The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – July 1, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – July 1, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – July 1, 2022

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welcome back everyone we have another uh show for you another q a we're going to be talking about uh health keto intermittent fasting we have a lot of quizzes for quiz questions for you anything that i say is not meant to diagnose you or replace your medical care.

Definitely check with your physician before implementing any of these suggestions all right steve all right well we're gonna go we have got a great lineup in the green room and uh we are gonna go straight to the uk with daniel who's got a question for you he's now unmuting himself.

Professionally he knows the routine daniel you're on with dr byrd thank you good afternoon or good evening as it is here um i need some help so quick summary so i am 54 years old i have chronic fatigue syndrome i was diagnosed last year i also have something called central sleep apnea.

So um basically i'm just trying to just get back into current shape so i did intermittent fasting or i'm doing it now and i have done for probably two and a half three months and i've lost about 20 pounds which is great um but i still have a big uh nascar tire around my waist that i need to get rid of.

Um i know that i'm looking at your videos and stuff insulin resistance and stuff like that i want to go into keto diet i have no idea where to even start the internet is just so full of so much information i just need someone to hold my hand that says right eat this eat this do this eat this eat this.

Hey i got i have some suggestions for you and the good news is i do have uh we're we completely reham revamped our uh membership site to do exactly that um very soon we'll be able to kind of walk people by the hand and get them to make the changes uh long enough for them to really start.

To have it become a habit and a routine and so we are we're almost there but in the meantime there's uh this i'm glad that you're doing fasting um now it's time to add the uh the keto and i did create a video on my site if you just go to uh blog and then keto it says start here watch the first video.

To keep it really really really really simple i wouldn't actually even worry at first about the quality of your foods i would just focus on eating foods that are low carb like don't even worry about fats proteins low carb will start to produce the.

Biggest change especially with chronic fatigue syndrome um do you have um have you ever had mono by the way or uh epstein-barr virus that you know of uh no i i don't know where they are okay have you ever had really bad tonsil tonsil problems in high school or.

College do you mean because of the chronic fatigue syndrome yeah so probably literally about 15-20 years ago i had something called guillain-barry syndrome which attacked my nervous system and i think they think that that's what um a lot of people have glandular fever that's the trigger but i think that one.

Was the trigger for me i've had my tonsils removed is the answer to your question okay and you had them removed because of a certain reason because they kept on getting infected when i was really young okay.

Well okay so you'll have to find um my video on sore throats not that you have a sore throat but there's a technique in there that i want you to apply and rate your energy before and after you do it because i think that's going to create a really cool change for you it's a technique that i stumbled on but.

That being said um it's sound like gilliam beret that's an autoimmune disease if i'm not mistaken yeah so you attack your nervous system and you have paralysis and some people you know need to learn how to eat and speak again i.

Was quite lucky in that i just had a half paralysis yes so what you can do there's two things you do need to start taking higher quantities that number one is the b i'm sorry vitamin d i get a lot of sun but you want to take at least 40 000 iu vitamin d on a regular basis right.

Now because if there's inflammation going on from this autoimmune that will kind of put it into a remission state and you'll start feeling better the other key nutrient for gilliam beret is a is a lot of vitamin b1 even if you're initially taking it synthetic.

Just to kind of beef up your levels that'll be another thing that i think you'll notice a lot of change if you start doing research on gilliam beret and also vitamin b1 or thymine deficiency you'll see some fascinating research on that topic so those are the two things i would recommend.

But the fasting is also going to help you but i think what's holding you back right now is um is the keto the lower carb so you're going to have to just get the list of foods to avoid right now and don't worry about anything else just to keep it simple and then um follow my um.

My protocol on um improving that over time till you get the full knowledge of exactly how to do it but i think out of all the things that you can do right now lowering the carbs combined with intermittent fasting will start to not just handle the belly fat but your energy will increase unless.

There's a hidden virus in which case you know there's a lot of remedies for that too i've done a video on that recently you can take that remedy but i i would start with your fuel right now it'll work on your fuel source which is going to be the ketones um you can even buy those little ketone.

Strips and just check your urine it'll tell you if it's working um it'll turn like dark purple and you're like okay it's working if it's not then you have some hidden carbs that you need to handle okay perfect brilliant all right awesome there's a.

Lot to talk about but i think that'll be a good start and then stay tuned for this membership program i think um a lot of people need that um support at least initially to get you on the right track exactly that's exactly right thank you thank you you're welcome thanks so much daniel you represented the uk.

Brilliantly and speaking of that let's talk about who else is watching from around the world also in our green room and we're not going to come to you quite yet gayatri but she's from india so we've got uk in uh india and boy what a list terry uh canada scotland south africa thailand germany zambia spain norway chile.

Bahrain algeria uganda greece italy mexico and we do have someone from mexico also oscar but we'll get to him later new zealand nicaragua japan france the netherlands saudi arabia switzerland india sweden liechtenstein if i said that right the philippines israel australia oman.

Belgium pakistan argentina nepal egypt didn't we already say egypt who knows ubekistan ireland trinidad and tobago the bahamas vietnam that's interesting to hear from them poland nigeria serbia ethiopia russia a lot of folks from russia austria sri lanka saint kitts peru that was a new in macedonia iran romania.

Cameroon kuwait the dominican republic turkey malaysia bulgaria syria guatemala wales dubai cashmere denmark and all across these united states you know dr burr we're going to have to have a separate show just to read all the people that are interested in getting healthy because they are coming to us all around the world so thank you all so.

Much for joining us in that way and to prove that we're listening to you we're going to go to social media and kick it off with tonya from facebook i am suffering from chronic fatigue and have a terrible addiction to caffeine join uh welcome to the club i love any tips to assist improving my energy as i begin cutting.

Back on caffeine well you're probably in the caffeine to stay awake right so um chronic fatigue syndrome i just did a video on that we just talked about that i think the um you know i i had chronic fatigue syndrome and i just searched out for literally years to take the right.

Vitamin to get my energy back i would my wife and i would be driving in the street and say oh yeah let's try it let's go to this health food store and take more vitamins and let's go to this place and try that and i'm telling you it never ever ever worked because the foundation was missing the.

Actual fuel that i was running on was run up just glucose so once you convert your body over ketones by cutting the carbs out uh and reducing insulin the magic happens it's like someone will take this fatigue helmet off of your head and you'll feel um more.

Awake more aware so um that's what i would recommend starting with and then if by chance you still have a problem there's probably a virus that's could be activated reactivated from the epstein bar virus not a reason virus but an old virus that gets reactivated and um.

But here's the thing it's usually reactivated through this thing called stress so unless you really handle that stress um you know which usually relates to people people stress personality and it's going to be really hard to get this virus back in remission where.

It belongs okay very interesting good luck with that and let's go to our first quiz question doc if you can see that let him have it all right so which deficiency is behind dry skin all right audience leap on it and let's go back to social media.

When most of our listeners come from uh buddhism from facebook what are your thoughts on the carnivore diet i think it's great i think it's great i think a lot of people are are getting amazing results um i'm not converting my whole program over the carnivore um because what we have is working fine it's.

Working very well carnivores are really restricted but it's really good for people that have gut issues inflammation of the gut anything related to um like ibs or advanced damage to your gut you can't tolerate the fibers of of any kind like especially vegetables.

Or definitely the grains of course you wouldn't do that but um you know with certain conditions i think people need to to use that and try it but um i have not gone carnivore because what we have um works really well and i i benefit from vegetables personally i feel better and.

If i don't consume enough i don't feel quite right i don't feel i feel like there's something missing i think there's there are nutrients in uh vegetables they're phytonutrients yes there's anti-nutrients but there's also phytonutrients that are beneficial.

A wide scale and there's also vitamins and minerals especially potassium and manganese i'm sorry magnesium so it's um some people don't do well on vegetables some people do so i think the majority do that's my opinion but i'm sticking to it steve.

Well you should because wide awake as he calls himself from youtube says 12 days of keto now and i haven't felt this great since my early 20s thank you dr berg so there's evidence of success out there all right awesome that's great let's see uh oh here's one eric from youtube.

Uh my 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with seizures and apparently the keto diet can help how does keto impact that condition i think it's essential i think it's really essential um i just was doing some a deep dive on epilepsy and i found there was a really interesting link.

On infant formulas with the soy and increasing your your risk of getting um epilepsy which is fascinating um good thing a lot of small children never started out on soy right but um epilepsy if you have that.

Condition you need to do the ketogenic diet but not just any old ketogenic diet you need because the one that they recommend is like a traditional ketogenic diet they do not look at the quality of ingredients there's low nutrient dense foods and you're just.

Doing a tremendous amount of fat with low carb that's fine but if you can actually combine that with healthy ingredients i think it's the optimum diet i think a lot of families give up on the ketogenic diet because of the side effects from the.

The unhealthy ingredients like the diarrhea and the bloating and the lack of choices so um there is a way to do it correctly and it's the healthy way because um what they provide now like you you can't give you depend a child you know give your child these like an mct oil drink with whipping cream.

And broccoli and uh maybe some some shake it's like they're not going to do it for a period of time but i will say i want to say one thing about kids i think kids um i don't think they i think they don't like vegetables because.

They're they're like the best group of people that can judge if uh if something is um nutrient dense or not like if you give these typical vegetables to kids they're like they're not gonna eat it because it's kind of bland like even a tomato if you give a child a really good carrot that's grown.

In healthy soils it's actually sweet or something that's really really healthy kids will eat it if it's nutrients dense and there's a there's a relationship between nutrient dense and sweet and vegetables i'm talking about like tomatoes and carrots and things like that.

And or even flavor as well so i will be doing more videos on that but um if you start your kids out on these nutrient-dense foods they'll stick with it well that's fantastic well the audience as usual is absolutely on it and you had asked which deficiency is behind dry skin.

And 55 percent of our respondents say vitamin e 20 insist its vitamin a 15 say vitamin d and 10 say b vitamins any winter well you your all of the answers definitely uh affect skin so that's they can all cause dry skin there's one that's uh really more popular or more common that would be an essential fatty acid.

Deficiency now what is an essential fatty acid those are the omegas unsaturated omegas so now of course you have omega-6 which i do not think you have a deficiency of that um but it's omega-3 is the one that most people have a problem with now i'm going to be releasing a video on.

A not necessarily a face mask but like a moisturizer type material you can put on your face that can infuse these high levels of omega-3 fatty acids into the skin and get rid of dryness but ultimately.

You need to consume more omega-3 fatty acids and yes fish oils sardines salmon things like that but also you can get the precursor ones from walnuts chia seed things like that and even algae okay blue-green algae has it has it as well so you can you can get.

Some of these precursors to the omega-3 active form so stay tuned for that video fantastic well dr berg i'm going to brag on some of your stuff so i discovered when i'm jogging a couple times my calves cramped up so bad in about the first quarter mile i had to quit and uh so the remedy is i thought was.

You know being dehydrated and electrolyte formula so from now on i drink a big glass with electrolyte for me about an hour before i uh jog and i haven't had the cramp since and i you know i don't want to give it all the credit to the electrolyte form and i guess you got to stay hydrated but man that's curated and a good friend of the.

Show was mowing the grass and his calves were all tight and we discussed that this morning anyway that's a long way around to get to judith from utah from youtube and wants to ask when is the best time to take your electrolyte powder will it affect ketone production you know some i tell people to take it in the morning.

But some people take right before bed and they do fine it's it's going to push a lot of fluid out of your body for most people but not everyone so you might want to test it out and see where you want to take it doesn't really there is no best time to take it you can take it with food without food but.

You're just putting the electrolytes back into your body and making your body more filled with things to help push things through and make things work better electrically both the muscle and the nerve and you have this little thing in your all your cells called a sodium potassium.

Pump that generates electro electrical activity in your nerve nervous system and your muscles that allow nerves to transmit in muscles to contract and relax so without these electrolytes you're going to feel kind of weaker you're going to feel tired.

But don't forget salt is also an electrolyte so you can if you if you have a lot of these other electrolytes but not enough salt that can also create a problem steve i do want to mention um we do have a new salt product coming out.

That's very very different most sea salt is is beneficial for people it has but the problem is most sea salt is like 98 sodium chloride and then the rest the trace minerals and other minerals so this is a very unique type of salt that is uh natural okay and it's not.

It's sun-dried from a certain part of the world that has a very different ratio of minerals that has it's like 77 sodium chloride and then you also have all the other minerals potassium calcium in and also the trace minerals so when you sprinkle this on your food what.

You're going to notice it's a completely different flavor i love it it actually enhances the flavor but also you get a lot of these other minerals from your salt not just sodium chloride which you do need but it's just a completely different thing so i will be releasing that very soon.

It's a interesting interesting product well that's exciting so selfishly dr berg if i'm jogging is there any time how long before uh should i take electrolyte stuff i think you did i think you get a good job but you know at least 10 to 15 minutes before you work out um i think that.

Would be good but like i think you did an hour before that's totally fine too wonderful okay enough about me why don't we go to india and let's talk to gayatri who is like so many in india a uh vegetarian and has some questions for you guys you're on with dr byrd okay thank you hello dr berg.

Hello yeah i'm glad that i got a chance to talk to you and i thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk to you absolutely yeah so my question is uh what kind of diet do you suggest for kids i have two kids one is five years other one ten years.

So is it like keto diet even for the kids or what type of diet you know probably not as hardcore as what i would recommend for you but i would definitely go low carb and um you know maybe that you they can get away with more fruit maybe they can get away with a occasional um.

Sweet potato something like that um but but definitely don't do the sweets like normal normal people give their kids right um don't do the cereals don't do the grains with these kids and honestly what i would do too is i would do three solid meals but i wouldn't do a lot of snacks either a lot of times you know parents just want to keep.

Giving their kids all these snacks between meals that's not the best thing because you're you're like this constant spike of insulin early on not good but kids have a very fast metabolism if they're active um they can burn off some of the extra.

Uh carbs from the fruit and things like that but you know we have a granddaughter lucy and she's she's pretty keto but she does have you know a little bit more fruit and things like that but um she does not do.

Candy and the cookies like that we do the keto version of it but definitely it's um and this kid is like super super coordinated uh super healthy dental structure everything so i'm convinced that's the way to go yeah even for my kids i give a lot of.

Salads actually you know influenced by your videos i gave them salads and then of course now i have reduced even the other all the so-called junk foods so yes earlier i used to give but now since a month i've totally stopped and they are quite cooperative and they.

Listen to me i mean they're okay with that like they're okay with the salads you know i would get them involved also in nutrition like get them to make cook different recipes with you get them to grow certain foods to get them educated i'm just glad that they don't actually have a lot of sugar in india and i'm.

Glad that they don't have cultural um activities and events with sugar in your country that's very very thankful for that that was my sarcasm okay uh i actually had uh actually after workouts i just wanted to ask like afterwards workouts uh i do get body pain like even after taking like.

Supplements you know vegetarian so i take omega three fatty acid supplements then i take vitamin b12 supplement and omega-3 fatty acid is alaskan wild caught fish so it's that so so you're getting sore when you exercise sorry you said yeah i get sore.

Yes yes not during the exercise sorry it's not during the exercise during the exercise i am really energetic it's after that post workout i think that's a positive thing you you do want to get sore after an exercise so i think.

You're you're making yourself sore that's the goal is to break down um your muscle tissue so you get sore so then you can recover um the only thing i would say about that is that if it's taking you a long time to recover don't don't push it don't exercise too frequently you want to exercise break down and stress your body.

Out and then recover i mean it's really kind of interesting um what you're doing when you're exercising especially if you're trying to build muscle you're literally destroying your muscles it sounds bizarre destroying your muscles and if you want to grow muscles faster you destroy them more to the point where you.

You know you're really sore i remember in wrestling there was there was days i couldn't even walk after a wrestling match i was barely i could barely sit down but then i recovered and i became stronger so the point is that um if you keep your diet really good with.

Like you said the omega-3 fatty acids uh yes vitamin e b1 for um then that will minimize the soreness but i think it's normal to have soreness when you exercise okay so i just had a doubt any supplement.

Uh proteins or something yeah the exercise omega-3 fatty acids are just going to speed up but they can't speed up um the healing more than what your body is designed to heal at the rate at which you're recovering out of hints you can't go beyond your normal.

Recovery process so like just like with um the recent video i did with your uh an acute injury people use ice right to try to reduce swelling to somehow think that they're going to speed up the recovery process when in fact you're going to slow the recovery process because you're getting rid of.

Inflammation inflammation is there to heal you so you have to just allow it to go through its normal cycle so that way and adding ice slows the healing process so um we have this certain rate that we heal and recover.

And certain people heal faster than others um and that's a whole different topic but uh so do you suggest like i should work out alternate days or daily yes okay yes i would give your chance your body a chance to recover and at least every other day and then.

The walk on the days that you don't exercise some people need especially as you get older you need two or three days to recover in between the workout okay uh and regarding the salads now is it like always raw or even if cooked like.

Since you suggest that seven to ten cups so can it include a bit of boiled vegetables also like yeah you can you want you know some of it raw but some of it can be steamed you can boil it um when i say seven to ten cups i'm talking about um like salad leafy greens things like that i'm not talking about seven.

Cups of broccoli or brussels sprouts that would be very very difficult so when you're talking about these other vegetables then you're looking at maybe five cups so i actually take uh cilantro and this curry leaves so i just make a paste out of that and then.

Because it's hard to consume curry leaves in a large quantity yes so i can make the paste out of that and i mix it with other vegetables raw vegetables like tomato or carrots like that you're making me hungry right now and i think too that having all those wonderful indian herbs just.

Make it such a pleasure to consume those those foods the curries and the cardamoms and all the different wonderful herbs that's great well listen gayatri thank you so much for representing uh india so well uh we're gonna have to move along because i've run behind a little bit i.

Haven't gotten these quiz questions out fast enough so saying that dr berg here's the next one okay what is the primary cause of tmj dysfunction like like a problem with your jaw what's what's the primary cause of that okay folks climb onto that and let's go.

To how about oscar let me find his little clip there in uh mexico city he's uh ready to go on with you oscar you're on with dr burton hey eric here i am hey victor berg how are you great thanks thank you well first of all thank you.

For all the information that you share i've been dealing now with what i think it is a restless leg syndrome for almost three years i have taken all the tests and analyses that doctors have asked me to do and we haven't found like any specific cost for these pains in my legs actually i previously spoke with you about two months ago.

in this program and i have been doing now health keto for two months and i have been following in this guide that i found in your website and uh actually this week i made a urine test and it appeared that i have 2.8 of.

Ketosis and well also i've been taking the 4 700 milligrams of potassium a day four teaspoons of magnesium and about 15 milligrams of apple cider vinegar a day and with my nutritional yeast for the b vitamin right so uh right now so far i haven't felt any change in my in the syndrome and the.

Interesting thing is that even the pain in my legs is also in my feet and the pain in my feet feels similar to the pain that i have in my legs but it's now like even worse because it even hurts when i'm in movement which is not like a restless leg symptom right because it's now even when it's in movement so it doesn't feel like a.

Muscular things but it feels similar to the pain that i have in my legs with restless leg syndrome it's like a tingling burning inside the hot pain that he that i feel when i am when i am sitting down or when i am walking or when i am dancing i have it like all day in my feet and it's the same is the same uh.

Pain in both of my feet and well i wanted to know and my question is if i am missing something in relation with those of supplements that i'm taking or with the fasting and it's very something that you recommend and in a specific doubt that i've been having is that what quantity of nutritional cheese or apple.

Cider vinegar do you recommend every meal because i never know if i am taking too much or not enough right okay so i think um i think i think we just have to look at exactly what you have i i'm not convinced it's restless leg syndrome i think it's more pain in your legs or your feet it sounds to me.

Um because the restless leg syndrome which by the way i had you know happens like in the middle of the night where you're you're so restless you have to like there's so much energy built up in your legs you can't get it out which should be handled with the b b vitamin but if you have this pain in.

Your legs upon upon activation there's a couple things that come to mind okay um the first one is a uh neuropathy of the of the feet or the legs which could cause those symptoms it could be b12 but i think it's going to.

Be um a deficiency but i think you're going to benefit by ben photomean it's called ben photamine it's a fat soluble b vitamin that you have to take uh like four of those a day and like higher amounts that i think is going to help you with your.

Your leg pain now let's say you do that and it gets better but it's not a hundred percent ben i'm sorry yes yes and it's a fat soluble thymine that penetrates the the nervous system.

Um let's say you do that though and you still have problems then i would recommend getting a vascular test uh some type of uh test from your doctor just to evaluate the um the vascular system of your lower extremities especially because there's a.

Condition called intermittent claudication which can happen in your lower legs which is more of a your arteries and veins and things don't are not delivering the oxygen to your legs now i don't think you have that because it doesn't sound like you do but it's just one thing that.

You know you always want to check and look at all the possibilities that it could be just in case this benfotamine doesn't fully 100 percent work perfect thank you thank you yes because the interesting thing is that i have also taken like vascular tests and like all kinds of blood tests and.

Everything and there is not like a specific like cost that we have found that that okay this is the wrong thing so that's why that's why in the beginning and we were like okay it is restless legs because sometimes it gets better with movement but now the thing is that now with the.

Feet it doesn't gets better with movement and i think in my fear is every time so uh so i'm gonna try the thing i think i think they're in like 300 milligram tablets if i'm not mistaken in c and 300 milligrams.

Four doses a day you were saying yes like around that okay perfect so uh and in specific like any other like test that you would like recommend me i mean you probably already did the nerve conduction velocity testing i'm guessing you had that done but that would be a test that i would i would look at and that would show up.

If there's actual nerve damage to a major degree but if it doesn't show up then then it could be subclinical and and then the ben photomean will help you hey by the way you're breaking up a little bit oscar i hope that helped you and we'd love to have you back and let.

Us know of some of those things uh provided some relief for you and thanks again for coming to us from mexico yes sir steve i think the uh i think you know it's it's interesting a lot of people have a lot of questions and i think uh every time we'll say just that one quick question.

I don't think i've ever had one person ask one question steve isn't that just have a lot of questions well they do and you're gonna squeeze them in there well listen if i if i came on as a guest you wouldn't be able to shut me up because you know i'm a blabbermouth so i feel for the condition it's just hard to.

You know hard to keep on track so i have uh complete empathy with all of them and the audience though is very fast in terms of their ability to answer these questions and they know i'm behind so they're helping me out with some quick answers and it was what is the primary cause of tmj dysfunction the jaw thing you spoke of and sixty percent of.

Our respondents say magnesium deficiency thirty percent say a calcium deficiency and finally ten percent say a vitamin d deficiency who's correct well it sounds like no you guys actually watched my recently released video on tmj ouch because the number one cause is recent.

Dental work that causes your teeth not to fit correctly and that when you start chewing and you start closing your mouth oh my goodness does it throw off the muscles imbalances into your neck and then right into your jaw and good luck trying to fix that with a splint or surgery or whatever or even a vitamin it won't work.

So you got to go back to the dentist have them re-evaluate make sure the teeth are fitting perfectly all right that's great now let's see this is uh something we hear somewhat often alan from youtube i lost 27 pounds quickly on omad but now i've hit a plateau what should i do next.

The plateau i would check number one re-evaluate your carbohydrates are they are they low enough number two fast longer also make sure there's no hidden carbohydrates in the things that you're consuming i'll give you one example there are a few copycats out there of electrolyte electrolyte powder.

And they're cheaper than mine and now i know why because they they get their their ingredients from china and the problem is that some of these chinese ingredients have hidden maltodextrin in the flavoring and the flavoring is really hard to find it without maltodextrin which is a.

Sugar so it's loaded with sugar and here you are trying to be keto friendly and they have this hidden maltodextrin which is terrible for um so that so these there's hidden ingredients you also have like um even some of the keto friendly foods are not keto friendly.

So you have fast longer lower your carb more sleeping get more sleep is there a hidden stress that you need to deal with that could be a problem and then the list goes even deeper you can watch my videos i've done probably at least 20 videos on plateau.

Interesting well i'm looking at the feed going by and the folks on youtube at least they're admonishing themselves from missing the tmj question uh but you guys are great uh and uh we're gonna give you a mulligan on that one so you just keep up the good work speaking of which we're going to give you a chance to redeem yourself let's go.

Up with the next question dr berg here it is okay the most utilized ingredient in animal feeds worldwide is fill in the blank all right climb honestly.

The top ingredient in most animal feats on planet earth okay we're going to give you a chance to shine once again audience and let's see let's go back to some questions here um let's see oh terry's giving me some sense of.

Guitarist yeah um boy this terrible nothing worse than dead air oh here we go richard from facebook in your opinion what are the five most important supplements to take regularly if there are five well the first one is vitamin d that's like the most important because it's.

Very difficult to get it from your diet but unless you're on the sun you know you can get it from the sun pretty easily so so vitamin d is like number one and number two potassium simply because we need so much of it and it's like most people don't consume enough salads so you want to get it from other things like maybe a good.

Electrolyte powder the third thing is zinc that's very very important it's a trace mineral it really only lasts roughly about four days in your body and then it's it's not a fat soluble mineral or anything like that or nutrient so if you're not consuming it where is it coming from so we have vitamin d with potassium.

Zinc and then the next one would be vitamin b1 because b1 is intimately involved in um what is that called memory uh without b1 you're not going to remember anything so and it creates stress and all sorts of issues.

And there's so many negative things that are like a cascade effect from that and i think that if we talk about um just nutrients in general i'm going to say omega-3 fatty acid that is uh related to so many um problems with your heart and your brain.

And inflammation and a lot of people are just doing too much of the omega-6 so then they're going to throw off the omega-3 so that would be the five most important ones wonderful okay well as promised the audience is right on it with these questions and the latest question number.

Three asked the most utilized ingredient in animal feeds worldwide is and let's see 60 percent say soy and 40 say corn i initially thought it was soy but it's actually corn uh but soy is second on the list and uh we're not talking about.

Um even like corn on the cob that you would eat there's a kind of a field corn that's not that sweet it's like it's very different and it's gmo and that's the the primary ingredient so um we're literally you know feeding the animals this corn.

And there's a fascinating study that i don't even know if i want to make a video on it because i think i might get in trouble but i will tell you um there's a study that uh is you're gonna have a hard time finding it but it's it's basically.

Relating to the feed a combination of soy and corn on pigs and and they actually dissected their stomachs and looked at them and it just filled with ulcers and inflammatory issues and problems with the stomach so i do have pigs and i don't feed them uh gmo corn or soy.

And so um because of that study now a pig's stomach is actually kind of close to human stomach by the way and so it's not identical but think about how many people are consuming.

These grains definitely soy and maybe maybe corn too not that people are eating corn chips or corn tortillas but the corn these grains can create a lot of inflammatory issues with our guts now that's just my theory i haven't proved it.

But it's something to think about steve very good well i don't know if my stomach is reminiscent of a pig but my appetite certainly is and that's a constant battle for me but i'm winning through with dr berg's great council okay a genuine idea is the name of this.

Person claiming from youtube what are the best food sources for omega-3s uh salmon krill um seafood fatty fish sardines you can also use algae and seaweed.

Um but seaweed is high on the precursor like ala that turns into uh epa in dha so um walnuts have uh some dha i'm sorry the all the eight the precursor to dha so walnuts and chia seed as well um but those those would be the best foods the.

Fatty fish the salmon and especially the cod liver oil as well as cod liver steve have you ever tried cod liver did i ever give you some of that in a can you know you did have me you had some in the uh in the studio one time and i think a little bit no i i like it some people just hate it but i like cobb.

Liver itself and it can it's like pudding but man is that loaded with omega-3 fatty acids but um and it's actually bathed in cod liver oil so um you know if if it's something that you like.

Um you should consume a little bit of that each day uh to get your omega-3 fatty acids i would not consume the whole can because that's a lot of fat but maybe half of a can but don't let it sit in the fridge for over a few days because it can go bad very fishy.

I have personal experience with that stuff oh gross that's horrible let's see so the audience has redeemed themselves with the last question let's see if they can keep up the trend so there's a next question doc okay so the cracking on your heels on your back of your feet.

And your heel you know like if it's very dry and it's cracking indicates the deficiency of something of a nutrient what would that be all right well why don't we go to uh my friend alvin jackson who is from georgia and we were talking about how everything is related to peaches down there and of.

Course peaches are probably not good for keto enough of that alvin can you hear us you're on with dr bird i think you're muted sir yes i can go ahead with your question yes i guess first i want to say that after listening to him there's a lot of things he said that have.

Explained things that happened to me and as you go short on one thing my teeth are completely evil right when i close them they fall on top of each other so the dentist tried to do some shaving give me a bit of an overbite and i and and i had this tremendous pain in my jaw and i thought it came from flying in the airplane but now i know it.

Came from dental work wow here's my question uh i've been on keto for about two two years and it's been perfect for me uh but this time around i have found that i'm having trouble driving my diabetes levels down my my ph my countdown.

When it first i had problems with keeping it up and keeping it up for me was good because i could easily get it back up but uh trying to get it you know trying to get my high my my high glucose reading down while on keto is a problem that i never had and keto's been so good for me.

Losing weight or energy uh i'm a retired veteran i suffer from uh chronic pain uh just just a tremendous amount of diseases i have a bowel scientific stimulator in my back uh i'm patched up uh from from uh from the rogic cervical.

Uh lumbar all the way down to l5 s1 but once i got on keto i was able to ride like 26 miles a day on my bicycle every other week 100 mile bicycle ride but my problem is my diabetes so so i have a question i have a question um would you say that you're doing um keto 100 or maybe.

Close to that but you you're not perfect um i'm 100 when it comes to uh carbohydrates or sugar alcohol subtraction the fiber subtraction uh so i'm i'm 100 stand below my carbohydrates uh maybe my protein will go a little high.

Uh maybe i'm not so disciplined on the calories uh i eat at least one avocado per day and i i definitely get all my fats in and then how about your um your fasting how many meals a day do you have uh lately my fasting hasn't been as good as.

It has been in the past okay all right so here's so here's a suggestion um if you're a diabetic um this is gonna have to be a way a lifestyle like more of a not something you go on and off you have.

To do it consistently for a period of time but the fact that you had all those problems tells me that you have pretty advanced insulin resistance which means that um your liver is going to actually make more sugar than it should it's.

Called gluconeogenesis so um this is what happens with even a diabetic like they're not like if they have high sugar but where did it come from i didn't eat any sugar well because your body is making it from other things like protein and even fat and even ketones so that could be.

What's going on um i would first get really strict with your intermittent fasting i would do one meal a day i would not do any other meals in one meal a day and i would make sure those carbs are really low and i would i'm talking like 20 grams of carbs do the greens and just give it time but if your sugar goes high.

Then what you want to do is you want to exercise routinely to burn off that extra sugar that's made by your liver because the liver is the weak link of course you know you can do the a1c test which is like an average which is actually even better than.

Checking a day-to-day but the point is that i think those are the some really important things that i would do and then last thing is i would do things to focus in and help your liver like um milk thistle that's a good one like some of the cruciferous vegetables for the liver the liver likes the bitter.

Bitter food so in your salad you can do a little bit of dandelion greens which is way better than regular lettuce there's a lot of things you can do for the liver broccoli things like that and then give it some time um and your sugar will come down now you mentioned your sugar coming lower and.

Bringing it up when you're on keto and intermittent fasting your sugars will come low they'll go down to 60 maybe even high 50s and you might think that's a problem but it's not because it's a new normal because you're not eating the sugar and so if you try to raise it then you were countering this.

Effect so they kind of diagnose hypoglycemia is anything below 70 but honestly when you do keto and you're not eating sugar it's gonna go below that the key is how you feel if your blood sugars are low and you feel okay then guess what it's normal it's your normal well that's great hey alvin listen we're kind of close to out of time but love to.

Hear back because you got an interesting thing there it worked great your sugars were great for a while then it changed we'd love to see if you can swap it back to that great success you had before so alvin thanks for joining us and representing georgia so well and let's see uh the audience is once again right on it the the question number four was.

The cracking on your heels could indicate a deficiency of what and our audience 65 say uh a b vitamin deficiency 15 say a magnesium or potassium deficiency 10 percent say a zinc deposit excuse me deficiency and 10 say a vitamin e deficiency are they on the right track.

This time doc they are on the right track but not exactly on the right track it's actually a b b3 and b2 deficiency but it can also be an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency so again the skin the dryness the flakiness the the cracking um you need.

More fish oil you need more uh collaboration you need the omega-3 fatty acid but the b vitamin deficiency you don't have to worry about that if you don't consume these grain products in the sugar so if you're off the grains like the bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins.

Then you probably are not going to end up with a b deficiency unless you took an antibiotic which basically destroys the the gut microbiome that makes your b vitamins a lot of your b vitamins come from your gut so.

That's another little factor that you might be dealing with like why why don't why do i show b vitamin deficiencies i'm taking b vitamins well because your gut is is imbalanced so that's another reason why you should consume sauerkraut and fermented things fermented vegetables.

Kimchi that would be a good one and even sometimes some good kefir better than yogurt the reason i like kefir is it has a combination of uh friendly yeast and friendly bacteria a lot more than the yogurt and um it um.

It's it's and there's not going to be like a lot of lactose in there because the microbes are going to eat that lactose so if you have a lactose intolerance uh you probably won't have that when you take keeper because it also these microbes make the enzyme to break down lactose now i.

Do want to say one thing right now the way i make my kefir is from the raw milk not the pasteurized milk and boy is that way better uh experience and so if you're saying well my state doesn't sell raw milk if you look up real it'll like 43 states you can you can actually.

Get raw milk and um you can get the cream you can get butter you don't have to get the milk and um so these farms are now you you have to do it like you might have to do cow sharing and things like that but there's a way to do it and i'm a little spoiled now with my raw.

Cream in my coffee in the morning i can't go back to anything else because i'm once you have that it's like wow it's like over the top wow sounds delicious okay uh we are short on time but corey is going to demonstrate how we can get a question in 30 seconds so corey unmute yourself.

You're on with dr byrd sure i can do that hey zuckerberg um great to be on you're so i'm knowledgeable really appreciate it um so i had a hip pain for the last like year and a half and i watched some of your videos and just kind of wanted to maybe get some.

First hand you know advice from you what to do like what the most important things to do and um how long it might take to fix it is it is it the right hip or the left hip my left hip okay um is it right in the socket or is it uh.

The front part or the back where the sacroiliac joint is like where exactly is it you know it kind of travels so sometimes it's more in my groin and then sometimes it's kind of like on my thigh and then definitely kind of towards the back right on that hip bone uh the side back i guess i know the.

Definition okay you know um when someone would come into my office with that i would i would just the first thing i would do is i would check the range of motion just to see um if there was a a tightness like in your psoas and the or your hamstring on that side or.

To look at the imbalances yeah so so there is some loss of uh uh there's some loss of or asymmetrical type motion in that hip with the other one yeah and i know my body is very very tight okay.

You know honestly i i would um the the structure of your muscles um are dependent on those muscles um and so i would honestly start getting involved either in um some pilates stretches which i really like they're they really put the symmetry back in there and the.

Flexibility or the yoga stretches you know you can do the acupressure which is fine and do that on the opposite hip but that has limited uh relief because as soon as you start walking again i'll give you an example if you do any type of uh.

Sport or whether golfing or riding your bike where you're doing um this repetitive motion or asymmetrical type activities or even just like sitting over time that can just you can lock up that that psoas on the right side so you really need to um start doing.

Stretching type things and to keep things symmetrical um so i would i would evaluate some of the pilate exercises and start to put that back into your lifestyle because that's probably what you need and you might find that like your right quadricep might be.

Extremely tight when you test it and as soon as you loosen that thing up all of a sudden the pain completely goes away so um i used to have a lot of stiffness and so um i i can relate to what you're going through right now but you got to isolate which one it is.

First go ahead okay um i have started some of that and i had i think i did notice that my right thigh is very very tight that's usually the strength i do where my left leg is yeah it's um you know some people find.

That oh yeah you have a short leg and wearing a heel lift and like no no no no first check the um the the thigh muscles because the thigh muscles one of them is going to be very very very tight the quadricep and then that will throw off the whole dynamic.

Of your hip the sacroiliac joint on that side and so if you take your foot backward and you do that stretch on the thigh muscle and you also hit these psoas on that side um it's going to give your.

Your hip and back tremendous relief that would be like a simple thing to do well that's great corey thank you so much for coming on love to hear if that helps you and marianne has been so patient with us poor thing has been waiting we're going to stay over to make sure we get to her marianne would you tilt your camera down a little bit we.

Just see your chin right on the top there there we go that looks lovely and marianne you're on with dr byrd i wanted to say hi dr burke and thank you for your time and all that you try to help everybody with my pleasure thank you welcome and my question is kind of like a statement and then you can take it.

From there i've tried keto before i didn't lose hardly anything so my doctor had some concerns recently about like blood sugars and high cholesterol and i have a little bit of a big tummy so i just wondered what would be your suggestions where do i start yeah um the the stomach weight really is.

Related to um visceral fat which actually is a kind of a spill off of from liver liver being fatty and so um and and that really just tells you tells um tells you what's going on with your insulin levels the insulin levels are just too high and that that's going to cause the cholesterol the metabolic syndrome and a whole series of other.

Things so the goal that i would recommend for you would be to do what you can to lower insulin and that way you cannot just fix the um this belly fat but you can also remove fat from your liver like over 50 of it.

Within 14 days so you'll i think if you uh get on keto but even more importantly is that intermittent fasting the combination of both of those are going to be very powerful um now intermittent fasting what do you mean by that if you don't mind.

Like you don't want to do snacks anymore you want to do um like just two meals a day and then even go to one meal a day and don't even worry about your calories just do the infrequent eating so you're not having these small meals for the day because when you fast you force your body to convert.

Over to you burning your fat and so you really drop insulin which is the kind of like the in the presence of insulin you can't lose weight it's impossible so we want to actually keep the insulin low by doing two things lowering the carb and eating less frequently now when you first do this you're going to find that.

You might think wow i'm going to be hungry all the time but not when your body after three days of doing it we show you how to do it on the website you'll switch over to your a different type of metabolism where now you're burning your fat between the meals and your hunger goes away your cravings go away and now it's.

A lot easier to stick with it so i don't have any problems with hunger or cravings i've done fasting before so maybe i just need to restart my sour start up again yes restart it and go one meal a day and you should start seeing change pretty quick yeah because i don't have any health.

Issues per se they're just wanted to prevent them so they don't happen i love it okay great plan on that note i really appreciate all of your wonderful questions and your attentions and the comments on the videos that i'm released releasing recently i'm reading all your comments they're amazing have a wonderful weekend.

Stay tuned for some fascinating data this next week i'm going to release all right have a good one you
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - July 1, 2022
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