The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 21, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 21, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 21, 2022

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welcome back we're here for another q a and uh anything that i say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical treatments so just uh take it with a grain of salt and come to us through social media to ask.

Questions and then we'll we'll try to answer as many as possible let's just dive right in and uh get right into it steve okay so i definitely don't like long introductions so go ahead you you start you certainly don't well i'll keep mine to a minimum too uh so let's go this time to uh social media.

They're oft ignored they think but we're not going to we're not going to let them prove that so susan from youtube i have metastasis in the bones breast cancer and was recently diagnosed with coronary artery disease i'm sorry boy the dietary requirements for these conditions are very different what should i be doing.

Well i think that probably the most important thing to do is focus on the cancer right now there is a recent if you take up to a scan of all the videos that i've done on cancer watch the most recent ones and apply that information there is a download that i would follow based on some really.

Pretty hardcore research on what i would do if i had cancer we we recently did finish the study which a lot of you donated to which i'm going to we're submitting it to a major uh oncology publication so i'm excited to get that published the results and you're going to be quite.

Happy to see the results um and this is like using it's not even diet it's alternative things to alter a certain pathway i'm really excited about it but go ahead and um go to those videos and uh dissect them and apply that information well that's wonderful and i'm going to.

Assume that this would also apply to marion from youtube 38 have had colon surgery followed or cancer followed by chemotherapy what vitamin mineral analysis do i need which is the best serving same videos i guess for her yeah yeah you want to do that you know i think the thing that's unique about the cancer is that um.

The diet that helps prevent it is not the diet that i would apply if i had it so that's that's the mystery that you should just that will inspire you to go and see what what is should the diet be um but um.

What's fascinating about a cancer cell is that it comes from a normal cell and uh it's damaged to the cell and then it's like this morphs into this ancient pathway that it ferments fuel and it loses.

Its ability to die so it kind of lives forever so it kind of has all these strategies to survive so what you have to do is you you have to understand the mechanism unfortunately there's so much confusion about what to do especially when you go down the medical route.

Because the prognosis is not that great uh using the typical conventional care so anyway um that's all i got to say all right very good so angela from youtube is taking should i mention the name brand it's the standard stuff you find off the stuff off the shelf at.

Walmart multivitamin for women i would like to take something with more nutrients multivitamins what would you recommend for a woman over 55 get get a real get a real uh food based vitamin nutrient and of course i'm not biased of my own um i'm being sarcastic but um the the kind.

Of i think the best multi is my keto energy but because it comes from i actually show you the food that it comes from so there's food that comes the problem with using uh food based uh vitamins and minerals is that uh it's just a bit more expensive because it takes a lot of work to extract the natural version versus.

Synthetic you can make it from petrochemicals and unfortunately um they don't work the same and so that's but that's why they're cheap and i mean look at the first ingredients usually calcium carbonate that's limestone and uh i mean it's like eating it's like a rock.

So you're it's just really sad that to know that 99 of all the vitamins out there are made synthetically and um you think you're getting the real thing but they're an imitation of the real thing and some people say well there's no difference really so there's no difference between.

Artificial versus natural okay so um that's just kind of false information so get something food based read the ingredients and see where it comes from um you want the source of it on the label well it sounds great by the way i'm going to take you folks behind the.

Scenes there's old charlie take you behind the scenes uh in a conversation i overheard uh dr berg having and that was that he was paying over 2 200 a kilo for something versus you know 10 dollars for a barrel of it from china do you recall what that was something oh i'm just going to say like um like one like vitamin b1 um i i didn't.

Want to use the synthetic version so um it was like well over 20 28 a hundred dollars per kilogram incredibly expensive just for that ingredient alone so um um versus the naturals like i mean versus the synthetic which is like pennies.

So i mean like a half a penny per per kilogram i mean this is crazily cheap so the thing is like um um you know when you get into vitamins you don't want to base everything based on costs exclusively you want to look at the quality too.

But it does take it's more expensive to get the the real stuff unfortunately well i'm i'm a great fan of all those and healthier for it so why don't we kick off the first question doc i'm not sure if you can see it but there you go all right let me see if i can see it i.

Think i can see it all right good so what is the best natural remedy for an ulcer i'm talking about the ulcer either for your on your stomach or the small intestine a peptic or a duodenal ulcer incredible hang on just a second doc i'm going to arrange your.

Picture in here i'm going to bring on taylor who has been very patient from georgia and we were giggling about everything is peachtree street down there and uh you can't find your way because of it but hang on taylor i've got you all squared in the way and welcome to the show with your first question in 30 seconds if you.

Can go all right okay so um usually from what i see people who are doing keto and also trying to like reverse things like insulin resistance typically have issues with weight gain and trying to lose weight however i'm kind of on the other end of the spectrum i'm thin and have a hard time gaining and.

Maintaining weight although i used to eat all throughout the day constantly snacked and i ate really unhealthy um so is it is it unusual to see people who are thin and have trouble gaining and keeping weight on that also have insulin resistance and how can this be the case yeah it's not the highest population but i'm i've i kind of fit in that same.

Category where you have people that you know they base everything on their weight like oh i'm healthy i'm well whizzing you could still have very easily have health uh insulin resistance because and then it affects you differently it can affect your blood sugar your mood your cognitive function it can even create a fatty liver that.

Won't even show up in your belly so um absolutely um in fact you just kind of gave me an idea i should probably do a video just on that because how many people are thin and just think well you know fat is the most obvious thing that is.

Like an indication that you're unhealthy but um yes now when you do keto the challenge i'm thinking you're going to run into especially if you're going to do intermittent fasting is trying to keep the weight down right yeah i've been doing it for the last two.

Months and actually somehow i managed to get back to my healthy weight and maintain it so i don't know how that's happening but it's great that's awesome yeah i think have you felt some changes in either like your energy or other other things yeah my mood has definitely improved the.

One thing that i've been struggling with and i'm still trying to kick which in hindsight i think is really due to like an iodine deficiency because i do have a thyroid nodule but other than that i still have some brain fog but my mood is drastically better anxiety has gone away so it's it's made a huge improvement now that i've restored my gut a little bit.

And added some good things wow that's great that's great i think you're on the right track and yeah with the thyroid um you know you could have these nodules from an estrogen spike so i don't know what's going on with your cycles but but you're right the iodine uh sea kelp is.

The remedy for that and um oh good good um that should help you and um let me think if there's anything else um yeah i think that that should be good and the longer you do this you'll start seeing.

All sorts of uh changes for the for the better um more stable changes and but with insulin resistance it sounds like your diet was similar to mine it does take it does take some months and sometimes even years to fully flip that thing into a place where it's like completely almost gone so yeah yeah and.

I'm really happy you mentioned the estrogen things i'm almost positive i've had estrogen dominance since i had my son because i have like the unwanted hair and the hormonal acne that just won't go away it's been like five years so that's what i'm working on too with the sea kelp and the iodine so i've been learning a lot from you thank you.

Right you're welcome definitely throw um maybe also throw in a little cruciferous vegetable as well um now people will say well that's estrogenic but like no actually it's um it just helps the ratios it helps the ratios a good and bad settle it'll put you in a better a good place so yeah.

Awesome thank you you're welcome well that's really great thanks taylor and dr berg is very interested in what goes on uh not just at the time that you undertake some of these things but afterwards so please do get back with us taylor later on and let us know how things are going for you an example later i'm not going.

To bring you on right now virginia but she's been on before and we've been able to kind of track her progress as she goes through all these healthy things so but in the meantime let me see uh if we can uh give some credit to all those that are watching.

From around the world and they're coming to us today from uk canada india malaysia taiwan south africa zambia greece mexico italy france pakistan japan norway belgium egypt romania cyprus the netherlands australia germany algeria hong kong the philippines denmark chile ireland the czech republic saudi arabia syria iraq.

Can you believe this lebanon ghana the united arab emirates excuse me morocco and all across these united states and i don't know if sweden was in there but we're going to go to victor in a little bit too who is calling or coming in from stockholm sweden in fact why wait let's bring let's bring a victor in right now.

And victor if you don't mute yourself we're going to bring you in from across the globe and you're on with dr berg thank you very much hello dr berg hello so so i have a specific question and that is i want to build muscle and i do the intermittent fasting i do 18 to 24 hours each day i eat two meals a day.

I eat a lot of eggs and meat but the thing is i eat around 100 250 grams protein and 150 to 200 grams of fat i would like to increase the amount of food that i intake but i'm not sure like should i increase the protein increase the fat increase the carbs the carbs are 20 to.

50 grams yeah i wouldn't increase the carbs more than 50 grams i wouldn't increase the protein i would increase the fat that's the one that you can be safe and you can be you could turn that into energy especially with someone like you that want you want to.

Increase your muscle mass because you it's first of all it's going to it's going to prevent you from losing any weight because your body's going to be using that as your primary fuel source so you're not going to lose any more weight and then you're going to have to add in the right type of exercise.

To really stimulate that muscle out of all the variables it's the um it's it's loading up those muscles that will cause the the greatest uh growth factor rebound growth factor for the uh for the muscle tissue so.

That's what i would do but you you won't grow more muscles by dumping more and more protein um that's not the answer so i think you have it you definitely have sufficient uh quite a bit um i'm guessing when you say protein too you're seeing the quantity of the protein source versus the protein in.

The protein source right like because that would be a tremendous amount of actual protein yeah i mean i'm very strict with the food i i mean i only do the grass-fed organic the meat.

Uh i do the liver i do the i do eggs organics it's just that how much fat can i eat i mean if i'm i'm starting to come like over 200 closer to 250 is that okay for the body or will it be too much no it's not going to be too much because um the especially when you're on keto and you keep your carbs low you can handle a.

Lot of fat it's just ability your ability to digest it with with enough bile in your gallbladder um okay good then that's great and i think too that if you were to um go by your feeling of being satisfied after a meal and being able to go from one meal to.

The next without being hungry that's like the most important thing versus to try to put you into some category of this is how many calories that you need based on your age and size okay so if the feeling is that i i'm still a little bit hungry i should add more fat.

Yes yes and then the other thing too because there's a difference between being satisfied and being full like you might go i'm stuffed but i still need something that's really has to do with more um either nutrient dense foods which i'm guessing.

That you're you're doing like make sure there's more nutrients per calorie um health higher quality or it could be just the insulin resistance issue that takes time or it could be a lack of bile sometimes i think so because i had like high bilirubin levels um.

And this is how i started with the ketoslash carnivore that i did before was that i had some infection or virus in the liver so it took like two years to become healthy and now when i'm healthy i've started training for a couple of months and that's why i i saw the tip about tatka so i added it to the to my i've done it for like 10 days now.

And i've seen the difference that my skin is not as dry as before that's interesting and so this is why now like my goal is to build muscle i won't grow very slow in like all the details where can i twist and turn to make another better results yes yes that's great um.

Sufficient protein a lot of exercise and then a lot of things to recover make sure your sleeping is really good and you recover after your workouts and um you know get if you it's also about finding um the right people to um get your information from or coach you um there's so many great people out there versus there's other people that.

Are terri give you terrible advice so that's really look for look for someone that can give you the right right data on that as well but that's what i would recommend um i would probably um i wouldn't go over 50 grams of carbs but i would go up to 50 grams of carbs and maybe you you add the berries in there to get your carbs carbs up a little bit.

Higher but um yeah i would hover around there yes okay perfect thank you very much hey you're welcome thanks so much victor for joining us that was another great call from stockholm sweden and uh speaking of around the world someday steve i'm going to go there i.

Want to go there my grandparents are from there i want to check it out i will go there one of these days good welcome summer time oh nice yeah oh yes i heard about that not not through the winter no that's a little brutal for us okay so uh we've got some answers on the first.

Question which asks what is the best natural remedy for an ulcer in the audience oh my gosh it's swept by me give me just a second here we go 60 say some form of chlorophyll 20 say zinc 10 say l-carotene did i say that right and 10 say lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Okay well here's the thing um zinc carnosine will help you but as far as a i should have said a food because i kind of tricked everyone but cabbage cabbage cabbage cabbage what what's in cabbage cabbage has a a very unique sulfur base.

Compound that actually kills h pylori kills h pylori so it kills off this microbe that is involved in a large percentage of ulcers so it's fascinating that.

It won't kill the good bacteria but it kills this other this pathogenic form of h pylori now most a lot of people have h pylori but it's inactive or it's not pathogenic but uh there's something that occurs and i might be um i might have asked this question so i'm.

Hesitant about telling you too much right now but um there's something that happens in the stomach that allows this microbe to come out and cause the ulcer i had an ulcer in college so bad that i was just downing all the time so i have a lot of personal experience with that but.

Not fun not a good condition but cabbage um cabbage juice you can juice it you can steam it you're still going to retain like 97 of that compound if you overcook it that's not going to work and if you ferment it as in sauerkraut you can actually still get some great.

Benefits it's not quite as potent but you get the benefits of all the other probiotics in sauerkraut so um you probably wouldn't want to do apple cider vinegar because that's going to burn you more interesting okay how about the second.

Question this is an interesting one i didn't know it you can see it there why is farm-raised salmon gray and needing the synthetic coloring that they use to make it pink gross okay audience dig into that let's go back to youtube donna from youtube her.

Husband is in ketosis now and has experienced severe calf cramps at night uh i think he's drinking too many fluids uh he thinks he needs 64 ounces of fluid every day plus four cups of coffee is this too much what's going on with uh with her husband well he needs the minerals he needs some minerals i mean typically it's going to be a deficiency.

Of magnesium it could be a deficiency of potassium and potentially it could even be a problem with calcium it's one of those three so um that's what he needs to do is to increase the electrolytes that's why i always say like the electrolytes are key when you're doing keto because you're.

Going to dump all this extra fluid and so i mean it's okay if he has the fluid as long as he has the electrolytes to because if you dump all this fluid you don't replace those um in your fasting you could be deficient and that can show up as a cramp in your calves or even like in the middle of night you're.

Pointing your toe and as you get this cramp that just is a killer um and then one last thing about that your ph if the ph is too alkaline you might not be able to absorb these nutrients too so that's another root cause so apple cider vinegar is a great way to increase the absorption of.

The some of these minerals well that's interesting and donna i can tell you i jog almost every night two and a half miles and if number one if i don't drink enough but if i don't take and i'm going to plug it here dr berg's electrolyte formula my can my calves will cramp up to the point.

Where i got to stop it gets so painful and i just can't keep going on so i will say doc drown enough i drink enough but uh you know making sure that i drink a glass full of electrolyte stuff a couple hours before i run has kept my my calves from cramping so i just for my personal experience i'm just surprised you even.

Need any electrolytes with the amount of vegetables that you consume and the amount of salad that you consume on a daily basis that's right well i make sure they put a little bit of lettuce on my double cheese uh you know to make sure that i'm eating right those nutritional guidelines okay let's see where the heck are we so donna good.

Luck with you and your husband tell him to put some more minerals in his body let's see uh maria from facebook i still have a constant sweet taste in my mouth despite eating less protein what else can i do that's interesting it's a chronic what taste a sweet taste and she doesn't say she's taking anything let's see i still have a.

Constant sweet taste in my mouth despite eating less protein what else can i do well maybe cut down some of the sugar like donate the carbs are going to obviously that's what you have to adjust if you have a constant sweet taste in your mouth i would imagine but you know it's really hard to to evaluate that because.

I don't have enough information i mean i can't figure this thing out by adjusting the protein just that one variable i i don't know um a sweet taste in your mouth i i don't know i don't know i i don't know what the rest of your diet is like yeah but you know the the default answer is um.

For of so many symptoms if you don't have the basic correct eating in it's like these all these remedies that i even i recommend don't work because they um you're going uphill you're going against these basic deficiencies and basic problems with your fuel source that mask other.

Symptoms and create other symptoms so the key is first getting in your diet then try to adjust some of these other symptoms because you may not even have them after you get your basic eating corrected all right and over to you yes yeah sure uh well some of it stephanie from youtube will keto improve borderline.

Hypothyroidism it can definitely help your your thyroid problem because of what it does to the endocrine system a high carb diet increases um insulin and you get insulin resistance and that can affect the thyroid severely not just.

The thyroid the entire endocrine system so um like sometimes i'll have people say well i can't do ketil because i am a diabetic or i have hashimoto's i'm like no no that's the reason why you want to do it and also um it's gonna drop inflammation so if you have an autoimmune disorder especially the thyroid you're.

Gonna drop inflammation so right there you're gonna improve the situation so you might wanna possibly consider doing keto maybe why not miriam from facebook can soaking vegetables overnight get rid of any pesticides in them perhaps on them.

I think it will help a little tiny bit but you need to these pesticides you have to usually soak them with and even apple cider vinegar can help you but you want to add something to it i have a video on that and i give options of how to how to remove some of this stuff but um.

Just water alone we'll do maybe five percent elimination but there's just you know the these chemicals are are fat soluble and this is why when you get a chemical wash um it usually can actually it's a salt it's.

A natural solvent that helps pull out some of these fat soluble chemicals that get attached to the outside of the vegetable so um find something like that all right the audience is on it uh quiz question number two asks why is farm-raised salmon gray and needing.

Synthetic coloring and 55 say a lack of exercise which causes an increase in myoglobin that's interesting 30 say lack of natural nutrition like krill and 15 say lack of quality foods smart audience i think that's that's uh amazing research yeah yeah exactly um um here's what.

Happens so the the salmon and trout uh well mainly salmon eat krill and shrimp and um and then those krill and shrimp have microalgae they'll eat that and and that has the pigment so these pigments are created from the algae and this pigment gets transferred um but of course guess what uh the farm.

Raised salmony they don't eat the krill they eat um soy corn uh animal products a lot a lot of other issues so they don't have the natural pigment source so they have to pay so if the the companies that make the.

Farm fish have farm raised fish have to pay to color it using a certain pigment that's made from petroleum chemicals and synthetic derivatives and unfortunately um it's like i mean it's expensive too it's like 20 of the fish's diet is um the expense comes from.

The the coloring agent which is is not the same as a natural thing so um there's a lot of issues with that and it's a synthetic version um the safety studies are sparse and um but it looks good so as long as it looks good right.

Because if they didn't put it in there it would be literally it would be pale gray so um honestly i don't um i would want to see the sta safety studies over a long period of time before i would want to put those in my body and you may say well.

It's just coloring it's not a big deal right well um it's a it's a yes it's a synthetic antioxidant well so is synthetic beta-carotene and some of these other antioxidants that they found to cause cancer in certain studies but it took like 10 20 years to get it off the market so it's just one of those things where.

There's there's no safety studies there's nothing on humans and so we're just gambling trying it out and hopefully it you know it works out but yeah this goes to for the the coloring and egg yolks commercial eggs and even chicken meat so when you buy chicken they have to put different.

Pigments in there to make it look like a a fresh chicken or it's going to be very pale gray so unfortunately um this is what we were you know these are options so we have to spend a little bit more to get something that's.

Without some of these petrochemicals wow well for the lay people uh out here shopping how do you know it says you know the chicken gets to leap around outside or you know whatever you know i mean or the salmon how do you know if it's really uh natural if they say so is it or how.

Do you sort through all that well you could definitely go by price because it's going to be a lot more expensive but if you can go to a farmer's market and you talk to the farmer i mean and and or go to the grocery store and see if you could find like i mean at the.

Very minimum organic chicken because free range just means it's out of the cage you know might might have a hole in the barn where they can go out occasionally but i think the wave of the future is going to be for more transparency of where i would love to see the animals where they're raised before i buy them.

And i think that buying animals from a farmer even though it's expensive would be a really good investment if you're doing fasting you're saving money you're not eating as frequently so and support the farmer and um i think it's it takes more work but when you go to the store.

Steve and you buy a chicken for four or five dollars think about how could they afford to sell it for four to five dollars to raise that whole chicken and even break even i mean it's it's expensive to feed these chickens good food and let them roam around i have 16 chickens and.

We buy organic feed of course they eat bugs and i'm doing all sorts of experiments with um fermenting the grains and checking the yolks so i have everything lined up and i'm going to share that with everyone in a new channel very soon so i'm excited about that but.

I had to find the devices to be able to measure the carotenoids the retinol the vitamin e and the egg yolk and then do comparisons um so got some real interesting data coming coming down the pike steve boy that is fascinating he's dr burger's quick.

Quick becoming the uh the consummate farmer let's get back to questions dr berg if you can see this here's the next one all right so what's in kefir that can help you sleep better all right ladies and gentlemen climb on that.

And let's go back to our green room and let's see we're going to go to debbie who is in colorado springs is it warming up out there debbie uh yesterday it was 80 and today it's snowing okay so that's colorado wow well debbie if you would uh knock out your question as close to 30 seconds.

As you can and you're on with dr burke well do hi dr berg i'm so happy to be here you've been highly influential in my journey so far so my question i was diagnosed recently with type 2 diabetes and i have been on keto for four years the last two years intermittent fasting as well.

And i suspect because i feel great and i have i wasn't on keto to lose weight and i'm at a healthy weight i just um did it for all the health benefits and have never felt better in many many ways so i suspect perhaps maybe i'm experiencing physiological insulin resistance i'm not.

Sure i am considering maybe going on a higher carb diet to retrain my body and my cells to process glucose again my fear is my glucose numbers are so high that doing that might put me in a dangerous situation and i'm sort of at a crossroads of what my next step should.

Be so um i think i missed something that you said but so so you were diabetic you got on keto no no i i got on keto four years ago i was healthy i just wanted to be healthier oh and i've been on keto for four years and i got diagnosed with diabetes um a couple months ago interesting so so i have a question.

Can you just give me a rundown on what you would eat in a given day on average sure so i have a bulletproof coffee in the morning with grass-fed butter and mct oil i fast for about 15 hours so at around noon other than that coffee so fat fast and then around noon i will.

Typically have eggs and avocado and sprouts some type of keto lunch um and then since i've started fasting i will have more healthy carbs maybe in the afternoon and for dinner you know i would be having sweet potatoes and you know mostly vegetables we.

Meet three times a week or so um but but i will say when i started intermittent fasting i started eating more healthy carbs and more fruit than i did when i was strict strict keto for the first two years i got it and um did you get this um diagnosed through an a1c test.

Insulin and what was your a1c so my a1c was 7.2 my i asked for a homo ir test based on your recommendation on my second i had blood done blood work done twice in the four month period so the second time around they did my homo ir and that was 1.4 and my insulin is 3.7.

Okay yeah but my glucose shoots up you know when i eat let's say i'll eat a sweet potato an hour and a half later my glucose level will be close to 400. so it's getting very high but if i'm strict keto i can keep it under 200 but it's still not in a healthy place.

Are you going through stress no okay good good um well i think um the fact that your blood sugar is high you you must.

You must start to um just get rid of get rid of the starches because the starches are i mean that's just like that's just adding more sugar to the yeah the problem there's um there's even some great um home tests that you can get now even an a1c at home test.

But i mean you you're really left with the decision of lowering your carbs and going back to the strict version and the healthy version and maybe some additional things too that involve um maybe not diet but um you know exercise and then also nutrients like.

Um berberine and uh cinnamon i don't know if you do those but there's uh yeah okay and the other thing too to help insulin resistance and to help help the situation is to work on the microbiome because those will.

Those will start generating um small chain fatty acids like butyrate and things that will help your blood sugars greatly um so i think it's going to be one of those um experiments to be able to monitor yourself your blood sugars and see what.

Is doing it but um you you we need to put you in the right direction here because um wow that's really that's going up even when you're strict your blood sugars are still 200 that tells me that um that your liver must be also producing the sugar so it's crazy it's creating a gluconeogenesis is turning other things.

From the sugar so um maybe the the next next thing you need to do is focus more on the liver with milk thistle and and things to support your liver liver health start really working with that and um take it to the next level and then just give it a little bit more time be.

Patient because eventually that they call it the don dawn phenomena or the production of that sugar will go down if you just stay really consistent and i'm glad you're not having the stress because the stress could also do that medication can do it.

But um but i would still add a really good probiotic and start working on the gut and then support your liver and then just give it more time super helpful thank you so i'm assuming trying to you know i've the research i've done people try to have higher carbs for three or five days.

To kind of retrain their body to accept that glucose again is that probably not a good idea for me based on that now it's that that's um i just found personally it's false information it's bad advice because okay resetting it's kind of like resetting your insulin receptors with.

Carbs well all you're going to do is you're just putting gasoline on the fire exactly it's just it's like turning up the heat to fix the air conditioner it just doesn't work so yeah whoever told you that i would i would really evaluate.

That information because it's just not and that's that's why people say they um they have like the carb day to reset and they like it's just going to make things worse great okay make sense thank you so much you're welcome oh sure.

Thanks debbie we definitely want to hear back from you as you you know continue this discipline and love to hear that your blood sugars are down and steve i just want to bring something up that actually makes uh uh that she just gave me a another uh thought on that con that uh what's happening.

Is that um there's a lot of information there's a lot of products out there that are being recently promoted as being keto friendly and and so i'm starting up a dr berg approved kind of a list and it's going to be on my website it's i'm actively working on that because if i went on amazon and i started searching out these.

Products reading the ingredients and i'm like in a state of shock of how many things are keto friendly and they're really not so i will be covering that because these hidden the hidden the amount of hidden maltodextrin in these desserts and bars and keto snacks are just off the charts got.

Maltodextrin you got synthetic fibers which act like uh carbohydrates but they're in the family that don't contribute to carbohydrates so that is another another thing that i will be talking a lot more about because i mean just like debbie i mean she's trying to trying to do it and make it.

Work out and if it doesn't work she she might go on to the next thing that try something else when in fact if we just make sure we're doing the right thing it might end up working probably is going to work for her so yeah that was a good good question well i'm scared to look at that list i'm afraid that the mcrib is not going to.

Make the cut so i'm just going to remain in ignorance so that i can carry on with my great healthy uh routine okay so the last question was what what's in kefir that can help you sleep better i'm interested in that one and the audience 70 say tryptophan 20 say some form of probiotics and 10 say vitamin d.

Well what's interesting about kefir that is um it is different than yogurt because it's a combination of friendly bacteria and friendly yeast um these microorganisms make b1 they make lactic acid.

And they have lactobacillus microbes that actually help lower cortisol which is going to help you sleep they also produce l-tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin which is a precursor to melatonin and these microbes make serotonin directly as well as melatonin so there's.

A lot of reasons why kefir is good to take right before you go to bed if you have a sleeping problem but of course if you're fasting you know take it right at the meal at your last meal but um a little bit of kefir and you can make it yourself i'm going to do a video on a great source inexpensive way to make.

Yourself i mean just taking either milk which by the way if you if you're lactose intolerant it'll be a lot better if you do the kefir than yogurt and just take either goat's milk or cow's milk high quality put these little little crystals in there keep it out of the fridge for 24 hours.

And you have kefir and you can take those crystals back out and start another batch so it's a really great way to um you know get enhance your sleep and so you might want to try it anything to improve sleep it might be a good thing so um maybe you eat late and this will.

Work briefly great because you have a late dinner and then you have your kefir and then you go right to bed so something to try steve absolutely on my list viviness from facebook and by the way you know there's so many people coming on to this routine we forget that they don't know everything and she wants to know please.

Explain what ketones are and what is ketosis for those just joining the ketones are a a compound that is a byproduct of uh when you burn fat and so it's a it's a fuel source that your body um runs on that's actually way way way better than the typical glucose and the way that you generate these.

Ketones is you reduce your carbohydrates down to below 50 grams but but keep it under like 30 grams and then you'll start making ketones and what's interesting about this whole thing is like this is our bodies were developed to run on ketones it's really a natural thing but because of the introduction of so.

Many carbohydrates to our diet we have switched away from ketosis burning ketones to running on glucose so based on a lot of other reasons health reasons um you want to try the ketogenic diet and you'll see why it's a it's a way better diet to do than any other diet out there because it runs your body.

And what's natural to um run on which is the stored energy of fat so we have a lot more fat than we do stored sugar so you can avoid a lot of diseases by doing the ketogenic diet very good dr berg next question okay what is the best remedy for restless leg.

Syndrome climb on that audience let's go back to youtube uh animal i think is the name is there a relationship between eating breakfast and having anxiety attacks well uh my first book i recommended eating breakfast i don't recommend.

Anymore um especially if you're not hungry i think that's probably the most important thing to do to improve your health is don't eat at breakfast and in that way you can fast longer and it can improve your mood doing every time you eat you stimulate insulin every time you eat carbs you increase.

Insulin and the spike of insulin will put you more into a sympathetic dominance mode where you're you're more in the flight or fight mode which is anxiety so um when you go low carb you reduce this this adrenaline cortisol stress response.

So i would skip the breakfast and it's false information that it's the most important meal of the day it's not it's not a good thing to do yet i promoted it for years until i found out that was bad advice well live and learn and uh.

Yeah exactly steve and let me tell you who else has learned and that is for jenny who has been on with us several times and she's going to continue to demonstrate the 30-second question virginia you're on with dr byrd hello dr berg i'm adrenal type i'm 70 years old and i've been doing your program 11 months.

I've lowered my a1c to 5.8 still needs to be lowered i have serious ir but recently the cholesterol the h ratio to the hdl was like 6.3 so it's like the um collectors 364. that kind of made me a little bit concerned and i'm dealing with sister cell prolapse so i wanted to do a prolonged.

Uh fast so i started saturday was the last day that i had my meal i by wednesday i could see something wasn't right with me i was irritated i wasn't feeling well i was feeling very tired um no energy i didn't have any bowel movements um.

For two days and this was i started you know sunday was my first day and then by wednesday i said to my husband by evening time i ought to eat something because i don't feel right what did i do wrong did you take enough sea salt potassium b vitamins i did the b complex i did my.

Electrolytes two of them and i did salt on one of them and i took a cup two in the morning and two in the evening okay so a couple things that could have done that um you you may need and it sounds like you do support.

From the microbiome your your friendly bacteria i think that could be what's missing as well as some bile salts because the bile salts will really put your cholesterol into a great ratio especially if you're doing keto and eating more fats.

Um the the purified bile salts you know the gallbladder formula take that an empty stomach and what what you have to realize too is your own microbes make secondary bile and so without the bile then what happens is there's nothing to.

Break down the cholesterol so that's one thing that crossed my mind and then the other thing too is like um bile helps you absorb um vitamin d and um there's a there's a lot of fat soluble vitamins that are related to mood.

Especially vitamin d those are all fat soluble so i'm thinking you're probably not absorbing those or you're missing some nutrients because you're supposed to feel good when you're doing fasting so there's obviously something missing so um i would go after the big clue is your cholesterol.

So um i would kind of work on the microbes and the bile and try it again but don't go as long and just see how how you feel and just increase the sea salts a little bit more and that definitely will make you feel weak and funky and not good if you're not.

Having enough sea salt and then one last thing hopefully your b vitamins are from a natural source they're not a synthetic source because that could be another factor yeah i take your keto energy that has uh and then dr mercola's uh b complex and also benefit me that you.

Had suggested and i recently just saw that you have a b vitamin one b1 how different is that from the benefitamine of b1 how different the benfotamine believe it or not it's a synthetic but i have not found any side effects from that synthetic it's a fat soluble b1 uh the one i have is a water soluble b1.

A completely natural source very very high quality the benfotamine works really good if there's any type of brain or nerve issues the water soluble works for everything else so so they're a little bit different um but i wanted to have a b1 um because.

It's so hard to find a natural b1 especially for anxiety and nervous tension and mood issues and that happened with the white finger syndrome the b1 could it could help um circulation um possibly yeah.

Thank you you're welcome all right so great to have you back for jenny and uh keep up the great trials there and we'd love to hear back from you again as you conquer the challenges of uh fasting that long my hat tipped my hat to you let's go to dave who's coming to us uh as in a phone call dave uh if you were there you're on with dot with dr berg.

Great thanks hi dr bird yeah so i have kind of the same problem that taylor and uh you also had commented on this with victor i uh i'm losing well i don't i don't hear dave steve oh interesting let's see do you have a.

Muted out in your in your little box there no no i don't but i um do you hear him i do can you hear me now let's see oh can you hear me now did you hear him doc no i didn't so you'll have to just maybe.

Give me the question unfortunately i can't hear a second let me try to drag him uh into a box here just a moment if you folks i would talk about now no still can't hear you but hang on i'm gonna remedy this can you hear me now guys uh i can uh but uh for some reason the rest now hang on just a second let me see if i.

Can remedy this uh everyone if i could play the little chime where people are waiting and i'm gonna bring you in here and let's see uh can you can you talk to us now please dave well i guess we're not gonna some reason we're having trouble with dave's audio dave we're not gonna disconnect you but in the meantime i'm gonna go to cindy.

From bloomington indiana cindy uh you're on the air with dr berger hope hello this is cindy and can you hear me let's see i can but um dr berg and you know people in the audience hear them that's sort of interesting well i tell you what uh cindy go ahead with your question for me.

And i will uh tell dr berg what it is okay that sounds great thank you so much i've learned so much from you over the last 18 months i've been doing keto and intermittent fasting i'm 58 years old and i just had a full checkup and my cholesterol is high it has been high for the last 10 years.

This time it was 382 and i'm sure my doctor is coming unglued about that and my ldl was also high again it's 232 my tsh3 is high but everything else was normal when i ask for small dense ldl or fractionation or an mr lipid profile to try to understand.

Those uh particle sizes that you've talked about in your videos all of the medical professionals that i've seen over the last couple of years look at me with this blank foggy stare and i'm just wondering how can i get these this this testing done when and i'm in a huge medical group.

Here in this college town and nobody knows what i am talking about thank you so much yeah i think um and i could hear everything you said i think and i ran into i run into this often so there are some great uh keto friendly cardiologists that will be very happy to consult you remotely.

And help you get the right testing and if you just if you start doing searches on on youtube to find you know keto cardiologists i know there's i i know i could think of 10 off the top of my hand.

So you could um look at their websites find out which one to work with and they can help you maybe find someone locally or or they can do it themselves and help help you evaluate this but yeah it's it's really sad to uh to know that there some of these docs do not understand the difference between.

These particle sizes and they're not up on this data there's an advanced lipid profile that you must do to really see what's really going on because they're just working off the outdated old information that's been pushed around for years and they haven't been updated yet on the new information um.

So in the meantime um the fact that your cholesterol and your ldl is high if you're concerned i think that the motto of today's chat would be bile salts take gallbladder formula or bile salts to help mobilize this cholesterol.

And help it be removed a little bit faster because as you start keto the fat cell you're running off of your fat from your fat cell well guess what part of that fat cell is cholesterol and that has to come out so you're probably dumping a lot of cholesterol out of that.

Fat cell which is a normal thing and the key is the size the size of it if your carbs are low you're not going to have the small dense ones that can get lodged into the inside of the artery you'll have the large buoyant ones that.

Float through the body so the key is keeping that carb low not cheating and then adding the purify bowel salts to help the liver and give it more time i do have your many of your supplements as well as the gallbladder formula and i did take some notes on what you were saying and.

Um i did have a small success in that i asked for a cac scan and they knew what i was talking about so that will be coming up down the road and i know from your previous videos that i probably should be increasing my uh hit workouts and get more aerobic to lower those numbers as well so that's kind of my takeaway from what you're saying if i'm.

Correct yeah you're right you're right so that's going to greatly help you and this the the um the coronary artery calcium scan is the best indicator for.

Mortality from all causes it's going to tell you what's going on with the inside of the arteries if there's calcium and hopefully it'll be zero and you're going to be good to go and even if it is high there's things that you can do to kind of bring it down but yeah exercise to sleep.

Uh reduce the stress all these things are are going to help you so the goal is just to keep keep doing things to improve it until it's back to normal the heart the hard part about this whole topic is to like we're operating off of um.

Omitted information like we don't have all these tests to know the particle size well we can go by this we can go by that so we're just going to use the best advice based on what what data we have until we get you into a good range so um it's a little bit of.

Coping with the situation right now until you can get those tests done well i thank you so much i've learned so many important things from you and 75 percent of our household is converted to intermittent fasting and keto and we do thank you for everything that's awesome great good job thank you thank you so.

Much like everyone we'd love to hear back from you we haven't forgotten dave let's try it again dave try to see if we can have dr berg hear you go ahead dave are you still with us well i'm not going to he might be off getting a cup of joe in the meantime let's go back to uh what will be our.

Final question answer today and that asks what's the best remedy for restless leg syndrome boy am i glad i don't have that uh 70 of respondents say magnesium 20 say various forms of vitamin b1 10 say potassium or himalayan salts who's right steve i had this for just years i mean i get up at literally in the middle of the.

Night two o'clock and i'm pounding my legs because they will not chill out i had to go for a run in the middle of the night around the neighborhood so um little did i know it says a simple simple remedy of course um it's b1 vitamin b1 what it does is it just removes all that lactic acid that builds up.

From the high carb diet now if i would if i wasn't consuming ben and jerry's ice cream before bed every night and massive pasta i probably wouldn't have that problem so the higher the refined carbohydrate sugar diet the more b1 that you need or you're going to generate way too much lactic acid in the in the tissues which.

Is not a good thing so um simple remedy to a major problem and i just want to tell everyone stay tuned for some really interesting videos coming up that i'm working on and i appreciate all your wonderful comments and your attention.

Sticking around this long and have a great weekend we'll see you next week foreign
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - May 21, 2022
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