The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 20, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 20, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 20, 2023

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 20, 2023.
thank you welcome back everyone we have a new show here we're going to answer your questions anything that I say is definitely not meant to replace any chemical petroleum product products that you might get as drugs and so if you do get some type of.

Cure involving some of the remedies we recommend don't mention our names all right Steve let's just Dive Right In I think you covered that well Dr Berg anyway I'm so excited you know I've become addicted to all these great questions that you come up with an audience I don't know the answer either so I'm really excited so uh why don't we.

Kick off with one of those this week and Dr Berg here's the first fascinating question all right so let me just pull this up right here okay why does the lens of the eye not have blood vessels and by the way it also doesn't have a lymphatic system so why is that wow how.

Does it stay alive for goodness sakes that sounds so strange okay why don't we jump right over to social media because we love them as well and a v-not from YouTube Kicks it off with what are your thoughts about human consumption of cow or Buffalo milk as by Nature it's only suitable for Animals by Nature it's only suitable for Animals what do you think.

About those thing well I mean I think the real important thing way more important and that is um if it's Raw versus pasteurized because the pasteurization you know they we have a calf uh that was just born from a cow that was just too small and there was a lot of problems in fact to.

The point where the mother is not feeding the calf so we have to bottle feed it so I've done some research on um the pasteurization of milk even in calves versus raw milk a huge difference in organs like the color of your organs the the health of your body so if you're gonna um do milk I would definitely go raw I would I prefer to have some milk.

In a fermented product like a cheese raw cheese maybe kefir um that type of thing that's that's usually better but some people are sensitive to milk um they have allergies and there is a little bit of sugar in milk so that's another problem um but um.

So what what is how does that relate to humans um definitely if you're if you're pregnant or lactating um well of course if you're pregnant you're deciding to if you're on the edge about breastfeeding I would definitely go that route because I would think and this is just my own opinion that uh uh.

The pasteurization is very going to be similar to the uh some of the formulas that they put out there that I could only imagine what that does to our bodies wow well I currently in my little uh glass next to me I have my famous ice a cold brew coffee and I put 100 heavy cream in it and it's so delicious now I know it's probably pasteurized and all.

That but uh it's not making me fat you know not and just keep the sugar out and um you know I think I think if you're just doing you know like in your coffee creamers that's what I do I mean it's really hard to find raw cream but um but the point is that if you're going to be drinking a good amount of milk um definitely make.

Sure it's raw not pasteurized very good emo from YouTube just like so many others I just had my gallbladder removed what supplements should I take for a fatty liver and loss of a gallbladder he's mourning the gallbladder already please write out your answer as I am deaf oh that's interesting thank you for all of your.

Work and I don't know if you can you know in between some things here maybe type it into our little chat or no he won't see that I'm sorry anyway we'll make sure that your question gets answered and thanks for participating uh even sand here maybe maybe um maybe someone on our team can type in the answer but is choline choline is.

What you want to do if you have a fatty liver and as well as some bile salts start taking bio cells because one of the big purposes of a gallbladder is to concentrate the bile and so not just store it um just for release when you eat but concentrate so now you don't get that concentration so now we have this bile that's not as strong and and so how.

Is that going to affect the extraction of those fat soluble nutrients well I think it could affect it especially long term very good give me just a moment I am typing it on spellcholine for me Doc ch l o now it's c-h-o-l-i-n-e I guess put you on the.

Spot David let's see here uh cold we have to write it out um exactly all right there you go l-i-n-e uh chlorine don't do that don't take that no audience help me out here would you put emo this is where the audience comes in don't listen to Steve it's choline I don't want him gulping any chlorine so help us out there let's see uh open but.

Patty instead of typing the answer let me get to her question on YouTube our ice bath good for you what are your thoughts and audience don't forget to correct me here emo tell them it's choline okay what do you think about Patty's question yeah the ice baths are very therapeutic um even though they're very.

Uncomfortable especially in the winter for some reason but if you can withstand that and by the way if you have if you want to increase your tolerance to that B1 can help you because if you're deficient in B1 your tolerance goes down for stress all stress um not just um you know.

Slow drivers but also temperature gradients like if it's too cold or too hot um so yes I think that's very therapeutic if you could do it boy that that would really drop your inflammation increase your cognitive function so um find a nice Pond you can jump into in.

The winter and or just a nice bath and um experience the therapeutic benefits of that or you can just take a cold shower how about that I've done videos on that oh yeah that's terrific that'll get you up and at them okay why don't we go to the green room and our first participant is guy who is in Colorado but originally from Israel and uh he has.

A one question for you uh and go ahead with your question you're on with Dr Berg guy good morning and um remember.

so and this is the black history my question is it really depends on one thing and that's calories how much of it and I think that amount is going to vary it's going to affect you in a very tiny way if it's going to be a very um small so I don't think I would worry about it I.

Don't I think it's a small Point um I think you're still going to get the massive benefits even even for example um you know you have this fasting window and you have this eating window let's say you're eating between 12 and 6. um some people have this idea that wow I'm just gonna I could eat anything I want right through the eating window and.

They're snacking and all this other stuff well if you don't do that you get a nice little drop in insulin so I just recommend don't snack through the eating window but yeah I think it's a minor point I think you're going to be fine thank you I actually don't I I eat lunch and then because the intermittent fasting got me to I really don't need.

Anything between lunch and dinner I don't like to I don't feel hungry great that's awesome yeah I I remember I remember I used to be so hungry in the morning now it's like I don't I don't I don't it's like it just repels them like I don't want any food.

Um so it's yeah it definitely does work once you get your body fat adapted boy that's incredible well thank you so much guy uh for coming on with us we appreciate it sorry for the echo folks uh one of my co-producers slapped me on the back of the head and said fix that so guys final comments were Echo free and let's move on by the way I'm going.

To admonish the audience I think we didn't get any answers for question number one let me repeat that for you audience why does the lens of the eye have and not have any blood vessels let's look at that folks and if you give it another shot you might be trying you probably were trying to save emo from my chlorine recommendation and typing that.

And I hope that's the reason but audience please get back to that because we love your participation well it could be because they you know it's it might be a hard question to answer so should I just give the answer yeah why not folks I'm if you had blood vessels you would then see them and that would obstruct your vision.

So we had to develop a lens that you that's transparent that you wouldn't you blood vessels and blood are not transparent so they would always leave a little filter on there um so um there's this very very fascinating type.

Of protein that is um so this insoluble fiber protein inside your eye and inside the lens that allows you allows it to be transparent and um there's there's a lot of other unique things about this lens that I'm going to share with you in a video but it's an incredible piece of physiology.

In Biochemistry that um it's just amazing when you really learn about what this lens is and then what type of problems you can happen when you start getting like glaucoma or oxnical coma cataracts and we'll talk about that in a near future um video but um.

But boy the uh that lens of eye that lens of your eye is very very rugged and the immune system is very unique in the eye so if you were to get a um infection or some a transplant of the lens and your body would not reject it compared to other organs it would so there's definitely this um unique uh immune system that is separate from the.

Rest of the body because um you know that would that would be a problem if you're if your eye once that lens goes you know you can't see you're not going to survive too well so there's a lot of built-in things into this lens that helps you continue to see despite a lot of problems I mean how many times.

Steve have you ever like um I don't know walk through the woods and have a branch hit you in the eye or get punched in the eye and and somehow you still could see I mean it's just amazing or you get a scratch on the eye um it's amazing that that lens can take a beating but it keeps working well you had to ask doc because when I was at.

This teenage dance back in the 60s uh there was an I-beam with a little hole in it and I was looking through it and told some guy oh yeah I can see and by the way this dates me you could smoke kids could bring cigarettes into the little dance the whole church Auditorium was filled with smoke and he stuck the cigarette through the hole straight into.

My eye a red hot cigarette suddenly the lights came up the bands stopped the emergency Squad got there and they put this Salve or something in my eye and the next day I could see again because it didn't come I was gray all I could see was would blurred gray because it burnt the I guess the cornea or the lens or whatever.

It was but they the doc said that is the fastest healing tissue in your body and that's why you were able to in in whatever that was 24 hours able to see again but that's scary um and uh I don't know whatever became of the genius that stuck the cigarette through the thing but the chaos was so immediate he got lost in the crowd.

Giggling away or whatever awful thing he did but anyway so I agree with you instead of a stick in the eye had a cigarette in the eye and I've still got great vision these many years later so thank you um nature for doing that for me that's fantastic and now let's get me here I hate when that happens oh I do too are.

You okay let's see let's go back to social media social media excuse me Sarita from YouTube I am new to keto but having trouble Breaking Free of grains in my diet what suggestions do you offer some sort of corporal punishment yeah grains definitely are highly addictive I think the best way is just.

To understand more of a understanding of what grains really are you're eating a lot of concentrated seeds our bodies naturally are not designed to eat a lot of concentrated seeds that have they come with a package they come with anti-nutrients they come with uh gluten that is the only protein that we can't digest they come with um.

Weight gain and increased insulin resistance I think a better approach would be to definitely eat those grains but in a different form like maybe you sprout them for a week or two weeks and then eat the baby micro greens now you're now you're gonna actually uh you're gonna be able to digest them they're not going to bother you of.

Course they don't quite taste like the bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits type thing but the other option would be to look up some of the recipes on our website on the grain substitutes there's a wonderful almond flour there's other types of uh Alternatives that you can make for your your cookies candies Breads and pasta and pizza crust.

Wonderful okay Scott from elbow Melbourne Australia would like a chemistry lesson he said I just purchased Xylitol and grapefruit seed extract as you recommended for sinus care what is the recipe for the spray and he thanks you um what I recommend to do is recommend is.

You basically take a um a half a glass of water warm water and you dissolve about one one teaspoon of Xylitol okay and just like two or three drops of that grape seed extract and um that's all you need terrific go for it okay speaking of uh places other than the contiguous U.S even though these people aren't.

Answering the questions yet we'd like to say a good morning to all our viewers joining us from the UK Canada Mexico Jordan Thailand Finland Costa Risa France Peru Kenya Indonesia Algeria Saudi Arabia Iran Denmark Italy Greece Poland Israel Norway Egypt Hong Kong Croatia Switzerland uh the Netherlands Uruguay Tunisia Bermuda Nigeria Ghana.

Montenegro Austria Iraq the Virgin Islands Terry hasn't tricked me up with a weird pronunciation let Qatar United Arab Emirates Antigua Scotland Jamaica South Africa turkey goodness Trinidad and Tobago the Philippines Nicaragua Ethiopia Estonia I don't think we've heard from them for a while Islamabad I don't think we've ever heard from them.

Uh chechnya Oman Australia New Zealand Hungary and of course all across the East United States so thank you all for joining in now answer the questions for goodness sakes Laura from Facebook can there be pain associated with a liver cleanse I've been having lower back pain and hip pain since cleansing my liver I don't know if she's cleansing it with.

There's there's all sorts of detoxes that I've done before that put me in a bunch of hurt I'm talking about a detox like inflammation they can stir up inflammatory things because you're you're releasing things from the cells and you're releasing things that can affect um the liver and definitely definitely.

Stir up an immune reaction that can show up in kind of weak links especially your lower back what you could do is you can do a couple things you could take but bentonite clay or activated charcoal to kind of soak up some of those toxins to see if see if that doesn't resolve it and then let's say that doesn't resolve it then.

I always as my go-to for lower back pain is take more vitamin D D3 and take twenty thousand IUS maybe thirty thousand and that usually will knock it knock it out of the ballpark unless there's some other reason why you have low back pain you know so but a state coincidence with this detox so I'll start with uh.

Things that those things like to help soak up the toxic material very good let's go back to the Green Room this time with Ava who is calling in from Oregon it rains there all the time go ahead Ava without uh sodium I have so much trouble with salt I even take I'm doing keto I take low.

Sodium electrolytes I don't like salt I rarely use it when I cook but I have so much trouble with swollen ankles and lower legs it's a real problem I had a TIA December 16th very little deficit and um I have a heart monitor on right now and I just don't know what to do about the sodium it eliminates a lot of products I.

Can buy because I always check the sodium levels Sky High so so I think we've probably put you in the category of like sodium sensitive or you're more sensitive to sodium and um you should be but the point is that the the best way to do that and because you could only go so far with sodium I.

Mean we need at least like over 2 000 milligrams per day for various reasons building um hydrochloric acid in your stomach I mean we need sodium to a certain degree um so the the solution is to start increasing your potassium levels higher and higher because that will offset and protect you against those symptoms that.

Are occurring from sodium and so that will also push the fluid out so whatever you're taking start increasing more potassium but that is the solution and then of course realize that those these minerals also work especially when we're talking about electrolytes you may need a little bit magnesium as well but I would definitely.

Increase more potassium have you been doing that already yes but I'm not sure how much to take of the potassium like for example the potassium electrolyte I have has a thousand milligrams so I would probably do two maybe even three a day scoops of that and then have more like bigger salads as well because of course the.

Salad has the high potassium and low sodium um if you want to get even more potassium make your salads with the micro greens that'll just really spike your potassium and it's very low sodium and I think you'll feel better once that is is working better but um there's something.

In your body called the sodium potassium pump and it's in every single cell you know you so we definitely wanted we definitely want the sodium but we got to get the right ratios going on with more potassium and I think after maybe two or three weeks of having more potassium.

Things will balance out real nicely and your fluid will actually do better as well so you mentioned a liquid potassium as opposed to I have to supplement capsules um so um what milligram does your supplement come in with the potassium because they only sell it in like 99 milligrams.

And so um there's one that I recommend my electrolyte powder that comes in a thousand milligrams so that would be a lot easier than taking uh 10 of those pills a day three times a day yeah Dr Berg's formula is yummy you won't have to choke it down the electrolyte count no it's it's it's very low in salt it's very high in.

Potassium um now of course don't get the sport electrolyte one just get the regular one and it's a very very small amount it just it still has some um but it definitely def the the potassium far outweighs that a little bit of tiny potassium.

I'm sorry a little bit of sodium that's great well listen thank you so much Ava we appreciate you coming on and we hope your ankles shrink down to a lovely level and we'd love to hear back from you to see how how things are progressing with you uh let's see um not to be outdone this happens very often the shout out some people got very.

Jealous because they didn't chime in yet and they include Pakistan the Congo Ireland Morocco Ecuador Haiti Brazil Romania and India that's a big place don't want to forget them so thank you all so much for watching I think we have uh maybe a strike on hand I don't see Terry the answers to question number two or did we bring that up doc I'm not sure.

If we did um I don't think we I don't think we did well then they're forgiven here you go let's go let's ask another question okay all right so the most important vitamin in preventing acne is fill in the blank sorry for accusing you of not participating audience my humble apologies speaking of the audience uh L.

From YouTube I've been diagnosed with a connective tissue disease it's not rheumatoid arthritis though any recommendations for a natural way to treat this Condition it's not a lot of information but what do you think doc yeah of course I don't know your genetics but I do I will say that there's definitely several genetic.

Problems even um variations of your genes that can give you weak weak collagen and connective tissue in which case you want to make sure that you don't over train with exercise you want to make sure you want to recover probably bone broth would be a really good and also collagen.

Powder would be a good thing to take as well as the vitamin C but make sure the vitamin C is in the whole form coming from food because you need Vitamin C as a co-helper for the collagen very good okay now this doesn't require an answer from you doc but it does require a bell ring because Beth Ann from Facebook I've been on your Healthy.

Keto plant since October and have lost 27 Pounders thank you so much he says so good for you Beth doesn't that feel fantastic uh let's move on let's see uh Poonam from Singapore on Facebook my 21 year old daughter has very bad cramps during her period her gynecologist has only remected only recommended painkillers.

Help so think about what a cramp is definitely any cramp uh you're the muscle is over um over Contracting there's a couple quick things I would do because if you look at what causes relaxation in a muscle it's magnesium magnesium and also potassium so if they take a little bit.

More magnesium and sometimes they have to add it with calcium because it's not just about the relaxation you need that whole contraction relaxation that a lot of times will get rid of the cramps definitely a little bit before your um your menstrual period and uh so why would you get that in the first place well it could be that you.

Have a subclinical problem with these with magnesium and you're going into this and everything is magnified during the cycle but you know the uterus is cramping and so it's very simply we need to take that cramp out um just like you would if you had a leg cramp very good okay well the audience is made.

Up uh for the first question with the lightning fans fast answer to the second one which has the most important vitamin in preventing acne is drum roll please 55 of our respondents say zinc 30 say vitamin A 10 say vitamin D and the last five percent say vitamin E who's right the vitamin D category now you're all right it's zinc is going to be important.

And vitamin A is going to be important but what is even more important is this vitamin D vitamin D is going to help um suppress the bacteria involved in acne it's going to help regulate the cells that make up the sebaceous gland that produces the oil that's all swollen.

Vitamin E is going to take the inflammation out of the entire thing and so it does a lot of different cool things for acne and so unfortunately especially when you're going through your teens you get this acne or a lot of people do I did and it's terrible um boy if I only would have known right.

Instead of scrubbing my face trying to clean off thinking it's dirt or something on the blackheads whatever um you take a lot more vitamin D and then you also fix the other component part which is the um the high Androgen issue over like the um the hyper Androgen problem and that and the way you do that is you.

Don't snack so frequently or don't snack at all and you cut out the carbs I mean that's like the perfect program for anyone um trying to get rid of acne and it works and so you start doing intermittent fasting and watch what happens to your your face I mean it's going to clear right up and you're going.

To be quite surprised and very happy all right let me see uh oh here we go here's a new one Veronica from YouTube gotta help her I have both Graves and Hashimoto's sleep is not good would your sleep aid supplements uh be okay to take along with your d3k2 supplement yes yes I think it really.

Would help you greatly um because you haven't autoimmune problem and so you need to sleep and that would be a very smart thing all right now uh afreen from YouTube what are your thoughts about taking baking soda to keep our bodies alkaline don't recommend it uh because um.

Our bodies need like for example uh if I were to ask you what is the pH of the stomach should it be Oakland if I ask you what would be the pH of your large intestine should it be alkaline the answer is no and when you alkalize these tissues you create other problems yes it's true that the blood should be slightly alkaline but the way.

You get it there is to eat healthy uh not to try to change your pH one way or the other it won't work so um there's a lot of false information that we need to alkalize the entire body because if you start alkalizing your stomach now what's going to happen you're going to have pathogens that can survive the stomach acid and then create sibo and.

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and you'll start getting problems with a lack of absorption of minerals lack of digestion proteins undigested proteins so you have a lot of digestive issues um so I'm very much against trying to alkalize the entire body when you really should just be eating healthy and let the body go into whatever pH it needs to.

Establish very good okay Bonnie from YouTube myself and my siblings are all over 55 and we're all noticing changes in our bodies with a lot of aches pains and stiffness and let me tell you something ladies I'm 68 and what this indicates is you're well on your way to your great reward I want to be dreary but uh but.

They're having stiffness and they want to know what they're doing even though they're slowly decaying um yeah well there's a lot of things you can do of course start with the basics get get the the basic eating in um I just did a video on stiffness for example stiffness could.

Come from many different things usually there's a low-grade inflammatory thing going on because you're consuming too many omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3 omega-3 like fish oils especially cod liver oil won't work unless you at the same time reduce the omega-6 that's all the the soy the.

Canola oil the corn oil the vegetable oil the sesame seed oil the sunflower oil the safflower oil all those oils are very inflammatory including grains so you get rid of that take the omega-3 and um there's other I would just watch my video on stiffness but um you know and then regular.

Um if you have old injuries like me you're gonna have to stab have figure out some type of workout where you can start stretching your fascia um I don't know if I did a video on that recently but I should but there's a great stretch as you can look up on YouTube for really working with the fascia and and kind of getting rid of.

Some of the scar tissue that's developed within your this this kind of this this thing that holds the tissue together and the muscle together that a lot of times gets stiffened with age and then you can't turn your neck and you can't straighten up so you have to actively work that out on a daily basis okay very good let's go back to the green room and.

This time from Florida we have Lena coming in from Miami so Lena if you would unmute yourself you are on with Dr bird good morning Dr Berg how are you good morning uh my question is related to brain inflammation and autoimmune diseases so you did a great video this morning that.

Pretty much explains you know the foods that you can eat the supplements that you should be taking and the nutrients that are more important whenever you do have an autoimmune disease but my question right now is when the inflammation occurs in the brain and that it starts to really affect your psychic so my question will.

Be how keto and if can really be you know the way to go to reduce the inflammation in the brain right good question is that relate are you talking about Ms lupus lupus yeah well keto um fortunately gives an alternative um fuel source to the brain and it fuels.

The brain from a whole different mechanism and so it bypasses the um the normal thing and uh so if there's damage in the neurons it will feed it from a different angle and the Brain actually um and the nervous system and the myelin sheath around the nerves um work better on Ketone fuel so when you actually donate or you go low carb.

Um you force the body to run on ketones it's it's it's it's a huge difference between having a lot of inflammation and having no inflammation ketones themselves are anti-inflammatory and then when you fast you have this additional really cool thing where you go into autophagy where now uh even in the brain you start to.

Have this um cleanup of all the garbage and junk that occurs within the neurons so you get this anti-aging effect it stimulates something called um the brain derived neurotrophic factor which will actually help you grow new brain cells so there's so many magical things that happen but also as a side note watch my recent video that's not related.

To what you said but it is related in an indirect way relating to um the best diet for Alzheimer's there's a really important point that I get into the detail but um yeah because now because what hap what you have or whatever whoever has this problem they they had this autoimmune.

Issue you have antibodies and you have inflammation so you have to be on something that that's the most important thing is get rid of the inflammation anything that contributes to it and Grains and grain seed oils are at the top of the list and so is sugar so um this is why diabetics have more problems with their immune.

System with autoimmune problems with inflammation I feel really well and then whenever I don't know if people know these maybe people who do a struggle with locals will understand it's like it's a cyclic thing you feel great and then you have moments when you don't feel great at all and I feel like I've tried every single.

Um diet out there even when I didn't know about the diagnosis I was constantly advised to just you know have a lot of fruits and every time I will eat fruits I will feel horrible uh or like you need to eat a lot of quinoa no I will feel horrible um but you know what I I guess you know my my.

Um and I don't want to call it a worry but I do wonder you know as a woman um will it be the same you know fasting in women and men make that's a different question but if I am having um one of those episodes where I feel you know not great um would that be a good moment to like increase my fasting with you know.

Or if that makes sense yeah and I think it's good to prove it to yourself that that will work um the great majority I'm talking 95 of people when they start fasting if they have any problem inflammation autoimmune it just all of a sudden it gets better um why is that because you're creating a um a type of stress that makes your body.

Get stronger and it affects you at the genetic level it really helps the um the anti-inflammatory genes and the immune genes go into the right direction you want them to go into so and I think keeping a log and just identifying uh when you do bad what you hsb4 is going to be really important but I will say you know working with.

Tens of thousands of people um it will work um usually for everyone that has autoimmune that's great thank you thank you Elena so much I think I will give you a money back guarantee of course I didn't charge anything so anyway thank you you're welcome very.

Good please as always Lena get back with us and let us know how fasting or whatever you try helps you it's fascinating to hear back and thank you for joining us on today's show Let's uh let's see go back to did I answer the question Jerry let's see now we got one more let's try this one here's a new one take it away doc okay why do people get.

A yeast slash candida infection after they take antibiotics All Right audience climb on that and let's go back to social media um huh Micah from YouTube what is the root cause of alopecia what is the uh within the hair that immune system is attacking what's going on with alopecia.

Now I will say there are some genetic factors that make people susceptible if their diet isn't right if their stress is nice and low which good luck on planet Earth um so that being said usually these autoimmune diseases originate in the gut because you're maybe eating something that's creating inflammation and then.

You get something that passes through that that little Junction that's supposed to be tight and then your immune system reacts and then you start developing antibodies to this to these problems so um because Auto alopecia is an autoimmune problem that being said there are natural things you.

Can do to offset that and prolong the problem or improve the problem done a lot of videos on that you would want to take um things that um reduce this one enzyme called a 5-alpha reductase which is a type of enzyme that um normally um is is increasing testosterone into.

Dhg which is burning out your hair follicles um and so there's a lot of natural things for that one one that I like the most is something called stinging nettle root because that does not just that it gets rid of inflammation it it helps reduce and balance estrogen there's a lot of really cool things in stinging.

Nettle root that um that can help you okay very good Lena talked about lupus and autoimmune diseases here's Julie from YouTube can healthy keto help someone with Ms what a terrible condition that is I I think it's going to help them to a certain degree but they're also going to need to do.

Um fasting prolonged fasting periodic prolonged fasting and they're also going to need to do higher levels of vitamin D now I'm going to just say something um I'm going to be getting into DNA a lot I'll be creating a lot of videos I'm just organizing that right now it's.

Fascinating I wish I had this tool in practice it will allow people to finally figure out why they have these weird symptoms that don't seem to go away when you take the remedy that's one thing it can do and so um there's a lot of people that even if they take you know 5 000 I use the vitamin D.

It's still not working for them they need to take much much higher great greater levels of the vitamin D because genetically there's um there's a problem with the conversion there's a problem with the absorption and that just doesn't go in I mean as I'm you know reading these DNA reports quite a few people have a problem with vitamin.

D and they had no idea so here they are taking the 5000 I use or even 10 000 I use and they still don't notice the difference and so they give up on it thinking that's not going to work and now they really go down so it's really about um finding out what's wrong with you personally and then addressing that but but sometimes you have to kind of.

Look inside the body and see what's going on and so the DNA stuff is going to be the wave of the future um but the problem for most people is finding someone that can explain it to explain it to you so it's not so high level and confusing and that's been difficult and that's where I I'm gonna help people I'm going to actually create.

These videos and I'm going to explain it as if you were a seven-year-old so that way you can get it oh boy Terry that'll be anyway next episode Steve can get it let's see now uh now let's go on to the phone in this case uh Jenna from Sweden or perhaps her dad Waseem Jenna are you there.

I'm here okay she's taking her dad's place uh uh Jenna you are on with Dr Berg go ahead with your brief question or the IPL laser if it's safe does it cause cancer does it affect fertility will there be a long-term damage maybe you can hear Steve but I can't well I tell you what um uh Jenna I'd.

Like you to get a little closer to the mic because we could hear you pretty good at the end of your comment repeat your question and get a little closer to the mic please okay um I would like to know your thoughts about the laser hair removal for the whole.

Body or IPL laser if it's bad or safe does it cause cancer does it affect see if I can't hear anything I can so she wants to know about all all whole body laser hair removal treatment wants to know if it could possibly create cancer or any other health things is that a okay thing to do good question I don't know about these.

Laser treatments I'm not excited about them especially when you're removing hair and I'm definitely not excited about some of the creams that remove hair too that you're putting on your body unfortunately you know there's just not a quick solution other than the the wax and the tape and ripping out the.

Hairs and experiencing all that wonderful pain but um yeah I don't I don't know about that and I my first reaction is I don't I don't think I like it especially if it's a hot laser interesting okay with my sarcasm good and uh Jenna I'm so sorry that we can't.

Kind of go on but I was very difficult to hear you but I think the consensus is here that uh that might not be the best thing in the world and if you want to torture your dad give him a full back waxing I had one of those wants as a gift and will never request it again the came out in me now I know what to get you for Christmas oh my gosh this.

This wonderful cheery Vietnamese girl was doing it to me and she just I think started getting this sort of delight every time I would wrench up in horror I think it was amusing her I was such a but anyway I don't really recommend that for Harry Scotsman all right let's move on uh and let's go back to the Green Room a lane is smiling.

And that always encourages me if anyone's uh you know listen go ahead Elaine with your question for Dr Byrd thank you very much um I have a friend that is started using an EMS exercise suit from a company called Catalyst and he he said he does his exercises and he turns up the amount of electricity that's going into his.

Muscles and ah that makes me very uneasy and I was curious what your insights are if you have any resources I could give to him that that gives him some of the warnings of why he might not want to use that form of exercise equipment now is it is it electric impulses or is it electromagnetic uh elect uh Fields it's electric it's the like giving you little.

Shocks on your mouth oh the TENS unit yeah yeah I um I've had those units before and I've had even had one that puts 50 000 impulses a second um I I don't know if that's the best way to stimulate the muscle I really don't I don't know the side effects but I think it's more for a therapy.

I know some people use it on their stomach so that way they don't have to do a sit-up you know I think just going back to the old-fashioned you know workouts might just be the optimum way to do this because you you want to get a full contraction relaxation versus just a stimulus there's all sorts of um tricks and things that people are doing.

To try to you know work their muscles I don't I don't I'm not crazy about that electric stem for your muscles at all so I don't know of any long-term side effects but um if you start twitching when you take it off then we know there's a problem thank you you're welcome that's great.

Thank you so much for your succinct question Elaine that allows us to get to everybody and that is in fact everybody in the green room so thank you all for being so disciplined and having such interesting questions that was great okay quiz question the latest one uh asked why do people get a yeast candida infection after antibiotics and guess.

What doc a hundred percent of our respondents say it's because antibiotics disrupt or kill off the healthy bacteria and Flora in your gut are they onto something they are on to something what you have to realize that the gut is made up of not just bacteria it's made up of friendly yeast and.

At least a hundred different types of friendly Candida and that's in the fungus family so we have funguses and then we have bacteria and the the fungus group is called uh Mike Michael biome and the bacteria group is called microbiome so you got these both these things and they work together and so the.

Bacteria keeps these microbes in check they release at least five different compounds that um regulate the overgrowth and the misbehavior of these fungus and so when you wipe those guys out you just get rid of the police and then they start going unfriendly they now they have an opportunity to turn on you and the.

Relationship changes to a very unfriendly candida so um any time that you take an antibiotic and take it sparingly you better at the same time take a probiotic and realize that that yeast infection can then get out of hand real fast and then of course then people take medication for fungal infections or yeast and then they create bacterial.

Resistance and other side effects and problems with the bacterium so you have a some interesting things living inside you that are helping you and you kill one one thing off another and you create another problem so you have to take the big picture and look at the consequences of.

Um some of these treatments out there that are only focused on one thing and um and this I think this is the problem in even a medicine they're over specialized and they're all in their separate Islands um focus on this but they're not looking at the whole picture okay very good we're gonna go to Stephen.

On Facebook for his cancer question but first let's knock out another question there you go Dr Berg okay what is the food with the highest amount of vitamin K2 and vitamin K2 is a vitamin that is responsible for making your bones really solid and strong driving the calcium in the bones and the teeth.

And it does other things as well but um that would be a big function very good okay as promised Stephen from Facebook what are the best foods to eat to fight cancer or maybe foods not to eat what do you say Doc foreign cancer is a problem with the mitochondria you have damage in the in.

The DNA of the mitochondria and as an Adaptive compensation to that it to survive it shifts its metabolism to um no longer um running on one fuel system it's now it can actually ferment.

Um mainly glucose okay so that's really what's going on so now what diet should be on to support that well something that does not cause damage something that promotes the health of the mitochondria and there's a lot of foods that will do that um a nice balance of um.

Green raw vegetables with all the antioxidants but at this at the flip side if you just eat vegetables or you know a vegetarian or vegan diet then you you're setting yourself up for deficiencies unless you take certain vitamins and things like that so you do want a balance of really healthy animal proteins.

Um together so basically that's why I think the healthy version of the ketogenic diet is the best way to prevent cancer once you get cancer there's a slightly different program I've done videos on that um because now you have to um depending on how severe it is you might.

Have to add a lot more fasting and uh not as much protein but I talk about that in some recent videos very good we've got some feedback Dr Berg from the field Bridget from Facebook says she increased her vitamin D3 on your recommendation and my whole body feels better I sleep better I breathe better and my aches and pains are much much.

More or less I'm going to question that grammar that's all right unbelievable thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and sorry for being a grammarian that was mean of me Bridget I I never get it right that's great awesome isn't that terrific so anyway well give a little bell on that I'm glad you feel better uh Dr.

Nahi Nasheed excuse me from Facebook what dietary advice would you offer a patient who's a hemophiliac boy I haven't heard of that condition for a while I would I would just um nothing special I would do the routine healthy version of the ketogenic diet um I do know that um.

Black seed is a is a good remedy for that condition so that would take that in addition to the normal ketogenic diet and with the intermittent fasting and definitely do periodic prolonged fasting and that's a standard routine thing that I would do um and I I just I would love to have um feedback from a medical doctor that.

All they do is kind of start instead of treating the symptoms as a primary thing get people on the basic eating plan and then reevaluate to see if those symptoms are still there they're going to be quite surprised how many of those problems go away if you just work on what people eat and unfortunately.

Um what's recommended in medicine as far as what to eat comes from The dietitian which you know what it's just highly political and of course um Whoever has the largest funding for lobbyist groups gets to be in that pyramid okay this is a fundamental question I.

Think from Justin on Facebook I'm having trouble understanding how natural sugar will knock me out of ketosis please share your thoughts well I think you're probably talking about natural sugar from fruit right that's what I guess natural sugar or you should talk about sugar cane well fruit and sugar cane and beets all have a good.

Portion of glucose and fructose so then you also have dextrose which is glucose made synthetically so you got the a natural natural and um but the actual chemistry of that glucose and fructose is the same as the synthetic but you also have other things in fruit for.

Example you have the phytonutrients and vitamins and some Fiber Etc but when we're talking about sugar of course it's going to be way better if you have natural sugar in its whole form but if you're just doing um let's say cane sugar which is natural right.

Um versus synthetic sugar you're probably gonna have the same problems because there's you lack the antioxidants and you you're still spiking the blood sugar so um when you consume fructose um it doesn't actually.

Um affect your blood sugars very much but it goes right to your liver and it indirectly creates insulin resistance indirectly so it does affect you indirectly in a major way I release the video on that recently but um yeah um just because the sugar is natural.

Whether it's coconut sugar or whatever it's still going to spike the blood sugar and that is the problem with sugar but whether what other resources comes from all right very good we have feedback on the question here uh the the latest one asks what food has the highest amount of K2 in it and forty percent of our.

Respondents say is cruciferous veggies 20 say sauerkraut or other fermented foods 20 say leafy greens ten percent say butter that's interesting and ten percent say uh NATO or Kiefer natto NATO or Kiefer Okay so maybe some people who mentioned cruciferous were thinking about the K1.

But I'm talking about K2 that's different um and some a lot of the not a lot I would say a certain amount of the vitamin K2 comes from K1 in your gut so you can make some K2 from microbes and believe it or not um E coli is one of the microbes that makes K2 so you do have somewhat.

Um friendly E coli in our guts but here's the thing someone mentioned NATO which is a fermented soybean and that would be the number one but because the majority of the population probably will never eat NATO because of the way it tastes yeah it's an acquired taste.

Um I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about the number one food that is most that most people we eat how about that I have to clarify that and that would be cheese cheese raw milk cheese and out of all the cheeses the hard cheese has the most except for one cheese that's a semi-soft cheese which has even more than that and that's.

The monster cheese and I'm not talking about the American monster cheese I'm talking about the stuff you would get in France and that's where you get the um the real stuff and that will give you um the most K2 so those raw milk cheeses are going to give you the K2 and it's gonna like you're saying well wait a.

Second they're so filled with saturated fat that's going to harm my arteries uh no it's not I know you've been taught taught that but the K2 is going to keep the calcium out of the arteries and um anyone who says that 18 saturated fat is going to create heart problems just ask them for the reference to study and uh.

It's only they're going to actually show you a study and if you read it it's going to be a usually an observational study and that involves the saturated fat because they're eating too many fast foods but they're not going to differentiate that between all the sugar and the processed foods with the saturated fat.

They lump it all into one thing and then they call it well saturated fats bad because we did this study yeah but was it isolating saturated fat as a variable no it wasn't because there isn't any study like that good news and if there is please send it to me I'd love to see it all right we're waiting send it in and by the way we.

Have demonstrated that our audience is very smart how would you like to get smarter audience well you can by downloading Dr Berg's uh app and you can see the video find a video so much easier and the better news is it's available on iOS or Android products so folks get that and you'll be even screaming faster on.

The quiz questions okay let's see we should also talk briefly about the fact that you know it's not just the United States that enjoys your products but other areas so uh Dr Burr can you tell them about the progress we're making in getting your great products into places around the globe yeah we're we're expanding of making.

Things available I think we're almost uh available in India too so that's good um so um if you if there's if you want more information there should be a link down below um in the comment section or in in the description section okay why don't we wrap up with social media uh Michael.

From YouTube please share your thoughts about the benefits of krill oil krill oil I like Krill I like it it's very very high in omega-3 fatty acids specifically DH uh a and um again I think the majority of the population is just too inflamed and they need to beef up no pun intended the.

Amount of Omega-3 in krill oil is one way to do it um you can do it with cod liver oil but Krill is very concentrated and it's a really good source on that note I really appreciate all the wonderful comments that I read all week long and even on this show you stayed this long.

And I really appreciate that stay tuned for more um of my videos this next coming week and some interesting topics and have a
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