5 CARNIVORE Diet Mistakes + Your Questions

5 CARNIVORE Diet Mistakes + Your Questions

5 CARNIVORE Diet Mistakes + Your Questions

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Hi welcome back i'm dr ken and this is nurse nisha and this is the next edition of monday night live live we're live right now we took time out of our day to join you and we hope that you'll join us and talk about health nutrition medicine health optimization.

Longevity health span all that cool stuff we took time out of our day yeah we do this we're very busy people we yeah i mean we are busy i had to water the flowers today and i pushed beckett in the stroller well you did actually yeah in the mud got mud.

Yeah we got money everywhere for a walk and then we had to spray spray ourselves down like a dog yeah mud everywhere yeah i'm so glad to be back with you this evening uh if you have not already done so tell us where you're watching from what city what state what country i love seeing where you're at put it in.

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Coordinated we're so coordinated that is not on purpose sharon tennessee wisconsin california all right augusta georgia nice tejas where's that texas utah we love utah we are so sad that we didn't get to go there for the.

Low-carb utah i'm seeing lots of places that i would like to go back to or go to for the first time but i can't because we miss texas too the virus so we can't go right now but one day one day we will be back to see you where you're at uh tonight we're going.

To be talking about the carnivore diet it's becoming very popular and it's not becoming popular because there's an ad agency spending millions of dollars on television and magazine ads it's becoming very popular because it can perform some amazing health transformations on people who are suffering from.

Chronic disease and so if you're thinking about carnivore if you've just gotten started with carnivore we don't want you to make these five very common mistakes that a lot of people make when they start carnivore and hopefully if we can get you off to the on the right foot.

On the right track then you can do carnival right and you can reap the tremendous health benefits the health harvest that's that awaits you i like that yeah yeah i like that yeah so your carnivore seeds and reap your health harvest oh my gosh that's really.

Good i was just telling nature she looks like a puerto rican princess yeah right before uh yeah you were busy ignoring me you didn't hear me probably busy working if you know someone who could benefit from this information please share this you can start a watch party on facebook.

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Help me help you help me help them yeah they haven't heard about carnivore you have i have she has but they ain't heard about it help me reach them by sharing this video okay let's get into it let's do it okay so what do you know about carnivore mean a smidge yeah the number one uh.

Thing i see most people do is over complicating it and it is really the most simplistic way of eating out there yeah it's super super super simple uh it's just animals and animal products so cheese eggs stuff like that.

If a vegan wouldn't eat it it's carnivore that's good yeah if a street vegan wouldn't touch it then it's it's carnival so uh one way that people over complicated is they worry about macros they worry about uh too much protein they worry about too much fat they worry about all this stuff.

Basically you just need to eat things that come from animals whether that's meat milk cheese and it needs to not contain the words low-fat fat-free or skim or cheese product or yeah cheese food product or yeah right and so if it's any kind of low fat skim or fat free that's no good you don't want that.

That's that's not how our ancestors ate and that's not where you're going to find your best health you want full fat fill in the blank whatever it is if it's cheese you want full fat real cheese that just says cheese not cheese food product if it's meat you want a fatty cut of meat.

If it's eggs you definitely want to include the yolk if it's any kind of dairy you want to you want to really focus on getting the fat and the protein out of dairy and leave the carbohydrates leave the sugars out it needs to be keto as well as carnivore so.

Milk isn't keto therefore it can't well it shouldn't be no it's really not uh and now for children under the age of five milk is absolutely keto and carnivore because they need milk but after the age of five six seven years of age.

All of us lose at least to some degree the ability to break down and digest lactose which is the sugar and milk uh all of us do this now the majority of the people on this planet cannot digest they can't break down lactose and so they're lactose intolerant now i'm not talking about just some people over.

Somewhere else the majority of human beings on the planet cannot tolerate lactose and so for for adults milk is not carnivore milk is not keto milk is not ancestrally appropriate as an adult and it can be organ meats or ribeyes or fatty ribs brisket oxtail like.

Any part of an animal yep and we really encourage you to eat the organ meats now we're not necessarily saying that the organ meats are mandatory to do carnivore right because i know a lot of carnivores who never touch organ meat and they seem to be very healthy and feel great but if the way that i read the paleo.

Anthropology we need the organs we we're going to do better with the organ meat than without it if you can't stomach liver or the organ meat i've heard a lot of people say that you can freeze liver chop it up in tiny pieces put it in the freezer and then take it.

As a tablet that's a super cheap way to do it or you can get um capsules yep there's a couple of brands the ones that we use are from ancestral supplements and they have one that is all the organs and then they have liver spleen they have a thyroid i mean.

Yeah well i mean literally every organ they've got a supplement and there's a discount link in the description if you guys want to buy some of those yeah and uh but i also have a liver using chicken liver so you don't have to eat just beef liver it can be chicken liver.

Exactly chicken liver is what i prefer that's what i was getting too yeah okay liver chicken liver sheep lamb goat beef liver obviously i think is probably the most nutritious of all cod liver is amazing i love cod liver not the oil but just cod liver and it comes in a tin like sardines it's really tasty.

Uh any any animal liver is going to give you an amazing amount of nutrition yeah um you can make recipes with it you don't just have to eat it blatant liver in a pan you don't have to do that you can make recipes chicken liver makes amazing pate or.

Mousse um i'm sure you could put beef liver in with hamburger meat and mix it up we do that with heart and it makes amazing hamburgers heart meat and we use venison hearts because we harvest our own deer my dad and if you know a turkey hunter or a deer hunter.

Or an elk hunter or a wild boar hunter tell them if you if you harvest one please get me the heart and the liver at least they're not gonna use it they're not yeah they're gonna leave it for the coyotes and i would much rather you eat it and get the amazing nutrition that's in it.

So number one just don't over complicate this is grass-fed grass finish panda massage a little bit better for you probably is it worth the the ungodly extra expense it depends on your financial resources if you're rolling in dough like scrooge mcduck.

Then get the grass finished grass fed if you ain't rolling in the dough then get the best you can afford either way you're still going to reach amazing benefits from eating a carnivore diet yeah chicken hearts are delicious also so a lot of people who talk about organs.

They're always talking about beef organs but you can eat the organs from any animal i think chicken organs are tastier myself yeah but i just prefer well lately haven't ate minnie chicken but there for a while i was just eating chicken and that's.

Oh we're back we're back we're back sorry guys i don't know what happened um what was i saying oh you don't have to just eat beef you can eat chicken duck goat um we really love duck a lot and pretty like any animal fish seafood that's.

That's meat you can eat that crustaceans lobster shrimp scallops all that stuff you don't have to limit yourself to just be now i know a lot of carnivore purists out there only eat beef and that's fine if that's what you like but you don't have to limit yourself to eating only.

Beef right any meat from any animal whether it crawls flies or swims that's totally fine or if it just floats around what do oysters do crawl i guess they have a foot they do have a foot yeah yeah so they they're included in the crawling character yeah so any any animal is fine.

You're not limited to just beef but i know a lot of the bigger carnivores do eat beef but like we were talking about earlier the grass-fed beef thing there's tons of carnivores that don't eat grass-fed uh kelly hogan is one yep she literally eats almost all.

Mcdonald burger patties and she has lost i don't know how much weight over 100 pounds i think and she's in her best health of her life literally mcdonald beef patties the majority of the beef that we comes from the the market up the street but we are looking for a butcher that does a local grass fed.

That would be great but rona has kind of kept us on the house home yeah we're on a hunt absolutely we think we found one yeah love goat love we love lamb love lamb rack of lamb uh lamb steak literally just lamb we really like lamb yeah i haven't had a cut that i didn't.

Like yet yeah crab legs oh yes awesome uh it's kelly hogan and her channel on youtube go follow her if you don't is my zero carb life and she's on instagram as well same name my zero carb life she's amazing she does lives and interviews all the time and she's got a great story.

And like i said sees all the benefits without over complicating it you should see her before and after pictures pretty amazing yeah really amazing yeah yeah she said she was going to come to tennessee and visit but i don't know we're gonna have to work that out uh another thing we see a lot of people.

Is going carnivore but still using sauces that may have sugar or seasonings that may have sugar and if you're very sensitive to those kind of things those could stall you or keep you from progressing or give you inflammation and side effects yeah sorry if they're sugary enough they could kick.

You out of ketosis and so a lot of things we do in life are having right and if you've always eaten your t-bone with a one steak sauce that you just consider that to be they go together right like like uh walking and feet but a1 steak sauce heinz 57 steak.

Sauce they're all jacked up on sugar and so you're going to be getting way too many grams of carbohydrate if you use that sauce so pay careful attention to any sauces any rubs any spices any condiments whatsoever if there's zero carb i think they're.

Fine i use a lot of mustard on my my minced beef or ground beef has zero carbohydrates it tastes really great it's salty i think it's fine it doesn't seem to bother me at all but if your condiments have carbohydrates then they're they're not your condiment friends.

Right so we use uh redmond seasonings because we know they're really good and pure but um we don't just use salt and pepper but a lot of carnivores do some just salt some just salt some nothing some don't use anything they just.

Eat the meat but we use garlic salt um what is onion salt seasoning salt and then the regular redmond salt and that's pretty much as far as it goes now like primal kitchen makes a keto friendly steak sauce so if you're somebody who has to have sauce technically that's not carnivore if you.

Get into some of the like way more strict rules but if that's how you can do it i think that you're going to still see yeah yeah minimize the condiment so uh primal kitchen they're their sauces are keto friendly but that does not mean you don't read the label and look at the ingredients and look at.

The total carbohydrate count you're still going to do that because you you know enough to do that and so i would try to minimize the condiments if you used to have a little bit of steak with your sauce try to reverse that and have just a touch of sauce for flavor.

But make it a low-carb keto friendly sauce and just enough so you get that flavor but you need to be eating mainly meat uh and we're not saying everybody needs to be carnivore this is that's true this is just a live stream about carnivores but that doesn't mean it's for everybody and that everyone.

Should do it and that's the end all the be all that it may be for everyone but we're not suggesting that this evening that'll come at a later date uh but the carnivore diet is a subset of a ketogenic diet so we're not anti-keto we haven't turned our backs on keto.

Carnivore is keto it's a subset of the ketogenic way of eating yeah and we're so we're talking just specifically about that small subset of keto tonight also i'm not carnivore i'm what i call ketobor which means i eat 95 animals and rarely any veg at all but i do add in onion and.

Garlic to most of my meals just because i really like it and it doesn't seem to affect me at all so i allow for onion and garlic and every now and then i may have an avocado or something like that but just to be clear he's carnivore i'm cute yes and every now and then i'll straight i'll have a.

Random brussels sprout or i'll have a random mushroom i'm not 100 but i'm what 99.5 well i feel like that it's not veganism right i mean i don't i don't feel like i should be attacking somebody who's doing carnivore and had a salad like well you're not really a carnival i.

Don't care do what you want yeah this is not a moral designation this is just a this is a health goal you're trying to strive i don't care that you kill a plant yeah it's okay if you want to kill a person that's fine uh let's answer a question real quick is carnivore okay if you have abdominal stress test i've been.

Carnivored for two months after two years of keto lost 85 pounds stress test shows a right side block yeah so if you want to keep that blockage from getting any bigger who was that by the way um that was nikki nikki if you want to keep that blockage from getting any bigger you want to keep your.

Carbohydrate intake as low as possible keep your blood sugar as low as possible keep your insulin level as low normal as possible and keep your levels of chronic inflammation as low as possible and to do that you're going to eat keto whether that's carnivore or whether that's just ketogenic.

Either way those are the things that are going to protect you from that blockage getting worse right uh another thing another spice i was going to say flavor god has really good spices that are zero carb but you gotta be careful not all of them are zero carbs so check the labels but.

A lot of them are and they're pretty good they need more salts but i'm a salty person i need a refill on my water please by the way somebody asked why i'm drinking it spring i mean not spring mountain valley sparkling water and a glass it's bottled in glass in arkansas and it.

Has been since 1843 yeah i don't know how we've never heard of it we switched to topo i mean we switched from toppo to this because i've watched the last weeks we talk all about the pfmsas and all that stuff which brings me to beverages on carnivore most people just drink water.

And coffee but there are some people who allow for sugar-free beverages and that's like when it comes to the inequal one thing you have you do what's sustainable for you so if you're eating all meat and a sugar-free beverage and that's what you can sustain for now and then eventually when yourself off.

And you know do what you can sustain i think unsweetened tea is fine i think coffee with no sweetener of any kind even even the keto friendly sweeteners one of the things you want to move away from if you're going to try carnivore is to get away from all sweeteners period and so.

Uh yeah diet coke diet dr pepper every now and then it's probably not the end of the world but i would try not to have that with every meal but make sure you're getting your electrolytes in there's so many brands of electrolytes okay i don't care what brand you use just get your electrolytes in and make.

Sure you eat enough salt really we're also scared of salt but you need a lot of salt on these types of salt absolutely salt your eggs salt your butter yeah i do that salt yeah you do that yeah uh so some people will cook in oils on carnivore you really need to be.

Cooking in animal fats and it tastes better it looks so good yeah bacon fat beef tallow duck fat bison tallow butter butter yeah there's so many options and they all taste delicious and they make your food taste better i think and i'll tell you personally just for me i feel better when we cook in animal.

Fats as opposed to back when we used to cook with avocado oil coconut oil olive oil i i feel better now just overall i don't know i can't really describe it have you noticed that that i just feel better yeah if i use an animal-based oil to cook with i don't miss any of that i really don't know and.

We're not saying coconut oil if it's real and hasn't been adulterated with canola which many of the brands have if it's real avocado coconut olive i think it's probably fine but i personally just feel better with animal fats i another thing some people may have.

Issues with when switching from keto ketovor carnivore is eating too much dairy for them specifically because dairy is keto and it is carnivore but some people find that they're sensitive to it stalls them uh or it makes them gain weight even some of the amino acids in.

The protein of dairy are glucogenic and that does not necessarily mean that it's going to make you go into gluconeogenesis i'm actually posting a video on on my youtube channel in the morning about the carnivore diet and gluconeogenesis so if you've had questions about that.

Check youtube tomorrow and there'll be a new video about that with lots of research in the show notes uh but for for small children the the lactose in milk is fine they need that but after a certain age we do not need lactose we don't need galactose we don't need glucose in our diet we need fat and.

Protein and so full fat portions of dairy for some people seem to be fine they don't stall their weight loss they don't cause inflammation but for me personally again it's all about that you experiment with you and see what's works best with you if you're eating a.

Lot of cheese and you're losing fat and you're feeling better and your inflammation is better and your swelling is better keep eating a lot of cheese but if you're eating a lot of cheese and you've stalled on any of those things for more than a month then you might want to try a month with no dairy and cut it in half or cut.

It in half exactly experiment and you might find like i did damn it that when i limit cheese i do better i tend to hold a lower body fat percentage i have less inflammation less swelling i just feel better and do better with less dairy sadness i was going to say no.

One's happy about it no i'm not happy about it but if you're stalled and you're still having inflammation and edema it may be the dairy you may be eating too much for you personally uh keema kime i'm not sure how to pronounce that i'm really sorry what test can i request for my doctor.

When starting carnivore my thyroid always comes through as good but i have a feeling that it's not really so you need the full thyroid panel if you'll search on my youtube channel for thyroid testing uh you'll find the full list of tests and you can write those down and you can take them to your doctor.

Do you have that on you've got that on your channel yeah yeah either one of our channels we have a video about the full thyroid panel that you need write that down and take it to your doctor and lovingly gently respectfully demand the full panel uh okay so another thing a lot of people get confused about is.

Fat to protein ratios and that's another thing that's kind of individualized i think one-to-one fetch protein is a good place to start yep and then figure out if you are a person who needs more fat or less fat or more protein and less fat or just play with that.

And when she says one to one she's not talking about calories she's talking about ounces or grams that's what she's talking about amount of lean to amount of fat uh and i think one to one i do very well with one to one fat protein i don't measure that i don't i don't record it i don't.

Calculate it i just guesstimate and you can start out doing that too now there are i feel like there's a subset of people who do really good on a higher protein moderate fat carnivore uh dr ted naaman a good friend of ours he's a.

Huge proponent of raising the protein and lowering the fat and for some people they seem to do very very well with that other people in my personal experience most people do much better with a high fat lower moderate protein keto or a carnivore and that's going to.

Get that's going to be about a one to one ratio of fat to protein in grams or in ounces however you measure it so we don't add fat in to add fat and we basically just eat fatty cuts of meat so cooked in fat fatty brisket bacon fatty ribeyes fatty pork steaks and everything is cooked in fat with.

Cooker eggs and bacon grease and if i ever do eat veggies they're also cooked in an animal fat yeah but if you accidentally trip and fall and accidentally order a sirloin when you've been a ribeye you can put butter on top and that's going to raise your fat protein ratio you can cook your sirloin in bacon.

Grease that's going to raise your fat to protein ratio so leaner cuts of meat can still be one-to-one but you'll add some fat to them or cook them in fat to raise the fat to protein ratio yeah but uh again i'm not uh denigrating the the high protein.

Modern fats some people seem to do amazingly well on that but in my experience it seems just the average mere mortal does best on a one-to-one fat to protein ratio oh let's take a question let's see this is a good one from susan how does.

One get vitamins and minerals that one usually gets from veggies when on carnivore or keto eating regimen go no i'm gonna let you okay this is susan susan the the belief that vegetables are uh superfoods that they are just packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Whereas meat is just protein that's just a myth susan and i personally i used to believe that i was back watching a video me and you made three years ago and i was talking about you can't get any more vitamin packed than kale literally i was saying that yeah but when you and so susan i want you to.

Look up the nutrition facts of kale and the nutrition facts of just cheap ground beef and look at the vitamins and minerals in each one you're going to be shocked and amazed that the beef has more vitamins and minerals than kale yeah more than spinach and the problem with a lot of the.

The green foods like kale and spinach and broccoli is that a lot of the vitamins and minerals that they do contain are bound up by the phytates or the lectins or the fiber and you can't even absorb the vitamins out of the vegetables and so when it comes to being a.

Superfood liver liver is a true superfood egg yolks are a true superfood grass-fed pastured butter is a superfood vegetables are that's it's a myth i used to believe it too but now if i look up the information i know that kale is not a superfood spinach is not a super food they're jus.

They're kind of i mean they're better than pop tarts they're better than uh lifesavers candies but they're not superfoods so you're if you'll eat fatty red meat and a serving a two ounce serving of any kind of liver three times a week you're going to get literally every.

Vitamin and mineral that you could possibly need in your diet except for maybe vitamin d and iodine okay that's really the only two things and then some of the other minerals you may not get enough of but you're not going to get more of those minerals from the vegetables you're going to get.

More minerals and vitamins from meat and organ meats mega fish goods wants to know our wieners keto well it depends on your definition of wiener we're going to say hot dog yeah hot dogs frankfurters uh are definitely keto always oh oh yeah bratwurst italian sausage.

But always look at the nutrition facts because some companies will put a lot of sugar in there and if it's got more than one gram of carbohydrate per serving put that one back and find another one that has one gram or less of carbohydrates per serving petersons is a really good brand that they don't.

Put any sugar in their meat and it's all nitrate not tried free if you're somebody who's worried about that we're really worried about that don't worry about that but they are delicious like their me they're so good petersons and dog person yeah.

Uh all right let's take another question john wants to know should you carb cycle to prevent psychological insulin resistance to gain metabolic flexibility that's a very sexy condition and i mean i've heard gurus out there saying that the problem with it is it's just a load.

Of crap human beings have never carb cycled in our entire existence on this planet except we would carb cycle once a year so in the late summer early fall when the berries and fruit got right we would carb cycle and we would gain 5 to 20 pounds for the winter.

So if you're interested in gaining weight gaining fat then yeah you can carb cycle but if you're interested in staying lean and healthy i would not recommend carb cycling yeah but it's such a sexy sounding concept when you put it that way all right so where do people get their.

Vitamin d from then well there are vitamin d rich foods i've got a video on my youtube channel about that that you can watch but sometimes living in very northern latitudes you just don't get enough sunlight because sunlight is the number one place to get your vitamin d.

But in the winter or if you live up north or way way down south you're just not getting enough uv radiation to convert to vitamin d so you may have to take a vitamin d supplement most adults need 5000 international units of vitamin d3 once a day and try to get that in a gel.

Cap in olive oil or avocado oil and that's going to give you a great source of vitamin d through the winter months when you just can't get enough sun but if the sun's shining get out in the sun take your shirt off i mean you know i mean i think pretty much every.

Carnivore that i know has a shirt up all the day absolutely yeah it's something about eating meat just makes you take your shirt off uh all right rita wants to know how about potted meat or deviled ham is that not organ meat yes much of that and so baloney bologna bologna or bloney.

Depending on where you're from in the world many times that contains organ meats and tendons and cartilage and all kinds of connective tissue now that you may be if you're new to this you're like ooh gross no oh young okay that's the stuff you really want to get in your diet for.

Collagen and for all the vitamins and minerals a lot of potted meat a lot of pate a lot of deviled ham actually contains organ meats and it's very very cheap at the grocery your you can get a a pack of potted meat for like a dollar 19 cents here in the the southern united states.

That's cheap i mean and you can live on that so yeah a lot of the processed meats that processed meat is bad no it's got lots of organ meat in it so if if you you know if if money is a consideration eat potted meat eat spam eat um deviled ham that stuff has got organ meats and.

It's a very good source of nutrition all right derek wants to know what does all this do to cholesterol levels or does that matter so for about a third of people who eat carnivore their cholesterol goes down about a third of people it stays the same and about a third of the people.

It goes up and regardless of which one of those three things it does it doesn't matter i got several videos on my youtube channel about cholesterol if you or anybody's worried about oh will my cholesterol go up i would highly suggest you watch those videos and read the research down in the show notes that i always.

Link to potted meat yay potted meat man when i was a kid i thought it was so gross my grand my grandfather would just he would take a pickle and dig down in there and get that he'd be like potted meat i'm like oh god now i wish i had a can right now pearl well we have like a hundred pounds.

Because i prepped one more we were gonna start pearl wants to know how many eggs are too many uh don't eat more than a dozen eggs a day pearl really yeah why it's just arbitrary i made it up you can eat as many eggs a day you can eat as many eggs as you want.

Eat eggs until you're full then stop eating eggs we don't restrict no we don't hold but if we're still hungry we eat more meat i want more eggs i eat more eggs yes we've been very confused in modern society we've been talked away and measure and count all that is.

Horse crap you don't have to do any of that when you're eating the proper human diet which is what fatty meat is when you're eating fatty meat eggs are that's fat and protein right with lots of vitamins and minerals when you've eaten enough eggs to satisfy your nutritional needs.

Your hunger hormones are going to turn off immediately you'll be like oh no i don't want i'm done i'm done i don't need more eggs that's that's the sign you make when your hormones go yep that's enough i've got all the nutrition i need for today stop eating.

You're done but if you're trying to count and measure and weigh and don't do that we don't have to do that no animal in the wild does that none of them are obese they have plenty to eat unless they've been around humanity too long and they're eating out of garbage dumpsters in which case they're obese because they're eating our.

Processed food leftovers robin says hey nisha i also have hashimoto's how long did it take for your hair to thicken up did it thin out more first i felt like mine is thinned out more keto since june and 30 pounds down paying off first of all let me point out those two awesome things you said at the.

End those are awesome yeah good job congratulations uh it took about i would say a year and a half for it to fully thicken up because hair doesn't you know the new growth i mean i can show you some of my new growth from postpartum hair loss it's like this long and looks ridiculous my hair.

Doesn't just grow so cute you know so i would say it was about a year and a half before it was actually looking thicker as opposed to just like sprouts on my head and i was more when i went more protein heavy and not as veggie heavy because when we first started.

Doing this i more veg than meat and now i eat almost no veg at all so i can tell a big difference in the rate of growth in my hair now that i i can tell a big difference in miesha's hair when i run my fingers lovingly through it it's i mean it's like i feel like i.

Could she's like the girl at the circus that hangs from her hair i really feel like i could pick her up by her hair it's so strong and so soft but uh robin congratulations on the 30 pound weight loss and the no pain yes and it's very common anytime you lose 20 or more pounds from any diet.

You're gonna lose some hair that's just kind of the process and so don't worry about that just make sure you're eating plenty of fatty meat and you're giving your body all the building blocks it needs to make glorious hair just be patient okay let's talk about bone broth because that is super.

Carnivorous literally super food yes bone broth is so good it's so tasty but make your own because that's where you're going to get all the collagen and the nutrients from making your own bot is fine but it's not as good yeah consider it uh what did you call it stock yeah it's more like just stop it's.

Then you put in right real bone broth is from you putting bones in your pressure cooker your your spaghetti pot or your instant pot and cooking those bones for a long time there should be fat jelly on top.

In a kettle and fire box i love killing fire i use them to cook other things with but i don't think that they're as good as making your own nothing's better than homemade bone broth just nothing and that's where the old wives tale of if you're sick mom would make you chicken soup what.

They really meant by that was bone broth yeah that's what they used to make you and it probably did help you get better faster but campbell's soup no no that ain't gonna happen yeah i don't think i could eat candles uh maui says i got my blood work after four.

Months on ketocorn and my triglycerides have a massive drop in my a1c went from 10.9 to 6.7 and so much more thanks for everything you do that is amazing now it's your your job to share your story with the whole world you got to help everybody else who's still diabetic and still obese you got.

To help them that's so awesome yeah i love hearing that uh how many days can leftover meats be fridged for well it depends on who you ask if you ask me two or three days if you ask me two or three weeks and here's why i think that's okay we.

Have this very advanced olfactory instrument built into our face and it's for smelling meat that's all for bad and so i take meat out of the fridge i don't care if it's been there for a year and a half i'm gonna go and if i'm like whoa i'm not gonna eat that whatever if it.

Smells he's eating no no no if it if it has a smell i'll still eat it but if it stinks if it's like oh that's burnt that's how we say ruined here in the south he's literally cooked with beef tallow that smelled like a donkey i'm not advocating eating eating ruined.

Meat but if the meat smells fine the meat is fine our noses are so attuned like you can eat uh lettuce or spinach that's got e coli all over it you can't smell it okay but if that meat is off you're gonna be able to smell it just like.

Heavy cream or milk if it goes bad you're like oh no i'm not drinking that right that's what your nose is for use that don't waste that meat just because it's been in there for four or five days do the sniff test and don't eat nasty beef tallow yeah if you save beef tallow for too.

Long you need to put it in the fridge uh bacon bacon grease bacon grease butter and ghee can sit on the counter at room temperature for seemingly forever i've never had to go back in greece go bad beef i get a little cavalier and i mix my beef towel with my bacon grease and then the beef towel.

Gets rancid and i have to pour it all out and the bacon grease is wasted in niches no i know i'm sorry i'm sorry chicken grease is that okay to ingest yes absolutely any grease from the meat of any animal we don't save our chicken grease because.

There's not much grease in the chicken but it's totally fine oh yeah what's it called suet or schmaltz i have no idea it has names but i don't know them because we don't we don't save it yeah i prefer bacon grease over any other that's my favorite 100 bison towel is pretty yummy duck fat is.

Good dog fast pretty yummy yeah try some of that um what about carnivore and fasting no you can't but you don't have to yeah if you want and so when you're eating a diet that's full of fatty meat that remember i was talking about your hunger hormones earlier that's going to hack your hunger.

Hormones and because you're so full of nutrition you've got all your amino acids and fatty acids and vitamins and minerals you don't need to eat necessarily again for a long time maybe even the next day and so many carnivores will just naturally gravitate to eating twice a day.

Or eating just once a day eating a big meal just like a mountain lion would just eat until it's gorge and then not eat again to the next day or the day after that many carnivores gravitate towards that naturally but it's not required but many people do intermittent fast on carnivore i do.

Every day whoops oh man somebody commented seven times in a row and so i messed something up okay serena my husband ate raw steak at work the other day and grossed out his co-workers now we love some snake tartare okay now what's rule number one before you eat any raw meat sniff it.

You're gonna sniff it i always buy it fresh very fresh and well i buy quality meat but still sniff eggs and we make it within like 24 hours yes yep and but raw meat is delicious if handled properly and prepared properly and it's fresh and it passes the sniff test the the more you cook meat the less.

Vitamins are left in it that's pretty much you can't argue with that and so if you're currently eating your steaks well done try to just go back to medium well and then after a month of that go to just medium try to keep backing it up slowly you may never eat rare but at least.

Don't don't keep getting it well done for the rest of your life try to try to back it up because you get more vitamins the less it's cooked hey val been keto boy for a year lost a hundred pounds and more importantly blood work is perfect.

Picos is so much better and i'm going carnivore since i've installed so thank you that is a home run that is so awesome i hope you're teaching your friends and loved ones about this because i mean you have that's a grand slam home run that's so awesome wow wow.

That's amazing 100 pounds wow that's a whole nisha yeah she lost the whole you well that's me holding beckett that's how much that is oh no no i mean that it's less than that but you know i don't weigh out 100 under 100 pounds somebody's gonna be like oh my god no i'm bad at math that's it can a.

Teenager do this safely 100 a teenager is still a human being and they need to eat the proper human diet which is a diet filled with fatty animal products plus or minus some veg yeah absolutely now most teenagers are more metabolically resilient.

Meaning they can get away with stuff so if you wanted to add some berries and a little fruit and some veg that's that's not a big deal for them okay unless they're already morbidly obese or have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes or fatty liver in which case they need to just do carnivore.

For 30 to 90 days until they reverse that then they can start to play around with some fruit veg if they want to but it's there's no there's no additional nutrition in the fruit and veg that you cannot get from fatty meat with organs three times a week.

Fun fact are almost one-year-old who will be one yeah in like a week we're gonna see anyway he's in there with his lovey he is basically a carnivore yep he eats food milk and meat and cheese and every now and then he has a little bit of avocado but.

He honestly doesn't love it and he's had some collard greens cooked in bacon grease he liked those okay but when i was like when i set food out for him i gave him a little choice he just went and he's over eggs now he just wants the bacon yeah he just wants bacon now what were those what's that stuff you.

Had pancetta oh he loves pancetta and chicken liver he loves that he loves beef ribs and pork ribs uh what else he loves beef brisket the fatty parts yeah he loves all that he likes pulled pork too i get him pulled pork and he likes that really good.

So yeah i mean our kid is off the growth charts for heights not for wayne right yeah uh he's in the normal range for weight and he i think he's pretty dang smart seems to be pretty smart i don't feel like he's having any nutritional deficiencies at all oh my gosh it's so fast.

Okay andy is liverwurst a decent form of liver that's a gateway liver food liverwurst bratwurst uh liver loaf any of those things that contain ground up liver that's a great way to start enjoying liver yeah now it's not perfect as as if you just.

Slice fresh liver and sauteed it in some some butter that's perfection but yeah liverwurst is a great place to start red butter wants to come say hi all right uh gg marie 707 says i love being on carnivore but sometimes someone will question me whether it's safe or not and i get worried questioning if it's truly safe yeah so.

For the majority of our time on this planet as a species we've eaten fatty meat that's that's what we've eaten more of than anything else uh the paleo anthropological record and the stable carbon the stable isotope analysis shows this we can tell this.

So don't worry that it's not healthy it seems unhealthy now because we're in the middle of a huge fad diet that's a plant-based diet and that's the food pyramid in my plate those are fats and when you're right in the middle of a fad so for clothes if you're wearing a classic shirt but.

That's not the fad right now you can feel out of place like i thought i feel like this shirt's not fatish enough but it's a classic shirt so you should be proud of it and you should own it and you should wear it proudly because uh yeah you you want to always wear the.

Classy thing right and you always want to eat the thing that we've always eaten and that's fatty meat so if you went back in time 50 000 years ago it would not seem weird or dangerous to eat fatty meat because that's what everybody in the tribe would be eating for dinner.

Nuts aren't carnivore because they don't come from an animal cheese is carnivore because it comes from an animals it depends on what you mean by nuts okay walnuts walnuts are not walnuts yeah cheese is a byproduct from an animal nuts come from a plant yes uh the crunchy sofa.

Says you'll poop way less and pee weigh more on carnivore i thought we needed to talk about poop because it hasn't been talked about so a lot of people worry about getting constipated on carnivore and i know this person actually knows that that's not what's happening here.

But i just wanted to use this comment to talk about the fear of being constipated because where are you going to get your fiber yeah so if you eat lots of fiber-rich vegetables right what will you do a lot of poop okay now let's let's do some socratic method here.

What is poop it is waste it's it's waste that your body doesn't want and can't use that's what waste is so when you eat lots of vegetables and lots of fiber and lots of grains and lots of fruits you have lots of waste which your body does not want and does.

Not need when you eat a carnivore diet which is almost pure nutrition you don't poop nearly as much and any carnivore will tell you this you're not going to poop as much because when you eat meat you absorb virtually everything from the meat all of it because it's all nutrition.

So yeah if you're if you want to have lots of waste build up and lots of poop and lots of things rotting in your colon eat lots of plants speaking of babies that are cute and have their woody doll he's got his woodie oh yes baby [__].

Give me high five q5 yeah good job bud so yeah don't worry about pooping uh and if you do have any issues and you can take some you need magnesium more magnesium anyway what else you see good question look at that baby hi baby say hi to that baby.

Hi he's so sleepy he has not had a map since 10 stop trying to strip me hey becky you want you want some ice cream yeah you see him make the sign for more his face gets so serious he's like so cool good say my birthday's coming up.

It's gonna be one i can't believe it one-year-old baby right there so crazy so for his birthday i will be vlogging it so if you don't subscribe to my channel i do what we eat in a day vlogs over there oh no you dropped it uh so if you want to see what he and i and becky and my parents eat.

Follow me on my youtube channel and i'm gonna be doing um beckett's birthday party we will have a cheesecake no sweetener and then we will have a keto cheesecake for everybody else and then also have some other tasty keto treats for his birthday party so make sure you check that out because.

It's gonna be delicious yes all right what else um is woody carnivore woody is made of cloth no he's not carnivore but he still has a tasty nose i'm gonna bite his nose so funny all right guys thank you so much for joining us it's always a pleasure to hang out with.

You every monday night at 7 pm we're actually live at four different places on the internet now i'm not going to tell you which four they were wherever you're watching from that's the place you can keep watching from every monday night at 7 pm central standard if you didn't get enough of us tonight you can actually get another.

Hour of us tomorrow night in our private facebook group by becoming a facebook supporter or a patron on patreon.com i think i've got links to the patreon page down in the show notes but if you if you become either of those then you can be in our private facebook uh group live tomorrow night tuesday night at 6 pm.

Central standard thanks for your questions if you guys see anybody that's obviously a newbie please feel free to to reach out and make a keto friend or a carnivore friend what we found the light switch dude i love it uh as always you guys are part of our keto family we love you.

And uh what else becky anything else no he is having fun with you yeah i think that's pretty much it make sure you subscribe if you're not already subscribed and we will see you next week love you mean it away that's your
5 CARNIVORE Diet Mistakes + Your Questions
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