The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – October 28, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – October 28, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – October 28, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – October 28, 2022.
Foreign foreign welcome back everyone I'm back I was gone for a couple weeks uh anything that I'd say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before implementing any of the things we're.

Going to talk about there's a lot of things we're going to talk about so hey Steve hey good morning what's going on Welcome Back we've all missed you Dr Berg and are very excited to find out what sort of research you did in the field or I don't know if you're in Vegas for a couple of weeks whatever but we'd love to hear from you to see what your.

Progress was and if you discovered anything new for us to ingest so if you don't mind Dr Burke take it away and catch us up on the last three weeks or so yeah the food in Vegas was great uh and I'm being very sarcastic at the all-you-can-eat buffet now it's uh I went to um Europe because I wanted to.

Find out um you know you go to Europe and if you compare Europe to America as far as the foods go there's a slight difference right people go there and they from America and they're like wow I have I don't have digestive issues I'm not gaining weight um food's definitely higher quality for.

Sure so I wanted to find out why so I visited we visited probably about 20 farms and went through and learned so much and it was fascinating because it really the the quality of food comes from the soil and the quality of soil and unfortunately um you know we don't emphasize that enough so I'm going to be doing a whole.

Presentation on that coming up soon so I'll share what I found but fascinating amazing stuff with the farming techniques and how they make their soil so fertile and how they grow certain things so um it's very very exciting and I'm just extremely interested in it because you can't your health comes from you know.

Healthy animals that graze on healthy plants that come from healthy soils so you gotta really talk about the soil learn about that to really get you healthy I mean I don't think this is just my theory that you can eat sick plants empty plants sick animals and get healthy I think I don't think you can I might be wrong but I think the.

Healthier the animal the plant the healthier you're going to be just my theory well it certainly holds water and so on the other hand Hostess Twinkies last for a thousand years so maybe there's some trade-off there yeah it definitely will preserve you like an embalming agent but other than.

That I don't know if it gets you healthy that's great well we can't hear wait to see all the videos and so on that come out as a result of that and I tell you what we have some uh great folks online but one is coming to us from a recent move to the Philippines and it's late at night so we are going to go ahead with Mr McKay from the Philippines and Mr.

McKay you're wrong with Dr Berg oh unmute yourself sir um I'm trying to get my mic on unmuted there there you go um hey Dr bird um awesome that I get a chance to talk to you I want to make this question quick so I know everybody wants to ask you questions but.

Um I've actually done a 60-day um juice fast before so I'm kind of um extreme on losing weight different ways and I was looking at people that have talked about doing boiled eggs and just doing a boiled egg diet um and doing it for a couple of weeks I was thinking about doing it for a month just to see if I could lose.

Um x amount of pounds and I wanted to see your opinion about it if I wanted to do intermittent fasting and just eat boiled eggs for a month um I know that uh Europe pretty adamant on eating eggs I think that you talk about not as much oil in them probably eating them over easy so the yolks um from what I remember from your videos.

That there would be more nutritious but I'm just curious what would you say if I was to do a 30-day um egg diet where I just did intermittent and I chose to eat once a day and I chose to eat boiled eggs or eggs over easy and nothing else for a quick weight loss um what would you think about that.

Is that a scary I think out of all the things out of all the things you could eat that probably would be the best thing to eat if you were going to do that for sure because it the egg has so many nutrients especially if you're gonna get some eggs from a farm that you know you know allowed them to free range and or if you did get them from the.

Store they have to be pasteurized and organic I think I think that would be um I think that we would be successful you may want to um also in addition to that take certain things like for example uh a natural vitamin C not ascorbic acid but a natural vitamin C maybe some more omega-3 fatty acids just to make sure you're not deficient in anything because.

You're going to be getting the protein which is EXO the best source of protein so that's good so you're not going to get any atrophy maybe some trace minerals and maybe um you're probably going to need Vitamin D but I think that might might be successful just watch for any type of problems you run into like um deficiency.

Problems because that's a long time to fast which I I think it's great and the the benefits are going to be off the chart but let's say for example you do this and you feel weaker or you have some other symptoms like you're you know just make sure you're taking all the other nutrients to prevent that but you know it's not a bad idea and I.

Think out of all the foods that would be probably more the complete nutrient profile foods that you could eat okay yeah yeah I just wanted to get your opinion on that well that's great yeah and over over easy over easy see the egg yolk right if the egg yolk is runny it's raw what you want to do now.

You might say well doesn't there isn't there bacteria in there no because there's no way bacteria could penetrate the shell and the white part to get to the yellow part it's not going to happen so um the only thing um if you as long as you cook the white part you know you're good and then keep the inside fairly runny and then you're.

You got a great product there so uh try it out and let us know how how you do and um I like the concept yeah well that's great well we really would love to it's about 40 pounds good what a great goal so yeah let's do that for sure come back on the air with.

Us in 30 days or whatever Mr McCain and let us know how it went I imagine that he being in the Philippines could probably find some pretty uh good sources for eggs and so on and why don't we kick off your month Hiatus with the first quiz question today and here it is all right so what is um the most common nutrient deficiency that keeps you tired.

Keeps you exhausted keeps you um without energy that's the first question um so let's see how many of you guys know that answer um yeah that's right that's the first question very good how about our first.

Question from YouTube uh this is Joy wants to know what causes pain or tingling under the left rib cage interesting um I have no idea other than maybe a possible version of um shingles possibly um because that's the these those nerve uh run right through the ribs through.

There that could be uh maybe about mild version on that I mean that's a long shot but I mean I was I thought you were going to stand underneath your feet but underneath the rib cage um now if it's if there's something going on deeper you know you think gallbladder I think pancreas.

You know pancreas and that usually happens from the wrong type of foods that you're eating but typically um if it's superficial it sounds more like a um potential shingles type outbreak and I have a lot of videos on what to do about that vitamin D very very important very good well hope that's the extent of.

It shingles is a bad deal for for many okay let's see Karen from YouTube I've been doing keto and if since March and have lost 58 pounds all right that calls for the Bell congratulations on that I've also been diagnosed with a oh goodness uh Bullis uh Panther gold p-e-m-p-h-i-g-o-l-d uh blistering to the.

Skin apparently is what that how can I get rid of this autoimmune issue I've never heard of a Bullis pimpicode if I said that right crimp of gold I've never heard of it either but if we're dealing with autoimmune we're dealing with uh a weakened immune system and I think right off the bat the best thing you could do for any autoimmune would be too and.

Especially for the skin that is vitamin D D3 I have a high quantities uh like I'm talking 30 000 maybe 40 000 IUS um that would be very important and then um the other thing too is I'd go back to your diet like is there anything that you're eating um that could be affecting the gut because there's a huge.

Relationship between the gut and your skin and usually skin problems are related to something you're eating that maybe you shouldn't be eating so I always go back to that uh you know the basics the obvious thing first I'll give you just another example of another possibility um there was a person who I recently.

Talked to very fairly young in their 30s and they had a lot of a lot of you know fatigue they don't feel right and come to find out she's on eight medications anyone with that many poisons I'm sorry medications would not feel quite right they're going to feel kind of like lethargic and so those medications throw everything off so.

Um I'm like why do you need these in the first place so I said go back to the dock and see if you get your permission for me to talk to the doctor and just to see if we can't work together to change her diet more and see if she really needs to be on eight different drugs which gives so many different reactions who knows what's.

Causing what very good oh oh we better go to Facebook where Lou pop uh uh indicates it or asks is it true that following the keto diet can lead to heart issues can the keto diet impact muscle function yes yeah I've done a video on that it can greatly greatly improve heart function it can help your cardiovascular.

System greatly um because all because the alternative is the you know a lot more carbs and carbs are really underneath problems in the arteries with heart issues and creating deficiencies so yeah they can definitely improve your heart cardiovascular function there was a there was a study of.

That said the uh that oh yeah keto is really bad for your heart and you then you actually read the study right and you find out it involved mice and you find out um they use a high fat diet but they also use the high fat high carb diet so it wasn't keto sometimes people think a high fat diet is a keto diet.

It's not so anyone who says that I always ask who told you that where did you read it did you actually see the article no okay well there's definitely a push to get people away from keto but I think um I think the best way if you're confused is to try keto for a little while and then go back to your old diet and see.

Which way you feel better on and then then you'll know so that way you don't have to take my word for it yep that's proof positive okay we've got the audience right on it after a month uh out of school and the question asked what is the most common nutrient deficiency that keep you tired I'm dying to know this although I belted down some.

Coffee already and uh forty percent of a respondents say it's vitamin D 30 C vitamin B 20 say potassium and the final 10 say magnesium any winners okay so the ones that said B vitamins they're they're they're pretty close it's actually B1 B1 is the spark plug to converting food carbs proteins and fats into energy in.

The little energy Factory the mitochondria so uh it's a spark plug and um a lot of people are deficient and it's a critical uh nutrient for um for generating energy and that's not there I don't care what you do what you eat it's not going to work you're not going to generate energy but I'm not just talking about feeling fatigue and.

Getting energy from that I'm talking about the energy that's needed to power the heart the brain and especially the nervous system and so as you may already know Steve the uh a real key part of the nervous system is called the um the autonomic nervous system where you have the flight or fight uh system and um without enough B vitamin what happens.

B1 specifically you get stuck in the flight mode or fight mode and you're kind of uh very reactive on edge you can fly off the handle easily um you don't tolerate stress so babysitting a lot of small kids over eight hours in a small room poorly ventilated would be very stressful to.

You um driving is getting stuck in traffic for over three hours could be very stressful to you so all these things could build up and increase their need for B1 the other thing too is that the question is can you get B1 from the diet it's kind of difficult if you're doing.

You know just like drinking a lot of coffee for example caffeine tea or red wine all that all those who are like anti-b1 and alcohol like in general so you'll actually a lot of people are are consuming maybe good foods but they're consuming these other things that are depleting them not knowing they're deficient in B1 and then all of a sudden.

They their sleeping's not right they get up they feel dizzy um their pulse rate goes up all these kind of really strange symptoms occur and they're not connecting the dots so stay tuned for a video that I will release on that coming up in about a week I think it's a very valuable.

Important video on on B1 deficiencies and how it can just restore your energy I have experienced Steve I'm an expert I was I had fatigue for 20 years goodness well thanks for your exhaustive research on that part in the pun and let's see uh oh by the way folks um Dr Berg's app and I'm sorry I don't.

Have a little logo up yet but Dr Berg's uh app is a great resource to find in order all of his various videos and you can get that on Android or Apple so just go there Dr Berg app and it'll be easy to find in addition to of course which you all are probably watching uh the show through and so on so don't forget to find those resources.

But as Dr Berg has mentioned before sometimes it's a little difficult to search on YouTube to find the video you want but they've all been greatly perfectly categorized in the Dr Berg app so go there now but don't tune us out stay tuned in addition to um in a titch into lupock from Facebook who asked about keto here's the folks.

That are listening to us around the world including Europe where you just hence you came from let's say a good morning to our viewers from the UK Canada Columbia Croatia Switzerland Ghana Italy Denmark India Saudi Arabia Iraq South Africa Romania Georgia Austria France the Czech Republic Zanzibar Jamaica Trinidad Tobago Armenia.

The Philippines thank you we had one of our guests from there Mr McKay a Papua New Guinea the Netherlands Pakistan Australia Ireland Nigeria Japan turkey the Dominican Republic Roland Thailand Poland excuse me Thailand Pakistan Mexico chile Peru Belgium what a list Greece Qatar Germany Bermuda Ethiopia Egypt Bahrain and all across the United.

States and we have a gentleman from Kosovo coming in this morning dire I believe is his name and dire I want you to unmute yourself and give it to us straight from Kosovo you're on with Dr Byrd yes yes hello I'm from Kosovo nice talking to you Dr Barry uh so can I make the question or wait no go ahead go ahead yes go ahead okay yeah.

My my question was simple I just wanted to make sure because uh you know a doctor from Kosovo said to me that you have a little dandruff you know dandruff so she told me to use uh casserole shampoo and this shampoo if you can see oh wait there you go it's called Richie how can you know it so I was scared to use them because I.

Watch your videos and you said that uh you don't have to use shampoos with uh selenium you know that that one way selenium sulfate you know yes that's right so uh before before this shampoo before wishing shampoo I used Head and Shoulders but my hair hair keep like you know hurt or it was like a nature skin.

So that's why I went to that doctor and she said to use this vishi I think it's better than head and shoulders because my hair is no more itching the things but you know I'm still afraid because you said that you don't have to use with selenium well here's just my viewpoint and I'm glad you brought this up because I think the the thing that I'm just.

You know looking at is what's causing the problem in the first place right you get rid of this the indicator the symptom and then um same thing with uh we just talked about B1 with energy you if you have fatigue you can drink coffee and get your energy back but why are you tired in the first place why do you have.

Psoriasis in the first place um it's been highly correlated with a low vitamin D levels so you might want to start taking that let's say for example you take vitamin D um and most people take like maybe you know a thousand milligrams or two thousand milligrams and they think oh yeah I'm good but there's so many other.

Things that can decrease the absorption of that vitamin D like even genetic weaknesses um I recently did a genetic test and I found my own weaknesses and and then also someone else would take it and they found they had a defect in their vitamin D receptor which means the normal amounts are not going to even touch the.

Vitamin D deficiency so they had to take like 30 or 40 000 I used to make the make the connection um so these are just things I would I would watch the video apply it but the the shampoos are working on it topically they're not looking at the whole picture of of why you have it in the first place um.

There's a microbe involved too you have microbes that live on the scalp so you should be um you know watch my video on reestablishing the the Flora on their skin and make sure you're not having like fluoride or too much chloride in your um your water supply when you take a shower so if you get a filter that.

Filters that stuff out it can help you greatly so you know even women that use a lot of the hair dyes unfortunately that it's so toxic to the microbes and then you kill those off and then you get rashes and uh all sorts of issues that can happen with the scalp in your skin so keep watching the videos and um she.

Applied that she also she also said to take vitamin B6 you know one 100 milligram per day yeah B6 is probably not going to be the big one um it's kind of a a catch-all thing that can help you to some degree but it's not the the real dramatic you know effect that I think you'll get Beast by taking these six.

No my question was uh which which shampoo would you recommend me I would recommend the one that's least toxic and I would have to kind of research both of those and see what you're taking but uh um I couldn't really tell you exactly without looking at the ingredients and everything and so I would just watch my.

Video on that and um also watch my video on on um on some of the shampoos I have videos on that and and what it can do to your hair and then you'll get more information dire thanks so much for participating with us I really appreciate it we'll have to move along now and in fact we're gonna we're gonna go on to our next question.

Uh sure let's see and that one I've already asked uh and I are if you're talking with us so we have you muted to the audience so we couldn't hear that but I'm sure you got some counsel from Dr Berg and here we go a true falser okay so true or false benign tumors are a form of cancer is that true or is that.

False all right dig into that folks and let's see uh how about another question from YouTube Oliver from YouTube are pumpkin seeds good to consume since they contain a lot of Omega-3s do they well they can no I wouldn't say a lot they can they contain something called ala which is a precursor it's a building.

Block to the active form but it's not an active form of the one that you need the omega-3 so um no they're not going to give you a good Supply but they but they apparently are good for prostate you know so maybe that can help you um and so it's you know I would roast them and.

Consume them that way especially since it's uh you know a lot of people are you know have their pumpkins outside right now might as well eat the seeds and you can dry them out put some nice sea salt on it I think that would be a good good thing to take um but yeah so uh I they don't have a lot of Omega-3 you.

Just have the precursor a little bit of the precursor just like walnuts walnuts are great um for many reasons and they have the precursor uh to the Omega-3 and out of all the nut I think the walnut would be one of the best nuts out there and then the pecan would be the next one after that wow very delicious.

Okay uh she hasn't given us uh much information but Caitlyn from YouTube poor thing wakes up nauseous and gagging could this be a nutritional deficiency of some kind I don't know if she's pregnant or what the problem but is there a general cause for nausea and gagging yeah yeah.

Um pregnancy no um I think what's happening is um that's usually a B1 deficiencies if you feel like a nauseous or you even feel like vomiting that I would take some B1 right away um B1 also works on the nervous system that connects to the digestive system we also have so anything nerve is like bb1.

Including the vagus nerve which happens to go through that area and innervate the stomach and the gallbladder and in the large and small intestine so I would take B1 as the as the antidote to that and of course I would also look at what you're eating because I haven't you know I it's hard to evaluate someone without getting more information so it's like.

Well my best guess that's what I gave you but if I could get a list of what you're eating then I can really know you know so that's helpful yeah Caitlyn make sure you're right uh Dr Berg Dr Bergen Dr is that right doc did I get the email right um Dr Berg Dr yeah very good Caitlin let us have a few more details.

And I'm sure he'll try to get to the bottom of that with you and speaking of getting the bottom of something the true false question has already gotten some answers which asks true false benign tumors are a form of cancer and uh interestingly 65 percent of our respondents oh I'm sorry 65 say it's false which I would agree with 35.

Percent say it's true but who cares what I say what's right doc yeah it's it's false so yeah uh when you have a benign tumor it's not cancer cancer is when it becomes malignant and it can spread so a benign tumor whether it's a polyp or even a skin tag okay those are benign tumors um they're not going to keep growing and.

Take over the body and they're they're not considered cancer so um I'm going to release another video next week um on skin tag simply because um you know they're a really good indicator or like a little.

Um gives you a little red light indicator that there's something deeper in the body usually insulin resistance and so yeah there's it's really simple to get rid of skin tags and I'm going to show you how to do it but then you also have to fix the real problem underneath the whole thing and I think unfortunately our society is doesn't.

Look at cause effect relationship you really have to think like an engineer to be able to think of cause and effect because um in the medical profession they don't they don't do that it's all about the suppression of symptoms using medication and um.

So but that's about it so just the videos that I'm trying to do to help people and apparently there's a lot of people interested in alternative method simply because I just last week I counted up how many subscribers we have on all the languages of this YouTube channel there's 18 million subscribers so I was shocked and amazed and blown.

Away that um there's such a great interest in alternative you know things to medicine so I'm really happy that people are finding the channel and subscribing no kid what amazing numbers now speaking of amazing next up we've got Mr Cruz Hill and he didn't think he was going to get some.

Good ratings without bringing his beautiful wife on so she is also in the scene go ahead you can lean in there miss Hill and uh let's see what they have to say Cruise your own with Dr Berg go ahead sir hello there Dr Burke thank you for your time I uh so I've been following you for oh you're muted uh quite quite some years now okay.

Now I can hear you really can you hear us now yeah I can hear you now okay I've been following thank you all right thank you for your time yeah I've been following you for for quite some time now and um my main issue right now is I've been doing the keto diet for three months I do think that I'm finally in ketosis but.

It was up to just it my body was just fighting me to get into ketosis and I know I had a few medicines that they were in the mix they were probably culprits right now I'm on the metformin I'm Type B diabetic and uh also Lyrica I recently got rid of Lyrica and it seemed like my body went into ketosis but my sugar still seemed like.

They want to fight me a little bit not as bad good they're not 300. that's good um what what is your blood sugar recently so like this morning it's been an average like right now it's 1 15. okay that's good but.

Right I agree but in the past whenever I was in ketosis it would always I remember it always being between 85 and 95 somewhere around there and and it and it's gone there it's gone down to about 95. you know it's like two weeks but yeah it's a lot better it was fighting me quite a bit even though I was doing keto it would still go up to like uh.

Um 150 and that was with me not having no carbs I mean hardcore Keto yeah so okay sorry I guess my question was I'm still on the myth I'm on the metformin yeah uh should I stop taking the myth yeah good question of course I I can't tell you not to I can't tell you to stop.

Taking it but I'm just going to give you information okay that you can determine um metformin um does help the insulin resistance problem because it makes the cells more sensitive and that's that's probably helping you in one way but there are some side effects that's why it has a.

Black label on it so you know lactic acidosis that's what I don't like about it it also depletes your B1 and b12 so I don't like that um so here's the thing the reason why your uh you eat no sugar and your blood sugars are even there are higher than they should be is because of the insulin resistance and that causes your liver to.

Make new sugar it's called gluconeogenesis from fat protein and even ketones so it's not coming from your diet it's just coming because you have you have a chronic blood sugar problem from the past it's going to take a while to get you to a point where your insulin resistance is in check and now you have normal blood.

Sugar so so many people that do this they might end up with like why is my blood sugars High I'm not eating any sugar well that's because you have insulin resistance for so long it's going to take a while for your body to adapt so I would just maintain what you're doing make sure it's clean for some weeks longer maybe a few more.

Months and then you'll see the blood sugar will come down to like 80 or even 70. and then you know your insulin resistance is a lot better there are a lot of other things you can do to speed up the process like apple cider vinegar before bed you know in some in some water you can also take berberine awesome awesome stuff you can take.

Vitamin D and you definitely could take B1 and natural B1 which by the way we'll we'll kind of also counter what that medication is doing right now so and then as the blood sugars come down get with your doctor to decrease the amount of it and that because you you know you won't need it you know over.

A period of time so I I like what you're doing you just have to realize that that's normal and it's going to take some more time can I ask a quick question as well sure go ahead okay um your thoughts thank you your thoughts I know that you can't direct me in any.

Way medically but I want your thoughts so I was diagnosed with breast cancer I am bracha positive um I've since had surgery took it out it was minuscule amount in the lymph nodes supposedly my margins which equals slight margin was not clear I do not want to take any forms of radiation chemotherapy I want to do alternative.

What are your thoughts on um B17 or anything else that you and you don't have to go into detail you can just name things they've researched quite a bit but I have access to B17 um the actual apricot trees what are your thoughts on that or peroxide on the skin or ingesting yeah Leia Trail I mean like it's.

Interesting it's like if if I put a video out on B17 they will shut my channel down so it's highly sensitive topics so what I'm going to just tell you um the same thing with hydrogen peroxide if you take if well topically but if you tell someone to take it orally like boom not a good thing but here's the thing.

Um I would watch all my cancer videos uh and I would definitely apply a lot of fasting as the primary thing and I'm talking about regular intermittent fasting like definitely one meal a day and then you got you have to start extending that to like even on the weekends you have 48 hour fast and then maybe once a month you do.

Even a four or five day fast and the reason for that it's going to strengthen your immune system it is the the uh the key most important thing to turn things around for you um and then on top of that there's a protocol we did research uh yes it was on mice but it was based on a very sound uh theory that seems to look very promising by using.

Certain remedies to inhibit this thing called Scott which is a strategy to not just start not necessarily starve the cancer Off fuel wise but to starve the material for its membrane to build a membrane so that way it doesn't it can't if it can't do that it can't survive and we did you know I invested a good amount of money you said it's called the Scott.

Inhibitors but it's a it's a video um if you look through my video on on cancer you'll find it it's one of the ones that I said I I revealed a cancer research uh the results and you can and I and there's links to the protocol and um and none of those remedies uh are any of my products I'm not it's just something I would recommend finding on.

Your own but um but what's interesting about this uh cancer because I interviewed several people and you should watch each of those interviews and what they did with stage four cancer I'm talking like the worst almost the worst case scenario where um.

Like even one of the guys we interviewed his name is Guy tunnelbaum he went from stage four to zero cancer right and uh he he just and this has been several years right now he's like cancer-free and so the doctor I says I want the report I want the report and so the doctor finally gave us a report I'm like why.

Could he not just put down there he's cancer-free and his reply was the medical doctor's reply was um well we like to we can talk about cancer but if you don't have cancer we don't like to emphasize those those those symptoms because you don't have it anymore and I'm like what that's illogical so he just couldn't come out and say he was.

Cancer-free but he did say indirectly it was cancer-free all the indicators but anyway that's fine but the point is that I would really emphasize more fasting now you're probably in a situation where you wouldn't necessarily have to do the extreme fasting like if you had some malignancy that was spreading through.

The through the body in which case you would want to fast for like you know a month but um but I would definitely do at least periodic prolonged fasting to help yourself and I think that you'll you'll be put in good shape and then if it was of the cancer of the breast you want to be taking um C kelp on a regular basis as well.

Because uh that has a good amount of iodine that can help regulate your estrogen and keep it and also cruciferous cruciferous Foods so those are the two things I would I would recommend all right Hill family I think I'm sorry go ahead oh I was just gonna say thank you I'm.

Also on the keto diet so I appreciate your input that is terrific just one more just one more question I'm sorry it was the very quickly I was supposed to ask you and it was very quickly basal insulin can can I still be in ketosis and use a small amount of basal insulin because I.

Kind of I stopped it cold turkey um well uh that that'll that'll bump you out of ketosis for sure um so I can't tell you not to take it but the thing is like the whole goal of Keto is to re-establish the health of your insulin right and uh what triggers.

Insulin is carbs so if you're taking the insulin to regulate the blood sugars um you kind of go in the opposite direction but I'm not telling you not to take it but I would just learn more about it so you can decide on your own but um I mean you're taking metformin and Insulin I mean like or no you took you came off of it if your blood sugars.

Came down to 118 I mean that's significant the question is do you really need that Sledgehammer of a tool to get your blood sugars down because that's like that's the most potent thing you can do to drop blood sugars so anyway that's my thought all right folks so listen thanks so much for the hill.

Family and we uh you know wish you all the well and hope that you uh keep us posted on your various uh health benefits uh doing a nice healthy lifestyle so let's go to the next question and then we're going to hit social media hard and make sure that we get some questions out there okay here's the next question for you sir.

Okay all right what is the common denominator between the plaque on your teeth and the plaque in your arteries All Right audience climb on that and let's see speaking of the audience we're going to go to YouTube Stephen wants to know what the best time of day is to take berberine.

Well I think um I would take it um whenever you want your blood sugar if whenever you're wherever your blood sugars are the highest so if you have like the dawn phenomena where you wake up in the morning your blood sugars are high take it first thing in the morning um if it happens in the afternoon take.

It maybe an hour before that so anytime you want to keep the blood sugars low because berberine is a very powerful I mean it kind of compares to metformin like a natural version of Metformin um without the side effects so all right very good let's see uh Terry help me with this MCT and MC maybe from Facebook if you're a type 1 diabetic how.

Would you do intermittent fasting you should definitely watch my recent video on type 1 diabetes and I interviewed Manuel and Steve you know Manuel again he's a type 1 diabetic and I worked with them a little bit and oh my goodness he's the amount of insulin that he needs now is so tiny and he's doing great and he's doing uh if I'm not.

Mistaken one meal a day and he's exercising like crazy he's getting fit he feels better um it's a miracle so um the thing is that do you want you know as a diabetic type one you know you need to take insulin but the question is how much do you really need to take.

Um take the least amount possible that you need to establish good blood sugars and then you're because that extra insulin creates problems big problems um side effects and if you don't believe me look up um uh hyperinsulinemia and you will learn all about that well Manuel that is such exciting news.

We all love them he's a big part of the behind the scenes of the show and uh so thumbs up to a following Dr Berg's Council and it sounds like it's going well Betty Sue from Facebook my electrolytes are always below normal and my blood pressure is high my adrenals have been tested as normal I can't find a root cause any thoughts.

Um yeah if you if you're not retaining these uh electrolytes I mean I mean the question I have is is there a problem with the kidney or maybe there's a problem with your stomach your pH and your stomach is not acid enough if the stomach doesn't have enough acid and it's between one and three it's it's really hard to absorb these minerals so.

They kind of they don't get absorbed and so here you are like it's kind of going right through you uh so that's one one factor also the absorption could could be inhibited by a problem in your gut and um so my other question is why do you think your deficient electrolytes in the first place is this not based on a blood test.

Or some symptom and and I would need to ask the question so that's as far as I can go without trying to go back and forth with you but very good okay the two key electrolytes like potassium and magnesium you can't really get a good picture of what's going on in your blood because 98 of those minerals are inside the cell so.

You're gonna have to do like an intracellular test and that requires a whole different thing so that's that's what I'd be curious about did you do that test did that show up low and and let's say it did and that's what you're talking about realize that it takes it could take weeks or months to get those levels back to where they normally.

Should be sometimes you think like oh I can do it in a day no it takes a period of time to reestablish uh nutrient deficiencies even B1 it could take months if you're very very deficient you'll feel better in the process but it could take a long time all right uh Amy from Facebook can you suggest any help for fibromyalgia.

Ouch well I would I would go right to B1 first of all because um that's that's one common thing is you're going to generate too much lactic acid if you don't have B1 and that can create symptoms of fibromyalgia there's another there's other two things that come to mind one is it's not really.

Fibromyalgia it's a gallbladder problem and the the bile ducts are jammed up and it's backing up pressure into the right side causing fibromyalgia mainly on the right side of your body so if it's just on the right side of your body assume it's problems with your bile ducts and I have a lot of videos on that the remedy would be tadka it's a simple uh solution.

And then the last possibility could be um a low-grade um kind of a systemic infection of either chronic uh um Epstein-Barr virus or cytomegalovirus or some type of virus that's in the body that kind of goes in and out of remission it's kind of a latent virus that comes.

Out when you're under stress and that can keep keep your body achy inflamed and tired in which case you have to deal with the stress that's activating it because the stress paralyzes the immune system to allow these viruses to come out of remission it's always the stress and so some people just have to figure out how.

To get rid of that stress because under that stress it's you know if you're in a situation I don't care what you take nutritionally that stress is going to keep you in that mode because it keeps the virus kind of free-floating doing damage interesting okay here's some uh uh fun stuff from uh Facebook Noreen.

From Facebook wants to thank you for all your videos I love them and thank you from your followers in Ireland so thank you Noreen for checking in with us and then here's another great one Tara from Facebook I have lost 80 pounds doing your Healthy keto and if thank you so much Dr Berg what a great note that is.

That's awesome all right let's go to another question someday I want to go to Ireland I've never been but I um I think that's where they create the kerrygold butter which I I like so much so uh I'd love to go check that out yum all right Dr Berg another question all right what is the common denominator between plaque okay well we already did.

That one but do you have an answer to that well I'm sorry that's what it was about thank you for keeping me on track all right the question was what is the common denominator between the plaque on your teeth and the plaque in your arteries and the astute audience seventy percent of them say calcium or calcification 20 say sugars or high carb.

Levels and the last 10 percent say bacteria or biofilm sounds like someone's been studying yeah the answer is biofilms now what are what are biofilms uh they're they're a kind of a collection group of uh colony of microbes that band together that then form a slime shell and then a calcium shell.

95 of all the bacteria in the environment is living in biofilms even if you walk through a stream and uh reach down and feel like these rocks they have this slippery that's biofilms so the biofilms also can get can grow in excess and form tartar on your teeth as well as the calcium in your arteries the calcium plaquing in the arteries they.

Found biofilms behind that which is fascinating so the question is what can you do to get rid of these biofilms well in the arteries they tend to get stuck on uh surfaces that are not smooth so what would create an unsmooth area in your arteries would be some type of damage inflammation usually from sugar in.

Refined carbs right or omega-3 oils that could do it and so that way these microbes don't have a chance to accumulate and develop these Barnacle type things in fact um if you if you take a look one problem with Sailors is these Barnacles on the under the bottom of their boats because they weigh things down and they require.

More fuel because you have all these huge calcium shells that develop in these organisms that grow and they use different paints um toxic paints to try to kill them because it's a big problem but um believe it or not um one sailor and I think 1990 came up with this great idea as he was eating a.

Sandwich with uh these hot hot sauce and he had this idea he said I wonder if we we put hot sauce or hot peppers on these Barnacles underneath the ship and voila it works so he developed this paint paint with these peppers and apparently it's not just the uh the pepper chemical but it's the vitamin C vitamin C that kills the biofilms so.

Um I will be releasing a video on that topic you could use even ascorbic acid if it's non-GMO in your mouth as kind of a mouthwash to kind of kill this tartar in your teeth and of course it also helps the arteries as well so um vitamin C is a good thing to inhibit the formation of the biofilms to your body okay very good we're going to go to.

Another person in our Green Room uh Susan but first let's get another question out of the way here it is Dr Berg okay true or false GERD heartburn and acid reflux are the result of too much acid production is that true or false all right very good uh jump on that and.

Folks and Susan thanks so much for joining us uh we're low on time so if you can give us one quick question for Dr Berg we would appreciate it you are on the air with Dr Berg Susan great I I have been intermittent fasting and cider vinegar and everything for six months now and um when I went to my doctor to get.

Checkups I'm taking quite a few of the supplements that you create also um my cholesterol levels are 242. and so the doctor gives me this routine about you know going on a low fat diet and all those things which of course is actually opposite to what's happening and the other number that's off that I'm not sure about is the.

172.8 for my vitamin D3 and she says that's uh toxic you know I shouldn't be taking I should go off the thing and um uh stop it for five or six months I'm taking your K2 and um uh B uh you know I'm taking your supplement so because I believe from watching your videos and I had a liver issue and maybe even bile and.

Gallbladder so I've been taking a bunch of your supplements to kind of get my body back in shape I never needed to lose weight it's just the intermittent fasting is wonderful so I just wanted some insight into those numbers which they say the traditional I say are dangerous and I don't feel I feel wonderful so what what should you.

Know should I call it a bit on the vitamin D well maybe this is what I would recommend there's a great new video a recent video that I did put out on the toxicity of vitamin D you should watch that if you haven't already but I go into how much D is really toxic and how much you can tolerate before there's a.

Problem and and even the problem would be the biggest problem would be kidney stones in which you could solve by just taking 2.5 liters of fluid a day you know that that would just take you out of that risk factor but you should watch that video uh that I did recently probably at least I think it's been Maybe.

Somewhere in the last three weeks so that's one thing and then maybe just I did watch the video I did watch the video it's just about the numbers that the doctors make you scared because they said oh it's too high yeah 172.8 too high or is it okay there's two types of values there's uh one type of value in in Europe and.

There's one in America and so um personally I I can't here's the problem if I start getting involved with uh too many disagreements with your doctor I'm going to get in trouble so I'm just going to say that um I would like you to look up normal ranges and then just determine for yourself.

Um so I don't create a another situation but here's the thing that I would think with um you know vitamin D is made from cholesterol right so let's say you went down to um one of the tablets a day which is 10 000 I use which is a great maintenance.

Dose that's not toxic at all right and so um the other thing too is that um cholesterol total cholesterol is really uh kind of a false thing because when you measure total cholesterol you're really measuring um but mainly the two lipoproteins which is LDL and HDL and so you didn't mention.

Anything about those two but um let's say your LDL was High um 177 so it is high a 177 the LDL or total cholesterol is the LDL okay good got it so this is what I would highly recommend you do and your doctor might.

Not even do it so you got to find someone to to do an advanced lipid profile to look at there's two different types of LDL one would be the small dense lip uh small dense particle size and the other one would be the large buoyant and you just have to look at which one do you have high and I would bet you anything it's going to be the.

Large buoyant one which are non-pathogenic it's not going to be in a small dense one in which case um even my wife Karen she we her LDL was high we found that we did the advanced lipid profile it's totally within the normal range because in the ketogenic diet you are eating more fat you are losing more fat and with that comes more.

Fat mobilization and so there's no way around it has to come out of your body somehow um you can always assist it by taking more bile salts by the gallbladder formula or maybe tutka but um right this question keeps coming up over and over over and over and I I have to keep kind of emphasizing um.

You know you can't just go by the LDL it doesn't really give you the full picture very good well folks you're feeling so much better you're welcome the fact that you're doing so much better it's like I mean I've had doctors even take one step more and say well no we need to put you in statins now and all of a sudden.

The person just goes from feeling great down to and they're on a high carb diet low fat diet and they just I'm like okay so this is mainly why I drink on the weekends and I'm being very sarcastic I'm not I don't drink on the weekends thank you so much Susan we appreciate it and of course love to hear back from you as things develop and let's go real.

Quickly uh to Justin who's in Reading California and Justin we're almost out of time but uh make sure that you get on the air you're on with Dr Berg go ahead with your question uh you're muted sir hi great to meet you the reason I was interested in talking to you is um I've normally had great blood pressure my.

Whole life until last year and I'd gone to the doctor because I had this complaint where I was feeling light-headed after I ate and I I talked to him and he really didn't have an answer for me he said it's probably something else and he checked my blood pressure and it was 180 over 100 and he put me on a.

Variety of different drugs tried a few different blood pressure meds and I wasn't feeling terribly well during that period and I immediately started looking for answers found you started working on a keto diet um went from 220 to about 197 now uh Weight Wise and um.

Uh I'd heard that perhaps this was insulin related perhaps and um it just uh it blew me away that I'd gone from really good blood pressure to within six months terrible blood pressure and I'm still losing weight but the you know part of the discovery process was I.

Walked up the stairs and my heart was racing 150 beats a minute just out of nowhere and my whole body was shaking and I just felt absolutely terrible and um and so I had several repeats I'm on the treadmill seven days a day oh a beak for 30 minutes and um it's started to recede and it's.

Happening less frequently but I just I get hit with these sudden episodes of racing heart and so I thought I'd ask you to see if you had any uh input yeah yeah I think um you know the most likely cause of the high blood pressure would be insulin because insulin makes the arteries thicker and uh more rigid but there's other causes too uh like uh.

For example uh low vitamin D levels can raise the blood pressure and also low potassium can also raise the blood pressure which a lot of doctors are recommending more potassium nowadays because it softens up the arteries it helps the kidney and it helps to lower blood pressure especially if they're trying to deal with the salt right so.

Um if you go too low in the salt it throws everything off so what you do to counter that is you increase the salt with the potassium at the right ratios two to one and then all of a sudden now you have the the amount of blood that you need so it's not a low volume and then the heart doesn't have to compensate so it sounds like there's.

Something going on in that area also B1 deficiency uh can create those same symptoms especially as a compensatory like a heart thing which is right racing to compensate because out of all the areas of your body you have the most mitochondria inside the heart and so you need a lot of B to help the heart so I would I would try a couple things but.

Not all together okay I would I would check your blood pressure and your pulse rate um several times a day keeping a log and for two days I would I would take like B1 and see if that doesn't handle it and the next two days I would take vitamin D in the next two days I would take more potassium to try to rule out what's.

Going on and then um if that doesn't solve it come back next week and uh because there's some other things you can do as well I I think I think this is uh related to one of those three things so um we'll just have to find out that's great okay Justin listen if you.

Would uh send a note to uh Dr Berg Dr so we can make sure we get you the link for next week or the week after if it takes you that long to complete your uh experimentation because we would love to hear back from you and hope you can get those uh kind of scary numbers uh back in check that's terrific and thank you for participating everyone in.

The Green Room like like even Tech like tachycardia high pulse rate um if you're low in vitamin B1 which a lot of people are and especially if you start keto right and they connect you need more B1 because of the need for a higher amount of metabolism burning more a different type of fuel so if you don't take that B1 what happens is that uh.

Um the pulse rate can go up the blood pressure can go up because it's compensating it's just you know you can do a lot of testing to try to diagnose it expensive but it's very cheap to just go out and get some natural B1 to test it Waters and like wow that helped me within a few days so anyway.

Um I'll have to put some more videos on on that I want to mention one a couple things Steve before we go number one um I completely redid uh my keto and intermittent fasting membership site for those of you that um have used it before or are new to it we completely redid it.

Um it's awesome and there's two versions one is to do it yourself the other is a coaching version which we actually you send in pictures of your meals and then we critique them until it's correct so we want you to do it long enough so it becomes a new habit and um it's a basically we'll analyze your food your meals so we do have a version of that to.

Help you with that and you just like send in exactly what you eat and do that long enough until you really understand uh how to do this correctly and get the benefits the key is doing a consistent uh doing doing it correctly consistent enough because a lot of people do it incorrectly for a long period of time and it doesn't work so we want to put.

You get you on the right track so we have that and the app and of course and also you know we we also are shipping our products overseas now too to make it a little bit cheaper we'll put some links down below but on that note oh by the way Dr Burke I'm sorry to interrupt you but we do have the answers to our last question which I didn't bring oh I.

Forgot about that that's all right so let's do it and that question asked true false gerd heartburn and acid reflux are a result of too much acid production and 95 percent of our respondents say that's not true five percent say it is true well the 90 the the majority is is is the correct group because um it's actually not an excess.

Production of acid it's the acid in the wrong place the acid is an esophagus and it shouldn't be there so there's a highly sophisticated machine in your stomach where you have this acid that that's in communication with the valve on the top of that stomach and the way it works is when you you need this strong acid like you need that valve to.

Shut when you digest right when you especially if you're digesting meat and things and so if you don't have enough acid the valve's not going to shut it comes right up into esophagus and that's where you get the uh the problems and if you you know you look this up and look at what the cause of heartburn gerd acid reflux is they'll say.

Oh it's the valve not closing well that doesn't tell us anything but what do we do if what's the real cause they don't get into that and then they put you on medication or they might do surgery which comes with a lot of side effects so simple solution is to take more um if you have those problems take apple cider vinegar but you might say.

Well what about it's a different type of acid it's not Hydrochloric well all we have to do is we have to drop the acidity level down to one to three to then activate this whole process from happening so you can do with different types of acid doesn't necessarily have to be Hydrochloric so anyway on that.

Note um stay tuned for regular Friday morning shows um not going anywhere for a while so I appreciate your wonderful attention and the wonderful comments which I read almost all of your comments on my videos so I appreciate that and stay tuned for some great content see you next week or.

Actually tomorrow morning thank you
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