosamine so understand agree that that's the important and I would much prefer to get that in my diet than to take a supplement but if you hate all the things I just mentioned then you might want to look at a glucose main supplement yeah what's the next one your.

List of beta glucan by any blue kid alright so this is from mushrooms brewers yeast algae basically they're polysaccharides in the cell wall called beta glucans and they are mean stimulating they activate dendritic cells and these dendritic cells present antibodies to our lymphocytes and so the more you're presenting these antibodies.

The better you're gonna have you know protection and fight against these viruses yeah exactly and you can get that in a supplement right yeah if I take it as a capsule and would-wouldn't ruff milligrams strength does it come in it normally comes this 250 milligrams I take 2 of those per day so 500 milligrams I do that chronically yeah.

You probably take 500 milligrams a day ok beautiful beautiful good good information and then what about spirulina what about that talk let's talk I take spirulina everyday one of the primary drivers of inflammation in the immune cells when you're being attacked by these RNA viruses through NADPH.

Oxidase that spits out super oxide anions you know that increases will reduce his nitric oxide as well because it produces hydrogen peroxide uncouples endothelial nitric oxide synthase don't want to get too into the weeds of how this all works but spirulina can inhibit NADPH oxidase and that inflammatory storm and if there's clinical studies.

Testing spirulina and HIV patients you know randomized control trials showing dramatic reductions in viral load and significant increases in CDT for cell count yes perfect I love it and you can also get that as a supplement capsule yeah I take that as a supplement yet hey did you take that as well on a daily basis yes.

Yep I think about I think about like 4 grams per day usually I mean I was taking up to 15 to 30 grams but for maintenance I think two to four grams works good for me yeah and this is it's just basically there's the blue-green algae that they harvest and they can they can get it from that and then a couple of other things someone was.

Asking about chlorella which is a green algae spirulina you know most people know it as a blue-green algae but technically it's a cyanobacteria chlorella seems to boost natural killer cells it's a little bit different and it's very good at binding heavy metals in foods so I also take that every single day perfect.

Rainy Nass should we fast if we are trying to prevent a virus or if we catch a virus what do you say about that I don't know I honestly don't know if it will dramatically help or not I don't think we knit like clinically have the studies to back it up and I'm always cautious if you don't have the studies to show it theoretically are there.

Mechanisms absolutely because when you're triggering instead of growth repair when you're in fasting right your body is under attack and it needs to repair the epithelium that's being damaged in the lungs so if you can boost otology and repair mechanisms theoretically that makes some what sets yeah absolutely and I.

I tend to agree with that there's some limited is written research that might support fasting but that fasting is something and so you you guys know I'm always talking about the the basically the three prongs of whether you should try something or not does it make ancestral sense does it make common sense is there meaningful research to.

Support it and so I think everybody's grandmother in the world has talked about you know starving a fever I mean we just that's just that's in the vernacular probably every major language on the planet there's a reason for that and there's a reason that that so many cultures when they get sick they immediately starts.

Fast there's a reason that basically every mammal that I know of that's ever been studied if they get sick or injured they immediately stop eating and I mean there's a reason that mammals do that and I think that behavior is a very protective behavior evolutionarily you know what I mean by that doc something that's been that's been going on since.

Before we were Homo Sapien sapien that goes back in into the the evolutionary record millions and millions of years if animals from back there's that we're doing it that's probably important we should probably mimic that so I think fasting is a big part of not only boosting but strengthening and also calming your immune system because so.

Many so many doctors will talk about oh your immune systems too strong or it's over act overreacting I don't I think that's the wrong way to talk about this you'd want a strong immune system but you know be you know appropriately attacking your antigens instead of the foreign antigens that are actually a threat and so you want a good strong.

Robust immune response but you want to be appropriate and calculated and your immune system can't really do that if it's inflamed and confused and and just running amok because of all the chronic inflammatory fires in your body so fasting I think will be a huge help in both prevention and treatment but the control research is not alerting clear.

On that right yep what else do we need to know God let's talk about the natural response to these viruses and how her body naturally wants to fight off these viruses absolutely first line of defense fever why higher name viruses seem to be susceptible to heat high temperature yeah and in fact most viruses in most bacteria their rate of replication or.

The rate of growth goes down as your body temperature goes up and I'm so glad you brought this up I'm working on a youtube video about this right now is there any convincing controlled research that shows that you should take an antipyretic and a fever reducer if you have a viral infection and my answer is 100% no that's not gonna help it the.

Caveat yeah with one that's odd they can't be that would be if you had a certain right temperature higher every 0.5 or higher right yeah and so a 104 Fahrenheit or the for most see us you may need to take something but that might be a risk to brain tissue and that was not very clearly proven that's mainly theoretical but who wants to take.

A chance with the patient's brain so at about 104 or 40 Celsius we'll start to treat a fever but you're actually hampering your hand stringing your immune system if you start taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen as soon as you start to have a low-grade fever I'm a hundred against that and I think most people who thought that through would.

Also be against that so so fever that's that and so a lot of people think fevers are disease doc but it's not it's actually the first step in your body's attack on the virus right correctly so basically there seems to be this killing perfect range in the body and it's about 101.5 to 103.5 and when you start suppressing fevers you are obviously not.

Going to be able to fight off RNA viral infections as well so there's a pretty compelling data that people who quickly get fevers to these viruses help reduce the replication of those people who don't respond with a fever it ends up replicating much more getting into the lungs causing more damage increasing its virulence yeah and.

There's a there's an artificial way to kind of create a fever and that is basically boosting core body temperature with sauna yeah and so I posted a ton of studies on saunas potential prophylactic you know effects on RNA viruses yeah and we actually see animals mimic this they'll go out into the midsummer Sun.

And they'll wait at the Sun and take a nap and you know it's got to be smoking hot but they don't care they do that for the hormetic influence on their immune system to boost their immune function our dogs will do that in the house if we have the fireplace on they'll get right up on the hearth and get as close to making as they can get to the fire and.

It's burning up in the house and they're laying right on top of the fire just close enough that it'll be burned and they don't lay there for thirty minutes and I think that's that's their version of a sauna is doing that and so definitely getting really cold getting really hot but definitely the sauna in this case if you're if you're feeling.

Like you're coming down with something or you definitely have an infection raising your core body temp without going above 104 I think it's absolutely going to help your immune system to decrease the viral replication and help your immune system ultimately win the battle yeah and how this seems to work is through heat shock proteins right.

They prevent in the nucleus basically the export of these nucleo proteins which is really interesting so that you literally reduce the replication of the virus if you start activating heat shock proteins and the way to do that is through you know particularly infrared sauna seems to be better than just sort of your convection baking regular saunas.

Right because typical saunas and steam rooms the outside ambient air is very hot and you're heating up your skin infrared especially a full spectrum infrared sauna steams do get keep the whole body or it goes deeper than just the skin goes three to four inches deep heats up the tissues better you'll probably get up about her activation of.

Heat shock proteins that's infrared on us and so what you get but if you can't afford that then a good hot steamy shower is gonna be way better than others so yeah basically any way you can raise your core body temperature right hot bathtubs is going to potentially have benefit here so I've noticed the clinical study and fifty patients where.

They were basically half of them were given sauna therapies for the other weren't and it cut the risk of getting common cold by 50% so this seems to be like a real effect and in animals we can sort of clinically prove things because we can use animals we can infect them we can kill them we can do all these interventions so what what.

Clinical studies an animal show is if you give them basically sauna therapy prior to infecting them with influenza their mortality rate dramatically goes down their long pathology goes down when you in fact them with influenza and their viral replication goes down so that is pretty compelling absolutely and tell me.

So in within what about with the cold therapy it seems to be very very popular these days what do you think about that is that a thing is that something that we should yeah fur fur viruses I think it's a little bit I mean cold therapy has other 4matic benefits don't get me wrong again the body's natural response is not to chill itself it's to heat.

Itself exactly that's the route absolute opposite thing of what you want to do is to jump into a cold shower when you have an RNA viral infection yeah and my grandmother when I was a kid and I had a fever I would go to bed you know you're shivering and so you're actually wanting more cover when you have a fever and I used to remember thinking as a kid what.

The hell's wrong with my body why if I'm going I'm too hot why am i wanting more covers and she was literally put four blankets on me and we would he would call that breaking the fever right but basically what she was doing was elevating my body temp up to that sweet spot where my immune system could really just kick ass and get rid of the virus.

Or a bacteria that I was suffering that's so interesting you know how they always say to sweat out a fever they never understood why the onus SunShot proteins now we don't and there's so many things like that that are so fascinating like the you know just like the fasting thing with animals when they're asleep they immediately stop.

Eating and that's even a concern behaviors in reptiles they'll stop eating if they're if they're infected with a virus and so that kind of thing is so fascinating to me we may not have the biochemical mechanism plotted out yet so why that works but it wouldn't be conserved through all of the evolution.

If it weren't a real thing and the same goes for sweating out a fever or breaking the fever or you know bundling up that absolutely is putting you in the sweet spot of making enough heat shock proteins to activate all these other mechanisms that just shut down back and there was a guy there was an expert that Joe Rogan had on his podcast and I've.

Had a lot of questions about this because I think he was asked I haven't watched the podcast what people are saying was he was asked if sauna would help because of the heat because 133 degrees Fahrenheit will literally kill these viruses not completely but you start to see rapid killing out of 15 minutes and so I think.

He addressed the fact that you're never going to get your lungs to 133 degrees Fahrenheit and they're not only don't want to that's not how sauna therapy works so I want to address this quote-unquote expert that Joe Rogan had had on he was not thinking about how this activates heat shock proteins and prevents you.

Know these export exporting of viral nucleotides yeah your lung alveoli to 130 degrees in a bit of the sauna because when you activate HSP that's going to go that's going to circulate through your entire body including your lungs and now the older tissue yeah okay let's see if we've got any good questions David saw that rogen episode.

Man Rogan he's just got his finger on the pulse of everything done he certainly does he got a lot before out yeah absolutely what about immunoglobulin G forum universal support he needed there's I haven't done a lot of research on that it's off to pass on that one yeah me too I I don't know much about.

That I thought that might be within your wheelhouse yeah definitely smoking Jessica Linksys looking at alcohol 100 percent what are these things they're going to cause the irritation which leads to inflammation anytime you've got inflammation you're going to have to sequester part of your immune response to deal with that inflammation and so if.

You've got some chronic self-inflicted ignorant inflammation in your body like chronic alcohol abuse chronic tobacco abuse chronic smoking crack abuse yeah that's going to put you a huge risk and I still have total patience for 20 years James if you smoke you're literally your your oropharynx your bronchial tubes.

Your your alveoli are like a freshly plowed field and the virus is just sown its seeds and that freshly plowed field because you've caused inflammation from stem to stern from top to bottom of your respiratory tree the the virus is going to thank you for that yeah absolutely smoking and alcohol is terrible for a virus yes it's cute for the virus.

Terrible for you otherwise video response to the virus right let's see what else we got here you've seen any questions run by Owen on Instagram this Oh Simon says he smokes weed meets armadillos is that in any way better come on so you'll comment what are you doing man come on come on that's so nasty yeah oh okay there's a question.

About febrile seizures and that's a very valid question I don't know how much you've researched this but febrile seizures every doctor including mate was taught if the fever either goes up too high or it goes up too quickly some Doc's Bolinas the velocity of increase some believe it's just whatever the fever gets to that increases the risk of.

A febrile seizure and when you actually look at the research doc that's one of those things that is absolute medical with there is no research that shows that that is a that's a hypothesis at best not even a theory but there's actually been studies to control studies done where they would give half the kids an.

Antipyretic to control their fever and the other half they didn't there was absolutely no increased risk of febrile seizures in the kids whose fever was not treated I'm working on a YouTube video about that right now too but I'm going to post the link to those two studies in the notes of that YouTube video but if you had told me that as an MD back in.

2003 I would say dude you're nuts every professor I had medical school we talked about febrile seizures and how you had to keep the fever under control or especially in small children or they ran the risk of a febrile seizure but the problem is none of the research supports that whatsoever period there's definitely there's some.

Protein or some there's so something that's coming from the viral infection that increases the risk of febrile seizures no doubt about that it is the infection that's doing it but it ain't the fever it's not the fever and I guarantee you if the average patient went to their healthcare provider and asked them dr. berry said is that true.

They'd be like hell no everybody knows that that febrile seizures are caused by a rapidly increasing fever or a very high fever but it's just not true so don't be afraid of the fever moms and dads out there grand moms especially grand moms because they really worry the fever is your body fighting the virus you do not have to fight the fever if.

You fight the favor you're actually fighting your body's defenses yeah yeah you know with context right so like you had sad 104 degree Fahrenheit there's some risk there with potential damage to neurons in the brain but this increase from 101 point five to maybe 103.5 if you hamper that febrile response to RNA viruses you are reducing.

Your body's own ability to kill the virus and so and you start taking advil and Tylenol too quickly you still with kids you have to monitor their temperature you know like every thirty minutes if they're getting up to the 103 you know temperatures because they can really rapidly increase their fevers however there's a lot of questions I've.

Been getting should I take Advil should I take Tylenol yeah my doctor prescribed corticosteroids because of this inflammatory need probably one of the worst things you can do if you have a viral infection because and I can share this study that corticosteroids reduce the body's activation of interferon.

Regulatory factor 3 remember I said that's literally the lynchpin that's the key to how we produce type 1 interferons so corticosteroids are a terrible idea unless you need them for some other type of condition in RNA viral infections tylenol in my opinion is probably maybe even worse than Advil for two reasons one is suppressing the fever and the.

Guardian actually recommended people switch from Advil to Tylenol which I'm not really sure there's any good data on that so one is that it's reducing the fever – it's basically reduces your body saluteth I own that's how we get liver toxicity from – overdosing tylenol the last thing you want to do is rapidly deplete your body saluteth I own stores.

In the liver because glutathione again as we had said is that body's antioxidant that's going to help with that lung inflammation yeah that's one of the best antioxidants your body makes and so you definitely don't want to do anything that hampers that and ask what does the dangerous tip for a senior citizen and my answer to that end with.

Beat there's not one your body actually as you get older in your 50 60 70 s 80s and Beyond you very often don't mount as high of a fever as you would mount at a younger age theoretically that's part of the reason that that infections are harder on on seniors is because you just can't mount the degree of an immune response as you could when you're in.

Your 20s and 30s so excellent question what would you add to that dog I would say that's a super important point that you just brought up and the clinical study that tested boosting glutathione showed exactly that so in that an acetyl cysteine study and I think was about 300 elderly patients six-month randomized controlled trial.

Believe it was in 20 centers in Italy they gave an acetal cysteine 600 milligrams twice a day for six months just before the cold influenza season and they actually tested the elders basically antibody response and it was so much better after they had an acetal cysteine because they'd gotten that boost glutathione and elderly are really.

At a risk for low glutathione levels in the body absolutely and basically becoming a old enough senior you are by all intents and purposes immune compromised right and that's just that's part of getting older and Marcela says what about people with autoimmune disorders and so that that definitely you're getting into a very.

Complicated situation there because very often people on auto with autoimmune disorders are taking some of the biologics they're taking methotrexate they're taking prednisone which which is beating down their immune response and so my number one recommendation for anybody with an autoimmune condition or some condition that suppresses your.

Immune system my number one recommendation is going to your house and close the door and do not come out and do not be exposed to anybody who might potentially give you this because you are you're hugely compromised in in multiple different ways and so what would you anything to add to that no I think you you nailed it without one yeah.

You just got in so everything we talked about the food you would be what to avoid all that stuff you've got to practice religiously and you've got to do it hunker down in your house and with very limited visitors and just you cannot go into crowded places buses planes trains are a potential death sentence for you.

If you're a being compromised and I'm sorry to be so blunt but I mean this is this is not a movie this is real life exactly let's see you've seen you get questions over on your end um I've been looking at your pretty face so I haven't ha all right let's see let me let me find another you guys if you asked a question.

II we haven't got to it then please type it again in the comments I'm gonna try to catch a few good ones Oh somebody wanted you do you have a place on your website where you list all the supplements you take on a daily basis somebody was very interested to know I don't currently but I can add that to dr. James Dana calm absolutely let's.

Check back check his website in a few hours he's gonna list his complete supplement regimen and that would be interesting I'm gonna check that out myself yeah what I'll try to do is if you if they go to the website and they have their email list I can I can send everyone an email yeah Renee said people keep commenting that.

Doner berries bad have you seen any negative research or anything that it's in any way that it might be bad no in fact I mean elderberry in my opinion has the most clinical evidence it's the only supplement that actually has a meta-analysis of four randomized control trials and humans yeah it actually has more research backing it the vitamin C.

And zinc right right yeah yeah so and I am I'm a cardboard guys and I'm telling you ain't nothin wrong with some elderberries I think that the herbs and medicines come from plants that's that's what we get from plants and absolutely do not be afraid of now if you're if you're adding you know a cup sugar to your elderberry syrup then yeah it will.

Do that that's stupid and bad this is not about taste this is about eating the the vital in which in women I would consider these phytonutrients or Fido supplements at that point you're getting from the owner berry extract and I believe definitely the research points to the fact that there's probably something there something like seems.

Important to for antivirals understand yes I'm glad you brought that we know that we use UV radiation to make vitamin D but I personally believe that we use sunlight for multiple other things that just haven't been investigated because as you know starting you know in the late sixties or seventies it became a mathematician that's good for anything.

Right and so if you can just imagine if I worked in your department and I went to your chairman head said hey I want to do a research study and expose people with sunlight I think that there's gonna be some other immune benefits your chairman would be like you let this guy in what are you talking about no we're not gonna expose people to sunlight what.

Are you talking so like causes cancer and so I think that research was squilsh back when it became favourable to say that sunlight causes skin cancer but what do you think about that uh I'll have to post the study so back in the 1918 avian flu pandemic rights of Spanish flu they actually used some light therapy and they showed pretty.

Good results with that which is kind of interesting so I'll post that study too they're pursuing it also it was well known back in the days when tuberculosis was is everywhere you move west and you you spent lots of time out in the Sun and fresh air and both of those the the the influenza of the 1918 influenza and the.

Tuberculosis you may just be from the vitamin D maybe potentially but I suspect that some of the things the Sun does for us we've been playing out in the Sun for a long time so it definitely seems to be above and beyond just the vitamin D absolutely obvious is what about fermented foods everybody asking questions on YouTube is wearing their.

Bikini today I'm not sure why so Fermin include any pros or cons yeah I think um probiotics the correct ones probiotic spores I mean I take both and they have dramatically helped my mucus and chronic allergies I will say that and we are all sort of dealing with some type of gut dysbiosis nowadays because we have heavy metals in our foods we have toxins that.

We've never dealt with ninety four percent of us breathe polluted air and so a lot of us are suffering with gut dysbiosis and inflammation and I think you know these certain evidence based probiotics and probiotic spores and fermented foods that can help bring probiotics if you combine them with prebiotic foods it's a potential.

Strategy to boost your immune system because 70 to 80 percent of our immune system lies within the gut and you were mentioning autoimmune disease right and we think we've kind of figure out how most autoimmune diseases are occurring there is a depletion of the mucous layer allowing exposure of toxins and food directly to the cells lining our gut.

That damages those cells the tight junctions open up and now you can have food particles anything can start right like that's tiny enough to get through those tight junctions that are now damaged and now you're presenting foods and foreign substances to 80% of your immune system so it just it just freaks out right especially bacterial LPS if it.

Hits that immune system underneath your uh neuro sites you can get an autoimmune reaction in different parts of the body and so just because someone has Hashimoto's thyroiditis and some of them has MS does it mean it's not like the same damage to the gut that's causing that 100% and any time you're doing something like that that.

Confuses your immune system to the point where it actually starts attacking your cells instead of foreign antigens then that's evidence that your immune system is very very confused and then obviously is not going to be able to mount a reasonable response to a viral aggressive Jarnell says will will a fluke test be.

Positive if I have this virus unless you have it unless you have influenza yeah if you have influenza A or B John the new will be positive but no other viruses are going to show a positive on a flu virus test the virus that the news is talking about now is not a mere bureaucracy sorry just uh it's okay we agree and.

Life just canceled automatically so just did you got some I've got some BOTS or spammers I'm gonna have to block I don't know when that started but there you go what about Chloe silver not so topically right colloidal silver seems to have some like really good antibacterial antiviral topical effects whether mixing it in a solution and drinking it I.

Haven't seen those clinical studies but I know a lot of people kind of swear by it you know a lot of people swear by it if you guys are gonna use colloidal silver please get a reputably manufactured brand blue man syndrome is a real thing I had a patient who had it if permanently from taking a cheap formulation of colloidal silver if.

You've never seen a picture of that just after this live bill google blue man syndrome from silver ingestion and you'll be blown away it's a real thing but you want to get a reputable brand and I hundred percent agree I think for skin abrasions and stuff works wonderfully well taking internally I haven't also have not seen any.

Compelling research that makes me think that that would mandatory or perhaps even desirable well that's one more benefits any benefits of apple cider vinegar this is a question that I get on every live about every single thing I am unaware of any antiviral effects of apple cider vinegar yeah I don't know many antiviral effects.

It would have also don't know of any immune boosting effects that it would have not opposed to it but I just haven't seen any research that would make me think that it would it would help you in this situation there was one thing I wanted to discuss yes discovered the other pathway that seems to primarily be driving inflammation in the.

Lungs and that's nuclear factor Kappa beta yes and so turmeric has really good evidence for inhibiting nuclear factor Kappa beta and so that's one potential supplement that I'm researching right now the other one would be long-chain omega-3 srei and the sardines wild salmon that helps to inhibit at nuclear factor Kappa beta no not I've got a link.

In the show notes for cod liver oil it's my new favorite man just started taking that actually yeah yeah which we could kind of segue into vitamin A and vitamin D which we like why don't I invite of three and then DHA and EPA and tons of other vitamins vitamins and minerals in there I don't mind the taste at all you know you hear the horror stories but I.

Keep mine in the refrigerator door and I just take the top off and just take a big gulp once a day yeah let's talk about vitamin A for a second yeah I mean vitamin A is like for when it comes to vitamins it's one of the most important for boosting immunity and allowing your own immune cells to kill viruses so so many people are deficient in vitamin A.

And I think that's very important yeah I think vitamin A and vitamin D are what we used to think vitamin C was remember back in the 90s we thought of mega dose of vitamin C would kill everything but I don't think that's probably the case it helped it helps in some cases but vitamin A and vitamin B I don't know many of the other vitamins that truly.

Strengthen the immune system to the point that they do and as people who watch my channel often know you know there's no vitamin A in character or kale you have to eat animal fat to get vitamin A it's a fat soluble vitamin and cod liver cod liver oil sardines anchovies herring mackerel those are great places.

To get vitamin A yeah okay doc you want to wrap this up and tell us any closing thoughts you have and then once again where people can find you I think maybe we wrap up where we left off like you said and the most important thing to long term going beyond this virus is just me being healthy and not developing these comorbidities because the people.

Who are suffering the most have the most comorbidities so diet right exercise intermittent fasting avoiding seedoil sugar or refined carbs super important making sure your diet is hitting optimal amounts of all vitamins and minerals and also to remind everybody who already has a chronic metabolic disease like type-2 diabetes like fatty liver like.

Hypertension you can you can't improve those conditions you can lessen those conditions in some cases that even appears you can reverse those chronic medical problems with the proper diet with enough eating the proper human diet with enough fasting and enough good sleep enough sunlight enough hot and cold or mises enough of a stress control.

That's another big one we didn't even have time to cover but you are not doomed if you have type 2 diabetes fatty liver and hypertension and you're like well I'm screwed no you're not you can literally as soon as the slide is over go and clean out your pantry and clean out your fridge and only eat foods that we would have had access to hundred.

Thousand years ago do not eat any processed carbohydrates do not eat or drink any sugar either and edit or natural sugar do not eat any industrial vegetable seed oils that are manufactured in a factory stop all three of those right now get lots of sleep get out of the Sun don't be afraid of the Sun get some.

Exercise and then do some fasting I promise you your numbers are going to get better and better and your odds of fighting off this infection or any infection are gonna go up exactly sometimes people need that compelling reason like well why do I really need to be so healthy and one of the main reasons why can I just take vitamins and.

Minerals right now's the time this is the moment that in for the last two years in the last time any years you have you doc and harping on you've got to improve your health you've gotta improve your immune immune system response and everybody's like I mean why I just I want to eat what I want to eat why why you bothered me why are you.

Yelling at me I just want to eat my Wheaties this is why when this kind of thing happens some of us if we're metabolically sick enough we just say I'm gonna make it exactly and I think a lot of people if they could understand how these health conditions affect their own vitamin and mineral status you can take all the supplements you want if you.

Are hyperinsulinemic you will start spilling magnesium in the urine so you're taking your magnesium supplement you're thinking you're doing everything right not only are you losing more you can't even get it into your cells because their insulin resistant insulin resistance prevents us from utilizing many minerals including magnesium.

Including potassium and vitamins can be animals and plants can make vitamins we can make some vitamins you can't make a mineral and so if you are getting it in your diet and then you're so hyperinsulinemic that you just pee it out that's bad you your body cannot make a mineral you've got to ingest it and what you've also gotta absorb it and.

Actually use it and you can't do that when you're metabolically sick like we said the worst thing for your vitamin C status is inflammation if you can reduce your body's inflammation you will no longer oxidize vitamin C as much right exactly and you won't like eight every cell in your body which a guy watch very closely dr. David Sinclair he said that.

There's actually some research out there that shows that the more glycated your sales are and that's that's what the the test hemoglobin a1c that's what it may is the degree of glycation that the more glycated your cells are the more likely you are for this virus to be able to to attach on at the receptor sites so it's this is the moment guys this is the time.

It's time to put down not only the Twinkie but also put down the whole wheat bread to put down the spaghetti squash and the sweet potato I'm sorry I know you love them but I mean it's time to lower your carbohydrate intake if we are as a species as a society and you as an individual if you're gonna either not catch this or more than likely to catch.

It and successfully fight it off exactly yeah yeah doc thanks so much for for joining me this has been amazing the feedback is off the charts people love this tell us one more time a book and a website and anything else you wants to know about you yeah so I wrote three books to Celtics super fuel in the longevity.

Solution my website is dr. dr james de neck di ni SI calm my instagram is at dr. james de neck and i'm you know certainly continuing i have a lot of papers that are either in submission or might be in submission soon on this virus and on just nutrition in general so i will try to update everyone if they go to dr.

James and nick coms they're on their email address i'll try to update you through let you guys know what supplements that taken – yeah and dr. de nick like myself is also a formidable twitter warrior and he and I getting slap fights with people on Twitter all the time it's pretty entertaining to say the least.

Thanks so much doc for taking time out of your sunday to join us guys I'm gonna make this video available on YouTube Facebook and anywhere else I can get it to post please if you know somebody who has pre diabetes diabetes hypertension fatty liver any kind of metabolic syndrome if they're brown in the middle if they're obese or overweight you got.

To share this video with them because everything I just said increases their risk of having a complication from this virus okay if you haven't already subscribed to so my youtube channel please do so like and follow my Facebook page because we're trying to put out information like this all the time and the only way.

You're going to get a notification is if you're signed up for it okay thanks so much dr. James Dean Nikhil Antonio I will see you next time my friend you got it all right man
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