The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 18, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 18, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 18, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 18, 2022.
thank you all right welcome back everyone we're here for another show anything that I say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that we're about to give you um.

So welcome back and uh it's cold outside where I am I don't know about you Steve but um uh I think I think winter is a coming well I think so I'm in the South and even for us it's down in the 40s so that's pretty that's pretty chilly uh come North Carolina almost down to South Carolina listen uh doc without further.

Ado I'm going to bring Jennifer on because she keeps popping off and on her she's from Kentucky and you know about their internet down there in Kentucky so uh Jennifer you're on with Dr Birds all right um okay so I have started uh I started keto in March started doing one meal a day in August off and on and I've been.

Very faithful and all of a sudden and then I just started doing the apple cider vinegar from watching one of your shows um to in the morning and in the evening and then ever since then it's just my I hate to be like you know too personal but my my bowels have been so loose I've never and I take and I've not done.

Anything else that's different and so I quit and then I started again yesterday and it's just I don't know what I'm doing wrong that's a good point it just tells me that there's um there's definitely an interaction between acetic acid and your your bacteria in fact your bacteria.

Is even a byproduct can make acetic acid so you know I think it's just an imbalance going on and I don't know exactly what's happening but what I would do is I would just mix it cut it out not use it you know it's not going to be major Game Changer situation but obviously with some people you know you.

Doesn't work for you so I don't know exactly why but um I do know there's some difference that's going on in your microbes that might uh might be significant but we would probably have to do a deep dive into you know a test or some type of stool sample to see what's going on and compare that to normal.

So so if I just didn't maybe did it like once a day you don't think I mean because I like the results I've not had any other problems you can try you can try just lessening it and see if that doesn't help you um you can also try taking them in pills that might help and let's say for example you do one one of those one.

Teaspoon a day and you still have a problem um then you can shift gears to using something of attained hydrochloride which is another type of acidifier for your stomach but I would just start lessening it to the point where you don't have any problem anymore try that but that's a very interesting effect.

Because I I don't hear that often so I don't know why so I'll have to find out I'll have to do some research on that too well I I all when I quit I quit for a week and then it and it still did it and I like I said I just started yesterday but it was still doing it so I'm only assuming that it's from that because that's the only new thing that I.

Did well that's the thing about experimentation um you just have to do it with one variable to really make sure you do it with one variable at a time don't do two things at once because then you don't know um so if you're sure that's the only.

Thing then do the next experiment just start cutting down the amounts and see what happens um you may benefit maybe from some type of uh either probiotic food like fermented vegetables or just a probiotic just to see if that that doesn't help you kind of repopulate because see.

Typically when you um have diarrhea um you can have a deficiency of friendly bacteria so putting that back in there can actually help um diarrhea so anytime someone has diarrhea you want to add more probiotic so uh or a food for the probiotic so that's just kind of a tip okay.

That's great well listen get back with us that's a well that's a pain in the butt and so we hope that it gets better and we're glad that you uh came on with us and we look forward to hearing your continued success by the way congratulations and all the other great benefits you found from it and we hope that you get over that so thank you.

Jennifer for being patient with us I know you popped off and on a couple of times but we got your question out we're excited about that and if you're still there Jennifer we want you to look at the first question and Doc here it is okay what natural remedy that you can get easily is the most powerful.

Detoxifier in the world and I'm talking about that can help neutralize poisons um and um lessen the risk factor of being poisoned all right sounds great okay uh let's go to social media finally uh Seer from YouTube can you suggest a way to treat OCD boy that's a common topic.

Well of course the best thing to do is to run your brain on ketones so the way you do that is something called the ketogenic diet and you would not do snacks you do intermittent fasting that probably would handle it right there in combination with a good B vitamins a natural a natural source.

Something like nutritional yeast would be very very powerful as well because that way you can um um helped to fortify the brain what it usually needs for OCD and um it's usually related to some imbalance with your diet and so I've done videos on this you can take certain trace minerals but the main thing is making.

Sure you get your diet corrected first because that could be solving the problem right there without having to add anything all right terrific so let's go to let's find out if there are in fact is anyone listening to us this morning and here's evidence a good morning to all our viewers joining us today from the UK.

Canada Jordan the Caribbean islands all of my guests uh Brazil Austria South Africa Israel Mexico Bermuda India Belgium Italy Oman Ghana the Netherlands Ireland Pakistan Greece France Denmark Chile Egypt the United Arab Emirates the Czech Republic Germany Austria excuse me Australia Nepal Russia Malaysia Taiwan Sweden Japan New Zealand Papua New.

Guinea turkey Argentina Iran Switzerland Poland the Philippines Finland Afghanistan don't forget about Bulgaria Uganda Bolivia Peru Albania Tibet Cyprus Dubai Scotland Croatia Iceland Cabo San Lucas beautiful place Armenia Hong Kong Saudi Arabia and all across these United States and it's funny you know if I don't get to the this list right away.

Terry continues to update it because more people just keep chiming and man there's a lot of people that are happy with what's going on with your various programs Dr Berg and it's evident in all these people um that are chiming in from all over the world let's see speaking of that oh and here's evidence Cindy from YouTube I've.

Been doing keto for three months now and I went from 182 to 152 that's a lot of weight loss thank you Dr Berg for all of the videos and wealth of knowledge that you share with us I'm loving all of your keto products too so uh oh and by the way from the Green Room Rose is clapping away she'll be on with us shortly so everyone's delighted with what's going.

On including me Doc you know I'm I'm I falter sometimes but man do I feel better doing uh these programs to the degree that I am willing so anyway let's actually go to another question here um I think we have to go to an answer first right uh well let's see if you've got one hang on a second.

Not yet but I see that Terry's typing something okay uh Jamie from Facebook your video on B1 has changed my life it helped my uh panic attacks so much thank you I thought that was a question but that was another um you know exaltation of the great things that are going on uh let's look for another question okay all right.

Anatasia from YouTube what are your thoughts on coconut sugar is it good replacement for table sugar or is there another alternative that you would recommend yeah coconut sugar is not a good alternative actually probably the worst sugar is um agave nectar um but coconut sugar has just too much.

Sugar so you're going to have to do something like Xylitol or erythritol um as your sugar alternative or Stevia or monk fruit because um these other sugars just are going to blow your sugars out in fact I'm going to do another video related to.

The sugar in apple juice and carrot juice and um it's fascinating to me when you do a search is will Apple Juice affect your blood sugars and I don't know how many pages it'll say in Google when you search it oh it's fine it'll be fine or fine it won't.

Affect your blood sugars and of course if you look at the fine print um who's sponsoring it's called The Juice Association so yeah so it's all sponsored by industry so it's like okay so how deep do you have to go to find an actual study that gives an alternative Viewpoint and you have to go pretty deep.

And I did find a whole bunch of information so I'll share that but um I mean the easiest thing to do is an experiment on yourself just check your blood sugars drink some juice and then record your blood sugars after you know right away 30 minutes an hour two hours and watch what happens to yourself you'll see and feel what happens when.

You consume juice and the even USDA like called my plate which is the new version of the food pyramid um you can now replace um juice with fruits and vegetables so now it's like um you can just drink your your fruits and oh yeah it'll be fine um no it won't be fine.

All right well what is fine is the audience a quick reaction to our questions and the first question of today asked what natural remedy is the most powerful detoxifier in the world and 65 percent of our respondents say charcoal 20 say cruciferous vegetables excuse me five percent say uh fulvic acid never heard of it five percent say.

Iodine and the final five percent say garlic how we doing doc we're doing good uh uh charcoal is the answer so well done on that one um so just uh if you want something to detox go to your uh your barbecue grill that you have outside grab the charcoal and uh no you don't want to use that you want to get activated charcoal uh from.

The health store but it's fascinating um charcoal has a lot of little tiny pores and it has um little crevices and cracks uh so it has a massive massive surface area I'm talking like um I think like one cubic centimeter is equal to a thousand uh um kilometers if I'm not mistake um.

Or or I'll have to get the exact amount but it's massive but the point is this um as a large surface area and it doesn't work by absorbing these toxins it works by adsorption which is like a magnet so if we take this magnet here it gets stuck on the surface of the uh the charcoal and it can pull not only.

Poisons but proteins protein things that are poisonous to you or not not good for you as well as gases so it's really good for bloating flatulence diarrhea also if anyone's trying to poison you even if you feel not good after you do some type of detox or even when you're taking medications.

Steve did you know the third cause of death is outrogenic disease do you know what that is uh yes but I don't want to seem too smart for the audience why don't you go ahead and let them know it's basically um it's accidents that doctors uh create by giving them certain medication.

Or surgeries so it's it's not necessarily intended but um it's definitely the 30 is like medication so with errors um so there's a lot of people getting toxicity from drugs and um unfortunately that you don't really look at that as a big problem as much as you should so the point is that it's it's.

Probably a wise thing to have some our activated charcoal in your house somewhere just in case you might need it they've been using it for animals for a long time and also um I think even over 2000 years it's been a natural remedy for um GI problems and toxicity so it's a good thing to have because if.

Some somehow you swallowed something or you're exposed to something poisonous and you can't get to the hospital you need charcoal it's a really good um thing to just bind with the poison and then have it go right through your body wow so you take that with lighter fluid no how do you ingest that you swallow it.

I mean is it like a hill or a powder or yeah it's like capsules okay boy that's terrific yeah or you can chew on your barbecue uh inside the grill that you have in the backyard oh yeah Perfect all right let's see let's go to our next Quiz question uh and here we go okay what is the first sign of a vitamin.

A deficiency all right dig into that audience let's go to Facebook Charlie does apple cider vinegar have an impact with stimulant medications I've heard that vitamin C will interact with stimulant medications didn't say what Adderall or something I guess not to my knowledge I've never heard any.

Problems that will stimulate medication maybe you're thinking of grapefruit juice that that could um affect medications but not apple cider vinegar and there's not any vitamin C in apple cider vinegar either so you don't have to worry about that well they keep streaming and Kathy from Facebook has lost 70 pounds on fasting.

Thank you Dr Berg uh they're just pointing through what uh great success let's see if we can find someone that's not successful and talk to them let's see okay here we go Sonia from YouTube could you please make a video about addressing carcinoid endocrine tumors I think I said that right.

Honestly um I would just watch all my um cancer videos and apply that information because it would be the same the same um procedure as well cancer whether it's it's malignant or a benign um as in a tumor comes from the same Source where you're.

Having um damage to the mitochondria because that's what's happening and so then the mitochondria through some ancient survival mechanism switches over to a different way of surviving using fermentation so it's a different metabolic pathway and so the question is.

What can we do to um counter that is there some type of advantage that we can do to overcome this well there's a lot of things that people do for cancer and preventing cancer and even treating cancer but there's something unique that um is that's different than our normal cells so so for example if you start.

Doing prolonged fasting all sorts of miraculous things happen to the cancer cells you start killing cancer cells but not the normal cells so your normal cells Thrive but the cancer cells um literally die because you're stimulating um an ancient survival mechanism which basically kind of turns off all the the.

Cancer genes and uh and and and turns on all the good genes so this whole genetic um thing is interesting because just because you have certain genes that are um programmed to cause you to be have high cholesterol or create this or that there's something else that you can do.

It's called epigenetics which is above genetics it's something that you can control you can control most of your genes so fasting is one of the most potent things you can do to influence those genes the genetic um testing is something very very new for a lot of people and it's very very.

Exciting it's a new field of getting your genes tested and then looking at your weak links I am doing a massive deep dive into that subject right now because it's so interesting um because you if you can find all your weak links and you can support them you can prevent a lot of problems.

But we didn't have this when I was in practice so you just have to do a blood test and see what's happening to the person right now you couldn't like necessarily look at their blueprints to see where their weak links are where their strong links are there's so many people including myself to have weak links even.

I'll give you one one tiny example um there's a genetic problem that I have which um has to do with the inability to convert um inactive like beta-carotene into Vitamin A the reactive form of vitamin A and so um I have a problem with that Gene so if I'm just.

Um if I become a vegan and I start just doing trying to get my vitamin A from vegetables I'm not going to get hardly any conversion at all so I'll be deficient in retinol so um what's the solution just consume more retinol which I do I do naturally egg yolks um.

Raw milk cream butter cod liver oil liver all these things are low with vitamin A so I'm not going to have a problem why because I consume a lot of retinol if I didn't know that and I went become a vegan I probably would have a big problem and I start having all sorts of issues so the point is that this this new testing is very valuable I'm going.

To be doing a lot of videos on it but I'm right in the middle of a deep dive and I think most people will find it fascinating but it's it's a bit tactical so this is you know trying to unders like trying to understand all these different words I'm going to make it really simple that's terrific okay audiences on it.

Quiz question number two asked what is the first sign of a vitamin A deficiency speaking to the devil and uh 82 percent responded say the sinus changes in your vision uh ten percent say uh ten percent say acne and eight percent say changes in skin color Okay so the answer is night blindness or or just difficulty seeing when the.

Lights are dimmed so it's not just like driving and seeing the dark it's like let's say your office um is not well lit and you spend eight hours and you're trying to read you know you just read books or something like that like I do and you you don't have well lighting you may um think unique glasses but it could be.

That you just need more vitamin A but the active form which is retinol so um um Unfortunately they change the definition of uh vitamin A to mean uh the precursor to retinol which is beta-carotene so they'll say that beta-carotene is.

Vitamin A but it's not it has to be converted and has to be converted like um like only three percent of it converts so the when you're consuming a lot of beta carotene there's benefits but unfortunately you're not going to probably get a lot into retinol.

So um this could affect the eyes and especially your ability to see in dim lighting well this begs the question do you have a supplement or remedy for it within your products well um you can do the cod liver oil or just um.

Consume um liver products um or just um you can do butter but the only things you have to get raw butter I'm doing raw cream right now which is basically is loaded with vitamin A but of course when you pasteurize it you destroy it huh so um egg yolks are a really good source of vitamin A too that's terrific okay let's see.

Um let's go to another uh quiz questions kick it off and it says the following okay which is more vitamin A retinol three ounces of beef liver or 40 pounds of raw carrots wow you might have given this away in the last statement well I don't know that's interesting but we'll see continue the.

Education why don't we go to the green room and our next participant is Rose and she's from California Rosie wrong with Dr bird uh you're muted deer hi Dr Burke hello hi nice to finally speak with you I watch you I'm doing your immune course.

It's awesome and FYI everybody it's free it's super good and so much information hey so my question is I started the keto and I lost about 35 pounds and that was awesome because I tried everything couldn't do it until I finally did the keto the only problem was that it reacted my gallbladder reacted to it man it started like really terrible.

Gallbladder pain I went and had the ultrasound I did the test where they run and see how your gallbladder is working if there's gallstones there wasn't and they said there was no sludge I just have slow bile so but whenever I consume the fat that you need to consume on the keto I get pain I still do I'm on your gallbladder.

And that FYI everybody is amazing it saved my life it saved my life because I really thought I mean it's awful gallbladder it's awful you really think you're going to die um but anyway so I'm doing that and that helps it takes away the pain literally takes away the pain but so I'm doing.

That and now I got a virus and then everything spiraled down again it just went downhill again um my hair started thinning I started aging rapidly but I'm still doing the keto and what I do like he's told the last person was I just back off a little bit when I noticed that the pain and I kind of test my body and see what's.

Happening so I back off and on I also have an overgrowth of candida I've had that for 30 years I cannot get rid of it I can't get rid of it I wanted to ask you a question about that on the charcoal can I take that every day and does it interfere with any other vitamins like will it take away my.

Vitamins no can I do that no it'll actually help your microbiome it's uh you can take it every day it's not going to deplete you of any nutrition it's it's pretty natural um so that would help you a day I've been doing three caplets of the activated coconut is that a good one yeah yeah that's a good one.

Um okay yeah because you can get the charcoal from coconut or um you know other things yeah that's totally fine I think for the candida though um you may need to just um start to uh down the uh some garlic tablets or maybe oregano and and just try to kill it that way but um I'm glad that your sugar is low.

Because that's going to be really important as well um but here's what's interesting that relates to your question that um relates to me uh on one of my my DNA test you find all your weaknesses and and I apparently have this one gene that um if I don't consume a good amount of.

Choline choline is uh in bile salts it's like a really key nutrient to help you break down fats um you will have um a kind of a chronic issue with with the gallbladder which I have so um so you you can um so you take the bile salts which is awesome right you.

Take that and maybe you take one also an empty stomach but then now add in there um choline choline and get the type of choline with phosphorus and you'll see it's like in the form of like phospholipid or phosphocholine something like that and uh what you're going to find it's not gonna happen like.

Overnight but after like three or four or five days you'll be like wow I can start breaking them fast now I'm just guessing you have a problem with this Gene I'm not saying you are but it's something I do everything that you've said I've watched you I the same exact thing that's what got me to start following.

You okay so so this is something that's really hard to detect on a even an MRI with your biles or your functional testing it just um you know the body just requires certain things more than usual to be able to deal with this extra fat and um so.

You know rather than doing expensive DNA test you can just take some choline very inexpensively and see if it helps you and then we know okay good that that was what you needed and um um whatever I would do two um whatever it says on the bottle and just start with that and then maybe increase from there for a little bit but you don't.

Have to have that much but uh two tablets would be fine and I don't want to necessarily get into the dosages because I don't know yet but um it's one of those things you have to experiment and and test the waters okay well Rose listen we got to move along but thank you so much for participating and I would love it uh for you as we.

Always do get back with us and let us know how your condition evolves positively so let's uh move on uh to the answer for quiz question number three and I think you learned them doc because there's a almost a consensus 98 of respondents says it's the old beef liver which I hate two percent say it's the carrots.

Well those two percent like they must not have been listening closely because it's I mean think about this three ounces of beef liver to compare to 40 pounds of carrots I used to think that I'm getting all this vitamin A from carrots and Kale like the same thing with 400 cups of raw kale it doesn't even compare with the liver so.

Um what does this mean this means that um it's it's very difficult to get retinol from to to be um you know just by cutting out all these meats so it means that um our bodies Were Meant to consume animal products um designed to consume animal products and if you don't you could end up with.

Trouble um the the variation of conversion is is goes from one extreme to the other but an average person does not consume very much um including myself so um egg yolks great source butter um even cheese that's Raw but the point is that in cod liver oil.

Is another good one but vitamin A is not not just good for your eyes it's good for the immune system especially immune system and mucous membranes skin outside and inside very very important um so stay tuned for more information on vitamin A because it's a it's um people don't talk about vitamin A lately so you want to get the full.

Scoop and I'm going to be doing more videos on it okay well I can't ignore all this positive stuff rwg 51 is his or her handle and had a terrible accident that left a great amount of scar tissue across my midsection and caused a hernia the fasting has really helped me recover thank you Dr Byrd great awesome that's terrific okay let's.

See uh all right let's see Christina from YouTube I've been diagnosed with a ventricular tachycardia can you please tell me what I can do to address this condition naturally and without going on meds well I would hope you um.

You really increase your electrolytes right now like potassium and even magnesium and even your sodium like your salts I would I would go up with those electrolytes for sure and see if that doesn't help you because the pacemaker is somehow wigging out I also realize that the pacemaker is.

Part of the nervous system and if you have also problems with the myelin sheath around those nerves there could be a problem so um but that that wouldn't be a problem if you were on keto and doing intermittent fasting because you would kind of support the nervous system.

Um but don't forget also B vitamins especially like B1 that's also intimately involved with the nerve conduction and if you have a B1 deficiency one of the biggest things that you have is nerve problems inflammation in the nerve problems with the nerve peripheral neuropathies autonomic nervous system.

Neuropathies so who knows if that's connected as well but the B vitamins and electrolytes that's what I would focus on uh extensively and really potassium too okay here's a good question romelia from YouTube is the keto diet good for someone who's had gastric bypass especially because now.

Um it's gonna it's an alteration in the structure of your stomach and even part of the small intestine so what happens now is it's going to be a positive thing for your insulin so you'll probably lose weight if you're a diabetic that could even help that because they're altering a um the part of the system that.

Influences insulin but you want to make sure you get your electrolytes um especially and trace minerals very importantly and um watch my videos on this because there's there's a lot of things um that you should be aware of even like.

Taking more bile salts because now that is going to be altered so you might end up with deficiencies which could a bile deficiency which could end up with like a low vitamin A D E K1 K2 so there's a lot of things that you have to watch out for once you have the bypass okay Craig on from Facebook has some encouraging news what details can you.

Share on uh Coral Calcium probiotics and coral have cured my acid reflux and soothed my wife's Crohn's disease which is awful your thoughts I don't have a lot of data on Coral Calcium I do know that it's an alkaline substance so it's going to obviously help heartburn or digestive problems I don't know if that's the ultimate.

Solution though um you know I talk about calcium a lot in some of my videos um calcium is one of those minerals that it's a little bit more difficult to get rid of I don't agree with um people taking like just Mega calcium to think they're preventing bone loss because we have.

More of a problem with too much calcium than we do a Calcium deficiency but when I do a video on too much calcium that doesn't mean all calcium is bad you need certain amounts of calcium so you need just the right amount so we don't want to get low too low we don't want to have too much.

But calcium tends to um that can build up in in the body in the wrong places and but as far as the Coral Calcium I don't have as much data on that it may be okay I know they'll say that the okinawans uh whatever um they have they live the longest and.

Well do they consume that calcium do they consume Coral Calcium really I don't know if they do just just so happens to be in the vicinity where they are but um I wouldn't say that that's the reason why they're living long okay Joe from Facebook if I eat only fish and uh excuse me that jumped and veggies.

What supplements should I be taking I do eat eggs occasionally good I like the fact you're doing fish you have your omega-3 fatty acids and what was the other thing he eats veggies okay good I mean if you eat enough of the of the of an of the right vegetables which are quality okay so you get the vitamin C the folic acid uh potassium.

Magnesium and then you also do fish then you get the protein omega-3 fatty acids it could cover everything and plus you'll get trace minerals and zinc and he's eating eggs by the way but then then you get all the benefits of vitamin K2 um and choline which is actually in the.

Egg yolk so I think that would cover almost everything that you might need but um you have to realize that the you know the quality of the vegetables nowadays is it might not be as high as it should be so really depends on where you get those vegetables and what soil that they're grown on.

All right terrific next Quiz question please a true falser this time okay organic yeah true or false organic 100 apple juice from the store is high in natural vitamin C great these true falsers are terrific even if you're dumb you have a 50 chance of getting it right so good luck audience with that let's uh let's go.

Back to the green room and Diana from Orlando Florida has been uh waiting patiently for a long time let me unmute her and Diane make sure you do the same thing and you were on with Dr Berg hi Dr Burke I am so happy I'm so happy to speak with you um.

I have a severe osteoporosis and severe scoliosis my curves are for the scoliosis are 71 degrees thoracic and 65 degree lumbar my issue primarily seems to be that I suffer from severe bloat I don't it doesn't matter what I eat I just become like a ball I don't know if it's sibo or dysbiosis leaky gut I do eat gluten-free dairy free and.

Um my RBC magnesium levels are very good right now they're now at 6.0 so that's good I know you were just talking about calcium and I do consume uh my calcium from food so I keep track on an app and I try not to go over 700 milligrams daily um but I'm concerned because my father just passed away with um.

From liver cancer and colon cancer and um I just I just would like to know um I don't want to take the drugs that my Doctor is recommending my metabolic specialist so what would you recommend that your mother do um.

Yeah um I would there's quite a quite a bit to talk about but I would you know to build bone back up um it takes it takes time it could take a you know five six seven years uh not just taking calcium of course try to get it from the food as much as you can but you may need a um a good amount of trace minerals because those are all the.

Activators you might need a good amount of vitamin K2 um and uh you also want to do a lot to keep your inflammation down your systemic inflammation uh because that can actually eat away at the bone as well um so um that means a good amount of omega-3.

With uh avoiding the omega-6 fatty acids um in your situation you know this is a perfect example of the benefit of some type of DNA test to to look at um so look at genetic weaknesses that you have that you can then do something about now but in the meantime um I think um following.

Um the healthy version of the ketogenic diet that I talk about and then a good amount of fasting would be good um that would help you but the K2 trace minerals um would be very beneficial for your bones scoliosis um you know it's pretty much.

Set in a certain pattern now because of your age but I think that you can actively and aggressively work on stretching and and all these minerals and the K2 and probably some vitamin D would greatly help your muscle muscles and the spasm that are probably going around and supporting the scoliosis so you probably feel your muscles uh feel a.

Lot better if you did that um but again this is all about putting in these basic things first right making sure that we're doing all the right things so then then you can actually not have to end up where your your father ended up because you're you're actively and aggressively turning things around and you're controlling.

Um your genes with the epigenetic things uh food diet stress um those type of things so I mean that's what I would start with um and um yes that's what I would do okay so I should try to get a genetic genetic DNA test then find uh uh someone that um like does.

Functional nutrition that can evaluate the free of someone that's good I'm going to be doing a lot of videos on the near future and I'll have some good recommendations but I mean I think um if you could do that that would be uh smart because especially anytime you have like a complex case where you have.

Multiple things going on it's it'd be good to know where that osteoporosis is coming from is it coming from the absorption of calcium is it coming from some type of inflammatory thing or is it coming for something else so you can then have more data to solve it.

Okay all right I'll start doing more research then thank you so very much that's great and by the way I'm sure we speak for everyone Diana we're so sorry for the loss of your father that's a an awful thing to uh to tolerate but we hope again that your health continues to improve and we'd love to hear back from.

You as we do everyone uh to report some great findings in your accelerating health so thanks for joining the show and we have got uh answers to our true falser and I hope they're true now let's see uh 96 of our respondents say that it's false and four percent are holding out say it's true of course so I always have to have this.

Percentage holding out um it doesn't mean if it's organic or regular juice 100 juice or for concentrate um they they put it on the Shelf um without being refrigerated and there's the Shelf I mean the the um and it can sit down there for two years before you know apparently goes bad or.

The expiration date kicks in there two years in the Shelf how can they actually take apple juice and put on the shelf for that long um because they pasteurize it and they pasteurize it to preserve it and vitamin C is very sensitive to heat and light so if you think you're gonna retain vitamin C chances are you're probably not so.

That's why they have to add it in there the type to add in there is a synthetic version which is ascorbic acid is not the same as natural so any vitamin C in apple juice or orange juice has been pasteurized is added after the fact it's fortified and you think wow I'm getting this great thing I'm getting getting my vitamin C from my juice.

Yeah right okay yeah fortified does sound exciting doesn't it even though uh perhaps it really does sound exciting in theory but I don't know if it is in reality all right let's see here Stephen from Facebook I have purchased a few of your products I wanted to know your thoughts on benefits of taking berberine and.

Benphotamine and can we take them both at the same time you can there those are two really interesting products one is the the berberine is um probably equivalent to metformin as far as uh Effectiveness for insulin resistance boy is it good for your blood sugars but it's also good for a lot of other things too.

Um anti-cancer but um the benfotamine is a um it's really good for neurological problems especially if you have peripheral neuropathy or even problems in in your brain that requires the penetration to the to the myelin sheath which is a.

Um you know B1 is all about the nervous system it's just and other things too but um you can use the fat soluble version which is called benphotamine to penetrate deeper into the nervous system in the brain um but B1 is um a fascinating vitamin.

It's most people are deficient in it you require a lot of B1 especially if you do the carbs and most people become deficient because they're doing too many carbs so B1 is not some extra little thing but it's a an absolute requirement for certain metabolic pathways so it's.

All by the way vitamins work they're they're Co factors they're they're helper um things that just allow enzymes to work and so without them enzymes can't work enzymes are the magical thing that does all the work in the body and one nutrient like um B1 would be involved in.

Many many different enzymes so you can imagine without that your body is going to allocate that B1 only to the necessity ones not the other ones so you're going to always end up with problems so once you really understand what vitamins do it may inspire you to eat a little bit better Steve I'm talking to you I'm being very.

Sarcastic though but well no you're not I eat like a slob sometimes so anyway so speaking of which where would people you notice this important question how do they know they're getting quality B1 or benphotamine or whatever how do we research it and make sure that we're not getting junk well you you research researched the.

Source of it um I'm not biased of my own products and I'm also very sarcastic but um I my thing is I make sure that um the Farms that some of the ingredients come from are really really um have very healthy soils also the quality of products are not just coming from some Source I know nothing about I.

Don't get any of my ingredients from China um so I'm just I really make sure that it's I get the best source and I'll be doing more videos on going to some of the Farms where we grow some of the raw ingredients because um I I would really like transparency not just with our vitamins but with our food.

I think that's the way to the Future so you know what you're getting because I'll tell you like even eighty percent of all the tomatoes in the United States come from Florida and they come they start out green and they spray it with a certain gas to um to ripen it I I don't like that in fact it affects the flavor and so um.

If you're paying for food I'd like to pay for uh nutrient dense foods versus just well by The Weight by the how heavy something is yeah it's so it's so frustrating because the tomatoes look fabulous and sometimes they have a little Vine left on it and then you cut into it it tastes like wall board it's just no not reminiscent of a no.

Wonderful tomato no nutrients no taste yeah terrible okay let's the final participant in our Green Room is Evelyn and she's coming in from Southern California and Evelyn remember to unmute yourself and you're on with Dr bird hi there how you doing I'm really excited to talk to you right and you always said to look at.

Huh can you hear me yeah go ahead yeah with your question Evelyn and you always have um to go back and look at the history of something that happened to you and to give you a 30-second thing it was 2015 my mom passed away 2016 my brother passed away then I had to go through attorneys to get my inheritance then in.

Um 20 20 my sister passed away so then I had to go through probate and I had to go through all these stuff and this happened like back in March of 2019 I came down really sick with it cold and cough so I went to emergencies and they said well your blood pressure is too high so you you know we can't give you.

Anything so I went to the doctors they put me on high blood pressure medicine which I really never had but high blood pressure medicine my whole life and then what happened was that you know they said okay we want to look at your kidneys and then I went up in Canada to look at have them look at my kidneys and the doctor says my kidneys are fine.

And so you know I just you know I've been on the ketogenic intermittent fasting for past year or so and I've been doing everything right I take all your products I exercise you know I don't and I'm very strict on everything and you know but the doctors are saying they don't want to listen to me they say well you have to eat right.

But what else can I do and I do eat right and I just wonder what else can I do and I have this little argument with the doctors because they don't really care they don't really look at the streps I've been through okay what do you think doc so this is a couple things that we do.

I'm glad that you're doing um keto I'm glad you're doing fasting keep that in of course you you had the worst stress um that your body can experience I mean the losses are the biggest thing that creates the parallel paralyzed immune system so um you know the best thing to do is to.

To counter that is to um somehow extract your attention and um every day work on going for long walks getting space getting your attention on something else because you know you don't want to be kind of thinking about that as much as possible and then the other thing too is ashwagandha tea more B vitamins are going to be important.

Um especially B1 lemon balm tea all these are really good so I think they're on the right track but you just need a little assistance with this stress um what happens with the B vitamins especially B1 is it will it doesn't lower stress but it just increases the body's resistance to.

Stress it increases the tolerance so you can cope with things better that's what we want to get you to a place where you can be more comfortable and it doesn't overwhelm you um so those are some things that you're that I would do and then also be on the ketogenic diet automatically increases.

Your tolerance and stress so it's very beneficial to your adrenals being on the ketogenic diet and doing prolonged fasting so things that strengthen those factors would be fasting Keto taking the stress up by doing things maybe even like physical work around external like outside somewhere being in nature all those things um especially if.

You're in California you should do that you're going to have to really work on that um because you know that's the worst you you just experienced not just stress but multiple stresses in a row just Bam Bam Bam so I'm very sorry to hear that.

Um unfortunately everyone has to go through that you know and there's some we have people around us that are not going to last forever so um yeah it's definitely something to cope as well as you can well best wishes to you Evelyn we appreciate that we're going to move along now to get to our final quiz question of the day and Doc.

Here it is okay so which vitamin deficiency is involved in bruising that's not related to trauma or injury okay and by the way we had I don't think I put it up but I should have I forget her name but she said suddenly uh this woman from social media has got uh extreme bruising all over her body and.

She seems to even touch herself it turns into a bruise and that's been going on with her for I don't know two to three weeks is that somehow uh part and parcel to this question Maybe well I think it might be which is very uh much of a coincidence right that uh she just asked a question and we happened to ask another question that.

Relates to this so I think when when we talk about the answer she will have her answer good so stay tuned ma'am and I forgive me for uh missing your name but you know who you are and we're going to have some news for you up shortly let's go back to social media in fact this is going to be a social media uh Extravaganza that's all we have left.

To do for the rest of the show and that's by Design I want to make sure we can answer as many questions as we can uh let's see oh here we go and this is kind of familiar sometimes Gene from YouTube uh hi from Dallas I have lost 15 pounds on keto and fasting in five months but I've also lost a lot of hair over that period.

What can I do to stop the hair loss I don't know what type of version of Keto you're doing hopefully it's the type that I would recommend where you're also making sure that you're doing nutrient dense foods if you do Keto and you lose your hair um then you're you're there's some either trace minerals that you need more.

Of like zinc it could be iron the type of foods that you're eating need to be maybe try more Seafood to get those trace minerals but let's say you're doing the fasting too the fasting the reason the fasting could produce the hair loss if you do prolonged fasting is that you're already going into it are deficient with nutrients and then the.

Fasting exaggerates the nutrient deficiencies so that's why you want to take certain nutrients while you're fasting like the B vitamins like electrolytes and the trace minerals very very important um so that's what I would do um for your hair loss I have quite a few.

Videos on the topic but um those that's the basics that's terrific and bunch again I have to throw this in every once in a while you'll see that uh well I think it's evident that Dr Berg does not have a toupee that's all rich flowing here and his beautiful wife Karen has a lion's mane of hair and they're both keto folks so it's not a.

Prerequisite to have your hair fall out um so and they're they're evidence of that so make sure you're following the clean keto diet and by the way it was Allison from YouTube who had the question about uh bruising she's 50 years old so stay tuned Allison we're going to have an answer up for you very soon and drumroll please the final quiz.

Question which vitamin deficiency is involved in bruising not trauma related are you ready Allison uh at least your cohorts 60 of them say it's caused by low vitamin K 20 percent say it's low vitamin A and 20 cent excuse me 20 percent say it's low Vitamin C Dot the answer is it's a deficiency of vitamin K1.

Now K1 is interesting because um that actually helps you with your clotting factors but also if you're not consuming enough greens um your microbes can make them but if your microbes you don't have enough microbes then you might be deficient so the body is going to allocate.

Um this K1 to the most important factors and so K1 is also involved in um anti-inflammatory functions as well as making K2 it can convert the K2 if you have the right microbes so so it's kind of like this uh triage effect where if you don't have enough the body will say okay I'll use it for this but I'm.

Not going to use it for that as a survival mechanism and so um you know that's why it's important understanding all the different functions of K1 but K1 can be easily done if you actually consume enough greens so you have this big salad I definitely don't have a deficiency because I consume a lot of salad some people don't an average.

Person consumes 1.5 cups of vegetables per day and of course that could be also including potatoes or corn which they consider a vegetable which that's ridiculous so I think that K1 is um your microbes can make it and also it comes from dark leafy green vegetables parsley massive knots of K1 brussels sprouts.

Kale Swiss chard all the grains that's how you get your K1 so um let's say you don't have a gallbladder or let's say you have a bile deficiency for some reason or you have malabsorption that could be why you're not absorbing K1 too um so there's a lot of different reasons why you might be deficient but which is.

Cool about K1 is they can also help you if you just get more of it with varicose veins with bleeding nose with inflammation with having more K2 to have stronger bones so K1 is um very very um interesting and I did create a video on this so stay tuned stay tuned for the.

Release of that shortly well doc I tell you what let's let's end on a high note um Jamie from Facebook your videos on B1 changed my life it has helped with my panic attacks thank you so much and then another thank you after that well if you don't have if you have panic attacks.

It's it's honestly if you really know about B1 it's going to just pull you right out of it it's going to help a panic Tech is like a high level fear situation right it's uh you know you you're just like freaking out and that the nervous system and I'm talking about the central nervous system.

Is affected and if you take some B1 boy it'll just make you feel so much better give you a sense of relief um so it also is good for anxiety which is slightly different anxiety is not panic it's more like um worrying it's like you got problems that but you don't have Solutions so you're constantly thinking.

About these problems especially for a bed which doesn't help things but B1 can help that too it helps the it doesn't get rid of your problems it just allows you to tolerate your problems and cope with them better yes you have the same amount of problems but you're it's not affecting you as much yeah I wish the problems went away.

Then we wouldn't have to do anything for goodness sakes but here they are Steve I think a few problems you'd be probably so miserable if you had no problems what what there's no it's kind of like um there's no more barriers to life so what would you do sit on the beach drink Margaritas well maybe no you make a great Point Taco why.

Don't you take us out of here we are now out of time okay so uh thanks for your attention um and um stay tuned for some um some very new uh content that you probably have never seen before you or even even talked about I'll be creating releasing new videos and then next Friday we'll do the same show thank you for your.

Attention and your wonderful comments and have a wonderful weekend foreign
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - November 18, 2022
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