The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 4, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 4, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 4, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 4, 2022.
thank you all right welcome back everyone we have a really great show we have a great lineup today there's a lot of great questions people from all over the world are listening in and so if you have a question go ahead and comment or question or ask the question through.

Social media um anything that I say is definitely not going to replace your medical care check with your competent physician before implementing any of these things we're going to discuss today all right let's just Dive Right In Steve all right very good let's see why don't.

We go straight to social media we never want to ignore our great friends on social media so let me see here what is today and yes from YouTube I'm doing a five day fast right now and I'm a little confused on the best way to break and extend it fast because you share your thoughts yeah watch my video on it because.

There's a lot of details but in a thumbnail sketch you don't want to break it with any carbs any sugar because that's that can really be dangerous because what happens with potassium being pushed around um in and out of your blood um start out with just a small amount of um food maybe um.

Maybe a little small little salad or something maybe a little nuts and then wait a couple hours and then maybe have a little bit of um egg you know then maybe wait a couple hours and have a little bit more but you want to kind of gradually go in and don't make the mistake that I made when I first did a prolonged fast I just.

Pigged out ate a ton of food I was like like I've never eaten before and then I go oh my goodness that was a big mistake because your digestive system is not ready for that much food so ease into it and then um watch my video on the specifics because there's a little bit more to it than I just mentioned.

Terrific okay and here's an interesting question Marcia from YouTube is there a practical way to measure autophagy good question um no there's not going to be any practical way to measure it other than the effects that it can create which is not are not going to show up immediately they're kind of delayed so.

We're talking about the recite how do you measure recycling of old damaged proteins right you just start looking younger you know well it's going to be so gradual you may not see a difference right away so it's I don't know of any way to measure it but we know how to induce it uh there's a lot of things that can trigger it the.

Main thing is fasting um but there's degrees of autophagy and um so for example let's say you're starting to go lower calorie and you're lower than a thousand calories per day you will get some autophagy um and then you less and less eating let's say you're at 100 calories a day.

You'll get more autophagy no food you'll get even more autophagy so when someone does fasting and then consumes let's say Bulletproof Coffee right with a good amount of calories um I mean it's not like a thousand calories so they may stop autophagy for a period of time but it's not going to be as bad as.

Consuming a really big meal with a lot of protein so that's interesting okay doc uh currently I'm on like a three hour window and I certainly eat more than a thousand calories in three hours then I have 21 hours is there any autophagy in that given the fact that I need to yeah there.

Is a top 50 going on when you start fasting for that many hours absolutely um so there's going to be a lot of benefits and even when you're fasting and let's say you don't have a lot of autophagy there's a lot of other benefits that go beyond just the recycling of old damaged proteins so there's a lot of things happening.

Um for your health autophagy is one benefit one of the many and what's cool about autophagy is what's nice about that as it relates to prolonged fasting is that you're cleaning up uh damaged mitochondria which are behind cancer so like I said before and I'll say it again.

The best strategy for overcoming cancer is to clean up these uh the actual root cause of cancer which is damaged mitochondria and so you know rather than try to um you know use Force by force let's say some people have this idea that I'm going to use I'm just going to destroy.

Cancer my body I'm going to use all the chemo and all the radiation hey I killed the cancer but you also killed the immune system at the same time so um you know it's not just about using more Force it's kind of like uh when I was in wrestling it's not necessarily the strongest person that always wins you know you have to have technique you have.

To have strategy so um you have to use uh things that um leverage you know resources to overcome these problems very encouraging uh and people all over the world appear to be encouraging because here's who's listening uh joining us today from the UK in Canada Egypt Jamaica Greece Poland Austria Denmark Croatia Switzerland.

Mexico Saudi Arabia India the Netherlands hold on my list just jumped up Oman Vietnam the Czech Republic Trinidad and Tobago Sweden Bermuda South Africa the United Arab Emirates Nepal Jordan uh let's see Spain Ireland Greenland France Australia Malaysia Chile Japan Israel Qatar who Italy Nigeria Dominican Republic.

Argentina Dubai Ghana uh Bahrain we haven't heard from them for a while Taiwan Papua New Guinea Romania Pakistan Iraq Colombia New Zealand Peru Scotland Georgia Thailand Ethiopia and all across these United States so thanks everybody for tuning in and as always thank you Terry for his his fingers must be throbbing after typing all that in uh.

And let's go right back to Karen this time from Facebook how long can I take Mick milk thistle and what are the benefits I mean you could take it for a good amount of time I mean I don't think there's a restriction but the benefits are very unique um this prickly.

Um herb or wheat which I have the mole all all around my backyard um this milk thistle has this property of um protecting the liver so if you were happen to be poisoned by either a mushroom or a snake I would try to start chewing on some of this milk thistle seed because it's the antidote it protects the liver and so um it's great.

For people that are alcoholics people that take Tylenol people that have any problem with the liver they should take it and it it can help protect the liver against things if you're on medication or you have some chronic problem that involves the liver you should just take it as a something to help neutralize the effects of that toxin I'm sorry the.

Medication so um that's what it does terrific okay let's get to our great questions we've got one I'm really excited about today but that's not the first one this is probably exciting as well and Dr Berg there you go okay how much actual water does an.

Average person drink per day in cups all right folks dig into that and let's go to our uh green room as we call it and uh today it's the husband of a very familiar person that we've had on Virginia who's this french-speaking woman in multilingual and so interesting.

But now her husband who's not nearly as pretty as she is is going to be on with us and Sir if you would unmute yourself we've got Richard from Pismo Beach go ahead Richard you're on with Dr Berg Richard go ahead if you can hear us good morning doctor good morning all right I've been on healthy keto and if for.

About a year and a half now and on omad for about three months I lost 45 pounds I feel great but I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and Barrett's esophagus over 10 years ago and my question uh since I have no symptoms since I started Keto uh will and can these conditions be healed over time I believe they can I believe they can of.

Course when you get into Health Care uh it's very very um negative to bring up the word cure which is really bizarre because why can't we can't things be cured um I guess it's illegal in certain States so you can't cure anyone but you can definitely manage the symptoms I think I've seen that before people have.

Hiatal hernias which is a kind of a physical physical problem because there's a weakness within the abdominal wall there or even the uh the tissue um right right next to the diaphragm and all of a sudden they have no more symptoms so I think it can be resolved if you have a problem in the future I think one really uh good thing to do.

Would be the manual type uh therapy that I show you in some of the videos to kind of like push things back in there while you you stretch back and forth to kind of manually manipulate it but think about what happens when you do keto you're you're improving insulin resistance you're improving your ability to absorb.

Proteins amino acids so you should see better um muscle repair more muscle and uh on a better connective tissue um because if hernias are just weakness within a certain connective tissue or even muscles you can have weakness within the wall so um anything you do to strengthen that is.

A good thing well I think you get a little delayed there but that's great Richard um I hope that helps and congratulations on a fantastic um 40 pound weight loss I'm sure that yeah yeah I have no doubt that Virginia was lashing him through the whole process and uh ensuring that he stayed.

On task so good for you that's what great couples do for one another so thanks again and by the way Richard why don't you uh you know stay in touch with us and let us know if the uh Barrett's esophagus shows Improvement and so on we're always fascinated to find out what happens after the fact so thanks for joining us and our best to your wife or.

Jenny all right let's see do we have no answers quite yet on the question so why don't we go back to social media Charlie from Facebook I have a dear friend whose son is suffering from Crohn's disease what foods do you recommend for him I I would do the basic eating plan that I recommend to everyone which is the healthy version of the ketogenic diet.

Which would not include any of those um those things that are inflammatory like the uh um omega-6 oils especially the seed oils got to be careful of those the canola the corn the soy cottonseed oil avoid those uh creates inflammation and of course all the grains which can especially the gluten can tear up your.

Gut and create all sorts of problems with the gut but um there's a really good video to search out I think it's um entitled the real cause of bloating you should watch that and apply that information because um you know when you're dealing with these body.

Problems you want yes you need to reduce the symptoms and Colitis is a symptom and um but the question is why did you get this in the first place are you creating enough Health are you on the right eating plan um go to and just I have it download you can just download the eating plan just right there.

And so we have the exact details if you want even more details I do have a book on it um so that's what I would recommend terrific great Council I'm sure okay we have an answer for our first question of today which asks how much water does the average person per day drink in cups and our respondents let's see 65 percent say.

Eight cups 30 say fewer than eight cups and five percent are standing out saying more than eight cups any Winner's doctor no no winners today ouch um it's the average person only consumes just slightly more than four cups and I for my friend in Germany um Dennis um that would come out too if I'm not.

Mistaken 236 grams but don't quote me that's what I was going to say roughly around there but here's the thing um yes they're drinking a lot of fluids for sure probably over eight cups of fluid but the actual um glasses of water is only slightly more.

Than four cups which is fascinating most of the other fluids include the coffee the sodas the diet sodas the juice the alcohol a lot of things that have caffeine a lot of things that dehydrate you that are not hydrating at all so um so that's interesting and stay tuned for a more in-depth video on that because um um.

You know there's this whole push just to get people to drink more water but is that really solving the problem is that really curing the problem well I think it's helping a little bit but it's not doing a significant um factor for hydration so I'll get into the details on that when you in in a video.

All right well here's some details from Sharda from Facebook I oh wait a minute I'm sorry let me go back one Sheila from Facebook I'm 63 and cannot lose any weight even being on omad for several months on healthy keto help there's two things you have a you have an option for two things okay um.

I would do a significantly longer fast okay and I'm talking about to do like a five day fast um maybe even longer and because especially if you're not hungry so many people are like they're doing omad and they're not even hungry and they have a lot of weight to lose well so the question is if you're.

Not hungry why are you eating your body is eating itself and it's eating all the fat so might as well ride the wave take advantage of that and go longer go five days take the supplements but um that's a nice way to jump start it but the other thing that I would do in between if you could do this is do omad every other day so one meal a day every other.

Day so you're not eating today but you'll eat tomorrow you're not eating next day you'll eat the next day and so on some people they need to do that because what's happening inside their body maybe from something in the past that really you know cradle a severe insulin resistance problem.

Um they need to go to more of an extreme level I I had a handful of people that I had to put on that program which finally helped them and just because things were just at a snail's pace and so um if they did that they would they would get success but especially if you um if you happen to be in a situation where you were dieting as.

A kid and you were put on a lot of programs that's always an issue or you had a lot of stress certain times or you dieted a lot through your early 20s or there's always something in the background that kind of slows things down but um that's those are the two choices do prolonged fasting and or do the um.

Eat every other day one meal very good by the way we just spoke about liquids in a fast should you be on four cups or something is there any different uh regime in terms of the amount of fluid you're taking during a fast well I think I think you need you need to do at least uh two to three liters of fluid per day uh especially if if.

There's any risk of kidney stones you know because you want to keep that fluid enough fluid to the body so on average uh if we take everything in the consideration you know and videos I'll say well don't drink unless you're thirsty well um that's kind of like a a theory that make I mean that makes.

Sense because you don't want to over drink but but you need some fluids so I would say between two to three would be good um especially if you exercise you know the question is um some people don't crave fluid they don't.

Crave uh water they don't they're not thirsty but they're craving salt and so why is that it could be that um you need more salt than to get more of a thirst right because you're you're um when you have more salt in your body's now okay now more balanced so and some people.

They they don't have enough volume of blood and so they might have low blood pressure is the body going to actually crave water maybe not it might crave more salt because if if they crave more water and they drink more water it would make the salt situation worse because it's going to dilute you so a lot of times um.

The body will crave more salt first so then then you'll drink more water so that kind of solves the problem right there all right thank you sir okay next question please all right which medical conditions um wait what medical what medical condition does olive oil have the greatest effect on.

Talking about extra virgin olive oil it does a lot but what what condition does it help most all right dig into it audience uh let's see Jay from YouTube is it better to take regular fish oil or is some omega-369 uh better for you also what are your.

Thoughts on flaxseed oil so there's a couple questions yeah flaxseed oil is not going to give you those omega-3 fatty acids that you need they might contain a little bit of a precursor ala but not the um the other ones that you need so not the active form a better option uh than even fish oil would be Cod Liver because Cod Liver not only.

Will you will give you the benefit of the Omega-3 but also vitamin A and vitamin D and so if you think about it uh there's just something unique about Cod Liver that um just as it's just more enhancing than just the other fish oils which is only the mega-3.

All right very good well uh we have got uh let's see someone else from our green room and I'm gonna go tahina from Houston simply because it seems to rhyme and let's see let me get Hina on Hina unmute yourself you're on with Dr Berg hi Dr Berg hello okay my question is uh I have a multiple autoimmune diseases like I have.

Rheumatoid arthritis lupus thyroid I have H pylori and most of the time my liver enzymes go elevated so whenever I try to do the intermittent fasting I feel super lethargic and like I cannot do my house chores I can go to my work I can take care of my two two years old baby so it's very hard but I really wanna do something which is.

Natural to cure myself or at least you know to feel better and uh uh I was doing really good but after I got covered it was miserable like my condition was miserable even I can't change the driver of my baby so uh I I have this condition for 11 years and I never ever did like took any.

Steroids or anything but I was doing all natural and I was feeling much better but after the covet I got really sick and I was on prednazon but my immune system was so suppressed but that I was getting sick like every other day like I had holes or like a strep throat or something then I.

Stopped taking it and my question is mostly like I I lost a lot of weight because of this immune and this autoimmune and whenever I try to do the fasting I lose so much weight this is the second thing I don't want to lose any weight I actually want to put on some some weight so how I can do that I can eat I cannot.

Eat gluten I cannot eat mostly like any greens I cannot eat sell cucumber like sorry the broccoli I cannot eat cauliflower well that's some good news I have some good news for you yes so you want some good news yes are you sitting down right now yes okay good so you you don't uh the good news is the on the Keto Plan.

The healthy version there is no grains there is no gluten this is exciting so you don't have to worry about that and then you can just avoid those other vegetables that create problem I get the feeling though what's happening is that um you might benefit more for from a carnivore diet because uh it sounds to.

Me like um if you have an autoimmune disease there could be also some gut issues involved right so yeah a lot of inflammation then that means we should probably switch to carnivore for a couple months and then so maybe you don't do the fasting but you do a healthier version of the carnivore but here's here's the other thing that I.

Would do I would start taking um daily vitamin D3 at like 40 to 50 000 IUS because that will help drop the inflammation I would take also butane hydrochloride because you have H pylori which is you need acidify the stomach if you can tolerate unless there's some gastritis in which you can't do that um.

And so I do know what you're up against so you're going to also have to take high doses of the vitamin B1 I would probably take a combination of benphotamine as well as um a natural B1 and just take whatever the dosage says take you know double or triple of that because that'll actually get your energy back from the covid situation and I have.

Videos on that and then you can just watch this video again just to kind of write these down because I went really fast and we have to get through the rest of the people that are lined up but those are the things that I think I would focus on and that would turn things around for you and then once you get your strength back then consider.

Doing longer fasts so it's always a catch-22 um not wanting to lose weight not having enough fat to do fasting and if I was in your situation the only time I would probably do prolonged fasting is if I had cancer then I would I would be okay with getting really really really skinny if I'm going to get rid of my cancer I.

Think that's a better benefit well that's great well Hina thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it and as always we'd love to hear back from you and see that you gained a few pounds and started uh lifting huge amounts of weight no I'm just kidding whatever that makes you healthy would be just absolutely terrific now speaking of.

Healthy Dr Berg the audience failed the last um failed to last quiz question nobody got it right so let's hope that they have improved this time and the question was which medical condition does olive oil have the greatest effect on and drum roll please uh 45 of respondents say olive oil helps with autoimmune disease.

Uh 25 say skin issues 15 say liver or the gut issues and finally 10 percent cardiac issues and five percent wow Terry thank you says it's with cholesterol is there any wisdom in any of those answers well there's definitely a lot of everyone is right there's all these benefits I mean for it's a very.

Potent anti-inflammatory but most of the research that I found when I recently looked back at it related to blood pressure significant blood pressure lowering effect so that would relate to cardio but it also has an anti thrombosis so it actually helps thin the blood it's anti-inflammatory antimicrobial anti-cancer so it would be.

Also great for autoimmune so um you know I think that um if you're not doing extra virgin olive oil I think you should start doing it put it on your salad or just take a couple tablespoons a day because there's some really cool amazing properties in that olive oil that I was just like I already knew about it but not when I.

Recently researched them like wow I'm going to be drinking more olive oil um and I also um I think it's called fatora um what is the name of the one I use I'll put it down below but I found this wonderful Farm in Italy that I get my.

My oil from because I watched them cultivate and grow these olives I tested their soil and I um I saw what they do to create this I mean it's like talk about someone really taking it to the next level and caring about uh the quality and so I looked at their lab results of the some of the phytonutrients and how they make it I'm.

Like okay sign me up I I need to start or in cases and then using that but there's a lot of other great olive oil out there don't get me wrong from a lot of different countries so um the way that you know when you taste it and it has that nice little fresh grass taste with that little irritation in the back of your throat.

And then you know it's it's good wow that's terrific okay let's see let's go back to social media uh Ernesto from Facebook is intermittent fasting uh good for trembling hands I think I think it is because of the effects that fasting does on your brain and um the Tremors.

Um mostly happen because there's some type of deficiency in the brain certain parts of the brain that control like dopamine and you might have these resting Tremors and then you do fasting and now we get this really cool regenerative fact you actually can grow your neurons back in your brain when you do fasting which is mind-blowing that.

Your body will do that so if you want a couple more brain cells um definitely include fasting prolonged fasting and there's other things too exercise um cold showers and even those ice baths which I know Steve is I know you're itching to jump into some ice bath or a cold shower that'll actually really help.

Um grow your brain back so wow that's great you hear that Terry There's Hope poor guy he can't retaliate because he's not on the air with me but he'll let me have it afterwards let's see Stephanie um no I'm sorry Stephanie I'm going to go to Sarah best supplements to take in the.

Third trimester of pregnancy I know you're always so hopeful for people having babies doc well you just you just want to you know if you're gonna get pregnant might as well have the healthiest baby possible right and there's it's uh you don't want to get the cheapest prenatal out there you want to get something that's.

A whole food concentrate you want to get something that has um the uh a good amount and I'm not talking about massive toxic amounts I'm just talking about a good amount of vitamin D omega-3 trace minerals a natural whole vitamin C complex um uh something with natural the B complex so nutritional yeast.

Um make sure you can have iodine um so these are all and then I would try to eat foods that are high in these food uh these nutrients like um um maybe some you know liver um some organic grass-fed grass-finished liver that would be really beneficial.

Um some shellfish oysters I mean these would be really good to take to increase your fertility salmon some wild caught salmon um that uh the the health of that child is dependent on what the mother ate during the pregnancy and before um and you can that way the child.

Doesn't end up with you know you haven't taken get braces and dental malformations and all sorts of you know you have deficiencies like vitamin D deficiency can create bowed legs so you want to take enough vitamin D for sure um that's the form of rickets in children but and then and whatever you have to do to.

Breastfeed or get some help with the late Jade League that would be very smart because in the breast milk you have uh colostrum which will start the immune system and you have all these natural antibodies that the mother has developed through her whole life that get passed on to this this infant so you're actually giving this infant.

Their immune system which is awesome because if they do if you don't breastfeed you don't give them that immune system they are a lot more sick more frequently and they have a lot more allergies and risks for all sorts of issues wow well uh do what nature says and let's see let me find Stephanie probably.

Was mad at me because I skipped over a question but it was only due to my embarrassment of not thinking I could say this this phrase but I think I've got it Stephanie from YouTube can you please discuss the benefits of taking serrapeptase did I say that right yeah Sarah peptase.

Um that is a an enzyme from silkworm and it's great for fibrotic tissue let's say for example you have some plaquing in the arteries or you have some Scar Tissue throughout the body it's been known to help help dissolve that and help resolve that so it's good for a lot of different conditions but mainly it's um if you combine that with.

Tocatrinals which is a type of vitamin E2 that would be a good good strategy to help um remove um extra scar tissue that your body doesn't need all right all right back to the green Mirage are you with us pop on your camera and I'm going to put you on with Dr Berg.

So let's give him just a second and he is very efficient with that there you go Raj you are on the air with Dr Berg please unmute yourself hi doctor good morning hello oh thank you so much for giving me talk to you talk with you uh it's basically I'm facing uh stomach issues so after eating food right after eating food uh.

After one two hours I'm getting severe stomach pain so I went to hospital they did uh interest endoscopy MRI ultrasound avaskar ultrasound and gallbladder test but they said everything is good but my bilirubin is always high 2.5 2.6 do you think what's too high a bilirubin okay they said we are not sure why it is increasing but everything looks good so.

I went to another hospitals that he taken all the tests that it endoscopy and found it could be H pylori and I took medication for h pylori but still same thing so I'm getting severe pain like sharp pain sometimes I have to vomiting after vomiting and then settling down so okay yeah I don't know what to do so.

Okay this is this is what this is what you do okay um what you want to do is you there's two things that I would recommend and it's very difficult sometimes to diagnosis unless you're looking for it um it's a functional test but it's a pH test the the amount of acid you have the.

PH of your stomach like what is the pH I would bet you anything it's probably not between one and three it's probably higher it's probably more alkaline and then when you eat it's just like you're not gonna be able to digest and that's going to cause a lot of stomach pain right there also you're not going to get the release of the bile.

Which means that your bile is going to be the bile salts are going to be uh kind of thicker than they should so um because the calcium will tend to kind of build up in the in the um little tubes between your liver and the gallbladder called Ducks bile ducts so those will be kind of um jammed up and.

They're kind of thickened um bile salts and some of the other sludge in there they call it just bile sludge if you took tadka okay tadka an empty stomach you look it up get it on Amazon tadka take two of those in the morning empty stomach and then take two in the afternoon empty stomach and then with each meal.

Take a whole handful I'm talking at least eight the betaine hydrochloride right before you eat and you do that for several weeks um you'll reestablish the pH tend to put this H pylori back in remission because over 50 of the population has it but it doesn't become a problem until the pH of.

Your stomach starts to go up more alkaline and then now you now you get the bile problem and then now everything kind of gets all stuck there and you have pain so um those are the two things I would do and I think you'll be quite pleasantly surprised at the results the test to diagnose that is it's hard to do this functional test I don't even.

Know what tests they do for thickened bile um sludge but you know what you either go through the test which I think they might even knock you out and it's very expensive or buy a very inexpensive bottle of Tucka take it and if the problem goes away then you know you have that problem it's a lot cheaper to do it.

That way let's see you know I knew you're gonna ask that let me just write it down so I can yeah so it's a t-u-d-c-a um tug cup and then the other one is betaine hydrochloride those are the two that you need to get that's great well I think.

Raji might be getting a lot of Vitamin D naturally because you have these Stripes of sunlight searing into your face that's going to be that's that's all right there's going to be a new trend on a tick tock and everyone's going to be doing that so congratulations you trendsetter and please do get back with us after the fact and let us know uh if.

Things are improving for you so thanks for hanging in there in the green room and folks we've got a couple more there and don't worry we will get to you so Dr need to take morning and afternoon these two before yep okay thank you all right very good I miss your stripes Taj but that's all right all right let's uh let's move on.

To another quiz question and here you go doc all right so how long does stress take to affect your hair loss so um you know I mean it's a well-known fact that stress can affect your hair right so when you go through a significant amount of stress how long does it usually take before the air.

Starts to fall out all right dig into that audience and you redeem your last last time after opening with a complete failure uh you uh you got the last question right let's see how if you can keep that Trend going all right Julie from Facebook my gallbladder was removed over 30 years ago along with part of my signoid colon how can I stop.

My frequent diarrhea ouch so unfortunately um what's happening is you're getting um too much bile now because when they remove those structures now we don't you know usually you're not going to have enough but if you have diarrhea that means you have too much bowel coming through there and so there are certain.

Types of medications that you're probably going to have to take right now which are things that slow down the bile production and then maybe you could find some natural thing I haven't researched to see if there's a natural anti-bile supplement out there there might be but that's really what's going.

On unfortunately you're that have that situation you just have too much bile usually it's the opposite um so another thing that I probably would recommend that you do just um who knows what kind of trauma that created I don't know it's like you do surgery and maybe they made the hole too.

Big or too you know but if you could manually massage underneath the right rib cage and the left rib cage about an inch off the midline an inch slower maybe one or two inches lower and find a certain point of tenderness on left and right side and start massaging that that that just might give you a little more relief because anytime they do surgery.

You know there's a lot of scar tissue that might develop that if you can kind of loosen some of that up it can sometimes help so that's what you need to do all right audience well Terry has got your back he told me stop saying the first quiz question was a failure more than 30 percent of respondents were correct by.

Saying fewer than eight cups of water so my apologies and once again Terry is listening and he has your back he's not going to let me get it I'm sure you just you just said that because to make it was a test to see if he was listening because well that's exactly right Terry congratulations you retain your job by.

Being attentive okay no actually Terry could probably fire me so I mean I'll quit picking on him for a while okay let's see uh so we're waiting for that quiz question answer and let's see let's go back to gallbladders Paul from YouTube can you share thoughts on what might cause gallbladder polyps I've been taking your gallbladder formula for.

Months well I think it's the same thing that might be um causing polyps in the colon there's some uh reason that your body is trying to consolidate or or wall off something it could be you know it could be a microbe could be some toxin I don't know but what I do know if you did periodic prolonged.

Fasting with any polyps whether in the colon or in the liver and the kidney I think my thought is that you would probably see them shrink and hopefully go away um so maybe you do like a three or four day fast um but that's what I that's what I would recommend.

Um and then make sure that the food that you're eating is the correct healthy version of the ketogenic diet because ultimately that will help things in the long run especially with what's going on with your liver because the liver is connected to the gallbladder sorry okay uh why don't we go all the way to Antigua or Antigua as Jamila.

Corrected me and she's got a question for us she's got kind of a funky video going there but let's hope we can hear uh Jamila you're on with Dr bird okay can you guys hear me yes yes that's great okay so Dr Berg um thanks for having me um I've been watching your videos for maybe a month now uh let me explain to.

You real quick because I have a timeline on the 23rd of August I had to be taken from work I'm an immigration officer I had to be taken from work to the doctor I couldn't walk or when I tried to walk my heartbeat stuff and that was like two days after my cycle ended and so I was anemic I found out my blood count was really low I was told to take try he.

Make twice a day try he make 600. and um my heart rate slowed down and everything started to feel better but last week Tuesday I had I my heart rate increased again um it was just a little bit over 100 uh the Friday went up the Saturday the same thing the Sunday last week Monday I.

Decided to go to the ER but before going to the ER I took a thyroid test at a private lab I got back my my thyroid test and I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on Wednesday um I have multiple fibroids um one of them is a kind of big um I have a cyst.

On my ovary so I was just wondering because I have all the classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism I have been trying to eat the ketoe for two weeks I'm not sure if I'm getting all my calories in but I can tell you that uh at work I've been stressed for the last couple months and I'm I'm wondering if it's stress that.

Triggered off my thyroid I just need your help as to what I should do to get this under control you know you know at the um you I'm guessing it's it probably is Graves which is an autoimmune hyperthyroid I'm guessing but I don't know for a fact um you know 90 maybe even the hypothyroid is um Hashimoto's which is.

An autoimmune so what's really interesting to me that um when you go through stress significant emotional stress or whatever chronic stress um a person could go either hyper or hypo thyroid with an autoimmune situation which I don't know why um it's one way or the other I just know.

That the immune system is developing antibodies and it's creating a problem um so that being said um there's a couple things that I would I would do in addition to the healthy keto I would do a bit more fasting and I would also do whatever you can to lower your stress because if it was.

Triggered by stress then you have to kind of undo that but isolate you know there's a lot of things you can do for reducing stress but then you want to not just do things like exercise to reduce stress but get find out what is stressing the isolate the main thing that's stressing you out.

Um one thing that I found more than anything that will probably help you now is to do things to improve your sleep which uh because out of all the things for stress reduction sleep is probably the the biggest thing so if you have any sleep problems you know watch my videos on that uh go yeah I've been having problems sleeping.

Everything I'm I'm gonna tell you the honor truth I suffered from anxiety so you know hearing that I have hyper I got really sad and um I'm like wow did this really happen to me and I'm just you know I'd go to sleep maybe around eight wake up around 12 and go back to sleep around three I don't.

Know you know I don't know how to control my answer that that's better than nothing that's better than nothing you just have I think I would take this problem um of and just take parts of the problem and that because it could be very overwhelming so just work on parts of.

The problem that you can do right now and you keep stripping it down until it's all gone for example right now don't worry about anything but fixing your sleep okay okay once then when you get rid of that you work on the next thing but um a couple things for sleep I'll just mention right now make sure that your.

Room is on the cool side make sure that you do some type of low stress exercise that can make your body tired uh for example let's say you did some some weight training or something only work on one or two muscle groups right so it's a real short workout you you and created some damage on your body but that actually will help you uh.

Sleep um um more than just kind of like light type of exercise like really work one or two muscle groups and um it'll definitely help you sleep so watch my videos on on sleep and then then reevaluate after you do that but um unfortunately you have a uh your.

Adrenals probably need some support so take a lot of B1 nutritional yeast in this you can do the ashwagandha the lemon balm tea those are good but I think B1 is going to help you a lot with your adrenals okay Jeremiah listen we're running out of time and I appreciate you coming on with us so please try those things and get back with us and let us.

Know how things are going in atigua or Antigua which I now know how to pronounce okay so our latest quiz question number three how long does stress take to affect hair loss and 35 percent say a week or two thirty percent say a matter of days 25 say a month or more and 15 uh wrapped it up with 15 saying more than two months.

Now this is interesting because a lot of people that lose their hair they're wondering what's going on I don't think I've had any stress and then what they don't realize is there's a huge delay between the time you go through stress and the time you lose your hair just because hair grows kind of slow and we're talking.

One to three months okay after the fat after a stress so you know with other things you can kind of see the thing that happens right before the problem but with hair loss you got to look earlier just like in your fingernails if you see um a problem with your fingernails let's say you have this white Speck right in the middle of your.

Nail which is a zinc deficiency which is really a time where you ate too much sugar and if it's right in the middle of the nail we know about three months ago you had a birthday party and you end up eating the whole cake because it created a lot of deficiency of Zinc at that point and then I'll show that little.

White dot so sometimes it's hard to um figure these things out because of the delay time but yeah with your hair just look three months back and say oh oh that's right I had this major stress event and now it all makes sense so I will release the video on that shortly you know there's an interesting event that happened I don't know maybe 30.

Years ago where a gentleman that was driving a petrol rig a big semi truck it caught on fire and he escaped it and his dark hair turned gray within a very short period and they said that was from just enormous stress of thinking you're going to burn to death so I never forgot that uh that article okay we've got two folks left in the green room and Sarah.

From Israel has been trying to get on the air and is coming back and forth Sarah I hope we can hear you go ahead with your question me yes speak up and let us know what your question is my question is how I can do to lower my Uric acids because it's a little high I made keto for about a month or a nice.

Job because I went on vacation and I went through a blood test and a uh my uric acid level was and a little bit my cholesterol yells so I want to research it because it was good for me but I don't know where to start now with these levels got it okay good question let me answer that for you.

Um when you do mainly fasting or intermittent fasting it is true that the um the uric acid does go up okay but if you think about uric acid is not a hundred percent a Bad Thing uric acid is a more powerful antioxidant than any other antioxidant in your blood which is.

Fascinating so the question is why is your uric acid going up because your anti your um antioxidants are going up and your body's trying to um clean things up and protect things because you have this um increased um counter to oxidative stress so um.

Unless you're experiencing a physical problem like gout I wouldn't be too other than um you know make sure the amount of protein that you're eating is not excessive potentially that you know because uric acid is part of the whole protein breakdown cycle.

But um but when you do go through fasting there is a spike of uric acid and then it comes down more and more and more over time even if you're fasting and also the more your uh the insulin resistance you have too the more you'll have uric acid so.

Anyway I would um if you have gout for example um and then that's uh realize that probably the biggest trigger for that is the fructose and the fruit and the beer and the carbs and the sugar and all that more than other things like protein um and um so I watch my videos and gout if you have.

That but other than that I think I wouldn't be concerned um because there's so many other benefits you're experiencing now and I just give it more time reevaluate it see if your uric acid does come down over time and just realize too that the underlying problem is probably more with your kidney not being able to regulate this more than.

Anything else so you know if you keep doing this your body gets healthy the kidneys get healthier the liver gets healthier and then the uric acid gets healthier all right that's terrific thank you so much Sarah I'm glad we were able to finally get your call and we've got one more participant Nancy I'm going to startle her because she's on the.

Phone right now she's going oh no I got to get off I got to get off and she did it successfully and Nancy I hope you're unmuted and you're on the phone with Dr Berger I hope you were bragging to your friend about being on the show I was but unfortunately it was my boss so he said are you at an appointment I hear people in the background I said no.

No I'm waiting to talk to Dr Berg oh boy let me give you a note no I don't know if that would work yeah yeah I don't know I'm kind of self-employed it's not that big of a deal anyway um so Dr Berg I've been following you for a while now a couple years at least and um.

I have watched your videos on heartburn and how to get rid of it and your lemon acid apple cider vinegar cranberry water I've you know bought the your gallbladder formula and the bile salts and the butane hydrochloride what happened is I've been taking Omeprazole for years not consistently but I know that it's something I need to.

Get off of and um so I dropped it and I started doing your stuff taking the pills drinking the water every morning consistently got off my tea instead of tea I would drink your lemon water um I still had horrible heartburn.

So when does it go away what can I do I actually got back on the two-week cycle of Omeprazole because it was I was in so much pain what do I do and how long can I expect okay so do you have symptoms of acid reflux that's coming up here or is it just heartburn in your stomach itself.

Sometimes both okay but you do have Gerd yeah sometimes okay so this valve that's on the top of the stomach is not closing properly and so um the question is why um there's a couple reasons for that that the most common one is that the you.

Just don't have the acidity that you need and of course by taking this medication for such a long period of time which actually helps get rid of acid you probably don't have hardly anything in there so it's it's you're stuck between a rock and a hard place because it might not be as easy as just like oh I'm just.

Going to get off this and start a replacement you might have to do a little bit of both and then give it a long time because what people don't realize is to re-establish the normal pH in the stomach um sometimes takes months and sometimes you have to take larger amounts than um is recommended on the back of label.

Especially with betaine hydrochloride I probably would not do two things at once like I probably wouldn't work on the gallbladder and the bile salts at the same time because that's that's an alkaline solution so here you're taking the potato chloride and the alkaline at the same time now we got a we neutralized it I'm like oh so probably.

Just do one thing at a time and start with the petite hydrochloride and start increasing the amount until your heartburn goes away so you might end up with like I don't know five six seven eight nine ten also wow it took ten of these and now I have no more heartburn and then you just give that more time and just let it kind of reestablish.

Um now let's say for example you took leads between hydrochloride and you you felt worse then that means you have gastritis did that ever happen um so yes I well when I take four like you you said take eight at a time I've read that and um so I take them they're they're pretty big.

And they're gel caps so they get lodged and you get sick stomach and you then you you know you kind of feel yucky and then you have to eat and you know same thing with the vitamins in the morning you know I'm a faster I fast omad pretty much every day and when I take those 12 or so vitamins you're you're a your k your B your B12 all of those zinc.

Yeah I get sick to my stomach and I found out last week that I was actually getting severe stomach cramps and I figured it was maybe the vitamins so I don't know yeah so you might have to just take those with when you're one meal and just take them with food um the the type of betaine hydrochloride.

You might want to get is not in a gel it's not in a capsule it's just like in a tablet um okay because I do understand that with your esophagus things can get kind of stuck in there and then that can be a big problem um I would also one thing I would take before bed is a.

Uh my liquid probiotic that way you don't have to take anything pill-wise and then um that will actually kind of help you from the other side of your body and give you more microbes to make more secondary bile and then we can actually maybe kind of fix it from the other end of your digestive tract but what you're.

Really running into is the duration of being on this medication and what it's did to your pH of your stomach and you're going to have to kind of just um play with it back and forth until you can re-establish all the acid at the same time taking medication and then you slowly take less with the help of your doctor you know just until the point.

Where you're eventually off of it unfortunately coming off medication is always a problem so that's that's what you're you're up against but um if there is any tests that can um that you can talk your GI doctor into doing.

That could measure the pH of your stomach that would be very valuable it might be a pain in the butt to get it done but I would get I would bet anything it's it could be a pH of four or five or even six which then would just completely you know so you can really see what's going on you're like it kind of baffle.

Your doctor to go wait a second how could you have no hardly any acid but you have heartburn that doesn't make sense to me well that's because the valve is not closing so um one last Point okay and then that's it but uh vitamin B1 uh in the form of benfotamine not that you want to take another supplement if you have a history.

Of insulin resistance um you could be very deficient in B1 and that's another reason why that valve won't close but again I don't want to throw so many things at you at once so stick with the retain another chloride and then solve that and then go on to something else all right that's great thanks so much.

Nancy for that and by the way doc we got a little later start and this is the question I was dying to get answered why don't we give them a bonus question here and there it is what is the most ignored disease on the planet I just find that do you want me to just tell people because you're interested.

Should I just what it is yeah why not they probably know anyway well what do you think it is Steve um you know I didn't give enough time to think that I just wanted you to do all the thinking okay so um there is a disease out there that causes it's more common it's never hardly ever tested and it's always.

Ignored it it's behind metabolic syndrome a fatty liver obesity especially in the midsection it's behind getting up urinating at night it's behind getting tired after you eat um it's behind fluid retention it's behind diabetes okay wow so it's this one disease and we'll cover this next week.

And I'm being very sarcastic um it's called hyperinsulinemia okay it's too much insulin um that's what's behind this whole thing it's on behind so many other problems and so really if you look at it these other problems are really symptoms of.

Hyperinsulinemia and what's really wild is they always check your blood sugars but not the insulin levels they'll say well you know you're fine your blood sugars are level but here's the thing how could it be possible Steve that someone eats so much sugar like the average person consumes like just.

Massive amounts of sugar in the diet but their blood sugars are normal how could their blood sugars be normal by consuming all of this sugar in fact it could be normal for 15 years in the blood because what's happening in the background is you have your pump and so much insulin out to push that blood.

Sugar down to keep things normal that you're ignoring the real mechanism behind this blood sugar which is the insulin that's going way too high so the earliest detection of blood sugar problems occurs with insulin because that's what's trying to push this blood sugar down so hyperinsulinemia is behind this whole thing and of course if we.

Could only figure out what causes that right well we know what causes that that's high carb diets and frequent meeting eating and snacking so thus the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting wow and on that note I appreciate all of your wonderful.

Questions your attention and also the great comments on the videos um stay tuned for some more interesting videos this next week as well as our next show next Friday same time same place
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - November 4, 2022
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