Dr. Jason Fung MD and Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Jason Fung MD and Intermittent Fasting

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hey guys I’m back today we’re going to talk about Jason Fung and in a minute fasting now out of all the gurus in experts on fasting he is number one most of you know about him some of you don’t if you don’t I highly recommend getting his book because his information is spot-on he’s a Canadian nephrologists which is a doctor that specializes in kidney disease he’s an expert in fasting he has three best-selling books one is the obesity code that’s a that’s one I would recommend starting with he’s also co-founder of the intensive dietary management program the other founder is Megan Ramos who works with them and Megan came to my last keto summit and she flew down did amazing presentation on in a minute fasting and she gave some incredible stories and some of the things that they’re doing in their clinic postmenopausal women who are doing fasting are getting amazing anti-aging benefits and another practitioner that works with dr. Fung is Nadia pod iguana and she also came to the summit and spoke on polycystic ovarian syndrome and some of the great success that they’re getting doing fasting with that condition now there’s a lot of data that he talks about but what most people like about him is it is very very simple in his explanations and one of the key things that he talks about is the calorie in calorie out theory or Dogma is completely and utterly false it’s not a scientific law at all and it definitely does not work with his kidney patients who have diabetes I mean the mainstream concept of eating less and moving more has been proven not to be the thing that really really works so the more people that are starting to cut their calories especially fat calories are basically setting themself up for failure not only do they get even more cravings and more hungry they just can’t lose the weight no matter how hard they tried he also presents a lot of hardcore credible studies on supporting fasting and lowering insulin and doing a low carb diet because when you lower carbs you lower insulin the hormone insulin controls whether you gain weight or you lose weight so when you reduce insulin you lose weight when you increase insulin you gain weight now this is one reason why a diabetic type one that doesn’t have any more insulin will tend to be thinner then a case with diabetes type two where they have higher amounts of insulin they’re actually many times just overweight and the more insulin that you have that it stimulated the more that it creates insulin resistance the key thing behind pre-diabetes and diabetes and metabolic syndrome and a lot of other other health problems so it’s similar to like antibiotic resistance if you’re exposed to antibiotics your body develops resistance against that well the same thing with insulin so the simplicity is just to decrease insulin to fix this problem right here and the two ways you do it is you reduce your carbs and you stop consuming food so frequently you do intermittent fasting fasting allows the body to clear out the excess fat so it’s cleaning internally it’s also cleaning the fat around the organs and inside the organs especially liver fat and dr. Jason funk does not recommend keto without fasting and that’s something that I emphasize as well because if you’re doing fasting in you’re lowering insulin why would you want to eat something that raises and it kind of counters the effect so the combination of these together are very very powerful so in summary if you’re the person who wants to do keto and intermittent fasting and you’re on some medication or you’re on some program with a physician dr. Fung would be a great doctor to work with to get that additional extra help to deal with the medication aspect and for those of you that are not familiar with Jason Fong I would recommend the obesity code you can go to Amazon get the hardback or the Kindle version alright guys thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications 

This Post Was All About Dr. Jason Fung MD and Intermittent Fasting.
Dr. Jason Fung MD and Intermittent Fasting

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Who is Dr. Jason Fung, and why is his research so important? Find out in this short video. 

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1:09 Dr. Fung’s philosophies
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In this video, I want to talk to you about Dr. Jason Fung and intermittent fasting. Dr. Jason Fung is the top expert on intermittent fasting. Many of you already know about him, but if you haven’t heard about him, I recommend reading one of Jason Fung’s books called The Diabetes Code. 

Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian Nephrologist, which means he studies specializes in kidney function. He also has 3 best-selling books, and he’s co-founder of the Intensive Dietary Management Program. 
There’s a lot of data that Dr. Jason Fung talks about, but what most people like about him is that his explanations are straightforward. Here are some of his philosophies:
• CICO (calories in, calories out) is false. This is not a true scientific law. 
• CICO diet methods do not work with people who have kidney problems or diabetes. 
• Low carb diets and intermittent fasting are the best solutions for insulin resistance
• Insulin levels control when you gain weight and when you lose weight
• Keto is not effective without also doing intermittent fasting
• Fasting cleans the body from the inside out. 

In summary, if you want to try keto and intermittent fasting and you’re on some medication or a program with your physician, Dr. Jason Young would be a great person to work with and learn from to get some additional help. I also recommend grabbing his book The Obesity Code on Amazon. 

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