The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 14, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 14, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – May 14, 2022

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welcome back everyone we have another question and answer period for the next hour if there's any questions you have you could definitely communicate through social media we have a lot of questions already so we're just just going to dive right in and let me give my disclaimer before i get started anything that i say.

Is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before doing any things we're going to talk about so um all right let's uh let's talk let's.

Answer some questions and steve tell tell us where we're at right now all these questions coming in well where we're at is we're very apologetic because a couple of weeks back inter czar was in the queue there holding and got bumped off by our system after waiting for an hour so we feel just.

Awful about that but we want to bring her back on with a question interzar are you with us yes i am okay you're go ahead with dr berg you're on the air all right thank you hi dertenberg i have i i have been on healthy keto and if for nearly 18 months and i believe i have been with insulin resistance for.

Years without knowing i noticed so much improvement in my health however despite being so strict and most days just one meal a day but the moment i consume a tiny slice of beetroots or two sticks of celery i get messed up easily i notice this by going to the toilet more often.

Um yeah that's that's my question i got it so there's certain uh vegetables that trigger give you a laxative effect is that right um yeah what i'm trying to say i i can't even do any uh any keto dessert you know and right well the problem is that um.

A lot of people are sensitive to all the sugar alcohols it creates a laxative effect and especially a lot of the new ingredients to the so-called healthy keto friendly foods and snacks like the functional fibers the soluble corn fibers the tapioca.

Uh fibers and starches so there's a lot of stuff in there that i don't even i don't recommend that you consume so you may be okay by making your own dessert with a high quality combination of erythritol in monk fruit or stevia but you have to realize that some of these sweeteners they they stick in all these.

Additional added things that you don't want in your body so uh you may need to just do this without those desserts right now and keep your food basic in the meantime um i think what would help you.

Is to slowly work on your microflora start building up your your good bacteria and you could do that by fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi are the best that's what i would do if i were you okay thank you i i have a tiny question.

If it's okay to take it or not if it's tiny enough yeah it is tiny thank you the other thing is i i had mri scan and it showed like i have a soft tissue thickening on my inner side of gallbladder and these related to noodles in my neck and.

I tried gallbladder formula and toddka which made things worse any advice on that well that was a tiny tiny question uh um or something like that i would probably need a lot more information to because it just doesn't make sense to me um so.

I really don't have an answer i'd have to you know it's when you try to answer questions like that you need a a good history and it's not just a like for example i was hoping you would ask a question can i drink lemon water on the ketogenic diet like a tiny simple question but that one involves a little more.

Complexity okay anyway thank you so much thank you angesar appreciate it and i'm glad we were able to get back with you after this after getting bumped off several weeks ago so let's go straight to social media and this is sort of an interesting.

Question pc from youtube asks why do brain cells use glucose first if they prefer ketones i don't know if brain cells can prefer something but what's the deal well they don't um require glucose first in fact if given the choice between glucose and ketones they'll always pick.

The ketones first um and so they do need a certain amount of glucose and this is where it becomes really confusing to people because they well i need to start eating glucose no you don't any glucose that the body needs can be easily generated.

By your own liver it's called gluconeogenesis and so you don't really need any sugar at all the small amount that you do need can be made from non-carbohydrate sources but because here's the problem if you start doing more sugar and feeding the.

Brain sugar you develop resistance to that and you damage the neurons this is what's behind alzheimer's dementia parkinson's and now that fuel doesn't work anymore it doesn't work so basically all those conditions neurodegenerative conditions are there because of they're starving to death because they.

Can't get glucose because you overfed them glucose the body blocks that so the only way to fix that is to feed it ketones which just goes to a different pathway and then you can finally get fuel and they start getting better so um i hope that answered that but it's a.

It's an important point you definitely do not need glucose the brain doesn't like it and um it needs to get the quick energy from glucose a certain amount but all that should be made it's called endogenous in from an endogenous source from from within not externally very good okay also from youtube ga.

Wants to know uh boy you talk a lot about problems with thyroids could you please discuss the topic of borderline hypothyroidism my blood numbers are borderline and now i'm feeling exhausted and need to sleep 14 hours a day how can most of these thyroid conditions are not.

Primary they're secondary usually either from too much estrogen that can be one um that's why pregnant women or um or people taking birth control pills or on hormone replacement therapy they start developing thyroid issues or it could be the liver is not working that well either you have a fatty liver or you have.

A problem with the gallbladder and you can't convert these thyroid hormones so if you work on both of those areas chances are you might do really good now hashimoto's is an autoimmune and that problem seems to be improved greatly when you start taking selenium there's a really good video you should.

Watch on i can't remember the name of it but it's it has to do with all the different ways all the different things you can do to increase the conversion of the t4 to t3 the active form of the thyroid hormone and if you go through that video you may spot your problem so.

Um you'll have to um find out what video that is a if you just search dr berg and hypothyroidism you might find it all right that's great and by the way we've got a great lineup we have we're not going to bring you on right now fatima but she's from new jersey but let's find out where other people are.

From uh they are coming to us from uk canada ghana romania italy greece india pakistan japan taiwan south africa egypt germany norway mexico france trinidad and tobago algeria belgium ethiopia hungary hungary excuse me south korea nigeria australia the netherlands israel iraq sweden chile morocco ireland good grief bali.

Switzerland the bahamas iceland i don't think we've heard from them before beirut cameroon finland argentina and of course all across these united states including new jersey where fatima will be joining us later in the show and let's see from that we should go to our first quiz question now that i'm.

Exhausted from terry's list and doc here if you would read that for us steve i don't know why we don't get anyone from north korea i'm not sure why that is but um okay so here's the first question is the true or false the biggest reason for chronic fatigue is diet related.

Is that true or is it false all right dig in audience let's see let's uh sometimes the people in social media feel that we might be neglecting them and i don't want them to get that sense at all so let's go over to facebook monica should we drink ketones on keto.

Are they necessary they're not necessary unless you have maybe alzheimer's or dementia um or let's say you're doing some type of sport event it's much better if you get your ketones from your own fat than to take them externally plus they're very very.

Expensive and i have experimented on the different types of ketones there's um there's more potent ketones you can take that basically takes tastes like jet fuel that's disgusting honestly they may improve your energy by maybe three percent i mean it's just it's not enough to justify that tremendous cost.

So i think the best way to do is to fine-tune your own body to make really good ketones now more ketones the better the um the mental the cognitive function the more ketones the uh the better the your exercise will be and.

So the ketogenic diet produces a certain amount of ketones but then when you add intermittent fasting you'll get deeper into ketosis and believe it or not you'll have better energy for workouts once you adapt and you have better cognitive function that's memory focus.

Concentration and ability to learn something i mean that's that's huge right there incredible well this falls under the category of i saw a video in this case luke from facebook saw a video that said bone broth can can bone broth knock you out of ketosis is that.

True what are your thoughts yeah because it's protein right and so when you're doing fasting um don't forgive me they won't eat i'm sorry diet you're gonna have to eat protein right you're gonna have to eat protein so you can do bone broth but when you're fasting a lot of people take.

Bone broth but they don't realize that that that protein in there affects insulin and so not just carbohydrates can affect insulin protein does and so it's going to inhibit your ketosis for sure the two things that.

Don't affect insulin are fat and fiber so um but protein does protein carbs do so.

That wouldn't be a good thing to take if you're fasting very good okay let's we've already got an answer for our quiz questions and the audience is pretty sure of themselves 95 oh first of all true false the biggest reason for chronic fatigue is diet related and our audience 95 percent of them say true and a measly 5.

Say false who's right okay so it is true that your diet is going to create fatigue okay but i guess maybe i should have clarified this when we're dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Um it's it's related to a very huge percentage of that is related to viruses okay latent viruses i'm going to be doing a video on this um like the um epstein-barr virus for example um these these cases that have chrono fatigue.

Syndrome with fibromyalgia uh it's definitely viral related in fact um there's certain viruses that can go in remission and out of remission which means they they can lie dormant for years and they're reactivated uh when you go through stress but the point is that.

Um 70 okay that's the majority of chronic fatigue cases are related to more viruses so the key is um how do you deal with those viruses well a little bit later in this presentation i'm going to explain that but if you're dealing with chronic.

Fatigue you definitely need to go on keto for sure but you may find that your fatigue is still there because of this viral connection so there's some real interesting data that i will share in the video coming up as well as one of the most powerful remedies.

For that so stay tuned for that mystery very good okay another fasting question angela again from facebook has completed three glorious weeks of healthy keto i added the glorious nif can i take your keto aminos and nutritional yeast while fasting um.

Yes you can and i'm going to tell you what's different about these aikido amino acids they're a type of amino acid so it's not a actual protein it's the thing that has already broken down into protein and pretty much all different types of protein like eggs fish meat.

A good percentage of it a half of it or more turns into glucose these amino acids only a tiny bit like 0.2 percent turns in the sugar so it's such a small amount it won't affect your your ketosis like these other proteins will there's a lot of research behind it.

So it's really good for those people that want to do prolonged fast and want to get amino acids it's really good for those people that are in some type of recovery situation they want to increase their recovery after exercise um because it's just it's like the straight uh blend of amino acids in the right.

Ratios um and then you asked about what was it a keto aminos and what was the other one steve oh sorry i already queued up to another question let me see if i can find it i'm sorry doc i can't and my memory has failed me let's see okay that's fine but anyway um let's see.

Let's uh move on to something else and i lost that too so in lieu of that why don't we go to our green room and let's bring up fatima who's i've been talking about and she's been waiting patiently uh fatima you're on with dr byrd hello how are you great thank you.

So uh i had a question about one meal a day fasting i do dry fasting because i i don't um it's a religious stuff and i cannot drink water in that so if in omid i don't feel fatigued it's okay with me so do you recommend it every day or.

Every other day is there any point we can stop or we can just do it for every day i'm 140 pounds i'm 31 years old five foot four inch and i don't have to lose a lot of weight but i just want to do it for for health uh it's not for weight loss i my maid.

Use four or five kgs more but is is for health benefits not for weight loss listen listen our bodies uh were totally developed to um not eat so frequently so if you could if you could do one meal a day i think that would be better for the majority of the adult.

Population um because the benefits of that 23-hour fast are huge for your cognitive function for preventing so many health issues um just eat enough calories and make sure it's nutrient dense i think i think you should do it on a regular basis and i think that'll be very very therapeutic.

For you not just for weight loss but for a lot of different things in fact i mean like a lot of the research on animals um and even insects i mean you start cutting down the frequency of the meal and you extend their life i mean that's that's bizarre so um there's a lot of magic into that.

And um i would be doing one meal a day um if i could but the problem is one myself as i i will lose too much weight so um but because my metabolism is really fast i lose so much weight if you can deal with that issue i think one meal a day.

Would be the ideal situation especially um when you start getting in your 40s and 50s and 60s all right well fatima do you recommend hiit with the with one meal a day or every day yes every day exercise do it every day okay okay thank you so much you're welcome.

That's that's great fatima we're glad you finally got your question and boy as a part of your routine diet is a part of your faith it looks like you're on the right track so that's just one i think steve you do one meal a day right well i really do and i'll just be honest with the the audience i have a little trouble being a perfect keto guy uh but man.

Intermittent fasting first of all knocks out a couple of potential meals a day where i would be prone to eating wrong but i'm not giving it up i i used to do try to do three freezer burn lean cuisines a day and that lasts about two days that's gross that's a terrible you know a terrible way to live so intermittent fasting i can eat a healthy.

Big satisfying meal and all the things you just described cognitive i used to wake up in the morning if i went to ihop and slam down you know a senior special i feel like passing out by 11 a.m now i don't even touch the food until you know three o'clock in the afternoon and you know it's just so measurably different and better so i tell you what if you can.

Get if you can get someone to do it correct or the right way long enough for them to feel the difference then then that's the best and then they know they have the knowledge like wow this this works for me and um but um the problem is getting people to do it uh correctly and long enough.

But i tell you um you know why would someone actually eat when they're not hungry well a lot of people are doing that and that's what screws everything up so when you're not hungry why would you eat because your body is um it's actually eating your fat.

And so you have this great thing going as soon as you eat you mess it up and now the body has to go through all these hormonal changes i mean it's just not a normal thing to eat when you're not hungry and that's really we eat 24 7.

I mean i steve have you ever eaten when you're not hungry my life and then guess what you're gonna you're it's gonna stimulate hunger about an hour and a half away yeah well it does and i just want to let the audience know too i am not the stereotypical picture of discipline at all and so the fact.

That i can stick with intermittent fasting means that it is really giving me a return on my investment i'm not hungry once you get over it i don't think about food and at three o'clock i'm not ravenous i just think well that's my routine and i start and i enjoy the heck out of it i can have a delicious healthy meal and then go back.

Sometimes in the evening i got to kind of you know stick with some soda water and push back the urge just because i'm bored but what a marvelous change in my whole life i'm down you know 45 pounds from my twinkie days and uh and i just absolutely love it so thank you dr berg from all of the staff that work with you for the great difference you've made in.

Our life so that's terrific doc why don't we move on to the next question all right so um honey is low on the glycemic index and is it okay uh for a ketogenic diet all right yes or no okay dig into that one let's see i've never heard of this hope you have cassandra from facebook i have.

High ferritin levels i don't eat a lot of meat but i was consuming a lot of pistachios almonds almond milk almond flora products etc is there a connection ferritin well uh ferritin it's iron right so um i think that there's a lot of people that have too.

Much iron and this iron overload messes with your liver it creates insulin resistance it creates even diabetes so um there's very simple charts you can get and all the foods that are high in iron all the ones that are low in iron and if you make that.

Dietary shift you'll start feeling better but i will say that um you if you give blood you'll feel really good i mean anytime you feel better when you give blood suspect you might be overloaded with iron and then you might have to instead of red meat things like that you should switch the diet to other.

Things that are lower in iron and there's charts on that so i'm not sure if those nuts are high in that high in iron i don't think they are but um that's what i would i would do well that's terrific and here's another one julie from youtube and i have a little.

Anecdote here she wants to know how you can get enough veggies if you only eat once or twice a day and i've witnessed dr berg fill this sort of salad bowl full of greens and then with complete disregard to etiquette just shovels down massive amounts of it it's just unbelievable so you are truly stick to what you.

Recommend for people but doc is that hard to do how do you do that when you have salads okay seven at least seven cups okay it's not that hard it's it's we're just talking like this little handful right and then you just you can chop it up with a salad color.

And it makes it even smaller but when we're talking about other vegetables like the broccoli the kale brussels sprouts you're not going to do seven to ten cups okay you're gonna do like maybe four to five cups and and you if you're doing one meal a day that requirement even goes down even further so you probably don't even need.

Seven cups probably five would be fine but if you the reason for this is if you um don't mind that dog barking in the background but we're handling that right now um but here's the thing um what why why do i say that much well if you calculate it in reverse engineer.

Like potassium requirement and magnesium where are you going to get that you should for the fun of it sit down and start looking at what you eat and then look at the nutrients in the food and you're like you're going to end up short um so that's that's why i recommend the.

Salad to get the those two minerals now the other point i want to bring up is when you do a search on these vegetables and you get values online my question is who calculated those values in the first place and where do those come from it's probably a completely outdated evaluation years ago and.

Unfortunately it's very expensive to test the nutrients in the food however i'm involved in a project that i'm going to share with everyone really soon on the ability to test your vegetables with a with a light scanner which is really.

Awesome awesome technology can you imagine going to the grocery store and scanning your vegetables and it tells you if things are nutrient dense or not well guess what they're finding even some of these organic vegetables are just very very low on the scale and you could probably know that by tasting them they're just like empty.

So this is a very interesting subject that um i'm doing my own research and involved in some research and i'm like because the goal is just to find healthy food where do you find it where do you find nutrient-dense foods it's a problem.

So stay tuned for a lot more information on that all right sounds great well the audience appears to have been watching your videos because the question was true false honey is low in a glycemic index and is okay for a ketogenic diet 98 of these rascals said no it isn't two.

Percent hang on to yes who's right the majority is right because the um the honey you know i i still get this question like well honey's okay right i'm like no no it's not it does have a certain percentage of it fructose and fructose on the glycemic index is 19. so that's low so the more fructose.

Something would have the lower it brings that thing down like agave nectar is really high in fructose so it's like low but here's the problem even though it's low your liver is forced to deal with the fructose glucose is dealt with all the cells.

So it's still a big big problem because it's going to overload your liver with too much of that type of sugar which then is going to give you insulin resistance and a fatty liver so honey is not good on a ketogenic plan i'm sorry shucks okay this is a fair question.

Teresa from facebook how long should we be fasting before we see a loss of weight well you should notice once you start you should notice weight loss within the first day i mean if you're just starting we know you're retaining at least 11 pounds of fluid an average person so that's going to be.

Dumped as soon as you start fasting you're going to dump all this water but when we start getting in the fat burning that might take a bit more time so that's why i don't like to focus on it because i'd rather tell you not to focus on the weight loss and focus on other things and that way.

You'll stick with it longer because sometimes it takes a healthy body to burn fat what happens in the beginning part is your body's starting to repair protein so you're going to get muscle improvement water weight loss but the best indicator hands down from anything to know that.

You're doing better and it's working is that your appetite goes away that tells me that your body is finally burning your fat and yes you may or may not lose weight initially eventually you will but that appetite is the key wonderful well i certainly do as i know you do admire and appreciate all this stuff women go through to bear our.

Beautiful children and i haven't heard this question asthma from youtube can you please make a video about pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy i still have intense hip and pelvic pain eight months after delivery it's very hard to walk help i could imagine it's very very uncomfortable you just had something.

That completely stretched out your pelvis to the extreme there's a lot of things that can be done to help help that i think vitamin d because think about going through your pregnancy you you really deplete your vitamin d levels so beefing up your your vitamin d levels.

Will help inflammation um stinging nettle root is another one and if you can go to a good chiropractor that can adjust your pelvis that will greatly help as well because i used to do that and practice all that all the time and it's a very beneficial thing not to mention.

All sorts of stretches that you can do for your legs your hamstrings your quadricep and some of the pelvic muscles can greatly help wonderful okay doc how about another question here you go all right so apple this is a true or false apple cider vinegar.

Is um let's see is good for colon inflammation it says is better but um i think that's this actually doc it says bad for colon influence oh okay apple cider vinegar true or false apple cider vinegar is bad.

For colon inflammation is that true or false and climb on it audience let's see uh this is an off to ask question runa from facebook i have no gal excuse me gallbladder can i do keto you need to do gallbladder i mean i'm sorry you need to do keto because that without.

A gallbladder now you are going to be deficient in bile and so what we do is we want more absorption of the fat soluble vitamins which you're going to have a hard time with well guess what keto corrects insulin resistance and insulin resistance is the thing that's.

Blocking the absorption of nutrients this is why when people have their gallbladders removed especially and they eat they don't really feel satisfied they might feel full after they eat but they don't feel satisfied because they're not extracting the fat soluble nutrients that they need.

So the gallbladder being a storage facility for a bile is not there so now we just have a trickling effect from the liver to the small intestine in in in a very dilute amount it's not concentrated anymore so.

What's going to happen is that you're going to be deficient in bile and you may start noticing symptoms like seeing in the dark at night vitamin e deficiency vitamin k2 vitamin d deficiency so the what you should do is do keto with um.

I would recommend a gallbladder formula um and you take that after the meal and that way you you can still do keto fine and be able to supply what's been missing um because you don't have a gallbladder interesting you know we watched the.

Questions just cruise by uh rapidly on youtube in this case and so many people ask you know is keto okay for this or keto okay for that doc i think we lost your your fee just a moment audience we'll be right back hey doc you got me yeah i got you.

Can you hear me sure can loud and clear all right where were we you were just asking me something and i somehow froze i think did you popped off the screen let's see um well we've got an answer to our question why don't we go to that so that was quiz number three.

Which asks true false is apple cider vinegar bad for colon inflammation and the audience response 75 say that it's false 25 say this true it's no good for your colon you know episode of vinegar i will release a video on this apparently and i'm talking about diluted not the straight concentration if you dilute a.

Tablespoon some water and drink that it's actually very very very beneficial to your colon especially if you have leaky gut especially if you have inflammation in the colon because guess what apple cider vinegar or acetic acid really is it's a small chain.

Fatty acid that's used by the colon cells to get energy and when they don't have energy they start generating inflammation which is fascinating so if you have ibs colitis diverticulitis don't forget about adding some of this apple cider vinegar as a really unique.

Extra benefit that you may have not because most people think about apple cider vinegar helping blood sugars and weight loss but it is some other great benefits which i will be sharing in the video coming up next week wonderful well i i just remember where i was at so again the questions stream by us on youtube and facebook but on.

Youtube particularly people are asking is keto okay for this is keto okay for that and doc one time you really helped me instead of focusing on keto the alternative is is three cups of sugar a day better for whatever ails you and that was such a simple way for me to do it in other words knocking out stuff that's not natural and it's you know and.

You're dumping in tons of it with sodas etc can't be the remedy so just by default that question answers itself i think eating healthy versus chugging sugar i don't think you have to be you know a medical genius to figure out that that's not working for us but if you actually do a search on um.

This topic you're gonna find certain so-called experts that will say no it's okay to have sugar so you're always going to have someone in the group that's going to recommend sugar and so you know i know this is shocking for people to believe but there are things.

Online that are not true and just because it's online doesn't make it true okay that's shocking okay coffee lover from youtube is cold pressed sesame oil okay on keto oh yeah that's really good there's a lot of benefits sesame oil.

Is good for your blood it's good for the immune system there's a lot of a lot of cool benefits that's cool melody from facebook a lot of sweeteners out there is pintos kombucha sweetener okay on keto um kombucha are you talking about a sweetener.

Pentose kombucha i don't really i haven't evaluated that so i don't know okay probably tastes good she wouldn't be asking about it let's see lynn from youtube i like iced coffee better than hot coffee me too well adding coconut or almond milk with no sugar interfere with my ketosis i also like adding mct oil.

No no because it's a fat remember i talked about that but here here's the thing if you're trying to lose weight and you have too much of that it may slow you down because your body is going to start using those as ketones and not your own stored body fat all right that's terrific and uh you.

Know we just leave people rotting in the green room and i feel guilty about it but we don't want to expend them all at the last second so next up from sonoma county is rachel and she has a question for your doctor remember to unmute rachel welcome to the dr burke show.

Hi good morning dr burr good morning um my question is so i've been doing the healthy keto intermittent fasting realize i do feel better when i eat less or you know infrequently so i started doing omad um my question so my plate comes full with i have all the conditions of metabolic.

Syndrome i have post covid long haulers and now to add to that fun i'm now in menopause so got a lot going on um my question is with omad like what's the best time to eat um what exactly to eat how much i mean kind of like what we're talking about today how do you i want to eat to fuel my body to help um.

Correct what's going on with me i feel there's solutions to all that's going on with me and food is really where it's at yeah good question take advantage of um sleeping so you sleep all night so you're fasting all night and that gives you this this momentum to.

Go right in so then in the morning don't you you're probably not going to be hungry so you go as long as you can and so that's why i think it's best to eat towards the later part of the day or um maybe even after three or four o'clock and then you can have your first meal.

And as far as calories go it's if those are nutrient dense calories you'll need less food so you want to go by um what what satisfies you without feeling completely and utterly too stuffed right.

But you want to have a really complete good nutrient-dense meal which i think you're doing right now but you have these post cover or long hauler symptoms i'm going to be releasing a video on that there's two things.

After you get this you know you do the fasting which is going to be very very essential but also there's this thing called stress which you see covet can very easily lower your t cells.

And allow for other viruses that are latent to be reactivated so it might not even be a coveted directly it could be like some of these other things get stirred up and that's creating the fatigue a residual symptom in which case.

If there is still a lot of ongoing stress that you have you have to identify that because and deal with it because it's like that's such the it's it's the key trigger that will keep you from really kind of bouncing back but if you can do that and you still have these symptoms then a really good remedy would be.

Sweet um wormwood that has like the most potent effect on these latent viruses that will help um clean up some of the residual effect from kovid and from some of these other viruses like epstein-barr virus and herpes and all these other things that a lot of people have.

That have it's gone dormant is being reactivated for some reason so that would just be something that could actually pull you out of this thing um once any potential stress that you're sitting on is like removed okay and then with that so when you do the one meal then because yes i do i eat.

In the evening done by seven um so then are there anything like you had said fat and fiber are best for fasting over carbs and a lot of protein so um can you give some examples of if you were eating a meal that was high in fat.

Healthy fats and fiber what like what would that look like to you okay are you talking about like an additional meal no i'm talking about if i'm doing one meal a day oh i got it well okay so you would have a big big bowl of arugula or um some other vegetables or some.

Salad uh with your olive oil fat right put an avocado on there maybe you have a handful of pecans and then you have a really high quality protein there's salmon seafood shellfish grass-fed beef you know grass-fed beef has massive amount of additional nutrients.

That corn fed beef does not have i mean it's significant if you could get a good one um so and then you have the quality of grass fed if you get at the farmers market versus something that's you know at the store is just always going to be better so um.

That would be an example so you got the fiber from the vegetables and then you have the other fat sources too so so you're not doing a lean piece of protein you're not doing a chicken breast without the skin for example that would be um not the ideal maybe you're doing sardines you know maybe you're doing.

Tuna with mayonnaise that you made from olive oil something like that those are just ideas okay great thanks for your help i appreciate it you're welcome great thanks so much rachel for hanging in there and waiting for us we've got tracy coming up in a little bit but we're.

Going to let her hang in there for a little longer and just as i indicated that we have a lot of people saying why can't i eat a pound of sugar a day and be healthy there's also a great many people that are just so grateful for what you're doing lubna from facebook dr berg i cannot thank you enough i was yo-yo dieting but started following your.

Videos and have lost 45 pounds i'm just five pounds away from my ideal weight uh so this is not all conjecture there's a ton of people that report into this work because it does so thank you lubna for that and let's see let's hit you with another question i don't think we've done this doc there you go okay so.

True or false a coffee can benefit someone with a fatty liver okay audience what say you get on that let's see let's go back to youtube kimberly should i break my prolonged fast because of an emergency dental extraction i'm now in hour 112 and doing healthy keto will fast and accelerate my mouse healing.

Process or otherwise i guess if you could fast before during and after something like that it's going to help you greatly it's going to help you greatly because even when you do a surgery they always they'll tell you to fast right they try to fast which is great okay good well if you're already adapted and you're.

Fasting then you're going to roll right into it but if you're not fasting and you and then you fast and you have an adapted boy you're going to be starving when you wake up out of the surgery which is kind of just messes everything up so let's say you're going to get a surgery in two weeks.

Well start doing intermittent fasting get your body to adapt to it then just fast before go through like a day go through the surgery and try to fast longer you're gonna recover faster much faster when you go through surgery you get um a a spike in cortisol massive spike.

In cortisol you get a dump of potassium you can end up with a potassium deficiency so um it's it's a trauma it's definitely a trauma and so i've been through several surgeries and um it definitely takes some recovery so the more you fast the better the faster.

You heal good luck with that okay new ree from youtube how can i reverse a fatty liver i am obese how much weight should i try to lose in a month well i just did a video on the top foods that you can eat to get clean or strip fat off your liver but if you do just straight keto and.

Intermittent fasting correctly you can expect to lose 50 percent of your fat within two weeks off of your liver that's huge so you want to stop the carbs the alcohol the fructose all this stuff and stay tuned for the video because i.

Go through that in depth but um a good indication of the fatty liver is just to look down at your shoes and see if you see your belly if you can if you can't see your shoes then chances are you have a fatty liver because the belly is an indication that um you have a fatty liver.

All right well good luck with that a lot of people with that condition and quiz question number four was a true false and it asked true false coffee can be beneficial for what we just talked about a fatty liver and 80 percent of the respondents say coffee can help a fatty liver 20 percent say no way.

Yeah it can it's uh if you don't overdo it if you have just a cup it can help there's certain uh plant-based chemicals that reduce uh lipids in the fat so this is why a lot of uh the keto.

Community drink coffee i no that's not why but i do notice that like when my last summit everyone is lined up to get coffee so uh yeah it's definitely um keto friendly as long as you don't add those creamers in the sugar all right well that makes perfect sense let's launch out our final.

Question for today i'm talking about the like the artificial creamer creameries type things but you can put a little cream in in your coffee not a problem very good okay final question all right so um post exertional fatigue um could be a symptom of what okay folks that was so so let's say for.

Example you start to exercise right or start to do something exert yourself and you're just like oh my gosh i'm just showing up the energy what's going on you know what what is that a symptom of okay very good let's see why don't we uh wrap well not wrap things up but wrap up the people in the.

Green room with the uh lovely tracy who come from california and is now in uh lovely and fun austin texas uh tracy you're on with dr burke hi hello thank you thank you thank you for giving hope uh over here um my question you kind of already answered.

Um the um i use basically all of your products loving them and i appreciate them um and i'm taking i'm doing the fasting about four to six hour eating window for about three months now and um overall it's making me feel a lot better but i think there's some sort of from.

Hearing what you said in the last question uh answering the last question that there's probably some sort of hidden thing because there's other new things coming out now like i wake up in the morning with stiff and crampy calves and i have the neck pain which i never have any back pain that wasn't my problem and now i'm.

Having these weird things so i'm wondering is there something that maybe i'm doing wrong you don't know my life though but maybe i'm doing wrong or is there something that i'm missing um that triggers from some of the stuff i've said um that's my question so so um if we just take one thing i think you said stiffness on the.

Right side is that what you said well yeah and i've watched those videos that you said is gallbladder liver yeah and that's really easy to experience on the keto because we tend to overload a little bit too much on the extra extra fats and mct oil i don't know what you're eating but like if you.

Had a keto bomb with a coconut that would definitely like whoa that kind of stirred up something underneath my rib cage it refers to the right side especially right here i would look at gallbladder and and then just you know beef up some more salads with maybe just a little bit less extra fat i.

Don't know if that's the situation or not no i i only eat salads and um really great meat okay good so i don't yeah so maybe it's in some it's not it's not taking too many products too right i mean can we overload on too many does that cause any kind of hair.

I mean i i can't imagine because the stuff that i have is does not have anything that could do that um but is there any other symptoms other than the right side stiff that you have it's the calves that cramp in the morning and then once they start walking around it stops i'm still bloated all the time it's small but it's i know that's not my.

Regular body um dehydrated and that's been that's been a long-term thing where i feel dehydrated although i'm drinking non-stop with minerals okay um how much sea salt do you have in your diet and i take sea salt i do okay yeah um.

i have i have h pylori that's what has been an ongoing thing with those things so is it a normal thing for you to have to go through this period and i have to be on keto a lot i mean obviously for my life but.

So you just gave me a really good clue because um most people have this h pylori as a normal thing in their gut but it becomes a problem once the ph in your stomach becomes uh weakened or less acid so i would go in the direction of more.

Um to acidify the stomach by um probably betaine hydrochloride is going to be probably the most important thing but you need quite a bit of that sometimes you might need even six right before a meal and and what that will do guess what that does it increases the absorption of the minerals because if the ph isn't.

Right you're not going to absorb those minerals thus getting the cramped legs also that acid is necessary to activate the release of bile to help the digestion of fats so you're not bloated yeah um so that's you just gave me that probably the missing link with that so great.

Um yeah that would be helpful and then the other thing that you you really want to keep experimenting until this these cramps and your legs go away your feet like you may need to add some additional calcium right before bed you might just need that because most of my products they don't i don't have a lot of calcium in them and so.

That could be one thing that's missing possibly okay great and then that's so helpful um and then one little little this really is a little question the the moles the videos for getting rid of moles with the garlic and the iodine is there a trick so that you don't get skin around it any.

Little secret trick because it seems to be um taking away skin around it you're talking about the iodine drops yes yeah um there's a this remedy that i have that i'm going to talk about in this video okay um because we're dealing with sometimes.

We're doing a papillomavirus um wormwood extract is a good one for that that's a good remedy just for viruses in general but with with putting this solution you might want to just put just the tiniest a bit.

Right on that mole or that skin tag and then try to put a band-aid over it so it doesn't spread um and if it is related to a virus it should just shrink and go away.

Um you can also uh do a similar thing i've i've heard people use a little bit of garlic clove on that point too and put a band-aid over it that seems to work too and that might be another solution as well because of the allison effect on these they kind of just shrink tumors and that's what it is.

And a birthmark is the same thing as a mole or right yeah but i don't think those are going to go away uh okay yeah it's mainly for skin tags got it oh i'm so glad to clarify that thank you yeah that's yeah i think that's great well tracy listen enjoy your new home in austin and thanks.

Everybody in the that joined us on video and remember uh you can go to to get your chance to get on the air uh and ask these fascinating questions and uh in terms of products uh dr berg you want to share with people how people outside the united states have a better ability.

Ability to get these things affordably we're just constantly working on ways to get uh the price down with shipping so if you're out of this country there should be a link down below you can ask access that and uh hopefully avoid that shipping cost that is a killer but i recently found a new company.

That lowers the shipping so that i'm excited about that even in the u.s it's a lot less expensive shipping now so that is exciting indeed okay final question asked uh post-exertion fatigue could be a symptom of what and 55 of the um.

Respondents say electrolytes 15 say low salt levels 10 say low magnesium 10 say low potassium and 10 say high sugar levels okay so the i think there's three three main things with that number one is um low sodium that will make your muscles weak especially if you attempt to.

Exercise um potassium is number two and number three is viruses um if you had mono or herpes which by the way 90 of the population has a virus in their body and it gets reactivated when you're stressed and that can show up classically as a.

Wow i just start to exercise and i just i just don't have that my body's not helping me i have to drag my body to do a workout so it's just it's one of those things that it's very um common and people don't realize it they keep pushing themselves they don't know that that's behind it and.

To resolve that i i you'll have to watch my video um but there's um that wormwood is a really good remedy in addition to um doing whatever you can to address your stress uh that's like um and if that's not addressed it's really hard for these remedies to work so.

If you're um trying to solve a certain problem and both you're not doing keto and you're stressed to have it doesn't really matter the remedies just don't seem to impinge um very important point because people always want to remedy how do i fix this with a.

Remedy well let's first make sure that your basic eating is in make sure your stress isn't too high and then watch it work it's going to work a lot better well that's terrific okay facebook as we get close to the end when are you going and this is maybe for karen when are you going to publish a book of your favorite.

Keto recipes or have you already done it uh we already have um wait do we have that out there i think we haven't released it yet so there is one coming out that's uh uh stay tuned it's uh we've been working on that it's a really cool one it's and then and also we have all the things that people want like they want to know the calories of.

This and that that's all going to be in there so i'll have to find out when that's going to be released so stay tuned but that's interesting i've had the honor with some other um employees there of dr berg to eat at their home and what karen and i guess dr burke fixes and i'm telling you there is no suffering at a keto meal at.

The burgs i mean it's just delicious you think you're cheating but you ain't so anyway thanks for that so i'm sure there's a forthcoming book you all will be absolutely delighted uh doc let's see we've got a couple minutes left why don't i see if i got one more question we've done so well with social.

Media this time uh look at this just why don't we wrap up with this another thank you kimberly from facebook thank you so much for all of the knowledge you share with everyone it helps us in our daily lives overcoming these stresses on our bodies and we're so very grateful i think.

That's a great way to wrap doc and i don't know if you have any other words i appreciate that very much um spending some good amount of research i found a new uh research tool it's called a list it's called and it's amazing because it evaluates.

200 million papers and so when you go there you can just type anything and you get all this great data and so now it's going to speed things up for me to kind of validate some of the stuff i'm talking.

About so stay tuned for some really interesting videos on various topics that you're going to find interesting i appreciate all of your attention and your wonderful comments we will see you next week same time same place.

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