The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 11, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 11, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – November 11, 2022

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thank you welcome back everyone we are here for another q a we have quite a few questions lined up and people that are going to ask those questions anything that I say is definitely not meant to or intended to cure you because it's illegal to cure people in the state of.

Virginia so just check with your doctor before implementing any of these suggestions all right Steve let's just Dive Right In all right absolutely no cures on this show okay let's get right over to social media and we'll start off with shrey from YouTube I frequently have dry mouth which causes.

Me to drink a lot of water and urinate often which results in clear urine should I be concerned about that well I'm going to be releasing a full video on dry mouth dry eyes and um dry skin so I'm going to cover that but I think what I'd rather have you do is watch the whole video because it really.

Depends on what you're doing are you doing keto on you drying drying out are you on medication are you drying out do you drink a lot of alcohol like I just need to find out because the the solution is not as simple as just drink more water so um stay tuned for that video I'm going to release it this week should be pretty interesting all right.

Well speaking of videos It's confession time for your producers so um I uh I'm down about another 12 13 pounds not that that is the uh you know the the end-all uh outcome for for what we're doing to stay healthy but I was going to a corporate party other night and I thought well you know I've already eaten my food and.

They're going to have hors d'oeuvres for goodness sake so I said what would it hurt if I stopped by Krispy Kreme and got three chocolate glaze in one of their traditional ones I mean it's in route to my my business event and so I I did that and then I ate a bunch of greasy food at the thing and then of course felt guilty and then but the.

Point the reason is you all know I'm not perfect and knows half the audience we try we try to do the best we can and climb back out so I'm back on the program but the point is if I had one is that I watched Dr Berg's video a recent one that talks about what to do if you eat too much sugar and that really helped me I ran five miles later that.

Night um I uh you know did the various things that he suggested so that doesn't mean that you should go out and cheat and ruin your life like I did but it does mean that there's certain Solutions if you go off the wagon a little bit ways to kind of reel it in and minimize the agony uh that occurs when we cheat and.

Do things like that and I'm being a little facetious here but really it makes a big difference in my life if I eat like crap I feel like crap you know I not that any of our followers um ever would do that um because they're they stay very very strict all the time and they never actually even go off the program but in.

Case they were forced at one point two at gunpoint to come off the diet and eat a Krispy Kreme donut um I have a video what he's talking about I should we should probably even put it in the in the link down below not that any of you need it but it I show you how to it's damage control what to do if you accidentally slip occasionally.

Once a year and then you have to get back on the wagon so all these different things you can do to neutralize the effects of sugar alcohol Krispy Kreme Donuts um Steve a long time ago I think this is last week no it was a long time ago I actually I did I ate one dozen donuts so that was um disastrous so I did say I.

Will never do that again and that's true I have never done that again so well that's like smoking three packs of cigarettes after getting caught your dad doing it does have an effect but by the way I just want to clarify the Hot Donut sign was flashing I was powerless over that went back so you have to put blinders on uh when you go by uh it's.

Like the Isle of sirens that will draw you in the next thing you know anyway enough about my weaknesses let's go back to social media uh Storm from YouTube is keto safe for a seven-year-old with unstable blood glucose levels I think it's the best thing for a seven year old but maybe not do the intermittent fasting maybe just three.

Meals a day but make sure it's a healthy version but oh my goodness would that help the blood sugars I mean think about the average child consumes not just regular junk food but it's called Ultra processed junk food so they're doing seriously refined carbs on steroids and so if they could switch over wow would it affect their life in a big way the.

Ability to learn your cognitive function your mood your um your attention when you're studying things like that and um overall outlook on health I mean huge of course it took me a couple years to change my ways in fact I changed when I was 28 years old that's when I finally changed over I'm 32 now so you know spend some years so.

Um and also in the comments section if you guys could just just since we're on this topic write down out of all the foods that you're that you could eat if you I mean if you had permission to eat junk food wise what would it be would it be a donut would it.

Be chips would it be Pizza what is that thing that you could I mean would love to eat if you could just put that in the comments I'm curious um I think if I had to put something it would be probably salty buttery popcorn that is um made really you know healthily no made um.

Um without all the GMO stuff of course I would never do that but um that's my that would be my thing that I would go to so go ahead and type down below I'm just curious um and I'll read the comments later all right Steve let's get back on track okay and the best way to do that is to pitch one out to our well-read audience.

There's our first question for today okay which nutrient deficiency can cause you to hear your heart beat louder than usual so let's say you put your head on the pillow and you hear this pounding boom boom boom you're hearing your pulse rate um what deficiency is that.

Interesting okay I tell you what why don't we now go over to our green room and we have um a well a new mommy she's got other babies but she's got a brand new one here and she's doing such a great job trying to keep that little child uh happy we're gonna put her on here first so welcome everybody Jenny is coming to.

Us uh from uh Riverside California just below uh good old Big Bear Mountain you probably remember that uh doc so Jenny you're on with the doctor go ahead with your question okay so um by the way I've done ketogenic with all my pregnancies and breastfeeding and there's no issues for people who might be worried about milk.

Supply and um I've never ever had to uh I've never had a decrease in milk supply at all so um I started the ketogenic diet when I was 20. I'm 37 now and um the reason I started it was for GI issues so not to lose weight or anything and I noticed when I first started I didn't use.

Caffeine or Stevia and then a couple years in I discovered Stevia and I noticed that my blood sugar would crash whenever I would use it and the same kind of thing happened with caffeine and so then I started kind of digging around and noticed that Stevia and caffeine stimulate insulin and they don't necessarily raise blood sugar.

So um after I continue to use them for a while I think my body kind of um I maybe I caused some insulin resistance and then I was able to use them without um a blood sugar crash so I've always kind of been curious because I do drink a little caffeine and I do use Stevia.

But I feel like in an ideal scenario would we really um want to avoid anything that might stimulate insulin even if um you know like caffeine Stevia I've I've read studies where some bodybuilders will swish with mouthwash before they work out to try to stimulate insulin resistance in their muscles.

Muscle cells so I feel like just the sweet taste alone must stimulate insulin and my question is are we being too nitpicky if we you know if I feel like I need to really the the ideal have the ideal diet is that too nitpicky caffeine and Stevia stimulate insulin and what's their insulin index I guess.

Very good question um or questions uh you know um one thing I want to bring up about Stevie is it's so many times and I don't know if this is your situation they um to make the Stevie into a powder to make the stevia into a powder they have to use maltodextrin a lot of times so.

Um and sometimes I know in Europe I don't know about America they don't necessarily always have to list it if it's less than one gram per serving so um it could be um not necessarily your Stevia but it could be the maltodextrin in that ingredient.

Because even like a lot of the supplements that they have put out there even especially the citrates anything citrates like potassium citrate magnesium citrate they use maltodextrin also with the flavorings use maltodextrin so that's like a little hidden thing that can definitely affect glucose.

Um so I think that it really depends on how bad your insulin sensitivity is or your resistances you know some people it's a minor problem so they can get away with it other people can't um and then also your goals like how um how far do you have enough Health.

Reserve to be able to to do that you know maybe occasionally some people can't afford to do that they have to be strict but those are the people that are usually not strict um so I'm sorry sorry about that let me just go ahead and turn that off sorry um.

And then you you had another question you have Stevia and then the other ingredient was um you said two things Stevia caffeine yeah caffeine stimulates um noradrenaline and adrenaline to some degree so it does activate the adrenals and a little bit of cortisol so that could that's probably mobilizing a.

Little bit more sugar in your glycogen than you should it's not giving you sugar but it might be raising some things so one of those things I would test it out but I will say if you're just doing one cup of coffee right and a little bit of stevia yeah it might affect you at a very small level that I wouldn't even.

Worry about it too much really it's not for the average person so yeah that's yeah but I'm glad that you're you're doing what you're doing I'm assuming you're doing breastfeeding I'm really uh glad that you're doing that because um yeah it's just the healthiest kid for your child and plus the keto yeah you probably have some pretty serious.

Healthy kids yeah and actually they do keto too for the most part so and they are fine I mean people are so afraid to deprive their children of modified foods oh my goodness yeah yeah that's uh that's too bad I'm so glad that's so great that you came on and uh hopefully I answered it.

Thank you so much yeah that's great so she does a packet of Stevie I do four Donuts which is equal to levels of discipline here I'm so pleased to be like Jenny okay let's see we've got some answers uh from the first question our astute audience uh let's see okay and the question asks which nutrient deficiency can cause you to hear your.

Heartbeat uh louder than usual like something out of Edgar Allen Poe and 80 of the uh oops had jumped a little bit Hardy response 80 responding and says potassium deficiency 10 say magnesium deficiency and finally 10 say A B vitamin deficiency intelligence level please well.

You'd have to have seen my video on it so um it's kind of buried so I will you know it's not an easy answer but it's potassium a potassium deficiency um the story was that when I was um long ago when I went to this Italian restaurant and I had um In America which is very different than in Italy but I had all this pasta pizza wine sweets.

More sweets and more sweets and I drew drove home and then I tried to go to bed and I was hearing my my pulse rate bum boom boom that is um a serious potassium deficiency because when you have that much carbohydrate in your body your body is getting rid of this um sugar first not necessarily trying to store it as fat but to store it as stored sugar coal.

Glycogen so it's going to dump it in the muscles in the liver and then it has it needs potassium uh to store it so it just sucked all the potassium out of my blood I end up with uh um low potassium and that affects the heart rate because it's kind of potassium is like the governor of the the heart so it can affect blood.

Pressure in the pulse rate and um so I had this uh this shift of potassium from my blood into the tissues um still in my body but in not in a good place where I can use it so if you happen to accidentally eat all these donuts and hear your pulse rate you need potassium as the remedy goodness sakes again folks watch that.

Video it's fascinating how to cheat and get away with it no that's not the title don't do that don't follow my don't follow what I did okay let's see let's belt out the next question since the audience 80 percent of them have demonstrated that Brilliance here we go okay true or false regular sauna use can decrease all cause.

Mortality wow okay audience dig into that let's go back to social media Rose from Facebook I have high blood pressure and taking no meds can I eat kimchi sauerkraut and other fermented foods I would highly recommend that I would highly recommend that for sure um.

Great Foods fermented and um blood pressure 90 percent of all types of blood pressure is called essential which is um what that means is they don't know what causes it it's idiopathic and so I mean how could you have 90 percent of blood pressure not having an unknown.

Cause you know they say it could be related to Lifestyle well um they don't really look at um two really big factors well actually three one is insulin resistance that's a big one number two um potassium deficiency and vitamin D deficiency so don't look at those things and I.

Think the reason is because there's not a lot of um who's going to invest in that much money in doing a study on something you can't patent um and um unfortunately if you can't do a study then it's not going to be on the radar and then people you know they're not.

Going to actually endorse it so um but in the meantime um I think everyone needs to know some of these alternative uh viewpoints on health so they can try them out for themselves very good well today on usually all of our guests our state side however we have a huge contingent of folks watching.

From around the world and here's evidence of that we'd like to say good morning on this Veterans Day by the way in the U.S and to all our fuel viewers joining us from the UK Canada South Africa Japan Pakistan Kenya India Zambia Egypt turkey Poland Greece the Netherlands the United Arab Emirates Mexico Argentina Bermuda Nepal Oman.

Italy Belgium Sweden Trinidad and Tobago oh wait we got Oman twice look at that Terry made a typo That's so exciting he's like an English Professor so I'm going to really let him have it on that Oman again Iraq Sweden Trinidad wait a minute I got ahead of myself Iceland Vietnam Nigeria Bali Chile Switzerland Denmark Denmark excuse me Germany Taiwan.

Scotland Romania Australia pointy solicitor growing Jordan Ireland Israel Dubai Thailand Ghana Bahrain Colombia New Zealand Ethiopia Georgia Papa Guinea Uzbekistan if I said that right the Czech Republic Bosnia Malaysia Spain Austria I'm kind of Breath guitar I ran the Dominican Republic Peru Saudi Arabia Croatia Sudan this is unbelievable.

Suriname I haven't heard of that Zimbabwe and all across these United States America on as we again honor all of our veterans that served here and around the world and I tip our hat to those all around the world that are preserving freedom in their various Armed Forces so we salute you with your courage and bravery and so on anyway so.

That's a lot of folks listening Doc and thank you all for making the show what it is and let's go back to oh wow quiz question number two is already been tabulated it had asked true false regular sauna use can decrease all cause mortality and let's see 75 percent say it's true and 25 percent say the heck with the sauna.

Hmm you know it's I was actually surprised um all cause mortality I mean that's yes that's a true statement I mean it's incredible so um another reason to do some sauna treatments um I'm going to be doing a video today.

On um what would happen if you did a couple weeks of uh sauna treatment what are the benefits uh it's quite remarkable I've talked about the cold therapy jumping in a a cold Icy River but somehow Steve found that too uncomfortable so I decided to flip it over to like maybe a warm sauna that.

Might be a little bit better for Steve so I decided to do that video so that stay tuned for that information as well I can't wait our little Health spot has one I love it didn't know it was good for you okay let's see Greg uh from Facebook I am 68 with an enlarged prostate I feel your pain you have said consuming Dairy is not good for this.

Condition I have read that organic sheep cheese like Feta might be okay your thoughts Dr bird here's the challenge I mean the feta cheese the Sheep cheese the goat cheese is just awesome awesome product there's so many great benefits from it however there's also um there's hormonal uh factors there's.

Growth factors because think about the purpose of this milk it's to grow baby sheep baby cows and um baby goats so um unfortunately for if if your prostate is over swollen you might may want to um look at that as something that could potentially worsen it however test it out you may be okay but you'd have to do some type of test sometimes.

Um um you can identify your urine flow before and after you eat something so maybe that's one indication to see if it you can do it or not but I will say the benefits of uh especially European sheep cheese or goat's cheese is um fantastic fantastic so um yeah the other thing with the prostate.

Too is um uh be careful of estrogenic effects from things especially like soy and also be careful about the other anabolic hormone that makes things get bigger and that is insulin so um maybe you should focus on that first because you might find a huge benefit to the prostate when you start to lower.

Your insulin and get off the carbs terrific okay our next guest is from Wisconsin I know you love that state it's Lauren and she was a little concerned that she didn't quite know how to phrase her question so I'm going to help her she has a concern about her metabolism so Lauren if you can in 30 seconds if you need to supplement what.

I've said tell Dr Berg about your concern so it's a metabolism issue sure hi there good morning Dr Berg good morning um I'm always having problems metabolizing fats and so I've struggled to get on keto um yeah I'll just I'll say that I can't remember the specific detail that I.

Fired off to you um but maybe I'll just leave it at that okay uh what part of Wisconsin are you from I'm Milwaukee right by the lake oh great yeah I have a lot of relatives there I was raised in Kenosha Wisconsin so no way yes yes for 18 years so um yeah great place to grow up it does get a little bit cold in Winter though.

Um so I think that um um the thing that you need to look at is there's like two things going on um one is either you might not have enough bile in your gallbladder or produced by the liver because of some reason or it could be something going on with the the pancreas not making the lip base because they all they both work together to.

Digest fats so if someone just can't digest fats um I would add bile salts to the meal right after the meal and see if that doesn't help you take like two two tablets of a gallbladder formula or some other bile cell the other thing that's very beneficial is to take choline uh that's like part of bile and that'll.

Help you digest fats as well there is a genetic um weakness that I'm starting getting into this genetic testing lately and I found some really I want to know more about it I'll be learning I've been doing courses on it and then I'll do videos on it but if someone has like some type of.

Weakness within the genes to digest fats um they they need you know more bile salts and definitely choline and then they can actually digest the fats but um those are the things I would look at now there's one more factor to this in order to release the bile you also need an acidic stomach so potentially it could be you just need to add some betaine.

Hydrochloride to your stomach before you eat and so it stimulates your liver to release more bile and produce more bile but watch my videos on bio I have quite a few but there's more to this topic but I think you could eventually get it to a point where you can handle you know a decent amount of fats on the ketogenic diet.

Um so hopefully that helps you ask one more thing starting to do is falling into that genetic category and I have some evidence of it you know I'm taking other steps because I've watched a slew of your videos and I've learned a ton.

Um what did I want to say what I wanted to say is I think right now the most beneficial portion of the keto fasting I'm not really fully doing keto just yet has been the fasting the fasting is fantastic it really helps calm my whole system down so I'm really grateful for that oh that's awesome thank you yeah that's great thanks so.

Much the DNA testing it's uh it's a it's very complex so I'm going to try to make it simple um but to make it simple you have to understand it very thoroughly and so there's a lot to learn about it but it's I did my my DNA test and uh uh found some it doesn't tell you what's wrong with you it just tells you where you're.

Weak weaknesses are which is beneficial so uh now I have more information on what I need to focus more on so it's it's awesome so I'll be doing more videos on that once I um learn all about it stay tuned terrific next question please sir all right the first sign of kidney disease.

Is fill in the blank drum roll please and by the way it takes 10 years after you start getting this disease until you ex usually feel a symptom interesting so what would be that first symptom that you may experience with that disease very good okay we always want to focus on questions but we just got to throw in.

Uh some of these comments every once in a while for instance from Tony on YouTube thank you so much for all the wealth of information you have shared it just the type excuse me oh it jumped is just that type in your name and medical condition I'm researching and your videos pop up that's great well that's showing the search engines are starting.

To recognize more and more what is going on so thank you Tony for that we also have an app and Terry's going to yell at me because I still don't have a little logo up but if you go to either on Android or Apple you'll Dr Berg app is terrific and it organizes these videos so you don't have to jump into the big world of Google but apparently Tony says.

That you know you can find anything you want is a big search uh or excuse me Dr Berg is a big search popular search name so let's see uh uh oh let me just let me just make one little point about that app uh you can go to the app store and just download its free app uh Dr Berg app um I would what I would really.

Appreciate it um is if you can give me feedback on the app positive or negative and just go to um Dr Berg Dr and uh just give us feedback because that's that's what I want I always want to make it better so I want to find out what you what do you think about it is it totally crappy is.

It good you like it do I need to redo something so just give me that feedback if you could all right that's terrific you know whenever we do the big shout out each week well additional people say what about us and Terry leaves no one else so an additional shout out to our viewers in Russia Bulgaria Uganda Finland the Philippines Bolivia Albania.

Tibet maritis martus oh I'm butchering it and of course Afghanistan which I can pronounce so thank you folks for also tuning in to the Dr Berg show uh Anna Marie from Facebook Dr Berg you've been a great help I just finished treatment for deep vein thrombosis I've been following your keto program since October 1 and have already lost six.

Kilograms thank you another thank you from our audience well that's that's awesome all right let's see here oh by the way Terry said pizza ice cream and chips are the runaway leaders for our forbidden food responses that makes me mad what about Donuts peace yeah yeah I can see that pizza ice.

Cream and chips um well the good thing the good news is you can have a you can have a keto version of your pizza uh as it ships some are a little more difficult um but there are like delicious kale chips how about that I'm sure you'll love that and uh ice cream there's a lot.

Of Keto recipes for ice cream too yes it does take more time but um you know I tried to make my own ice cream I had a product out there um it was a nightmare it was too hard because when you have a product and you're shipping it on ice.

To someone's house first of all that's crazy expensive secondly um if there's one thing that goes wrong like um like happened to me where um the trans uh you have to ship in an um a refrigerator type truck right if there's any problem with that refrigerator in the truck at the other end you get this ice cream that is.

Completely melted down to nothing so um that was a very short little pilot with the ice cream idea I'm my best idea in the world I must say that you let us be guinea pigs and we sample a little bit of it and it was fantastic I'm sorry it was just so difficult to support but I don't think there's anything better.

Because Dr Berg really focuses on this ingredients not the bottom line and I mean that he pays a lot of money for that stuff and that ice cream reflected that but alas it ended up in a big puddle and he uh moved on to the next thing so thanks for that attempt uh Dr Berg that was absolutely delicious let's see now let's go back to social media.

Um oh yeah he did that one oh here's a new one thank you oh by the way quiz question number three we're not going to miss any quizzes this week and a quiz asked the first sign of kidney disease is in uh 55 say yellow eyes 25 say dark year dark urine ten percent say frequent.

Itchiness and 10 say swelling in the lower extremities well you're all right about the symptoms but there's something very specific that I think is pretty surprising nocturia you know what that is Steve uh yeah but I don't want to tell the audience okay it's uh the urge to urinate at night.

Um now that's a very common symptom uh getting up several times a night right where you're having to urinate that is uh one of the first signs of kidney disease so um now it can it could be caused by other things as well but there's a crossover to what the underlying cause of kidney.

Problems is and that would be uh the diabetic uh nephropathy it's called which I'm going to do a video on but um they both cross over so yes it is related to insulin resistance um but I think you should stay tuned for the video on how to get rid of that problem getting up at night and uh urinating.

So um the inability to hold your urine through the night and be able to sleep that would be uh the problem there so stay tuned for that video but it's um definitely related to the kidney all right we'll let begs for our next question uh Doc and here it is all right the memory indicator of kidney disease on a urine test is.

Fill in the blank boom okay let's see here we already read that sorry I'm just there's so many great questions I'm trying to pick out through them uh you already told them the sauerkraut was good uh oh here we go Dan excuse me Don from Facebook just got my labs back and everything is great except for my high.

Protein levels um should I stay on the healthy keto if program absolutely not oh let me let you answer that so um would that be a urine test or a blood test or what kind of protein was it uh albumin was it uh just regular protein I need to know that but um you know key this is what keto is.

Keto is low carb moderate protein okay and higher amounts of fat so um so if you do have uh this protein in your urine you should probably just go moderate protein uh the best source of protein dietarily is the egg but there's other good sources too make sure you have enough hydrochloric acid from either betaine.

Hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar to help you digest this protein um but um I think if you do have protein in the urine that usually comes because your carbs are too high sugar wise so and then someone says should I go on keto well yeah that's the only thing you can do.

Um you don't want to go more carb you don't want to keep doing the carb thing um and I'm talking mainly about the carbs that are related to causing diabetes starches and refined carbs things like that and sugars because I know I'll get some some counter to that someone will say wait a second I eat carbohydrates I eat.

Salads I'm like uh okay cool I'm not talking about that it's uh mainly the the other carbs that uh can create that problem all right very good last week we heard from Virginia's husband Richard and he's uh cured of everything based on your oh that's right we don't care and this week Virginia has a question for you Dr Berg.

Virginia you're on with Dr Burke good morning Dr Berg I do have appreciation for all the research and all that you have been pouring out and uh it's benefiting me 15 months on a new moderate protein and your Healthy ketogenic diet but my burping issue keeps coming up and from um what you have been showing is that.

Um perhaps gallbladder formula I know that I have water tea coffee the lemon um um electrolyte drinks I do I burp so I've learned to take a gallbladder formula just one capsule before that and it does seem to help this morning I forgot I started burping just having.

Coffee and water so I decided to do uh carnivore but with the carnivore my blood sugar is going up to like this morning I tested it as a hundred and before that uh it was in the 80s and 90s when I was on a healthy keto so I'm trying to keep the protein moderate like 10 ounces no more than that to give you.

An example yesterday the only thing I had was organ Meats uh just under the 10 uh not 10 grams 10 ounces but my Sugar's going up so how do I do this carnivore for a temporary time to help with my psoriasis my gut issue um well um yeah the question is how do you keep your protein in a uh the right range you have to increase your fats.

Um so how do you do that what foods are um you'd like ideally like two to three to four times fat versus protein that level ratio there so you really have there's certain foods that you have to eat like like certain sausages um they have a lot of a lot more fat summer.

Sausage and other types of sausage um and definitely the um Pate you know they have um different I know in Europe there's a lot more options in America it's more difficult but yeah that's that's the problem keeping your protein because chances are your blood sugars are going to be higher because of the uh.

The extra protein will your body's not turning it into body tissue so there's no way to store it so it's going to turn it into sugar uh eventually so that's probably what's happening um so as far as the burping goes um if you primarily with the gallbladder it's.

Burping with you when you eat a meal versus drinking something if you're drinking something and burping I think um that could be a different thing um so it's mainly if you're eating food and you're burping a lot that would be the gallbladder the other thing to look at with you.

Especially from what you told me is um another thing is choline choline is um underrated nutrient and that really helps a lot of people with kind of De burping and also the gallbladder and thinning of the bile um I did a genetic test and it just so.

Happens I have a problem with cholinks myself so of course I'm taking more of it on a regular basis too but that genetic test will pick up if you have a a little mutation with that Gene that just gives you a little weakness so what happens when you're deficient in choline is you um you could end up with the fatty liver and that could affect the.

Bile production too so and choline in the body actually acts like bile so sometimes a combination of the bile salts and the choline is a like the secret bullet that you can use to help yourself um so anyway that's um that's just some things to think with.

Yeah going back to the meat what I'm eating more is lamb and liver are those not high fat do I need to add more fat well it depends what cut you're you're using like uh there's there's lean parts of um there's actually you know what if you eat a liver that's non-fatty you know like I mean you have duck fat which you.

Know they actually make this product that's very very fatty like 10 times the size of a normal which I don't want to get into that topic but um typically um there is more fat on liver um but um when you have a grass-fed liver it's going to be a lot less fat it's going to.

Be more protein and also um you know maybe you have uh the type of meats that you have make sure you get the cuts that are just a lot more fat you know less whatever animal you use so that's great well listen Virginia yeah you're probably going to have to.

Add a little bit more fat to um what you're eating and then see if that doesn't help you to kind of balance out those calories all right so let us know how that works out for Jenny we can't wait to have you back on give our tip your hat to Richard your great husband for us and uh off we go now let's see here.

Uh oh uh when uh rajinit uh rad uh Ranjit excuse me from Facebook any advice for anyone suffering from vitiligo yeah that's an autoimmune problem in which I would take a lot of vitamin D uh there's a stress component there's an adrenal saying you need to support your adrenals with maybe something like.

Ashwagandha um and um watch my video I have more data on that topic um Steve I'm going to be releasing another video this week I just realized looking at Jenny um holding her two beautiful kids that I um.

Well one of the videos um that I had to do um I also had to babysit that day so you'll see uh uh I did the entire video actually holding my granddaughter so I did the whole video so hopefully you could actually even um get the information but it was a tricky.

Thing to do but I had to do it because there's no other way so stay tuned for that video I just put Jenny her beautiful uh keto babies up that was fun uh Jenny hope that didn't seem too voyeuristic of us but here let's give her one more look looking kids so proud of her babies thanks for sharing that with us Jenny.

Unwittingly you know we put you back up uh anyway let's go on to the next uh deal uh oh she looks so pleased with beautiful babies okay uh Kelly from Facebook is alcoholic neuropathy different from other kinds of neuropathies I don't see a video on your channel on that condition well think about.

Um what alcohol does to your nervous system it just sucks the um the thymine right out of your system the requirement for thymine B1 goes so high anytime you take a alcoholic um Advanced liver disease you're always going to find a serious problem with uh B1 um um.

And so that's the time when sometimes doctors will eventually check for it but um yeah this is a different mechanism than other other ways from it from diabetic diabetic so you have um things that can create um problems with neuropathy uh you have alcohol you have being a diabetic eating too much sugar.

You could have chemotherapy create create these problems so there's different ways to get neuropathies but I think the solution would just be the same thing other than cut down in alcohol but start taking benphotamine that's my one of my favorite nerve support.

Um products out there and it's benphotamine is a it's a synthetic B1 but it's um doesn't seem to have any side effects and it's a fat soluble so it penetrates the the nervous system and it'll help rebuild the myelin sheath so you can get your nerves back it's miraculous uh Ben photamine is uh a pop there's other.

Things you can use too but benphotamine is a really good one is that one of your product stock or just get that somewhere else I do have it in the nerve support formula yes all right nerve support formula okay let's go back to our quiz questions the astute audience got right back with this one which asked the primary indicator of.

Kidney disease on a urine test is and 78 of our respondents say high creatine indicators and 12 say high protein level indicators and 10 percent um say egfr or GFR indicators wow that's sophisticated well you're all right um it's a protein and creatine is a protein.

Gratinine is a protein so you have that and then also there is another indicator which is a decreased filtration rate which so I think everyone had 100 on that because there is you'd also look at both of those factors but but the protein the urine is one of the suretail giveaways that uh you have kidney problems so um.

Why is that because you know we're all born with about a million little filters they're called nephrons these tiny little amazing magical filters that are very different than filters in your car because they they keep recycling like like all the fluid that you recycle like you might drink Steve you might drink eight.

Glasses of water a day but your kidneys are filtering in a given day about um I think it's 180 liters okay wow liters of fluid so it's like recycled and recycled and recycled and recycled and so it's amazing and so when you have kidney disease you destroy these filters.

So you may end up with a lot less filters which means you can't filter what's going to happen to this protein it's going to end up in the urine and then um it's going to be since there's a hole in the bucket you're going to be deficient of this protein in the blood.

Too so when you're deficient in the blood some interesting things happen and one being edema and swelling all over the place so your whole body is one big swollen ball of inflammation because of this imbalance of protein in your blood so you're going to be waterlogged and your face will be puffy your eyes your.

Fingers your feet and um so I will be releasing the video on the on the kidney this week then I think it'll give people a greater appreciation for their kidneys and and maybe just maybe they may uh eat better because of that to save the kidney save your nephrons wow audience please take care of your kidneys that sounds absolutely awful.

Okay I'm so proud of the audience they've been so lickety-split on the questions we're going to get to the last one in this week's show and there's our final question for today of all the foods um that fight artery plaquing okay all those Foods which one is the most effective what's.

Like the best food overall to help fight artery plaquing all right well there's just too much good news on the social media end for me not to continue to mention it sharing from Facebook I have dystonia sleep disorder your keto and if system has actually controlled my spasms and I've also lost 42 pounds.

In four months thank you Dr Byrd boy what a great story there's just a lot of joy that comes out of these great disciplines that you have researched so hard okay let's see uh we talked about prostates the pain in the prostate for everybody um oh let's see Jennifer from Facebook is ketogood for Graves disease or an.

Overactive thyroid excuse me yeah yeah I think I think it really would be um I think also I would add two things I would add a lot of vitamin D like probably 30 or 40 000 international units of vitamin D as well as doing the prolonged fasting what's really weird is some people get.

This Graves and other people get Hashimoto's like which is a uh which is the hypothyroid Graves is a hyper and um they don't know why someone would get one versus the other but both of those conditions are really an immune problem more than a thyroid problem and probably it originated from the gut so there's some leaky gut going on so you need to.

Work on that but I would definitely um get on keto for sure and maybe even if there is gut issues uh do the carnivore for a while because um you know a lot of people have autoimmune have sensitivities to like they can't do these uh 10 cups of salad a day for some.

Reason so they might um need to do carnivore until they can kind of heal the gut um and this is a side note Steve I'm just gonna throw this out there because I did a video talking about Shifting the time that you do your fasting to maybe even try it out in the morning and then at lunch and then not eat past that and.

I said you know don't eat past three o'clock right so I've been experimenting with that and I finally found something that works for me um not that you'd want to do it but so I'll do a big lunch okay do protein and fat primarily but it's difficult to have to add in that huge salad that I always like sometimes which is like virtually.

10 cups and if I'm gonna do 10 cups I'm not going to do 10 cups at like cabbage leaf right if it's cabbage or other types of vegetables that are more dense you can cut that in half but if you're talking about lettuce sleeve or aruga arugula you can um I do my salad like at three o'clock so that way.

Um I have this huge salad with a lot of stuff on it but I don't do a lot of protein or fat but I do that earlier so I have this like 21 hour window of fasting which works and it's kind of like one and a half males because the salad is so small calories so that's what I've been doing lately it seems to work really good and.

It spreads out that time where I eat the uh the protein in the salad just a tip to see if you want to try to get your Your Greens in there I I just feel better when I do um that salad probably because of the amount of potassium and magnesium as well as the feeding my microbes and the phytonutrients that come along with it.

Which give you added benefits all right that's terrific well listen next up or finally we're so grateful for Cassandra to be so patient with us and she appears to be freezing cold in Houston she's gripping her um uh her sweatshirt there I hope that you get your heater fixed anyway Cassandra I know that's not the basis of your.

Question and you're on with uh Dr Byrd you I'm freezing all the time um so I am a fitness and dance instructor and um I've recently been diagnosed with crohn's and bacteria fungus overgrowth and so I've um got into the intermittent fasting however I'm having a hard time with diet.

Because of the fact that like Crohn's and like candida the they contradict each other so um I guess one of my questions is since I'm having such a hard time with diet I'm unable to keep on weight like I think in the last two weeks I've lost 10 pounds um I'm Having side effects to like apple.

Cider vinegar if I'm taking electrolytes my everything gets swollen if I'm eating anything with oils like olive oils or fish um getting swollen in the joints and so I was kind of curious as to is there some kind of I guess diet that I might be able to try or is this so far gone that I should give up and give into.

The antibiotic world and then try rebuilding my immune system that way yeah very good question I'm glad you're on I'm glad you asked these questions um the yeast the candida the fungus the mold are all in this family um it's called the.

Mycobiota microbiota not the microbiome not not the all the bacteria but the mycobiota is all the the fungus families right they're all kind of related um and so you have this overgrowth right and what keeps those guys in check what keeps those guys is the bacteria okay so they both work together so if you went to the road with.

An antibiotic you would go from bad to worse because then you'll really have an overgrowth if you're absolutely sure you have this um small intestinal bacterial overgrowth I wasn't sure if you said that or not but acebo are you sure you have that uh what kind sorry for some reason it's all small intestinal bacterial.

Overgrowth where you have the um a lot of bloating and uh um the microbes in the small intestine yes yeah yeah and so um um one of the things when you take um you know you have a sensitivity to oils right which tells me you you have you don't have enough.

Stomach acid the stomach acid is probably what started the whole thing in the first place you don't have enough hydrochloric acid and so that way microbes can get through the system and populate into the wrong places number one and um also also.

That's going to dry up your bile reserve one of the purposes of bile is to kill off as a detergent the my the wrong microbes in your small intestine as it comes to the intestines and then it gets recycled at the end and it kind of comes back so I know that you're deficient in hydrochloric acid and you're also deficient in bile so I know.

That and you probably don't have a diversify of microbes that you need um to keep the candida in check all right so what the heck do you do right because um you got a lot going on um obviously I would definitely change your diet to um I would probably do a version of carnivore right now because I.

Think if you had too much greens that may bloat you and so we can't do that um because you're going to be feeding the microbes in the small intestine they're going to compete for your nutrition and they're going to like make you deficient and you won't feel very good so I would do a version of.

Carnivore uh but I would also at the same time take bile salts after you eat to help break down the oils that you're going to have to have or the fat with the carnivore um and could you possibly tolerate any type of fermented vegetables or no so I just tried Sauerkraut last week and.

I think the Crohn's reacted that's going to feed microbes and fiber into your small intestines so I think you're going to have to do um some garlic pills to kill off the microbes as a natural antibiotic garlic you can do thyme clove oregano um as in tablets to kill off the uh the.

Sibo and then I think betaine hydrochloride I would play around with that before the supplements so that way you can start building up slowly and it takes some time that hydrochloric acid so you can start build that's going to be kind of um the ultimate way to correct this whole.

Thing over time and of course avoiding sugar and things like that because that's going to feed the candida because what happens you can start getting you know the candida on the skin and different areas and itchiness yeah my gums are bleeding like crazy all of a sudden and I'm just like yeah and when you say over time.

Like do you think that's like three to six months or six or like a year to three years no three to six months uh and then you you keep like no sugar in the diet and you just do the carnivore and you do the um and play around with the bile salts and and the betaine hydrochloride and then that will build you up to the point where um and do a.

Lot of fasting because that'll actually reset that your your intestine will be cleaned out over when you fast so it's going to really help get the microbes from the small intestine back into the large bottle where they need to be uh and then um at that point you can start repopulating with uh good bacteria once.

Your stomach is good because we don't want to feed the ones in the small intestine um so it's a little complex but I would watch my videos on the recent ones on anything related to digestion because I talk more about it awesome awesome well thank you so much.

You're welcome yeah it's a difficult problem and um it's really hard to get the right information because there's there's a lot of uh things out there that'll just put you in the wrong direction and oh yeah I take this and like it gets worse and oh my goodness so all right we've got uh our final contestant if you will.

Triumphi if I said that right from Pennsylvania and uh giant they go ahead with your uh quick question for Dr bird go ahead you're on the air okay I don't know good morning so I had thyroid from my first pregnancy uh 10 years ago then I started taking thyroid medication for hypothetism but I was doing and taking the medication without.

Any fail but after that after 10 years or something you feel that I'm taking overdose or the thyroid or in I need to keep out of this or I need to keep going for a lifelong medication so I tried some other medications like I said the and uh other things but nothing worked because there's some reduced in the thing but my TSH got go high however T4.

And T3 is normal but when after seeing my results my mindset will go down okay something going wrong like that because the TSH is too high right and in two years I had been followed with vegan diet after that I felt some nutritional deficiency for a B12 and ferritin and vitamin D as well.

So I had taken some supplements after that there are some improvements on that and again I go back to my normal night with meat in it now I feel I'm trying some Alternatives whether I need to skip my thyroid medication and try the Alternatives like ayurveda siddha are doing along with that I'm not sure did you say you have.

Hashimoto's yeah that's what they mentioned okay so let me just give you some quick uh advice on that and of course uh check with you doctor but um with Hashimoto's you got to be careful about giving too much iodine um because it's it's really not usually.

An iodine deficiency it's an immune problem autoimmune where you definitely need selenium for sure selenium that'll help you to build the glutathione to help all the inflammation and the counter the free radical damage that's occurring um I'm going to be releasing a video on on.

Autoimmune stuff but um I think with you know it's kind of like they'll say well you need to be on medication okay how long do I have to be the rest of my life does it ever correct it like what's really causing my problem um we're right back to the autoimmune and I would get Clues on what happened.

Just before you developed this condition did you get pregnant did you go through a stress some type of alteration might have triggered this it could have happened in the gut so I would definitely work on the gut and see if you can't pull yourself out of the situation vitamin D very very important for any type of autoimmune I would start.

Taking that and then um you know when your thyroid stimulating hormone this is how they diagnose the thyroid is um too high or too low let's let's say it's too high um then what's happened it's just not um it's not connecting with the with the thyroids and so there's some type of.

Problem with that and that could be because there's too much iodine in the body or there's or there's too much there's a problem in the receptors but um I'm going to release a video on this one topic autoimmune and actually it's going to be on iodine that's right watch the one in iodine related to the thyroid and.

I'll give you the full scoop because we're running out of time uh Steve did we have one last question yes we do and here it is it asked of all the foods that fight artery plaquing which is the most effective and our audience 65 percent of them say it's cruciferous vegetables 15 say celery by itself 10 say garlic and 10 say grass-fed foods.

Like butter meat or ghee well this is interesting because it is a cruciferous food but it's fermented it's cabbage it's sauerkraut now why would sauerkraut help plaquing in the arteries well sauerkraut is one of the few fermented vegetables that is very high in vitamin K2 normally K2 is in like the fatty.

Foods the animal products but you can bacteria make it too so you get K2 K2 keeps the calcium out of the arteries also they have found and this is interesting that um they found bacteria from your mouth and uh you know that involved with um periodontal disease in.

The plaquing in your heart they have also found microbes that should be in the gut in the plaquing underneath the plaquing in your heart because that plaquing is biofilms which is a protective mechanism with these microbes built up of calcium and they tend to accumulate on roughened edges or or if your arteries aren't as.

Smooth so you know obviously maybe if I've done too much sugar or something that started the whole process but there's biofilms there's calcium there's um and it just so happens that the lactic acid yeast in the sauerkraut inhibits biofilms not to mention out of all the foods that you can eat sauerkraut has the most vitamin.

C and vitamin C is also potent at inhibiting biofilms so um so I started looking at this and I'm like wow sauerkraut amazing for the heart amazing for the gut which is also good for the heart so um I think most of you probably will should have more appreciation for this uh.

Sauerkraut and maybe include that in your diet uh for many reasons but um anyway on that note I appreciate all your attention stay tuned for more videos this next week as well as next Friday at the same time same place have a great weekend
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