The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 10, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 10, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 10, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – June 10, 2022.
welcome back everyone we have another really good show we have a lot of people lined up to ask questions and anything that i say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care so definitely check with your physician before um you know implementing anything we're.

Going to talk about so let's dive right in steve all right well we've got the whole uh great and interesting crowd in our green room and one in particular from my old uh stomping grounds in southern california kimmer is out in the desert uh on the way to las vegas marking for utilities.

So she's a brave uh gal and she's on with us and dr kimmer you're on with dr berg hi dr bird hello hi hi um my question is i started the diet march first uh the keto and intermittent fasting.

And maybe three weeks in i felt kind of faint as i was getting up from a box a pool box and it's like all my muscles just quit at the same time and so i thought i'm going to do the electrolytes because that sounds like a great idea but that was when it wasn't hot.

Now today we're looking at 110 degrees and i'm wondering because i have my my bottle right here how many can i do how many bottles can i do in a day because i don't know how much i'm sweating because honestly i don't feel it because it's a dry heat and so but i know i am sweating because you know you.

Feel the heat you feel the woozy a little bit so yeah that's what i was wondering like how many servings yeah yeah good question um are you in uh barcelo or lancaster oh i'm farther out i'm actually in las vegas oh your father.

Okay because i practiced in the lancaster for a bit but uh that was that was uh definitely hot i understand it's a dry heat so you don't really know what's going on so um the electrolytes were designed for the average person who is very deficient in potassium um.

But if they use electrolytes in hot weather uh or when they're exercising it's very important to add more sea salt and if you don't have enough sea salt that's where you're gonna feel it your muscles you feel weak okay so um you could take as is really as much as you want as much as you need.

Maybe a couple scoops per day but the key is adding more sea salt to that so if you put some sea salt maybe an eighth of a teaspoon in your water just mix it all in to dissolve it slug it down i think you'll feel refreshed i think you'll feel stronger but we lose a lot more sodium than we do other minerals so that's.

Really the secret so the combination i think will help you greatly i'm so impressed by the taste because when you said there's no sugar in it i was like oh this is gonna be like okay no it's amazing like i drink this instead of soda and i've been drinking dr pepper since i was born.

Basically so yeah this this stuff is amazing thank you so much for coming i appreciate that because oh i appreciate that because it took us a long time a lot of trial and error to make it work and to find the flavorings that were um didn't have the hidden maltodextrins so unfortunately yeah those are.

More expensive so that's um but you know what um i'm into quality so that's why we put it in there i'm glad you like it thank you great well thank you kimmer uh for taking time out of your busy day and that big rumbling diesel and she is like i said has an amazing attitude for being.

Out there in the middle of the desert and i made that trip a few times doc to vegas and uh you know if you break down on 15 god help you god help you yeah you're going to be a dry lizard in in two seconds anyway thank you uh kimmer again and have fun out there and let's kick it off with the first quiz doc and here it.

Is all right so let's see if i could okay i don't see it steve all right well i'm going to age you and the first question says what's in bread that makes it so addictive and i would certainly like to know that.

So audience what's in bread that makes it so addictive and uh that is your first question of the day and let's not ignore all the wonderful folks on social media so chuck from youtube why does my varicose veins why do my varicose veins hurt so much i've been fasting for most of my 85 years but this pain only has.

Started in recent years help well i i don't know if it's your your uh vascular system it could be the nerves that go the vascular system that causes more perception of pain that's just my guess i would have to do a bigger evaluation but i think one thing that i would recommend that you need more of anything related to.

Neuritis or um related to like nerve pain that would be b1 so that would be nutritional yeast i would recommend that you may just find that solves your problem now you can get certain types of pain from the vascular system either creating pressure on the nerves um.

So um i i don't know your situation i don't know if you're exercising but definitely the best thing to do for that would be to get more circulation get more circulation into those those structures uh through exercise and that normally would would handle things related to.

Uh pressure building up in your circulatory system that's terrific and there's certainly no shortage of people that ain't got a gallbladder no more and linda is asking if your gallbladder formula is the only thing i need is i don't have a gallbladder or do i need some digestive enzymes and will they help lower.

Cholesterol well um bile salts help uh mobilize cholesterol in fact it's the major route where you get rid of excess amount of cholesterol and triglycerides so um my gallbladder formula has not just bile it has enzymes it has the betaine.

Hydrochloride has things to thin the bile it's a really interesting combination of a lot of things to help um all the just different major digestive organ structures so a lot of people like it because it has this combination and you know i've worked over the years.

Um perfecting the ratios of different things so it's a really good high quality product that you might want to try i would take it um just with your meals because you don't have the gallbladder you're just not going to have the quantity of bile and the stored concentration of bile.

That you need to be released and then help you extract these fat soluble vitamins so um you know that gallbladder is a really important structure that sac to help you contract and get the amount of bile and people just like they don't.

Doctors just don't talk about the importance of bile and the gallbladder it's not an extra organ okay it's not an extra organ that was a mistake that we have it is definitely not that so if whoever tells you that just does not understand the function of aisle and the gallbladder so i always like to tell people to ask the doctor.

That says something kind of crazy like that just say well what is the purpose of the gallbladder and if they say there is no purpose then find another doctor you're here okay folks well it's time for us to acknowledge uh all the wonderful people that are watching us.

Out of the world and later in the show daniel from mexico city will be on so he's representing mexico uh wonderfully in addition to him there are people joining us from the uk canada france dubai australia pakistan jordan jamaica macedonia switzerland germany nigeria saudi arabia japan kenya the philippines algeria india troops it.

Slipped in my fingers let's see where were we uh ethiopia cashmere zimbabwe sri lanka panama it deliscros malaysia norway south africa cuba uh wales sweden uh lucia i guess i said that right uh ireland hungary chile finland peru i don't want to leave anybody out austria serbia the bahamas belgium romania zambia scotland my old haunts.

Greece mexico poland taiwan morocco egypt croatia come on terry this is amazing cameroon portugal and all across these united states and again daniel will be up with us later representing mexico so thanks everyone so much for watching and speaking of listeners we have the answer to the first question which asks hang on.

Let me read that again what what's in bread that makes the darn stuff so addictive and 70 of our respondents say gluten 20 say fruitos other forms of sugar and 10 say it's the yeast okay it's the answer is it's gluten.

And that's interesting that that many people knew that because um like what is it about gluten that's so good well first of all it helps you with this amazing texture right of the bread but there's certain types of proteins in gluten that mimic.

Opioids so as you know we do have an opioid problem like fentanyl it's a synthetic opioid which is highly addictive and creates devastating effects so so now we're actually getting a little bit of a like a little bit of fentanyl every time you eat breasts like it just kind of.

Gets you this wow i feel so good i feel this this sense of um euphoria like um eating bread so it's this is why it's addictive um so if you were to this is why uh people when they do even gluten-free bread they don't really like it as much they don't become as addictive so um.

That is why and so you know if you like bread and unfortunately if you attempt or even hint to take away someone's bread some people get upset so i think just really important just for people understand like why do i like it so much so you know.

There's actually something in there that mimics a drug so i'm going to be doing a video on that so and the title of that video is going to be you may never eat bread again after watching this video my goodness well i wanted to give some.

Hope to the folks so i'm intermittent fasting and cutting out carbs uh tremendously and when i used to try to knock off bread and sugar and so on it was agonizing i see somebody slather some butter on it but i really don't have an urge for it anymore and that's the first time in my entire life.

I still think about some of the sweets you know and i have to kind of put that out of mind but thank goodness bread is no longer agonizing me and i know that's because of dr berg's various routines intermittent fasting and you know keto so i'm very very thankful that i don't have to do that battle.

Anymore and nor do many people in our audience who report such things let's see uh cassandra from youtube i've been taking your electrolyte powders and sleeping like a baby and feeling awesome which multivitamins do i need to take well i i don't have a multivitamin however the keto energy is probably the closest to.

That because it has all the natural vitamin combinations with with certain b vitamins that are in the natural form um but you know honestly i think that you should attempt to get the majority of your vitamins from food the the um the number one.

Vitamins sold out there that i'm talking they make billions i'm not going to mention their name and they're a multivitamin i mean it's probably the top three companies they're just like pure synthetic the quality of those ingredients are so low um that.

I mean and they're selling all these and people just think oh yeah i'm getting these great great nutrients uh well i don't know if you are so try to get it from food that's interesting okay let's see um so bridget maybe she's a weightlifter from.

Youtube i'm three weeks into keto and i'm at my desired weight and i feel great but i want to drop my body fat percentage from 36 to 30. boy that's specific what can i do to achieve this goal well two things you want to drop your insulin levels um as much as you can to get leaner.

So you need to go lower carb and fast longer those two actions uh will make you very very lean um and then you can also add more exercise too wonderful harry wants to know a good way.

To gain weight without consuming carbs um well i'm guessing you don't want to gain fat you want to gain muscle i'm guessing um so maybe make sure your your quantity of food is um is higher if your metabolism is fast you're going to eat more food and so you know maybe keep your your carbs at the the max like 50.

Grams per day and consume carbs that don't turn the sugar very fast and then increase your your fat that's going to be really important and then exercise to stimulate the muscle to make them um respond by becoming larger.

Um so we're really just dealing with uh we don't have carbs protein and fats right so you're just gonna have to have more of that but not too much pro don't go crazy with excessive massive amounts of protein because some of that can turn into sugar as well terrific dutch guy i'm sure that's his.

Real name uh says you said you don't favor synthetic supplements but how about cod liver oil supplements that contain synthetic vitamin e no i don't i don't like that i don't like that um there's some really interesting data on these synthetic vitamin e i mean the only time i'd recommend synthetic.

Vitamin e is if you're doing a detox a short-term let's say a month or two detox but not as a long-term maintenance why because the synthetic the chemistry of synthetic vitamins are very very different and synthetic phytonutrients as well and they might act like an antioxidant but.

Then they become an oxidant so they can create more oxidation and um i'm telling you there's not a lot of long-term safety studies on these and um it might sound like they're harmless but um i wouldn't trust them.

So that i hope that answers that and if you're going to take a vitamin e one of the best sources the type i would get would be tocatrinals that's a really good good type of vitamin it's a kind of a new concept for people they're used used to cough rolls but toe katrina's just um.

They work a lot better terrific well catherine seems to have a complaint that you've talked about i'm very thin and healthy you're not thin and i do i f and would like to continue for a lifetime but i'm slowly losing more weight will my weight stabilize i'm five nine 140 pounds and 45 years old yeah they should stabilize you you want.

To add i just eat more food here here's the problem when you start doing fasting you start burning your fat and then now you're you're not hungry anymore because you're burning your fat so um so some people with a very fast metabolism they just need to eat a lot more food when they eat not frequent meals but.

More food and probably more fat for sure so there's a there's a condition of epilepsy right for the kids that have epilepsy a lot of times they'll start the ketogenic diet but a very large percentage of them don't stick with it unfortunately because the type of keto that they're recommending is just.

Like crazy unhealthy and they don't look at the ingredients and it's just the you know just oh yeah just drink a bunch of cream with add this in there and even have terrible canned keto shakes you know with the epilepsy you want to really have your ratio to fat to protein like really a lot of.

Fat and not as much protein so it's like a two or three to one fat to protein and there is a way to do that that is so healthy you just need to like rearrange the foods to create this super high fat you know moderately low protein and very low carb.

To help these kids and um and that way you'll get compliance you'll get health um but if you do it the regular way that is like being promoted you're going to have a lot of digest your kid is going to have a lot of.

Digestive problems and they'll give up so when it could really work for them so i will be doing some videos on that because i know there are kids out there that can benefit from this i mean immensely terrific okay let's kick off another question this one's a true false if you.

Don't get gi symptoms from gluten then you're safe to eat it is that true or false audience i'm talking about digestive problems if you don't get any digestive problems when you eat gluten i mean it must be okay to eat right i mean that's that's true correct we'll see we'll see if the audience has.

An opinion on that i'll stand by just a moment here doc let's see why don't we uh go back to social media for a moment a moment oh wow here's another gallbladder when donna from youtube i have no gallbladder that's a common theme and i'm a type 2 diabetic who's had a complete hysterectomy what can i do to lose.

Weight quickly well you still have your thyroid so make sure you say that right hopefully they didn't take that out um you just need to um you need more data you need more videos to watch and you need to um support the missing organs.

So you have more of a complete body function but the quick answer is very simply to go on my um healthy version of ketosis with intermittent fasting as your basic thing before you think about anything else just get on that program go to my.

Website search it dr get on it and then watch what happens and see if you really need to do anything else because that is so powerful um the results are fantastic and you'll see when you do it and so that way you know no one has to kind of uh educate you on it because you know it.

Works because you tried it that's really the most important thing is to you have to try it out to see if it works for you terrific okay let's go back to the green room and we've got dana who i kept calling holly because she's from holly michigan but she's forgiven me and we're going to bring her up on the air and there she is.

Dana you're on with dr burke hi dr berg hi um i have a little bit of a complicated situation that i don't know how to get out of my husband does most of the cooking and just about all the grocery shopping and he sabotages me regularly.

I you know i tell him what i want i give him a list and he always seems to come home with so many really really tempting treats like bread and chocolate and ice cream and he he eats differently than i need to he had a uh.

Bypass the bypass surgery many many years ago but still feels like he needs to eat all the time and his weight is obviously increasing but i can't get them on the same page with me do you have any advice for me to how to handle that and what i can do to maybe get my temptation levels down there's a type of therapy it's called um let me.

Think stranglization therapy um what i would honestly if after a period of time you can't convince them i would personally bite the bullet and you just buy your own food go up get your own food keep it separate um because unfortunately you know sometimes when you have family in there it's it's.

Really hard to keep everyone the same on board on the same viewpoint they don't always have the same you know viewpoint so now you have to cope as best as you can i would personally buy your own food and cook your own food and that way you control it you you're in charge you're not dependent on anyone.

Else and so um i think that's the simple answer after you tried something now i gotta learn how to cook you know um here's the thing um i'll give you an example of what i ate yesterday i mean.

I'm not doing any weird like wild recipes i i took some lettuce leaves i took some ham slice of cheese little mayonnaise with a slice of um tomato and i made my little sandwich i had like several of those and that was my meal so.

You you don't necessarily have to do any type of major recipes or like you should find some recipes that have like four items to put together and uh do it do with that style which is kind of boring but it's simple i've been doing that for forever so yeah.

Okay i'll give you okay yeah make it simple don't add too many complexities because we want you just to stay in the plan so you can do it long enough to get the results okay okay let hubby have it for goodness sakes dana get him get him on board with.

All this stuff well thanks for being on with us fine i'll get them in line that's great so by the way one of our former summits long before covid hit um i watched uh dr berg in action so he says all these things but does he do them yes you know they had all sorts of well actually it was a clean slate for food but there was plenty of stuff you.

Could get in trouble with in that big hotel and he wolf down the lettuce and all the things he described even though he could have maybe taken a cheat weekend from all the pressure he had with this big summit but he didn't so you know if some people are saying gee it's a little tough well maybe it is but i'm telling you dr berg doesn't so does.

Karen they look 20 years younger than their actual age doc you're 85 now right isn't that uh yes i'm 85 and going on 23. there you go no but they they they walk the walk trust me i can see it well i sneak off and do something bad in the corner but anyway i'm learning okay let's see what.

Do we have up next let me see if we've got some answers to the question uh yes we do uh in the question once again asked excuse me true false if you don't get gi symptoms from gluten then you're safe to eat it and the audience uh a hundred percent say that's absolutely false who's right.

I always you know the only reason i asked that question is just to see if anyone did say that's true i wanted to know because um what's interesting when you consume gluten for example and you feel bloated whatever like like wow i have maybe have gluten intolerance maybe i have celiac you know things like that um but here's what's happening.

Um like i just said before you're stimulating opioids opioid opioid receptors it's kind of like a little bit like this morph morphine effect which which numbs.

Some or masks some of these gi pain syndromes that you would normally have that you don't feel it but that but the damage brews in the evidence so it's called non-celiac or asymptomatic celiac disease which i think a large percent of the population might have a version of this.

Where they don't get the gi symptoms they get other symptoms like autoimmune problems with like hashimoto's for example they might get fatigue insomnia skin reactions psoriasis all these other symptoms that they would never connect to this gluten.

Until they one day decide to do the ketogenic diet and they know they can't have bread anymore all of a sudden they all these problems clear up it might not even be the lowering of insulin it could just be the elimination of gluten so um i am going to release the video on that i think it's worth watching because there's some.

Fascinating things about this gluten that you maybe never heard before okay whenever you want a chunk of bread just grab some of dr berg's nutritional yeast just gulp a couple of those things down and the urge will drift away let's see kimberly uh wants to know if doing pro when doing prolonged fasting.

Should i continue taking my tutka and probiotics well it depends what you're trying to solve um tutka is good for a lot of things bile sludge nausea it's not like a long-term product you take it until you kind of get enough bile and then.

Change your diet and then you're good but it's also shown some powerful other benefits including decreasing allergies um restoring liver function quite a few things um you should watch my video in tuck cuts it's actually just a i didn't know.

Anything about it until like two years ago but it's a fascinating synthetic bile that is basically mimicking a bile from a bear and so in a lot of ancient cultures they use this bear bile for a lot of different things but you know the problem is killing all.

These bears is a big problem so they made it synthetically which apparently doesn't seem to have any side effects that i could see but the benefits like far outweigh the um any potential problems but it's a it thins the bile um and.

If someone has like bloating or or pain right around the pancreas or pancreatitis or any type of backup of the spile and they start getting right shoulder pain or upper back pain this is like the miracle so it's something that i wish i knew about a long time ago but.

I don't have a recommendation so you just have to seek it out do your own research and and find find it you know if you need it you know it works great if you don't need it then don't get it great advice okay now bulky xena uh is um.

Is on youtube and you know again we hear all these things and questions but there's so many people that are grateful what you're done and formerly bulky xena i guess says she's lost 30 pounds in january thanks to fasting uh all thanks to you dr berg so that's a lot of that and it's great to hear some acknowledgments of.

How this stuff works so thank you very much thank you yes a shrinking bulky xena let's see okay uh we did that one um christina can i do the keto diet with afib i think you should i think you should because um atrial fibrillation is a form of.

Arrhythmias which normally come from a lack of electrolytes especially potassium and magnesium which well how you become deficient in magnesium potassium well number one you're not consuming enough foods that have those trace minerals like large groups of salad but also the.

Amount of carbs will deplete potassium and magnesium to a very large amount so i think it can help you greatly but just realize there's one more um connection between arrhythmias or even atrial fib in your digestive system if you don't have enough bile because there's some little problem with your liver because you have a fatty.

Liver because you do carbs or you have a gallbladder issue that can create palpitations or arrhythmic issues so purified bowel salts can help you with that if that's the cause so you know i just have a lot of videos on these relationships that you can look at and.

Figure out you know why you have the problem you have and one last point i had i didn't have atrial fib but i had severe heart rhythmic problems a while ago and um nothing worked right here my diet's great and then i find out this interesting connection between electromagnetic.

Fields so i got this device i might even have it around here and i started to check my house my computer massive massive with the uh with the battery backup and the power cables so i fixed all that still didn't prove anything and then i had this idea to check the rest of my.

House and i found that the wall in the back of our headboard where my bed is was off the chart like eight feet it was extending eight feet these electromagnetic fields um and so i had i literally had to have an electrician come in and tear out the wall and find all these wires crossed.

Um and it was producing electromagnetic i was basically sleeping in this this bathing in this electromagnetic field which is not good for your heart and um and once they corrected that completely gone slept like a baby so if you have that problem watch my video.

On emf um because i talk about it that's fantastic well uh allison from edison new jersey popped off and just popped back on so while we've got her i want to take her and uh allison you were on with your one question with dr byrd uh oh alison can you hear us all right we'll go back it looks like she's muted.

Okay allison are muted actually not here she's had a little issue with her internet so we'll go back to her in a while how about if we go to our former guest daniel who's in mexico city and daniel you sir are on with dr burke hey dr berg hello.

Hey great to hear you again um well i've been doing the keto and and fasting for maybe now six months and it's been amazing the way it's been helping me to solve all type of issues that i have uh last year um the only thing that i'm still trying to solve is my high levels of.

Cholesterol i've been watching your videos on cholesterol i've been running away from every single opinion regarding and things like that but i'm still you know struggling with cholesterol around 400 milligrams of cholesterol and i'm 35 years old doing keto and fasting so any suggestions.

Did you see my video today that i released not yet okay i think that's what you're missing um the the main control of a bile um getting rid of any extra is the.

Um is the bile the biohacks controls cholesterol so cholesterol is controlled by bile uh that's from your gallbladder so uh taking bile salts would be very important but but here's the thing you have two types of bile you have primary bile that's made by your liver and you have.

Secondary bile do you know about secondary bile no yeah that's made by your microbes in your gut so let's say for example you had a history of something that killed off your microbes or maybe antibiotic or whatever um.

Okay you you now you you're wondering why you don't have enough bile to deal with this cholesterol so taking um a probiotic would be good but in addition to the bile salts but um you know a really good way to get these.

Microbes is to make your own sauerkraut or kimchi or make your own kefir because kefir and the fermented vegetables especially if you make them it is like way way way higher in microbes than if you buy it at the store.

Unless you find um like from from the farmers market so recently i'm into the kefir thing and i um i found that in my state i can get raw milk so i'm making raw milk what a difference huge and these microbes you can make it really sour so you have like super amounts of microbes and.

Friendly yeast and you start taking that it repopulates your gut now you start building the secondary bile salts that can then uh now help you with this cholesterol overlap so that's the real two answers the bile salts tutka and then also the probiotic i think that's like the missing link.

Awesome sounds great i will try it keep keep you posted and thank you so much for everything you're welcome yeah these these these microbes are just um so interesting to me because they they break down food uh they break down certain.

Proteins and they they give you all these in new flavors like from cheese and yogurt and of course bread and i'm just being sarcastic because they don't really eat bread in mexico but but i tell you it's uh.

They sure give these wonderful flavors from all these different fermented products that you can make so i'm like doing major research in this area i even bought this right here which is a lactic acid test kit so i can.

Start checking how much lactic acid i'm making and do all these interesting experiments so i'm having some fun doing that that's wonderful what could be more natural than honey and robert wants to know uh if it's good or bad for us i don't recommend honey because it's very high in.

Sugar and well you might say it's natural but yeah but it's just too high in sugar so of course it's better than refined sugar but i don't recommend it in any products now what about bee pollen yeah that's good for the immune system but not honey and then you also people who say well.

What about fruit fruit's natural why can't i do fruit i mean you could the only reason i don't recommend fruit berries are okay but uh the fruit first first of all is not necessarily uh the natural version that our bodies were designed to consume.

A long time ago um fruit wasn't as sweet didn't have the carbohydrates and it was seasonal so it wasn't something all year round so it just gives us way too much sugar in fact all i did was consume i think maybe two apples a day and my weight went up to 211 pounds.

And if you watch my earlier videos you'll see my face was literally round and my eyes were puffy and that was that the two apples now they were honeycrisp they had 19 grams of sugar per apple but that's all that i did different than i'm doing now.

The darn apple so um gives you a lot of sugar bummer okay time for another question this is a true falser the primary reason to consume bone broth is to get more protein well audience is that true or is that false and i know they're sharpening their.

Pencil right now getting on it let's see um okay barbara from youtube i'm fasting now but can that slow down my metabolism and perhaps make me more prone to sickness now fasting doesn't slow down your metabolism it actually speeds it up um you know sometimes uh people put out this false uh.

Information that you have to eat frequently to stimulate your metabolism really so in other words i should have all these snacks and then i'm gonna have a fast metabolism no no no it's gonna increase insulin and then you're going to have insulin resistance and insulin resistance is really behind a very damaged slow metabolism in fact.

You're going to develop this set point that's very high so you'll never be able to get below a certain weight unless you correct insulin resistance which comes from the frequent eating so fasting can actually help correct your metabolic pathways metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance so you.

Can have a faster metabolism again that's terrific why don't we go to a reed in bend oregon uh who has a question for you read your own with dr byrd good morning my question is very similar to daniels i've been on your healthy.

Keto plan for about three months now take a lot of your supplements really cognizant of my electrolyte intake sea salt really kind of following your program the best that i can and recently had my lab work done everything was great except for my lipid profile my cholesterol was 209 which i'm not.

Really concerned with triglycerides 160 and 133 for the ldl my doctor recommended that i consider lipitor which i declined everything that i've been doing my my assumption is that i'm trending in the right direction but i'm just curious if there's some tweak and you've already mentioned a.

Couple of things that some i'm already doing um but yeah my question is regarding the 209 cholesterol yeah that's uh honestly uh i don't know if it was 25 or 35 years ago the normal cholesterol was 225 and they lowered it to 200 and all of a sudden.

They put everyone on a lot of drugs overnight um they do the same thing if i'm not mistaken with the bmi index so um honestly i would um i would definitely watch the video i released today because if you're concerned you do an advanced.

Lipid profile test look at the two different types of ldl particle sizes and you're you know i have a video explaining that but you're going to find that the type of ldl particle that you have is going to be the large buoyant which is is not the.

Type that invades the arteries because you're doing keto you're mobilizing a lot of the cholesterol from your fat cells and so you know you may this is going to be a temporary thing until you stabilize but with a little bit of.

Probiotic and bile salts things will improve faster but i would definitely recommend getting that advanced lipid profile test to and uh learn more about it because um you're gonna find that this is a normal thing happening and it's uh you're not in danger of a heart problem.

Unfortunately my doctor declined letting me take that test encouraged me to do a coronary calcium test um which uh i actually just canceled because i really not interested in having the radiation at this point but i do take your gallbladder formula twice a day and your probiotic solution every evening before bed um so i mean i think.

If i tested four months ago my numbers would be quite a bit different than they are now again i think i'm trending in the right direction but yeah i appreciate your insight absolutely absolutely and um i always like to you know when you're working with the physician you got to.

Find someone that is at least open enough to work with you and um you know that's there's so many docs out there it's like okay find someone that is um there's a cardiologist the keto friendly cardiologist that can also you can if you ever need to talk to someone they consult people remotely and then.

You can uh get this other viewpoint that is um not so fixed on this the same old same old so but i thought it sounds like you're on the right track reid so i think you're just going to probably continue and you know cross that road later if you need to.

Thank you you're welcome that's great read and please do get back with us as things progress and tell us how you're doing we always love to hear we like the back story but we like what happens afterwards so thanks for joining us today that's terrific and uh you know not only are people in.

The green room participating but so are everyone in the audience because they've quickly answered the next question true false the primary reason to consume bone broth is to get more protein and the audience 85 say false 15 say it's absolutely true well.

I mean it can be one one reason um but the two big things about bone broth is number one it helps the gut issues because it's um it has certain factors that help the permeability or the leakiness of that gut and it's so.

That's one issue the gut um number two is actually arthritis and joint problems but they don't really know why that works but a lot of people take it for arthritis is it the collagen is it this is it that i will be releasing a video on another.

Theory that i think is why it might help your joints and there's also a huge connection between your gut problems and your joints as far as especially autoimmune like rheumatoid and even some other types of arthritis problems so.

Um stay tuned for that video i'm not going to um reveal this interesting fascinating theory that i think is the real reason why um people feel better with their joints especially with autoimmune when they take bone broth.

Very good okay so this question stressed me out just reading it can stress cause cancer i immediately started doing some deep breathing exercises just in case audience what do you think does stress cause cancer we want to know and by the way speaking of.

Videos we've got janie that's going to be coming on with us and she uh said can i ask uh dr berg about maybe doing a video and i said he insists on stuff he really loves that so in addition to your one question uh janie we're going to also have you ask dr berg about a video that he may.

Produce for you okay you're uh oh hang on just a second let's see you janie are on the air with dr berg yeah she just has to unmute oh yeah you're muted dear there we go okay thank you so much for all the research you do for all of us we really.

Appreciate it because you're now my go-to with any health concern i type in dr berg and whatever the issue and i watch what you have to say great so i've been doing healthy keto intermittent fasting for about a year i've lost 20 pounds uh kind of stabilized despite doing the.

Um omad and couple days and things my homa ir is 2.0 which seems okay it's probably come down because i think it was more resistant but i had a dna test done that had a kmo factor and it says that numerous studies suggest that brain.

Kyna is a biologic marker of neuroinflammation as kyna production is increased in animals on a ketogenic diet this type of diet may not be optimum for you now they probably didn't test it on a healthy keto so i don't really know what that means but i'm wondering if that relates to any of the struggles i've had.

Because my blood ketones won't seem to go above 0.3 i lose my appetite enough to do the longer fast but then i'm not losing weight so i get mixed messages on what my body's doing and i still get tired after salads and vegetables etc so so um so that when you read up about.

That genetic or whatever it is did you do they say what diet to go on like a high carb high carb diet no which obviously isn't going to be helpful either but so i don't know what it i didn't really know what to make of that so i kind of ignored it but then i.

Started thinking well maybe there's a connection with why i'm not doing as well with it so so okay so the main would you say the main symptom it would be fatigue um fatigue and weight is stabilized like 20 pounds isn't that much and i don't really have that much more that i need.

To lose but i'm thinking over the last six months why can i not seem to break that plateau but but yeah i feel better if i like if i go on a trip and go off for a bit and then come back i actually feel more energy all day on carbs and i'm like this isn't good i'm not supposed to feel good when i'm.

Eating poorly but i when i'm doing it i do the lemon juice and electrolytes in the morning you know i take a full lemon off the tree um i'm doing i do about a teaspoon of salt and i need a lot of electrolytes i need extra iron um.

I need extra uh iodine and i just can't seem to feel right though i'm you know bragging about how wonderful this is and people say how much have you lost oh 20 pounds got it well i think um there a lot of times these things are connected.

Um because you really you really want to figure out why would someone be tired so then the question i have would be sleep do you have quality sleep do you feel refreshed when you go to sleep i do well with sleep okay and what about your stress level.

How has that been recently i'm mostly retired i still substitute here and there but i feel pretty good so and i did get the lemon balm tea thinking of the cortisol because i may have a cortisol issue even if i don't feel stressed and okay so so this is kind of another mystery.

When you deal with like this mystery thing here to evaluate we just need more and more data to see what what's uh what we're missing here i'll just give you an example of things that are kind of rolling through my mind um what what is your age 64. yeah so you're past menopause.

One thing with women that are past menopause um sometimes they um start to develop in iron toxicity and i'll just give you an example because i've had some other people on keto and they stopped menstruating so now the thing about iron it tends to accumulate.

In the body and it can create fatigue for sure and um it could be that little thing on the side that kind of just keeps you from having the full benefits and this is why even people they're doing oh i'm eating i'm eating uh grass-fed your red meat and then and you find out the iron is just way.

Too high so in this case um i think a good thing to do would be to find a functional a nutritional doc that checks the functional medicine that they can do a deep dive on a bunch of blood tests to just look across the board of just anything.

That kind of jumps out and gives us a clue on what is going on because i don't know if i agree with this genetic thing so we have that right right and then with the weight problem i do know this with a lot of especially women that are doing this they hit this plateau and.

They just can't seem to get below it and so then what i do is i tell them to do a um just do a three-day fast okay good and then they they uh sometimes they need a a prolonged fasting to kick things in gear and um then all of a sudden things start.

Working better and better doing longer fast but um because the fasting will clear up things that are weird things too that like your mood will come up energy should come up you start recycling old proteins you start to.

Lose weight that you couldn't have lost before because you're you're literally your body is just running on your fat so you may need something like that um so these are just kind of thoughts that are running through my head right now okay because yeah my iron is actually low but that like if it's okay good so then then we don't worry about that um.

But i did have a vitamin d receptor issue with several genes and an interleukin-6 receptor and estrogen receptor one i don't know what all this means okay so so this is uh this is another thing too like vitamin d uh there's someone else that had a problem with the vitamin d receptor there's a little.

Mutation there and um you take the normal vitamin d or even uh 10 000 i use it didn't do anything for her she had to take 40 to 50 000 iu's vitamin d with some purified bile salts at the same time to start feeling better um that could be another um another thing that uh to test out until you figure.

This out but uh yeah um yeah interesting and if i um i have several questions that could be videos is there a place to send those ideas like how how to interpret houma ir results and things like that yeah you can send it to dr berg at dr and just say attention dr berg.

And then um they they will send it to me okay thank you so much appreciate all of you no problem and my cousin my co my niece's husband who's a pizza chef in italy loves keto and has had great results and he said to tell you ciao wow that's fantastic ciao that's great well thanks so much uh.

Janie uh and let's see let's see if we can oh well first of all let me get the answer this question can stress um stephen before i forget i want to just mention one thing about this pizza in italy um so many people um go literally and they eat the pizza and like wow i'm uploading i'm looking around the.

Room and everyone's eating a whole pizza and they're they don't seem to be bloating and and in america you eat pizza and you blow what's going on well it relates to uh the fermentation time in other cultures uh especially in italy compared to america they they ferment this dough for.

Two days maybe even three days in america we ferment it for a an hour and that fermentation breaks down gluten this is why like sourdough bread you have a lot less gluten and you don't get the bloating because uh it's the gluten that just tears up the colon so um that's probably the big factor that's uh.

That's why people feel you know better on certain type of grains in other parts of the country because they ferment longer so remember that steve i'll keep that in mind that's amazing well speaking of cancer 99 say that it's true and one percent.

Uh says uh that it's not true he must be or she must be very relaxed and so on so uh doc oh hang on i better bring that question up there it is audience and thank you for responding so quick doc what's the answer so here's some interesting interesting interesting data on this cancer puzzle i.

Just did an interview with someone i'm going to post this video in um a couple days but here's a guy who had stage three cancer it was actually borderline stage four colorectal cancer um and he um he.

Was the peak of his health he ate great he did intermittent fasting and in 2020 he came down with this cancer right blood in the stool and it grew to be 10 centimeters okay so um anyway how the heck did he get cancer his diet.

Was great well it runs in his family his dad had cancer and died his i think his brother had cancer and died um and so here he has this cancer and he did the fasting that we recommended and he ate.

What we recommended based on some other videos that we did with another guy who had stage four and guess what within four months he has no more cancer right but my question was what happened just before you started noticing these symptoms that you had cancer.

And i said did you go through any stress and he said yes with covid all of my um my businesses just shut down because he taught karate so he had these different places around the united states i think that that completely shut down so he had.

Financial stress he had relationship stress and that stress activated through an epigenetic kick in these this genetic factor and bam got the cancer so i think stress can activate um certain genes that then can cause cancer for sure.

But the good news is that when you watch this video it's going to give people hope that you can do something about it if you come down with cancer and this is the second interview with someone that had advanced cancer and they wanted to do all these things to them and uh he.

Decided to go in a different route with great success four months a 10 cm centimeter tumor in the colon disappearing uh i think that should get everyone's attention and they should watch this video so my goodness well if you'll excuse me dr.

Burke i'm doing deep slow breaths to try to reduce stress this has just got me horrified hey i'm going to try to get allison if she can hear us uh in with us and allison if you can hear us uh you're on with dr berg i still still i see the mute button there i mean the the um yeah her mute.

Button is is on yeah oh dear allison well she doesn't seem to be able to hear us either and allison i'm going to invite you uh to come on next week maybe you can send us an email or send us your questions so anyway dr berg we are fighting against.

The clock i would like you to mention to our audience how the international audience how they can get your products uh with less worry and less money well i'm always always trying to find better ways to do this cut the shipping expense because that's always a problem especially with the diesel fuel expense recently so um if you go to um the links.

Down below if you're in a different country we do now have places where you can get the products um and you don't have to have them shipped from america so i'm working on that all the time and uh that might help you but you know we have other uh channels steve we have uh not just the english channel.

We have the arabic channel we have the russian channel we have um uh a channel in uh french i think it's germany uh taiwanese um and i think there's a total of um eight different languages and so it's uh in fact the arabic.

Channel has close to 5 million subscribers already that's incredible so there's a lot of people all over the world that are watching this and this is really exciting because it's working and people are trying these remedies and spreading the word and um this is just awesome so when you find remedies that work for.

People unfortunately um what i'm trying to do is trying to go against the grain and give people solutions to health problems that you may not find when you do your searches and i have the advantage of being practiced for 30 years and working with actual people and.

Testing things out constantly doing research and trying to make it simple so you can actually you know one thing i hate too with videos with it um they just it's like it takes 45 minutes to get to the point so i try to get to the point as fast as i can.

Because i don't like these long-winded videos like i'm doing right now so anyway on that note have a wonderful weekend we will see you next week stay tuned for some fascinating videos and have a wonderful weekend you
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - June 10, 2022
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