The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 17, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 17, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 17, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 17, 2022.
welcome back everyone we have another show we have a lot of people in the green room ready to ask some good questions anything that i say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your physician before.

Implementing any of this advice all right steve let's dive right in okay we will we've got uh someone from vancouver i think one of your old haunts that um that you like very much and she's in the sort of movie business and all sorts of exciting things and she has an audience.

Behind her that are very much in support of what she's doing the doggies and so and so listen uh susan you're on with dr byrd make sure you unmute yourself dear okay oh sorry you you unmuted then you muted yourself again click it once more one more time you got it yeah that's.

Perfect okay i'm good you're perfect oh fantastic thank you so much dr berg i just i want to thank you what an amazing product it's so important i love it it has changed my life i i just i believe so much on what you're doing um so my question today uh first of all i am intermittent.

Fasting and healthy keto love it have the book i've got the meal program i'm trying to figure out how to do this like for the rest of my life and sustain it so the big things for me are morning coffee and after work that glass of wine that i used to have and so kind of the morning the first question is in the morning.

Coffee you say one cup can i take it and dilute it and have three cups in the morning is that going to affect my uh insulin you know it's not going to affect your insulin i think if you can handle it if you sleep okay because i think the.

Biggest problem with the caffeine is um if your liver is really strong and it can detoxify the caffeine and you can sleep go for it but if you start having affect your sleep then we know that's the issue so i think even with myself because my liver um is not the healthiest in the world or wasn't the.

Healthiest now it's much better but if i do more than a cup it definitely starts affecting the sleep so no problem there i can drink it until i go to bed so that that number one thank you for that i loved hearing that uh the other one is the glass of wine and i'm using your um electrolyte powder i'm looking for something when i'm making.

Dinner at night i'm my my i'm i'm fasting in a 20-hour sort of thing so four-hour window i want to have something to drink while i'm making dinner what do you suggest right well you know i probably wouldn't do it every.

Day and the problem is that the it's not even the carbs it's the alcohol inhibits the liver for making those ketones so that's one issue and then what you could do and i would try this as a substitute i would um get some kombucha tea okay and.

Don't drink the whole thing just drink half of it it's it's almost the same tech uh consistency is like some carbonated alcohol beverage and it does create a calming effect there's a small amount of alcohol but make sure it has the lowest amount of sugars because sometimes they they.

Really don't leave it out you know it might be a pain in the butt but right now i'm making my own kombucha tea and you should try it because you can leave it out for even longer and have those microbes eat up even more the sugar and it's like very very acidic but it's uh it gives that nice um good effect to your gut because of all the.

Lactic acid and it can actually kill two birds with one stone it can make you feel like you drink some alcohol but without drinking it and then also it has the benefit of the digestion perfect thank you for that i love it okay if i have can i get one more minute.

Stephen and i talked about this what about my dogs should i be intermittent fasting my dogs yeah you should you should i think um you know two meals sometimes even one meal but dogs don't need these snacks in fact i think that's the problem with a lot of owners of pets they start feeding them.

All these snacks like they don't need that they're not designed to have frequent meals oh okay good that's fun but there is some you know as far as dog food i would highly recommend getting um uh i can't remember the the brand name but it's like organ meats and stuff it's not this.

Vegetarian type soy and corn and wheat that they give these dogs so it's another point and then you said you're from vancouver british columbia i am originally dallas texas but i live in vancouver wow that is probably to me one of the most beautiful places that i've been it's just gorgeous clean.

So i do remember visiting that area it was just like wow what the heck is going on here it's just amazing it's true it is so beautiful and it's just more beautiful with what we're doing i tell everybody about the intermittent fasting i think the work you're doing in terms of the the cancer prevention and curing as well i think there's a key there it's.

So important i'm so glad that you're doing this and thank you hey i i just want to be known for curing cancer and i'm just being very sarcastic frankly i'm not so i think it's incredible what you're doing and i think you are on that path so yeah well i tell you just have to be so careful um when you start mentioning.

That c word so you know we're just basically um referring people to you know various uh websites they can do more research but yes that's very exciting data very exciting data i'll i'll mention it for you it's cancer it's incredible okay.

Thank you so much thank you thank you for having me on the show sure well we got her first because she's dealing with all sorts of hollywood big shots so she's going to go back online here shortly and get them all on screen for us so thank you so much susan from vancouver we appreciate that.

And dr berg why don't we kick off our first exciting quiz question here it is okay okay what is the only two foods that do not trigger insulin all right audience climb on that and here's an interesting one i i'm not sure that everyone adopts the right type of keto so kh from youtube i have been.

On keto for two and a half years but i've developed lactose intolerance and can't keep eggs down since going on low carb my liver now needs attention i've gained 50 pounds and developed lymphedema where has she gone wrong on the keto approach it's really hard to evaluate that.

Because you know there's when you do just keto which really is just low carb okay it's just really low carb um it's not a clear definition it allows for a lot of other ingredients that can be a problem the benefits of just doing a low carb are huge.

But if you also in addition to that do the healthy version of the ketogenic diet which i recommend you can get a lot of other health benefits and um i would highly doubt you would ever develop more allergies or intolerances or even lymphedema if you did that but i don't even know what else you're doing.

But i will say with lactose intolerance if you could find some area that you can get raw milk and actually get the raw milk kefir or the raw milk real raw milk cheese you may not find that you have lactose intolerant because there are microbes that make.

Lactase which is the enzyme to break down lactose so um so there are microbes that are making this enzyme and when you pasteurize it you kill off those microbes so guess what you're gonna get you're gonna get lactose intolerance so that's something to investigate and.

Watch my video i just released it recently actually was it yesterday or yeah i think yesterday that's very interesting and i tell you what later in the show we're going to go to moheb who's from tunisia so he's not from these parts in addition to that we've got people coming from the uk.

Canada dominican republican saint kitts i haven't heard that one before the bahamas bahrain lebanon greece chile indonesia the netherlands ireland turkey uganda brazil somalia south africa france from romania excuse me aristia uh oh they caught me he caught me on one erit teriya who knows but.

Thank you for coming to us from here to ria however you pronounce that italy bangladesh india trinidad tobago guatemala new zealand good grief uh azores jamaica australia norway puerto rico portugal sweden malaysia scotland wales syria hong kong algeria another long one i think longest list ukraine japan kenya serbia finland.

Mexico cameroon kashmir spain iran panama ghana sri lanka kuwait taiwan can you believe it audience ethiopia denmark oman germany macedonia nepal japan pakistan dubai nigeria and all across these united states and i know that terry's fingers must be swollen from typing all that stuff in but that's really truly.

Amazing uh and you know well it's time it's time to do a road trip and visit all these wonderful places well indeed and you know uh we had a staff meeting i'm not going to go to the details but all i can say is that boy dr berg's show is exploding all over the world and the new um.

You know level of um people subscribing is just unheard of so obviously the word is going around that what dr berg is recommending or talking about is really working and i'm certainly a advocate and benefactor of all that stuff so let's.

See well i'll tell you i i will tell you the secret for subscribers is don't ask for people to subscribe and smash that like button i just hate that when people say that and all these uh these these uh youtube videos will tell them to smash that like.

If the people are gonna sign up and sign up if they're not there they're not going to sign up but i never sign up when people tell me to do that it's like tell me is the information good it's going to help me great i will sign up very interesting hear that youtube purveyors for goodness sakes okay let's see mary veronica from youtube my poor.

Friend has gained 60 pounds she said everything went haywire after menopause and now has a has become a diabetic with thyroid and arthritis issues would your apple cider vinegar drink help her a little bit a little bit the problem is the cortisol increases when you have menopause in some women and then the cortisol then.

Mobilizes um your proteins and it increases your liver's making sugar so your liver starts making sugar and you start turning proteins in the sugar and then you start getting atrophy and and it just kind of goes downhill so there's a lot of things that i've talked about in videos.

Related to menopause but you really have to support the adrenal gland of course on top of doing the basic eating plan and i think you'll you'll feel much better if you do that but but during menopause that oh the ovaries go into retirement but the adrenal glands now have to produce the same hormones so.

If they're stressed then everything is magnified interesting okay well guess what the audience found your question interesting and they've answered it and it asked what are the only two foods that do not trigger insulin 80 percent said.

Fat and fiber 10 said green vegetables and green tea and 10 say celery and lemon are they on to something dog they are on to something and the answer is fat and fiber wow now i'm not talking about the like the fiber in whole grains or added synthetic fibers i'm talking about like fiber from.

Vegetable and um so and then fat as a pure fat so what what food combinations would be a good combination to consume both fiber and fat if you're trying to keep your insulin low well what about.

A salad with olive olive oil that would be a good one or maybe celery with peanut butter or even more tasty yet some raw cream and whipped into whipped cream and then some blueberries which has some fiber in it so these are just things that you can add to your.

Diet either as a food or dessert whatever that will definitely help you keep that insulin lowered in addition to other benefits that's incredible i had a big bowl of blueberries they're great in north carolina they grow a lot of them here and with heavy cream and it tastes like.

You're cheating your brains out but alas you know steve steve you should take it one step further go to real i'm sure there's 40 i think 43 states that now you can get raw milk through various methods legally and um.

Make whipped cream out of raw cream from grass-fed cows talk about you know this the fat in the milk has loaded with vitamin k it has the enzyme that has the fatty acids it has um all sorts of things for the immune system but it also has something else called the waltzin factor which is.

Anti-stiffness very good for arthritis rheumatoid and specifically it it really helps people that have stiffness in their wrists for some reason but the waltz and factor it's called um kind of like a interesting chemical that actually can a chemical.

Compound that helps you make your own cortisol naturally so it's it's very interesting i'm going to look it up well i'll tell you though you know after you have a big thing of cream and blueberries you sort of brace yourself for that horrible twinkie shock that used to happen you know when you have eat terrible stuff.

And it just doesn't happen you remain peaceful you've had a nice uh you know final part of your meal that is my dessert that and strawberry sometimes uh with cream and uh my cholesterol numbers aren't up i mean good grief uh there's something to do and else the the other interesting thing if you want to do an experiment check.

Your blood sugars um and um if you have that salad before the meal with olive oil uh and vinaigrette whatever um you will find regardless of what you eat your blood sugars will be better with that fiber the fiber tends to buffer these other foods.

And that's just another little trick that you can use to help keep your blood sugars even lower than they normally would so that's another you know because i do i always recommend a salad before you eat so that's just another tip steve just make mental note i've uh i have my mind is like a steel.

Trap i'll never forget it and here's the next question all right so which is worse a high carb diet or snacking for weight loss just in general.

If you compare those two actions what would be worse all right dig into that audience poor suzy from facebook says please help how do we prevent bad breath while fasting if you do the healthy version of the ketogenic diet and you're doing the ingredients with the you know the high amounts of chlorophyll in the.

Greens and things like that you shouldn't have that occur uh especially after you get through the adaptation phase so i've not found that um and if you if it does occur then that means you probably need some more probiotics so a good sauerkraut would be good or maybe even a good kefir.

Plain would be good so um i'm experimenting with kefir right now so i'm going to create another video on it because it's a it's an interesting uh product that has so much more um.

Microbial life than yogurt and it has the combination of the friendly yeast and the bacteria and um if it's from raw milk but you could really um help with that lactose intolerance with your digestion and you don't need much so stay tuned very good paula from youtube i've been.

Following your she says advice it's not it's uh information for a year now and i've lost 15 kilograms so it's at 30 something pounds on one meal a day i probably eat too much cheese though and have hit a roadblock in my weight loss should i cut out the cheese to see better results it's not a bad idea.

Especially if it's pasteurized from pasteurized milk but there's a whole checklist of things that i i talk about on a lot of videos when you get into plateau number one make look look at your carbs revive the carbs make sure you're um you're doing enough fasting maybe do more fasting make sure the quality foods.

Are there make sure your sleep is good make sure your stress is good make sure your digestion is good all these things to look at so because for one person it might be a different issue than someone else very good well i'm a little worried about jaden from youtube because he wants to know what could be causing.

White circular spots on my arms and legs i mean i have no idea um could it be a pin worm i have no idea i'd have to get more information on that i mean you have vitiligo which is a another issue so i i don't know wow to see a picture yeah jayden just tell your um.

Girlfriend to stay 10 paces until you figure out what's going on with that we wish you well let's see we've got the answer to quiz question number two which asked which is worse a high carb diet or snacking for weight loss 70 percent say it's snacking the villain 30 say it's high carbs you know this is another fascinating.

Topic um it's actually snacking and i'm going to tell you why i think it's snacking is worse than a high carb both of them increase insulin but personally when i gave up the snacking which are like apples and peanut butter i gave up the.

Snack and i had two apples um with peanut butter one mid mid at mid morning mid afternoon i gave that up i dropped from 211 to 180 pounds so what's interesting about that is the a study that was done on children and found as the most isolated.

Validated factor of obesity it was the snacking more than any other factor um plus steve when you grew up did you have a lot of uh well i guess you grew up in the 40s right now i'm just kidding um.

The 70s or the 60s i don't know i don't even know how old you are but let me just say this when you grew up did you see as many overweight children as you do now you know uh we didn't eat well we had peanut butter and jelly with the with the crust cut off so there was just pure white mush and a kool-aid ice cube filled with.

Sugar in a paper towel that was our snack but there wasn't a heavy person in sight if you saw someone heavy you pointed at them oh my god look a fat person we were all bone skinny because we ran all day we didn't you know we didn't eat that much so so so in 1977 um gradually.

Through the 80s and 90s there's been a push to get every man woman and child on snacks and snacks and snacking and eat eat between the meals but before that it was more of like a three salad meals maybe one snack but it was more the three meals and i will say even during that time i mean i lived on pure junk.

Food and sugar so but it was the three three meals of junk food and sugar so um you know the snacking is definitely um it is something that is um a very bad thing for people unfortunately they're stuck in it and it's so available isn't it it's so.

Available and people say to snack to what prevent overeating well they don't realize that it's the frequency of the because what happens through the day if you're eating that many frequent meals what you're doing is you're constantly stimulating insulin every it's kind of like if you were to exercise.

Um six or eight times in a day so you're gonna exercise that frequent right is that gonna be better than maybe two times a day or once a day no you want that recovery so the pancreas needs a chance to recover and the frequency of eating is just deadly well and i will say you can relieve.

Yourself of the burden of choice if you do intermittent fasting it's so wonderful because it's just off the table i'm not going to eat anything much less snacks and it helps me because i'm you know i'm weak well this is a perfect perfect example steve you're you're not doing keto exactly but you are doing fasting so and you're still getting a.

Lot of benefits so that is very interesting yeah well that's the easier route to set yourself up for keto i think because you just you know you just don't have to think about food for 20 hours a day seems impossible to suggest such a thing because i used to think about it constantly but it really really works.

You lose your hunger and it's a miracle yeah it's it's pretty amazing okay next question all right during stress anxiety and worry what happens to your immune t cells those are the um.

The cells that fight viruses they kill cancer they do a lot of things with your immune system so what happens to those cells during times of stress worry and anxiety all right very good let's go to georgia tariq is with us and tariq if you can remember to unmute yourself and you're.

On with dr bird can you hear me perfect perfectly wonderful first of all as many americans we really appreciate everything that you do your passion to.

Help live long quality healthy life appreciate it my question is is there a person or procedures that will actually reduce.

Or even eliminate existing calcium buildup either in your heart veins or arteries cardiologist recently was a small amount in my mouth the original vein but um it's not real bad but i wanted to address it naturally rather than.

Start using statins and i refused to do that i told her so i'm gonna have to do it naturally i'll die did you by chance get that coronary artery calcification scan and and if you did um they actually rate it on a scale can you remember your number oh you know i thought you might ask that.

I went back and looked and q qtc is that it or qr s or qt i think that's a little bit different test so evidently okay and then all right so i don't have it would i i can say this i don't have the exact number in front of me because.

I look for it briefly and could not find it but what i did what i do recall is it was still within range okay but it wasn't it was in but it wasn't near zero anywhere near it might even maybe a third of the way.

Through but but the bottom line is i'm trying to be proactive yeah i saw i saw a diagram when they when i hit the test he actually had on the computer uh animation of it and he showed me a couple of little specks of calcium in my in my heart.

Okay the large artery here's what i suggest with calcium calcium is coming in there as a band-aid um to fix something you wanna you wanna get to the root of it you wanna just really make sure and i'm sure you're doing this right now make sure that you you don't have any need for a band-aid.

And so of course your diet should be low-carb and it should be um healthy and clean and all that so that way you don't have the um the inflammation factor to cause the body to deposit calcium that being said one of the best protective things for the inside of the arteries is the.

Tocotrienol type vitamin e supplement i would highly recommend to get that and then the other thing is if um there's um some natural things you can do to remove calcium one is vitamin k2 that's the one that helps to direct the calcium into the bone and out of the soft tissues and then i've done videos on taking a.

Chelator i don't even know if you would probably need a key later but that would be called edta it's a type of you can get it as a kind of a supplement that pulls out some of the calcium but it also pulls out other minerals so you want to make sure if you take it you have to put back in.

The minerals that you want so it's a little a little more complex i don't think you need to go that route but if you had a lot of calcium you can do that but over time if you really make sure your diet is correct the calcium should be reabsorbed and go back into the bones.

But vitamin k2 is a key factor and it just so happens that most sources of k2 are high fat high fat cheese butter things like that the exact things that the doctors are telling you not to eat but you can also get it from something called uh nato which is a fermented soybean so there's different.

Ways to get it but um you know um i think that's what i would recommend i think you'll you'll be on the right track and the good thing is that it doesn't sound like your calcium is out of control but i like the concept of being proactive.

Well in fact he did recommend get four fat soluble vitamins k2 a d and e um but but the bottom line is it was inspiring to see that gentleman that fasten his way out of cancer and mine is not that bad but i just think.

That well first of all i see this real quickly what i did was i initially changed my lifestyle you know i haven't had any meat i haven't had any pork in 50 years no no last time i had poultry was in 1975 and i don't drink a smoke but.

Looking back on it i was still consuming a certain amount of carbs and sugar too much that was called what i'm trying to do is get it the root cause and i learned a lot by looking at your videos and research so i'm trying to do things to reduce my insulin produced.

In which which i found out that ldl the good uh cholesterol was really forming plaque because of the high insulin and sugar and stuff so that's something that i'm trying to do to the adjusting again i really really appreciate you doing for all.

All of us it's very important hey you're on the right track i like what you're doing okay i appreciate it but one quick question to me as you said when you pass if you anything but water it's not really a fast but what you're.

Saying is your keto suggestions like you you do coffee etc etc uh vinegar water maybe once a day or whatever you're saying that doesn't really hurt you it would not hurt my uh procedure to try to reduce the the.

Cholesterol yes that's what i'm saying i'm saying that um correct by definition a true fast is you're only drinking water but you know it's really difficult not to do something um so these other things are very very minor in.

Um throwing you off um it's not going to throw you off for more than a few minutes so i think i wouldn't worry about it and they can help you they can help speed things up um so there's benefits to them like like tea and.

Some coffee and you know nutritional supplements and you know maybe a green powder without the fiber or apple cider vinegar or a kombucha tea well kombucha tea i will say does have a little bit of sugar so yeah make sure you get the one that.

Doesn't but um yeah there's uh there's it's a minor minor issue really tariq thanks so much for coming on with us and i hope that helped and get back with us at some point and let us know how you are proceeding we appreciate you being on okay let's.

See here uh our quiz question the last one was during stress anxiety worry what happens to your immune t cells and maybe somebody's been watching your videos because it's a hundred percent or they're throwing it all on red they say that it uh it weakens uh t-cells weaken.

Decrease or even die under stress well they um they actually become paralyzed they come paralyzed for two hours now if you're in a chronic stress you can imagine it's probably being paralyzed more often but literally they stop moving they stop moving they stop.

Working that's your defenses so guess what's going to happen to cancer if you have cancer there's no more fighting cancer there's no more fighting viruses so it kind of leaves you in a state of susceptibility so you're now you're you're predisposed to getting infections and other problems so it's just it just shows you the magnitude of how important.

It is to do what you can to keep the stress and worry anxiety to a minimum i'm going to be releasing some more videos on that um but a lot of your cells become immobile and they stop working the frontal cortex of your brain stops.

Firing as much as it normally does so your ability to make decisions be creative solve problems all go down when you're in this flight or fight mode so a good way to counter that is to start moving start moving fast get your body in motion.

Start to do the opposite you know and your muscles are things that you can control uh breathing for example your lungs don't necessarily do the breathing it's the diaphragm that helps push the lungs and get them moving so again the muscles so there's a great breathing technique that.

I talk about in some of the videos to get pulsum out of a panic attack and then also there's a couple systems of exercise that i really like because they they combine breathing with controlled movements when you're under stress you're kind of out of control so putting back in this control.

Can greatly pull you out of stress yoga and i'm not talking about the philosophy of yoga just the physical aspects of the the workout as well as pilates pilates is an awesome system of controlled movements with breathing and it can greatly help people reduce stress and feel good.

That's terrific let's go over to facebook where maria says her 84 year old mother is on a lot of meds she gets chronic utis i encourage her to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice is there anything else you'd recommend i had the same thing with my mother-in-law she stayed with us and i was looking at all these drugs i'm like.

What the heck is going on this is crazy so we got the doc we started asking questions and found out that well we're giving this person because they have that i go well but this medication gives you a side effect of utis and they go um yeah well can we start lowering some of these things and so we started lowering.

Them all of a sudden her utas went away uti's went away and we found that a lot of the problems that she was solving were created from the other drugs that she was taking so um unless you reduce the medications how are you going to how are you going to fix the problem you're going to just.

Eat better i will say that the more medications you are and you are on the better your diet should be to counter the side effects but of course that would probably get rid of the need for medications one of the biggest things that i see um missing in in just healthcare's.

Is they don't put enough attention on on the correct diet might they might say well avoid red meat because that's the worst thing you can do they eat more whole grains wholesome natural grains and cut down on that fat and drink more water like um well there's um that's not not the best.

Way to create health unfortunately all right very good why don't we go back to our green room and teresa is going to in 30 seconds ask us or tell us what her question is theresa if you're unmuted you're on with dr bird oop you're still muted dear once you hit that once more.

Is that better much perfect okay hello dr berg thank you for having such a generous heart you and your wife you put a lot of valuable information out there to the world and it's coming back to you and um thank you very much so my question is um i have had a growing list of health.

Issues and what happens is i then stop and try to do the keto in intermittent fasting then i can last about three weeks four weeks i get all the supplements i'm trying everything i'm feeling good but then it's almost like it's running off my willpower and then it collapses.

And then i have more health issues i have gained like 25 pounds i have these underlying and i remember you said health issues you have to heal underneath to lose the weight but i'm trying but every round i go i go deeper into a kind of a hole of not some things not working and these health you know there's these underlying health.

Things that maybe i'm not getting to i don't know what the issue is can you just really quickly really quickly tell me um what you eat when you're attempting keto yes i eat very clean i eat the protein like the amount that you see you know.

The size of the palm of the hand i have a bowl and i try to eat 10 cups of vegetables i pour the olive oil or pure butter and i try two times a day and then drink my water and electrolyte water you know so it's really clean eating and i think i have the portions right you know and i don't i love.

Vegetables but something just doesn't you know i don't know so then so then you do it and then then you you start craving certain things and then you go off the program i do kind of crave i noticed you know all um nuts or i'll crave um.

Sugars and i'm always battling up against the sugar thing so that when i finally weaken and i have a little bit of carbs or a little bit of sugar yeah i mean a little bit it's just like it's a house of cards that just comes down and you know so my i you know i don't know.

I think there's a couple things one one is um i'm almost done if you just hang in there there's a the new membership program i'm working on has um work i'm i'm getting with my all my trained keto uh coaches to really.

Fix what you're running into which is working with you consistently to get just the basic pattern of eating in long enough for you to see the results and make the transition and work with you to tweak it because that's what you just need someone to help you keep tweaking it to tailor make.

It to your body i think the other thing that jumps out right off the bat is um i don't think you're having enough fat i think you need to increase more fat like pecans um would be good and and even have a good high quality and you make it a keto dessert so that way you know.

You don't um buy something that has a hidden crap in there like you make it with the right sweeteners and all that and then start having start doing that because that way you're not giving up something and you have a something you fall back on but.

The other than that i think yeah you're running into you just haven't done it long enough to be able to convert over so now the appetite goes away and you're you're winning on it and you and getting to that state is like being obviously tough for you so i think what i would do right now is get some pecans.

Or other nuts that you like and start adding that at the end of the meal and then make a really good keto dessert so you feel like you're getting something sweet but of course don't buy it because it's really hard to find a you know pre-made keto dessert without the all these hidden things that i don't.

Approve of you know i interestingly i do buy the peak i go to costco i have the the pecans i do the the dessert bombs but i think you're saying something i think i'm the type that needs what you're saying a level of coaching to get me through properly because i sincerely try.

But it's not not turning the corner and i can't find that level of coaching to get me through so what do i look for when when are you offering that or whatever if you if you're um watching my videos or you're on my my list um on some email list uh you'll get a notification.

Real soon i mean i'm i'm putting a tremendous amount of time and upgrade to this membership site with with the help of the coaching to to really um get someone's basic eating completely correct and tailor-made and implemented over a period of few weeks to and that's really kind of what you need is some.

Some hands-on back and forth until you just nail it and you'd be surprised um it's just a matter of finding that thing and then all of a sudden it works um so i think if you just hang in there a little bit longer we'll we'll have this done i mean this is i've been working.

Day every day on this thing so we're almost there i just have to upload a few more videos and then we're we're good to go perfect thank you and then one just quickly you know i've had things like i live under chronic stress i had thyroid problems sugar sugar problems kidney stones.

Osteoporosis afibulation i mean now this virus of has surfaced after a billion years like it's a non-stop train ride of these things coming to the surface am i still able to do this with all those kind of issues i had thyroid cancer you know yeah it's just it's going to be just a.

Little bit more difficult but i i think you're going to have to actively and aggressively uh do things to counter this stress and really evaluate where is it really coming from and confront the heck out of it because um.

The stress thing is is a killer and so um if you do that um you're gonna have to force yourself get outside every day go for the long walk do these you know lemon balm tea but but other than that too is you're going to have to address whatever's chronically putting you in.

The stress day because that alone will inhibit your results but there's so many things you can do so um hang in there and um yeah we'll we're almost going to release that soon so that's great teresa thanks so much for joining us uh let's go to the next quiz question doc here it is.

All right true or false poor sleep can make you infertile hmm all right audience grab on to that let's go back to a social media reread from youtube i had a hysterectomy in my early 30s and now i'm in my 60s i'm trying intermittent fasting but i can't get into ketosis.

Could a hysterectomy be a factor it potentially could that's a it's a major trauma and it does cause stress on the adrenals after the surgery and also the adrenals back up the ovaries there's a really good um video i have on this topic and there's a cut there's a supplement that.

I would recommend from a company called standard process called utrophin pmg if you took that i think it could help you because in practice i used to recommend that as a supplement if someone had a hysterectomy and they seem to do really good because it supplies the body uh things of things.

Are missing um because now you have a missing organ so it's called eutrophin pmg by standard process terrific let's go back to the green room this time we're going to go to michelle who is coming to us from new jersey the land of pizza michelle you're on with dr bird.

Thanks so much and and dr burke thank you so much for all of the valuable videos and you know all of the information that you put out there the supplements i've been using have been fantastic and very helpful so thank you for everything that you do um so my question is um.

You know in regards to the betaine hcl um i've followed a lot of what you were saying in in regards to you know gerd and you know i have had this you know sensation in the back of my throat like that there was something there of course that hasn't been and um had a scope the whole nine yards they said that you know it was likely that it was gerd but no.

Heartburn or anything like that of the sort but i was taking the betaine acl had kind of you know worked up to getting to be you know taking six per meal and you know intermittent fasting and keto as well so two meals a day and was doing that for quite some time from january actually and just recently i've started having these bouts of heartburn.

Which have been waking me up in the middle of the night and you know also late after my second meal so i'm wondering is that a sign that it's time to you know kind of start reducing that and what's the typical time frame that you know someone is usually taking that betaine hcl because i understand from your videos that you know once you get.

That level of stomach acid up you know the body is is you know just recycling that i think as you called it so you know at what point is enough enough and you know how do you know when it's time to reduce that well you know when uh you had enough when you start getting heartburn um so.

If you stop taking that and everything clears up then we know for a fact if you stop taking your heartburn gets worse then we need to um reevaluate and go wait a second um maybe you need um something more for the probiotics something lower um in the digestive tract uh but i think i would just stop checking and if it.

Goes away then we know you're done like you you already built up your hcl so uh because it isn't it's not a forever product you just build it up and then you stop taking it okay gotcha and what i continue to still take um like the enzymes i take the gallbladder formula i don't have a gallbladder so that's something that i.

Take when i continue taking something like that that that's something you might want to continue to take because you don't have a gallbladder and so you don't have that concentration of bile but now that i know you don't have a gallbladder um so there's here's the thing um.

The only time i would say stop taking the gallbladder or bile salts when you don't have a gallbladder is when you might have too much bile and a good symptom of that would be diarrhea or a loose bowels then like okay so because because if you have too much mild it can cause diarrhea so you back off on that.

But if that's not the case then keep taking that um that gallbladder support formula um but it's kind of one of those things you just have to kind of uh watch more of my videos and understand like what's happening and adjust this versus that um.

But i think um right now i would stop the detain and see if that fixes everything excellent super we'll definitely do that and one um last question too you know since shifting to you know follow keto i do the healthy clean ketos as much as humanly possible despite our conversation on pizza before.

But you know i've had this symptom of having an extremely dry mouth for a very long time and you know it's gotten to the point where i'm now using the xyla melts to try to you know because it's really it's something that's driving me insane so is there is there something that i'm missing you know nutrition wise that that's causing you know me to have.

That dry mouth at night in the morning i'm fine it's just throughout the day it's getting drier and drier dry mouth potentially could be you need more fluids however it could also be a lack of vitamin a vitamin a will cause both dry mouth and sometimes even dry eyes so because it.

Affects the the superficial mucous membranes on the inside of your body and so vitamin a now why would you be deficient vitamin a well don't have enough gold bile from because the gallbladder's not there so even though you have the bile maybe what you need to do is start.

Beefing up your vitamin a and just so happens that um liver is a good source of vitamin a and so is butter and what else certain raw milk dairy has vitamin a cod liver oil has vitamin a.

These are things that i would i would try um and then with that bile salt that should help you and then let's say you did that and it didn't fully handle it um it could be that you do need to increase your fluids maybe with some more electrolytes just to get more hydrated.

And then maybe add a little more sea salt in there so these are just things i would i would test and look at and think think with as i was trying to solve that all right great thank you so much michelle uh good luck with all that and as with all our guests and agreeing we ask that after you've tried some different things.

And progressed please give us a ring back and let us know how you're doing with all that that's a important research that's conducted by you other research was done by the audience who has answered the recent question which asks true false sleep can make you infertile and.

98 of respondents say it's true and there's a two percenter holding out saying it's false well um it's true it's true because of what it does to cortisol and increases cortisol and cortisol inhibits uh your fertility inhibits the endocrine system testosterone in men and females it can.

Alter uh certain sex hormones so yeah one one if someone's infertile um they should really look also at their stress level and address that um i have so many videos on stress and i'm gonna release another one in a couple days but um it's one factor that we all have to address but a little stress is.

Essential a lot of chronic stress is not good and so we have to work at dealing with that too because so many people like are in a chronic state of anxiety or worry and they just can't seem to get out of it like i said before because the immune system becomes paralyzed your.

Your brain tends to you get brain freeze writer's block all sorts of things happen with your cognitive function it takes a a low stress environment to have a lot of creativity to solve problems to have enough space to really you know um come up with the right solutions too.

So it's stress can really mess someone up in many different levels all right well we have someone from tunisia moab is coming to us and moab if you there you go you're on with dr byrd uh hello everyone it's a great honor dr berg to be here with you.

With the other amazing guys sharing their experiences uh personally i would like to speak about my experience i started doing ketu diet and intermittent fasting six months ago it was a life-changing experience i lost 20 kilos of fat.

But now i'm trying to build some muscle tissue and continue uh losing losing fat because i still have some belly fat it seems to be a little bit difficult for me because i can't find a great relation between.

Continuing the process of losing fat and starting building muscle effectively i want to get a general information about the maintaining.

Losing fat and starting building a muscle effectively how should i work out which foods am i allowed to eat and others not thank you yeah i think the the key to the muscle building has to be a a really good exercise program that involves.

Um low reps heavier weight uh and you know i i always recommend this you can always have a personal trainer push you further than you can push yourself and someone that is can really coach you on that aspect but you definitely need.

To do a full body workout um and then as far as having enough energy to do that with the calories that you eat so you're gonna have to increase the quantity of food um i i wouldn't if you realize this the leanness has to do with the carbohydrate so you might have to go lower carb and then.

Maybe to keep the volume up of calories to have the energy increase the fat and even some more protein which will then help balance things out but you don't necessarily want to build muscle with eating just more protein that's not going to do it and if you eat more carbs that's going.

To build more fat so we want to get a low carb we want to go maybe a little more protein more fat low carb does it mean only a fruit a day or should i eat oat or brown rice or no no you don't want to do any of that you don't want to do grains you don't want to do fruits because then that's the sugar and that's.

Going to turn down and turn the sugar fast and that's going to keep you fat because in my videos uh when you study on insulin uh the more that something increases insulin the more that you're not going to be able to burn fat so we want to eliminate all these triggers to insulin.

So then you can get lean because we want to force your body to use up your own fat by keeping those carbs as low as possible and there's a really i think a good video for you to watch would be it's something um don't quote me but i think it's keto on steroids.

And i think i did one keto and steroids updated that might be a good one for you to watch because um i think that's what you need right now uh especially for the education is it the one with thomas de lauer no that's a different one.

Oh okay okay uh should i uh i started doing uh two meals in order to uh to build uh some muscle uh in the first meal i always try to have some little carbs under protein in the second meal after workout uh i'm.

Aiming for the same amount of protein and a little bit of fat would that be sufficient what kind of carbs are you eating sometimes fruit one fruit other times some oats that's it yeah i would go back to my videos because we talk about.

Fruits are not on the plan and oats are not on the plan i'm sorry but yeah you're going to have to change the carbohydrate to a big salad a delicious big salad with olive oil and vinaigrette if you want and then that way and other vegetables too but that's the carbohydrates that you want to.

Consume more of not the fruit okay moab listen we're about out of time so i hope you got something uh productive out of that and we'll look forward to hearing from you again uh dr berg we have arna which her picture has been a little tough but arna can you hear us why don't you go ahead.

With your question arna can you hear us i think her connection is still spinning so unfortunately yeah okay well listen um dr berg we're just about out of time i think something really important is for you to emphasize once again uh how great product availability is becoming internationally you want to.

Talk about that for a minute well uh if you're like me um you don't like paying as much for shipping when you get order products so um we're constantly trying to reduce the shipping cost so now we're in different areas of the world so you can look down below and get some links if you're not in america to not have to pay.

The expensive new shipping costs but on that note i just really appreciate all your wonderful comments and your great successes stay tuned for more really interesting videos i'm i'm glad that you're liking them but i'm.

I'm coming up with even more interesting things that are going to be released this next week so stay tuned and i will definitely see everyone next week same time same place you
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