The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 28, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 28, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 28, 2022

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well hello everyone you're we're back with another show today and uh sometimes i'm trying um it's morning over here so but it's in different time zones so uh welcome welcome we have a lot of great people in the green room waiting to get in and we're going to answer a lot of questions.

So let's just dive right in steve anything that i say is not meant to diagnose you remember that it's just to give you information to think with to check with your doctor um so that's the disclaimer all right well speaking speaking of the green room we don't normally go right off to it but we've got memorial day.

Weekend coming up all over the country and we want to get a little advice from a former nypd officer and that is greg and he's going to tell everybody how to stay out of trouble this weekend in addition to his various health concerns with you greg you're on the air with dr byrd hi dr berg uh i guess to stay out of.

Trouble is uh the best thing is don't drink and drive don't uh make a full yourself out in public and uh don't have any kind of rage with uh alcoholic drinking i like that good advice greg so go ahead with your question now greg oh aye dr berg you say not to eat if you're not hungry and what's the maximum.

Time you could safely go because i could easily do 72 hours and you also say to use uh apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and should you be using that when you're fasting because there's not much to digest when you're fasting and right is there any maximum amount because you know i take shot glasses two ounces.

Of lemon juice two ounces of apple cider vinegar and is there any uh amount you should not take good questions um let's let's first address the uh the uh not hungry okay so let's say you're not hungry and you go as long as you can um.

You know there is a tremendous amount of benefit to fasting especially prolonged fasting for every single part of your body including your muscles especially because you get this growth hormone spike you get autophagy it's recycling of your old tissue it's anti-aging and.

Plus it's going to increase your lifespan and killing the cancer cells on top of everything else and build a new immune system um so the goal i mean i would think your goal would be to get as much of that fasting as possible so um when you're not hungry and you still.

Maintain a good amount of energy um you may want to just ride the wave and go as long as you can and go 72 hours and play around with it and do these longer fast i found that you know my cognitive function starts kicking in there my mood starts going up.

So take advantage of that and and just don't eat uh the the the point of when you should eat is that you're you're feeling weak uh maybe a little grouchy um you don't have the full strength and especially a really good indicators let's say you work out and.

You just cannot last too long compared to when you eat then that just tells us that you're not quite there yet but the fact that your appetite is gone means that you are eating when you're not eating you are eating your own fat and that's a very healthy.

Fuel the key is getting all the nutrients so just make sure you get all the nutrients because if you don't including even vitamin d and omega 3 fatty acids you may find that you start getting maybe a heat joints more pain things like that so just if.

You're taking all your nutrients you can fast for a good period of time even even three or four days not a problem um make sure you take sea salt as well now as far as apple cider vinegar um most people dilute it but you can you can do it as a concentrate uh if it doesn't bother you just you know like a little shot glass.

The lemon juice it doesn't it's not going to interfere with your fasting hardly at all so it's not going to increase insulin so you can do that though the apple cider vinegar you want to start out doing that but let's say you're fasting for 72 hours and you are in deep ketosis so your.

Ketones are more acid so you may not want to continue the apple cider vinegar if you're doing a 72 hour faster or longer because you're just going to add more acidity to situations so you may want to have a little bit of like maybe an eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda instead to.

Neutralize the ph but again that's a minor point um and then if you're fasting for 72 hours make sure when you transition to food that you go slow don't do what i did and just start eating a big meal and i have videos on that but um yeah so that's that's pretty much my answer greg.

Thank you you're welcome that's great and greg we all appreciate you keeping all the boroughs safe that's quite a heroic career and we salute you for that and thanks for coming on with dr berg and by the way as you continue to accumulate more experience on fasting you're one of the.

Long haulers you know we'd love to hear back from you certainly communicate to us on on social media why don't we kick off the first question of the day dr berg and here it is okay so i have to look around my camera here in fact let me see if i can see oh yeah here we go what percentage of carbs.

Does the average american consume daily so if we take a look at all their calories in their diet for a given day what percentage of that is carbohydrate what do you think the answer to that would be scared to hear the answer okay so let's.

Go to social media and let's go to youtube first with g young and he wants to know is berberine a natural product or an artificial supplement no it's it's a natural supplement it's an herb it comes from a plant and it.

Will give you a lot of cool benefits for everything from blood sugars to improving your insulin resistance problem to helping reduce the incidence to gout i mean there's so many benefits to berberine it's a it's kind of i if i'm not mistaken there's one study that.

Shows that it works almost to the same magnitude as metformin for um insulin resistance so it's a pretty interesting thing but i will say this now that we're bringing this up when we're getting into phytonutrients like.

For example turmeric is a plant but curcumin is the phytonutrient in turmeric they now can make that synthetically so you don't want to be taking synthetic phytonutrients or or antioxidants like you don't want to take synthetic beta-carotene or um.

Alpha tocopherol for the vitamin e because um it's completely different chemistry and um there's a lot of data that shows that it increases your risk for getting cancer it doesn't decrease it so um just that's the transition in the future.

From my viewpoint needs to be more into the area of knowing the source of where these supplements your food comes from and have full transparency because there's so much corruption this area you don't even know what you're getting and you don't know.

Where it came from so that's kind of where i'm starting dr berg approved so we'll have a list of products that have a higher quality and there's no hidden little anything in them like maltodextrin that creates problems so especially in the all the new keto products coming out which i mean it's just it's just crazy well.

That's exciting to hear dr berg because when i look for something that's healthy i mean i don't know there's so many ways to spin it you know a feel you know farmed or you know whatever so i'm sure everyone's looking forward to that so we can consolidate down to some stuff if i'd ever decide to have anything other than a bacon cheeseburger.

And steak fries at least i'll have a list and know where to go from there okay so let's see next up is uh ajo from youtube will going to bed on an empty stomach affect the quality of my sleep that's interesting actually it should improve your sleep it should improve your sleep um.

You know people have to they this this thing where they have to constantly be full they can't be hungry um our bodies are designed by nature to go for periods of time without food so being hungry is a very natural thing and it's a that's a little bit of stress that is actually a positive stress.

We're not talking about starving we're just talking about it's okay to be a little hungry here and there the key is whether that hunger affects your overall energy your performance your mood because there's a difference between um you know low blood sugars and being hungry.

Big difference because there's all these hormonal waves that occur even like in this morning i'm like at eight o'clock in the morning um and i still have it too it's just like a little wave of a little hunger and it goes right away because there's hormonal fluctuations going through that will stimulate the sensation of hunger.

So um you know going to bed hungry is actually a very positive thing believe it or not wonderful you're on the right track there okay let's go over to facebook jennifer wants to know why her daughter gets extreme constipation when she goes off sugar well i think.

The the microbes need to eat something and i would replace that sugar with fiber which by the way is a carbohydrate so why don't you feed because these microbes can eat sugar but they also can eat fiber so you don't want to take a fiber supplement you want to get it from your vegetables because especially right now they're coming up.

With all sorts of synthetic fibers that people are taking and we don't know the safety studies we don't know how they affect the gut microbiome not to mention the um the uh it's called myco myco biome not micro and that's all the fungal the friendly funguses that live in your body.

Um that are just as beneficial but um you know um i i released a video this morning um on sugar and uh you should watch that because uh it's uh you may never eat sugar again.

After watching this video and uh you know your microbes so right now i'm doing all sorts of experiments with fermentation kombucha kefir and other fermented drinks and they all need sugar right so the key is how do you feed them sugar.

And then use all that sugar up so then you don't have to have anything left without having it completely turned to alcohol because they can also consume alcohol as their fuel as well so anyway we'll i'll be releasing some videos on that very soon as well stay tuned folks okay.

It's that time dr berg and the busiest guy on friday morning in the world is terry our co-producer because he has to type all this stuff and here we go and here's who's watching us from around the world the uk canada south africa bahamas ethiopia germany cyprus the netherlands chile.

Slovenia zambia greece belgium somalia india saudi arabia kuwait spain norway mexico denmark pakistan malaysia egypt sweden italy algeria iraq hungary france the philippines antigua senegal ireland switzerland japan taiwan cameroon don't forget them and of course all across these united states i don't know if you said canada up there in.

Mexico but you guys are also part of the the mix so we appreciate everybody logging in so all that uh i can see that the names rolling up on uh youtube so that doesn't uh that doesn't go for naught folks keep telling us where you're coming from it's really exciting to hear how broadly this show goes all right now.

Let's go to the quiz the first quiz today let me bring that up and i'll read it on your behalf dr berg what percentage of carbs does the average american consume daily and the audience claims at least 75 of them say 80 or higher 20 say fewer than 80 uh percent.

And 5 say less than 50 if you make sense that's very scientific from terry does that make sense okay so um the answer is six about 65 uh 63 to 65 percent so um that's astronomical because guess what a lot of those carbs in fact if not all of them.

Eventually turn into this thing called sugar so you can only imagine the quantities of sugar of an average american now i know all of you watching probably are on keto and you probably don't eat very much sugar and don't eat a lot of carbs so someone is making up the difference.

So um so you can imagine some people probably doing 90 incredible incredible so um yeah the video i released today is just taking one little thing the red blood cell and showing you the.

Effects of uh how sugar affects the red blood cell and i will say you probably will dramatically cut down your sugar in carbs after watching that video steve asking for a friend of course no absolutely.

Let's see here why don't we kick off the second question make sure we get through all of them today and doc if you can see it here you go okay what percentage of carbs should someone on the ketogenic diet consume on a daily basis i know but i'm not telling okay let's see what else do we have here.

Back to social media uh are there and now let me get some that's a little complicated um let's see what are the this is gloria from facebook what are the best foods to heal my kidneys well the first thing you do is avoid a certain food to heal your kidneys and.

That would be carbs and sugar because the number one cause of kidney chronic kidney disease is diabetes and which is basically high sugar so high sugar really destroys the um the kidneys because if the kidneys are a.

Little little tiny little filters in their capillaries and you know the sugar as it affects your red red blood cell trying to be filtered you're trying to push through this filter something that's not very flexible something that's sticky something that's clotting and it just destroys the kidney.

As far as what foods would be a low-carb high-quality group of foods so you want to do you know have a combination between a moderate amount of high quality protein with um you know good healthy fats and.

The carbohydrates probably should be on the vegetable family um i mean there's very specific foods that are better than others for the kidney but um if you have already have kidney disease you don't want to overload it with maybe way too much.

Protein because that the protein has to be going through this breakdown urea cycle and that adds more stress to the kidneys so you don't want to do that so you want a moderate amount excellent excellent words dr berg let's go pick on somebody else in the green room and let's put paul on the spot paul.

If you can hear us i see you back there come on up to the thing and you sir my neighbor from south carolina along with dr bird see unmute yourself sir sorry about that good morning everyone good morning but basically it's about a thumbing sound in my left ear but usually before.

I go to sleep and then early in the morning how can i get rid of it i've been taking a lot of veggies unfortunately it still comes and goes do you do you consume um a good amount of uh carbs or breads or sugars or grains anything like that uh the only grains i eat usually is.

Quinoa i don't i don't eat many carbohydrates at all i'm certainly brightest in cheeto yeah okay good so um when you lay it on the pillow it just doesn't feel like the the heart rate is pounding is that what it feels like i don't get much pounding from the heart.

From my heart but the ear the pulses yeah that's see that's a that's usually a potassium deficiency usually um there is a very good test it's uh you can't tell you really can't evaluate potassium from the blood because it's most of the potassium is not in the.

Blood it's inside the cell so there's an intracellular test that measures calcium and potassium you'll just have to try to look up what site because there's a there's a site online you can actually look that up and then they can send you a testing kit and you can measure that to see if you're if you have a problem with that.

There could be a reason why the potassium is not getting absorbed but there's other reasons too why you might have that sound especially if it's just in one ear one thing that you may want to try is benfotamine which is a fat soluble b1 that actually um.

Could actually reduce that symptom the other thing i'm thinking which i'm just throwing ling sing out loud you know another causation would be some type of mucus in the estation tube that comes from a sinus issue that's one area.

There's another i don't know if you watched both of my videos on tinnitus not that you have that but there's two things you do okay yeah um did you watch my both my videos on that of the technique trying that technique that tapping technique i've tried a little bit.

Okay all right so um so those are a few things that i would do um and do you have any sinus um issue zero zero okay um i think i would i would do the benfotamine and i would also um.

Just start beefing up no pun intended your potassium not just with foods but with some high potassium electrolyte and then and see if it doesn't go away because it's that pounding in the inner ear is usually a potassium deficiency um that's causing this uh loud pulsation and you're gonna hear it.

In the ear it's not you're not gonna even feel it on the heart but um yeah and then you know to really let's say that doesn't work right so then i would have to which i don't have time to do now but i would try to find some other clues that you have that are going on with your body to.

See if it makes sense of what could be causing it because it's really hard to figure that symptom out without other data so i mean probably try that first but um and then maybe you can email us more of a history so we can.

Give you more things to test and try because um who knows i mean it could be any number of things okay thank you very much you're welcome thanks a lot paul my neighbor from south carolina i hope uh you have a uh good sleep tonight without uh your ears.

Pounding and so come to the beach for goodness sakes i don't know if that'll help you but you'll have fun a lot of sun palm trees and all that stuff so let's see let's go back to our quizzes and the latest one uh was a question not a true false and it asks what percentage of carbs should someone on the ketogenic diet consume.

Daily and let's see so uh 85 of our respondents say 20 15 say 10 or less who's right well it should be and i'm going to i want to differentiate two types of carbs right we have the vegetable carbohydrates and.

In my my book i talk about not actually counting them but if you did um actually no i do talk about counting them actually i want you to count those in fact i want you to increase those so that would be like five percent but.

Think about this we're talking about calories are there a lot of calories in salad no it's like mostly water and nutrients and some fiber so you'd want five percent of the uh your calories to be vegetable or salad and then the other five percent could be.

Carbohydrates so the answer is five to ten percent um if you're talking about just all these other carbs five percent not 65 5 and then you would want um you want about 20 protein and then the rest fat okay.

But it might sound like a lot of fat but it's it's not because fat has more than double the calorie density than these other foods do so if we're talking about volume of fat it's it's like less than half of that so it is a little confusing but um.

The point is that with carbs you need a very small amount to make this successful it is the key factor that determines whether you burn your own fat and generate ketones or not it's the amount of carbs not the amount of fat it's the carbs interesting you know i read an article once where they discuss fat as the.

Miracle food because about a cube the size of a dice can fuel you for some ridiculous length of time you know it's like the the ultimate fuel for the body is just that we i guess end up with a great excess sometimes you know um i think you know it's true.

Because it's one of those things that everyone has been pushing low fat low fat well you know it's just the opposite because that's how things end up usually it's like whatever the mainstream is pushing look in the other direction because um.

They usually are wrong and it usually takes 10 15 20 90 years before that data comes out i mean take a look at any of the recommendations crisco um trans fats and sugar in the 70s so anyway um let's.

Let's why don't we give people another question how about that steve all right stand by let's do it right now and here it goes all right true or false there is no major difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef they're pretty much the same is that.

True or false come on audience looking for 100 there and let's go uh now this is uh our heart goes out to deborah from youtube any advice for reversing pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer can you starve it is there any path forward with that doc yeah well there's uh i interviewed one.

Person i'm interviewing another person who um got rid of stage four cancer um and the other person is they don't have that cancer anymore and and i think the the best thing you could do is watch those recent videos on cancer and start doing prolonged fasting as your.

Most powerful weapon i just released a video on cancer and exercise that's an interesting video on the relationship between how oxygen can actually help you recover from cancer because these cancer cells are anaerobic.

Without oxygen and and there's a whole mechanism of why that would work but i would do serious prolonged fasting like i'm talking a week at a time and then eat one meal a day and then go to two weeks and then there's a protocol that i would.

Recommend these are supplements that i do not sell you can get them online there's a video on that but this is based on a really um interesting um researcher who's a phd in md in out of france.

He's an old timer and he has this amazing explanation of um a little strategy to starve off the cancer and so i ended up help funding and help a lot of you actually help fund this research and it's done now it's being published and once it's published then i can do a video on it.

But it's the results were fantastic and this was not even involving changing the diet um it was an animal study but still it was it was a really good study so then the next study would be on humans but in the.

Meantime we have some interesting data that may be beneficial to you but it has to involve hardcore fasting exercise and and then watching but those.

Think it's possible for sure well our hearts go out to you and you know all the best luck with that we hope you call us back with some improvement josh from facebook any remedies for my wife's morning sickness she's 10 weeks pregnant yeah i would do tutka tutka it's a type of bile salt that's uh will.

Help get rid of nauseousness and it open it kind of opens up the the bile ducts and that would help as well and then the other remedy would be vitamin b6 but i would only try that after you tried tutka and i would take an empty stomach twice a day um.

And because what happens with women when they're pregnant is they get this spike of estrogen and that tends to thicken the bile that's draining down and then if that backs up they can have a lot of nauseousness and other symptoms so this is a really nice quick relief from that problem.

That's encouraging quiz number three and we do have a hundred percent are here so they're all smart or dumb depending on your answer doc and they say oh excuse me the question was true false there is no major difference between grass fed uh and grass what do we between grass-fed and grass-fed beets did i read that.

Wrong grain grain excuse me green grass okay i did read that wrong all right so i'm the one that's not smart all right so 100 of the respondents say is it false there is a difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef uh are they smart we hope they are smart and that is the truth and what's uh.

Actually very interesting about that there's there's not a lot of studies out there but there is one study that i found recently that um that is just it's not even completed yet but that i talked to the researcher who's doing the study and it's actually mind-blowing because they compared.

Um grass-fed grass finished which is the key because just when something just because something is grass-fed doesn't mean it's grass finished which means the last month or two or three are just grass not grains versus grain finished and this is what they found the.

Muscle in that beef from the grass-fed resembled muscle from a healthy athlete the muscle from the grain-fed animals resembled someone with metabolic syndrome and so the question is is there any difference between consuming.

Um a sick animal versus a healthy animal does it affect your health i don't know what do you think i have studies we have to be done on this to see if this is true but i'm thinking that you might actually improve your health if you eat healthier animals what.

Do you think steve well i think you're on to something doc that makes a perfect sense to me so and let's go to claudia on youtube and i think she represents you know a lot of folks who are struggling with this sort of thing i haven't had a gallbladder for nearly 20 years some people have that and now have a.

Fatty liver and i'm obese will taking bile supplements help doc what can we do for claudio well you might want to think about getting a getting a gallbladder because they're they come in all different sizes and shapes now and so you can get them and install them but um.

Yes yes you want to get some bile salts gallbladder formula is one that i have i'm not biased of my own but you want to take that with meals and you might want to take an empty stomach and what will happen is that.

Bile helps to mobilize fat and cholesterol and it can help reduce a fatty liver but there's also other things too you should be doing you should be doing the ketogenic diet you should you should be doing choline choline is important and then bile salts is another.

Thing if you don't have a gallbladder that means you don't you're not able to concentrate your bile and your gall bladder and you're not so you get this trickling effect from the bile from the liver into the small intestine so you never have enough bile and you don't have the concentration of bile so those two things can.

Also affect your ability to extract nutrients from your food i'm talking about vitamin a d e k 1 k 2. so these are all fat soluble vitamins but not only that many phytonutrients like the carotenoids are fat soluble so i mean.

Lutein zeaxanthin all these like really important things for the eyes for the heart you can't actually um absorb those without bile so it's quite extensive i i've done a lot of videos on this and i think um uh you should probably take bile salts.

Now the way that you know you took too much is that you get diarrhea the way that if you don't have enough um you will have your stool float and and it'll be pale the color of your stool so there's ways to know to get to get the right amount of bile in your.

Body well good luck from that and you know i know you don't like to brag about your products but i love the electrolyte formula that keeps me from cramping up when i jog but aaron wants to know if he can take your electrolytes with k2 d3 i assume that's your product as well yeah yeah you can take it no no.

Problem there what i have in the k2 and the d3 is the i already have in there a little bit of mct oil powder so you don't even need to take it with a meal because it comes with fat and if i'm not mistaken it also comes with bile salts so it helps to absorb.

It'll be absorbed a little bit better as well as it has the magnesium which is another factor of absorption so i wanted to handle like a lot of different barriers for absorption and the fact that a lot of people probably the majority of populations are deficient in vitamin d vitamin d is the most important fat soluble vitamin.

Because every single cell has receptors for vitamin d all right that's wonderful so why don't we go back to the the um green room and we've got a young man here handsome from new jersey and he would probably have been in greg's spotlight as an nypd and he suggests so he's going to have a lot of fun this weekend but in addition to.

That he has some question for you dr berg about your various programs greg you're on i'm sorry brian you're on with dr berg hey dr burke how's it going great i also suggest not coming to the jersey shore this weekend it's going to be mayhem um but my question is i intermittent fast for about 19 hours a.

Day um i do 72 hours about every two about every two months um mostly for the benefits of autophagy are there benefits of going beyond 72 or should i shut it down after after 72 because it kind of plateaus no no there are there are definitely benefits that go beyond 72.

Like the shrinkage of polyps in your colon if you have them the killing of cancer cells the complete regeneration of your immune system you're just going to get more and more benefits cognitive benefits regrowing of brain brain cells.

so it's a it's a it's it's definitely if you can maybe i don't know even to go extended you'll see some magic happen if you can go seven days i mean that's like you see some major major transformation.

Um that go way beyond even 72 hours so the answer is for sure i i was going to do a video on that but it requires um i'm just getting my references in a row but um i want to be talking about more on prolonged fasting and what it can do also for your muscle cells and your stem.

Cells which is you know the cells that are undifferentiated that can turn into any cell and so you can replace any damage going on and you get better repair and recovery and anti-aging and i also have hypothyroidism that would i assume help with that as well yeah do you have hashimoto's.

Um i'm not sure if it's exactly that i do have hypothyroid hypothyroidism i take levothyroxine about 88 mics a day it went from 75 to 88 but i'm not sure that's not a big dose but i know it's definitely been worse than that in some cases find out because 90 of um hypothyroidism is.

Hashimoto's which is an autoimmune in which case fasting would be dynamite i mean it'd be really really good for you because now we're addressing an autoimmune issue which is going to drop your inflammation but but even if you don't if you fast make.

Just make sure you're taking all the right nutrients but it's very beneficial for your thyroid and probably the need for thyroid hormones will go down um but um yeah the two things that interfere with with the thyroid is the liver liver function so and the other thing is um test i mean.

Estrogen which i you probably don't have a problem with but that's because that would be if you're consuming a lot of soy or consuming a lot of plastics in the diet which is in from i've done a video on that um but those are just some considerations and i think you're on the right track so.

Yeah that's awesome all right cool i appreciate it thank you you're welcome have a blast this weekend brian be safe and let's see what should we do why don't we go to another question dr berg and here it is all right so what.

Is the benefit of using ghee instead of butter and i just want to did we answer the last question steve i think we did yes so so this yeah so we're good on this what is the number one benefit of using ghee instead of butter and i'm talking too about in the bulletproof coffee or.

Cooking with it um consuming it in your foods all right climb on it audience and by the way here's a fun topic that we covered in one of our symposiums before moon feather from youtube should long distance runners do iaf and keto and i remember a monster um you know runner that we had as a guest.

At one of your gatherings about three or four years ago so what do you have to say for a moon feather well there's there's there was two speakers that we had one from greece uh who did very well in his iron man um because he's keto low carb and then you.

Also have the guy who took the world record for a hundred mile run he was uh he was a guest speaker and uh both of them were keto uh athletes so what happens when you become fat adapted there is way more fat oxidation which means you're burning fat you're using.

That as fuel and that's very beneficial for long long distance runners versus someone who's not adapted that has to rely on glucose and they have to consume synthetic you know dextrose and these these these terrible things throughout the race which is um not healthy and.

There's a lot of complications there's a lot of side effects i've done a video on that they have the carbo load sometimes so i think it's better of course there's minimal research right now but i think there's going to be a lot more coming up but i mean you have so much more fat to burn.

Why wouldn't you want to burn fat when you're doing long distance running i mean the fact is that can you adapt or not can you switch over and switching over to become fat adapted uh does take some time especially for an athlete so it could take even months up to a year to completely switch over but you're going to find.

That your workouts your performance will be much better okay well here's a big group of which maddie represents on facebook please discuss health protocols for women who are undergoing menopause thank you says maddie the main thing is going into menopause you want to make sure that your adrenals.

Are as healthy as possible because your adrenals are going to back up the ovaries as a kind of a little back up machine there and you want to support them and then when you go into menopause you won't have this dramatic shock to the system and where you start having a spike of cortisol where you start losing.

Your bones and vitamin e is a in the form of tocotrienols would be a really good supplement to take if you're going through menopause and but don't follow where everyone else is doing like just a calcium carbonate supplement because that will increase your risk of getting heart attacks.

Try to get your calcium from food but as far as the supplements if you needed something uh the probably the the main thing i would recommend is something like dhea which is a precursor to some of the.

Hormones so don't don't need much just a little bit of that can help restore some of the severe drop in these other hormones that you have during menopause if you need that because um we're making this huge shift of where these hormones are coming from.

But as far as testosterone goes testosterone doesn't in women doesn't really drop as much as it people talk about it's really what happens is the dhea drops the precursor so um i have done a video on that you can watch that to get more details.

All right shirley let's go to youtube can harden excuse me hardening of the arteries be reversed if so how long does it take to do so well it cannot it it's not going to be reversed by going in a low cholesterol diet it's going to be improved when you go on a low carb diet.

Because what's happening these carbohydrates how they affect the red blood cell and it leaks iron into the system it irritates creates lesions inside the arteries and the cholesterol comes as a band-aid so now how do you reverse all that well um a couple things you can do you want to take a a really good.

Vitamin e tocatrinals to help support and help dissolve some of this fibrosis that's going on in the arteries and then maybe a key later um i talk about that in some of the videos and then vitamin k2 that's another one that will help keep the calcium out of the soft tissues.

Um but the main thing is stopping the damage which is getting your diet corrected because all these other things will not even touch it unless your diet is corrected so and then the original thing that caused this problem the first place was your diet wasn't correct and probably high carbs.

And then that started this cascade so you must fix that first all right let's see here we're still waiting on the answer to the ghee butter thing so in the meantime why don't we let's see did we ask maria i don't have a gallbladder complete blockage in my.

Pancreas no we didn't maria from youtube i don't have a gallbladder and i have a complete blockage in my pancreas what can i do to improve my vitamin absorption the way the bile ducts come down is they do join with the pancreatic ducts and these.

Are tubes and so if you don't have a gallbladder you could potentially very easily develop gallbladder sludge or a gallstone which can then obstruct the pancreatic ducts so how do you clean that out because we have we have a problem with.

The deficiency of bile and we have too much cholesterol and that forms a sludge so you're left with um having to take bile and the type of bio i would take if i were you would be tutca and you take two an empty stomach maybe even twice a day initially and that will.

Help thin this sludge which will then allow the pancreas to drain and will get less back up into the pancreas so there'll be less inflammation in the pancreas better pancreatic function less bloating less pain and it's like it's one of those um.

Things that works very very well and gives people a tremendous amount of relief yet it's very hard to find information around taka look at my video on tutka because i had a extensive one it's a very um interesting remedy for a lot of things that you wouldn't even think are.

Connected wonderful dr of course audience all right we've got the answers to quiz question number four which asks what's the number one benefit of using ghee instead of butter and i'm interested in that because i haven't heard of that and this is a long one 35 percent of respondents say ghee has.

More omega-3s 30 say ghee has no milk proteins 20 say ghee is nutritionally superior and 15 say ghee is better for the cardiovascular system threaded through there doc do we have some smart people well well think about this um it's clarified butter so you're taking.

Out the solids from this butter all right but you still have the all the fat-soluble vitamins you still have all the nutrients um but you don't have the the casein any casein traces or any lactose so if someone is um even though there's not a lot of lactose in butter.

You're going to take away these things so you're going to get better digestion you're going to have less allergies so you'll have less digestive problems and it's the ghee is a little bit better for your gi like a leaky gut and so you can put in your coffee blend it up it.

Makes a really great little um drink as a bulletproof coffee but um but yeah so the big difference is that's going to be less stress on your digestive system because there's less lactose and less um casein with allergies okay do you mind dr berg just kind of.

Telling me what it is is it a is it a strained butter is ghee butter what is it yeah they heat it and they strain it they filter it out so it's just taking all these these particles out of butter which are some traces of protein and there's traces of milk sugar very small amounts but they're in there.

So this is like pure fat pure fat yum sounds pretty good all right listen uh francesca from youtube wants to know if she should be fasting while breastfeeding um probably not because the importance of breastfeeding to get all the nutrients and.

And probably not the best time to start fasting you want to just maximize the breast milk which is a very key thing by eating really healthy just maybe all you have maybe i would recommend just not snacking do three meals so when you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

I don't recommend doing any type of fasting other than skipping the snacks and just having a really nutrient dense healthy meal so that way you get all your nutrients and you're not having to do the snacking because here's the thing if you're eating a lot of different frequent meals when spiking insulin.

With pregnancy or even lactating then we're generating a little bit more insulin than we need to um so is that necessary i don't think so all right terrific good good luck for you and i know dr berg is proud of you for breastfeeding and apparently does great things for little babies and.

That's wonderful it's the best best thing and uh you know the shortage of what infant formula is well okay well start breastfeeding that's going to be the best thing you could do because what's in those infant formula is way too much soy and.

I mean it's giving an infant soy is uh very estrogenic not to mention the type of soy the gmo and all the other crop that's in those those products wonderful go for it ladies you're on the right track okay here's our final question for the day doc can you see.

That yes true or false mct oil cannot be converted to fat right is that true that's true true or false and i tell you what uh actually uh as show he excuse me has been trying to get on the air with us and she keeps dropping off as shelly uh let me see if we can hear you go ahead with your.

Question for doctors hi dr berg i'm very happy to be here i used to have a constipation chronic and also um acne chronic so since i started taking your gallbladder formula and vitamin d and probiotic all this problem is gone but my problem right now is.

If i don't eat high calf food at night i don't sleep i keep waking up like three times one day i eat high cup food what can i do in this situation yeah um that's what i did at some point i couldn't sleep unless i had a pint of ben and jerry before i go.

To bed because the sugar and the insulin promotes fatigue so that's that's what you're doing and when you go on the ketogenic diet especially when you're adapting you may find that you get way too much.

Energy so what i would do if i were you instead of doing the carbs i would take a little apple cider vinegar a little water you know sometime in the evening and then what i would do is i would um um let's see there was there was one video.

I did on this and i there was a really good remedy if i could pull that out of my my database here um i would i would take b1 for sure um and i would take magnesium and potassium because these minerals are um are like um relaxing to you they're relaxing to the autonomic nervous system.

And then b1 is good for the sympathetic flat or fight mode uh and then on top of that i would exercise more to burn up this extra sugar and help get your muscles tired especially in high school were you an athlete yes.

Okay so do you find that your physical activity now is not as much as when you're in high school i think she froze up there uh from a poor things internet is uh not working well.

So let me see if she comes right now what happens to the mitochondria is uh when you exercise it they become bigger and then if if you really generate these incredible mitochondria and then all of a sudden you don't maintain that level of exercise and then on top of that you go on the.

Ketogenic diet you have you'll have so much more energy and so the problem is how do i sleep um so you might have to exercise more to get rid of this energy use up the energy um that's my situation if i don't exercise i don't sleep because i'm so used to this exercise ever since.

Wrestling and basic training but um but but more magnesium more potassium and more b1 and vitamin d before bed i think will solve your problem rather than the carbohydrates oh we can't hear you oh there she is okay great well she was shaking her head enthusiastically through a lot of your.

Uh consultation there so as shohei i'm so glad we were finally able to get you on the show and hope to hear back from you in a state of greater health that'll be a lot of fun let's see and you know steve you know stephen one if we compare exercise to physical work like cleaning something or fixing something.

I tell you for sleep physical work is way way way better than just regular exercise but again they're both very similar but there's nothing like doing some physical work and sleeping like right now i'm living the farm life and talk about.

Physical work and sleeping goes hand in hand way better than any workout that i've ever done wow yeah milking chickens takes an enormous amount of energy and so on and so does milking pigs yeah oh yeah i'm sure they don't like that at all all right let's see here uh rawad from facebook's i'm suffering from extreme.

Hair loss what should i do to treat this condition well i don't have a lot more information to use to figure out the exact thing but there's a couple reasons for hair loss number one you need to you're not consuming enough protein number two you're not taking the.

Trace minerals that are needed for these hair proteins to form it could also be hormonally where you're having too much dht a very very powerful form of testosterone i've done videos on that and what to do but again i don't know if you're on the ketogenic.

Diet i don't know if you so i need more data to really figure out i i like to ask the question when did this start what did you do right before that and that'll just kind of give me the clue of where to what's going on but i need more information but those are some simple things that you can do right off the bat.

There is a hair formula that i have that covers a lot of different issues the b vitamins um silica mineral um the dht factor as well as the trace minerals so that's something that.

Has shown to be very powerful too you might want to check that out wow it's incredible uh let's clean up the uh green room by getting everybody a chance and trisha is up next from believe it or not niceville florida trisha you're on with dr byrd thank you dr burgess really nice to meet you nice meeting you.

Um i'm experiencing the adverse effects from a hysterectomy surgery um can the keto diet and nutrition and supplements help mitigate the long-term side effects from this surgery yeah did they do a complete hysterectomy yes.

Okay um yes with a twist with a couple other things that can really really help you first of all it's a trauma and um and adrenals now are probably working overtime to compensate because even like the surgery itself this is why even after surgery like they.

See a drop in potassium because there's this massive adrenal stress that just dumps the potassium so potassium is one mineral that i would take um and then um supporting the adren adrenos more than anything but the ketogenic diet takes you out of the sympathetic dominant.

Flight or fight mode thing so um i think it would help you greatly and the fasting will also help you intermittent fasting will help you heal and repair tissue and rejuvenate um that's really important but the additional things that i would do and you might want to write these down or.

Watch this video later to record this but there's a couple products i used to use in my practice when someone had this procedure that worked really well and it's uh through a company called standard process i'm not affiliated with them but it's it's called utrophin pmg and ovitrophin pmg.

You would take um maybe a few of these each day probably taken before bed ovitrophin pmg and utrophin pmg and that is a wonderful combination that seems to help support what's missing in your body right now um.

Because that whole structure is is connected to uh um the pituitary and hypothalamus on this axis this coordinated communication and so now we kind of take away one part of that communication and now it's it's left incomplete so this will tend.

To i think um fulfill that communication in your body and you'll you'll experience a lot of relief with that yes i agree um i think the fight or flight sensitivity is definitely increased like i wasn't before and in the meantime you can search out.

My video if i'm not mistaken it's called the stress webinar where i actually walk people through a really simple acupressure technique that you can do to kind of pull yourself out of a stress mode it's a unique thing i used to do it in practice but i teach people how to do it on themselves and it'll just help help um pull you out of this sympathetic.

Dominant mode in addition to this your new change in eating which is going to be low carb and in a minute fasting thank you so much i really appreciate it you're welcome okay good luck with that uh trisha and as always we want to hear back from and.

By the way our final wonderful person from across the pond nora is with us and she's been smiling the whole time uh which is wonderful even though she's the last uh up here on deck so norah go ahead with your question for dr byrd hello dr berg thank you for um having me on your show and my question is.

About is it alright to use it for me as a woman because you've said in your videos that it increases uh testosterone and how much i should use of it i mean on regular basis well ashwagandha is one of the one of.

The best adaptogens so it supports adrenal stress and it allows you to increase your tolerance to stress so now you'll be able to handle stress more i would i wouldn't take a lot of it i would probably take two or three per day.

Not more than that and make sure that it's a really good source and sometimes it's hard to find herbs that are you know where it's grown on but uh um the better soil it's grown on the better it'll be for you but ashwagandha is uh one of my favorite adaptogens and.

In addition to ashwagandha you may want to add like nutritional yeast or a good vitamin natural b1 to help go along with this ashwagandha and then one last thing as far as a tea goes lemon balm tea is a really good one for stress you'll feel um some nice changes right away but those three are.

Probably hands down the best for reducing stress thank you you're welcome okay we've got an answer about you uh well actually we've got the answer to the last question let me knock that out real quick yeah we have to answer the question well.

That's all right true false mct oil cannot be converted uh cannot be converted to fat and uh 60 say false 40 say true who's right dr berg as we close things out it's true mct oil the medium chain triglyceride fats cannot be converted to fatty tissue.

So this mct oil in your coffee the mct oil as you take on the keto plan it's not going to turn into fat okay it's going to be turning into energy it's not going to even be um um it's not going to interfere with your your ball your gallbladder because the.

The bile doesn't is not needed in that breakdown of that type of fat so it's a very unique type of fat and it's uh if you have too much you can get a little diarrhea or bloating so go go small with it at.

At the start but it can help you with um fasting longer and it can also help your brain especially if you're starting to notice dementia so it's good for alzheimer's and if you exercise um and you want a little more energy it's a it's not a bad.

Thing to take before a workout like 20 minutes before you work out because it's going to have it's going to give you more endurance wonderful on that note steve um i appreciate all of your questions and your comments and all the great comments on the youtube videos i'm releasing recently if you.

Haven't seen the one on sugar it's um i put a lot of time into it check it out go to my youtube channel and check it out i think you might enjoy that but warning you may never eat sugar again steve all right looking at the video now see you folks.

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