The Dr. Berg Show LIVE –  March 5, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 5, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 5, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 5, 2022.
welcome back everyone we have another show for you we have quite a few people listening in from all over the world anything that i say is not meant to diagnose you check with your doc before accepting any of the recommendations all right let's just dive right in steve.

Hello good morning everyone and why don't we go straight to the green room we've got a full lineup this morning and why don't we start with manoa all the way from chile and she is on with it and has a fascinating question manoa you're on with dr byrd hello nice to meet you thank you so much.

For you the word you do sure i'm from chile i'm not a narrative speaker of english language the question is i have anxiety i have adrenal issues adrenal fatigue anxiety and of course insulin resistance and i really deal with the problem that i.

Can't find a good quality of supplement to give a really good support to my adrenals and i had to deal with a lot of stress what can i do through the diet to make sure that i'm giving a good support to my adrenals and keep the anxiety under control.

What what country are you from chile chile okay um i would imagine i would imagine they have farmers markets there is that correct yeah and i would imagine that um you have some really good soils in south america i mean there's like some.

Some really good soils to grow really good food um and so you know some of the key herbs that i would recommend you grow and make your own tea and maybe you could find them because the problem here's the problem when you buy.

Herbs that are good for adrenals like adaptogens and things like that like ashwagandha it's really hard to know where you're getting it from and the soil with the soil is the key and so you don't really know so um you know you have to find some local.

Farmers that grow ashwagandha and ashwagandha is a really good adaptogen it can help calm your adrenals the other thing that you definitely need to get is nutritional yeast for the b1 the vitamin b1 and try to find a non-fortified one because.

They make them with synthetic petroleum products i mean a lot of people don't know that 99 of all the b vitamins sold um are sold by companies like dow chemical company they make these synthetic vitamins.

Chemically and that's what you're getting and then they fortify it with the nutritional yeast which you don't really need to do that and then if you took nutritional yeast on a regular basis and maybe drank and make drink on ashwagandha tea you're going to feel calmer you're going to feel like you can.

Tolerate more stress and then start watching the videos that i have on stress you know better sleep um keeping your diet uh correct so you're not doing too many carbs and um also doing the intermittent fasting um there's so many things you can do with.

Stress but um you want to get your body to a state where you can tolerate babysitting like maybe nine small children in a room for about eight hours then we know you're you're good being able to drive behind okay very slow driver for.

For about four hours then we know you can tolerate stress okay yeah yeah i'm doing a nutritional gist actually i'm taking your course and keto and iaf i'm starting the course and yeah i'll take your recommendations because i really need them thank you so much yeah you're welcome great and good.

Luck to you that's great well i tell you what noah i'm a great advocate of the nutritional yeast so keep it up and all those other great things and you feel like a million bucks according to me so anyway uh here's some fun stuff for everybody dr berg why don't we kick off the first quiz question and there's some.

Interesting ones today and here's the first one okay so the first question is what percentage of meat is water okay so so you eat the steak what percentage that it actually is.

Water take a wild guess that's the first question this will surprise you yeah it'll make us mad too because you spend 30 dollars for one of those things these days and if you tell me it's all water i'm gonna be very sad feel cheated anyway that's the first question folks and why don't we go to social media don't want to.

Ignore them and zane from youtube is required to take my meds three times a day doesn't mention what they are but how can i do that if i am uh fasting intermittent fasting um i would take them anyway um do you always have to take things with meals no not necessarily would it be best maybe.

But i would try to do it on empty stomach and um and not worry about it too much unless they're i mean i will say if you're talking about medication and drugs maybe maybe it's toxic to your stomach and that's why they're telling you to have a meal in which case you got a problem because.

Um most medications you don't to take three times a day unless it's for a specific reason but it would be very helpful to know what kind of medication you're talking about and also to know why you're taking it so we can give you another solution so you're not dependent on those medications for the rest of your life.

And you know the whole viewpoint the medical community is like that you're not coming off these medications it's like well what what that doesn't make sense to me so especially with psychiatric drugs like once you start i'm like is there a plan to come off the problem is you start.

Becoming used to it now it's really hard to come off so i don't know i don't like that situation well good for you well anyway that's a good start and maybe he can have his doctor wean him off of those and boy there's so many stories about that here.

On your channel dr berg where people go back and the doctor goes shazam you don't need such and watch you know your a1c and all sugar all this stuff is better so you know that's really exciting stuff let's look here sophia yeah also on youtube i have to take warfarin during a.

Valve implant i am restricted from vitamin k foods should i start a keto diet you should and you should just do the vegetables uh low vitamin k i mean i have a video on that if you um just do the keto and then instead of doing leafy greens you're gonna do like a squash.

You're going to do other things that have other vegetables that have low vitamin k1 so it's not hard to do you just need to get the list and if you just just type google like pdf um list of foods low vitamin k1 and.

It'll be right there and you focus on that um it'd be very beneficial all right that's terrific let me see do we have any answers yet um we don't but we do have an indication of how much people around the world love the show and here's who is watching us this morning people from.

The uk canada kurdistan denmark australia switzerland south africa trinidad the philippines cyprus ireland hungary ghana malaysia taiwan uh thailand uh yemen oman hong that kong again no that's guyana the first one was.

Ghana excuse me france india pakistan greece mexico belgium mumbai cameroon australia excuse me austria germany chile and we have already had manoa on from chile representing the country very well sweden puerto rico norway and all across these united states of america so thanks everybody around the world including those in the green room for.

Tuning in to the dr berg show every friday at 11 00 a.m east eastern time and let's see wow that's awesome yeah it really is let me see uh what else we have uh from terry i tell why don't we uh oh here we go this is what i was waiting for audience the answers to quiz question number one and the quiz.

Question number one asked what percentage of meat is water and the audience responded 55 of them say 75 40 say higher than 55 percent and 5 say less than 55 percent any close uh numbers there doubt well i would imagine no one looked that up real fast and put the answer down i know.

You wouldn't do that but if you take a steak and you just wring it out with the water you'll get 75 of that that meat being water isn't that wild there's not much water in steak 75 that's amazing wow that's mind-blowing that is so.

I mean it is true when you eat celery you're getting like it's 95 water but steak you would think it'd be very very dense so um now you know you can get your water by eating more steak well i want a 75 discount then i'm going to demand it next time i'm over at the longhorn and.

See what they have to say about that i'm sure they'll give it to you oh i'm sure they will now let's see what else are we going to do why don't we go back to um our great lineup and let me see who i'm going to choose and here's a guy that's in the movie business david from of all places burbank california let me unmute him.

And select his shot and david uh you're on with dr burke david can you hear us i think david may be muted somehow let me go to somebody else here uh here's a uh new friend of mine his name is julian and he's sort of mobile right now he's uh not on the run he just likes to move.

From state to state and julian you're on with dr byrd good morning good morning dr byrd thank you good morning i'm sorry david hang on just a moment we lost you can you hear me yes stand by just a moment david okay go ahead julian with your question hey hey i thought we were uh having internet issues for saying um good.

Morning uh dr berg my my question for you is so i'm i'm an explorer and i just went into the whole keto thing and uh to lower my blood pressure and then i went for head to every health benefit i can think of and now i'm doing uh i'm currently on a 120 hour fast and this is my day i will break.

That fast in like four hours and uh i also combined it with three days of dry fasting so wow yes sir no water for 72 hours and my my question for you is i also do training uh i uh hit training uh four.

Days a week and i also walk walk a lot actively i saw uh practice kung fu i did my horse sense this morning and uh i don't know if it was a lactic acid but that's a whole other topic i was just uh getting through all that and um my question for you is uh with the acidity.

That we uh build up through the prolonged fast and i suppose the dry fasting i i don't take any any minerals during the dry fast since i'm not drinking i tried to take potassium without water and uh i take it from a potassium chloride.

And uh it's very very difficult but but my question for you is um when when i break my fast i break it with uh apple cider vinegar and i remember you mentioning the acidity and my my concern is um is the combination of the acid the acidity buildup uh the bloating i i no longer drink.

Water while eating and i i mean i notice i can eat so much more when i don't drink any water and i don't man my question is super scattered but but pretty much i do five uh 120 hour fasts every month.

And then when i eat consecutively days right after that i make sure i do at least 20 hours of fasting i also combine dry fasting with everything though since i don't um drink water with my meals i i drink water uh leading up to the meal like every hour.

And um i suppose my question is when i drink the water and without with that kind of fasting lifestyle i do i'm also every two weeks is a three day three day fast and uh a two day fast regular i never eat mondays or thursdays um when i when i break my fast it's an.

Apple cider it's a it's a sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar diluted in a little thing of water with uh with lemon juice and a whole lemon so julian so this is a this is interesting you said that because um first of all you are uh i can imagine your body is.

Experiencing some real magical things happening on the inside with your cells with going that long and that that much fasting because it's uh your uh your immune system oh my gosh your brain your cells the anti-aging there's all sorts of magical things happening i did a video on this a while ago.

One thing you if you do prolong fasting that's the time i don't recommend doing outside of vinegar because what happens is like that your your acidity level like your ketones are so high when you do prolong fasting your your ketones go above five you can go six seven.

Maybe eight now it's not dangerous unless you're a diabetic so i don't wouldn't worry about that but just think about how much acid is flowing through your body and then you have the outside of vinegar so probably what would be better when you do the prolonged fasting is to do.

Once a day you do an eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda with water that'll just kind of offset things it's not enough to mess up your stomach at all and then maybe you um break the fast with uh instead of outside of vinegar you do like a wheatgrass juice powder or um.

A vegetable powder just to kind of alkalize your body a little bit more and then the sauerkraut is awesome i think that's awesome and that won't be too acid and then then wait wait for an hour or have a little bit of food maybe an egg or something wait a little bit have a little bit more and.

Really slowly go into this because as you know there's a lot of things that can happen if you go too fast and i'm glad that you're not doing carbs because the carbs are going to really make um that can that's the most dangerous thing.

When you're doing carbs after prolonged fasting and also you're doing dry fasting for three days which is incredible you're not drinking any water which it just exaggerates more benefits or enhances more benefits so you have some serious discipline that is.

Awesome and uh i think you're going to live a very long life actually so wow thank you so much for that i um it's hard for me to really phrase the question because it's like with the acidity thing i try to bypass the bloating when i when i refeed but since i've gotten into this new information that yeah you brought up.

About uh water and bloating that it was hilarious to me how i never noticed it before and when you read it online they say there's no correlation but i'm like when i eat i eat two dozen eggs on their pasture raised organic and i also eat a pound of meat.

Or organic grass-fed and i noticed for some reason i couldn't eat it anymore i'm like i'm pretty sure i can eat about 5 000 calories and my my my assumption was well if i get more acid hopefully i can get it in and um one thing i did forget to mention.

Is i do this for autophagy i'm very curious about it and my main purpose in autophagy is the uh i want to see if i can rewire habits in my brain and see if they're connected to any neural pathways that can be corrected with uh my purpose for survival.

And i appreciate the information you provide because it's just like i would love to keep um updating you on on things that i'm expect because i'm not i'm not finding any uh any research on this so i'm just trying to see what happens.

Yeah you are the research and so it's kind of like um fasting is like is a miracle grow for the for the brain um and you're getting all this autophagy recycling going on with the neurons um it's great great for your brain um i think yeah carry on and uh good luck.

To you thanks for that question you bet julian anyway thanks that's fascinating after hearing julian's routine i'm gonna throw mine away that's all there is to it just gonna chuck it out because uh that sounds like a fantastic lifestyle and you know i spent time on the road i used to drive 50 000 miles a year for my profession and man it was hard to go.

By the speedways and you know the little convenience stores but he's julian's on the road 24 7 and somehow has remained a level of discipline that uh hitherto i have not known so good for you julian we would love it even even even when you start doing intermittent fasting and then the stomach actually does kind of.

Adapt to that it gets smaller so same thing with prolonged fasting your stomach will get smaller to adapt to that and then all of a sudden you go back and try to put more food it's like whoa it's like not quite fitting in that that small space anymore um so it's it takes some adjustments because your body's.

More efficient and it doesn't actually need that much food because it's very efficient all the systems adapt and so versus other people they need to eat like literally a cow like just a tremendous amount of meat to get.

Satisfied um it's not a bad thing that you need to eat less so yeah that's really cool that's fantastic we look forward to steve what do we got next well we've got another quiz question and here it is all right what percentage of what percentage of your body is water.

What percentage of your body is water back to the steak thing a little bit um now let's see what else do we have um jj and let's go to facebook this time can people uh can people food anxiety since being diagnosed with an ulcer i'm afraid of eating acidic foods could that be my detrimental to my.

Health so they're anxious about eating acidic foods because of their ulcer well first of all um if you have an ulcer you don't want to be doing a set of foods because that's going to irritate your ulcer um i i think i would i wouldn't worry about eating acidic foods or alkaline foods i would just eat healthy foods which.

Happen to be both acidic and alkaline i mean like you got the whole vegetable family which is alkaline and then you've got the meats which are a little bit acid but of course we're not eating sugar which by the way will turn you alkaline not acid which is interesting um.

And just so happens that like the fats they're fatty acids you have nucleic acids you got all these acids that you have that your body requires so um if it bothers you to consume acid foods then then there's some.

I'd like to know what you're talking about are you talking about tomatoes are you talking about lemons um so it's it's hard to answer the question without more data so that's that's all i have steve well that's a lot now jamila facebook wants uh.

Sorry alexa just just butted her way in uh let's see jamila from facebook what are the best foods for someone who's anemic it doesn't say whether she's you know following any of your plans but there you have it red meat red meat red meat wow so um rare red meat because.

Then you have the huma the uh the form of iron that is um very available and versus spinach which it's not and that's one of the best things for anemia unless you like liver and then i would go with the liver.

But red meat should handle it pretty pretty nicely and plus it has the b12 so that can handle the other anemia that a lot of people have but let's say you're doing that and it doesn't work then we know the ph of your stomach is not strong enough so a lot of people are anemic because they're especially as they get older because they don't have.

Enough hydrochloric acid um that could be caused from having being on a low salt diet it could be caused by you know just aging so betaine hydrochloride apple cider vinegar are really good acidifiers but also to build up that acid you need other things like the chloride from.

Sodium chloride from salt and also you need uh even potassium to build the stomach acid so there's several things that you would need but if you eat healthy your body will will make the acid that you need wonderful okay we've got the answer uh to question number two the audience as usual is right on it and the question.

Asks what percentage of your fat or your body excuse me is water what percentage is water and the audience astutely answered i guess 75 say the body is composed of 80 percent water 20 say more than 80 and 5 say less than 80 who's right uh it's sixty percent about sixty.

Sixty-five percent um water but here's the thing um your muscles which are which is your meat um is about 75 percent the same as meat so and then you got your brain you got different parts of your body that have more water content um.

The reason i'm kind of talking about this is because it's going to relate to a video i'm going to be doing next week which i don't want to necessarily give everything away so i will stop right there all right that's enough so that's interesting five percent of the audience wins the prize because they said less.

Than 80 so good for you and the rest of you keep trying meanwhile becky from facebook what are the differences between potassium supplements potassium chloride potassium citrate or potassium gluconate well that would be a bit more detailed answer which would require more time but i will say that um.

The one i like is the potassium citrate however because there's some data it's not extensive there's like a one study that says when you have potassium chloride there's a chance of having some type of side effect blah blah blah but you know.

That's what that's why sometimes people are afraid of taking potassium because it can create some problem with your stomach but not with citrate i haven't said i haven't not seen anything wrong with citrate however this is what you need to know about potassium citrate.

Citrate is a is something that a lot of manufacturing companies especially in the vitamin industry they buy the type that has maltodextrin so they have this it's a it's a spray agent that they use.

And so a lot of the electrolyte out a lot of electrolytes out there that use the the citrate forms like potassium citrate calcium citrate magnesium citrate are using the form with the hidden maltodextrin which is ash i mean so high on the glycemic index and.

It's incredibly cheap and that's why they can sell these products really cheap when you get the non-multi-dextrin version it's very expensive to do that and that's the kind of the version that we use because i i don't want to do the maltodextrin thing so um this is why when sometimes when you buy electrolytes.

And you're noticing this after effect like why do i feel so kind of like my blood sugars were just affected i personally can taste it right now i can just feel that so i'm like oh there's maltodextrin in here but some people are not aware but it'll kind of give you a a weird feeling and then all of a sudden you end up with a.

Little bit of a blood sugar thing by taking even this keto friendly electrolyte so um you have to be aware of electrolytes you got to be aware of certain ingredients and especially the citrates are one way that they stick that darn maltodextrin in there interesting well i'll tell you what maybe a shameless plug for your.

Electrolyte formula does that have a remedy for it because i drink eight ounces of that before i run i used to get a little crampy and it seems to work fabulous normally what's in that stuff well there's no there's no maltodextrin and it's just electrolytes trace minerals and.

In a combination that gives you a lot more potassium and that seems to be what people tend to be most efficient in you know steve there's this i don't know there's this mantra or whatever this this theme with certain medical doctors that i guess they're taught medical school that they're saying you know what you guys.

You don't need supplements you can get everything you need in food right that's what they're saying they're assuming that our soils are good and our food is nutrient dense and that people are eating enough of that and now every time someone says that i always ask them well what's our requirement what's the.

Our days for potassium and they don't know they don't know that answer well it's 4 700. so if they start to really even figure out the food that would take to to achieve that 4 700 amount of potassium which is the rda.

And then they'll quickly realize that wow maybe we're not consuming enough maybe our foods don't have enough potassium and we're not consuming enough of the right foods so um it's extremely difficult nowadays to get our nutrients from food so.

Anyway you're going to hear that a lot from the medical profession but that's just simply because they're assuming they they make all these assumptions which are not based on a foundation that is true they don't have that foundation that the understanding of um the new basic nutrition they don't.

Understand especially with the soils and then the depletion of soils using like just the farmers use npk which is three three minerals to fortify the soil well what about all the other 90 minerals that you need so anyway don't get me started steve absolutely not uh.

You have a tendency to spill out a lot of knowledge and we've got to put a stop to that near from youtube i do a low carb diet and have been on omad since october and lost 25 kilograms i guess that's about 50 pounds or something and my triglycerides we've heard this a lot are now 185 why are they still so high well you gotta realize that when you're.

Burning fat okay when you're releasing fat um the triglycerides are coming from the fat cell the majority of your fat cells are triglycerides so that has to come out and so your body can use those as fuel so if you're not exercising enough well then you're not using up that fuel.

So it has to come out it's going to come out through your body so that's one factor the other factor is that if you're um if your liver is fatty and you have um you don't have enough bile for example.

That could be another reason why your body's not breaking down some of these triglycerides so there's a couple reasons it's nothing to be worried about though wonderful unless you're doing carbs ah yes watch this steve should we go to dave that's been waiting patiently because i know we.

Start tried to talk to dave but it didn't work or we are on the same page i've been texting him and he had some sort of weird little delay so david let's try this again you're on with dr byrd i think i'm in now am i in you are you're indeed fantastic thank you dr berg so much uh.

Definitely a technical end on my end when i fixed it just in time um hello thank you again so much we watch your videos daily you're our go-to guy for when we have an issue and we know it's nutrition and some form of supplementation so it's awesome i'm a 58 year old male and i started doing intermittent fasting.

And your healthy keto diet in january of 2021 at 30 i became a vegetarian but basically i was a standard american diet vegetarian with a lot of alcohol use and heavy sugar i gave up alcohol about six years ago lost 20 pounds immediately.

Kept that off found your channel found your program started never ate more vegetables than i did since watching you even as a vegetarian it was a lot of seed oils eating out a lot of you know a lot of just standard american vegetarian and um i lost a lot more weight my.

Puffiness went down i've always sort of maintained 180 190 but you know never been really trim and now i'm trim problem is i went back in for my blood numbers let's just say i impressed my doctor my ldl went up 190 160 points my total hd uh cholesterol is proof to like 396.

Uh 350 396. um i was referred to a cardiologist he immediately they all wanted to immediately put me on 40 milligrams of statin i've seen two cardiologists now everybody wants me to stop the keto diet and go back to a plant-based low-fat.

Diet and and then i had a calcium score at your recommendation because of my heart problems in my family and i found a video on that and had it done and the news just gets better i've got a calcium score of 888. so now what do i do.

Okay all right let's start with the calcium score and if those people that don't know what we're talking about there's a way to identify calcium in the arteries the coronary artery calcification score it should be zero but you know here's the thing that we don't know dave we don't know what it.

Was before unfortunately that you did this that would be fascinating because let's say it was a thousand and now it's 800. it's kind of like you can't evaluate one number it always has to be compared to something else so um so that's kind of one thing i had a stress test and a carotid ultrasound at 50. and they were clear.

And i was perfect and i have no symptoms and my second cardiologist is like you don't have any symptoms i don't think it's a blockage i think it's more of a like speed bump kind of a situation so i'm getting another stress test and i feel great i got to tell you i'm in the best shape.

Feeling the best i have no pain and it's my i feel betrayed by my body but i'm sure it's 30 years of standard american diet alcohol and sugar that's done this yeah that's what you're up against you're up against insulin resistance chronically but here's the interesting things i would highly recommend um and i can even.

Help you with this um finding a a keto friendly cardiologist and there i know several of them that can basically help you order the right testing because you needed advanced lipid profile tests have you ever done one of those did it.

You did it what was the what was the particle size with the small dense and not good pattern not good okay pattern b very high particle count okay so two things you have a genetic high cholesterol situation um it's always been above 200 around 250 and my ldl has always been around 160.

170 and my triglycerides have kind of been all over the map my whole life but that my baseline is high cholesterol then i wouldn't say that is hypercholesterol or hypercholesterolema as defined i don't know if that's the case but i've never been they've never tried to put me on a statin before okay so um when you eat your foods are.

You adding a lot of additional fats are you just having the fat that normally comes with the protein i was adding a lot of fat and i was adding a lot of fat i didn't experiment before that fractional uh following a feldman protocol and i added a lot of fat in the days before and i was hoping it would do the.

Opposite and it didn't so i don't know if i'm a hyper responder type of of this person i don't quite fruit in that category really but i am definitely hyper responding to the fact i have put out the sad the added fat dave dave would be a great great person to work with on this just as a consulting guy but here's the thing that.

I would do i would like to have you go get another advanced lipid profile test and not do a lot of fat and just see what a normal diet would produce and okay so now what is the danger of this situation well we have um small dense lipoproteins the.

Small particle size invading the inside of your arteries so there's a lot of things you can do to counter that remember right right now is uh take two katrina's on a regular basis um tocatrinos are 50 times stronger oh wow there you go make sure that it doesn't have any.

Tocopherols in there you want straight tocatrinos got it i believe this is but i will double check and you have that like three times a day that will greatly protect you um and uh you know because you have the majority of your.

Of good indicators we have this one bad indicator situation i think you know if we take a look at what organs responsible for a lot of the issues you have it's the liver the liver is like the kind of the area that can make things look a certain way.

I don't know what's happening in the liver but juice but if you to focus on the liver maybe a milk thistle and do a little bit more periodic prolonged fasting that type of thing that would be beneficial but um i would really would like to know um just.

Don't add more fat to the diet but just have it don't try to go low and then redo that advanced lipid profile and shoot the numbers to me at dr berg dr and they'll get them to me but i'd like to i would bet that it would come out really good if you did that um.

Because it just it's illogical what you're doing because what causes those small dense ldl is is the uh his carbs and um well i have to i have to admit i uh you know i my transition did include a cheat day uh.

Often not often i'd say you know you know i was i was making that transition and i was always able to get back into ketosis no problem but i do admit i do admit that my i i since my numbers got really bad i have cut out all cheat days i don't do it anymore all processed carbs are gone um you know.

I'm adding more fiber i'm taking a number of the supplements that you've recommended including garb garlic ipa uh i'm doing omega-3 salmon niacin i'm doing some niacin therapy which is great i love the flush it's so it's so invigorating i imagine my calcium sweeping out of my body every time i feel that flush so i'm doing all.

That i'm definitely cutting down on the saturated fat i am scheduled to come in and do my lipids again for my doctors in a couple of months and i'm going to do that fractional again and i guess i'll do the cac in a year to see where i'm at and get you know my my second cardiologist really wants me to do this stress test i'm doing that.

In two weeks and if i'm clear on that which i feel great i'm gonna get back into exercise and keep doing what i'm keep doing what you're suggesting and i have cut out this early i don't put the fat in my coffee in in the morning and i'm not cooking with the butter anymore i'm just using you know that kind of stuff so.

I'm definitely and i will definitely send you my numbers great did you one last question did you did you have you done an a1c i have not done an a1c okay um my brother is uh diabetic pretty much on the window my whole i'm you know they're my whole family is morbidly obese i'm.

Literally the healthiest one in my family and here i have the heart of an 88 year old but uh um gonna reverse that gonna change yeah i i i honestly now that you gave me some additional data i think that um maybe regular cheat day which even if it's like more than once a week probably.

Altered your values enough because it's just i've never heard that before having those values unless you're doing some car and the a1c would pick it right up because it's like someone comes in and they're telling you they're doing and then the a1cs i'm like oh.

Tell me if you had you know once in a while like and then you find out okay so it's just it's probably more motivation to be strict and the cool thing is um you'll see a change in your cac over.

Time and then your risk will go way down so i think you're you're on the right track thank you dr berg so much you confirmed everything i thought very good awesome wonderful david yeah do you let us know what happens out there and enjoy by the way he's in he's in the movie business and i was telling him i do a little work.

Here at the local studio uh and uh there is food everywhere and there's a lot of healthy food there because a lot of the stars want that but man you can really pack on some calor some you know high carb calories if you are so inclined so i'm not going to blame you for doing that david i'm sure you're showing a great deal of restraint in that regard.

But anyway thank you david please do get back in touch with us and let us know how things are going that was a fascinating call and we wish you well okay here is another david from facebook says that uh oh he's actually uh commenting on this i'll move on from that barbara from facebook what uh if you have ketones in.

Your urine but my a1c there it is again is five uh let's see um yeah what's going on ketones in my urine but my a1c is five that's what she said well okay well that's good that's good it means that you're in fat burning you.

Got ketones in your urine ketones um will be produced when your blood sugars are low if your a1c is 5 that's pretty good and you're right on track there's nothing wrong with that but if your sugar is too high if your.

A1c is too high you will not have ketones show up but i will say just as a side note steve i i've had several um pretty top actors and actresses call me and uh they want they they have this part that they're doing and they need to lose weight within like a month or so so i've.

Worked with several of them and uh i'll have to find out if i can kind of reveal their name but it's uh great stories of like being able to be motivated to just do it standardly and then just lose the weight and then um then watch the movie and go wow i helped that person that was really cool yeah i.

Remember one of them i won't mention their name but you recommended they chop off their left leg they lost 22 pounds but i'm not sure if that really hated them in their role it worked really fast yeah absolutely cut it off you know it's like these legs are heavy nowadays you know yeah they sure are okay now let's see what happens on the question and doc.

Here's our next one true false this time okay all right fatty meals increase your risk of gall stones is that a tr uh is that um true or false okay hop on it audience let's go back to social media deaths from youtube what caused someone to crave buttermilk should we drink it i mean.

Maybe something's triggering uh dez to go towards certain foods well definitely it's better than milk and i think there's some type of um need for uh to support your gut um that's what i think that's going on it could be a need that you need calcium as well people tend to crave.

Dairy if they crave if they need calcium but it could also be something going on the gut so i don't know which one it is but typically people don't crave um sauerkraut for some weird reason i don't know why they wouldn't want to crave that i mean it's so good for you absolutely see what else do we have here.

Um barbara from facebook i don't know we already talked about her let's see as steph from youtube why is the keto diet better than the mediterranean diet because the mediterranean diet includes pasta and that is you know you might say well people in.

That area of the world live to you know well if you go to italy there's a lot of people eating pasta and they don't look too skinny but there are certain you know places like in the blue zone where people live a long time but they're also you know they're it's a whole different thing they're outside they're.

Gardening they're more social they and the diet is definitely less corrupted but it's uh you know there's all these different version versions of the mediterranean diet but i i think yeah olive oil is great olive oil is great you should add that into the keto.

Tomatoes you can do that but the problem is the pasta but what's interesting about pasta if you check your blood sugars it won't spike right away it's delayed it's delayed sometimes by two or even three hours but you'll get the spike because it's more dense and it takes a while for that to affect the sugars.

So even like there's some interesting data about um corn fiber there's a soluble corn fiber it's kind of it's uh you'll see that a lot of keto friendly foods which i don't recommend by the way the corn fiber and it sounds very very um natural oh the fiber in corn but the chemical process it takes to make that and the blood sugars.

They say it it lowers your blood sugars but if you actually check it six hours it will spike it so it affects the blood sugars down lower in the digestive tract so um unfortunately you know if you don't get the full picture of some of these new.

New fibers new functional fibers that they're pushing out there tapioca fiber and you know i would avoid them i would definitely just avoid them right now because eventually they're going to find oh sorry there's a problem with this interesting.

Cigarette steve ugh boy did i have a run with him quit when i was 33 one of the hardest things i've ever done those pesky things will grab hold of you but there's they were supposed to help you with pregnancy oh absolutely so anyway we got an answer in from the astute audience and it asks true false fatty meals increase your risk of gall.

Stones and our audience uh 82 percent said false 18 said true okay what do you think steve let's see um i think that they do i'm just going to say it does increase it.

No it doesn't because uh what happens with a fatty meal fat fat doesn't make gallstones fat stimulates uh the release of bile and also the contraction of the gallbladder that's different than making a stone the stone comes from a concentrated.

Cholesterol without the bile so it's really a bile deficiency in which case you need gallbladder formula or another bile salt so um that would be a false wow dr berg lured me into a false answer well i deserve it so anyway learn that.

Audience and listen here we've got really a lot of people piled up in the um in our green room so i'm going to start flying right through those and next up is tiffany from the windy city chicago and tiffany uh you are and make sure you unmute yourself on with dr burb hi dr berg thank you hello so much for.

Taking my call i really appreciate it i've actually been following you for quite a while so i'm 54 i'm over i wait january 2nd i weighed 284 i'm down to 255. so i've been doing pretty well i've been doing keto i'm extending fasting.

So as i've been listening to you um over the years it's been you know i go back and forth with my weight unfortunately um you talk about insulin resistance a lot and so i'm like okay well that's the reason i'm insulin resistant because i'm really happy around my midriff i'm not big here my mid-drip and my hips so um and in my head i'm thinking.

Glucose and insulin is the same thing so i keep looking at my glucose numbers and they're low so i i did go get a uh insulin test so i just want to tell you so my glucose was 68 my a1c is 4.8 my hdl 83 my triglycerides are 66 and my insulin was 2.5 my l is high and it's always high it was.

Um 204. so when i look at those numbers in my head i feel like i'm not insulin resistance and so like i'm fasting and if i'm not insulin resistant it's fasting that really is the thing i should do to lose weight i'm just really confused okay well first of all those.

Numbers look wonderful you really got some great numbers so obviously you're on the program and things are going great it's working and the question i think you have am i still insulin resistant well it takes a while to correct that you might be out of the woods now because you're eating well.

But if you went back to your old ways you'll probably find that kicks right back in the test for insulin resistance is a little bit more than a fasting insulin test and maybe you already had a homa ir test i don't know but once you do keto and intermittent fasting and you recheck.

Homa ir you might see it be normal so it kind of improved it but um the question is are you out of the woods yet no because you've had it chronically so it takes a long time to really make sure that it's it's doing very very well it's it's really difficult to measure.

You know you're looking at hormones and you're looking at blood sugars but can you actually measure the receptor the ability for your receptor receive that's a really hard test so it's really a problem of diagnostics how do you measure this phenomena all we know is that if you've had chronic.

Weight problems your whole life or whatever or chronic carb in ingestion you have you have insulin resistance and and then the reason why it takes longer to get this weight off is that um that's sitting in the background that actually lowers the metabolism itself.

But you're on the right path and i think there's things you can always do to speed it up but you really have to also know what normal is sometimes people think well i should be losing this much pounds this many pounds per week but actually if you're losing at your age and what.

You've been through if you lose a pound a week that's really good if you lose more that's incredible and you drive the way but if you the more fasting you do like julian you could probably lose up to five pounds a week if you really did some even like stronger fasting um as long as you're taking the nutrients.

Getting the nutrients from the foods and doing the fasting with your values you're right on track it's gonna happen it's gonna happen your everything's coming out nicely and you just want to ride the wave and and continue to improve um those receptors for insulin because you're now you're not stimming any stimulating.

Insulin anymore so it's um it's going to get better and better because you're retraining your body uh we don't need to raise insulin anymore as much and also your blood sugars are fantastic so yeah well i appreciate that just so you.

Know that those numbers were done before i started like i was like that was before i did really yeah that was before making numbers now which i'm i'm gonna actually go back and do some more lab work that was before so i have a question for you.

Um what is okay before what was your diet like were you eating a lot of sugar yeah a lot of crap and your a1c was still low like that it's always been low in fact like when i do my extended fast.

Like uh it go down like my my glucose go down to like 40. now are you talking about when you're eating sugar your glucose goes down to 40. no not when i'm sure so when i'm eating sugar it'll be like 90 the i tested it it was like 120 and then it comes back down but if i was.

Going to extend it fast like i said five days and go down to like 40. okay well this is fascinating because um you um you're able to keep these numbers in check more than other people so you must have some pretty good genes but i think i can imagine your values after you do.

This for a period of time it's going to be incredible and also your blood sugars will come way down if you don't feel bad if you feel good then that's your near normal that's your normal these these values are based on the average person but who is this average person i don't know it's like kind of a combination of people like you.

And people that have like really high numbers like david and then we get normal whatever that is but definitely because because i'm so heavy there's definitely with some insulin resistance yeah most most likely because.

That's what happens when you have the extra fat the fatty liver you start developing insulin resistance and so because insulin is at the heart of the switch whether you gain fat or you lose fat okay and so yeah i keep doing what i'm doing then i appreciate it thank you so much no problem good luck tiffany i'm going to.

Chicago and get a blood transfusion from tiffany man she's got the magic numbers i'll tell you that's unbelievable thank you tiffany best of luck on that and get back with us as we ask all people to do after you continued on let's see where you're at uh let's see now we've got uh another fascinating um true false doc and here.

It is all right good blackheads you know blackheads um are dirty pores on your skin is that true or false gross all right answer that audience let's see where you're at with that and let's uh see if we can get another person from the green room and this time it's gwendolyn.

And uh gwendolyn you are on with dr berg hello can you hear me yes perfectly okay very good well thank you thank you for so much that you do um so i've been in healthcare for 37 years just retired very long and diverse career actually and in my training and teaching i feel like i've spent my entire life lying to people so i've.

Really i'm fairly new to your program i am signed up for the certification uh for the functional nutrition piece of all of this because it's fascinating to me the insulin resistant piece the insulin index being such a critical component all of it is i mean i cannot tell you how embarrassed i am that i've spent 37.

Years lying to people anyway so um even with bio you know nutritional biochemistry i took tons of that so fast forward here is my question that i want to bring to not only myself but my people we sometimes inadvertently fall off of the sort of keto.

Good eating wagon and sometimes we do it purposefully and i'm trying to figure out a sort of a kinder gentler way for a fast reset um if and do you know what i mean because sometimes those high carb days it takes two days to kind of get through that um that.

The reset of all of that so is there a recommendation or will that be covered at the program i'm about to take will that be covered um how you kindly and gently go into a really solid reset yeah so yeah that's gonna i do talk about that in the course uh if you're talking about the keto coaching program but i will say.

That um you know you got two things when when people go off the program they need to reset i i use a very very very very light touch because there's um you know it's almost like i go you know what i got to make it really okay to go off the program because uh.

Um they feel bad about i mean i was i was in whole foods once and uh i'm shopping and i saw one of my patients uh at the bakery section and they were just about to take one of the chocolate brownies and put in their mouth and they happened.

To catch catch me and they saw me they turned red and then white and bolted the other way and i had to run after them and say listen it's okay it's okay i was i was the cheater i was i had to hit bottom before i made changes but just you know you got to be like a.

A gentle guy to help coach them and let them fall and just you know pick them back up but the thing is that um i like to let them go off the program and then just experience it until they self-determinately by their own determination decide okay.

I'm done because this whole pressure thing doesn't work and twisting her arm it's like i don't do that i just use a very light touch and then they i try to educate them on what they need to understand and i will say that the longer they've had the insulin resistance.

The longer it takes to get back on track so the point is like if you want to go off the program just do it with full awareness so you're not on this automatic thing and and what i mean by that is realize the consequences like realize a little bit of carb is going to create a lot of bad things in your body it's going to stop.

You from burning fat for 48 hours are you willing to do it great then do it but going in go into this with full knowledge of that and that way they um they might go well well it's not worth it and not do that so i just use that approach it seems to.

Work real nicely and uh um you know hopefully they won't be like me and have to hit bottom which is harder to count the back to come back up because you're like literally have to be very very unhealthy before you go okay i'm not going to eat that anymore so.

It's a process and it becomes easier because even intermittent fasting is an exercise to build up your willpower you become you have a stronger willpower when you actually do this longer because you're it's about putting your self-control and just exercising your self-control versus caving to.

The temptations all the time so i think it's a it strengthens the person's willpower over time well thank you so much uh for that gwendolyn and i feel better and more inclined to be honest now dr berg you know i tell you i eat a nutritional yeast but it's.

Really a handful of skittles each time so now that i've gotten that out i feel much much better uh to give you the truth now listen but you know you know even even like in school like after i graduate i had to unlearn things and i don't even know what i need what was true or false and you know you get this diploma.

Certification you're certified to have this specialized knowledge but is that true data you know even in school there's not enough hours to spend to evaluate if this is true or false is it just the theory you know so.

You have to almost have to graduate get your certification and then then try to figure it out to see what's true for you with a lot of experience you know and so that's kind of the problem with getting a a degree from a university well indeed okay let's wrap up with the final.

Quiz excuse me true false in this case blackheads are dirty pores in your skin and let's see let me clear that layer and get back to dr berg and our audience 84 say that that's false 16 say it's true no it's totally false in fact when you scrub your skin you make it worse you damage it what you're dealing with is um.

There's a little bit of a gland with oil and a little protein plug and if that plug is open exposed to oxygen it oxidizes and turns darker just like if you were to bite into an apple and leave it exposed auction it's gonna it's gonna brown a little bit so it's um it's not dirt it's uh you have.

Too many um androgens and i will release a video probably tomorrow on this very interesting topic so if you have blackheads or whatever and you wanna or whiteheads whatever if you wanna get rid of those i'm gonna show you exactly how to do it so it never comes back ever.

Okay so stay tuned for that thanks thank you everyone for being on and your wonderful questions and your attention i will talk to you guys every day in the morning we want to release a video you
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