The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – July 29, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – July 29, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – July 29, 2022

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welcome back everyone uh we're here for another uh q a and of course i appreciate all the easy questions that you're going to give me today nothing too difficult anything that i say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your.

Medical care check with your doctor before implementing any of these suggestions um and i just like to dive right in as usual so steve over to you okay thanks so much let's go right to social me media and here's an interesting question from jamie from.

Youtube are grass-fed liver supplements safe for a 12-year-old to be specific yeah and i don't think he or she needs um more than one a day but yes absolutely because we're not doing large quantities you know of course there's a lot of vitamin a in liver.

Retinol but you're not um going to consume that much so yeah it's totally fine in fact it's a good supplement to handle things like anemia and um various other problems you have with the fat soluble vitamins very good well for.

What it's worth i'm not having any liver it's yucky uh let's see moving on from there oh here we go uh vanad from youtube what is your opinion on replacing wheat and rice carbs with millets uh my opinion is i i wouldn't i would replace it with vegetables.

And not another grain because millet definitely it's similar i don't know if it's better but we want to go away from the grains because of the phytic acid because of what they do your blood sugar and um even though they might potentially have like.

Vitamins in their original state um as soon as you grind it and make food into flour and things you're going to lose the nutrition because it's going to be oxidized and the heat and the oxygen and light will destroy those nutrients so you end up having to fortify or enrich grains with synthetic.

Look-alike vitamins so it's really not good for the digestive system either all right speaking of the digestive system marcy and montana from youtube what do you do when you have celiac disease with fat absorption issues and veggies causing watery steels well i hope you're not eating any grains especially gluten because that's the.

That's the culprit there but i think you might benefit from a carnivore diet for at least two months believe it or not when you have inflammation or damage in your gut um one of the best meals would be like fatty meat believe it or not you'd think that would be irritating but you'll actually find that.

You're going to digest it and i think partly is because the fat tends to slow the digestive transit through the trash digestive tract and you have more time for the digestive enzymes to work on on that breakdown.

The worst thing you can do is is basically do just like plants and grains you know it's just gonna the fiber just kind of irritates you so um that's what i would i would try and i think you'll be surprised how good you feel wonderful we hope we hear back from you uh on that uh listener and let's go to the first of.

Five fascinating quiz questions today and here's the first one all right out of all the vitamins okay um if i can read this here of all the vitamins what is the most important to keep calcium out of your arteries and i can guarantee that there's smoke coming off the fingers of the audience.

They are really the fastest quiz question answers i think in the universe as they have demonstrated before okay why don't we go uh straight over to the once flaming uk they've cooled down now and this is uh sophie who's going to ask you rapid fire questions and let me get her on there and sophie remember to unmute.

Yourself and you're on with dr byrd all right hi dr berg great to be here um i've got two rapid fire questions one is about calorific intake and the second is about loose skin but just some quick stats on me female 50 years old 160 pounds um 5'3 in height okay that's my stats i have done keto i've watched hundreds of.

Your videos done the keto 70 fat 25 protein 5 carbs i've done that the question the first question in calorie intake is i cannot get past 1100 calories maybe even a thousand calories before i start gaining weight and not losing weight so what's going on with that that's number one the second is when i have done keto i have noticed.

More loose and saggy skin on my upper arms so i have been taking a lot of vitamin c but i want your answer on what is the best vitamin c to prevent that also take all the other vitamins and several of the other products you have so if you have any questions on that i can.

Answer how did i do steve 30 seconds absolutely fabulous you busted the clock a little bit but we're awfully proud all right what um how many meals a day do you have per day two one at 12 and one at five okay.

So um and your age what was your age again 50 just for 2015 two weeks i highly highly highly recommend that you go to omad one meal a day for two reasons one it'll give you.

That extra fasting that you need to really keep the insulin lowered and um and and you could probably even believe it or not if you have a meal that's a 1100 calories or even 1500 calories and that's just one meal a day i mean it's a lot of food but i think.

You'll you'll lose weight from that and uh the other thing with the um the skin if you the you know you there's the question is what what type of diet do you need for the skin to be tone and i think fasting again fasting is like super powerful autophagy and you're going to recycle these proteins.

And you're going to help tone the skin and you're going to do it in a healthy way and especially the collagen fibers that might be over unlike too loose and things like that i would do more fasting and then of course i would do definitely some type of exercise to.

Stimulate the muscles underneath the skin um but yeah it is a different it's a challenge as you get to the certain point where um you know let's say you lose weight and the skin's kind of a little bit not it's a little looser we're dealing with.

Collagen and so we want to increase growth hormone and the most potent way to stimulate growth hormone is through fasting and intense exercise so you're looking at about exercise program that you can do some type of high intensity short duration lots of rest and then a little bit longer.

Fasting those are the two things i would put my attention on if i were you and um and if your if your metabolism is seems to be slow then realize it's you know you want to just keep focusing on insulin resistance do whatever you can to make insulin more sensitive so you can.

Improve that okay and how much vitamin c did you say doc i think vitamin c um i wouldn't go crazy of doing like large amounts as long as you're doing like a hundred um milligrams per day i think you're gonna be that's enough for the collagen.

Um as far as other things for collagen you have copper but that's in the vitamin c complex and stay tuned for a video that i'm going to release this week on some even additional things you can do for.

For collagen and skin and um but vitamin c just like 100 milligrams a day that would be totally fine okay thank you great you're welcome thanks so much sophie uh and we are glad things are cooling off in the uk let me see if we've got any answers to our questions yet oh we do my goodness uh and the question was let me bring that.

Back up real quickly here so we can remember it asks out of all the vitamins which is the most important to keep calm excuse me to keep calcium out of your arteries and our respondents 75 say vitamin k2 20 say d3 and 5 vitamin e well i'm just trying to see who's been watching my videos recently and so we.

Have 75 of the group watching my videos um just i think yesterday i released the video um you realize steve that the calcium is not a passive thing that kind of settles in your arteries randomly they in your arteries right now you have.

Um proteins to make bone and so a good percentage of the population end up turning their arteries into bone bone tissue i mean that's crazy so we're dealing with um.

This um reparative process and if you're missing vitamin k2 um the the cal the calcium won't be directed into the bone it stays into the arteries in your joints so um vitamin k2 happens to be in fatty foods it's in uh butter.

Egg yolk it's in cheese it's also in fermented foods like sauerkraut and um i think it's a nato too it's this fermented soybean i'm not sure how they pronounce it it might be naito or something like that but yeah it's in nato and uh fatty hard cheeses uh raw cheeses especially european cheeses um that would be a good way to.

Prevent the calcium for building in the arteries you would think you know you should avoid these fatty foods if you want to get rid of calcium but that's not the fact well that's a relief love cheese okay let's see who's listening today good morning to all our viewers joining us from and the uk just had one of them on.

The show canada uganda jordan taiwan south africa puerto rico sweden india germany and tigua argentina nigeria ireland greece new zealand israel iran morocco japan belgium chile cyprus spain kenya malaysia bangladesh brazil bali the czech republic iraq norway iceland goodness united arab.

Emirates trinidad tobago australia france algeria the netherlands turkey bangalore dubai jamaica albania serbia saudi arabia austria switzerland and all across the united states and we usually brag about how these folks can get your shipment at the end of the show but while we're talking about them dr berg you want to let them know that the great.

News about being able to get your products overseas uh more readily and for a lower cost there should be a link down below if you're overseas and that way you can avoid the shipping from america or overseas so we have different places now that we actually can stock our product and that way you can save on shipping if.

You wanted to get some products so those links will be down below all right terrific well thank you folks for listening to the show and let's go back to social media denise from facebook is it necessary to take thyroid meds while doing keto yeah that's definitely a question i.

Can't answer your doctor's gonna have to do that because i can't um give you advice on that but i'm just gonna say this when you do keto and intermittent fasting the um you're gonna lose weight your your body's energy metabolism is going to be more um it's going to be actually less efficient you're going to.

Use more see what happens when you actually um you gain weight and you have a slow metabolism which it appears to be your your fat cells are just becoming very efficient it's not real a damaged metabolism it's not ruined it's just more efficient.

So what we want to do is waste more fat and so when you do keto intermittent fasting wasting more fat the thyroid doesn't have to work as hard so t3 tends to go down and the reason why that's not a problem is that the way they diagnose a hypothyroid case is through the thyroid stimulating.

Hormones from the pituitary and that stays the same when you do keto and intermittent fasting so your body's just becoming more um better at wasting fat and getting rid of fat and less dependent on the thyroid so um if you have a thyroid problem um now the question is should you take up take down.

The medication well if your thyroid is working better should you take the same level of medication i would just get with your doctor to see if maybe you don't need as much maybe you don't need any at all so that's that's my answer wonderful rawad from facebook can high protein intake cause hair loss.

Not to my knowledge i do not think you can um i can't even think of why it would so that's probably not it all right fair enough let's go to the next question doc okay which type of food primarily.

Triggers the release of bile salts all right 75 were smarty pants less time let's see how they all you other 25 this is your time your chance to redeem yourself so good luck with that question and let me go once again to uh tatiana.

From facebook if i'm doing omad what's the best time of a day excuse me to eat my meal i assume she's doing oh uh yeah oh man i mean if you if you wanted to really pick the best time of day i would say like between two and four.

2 p.m and 4 p.m i think that would be a really good time to eat that meal now it's not practical all the time so you know do it when you can do it but um that way it's kind of right in the middle of the day and you're not eating right before bed necessarily and so your digestion might be a little bit.

Better even though at night you have more parasympathetic control over digestion so i think right midday would be great if you could do it but it's not a vital thing to do but what is vital is just to eat one meal a day i mean if you can do that i would like everyone just to try it.

Just to see how much better they feel and then decide if it's a good thing because i think you'll be shocked to find wow a lot of problems are clearing up but it does take some initial discipline because food is somewhat in your face all day and so it's hard to.

You know overcome that barrier okay this is hot off the press uh a request for a video from kia on youtube could you please do a video on the benefits of ginger root oil is it true that rubbing it on your body will reduce fat um i will do a video on that i think i.

Already did one on ginger but um i don't believe rubbing ginger in your body is going to help you reduce fat i'm sorry i don't think that's going to happen there's no mechanism that i know of that's going to dissolve the fat or reduce the fat.

By rubbing that or anything on your body actually so i'm sorry oh dear okay anna lynn is going to get very personal with you dr burke asking how long is your fasting window um my fasting window um right now is um.

About 19 hours about 19 hours right now i'm doing um yeah it's 19 hours and and then i'll also do 20 23 hours i'll kind of do that a few times a week and then i'll usually do two mails but then i'll do one meal and it's.

Interesting because i've done this long enough where um i i don't i'm just not hungry hardly ever it's because i'm just i'm very efficient at burning fat so it's just almost like i'm eating just to kind of like well i don't want to lose any more weight or i just um it's time to eat.

But um you want to get to a point where you um don't have the appetite but i'm going to just tell you the rest of people out there if you're going to do a prolonged fast like 48 hours 72 hours or longer you know what's going to happen.

If you you're going to go through this interesting phase of adapting to burning fat in ketones so there's going to be some uncomfortableness along the way and it might happen after one day two days or the third day but if you just hang in there and then.

That goes away because what you have to do is you have to just switch your metabolism over and if there's absolutely no carbohydrates available available or any food your body is forced to go after your own fat and so i think.

If you can overcome and be willing to go through that phase of like oh you know you might feel mentally kind of off a little bit but that just goes away it's like it's not going to last for more than probably four to five hours when you hit that but your your brain.

Doesn't run on fat um so you have to turn that into ketones and any sugar that you need can be created by your own liver so um yeah so there will be a little transition step but then you'll you'll be fine i don't think you'll ever.

Get to the point where you have no transition or no negative feeling about when you do fasting i think most people you notice they go through a little a little thing but just expect it it's going to happen take the right supplements and sea salt and and you'll get through it and you're.

Like wow do i feel on the other side you just feel incredible all right very encouraging now tammy from facebook i don't sweat how can i fix this issue don't believe we've heard that before that is um an autonomic nervous system problem usually related to something called.

Diabetic um what's it called diabetic autonomic nervous system dysfunction so um i think ben photamine is a good solution to that um so just take that and then push your body a little bit.

More like like go into a sauna and just really try to heat up your body exercise to try to sweat more um but i do understand it's it's a problem with the nervous system that your body's not able to sweat and that's um it's not uncommon but um at least this tells us where your problem is that you.

Have to focus on all right very good hope she works that out let's go to back to the audience and you ask them which type of food primarily triggers the release of bile salt 60 said grass-fed fats 30 say leafy greens and 10 say cruciferous vegetables okay the answer is saturated fats.

So if you start to um get rid of your saturated fats and there's some schools of thought that said you know the most you should have which would be like you know 11 11 grams per day i think it's like three teaspoonfuls i'm like what are you.

Kidding so what's gonna happen is your bile is gonna dry up you're not gonna get the fat soluble vitamins you'll probably um eat other foods that you shouldn't be eating and that's gonna tear up your gut so um some i mean you should not fear at all.

Saturated fats because there's a lot of benefits to that like even if you eat like chicken like don't eat it without the skin have the skin on it eat it as a whole thing same thing with fish like salmon had the skin on it it's just a lot better.

There's so much benefit saturated fats and this is why i'm going to release a video coming up i think it's the seven benefits of consuming saturated fats animal fats wonderful you know we we get a flurry of questions from all of social media but there's a lot of these too which we.

Don't uh mention too much and this one's from daniel at facebook i have lost 87 pounds on healthy keto nif thank you dr berg so uh the routine works for might i say millions certainly working for me i would be oh gosh dr burke i'd be three or four bills by now if i hadn't followed your.

Counsel so i'm so grateful myself as well all right let's go on with the next question uh dr berg and here she is okay which type of food oh i think you already asked that one let's go to the next one oh i sure did sorry about that one you think i would lose it how about this one.

Okay this one's better how does autophagy lower um cancer in your body or lower the risk of or no actually how does autophagy lower cancer in your body i think that's the question all right dig into it um folks why don't we go back to the.

Green room and let's see who should we pick on now how about diana from montana let me unmute her here and chew her up diana you are on with dr byrd hi dr berg thank you so much for everything you do so my question is about hormone therapy i've been on hormone therapy estrogen and.

Progesterone for a couple of years now and um working into all of this i really feel like there's a relationship between the estrogen and the insulin resistance and plateauing and so i i just wanted to kind of get your thoughts about.

Stopping the estrogen the hormone therapy so that i could get past these plateaus um i'm going to be doing a video on balancing your hormones i already did it actually i'll be releasing it next week so um but you're right you're absolutely right and i think i would work with your.

Doc to uh come off that because uh when you take those hormones the glands your own glands don't have to work as hard and um because now your body's dependent on these other hormones so you tend to inactivate the glands that are supposed to make it so.

What glands make estrogen well you have the ovaries and you also have your adrenal glands so if you were to transition off those and maybe in the meantime you did some natural herbal uh replacement that would probably be a good idea but you're right there's a.

Huge connection between taking estrogen and having it cause insulin resistance and so now here you are trying to fix one thing but you're creating another problem and there's so many people doing hormone replacement therapy um it's like um because you go to the doctor and you're like well.

What's causing my problem and they go well you're just deficient in the hormone just here take this hormone i'm like yeah but let's take it one step further what's causing the deficiency of hormone in the first place what why can't we get rid of that problem and so anyway i highly agree with.

You and you can do some transitional things i did a video on what herbs can mimic estrogen and maybe you uh start with that and you can help to kind of gradually kind of come off of it and and get your own glands to to work better.

But yeah i agree that's a smart idea thank you well thank you so much for joining us uh diana everyone's being so disciplined in the green room and doing just as they were requested in terms of quick prompt questions which allows us even more time first of all to get to all of them and get back to social media and nausea if.

I'm saying it right from facebook can we eat chickpeas for keto protein source i mean if you're doing this vegan wise maybe you can do that for some protein but take a look at the profile of chickpeas and look at the protein versus the fat versus the carbs.

I like the chickpeas in hummus because you also add the other things that buffer the insulin response like like tahini and olive oil don't buy hummus with soy oil by the way or any other oil than olive oil but um yeah so i think um that might help you but it's definitely definitely.

Definitely not a complete protein so you're going to have to figure out what protein source you're going to do but i just want to say one thing about protein you know people look at okay so they evaluate the amino acids in legumes for example or grains and they go yep i have this much protein i can do that but another factor.

You have to realize is that the bioavailability the ability to absorb and take that protein and turn into body tissue is it's a lot lower with these plant-based proteins than animal proteins i just want to let you know i'm just the messenger but the best protein hands down that's available other than.

You're not going to be able to get breast milk is the egg the whole egg and if you think that the majority of protein comes from the egg white you're mistaken it's actually from the egg yolk so just do the whole egg and you'll be good to go.

Yum okay well the audience has lept on the latest question which asks how does autophagy lower cancer in your body and they claim at least 82 percent of them say autophagy reduces cancers by eliminating defective cells 18 says because autophagy repair cells that's an interesting quandary there.

Well the unique thing about cancer is that cancer originates from damaged mitochondria mitochondria is the energy part of the cell and the mitochondria has its own dna and when that becomes damaged it morphs and.

Adapts into this this different thing which is a cancer cell that behaves a certain way it loses its ability to die so guess what autophagy directly recycles.

Those uh the mitochondria that are damaged it will recycle them so basically it's getting rid of cancer and this is why fasting hands down is the answer to which if you have cancer and what you should be doing if you are.

Interested i um search out some to my videos where i interviewed two uh cancer patients who are stage four that don't have cancer anymore and they did some intense fasting and there's some other things they did too but that's like the most important thing all right well we can't that's great and.

We can't ignore the good news is coming in from around the world this is from down under in australia amanda has lost 125 pounds doing healthy keto and iaf and she shares your information with others whenever possible and she wants to thank you dr berg my pleasure you're welcome yeah that's great okay aya from youtube will too.

Much protein make me gain weight well i think it potentially can could make you gain weight if you're doing a lot of it but large amounts of protein can also increase insulin but in reality i do not.

Think it's the sole source of why you're gaining weight it can but it's usually the combination of the carbs so if you were to do um let's say a large amount of protein and in low carb or no carb um i don't think you.

Would gain weight from that potentially it might increase insulin but when you eat protein you have another hormone that gets released it's called glucagon which tends to reverse the effects of insulin it does the opposite of insulin so that's the unique thing about the protein.

All right very good fagette from facebook what's the best diet for a fatty liver um healthy keto and if you want more information on that go to but one study showed that you can reduce 50 percent of.

Fat off of your liver within two weeks of doing keto that's remarkable what else can you do i mean medically there is no solution to um you know a fatty liver there's no medication they can give you.

For a fatty liver so you might want to try healthy keto all right now i am not smart enough to know what this is doris from youtube any suggestions for someone who has been diagnosed with alpha gal syndrome i can't even take most of my supplements now.

I'm not sure what that is steve all right well good there's two of us uh maybe uh anyway i hope she finds some relief and maybe it'll be fodder for a video one day let's see um okay winston from facebook what can i do to extend my fasting windows past 18 hours i have trouble with low blood sugars and if i try to extend past that.

I would highly recommend to really look at what you're eating when you're eating because that's going to provide you the solution i would increase more fat and make sure you don't have any hidden carbs if you do that okay.

You will normalize your blood sugars and i'm still not convinced it's low blood sugars is the problem think about what low blood sugars are right low blood sugars come from an initial spike of insulin that then pushes the blood sugars down.

So how many carbs are you doing are you making sure that you're doing 100 reevaluate that and get your carbs extremely low and your hypoglycemia or apparent hypoglycemia will go away all right very good by the way our wonderful producer terry says alpha gal comes from tick bites so that'll be.

Interesting to to learn more about some someday but i certainly haven't heard of it myself now let's see um uh oh debbie from facebook what can i do if i have a had a hysterectomy and i'm taking bioidentical hormones i'm not sure how to deal with that question but.

Should she do something well there's a great product i would get from standard process called utrophin pmg utrophin pmg and if you have your ovaries out you're going to have to add ovitropin pmg and what will happen is it it's um i used to recommend in practice.

It really is effective in kind of replacing what's missing there as far as function goes um i'm not going to get into why it works but uh you may just feel that um you know your body works a lot better if you actually give it what it's missing.

Okay one more for facebook before we go back to the green room emanuel from facebook says i need help managing my hepatitis b what should i be doing to address this issue well the best thing for that inflammation hepatitis is i would do uh two things one milk.

Thistle and do really consistent intermittent fasting with some prolonged fasting and that'll drop the inflammation dramatically especially in the living all right very good why don't we go to let's see how about from beautiful hawaii.

Lena is going to be on with us next and lena remember to unmute yourself and you are on with dr byrd good morning dr berg good morning it's uh so my question is i'm 62 i'm 226 pounds.

My gallbladder and appendix were removed about 40 years ago i have high blood pressure and my knees are in a lot of pain i am presently on a few of your supplements and i would like to know what you would recommend i just started with the keto.

Maybe only three weeks ago okay i think you're really on the right track um but i think that um with your knees being the way they are i would immediately start doing backward walking on your grass or a flat surface where.

You can't trip watch my interview with ben patrick knees over toes guy he provides some amazing exercises and simple exercises for people of any age to strengthen the knee um that will help you but it's walking backwards and i still do the exercise every day and it's like.

Boy does that help your knees um going forward is really stressful on the knees um now the second the other question you said you said one more symptom remind me of that other symptom uh i have hyper high blood pressure that's right okay so there's two there's two things behind high blood pressure.

One is low vitamin d which by the way will help inflammation so you might want to just start taking not ten thousand but twenty thousand i use a vitamin d3 immediately i think that will help you the other thing that can help blood pressure would be potassium which um you might be already taking my.

Electrolyte powder but the potassium and vitamin d are the best thing for blood pressure and um and inflammation too you can kill two birds with one stone but honestly i think if you keep keep doing what you're doing with keto like i'm recommending it with fasting and keto in a matter of four months from now.

Wow we won't recognize you well nice thank you that's great you're welcome well thank you from that beautiful island lena and we wish you all the best and with all of you that come into the online video chat portion we'd love to hear back from you after you have you know tried to uh sort of re organize.

Your your health habits etc and it's really exciting and you've heard a couple of folks already today who bragged and i think they deserve to about the great results they've been getting from dr berg's various programs so let's see why don't we.

See if we can trick them again with the next this one's a true false or dot true or false we can get all of our fat soluble vitamins from plant-based foods all right audience dig in as you always do and let's go back to in this case youtube and this is a subject you oft talk about doc christina.

From youtube can i do keto in iaf while breastfeeding um i i would um make sure that you're getting all your nutrients i would also make sure that um um maybe if it's two meals that you're getting enough nutrition because of.

You've got to provide some extra food for this baby and extra nutrition i would you may want to also just try three meals but no snacks you don't want to do any grazing um and play around with it and you know you'll be able to notice real quickly if there's enough milk coming out for your baby.

And that's really the most important thing and also the type of foods that you're eating very vital to get all the trace minerals the fat soluble vitamins to have the super kid but i'm glad that you're breastfeeding well that's great and we really want to cater to our social media folks as well.

So we're going to give rawad another chance to speak up he said he meant to ask how does high prolactin not protein hormone contribute to hair loss if that makes any difference doc yeah there's been some research that says that it does but.

I haven't found tremendous data that that's the root problem but potentially yes but i've not found yeah this is just overwhelmingly this is the problem it can but i doubt it interesting okay well we hope that you.

Find some use in those answers and good luck with your hair loss okay the audience is fast and they have already come back with a true falseer which asked we can get all our fat soluble vitamins from plant-based food audience 95 of them say that's absolutely false five percent yep it's.

True 95 are correct oh boy i mean you you here's the thing they they have when you look at vitamin a they say that beta-carotene is vitamin a well it might be part of the complex but it's not vitamin a it's not the active form and beta-carotene only has to convert to.

Retinol which is the active form so in reality you're not going to get even close to what you need from retinol by taking beta-carotene and plus they make it synthetically which is a completely different thing which i don't want to get into in this video but um.

The point is that it's synthetic and natural are not the same and you can't get these fats out of vitamins from plant sources all right very good uh let's see let's go ahead back to.

Uh our green room and jacqueline has been enormously um do we already have jacqueline on i think we did oh no no from thunder bay standby that's right i was bragging about her canadian place when we were talking before the show so anyway enough about that jacqueline you were on with dr berg.

If you unmuted yourself i did hi dr berg i'm super excited to be here and i'm so glad that i found you online um so i have been vegan for the last three years and the running joke is i can't even lose one pound and then about three months ago i determined that i had a gluten intolerance and then i found.

You about three weeks ago um so my question is first of all i'm already noticing differences following your program and cutting out the gluten my inflammation all of that has gone away um when i look at your acceptable and non-acceptable foods for me to find protein sources i do need things like.

Lentils beans etc edamame um you don't have anything on there about like the plant-based burgers or cashew cheeses anything like that so i'm just wondering if eating those foods will sabotage my journey with you and if they will if you could recommend other vegan sources of protein for me i think you are the magic link i think.

This one is what i've been missing so yeah because i know you i know the challenge if you're trying to do this uh um without animal products you're you're stuck between a rocket hard place because you have to how are you going to bring the carbs down and increase the fat and get enough protein it's it's.

Challenging so i have a question can you do eggs or no my a good friend of mine actually just dropped off six dozen eggs from chickens that he does in his backyard that are free-range grazing living their chicken lives so i'm struggling with that but i may do that because i watched one of your videos on.

How eggs are the most are the best source of protein so i might do that because nobody's being hurt in the process yeah that's right that's right we have these we have 16 hens in our backyard right now and uh um and it's uh they just keep.

Keep popping those eggs out and they're very satisfying and the reason i'm bringing up eggs is because what we want to do is we want to do the healthy version which includes making sure you have all the nutrients in the active form the most bioavailable forms vitamin a retinol and these other ones has vitamin e it.

Has the k2 and k1 so that will really help you you can with your protein you could probably also do walnuts and other nuts but you're going to have to germinate them.

And dry them out to get the get rid of some of the phyto nutrients that will block the trace minerals so um i would i would do that and also i would also include a good amount of fermented foods for example sauerkraut has.

Ungodly amounts of vitamin c and you also release you make the um you spike the bioavailability of other nutrients as well and then the lactic acid helps your digestion and you you get more b vitamins out of there so i would do a lot more ferment fermentated type foods now as far as the cashews.

You could probably make those yourself because the problem is when you buy them from the store if they're yogurt or cheese they add so many different additional things and especially when you start buying these kind of vegan meats.

It's loaded with the soy protein isolates and so it's a very low quality and it's going to irritate your digestive system um i would stay away from those but it's going to be a little more difficult you're just going to have to go around find find things and that can complete that.

But as far as the protein source there you have blue-green algae you have nutritional yeast you have the walnuts which i um i did a video on walnuts recently and there's a great great company that already um sprouts them for you and they dry them out and they're delicious they're.

Amazing so that would be a good give you a good amount of protein as well and the omega-3 fatty acids so those are things that i i should i should probably do some more videos on this that would be awesome thank you so much and thank you so much from jacqueline.

Bay canada let's go back to social media far far jan from facebook is it okay to drink garlic water before i go to sleep or will it break my fast i think it may break the marriage that sounds sounds awful no it's not gonna break your fast it's totally fine and there's a lot of benefits of garlic.

Water i've done a video on that for your immune system um get rid of vampires you know things like that so i think um i would highly recommend it it's a it's a simple thing and the garlic is like just freaking amazing what it does to your your um your immune system and and.

Protection against viruses and blood pressure and thinning of your blood i mean it's naturally without any side effects it's a it's a no-brainer it's so it's good for so many different things all right well here is the final uh question for the day dr burr the.

Audience has chewed them up so fast which hormone most influences the overall health of your body all right folks yeah i want to know what harm out of all the hormones which one has the greatest impact uh over your body.

If there's a problem with it i'm going to add that to the a little caveat there all right very good lillian from facebook lost 26 pounds on keto and iaf but took a break for a month while on vacation what's the fastest way to get back into ketosis well i would say um.

You almost have to kind of like um do a reset fasting for maybe like a 48 hour fast and get your body in shape uh and then you know i always look at it like this um if you want to go off the program that's i mean totally fine just uh just make up the damage when you go back on it.

You know like eat even better than you would before take a little bit more nutrition it's kind of like um you're repairing things but you know the best thing about the way to approach this is to if you're gonna go off the program just be very aware of.

Of what you're doing and what and be willing to have some of the side effects that can occur for example knocking yourself out of ketosis for three days but i want you to understand the effects of this and and if you are willing to do that then.

Go off the program and just you know it's not a problem but you know what happens is most people are kind of like oh my gosh i went off the program again and i don't know why i'm not losing weight i'm like well then you don't understand how carbs work and with insulin so it's really um that's why the education.

Works and more knowledge about this topic um especially um on the and the answer of the hormone that we're going to talk about next let's go to new york and bring in gula who has been waiting patiently and gula if you're unmuted you're on with dr byrd try that again you're still muted dear.

Hi dr berg nice to see you hello so i'm 54 years old i'm 5 feet and 43 pounds so i'm not only kiddo but my question is uh.

Four times a year i'm doing uh long-term fasting like uh seven days 14 or 21 days so my question is um do you have to take vitamins and supplements when you're fasting and which if you have to that's a really really good question.

Because it all depends on your diet between the fasting if you're eating really nutrient dense foods and you're not eating any food that could be depleting you then maybe you don't need those vitamins because your body gets really conservative when you do fasting it starts holding on to these nutrients you don't need.

Nearly nearly as much but on the flip side the biggest complication of fasting where people can have heart problems and this and that is when they're they're lacking electrolytes and that includes sea salt too like salt.

So i would recommend doing supplements just to make sure the heart has everything it needs electrolytes the b vitamins because it's not going to knock you or inhibit the results of fasting but it can prevent other problems especially when.

Doing a longer term fasting which i really admire you doing that 21 day fast because the health benefits from that are magical i forgot to tell you uh when i'm fasting i'm taking not water but it's 17 herbs.

And i don't know how it's called in english when you put hot water in 17 hertz so um i drink every hour one glass of water it's a 13 glass of water every day and in one.

Glass it's i put one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice well that's i think that might be a challenge a problem because you're adding in that.

Sugary substance which is going to definitely keep you from experiencing the full benefits of your fast because the autophagy is not going to happen as much you're not going to trigger certain genes and by adding that honey i think if you were to eliminate the honey.

You would probably see massive improvements on your ability to fast because um it's going to cause your body to kind of not fully adapt unfortunately especially if you're doing it all day long all these all this honey drinking this water so um.

The other thing too when you're drinking uh 13 glasses of water which i'm not opposed to at all and you're not taking electrolytes or even sea salt you're diluting a lot of your fluid your body fluid so you may find that you have some complications from that but just adding.

Electrolytes in the sea salt and mix the honey and i think you're going to be doing really good shape well gula thanks so much for that and i hope that helps you we're fighting the clock here a little bit and we have left poor laura rotting in the green room for almost the entire time and i'm uh feeling awful about that but she's still.

Smiling and she is uh laura you're on with dr burke hi dr berg i love your videos um i've been on this healthy keto journey since april 4th um two meals a day right off the bat um stalled completely.

I've only lost seven pounds but i've measured myself and i've lost over three inches off my stomach area so something's working it's just psyche for my that i've only lost seven pounds yeah okay um first thing to know is that um.

If there was any fat on your liver and the way you would know is if there's fat in your gut um then that's going to be the primary focus first before it shows up in weight loss you also will be getting improvements in protein including your muscle as well.

And so you may find that you're getting leaner and you're losing fat so you're losing inches but not weight because of this transition into more healthier protein structure in your body so i think you're on the right track if we want to really speed it up.

We want to kind of make insulin more sensitive how do we do that we go to one meal a day oh man i think and then have a don't don't restrict the calories have a big meal that would be very beneficial we also can add an exercise we can also go to bed a little earlier and sleep in a little bit more and possibly take a nap.

There's just all these things that you can do to speed things up the other one is just to do a really hardcore workout maybe twice a week but not more than that uh that will actually speed things up i have a back issue.

Okay then um the other thing is to take a good amount of vitamin d which will not only make your insulin more sensitive but it'll probably reduce your inflammation your back could significantly too i would take 20 000 ius.

Um that has been my weak link for many years yeah what's that i take 10 now 10 what 10 000. okay 10 pounds um okay so um you know i would beef it up and there's something else about vitamin d.

It's really hard to absorb vitamin d and some people have actually it's quite common they have what's called the polymorphism vitamin d receptor and so they even though they're taking vitamin d it just doesn't go in i i've met personally several people that had that problem and they were taking a good amount of.

Vitamin e they had to step it up a lot more to create the effect that they wanted and then everything worked their sleep was better their mood was amazing um but then the back pain that's that's the clue the other thing with back pain um you really want to get uh.

An arch a back support like this keep it in all your chairs keep your back curve arched in when you're sitting and then at night before you go to bed lay on it for a good 15 to 20 minutes and just to keep the curb in.

That's something that i found is like so simple and it can really help your lower back okay thank you you're welcome great thanks for being so patient laura just the the best one yet save for the end and doc uh the also the best question was saved for the end which is which hormone most influences the overall.

Health of your body and our uh crack shot audience 75 percent say it's insulin 15 say it's cortisol and 10 percent say vitamin d okay it's uh insulin hands down insulin is connected to more uh problems with your health if it's too high and more.

Benefits with your health if you're keeping it low insulin apparently is a dominating hormone and because it's connected with survival and it's connected with eating and it's a fat uh storing hormone and the majority of the population has insulin resistance and so when you start to bring that.

Insulin down you have more improvements with your body than any other hormone i mean if anyone disagrees with me go ahead in the comments put write type the hormone that you think does more for your body than insulin in a positive negative way.

So i will release that video this week on how to balance that hormone and others as well but um and even like if insulin is too high you'll start making more android if you're a female you'll make more androgens and you'll start getting something called.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome so um insulin is behind just the majority of health problems that people have not just in the us in the world all right well the trend is emerging it appears that 75 of our audience is very smart and i'm not going to suggest.

Anything the rest maybe they're having too many carbs or something but we're going to give them a chance to redeem themselves next week but why don't we end on a very positive note we've been having a lot of that today james from youtube i retired this april at the age of 69 with diabetes sugar was 190 to 200 range i.

Weighed 235 excuse me 235 now my sugar's at 84 and my weight is down to 214. thank you thank you for your information dr berg so it's helping wow that's fantastic i'm just love to hear these amazing successes and i'm getting videos of success stories now as well and it's just.

Amazing to watch these and hear the results and i you know people always want to know well how do i fix this or how do i fix that well are you on the basic diet yet no okay get on it and then let's revisit that question and you're gonna find that it's most these problems come down to the.

Basics and there's a question is how do you do it it's right on my site if you look under the blog watch the first video the second video and i also have a download of what you should eat because we want everyone to at least experience this so you can at least.

Be a personal guinea pig to test it out for yourself so rather than you know rely on any type of other experiences just you yourself try it out and i think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the massive benefits and on that note steve i want to just.

Um have uh everyone hopefully everyone has a great weekend and uh stay tuned next week for some really i think i'm spend even more time as time goes on i'm just kind of coming up with uh more interesting videos that i think.

Will help you and so and then we'll see you in the q a next week so have a wonderful week
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