The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 6, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 6, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 6, 2023

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 6, 2023.
thank you foreign well good afternoon everyone everyone we're back with another show and of course anything that I say is definitely not meant to cure you or treat any diseases or even prevent disease so that being said um we're going to Jump Right.

In we have a lot of great people and questions that are in the green room and as well as in social media so uh Steve over to you you're very good speaking of the Green Room we've got one nice gentleman all the way down to the tip of Africa in Johannesburg and it's a little later for him so I'm going to get him up first his name is David and he.

Has a terrific question for you I'm sure David you're on with Dr Berg yes good evening yo good morning to you guys um good evening from South Africa hello hi how you doing doctor great thanks so go ahead with your question David.

Okay good job thank you um I do a lot of outer trail running and Mountain running very long distances um I'm trying to maintain a keto diet with intermittent fasting during the week but when I run a hunt I've been reading myself for sports gels um but I find that our bunk quite a lot if I don't take him.

Um so yeah I'm trying to get myself to feed or my body to feed off the effects rather than sugars and I'm finding funny quite hard to get that right so basically if you don't do the uh the glucose you tend to hit this wall right that's correct yes yeah um.

I mean are you familiar with Professor Knox in South Africa that's right yeah yeah he has some great data on that I mean um that it comes with a package it comes with the package um you know like diabetes things like that but here's the thing um I think you just need to um.

Kind of study some of the long-distance Runners that have got into a really good keto adaptation to the point where our fat adaptation where they can just oxidize fat like way better than anyone else and because what's happening you're running up against the loss of glycogen and now where's the fuel your body just hasn't really been able to tap into the.

Fat because you're not fully converted over yet and that that takes some time um so that's what I would shoot for as a long-term goal couple other things um I would recommend I would um maybe as a transition uh you do um not the glucose but maybe you do some fruit okay try that for a while okay then push that to the side and then.

Maybe you do maybe a starch something like that so it's a little bit kind of like a stair step approach because when you do this straight uh those packs are just pure dextrose synthetic from corn syrup they're just going to deplete a lot of B vitamins B1 and that's going to affect your performance.

Um as well as deplete other things too so you're taking this refined sugar I think they even use maltodextrin it's just so refined and it's um yeah it's going to be burned as fuel but it's going to come with the package because in order to burn that fuel you need a lot of other nutrients so.

Um at the very very minimum you should be taking you know B vitamins electrolytes um not too many but just enough to compensate for the um that refined sugar that's going to deplete because it takes in order to break down that Sugar it takes certain cofactors and nutrients so what's happening you're just creating deficiencies left and.

Right so we want to avoid that um now there is some this is a really open it's kind of a a new field a lot of people are experimenting now with um you know adding more ins you know they're adding uh MCT oil and coconut uh um fat to help maybe can run on that as.

Far as just once your body can burn uh actual ketones they can start taking some of this the fat is fuel rather than the sugar is fuel but again it's a it's a new field there's not a lot of research but I would go more towards some some of these ultra marathon runner diets that um they're not doing the glucose they're doing um they're doing.

Certain carbs potatoes and things like that but it's definitely not straight glucose quite a few different types of foods and foods but they are really just trying to avoid those Stills full stop but like I said um it happens that you you need them yeah I understand that I totally.

Understand um the two things too that I think will help help you um reduce some of the those symptoms is to take more vitamin E in the form of tocotrenals as well as uh sodium like sea salt because both of those if you're deficient especially if.

You're exercising and utilize a lot of energy they can actually keep at least your muscles in really good shape and keep them strong and you'll have less fatigue just from that but um um you'll have to be a human guinea pig to really uh experiment on this yourself.

Because there's just not a lot of research unfortunately thank you very much for the advice you're welcome I appreciate it all right thanks for coming on board David we appreciate that and all of us uh you know tip our hat here all that long distance run into stuff uh my longest run used to be to the refrigerator but.

I'm trying to avoid that a little bit more with Dr Berg's great Council and speaking of places far away Kerry from YouTube just simply wants to say hi Dr Berg much love from your Australian followers you have given us health happiness and you have changed my life so thanks for that Carrie we appreciate it and you're certainly not alone all.

Across the world we've got yeah great reports like that and LK from YouTube is it okay to take your vitamins and minerals during a fast good question well especially especially that's when you want to take them for sure because um you are um you know living off no food so you're.

Gonna make sure you get your nutrients and with very very minimal calories if any and then that way you can uh survive a little bit better especially if you're going into a fast with some subclinical deficiencies so I mean I know some people that do the fasting and they kind of after like 24 hours they might feel faint you know.

Just because they're not taking enough electrolytes and things like that so yeah take them while you're fasting um now you're going to probably ask about well wait a second I thought what about like the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D don't you need fat for that so that should I take that with the meal um it's going to help you digest it to a.

Certain degree but you'll still absorb um a significant amount if even if you have an empty stomach so I wouldn't worry too much about that perfect okay we got some really great in my opinion questions today and I bet the audience will agree and here's the first one okay question number one what is the primary nutritional difference.

Between adult vegetables and sprouts and microgreens is uh broccolini a sprout or something or is that just regular old broccoli I think that's a type of broccoli interesting all right well uh so climb on that audience let's see here let's go through the list of people in addition to David and Dr.

Gantt and Marsha who are listening to us from all around the world so we'd like to say a good morning to our viewers joining us from the UK Canada Mexico Jordan Palestine Japan Australia we just mentioned Ghana Bangkok Algeria uh and by the way Terry corrected me I've been saying nambia but it's Namibia Namibia if I said in Namibia.

Thank you Terry Hong Kong Brazil Tunisia Germany Oman turkey Spain Greece Italy Paraguay Montenegro South Africa thanks again David Denmark Pakistan uh and here's another one that he gave me uh eritia come on dear you got to throw in these names anyway aratia I think I said that right Nepal Taiwan Saudi Arabia Israel France the Netherlands Nicaragua.

Nigeria Sweden Ethiopia India Switzerland Malaysia Croatia United Arab Emirates Emirates excuse me Estonia Trinidad and Tobago the Czech Republic Jamaica Aruba Slovakia Bhutan Zambia been their beautiful place Peru Zimbabwe Austria Ghana we're getting there folks Poland Iran Qatar Iraq the Virgin Islands and all across these United.

States including uh you know Atlanta who will have up soon and also my my neighbor Dr Gant is from Fayetteville North Carolina and she promises to come out to the beach at Wilmington where I live but says she prefers Myrtle Beach so there's a little rabbit hole to go down cat on a cat can style from YouTube is it okay to drink organic ceremonial.

Keiko while fasting did I said it right I I didn't hear what you said ceremonial what uh c-a-c-a-o is that like Coco I'm not sure what that is yeah interesting well audience why don't you guys if you know what c-a-c-a-o is uh why don't you uh yes I guess that's what it is oh okay yeah yeah you can drink that.

Yeah not a problem all right very good thank goodness and being my pronunciation today I'm just uh getting an F minus I think okay let's see um here's a good one Karen from YouTube I'm eating clean keto with intermittent fasting on a 22 and 2 schedule if I drink antimicrobial formula with uh.

Manuka Honey morning and night am I still getting any benefits from autophagy so she's chugging some honey dog I think not because out of all the things you can eat of course fructose glucose that's what honey is made out of um can inhibit.

Um it can raise insulin and insulin is the factor that kind of inhibits autophagy so you you really are not going to get the benefit of that um um so you have other things you probably could eat would be better I mean you can have celery uh that would be that would probably help you a lot more but of.

Course the um you know I know there's um some good properties in honey so maybe if you're taking it to help yourself with a sore throat something like that or you can put it topically on a burn if it's like I think maluka honey has some amazing properties and uh you can use be used for many different things as an.

Antimicrobial but uh there's so many more antimicrobial things that you can ingest to uh that don't create that effect very good okay the odd garlic oregano oil things like that wonderful okay uh the first question of today uh Dr.

Berg asked the audience what is the primary nutritional difference between adult vegetables and Sprouts or micro machines and the audience uh ninety percent of our respondents say sprouts and micro greens are the nutritionally dense 10 say they have higher levels of chlorophyll okay so um.

What's interesting about um this little baby Sprout you have the seed right and that would be also be considered a grain grains or seeds and people actually eat grains right um and then you have the Sprout which is usually about um.

Two to five days and then you have the micro green which is it's a little bit later up to 14 days so it's a little bit older in the stage of development then you have baby greens which is a little bit older and then you have adult vegetables so the the peak nutrition okay happens right right around.

You know 7 to 14 days so you have this massive up uh spike in these protective defense chemicals but primarily you're getting massive amounts of phytonutrients in these phytochemicals which by the way drug companies are spending a lot of money researching and in their development of drugs from these phytonutrients that are just have.

Amazing properties anti-inflammatory you name it anti-cancer so what's unique about a microgreen or a sprout is you have about between 40 to up to a hundred times the amount of phytonutrients than adult vegetables so here you're trying to get your phytonutrients your antioxidants from the vegetables being broccoli which you.

Should um but if you had the microgreens or the Sprouts it's super concentrated you get a lot more so you wouldn't have to have as much so those people that can't seem to do the 10 to 20 cups of salad a day like Steve should definitely be doing micro greens or Sprouts just put a little bit.

On your salad now um growing methods are important too and I'm not going to get into that but the point is like you can buy these micro greens at the store they're a bit expensive because they go bad really quick but you don't need very many and so you're consuming this super.

Concentrated phytonutrient you can even grow them yourself that can actually help you with so many different things they're using it for autism H pylori cancer even if someone is on chemotherapy it helps to minimize the side effects it also just helps you trigger enzymes in your own liver to help turn poisons into harmless.

Particles so if there's some type of I don't know Benzene for example that's very toxic these phytonutrients help to dismantle that so they can help you and the last cool thing about it is that when you have the sprouts and you have the micro greens they have the least amount of um anti-nutrients lectins oxalates uh.

Phytates um all these things that a seed has as well as an adult vegetable has so you're eating something at the stage where it's a plant growth that's uh will give you some really cool benefits without with minimal problems wow how about preparation doc how can you ruin those things.

Or how can you get the most well if you grow them you know what you can do is you um I would you know highly recommend you grow them in actual soil because you'd get you would get a way better product but of course some people you know grow them in different mediums that uh that don't have the the perfect thing for the.

Microbes you want but anyway you grow them and you can just cut the tops off put on your salad and let them grow back cut it off put in your salad let it grow back so you can use it multiple times I'm not sure how many times you can use them but they do grow back and um you can also buy them from the store and just uh you know they're already going.

To be clean and you stick them right on your salad and or I'll get some at the farmer's market usually has them as well I go to the Bethesda Farmers Market on Sunday and there's a guy there that's called the salad guy he is the best micro greens that I've ever had so I end up buying tons of that stuff I put in my salad.

Very great health properties thanks Doc okay shray from YouTube can fasting mess with a woman's hormones my physician says as soon as blood sugar drops noticeably cortisol kicks in and it can further deplete a woman's progesterone levels thoughts so maybe we should just start eating more frequently eat a lot of snacks eat.

Every hour and a half to keep that cortisol from going up right that makes a lot of sense um that is utter uh nonsense in fact you'll find that when you do fasting you feel Serene calm your stress goes down your tolerance stress goes up what they're confusing is the counter.

Regulatory cortisol effect when blood sugars go down because you're not eating but that's that's not going to be a big issue because as soon as your body starts adapting within two to three days and you start getting into ketosis you're hope you're not eating sugar so um your body runs on fat fuel so it's.

Not it so now you don't have this situation where you're just running on blood sugars and it goes down and then all of a sudden you can't tap in the fat and then you have this issue so the solution is to adapt to the ketogenic diet and um and your cortisol will be fine um yeah it's just based on.

Misinformation um they don't know they don't know about the adaptation and the liver they don't know about nutritional ketosis unfortunately just not taught that so um they can't really give you a good opinion because they don't understand it wow this covers a lot of folks uh Jack from YouTube I'm struggling with.

Prostate issues at 65 your recommendations would be greatly appreciated um the first thing um I do know this if you're consuming dairy products okay if you have prostate and dairy sometimes that doesn't mix because the dairy can actually increase.

The hormonal Factor even estrogen and actually if you're doing like nothing like milk and even sometimes cheese can you'll you might notice that your prostate swells up so um my if you're just cutting that out that might help you now many uh men get up multiple times a night to urinate.

Because the prostate they think anyway and it could be but I found when you start doing intermittent fasting and you cut out the carbs and you cut out the snacking especially the late night snacking the grazing at night when you're watching TV you cut that out and you start doing two meals or even one meal a.

Day boy your retention of urine is going to be so much better in fact you'll be able to sleep through the night without getting up and you then you're going to go wait a second I thought that that was my my prostate and when in fact it was just your insulin resistance.

Interesting okay the rest of our questions for today unusually are all true false or and that's just so great because you can appear to be you have a 50 chance of appearing to be a genius even if you don't know the answer so here's the first one to consider uh Dr Berg okay true or false the best way to.

Stretch a muscle is a static stretch which basically means you're not moving the muscle you're just holding it for about 30 seconds okay folks what do you think about that let's go back to YouTube Gregory from YouTube my wife suffers from anemia and must continually take iron pills and her.

Doctors can't find the root of this issue what are your thoughts yeah not good because of the iron pills they give you are Elemental which is um really hard in the body you should you should get a better source of iron I would get um liver grass-fed liver pills or spleen.

Pills that will give you a much better type of iron I think your body will find more bile available the other point to look at with iron is the pH of your stomach chances are your acid your hydrochloric acid is just not strong enough to be able to assimilate or pull in that iron so these minerals don't get absorbed unless you have other factors.

Involved so you might benefit from betaine hydrochloride with your meals maybe two or three or four even five of those betaine hydrochloride to help you absorb iron um iron also uh can be increased with vitamin C so you might need that as well so I would look at the whole uh look your whole diet to see what's missing.

Because I think there's something else that's stopping you uh from having this issue the other thing too um there's other forms of um anemia so let's say you're anemic and they someone said you're iron anemic when in fact you're 12 anemic that could be a world of difference that.

Could be another reason why you might have anemia that can't fix it because you can't fix it by taking iron you need to take methylcobolamine that type of B12 interesting okay as usually happens we've got a few other folks around the world that want to be acknowledged and they are from Tibet Albania Thailand.

Ireland Norway Scotland and Egypt so welcome you folks too so glad that you're a part of the growing list of folks that listen to Dr Burke's great counsel from around the world all right let's see here's another one Nikki uh from Facebook wants to know she's got her fingers crossed can I eat kale chips while fasting.

You can it just will inhibit your results because when you're fasting you know you shouldn't be eating um yeah so I would probably have those more towards when you eat than when you're when you're um fasting I mean the other thing that um there's two things that don't trigger.

Insulin very much okay number one is fat number two is fiber so kale does have more fiber so that's cool so that would help that's going to be a lot better than sugar but but still the kale chips they I don't know what they put on them and um might be an inhibiting factor it's it's probably not going to contribute to your.

Success but I mean it's definitely way better than other things you could be doing so I guess um really depends on what you're comparing it to all right here's an off to ask question Dana from Facebook what can I do about fatigue during fasting that's an easy one uh it's going to be one of three things but usually it's.

Going to be a lack of sodium so you need to have some sea salt and you'll find the energy should go up about maybe 80 percent of the time another um mineral that might create a fatigue would be a lack of potassium so start taking up potassium find up electrolyte powder that is high in.

Potassium and of course I'm not biased of my own but that's what I would recommend but you'd find that you'd energy goes up because you need a lot of potassium to run the sodium potassium pump that generates all the power to your muscle and nerves so that will instantly give you energy and the last thing to look at for energy is.

Uh the B1 B1 is like the spark plug and uh you need it when you do keto or even you do high carb diet you need B1 to ignite the engine and get things working and a lot of people are deficient and so that may just ignite and give you more energy too but start with the salt do one thing at a time and see what it is all right.

Well I am biased to your electrolytes now to be fair I hadn't tried other powders but I used to get the cramps in my calves really bad and if I would drink your electrolyte formula a couple hours before I ran it seemed to alleviate that I must also admit I just probably wasn't hydrating well enough but I've had great results with that.

Electrolyte powder plus it tastes great so there you go all right the second question of the day is a true false or as we said the best way to stretch a muscle is a static stretch for 30 seconds and the audience 75 percent of them say it's true 25 is say it's false well the 25 is correct you know I was taught uh for many years that you have.

To do static stretching in fact um when I was in wrestling I did static stretching and I ended up pulling a muscle um what happens when you think about a muscle muscle um always comes in pairs okay you have a something that contracts something that's relaxing so let's say for example you're trying to relax your.

Hamstring and you stretch it well there's something called a stretch reflex which counters the stretching because it doesn't want you to break that muscle So within three seconds of stretching you have this reflex that comes in and counters that stretch and so here you are trying to um become more flexible and you're actually creating.

More damage believe it or not I know it's hard to believe but um there's something you can do I'll be doing a video on this it's a wonderful stretch by uh physiotherapist um athletic trainer trains the top of the food chain as far as athletes Olympic runners okay this guy wrote a book and um stay tuned for that video.

But what you want to do is you want to isolate the muscle you want to stretch okay the hamstring for example and then you you take the opposite muscle and you contract it okay that would be the quad the thigh muscle so you contract that while you're stretching in motion hold at the end of range of motion for two seconds let off.

Repeat eight to ten times it's really great um stretch I've been doing and I love it you can do with any muscle in the body but the principle is uh it makes a lot of sense and it's working so I wish I would have known that a long time ago interesting okay I'm going to put up another question then we're going to go back to the Green Room for a Dr.

Gantt but here's the next true falser all right true or false immobilizing the joint is the best treatment for sprains and strains mild to moderate injuries of your joints climb on that folks and let me unmute our next guest and Dr again if you would remind yourself to unmute you were on.

With Dr Byrd all right yes all right hated oops you are breaking up a little bit maybe get a little closer to the mic can you hear me now perfect oh good um my question is for my patients that are diabetics and they are fat what do.

You think is the best thing when the person that's over 40 trying to lose weight for the fluctuating did you get all that dog well I got the gist of it but you kind of phased out but I think let me just duplicate this question um so you have what's the best fasting.

Pattern this window of fasting uh for someone over 40. generally speaking yes okay yeah I think um the the best pattern I to start out with is the 18 hour fast and then the six hour window so that gives you this real easy thing to do by just skipping your breakfast and that's easy to do because most people really they're not as hungry as.

They think in the morning and even if they are it's a hunger wave that goes away if they just ignore it because really they have this little spike in cortisol but if you can do an 18 hours oh my goodness you'll have so many amazing benefits so uh after six o'clock you just fast all the way to the next day you know.

Until 12 and you have this wonderful period of autophagy and you see all these amazing benefits that would be like the average great fasting window for someone over 40. now if someone's a little more hardcore and they're uh they want to see faster results and they want to bite the bullet what you do is you you push them.

Right to a 20-hour fast so now we have a four hour window and um of eating and then 20 hours of fasting then you're going to see some even better benefits especially with the immune system and then if you want to be a rock star and then you just do a one meal a day and you fast for 23 hours and now you're gonna it's gonna take it to a.

Whole new level uh you're not gonna have any hunger cravings are gone you're gonna feel great mood wise your cognitive function is great if you have Alzheimer's symptoms they'll probably go away um so I notice even when I do videos when I um.

When I fast before I do a video wow you don't have to do much editing but when I don't when I eat before I do a video you gotta edit that thing chop it up it's like you know just takes more cuts and more resources but um yeah I like the question I'm glad you're doing that but 18 hour is really really good but you know what some.

People um need to do um a 14 hour or even a 12 hour and that's going to add some benefits but the more you can get them not to snack the better okay thank you thank you that's great thank you for joining us uh doctor from um Atlanta oh no no I'm sorry you're from.

Fayetteville okay so come out to the beach soon and thanks for getting on with the show the audience is on it uh the latest question was true false so mobilizing to join is the best treatment for sprains and strains mild or moderate injuries and the audience says or at least 65 percent of them say it's true sorry say it's false 35 percent say it's.

True the way that we were taught is to immobilize compress add cold you know that's just what we do but you know I always like to question everything and say is that is that really the best way to do it well there's some new research to find that.

That's not the best way to do it in fact if you if you don't have a severe joint you don't have a fracture for example and it's a moderate type injury or sprain strain it's best to add motion to that joint um so um start moving it not to the point of pain.

But just start to add some motion to that joint passive range of motion because um when you immobilize you start creating um you don't you don't have healing you have you have scar tissue that develops right away and we found that's not the best way to treat an injury and they.

They've looked at this this greater research and I will be releasing a video on this and also if you're going to add cold the only reason you'd want to add cold therapy is because a pain um but other than that it's best if you don't immediately ice it because the the blood's there to kind of add.

Circulation healing so if we add a little bit of motion and we don't add ice I'm not saying add heat but just don't advice you'll find that there'll be a better healing response I mean you can add other things like infrared but ice um I use that only if you need to with the pain but this whole idea of.

I'm gonna ice it to help healing is um is actually a myth I know it's hard to believe so things that we were taught come to find out they're not always a hundred percent true but um anyway stay tuned for my video on that because.

Um uh if you injure a joint you want to keep moving keep it moving and you're going to find that uh it'll heal faster especially if you're an athlete I mean some of the top athletes the book that I'm going to recommend of the guy who came up with the stretching technique um.

Also talks about this motion after an injury and boy he has a lot of experience with top athletes in the world injuring themselves and he puts him right into motion right away and then they they're back playing in no time so I like the concept and it makes a lot of sense once you get the details very interesting stuff okay star sister.

Uh is her handle from YouTube my blood sugar is higher in the mornings than throughout the rest of the day am I in ketosis if my blood sugar levels are all over the place question mark well I'm assuming you're doing keto you're not doing a lot of sugar that being said uh there's something called The Don phenomena where your blood.

Sugars go up because you still have a good amount of insulin resistance and so what's happening your signals the sensors in your liver are going wow we don't have enough sugar so what we need to do is we need to make some and that's where it's coming from it's not even coming from your your diet it's coming from your own body turning the.

Protein fat and even ketones into blood sugar and this process is called gluco glucose Neo meaning new genesis the creation of so your liver is doing gluconeogenesis to make more sugar because it still has insulin resistance but that will go away with time I wouldn't worry about it um if you are worried about it all you.

Have to do in the morning is take a long walk and just burn off that sugar but there's things that you can speed it up the way to actually fix insulin resistance is to cut down the carbs do insulin intermittent fasting keep your stress low because cortisol can be a big factor in making sugar.

Because the cortisol causes your body to um do more of that gluconeogenesis and then apple cider vinegar with water is a good thing you can add cinnamon to the water too cinnamon is a really good thing for blood sugars berberine is another thing you can do exercise.

There's a whole series of things you can do to to speed up this process of getting rid of insulin resistance especially like vitamin D and and B1 all right Daria from YouTube I have anemia and high cholesterol levels I'm so confused about what I can and cannot eat help go back to the basics don't make it.

Complex just do the keto the healthy version of Keto and do nutrient dense foods and that's really the key is when you're doing these Foods Does it include all the nutrients well I I show people in the books and in my videos what to eat and if you eat foods that are not only keto but are loaded with the iron and the B12 you're going to be fine.

It's when you don't do that there's a problem like let's say you want to get your your um iron from spinach for example well good luck that's not the best source of iron to prevent anemia or um let's say you're even doing antacids right and you're trying to get rid of your anemia good luck because that's.

Going to get rid of the acid that's necessary to absorb iron um and actually have it go in your body so um you just stick with the the healthy version of Keto and um you'll come out fine very good eater from YouTube I have.

Gastritis and acid reflux what can I do to address these issues um there's a couple things zinc konoscine is good um cabbage with the sulforaphane seems to help um H pylori which is behind sometimes gastritis and um things like that so I think at this.

Point if you have this inflammatory stomach I wouldn't recommend taking betaine hydrochloride instead I would just do these other things like I said and then slowly heal it so then the stomach can be healthy and then go back to the normal healthy ketogenic diet but um I have videos and gastritis uh you can also do licorice root is another.

Thing there's a whole series of things that you can do to help that but um the bottom line is um um you know this a symptom is just an indicator that there's a problem uh once as you treat it realize there's a deeper cause and it's probably somehow you didn't get the core uh eating plan.

Implemented yet long enough to create the effects probiotics are another great way to deal with gastritis because it handles the the gut microbes which have a huge influence over these other digestive organs believe it or not so they all work together but um I always recommend a good probiotic if you have gastritis.

Okay very good I'm going to come on camera here because it's uh it's confession time Christy from YouTube has a question about Lyme disease and my hypochondria skyrockets whenever I go into the woods uh during the summer because I imagine that their ticks all over me uh just injecting Lyme disease and in fact I went to the doctor once I.

Told my family it's up here on my head and I'm just sure and it's swollen red and so on and they followed me to the doctor and the doctor said well it's really kind of a cut do you do you want a Band-Aid and I no I don't want a Band-Aid I was so embarrassed that my family laughed at me but anyway I just want to set up the next question because.

I'm really paranoid about ticks giving me Lyme disease and so far apparently I just have cuts on my head and no Lyme disease so let's go back to Christy she says please discuss the best way to get rid of Lyme disease so I guess she did have it um I'm I'm very and I'm not telling you to file this but I said just my opinion.

Is that very much against the long-term antibiotics for Lyme because they wipe out your defenses and then it's just it gets it just not a a win-win situation these spiral kites um are very stealth and they can go up into the brain they can go into this remission.

State uh the real solution is to keep your defenses very very strong keep the stress low and also do the natural antibiotics like the garlic the time the sage the oregano oil and there's protocols for lime um that I'm not going to get into you can read up on that um I had Lyme that's what I did and um.

But it's a good probiotic but it's you know you really have to um build up your your immune system as the primary goal um I would say in a given year I would have maybe 30 ticks I would find on my body and um.

Many times I've had the butterfly rash so uh of course um there's a chance that could have contributed to line but um at this point I'm just focusing on keeping my immune system strong and I have not had a problem believe it or not so but it's interesting because these ticks tend to stick on you and they numb.

The area you don't even know they're on there and then one day you just happen to be looking down and they'll what is that a little scab and you find it's a darn tick and you pull it out um so that's happened so many times because I'm on a farm but um it is a situation unfortunately you're.

Going to have to when you know when you get home if you're outside take your fingers through your hair and just kind of really feel around if you have a dog well they'll bring these ticks in left and right you have to check your dog and check out your body every day to make sure there's no ticks but I understand your your problem.

Um and it is a situation I wish there was a simple solution but um it's a battle between these very stealth evil microbes and trying to defend against that well Christy I'm we are all pulling for you hope you heal and feel better uh from that terrible situation okay let's see here's another true falser for the audience doc there.

It is okay the fact that the stomach pH is so acidic between 1.5 and 3 indicates that we have a good ability to digest meat is that true or false all right folks climb on it and let's go back to the green room and this time from Atlanta Georgia we have Marcia and Marcia let me.

Unmute you and you are on with Dr Berg with your terrific question hi Dr Berg hi so I've had really large fibroids and I wanted to avoid a hysterectomy so that brought me to my journey with keto with you and so thank you my question is I have um lingering sort of indigestion now and.

A pulling that's happening right on this side and I'm just wondering what can I what should I be doing more frequently or eating more of in order to take care of this lingering problem so the fibroids are creating a pulling sensation and it's uncomfortable is that what you're saying um I.

I've gone from 192 to 165 I think I'm you know I'm doing well on the keto so um but the um that's causing this now to flare up and sort of you know bother me at this point so I don't know what to eat what to do better okay it was really hard to hear you but.

I think I I understand what you're asking um Steve did you did you hear her maybe did you want to clarify or should I just Jump Right In what I what I think she asked well I think you you should uh Doc and then you correct us Marcia if he's on the wrong track.

So she's feeling the sensation and she had the fibroids I think they're getting better but there's still a sensation she lost weight and like how do we how do we get rid of some of the maybe the scar tissue that is developed in this area would that be the right question okay good all right great um so we're dealing with.

Um this thing called fascia and connective tissue and it's just like just like an injury um you do you injure your fascia fascia is like the Saran wrap that holds everything together and you have a lot of fascia that that has been holding this fibroid in hopefully it's shrinking down to nothing but there's still.

Probably some fascia and adhesions into this area so I think the absolute best thing to do um is to manually uh get in there and start working out some of the fascia so you can do like a fascial type trigger point type therapy in the abdomen area as well as fascial stretches.

Um uh in your you know in your lower part of your body and the upper part because it's all connected you have these all these different connections from even up to the back of your neck all the way down to your shoulder and your hip and down your leg in these sheaths of connective tissue that need to be stretched and I think you're going.

To find when you do that you're like wow I really feel these adhesions in my abdomen way more and then you're gonna have to work those out and do fascial stretching and you're going to find that that'll give you more space in your abdomen and then the discomfort will go away but that's really what you have to do it's and you can manage manually.

Going in there and and do some work as well but you're going to have to stimulate it and that's going to increase blood flow which is going to help also Don don't forget about two things autophagy from doing the prolonged fasting that'll help get rid of some of that damaged protein collagen as well as.

The tocatrinols which also help with anything scar anything adhesions uh that's a really good thing as well okay that's great well thank you so much Marcia for joining us and being so patient uh there in the green room and again you can stick around and just watch the rest of the show as we move forward and let's see uh and quiz.

Question number four we already have the consensus or the answers from the audience and it asks the fact that the stomach pH is so acidic and I won't read the amount indicates that we have a good ability to digest meat and uh 72 percent of our respondents say it's false and 28 say it is true now I was just I'm just curious how many.

People would agree or disagree with that because if you think about it um if you take a cat or a dog their pH is even more acidic than that I mean it's down to like one to two uh and their their bodies digest meat very well raw meat they can digest it without chewing it so if our pH is that acidic.

Um I don't know the logic is that we have the ability to break down meat um so um if you take a cow that's not designed to eat meat what is the pH of their stomach is it is it that acidic it's almost neutral it's like 6.4 it's just it's almost neutral so we're dealing with a a huge change in PH right um so.

One way to know kind of what we have the ability to digest is just to look at the digestive system and kind of understand um some of these Basics but yeah our bodies do have the ability to digest meat because of this pH um so as we get older the pH gets worse and worse and worse and then we don't have the ability to digest meat and so.

Really depends on the acidity in your stomach when you hit 80 years old like your pH is probably going to be five uh maybe even six and you're gonna have a harder time digesting meat so when people say well I'm getting older I really don't want to do red meat well it's probably because they just don't have the acid but the real key thing to.

Know is um one of the problems with getting older is this thing called sarcopenia which you're losing muscle um and so we do need good amounts sufficient amount of protein as we age um so don't don't forget that and if we we talked about Sprouts before Sprouts.

Have have protein but don't rely on sprouts for your protein because it's so incomplete it's not going to be enough you're going to need some you can you might need to eat um eat things that have eaten Sprouts like cows so I'm actually a vegan on a beer I'll eat cows that eat grass so I get.

That my grass indirectly yeah well I'm jealous of all the great things you eat out there uh okay here's our final question speaking of digestion yeah all right the fact that um our large colon microflora good bacteria ferments okay it ferments indicates that we should have the ability to digest plant fiber.

Is that true well false the audience I tell you you guys uh are the reason our show runs so well you just don't waste any time on these questions and so this show we're able to get them all out and the reward for that from this audience is that we can now go a hundred percent social media for the rest of the show unless.

You have a dialogue for us doc uh and let's see um oh well wait a minute I'm going to bring up a graphic because this question is perfect there's the graphic and the question is is can you ship your products be shipped to Kenya is that true or false you know that's a very good question I.

Don't know I doubt it but you can check uh we'll put a link down below to see where where it comes from right now we're actively working on trying to make things available in different parts of the world so you can check that see if see if that works but eventually we will um I'd also like to try to get to Australia.

Um but we're working on that and um the other thing I'm working on since we're talking about products is um some really uh great things coming in the future with um I really want to just grow all of our ingredients myself not myself but just with with certain farmers and myself.

Involved in doing the testing so we we isolated the farm we're actively I have a plan to do that and I'm really excited because um now I'll be able to do all the microbial testing and the microbial testing of the plant the herbs and uh wow um talk about quality talk about just.

The research and the fun of just trying to take that to a whole new level um so I'm excited about that and stay tuned for for some great uh information on that fantastic and let's say audience you wanted to watch one of Dr Berg's videos and you scour through Google and you get a little frustrated well there's a.

Remedy and it's called the Dr Berg app which is available on your iPhone or through Google play or whatever and they're all neatly organized in there and you know you'll be able to fare it down through that and get the answer you need quickly and for free on the app it's no charge at all so just download that and enjoy the results of your.

Queries okay and let's see uh I tell you Terry is also a big advocate of the audience because if I miss a question he'll regurgitate it and this must what happens so the the handle is one minute interview that's the person's uh non-deploom from YouTube what is the best form of choline we can take choline uh by tartrate by tartrate CDP or Alpha.

CPC does that make any sense doc yeah it they're all really good phosphatidylcholine is good the um they all have slightly different forms and um but they're all I I wouldn't say one is better than the other it's just different forms that can actually get the colony in your body but choline is really good for.

Um helping make that neurotransmitter acetylcholine it's also good to prevent a fatty liver it's also good to help break down fats I have a problem with choline I need to take that supplementation based on my DNA test and I've been getting a lot of comments like Dr Pepper when are you gonna you know explain more about this DNA I'm I'm.

Working on it hang in there there's a I just have to you know create like over 100 videos for this topic so that way when someone gets their report they can um go to the video that they need to learn about uh based on their problem with the DNA because it's it's a bit complex now and I want to simplify it.

And make it really simple um and that takes a little bit of time so be patient and that's why we call you a patient okay and this is a question true false the fact that this is one we've asked the uh and you asked the audience the fact that our large colon microflora ferments indicates that we have the.

Ability to digest plant fiber and the audience is right on it as usual our final question 55 percent of respondents say it's true and uh the remaining 45 percent say that it is false well I think um you know the way we're taught about the large colon large intestine you know it's like oh it.

Just does two things it uh recycles water you absorb water so to prevent dehydration and it also electrolytes but what about the fermentation part you ferment that's right that's the large intestine so just the fact that we have acid stomach then we have also the last part being fermentation tells us kind of what food we should be eating It's a.

Combination an omnivore a combination of plant and animal and um it doesn't mean that you can't live exclusively on on plants or just animals but our body can can do both and I find the combination is is the best um but if you are a carnivore and you're going well I don't really need plants um you can still ferment.

Uh protein you can ferment collagen and cartilage and things like that so there's even fermented fish you know in certain cultures so what's you can do that as well um and that's I think good for really for people with digestive issues but the point is that um.

There's a lot of benefit when you uh when these microbes are fed fiber you start making small chain fatty acids and if you create a deficiency of that the colon cells don't always get to be fed and they can have a problem because that can help build the layer of mucus in your colon and add for that that strong barrier so there's a lot of benefits.

Um from feeding the microbes and having them give us other things other other things but when you start changing your diet one way or the other but with the whole microflora completely changes I mean pretty quick so it's constantly adapting um.

And um I think your your core Health really depends on these micro microbes you know the level of microbes so the diversity of microbes and if you have a wide range of different plants or herbs you can really create a really nice diverse microbiome that can then give you different things that you maybe.

Couldn't get before and actually help you digest various things because now you have maybe microbes that can break down oxlets which decrease your ability to get kidney stones or break down um you know even lactose I don't know that could be a possibility but a lot of.

These microbes actually even make bile salts so they're fascinating creatures and um I'm doing a deep dive now and yeah we have the ability to ferment and if you have too much fiber and you don't have enough microbes you could probably get an over fermentation or even not be able to keep up with that and get gas so you can use your digestive system to.

Really determine what you should be eating just by testing certain things out and see how you feel on different foods that's terrific well I'll tell you what I forgot to get some acknowledgment to Marcia Mitchell from Atlanta who lost 35 pounds she mentioned and for that she gets what's known as the Dr Berg Bell so that's for you Marcia congratulations.

And uh keep that up and as promised we're going to wrap things up on YouTube um oh wait a minute Maggie from Facebook says thank you for the app Dr Berg it's amazing so Maggie is acknowledging that that's a great free thing to download on your Android or Apple phone let's see I think we've wrapped up all the questions um and let me let me find another one.

From uh from our social media um honestly Bretta from Facebook when I cut out carbs I lose too much weight what should I do to deal with this problem well you can hang around with Steve McMillan and I'll plump you up in a week but no there's probably a healthier way to do that uh Dr Berg what do you.

Recommend yeah you're gonna have to just increase your calories unfortunately increase eat more food but try not to do multiple meals maybe add more fat for sure because that way at the very least your body won't be using your stored fat anymore it'll be using the dietary fat as the fuel so it's it's more fat it's.

More calories I have that problem as well so join the club I even made my own called keto bricks which you're you're using cacao powder and different things and you're making these um very interesting thousand calorie I guess they're just bricks and you just eat it.

Um some people don't like the taste but I'm experimenting with this so stay tuned I'll actually share a recipe with everyone um if you wanted to gain weight but I wouldn't recommend them if you are trying to lose weight because this is going to add more calories unnecessarily and on that note Steve I don't know am I.

Premature oh yeah it's only well maybe a little bit why don't we get one more question we promised a lot of action for social media uh let's see okay uh now here's one Nadal yeah I mean I think I already went for her excuse me All Right audience I'm going to get it together ooh uh Sid hartha from YouTube what is.

The best way to stop vomiting during a pregnancy poor thing um the typical thing that kind of comes up because that can be come from a number of things and it's really really about um make sure you're going into the pregnancy and do the whole um process you're eating really.

Healthily you know getting all the nutrients because I will say that a certain deficiency of could be zinc could be B6 deficiency that could actually increase the risk of vomiting as well nauseousness vomiting it also could be gallbladder this could be many different reasons for that.

Um I'm sorry to hear that um I don't really have another answer for you because I don't know your history but um that's the best time to eat healthy is right at that point and especially once you have the baby and then you're breastfeeding hopefully.

Um just really get your diet like really pristine and try to breastfeed as long as possible and that baby is going to have a great chance of doing very well and with your immune system um and don't don't uh um try to have the the child in a.

Completely sterile environment you know let them go on the floor and get outside in these experience some of the microbes that's going to start developing the immune system because the mother gives her the gives the innate immune system so you've got that going for you and then you have this.

Acquired immune system that's developed with experience and exposure to microbes and going through infections and just because a child gets sick don't like try to suppress that let them go through the process let the immune system develop on that note have a wonderful weekend thank you for your wonderful uh.

Questions attention and I have some interesting videos coming up this next week too foreign
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