The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 4, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 4, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 4, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 4, 2022.
welcome back everyone we here we're here for another q a and if you have questions just jump on social media we have people in the green one room that are ready to ask questions as well i just i tell you there's one thing steve that i just don't like when you watch videos.

And of course i'm doing it now is this long introduction where you're don't forget to subscribe and smash that like button in fact uh if someone's gonna subscribe they're just gonna do it in fact i think every time you remind them they probably won't do it so i don't like to say that but i will say um anything they say is not meant to.

Diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before you know doing anything anything at all because that's just the rules so that's we're gonna go by so let's dive right in steve okay well having said that dr berg told me that if i didn't subscribe i'm fired so i immediately.

Subscribe but for the rest of you um you know he's very genteel and knows that she'll come to build it and they will come and that's what's happened because there's what half of what five million six million subscribers now uh almost eight million subscribers steve okay well i know you didn't say please subscribe.

Eight million times so that's proof so it's wonderful okay so let's get right to it you know uh we've got ella who uh is from memphis and she's so pretty but we couldn't get her camera working so ella why don't you come on as a phone call and talk to dr byrd hi dr berg how are you today.

I see her spinning her uh her thing is spinning so i don't know if she's having a good connection or not so see well let me tell you well let's uh sort of put her on hold and let's go right to social media and uh terry has been working very hard.

To oh by the way are you unmuted on all those doc just to make sure you don't have any of those things muted um i don't have anything muted all i hear is a little duck in the background oh interesting okay well let's see let's go to social media so nola from youtube could you please.

Discuss the best makeup for sensitive skin well um of course i'm an expert in that right um now i i i would just honestly um you're gonna have to just find something that is from ingredients that you can pronounce from food-based ingredients because all.

The chemicals i would avoid things that involve mineral oil i would involve i would avoid things that have alcohol and just try to find something with essential oils but as far as makeup goes that's a whole different thing i know they have various dyes and things you've got to be.

Careful about is something really cool that um we are going to be releasing not soon but uh probably a month or two um with a a probiotic that you put on your face but um that's not makeup so um i guess i'm not really qualified to answer the question because i haven't researched.

That so i know karen uses these non-toxic um brands but i don't have them handy right now all right well certainly not all right ladies well we hope you can come to understanding there let's see uh chrissy this time from youtube after extended.

Fast of up to a week what should we eat first to continue our weight loss well you got to make sure if you're doing a prolonged fast you better go real gradually into eating don't make the mistake i made and have this big big dinner you want to just have maybe i would say.

Um maybe a little vegetable maybe a little sauerkraut half an egg wait for an hour have like maybe a little avocado a little nut some nuts and just wait for a bit so you.

Want to gradually kind of go into it and then probably the second day have a little bigger meal and the third day you have a big meal so you have to gradually go into it because your system is adapted to not eating and uh you can overload the system and what you don't want to have is anything sweet or sugary at all so if you're doing.

Intermittent fasting and you're not doing keto and you do prolong fasting it's dangerous to have carbs uh because you're gonna you're gonna mess with your potassium and the potassium is gonna create a huge shift because when you eat carbs.

There's a especially sugar the potassium actually comes out of the cell or actually out of the blood into the cell so you end up with a very low potassium it's called hypokalemia it could be dangerous so um.

That's why i don't recommend carbs but of course if you're watching you're on keto so you don't have to worry about them no absolutely they're safe from that okay dr berg why don't we kick it off with one of our first great quiz questions here's a true falseer all right let me just pull this up steve.

And the answer is true false one kilo of spirulina contains the nutritional value of a thousand kilos of assorted vegetables well that's a value all right audience get on to that and let me see uh if we can bring.

Uh i'm gonna try virginia she's a she is a continued guest and really familiar with the routine virginia you're on with dr berg oh you're muted uh i think she is she muted can you hear us virginia oh there you go are you are you talking to me yes yes.

You're on without sorry i cannot hear anybody but you i apologize okay that's all right but you can hear dr byrd come on right now yes you are yes can you hear it yes i can you doctor but i don't hear steve or host or anybody else oh okay my bedtime is good.

But in the morning it's in the early hundreds and i'm having serious ir going on so i'm really trying to but my biggest concern is that 11 months that i've been doing your regimen healthy keto doing great loss over 50 but what i don't understand is that why is it now that i'm having such a hard.

Time doing the 48 hour 72 hour fast two weeks ago i was trying to do that you told me to add some salt and that really worked great but i'm i'm having thinking going on of wanting to have a big lemony juicy salad why is it that i'm having this.

This block i want to be able to do intermittent fasting a prolonged one but i can't and the reason why i want to do that because of the ir because of my psoriasis and i just want to be able to have a better sleep got it are you craving um lemon did you say.

Lemon and salt okay so so you need choline choline choline if you crave a lemon that means you're deficient in choline where do i get that from you can just get it at the uh uh find it online or it's a supplement but choline is a unique um nutrient that is actually lemony and you can even suck on.

Them as a lemon drop even on the fasting and you'll and you'll be they'll be like probably candy to you but there's they're not sweet but they're lemony and the the um your body must be wanting something in that uh that tart but the lemon um choline.

Actually can help strip fat off the liver and it's good for a lot of things especially your brain brain function and then i'm thinking that you're taking the salt which is good and i'm guessing you're also doing the potassium magnesium from the.

Electrolytes twice a day i do the electrolytes and as a matter of fact i'm using weeds that have high amount of uh sourness like purslane grape leaves i chop those up in my salads fantastic um okay so the other other thing that you could try when you eat is um shift to more.

Robotic foods like the sauerkraut kimchi i don't know if you live close to a farmer's market but yes usually the farmers market they usually someone's selling some fresh homemade kimchi or or sauerkraut that's just so much different than the stuff you get.

At the store and boy does that handle a lot of problems especially when you're doing even long-term fasting too if you have that as your you know part of your meal on a regular basis that might might solve your problem so then your microbes are actually making.

Nutrients too your microbes actually can even i've i've read something they can even make omega-3 fatty acids they they definitely make the b vitamins um i'm going to be diving more into that but that's that's what i would do my own ferment costco has the greatest sauerkraut great yeah so i do that every day and.

Okay choline choline that's the one you need it's a supplement and you just it's a it's kind of a quasi-b vitamin so you can suck on it um a few several through the day and and then come back on and tell me if that didn't solve your problem okay everything you've told me has worked so i will try this one.

Wonderful well thank you uh virginia for joining us again it's always a great pleasure and virginia you'll now be able to see what the audience thought of our first question and this was a true falsehood and it asked one or it asking one kilo of spirulina contains the nutritional value of a thousand.

Kilos of assorted vegetables boy that's a lot uh 65 of our respondents say it's true and 35 say it's false winner please you know apparently nassau did this study and it's true and that's uh i mean i just find that hard to believe myself but um that's what i um found in one of the studies that i'm going to be putting down below.

Which is fascinating because when i read that of course i changed my formula my veggie solution because i of course now i have to have spirulina because that's the best so that's a combination of spirulina with moringa uh in that veggie solution especially for people that for some weird reason.

you know people don't consume enough vegetables they don't like them as much they don't consume as much they have a hard time consuming 10 cups a day i don't know why steve but i know you and i do this on a regular basis but we're probably the only ones well i tell you what i have uh watched.

Dr berg eat his lunchtime salad and i mean it's a commitment because there's a lot of green stuff going there and i'm over in the corner with my hot fudge sundae looking on shamefully but he just sticks i have no idea i don't know why it's so hard but uh uh do what you can you know but it's kind of a spirulina is a.

It's just an interesting it's it's it's not a plant-based compound steve it's a micro it's a bacteria it's a type of bacteria that's extremely efficient at turning sunlight energy into chemical energy and it's the first one of the first things on this planet.

That produce oxygen so um yes it's pond scum but if uh if if grown correctly in a healthy lake it's actually quite healthy it has um even all the essential amino acids b12 it's a pretty interesting product wonderful all kidding aside i.

Have followed lots of dr berg's recommendations and i am all the better for it why don't we uh talk about who's listening to the show and we do have one uh nice person lebanon we're not going to bring you on right now sir but he's from the canary islands in addition to him we have people in the uk canada jordan.

Pakistan south africa greece algeria france italy denmark japan india belgium oops i lost my place there the philippines grenada mexico morocco germany saudi arabia sweden chile the kenya the czech republic ghana norway bahamas croatia australia ireland taiwan.

Hong kong welcome hong kong switzerland romania portugal dubai poland good grief south korea macedonia jamaica and all across these wonderful united states they're all represented there so thank you everybody for participating in the show and doctor why don't we kick off with the next question so we can get to all.

Of them there it is okay all right what is the first symptom of high iron levels in the body all right folks dig into that i cannot believe uh the audience is so fast at these things i don't know how they do their research again they must be watching your videos.

I think so listen let's try um if we can get scott on the air with you scott is unmuting himself and you sir are on with dr byrd thank you for having me on the show dr berg i had a question about uh lemons you you talk about the the value of lemons in a lot of your videos and living here in.

The sonoran desert were able to grow citrus trees and i happened to have a lime tree in my backyard and i was just wondering if limes have the same or similar benefits that lemons do in the keto diet hey that's great i see that you're right in your backyard i think it's great um limes are almost like almost identical.

To lemons as far as the nutrition and the compounds uh there's just some slight different um phytonutrients but yeah they're they're gonna work the same i know i don't talk about limes but um i would i would use the limes just as much as you use the lemons absolutely um so so you're in the desert where the.

Climate is probably real nice to grow these things i i wish i could grow some limes or lemons in my part of the country but they just won't grow wow yeah they're very plentiful and i almost have them year-round so it's wow i'd like to have a really good use for them and now i do.

Hey that's great thanks for chiming in scott that's great and by the way i just put a full uh screen of scott up i want you to see where he is there you can see that lovely cactus beautiful background i know he's living large out there in arizona so thank you so much scott for getting together with us and and give us.

A shout back and let us know how it's going for you okay let's see uh where are we let's make sure that we are taking care of all of our social media friends and terry's our producer has been typing furiously debbie from youtube how do you feel about a super beat products i am a diabetic but i am.

Keeping it under control there's some benefits to the beat there are some benefits uh nitric oxide and which is good for your vascular system but if you're diabetic and you're doing beet juice you can powder without the fiber you you may see a blood sugar problem.

With that now i'm not saying that that's gonna be a problem with with creating more issues it just might raise your blood sugar but the all the phytonutrients there counter some of the the complications from diabetes versus some refined sugar but um.

You know think about how they make sugar in the us the majority of the sugar in the us comes from beets so of course it's gmo but um because like 95 of all the beets are gmo but i if you're a diabetic i probably would.

Use a different supplement um to solve your problem with whatever you're trying to solve because it you know beet juice powder is just really really sweet the same thing with carrot juice i don't recommend that at all in fact i used to do a lot of it and it definitely can mess with your blood sugars.

All righty let's go over to facebook anna uh it was mentioned that you advocate eating cruciferous vegetables but it doesn't appear good for someone with sibo if i'm saying that right what do you suggest for someone to get nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables with that condition when someone is sibo they have bacteria.

In the wrong place it's in the small intestine it should be in the large intestine so um the reason you don't want that is because the microbes now um compete for your nutrients and you get a lot of bloating and so what you don't want to be taking is another probiotic or take fiber or eating a lot of vegetables.

Because that's going to ferment at the wrong place and you're going to feel all gassed out so what you want to do is take um uh probably not do a lot of vegetables for a while you'll be maybe a carnivore for a month or so and then do betaine hydrochloride to acidify the stomach and maybe some natural.

Antibiotics like garlic and oregano all right that's terrific thank you doc for that and let's see oh we've got the answers i told you they're very quick and you asked the audience what is the first symptom of high iron levels in the body and 65 excuse me 35 of respondents say joint pain 30 say.

Dark or black steels 30 say fatigue or dizziness and finally 5 say headaches well um the answer is arthritis and especially in this knuckle right here the first uh knuckle uh on your hands and then it's maybe the second knuckle and your knees.

Apparently that's kind of one of the first symptoms to happen when you have too much iron and the problem with iron is that we have a hard time getting rid of iron in our bodies so um it's easy to accumulate it even when women go through menopause when they.

Stop menstruating they can have this iron problem either from a genetic problem or just consuming too much iron this is why i'm very much against the iron supplements the one a days that are synthetic not good yes a lot of people have a deficiency of iron but uh don't start loading up with iron because there's a.

Couple minerals that your body has no mechanism to get rid of it if you have too much and it can be very toxic it feeds microbes so i released a video on that um it might have been even today steve so if you haven't if you want more.

Information about that just watch the video that i released today i yeah i did release the video today so it just tells it tells me how many people are really watching my video steve yeah more is not always better huh okay so uh amrita from youtube what can we do to reverse cirrhosis or maybe help a bum liver.

Tocotrinols it's a type of vitamin e that helps to break down scar tissue and toccotrinos will reduce fibrosis and of course eliminating the things that are creating in the first place like getting on a diet that doesn't have a.

Lot of oxidants like too much sugar and fructose and omega 6 fatty acids and vegetable oils get off that stuff get on a healthy keto and then and then prolong fasting here and there we'll start to um create a autophagy which is the recycling of proteins and.

Damaged proteins in your body even like the scar tissue so i think there is a point of no return but hopefully you're not at that point where you can do something about it wonderful okay let's go back to facebook what is the cause of pernicious anemia it's from sarah well b12.

But um but it's usually an autoimmune disease okay it's not usually it's always an autoimmune disease of the cells that there's a cells in your stomach that you could become deficient in it's called intrinsic factor.

That you need to help overcome overcompensate for that but there's a little autoimmune i'm trying to explain this in a simple way without giving a lot of big words but there's something in your stomach that is blocking the absorption of b12 normally it should receive it but there's an autoimmune situation going on that blocks that.

Absorption so one little trick you can do to overcompensate for this without giving you a lot of details would be a standard process product and um if you take a standard process product i think it's their b12 as the intrinsic factor in there and it.

Might be and that might be a way to overcome pernicious anemia so just look up search out b12 with standard process products i i do recommend some of the products over i'm not affiliated with them anymore but.

They do have some pretty good products wonderful well here's someone that's obviously committed her name is keto sista as her handle on youtube and she's been on healthy keto for eight months now but my scale shows i'm heavier but here we go i can now fit into a size eight dress so she's getting tremor yet you know is worried about her.

Weight so how can someone um shrink but maybe get heavier how can that be well i think what's happening is that she's she's losing fat but she's also gaining more muscle mass.

So muscle if you relate muscle to fat in the same volume there's different weights on that so um this is why i don't like going by just losing weight all the time you got to look at your size are your clothes looser are you shrinking that's the best indicator but even a better indicator than that it's working.

Is that your appetite is gone that means that you're converting to fat and you're in ketosis okay very good let's see if we can get ella's voice back on ella if you can hear me uh you're on with dr byrd hi dr burger can you hear me i guess you can't ella uh it's just spinning unfortunately okay.

Yeah ask me yes ella ask me your question and i'll i'll let dr berg know what it is okay so my question is um i recently had a baby and um i tried the healthy keto diet with my husband and while my husband lost some weight he lost about 25 pounds in two months i was.

Unable to lose not a single pound okay stand by so ella just had a baby congratulations and she and her husband were on the keto diet and he lost a bunch of weight but she hasn't seemed to see the scale come down what can we do for ella yes unfortunately women have a harder time.

Losing weight than men just because of the hormone estrogen and you just had a baby so your estrogen levels are probably a little higher than they would be so you're just going to have to work harder at it that means you're going to have to go lower with the carbohydrates that means you have to exercise more so.

You have to do a little bit more intermittent fasting but again if you're breastfeeding which hopefully you are i don't even want you to do intermittent fasting i'd prefer you just stick with keto with just three meals and that way um your baby will really benefit from that tremendously.

then i would just add more exercise and and then when you stop breastfeeding start doing more intermittent fasting but you right now it's all about carbs it's like keep your carbs way down there to help you lose the weight but again um make sure that your clothes if your.

Clothes are looser that means it's working if your appetite is goes down that means it's working that's wonderful i hope congratulations to you and your husband and please report back to us in whatever month or so and let us know how it's going and thanks for coming onto the air with dr berg and why don't we go up with another.

Quiz question dr berg uh this is another true false er and here you go okay true or false 90 of sciatic nerve pain involves the disc all right is that true or false audience i know a lot of you suffer from that uh so let's see we go let's go back to facebook yes spin.

I have low levels of folate and b12 what should i do to address these conditions well i would consume foods with b12 that would be animal products red meat you can do seafood as well believe it or not spirulina has b12 if you uh if you want another source.

But then folate is from the vegetables you can get that from the dark leafy greens so i would start beefing up those no pun intended and in addition to that nutritional yeast normally does not come with b12 so that probably wouldn't be your best source.

But it would give you some foliate but let's say for example you're doing that but you're still deficient then what i would do is i would support your microbiome because your microbes can help you make a lot of these vitamins so it could be.

That you're just deficient in microbes and you're not getting any help from those guys that's uh this is why even people that they lose their hair and then all of a sudden they take biotin and they get the hair back well one of the reasons why they lost the.

Hair in the first place is because their microbes are off they're not producing enough biotin and so i'm that microbiome is just a fascinating um topic i'm i'm just so interested in it for so many different things including hair loss and including making your b vitamins and.

Helping with anxiety and depression so it's a really important thing to consume microbes from fermented food and of course i'm doing a deep dive now on fermenting everything and then testing it out and then seeing what works best fantastic okay boy it's so uh gratifying to see the chat on youtube fly up past.

Me and i decided to pick one out of the group bridget reed i am new to keto and i am experiencing some constipation how can i consume enough fiber or whatever without going over the amount of carbs i'm supposed to consume well you do have this thing called net carbs so you do subtract the fiber but what i'm going to recommend is you.

Just beef up your salads and see if it doesn't handle it you also there's a couple other things related to this because um let's say for example you're doing all these keto treats these keto new functional fibers that are in all these keto bars and keto products which i am.

Totally against some of these fibers can knock you out of ketosis okay so um so you don't necessarily just because something's a fiber doesn't mean it's a healthy fiber because they're now making synthetic fibers and like the soluble corn.

Fiber and the tapioca fiber these are all things that you know people are deducting them from the total carbs but in reality this could be reason why you have all sorts of issues with keto so when we're talking about fiber i would probably only deduct that from the vegetable fibers okay that you have from.

A salad something like that leafy greens but i would add more greens and i would also for constipation kill two birds with one stone and have a probiotic with a prebiotic which would be like sauerkraut or kimchi so if you actually go to the farmer's.

Market and get some really good sauerkraut or make it yourself it is it's so different than the store-bought which is a lot of times even pasta i mean pasteurized you kill everything it's not raw there's a big difference between making it at home versus buying it because they have to add.

Different preservatives and stuff that kill these microbes but micro i mean sauerkraut gives a tremendous amount of probiotics and it does apparently survive the stomach acid acid so i am totally um for that all right so anyway i really do so appreciate the role uh that women play.

In bringing our beautiful children into the world i thank my lovely wife lori for our two kids but they pay it seems like a lifelong price where us guys don't and um as an example gloria from youtube has been following your advice for a while but now it's going through menopause which is making me gain weight uh how.

Can you help the millions of women that go through this doc there's a lot to talk about i would say the main thing that i would do is do something to support your adrenal glands which could be lemon balm tea ashwagandha b vitamins and then the other thing is the.

Take a really good vitamin e uh called tocotrinos which will support your your pituitary because now the pituitary communication to the ovaries is it's like it's it threw the whole thing off so now we have to support the pituitary which is usually like a reservoir for vitamin e so if.

If one problem you have is related to hot flashes that vitamin e in the form of tocatrinos would be good um but i don't really know of what other problems you have with menopause is it fatigue is it um osteopenia i don't know uh one additional little tip for that would be to get some dh d e dhea okay that's a precursor it's a.

Supplement it's a precursor to be making estrogen and progesterone but you don't need much you just need a little bit because if you have too much then you can make more testosterone and you don't want to start getting facial hair men would want a little bit more but if you're going through menopause that dhea.

Sometimes can really give you the raw material that you need to build some of these other hormones that have tanked wow okay ladies thanks again for all you do for us and our kids and let's see the the audiences answered the next true fault uh true false which asks uh ninety percent of sciatic nerve pain involves.

The diss and uh seventy percent of the respondents said no that's not true thirty percent say it is true that's true it is true and so um i'm not saying a disc protrusion i'm saying it could also be degenerative disc disease which is just the.

Flattening of the disc what happens with sciatica is that you lose the curve in your lower back because the discs are thinning or there's there's usually always when you see disc problems whether it's a protrusion.

A herniation or a degeneration you nearly always see this this loss of the lordosis or the curve in the lower back so what does that mean steve with salica it means that if you were to put that curve back you would get relief from sciatica and.

That is a video that i just did and i'm going to release which is a simple thing to do you get a foam roller support a big one and you start to lay on your back with that pushing up into the back um it's probably not going to be comfortable at first but what you do is.

You're going to mold over time that curve in the back and the key the secret is time you want to lay on that work up to laying on that for about 20 minutes every night before you go to sleep versus just five minutes won't do it so.

The longer you do it the more it seems to mold that curb in there to the point where you'll have this curve it gives you more space for these these nerves that are pinched and it's really good for sciatica wonderful well having just talked about the lady and the great sacrifices they made i forgot about one.

But rawad from facebook didn't he's 21 and suffering from extreme hair loss for a year now i'm not on keto and have not taken any supplements during this time what can we do to help reward well well you just want to ask yourself with any of these symptoms when did it exactly start and what happened.

Exactly just before you started losing hair was it a stress situation if it was then you addressed adrenals if it was a change in diet you go back to what you did but i'm going to just recommend you do keto because um and the healthy version of it that way you'll normally get the.

The trace minerals that are necessary for growing hair you'll get enough quality protein and b vitamins those are the three things that will help support hair terrific nabil from youtube can you share the best gout friendly keto diet with the gout you can do a little trick.

Sometimes this will help where you do a combination of maybe about i don't know an eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda in some water okay on an empty stomach and then um wait about an hour and do about a tablespoon of apple cider.

Vinegar in some water and the next hour go back to the baking soda and go back and forth because when you alkalize the um the urine you'll find that your gout attacks will go away but the problem is if you keep alkalizing over a long period of time without putting back in the acid in your.

Stomach you may find that you get more gas because you altered the microbiome because you know you ever heard of lactic acid from the lactobacillus like you don't want to have an alkaline large bowel so it's a great little trick to go ahead and try to.

Overcome this the other tip i'm going to give you with gout is i worked with some people with gout and they're usually not doing a very strict consistent version of the keto they're doing sorta and they kind of allow certain things in there.

Too much fructose too much fruit too much sugar and sugar is just it just is terrible for gout um so if you could be really strict uh you may find that is the answer the other thing is that you might want to be.

Careful about even the the um the sugar alcohols like xylitol um and even allulose and other things that um these sugars these alternative sugars that um can actually aggravate gout and so.

Watch my latest videos on that because um that can be devastating with your ability to exercise and walk and stabilize your whole foot um but it's you know these are just little things that you can do there's as far as gout though it's there is not a lot of information out there with effective.

Solutions so what i'm giving you is things that i think will produce a big effect but um i'm always looking for suggestions if anyone has even better ideas let me know wonderful uh not wonderful is mervat from facebook i was recently diagnosed with crohn's disease i have no control.

Over my appetite and suffering from stomach pain diarrhea nausea no energy at all please help yeah you got to go to my healthy version of the ketogenic diet and and then if that still doesn't handle it then you're gonna have to research carnivore because you you obviously have inflammation in your gut that's being.

Aggravated by certain things anytime you have gut problems i don't care whether it's a gerd acid reflux irritable bowel bloating um there's something in your diet that's disagreeing with your your gut and um you got to find out what that is and and i just had a interesting email from this lady who was very.

Successful in the ketogenic diet but she relapsed really bad with her gut problems and she isolated being the allulose it's a type of sweetener that just tore up her digestive system so um sometimes it's carrageenan you know and like a type of seaweed sometimes it's uh.

Some other ingredient that you have no idea that's creating creditiness so uh this is why you want to you know do as healthy as possible as far as the ingredients and then start eliminating certain things to find out what the heck is aggravating your stomach and digestive system all right very good you know and i would.

Especially look in the area of these keto snacks because they're just loaded with these new synthetic functional fibers which i do not like all right be advised folks how about another true false or doc here it is stand by push the button there we go.

All right so true or false wearing shoes increases the risk for knee pain jump on it audience and let's see why i mean can you believe i mean some people just they start wearing shoes and these shoes are just so devastating for so many problems so.

Let's let's see if this is a true or false yeah absolutely all right folks uh jim if you are out there he's coming to us over the audio line jim you're on with dr byrd pleasure talking to you dr berg i'm uh from canada 65 years old this is about type 2 diabetes for about 30 years.

And i've been in the many different pills for diabetes and high cholesterol and other stuff but the last 10 years they put me in the other insulin as well injection but two years ago i started doing the intermittent fasting 18 6.

And doing the ketos and lost about 70 pounds so my blood sugar everything i dropped all the medication including insulin the only thing i take is only one syn jordan once a day and uh.

In the morning my blood reading is very good either between 4.7 to 5.2 i do maybe one or two cup of coffee and lemon water till lunch time at lunchtime when i do do my reading it goes to six to six point eight this is positing me okay well um you know what um.

Then then your liver must be just making sugar because you're not eating sugar so you're you're making a little bit um more sugar through the gluconeogenesis so um this happens especially with your history i mean your history you've been diabetic for quite some time and you.

Must have some insulin resistance problems still going on with that coffee you may want to add some quality ghee as kind of like a bulletproof kind of coffee and blend that into your coffee.

Of course no sweeteners and then start to support your liver a little bit more maybe you do milk thistle maybe in your salad you do um dandelion greens as part of your salad arugula but you want to start supporting the liver to help that reduce that gluconeogenesis and that's.

Really what you're up against the other thing i would recommend is if you see your blood sugars coming up just start exercising more to burn that off it's not coming from your diet so it's not as dangerous and i think you'll be fine if you just persist keep improving things maybe go to one.

Meal a day just to really make it work better and that's what i would recommend thank you i did one one uh one day uh 48 hours uh uh intermittent fasting but after 24 hours when i tested the gain was around six six point something yeah that's your liver your liver just.

Is just taking a little bit longer um it's just it's just a little bit longer process so um it's not coming from your diet so it it's uh your your liver just as some has more insulin resistance going on and so that's what's.

You just have to give it more time keep tweaking things and uh support your liver thank you welcome thanks for joining us uh let's see uh before we get to quiz question answer number four which has come in grace from facebook would it be healthy to raise a young child.

On the keto diet i know you have an opinion about that i would i would that's what we're doing with my granddaughter lucy she's a keto baby and she doesn't do all these sugars like the other kids and she does do some fruit but but she's talk about healthy talk about.

It um talk about just all the cognitive uh improvements that you would possibly have i mean i wished i knew about keto when i was a kid because that would be a whole different thing simply because i lived on sugar so long i'm and not just even.

Going beyond just your teeth your overall strength um development of muscle and when you get into sports you know the whole thing so yeah that's um you know and you have the sugar then you have the quality of food too the nutrient dense foods very very important.

Especially for a kid growing up uh you want to make sure that the real food which is a hard to come by so you want to start getting them involved with um you know really with nutrition early as possible and you'll you'll be happy you did that wonderful okay dr berg our question was true false.

Wearing shoes increases the risk for knee pain and the audience has an opinion 68 say that it's true 32 percent say no way it's false you know it does depend on the type of shoe you have of course right but yes it can increase your risk for knee pain because what happens is um when you put.

This foot into a shoe that a lot of times your toes is pointed or there's not enough space for the toes um and you're walking on this cushion right it can and or a high heel all these things can throw off your gait and your muscles and your ankle around your ankle your calf so i'm going to release.

A video on and some really interesting research on what shoes do to the your entire body uh if they're just you know there's the the new um barefoot shoes type shoes where you can buy um these you know flatter soles um more space for your your toes i would highly recommend getting those shoes.

Because the uh um it gives you more stability it gets your feet to work better and and it'll reduce uh stress on your knees and your hips so um stay tuned for that video it's actually very interesting very good okay originally from bulgaria now living in the canary islands we have.

Hang on he's getting ready here we have uh lou bamir lubamir from the canary islands lubamir you're on with dr byrd good morning and thank you for having me on our show absolutely my question is very simple but nobody is.

Telling it the the truth what and when is the best time to get ben futhermen and if it's going together with alpha lipoid acid or they in conflict.

So i missed the question um i i didn't get it yeah can you say that again what is the best time getting ben footy i mean oh ben photos and is it going in conflict with alpha lipoid acid okay so um both of those nutrients are.

Um not going to compete both of them are fat soluble so of course you'd want to have them with some fat so if you had them with a meal that would absorb a little bit better now let's say for example you know there's other factors that could affect you as well like let's say.

You're you don't have enough bile let's say you have a fatty liver that can also affect the production of bile and the absorption so these are just factors as well as inflammation in the gut but typically they're fat soluble so you'd want to have those with.

A meal or just with a little bit of fat any fat it could be olive oil it could be saturated type fats like coconut oil it could be anything cod liver oil not an empty stomach no no no you don't want an empty stomach thank you very much god bless you thank.

You thank you thank you so much lubamar and i know you're having a blast down there in the canary islands wish i was there okay let's see um oh we do have the quiz answer for no we don't let's see how about our last question here it is dr bird.

All right the most effective response for sciatic nerve pain steve i think somehow um terry altered this question so i better ask it correctly okay all right please the most effective um stretch for sciatic pain is what okay folks climb on it what kind of stretching do.

We need to do to take care of that uh the art of today is the moniker from youtube i have sickle cell anemia and i'm suffering from with constipation nausea light sensitivity how can we help the art of today you know regarding the art of today i would just get on get on the basic.

Healthy keto intermittent fasting be before you start taking any remedies for any of these things i would just get on the right eating plan i don't know what you're eating so it's really hard to evaluate these symptoms unless i know if you're on the basic plan and what you're doing so i think you'll be surprised if you do.

Just get the basic eating back in that your your body will respond very very favorably i mean even working with so many people i can't tell you how many of issues cleared up just by going back to the basics and making sure.

This person is doing it um typically when someone starts keto um they hear about a little bit from here and then there and they they end up doing it that's like way off the board so it's not the healthy version that i recommend so um you might just want to try the one that i came out there and just see if.

That works for you and then you'll know for sure sounds great of course we had ella from memphis on earlier and her camera wasn't working but i was um is not did he click himself off i have no idea let's see no i should be here doc you know stand by oh i know what's going on here.

Okay dr berg i'm back okay well what about going to carol i don't think we've talked to carol yet we have not she's been very patient carol let's see here let me put you on there you are on with dr burke hi dr berg thank you for taking my call sure.

I started keita i started intermittent fasting uh from your website in january 2021 i never went i took your recommendations i never went with all the keto products that are out there none of them at all i had great success um i love it because.

Food no longer rules me i have no appetite i have to say it's time to eat i've lost over 40 pounds everything is great and it's now been over a year that i do regular intermittent fasting uh i probably do 18 to 20 hours every day.

Um but my concern is and i was watching one of your videos but i think i got it i think i got myself tangled up but my question is i have numbness in my feet that hasn't gone away and tingling and it's just in my feet nowhere else it doesn't keep me up at night but it's annoying all the time.

And i think i need uh something i don't know why um have you ever heard of benfotamine before no okay that's what you need what happens is uh obviously maybe before you did keto you you probably had insulin resistance to the point.

Where your um your red blood cells were kind of stiff and they didn't really they don't really go on too deep into the capillaries in the extremities and the most extremity um part of your body is your feet so um you're just left with a lack of.

Circulation to the nerves so now we have to get that back so the remedy that works really good is benfotamine you can buy it anywhere and you would want to take four of those pills a day spread out and the gentleman already asked about should we have them with meals well maybe you just have a little.

Bit of mct oil with it and you have four times a day and sometimes people add lipoic acid uh you can do that but benfotamine is a it's kind of a no-brainer that should give you relief um over a period of a week you should start seeing change and that will just feed the nerve that um.

That b1 in the fat soluble form that penetrates the myelin sheath and helps build up the connective uh insulation so you don't have that uh short circuiting anymore yeah okay and you said four pills a day is that like um.

Milligrams or i mean i think they come in like 300 milligrams so you would take four of those a day and you know that's just a rough um recommendation it could be a little bit less a little bit more but um i think um that will solve your problem nicely.

Awesome thank you so much you're welcome thanks a lot carol we appreciate it by the way dr berg i'd cut my volume off on whitney when i put that nice picture of the baby and mama up and i was just trying to show them off that's the reason i brought up there but anyway i should stick to the script and not do that because i cut my volume off and.

Doing it anyway we have the answer to the final quiz question today which asks the most effective response for sciatic nerve pain is a dot dot dot and 75 say leg stretches and 25 say lower back stretches yeah the lower back stretch because you remember you want to put this curve back in so the goal is to stretch in the area.

To put the curve back in your lower back so if you were to lay on a firm foam roller to the point where you can push this curve back in there and do that for 20 minutes a day that is probably going to give you the most relief versus trying to stretch your legs because if you start doing.

Hamstring stretches you're going to you're going to aggravate it because it's already going down the back of your leg so it's like inflamed and you're just going to pull it you can stretch the front part of your legs that will help you but i think putting that curve back in is going to give you the best thing not just for.

Sciatica but for low back pain all right so that's great for that video too great okay joy from new york city just popped up on our screen i haven't had time to brief her joy can you hear us um yes can you hear me sure can would you go ahead with your question for dr.

Bird yes hi i am i'm suffering with the condition pcos um and it comes with ibs and um i went to the doctor for my stomach.

Issues not realizing it was related to the pcos and how i found out is i went to a acupuncture doctor and he diagnosed me with the polycystic ovarian syndrome and as i looked it up and as time went by all of the other issues that i had was related to that condition but now i'm.

Suffering with i i don't know if i'm having gallbladder issues i know i have liver issues because he said my insulin was borderline diabetic but it wasn't diabetic yet it was pre-diabetic and it's very hard for me to travel because of my digestive issues.

I recently spoke to a lady who does fertility cleanses to help women learn how to um you know have children and she suggested that i do a fertility cleanse that had a liver cleanse in it and then a hormonal cleanse um but my my issues are like i don't really know if if i should start one at a time.

Yeah um you know i don't want to take a million things at the same time if i need to think take something one at a time then i'm okay with that and as far as my gallbladder is concerned i'm scared because i've never had this issue before yeah okay so i can give you some really good advice because.

Your problem is is not toxins you don't have toxins that's not creating a problem your problem is that your insulin is too high and that makes your androgens go too high so polycystic ovarian is a condition where you're you're just making too many uh male hormone type things it's like androgens.

Are too high coming from this one source which is a spike in insulin so the most powerful thing you can do is not a cleanse or a detox but just to start to eat to reduce insulin and there's two things two very important things to reduce insulin one is to go on a very low carb.

Diet and that's the keto healthy keto which i think you need to go on my website and get that data and number two this is equally important uh start doing intermittent fasting at the same time because that's gonna that's gonna act as a very powerful thing to lower your insulin which is then going to lower.

Your androgens and you're going to become more fertile and guess what your digestive system will finally have a chance to reset because you're not eating so frequently so i think you can kill two birds with one stone by doing the healthy keto and intermittent fasting um okay it's.

You don't have i mean i wouldn't load up on a bunch of supplements and do different programs because the basic problem needs to be fixed through your diet and then then see if you have any problems left i think it'll probably help you with both of these problems.

Pretty dramatically i didn't if you look at some of my other videos with pcos i interviewed a naturopathic doctor um and she had pcos she wrote a book about it and there's i mean she just gets one success story after another um so try to find that interview but that'll just confirm what i just told you.

Okay okay that is so awesome yeah absolutely well joy i'm glad we were able to bring you on we're about out of time but dr berg maybe just one shout out about your constant effort to bring your products uh more easily and affordably around the world if you're in europe if you're in saudi arabia if you're in.

Russia anywhere there should be some links down below that way you can avoid the expensive shipping we're trying to make it easier to get with all the extra added expenses of shipping across the us on that note i really appreciate all of your wonderful comments and.

Your attention thank you so much i read a lot of your comments and your success stories i mean that's where i get the ideas for the videos so um stay tuned for some more interesting ones that i have and uh i will see you next week same time same place.

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