The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 3, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 3, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 3, 2023

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 3, 2023.
thank you welcome back everyone we're here with another q a on the topic of Health anything that I say is definitely not meant to replace your medical care check with your doc before taking any of the advice but we have some real interesting things to.

Talk about and some great questions that we want to answer let's just Dive Right In Steven do as many as we can excellent idea let's start off with social media today we love them Yaz media from YouTube how to combine my fat intake with oh good here's another one of these words lithosis in my gallbladder I am not convinced I have to have it removed.

So did I say that right come on fat intake with lithosis is how it's spelled so what here here's the thing I I don't I'm like missing a little bit information I don't know um if you have large stones or no stones or small stones but the point is that um realize that gallstones don't just come.

From cholesterol It's a combination of cholesterol and a lack of bile so if you don't have enough bile then you get this super concentrated um like uh cholesterol stone that can develop so the solution is to increase the amount of bile salt okay and that's going to help you um you know of course if you if you do.

The diet that I recommend you're doing a combination of great uh you know plants and vegetables and things like that with your protein with your fat and um and also um I have so many videos in gallbladder you should watch those but uh I would start taking a bile salt formula um maybe gallbladder formula and just.

Start taking that a regular basis just to start to reverse this ratio so you can resolve it and then maybe don't consume a massive amount of fat right now until you get things situated um I had a lot of gallbladder problems early on and of course my problem was not just saturated fat it was the combination of saturated fat and all the.

Carbs I was doing at the same time that probably created the problem okay very good let's see now I don't know if Sandra's pushing the envelope here on YouTube but she wants to know if she can have her sourdough bread as a part of the keto diet and can I use coconut or almond flour maybe that's uh what do you think doc.

Is she gonna make the bread out of the coconut flour well that's what I mean yeah do that I don't know um that would be interesting if you can make a sourdough bread of that flower that that would be that would be good I don't know what it would taste like but um it might be um edible would that meet the requirements of being keto.

Perhaps yeah if there's no other um grains in there if there's not added grains because sometimes the you see these recipes are these keto friendly um breads but then it has the tapioca in there it has uh you know gluten wheat because it's protein but it's undigestible by humans so you.

Really have to just have knowledge of what you should have and what you should avoid okay very good sander we would love to hear back from you to see what that tastes like maybe send us a snapshot and we'll publish you okay let's see why don't we kick off with our first quiz question today Dr Bergen by the way audience all of them.

Are questions no true falsers so you can't get away with the 50 50 coin flip today you're gonna have to really put your thinking caps on and here it is okay which vitamin deficiency is behind bladder issues like I'm talking about a leaky bladder frequent urination you know incomplete empty of your urinary bladder or urgency.

What is What vitamin deficiency is really behind the majority of those problems all right very good dig into that audience uh and here's another set of Love lover a letter uh for you Dr Berg Cami from YouTube thank you for all your educational videos you have made me more.

Aware of my health you are amazing thank you Dr Berg and I Echo that my intermittent fasting has gotten me out of the pudgy zone for some time and I'm very grateful for that as well Dr Burke okay you bet Bob from YouTube does sleeping up to 12 hours a day a part of a healthy fasting that's interesting well um I think it wouldn't hurt if you.

Get more sleep that's for sure I mean the more um I mean I don't know I don't know if I could do that I mean sleep for 12 hours that would be very difficult to do but if you could do it occasionally I'd probably probably help you probably catch up on all the lack of sleep that you might be getting very good uh let's stay on YouTube for a.

Second this is Osama from YouTube the skin on my face turned yellow since I followed healthy keto I take Vitamin D supplements Trace elements and B vitamins I have a blood test and the results were normal what do you think the cause might be now with Osama I don't know you know if he's from an Asian country or whatever it has white.

Skin so it's a little difficult right to determine where he started but he's got yellow skin now well of course if you don't have jaundice and your liver's healthy then it could be something you're eating with um some pigmentation are you eating a lot of carrots hopefully you're not doing a lot of carrot juice.

Um are you doing a lot of turmeric I mean all these things potentially could could make you a bit on the yellow side but um I I don't know I really don't not have to get more of a history these I can only guess um all right very good well listen Dr Berg.

I know you have a certain fondness for Canada so I thought it would be appropriate to start off with our guest from Ontario and his name is Chris and Chris if you're unmuted you are on with Dr Berg oh there we go can you hear me we sure can perfectly oh great good morning Dr Berg good.

Morning uh just want to start out by saying uh I'm not a long time Watcher I've just discovered you since Christmas time uh but certainly made a huge difference when I discovered bile salts uh about three years ago I had my gallbladder removed after a long lengthy process of figuring all of this out and uh nobody said anything about bile salts.

And I couldn't figure out why I was feeling so terrible so uh thank you very much for that and as well as a lot of the other bits and pieces that I've picked up along the way the turmeric one was a great one and our local grocery store actually carries it so the the actual turmeric as opposed to the the tablet so.

I was very pleased to find that uh my question today I guess is maybe twofold you kind of answered it with your uh your video that dropped today I'm still having a lot of issues in my stomach area and they actually cleared up for quite a quite a while it's only been the last couple of weeks and I've started to feel.

Um the fullness under my right ribs again and kind of radiating up to the shoulder and it sounds like from the video that came out today it might be more pancreatic problem and all the things that you talked about today are in your bile salts all the extra things to take so I guess the first part of the question is should I.

Take more of those as opposed to just taking them when I'm eating uh and then the second part is somehow maybe taking the extra vitamins that I've started taking since watching you and over the last month and a half or so somehow causing a problem should I should I take them spread out more during the day should I take them.

Concentrated I'm not quite sure on that yeah I it I think that for the first question I think you're on the right track yes you could take um additional gallbladder formula an empty stomach because that way you can work on the bile ducts I mean think about you um I think you've mentioned that you.

Removed the gallbladder so what that means now is you just don't have the concentrated amount of bile you have bile coming trickling down there but it's just not in the right amounts or concentration so you're always going to have like a little weakness there which means that you could still have a bit of sludge within the the tubing the pipes.

From your liver to not just the gallbladder um where the gallbladder used to be like to the small intestine but also wraps around to a point where the pancreas connects and that could be a little backed up and create a little pancreatic problem and maybe even a deficiency of those pancreatic enzymes so I think that's probably sounds like.

The weakness that um you just have to keep working on and that takes some time um you might benefit from definitely betaine hydrochloride because that'll actually really help at the stomach level and maybe some enzymes too but I wouldn't jump to too many things at once I would try one thing at a time one thing that might be also beneficial.

If you have a fatty liver would be to add some choline to your diet because that that can act like an additional support to keep that liver really you know cleaned out and so stuff can actually start coming out and then also don't forget the the basic eating plan make sure that um.

You know you're applying some of the the basic healthy keto um that I recommend just that way you'll have a nice combination of foods that won't create problems in the future um because we want to look at the original reason why you've had a.

Gallbladder problem in the first place right and you want we want to correct that um but if you have that right sensation underneath your right gallbladder um I would um I would suspect there's just more sludge.

That needs to be dealt with and yeah so just add that on an empty stomach and that should thin more of the bile and that should you know you can keep increasing until that sensation goes away and then you know okay I need that much for a while and then as your diet improves that symptom should go away I used to have.

That all the time in fact I think I had it for 12 years I had no idea about where it was coming from and uh thank goodness I I figured it out because it's it's really a pain underneath your right rib cage indeed well Hey listen thanks for being our inaugural visitor on the show Chris he did a great job and we'd love to hear.

Back from you about all your successes with your ailing gallbladder okay we kicked off today with our first question you you bet you anytime Chris get back with us all right let's see uh our first quiz question uh asked if I push the right button which vitamin deficiency is behind bladder issues leaky frequent urination incomplete.

Emptying of the bladder and other earthy things and our audience seventy percent of them said vitamin C 15 say vitamin D and 15 say vitamin B is in boy drum roll please Dr Burke how'd they do the answer is thymine B1 deficiency and let me just explain because there are a lot of people who have problems with their bladder and they get up to the.

Night they have issues with um urgency and then they they have to go but not a lot comes out um there's just a lot of issues with the bladder I did a deep dive into this subject recently and found some fascinating information with um that correlates with what I already knew and unfortunately when you try to research.

This topic you're not going to find it because the first probably 10 pages on Google is all the same old same old you know it's just trash it's like they don't give you it's like a bunch of companies that hired um SEO people to just come up with content based on keywords but there's no real answers and so you end up going to the.

Doctor and getting another Med whatever and then having it cause side effects but B1 if you look up the relationship between B1 and all these problems with the bladder you'll have all this interesting stuff come up um that relate to um the muscle the nerve connection to the.

Muscle that surrounds the bladder itself and so um that connection is is very interesting because when you don't have enough B1 and that usually comes from consuming years of carbs and sugars and alcohol and things like that you can affect that nerve many different areas even in the.

Brain the actual Center in the brain that controls the bladder the holding of the urine and the releasing of the bladder is highly sensitive to a B1 deficiency so what is the solution you start taking a natural B1 and you also I would take in addition to that benphotamine which is that fat soluble B1 that can also.

Help more on the brain level if there is a problem in there and restore that and there's some great data that shows that you know even by taking you might have to take it up to three months but I think you'll probably see changes within you know a week or two and of course change the diet as well but that's uh if you have that problem it's really.

Important to know that connection all right very good well later in the show we're going to hear from margar who is a transplant from Russia so as we talk about who's watching I'm going to go ahead and credit her with chiming in on behalf of uh Russia and in addition to that we'd like to say hello to those in UK Canada Mexico Switzerland Jordan.

Sweden Ethiopia Poland Norway Chile Oman Algeria the Netherlands Japan United Arab Emirates France Italy Taiwan India Nepal Argentina Serbia Iran Belgium Colombia Ireland Greece Pakistan Bermuda Cuba Scotland artria Kuwait Yemen Israel the Dominican Republic turkey New Zealand Australia Sri Lanka Trinidad and Tobago the Virgin.

Islands Malta I don't think we've heard from them for a while Peru Finland Jamaica Lithuania Syria Nigeria South Africa Germany Aruba a great place Portugal the Philippines Egypt Qatar I don't think it's chechnya anyway sorry Terry I blew that reading Austria Croatia Brazil Slovenia Romania and all across these United States and as usual.

There'll be some frustrated people that didn't hear their name and they're going to chime in and add to that list so we'll wait for that so thanks everybody for listening and of course all across these wonderful United States if I didn't say that let's go back to social media Lucy from YouTube My amylase level is at 164. the normal is 110 does this.

Mean I have pancreatitis yeah right I I can't diagnose that with just that one value you know here's the thing when you when you evaluate someone you really have to um use as much information as possible get a history uh potentially it could be one of the causes but um you really have to take all the.

Factors and make sure there's no missing information like probably recently Steve I don't know if you've heard uh in the news it's all over the news that erythritol has now been found linked to heart attacks and strokes have you heard about that no but it doesn't surprise me it'll be back to Salt next week or.

Something if anyone is interested me talking about that let me know and we will talk about that but uh uh you know I'm in the keto Community you know people are saying oh my gosh it's wow I've been eating that for a while I hope I don't drop dead of a heart attack well this is a perfect example of.

Um of just missing information when you evaluate and probably on purpose to to make something sound really bad but in reality when you have all all the information it's like it's ridiculous but um yeah I really don't know about your pancreatitis but um if you have it.

Or not but um there's many causes and I think probably the most common cause with a problem with your enzymes especially the pancreas would be some problem in the the ducks that are causing pressure or inflammation or a backup and what I would do if I were you as a.

Really inexpensive way to um potentially solve it is I would start taking tatka which is that it's a type of bile salt that will definitely open up those ducks and if you feel better within a couple days then that's then we know it's a problem with the sludge this is this bile sludge is probably.

I mean it's just a super common problem that most people have never even heard of so um it can create a lot of nausea and bloating and um especially problems related to the gallbladder and the pancreas so um I have videos on it and so it's uh it's valuable to know that if if you.

Have any of those symptoms all right very good well be forewarned audience Noah wreath for tall back to two or three cups of sugar per day with the food pyramid uh with all the carbs and so on so you'll feel a lot better once you get that back underway okay now here we go with our second question once again no true false today there it is.

Doc deal with um the vitamin D side effects like some people get fatigue insomnia headache constipation even diarrhea when they take vitamin D okay so what's the best way to deal with that is it not to take the vitamin D or what.

Else could you do to solve that problem okay here we have a very popular question we hear a lot V from Facebook I'm new to keto how do I eliminate my craving for sweets I mean it's the easiest thing in the world you just basically reduce your dietary consumption of sweets to get rid of your craving to sweets you can't get.

Rid of it by keeping continuing to eat sweets so you reduce your sweets and then your body has no choice but to start burning your own fat and that transition takes three days and if you want to speed it up even more then you practice intermittent fasting you don't eat as frequent maybe two meals a day now is it going to be hard.

To do initially well not if you add more fat to the diet to be more satisfied but within three days all of a sudden you've adapted your Cravings are gone and now you're not hungry anymore it's really fascinating you have to try it to believe it and once you do it you'll be wow that was amazing I didn't know that would work.

Like that but it does and now you're burning fat it's a different fuel source and uh you're going to feel much much better V we are all rooting for your go um girl I assume and get back with us and let us know about how you don't give a darn about sweets anymore okay let's see Denise from Facebook I take pure therapeutic fermented ketones never.

Heard of that and now off all meds that's great lost body fat and better Whole Health all around down 106 pounds wow that's the bell for three bell rings for that why aren't more people not using this magic so she got over the sweet uh Cravings it sounds like wow there's two ways to.

Um get ketones well there's more more ways than two but um you can um cut down your carbs to get your um your body to make more ketones and then you can actually also not eat and then.

Your body will actually turn your own fat into Ketone so it has the ability to to change your dietary fat into ketones as well as your own body fat into ketones and and basically just need to do two things is cut down carbs and don't eat so so often and cut out those snacks Steve is anyone uh as you see on social media is.

Anyone interested in knowing more about this uh erythritol uh heart con problem connection or are they not really commenting about it well that's a question for Terry because he wonderfully sort of uh you know gauges which message is to send me so Terry word out to you any uh action on erythritol and also uh Alec he's.

Watching on there for various things on social media so Alec if you see anything that has to do with the wreath for tall questions please let your local producer know and we'll get that back to Dr Berg so pressures on Alec and Terry for that but that's an interesting question I mean I you know I use it but you know everything I'm 69 dog and everything was.

Going to kill me every five years for the last 69 years salt no salt you know this that so I guess I've won but erythritol hasn't put me down yet so I'm going to call that Victory now as promised there are some people that feel uh very dejected because we didn't mention their name but they didn't mention their name on and.

Here they are here are the people that we're going to mention Ghana India South Korea Albania uh Jamaica Somalia Saudi Arabia and Spain welcome on board everyone I can't imagine there's many uh countries around the world that are left off the list today so let's see oh um here we go uh Terry's just chimed in.

Our audience overwhelmingly wants Dr bark to discuss in depth the results of the erythritol study with four exclamation marks so yes that is a topic of Interest doc let me just touch on it real fast I'm gonna you'll see a whole video on it but we don't need to spend a lot of time on it but here's the thing this study is.

All over the news it's in social media um so if you actually read the study um it's not even a study about the dietary erythritol okay it's not even it was not it's not about a person consuming erythritol at all that's interesting it's about your body making its own erythritol so the people that.

Had the most erythritol from endogenous which means your body makes it um uh was had a head Association to a heart problem right okay so what there's some some missing data there's a missing piece of the puzzle here that people don't know um.

Your body makes erythritol as a byproduct of uh glucose metabolism so the people that have the most erythritol in their blood are the people who are consuming the most sugar like diabetics people eating fructose a lot of fruit as well as it's it increases when you have.

Oxidative stress as in kidney disease liver disease okay so and even belly fat so you're going to have a lot of erythritol and the majority of people in this study were not healthy they're diabetics they are at high blood pressure they had a lot of pro they're overweight they had a.

Lot of problems so obviously they're going to have high levels of erythritol and the question is this is the big question um is it really the erythritol that's doing the problem or is it the health problems you have that is causing the heart problem that's the.

Question well that's answered with the next next piece of the puzzle which is fascinating if you continue to research erythritol and in animal studies uh you'll find that it acts as an antioxidant it's an anti-inflammatory it actually improves insulin sensitivity it lowers glucose it can help slow down the weight gain in.

Certain studies it it improves insulin resist actually it makes insulin resistance less resistant so what's really probably happening when you have a higher level of erythritol is your body is probably using that erythritol to counter the bad effects from the sugar so they kind of made this study and they.

Had four different sections and they made these uh these assumptions which is totally based on you know garbage information and it's all observational well most of it was observational but stay tuned for a more in-depth review on that but um you don't have to worry about consuming.

Erythritol at all um like they say or you'll see on all these news like it's just right off the bat you know they grab this this piece and they just want to learn people it's another another one of those studies that um they haven't really evaluated they're just jumping to conclusions and it's it's just garbage.

Well it certainly is and they make it click based so they obviously leave all the stuff out just a couple of Juicy comments and you think once again I'll be dead tomorrow and here we all are alive and well okay so uh quiz question number two again much of the audience angst is not true false they had to do some real research and it asked the best.

Way to deal with vitamin D side effects which are fatigue insomnia headache and constipation is uh and eighty percent of them say is to take K2 10 say to add more natural sunlight and ten percent say add more magnesium or Fiber well doc okay so the answer is magnesium now these are all symptoms of magnesium deficiency so if you are um taking.

Vitamin D um it doesn't really work if you're deficient in in magnesium yes you need K2 and you need zinc and you need B6 but magnesium is a really important one um to take with D3 and so um if you're again if you're deficient in vitamin in magnesium and you take a lot.

Of D3 you could end up with some side effects so when I sometimes when I hear this like oh yeah vitamin D is bad because I had a I got a headache or I got constipation all that means is you sh it's a great indication that you probably need more magnesium and all of a sudden the side effects go away same thing with insomnia.

Um now there is another uh very rare side effect of hypercalcemia which but that's you'd have to take so much vitamin D like hundreds of thousands over months to um um to end up with a problem with a kidney stone but that's very rare and um but magnesium deficiency symptoms are more.

Common so where do you get magnesium leafy greens okay so as long as you're following kind of what I'm recommending you're not going to have a magnesium deficiency because you have that salad each day it'll give you plenty of magnesium magnesium associated with the chlorophyll it's like the heart of the chlorophyll molecule that's all the.

Green stuff so um I just want to point that out you know just so you have that connection okay very good asking for a friend how much magnesium is in a large pepperoni pizza uh probably not a lot unless you uh it's made out of uh your salad which is probably not all right very good okay let's see now uh let's move on let's go.

Back to our room and I spoke of a nice young lady that was originally from Russia but she's now my neighbor in Goldsboro North Carolina and if she is unmuted herself then we're going to hear all from her here she is Margot currently from North Carolina you're only here with Dr bird hello good morning good morning oh I'm.

Originally from Russia and uh in the early age I found out through the medical expertise of Russian doctors I was um producing a very little of stomach acid which is barbaric way how they do it and they diagnose me with the deficiency of all the vitamins fast forward come to wonderful dive United.

States I ended up to have a weird sensation in my legs and my knees and every muscle was jerking fast forward more I ended up with two C diffs which has survived and in the process I was trying to prove my doctor I am low in stomach acid and I cannot take um suppressant for the acid it was just was a battle for a year and now I'm.

Trying to figure out what that low stomach acid which is in Russia they told me I'm genetically pre-exposed or it's a genetic in me uh because production was there but it's very small amount they actually suck it out that I mean I'm sorry and now my OB GYN saying my iron is very low in saturation in my blood is very low and she prescribed me.

A supplement but I know already supplements will only absorb if I have enough acid so Nutri Cycles you do one thing and they tell you to do another thing and then you try to figure out what is actually right for me so I didn't have to make it my own way I took a change my diet I am now on fasting stay.

With my husband which is he lost 62 pounds and he's in a ketogenic that we eat salad and I break my fast with caviar an empty stomach with the bromelin to kind of speed out of digestion and sometimes I eat some nuts like walnuts and salmon so I'm trying to see what else can I put there to bring my B.

Vitamin up bring my acid up and absorption of iron so did you say that you can't consume betaine hydrochloride I actually do I actually take it with my meal yeah okay yeah um I think you probably just need a lot more than the average person and that probably will help you.

Um also sea salt at least the chlorides in the sea salt will help build up the hydrochloric acid but betaine hydrochloride is definitely something you should have before a meal now um if you don't have enough acid you're more susceptible to anemia because you can't absorb some of the minerals especially like iron and things like.

That so if you wanted to um solve the iron thing I think the best thing would be to have a little bit of liver in your diet maybe every other day that would really be the best thing for your B vitamins it's a super concentrated amount of B vitamins you can also do the nutritional yeast and fortified but I know the problem that.

You're running into because without that acid um boy it's um you can end up with um you know small intestinal bacterial overgrowth um an inability to absorb B12 but if you take the liver you'll get B12 and iron you can fill two birds with one stone.

And um see what happens is when you eat liver or red meat um and ask you're supposed to break it down so you can extract those nutrients well your body has a hard time doing that so you just might need to have a little bit more liver and then more acid so you can break it down um but it sounds like you're on the.

Right track um you just want to focus on eating nutrient dense foods right like liver Fish seafood all that will is very high especially self shellfish is very high in the nutrition that you need to help bypass this issue you have with the stomach um if you do take um.

It might be helpful also to get a DNA test to see if there's any problem with what's called methylation in which case you might be better benefiting from taking like a methylcobolamine or methylfolate um to really kind of go deeper so so that would be my advice.

Thank you so much because they actually laugh at me saying I'm Elsa because my fingers and my toes is ice cold even when it's 100 degrees outside wow that could probably solve your problem because that's a yeah you'll get more blood flow I bet you anything if you did a I did a DNA test it would show up um.

Like you have a problem methylating and and again it's a simple solution you take you take a supplement with methylcobolamine methyl folate with B6 and some of the other cult factors and uh I think that could really help you in a big way that's great well Margo thank you so much for um did you have another.

Question go ahead I always wanted to say I do uh take your yeast B vitamin and uh my husband has taken it with me so we felt much big improvements right away because I actually take a bigger dose than it was recommended just because I know I'm deficient in it and it was uh dramatic change for sure well that's.

Interesting because um that has in there the folate and it has the methyl methyl B12 too so that's probably why you feel better and I it's good that you didn't take another version that's fortified because you probably would feel worse if you had this synthetic or the uh the folic acid you don't want that you want the folate.

And I just did a video on that but um yeah that that's good that you stumbled on that that's great thank you that's terrific well I tell you what uh Margo I would rather lapse into coma than eat beef liver or any kind of liver but you have a stronger Constitution to me I can tell that just by looking at you so go ahead and eat some liver and get back.

With us and let us know how well that worked out for you why don't we go on to the next question Dr Berg and here it is all right so what is the primary indicator of a fatty liver so what would be the the first obvious sign that you have a fatty liver without doing a blood test or anything like that what's what what.

Would be the the best indicator for that very good by the way back to that uh question we answered before a lot of people said K2 what can you remind us again of how K2 interacts with vitamin D and what what the relationship is vitamin K2 is the partner of vitamin D3 vitamin D3 helps increase the calcium.

Absorption by 20 times in the small intestine and so you end up with higher amounts of calcium in the blood but then vitamin K2 directs that calcium where to go to push it in the bones and if you're deficient in K2 where a lot of people are deficient then the calcium can build up in the arteries and inside the walls of the arteries.

Causing stiffness of the arteries and high blood pressure so this is why when people take K2 with D3 a lot of times their blood pressure is better um that's just the tip of the iceberg there's many other things that K2 does and um and one of the problems people get confused between K1 and K2 if they're on.

Warfarin which is a blood thinner to prevent clots they don't realize that um that blocks um K1 but it also blocks the enzyme that K2 acts on so this is why one of the side effects from Warfarin is vascular calcification especially if you're taking more a lot.

Of calcium and so I mean here you're you're trying to thin the blood and prevent a heart attack by avoiding this the clotting but then you end up with a calcium problem so um you know you really if if someone is on Warfarin I would definitely check with the doc to see if there's another.

Type of medication that is that won't won't involved the K vitamins okay so that's just a tip okay very good let's go back to the Green Room we're going to go through these and we have a Ken and he's also from North Carolina and Ken if you've unmuted yourself you're on with Dr Burke up I see a mute box okay can you hear me.

Perfectly excellent the question I have is a year ago I did a calcium scan and my number was 138 and recently I did a second calcium scan my number was 173. which surprised me for a couple of years I've been taking 30 000 uh international units of vitamin D daily.

And certainly for at least a year I've been taking about 300 milligrams of K2 daily so the question is uh I guess the bottom line is what's causing my increase in calcium plaque if you have any speculation but the other question is is am I taking too much.

Vitamin D3 um or something else I'm I'm doing real good with uh keto not completely as good as you but I'm uh I'm I'm getting close to a really good keto uh diet and regimen okay yeah there's a couple things I would mention about that realize that um that score is not.

Terrible I mean like if it was a thousand I would be concerned but you're just talking it's under 200 so I mean this is a somewhat a mild issue but still I understand we want it going down the opposite direction so that being said I'm glad you taken the K2 I would check I would check two things I would check.

Your blood to see what your blood levels are um and then I would also get a DNA test and I would look at any genetic weakness that you have that could relate to this problem um and then that might actually tell you a lot.

Um it's kind of like one of those uh predictive information especially what relates to heart um and there's several different angles with that the other reason for calcium buildup is um the parathyroid gland.

And so that's another thing on my radar the parathyroid gland but but here's the thing with the parathyroid when you're low in vitamin D3 your parathyroid then kind of can go into the bone and start taking calcium from that and building up in the arteries but I don't think that's your situation but there also could be you know a problem.

With the parathyroid that can be producing too much calcium that's one factor you also have biofilms which is another thing that microbes that actually can hold calcium in the arteries the other factor is tocotrenals the vitamin E I know that is a really important thing for vascular um.

Inflammation that can then lead to this calcium calcium issue um so we have I take a Toca train leaves every morning okay good good and then the other thing that you may benefit from is maybe a key later a key later um you can like cilantro there's there's various uh EDTA there's a chelator and.

You could you can even start to do a little um distilled water and um and then take the minerals take all the other minerals except calcium and to help balance this out um but I would first get a test I I highly it's highly unlikely that this problem is coming from the Vitamin D it.

You know I would I would like to just do I would just look at your diet really just to make sure that there could be something else contributing to this that you just you might need to just be a little bit more script strict um so I mean that's it's probably not the complete answer but I think that's as.

Much as I can give you right now based on what I the data I have but I would definitely get a DNA test because that can actually show you some hidden things that you're not even aware of all right well Ken thanks so much for coming on with us we're fighting the clock a little bit so we've got to move.

On and uh we but we always as always we'd love to hear back from you and find out the great progress okay uh let's we've got some answers for the third question which asks what is the primary indicator of a fatty liver and let's see Terry claims that ninety percent of our respondents say it's belly fat five percent say puffy or.

Yellow eyes and five percent say insulin resistance who won well the majority is correct yeah down look down uh at your shoes right now if you see something you can't see your shoes if you have any protrusion whatsoever in your belly um that is the best indication that we now deliver.

Is fatty now what's interesting about when you when you have a fat cell and you eat poorly over time the fat cell starts to expand right well there's going to be a point where the fat cell has a limitation it cannot keep expanding and what happens then is you start to get a problem with the fat cell it loses.

Um blood supply you start having um dysfunctional fat cells I mean people are just so against fat they don't realize it's actually a living cell it's helping you and then when that that cell becomes damaged that's when you start to um have insulin resistance okay and that's when the fat cell can no longer be.

Stored inside that cell it goes gets stored outside the cell that's called ectopic and I'm talking about like amongst your muscle cells around your organs around the liver and it starts to build up in the liver it's no longer in the fat cell it's outside the fat cell it's around your liver and then now that insulin resistance starts picking up the.

Pace and you it gets worse and worse and worse and thank goodness you have some extra space as a backup space you know it's like the extra luggage around around the cavity in your midsection so you can hold Steve roughly between four eight or more liters of extra ectopic.

Fat in your belly and your belly can keep expanding more and more and more to a certain point until it explodes so um that that basically is what's happening it just tells us that liver liver fat there is no way you can have belly fat and like a clean liver without fat there's it's impossible so belly fat indicates.

Liver fat and even if someone doesn't have belly fat they could still have liver fat too you just need to get an ultrasound scan the liver and see what's going on inside there okay very good well we're running against the clock a little bit so uh audience you are always so fast here's question number four Doc and we hope they get us answers back so.

Quickly what is the best remedy for heal a bone spurs and also ostephites those little uh Spurs that you see in the joints and and these calcium deposits what would be the best remedy for that okay very good we've got a couple more in the green room so Gemma because of.

Our time I'm going to ask you to give us one question and belt it out in 30 seconds go hi Dr Berg I'm managing uh Hydra then Titus super ativa HS and I've been taking metformin and Spyro lock tone daily I've been doing the clean keto for six months along with intermittent fasting I feel absolutely great I've.

Lost weight and I just got all my blood results and they're phenomenal my question is how do you suggest your thoughts on dealing with this skin issue and also I'm supposed to start taking umira next Friday well I don't even know what that condition is can you just tell me briefly what that condition is I've.

Never even heard of it before yes I it's a condition it's a skin condition which has to do with the follicle area evidently there's a protein that I make too much of tnf alpha okay okay well um.

What I would do if I were you and you're on the right track um you're actually on keto and so you reduce this indic what she just mentioned there's an inflammatory Factor that's involved in the it's an immune inflammatory factor that um that needs to be reduced and so you're on the keto so that's helping you see.

Metformin also believe it or not um it targets insulin resistance and that's why it works for so many things of course there's a big side effect of B12 deficiency lactic acidosis potentially and so you need B1 and so just for the fact here I met for me you need B1 and b12 so start.

Taking those right off the bat um but I would if I were you not just do keto I would do I would put emphasis on making sure there's no omega-6 uh fats in your diet like this soy oil the corn oil the canola the cotton seed I would really eliminate those and I would beef up no pun intended cod liver oil.

That's what I would do if I were you and I would also add one more thing and that would be vitamin D3 uh about 10 000 IUS um and then I would really evaluate after about two or three months to see how you do I think that's probably the best thing for you but um I don't know why they're.

If you're doing better why are they going to add another medication I don't know I have no I don't have the details on that but um the goal would be to maybe go less medications over time because the keto and intermittent fasting will decrease the need for medication especially if it's related to.

Blood sugars or insulin resistance well Gemma we're about out of time here I'm sorry we can't answer but we would love to hear back from you as you get some more uh progress in this issue and thank you so much for getting back with us and let's see so now uh we are going to hit social media because we should let's see Debbie from Facebook how can I.

Rate how can I raise my blood pressure mine has dropped since taking blood pressure meds that make me dizzy what should I do seems like an obvious answer this is a classic classic if you take medications and it lowers it is too low then you need to get with your doctor to take less of that medication because it's working too hard that would be the.

Thing you need to do I mean you can add more salt and more water to get more volume to get more pressure but you know and that's not a bad idea but I would first try to get with your doctor I mean um especially if a lot of times when you do keto the need for medication goes down and and all of a sudden you end up.

With um low blood pressure or even low blood sugar and you're like well then take less medication because you don't want to take blood glucose lowering medication if you have low blood glucose makes sense okay audience is on it thank.

You all so much uh question four what is the best remedy for bone spurs and a lot of opinions out there 55 percent say K2 or magnesium 20 say lemon water 20 say apple cider vinegar and remaining five are holding out for collagen uh do we have any winter stock all those answers are true there's something a little stronger for bone.

Spurs um that would be phosphorus phosphorus when you're deficient in phosphorus you can you have a tendency to get these deposits and when I was in practice we used a standard process product called phosphood liquid works good on bone spurs so you might want to get that I'm not affiliated with the company I don't.

Get any Kickbacks so you can just look it up stay in a processed fast food liquid take that works pretty good so um just just a little tip on a good remedy if you have that problem okay very good that's great by the way sorry we see you there and we're going to get right to you but we want to.

Launch out our last question and here it is Doc all right what is the most potent way to increase the number of mitochondria in your body okay folks grab onto that and sorry thanks for being so patient with us and Syria's last but certainly not least and she's from the great borough of Brooklyn.

You're on with Dr Berg Dr Berg thanks for taking my question I have a question in regards to styes I often develop them on my eyelids um I know what to do like when they're there but I'm curious how what I could do to prevent it or like why they even come in the first place.

Is there a nutrient I'm missing or some vitamin yeah it's it's usually viral related and it just it's kind of like a little red light that means that you need either more zinc or you need more vitamin A those two and I'm thinking um just from working with a lot of people's thighs I I've um they're.

Usually always deficient vitamin A but where do you get vitamin A well egg yolks butter liver things like that but it could also be that um the gallbladder is not quite producing enough bile so I always kind of look at that so Cod Liver for example is a really good remedy for a vitamin A and D and omega-3 so that might be the best.

Remedy for you um and then take a little zinc and that'll that'll help you the other um reason that you might be deficient in zinc is that when stress goes up people tend to deplete their zinc reserves or if they eat sugar and things like that so you can end up with a a little stye a viral thing kind of coming out of.

Remission like what what's going on I came back with my eyelid there so um stress is another Factor uh I'm assuming yeah you're probably not coming 10 foot near Sugar so we can rule that out but um I would look at the stress point and the cod liver oil and uh and zinc and that usually should handle it.

Um so that that would be my advice thank you so much that's great thanks so much Sherry thanks for hanging in there and being our last contestant if you will and uh thank you enjoy the spring up there in New York okay let's see we're gonna wait for our answer for our final question however let's get back and pay homage to social media uh let's.

See Daniel from Facebook should men avoid flaxseed oil because of the estrogen content for the most part I would say yes unless um there's some other indications it does you know there are other benefits to flax oil but a flaxseed but typically I don't recommend men having much of it because it can potentially have an.

Estrogenic effect not potently but it can and most people do have a problem with too much estrogen because of all the things that mimic estrogen in the environment but there's a lot of people who have also a problem with deficiency mainly women with estrogen and that could be um especially right after pregnancy.

Especially menopausal so um I think I would not recommend that for men okay very good and the audience is always on it the final question the data is in what is the most potent way to increase the number of mitochondria in your body and are a team of experts 40 percent of them say fermented foods 35 of our respondents say fasting 15 say.

Exercise and 10 percent say MCT oil okay the most potent way is to exercise and the exercise that creates the the most numbers of mitochondria is the intensity of that exercise so if you're doing some intense exercise you're forcing the body to adapt and make a lot more mitochondria now what is that going to do that's going to actually give you.

More capacity for energy you're going to walk around and go wow I just have a lot more energy I feel better and um so if you have an energy problem um if you exercise exercise to it um you'll all of a sudden solve that problem usually but there's other reasons why you might be tired but yeah.

Exercise and you know of course fasting will also do it but exercise is the most potent way to increase more mitochondria all right that's great and one of the reasons our audience may be so smart is because they were bright enough to download your great app so they can have these answers at their fingertips and it's available on iOS and also on.

Android so I know many of you rely on that as sort of a cheat sheet but it's not cheating for goodness sakes learn what's good for you right there on the app and so why don't we have a marathon of um social media to wrap things up uh Chris from Facebook Dr Berg I am taking niacin with uh flush my to flush my.

Cholesterol but it's not extended release do I need to take extended release in order for it to be effective thanks no no now the one that really works on cholesterol doesn't have to be extended release but you want to make sure you get the one that flushes not don't get the the non-flush.

Which is a nice set of mine you want to you want to get niacin um it doesn't have to be extended release and it'll work nicely it's a very I mean it's so researched on on lowering cholesterol and and other lipids other you know problems with lipo proteins it's like which by the way cholesterol is not.

Lipoproteins but um the point is that it's a really good remedy for everything related to LDL and improving your HDL I mean amazing research on what it can do to the inside of the arteries so it's a really good natural way I'm surprised they even allowed that research because it.

Competes with drugs but um of course you're going to see some some people saying oh yeah it's going to create liver problems but it's so rare it's so rare and you'd have to have massive amounts of it all right very good Renee from YouTube appears to be very disciplined but she's wants to know if she has a teaspoon of olive oil with.

Minced garlic and a pinch of cayenne pepper mixed with water will it break her fast not by too much I would not buy too much because fats the only thing that's not going to um activate insulin and insulin is the key factor now the fact that you're consuming a fat.

May cause a temporary shift of your body using that as a fuel source and not your own fat so but that's different than breaking a fast it's more like inhibiting your ability to lose weight um but it's a minor thing and I think it's not a bad thing to do for many people especially if you want to.

Um add some additional nutrients okay very good well um you know do you have any final words for the TGIF crowd around the world we're running out of time if there is any additional uh topics or videos you want me to to do a video on please write them in the comments I read.

A lot of your comments I don't always respond to them but I read them and I really appreciate all the wonderful comments last week as well as on this show right here thanks for being here this long I will see you next week same time as well as every single day I release a video so stay tuned for some more information that I think you'll.

Like thank you
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