The Dr. Berg Show LIVE –  March 12, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 12, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 12, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 12, 2022.
welcome back everyone we have another show for you we have some really good guests standing by we have a lot of people on social media steve is standing by and of course anything that i say is definitely not meant to replace your medical care.

Uh so check with your doc before uh implementing any of the things we're about to tell you all right so let's we're going to dive right into this and uh steve where do you think we should start well we've got um let's see uh four beautiful contestants on with us as we call them and carrie unfortunately we.

Couldn't get her uh camera working so she's gonna come on like a phone call but since we only have four why don't we save them uh for a little while and we'll start off with uh how about a shout out to everybody watching and let me start off with our guest so christina is from my old haunts in irvine california we've got poor.

Carolyn freezing her butt off in colorado springs uh let's say we've got janice from eastern pennsylvania i know that karen would have something to say to her and then carrie uh is from wherever but i'll i'll make sure i know where that is i lost my note anyway and here's what else is happening around the world so uh.

We have viewers coming to us from the uk canada uganda zambia jordan south africa grenada sweden jakarta haven't heard from them before india france pakistan mexico israel the netherlands norway taiwan trinidad puerto rico greece algeria good grief belgium germany iraq switzerland maldives scotland iceland japan italy hong kong egypt come on.

Chile brazil morocco cameroon south korea and australia new zealand the motherland of ethiopia that's interesting thailand dubai the philippines nicaragua peru vietnam and all across these united states that is by far the longest list we've ever had and we tip our hat to terry for.

Typing all that he probably just got a world geography book out just hacking down names no these are all genuine uh people so let's see and why don't we kick it off with a question from uh social media let's see grace from youtube will an apple a day mess up keto enough to stop weight loss well apple a day will definitely keep.

You out of keto and definitely won't keep the doctor away unless you shoot it really really hard at him which i don't recommend doing that but um yeah the apples nowadays are not the apples that were we ate way in the way back you know when apples were like more tart a lot less sugar now we.

Bred them to have more carbohydrate more sugar unfortunately so you're eating you know 19 grams of sugar not even carbohydrate sugar so um in fact that was the one thing that i um i kept in thinking that was good i even recommended in my first book like uh apples and peanut butter and i ate.

Several to the day and i think it was a hundred and two no 211 pounds of course pure muscle and then uh i went down to 185 when i cut out the apples and the snacking so yeah apples are will not keep the doctor away um unfortunately so you're saying stevia in uh apples and.

Bacon up you're still getting killed on the sugar aren't you yeah because it's the actual apple and when you cook it i bake it you make it turn into sugar even more so you have this because you break down the carbohydrates just like a potato i mean you can go ahead and eat a raw.

Potato all you want but as soon as you cook it it breaks down the starch and then it increases the glycemic index what a chip all right let's see here um let's go to mc from youtube why is that after a hard leg workout i'm craving cookies or sweets well because you're burning off your.

Glucose and you haven't adapted to fat yet so it takes a while one to three months to get into fat adaptation where you're actually a fat burner you're oxidizing fats and uh you can work out and pull your fat reserves excuse me if you haven't adapted.

And you work out you just deplete your sugar because you're running on sugar and then now you're going to be craving sugar all right well uh and by the way uh social media see i came to you first today we want to pay you due respect we usually put you two or number two or three out but not today.

And so mickey from youtube here's the last one before we go to our first quiz question does powdered milk have the same amount of hormones as regular milk absolutely absolutely um positively and it's you know sometimes people try to find the powdered milk for a formula.

You know if you if you do that um i would go for goat's milk and try to get it organic because the cow's milk is um there's so many allergies there's so many issues with that hormonally um even if it says no uh rbst which is a another hormone thing.

So um if you're gonna do it i would go for the goat's milk powder very good okay we got some really fun questions today and here's the first one all right what is the emotional symptom or emotional symptom of high high blood glucose high blood sugar so like when your blood sugars go higher.

What uh emotional symptom shows up okay interesting now let's let's go to uh carrie who's in the green room and unfortunately we couldn't get her camera to work but her voice uh is wonderful so carrie you're on with dr berg go ahead with your question.

Hi there thank you steve yes first of all steve i'm from texas texas that's where she's from she told me that but just keep my desk neat i tore up my notes and threw them away sorry about that so carrie from texas no no problem at all hi doctor thank you so much for letting me talk to you i am been very frustrated.

Um you know i'm a master gardener and i specialize in medicinal foods i have helped people for many many years with their own digestive issues and i've always been healthy overall i'm 58 i'm 5'4 i'm 117 pounds so it's not really a weight issue.

my brother turned me on to watching all of your videos so i could try and diagnose myself he by the way has lost a hundred pounds and i cannot believe his health is incredible after following your your plan of the really strict keto and.

The intermittent fasting so i started it five weeks ago and my symptoms were and have been over the last seven years i've been struggling with this continually getting worse um.

I'm sorry so bloating fatigue after i eat 20 minutes exactly i sneeze so i'm thinking allergic reactions um the nausea can be so bad i have to sit down and relax after i eat dizziness i'm looking over here after looking at your videos.

I'm looking at adrenal cortisol related and just last night this is this is very timely after eating again very strict i'm fasting 20 to 22 yesterday i fasted 24 hours i ate my stomach was just churning and then that area in the gallbladder.

And liver started spasming and it hasn't left me all through the night i remain bloated and there's discomfort it's not horrible pain but there's definitely discomfort i'm eating as clean as you can eat about i'm taking the non-fortified nutritional yeast i'm afraid of the bile salts.

Haven't done that yet um and then lastly the only things i truly can eat without any issues would be sardines salmon kimchi and sauerkraut okay so a couple questions do you find that you um bloat the more fiber that you eat.

I've been trying to watch that and i would have to say i could would bloat more but i still bloat no matter what i eat i ate a handful of arugula the other day not only did i sneeze but my i was bloating as well okay do you have you tried um betaine hydrochloride.

No i have not um do you have any problems underneath the right rib cage as far as a full tight feeling that sometimes maybe goes into the right shoulder or neck no no shoulder pain no back pain um full feeling would be you know the bloating but you know like i said today it's actually discomfort.

I i think when the first thing i would try and this is a common thing where you start to lose your your your ph in your stomach and and things don't take a while to break down and that can create bloating because it's the foods that are not it's not activated it's not breaking down fast.

Enough um and also the the p the stomach ph activates the release of your own bile salts so i wouldn't go in the direction of bile salts quite yet i would go betaine hydrochloride which will acidify your stomach and you probably need about five before a meal and it does take some some weeks to.

Really get it corrected but you take that before you eat and then you find that wow oh i have less bloating then we know that's it um let's say you do that for a bit and doesn't quite get resolved i'm thinking potentially.

Potentially it could be sibo which is some bacteria in the small intestine which is creating that but uh that's a rare that's kind of a long shot but the other thing that might help is to take some bile salts or gallbladder formula and an empty stomach.

Because that tends to keep the the bile duct flowing freely but i would only do that after you try one thing at a time and the butane hydrochloride but the bile salts will help open up those but kind of just like allows the the flow of bile to go through the liver and the gallbladder and so there won't be as.

Much bloating and um you'll you'll get better digestion but let's start with the butane hydrochloride okay and and doctor you said take five what's the mgs um it really depends on i mean usually i mean.

I think the one i have is 300 milligrams okay tablet and then it's the digestive formula which i don't even know if i were in stock with that but you could find it some just betaine hydrochloride and just do like 300 milligrams and then do five of those now some people just um if they do two it just does doesn't really create the.

Effect so you want to build up the stomach acid over maybe a period of some weeks and then you're good for a while or permanently so but there's a lot of things that can do dilute our stomach acid and then you end up you know all of a sudden not digesting.

And then your body can then not break things down and you can have histamine reactions and all sorts of issues so that could be why you sneeze is there a blood test i want to go have the whole panel done is there something specific that you might have me do so i can see if there's.

Anything else going on there well you can get a stomach acid test it's a they have the invasive ones and the non-invasive ones the one that i like is you actually swallow a pill on a string it goes down.

Your stomach you lay on your right side you pull it back up and then it can you can tell what's going on with the ph it's more of a functional test than a blood test because you want to know what happens you know in this in the different levels of digestion but.

Doing a blood test is probably not going to give you very much you need probably um you probably do like a stool sample and just look at undigested foods and that would tell you if you have unadjusted protein for example that can give you a clue on you have a problem with um lack of.

Stomach acids okay great thank you so much you're welcome and then out if you try everything and then nothing works then you can check for sibo and go to a gastro duck and they can tell you exactly what to do there's a certain gas sibo small intestinal bacterial.

Overgrowth test in the small intestine right yeah i would watch in your video on that too and i thought maybe that might be a possibility so we'll keep we'll keep plugging away at it and see if we can get it fixed thank you again you're welcome well it's heartbreaking when someone like carrie is willing to do everything.

To be so disciplined and still has trouble for me me for instance six crispy creams no bloating it's just not fair so we wish you know people people uh don't bloat as much with refined foods you know they can get away with the donuts but they they bloat with you know some of these.

More fiber and you know whole foods yeah so yeah well we wish you well i wish i had her discipline okay uh the audience is very disciplined because they've already answered the question which asks what is the emotional symptom of high blood sugar and i think everybody's right to some degree.

87 percent said anxiety or irritability 10 said fatigue or sleepiness and 3 percent say anger anger is correct anger sometimes depression but anger is the symptom that you would get with high sugar wow that's really interesting so 97 of the audience failed the test 3.

Congratulations it's that anger but we're going to give them another shot later on in the show and let's go back steve remember that guy who um we interviewed uh oh i interviewed him here's a guy who um had serious issues this is life not doing too well completely stuck in.

Anger and he decided to take his life so he went he's from australia he went in his room and he was going to starve himself to death so he lays in his bed after the third day of fasting he started feeling better and happier and wow why do i feel so good i don't.

Think i want to do that anymore and it changed his life and he started looking at fasting and that was fascinating so he he's he's lost a lot of weight but it kind of his plan rebounded on on his strategy well i'm delighted that that's what happened to him that's a great story and.

It's true boy you are what you eat in terms of your emotions too at least in my case shayna from facebook how can you tell off to ask question how can you tell when you tap into fat burning mode i just i don't know i assume she's going for keto well one of the best ways to tap into to.

Know is your appetite does your appetite go away especially between meals can you go along for your time without eating that's the best indicator more than weight anything and it just tells me you're burning fat between meals now if you could only go for so many hours.

Then you need to eat we know you're not burning fat you're just running on your sugar up and down up and down so that's uh i think that's the best indicator um to really know even if you're in ketosis and fat burning because that's really the first goal of doing this program wonderful over to youtube lisha says her.

Kidney numbers are dropping dramatically i don't know numbers those are maybe you do what can i do to restore them back to health kidney numbers yeah that's what she said didn't go any further well i kind of need to know what.

Is it uh the filtration rate what what values uh i is it protein so i would need to know more specifics on that but um yeah i have no idea yeah exactly why don't you um uh you know write us a little bit more thorough and we'll kind of look for your.

Questions see if we can't have you fill us in a little bit more so the doctor can answer your question and why don't we go with the second quiz question for today and here it is doc all right so um what would be the emotional symptom of low blood sugar okay so now we're gonna ask this question what do you guys think.

Type in your answers okay dig into it uh audience and let's see why don't we go to someone whose camera is working and that would be janus from pennsylvania and let me unmute you on this side janice and let me look for your wonderful visage here and janice i.

Hope you can hear us you're on the air with dr berg hello i'm so excited to meet you hello thank you for the wonderful videos thank you so here's my question i need to heal a fatty liver.

After um 15 years of prednisone use for rheumatoid arthritis um i've already messed up my metabolism but i need this to work so here's my question as a vegetarian who eats fish and dairy but no meat and i.

Haven't since i was 16 and i'm 66 years old now excuse me and as someone with elevated cholesterol is keto even possible while i eat only fish and is it safe for me given my cholesterol level for anyone with a higher cholesterol level well absolutely because um here's some.

Data that you may not know cholesterol many times especially the the kind that can invade your arteries is converted from carbs it's converted from carbs so if you're doing the fatty fish which i'm glad that you're doing because now we can get our.

Protein and our omega-3 fatty acids um then you're you're going to be fine you then then do the rest vegetables not the grains not the sugar because the liver the fatty liver can be coming from non-fat sources it could be coming from.

Vegan carbohydrates probably more likely and uh so they found that if you do a low carb diet the fat on your liver potentially can reduce to 50 percent in two weeks um and so that's exciting news i would combine the healthy keto with the fish.

And uh do uh intermittent fasting together that'll be your best bet i'd probably add into the mix milk thistle because that's one of the best uh remedies for supporting liver and improving liver enzymes so the cruciferous vegetables are great for the liver so i think i think you can.

Turn this around pretty a to b but it is safe for the liver a high carb diet is not safe for the liver um but um and then watch my videos on on the liver i i think you'll i've watched quite a few of them they're really helpful very helpful so i'm now.

Drinking lemon juice with um in water with apple cider vinegar but also adding um pulverized ginger to that i don't know if that's well i like that that's great that off and on all day yeah all alcohol or wine stopped good good yeah it's uh we want to reverse the the fatty liver so yeah we.

Have to cut that out so two weeks you said yeah but that's just the start you'll you'll see significant changes right when you start doing this once you start dropping the carb um but see here's the thing the fat um.

That the dietary fat you can consume more of that if your carbs are low i'm not talking about vegetable carbs other carbs so there's a lot of false information about cholesterol but in the studies they're it's hard to do a nutritional study on.

Cholesterol because there's so many other variables um so it's hard to isolate in fact on any nutritional element because it's like how do you know that was the thing you know it's really it's really hard but um anyway i think that's what i would do if.

I were you thank you may i ask you a question quickly about dairy um so i read some of dr campbell's china study about dairy he kind of says that dairy can switch on cancer genes so i don't like to rely on it too much i do eat a lot for yogurt.

What do you think about dairy well um the studies that he did were on mice and also he's done some other studies as well but i think casein is not the best protein in the world especially if it's like from cows that you don't even know if.

They've had hormones or not or so you're dealing with a a protein that is a growth hormone i mean think about whey protein too which is another protein and dairy that bodybuilders consume so it has growth potential properties for cancer but if you're doing a moderate amount of.

High quality cheese let's say switzerland cheese that's you know from cows that are really healthy on top of a mountain top and you're doing that in a moderate way i really don't think that's going to be a problem but if you're doing other cheese that's just commercial.

Cheese there's a lot of bad things in cheese i'll tell you right now thank you thank you so much you're welcome good luck janice uh we would love to hear back from you and see if you can uh square all that cholesterol deal away and uh her she talked about grinding up ginger it's a perfect segue to our.

Question from colleen on facebook wants to know what are your thoughts of drying and grinding eggshells to add a smoothie for extra calcium doesn't that make any sense yeah i think um the type of calcium in eggshells uh is is not the best for our bodies it's really good for the.

Plant that can absorb these elemental types of calcium that go into the plant that converts it the plant uses with the help of bacteria uses um like minerals and metals and things like that and so it starts to convert it but our bodies do better with.

Types of minerals that are connected to a protein either plant-based or even an animal so um i would get your calcium probably from some dairy or vegetables i wouldn't grind the eggshells up you might absorb some but it's not the best it's kind of like.

If you take the number one selling vitamin and i won't mention that name they use calcium carbonate as the first ingredient and the whole bottle is really heavy so it's great as a paper weight but i would not ingest it because calcium carbonate it's like chewing on the cement right outside your house so it's not the best source oh goodness.

Okay well let's see uh audience is still on it and the second question was what uh is the emotional symptom let me put it up there for low blood sugar and the audience 85 say grouchiness or irritability 10 say depression or fear and 5 say confusion well high blood sugar anger.

Low blood sugar is anxiety worry uh nervous okay so that would be the i mean you could there's shades of in between but when your blood sugar is low.

You get anxiety and you get nervous you get worried and that's why a little bit of nutritional yeast or b1 just completely clears it up because that really can help you with your blood sugars potassium can help too by the way but b1 is the is the one um that you and then when you get on a healthy keto plan.

Boy does your mood change for the better um it just kind of brings you up makes you more stable um so you're more yourself so a lot of people that are kind of in these emotional bands really just have blood sugar issues up and down up and down.

Go from anxiety to grouchiness you know anger up and down i don't know steve if you know anyone like that but there are people out there like that i know it's hard to believe well dr berg has forced me into those experiments uh he says i want you to eat a cup of sugar and call me in the morning i just feel awful at that point no but i i have.

Slipped before but i really do i joke about it but i'll tell you what dr berg has fixed my what goes on between my ears i'm not so worried about weight though i've lost quite a bit but i just feel so much better intermittent intermittent fasting is my main thing and i just calm down and settle down and don't feel so grumpy so there really is.

Something uh to that um obviously uh and here's something that affects you we appreciate that steve oh absolutely so um carolyn we appreciate her because she's watching from facebook and she and this is probably a question for a lot of ladies because of pcos it's almost impossible to lose my belly and.

Lose skin from my c-section is it possible to lose them without surgery if you fix the cause which is um the androgens are too high and the antigens um are coming because um the ovary is pumping out too it's converting more male hormone and that comes from insulin so if she were to um fix the insulin problem she can.

Fix the androgen problem and her weight problem so that's what she needs to do is reduce insulin and that is the keto keto plan we've been talking about so i would definitely consider it wonderful okay debbie also on facebook wants to know which protein would you recommend for smoothies other than whey.

Protein which you spoke of earlier you can do pea protein you can do pea protein that's a it's a good one um collagen protein um egg protein would be the best the whole egg protein um so yeah that's what i would do.

All right that's terrific i tell you why don't we launch uh the next question uh let's see i think i did that now one two three four sorry folks uh let's start with this one a true falseer all right true or false if i can read that.

Atherosclerosis is a vascular disease okay yes or no audience spin the wheel and it'd be a lot easier to get this right i'm sure with a 50 50 chance uh sue manth from if i said that right from youtube will doing squats improve my growth hormone.

Well if you're doing any exercise with intensity especially the large muscle groups um you are going to spike growth hormone up to like 600 percent so yes yes that will help you and especially if it's like you know don't over train and you get enough sleep so.

These short bursts of high intensity using as many muscles as you can um would be awesome in fact one of the i mean there's different scales of types of exercises right and there's several ways to get there but i mean if you were to do like a full flat out sprint which is hard if your knees are bothering you.

That would give you a tremendous amount of spike and then you also have plowmetrics hopping on different things uh and then i was in the russian um no it's called the hungarian bag swing i was doing that for a while i like to rotate it now i'm really into the sled.

The sled there's a guy um if you saw him on youtube it's called um toes over knees guys incredible incredible exercises for your knees and legs and hips and uh he recommends the sled so of course i bought one what a workout you go backwards you pull the sled you push the sled the best workout and what's cool is that.

It's not like weight bearing on your knees you're kind of going lateral and so it's good for your back um love it and you can get one heck of a workout you work your feet as well they have a lot of different sleds you.

Can buy they're like you're dragging this thing you're putting a weight on it you can do it on your grass you can do it in your basement it's pretty cool well that's wonderful let's see why don't we go to our next guest in the lineup and that would be carolyn and carolyn uh is from the frigid.

Colorado springs and hold on carolyn i want to unmute you and you're on with dr burke thank you steve hey dr berg hi um so my question might be two-fold seven weeks ago i had my gallbladder removed and i'm actually underweight because i got so sick before it got removed and it was actually sudden it wasn't stones it.

Was non-functioning after a virus so i didn't have the typical attacks that you would get so doctors thought it was in my head for so long until they finally did all the functioning tests and unfortunately it had to come out i didn't know how to save it.

And i was so miserable so i am underweight i'm still having trouble i'm seven weeks out i'm having trouble still with healthy fats regular fats getting back to a normal diet um i don't have this might be too much information i don't have diarrhea so that's not that's never been a side.

Effect of mine it's been more constipation before the gallbladder removal now i'm pretty regular since it came out but i'm trying to gain weight trying to do it right i have high cholesterol so you never know that by looking at me apparently i have very bad genes.

Cholesterol numbers hover between 220 and 240 and so i'm trying to find a way i need to get healthy again and i'm trying to find if keto can work for me without a gallbladder and how i can get those fats back in my system because right now i'm still eating low-fat non-fat.

And i need to gain another 10 to 15 pounds well the good news is that you have the perfect symptoms for some bile salts i would do like a gallbladder formula bile salt as well as an additional biocell called the tudk it's called tut cup.

And i would do the two i also have gerd grade level two okay so tutka is a bile salt that you take on an empty stomach take two and then the other one to just take with the meals because the fact that you had constipation in the past tells me that you were.

Deficient in bile and just kind of made made that area of your body weak the virus kind of went in there and did the rest but here's the thing um you're trying to um trying to gain weight right now and part of your digestive digestive system is uh missing.

So you need some help um the gallbladder normally concentrates the bile so then you when you eat it can release the bile to extract the fats right now that's probably not happening to the degree that you needed to so now you just have to give your body some bile to help.

Make things work a little bit better and because even though the liver is producing it it's not going to be concentrated enough so if you take it with food now you can actually absorb the omega-3 fatty acids now you can absorb the fat soluble vitamins.

And the one thing that helps you mobilize cholesterol so it doesn't back up and build up in the blood is bile so that's really what you need that's what you've been missing and so these are all just some kind of like epigenetic effects.

To help someone with the genetic issue that you have so i think um i think that would help and then you probably need a little bit of help with uh with your gerd so i would take some betaine hydrochloride which is a supplement you could just take right.

Before you eat and then take the bile salt after you eat and just play around with the dosage because then when you start eating we keep that valve nice and close so it doesn't back up and then you can actually digest more food which would be a really great thing so um the combination of.

The potato chloride to help your acid and then also the bile salts are what you need and the bile salts without in your gallbladder formula would that be sufficient or would would there be would you recommend different i would use that for the bile salts.

Right after the meal and then i would add i would buy some additional tatka i don't sell that you just have to look that up find that tudka which is a a different type of bile salt on an empty stomach and what that's just going to do it's going to keep keep the bile ducts really flowing.

Nicely so your liver is happy and you're your system is working better and um there's so many miraculous things that happen with tutka and especially even with your cholesterol levels so i think you'll like that okay thank you now i'm on a ppi for my gerd.

I tried to lean off a couple weeks ago post surgery and take apple cider vinegar tried to do that and it made everything inflamed and burning so i don't know if i did it wrong i don't know how to lean so the the problem is you're stuck in a rock and a hard place because you'll feel better temporarily.

Until you eat again so you're gonna have to figure out how you're gonna um slowly transition because we have to acidify you to keep that bowel close but you probably have gastritis you probably have inflammation now from from all this so you you it's going to be a juggle.

Um and you might need a little um chlorophyll and zinc l-carnosine for just to heal the inflammation up in the stomach probably a probiotic i think you're just going to have to juggle things and work on the different parts of your digestion until you can eventually.

Come off that because long term you start removing that well guess what that's going to do it's you're going to you're not going to be able to even produce bile because that's one thing that triggers it is acid so you don't have it so then then the valve can't close and then you might feel like you have too.

Much acid which in fact you have not enough acid but anyway there's this there's a bit more to study up on that topic but it's going to be a juggle you're going to have to play around with these things and do kind of a gradual type thing i would find an alternative doctor that.

An md that you can work with that can help you with this transition because some of the doctors are like no you have to be on this um ppi for the rest of your life and there's nothing else we can do like oh okay thanks great thank you you're welcome and thank you carolyn for a great question and we.

Asked the audience a question or this one was a true false and it asked art uh say that for me doc i got arthritis atherosclerosis thank you it's a vascular disease and uh i bet the audience could uh could pronounce that but here's their answer uh 50 percent say respondents say true 50 say false okay it's false.

Do you know why because you can't get atherosclerosis in your veins and 50 of your um vascular system is in the veins capillaries you never see atherosclerotic plaquing in your veins or capillaries or the small blood vessels it's.

Mainly in the arteries so it's really an artery disease not a vascular disease and i'm going to be doing a video on on why it occurs in the vascular system and not the other and it's going to be interesting so especially since you know you know heart disease is the number one death in the world.

So it might be a good idea just to know a little bit more about it absolutely ben ben wu from youtube would like to know uh if you eat sufficient amounts of leafy greens do you still need supplements of omega-3s especially yeah because you're not going to get.

Very much omega-3 and leafy green vegetables it comes in fish fatty fish you can also get an algae you know um but no you're not going to get a lot of it in you know you get like a pre a pre omega-3 fatty acid and some.

In some greens but it has to be converted and so unless you're doing cod liver oil or fatty fish or sardines um you're not going to get enough omega-3 and that's really a big thing that's missing in a lot of people's diet wow well catherine from youtube wants to.

Know what your thoughts are on bioidentical hormones in this case estrogen and progesterone i would try other means first before you go that route because as soon as you start taking hormones your own gland that makes those hormones now don't that doesn't have to produce the sufficient amounts so now we're kind.

Of creating this complexity where now your glands kind of shut down now they're dependent on it and then how do you know how much to give the person and over time things fluctuate i would i would try to do other things find out why the gland is not producing the hormones in the first place um.

That would be a good question answer and there's also phytoestrogens that you can take which they don't give you more estrogen they help balance your ratios out so there's other things you can do sorry doc i reach for my iced tea uh and now i've got it in my grasp and flower love.

She claims is her name from facebook will monk fruit sweetener in my coffee break of fast what's the best sweetener that you recommend no monk fruit won't um i personally you know it's a little bit uh it has an aftertaste so i won't do that but you can do it not a problem um.

You can do the stevia you you can do erythritol which won't break fast now xylitol is a little bit higher on the glycemic index but it tastes just like sugar that's what i use in my coffee but i don't have much i'll just have one packet in my small little cup of coffee i should show people how big it is i mean it's like.

Tiny so um so that's what i would i would put all right great deal melinda from facebook i've just found out i'm allergic to yeast through blood testing i have to stop taking your nutritional yeast and just take b1 supplements is there anything else.

Is that the same kind of yeast stock well it's rare but you can have a use to any protein and there's protein in yeast so there could be some something there or some sensitivity so i would just find another natural source of b1 which there are out there it's not easy to find but keep looking um.

Because you need those b vitamins um see here's the thing um if you look at natural bees um they normally always use yeast to get their bees and if you look at the back label sometimes like this some companies will have these massive levels of b vitamins from yeast and that's because they fortify them.

With synthetic vitamins so um people don't know that but that's what they do interesting well i love this guy's name i'm going to read his question just uncle deathy so uncle death with a y so we can say something about his um his mood from youtube how can i calm down an outbreak of crohn's disease that's a bad.

One well there's something you're eating that's irritating your colon and so we want to you may you might probably benefit from a carnivore diet at least temporarily because the the vegetables um fiber tend to irritate it not to mention other things too probably if you're doing any wheat.

You should stop that of course glute i don't even need to mention gluten because you probably already know that you know but um yeah there's a lot of things that can irritate the colon and.

You probably want to go on a carnivore for a while okay wonderful and here's our next question doc okay so let's see is it possible to feel no symptoms when you have high blood pressure boy is that a good question audience dig into that because i've had slightly.

Elevated blood pressure and i've never felt anything but i don't have super high so anyway let's see why don't we go to uh our final guest in the green room and that's christina and she's from my old haunt uh irvine california and christine you are on if you've unmuted yourself you're on with dr burke all right hi dr berg thank you so much.

For taking my call hello hi um i just wanted to first thank you so much i found your videos earlier this year and you've made such a difference and i appreciate you just empowering your viewers with knowledge um i felt like i knew kind of the basics but your videos really helped me.

Understand my body and my health and really take more control of it so thank you for that um and i just gave you a little background i stumbled upon your videos because i was um experiencing frequent headaches um pretty much on a weekly basis i tried to roll out as many things as possible and just.

Nothing would work and i was in the cycle of taking tylenol to help with the pain from my headache because i'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen so i've been taking way too much tylenol within my lifetime and stuck on a cycle and it wasn't until your videos that i realized how.

Connected headaches are to the liver and that i was likely just feeding just damaging my liver by taking so much tylenol and then you know it leading to more headaches so um anyways i've focused with your plan um healthy keto and intermittent fasting and really focusing on repairing my liver lots of lemon water um i've.

Haven't had any headaches so thank you so much um it's been three months no tylenol um but to me um so i've been following your plan and everything has been going well i do omad or two meals a day spaced out like about four hours um so i'll have like at least a good 20.

Hours of fasting but i still find that this the sweet tooth snack attack hits and um i do if i do give in i do like um a dark chocolate i'll do berries like a six ounce carton of berries or i'll make like a quick little smoothie with uh like.

Strawberries a little bit of pea protein water just to like give a little bit of that sweetness and i know from your videos you're going to say well you're not really in ketosis christina but i did have lab work done and they confirmed that i had ketones in my urine so.

I don't know if it's a habit if i've just gone my whole life i was previously like a huge like carboholic chocoholic so maybe i'm just out of habit like need a little bit of sweet but i just want to get your take like how often can i do this is it going to um.

Knock me out of ketosis or slow down my progress um and kind of what your thoughts are on my healthy dessert options so so do you have them as a dessert or do you have them between the meals i have them at the very end so if it's if it's my omad it's just at the end if it's my two meals it'll be at the end of.

My dinner wow well so um and then the the chocolate is it um keto friendly or just regular chocolate keto friendly because i realize dark chocolate often has sugar in it so i'll do like a lily's chocolate they'll do um i'm not i think they use us dv sweetened um.

So i know there are some carbs in it but no added sugar you know i think i think that you're probably within the normal guidelines of keto i think that's why your ketones are showing up because your carbs probably are not higher despite berries or the uh the sweetened chocolate so you might be.

Okay the the the good the thing that i would do if i would get a little glucose test to just look at where your glucose is because if you have a history of liver damage which probably you do and bad insulin resistance you might your liver might be making making sugar behind your back creating these little.

Cravings and so in that case if you checked your blood sugar there's something called a dawn phenomena which you wake up with blood sugar that's a little bit higher that would be interesting that would be really interesting if it's like close to 100 or more than 100 then you know okay.

I need to work on my liver a little bit more and then you take sting no milk thistle that's a really good one and i think i've talked about this as well nac is a good one and um and then periodic prolonged fasting so maybe once every two weeks you do you go.

Two days without eating i mean that would really help your liver if you could do it and then it's gonna take some time i think um to fully get to the point where your your liver is back to normal it takes like three years actually so just just.

Realize that and just keep working on it but i think i if you check your blood sugars if you are like 80 like right around 80 or less you know check it periodically i think you might be okay by doing these berries and the chocolate and uh um i think.

You're probably within the guidelines so i i thought you were gonna consume these between the mail but you're not so that's good so i think you're you're doing great thank you dr berg i appreciate your time you're welcome well thanks and christina you didn't even brag about the beautiful weather that greets you every day there.

In southern california i do meet that so that's really cool and thanks for joining us on the dr burke show and please do like we ask everyone that joins in the green room to let us know after some period of time how you're doing because dr burke really cares and uh steve steve i used to live in san diego now i.

Um you know i live in uh virginia and i tell you that winter every year you got to go through that winter it's like oh here we go another just kind of go through this it's in fact it's going to snow snow tonight steve can you believe that so it's like i'm done with this this.

Weather i'm ready for spring and summer how about you i sure am and i lived well as i said in orange county and i would always fly back east because all my relatives were in the east for christmas and of course it's kind of nice because sometimes there's snow in this sprinkle you know the sparkling lights but when i would fly.

Back into john wayne orange county airport get out and the palm fronds were sort of clacking together in the santa ana winds i said this is home this is the place to be you can keep your lousy snow and your chains and your salt and all that junk so it really is hard to beat understood steve.

All right let's get back to work here uh and uh here's our fourth question is it possible to feel no symptoms with high blood pressure and our audience roll the dice on a hundred percent saying yes it is yeah it is in fact in fact when the heart becomes weak it starts to work harder because it doesn't.

It's not able to put the output is not be able to uh you're not able to put the blood flow out like a pump because it's a muscle that produces like a little pump and so now the body has to compensate and so it compensates by increasing the pressure and the retention of sodium and this is why we have high blood pressure as one of the.

Cause so here you are you have high blood pressure because of it but guess what now we have because of the compensation we get more blood flow to the tissue and you're feeling great you feel no symptoms.

But you have high blood pressure then you take a pill to lower the blood pressure guess what's going to happen you're going to start seeing those symptoms again dizziness lightheadedness being like oh my gosh i'm getting side effects from the medication yes and your heart is working harder.

So um if i'm not mistaken i may have released that video today if not i'll release it tomorrow but uh it there's some interesting information about how the body compensates and you have to understand that these symptoms you should understand them instead of treat them.

Well that sounds very wise a doctor and let's see michelle wants your wisdom on facebook she's nine weeks past an open compound tibia amphibia fracture ouch what's the best way to promote bone growth in healing i'd definitely get on a really good supplement that has the trace minerals.

Of course with the high quality available calcium and vitamin d and k2 which will make your bones really solid uh but the trace minerals are going to be key too because um calcium is not just about bone you need boron selenium uh zinc a lot of factors uh so.

Um and then of course i would do a good amount of fasting um that's gonna help strengthen and help you heal um and also a good amount of vitamin c from the leafy greens the best source of vitamin c steve would be sauerkraut.

So anyone also who has digestive problems should be consuming sauerkraut it's just such a great thing to so it has the cabbage it's fermented and it will help your digestion and even if you have gastritis apparently you can do sauerkraut out of all the vegetables cabbage is the best vegetable for that.

Wonderful jimmy from facebook boy a lot of people have faced this in their family what's the best diet for someone with dementia well let me let me let's see if i can remember that if i could if my memory i'm being sarcastic now you need to do healthy keto and intermittent fasting as.

The most important thing for dementia because this is all about the brain and the brain needs ketones if you feed the brain ketones it bypasses this dysfunctional glucose problem with the synapses and the nerves and your brain will start to work better.

So um and i would also in addition to being being on the ketogenic plan i would also take ketones and this is like one time i would recommend taking ketones exogenous ketones as a supplement is when you have dementia or alzheimer's or even parkinson's or any brain problem.

Well that's hopeful uh and here's our final question of the day doc all right let's see here um out of all 95 nutrients which nutrient deficiency is most involved in diabetes well you gotta sort through all 95. all right good luck uh audience and by the way uh for our audience around the world.

Uh why don't you talk a little bit about the uh product availability internationally it's getting better i think well i'm always we have different channels different um different languages in russian we're in taiwanese which is actually chinese and also arabic channel we have.

Germany we have german we have french spanish and so for those of you that can't get products because the shipping is crazy expensive there's some other links that you can buy the products so i think we're going to put those down below and we're constantly working on that to.

Make these products available and just as a side note on products in general just to let you know you know when you buy a product even even companies that sell products like it's a lot of times they don't even know where the source of those ingredients are so i am working.

Aggressively on putting that source on our website so people can see that we're going quality and we're uh not trying to get the cheapest thing from china whatever we want something that's extremely real and that's grown in soils.

That is fertile and that has all the trace minerals it makes a huge difference there's an amazing book steve i have to share with you i don't know if i showed this last week but it's called um it's my book of the week can you see that soil.

Grass and cancer this is my amazing book unfortunately it was 250 250 dollars i couldn't find a used one and i wasn't going to buy it until it haunted me because i was thinking what i was like it must be good if it's that expensive and why isn't there any used books and.

So i finally got it and it it's an incredible researcher from france that did a deep dive and found these huge relationships between lack of trace minerals in the soil and what it does to the plant and the animal and i'm telling you our health comes from the soil.

And so the fertility of the soil is what i'm interested in so we're doing research now my own greenhouse as well as growing tomatoes i hooked up with a a huge organization that can start testing uh all the phytonutrients and so i'll be talking about that and then we can.

Share this with everyone else so they should start growing their own gardens and their food if possible uh so there's some really cool things coming down in the in the pipeline that's just wonderful and we were so efficient and so was our audience that we were able to get to all five questions and the last one asked out of.

All 95 nutrients which nutrient deficiency is involved in diabetes the audience came back 45 percent of them with zinc is deficient 30 say chromium is deficient and 10 say b1 and 10 say magnesium and 5 say potassium thank you for that thorough study uh terry what do you say.

Doc well it's saddening steve to that uh that this tells me that only five percent of the people on social media watched my recent video that i talked about this and i revealed this it's potassium you need potassium for for diabetes it's the most important nutrient so now i know.

Uh who's watching my videos and who's not so i think you guys need to step it up start watching more videos and get these get this information so um you can stay healthy oh audience 95 of you fell short of the answer that's all right just encourage you to study more of dr berg's videos and let's see we've.

Got a few minutes left why don't we go to another question because again we love our social media attendees hans gu from youtube has lost 30 um kilograms that's great on keto and iaf and very grateful for all your videos but now a sad result from that is he has a lot.

Of loose skin around his stomach what can hans do well um the the the skin is the an organ it's one it's the largest organ of the body and so what you want to do is you want to start doing a combination of a lot more exercise and also.

A lot more periodic prolonged fasting very important to start to create this condition of autophagy an autophagy is the recycling of old damaged proteins as in skin tissue to start to bring this thing back you know and if if you were 700 pounds like we had one gentleman and they had lost.

And he went down to 200 pounds and you're going to have extra skin i'm sorry you're going to have extra skin you're probably going to have to have surgery but i don't know if that's going to come back but if it's a moderate or minor amount i think you can do something about it it just does it does take some time.

That's great well doc speaking of time listen everyone i really appreciate your questions you guys were amazing and um thank you for at least the five percent that are watching my videos stay tuned for more um content that i think you're gonna like this come up coming next week and i'll see you on friday have a good one.

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