The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 26, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 26, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 26, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 26, 2022.
all right welcome back everyone we have another show another q a um we're going to talk about keto intermittent fasting nutrition health anything that i say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical treatment check with your doctor before implementing anything that we're going.

To show you today and steve over to you all right standing by and uh we're gonna launch right out to craig in orlando he's under a great deal of pressure because he's opening the show for us and i'm sure he's got a fascinating question and craig if you.

Would just remember to unmute yourself you are now on he's way ahead of me hold on i'm behind click that and there you are craig you're on with dr burr hi dr berg very nice to meet you it's an honor nice to meet you too is this a new look with the beards because i don't think i've seen that.

Before you know i think i'm trying something out uh it's the jury's still out we'll we'll try it for a little bit maybe a couple more weeks and then we'll go from there yeah well it's winter keeps you warm for a little while that's right routine so i'm here in florida i do it for about a month only to anger my kids that's about it.

Exactly um okay so mike my question uh um i love your stuff uh i'm i'm very um uh not so i won't say strict i'm fairly flexible with my um my keto uh only to just try to keep myself kind of balanced uh socially and so forth but i'm pretty strict with it uh especially with the keto i try to keep within uh.

30 to 50 grams a day um that will fluctuate here and there but my my concern here is or not really conservative my question is when i'm in ketosis um if i have let's say uh more fat in my diet.

Then i'll burn during the day let's say it's like a day i don't go to the gym and it's a day i don't i just kind of just work and get up every so often but most of the day i'm sitting if i don't burn what i take in does it get eliminated or does it does it gets stored and i don't think it gets stored because the insulin is not there.

To push it but you tell me i don't know it's a really really good question because let's just talk about dietary fat if you were to eat fat let's say you ate so much fat per day and um with that fat you had some.

Carbohydrates well now we're going to just go stored stored storage because your body is only running on glucose and you you can't tap into that reserve when you're in keto now you can actually burn the fat now does that mean you can just eat.

Unlimited fat and it's all going to get burned no there's various factors number one your age your metabolism um how much insulin resistance you have which will determine how much fat you'll have um are actually being burned so it's kind of uh there's just it's hard to um give you uh more of an answer than that that's just the general concept but.

Um um you know if you do this and you notice wow not losing weight even though you're in ketosis right because your those ketones could be coming from dietary fat um it really probably the best way to determine if it's being stored is if.

You're gaining weight which is going to be that's going to be very unlikely you just might not be losing as much weight right so there is there is a point of like too much fat so does fat get stored like a carbohydrate would get stored because no it what determines whether it gets.

Stored is two things one is how much of that fat you're using is energy or not and um and then also what's going on with your insulin levels it really depends on if you're doing carbs with that fat.

Right that's really the key if you keep your carbs really really low i mean like if you like if it's zero and you're doing fat um it's very unlikely you're going to be burning that fats a good amount of it will be eliminated through the digestive system.

As well right but it's not just going to be converted over there because um the pathway of the metabolism of fat is a little is actually very different than glucose that's what i figured um yep i appreciate is there is there anything that you recommend as far as.

A tool or or um a device if you will to see where your metabolism is at at any point in the day like i try to do carbs last meal i eat twice a day somewhere about 3 30 4 30 and then somewhere around 8ish that's when i'll do my carbs like i'll have some some like raspberries blackberries that kind of stuff um.

Is is there anything that you you know to try to figure okay best time to uh to be eating not eating eating carbs not eating carbs etc well i think it's um i don't know of a tool other than really understanding your insulin resistance and how bad that is if it's if you have a history of insulin.

Resistance your set point is going to be higher because you're not going to be able to metabolize and then you can also determine that just by how fast you can lose weight and also generate energy from exercise so that's another thing too is can you exercise in a fasting state.

Um if you can't because you feel tired then you're not really converting that well to fat and your metabolism is sluggish as far as the timing goes of when you should be eating carbs or fat it's a minor point but just think about this.

During the day you're more in flight or fight mechanism so that's the sympathetic nervous system and then at night it's all about the parasympathetic nervous system which is rest and digest so.

It's not a bad idea to shift your meals more towards the later part of the day go as long as you can eat and then do another meal as late as you can and then go to bed just just just because you have the advantage of the momentum of sleeping while you're fasting and then waking up and then continuing.

That fast and then you also have you're going to get a little bit better digestion when you're not in stress mode during the day but it's a minor point so it's it's not going to make a huge difference because i'll have people that will eat.

All different patterns and uh it's and they do fine so it's like it's probably more for your convenience more than anything else thank you you're welcome that's great well thanks craig enjoy that beautiful florida weather and craig's looking pretty buff so i think he must be doing something.

Right down there and look like he's got a big beer gut or anything going so keep up the good work uh craig that's terrific why don't we kick things off with our first exciting quiz question of the day and doc here it is all right so which part of the body um contains the most coenzyme q10.

All right audience dig into that and why don't we go over to social media terry's been crazily assembling these questions and they're great and let's start off with jackie from facebook what do you recommend juicing while on on chemo poor thing well i don't recommend doing juicing anything.

On chemo because the the fasting during chemo has a really interesting effect of lessening the side effects from chemo and radiation so it actually gives you more um protection which is pretty wild like you actually.

If you fast when you have chemo you actually will get through a lot better but as far as juicing in general maybe you want to get more nutrients then you're going to have to just do a complete greens type thing.

And no fruit whatsoever because that fruit is just going to feed the cancer so the greens would be good so cruciferous green would be good but you know i don't know how you feel about juicing cruciferous i mean it's pretty bitter but if you did juice a.

Um a daikon radish and that's one thing i tried once i i wanted to try to drink about 12 ounce 13 ounces of a daikon radish juice right i just slugged it down didn't even taste it that was a big mistake because it's very spicy and it burns all the way through and so i don't advise it but boy does it clear your sinuses out and.

And that would be a very good thing for the liver if you're going to do it on a periodic basis but it's pretty harsh so i wouldn't recommend that wow well i tell you what dr berger over the years has uh has been the sort of uh in-home uh test rat and he's told me some real horror stories the guinea pig right that.

He has tried to um you know find out and he learned a great deal at his own expense so anyway i'll try anything once steve well i can tell all right so we've got folks all over the world joining the dr berg show and they are from the uk canada australia jordan algeria greece turkmenistan i know i haven't said that.

Before because i can't say it turkmenistan botswana south africa iran france new zealand india norway cameroon sweden zambia mexico trinidad tobago the philippines switzerland ireland chile pakistan india israel belgium scotland my uh that's where my crest came from i think.

Austria peru brazil the czech republic and all across the united states and we've got a whole bunch of people in the green room and they seem to be pretty much all stateside so we can't wait to get to them after craig set such a fabulous example for us and let me see if i've got any answers back on that quiz it doesn't look like quite yet so.

They're all uh regurgitating on that let's go back to social media this is youtube sandy my heart rate has been dropped to 34 beats a minute after being on keto for a year it's causing me a great deal of anxiety that sounds pretty low doc yeah so the pulse rate if it's low really means that you need to.

Increase your sodium especially in chemo i mean keto as well as intermittent fasting that's one thing that people don't consume enough of is sea salt so start getting more salt in your body and see if your pulse rate doesn't come up um.

You know the other thing to look at is your adrenals how are they are there other factors stress wise that type of thing but i would really recommend going with the sea salt i i will um if i.

Find something else that is involved in bradycardia or low pulse rate i will um i'll do a little video on that because um to my knowledge i don't i don't know of anything else that would lower the blood pressure like that other than a lack of sea salt.

All right well there you have it and the audience has it they have dug through the first question which asks which part of the body contains the most coq10 and the audience is claiming at least 35 percent of them say the heart 35 say the brain and 35 say the liver well the answer is the heart the heart.

The heart is a muscle and it has to work really hard so it demands a tremendous amount of energy and so coenzyme q10 is a is actually a fascinating thing that our body actually can make and it's involved as a helper molecule in the creation of.

Energy and the little energy factories called mitochondria so it helps make atp and preserve that atp in the muscle of the heart this is why when people take the statin drugs that block cholesterol it also completely blocks the coenzyme q10 and then they have the toxicity of the muscles.

So they get weak muscle implant flame muscle so coenzyme coenzyme q10 is kind of like if you just look at it like it gives you your energy fuel and it also protects against the waste of the creation of fuel so if you're gonna um you have a lot of.

Byproducts when you create energy right like you have exhausts in your car well the mitochondria have kind of their own exhaust as oxidation or free radical damage so that's where coenzyme q10 comes in and as you age unfortunately you decrease this coenzyme q10 then your all these heart issues happen but.

Now the question is um how do we increase coenzyme q10 uh the best food happens to be um can you guess steve what the best food is for to increase coenzyme q10 out of all the food in the on the planet what food has the most coenzyme q10 well my.

Guess is something i hate liver well you're you're close it's actually heart muscle so beef heart uh muscle so the next time you're hankering for some heart um i think you could you know beef heart is the way to go if you want coenzyme q10 now if you don't want to go.

That route you can do liver beef liver and if you don't want to go that route you can also do anything with chlorophyll so that would be leafy greens that can actually help build up your coenzyme q10 so um.

You know a plant gets the energy from the sun we can't we can't get it from the sun we have to get it from other things um indirectly but the point is that that coenzyme q10 as you age you don't produce enough if you could uh keep your levels higher and i'm not.

Talking about buying a supplement just get it from food you can maintain a higher level of energy especially when you work out especially when you climb hills especially when you just you know the heart muscle needs that energy and then that's going to help you with blood pressure as well.

So um you know a lot of people all just take the vitamin but they don't they don't fix the diet because there's other things that are going to inhibit that as well which i will cover in a video this week interesting well i'm going to stick with the clover because i do not want to gnaw.

On a pulsating cow heart i'm just not doing it i'll just do without the coq10 if that's what i got to do anyway let's go back to social media and haley from facebook wants to know what she can do for hot flashes couple things um tocatrinos that's a type of vitamin e.

Works pretty good so i think i would do that if i were you that would help you and of course there are other natural remedies that you can take i've done a lot of videos on that but really what's happening is you're just you're not getting this back up from the adrenals so the adrenals are a.

Little bit weak so if you support the adrenals that will help you as well sometimes you know iodine works sometimes um you know vitamin e works i would start with the vitamin e as the in the form of tocotrienols.

So go ahead and try that less terrific why don't we go back to our green room and we've got jillian who uh let's see is coming to us from georgia peach something everything down there is peach something and uh hang on just a moment jillian i'm gonna put you on the air with dr berg.

Hi dr berg i'm so excited to get to speak with you awesome um first i want to thank you so much for your videos i have been working at inconsistently with intermittent fasting i'm borderline um diabetic i'm like just a few points away.

Pre-diabetic and so i was doing intermittent fasting just eating twice a day and not gaining any more but not really losing and i watched your video on omad and insulin resistance and it's only been about two weeks and i've dropped 10 pounds and i've i've not even really.

Incorporated i was for a while i was doing 10 000 steps a day minimum and taking all these supplements i literally had a case full of all the iron and magnesium and all the things that were supposed to help with my situation and it was just ridiculous and.

To the point where i was feeling like nothing was working this was just how it was going to be and it was just miserable and i had spent my entire young life very fit um and had a hysterectomy when i was 36 and that is what just completely changed everything so my question is in the video that i.

Watched you mention that you like to make sure you consume about eight cups of leafy greens a day and in eating omad i'm a little person i'm 5'4 i have moderate level of activity and 8 cups of greens doesn't leave room in my belly for much else.

And i really enjoy fresh vegetables cucumber tomato um all of those things and like cucumbers i i know are very cooling i've seen a dramatic over the last two weeks i've seen a dramatic decrease in inflammation i used to have my eyes would tear all the time.

And i knew that that was a result possibly of inflammation in my body and so moving to omad i rarely have my eyes tear anymore which is just amazing to have such a quick turnaround and my body is responding which is feeling filling me with hope that i can get healthy and i can do it in a reasonable way.

Where i'm not so regimented with all these things i'm throwing at my system it's just very simple um i eat about between four and five every day i do black coffee with just a little bit of cream in the morning and then supplement with.

Broth and uh if i'm feeling a little bit off or a little bit down and then around two o'clock every day i do your wheatgrass powder and that's like a shot of coffee without the caffeine and that gets me through until four or four thirty when i have my meal i'm sleeping great so.

Just just that little tweak of how to make sure i'm getting really good nutrition and the right amount of calories since i am only eating once a day i know it's really important to hit that 1300 to 1500 calories and that it come from really rich nutrient-dense foods.

Good good question um it's really hard to find my video that i did on that because what do you what do you do when you do omad there's no way you're going to be able to do the same quantity the cool thing is that when you do the less meals that you eat the less nutrition you need because the body starts to be very conservative and.

It starts recycling nutrients a lot better so that eight cups on a one meal a day does not um apply to omad so you do a small amount and but you want to go with what what you feel like you you can eat now when we talk about eight to ten cups.

We're talking about salad but when we're talking about cabbage broccoli all these other vegetables you you i don't recommend eight to ten cups of that you're talking maybe uh maybe four four cups you know something like that but um if you did a.

Just a smaller version of that and it was a higher quality of you know like something that's really good um a good green i think you're fine you're totally fine i wouldn't worry about that but i will i will tell you it's it's fascinating how you mentioned something um that.

Sometimes you think it's normal to have these symptoms right like before like well this is normal i had this guy i talked to him yesterday and he went to the doctor for his uh urination problem at night and he can only he has to get up every four hours to.

Urinate and the doctor a urologist told him oh that's normal and in fact if you're not getting up every four hours then that waste inside you is toxic to you like this is the type of information that's.

Being put out there so in other words it's normal to get up there before hours and interrupt your sleep no no that's not normal so she took one look at the doctor he took one look at the doctor and said you know what this person doesn't look healthy so i think i'll go with dr berg's advice.

And cut out my hidden carbs and what we found when we looked at his dialogue and he thought he was doing great but he didn't know the half a glass of wine and the raviolis each night was not on the plan somehow he missed.

That in class so we got him on the right track so he's doing better but it's interesting how how much information is just like put out there that is considered normal everyone gets up so it's normal that's fantastic well listen jillian thanks so much for coming on with us we appreciate that and dr berg.

We are going to go to our next quiz and here it is all right on average let's see how much let's see if i can see this how much sweat do we generate in bed while we're sleeping each year gross all right ladies and gentlemen climb on that one and while we are let's go back to social.

Media can you kathy from facebook can you recommend anything to rebuild cartilage in the knees i think you know usually it's not just a lack of calcium okay i'm sorry lack of collagen it's not.

Silica is a really good remedy to build up collagen it's a mineral that stimulates the growth of collagen so this is why when you take silica like you also you like your nails your hair your joints your ligaments and tendons.

Do very well but just as important as that is the type of exercise you need i'm going to be releasing a video um in a few days that you you'll be very glad that i did i interviewed this this ben patrick who they call him the knees over toe toe guy.

Knees over toe yeah it's incredible incredible incredible exercises for your knees um by walking backwards and and pulling a sled backwards and doing exercise backwards and i'm doing it and it's amazing what it does to your knees and your back and i mean he he's taken people that had.

Surgery or needed surgery to now they're playing basketball so it's a really good program for the knees and he's going to demonstrate a lot of different exercises that you guys can do and it's you'll like this interview i i do it i do this program and um.

I'm blown away so stay tuned for that that interview i think you'll like it can't wait okay sandy b from youtube can you and i think this is an important question can you take too many supplements can it be dangerous um i don't know if it's dangerous really i mean of course if you're taking all synthetics but if you're taking like.

Food based supplements it's not dangerous but like when i first started out i was taking over a hundred vitamins a day like that's that's way too much it was a harmful no but was it just expensive year in yes so um.

Yeah you could you know it's it's just kind of expensive when you start going that route so the key is to find out what you really need based on your your weaknesses um but here's my mistake um i would.

Rather take a vitamin and change my diet that's really my thought back then this was like two years ago and i'm being totally sarcastic this was like a long time ago and uh so i didn't change my diet and i was taking these vitamins i didn't see any change what a waste.

Then i changed the diet and then the vitamins were just like dashing on the cake they just tweak things so um you know sometimes when you start and you take a bunch of vitamins you can start to um change things up and take out one and see if you if your.

Energy changes something like that but let's just take for example trace minerals okay um are you going to feel any difference when you take trace minerals um no not necessarily because trace minerals are involved in dna repair so you might not feel any different but.

Your dna is actually more stable and you live longer so one thing that i do is i just educate people on what these nutrients do so you you're not basing everything on how you look immediately and how you feel not all vitamins will create that change.

But steve i can't remember if one of the questions was this or not but maybe you can tell me and the question is um when is the absolute best time to eat super healthy did i do i have that as a question uh well let's see i don't see it here.

But you might as well knock it out you did talk to one person about when to eat and stuff i don't know if that's related well i tell you what let me just ask everyone right now before i answer that question this is a little bonus question when is the best time to eat right best time in your life to eat right.

I'm sorry dr burke i thought you met somebody from social media no we don't have that question up but i'm glad you asked so uh dig on that dig into that audience and we'll see what you all have to say okay this is uh poor shauna from facebook uh my husband is on keto and has terrible bad breath and it's not keto breath it's so bad you can smell it.

Across the room and it gets worse when he fasts what on earth is going on with shauna's husband sometimes um you know i've noticed when people have that um they're not doing the version of keto that i recommend they're doing more dirty keto which helps you lose weight but.

You want that's i mean think about what's unique about the keto that i recommend it's it's very different like i'm recommending like a tremendous amount of vegetables and you know things with your proteins and high quality honestly i've never had anyone complain about bad breath if they do that because.

They get the chlorophyll which purifies everything you get to use those vegetables to clean out the liver a bit more than you would if you're just doing pure proteins i mean even when i if i if i do carnivore for example i just feel a bit sluggish and i i feel like there's just too much.

Waste from that protein that's generated um so our body can take a certain amount of the like protein and then the rest is either has to deal with it or it's because protein is not stored or it turns into sugar.

So i think i would just re-evaluate the um the type of keto you're doing and make sure it's the version that i recommend and you may want to consider even getting my book and i explain everything in there as well wonderful okay well the audience has.

Jumped on the latest question which asked on average how much sweat do we generate per year and the answer to that earthy question 55 percent uh say 25 to 50 gallons per year boy that's a drenched bed 35 percent say less than 25 gallons and 20 say 10 gallons or fewer per year i hope they're.

Right it's 26 gallons 26 gallons of sweat now that's a lot of sweat steve i'm sorry that's that's gross that per person and uh so you know it's a perfect habitat for microbes which um is in my video that i released today so.

Um in the video that i did release today i talk about um what you can do to deal with these microbial life in your bed to minimize the the critters that you don't want on your bed oh that's so good you know 50.

Of the population that 50 of pet owners actually sleep with their pets steve well pets don't sweat do they these pets really bring in a lot of things to the in your room as well to bring in ticks and all sorts of things so um i do know that you know charlie does sleep in our bed but i try to keep him.

On the end of the bed um but actually i lied he's sleeping on the floor right now but he used to sleep in our bed but he's been pretty good at jumping off but you know wherever he's been you know he brings it.

Right into the room so after you this video that i did you're probably going to be cleaning your your bedding more frequently well we do every two weeks i think lori's grossed out by me so she just goes and keeps that schedule by the way our kitty sleeps with us but indoor kitties so i don't think she's bringing.

In any ticks or stuff but she uh she takes up residence with us so alicia at least at least every quarter of the year steve okay so okay we'll keep on at least that schedule alicia from youtube can you make a video uh to help with crohn's uh symptoms my daughter needs good.

Nutrition but is having a hard time keeping anything down poor thing yes i will and that is the time that that's the type of um condition that i would i would recommend more of a carnivore diet which is low carb very low carb no carb and not a lot of plant sources because that inflammatory.

Bowel doesn't do well with a lot of fiber so i would jump right on that immediately and i will consider doing a video on crohn's too okay that sounds terrific why don't we go back to our green room and polly from kansas city has been waiting patiently and polly you.

Are on with dr byrd okay thank you for taking a call today i have a very unusual question here today i'm already on the keto diet i don't have any problems or issues for years staying on a clean diet and doing the intermittent fasting but when i was 39 years old which was 14 years ago i.

Started having seizures and i was having seizures once a month i also stopped my menstrual cycle at that time too a few few years later i developed thyroid cancer and had the right lung removed and.

Since then um around three three years ago or so i had my last blood work it came back i had an mthfr gene high blood pressure high cholesterol low white blood cell count low calcium ocular hypertension tia and um i don't understand from someone.

Who maintains a healthy diet you know takes my nutrition um i've never smoked drink or did any of that but i still have these seizures once a month i just my question is i know you can't treat or diagnose but i'm just asking.

What kind of information could you give me or have you treated anyone or do you see any kind of signs or any kind of under just anything to help because i've been to the doctors i don't want to take the medication i did for a little while maybe three or four months but the side effects and i don't want to take medication.

So um go ahead right before i have one um i don't know i'm having one of course right before i have one but i have noticed lately my it feels like my heart falls to the floor that's the only way i can describe it um i my daughter says i get red hives on my.

Neck um i don't know i get very shaky when if i get nervous or stressed i get my body i'll just shake for a few minutes um you said you get it once a month i do is it around the same time it used to.

Always be around the same time until about six months ago now it's irregular but for the for 13 years it was around every four weeks yes is it ever related to either ovulation or your menstrual cycle i i believe so i mean i like i said at 39 years old when i started having seizures i stopped.

My menstrual cycle i haven't had one since um but then every four weeks i could count on having a seizure no matter what i do yeah there's a there's definitely a glitch in the circuitry and the circadian rhythms when they did the.

Surgery to the thyroid did they also remove your parathyroid gland you know i do not know no re remove the right lobe yeah so you probably have two parathyroid glands now instead of four because that has a lot to do with the vitamin d and.

The calcium so it just kind of creates a when you remove part of the endocrine system and then you lose your menstrual cycle which is probably losing the function of the ovaries too it puts more stress on other parts of.

The um endocrine system specifically the backup gland which is the adrenals so if i were you i would definitely beef up your adrenals and support the adrenals i have a lot of videos on that nutritionally stress wise etc.

Because i think that's really what's kind of triggering things um if it's on a cycle the other thing that um i don't know if you're on the version of keto that i recommend but i mean the ketogenic diet is the best thing for seizures are you on a strict keto and intermittent fasting program i eat twice a day around 11 and 5 every.

Day not exactly you know but around 11 to 5 and for lunch it's eggs avocado green tea smoothie greens and a piece of dark chocolate so i don't know if that's your definition of what you're stating but if that gives you an idea and then.

Last night for dinner it was salmon sweet potato and broccoli with lemon water and apple cider vinegar so yeah i think i think you could do better on that as far as to tweak things and you know cut out the sweet potato because uh it's the little things that can throw.

You off i would probably evaluate the version of keto that i recommend and apply that for one month and see if your seizures go away because we want to get those ketones high enough if you take a look at the protocol for seizures for children they gotta go they have to generate enough ketones and the way they they do.

It is they have um a lot more fat and less protein than we do and of course their carbs are really low too and that generates the ketones to support the brain so i would definitely do that do aversion of my keto with more fat.

And then i would also um i have a question for you do you have any history of head injuries i do when i was young i fell off a swing set but i didn't go to the doctor or anything that's the only um actually a car accident where my head went into the windshield yes.

Okay so um watch my video on how to deal with head injuries there's a whole protocol for that because another trigger for um seizures is a past head injury um and so you can check that out and there's some really cool things that you can do.

To help yourself and uh natural things and i think you'll like that video so um the combination of those two things are two things i would jump on right away okay all right thank you very much you're welcome thank you paulie and uh that's a tough.

Thing to have had a roommate that had um epilepsy and he had them frequently throughout the month and that's um that sort of knocks you your schedule is tough he couldn't drive there's a lot of things that you can't do so anyway we really wish you well and i hope that uh that it works better and as all of you that have come on today from the green.

Room uh please do feel free to kind of contact us about back and let us know uh you know whether you're finding some improvement or have any other questions because we're always interested in in that and by the way randy did you get steve did you get any answers back from that other question that i threw out there oh yeah.

Let me see um let's see if terry climbed on that and he's usually good about that i don't i don't i don't see it would you repeat that please dr berg now i have to remember what it was see the best time to eat or something yes yes okay when is the best time in your life to eat super healthy and the answer is not all i'm i'm not.

I'm not trying to be funny and say oh it's all the time but what um what time of your life is the absolute best time to eat super healthy well we do have an i mean you do have an answer everyone says now okay that's true but there's there's another time that's actually more important.

If we look at the importances like some people say well the best time to eat healthy is when you get older well no it's actually the best time to eat healthy is when you're pregnant and i'm talking to women because that.

Baby that's developing is completely dependent i'm talking about even the dna i'm going to do i'm doing i'm releasing a video on this fascinating um the dna stability to prevent alterations in the dna which then affects your genetics are dependent on.

Micronutrients and when you're pregnant and and where i'm getting this information is from this amazing book on soil grass and cancer by a famous researcher from france this is a link between human and animal health and the mineral.

Balance in soil i mean all this research is on animals you take an animal that is raised on that's pregnant that's raised on grass missing one micronutrient like manganese for example and they come out with this these little lambs come out with.

Structural malformations same thing with our bodies you know we come out with scoliosis uh lack of um like arch in our feet um dental malformations when you have our teeth aren't fitting right our face that looks looks a little bit off all these.

Things are directly related to the genetics which is related to the micronutrients so um boy the best time to eat healthy is when you have that baby and you know what it's not emphasized right you go to the doctor uh you're pregnant and they.

They're looking at the baby to make sure they're growing but they don't mention the nutrition they might give you a synthetic prenatal well that's not enough and then the ch and then the child um is put on infant formula like soy formula oh my gosh don't get me started steve but anyway.

I'm going to release a video on that and talking about the relationship between genetic problems and nutrients it's like quite interesting well that is interesting uh what a question so that means we got an extra one let's go to yet another question i think this is our third and dr berg there it is.

Okay what is the first symptom of candida overgrowth all right audience dig into that and let's see let's go back to social media and b1 eddie apparently is the name from facebook can too much vitamin d cause tinnitus okay so there is you can do too much of one single vitamin over a period of time.

And it can create deficiencies potentially neuritis but typically a deficiency will cause neuritis but yeah you can overdo it this is why when you take the take a b vitamin let's say you're taking one individual vitamin whether it's b or whatever um.

I would take that for a period of time but then you have to take the other other vitamins that are associated with it too like the whole b complex for example from nutritional yeast or if you're taking manganese well make sure you take the whole all the trace minerals together because certain too much of one thing will knock.

Out something else i release a video on the relationship between electrolytes and heart function and especially with like too much calcium not enough magnesium too much sodium and not enough potassium they all work together so the problem that we're running into right now is a lot of our food is grown on soils.

That really were only given three minerals and large amounts and those minerals then knock out other minerals that create deficiencies so here you are eating the food think you're getting all this great nutrition when you're really not so it's uh something that i definitely am doing a.

Deep dive and we'll be educating you on more so we can just basically live longer and survive better and have a higher quality of health that sounds good doc let's go back to our green room when we have a new person coming in chrissy from los angeles uh let's see actually i think her shot.

Looks frozen poor thing let's see if you can get a better with that chrissy stand on let's go to someone else uh let's see uh randy can you hear us yes i can hear you can you hear me we sure can randy why don't you go ahead with your question oh okay um my question uh actually thank.

You dr berg i've really uh done well on this program it's like i'm down 65 pounds and still working i'm kind of plateaued right now if you got tougher that's great that's great and it's like i've been doing you know low carb since i'm about 25 now i'm 70. and every time i stop the low carb or fell off of it i'd gain and they get.

Fatter and fatter and fatter i ended up like 350 pounds at one time but now i'm down to about 260. but my issue is i walked about 12 000 steps every other day plus i weight train um in the days between and i have this issue that like i eat about um try and make it to about three or four o'clock.

Um and then stop you know hopefully in the evening early but i have this issue about uh six or seven hours after eating i have diarrhea and this has been happening every day and on the days when i weight train i have a pain right in the middle of my right above my belly button and um i had a colonoscopy a few years.

Ago it's like i have diverticulosis which is an issue so i can't eat broccoli or things like that but i wonder if there's anything i'm doing maybe i'm taking too much magnesium or something i don't know but uh can you tell me very briefly.

What you generally eat at three or four o'clock in the afternoon oh okay usually i start like the thing that keeps me the longest without having any hunger is bacon and eggs so um maybe it's too much fat i guess or uh i don't know well.

You tell me and then like i usually i'm trying to get down to omad but i'm usually hungry because i work out so much and so i'll have another meal later if you see like salmon or the 20 hamburger and then um arugula or you know something like that a very light green i can't eat.

Like cabbage and things like that but i have been having like a few a little bit of the um the um i forget the cabbage thing fermented cabbage i forgot what they call it i've been trying to have that every day see if that helps with the i don't know basically.

And i think you you did mention you are taking magnesium yeah i take that at night before i go to sleep with my with my uh d3 i think you could very quickly uh figure this out by uh start to omit a certain thing so first thing is like don't take magnesium and see if you have diarrhea.

Oh okay because magnesium is a laxative yeah um then the next thing you can do is uh cut out another thing like arugula but in a matter of a week you start cutting things out to see what it is and maybe even have a sense of what's doing it but um there's definitely some either a new nutrient or a food sensitivity that's.

Throwing things off that you know diarrhea is a major problem with nutrients and retaining nutrients so we definitely need to fix this like really fast because you throw off your stomach acids and it throws everything off the other thing too might be a good idea is to take a.

Probiotic because you've kind of losing some of your your microbes these microbes really help you so yes try that and i think it could be as simple as just the magnesium oh okay maybe what type of magnesium do you have it's um what's the.

Name of it um oh i'm out of here somewhere um it says complete magnesium whatever that is so uh what form of magnesium is it is it citrate oxidized oxide you see what it says on the package here um citrate yeah.

Yeah that's that's that's your problem i think it's uh creates diary as a side effect if you had a magnesium um glycinate or a by glycinate um you wouldn't have that problem oh okay i'll try that yeah anyway your program's great it's like missing data about um.

The insulin because i would eat like tons of protein and then get starving for more protein so uh that's the problem with the low carb thing exactly that's great that you're you're doing good so thanks a lot keep it up you're welcome and and one point about your uh exercise um.

As you do this over time and you shoot and you keep trying to do omad which keep trying to do that you will get to a point it does take some time that you will be able to exercise and not get hungry because you're fully fat adapted and and that's a really cool state because.

Um then you're really like you can drop some serious weight and maintain it but um it takes some time to get into that so just keep going okay thanks a lot yup thank you randy by the way your folks questions are what makes the show great in addition to obviously dr burke so.

Thanks everybody for contributing on social media and on our green room video setup etc and let's see we've got answers to quiz question number three and let me bring that up which asked what is the first symptom of candida overgrowth uh audience says 55 white tongue 30 percent itchy skin or or.

Groin area 10 say fatigue and five percent say throat congestion or thick saliva saliva okay so all of you are correct with the symptoms but it's not the first symptom the first symptom would be cravings for sweets sweet cravings now that could be ice cream it could be other sweets but.

Yeah intense sugar cravings even if you're in keto um but here's the thing if you're in quito chances are you're not gonna even get candida because of various reasons which i will be uh.

Covering in a video um but it's it's a sugar craving so that the first symptom of uh candida wow well speaking of sugar uh here's a true falseer all right let me just pull this up steve let's see true or false sugar and stress.

Acidify the body what say you audience uh let's see uh and also we've had someone that we have not uh screened yet let me see if she's there fiona fiona can you hear us yes can you hear me i sure can why don't you go ahead with your question for dr byrd.

Okay yeah my question has to do with um i had um gotten hpv from a partner um six months ago and um i also noticed that i've been taking the h um achh that mushroom supplement that you mentioned in your video and um my doctor wants to do the leap motion on.

Me um and i'm just wondering you know there's also another thing that happened my cycle started changing when i was with him and i know that i had tracked my cycle meticulously so it was 28 days for pretty much my whole life and then when i was with him it started.

Going to 24 days 23 days even um and i don't know that was an effect of the the vaccine or something like that so i'm just wondering if there's any other precautions i can take um to kind of help uh with the hpv i know that um i've been.

Doing a lot of meditating and a lot of us um kind of sound healing stuff and that did help bring my cycle back just literally last month back to 28 days and i'm 36 years old i feel like menopause is um your cycle will get longer not shorter.

Right right so i think there's a couple things and one the one the biggest thing is like like you're already probably realizing stress is um is probably the biggest thing that just keeps those uh viruses active you know and then.

So changing your environment going for in nature long walks hiking is so so vitally important um to get your attention off of the stresses that people go through the other thing too is the zinc zinc is like a probably the most important vitamin that that makes um.

That makes your immune system stronger to to keep these viruses in remission the problem with um herpes viruses is they they stay in the body it's hp it's hpv not herpes oh human papilloma virus okay okay well um i think that is a.

It is if i'm not mistaken it is a type but don't don't quote me on that but uh it doesn't really matter uh the point is that these viruses um stay in the body okay they stay in the body and they just wait wait until you're stressed.

Wait until you get older wait until your nutrition is poor and they come out and just hammer you so you're it's real simple the only solution is to be super healthy and don't experience stress good luck right but um the key is to build up your uh immune.

System by the the zinc and then also another really important thing is not just vitamin d but getting your vitamin d from the sun because that actually gives you the uh the the ultraviolet wavelength which just gives you a whole other aspect of immune system by building up.

Your melatonin that you wouldn't have if you just took vitamin d so um even with people when they had like as far as cobit protection some of these vitamin d studies were somewhat mixed well that's because they didn't use the full sun benefit of the sun and so there's not a.

Lot of studies on that but there's a really great medical doctor online that did talks about that but these are just things that i would work on but i think probably out of everything right now uh stress reduction is your should be your motto and um you can there's supplements for that there's.

Exercises you can do i have a lot of data on that so i would go in that direction if i were you okay because i did have to take a lot of antibiotics like a lot when i first got the news six months ago okay well so that's definitely you need to get you need to be on a probiotic i mean like a.

Really good one absolutely i've been doing sauerkraut every day and a supplemental probiotic oh good good that's awesome um and then are you doing um keto and intermittent fasting i'm doing keto but i'm not doing.

Intermittent intermittent fasting so much i feel like my metabolism is really fast so it's when i did do a three-day fast water fast it was it was really like i was almost unfunctional got it um just want to throw throw this out there.

Watch my videos on autophagy because one of the things that tapaji will do is it can help get rid of intracellular pathogens like viruses so that's another little thing that if you could maybe um do a little bit periodic prolonged.

Fasting with the nutrition so you feel good um you might be uh benefiting from that okay cool thank you awesome okay great good great good luck with that fiona thanks for joining in with us and let's see we've got the answer to our final.

Quiz question for the day which asks uh or is it true false sugar and stress acidify the body and let's see 55 say it's true and 45 say no it's false yeah it's false um it actually alkalizes the body and this is this will surprise people you would think that sugar is very acid and you would think that.

Stress will acidify you no no it alkalizes you you can look this up right in one of my favorite books right here on page 84. this is frank netter encyclopedia volume 4 encyclopedia no the endocrine system it's an encyclopedia of medical.

Illustrations and physiology but when you actually have high cortisol you lose hydrogen which is h plus which basically you lose your acids and your ph this is why like people start getting alkalosis and that's an alkaline body that is just.

A little too alkaline and and then you might um as a side effect from that get these little twitches that means you're alkaline that's why apple cider vinegar is really good as the antidote to alkalosis as well as stress it can help you uh you'll feel a little bit better um but yeah so it's a little counter-intuitive but that's.

That's what happens okay we got a time maybe for one more quick one this is interesting nadia from youtube can i eat dairy-free cheese during keto i am celiac and dairy intolerant but she loves cheese any kind of cheese she can eat well it depends on what that dairy-free cheese is is it soy protein.

Isolate type cheese like what is that cheese made out of but i do understand the problem i love cheese and i am from wisconsin and um but i can't do a lot of it um but of course fermented is better um one thing i'm not saying you should do this but i have found the higher quality cheeses like the.

Stuff from france switzerland some of these countries that have really healthy cows a lot of people don't have reactions from that so versus i know this might be shocking to you but american cheese might not be the.

Healthiest thing in the world for you um velveeta cheese they can't even call it cheese because it's not 100 it's like it's cheese products so uh there's a lot of um stuff going on with these shenanigans with these uh different ingredients but um if you're.

Gonna do cheese make sure it's quality don't do the low-quality cheese on that note i appreciate all of your attention and i will see you next week and then stay tuned for some really interesting videos coming up um this week i put a lot of time into it so i'm.

Sure you'll appreciate it have a good one you
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