The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 10, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 10, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 10, 2023

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thank you welcome back everyone we're here for another show hope you guys have some good questions like always anything that I say is definitely not meant to cross the line and provide any medical care just check with your doctor before implementing any of the things that.

We're going to talk about this is just food for thought and things to potentially research in a further way all right Steve good morning very good let's kick it off with my let everyone get the big laugh in my contacts gave me an eye infection and the only readers I have are my wife Lori so let's get that out of the way first I'm ashamed of it.

Okay I'll go back to a full shot of you and uh let's go back speaking of not curing anyone to last week one that we didn't get time to this is devoree from YouTube I Follow Dr Burke's recommendations of a leafy greens in my diet and a balanced routine of food-based supplements and it's helped my sickle cell anemia immensely thanks.

Doc so that's not doc trying to help anybody that is feedback from the field and there's a heck of a lot of you know of course African Americans mainly that suffer from Sickle Cell so we're very glad to hear that there is some relief out there somewhere why don't we kick it off with our first question today uh and there it is.

All right so what is the best Trace mineral to help regulate too much estrogen in the body like estrogen dominance that's a condition where you have maybe heavier periods maybe you have um cysts in the breast maybe you have heavy weight in the midsection thighs buttocks area um what would be the best Trace mineral.

Remedy for that okay get on it uh audience and I know you will let's go to social media this time from YouTube uh ritva from YouTube My ketones are at 4.0 is that considered too high I fast 18 20 as her routine per day and she says thank you you're welcome no they're not too high at all um and in fact um.

You know you have uh you know when it gets up to like 9 10 you know that's the problem but uh you you won't be able to do that unless you're a diabetic and you forget to take your insulin um but if you you know typically an average person would be between you know 0.5 and 3. but then what.

Happens when you start adding fasting you can go up to four uh when you say exercise Echoes up to five um maybe six but um it's probably not going to go higher than that but if it does you know um you'd have to be a diabetic type one okay and forgetting to take your insulin.

And um that's very very rare and um most people um can control their blood sugars with their medication if they're a type 1 diabetic okay very good and next up from also YouTube is jelly mom which might suggest something about her diet uh how do you manage gerd symptoms without ppis.

If you don't have a gallbladder you know gerds symptoms right so gerd is uh there's a lot of different names for GERD you have reflex laryngitis extra pharyngeal reflux disorder like there's like probably about 20 or 30 different names for the same thing acid.

It's basically acid reflux and the problem is the valve is not closing it's not closing and the acid is coming up so it's not really a problem with acid it's a problem with the valve and that valve has a sensor to the level of pH in that stomach the hydrochloric acid so what you need to do is you need to.

Acidify more so that valve will close as a normal response to acid and so I would recommend taking uh betaine hydrochloride start with maybe three before a meal and start to increase it a little bit more each day until you're until the acid reflux goes away and you might go up to nine or even 10 before a meal and then you're going to maintain.

That for a period of time until you it could take you know depending on how long a spender could take some weeks but here's the thing um most people take an antacid and get rid of the acid and they feel better until the next time they eat and it's worse because you're.

Removing the very thing that's supposed to keep that valve closed and that that acid that stomach controls the release of bile so now we've got a gallbladder issue the release of enzymes from the pancreas I mean it's just so so key so stay stay tuned for more videos but I have a lot of videos on HCL hydrochloric acid and.

Gerd you should check them out all right very good in a few minutes we're going to have someone in a green room Daniel is coming to us from Palestine but in the meantime let's talk about who else is listening Bethlehem actually see a good morning to all of us viewers joining us today from the UK Canada Mexico Lithuania Australia Dubai.

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Serbia Scotland turkey Finland Bangladesh the Dominican Republic Spain Switzerland Portugal Aruba Romania Cuba Sri Lanka Nepal Slovenia Colombia Malta Yemen Eritrea Eritrea thank you for that phonetic spelling Terry is always Denmark Jamaica and Qatar Syria Uganda and all across these United States and I guarantee you Terry our.

Producers fingers are red and bulging after typing all in and so thank you for your selfless acclair Terry every week to help us keep up with all that are in here and let's see we're waiting for an answer from our question in the meantime let's go back to uh social media Lori from YouTube is um.

Oh kachaba okay on the keto diet cachaba is that better spell am I saying that right I guess so you know uh I think it is but you just have to read read the ingredients to make sure there's no hidden anything like maltodextrin tapioca you know things like that uh corn fiber which is a soluble fiber which is a new.

Functional synthetic fiber that they use um it doesn't resemble corn um so it really you know you just read the ingredients and see if everything is acceptable but um I I haven't read the ingredients on this so I I couldn't tell you okay very good Patsy thank you doc Patsy from Facebook will lemon water or apple cider vinegar break a fast I am on.

Omad and down get this 75 pounds wow um no it's not going to break a fast um I wouldn't worry about it um the video that I released today I think is pretty interesting um it has to do with uh the apple cider vinegar actually turns right into a ketone it can be used.

As fuel so if you want more energy you should just add more apple cider vinegar to your water I I um recently forgot to take it for a few days and then I realized why am I a little bit kind of sluggish and I'm like oh that's right so I started shaking again and energy start coming right back up so I'll take it in the morning and then.

Afternoon but one or two tablespoons and some water gives you more energy because it turns in the ketones which is interesting that's it's like you wouldn't think it does that but it does acetic acid actually is considered a ketone um fascinating an acquired taste it's actually it's going to turn into a.

Ketone sorry very good okay as promised we've got the Daniel up next uh calling in from uh the Middle East and less than Daniel you sir are on with Dr Berg with your one question that you're going to belt out in 30 seconds go go ahead sir good morning I am on.

I am on a water fast and just waiting for your question like that for the last 17 days I was wondering what's your best advices for that and uh problem I can't hear a bad breath and um very safe to go for a 40-day water fast and it is only water water fast okay now Daniel stand by just.

A minute I'm not sure that Dr Berg was able to hear your comments so Dr Burr could you hear any of that no I couldn't okay he wants to know if it's safe to go on a 40-day water fast um which really sums up his question as long as you have enough fat in your body to do it and um and also you're taking nutrition along the way B.

Vitamins electrolytes the vitamin D um omega-3 fatty acids and the trace minerals um and then make sure that you know how to come off that diet because um it's one of the best things to do if you have cancer but 40 day fast is pretty intense and then of course.

You're going to lose some serious weight but the point is that I think um it's therapeutic in some cases and definitely cancer is one of them so if I had a um a stage four cancer that was spreading I would go a million to 40 days fast starting today I would do that and uh.

Um there's a lot of power in what that fast can do to the immune system turning on certain um things to kill off cancer cells um so that's it has some good valid um reasons to do it so that's my answer okay Dale Daniel for some reason uh Dr.

Burke couldn't hear you but we'd sure love to hear back from you after a 40-day fast and see how you did that's a fascinating process certainly and a healthy one I think and I'm sure you're doing it for uh you know uh reasons of your own perhaps Faith Etc so that's really neat so get back with us if you would and let us know because we want to.

Hear back from you thanks for joining us on that now we had our first quiz question out uh which asked excuse me let me flip the switch yeah got so many buttons audience what is the best Trace mineral to help regulate too much estrogen in the body estrogen dominance and the audience feels or 50 of them let's say it's zinc 30 say it's selenium.

And 20 say it's magnesium any winners Dot okay well do we don't have winners today um but uh maybe maybe next time but it's uh iodine iodine has the ability to regulate estrogen and um seek help right think seek help with iodine um there's some real interesting.

Information I want to share with you on an upcoming video about iodine but iodine uh it's one of the best things to handle like fibrocystic breast it's great of course for a hypothyroid case even if you have Hashimoto's but just if you have Hashimoto's you don't want to take a lot of it just take.

Sufficient amounts but selenium is more for that but um yeah estrogen dominant you'll see that like you're having period and and other symptoms that are related to estrogen dominance improve when you take more iodine that's interesting I'm looking for the question but there was someone who.

Talked about having a fibrocystic breast so perhaps you just helped answer their question yeah and there's some other jealous listeners out there who weren't mentioned and they wanted to chime in and they are from Malaysia Guam Kenya Abu Dhabi Kuwait Ghana United Arab Emirates Albania uh Bavaria and Hungary and we do have someone for Hungry coming.

Up a little later so thank you all for chiming in uh with that why don't we pop up the next question of the day and this is not a true falser so okay good which vitamin deficiency is usually behind sciatic pain sciatica pain okay now audience batting zero so far oh audience anyway here's your time to redeem yourself.

With that next question and let's go back to uh social media oh no uh let's see yes social media uh Tina from YouTube my daughter has the debilitating pain and very heavy menstrual cycles every month I had the same thing when I was younger and had to undergo a hysterectomy at 30. my daughter is now 30. uh is there any hope.

Or an alternative solution for that agony hey that relates to the last question doesn't it it's the iodine um also um another thing that you could take uh is um a little bit of calcium magnesium right.

During the period because think about it if you have these heavy cramps we have a muscle spasm right so take electrolytes like especially magnesium and calcium that would be a good thing to take at that point um I'd probably recommend maybe before you go to bed that's a good time to take it.

Um so there's other things as well um that I've gotten good success with uh from standard processors a product called eutrophin PMG that seems to be very effective for the um menstrual cycle cramps and happy periods but I would definitely do the iodine and in the form of seek help okay seek help.

It's a good form a source of iodine and other trace minerals all right very good we've got a couple of folks whose camera cameras weren't working and one of them is uh Irene from the UK Irene are you on with us I am it's Arlene Arlene pardon me there's those readers that I have they're not working well can you hear.

Her Dr Burke yes perfectly very good go ahead with your question Arlene from the UK okay thanks Dr Berg my husband and I do about 18 to 20 hour keto intermittent fasting every day occasionally we do a 42 hour sort of every second month how often would you recommend that we do a 40 248 or longer fast.

Um I think it's great that you're doing it um doing it um if you did it once from once a month I think I think you'd see a really good benefit so I like the idea of like a a weekly um you know maybe you know I think you you.

I'm not sure if you said you're doing one meal a day well I don't think you are right I like consistently uh well we kind of eat over a full four hour period and okay okay in the day yeah I like that I think that's great and then if you did like um 48 hour fast let's say once a month I think that would be awesome and uh that.

Way you get the benefit of you know if there's anything going on in the body whether it's a polyp or let's say there's um some pre-cancer cells or or there's um you know um something going on with the immune system uh periodic.

Prolonged fasting 48 or even better yet 72 if you can do it would be highly beneficial to your body thank you very much you're great by the way thanks that's wonderful so are you Arlene we're glad to hear you uh with such great success and I also would love to see you hear what you're when you go to once a month perhaps let the audience.

Know how that goes for it because that's a oft asked and excuse me question of how often you can fast at that link so uh we have a very fast audience of course who's already answered quiz question number two and that question was which vitamin deficiency usually behind sciatica pain and the audience feels seventy percent of them say it's.

B12 15 say uh a D vitamin or a d excuse me a D vitamin and 15 say B1 well I think we have a um much better audience response this time because it's actually there's three uh B vitamins involved um but it could be one of these three and they're all B vitamins B1 B12 okay which is really commonly known.

Um to actually if you're deficient to create nerve damage because the myelin sheath around the nerve can be destroyed but you also have another vitamin which is a B6 B6 B6 um has everything to do with the metabolism of uh myelin and um so if you can.

Um make sure that you um watch my upcoming video on satica and carpal tunnel syndrome you can kind of learn like when you would want to take B6 or B1 or B12 or all three of them but um boy if you have sciatica or even carpal tunnel syndrome those are three that you can be rest assured that would greatly reduce the pain now one caveat.

To this when you take B6 pyridoxine I don't ever recommend taking that that version I would recommend taking another version which you could find on the label it's uh it's p5p it's just a it's the active version of B6 that actually will um work better because and you'll see in this video if you take.

Large amounts of this uh regular B6 paroxetine it can actually create a deficiency of B6 because it's competitive to the active form so um and unfortunately most of the supplements out there that are multivitamins contain this version of B6 that could create a problem for a lot of people and so you know the very solution.

You're trying to to remedy is going to be causing the problem you're trying to remedy so um stay tuned for that video especially if you have sciatica very good okay let's see a beta tester from YouTube is the name they were born with what should I eat if there are no pasture-raised eggs.

Available where I live organic eggs can you do organic eggs that would be a step up um but honestly if you if you have a choice between no eggs and conventional eggs at least you're going to get um you know something's better than nothing.

You're going to get some good good protein from that egg um there's a big difference in quality of course but um organic eggs would be the next best thing but I like to do pasture-raised and organic if you can find them they're more expensive but I think they're worth it and if you could even take to the next level like I'm.

Doing you can raise your own chickens then these chickens uh it's not that expensive they don't eat very much and hopefully they can eat some bugs around your yard but boy do those chicken eggs taste good and um these egg these chickens just keep producing and producing all year round I mean I don't even know what we're gonna.

Do with these eggs I think we it's like nine eggs a day what are we gonna do with all these eggs every single day they load up and um so it's a good protein Source very good okay speaking of iodine if your thyroid has been removed do you still need iodine well iodine works for a lot of other things okay it works for a lot of things.

That go Way Beyond the thyroid like I said estrogen control okay um but also it helps um with as an antimicrobial it helps even lower cortisol which is interesting so it can do a lot for you but if you have your thyroid removed.

Um one little tip on that I would try to find a doc that can work with you to get armor thyroid which is a more of a it's like a whole package of hormones not just Synthroid which is T4 the synthetic version but all the different you know thyroid you know if you the thyroid doesn't Just Produce T4 it produces a little bit of a T3 it also produces um.

Uh calcitonin which is another hormone and um so that would be something you should look into very good doc you may have noticed your battery died so I have put up our cheerful oh rendering of view um but let's see so audience if you'll stand by just a.

Moment no problem because what I can do is I have a backup battery so I already predicted that we can replace that and uh very good the doctor is going to auxiliary power please stand by all right here we go let's see if that works very close drum roll please boy that you.

Are prepared doctor he is back with us okay I see I knew that was going to happen sooner or later yep well here's what's going to happen next is we're going to go on with the next question not a true false or it's going to require some real research there you go doc all right let me just um take off this.

Little square thing okay all right there we go all right so here we go which is worse consuming Sugar by itself or consuming sugar and protein or sugar and fat that's very interesting all right climb on it audience as we know you will and let's see let's go back to social media uh.

Here's a tour probably from Ireland wants to know if Irish sea moss would be the best and cheapest way to get your daily allotment of minerals Irish sea moss it's not a bad idea it is not a bad idea I think you could get a lot of good trace minerals and regular minerals from um that's type of seaweed.

Um or sea kelp you know CMOS anything anything from the sea the problem with iodine is that they don't the farmers don't put it back in the soil so unless you're consuming something from the coastal lands or from the sea chances are you're not going to have a lot of iodine and you know I mean just about I don't know two billion people on the.

Planet are deficient in iodine so you know that's a that's a big that's a lot of people that's a good percentage so chances are you may be deficient so um how do you solve that seek help CMOS seaweed or shellfish or you know fish from the ocean very good okay marhawk more Hoxie from.

YouTube why are my kidneys so sensitive while on keto do we need to drink more water when we experience kidney stress he didn't describe what's going on with his kidneys but they're stressful yeah I'm missing a lot of information when you say tender it could be also not your kidneys it could be just like your gut which could be you know you can have.

Some inflammation in your gut because of the fiber that you're now eating a lot of so in that case you do carnivore but I mean if it really is kidneys I mean are you doing the healthy version of Keto are you um you know maybe you're doing almonds and chocolate it's all keto or spinach where you're getting a lot of oxlets in which case you need to.

Be drinking a lot more water or don't eat those oxalate Foods because oxalates um are a problem okay for kidney stones and even like what's called pseudogout which can actually aggravate your joints and even other joints too and so there are things that um on keto that are high in oxalates.

Chocolate almonds spinach of course rhubarb pie right um kiwi so these are all things that you need to be aware of and definitely if you're if a problem if you have a problem with oxalates you need to make watch my videos on that make adjustments because oxalates.

Can really destroy the kidney itself so just an FYI I don't want to destroy those things okay you got two Petra from YouTube I have Steve one little one little tip on the oxlets uh just so happens that vitamin B6 helps to reduce oxalates too so that's just a little extra no charge tip on.

That bonus for the audience that's great I found that question I was looking for it's from Petra from YouTube and you mentioned this I have a fibrocystic breast I would like to know what I can do to help resolve I also have a lot of pain throughout my body she doesn't talk anymore about that what do you think doc it just is so simple this is a.

No-brainer um you just take a little C cup on a regular basis it just means you're low on iodine and so the estrogen gets out of control um I mean I don't even think you know actually you have to realize too estrogen is um all all over the place it's in our environment as uh chemicals that mimic.

Estrogen and um also if your thyroid is on the hypo side you um you know because of lack of iodine uh you're you're not going to be able to metabolize your cholesterol is basically you're not going to metabolize cholesterol too well so you can't really make make things.

From cholesterol anymore like bile and vitamin D so here you are unknowingly having a thyroid problem because you're deficient iodine and your cholesterol is high and you're not making a bile it's the perfect storm for a gallstone or a gall sludge which then can cause pain underneath your rib cage to refer to the.

Right shoulder and also bile is necessary to help to detoxify estrogen so is iodine in your liver so we get this buildup of estrogen we have which can then indirectly affect your thyroid so you can see all these things are connected so I will release the video on this soon but um.

Very I mean I'm telling you the the Cascade of problems that occur from a lack of iodine are huge wow okay Lynn from Facebook I need to take evening supplements and progesterone I don't want to drink a whole glass of water before bed but eating anything to push the pills down will break a fast any suggestions for.

Lynn you can break them up you know maybe you could eat something that um doesn't increase or break the keto um too bad and that would be like a little maybe a little celery or a little vegetable or maybe even um MCT oil you know as something to take.

Um but the the two things that don't really stimulate insulin that much would be fiber and fat so those are two options um versus the car other carbs and protein all right very good well our third question which is worse consuming Sugar.

By itself or consuming Sugar Plus protein and or fat that sounds delicious doc um let's see the audience uh 90 say its worst choice is sugar with protein or fat also known as ice cream cherry puts and ten percent say it's plain sugar who's right yeah um you'd be much better off consuming.

Pure sugar than combined with protein or fat why because when you combine it with sugar sugar with protein or fat you get this thing called glycation glycation and glycation is basically this it causes the protein and the fat to um to bind in a certain way in your tissues that make things get destroyed like even when you uh do what's called an A1c.

Um there's a destruction of the hemoglobin in your blood and so when you are consuming things like uh fat and sugar like in a donut for example deep fried um or even barbecued ribs with all that sugar and that meat that's cooked under heat you're consuming what's called.

Advanced glycation end products which are basically some pretty nasty things that can do some bad things to your body and um make you very unhealthy so again if if somehow Steve you're in a situation where you're forced to consume sugar and you have this option of only consuming sugar it's happened that would be a.

Better option all right very good now uh here's something that affects roughly half the world's population Bernadette speaking about it from Facebook what if you're post-menopausal and have no estrogen I need to increase the estrogen intake don't I question Well normally during menopause you have.

A backup organ that makes estrogen progesterone and all the other hormones that the ovaries were supposed to make but they went in retirement and um that's called the adrenal glands so you don't really need the same amount of hormones but you need the normal amount that your adrenal produces and so the goal of menopause is.

To definitely support the adrenals as much as you can and how do you do that well DHEA is a good raw material that you can take just to build up the precursor for these hormones and also make sure you don't go on a low cholesterol diet because um if you're on a Statin or you're taking low.

Um like you're on low fats you have to realize that cholesterol is the raw material to help you build up these sex hormones and so you're going to end up suffering and having a lot of problems with that so the other last remedy that is really good um for post-menopausal women would be the vitamin E in the form of tocotrenals.

Simply because the great majority of vitamin E in your body is stored in the pituitary and the pituitary regulates the not just the adrenals but the ovary as well so that would be some tips that you can apply very good Stephanie from Texas are you with us yes I am I'm here very good well guess.

What it's your turn to talk to Dr Berg about your fascinating question one question of course out in 30 seconds would be helpful go okay when I was 30 I had a hysterectomy as mentioned earlier it was a full-blown one they took both ovaries uterus fallopians cervix all of it out and the doctor prescribed me estradiol because.

He said that if I don't take estrogens that by the time I'm 55 my bones my skin and my joints will be that of an 80 year old and so I'm 37 now um I had another doctor tell me that I don't need to take the estrogen and so I'm just confused as to whether do I need to take it do I not need to take it I've read a lot in the keto world that.

Estrogen is a fat producing hormone so is there other things that I could eat like the sea kilt like you had mentioned to I don't know I I just do I need to should I take it or not at my age of 37. yeah good question I I can't tell you one way or another because I'm you know I'm not a medical doctor however I would give you some tips to to do some further.

Research first of all try to find a naturopathic doctor who knows about you know testing testing these hormones to see where you're at because like I said before like the adrenals are the backup so if you remove the uterus and the ovaries well definitely the adrenals are going to be like in a State of Shock so you want to support the adrenal because.

That can actually give you the replacement of the estrogen that the ovaries are not are no longer giving you that being said um I I really honestly do not think uh estradiol is the the best option for that simple simply because okay so it might give you some uh estradiol but then what about the risk the risks.

Um that come with that you know cancer risks things like that so there's always some problems with um taking this estrogen replacement therapy I mean just look it up but just write down the list it's just like wow not good um so um the last point I'm going to bring up.

Would be um there is two remedies that I used to recommend for patients who had a hysterectomy floor hysterectomy in practice from Standard Process um eutrophin PMG and over trophin PMG both of those um actually you'd probably feel a lot better when you take them just take one of each right before bed.

Because they tend to um replace kind of what's missing to a certain degree not hormone wise but glandular wise so you might want to try that as well but um but I think I would focus more on your adrenals right now more than anything else.

Could you say the names one more time sorry yeah eutrophin PMG and ovitrophin PMG all right Stephanie go get them uh and speaking of going and getting them our audience fell flat on the first question but then they did brilliantly on the next two and this one's a true falcer so you have a 50 chance of being.

Brilliant and here it is okay true or false having a wrinkle or a crease on your earlobe is a is a good indicator of the prediction of cardiovascular disease is that true or false everyone's running to the bathroom to check I'm sure.

I'm not uh able to do that yet but I'll certainly do it after the show okay let's see why don't we go back to social media uh Stephanie from Facebook please share your advice for pulmonary hypertension herbs supplements what would you do with that conditions thanks well there's three things I would do if you're not already doing them definitely.

Get on the ketogenic diet which will get you off some of the carbs because the carbs tend to create stiffness in the vascular system all throughout the entire body um the other thing I would do is I would take um more potassium and eat foods high in potassium.

That would be the second thing and the third thing would be vitamin D vitamin D deficiencies have been known to increase hypertension in different forms of hypertension so um those are the three things that I would do if I were you um.

But definitely research them and of course check with your doctor before coming off any medication absolutely okay back to Youtube Jenna asks is ferrous glutinate a good way to address low iron levels in a woman I guess you know I think there's a much better way and and it comes from food consuming red.

Meat or liver or even taking organic grass-fed liver and pills would be a really good source of supporting an iron deficiency because you'll get the type of iron that's very absorbable in the body versus a supplement which you know it's not the best bioavailable form of iron.

And so um I think I would get it from a food-based thing and so and that should solve a lot of your problems okay very good uh we have someone who's been on before Dora and she's from Hungary and she's about to unmute herself and now she's on with Dr Berg go ahead Dora with your one question please.

Thank you yes perfectly okay hello so basically my question is I have a low thyroid level and I have been taking medicine called athroxine for five years because it was very very bad but my real body problem started when I was about eight years old and I started with this.

Excessive yawning and cannot get best feeling and also digestion problem and bloating and gas everything and now at that moment I have these symptoms and also I have this a smaller gallblador polyp and also I have a bit high cholesterol and I also have this uh what is it a when I eat something I feel something reflux or something and my.

Question is that um I watched a lot of your videos and it's very very good and I started to Kettle for keto diet and fasting for two months ago and it's it's a it's very good and I also take many of your supplements uh but my question is that this excessive yawning cannot get breastfeeding will just be handled during I do the keto.

Diet or what should I take and the other question how should I stop the astroxy into medicine and replace with something healthy supplements so this is my breakfast okay question one question are you taking any c-calp or iodine right now c-cap your c-cap okay I think this and yeah I think also this and many others so it's very very good and it.

Saved my life but I need yeah more suggestion so as far as the getting off the medication of course I'm not the person to ask that question you have to make a transition with some help from another doctor to make a transition because there's always this slow transition um but um I will say this that the uh if.

You're taking CCAP the iodine is going to support the thyroid now if there's Hashimoto's involved c-cap also has selenium um so that is going to help you because now what's going to happen you have better thyroid function which is going to help better cholesterol function more bile better digestion I'm.

Telling you if you have if you have high cholesterol or you have digestive issues and you don't fix the thyroid and then you get your blood tests and and they start treating the cholesterol but not the real cause which is a slow thyroid oh my gosh you just keep going around and around and around um but I think you're on the right track.

There's one more thing I would recommend that is very effective to help um from the pituitary angle uh the control over your thyroid and that is something called myo and nasitol type of B vitamin it's really good for a lot of things but it's it's good for um helping you control that thyroid stimulating hormone which is usually.

Um high if you have a hypothyroid yeah yeah so that's that's what I would recommend and probably that lump in the throat could be just maybe a little internal swelling of the thyroid on the esophagus possibly that's great all right well listen thank you so much Adora we appreciate it uh and really.

Nice to have you back representing Hungary so well uh let's see we will now oh wait a minute Dora let me ask you a question did you have one more thought I heard you trying to say something go ahead yeah so because this active yawning gun cannot breastfeeding I have this whole of my life and it's very bad and this is uh my main problem.

Basically but I want to handle and this will be handled during the keto diet or what do you suggest for that I I I I don't know but I I will say um there could be a couple reasons for this yawning okay um but I go beyond just being tired which I that doesn't sound like you're very tired but.

Um the that can also occur if your pH is off so um what might be interesting is just to experiment like take a day and just start consuming apple cider vinegar through the day and see if that improves your yawning and then the next day take a little baking.

Soda with water maybe a little like an eighth of a teaspoon in water take it a few times a day and see which improves your yawning and that that'll kind of indirectly give you an idea is it are you too alkaline or are you too acid um both versions can affect your breathing and oxygen levels so um.

Like for example if you're more acidic you know this could be yawning or maybe a sign frequently type situation a gasp for breath that looks kind of like a yawning situation but if you have alkalinity you can also have a different type of breathing which could affect that so that's one little tip but um but I will um I would suggest just.

Instead of focusing on that symptom just focus on what you're doing like getting getting your diet corrected handling the thyroid and then see if that doesn't just go away because these things are all connected that's great well thank you uh Dora as always for participating all right doc now question number four which I'm sure.

Everyone looked into true false having a wrinkle or crease on your earlobe is a good prediction of cardiovascular disease how horrible let's see the audience um 60 of respondents say it's true and 40 percent say it's nonsense no they actually said it was false it's actually true there's a pretty high.

Correlation like 71 of the time this is related to cardiovascular problems and the reason is because if you think about it when you have a clogged artery you start to generate um a lot of collateral circulation these are additional arteries and veins and stuff like that but chronic.

Cardiovascular problems um decrease the amount of collateral circulation in your body as well so you have these collateral uh blood vessels in the ear too and so you'll see a loss of that and it starts to become dehydrated and starts to wrinkle and shrivel up and if you take a look at your the opening of your ear and.

You go back 45 degrees on your earlobe you'll have a crease and if you have that you should watch my video that I'm going to release on that because it could be potentially a problem with the heart so it's a real simple way of kind of um a little indicator light that kind of goes off that maybe I should do something about my my diet or this or.

That right so now I can just see what's going to happen everywhere you go now you're going to be looking at people's earlobes just don't mention my name when you start diagnosing people on the street I think you have a cardiovascular accident based on your earlobe yes that would get somebody's attention.

But that's very interesting okay also interesting is Tierra from Facebook what do you suggest for the elderly that are weak and have low energy that's probably a lot of people man I would I would love to just um you know um see what happens if they just get on.

Keto get off the carbs and just have some high Quality Meats and vegetables and then the apple cider vinegar I think that that Simplicity of that will go a long way and I would also recommend just one meal a day if you're over the age of 50 that's really all you really need is one meal a day um now um.

Unfortunately like assisted living homes and nursing homes there's some regulation that you have to feed someone every I don't know a few hours something like that so they got the snacks you have this you can't let a person go too long so you so you're not doing fasting so now we we continue this insulin.

Resistance which is going to affect the the cognitive function of that person and they just go downhill but boy if I could if I had my um my option to just do an experiment I would I would put people um elderly on one meal a day make sure it's really healthy keto and I bet you anything it would be miraculous.

But unfortunately that's not how they do it they put it put everyone on a food pyramid they use institutional foods and they just kind of go down from there yuck okay well we've had a great time but they were in The Green Room and last but not least is Margie Cordova and she's going to demonstrate brilliantly how to ask one question and get it out.

In 30 seconds Margie good luck good morning Dr Berg good morning I appreciate you having me on your show I actually I have two questions so maybe maybe you'll let me do that my first one is my son keeps having a dislocated shoulder could be could this be a deficiency in minerals and and what I wanted to say is.

I did recently see your video on the top mineral deficiency and rotator cuff repair is this the same thing as a dislocated shoulder you know I think um that could be potentially uh a good thing but what comes to mind you're right it's trace minerals especially since what they do to all the proteins and I'm talking about ligaments and.

Tendons and cartilage manganese is a really good trace mineral um for for that so that's probably the first thing that comes to mind but again um you know it wouldn't hurt to just just take a good trace mineral uh product and then see what happens sometimes.

Um you know there could be an old injury to that area that's creating a loose ligament or tendon and things like that but um but I would go after these trace minerals too and the other thing that not to Omit is the vitamin D vitamin D is really good for.

Muscles um reducing inflammation and supporting supporting the absorption of not just calcium absorption but other minerals in relationship to the Integrity of joints and tendons and ligaments okay and by the way Margie let's get this one out quick we are running out of time go ahead with your second brief question.

Okay my second question is I have this horrible rash it started on my eye area which I was told by my doctor that it was a topic dermatitis and he prescribed a steroid which I never took then the rash moved to my neck and other areas of my body and this has been going on for two months my guess is that it may be keto rash or an allergy to hair dye what.

Can I do about it so you really have to identify and isolate what did you do just before this happened and that's going to give you the big clue so anything new to the diet or a new hair dye but I will say if you want if it is keto rash you just need to take more B vitamins especially vitamin B2 and that should clear up if it's a rash.

Okay riboflavin um but Steve it's very interesting um I think uh questions always come into you can't just ask one question they have to have two short questions well I am a complete talkaholic so I have great respect for those people that can belt it out as fast as I ask them to I just you can't shut me up but anyway uh Adora.

You Marge excuse me you perform brilliantly and we appreciate your brief two questions and we'd love to hear back from you on all your successes okay let's go knock out uh the final question this is a real controversy we've heard of recently and there it is Doc now true or false urethral consumption has been proven.

To increase your risk of getting a heart attack this is all over the news so is that true or false all right I need to climb on it let's see let's go back to social media Fred from Facebook I have the double whammy of prostate cancer and hypertension what should I be doing immediately to address these conditions.

Uh you should be fasting immediately prolonged fasting like I'm talking like right now that's gonna help that's going to greatly help uh there's other things you need to get on the healthy version of Keto but with a lot of cruciferous vegetables uh including um some of the micro greens if you could.

Find a broccoli that's a microgreen or grow your own that would be the best because um in this these broccoli grains which are broccoli Sprouts but I would if you can get them on soil that's even better it will have the potential to greatly pull you out of this situation where you're.

More susceptible to cancer so this sulforaphane chemical and these broccoli Sprouts are like or or greens is like 50 to 100 times more than adult broccoli and it's been heavily studied I'm talking like over 2 000 studies so they wouldn't do those studies unless there was a reason and so again if you consume some of.

Those it's going to help help you detoxify help you reduce the risk of getting cancer and hopefully help you um not get cancer again if you've already had it all right very good well because the audiences performed so brilliantly and quickly we're going to have a social media Marathon until the end of the hour so let's ask uh let's.

See I missed it oh yes Diane from Facebook what can I do to help raise my hemoglobin levels is that important doc slightly if you want to up you want oxygen and you want energy um two things you know you want to get your iron from animal products animal meat that would.

Be good and then B12 from animal products like animal meat or liver that would be good um so and you can get liver pills and that'll give you the B12 and the iron in the best form possible there is a genetic problem that's quite common involving uh folate and also B12 and.

That's another little thing on the back of my mind that that could be the reason why you might have anemia and so because if you take the wrong type of like uh B9 you take like too much folic acid or you're taking the wrong type of B12 like.

Cyanocobolamine which is the synthetic version uh you're not going to be doing well you need to take the methyl versions which is the methylcobolamine and methyl folate but that's in another video um but um that's what I would do all right here's today's big controversy the question was a true false sir.

Erythritol consumption has been proven to increase your risk of getting a heart attack and 75 percent of our respondents say it's false and 25 percent I I suppose are swearing off erythritol because they say it's horrifyingly true what's going on with that doc well there was a there was a study that was done.

Which it sounds like a more like a hit job on erythritol because here's the thing the the on the knee on the media you see all these oh yeah now erythritol is now linked to can uh to heart attacks well if you actually read the study uh it wasn't on the consumption of erythritol it was on erythritol in the blood.

And of course they don't tell you this but your body will make erythritol out of sugar as in high carb diets diabetes kidney disease liver disease if you have belly fat you're going to probably have more respiratory because you're eating too many carbs so don't tell you that.

So so that's interesting they don't also tell you that if you look at additional studies in erythritol it's considered an antioxidant it actually helps your blood sugars it helps insulin become more sensitive it helps support the endothelial layer in the inside of your arteries.

So how can this make sense why does why does a person that needs more sugar in their diet have more erythritol maybe because the body is um using Risperdal as an antioxidant to protect the damage the collateral damage from the high sugar and it's not the bad guy after all it's.

Not the thing that's associated with heart attacks so again um you have to be able to think with the data and understand it and uh I think that makes the most sense as far as the data I release a video on that but um um probably next week you'll you'll see um another study that they did that.

Shows that keto has now been shown to cause early early death and of course if you actually read the study it's not even a ketogenic diet in fact there was one that they said the keto-like diet the keto-like diet they couldn't say the actual keto diet well the keto-like diet actually was 25 percent carbohydrates.

So if you eat 2 000 calories per day and 25 of your calories which is 500 calories carbs that's not the ketogenic diet but it's a keto-like diet right it's just it's you're just confusing definitions so again there's definitely a lot of attacks against keto merely because it's working.

And a lot of people are are taking a lot less medication and they're eating a lot less processed junk Foods nothing annoys the Doomsday is more than a healthy diet that actually works and you can learn more about that on or on his great app which is for Android and iOS so you can get a nice organized view of what you need while you're riding the.

Bus to work and let's see in Violet why don't we wrap up with a very earthy question Violet from Facebook how can I fix the pancreas if I have greasy or floating stools I was taking gallbladder formula but it gave me diarrhea another gastrointestinal symptom what would you suggest so these greasy stools is usually a.

Deficiency of lipase or other enzymes to help you break down fat right in the pancreas now also along with that it could be a lack of bile salts but if you take bile salts and you have diarrhea it means that you probably have too much so either you're taking too much of the bile salt okay or you didn't need it in the first place in.

Which case you want to support the pancreas directly with enzymes including the lipase so that is the solution is just take a multi-enzyme product that in and that's called pancreat I know it's called pancreatin pancreatin pancreatic enzymes it's just combination of a lot of different enzymes that's probably what you need.

Um and there's many different reasons why you would need that and I've done videos on that but maybe it's you don't need the bowel cells but if you take bile salts and you get diarrhea that means you have either taken too much or you have enough and you never need it in the first place um.

But anyway on that note I really appreciate the great questions today and your wonderful attention and you stayed this long well done you get the prize of more videos next week and we will see you next next uh Friday same time same place have a great weekend foreign.

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - March 10, 2023
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