The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 27, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 27, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 27, 2023

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 27, 2023.
thank you all right welcome back everyone have a great show I have a lot of people lined up a lot of good questions and of course anything that I say is definitely not meant to replace any type of um chemical treatments or drug treatments um take what we say with a grain of salt if.

You become cured don't mention our names and uh uh especially if you're using natural remedies that have very minimal side effects all right Steve let's Dive Right In all right why don't uh answer some questions very good let's kick it off with um uh with our social media crowd which is.

Enormous in this case YouTube John from YouTube I recently discovered blood in my mucus what is wrong how can I fix this now he didn't discuss where I assume it's from his whatever nose or something what's wrong with John a lot of times I mean when you have a sinus congestion there's irritation there's going to be some blood I it's.

Not too much of a concern of course I'm not trying to diagnose you but I wouldn't worry about it too much unless um it continues and um you know when it if you if you have some type of infection in the sinus it's a lot of times there is blood but let's say you don't and you have a nosebleed um that can be a vitamin C deficiency.

Possibly or even a vitamin D deficiency so those are the two things I would look from a nutritional standpoint of course um if it's not then check with your doctor and figure out what what's going on very good okay back to social media again from YouTube Lee nutta from YouTube I have been struggling with.

Weakness for years and am easily agitated I just find it hard to calm down I also have a brain fog and thyroid fibroid that sort of Rhymes help um how can we help uh well if we take most of those symptoms I'm kind of just going through my mind like what could that be that most of the symptoms relate to a B1 deficiency uh.

Agitation um and so I think if you took um some thymine um from nutritional yeast or just I mean I think you would actually and try to find the natural version of course the nutritional yeast make sure it's not.

Fortified with the synthetics and I think if you did that you would feel a lot better within probably about three to four minutes um but uh B1 will help you with brain fog but of course you have to understand maybe why you became deficient in B1 and that has to do with these things called.

Carbohydrates sugar pasta things like that um when you consume more sugar or carbs the requirement for B goes way up and many people if they're doing that they don't take the B and they end up with all the side effects of this this material that creates blood sugar issues and a lot of deficiencies so B1.

Is a really powerful simple remedy that I would I would jump on boy and I'll tell you just from personal uh experience all the symptoms she described it's just me eating like crap you know when I eat tons of sugar and carburets I'm just carbohydrates I'm just out of it uh mentally I've been there I had the T-shirt I totally.

Understand oh that's terrible so go girl okay next up Aphrodite I like that from Facebook YouTube Excuse me and she wants to know if keto is safe for someone with the awful condition MS it's essential it's essential because keto is going to reduce inflammation especially of the brain you want that brain to run off ketones not glucose and.

So you want to convert over the field fuel to low carbs to get your body burning ketones which is going to feed the brain um you know make sure you take a lot more vitamin D3 but boy if you have MS um you need to be on keto desperately.

And start doing fasting some prolonged fasting because you'll actually regrow brain cells and I think you'll do much much better all right very good now I'm sure the audience is coming out with pitchforks and torches because I haven't introduced the first question yet so let's let's give them what they want there you go.

Doc okay so the first question is the most common vitamin deficiency in numb hands is fill in the blank drum roll folks okay get on that which you always do and why don't we kick it over to the um the green room and I'm going to selfishly start with Cameron he's from the highlands in Northern Scotland and.

He's gonna he knows I've shared with him but I'm going to Scotland with my daughter in a few months and he's going to give me advice on how to avoid haggis at all possible costs so uh anyway let me get him on here and Cameron you sir are on with Dr Berg hi Dr Berg thanks for having me on so my question today is on eye floaters.

In last week's life he said there's no blood vessels in the eye and no lymphatic system so with the signs of things it's a closed system if that were the case how can autophagy work and how can MSM work or is that particular product just a suppressant yeah so when I meant no blood vessels in the eye I met no blood vessels in the lens of the.

Eye which is uh they have a lot of blood vessels in the eye but uh in the lens of the eye so it gets its nutrition um osmotically from the fluid around that lens and so it's a very special environment with its own immune system you can actually do grafting and there won't.

Seem to be any rejection from the immune system which is interesting so it has this special immune its own immune system um now as far as autophagy to the eye uh there's a lot of autophagy going on but to the lens um there must also be a lot of autophagy.

Going on because it has to withstand tremendous trauma uh throughout your life uh and just I mean just think I'm out think about how much um oxygen it's exposed to oxidation and other things um but what happens over time is you get especially if you're diabetic you get this uh glycation this uh protein that.

Starts to create problems and that's why the number one problem with the lens is that glycation from diabetes which is developing into this um opaque um material cataracts so um and then you said like the MSM drops right you were talking about yeah.

Yeah so that's uh um that is going to allow um there's some it can acts as a very very powerful antioxidant and um it can hopefully if it depending on how advanced it is can help minimize the damage in there and maybe reverse some of it but it really.

Depends on how long it's gone but there's been quite a few people that are successful with those drops it's worth a shot um MSM is very soluble so it can penetrate certain things and it doesn't seem to have hardly any side effects so it's worth a shot.

Um and what do you have to lose I mean just a few dollars from that but uh because when you have um these problems with the with the vision like what are you gonna do there's not a lot of solutions other than uh cortisol drive or steroid drops which then really come with a lot of side effects so.

Um yeah I don't know if I released that video or not but I I should be releasing the video on the on the lens of the eye very soon so you can get even more information on that topic but but really good questions awesome thank you very much that's great thank you Cameron of course I'll probably run into one of.

Your many castles up there so won't that be oh there's one there's one more thing I want to mention um Steve about the eye there's um you know I've had a lot of eye injuries for some reason like my daughter once when she was really young had a had an envelope and he was holding it and hit me from the side and actually sliced my cornea.

Ouch so I had a lot of issues with the eye and so what um what I found that is was really helpful for any type of eye injuries if you have an eye injury you can do a search on it's called the oculotrophin PMG oculotrophone PMG from Standard Process you take one of those um I swear within like probably a half.

Hour all of a sudden your eye just seems to do better it's it has certain factors that support the eye it's probably one of the best products for eyes that I've ever seen but it's mainly for injury to the eye and um and you just take probably one before bed um and uh I always keep some of my my sea of my warehouse of nutrients and.

Stuff because uh boy if you need it it's something that really comes in handy well there you go Cameron thanks so much for joining us we sure appreciate it and let's see uh no answers to the question oh no I'm wrong it was immediate answer to the question and the question asked uh the most common vitamin deficiency in numb hands is and our audience claims at.

Least 55 percent of them say that it's vitamin B12 15 say vitamin B1 15 say vitamin D and the final 15 say vitamin B6 any winners yes B12 I mean B12 is one of those key things involving making what's called myelin sheath which is the coating around the nerve of the.

Spinal column especially the spinal column and um when you're deficient in B12 apparently it affects a certain part of the spinal column in your neck in your upper back and it can start to create structural problems to the point where you can even see see it on MRI and that's going to end up giving you.

It's called paresthesia which is an altered sensation in the hands and the feet and that can be numbness tingling pins and needles burning even coldness many people with cold feet for example are really just deficient in B12 from two two ways one is the the problem actually coming from your neck going down into your feet not even.

In your lower back necessarily as well as creating anemia a certain type of anemia which can also make you cold and um why are people um deficient in B12 well as they get older they lose the stomach acid that's a big one another one is the genetic mutation that is very common it's probably like 30 percent of.

The population has this certain Gene problem that doesn't allow them to absorb folate and b12 that makes folate work so they need a product called methylcobolamine and methylfolate with a little B6 in there and boy they can feel so much better if they do that so just want to bring your awareness up if you.

Start to get any type of paresthesia in your hands or your feet or um even like sometimes neck pain without an injury it could cut it could it could be that problem and um and then if you're not aware of that connection boy you could go through a lot of unnecessary procedures and expensive treatments without any results.

At all but B12 is really important in the myelin sheath among many other problems that you might might experience all right very good or ever watchful uh producer Terry says that this next question is a perfect segue from what you just said and the question is from Paul on Facebook I get cold when I eat my hands.

And feet stay cold and I get cold very easily any suggestions I don't know if that's related but there you have it that's a good that's an interesting one when you eat um it's probably your body telling you need to fast longer I don't know but um yeah so it probably has something to do with.

Circulation and digestion and I would um when I did Dark field microscopy which is uh you're looking at blood um I do know there's a condition that you have this with people that um don't digest proteins that well that can actually create problems in the blood so one really good remedy would be betaine hydrochloride simple remedy to help you.

Digest protein and that might just heat you up because it allows you to digest proteins much better I think um it's always good to play around with the amount of protein someone consumes to um you know it really varies depending on.

Age metabolism that type of thing some people do better with a little less protein some people do better with more but um I know if I have too much protein I feel a little sluggish I feel sluggish but I I seem to do really well at about honest about six to seven ounces of protein per meal not not more.

Than that I just do really well if I go too much I'm like I don't feel quite right so it's good to play around with the amounts and see what your body needs interesting okay well uh and I'm not just interested there's people all over the world interested and so let's give a shout out to everybody all of our viewers joining us today from the UK.

Canada Mexico Jordan Turkey Pakistan Ireland Morocco Haiti Ecuador Brazil Romania Kuwait the Congo Singapore India Nepal Germany Denmark Chile South Africa Belgium Algeria Japan United Arab Emirates the Netherlands Bermuda Australia Switzerland France Austria New Zealand did I say New Zealand before I don't think so New Zealand welcome uh.

Scotland thank you Cameron uh Egypt uh Eritrea Eritrea excuse me thank you Terry for phonetically spelling that Russia the Philippines Greece Trinidad and Tobago the Virgin Islands Ethiopia Oman Saudi Arabia Nigeria Montenegro Antigua Islamabad I haven't heard from them for a while.

Um the Czech Republic I guess Thailand Costa Rica Ghana Aruba Poland Israel Croatia Norway Iraq what Qatar Estonia Tunisia Hungary good grief Jamaica Italy Kenya Iran Slovakia don't worry folks almost done Abu Dhabi Peru and all across these United States boy a growing list that is so great that you know we.

May have some differences around the world but I tell you what the way our health and and emotions and all that are just absolutely on on tap with each other so it's wonderful that everyone can learn to share these great facts and findings from Dr Berg and live better I'm among them thank you folks for that okay let's see um PJ from Facebook what.

Are your thoughts on B12 injections does that make any difference doc yeah you know it's interesting about when you take an injection of B12 um you're bypassing the normal you know way to absorb it and and for some people they don't necessarily have What's called the intrinsic factor or they have stomach problems and they.

Can't absorb it I think sublingual would be a good option but I talked to a guy his name was Dr not Royal Lee but Leo Roy before he died he's an old-timer that used to um medical doctor who used to give those B12 injections and he said.

I wish I've never done it there's a lot of problems with it um that's what he told me and uh this was like probably like it must have been 25 years ago and he said yeah you don't want to take your B12 like that it makes you feel really good but then you kind of go downhill after that so it kind of stuck with me I.

Never found out exactly all the details to it but um I don't know I'm not crazy about um the vitamin injections and stuff like that especially they're probably going to be synthetic um I know the problem with absorption so why can't we just do.

Um higher amounts and um do it that way there's a lot of um people are taking higher amounts of vitamin D3 or even B12 to penetrate that barrier but um yeah I don't I'm not crazy about the injections all right very good let's go to uh back to social media and Mike from YouTube Dr Berg would you recommend.

Ashwagandha for erectile dysfunction unfortunately that affects a lot of boys it's it's it is a good remedy for erectile dysfunction it is a good remedy for sure um you also want to add zinc zinc is another good remedy um and also make sure that your sugar levels are good you're on the carb no.

Carb diet make sure your sleeping is good I recently did a video on this topic and um because I'm always updating things and I found some great information but ashwagandha is a really good one because because it actually helps you reduce cortisol which will literally create a problem with your testosterone and other.

Hormones so ashwagon is a really good adaptogen I like it um and a lot of people are going through stress Believe It or Not Steve so anything you do to improve that is a good thing no kidding let's see I there's one question I wanted and I've lost it all I know is oh here he is.

Rocky Rocky from Facebook has lost 50 pounds on keto and intermittent fasting but now he stopped and he wants to go down another 30. what should he do on this plateau it's really hard to without information about him but I think I would go through the standard things right make sure your carbs are as low as possible.

Make sure that you um you're doing the exact macros make sure you're doing the healthy version of Keto make sure you're sleeping really look at the stress sometimes especially if you have a slow metabolism and you're doing a lot of fat Okay um well your body's going to go after that before your own fat so maybe you.

Lower the fat a little bit at least initially and then the last thing to do which is really important is fast longer if you're not doing omad one meal a day go to one mat one meal a day and for some people they need to eat one meal every other day and that's what they need simply because they're they're the.

Insulin resistance is so bad that it's going to take something a lot more powerful to create the change that they need now is there any time you just remain insulin resistant for your life regardless of your sort of new Behavior can most people get past that no they can they can you can always improve.

Insulin resistance um but the the time it takes to recover is a lot of times greater than what you think I mean it could take months to even a few years on some people why because they spent their whole life eating high carbs like myself and it really just messes with the uh with the receptors and then it's funny because.

Some people think in their mind okay when am I going to be corrected so they're doing great everything's good their blood sugar is normal their insulin's down right and then they think now that it's corrected they can go back to carbs I'm like I think you're missing the point.

Um because what caused it is the higher amount of carbs so it is a lifelong thing you have to do it over a period of time and then stick with it find something that you can do long term but it's that's why um it's kind of like um I don't know the best analogy but.

Um I fixed my carburetor why do I have to keep um feeding at the right kind of gasoline well because the car runs on certain maybe non-ethanol gasoline you know that's a good comparison so uh let's see how about another question doc they're itching for it here you go all right true or false the primary.

Reason for low mineral levels in plants is a lack of minerals in the soil all right dig into that including my friend Billy Miller who's out there I want to give him a shout out so Billy see if he can answer the question along with the thousands of other people that participate weekly on the Dr Berg show okay why don't we speaking of.

Participation we have the lovely Marina from the UK and uh she has a question for you right now hello Dr Burke I'm honored to be chosen I think I think your mic is I can't hear you oh no I can there we go okay can you can you hear me now yes and firstly I wanna I wanna thank you.

For having me um today I would like to ask you a question about a ketogenic diet on autistic person lately I watched one of your videos explaining how good is that to do for autistic children but well my my child is not a no longer child he's 19 years old but he's non-verbal.

So uh I I watched that my video and I have some questions please in regards to ketogenic diet because um you are mentioning that these children need to stay away from complete gluten and also casein now in his case um he's he's very much his lover and I was wondering if there will be any alternative to to help him to deal with.

The keto diet and I also purchased some supplements I would like to mention if you allow me which is a bhakti cleanse it's a vitamin K2 B1 tootcom popcorn de toxodine cod liver oil ip6 and inosito and I was con I was considering to do ceramine treatments but that's literally.

Unavailable in UK so please if you can briefly advise me please well thank you for that one question and I'm just being sarcastic right okay so um I think your son can do case scene unless he has analogy um the best thing you probably can get better than in the US is um the raw milk.

Cheeses raw milk cheeses um give you the probiotics give you the protein and they give you the calcium that you need um so if you could find the Ramones raw milk cheeses oh my God that's great cheese yeah okay so thank you thank you for this and then um I think those other supplements sound sound great.

Um I don't see a problem with them but uh now as far as the gluten goes um you know there's there's some of the ancient Wheats which I don't want to get into that don't even know they have gluten it doesn't seem to create a a problem with gluten but gluten is the only protein.

That is not digested in humans so we have a problem with that but the cool thing about keto is you don't have to worry about it because you're not going to be consuming grains so that's exciting um but I think um your your your child I'll just say your older child I think they can do.

Extremely healthy and keto boy if I would have started at his age it would have been a I would have been in much better shape but um that do the healthy version and then of course we do have a a great Russian Channel I'm sure you're probably already watching that too with all the different videos we have con translated to Russian.

Um you're probably already looking at that right now but um yeah so um I do I do regular uh cheese I try to find the raw milk it's not easy but um it's so much better well that's great well listen thank you so much Marina we'd love to hear back from you on how everything goes with.

Your family and thank you very much thanks thank you so much appreciate you joining us uh and I'll tell you who else is always uh watching carefully and that's our audience because they answered that last question in like milliseconds it's unbelievable and there's a consensus there the question was the primary it was a true false or.

The primary reason for low minerals in plants is a lack of minerals in soil is what you ask and 98 of a respondents say it's true and there's two percent holdouts say nope it's false yeah the two percent are correct what this is this is new information for a lot of people but um there is a study and I did a video on it of This research.

Who went around all around the world measuring soils and he found that um there's not a mineral deficiency in the soil at all they're in there so what's going on right because it is true we have lower trace minerals we have lower minerals in the plants so what's what's missing in this.

Equation what is the missing link and it is the biology the microbial life the Diversified of microbes and the bacteria to fungal ratios in our soils that is the problem uh there's some recent information by Professor James White which fascinating guy I just I talked to him a.

Few days ago and I want to be doing some experiments that he mentioned but uh um a great majority of the plants nutrition minerals comes from eating microbes yeah they actually eat the microbes the bacteria and then they extract the nutrients and they spit the micro up to.

Go back and get more minerals so they have this exchange so the um apparently you know plants will try to get it whatever nutrition it can but it can also get it passively to some degree from the minerals being there but the the microbe is what mobilizes with their acids and enzymes these minerals and they bring them back into the plant and.

So if you don't understand that fact you are going to be susceptible to being okay with oh let's sterilize the soil let's use glyphosate which is considered an antibiotic they patent it as antibiotic you kill off the microbes you don't take care of the microbes and now that poor Plant is dependent on you know fertilizers and um inputs that.

You have to add all these minerals constantly or or it's not going to get anything so this is huge important information in um also why when you buy food at the grocery store and you're like it just doesn't taste like anything well because it's probably grown on soils that are not very rich in microbes.

Um so when you have your own soil and you grow it boy it's such a difference so this micro connection is a very important thing and um and this is another reason why you could probably you know you can do a lot better when you start eating more fermented like sauerkraut and things like that because.

You have this enhanced microbial um I mean even like uh sauerkraut has a tremendous amount of vitamin C and it's vitamin K2 because of those microbes um so another reason why you should have try to find a lot of your food from the farmer's.

Market or Farmers that really care about growing and we are going to be having a a new YouTube channel on how to grow your own food like really healthy right not even in your backyard in your house wow okay not hydroponic not hydroponic either but we're going to show you how to do that um very soon I'm very excited about that.

But um that way you can for pennies grow your own food and at least your salad and your greens and make it really healthy so stay tuned for that boy that's exciting but audience the poor audience 98 of you came up short but I gotta admit I was with you I was already gloating thinking I was smart with the nutrients and all that but anyway we've.

Learned a lot together uh two percent of you are very smart and we'll give the audience another chance to redeem themselves with the next question here it is okay in what way does selenium okay help your thyroid all right folks keep your thyroid healthy and let's see.

By the way we just always love this no one's left out uh more people said hey how about us so let's do another shout out to Cuba Albania Argentina uh Bahrain Slovenia and Zimbabwe so welcome all your other folks on there from the African continent and uh we're glad that you're watching and learning okay Marge from Facebook is there anything I can do.

For a hemifacial spasm you ever heard of that dog yeah and I just wanna I know probably some people let me just get back to that last question real fast just because there's one little extra point I know someone's going to say oh I disagree that's not true there's certain soils are missing certain individual nutrients.

That's true that's absolutely true but the majority of the minerals generally speaking are in there um now there could be a situation you're just depleting the heck out of everything and then you just end up with rocks well the minerals are on the rocks and that comes the rocks turn into eventually the soil from the help of the.

Microbe we need the microbe to make this whole process happen we need the fungus to help break down trees and plants and everything so um anyone that disagrees with that uh just kind of take the theme of this these microbial entities that are really so important and it's really missing in.

Our in our food supply as well as in the soil supply now as far as the muscles and the twitching and the spasm of the face there's a couple um factors to look at you have some of the electrolytes like magnesium and even calcium work together and even.

Potassium and the pH to allow those minerals to be conducted through the nervous system and be conducted through the muscles so to have everything interact and and not and avoid these little maybe um spasms or Twitches or um those little um or tetany all these.

Things that can happen in in the in your whole body um many times it's a Calcium deficiency but many times it's also a pH problem uh you're not um you need to acidify the body and because you can get rid of it by taking like apple cider vinegar that seems to help those twitches and muscle spasms that.

Can occur anywhere in your body in the calf and your legs in your face um and so it's kind of like when you get like a little spasm in your face you either need more calcium magnesium or you or you need to drop your pH to make it more acidic okay very good well next up we'll go.

Back to the green room and we have Abraham from Modesto and he was so well behaved last time we brought him on again and he has some great news about your gallbladder formula go ahead Abraham you're on with Dr Burke hello Dr Burke hi yes uh we call bladder for me it's been working great for me.

It's been helping me with my Digestive and also it's made my stool regular so the question I do have is how long will it take not having a gallbladder to lose or burn fat well um a lot of the fat that you're going to be burning is not really necessarily going to be coming from.

That missing gallbladder that you or the bile that's not gonna that's not really what breaks down um the actual fat around your body it's mainly from your digestive fat that's going to help extract certain things with the help of the pancreas um so there's other enzymes in your body um that are going to do the breaking.

Down of fat and what controls that mechanism is not bile it is going to be um insulin having insulin being low enough to have this um fat enzyme start act being activated in the presence of just a little too much insulin these enzymes are kind of like oh inactive.

So enzymes do all the work in the body and they're they're controlled by pH by hormones by just the right environment so what does all that mean in simple terms you're going to be able to burn burn fat as long as you keep your carbs low and you don't eat too frequently.

So um the bile that's going to be more for digestion okay thank you that's great a man of few words but says so much that's great thanks again for coming back and and again we really love people um you know um coming back and letting us know the.

Good news or sometimes you know more struggles because Dr Berg's here to help everyone in that regard all right let's see um quiz question number three which asks here's your chance to redeem yourself audience in what way does selenium help your thyroid and um sixty percent of our respondents say.

Selenium promotes or protects iodine production 30 say it balances the operation of thyroid uh and 10 say it helps with metabolism very lofty thoughts and answers or do we have any uh we brought them back into good favor selenium is involved as a helper for a lot of different enzymes those things that that make things work in the body.

But specifically for the thyroid it helps in the this conversion from um T4 to T3 from the inactive thyroid to the active thyroid so let's say your thyroid is sluggish is it that you're not producing enough thyroid hormone or is that you're not converting the the active form in which case you need more selenium so for example in Hashimoto's.

Which really comprises over 80 or 90 percent of all um hypothyroid problems with the autoimmune the the real one of the biggest problems is that conversion factor more than anything so this is why selenium is even more important than iodine too much iodine can be a problem so selenium is um a.

Trace mineral you don't need it in large amounts I mean really I think the rdas are between 50 and 70 micrograms okay not milligrams micrograms just tiny amounts and um I will be releasing a video on why selenium is highest in the Brazil nut out of all the nuts like that's pretty odd why.

Wouldn't it be in other types of nuts or plants and stuff like that but it's in the Brazil nut it's another things too but um yeah you need that conversion that activation from the inactive to the active for sure for it to work okay now Jermaine from Facebook says I love love love that you're addressing.

The issue of growing your own food I'm planning my superfood garden now can't wait to watch your new YouTube channel me too doc the idea of scattering dirt around my wife's living room it's just such a fun no I we really want to do it I think that's really cool and by the way we tried I got a little cherry tomatoes out on the balcony and I'm on a.

Third floor condo and by gosh it works it's like magic they grow and I eat them I don't know how Healthy Mind ours but it's very possible so we're all excited about that Dr Burke thanks so much for uh yeah that's going to be I have two um you know I like I might mention I went all of all over Europe to visit different farms and I've been really.

Interested in farming I have my own farm and I found um two really top Farmers that um I'm working closely with and they're just gonna help me with this YouTube channel they grow some of the best plan plant a salad type things and microgreens and everything on actual soil not hydroponic which makes a world of difference.

Because unfortunately when you buy salad at the grocery store many times it's especially in the winter it's grown hydroponically and so you don't um well I probably should stop right there because that's going to be the question of the next topic but the point is these two farmers are going to help.

Me with this new YouTube channel and make it really simple so boy you could um not be really dependent on anyone but yourself as far as your food and start growing some seriously healthy nutrient dense and uh my my hat on that is going to be doing all the testing.

Um it'll be some really fascinating research I'm going to do and I'm going to share all that with everyone so they can benefit from the but this where do you see what we're going to talk about where do you see some of the the videos we're planning them right now it's gonna it's actually I think it's gonna be mind-blowing wow and with Worldwide.

Inflation and so on that's an exciting premise you know to have really healthy food for less so I think you're going to get more people coming on to that let's see uh here's an interesting question uh uh hemang from YouTube is there a significant difference in a 23 hour fast versus a 36 hour fast and what are your thoughts about using Truvia and.

Erythritol yeah if I'm trivia um I I would have to look at the ingredients closer I think it's okay but I can't sometimes I think they use monk fruit and erythritol if I'm not mistaken just make sure they don't add any maltodextrin in there that's always a problem with some of these sweeteners.

Um but as far as the difference between a 24 and a 36 hour fast yeah it definitely if you start adding some more hours in there you'll you'll get a little more bang for your buck especially for your brain and especially for the immune system uh the longer you go boy the magic starts happening now with about a seven day fast how often.

Should you do that every week no um these longer fast um now if you have cancer yeah it's a necessity you have to do it but I think um once a year to do a seven day fast would be perfect I wouldn't think you need to do them more frequently unless you have some health condition that.

You're trying to fix um I like the period like three day fast I like the periodic 40 uh two day fast and um but um just make sure that you're um you watch my videos on that because when people start reintroducing food there's a way to do it so you don't want to just eat a lot of.

Food right after a long uh prolonged fast that can create a lot of problems I made those mistakes so I learned from my mistakes all right very good next up from the Green Room is harshita now she's from India and I love Indian food so I personally hold the entire continent responsible for at least 10 pounds of my overgrowth it's just well.

I'm sure I'm sure the uh the Indian food in America is exactly same the same as in India I'm sure I'm certain just like sweet and sour chicken is traditional Chinese so anyway go ahead and just start the exact same thing thanks a lot for a little extra pudginess on my behalf Hershey to go ahead with Dr Berg hello Dr Burke first of all thank you so.

Much for everything you're doing I've been following you since last six months and I've learned a lot and it has helped me a lot great so doc I have Sjogren's fibromyalgia hypothyroid asthma sibo and candida and I am a lacto of a vegetarian I have been doing the 20 hour.

Intermittent fasting and I'm taking pretty much all your supplements um after watching your videos and I have a lot of opportunity tightness upper tummy tightness and pain trapezius pain.

No it's um upper tummy pain oh okay there's a lot of tightness yeah yeah okay and I'm very low on energy constantly yeah yeah okay so um I don't know how to do keto um on low carbs I'm not doing any sugar not doing any gluten but I cannot really do keto with sibo and candida because.

I'm confused all right well can you give me an example of what your last meal was yes I had eggs and quinoa okay so um I think there's a couple things you need to to do um here's the problem if you have sibo this means that there's the bacteria in.

The wrong place it's in the small intestine and so when you do quinoa or even big salads or nuts or beans or any of these things wow you're going to have upper tummy crampiness why because you're getting fermentation in the wrong place and now we have a very difficult time to even get rid of candida which is.

A which is in the fungus family that tends to reg it's regulated by that correct microbiome which you have a disembalance I mean I even tell people um you know if you're gonna you this may.

Not work for your lifestyle but uh being a carnivore for a couple months might kind of shock you but that may be the answer because how are you going to get rid of the microbes other than an antibiotic which we don't want to do how are you going to get rid of those microbes um that that ferment with fiber okay how.

Are you going to go on a no fiber diet and um without doing carnivore it's almost impossible um but you are doing eggs so that's good um so can you do fish I can if I have to I would do fish and eggs and um and just see if you don't feel better and then probably take some betaine hydrochloride to help you.

Acidify that stomach but what happens is that even if you take a probiotic if you took sauerkraut what's going to happen is that might create more bloating if you truly have sibo but you're gonna have to um do that fasting and do do basically some protein foods make sure they're like the fish or seafood or maybe some eggs and uh maybe.

Even some organ meats and and there's a way to do it healthily until that gets cleared out for a couple months and then you can start slowly adding in some Fiber once the microbes are in the gut that's where you need them but it's uh that's one thing the other thing with this fibromyalgia which I'll be doing a video on a lot of times fibromyalgia.

Chronic fatigue syndrome fatigue is coming from an Epstein-Barr virus which is in the family of the herpes viruses and it's it's coming out of remission because you are under some stress that you can't seem to kind of fully resolve that's a really big factor which people don't realize that this virus like 95 of the population has.

It it comes out it kicks you when you're down and it can put you in a state of uh kind of funkiness brain fog and fatigue and I Don't Care What vitamin you take what diet you do it's not going to work unless that stress is really confronted and handled to the point where um you know you fully resolve it so for example if you're I don't know if your.

Neighbor is a terrorist okay and uh you're under a lot of stress because of that you're going to have to move I'm sorry um so these are just things that you're if you're stuck between Rockets exactly you have to handle it so go ahead sorry uh my stress the stress is well managed.

And I'm taking olive leaf extract for fibromyalgia I'm also taking um a lot of digestive formula of yours forbidden hydrochloride and ACV so um and I'm playing sequel for energy oregano oil black garlic gallbladder formula cod liver oil electrolytes wheat grass juice powder I'm taking it all.

Yeah I think the problem is is the you're just um you're going to have to avoid fiber you're going to avoid any and all um things that can ferment so um you're gonna have to do more carnivore uh for a couple months I think that will be.

The key to your success uh test it out let's see if my theory is right come back uh in a couple weeks and um I think that's going to be a solution for you arshita thanks so much for coming along with us we really appreciate it and look forward to you coming back on here and let us know.

About all your great progress okay let's hit it with another question Dr Berg a true falser all right so true or false adult broccoli has more nutrients than the baby AKA sprouted broccoli All Right audience rip through that one and why don't we go back to social media uh let's see.

I can't even pronounce that but I'm going to try it anyway not from Facebook can you share your thoughts on in m in nicotinamide uh oh good mononucleotide seems like a vital factor in promoting longevity so there's um there's um I'm trying to as I'm trying to explain.

This I'm trying to keep it really simple because it's involved in the mitochondria it's a pathway involved in there to help you make energy and it's a product that a lot of people take for energy and it's just the reason they don't talk too much about it even though it's a great product and it's great for anti-aging is that.

I just don't want people to say oh he's now he's recommending another pill I have to take but I like I like it and it's um it helps to um especially if you're getting older um it's we kind of run out of it and it it's directly involved in producing energy now some people say you know wow I feel like.

A I just had some caffeine but without the Jitters you know and this type of thing but it also helps people sleep too believe it or not so it takes energy to sleep so some people take it right before bed and they sleep better but it's um it's mainly um in the in the family of like an anti-aging supplement.

And there's several different um forms of that and you can experiment with it um but it's uh definitely we'll we'll I think help your energy and help with longevity and your sleep and just quality of the the mitochondria support um but I try to say this without without giving you additional Mis big words.

Because it's it's a little complex when you start getting into that topic okay very good let's clean up the Green Room last but not least is Scott right here from uh the United States from Loveland Colorado a nice nice place and Scott if you're unmuted you are on with Dr Burr go ahead with your question please sweet good morning Dr Berg I want to start off.

By saying thank you for helping me lose uh 40 pounds on keto on the weekdays and helping with my tachycardia uh my question today is uh how many supplements is too many supplements for background I've been having around 12 15 vitamin pills I'm currently working on omad doing meals such as five Eggs three cups of rice cauliflower with olive oil.

Some tablespoons of MCT oil but want to make sure I'm getting enough vitamins and minerals when doing a longer fast for say 48 72 hours plus or when I want to go to the workout at the gym that I'm not starving myself but getting what I'm needed that's a really good question um I'm going to try to keep it really.

Short good luck with myself but um the one of the you know some people say well you don't need any supplements well this is where you're going to find the food to give you the supplements that's the difficult part that's one of the reasons why I want to create um a channel to kind of even grow your own food so you can get more nutrients and.

You're not dependent on taking a lot of these supplements um the way they teach you um in school of how to recommend supplements in the natural uh alternative field when you go to these postgraduate seminars and things is that oh just take the list of symptoms that a.

Person has and match the different remedy to the symptom I don't like that I don't like that that's not true about it's like you're treating symptoms again but at least there's less side effects that's true so there are a million different supplements for fatigue or inflammation or blood sugar problems right so.

Um my whole thing is like um what really is that one thing that's creating the majority of the problem and let's support that let's let's just take an average person I think that one thing for a lot of people but not everyone is the insulin resistance so what what's going to replace support.

That way more important than supplements are the diet the basic diet get unhealthy keto and get on intermittent fasting okay so now there are some basic things when you do that you need a little more electrolytes B vitamins trace minerals those are the this is the key things uh can you get.

Enough Sun nowadays no not in the winter so you're gonna have to take vitamin D because you can't get that from food um but then we have other factors that so many people have a lot of inflammation in the body because they've been eating at the grocery store a lot of omega-6 oils since soy oils and corn oil and stuff like that so they need.

Omega-3 fatty acids uh so we have that factor and then um and then one day Dr Burks talks about uh the DNA and you get your DNA tested you're like oh my gosh I have problems with these genes that I can't really absorb B12 or choline oh I need those now so unfortunately yes um I think um an average person is going to need a.

Good handful of supplements but the goal over long term is to be able to eat food that gives you these supplements and um but then again I have a very difficult time finding um people to work with that are going to stay clean long enough to do that in you.

Know there's a lot of factors involved I mean I'm just trying to help people um maximize their health and eat the right things but not everyone for some strange reason will be perfect um I won't mention any name Steve but uh um sometimes it's you know if you're sort of doing it right you're going to.

Need more supplements um if your history has been really bad with Foods you're going to need more supplements and depending on your genetics you might a little bit more but ideally it shouldn't be hundreds of pills it should be maybe a small amount on a regular basis and then over time you just kind of start to wean off that.

Sorry I recrofit photo to show what's going on here and I do want to say I recognize hey wow I recognize electrolyte there it is back there and also your d3k2 is featured there's a couple other poisonous products I only say that because they're not yours look at that yeah I I hear you and it's um sometimes.

You know I'll have to do more videos on that because I think there's a lot to talk about that how do you wean down to the stuff you really need and not take extra stuff uh honestly if you saw my house um I would put that to shame because I have pretty much everything everything you.

Could possibly I have like a warehouse I'm not kidding and I have um just a lot of stuff because I'm always experimenting I'm trying this and that so um there's a lot of stuff I don't tell people like well that didn't work I'm not gonna even mention it I'm not gonna recommend something that actually even.

Made me worse or something like that but I I think it's a you just kind of gave me a good idea for another video I think an important one because yeah we don't want to get caught up into the treating of the symptoms but looks like you've taken some good stuff there is indeed thank you so much Scott we appreciate it uh we're kind of running.

Out of time here so let's go back to the last quiz question uh true false adult adult broccoli has more nutrients than baby uh AKA sprouted broccoli and the audience has an opinion as usual 95 percent say it's false and five percent say it's true I'm worried about the five percent you should be worried about five percent.

Because it's it's actually it's it's completely uh false um it's the broccoli Sprouts that have more nutrition especially in the area of the phytonutrients because this little baby plant that's developing needs extra things to get it to survive so that seed releases some.

Amazing things to to help it do that and as the plant gets older those phytonutrients go lower and lower and lower I'm talking like by a factor of 50 to 100 times more sulforaphane which is a you know Hopkins tried to get the universe the patents on that because they found that it's great as an.

Anti-cancer but um and also it'll actually put H pylori in remission believe it or not and it does a lot of other things so um the broccoli sprouts and the micro greens Michael do you know what I like microgreens even better than Sprouts is because.

Well if they're grown on soil because you get the benefit of the microbes and that's important we're Sprouts you don't really use soil so um you get an extra boost of microbes with those microgreens um no I'm not most of them though are made hydroponically which I don't I don't like that but uh.

Anyway we'll talk more about that in the upcoming new channel that I'm going to create on growing which I have a lot to talk about okay very good and if I'm my doctor a burke I want to remind everybody to download the great Dr Burke app it's free it's available on both the Apple and Android devices so get that and.

It'll have a bunch of knowledge in the palm of your hand also Dr Berg I don't know if there's any new word on how people all around the world can get your great products but I know you're working on that and trying to make them available uh in different places other than the contiguous U.S yeah so we will be doing that we'll also.

Be teaching people uh giving him tips on uh I think a shift to Growing your own food is going to be smart um because then you can control it and I have some incredible information from these Farmers especially on how you can do it in a real simple way I'm really into Simplicity right inside on your.

Windowsill and you could you could have uh growing things and then make your putting your salad in there and you it'll be awesome because uh you'll be able to grow it and have your kids be involved and it'll be a lot of fun and I think that's going to be the wave of the future um I also experimented with aeroponic.

And hydroponic I have a lot of units which I'm not going to recommend that actually I'm not excited about that I mean in a pinch it's better than nothing but you know going back to real just soil that's always the best but we'll talk about how to also grow your own soil keep it simple so you can have your garden too but I I can imagine all.

Winter long you should be on your windowsills just be growing your own your salads and uh um or micro greens especially and that would be like a really healthy thing to do and on that note Steve um again I just want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments and great um.

Discussions on the YouTube channel and your attention watching this this far I appreciate that um stay tuned for some more content next week and as well as uh we'll catch back up next Friday morning at uh same time 11 o'clock in the morning a.m Eastern Standard Time.

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - January 27, 2023
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