The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 7, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 7, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 7, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 7, 2022.
welcome back everyone anything that i say is definitely not meant to diagnose you just to give you general information check with your doctor before implementing any of these things that we're going to talk about since they're they may oppose conventional medical care.

All right steve well can you hear me i sure can and audience thanks for your uh patience with us our show blew up on the launch pad last week but we were all bigger and better and uh we were unfortunately not able to answer uh uh julian was it is it julia's so let me go through that.

Steve because um julian had a question i wasn't able to answer so we're finally going to get to his question you know he's um he's doing keto he's consuming a certain amount of protein and he had a question about his protein so he showed me the formula you need um 0.7.

Grams of protein per pound of body weight okay to come up with this his formula to figure out his proteins which is i think um he just just keeps having too much protein right so um i i found an error in his math it's it's.

Basically it's 0.7 grams of protein per kilogram not per pound body weight so that changes everything so he weighs 160 pounds so that means he's 73 kilograms so if we do the math on that just 73 kilograms times 0.7 grams of protein that only comes down to 50.9 grams of.

Protein he needs instead of the you know over a hundred so he was doing he was consuming like a dozen eggs and he was consuming um i guess sardines and additional proteins so so really julian what you need to do is um you only need to have seven.

Point two eggs per day to get your amount of protein you need so you just have to work it out in kilograms um so that should answer your question because if you have too much protein um and even using eggs which give you the best quality of protein that means like half.

A little bit over half of that protein converts to sugar so you know that's the problem with doing too much protein it's not like eating sugar for sure but it's definitely it's going to be turning into waste ore or glucose as energy so any.

Way that would answer your question and clarify that challenge that you're running into wonderful thanks doc and i know julian's been very patient with us so we appreciate getting that out to him steve not me from facebook how much mct oil should i put in my coffee and will it.

Break my fast i would do um a tablespoon a tablespoon of mct if you do too much you'll have diarrhea or loose bowels um but yeah you can do a tablespoon if you exercise you know add another tablespoon it'll give you more energy because it's going to generate ketones if you go too much too much mct oil.

You're going to burn that as your fuel more than your own body fat and if you're trying to increase your weight or maintain your weight then that's totally fine but if you're trying to lose weight uh you want be careful about these extra added fats all right that's great and anush.

From youtube in this case and this is an off to ask question and i know what you're going to say do how do i calculate my daily calorie intake to lose weight and reverse a fatty liver anush weighs 157 pounds and is a four point nine four a feet nine inches you know i think the best way to answer that is to go to our website

And i just happen to have a new keto calculator which you'll you can fill out and um it's in the drop down menu under uh ketos ketone keto i think it is and you just basically take that quiz and it'll actually get information from you your age.

your weight your height and it'll give you a good idea of how many calories you really should be consuming based on the ketogenic diet so it's a keto calculator it's new i haven't promoted it because.

Um i wanted to just really make sure all the bugs are worked out it doesn't seem like there is a lot of bugs but um if you want to go there and check it out definitely check it out because that'll tell you about the calories even though calories are not um.

Really as important as just you know eating and just feeling satisfied well that's wonderful listen we have coming to us all the way from centerville iowa a nice guy named uh adam and he's on with you in the dr burke show go ahead with your question adam okay gotta unmute yourself sir.

Sorry about that hello dr berg hello i have uh been doing keto since thanksgiving i've lost about 70 pounds intermittent fasting and keto wow that's amazing a little frozen up we'll wait for him hopefully he'll come through lost about 70 pounds and have been.

Watching your videos following you and what you have i do want to lose about another 20 or 30 pounds but i've had a couple issues that have come up for starters about the last three three and a half weeks my weight hasn't dropped and.

I have the more i've been listening to you the more i've understood more on health than just weight loss and so i've been trying to put priority on that uh however since i've started this i have noticed that i have times that happened that happen daily uh where i am dizzy almost.

Fainty okay uh and so by the time i eat my daily meal and i'm down to one meal a day by the time i dr burke i'm going to mute him go ahead and eat my daily meal i feel like i i need to just lay down and rest or i'm going to.

Well yeah over yeah so um the most likely okay so um it's not coming through but i'm gonna i know i think i know what you're trying to ask yeah i think um um you have to i think that you definitely need electrolytes but it could be you need.

More salt um and sea salt um that's really the key thing with feeling dizzy and disoriented especially if you're drinking a lot of water and you start keto because you dump all this fluid and now we also dump all the electrolytes so if you're already doing um sea salt then i would do the potassium electrolyte drink um and of.

Course i'm going to recommend mine but but here's the thing with sea salt they do you do that okay so okay of salt of your.

Electrolyte potassium okay are you doing sea salt i've used sea salt on my food eggs and uh even a little bit on my salad okay then then this is really simple i think i would just um beef up no pun intended more sea salt and that will help you and so there's there's also you.

Can get sea salt tablets i i only recommend that if you're very deficient but i think you may want to just um with the electrolyte powder take about an eighth of a teaspoon of sea salt and dissolve that into the electrolyte powder because it sounds like you need.

More sodium if you feel kind of dizzy and things like that so do that a few times a day because here's the thing if you actually take a lot of potassium without that sodium um that will make your sodium a little bit lower so that so anything with dizziness low.

Blood pressure um i would go with that the other thing you want to do realize is that you might need b1 b1 could also create that dizziness especially if you get up and you feel disoriented and like it's called um pots but that's really a b1 deficiency if you feel light-headed especially if.

You get up too quickly those are two things that normally should fix that problem um if you still have a problem then we need to get more information and come on next week and we'll dissect a little bit more but i think that's what i would do sodium and b1.

And don't forget a little nutrition i'll do that a little nutritional yeast there andy i personally recommend it great stuff calm you right down sorry we had trouble with your transmission but i hope uh dr berg was able to answer your question and let's go on to another question often well not tell you what why don't we talk about who's.

Coming to us and from where first of all we will be having oscar who's in mexico city with us we will also have monica who's coming from slovakia i think and then you know people all over the place but in the meantime other people coming to us are from the uk canada india france philippines norway.

Greece israel mexico high mexico bermuda south africa italy pakistan saudi arabia sweden egypt cameroon chile algeria morocco germany japan ghana taiwan and all across these united states and uh he already said canada so welcome everybody thanks for joining the show and let's move on okay rubia from.

Youtube i'm doing keto and i intermittent fasting and adding apple cider vinegar before i break my fast i'm still getting right shoulder pain and gall bladder discomfort any suggestions yeah you what you're going to need is more of a bile salt a purifier salt the gallbladder formula.

And you want to take that with food and also on the empty stomach and you may need to take two an empty stomach twice a day to kind of open up the bile ducts and to get more flow through there because that apple cider vinegar will increase your production of bile but you might need just more bile to get you.

Started speaking about bile steve you know normally when i have breakfast i it's always important to read the labels i always like to read labels and i couldn't could you believe a i mean this has like two grams of fat incredible but the good thing is it has no cholesterol at all so i'm excited.

About that um but the reason i'm just showing you the label on this is that i found something that i'm gonna i just did a video this morning if you look at the back of the label or the side of the label on some of these products recent recently you'll see it says contains bio.

Now bio-engineered food ingredients yum bio-engineered food ingredients so that's going to be an interesting video for people because uh steve have you ever heard of that before uh no i don't believe i have.

This is a nicer way of saying it has gmo foods now what there's a lot of loopholes or some really interesting information about it but stay tuned for the video that i'm going to release in about two days on genetically modified because they were.

Going to just about to pass a law that you know more and more states need to label and be more transparent gmo but the food manufacturing companies beat them to the punch and came up with a new term so now it doesn't sound like gmo foods it sounds a little bit better in the and.

The little symbol that they'll use is this beautiful sun the sun with a um like a little plant with a nice farm seems really nice so that way you think you're getting a really great health food product so well anyway it's it's an interesting.

Thing start you have to start reading labels and really uh understand what what you're putting in your mouth now remember doc tricks are for kids now i don't know how many people in the audience are old enough to remember that slogan but anyway they do put all these.

Euphemistic things up right to make you think you're getting the best stuff but let's go with our first quiz question doc all right all right which type of food is missing if you have dry lips dry lips audience dig into that and.

Why don't we go to mexico city and uh go with oscar hang on just a second oscar unmute yourself and you're on with dr berg there you go hello hi oscar how are you great great well first of all thanks for everything that you do dr burke and let.

Me tell you about my situation my question i have been experiencing now i think that is restless leg syndrome for the past three years and it has really affected the quality of my life and while living in mexico city with this syndrome has been challenging because i haven't found any doctor that knows about this condition and i have done.

Every possible blood test for instance of my body and every exam that i have been told and well i haven't found anything wrong in my body but the pain continues in my legs and even one doctor suggested me to use expect drugs because they thought that it was something related to emotions or things like that.

And well last december it was when i found the information about restless legs and i was like okay that's the symptoms that i've been feeling now now it has a name right and that's how research about this syndrome i found your videos and now it's it has been a month and a half that i have been taking four.

Thousand and seven hundred milligrams of potassium a spoon of magnesium and uh apple vinegar twice a day and also it has been a week that i started taking nutritional genes twice a day and well i haven't really felt any improvement but i still think that this.

Is a restless leg syndrome due to the fact that doctors have told me that there is nothing wrong with my body and also the pain feels like almost everything and the websites share uh several less right and well my question is that i am wondering if i am missing anything.

Any data or how can i improve condition as it prevents new symptoms in my feet when i am walking is of restless legs or is or if it is something else so i was wondering if you can tell me something to to guide me towards to answers or towards to a solution sure what what time is it now you're in mexico right.

Yeah in mexico it is 10 24 pm or am am okay um yesterday um what did you eat yesterday what was the foods that you ate yesterday yesterday i ate a chicken chicken i i am now eating a lot of vegetables.

I stopped eating i don't know how to say in english but um but like sausages and things with with salt so like yesterday i stopped eating things that have like salt and i'm just i'm just eating salt but a.

Ocean salt i don't know how to say it and and well that that's it but and also yeah yeah yeah but i'm taking care of of my of the food that i am meeting okay so um recently have you been eating any carbohydrates like um like any type of um.

Carbohydrates that could be like sugars or or flour products anything like that yeah i mean carbohydrates like pasta pasta and but rice but i don't eat a lot of like sugar things let's say like every once in a while i take the the half of a donut.

Let's say the but not regularly okay you drink any soda no okay good uh any alcohol no.

Okay good so this is a really good example of like um someone has a a symptom and they want a remedy for it what you're going to have to do to fix this is you're going to have to get on the basic healthy version of the ketogenic diet that i recommend because.

You're taking the remedies but the foundation isn't created enough those refined carbohydrates in the form of the rice and the pasta unfortunately deplete you of vitamin b1 not to mention potassium so really it's the b1 that you need because that actually helps you get rid of the what's.

Called lactic acid in your legs um but if you're still doing the carbs that is going to kind of negate or or nullify those supplements so this is going to be very very simple um get my book start reading on how to do this right.

Get off those carbs and give it a little bit of time and then watch what happens to your less restless legs cause i used to have that condition really to the point where i was pounding my legs at night because it the middle night i'm like i can't sleep and i had to go run to get this energy out it was.

Driving crazy um but i was doing a lot of the breads of pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes right now i know um for some people watching it might be hard to believe that in mexico they do carbs but they do sometimes like carbs tortillas and rice and yeah totally occasionally but.

Yeah that's that's gonna have to you're gonna have to find an alternative to that like um some keto friendly breads perfect perfect so so the idea is to that is that's the only thing you're missing uh and you probably will find out you don't even need any supplements because that foundation is um.

Not not put in there yet perfect so the way to go with that is for books that let's say yeah but in the meantime if you just go to my website right on my website on the front page dr and scroll down there should be a um what to eat uh document and you.

Can download that and start today so i'm i putting that like a guy perfect awesome okay so thank you thank you you're welcome and keep you posted okay let me know go oscar go.

Uh mexico city all right let's see where we're at here uh we're still waiting for our answer to the first question but in the meantime allison from facebook what's the best way to address hypothyroidism most hypothyroidism is hashimoto's it's an autoimmune and the key mineral that you would want.

To take is not iodine it's selenium selenium helps you convert but also you need to make sure you have no gluten in the diet gluten really can mimic um certain things and mimic.

The thyroid so your body then will attack attack it as a and a foreign thing and um it kind of makes things worse basically um not to mention messes with your gut so watch my video on hashimoto's there's several other things you need to do but.

Um it's really not a thyroid problem it's a secondary problem it's an immune problem so if you keep treating treating it as a thyroid and just take synthroid or t4 or whatever and wonder why you don't get better it could be because you're treating uh the symptom and not the underlying.

Root problem which really um with hashimoto's you want better conversion of that t4 to t3 the active form of the thyroid hormone i have a lot of videos on it so um you can go into that and do a deep dive that's terrific okay doc speaking of the first quiz question we do have some answers and it was asking which type of.

Food is missing uh if you have dry lips and the audience suggested 30 percent say omega-3s or fatty fish 25 say foods with magnesium 20 say vitamin b vitamin foods 20 safe foods with magnesium boy a lot of answers five percent say vitamin c foods and five percent finally say vitamin a foods.

Terry thank you for that great breakdown okay so when you get to dry lips um you have um it's not a lack of water it's a lack of fats and omega-3 a lot of times will help vitamin d will help and vitamin d is in the fatty foods so um you want the seafood with fatty fish would be really good to.

Help you um lubricate your lips so um it's really the essential fatty acid omega-3 fatty acid and sometimes vitamin d that will prevent the the cracked lips or the chapped lips and the dry lips wonderful okay cod liver oil is another one too.

Yeah that's gross though but if you can get it down i'm sure it's very good for you let's see why don't we go to uh paul from dallas he's been very patient with us and even switched computers so that uh he looks great on the air paul you're on with dr burr hi dr burke hi um.

Let's see keep this quick uh back in 2018 i had a staph infection i had to go through for months of antibiotics in the middle of it um i started in june and in.

August had a physical tsh t4 t3 all normal um i elevated a liver enzymes but the cholesterol high of course you know 300 but for triglycerides were low so i just didn't do anything about that um.

Anyway the um by november i noticed i was gaining like a big potbelly i had three of the indicators of liver problems so december i started.

Keto uh watching you at berg and cola and started doing great do the by february i was able to do 48 hour fast after the third one i noticed other problems like joint pain uh tennis elbow which i had for years.

Would never go away and anything i did would never go away suddenly was gone i was able to get out and ride my bike again and then um stayed on keto um kind of rolled in and out after a year then by.

December um i went to fur physical and my tsh level was 15 which is super high and i was taking quercetin because of the you know the c19 going around and i had to travel for work and.

Was getting exposed uh i'd been taken for six months so i thought maybe that's causing it and i stopped taking it um after my my staph infection was on the face and after the facial creams like pepperonis left me with rosacea so.

I've been taking putting creams on my face a couple of times and we take that under control anyway um then and let's see it was march another test uh it dropped down to 11. t4 was one.

Month later um down to 11 but the t4 was down to 0.87 now the doc says um and i told the doc about the uh the problem with the hype tsh and he thought maybe i have hashimoto's so he did the test.

And the test i'll show negative for hashimoto's uh i avoid gluten like to play uh i've been for over a year now and anyway so he prescribed the synthetic t4 says oh you've got hypothyroidism and.

I was looking and i do take your nutritional yeast and i take powdered nutritional yeast mix that in and those are high in biotin so i don't know if it's the biotin that may be causing that or or is that but i've cut down on the uh.

Nutritional yeast with the high biotin i got it so um let me just kind of give you some tips on um that uh all that information that i have of course there's probably a lot more we could kind of dig but dig into but here's the thing with the thyroid um it doesn't sound like you don't look like a.

Hypothyroid type case you just you don't you don't so a lot of these the the you gotta look at it like an indicator that there has to be something else going on um the thing that you told me is you have a staph infection on the face and you're using certain creams um which gives me a little clue on your.

Microbiome could be off like the gut and what's interesting about the gut the microbes that also relate to your microbes on your superficial part of your face is that one can affect the other so let's say for example there's a lack of diversity of.

Gut microbiome well guess what they make bile salts they make bile salts and so bile is really necessary also in the conversion of your thyroid hormones so if your gut is off the thyroid is going to be off too not to mention the liver.

If the liver was fatty and let's say for example now it's better but the liver also makes bile salt so your microbes make bile salts your liver makes bile salts and so either one of those can greatly affect the thyroid because um 80 of the thyroid hormones are dependent on.

The liver to be converted to the active form of the thyroid hormone so if there's some type of blockage or in your bile ducts or or a problem with the microbes in your gut that can affect your thyroid so those are the two areas i would really look at.

I would start with something called tutka which is going to help the liver just work a lot better and then let's see what happens to your thyroid once you do that and then also at the same time i would do something to fortify your gut microbes because um that staph problem you have.

The way to do it you can kill the staff off but then those microbes become even stronger so instead we just fortify you we increase the microbiome uh systemically and that way your microbes don't um start becoming um resistant to that very soon i wouldn't.

Say i i shouldn't say very soon but probably in about a month or two we'll have a there's a micro buy micro micro uh cream that you can put on your face that's really good for balancing out pathogens but stay tuned for that but in the.

Meantime i would do a probiotic and tutka to help your situation okay thanks a lot paul we're kind of fighting the clock here but i hope that uh information helped and uh we wish you all a luck and we hope that you'll call us back and let us know how you did all right dr berg let's get on with another slide.

Here another quiz and there you have it all right what does smoking do to your lips what are the effects of smoking how does that affect your lips well what a great question i am uh 68 and it just shocks me now when i see the old movies everybody in in the world had a cigarette dangling out of their lips.

When in the 70s or 60s and i guess everybody had whatever that does to the lips but fascinating when i see an old movie now and everyone's smoking in an elevator in a room it just seems so foreign to me even though i was one of them i quit about 30 years ago anyway yeah well i recently did a video on on.

Diagnosing um kind of the inside of your body based on what's going on with the lips so this these questions are based on that video that apparently some people watch some people haven't but it's a you know it's i i think it's important to just kind of teach people on little different indicators of looking at the face the.

Lips the teeth and to see what's going on internally so you have more information on that here's an interesting one tammy from youtube please uh please discuss what's behind sulfate sensitivity by their wine maker by profession and.

This condition is causing havoc for me i know i know because uh they have to use that uh sulfite to as a preservative or things will turn to vinegar so um here you are trying to drink trying to enjoy just wine you know on a regular basis and darn it you can't sometimes because you have this.

Sulfate or sulfite sensitivity well i guess what you have to do is try to do the kombucha tea as your new wine alternative but you know the sulphites are also in other things like dried fruit and.

As far as what causes that sensitivity i think the body is rejecting these uh sulphites that are added to food primarily because they do have a negative effect on our bodies so our body's rejecting it but some people have more sensitivities to other other things but or than other people but if you want to improve.

Sensitivities to anything or improve allergy type symptoms the best way to do it is through regular intermittent fasting as well as periodic prolonged fasting that will help your immune system you'll have less sensitivities then you'll be able to drink large copious amounts of wine.

On a nightly basis wonderful well i tell you what our audience does not mess around because they've already come up with an answer what does smoking do to the lips and a hundred percent of their they're rolling uh putting all the money down on on this one number say wrinkled or darkened lips.

Okay you are correct um but primarily it turns the lips um on the gray side it does darken it but it does turn it on the gray side because it's like you're really shutting down the circulation so it's not going to turn blue but it'll turn on the gray side so you know if you want gray lips just keep.

Smoking right well i guess everybody used to have them debbie from facebook since i've been intermittent fasting i have developed severe bad breath heard that and the heel on my right foot has turned orange are they connected your heels have turned orange uh just.

One of them just one of them the right one yeah okay um i'm not sure about that um i'm definitely not sure about that but i will say that if the breath um is quite odorous when you do intermittent fasting it's probably.

You're in some deep ketosis right and so what you could do to really resolve that is to take a probiotic and you can take this on an empty stomach it won't interfere with your fasting but it will greatly help purify the gut and i would of course i'm gonna recommend mine because it's a liquid.

And uh it's a great way to counter um the effect of any bad breath at all and in fact even if the cause is coming from a bacterial issue or a gut issue or an excessive ketone issue that probik you take it right before bed.

You can also dilute it and use it for other things as well you can use it cleaning mold around your house you can put in a spray bottle dilute it and spray it into your septic tank it just takes the smell out so it's a it's a great way to um to handle that we also use it in our chicken feed when we ferment it.

To keep the mold growth down so it kind of these microbes they eat the bad stuff and they they get rid of different smells so it's a it's a great great thing wonderful okay let's go back to our green room and we've got monica coming to us all the way from slovakia and uh and that's on the border of the.

Ukraine so we wish her all the best and all the safety in the world and you are on monica with dr berg thank you hi dr burke um i started um i started keto diet just about two weeks ago and i have to say i'm feeling great i've got lots of energy so i'm really pleased about the positive effect of it.

The reason why i started keto is because i'd like to lose belly fat i'm generally a slim person but i've got very fat and the second reason is fibroids in my uterus i for years i've been trying to find a diet that would address it no gluten no dairy very healthy fruit veg eating but it's.

Just not done anything i have a condition with my liver i had a liver operation and i know that i was first high on estrogen then my estrogen went down and i was told that potentially the two adulated so the liver and also fibroids.

Um and then i've got my methylation is is not very good so those are just really the basic facts and just to help you maybe just to think about what and really it's just how do i think you're i think you're on the right track um and of course with that keto plan uh.

Definitely start doing more and more intermittent fasting because the intermittent fasting is good for anything tumors okay so they'll actually shrink tumors and that's what a fibroid is it's a benign tumor the other thing is um the tumor needs a blood supply and um.

It's called uh angiogenesis and so there are foods that are anti-angiogenesis that will shrink this uh the circulation to these fibroids and it just so happens to be the cruciferous vegetables so the cabbage the cauliflower the kale you should be including that in your keto.

Diet those foods are going to help you they're also anti-estrogenic i'm glad that you you stopped the dairy because that's a really key point um but um you know the sugar as well because those are so those are just you know dairy um.

Sugar increases insulin so we have estrogen those are all um anabolic they make things grow in the body so um you're going to be on the right track with what you're doing i just would add cruciferous vegetables and do more fasting those two things with.

This diet um are going to be very very helpful for you so um yeah and just give it more time that's really all you have to do is give it more time and it should work really nicely okay thank you you're welcome.

That's great thanks for representing slovakia so well monica and let's keep it up with the green room here why don't we go next to juan who is calling in from florida and let me unmute you juan here and get you on the air and you are on with dr berg juan go ahead with your question good morning dr berg good morning.

Uh first of all i've been doing keto for since 2019 i dropped about 20 pounds feeling more energetic i started consuming the apple cider vinegar twice a day and then a few months back i decided to buy one of those gadgets to track your.

Sleep uh found out that my deep sleep uh let me put it this way i don't get enough deep sleep i'm getting anything between five minutes to 30 minutes max somehow i i did some research i found out that sometimes the apple cider at night it's not a very good idea it.

Could trigger the the lack of deep sleep so long story short my question is how can i improve my deep sleep in doing keto there's a couple things that you can do that i would experiment on taking vitamin d right before bed.

Can greatly help reset your circadian rhythms being out in the sun more during the day can actually give you more melatonin to help the deep sleep at night so if you're in an office or in a indoors in the majority of day that is the problem that's the problem with your.

Sleep so being outside physical work is going to be really really huge going for long walks doing more exercise will help your deep sleep also before you go to sleep there's a protocol that i use to get even more sleep like i was doing this for a while i'm not doing it now but i was trying to get nine hours of sleep and it was quite great because.

It was like oh my gosh i feel so much better so i took a vitamin d i took zinc and i took my uh sleep aid right before bed uh boy that just puts you into the a real nice deep delta wave sleep and the first part of the sleep is going to be mainly.

The deep sleep uh the delta wave but then the second half of sleep is going to be the rem sleep which is just as important to rejuvenate mental stress so you're waking up and you're not necessarily just rejuvenating just physical stress but the mental stress you wake up feeling like i feel.

Just really ready to go i can face life and i feel good so these are all things that i would look at i have done a lot of videos on sleep because i had severe problems with sleep and i that's what got me interested in it so um there was times in my past where i don't even sleep one.

Second all night long i'm laying there just literally in a torture chamber just when am i gonna go to sleep and so that haunted me for about 12 years until i figured it out but um so i have a reality on that so you you can watch the videos but those are the things that i would recommend to help.

Okay i'm getting as an example last night i got 39 minutes of deep sleep but i got two hours and 14 minutes of um hey you're you're doing you're okay that's that's not terrible um the other thing that uh you have to realize those those tests aren't always the most accurate way of.

Really measuring uh the delta wave especially since you probably don't have any um probes going into your brain uh they're probably it's probably going to be evaluating your motion of your body.

It's kind of an indirect way of measuring it so i would go with how you feel when you wake up too um okay as the best indicator but also one last little remedy is that some calcium before bed also will help especially if you have cramps at night and if you're let's say your head is.

Tired okay but you can't go to sleep uh calcium will just like put you out okay perfect thank you very much sure thank you so much juan i appreciate it and let's see if we can't get one other question answered today then we'll go back and wrap it up with our guests in the green room and dr berg uh here's.

Your question okay so what is the highest quality of protein you can possibly eat okay get on it uh audience and let's see we've got olivia is still waiting for us and olivia you are on with dr berg go ahead with your question please.

Hello dr byrne hello my question some years ago i had these stomach aches uh very burning stomachaches they were brief sometimes anyways after that i went to my doctor and they diagnosed that i had stones in my gallbladder not being sure that was the cause of my.

Stomach pains they took it out the stomach pains continue years after they i went back to their uh gastroenterologist and they found out that i had a sun in my bile duct which they tried four times to take it out which was very hard at the fourth try they did take it out.

I felt my stomach case disappear however a few months later they diagnosed me with acid reflux i don't have heartburn i don't have those symptoms that most people have however i feel that my stomach digests food very slow um because i feel it i don't feel.

Uncomfortable i don't feel bad however in the morning i feel the food sometimes in my throat and then later on i developed this bad um flavor in my mouth and later on dry very dry mouth at night not during the day and lately dry nose um my sleep is like has been really bad um i some nights i don't sleep at all.

Some nights i sleep maybe six hours some nights i sleep eight hours and you were saying your body will tell you if you have a good night's sleep and when i sleep at least six hours i feel great i have a lot of energy i have been listening to you for the past year i really like everything that you say and i have tried some things for.

For uh this acid reflux which is flames the one that bothered me the most in the back of my throat i feel this drainage however i don't have a congestion nose i breathe very well it's just that is very constantly clearing my throat and having this dry cough once in a while and i see that when i eat certain foods it gets worse.

So i heard you saying like radishes with ginger and lemon i tried that one time i heard you and i did it and it helped actually excel and i said oh my gosh his doctor is god so i really admire you for a lot of things that you do but this is bothering me too much and also maybe related to my stomach problems dry skin each screen skin that i feel.

That maybe are allergies uh especially my fingers and certain foods that i eat i noticed that maybe it is more so listening to you have stopped like eating nuts and other things and sometimes i don't have any itching at all but sometimes i do still lately uh in the last six months i started seeing a spot in one of my.

Legs white spot and then i went to the dermatologist he said that he wants to treat it like with light he may be meant illegal i never heard of it so i don't know i think i feel that everything is related to the stomach issue okay good so let me just kind of um recommend i'm assuming i always assume.

That you're doing the healthy version of ketogenic diet that i recommend so let's just let's just pretend that you're doing that um the other thing is that um i've released a video just recently that if you haven't watched it you definitely need to watch it it has to do with mucus in the back of the throat but really that video is all about.

Acid reflux problems in the lower digestive tract that you you should watch that because that could explain some of your symptoms the thing that the big clue that you gave me was that stone in your bile ducts that tells us that you're low in bile salts.

So that also tells me that the liver probably needs some help to make more bile because bio bile um i'm sorry gallstones are a combination of too much cholesterol versus not enough bile so instead of reducing cholesterol i would increase your bile salts i would.

Go out and get a product called tutka start taking two on an empty stomach in the morning two in the afternoon an empty stomach and that will start to increase your ability to um digest fats like vitamin a that supports the the dryness of the mucous membranes.

That you're that you have a problem with um also vitamin d which will help um a lot of the other symptoms that you're you're expressing um so i think you're having a hard time extracting these fat soluble nutrients because you need more bile um.

So cut cut will assist you to speed things up and also if you don't have enough of the bile you could get a regurgitation of not acid but bile that that actually gives you the same symptoms as acid so it could be a bile reflux issue as well so.

Um the question is how do we fix the stomach well um i would go back to my eating plan and really make sure you're doing exactly like i said because i think a lot of people they try the remedies that i recommend but they're not getting the basic eating plan.

Long enough consistent enough for it to work um they kind of sort of do it off the cuff and it's not exactly done right and so now they think well that didn't work i'll go down to the next thing so just make sure you're doing that getting the basic.

Eating plan correct with the intermittent fasting which will probably give you more relief than anything um but um but definitely try some tatka that will help you and um um i think that's what you need to do it's probably a bile deficiency issue how do you where did i get that from you.

Or no you can uh uh look it up online i think probably amazon how do you know that it's uh t u tutcom t-u-d-c-a okay okay.

Okay yeah thank you all right thanks so much that we're a little bit out of time there olivia so we're going to have to roll but we do have another gentleman that kind of popped in on us mid show and i want to make sure we don't uh ignore him and is it uh giulio with a g how do you say your name.

Sir yes julio julia all right you are on with dr byrd thank you hello uh first of all i want to thank you because i had amazing results with the acupressure and i solved.

Really bad problems i had with knots on my muscles and uh thank you thank you for that the the question i have is um every day when i wake up i am super tired even if i have uh eight nine hours of sleep.

But i'm very very tired when i when i wake up and to the point that uh i really had to have to fight to get up from the bed so i saw all the videos on the channel about.

Sleep and all this stuff but i couldn't find a solution so can you help me with that um a question i have did you start the keto plan that i recommend with intermittent fasting yet i did actually i'm on paleo.

Kind of paleokido but i do have some grains because i summarize because i work out so i need some and i tried intermediate fasting in the past but i couldn't resolve this problem and i have this.

This problem since i can remember so okay so here's here's one tip i'm going to give you um paleo is basically keto but allowing more carbs and so those little bit of carbs especially if you have insulin resistance which it sounds like you do can keep you kind of in a state of.

Fatigue and tiredness all the time i had that problem so unless i bring my carbs down and eliminate those the rice and the fruit that type of thing i won't really experience the energy that i really need to be in to be able to convert to full keto so now you're really burning fat and you're getting the energy from that new fuel.

You have to bring the carbs down low enough which you might not be low enough i think that's i think that's your big problem um i would do that and in fact just do it for one to two weeks okay to prove it to yourself cut out those little carbs i know one of the reasons you're trying to.

Keep your weight up right now but maybe you just increase more food right now and exercise a little bit harder and just to get more calories more fat than the carb and then see what happens with your energy i think that's really what's missing i do know if i go with what you're eating right now i will.

Feel very similar i feel like i just don't have the energy that i should um from the sleep that i get and then when you experience that then you can decide wow okay this is what i want to do and then make some decisions anyway thank everyone on the in the green room and everyone listening i appreciate all of your wonderful.

Questions stay tuned for some really interesting videos coming up this next week and we will see you next friday morning or actually whatever time it will be 11 o'clock in the afternoon you
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - May 7, 2022
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