Why are Bananas NOT the Best Source of Potassium? – Dr.Berg

Why are Bananas NOT the Best Source of Potassium? – Dr.Berg

Why are Bananas NOT the Best Source of Potassium? – Dr.Berg

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At this doctor Berg I want to talk about this question that keeps coming up I always ask people what is the best source of potassium and everyone says bananas bananas are the worst source of potassium I mean you have to consume 12 bananas to get your daily amount of potassium because typically banana has maybe three to four hundred milligrams.

And the normal amounts that you need are close to forty seven hundred forty seven hundred so let's kind of go through first of all what what potassium deficiencies will create and then I'll show you some other things on that let me just give you access to this right here okay potassium potassium is a physiological relaxer it helps a lot of.

Things but but let me just kind of give you the the key areas that potassium will help number one blood pressure why because potassium gets rid of excess sodium to help balance the potassium sodium ratio because sodium tends to retain fluid increasing flow to tension and blood pressure so potassium will lower the blood pressure the metabolism.

Of protein so if you're consumed if you're a meat-eater and you don't eat a lot of vegetables you won't be able to metabolize that protein so I'm talking about the hairs nail skin the tissues the structures the tendons the ligaments you need potassium to be able to create proteins on your body it controls blood sugar so you know that in order to store.

Blood sugar in your liver and your muscles you need potassium so without potassium you're going to crave sweets and sugar like crazy and your blood Sugar's will will be more erratic so by taking more potassium you can help stabilize blood sugars potassium is a main electrolyte which helps heart function so you need it for the heart to.

Function to avoid getting Pappa tations arrhythmias things like that potassium is a relaxer so it helps you sleep at night recovery it helps prevent kidney stones but see most people don't even consume the close to the normal amount that you need per day you need 47 out of milligrams that would be about seven to.

Ten cups of salad per day so if you buy one of those big plastic containers of salad they usually come in like ounces so you have like I don't know I think it's like 18 ounces for a real big one that's 18 cups so you would need to consume half of that every single day to get your potassium that's how I get mine through a lot of salads but there are.

Other vegetables that you can consume potassium I'm going to show you those right now okay so number one beet greens has 1300 milligrams that's crazy high now when you go to the grocery store you see you could you could buy beats right you know those are but they have these big stems with the leaves that would be big greens very few people consume those.

But if you put those in your salad you will get a lot of potassium and it's also good for the gallbladder – Swiss chard but very very bitter vegetable I suggest saute it may put in your salad you can juice it you can blend it so that has 960 milligrams per cup avocados almost 900 milligrams per avvocato a medium amount I consume an avocado a day.

In the morning when I have my eggs 4x I throw avocados on there because I like that I love avocados I don't like them ripe though I don't like them too raw or unripe that Roe okay so because they're always wrong you're not going to cook them winter squash has a ton is like almost 900 spinach has 838 milligrams.

Sweet potato potato has a lot but I wouldn't recommend consuming those unless you're not trying to worry about weight and because those can be kind of starchy and look at bananas 3x 400 that's for a big banana kind of a medium size small one would be 300 so you can see right there that bananas are not the.

Best source of potassium and I think that's one of the myths out there now here's the thing um I like to get my potassium from vegetables not fruit because fruit has a little bit too much sugar so the other thing is that when you eat protein like meats and things it doesn't really have a lot of potassium so you.

Must eat more salad and vegetables we need a balance of potassium and sodium sodium we need about a thousand milligrams potassium we need about four point seven more the ratio is of about one to four one point actually one to four point seven so I want to give it to technical but the point is that from every thousand milligrams of sodium you.

Need that much potassium so what a lot of people will do is to lower their sodium intake that's not very smart because you need sodium for energy for your adrenals for a lot of things but you want it in sea salt but the thing to do is not to lower sodium but to increase potassium so you have the ratios because if you ever notice that.

When you go home at night you might crave the toss up like sweets right and then you crave salt and then sweet and then salt you're trying to get electrolytes from this food because your body your adrenal glands are drained and you're tired so a much better way would be to consume a large huge green salad and then have something salty that would.

Really solve the problem so I just want to create a little video on this myth and I hope you got a couple tips so start increasing your intake of potassium and I will see you in the next video
Why are Bananas NOT the Best Source of Potassium? – Dr.Berg
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