The Dr. Berg Show LIVE –  March 19, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 19, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 19, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 19, 2022.
thank you welcome back everyone we're here for another uh q a anything that I say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before implementing any of this information uh so let's go right jump right into.

Social media uh Steve you're standing by with some great questions we sure and we got a full lineup in what we call our green room so we're going to have a lot of fun today in the usual quiz questions uh true false questions so uh we're gonna entertain everyone let's kick it off with social media we want to show equal love to them we're going to give.

Them top building starting off with this show Andrew from YouTube is it possible to do healthy raw vegan keto it's possible um it's more difficult because when you do vegan you have um a lot of carbs and it's hard to get enough fat and the type of complete protein that you need but it's possible just takes a.

Little bit more work and you got to make sure that you um get enough zinc because normally zinc comes from like animal products but you can still get it from um other sources as well and then you have the active form of vitamin A which is difficult like retinol that's hard to get DHA is hard to get so you can do it.

But it takes a little bit more work all right well good luck on that when Jeanette also from YouTube I'm allergic to lemons no lemonade for her what can I drink as an alternative to lemon water well you can do the apple cider vinegar water that would give you a different um angle and that really helps your blood sugars and it's good for.

Um insulin resistance it's good for your liver so I would do the outside of vinegar do like a tablespoon and a glass of water drink that thing down and uh you're good to go okay one more from uh from uh social media Southern Bella as she calls herself I've had acne the past three.

Years after taking an antibiotic that's interesting what are your five biggest steps she wants five biggest tips to get rid of it all right number one you need a probiotic number two you need a Prebiotic so just combine those in sauerkraut just start consuming sauerkraut on a regular basis.

Because if you you know there's when you start uh destroying your microbiome in your gut oh my gosh not only can it mess up your skin because there's microbes on your skin as well that get uh altered but also um it affects people's mood I mean they can actually get depressed from doing that antibiotics also have a side effect.

Of increasing um um like blood sugars and uh um also throw off your mineral balance because you know you're not making enough lactic acid from the lactobacillus so it just it just creates a huge huge problem so we got Prebiotic we have a probiotic in the Prebiotic okay and then.

Um as far as acne goes that's an androgen problem so you wouldn't want to um if you're female you want to make sure you don't have PCOS and the way to do that is just to start avoiding these things called carbohydrates so number three reduce carbs number four start doing fasting there's nothing better than your skin than a nice glowing skin.

Than doing regular fasting I mean take a look at steep I mean it's amazing his skin and the last thing um for acne is to take enough vitamin d whether it's the Sun that would be the ideal situation or just take it as a supplement so there we have our five my goodness we.

Could actually go to six zinc is also really important too wow bonus bonus advice well that's terrific well good luck to you that's uh an agonizing problem to have that most of us suffer with from sometimes so I can't wait for you to report back in with a nice clear face and why don't we kick off with one of our highly popular.

Quiz questions doc there it is all right what do Americas eat more of hamburgers or hot dogs I have an opinion but we'll leave that to the audience and then why don't we uh now go uh to our our guests and we just got Greg Horseman back he had sort of disappeared for a while and Greg we're going to put.

You on uh with Dr Berg please unmute yourself and you're wrong with Dr Berg okay I think I'm unmuted is is that good you sound terrific that's great great well I appreciate the uh the opportunity Dr berga I've been actually uh onto your program really since Christmas day uh last year and uh I've lost a considerable amount of body fat and.

Weight uh and I'm really pleased with the results I'm actually feeling really good these days and uh but I've got a few issues that I'd like to share with you and I'd like to get your thoughts on them to tell me where I'm missing the boat first off I want to mention instead of doing omad I do om EOD most of the time which is one.

Meal every other day and so that's been a pretty consistent Trend that I've been on really since December uh but I've also experimented with longer fasting because you've said in some of your videos that hey if you're not hungry and you can push this out go ahead and push it out so I've I've really tried to push the limit I've gone as many as four days.

In a row without eating anything and no issue but then I think maybe I should eat something just to be safe so anyway the the symptoms that I've experienced since I've started this path that are not real favorable is I have experienced extreme leg cramps from really the knee down and it wakes me up from a dead sleep and I have to stand up to get it.

To ease up and then once it eases up I can lay back down and and it follows the cycle it's about every two hours and usually when I wake up I end up going and urinating too but I was sleeping through the night before when I was heavier which don't get me wrong I'll trade off the heavy for uh not sleeping well but but uh I I've gotten so much.

Energy that I don't want to stop and sometimes even lay down and sleep and I know you say seven or eight hours is good but I find I don't really need that so what part of that process might be contributing I mean potassium I'm eating I got took I got the Magnesium uh things that you offer on your website so anyway okay so I think I think if you're.

Already taking you're probably taking my electrolytes I'm guessing so you're getting a lot of potassium so you're getting also magnesium which is important but there's one more mineral that you're probably going to take in addition which is calcium I would probably find a good maybe a calcium lactate and take that before bed.

Because um if you're lacking calcium and I haven't really talked a lot about this that specifically can create some tetany and tightness in the lower part of your legs especially when you're sleeping nocturnal and um cramping um so I think that is what's missing.

With you um I don't think um I don't think it's potassium I don't think it's magnesium which could be a cause but especially when you're doing this fasting you're only eating once every other day it's just going to be a balance of.

Trying to figure out what mineral vitamin and so you know calcium is not something that is uh easy to get from unless you're doing some Dairy and a lot of vegetables but you're eating once every other day so I think what'll happen if you right before bed if you took like a good calcium.

Lactate that cramping would go away um so the other thing too would be vitamin D to increase the absorption of calcium so the combination of both of those I think you might already be taking vitamin D but calcium is probably the missing before I started I was drinking.

Generally three to four glasses of milk and when I read the milk carton that said sugar I said well that's I'm done with that so I did stop drinking the milk uh you know when I started the program so calcium might be might be right up my alley I think that I think that's what you're missing you know even from a cardiovascular standpoint.

You have the heart muscle itself if you don't have enough calcium um boy do you have a problem with the heart I mean and if you have too much that's the problem too that's why you have calcium channel blockers but um I think even one of the side effects from a calcium channel blocker which actually creates a deficiency would be.

Leg cramps so um I think it's a real simple answer for you so go ahead and try that take some calcium before bed and let us know if that helped I think that's really what you need to do and then maybe on the days that you eat have some consume some cheese some high quality cheese and see if that doesn't.

Help you but I think any symptoms that occur with um more of a prolonged fast gives us a clue on what your body might be having a subclinical deficiency because you're putting the body into a state where All These Little Things show up now that might maybe didn't show up before well I got to tell you in terms of the.

Way I feel I'm energetic I don't have nearly the brain fog that I felt was beginning to grow uh for me and I got to tell you I mean like I said I wouldn't trade it any of these little symptoms for what I had before but I thought maybe you could help me out I appreciate it this is awesome great.

Appreciate your success awesome that's great thanks so much Greg and uh uh what a wonderful success story uh pruned off all that weight uh why don't we discuss who's watching us around the world so a good morning to all our viewers joining us from the UK Canada Jordan Yugoslavia hang on I just jumped up for me uh I ran Kuwait Algeria France Greece Italy India.

Japan Pakistan Germany Cameroon Chile Trinidad Tobago the Netherlands Scotland Taiwan Iraq Lebanon Uzbekistan uh Istanbul Egypt Kurdistan Mexico and by the way we've got a guest coming up later in the show Daniel representing Mexico City so we're excited about that uh Suriname haven't heard of them before but I'm sure it's a great place Israel.

Sweden Zambia Norway the Philippines Brazil Peru Switzerland Thailand and all the costs of course these United States and did he say Canada if he didn't let's throw that in so that is fantastic and all of these people have cumulatively worked on the quiz question and the quiz question asks what do Americans eat more of uh hamburgers and hot dogs I'm.

Guessing hamburgers maybe because I slam a lot of them down and let's see um so 65 say the boyger 35 say hot dogs are they onto something doc well they are on to something it's it's about 14 billion now honestly I I uh there's conflicting data on that but I will say that there's like a 14 billion to a 9 billion but again.

There's conflicting data down there but we do know Steve and this is such an important question that people in the U.S eat more hamburgers and this relates to the video that I did I released yesterday on um incredible if you're if you're consuming burgers at a fast food uh restaurant.

Like I did Growing Up Until I was like 28 years old which was about five years ago um I basically accumulated so much corn in My DNA I mean even the burger itself is like 93 corn derived because of the the corn fed um cows so um and then of course it's.

GMO so we're putting all this stuff into our bodies um at a foundational DNA level which um I don't know I don't think it's the best thing to uh to build our bodies out of corn uh Steve I don't think it's the best foundation but um the point is that uh.

If you if you can do it make your Burgers grass-fed at home without the bun because there's a lot of additional things in there that come from corn too like the high fructose corn syrup so-called ketchup and then of course the soda and the corn oil that they fry the fries and it's incredible there's a great um.

Documentary I think it's called King Corn fascinating you got to check that out very interesting let's go to Facebook Iona says please share she's getting personal here please share what supplements you take every day Dr bird um you know I I rotate and depending on what I need but I I right now the sun's.

Coming out so I don't take my D3 anymore because I'm getting enough Sun but I usually take the D3 and K2 um I also in the morning I take a whole lemon and stick it in the blender with a glass of water a big glass of water and I'll put a scoop of my um electrolyte powder in there uh with another scoop of wheatgrass juice powder so now I have.

The chlorophyll phytonutrients and and then I take my trace minerals because I actually spiked it recently with a little bit more zinc copper malignant manganese things like that and so that's pretty much what I'm doing lately it seems to work out real good but then you know other times I'll I'll go to my probiotic I'll start.

Taking a probiotic a little bit of that and uh I might rotate sometimes to a sleep a before bed but I don't really need that anymore I'm like just go right out and and sometimes I'll take my nutritional yeast before bed as well so um and then when I'm exercising not lightly.

But I used to take the the keto energy which used to be called the mitochondrial support just because it's a real high quality B1 product with in a blend of all the nutrients that definitely increases your energy if you need more energy when you're working out um the latest workout that I'm going to be recommending I'll be doing videos on.

It you know I kind of rotate I find some new workout and I'm like wow this is awesome the sled the sled um there's a really great uh guy out there that I I'm going to interview at the end of this month it's called the toes over knee guy and he recommends a sled I got a little sled you're not that.

Expensive and boy you want a workout the sled for your knees you go backwards incredible cardiovascular and leg workout and that's the one that I'll be doing a video on very soon but uh um definitely want to check that out it's pretty pretty cool stuff very interesting I can see Karen on there with a whistle yelling at you as you.

Shove her across the field hey I got her to do it too because um it's especially good for people that have knee problems but I'm telling it for your back because it kind of reverses the whole flow like instead of doing like this squats um it blows out your discs um this this works on your.

The different different muscles that strengthen your back and so if you do it like if you have back pain and you have a lumbar support maybe even a rolled towel or something like this if you do a lot of sitting a little thing you can get from Kmart or Walmart whatever and you keep.

That in your lower back keep the curve in the lower back and then you do the backward pull with that sled you will not have back pain because the foundation of your feet your knees your quads your hip um all will support that nice curve in your lower back versus sitting all day which just loses the.

Curb and then you get back pain wow I can't wait to see that video ambreen from Facebook my mom is a diabetic and her feet get painful especially at night time can you explain what I can do to make her feel better you can immediately you know for immediately relief you can get something called benphotamine it's a fat soluble B.

Vitamin take just four of those a day spread them out and within probably a few days you'll start feeling relief but what's happening is she needs to reduce her blood sugars she needs to get off these things called what do they call them carbohydrates and then go on keto intermittent fasting because it's that high sugar that's creating.

Damage to her vascular system that then feed the nerves to the lower part of the feet so her nerves are basically dying because they don't have enough blood flow because what sugar does to the vascular system and nasty and it destroys your eyes your heart your kidneys and your.

Nerves well that's a bummer Todd from YouTube is a good question would any of your products break a fast my friend is in menopause asking for a friend and is struggling to lose weight and she takes a lot of your products uh the only product that we break fast is the meal replacement or the keto.

Shake because it has protein all the other ones won't break the fast at all because it's they're very very low calories and they don't have carbs and I'm not I do have an amino acid product but it's different than the branch amino acids that you would get that turn in the sugar this blend of amino acids is a very.

Unique blend that replaces your protein it doesn't turn in the sugar maybe one percent of it does but it's so insignificant compared to all other proteins out there okay how about another question all right good what's the primary side effect of electrolytes on the heart.

So what's the number one symptom you're going to get within your cardiovascular system if you're deficient in electrolytes all right terrific well we spoke of Mexico before and we have Daniel Dominguez standing by to represent the city and ask a question of Dr Byrd Daniel you're on with Dr Berg.

Go ahead sir hey doctor a pleasure following following work from Mexico City and well my question is this uh three months ago I started keto and uh fasting because I developed this thing called leaky God and back in December the neuroinflammation and the brain fog was 10 out of 10 I was feeling drugged and.

High all the time my wife and I got really scared I couldn't drive couldn't go to the mall by myself because I was all foggy all the time and well after a doctor told me keto fasting and natural supplements three months later so far so good I'm coming back being myself but every now and then um I get after a meal or after working.

Out I get the brain fog back and migraines on the right side of my head so my wife and I are wondering like which is that last step I'm missing for my total healing uh should I Target you know the digestive system should I Target the brain um basically that's my question because.

So far you know thyroid uh blood tests hormone test everything looks fine and the doctors are like okay we have no idea what else to do with you right and this relates to exercise right yeah every time I exercise or or every time I finish a meal let's say the breakfast the brain fog tries to come back and the migraines just show up.

Yeah I think here's the thing that you're running up against you you're not fully adapted to fat like you should yet and that does take it takes time it takes between one and three months especially if you're work if you're an athlete um sometimes it could take up to eight months because these athletes.

Um that are relying on so much sugar over a period of time and all of a sudden you switch to a keto it's like what your body's like wait a second those enzymes that have to develop within the muscles and the tissues um have to adapt and it takes a good amount of time so without that uh.

Instant sugar that your body is supposed to be making you and you stress the body by exercising and it can show up as a blood sugar issue just because you haven't adapted so how do we fix that well number one we have patience we wait but we also do longer fast so you want to not have a breakfast so you want to just do two meals and try to squish them.

So if you could work up to 18 hour fast or even 20 hour fasting you're going to get there a lot faster now in the meantime what you should do is you should um when you work out just take a little bit of a maybe a teaspoon of MCT oil before the workout that will give your brain ketones and probably minimize the side.

Effect so that's all you have to do is just kind of keep working on lowering your carbs fast longer give it more time and then make sure you're doing some sea salt too because the sea salts if they're deficient can cause a bit of a headache um but I think it's really just you.

Haven't adapted to 100 fat burning yet perfect so basically uh patience another warning about my brain just blowing up correct and then just fast longer too and definitely skip your breakfast because um the way you know you're fat adapted is like wow I don't really even need to eat.

I can keep going for long periods of time without any hunger then then you know your body's working sounds great thank you so much I appreciate your work and thank you for the help and thank you for making me um appear today here thank you so much hey you're welcome and I do know that um I think that you can get higher quality.

Avocados in Mexico as compared to here and I think uh even some of your food is higher quality so I think you have a unfair Advantage those people in the US and so that's good I would ride the wave and uh after your meals just stick another avocado in there and you're good to go perfect sounds great thank you so much.

Okay well they might have good avocados but apparently they don't have as good weather today it's actually warmer in Wilmington North Carolina than it is Mexico City they've got some little cold front so I'm feeling sort of um you know proud of that effect usually is so gorgeous down there and I tell you what we have the answer to the second.

Quiz question which asks what is the primary effect of electrolytes on the heart and 80 percent said heart palpitations 20 say lower blood pressure Okay so 80 palpitations that would be a heart arrhythmia symptom and yes heart arrhythmias is the is the first thing to show up with a lack of electrolytes but.

You can also have blood pressure as well but um the big one is the um Electro arrhythmias um so the heart goes out of balance when you're lacking electrolytes which you know it's really bizarre to me is that if you go to the doctor um do they ever recommend electrolytes no.

They recommend medication for the rhythmia and what would that be that well first of all it might be a diuretic possibly and what is the side effect of diuretics deficiency of potassium magnesium and the retention of calcium which then causes arrhythmias and then they might also put you on um.

A calcium channel blocker which has a similar effect so it's it's fascinating that the solution ends up creating the problem you're trying to solve I mean it just doesn't make sense to me so I will be releasing the video maybe in two days on that topic maybe tomorrow um but uh.

This fascinating um cardiovascular electrolyte connection and when you really understand it it really becomes simple it's like wow no wonder I have arrhythmias I need more of this food whatever so um unfortunately.

Everything is designed not to correct the root issue that's unfortunate now this one's a little earthy walking Mall uh as they call themselves from Facebook I have PCOS and have been having recurring boils in my armpits and groin area what could be the cause help polycystic ovarian syndrome females.

Um it's it's an androgen problem it's excess androgens which is a testosterone one of them is testosterone and the solution is to lower the the key hormone that raises androgens and that would be insulin so you want to reduce insulin if you have too much insulin guess what else you get boils so um if you get on healthy keto and do the.

Fasting um you can kill two birds with one stone both of these conditions so that's the solution I have a lot of videos on PCOS but um that's how you do it terrific I think this is an oft asked question Aries from Facebook what are your thoughts on the carnivore carnivore excuse me Diet.

Well I honestly I think it's it's good for especially those digestive problems that people have that have got inflammation um personally I'm not changing my program to a carnivore because there's a lot of benefits to vegetables that I I that I had found to be helpful for people and so.

Um to cut out all vegetables you have the fiber the feed the microbes you have the vitamin C the potassium and not only that but all the phytonutrients the carotenoids the phenols polyphenols indol-3 for anti-cancer there's a lot of benefits I feel better when I consume vegetables but also I need my protein um so I I'm not in any shape where form.

A vegan or even a vegetarian I have a lot of protein enough not excessive but I also have a lot of vegetables so I have the best of both worlds but if you feel worse from vegetables then try the carnivore and see if it doesn't help you well that's great I hope we can help Victoria because she's had diarrhea for three years and his diarrhea and has.

Been on keto for three years what's she doing wrong well I don't know but it's dangerous to have diarrhea um that long um especially with the deficiency of zinc and electrolytes um so obviously she needs to get a stool sample she needs to take the right probiotic and evaluate what's going on.

And you might want to quickly radically change different things in your diet sometimes even vegetables can create diarrhea or sometimes um other foods can create diarrhea but there's definitely something odd going on a good simple remedy that I use for diarrhea I recommend would be.

Non-um sweetened kefir with some blackberries you blend that up Slug it down and that usually helps to reduce um diarrhea well we wish you all the best Victorian that does sound serious so let's see uh Catalina from Facebook what is the what.

Is good to treat restless leg syndrome that is usually a buildup of something called lactic acid or you might have a version of what's called lactic acidosis so the the remedy is to take more B1 thiamine so you would get it in a nutritional yeast I used to have that problem too and it usually comes from consuming too many carbs like I did so I.

Would have to get up in the middle of night and literally pound my legs they had so much energy I couldn't sleep they were restless I would literally go running at five o'clock in the morning um when I was I should have been sleeping of course now I wake up a lot earlier because I don't need as much sleep but yeah that restless leg is a is.

A B1 deficiency and you have too much lactic acid generation and um uh simple remedy is just take some B1 through nutritional yeast wonderful well all those folks in United States enjoy getting your products with ease and affordably and I understand doc that you have available all around the world you want to talk about your new.

Sort of product availability yeah if you're if you're from from other parts of the country other than other parts of the world excluding U.S we now have we're in different places so we'll put those links down below so you can definitely save on shipping costs so and we're working on that more and more so.

Um the costs will be coming down as time goes on all right well James from YouTube back to YouTube uh do you believe ionizers are good what are the benefits of using one the Inez is a really good because they um they can really help certain uh.

Particles pollution in the air um especially if like let's say you work at a nail salon and you have all these chemicals a good ionizer will just kind of purify the air it purifies uh things in the air and also um you know in certain concentrations I think it can help you but if it's too.

Concentrated it definitely can irritate your throat and things like that so the right concentration I think is a good way to uh kill off things in the air if there's a mold growing in the air you know or what are chemicals or you live in a polluted area pollution is one one trigger for blood sugar issues too which is wild so depending on your air quality.

You may want to get an ionizer well I love all these names people come up with for social media next up destined to play from YouTube I have Cushing syndrome and I need to lose belly fat and build muscle I also have a moon face not sure what that is what should I do now well I just happened to have.

This book right here Steve Frank Netter encyclopedia and endocrinology here's Cushing's syndrome right here wow okay that's uh highlight that's high level of cortisol and I have a whole recommendation on that if you look don't don't try to search for um Cushing search for adrenal body type we.

Need to help you reduce stress and a couple things right off the bat would be for you know even better than exercise is physical work around the house outside not in the in the house but outside being in nature going for long walks gets your mind off the problems of the of in your life and then also the.

Nutritional yeast is essential potassium foods are essential um and vitamin D is really important because that can act to help reduce stress and bring your mood up so that's that's what I would do there's a lot more to that so watch my videos on the adrenal body type wow that's unbelievable doc I can't.

Believe you had that at your fingers tips uh audience I promise we did not preemptively tell him what this question was it just popped up and uh by the way this is interesting I don't know what I can show here but uh there's a whole Cadre of people that feel that our show is not live and they talked about that last week and they.

Think we're pre-recorded and let me see if I can show them today's questions I want them to know that I mean we wouldn't mind producing it non-live or live to tape as they call it but we really are coming to you live and we are watching your questions live and asking them so for those of you who have date he was hard proof of the fact that the.

Show is live I don't have a newspaper to hold up but this is the second best thing Steve why don't you just tell them these are paid actors that we have coming on asking questions in the in the green room and this is all pre-recorded and rehearsed um you can tell by.

You know the polished answers right that's right I'm a a Japanese robot that has been imported to mimic Steve and anyway so that's how we fool all you folks but no the Dr Burke Show is indeed live and sometimes I hate to tell you can tow because all of a sudden something will happen we go off the air.

For a second and that would never happen with a pre-recorded show so that's further proof all right let's get back to business here with the next question this is a true falser okay whole grains are high in fibers that true or false All Right audience digging it I tell you they're lightning fast they come back.

With the answer uh just immediately all right why don't we go back to um our green room and Eric is coming to us from Fort Myer Florida also a place with terrific weather and Eric you are on with Dr bird Dr Berg uh thanks for having me on your show uh first off uh long time listener uh was introduced to this over two years.

Ago I've lost over 40 pounds on uh you know one meal a day and keto and following a lot of your recommendations and all the supplements and everything that you're talking about I use on a regular basis so big fan and so thank you it's changed my life dramatically uh and in the process there's two things that um are persisting with me that are.

Unusual uh and I wanted to get your opinion on this number one is uh genetically unpredisposed to gout uh as part of my DNA and it's been re recurring more as a part of the program that I'm on than I have ever had before in my life and besides abstinence of all the key things that cause you know uh gout you know and I'm I like alcohol I.

You know I still partake in those types of things I'm curious of your point of view on that so I'd like to get that the second part of my question is on another piece too it's like I've also had intermittent constipation as a part of this program as well and you know I do a lot of the you know vegetables combined with uh proteins and pretty consistent.

Very drink a lot of water every day as well so you know something's causing that I'm not quite sure what might be the root of that so there's my two questions and I'd love to hear your point of view okay with the constipation do you um are you consuming enough vegetables you feel.

Mostly yes I mean I'll eat a huge salad and I've had people look at me when they see the salad you can go I can't believe you're eating a whole salad right so right I do a lot and perhaps you know uh at some point when I don't or when I do have the constipation there might you know be lulls in the uh you know what I'm actually eating so I can't quite.

Pinpoint it okay so a couple things um that help constipation um one is uh maybe a try a different probiotic that would be one thing um maybe have more fermented vegetables as part of your salad the other thing is uh the purified bile salts.

Um that that tends to um a lot of times replace the bile that you might not you might be missing in the liver and that helps lubricate the colon so these are just things I would look at now shifting gears to gout um yeah you're right alcohol is a trigger I don't know if you consume chocolate whether it's keto friendly or.

Not okay good um purines are a problem but when you do fasting you know your your your gas to just go up one thing two things you can do if you could get your pH maybe get a a pH tester you could probably buy them on Amazon they're little actually just get it it's like their.

Little urine sticks and they tell you various things about your urine and one of those things would be pH and see what your pH is if your pH is um like five which it probably is then that's probably why you're getting gout we want to bring up to a six maybe a 6.5 um and so how do we do that um you might need to alkalize with.

Potassium citrate like through the day have a little bit more potassium citrate that's an alkalizer that's what the vegetables will help as well um the other remedy that's good for gout is tart cherries I think that is a supplement okay good you might want to try to find.

Um and not go crazy with them but to find freeze-dried tart cherries and have those after your dinner especially if you get gout late at night or just during the day or does it come and go or it comes and goes and when it hits you know it persists and all the you know symptoms that come with it and.

Then it fades over time um but you know I'd like to figure out what I'm actually doing that causes it and then stop doing that there's definitely I will say there's a genetic uh part of this and it's unfortunate like you might if you're predisposed it can kind of just turn on it's really it's not even honestly the uric acid.

Crystals that are causing the pain it's the uric acid crystals that are stirring up your immune system that's causing the problem so it's an immune issue um you know people have tried the celery seed and the um the different remedies and some of those work right and some of them don't I think the the best thing.

That I recommend that seems to work the best is just to alter the pH of your urine to keep it from getting too acid and not you don't want to alkalize it too much but you may need to just bring up the ph and and sometimes even when you're fasting it takes some baking soda a little bit like an eighth of a teaspoon of water drink that down in the.

Middle of your fast alkalize it so it reduces some of that acidity that that might help um reduce the pain but I think it's time for me to do like more of an in-depth video on gout because it is definitely a popular problem with a lot of people so um I'll do more of a complete video on that soon.

All right appreciate the input thank you very much thanks Eric well best of luck Eric that is a very painful and gruesome problem I understand yeah especially especially if you're trying to exercise and uh you're doing the the sled if you have a toe pain and you're like you know doing anything with exercise it's like it throws off your gate so now your.

Pressure is on a certain part of your foot and then now it messes up your knee and your back so what can you really throw off the whole Foundation of your body wow your Eric's shaking his head on that one okay so the audience is right on it and our last uh question was a true false whole grains are high in fiber and sixty percent of the audience.

Say that it's false and forty percent say it's true I mean they wherever they is promote that it's high in fiber these healthy whole grains get your fiber well guess what I mean it's roughly between four to ten percent it's it's extremely low.

It's extremely low even the whole I mean not 100 Health grain is very very low it's not a high fiber thing let's take vegetables for example let's take celery in or spinach it's a 50 fiber with only like a per cup it's like a four grams of carbs whereas you have with the grain you got this four percent fiber with.

40 carbs I mean it's like it's not a high fiber food and don't if you want to get fiber don't get it from your grains um I'll be releasing a video on grains um but there's I think um yeah so there's just a lot of myths about that.

So that would be a big fat false all right well uh real quickly at one of our former guests here Greg Horsemen was on uh the TV so to speak he wants to know if there's an amount of calcium lactate to take each day to help his issues you know I don't have an exact amount.

Um if if you could find a lactate in whatever normally comes and I would take that because normally the um I haven't tested out exactly how much you need but I would just try try one or two tablets but the one I would not take if I were going to take calcium is calcium carbonate but get like a lactate or even a citrate and.

Whatever comes in if it's 250 milligram 300 milligrams gray for great that would be perfect but um I probably wouldn't go up over 300 but take it right before bed um that's the best time to take calcium because calcium relaxes you and um also um You probably get the cramps at night so taking it at bed will actually help.

You that's terrific okay on to the next Quiz question all right so which key mineral helps convert the thyroid hormone from a T4 to a T3 okay get on that and let's see and by the way Greg said awesome thank you and let's go on to someone that's on the.

Phone with us and that would be uh Ruby from New York City Ruby are you listening hi Dr Burke thank you Stephen hello how are you I'm so sorry about my camera I'm on campus so I couldn't find the best way to turn it on so happy but I'm so happy to be on the show my mom inspired me to speak with you today.

Because she is a keto follower because of you and so I wanted to come on today and talk about my thyroid because um I was recently told that I have Hashimoto's and hyperthyroidism so um I wanted to first start with saying that two and a half years ago is when I first started to experience.

Symptoms of like having a thyroid disorder I had hair loss and heartbeats and weight gain but my endocrinologist didn't like didn't treat me she said everything was normal so I went to about two years untreated so last year in 2021 I was told that I have hyperthyroidism so I took um supplements on and off and I was told.

To stick to a diet which I didn't stick to strictly and my stress levels and my cortisol was through through the roof so now in February I recently took another blood test and my cortisol and all of my thyroid panel was doubled so my red blood cell was even increased and so was my my ALT so now I have a TSH of.

0.01 the T4 of 17.5 my cortisol is 26.8 in the morning and my thyroid peroxide antibodies is 221. but I thought from my original diagnosis of hypothyroidism I was feeling better so in the meantime of these past three two and a half weeks I went on keto I'm on a strict diet of no sugar no gluten two quarts of water one cup of.

Cruciferous vegetables no carbs nutritional yeast and I'm on a bunch of some new supplements now but I'm not sure if these supplements are like I wanted to make sure these are working for me so my nutritionist told me to take paba 500 milligrams thyrocom cortisol manager and a liver detox but I just want to make sure that.

Through this strict diet and intermittent fasting and through these supplements that I could kind of sort of bring my thyroid back to normal or stabilize it just because I'm young I'm 20 and I don't want to go on synthetic medication so I wanted your opinion I got it um do you do you presently go through a.

Lot of stress at school and things yes yes stress at home stress at school yeah so that's great that you're taking the supplements you're taking the right things the the uh the the nutritional yeast has the B1 which is great for a hyperthyroid if you went from a hypo Hashimoto's to then a hyper the chances are it's really just a autoimmune issue.

More than a thyroid issue um so I and that can be triggered by stress for sure so um I think you're on the right path as far as you're eating and your nutrition I think you're doing a good job I think the big thing that I would put attention on is doing whatever you can to um.

Eliminate sources of stress in your life and and um counter some of the stress by the like I said previously doing physical work outside you should get a job where you're doing physical work manual labor I'm not kidding I mean it's like such a great therapy especially if you're a student sit behind a computer all day like you get.

Out there in nature and do something um it's so good for your adrenals it's good for stress and if you don't have something outside like start cleaning something inside but the stress is um what that does is it it's it lower it suppresses the immune system and allows these autoimmune things to kick in so I think yeah take.

The nutrition do these other things but probably watch my videos on stress um because that is what I see is like a what you need help with most uh mostly and hopefully you can get through the schooling fast so you can then because going through school is extremely stressful as I remember so um you know.

You're going to have to cope as well as you can as you get through and then when you graduate you can do other things that hopefully will reduce your stress okay and so but the news supplements that my nutritionist told me to take the paba and the liver detox and the cortisol manager is that are those all supplements that you think will help.

Over time I I think they're fine I think they're fine they might help you um I just don't have enough data to tell you for sure but you know you're supporting the adrenal you're supporting the liver uh paba is is also good as a B vitamin so all those are are beneficial but um I don't I couldn't tell you because I.

I I don't know those brands so yeah because I can't really give you an opinion if I don't have that data but I will say that um going on that low carb doing them in the fasting is very very important um another good thing.

Like lemon balm tea drinking that through the day is really good for cortisol to low up lower cortisol vitamin D is good to lower cortisol magnesium is it's very important for cortisol because even a magnesium deficiency um usually occurs before you get Hashimoto's and even other types of.

Autoimmune problems so um consider a good magnesium product as well okay all right thank you so much yeah good luck Ruby yeah she's got the World by the short hair is it 20 years old got a nice long life ahead of her and by the way you talked about exercise.

And and you use the example of the jethros that work around your farm you know they eat a moon pie and an RC Cola for lunch but they're chucking bales of hay all day and they're just super healthy right because they just sort of overcome maybe their nasty diet which is constant movement you know if you just weigh out the.

Different things to improve your health there's a lot of factors to look at you have diet and um there's other things and that's like physical activity outside not on a treadmill the physical activity outside I mean people tend to live longer if you take a look at the um the countries where people live for very long they usually hang outside they're.

Not inside playing the video games all day they're not on the treadmill at the gym they're outside doing physical work which is such a great therapy I mean just try it just try it and see if you don't um you know because it affects it takes your attention off the problems of life when you're when you're doing other types of work.

That um you know you don't have time to focus on so that shift in that shift in mental focus is a very huge benefit of doing physical work and cleaning something or whatever that's terrific all right great advice uh and our audience is nailed uh answers again I think quiz question number four asks which key mineral helps convert T4.

To T3 and the audience 45 percent of them claim uh that it's selenium 35 percent say iodine and 20 say zinc okay so this relates to the last person I was just talking about which I was withholding this answer which is because for Hashimoto's you want the conversion mineral and the answer is selenium um one.

Um Brazilian nut per day will give you a good amount of uh selenium that you would need like the rdas I mean you'd get enough by having one nut a day but selenium is also good in high in Seafood oysters other other things clams things like that but selenium is the the key mineral to help convert the T4 to the T3 fantastic our final contestant so to.

Speak in the green room is Mia Franklin by the way thank you folks because these poor people have to have their faces pressed to the camera for an hour straight and they're such good sports about it me is coming to us on the phone so to speak Mia are you with us yes go ahead with your question Mia.

Okay thank you Dr Berg having me and um I've been watching uh YouTube you YouTube about you know gallbladder problems and you recommend um take a vile pure biosart and I'm trying to find it on uh you know online but I couldn't find the you know pure bio salt and I mean I took your uh gallbladder formula for uh three.

Months straight and my pain oh it's gone and uh I don't know if should I keep taking your gallbladder formula but I don't have a pain but I do have a bio going into my stomach that cause sociable uh biogastritis and the a little better also.

So did you did you say that you have a fibroid gastro biogastritis oh okay okay so so yes the gallbladder formula that you're taking the one that I have is the purified bile salts that is the one that's that's the correct one I'm glad it helped you um so now we're dealing with gastritis.

Right so um I think that um the other thing that you're missing is you're gonna have to search out a good source but it's a zinc kernel sign is good for inflammation in your stomach gastritis and that will be a really good remedy for you and as far as vegetables go I probably would stick.

With different forms of cabbage cabbage seems to be really good for gastritis heartburn gerd acid reflux and you can do it in different forms like coleslaw without the sugar uh even um cabbage shredded in your salad uh or even um sauerkraut so that's a really uh it's.

A unique vegetable that helps the gut tremendously so I think you're on the right track I would also then um work on the manual remember I have the I don't know if you saw the video and it's I think it's called gallbladder flushing but it's not actually it's a physical it's a Hands-On.

Massage of your gallbladder and your pancreas and that should be on my website or if you do a search on it but I would be doing that through the day as your digestive system calms down even more because it's gonna you're gonna allow more drainage through that those ducks and of course you know I'm assuming you're on the.

Healthy version of Keto as you're using these supplements because the point is that we want to eventually get your basic eating corrected that's with everyone because you don't want to be dependent on anything the rest of your life so the key is see-through food have the right um combinations of food the right timing of eating to um so your.

Body can heal thank you so much but my doctor suggest me to have a removable gallbladder good thing it was an extra organ that you didn't really need yeah but uh so I'm doing a lot of cabbage and the only time uh bottom is when I'm sleeping at night it wakes me up because I think.

About a while going into stomach I got it okay so then that uh then I would add one more thing um during the day uh take with tadka t-u-d-c-a I think yes I saw that video you made and uh I do have a um autoimmune hepatitis but this you said that you don't recommend if I have a label problems.

Oh no no you you want to take it especially if you have a liver problem is really amazing uh uh what it does to the liver and it takes the stress off the liver takes the inflammation off the liver so so what will happen is that sludge that's backing up into your stomach causing gastritis which is from bile salt more than acid.

Um can Now drain properly so um you take it during the day empty stomach maybe once or twice with two different tablets and then um I bet you you would sleep and not have that problem anymore I would definitely know I would take a tataka.

Yeah video many times okay thank you so much you're welcome well that's great thanks Mia and thanks everybody for participating why don't we try we've got a few seconds left uh for go to social media wrap it up there Karina from YouTube will drinking raw lemon juice break a fast.

No no it's it's it's such a small amount of uh carbs that I mean you're talking about maybe breaking a fast for a few minutes it's not going to be a big deal I wouldn't worry about it because the benefit of the citrate is very good when you're fasting uh especially to reduce kidney stones and and oxalates in the body.

Um from certain vegetables that you have um one little thing I want to mention instead of sauerkraut you can do kimchi which also is a cabbage pepper and that's a really good vegetable I mean not it's a fermented blend of really good vegetables and if that's good for sinus issues as well but um it's kind of spicy so.

Anyway I want to just say thanks for everyone for having their attention this long on this video you made it to the end I appreciate you um stay tuned for additional videos coming up every single day and um you know um also next Friday we'll be back but um thanks for your successes stay tuned.

We'll talk to you real soon thank you foreign
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