The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 13, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 13, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 13, 2023

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – January 13, 2023.
thank you well good morning everyone or good afternoon wherever you are so we have another show and anything that I say is definitely not meant to cure you or replace your medical care check with your doc before taking any of these recommendations I have a lot of great.

Guests and a lot of great uh quizzes for you so let's just Dive Right In we sure do and uh in no particular order actually it is a particular order we have in our Green Room Harry from Melbourne Australia and it's about three o'clock in the morning there so having Mercy on him we're going to bring him into the show first and Harry if you're.

Unmuted you're on with Dr bird can you hear me yes perfectly uh good morning Dr Berg good morning thank you for having me uh thank you for uh all the guidance and support you probably don't know the difference that you make um I'll uh Dive Right and I've written it down here just so that I don't waste.

Every everyone's time um I've been diagnosed with the HP re sibo high cholesterol um uh a number of other things these are the main main items are from multiple failed treatments to hatch pillory both conventional medicine as well as natural remedies and including some of the remedies that you recommend uh it it.

Still remains in my system I these symptoms are lack of energy lethargy extreme bloating no strength short of breath you know the the minute I do any kind of activity on on blood testing the blood inflammation levels are a good there's deficiency in active B12.

LDL as I just mentioned High 4.8 when it needs to be about two um I'm on on a lot of supplements uh you know the enzymes before food broccoli Sprouts the zinc with food other supplements such as turmeric coffee empty stomach.

B12 B1 iodine lipoic acid acid vitamin C is for nursing I I I I and I and I guess the issue is Hilary and sibo which are kind of you know when you're trying to fix sibo you can't fix head region when you're fixing hatch battery you can't fix sibo um and and it's been two years uh it's.

Just I'm not able to deliver normal lifestyle I I don't know what to do okay so that was a great one one question a quick quick one but I'm going to tell you what I would recommend okay um and you can watch this later because I want to go quite rapidly the thing with the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is you have a competition.

Between um these microbes and your own body they're stealing all your nutrition so they're they're leaving you deficient so that's why you have to take it because it's these microbes should be kind of hanging out in the in the large bowel but they're hanging out in the small and small.

Intestine and so they're you shouldn't have all this fermentation going on there because it's the wrong place so that's why you get the bloating so one thing you have to be careful about is feeding them um so I would cut off any fiber and go carnivore right away because if you give them fiber from plants or anything.

Um they'll eat it they'll um eat it and they'll keep keep alive um the most important probably supplement would be betaine hydrochloride in larger amounts if you can tolerate let's say I don't know 10 tablets before each meal that will acidify the stomach okay so.

Then now we've got an acid stomach it'll stop these microbes from any other microbes from the food going into the small intestine that'll kill things off it takes a while to build that up but that will also help uh trigger the bile salts the bile so you probably have to take some purified bile.

Salts after the meal and also an empty stomach play around with the dosage and because think about this the bile I think you have a bile problem because the bile normally made by the liver that goes in the gallbladder goes in the small intestine and one function is to make sure uh all these microbes in the small.

Intestine can't survive so it's like a detergent it kills microbes so it sounds like you don't have that happening so if we do the bile salts as well as HCL hydrochloric acid from the betaine hydrochloride then we can actually um do good things now the other icing on the cake is going to.

Be the fasting I would highly recommend uh have one meal a day and then do do prolonged fasting maybe once a week until you can have Good Housekeeping and that you you have a flush of all these different microbes out of the body because that way you can actually start them off and then your body can live on.

Your ketones which is your stored fat so that would be like the most important things to focus on right now um but um and then once things are better then what you can do is then you can start adding like the maybe the Probiotic foods and things like that.

Back in there like sauerkraut stuff like that but um I'm gonna get the system back on track sounds great all right Harry thanks so much for coming to us from uh Melbourne and we hope that you call us back and let us know just how that all went and let's go to social media so first up.

From Facebook uh is Chris how can I improve uh upon getting sleepy after I eat he gets very sleepy after he eats so how can we uh help Chris out well um it depends if you're eating eating Donuts or find carbs and you're getting sleepy then you have a blood sugar crash but if you're not then uh two things.

Either take the this thing called betaine hydrochloride to help you digest the food you may be eating too much protein which could also kind of uh turn in the sugar and make you kind of tired if you overload protein um but definitely start get get rid of any carbs that will help you and then the last thing to uh to realize though.

Some people you know I I talk to some people and they're like they're not doing carbs and they're still getting tired and and their their stomach is fine but I find out they just don't get enough hours of sleep and um that's a problem that uh can easily be solved if you watch some sleep videos so those are three simple quick.

Things that you could wrap your wits around terrific okay now you won't need to um struggle over answering this because it's not a question it's a statement Don uh don Louis from YouTube I've lost 22 pounds on your program and my stomach acids are going strong thank you Dr Berg so thank you Don for letting us know and.

Congratulations on your great weight loss uh new you from YouTube I've tried your butter chicken recipe and even my fussy five-year-old ate it thanks Dr Berg looking forward to trying more of your recipes and we've got to also ring the bell for Karen because I know she's got her his lovely wife's got her hand in all these delicious things as well in.

The recipes uh let's see why don't we talk about who is joining us Beyond uh our first guest here Harry from Melbourne I'd like to say a good morning to all our viewers joining us today from the UK Canada Mexico Ireland Israel Pakistan Sweden Bermuda Jordan Antigua Poland Albania Thailand Norway Egypt Scotland Tibet India Nepal Japan Chile.

Germany Denmark Uruguay Algeria Zimbabwe Iran France Tunisia Indonesia Greece uh now bimbia I think Terry's trying to get me to say that right one day I will nabmia I guess it is anyway Oman Slovakia uh uh chechnya Switzerland boy chechny I haven't heard from them before I don't believe uh Eritrea Eritrea United Arab.

Emirates Jamaica uh Guyana Romania Qatar I think this is a record the Netherlands Brazil Taiwan Paraguay Malaysia the Virgin Islands Finland Peru South Africa turkey Hong Kong Trinidad and Tobago Australia there you go Nicaragua Kenya the uh Philippines Nigeria Iran Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Montenegro Croatia Estonia Palestine welcome Palestine Belgium and.

All across these United States so thanks everybody for checking in uh and let's go straight back to social media uh Thomas from Facebook I've been reading about the keto diet can oh cause thyroid issues and causing people to go on thyroid medicine have you come across these cases in your research that awful Keto.

Yeah it's a dangerous thing cutting out those carbs I tell you it just leads to all sorts of side effects um it's completely false I mean if you keto is really the reduction of carbs it doesn't really talk about the quality of food doesn't talk about the nutrition so if you're doing something called the.

Healthy version of a ketogenic diet your thyroid is not going to be a problem in fact you're going to be more efficient to the point where the thyroid doesn't have to work so hard and you may even not need as many of those thyroid hormones to have everything work so you may see a a little bit of a lowering of like T4 or even T3 but it it'll be.

Within normal range but the the thing that people diagnose hypothyroidism with is something called the thyroid stimulating hormone that's a pituitary hormone that will always just stay normal so nothing to worry about you're just eating healthy foods with low carbs so for someone to say it's going to damage the thyroid why because.

The thyroid needs carbs like explain that to me I'd like to see just one study that show that it's a logical yep that makes sense to me I'll heat from YouTube how can I increase my HDL it's always between 28 and 30. boy that does sound low I'm 47 and on blood pressure meds I get my blood tested every four months everything is normal except for.

This really low HDL well I would um um one thing that causes low human growth hormone would be age so how do you solve that right well there's a lot of things you can do exercise intense exercise with a lot of rest will increase growth hormone also more sleep will increase growth hormone.

Um arginine is a supplement that will kill two birds with one stone it'll help increase Arginine plus it will help you with blood pressure because it's kind of like a precursor to the something called nitric oxide which supports the inside of the vascular system uh which I will release the video on that too um I mean if you think these the.

Medications for blood pressure you have the big one that's always given which is a diuretic which depletes potassium and magnesium which the two things that you need to keep the blood pressure low and then you have the ACE inhibitors and then you have the calcium channel blockers so these things all just um.

Have side effects and um as far as growth hormone goes going back to sticking on that topic I would definitely focus on going low carb okay because too much sugar will inhibit uh growth hormone and then um and then also the sleep and the exercise and then of course you can throw in the.

Arginine too but um only only if you really need it um but make sure your exercise has enough recovery so you get enough so you don't over train because that'll because the cortisol the stress will really shut it down too surgeon might be on growth hormone I have quite a few and I give a lot of additional.

Things to do all right sounds great and by the way and when Dr uh Berg says search here's a great way to do it he's got his nice app that we've talked about you can get it on uh you know on Mac or any of the Android phones so make sure you check that out and find the answers to your many questions all right uh let's see uh.

You're enough is the handle from this person on YouTube can a colloidal silver help uh with bowel issues like diverticulitis I don't think that would be the the best remedy it wouldn't hurt it's good for a lot of things related to infection so if there's an infection down there yeah it'd probably be good but with the.

Bow related I mean if I if I wanted to become a medical doctor I'd probably be a GI doc because it would be so easy and so dramatic to turn things around because one thing is uh GA doctors don't really emphasize enough is the the food here they're studying.

The digestive tract but they don't really get into the connection between what you eat very much it's mainly here take an anti-spice spasmodic medication and acid take pain pills and go get some Pepto-Bismol you know so it's like um what about the food the food that you're eating and especially inflammation in the colon.

Um uh bone broth like if you made a made your own bone brothness you buy some bones and you cut them in half or you buy them already cut in half and you make your own bone broth with it in with the stew synthetic meat in there the fat is really good you can even put vegetables.

In there cook it down with some spices garlic that would be a really good um gut healing food that um that all that without collagen and uh um bone broth I mean that's going to really help your gut in a big way so that would just be like one simple thing I would recommend rather than quite a.

Little silver which might not create the impact that you want sounds great and black butterfly from YouTube is an A1C of 6 or 6.5 okay will keto make a difference well it all depends what you what it used to be if it was seven before now it's 6.5 and then it's good um it's you want to get it down to like.

5.5 or even a little bit less because you're measuring an average blood sugar over a few months like maybe three two months and um what what's happening is you're measuring how much sugar got stuck to that hemoglobin and then the red blood cells die so then the recycle starts all over so you can kind of see how much sugar you've been eating which.

Is interesting because a lot of people will say well I don't eat sugar and then they and then they go well just on the weekends well you're looking at an average of blood sugars so if you calculate those days in there um you're gonna it's gonna be higher so that's why I like A1C even better than a blood sugar because just a typical blood.

Glucose test because you can you really see what's happening if the person's cheating or not not they would ever cheat but yeah well I think they do and by the way if I might a friend of mine just got denied surgery a couple days ago he has a stenosis in his neck and they said his his A1C of 8.5 or something is too high.

Until he gets it down to 6.5 they're not going to cut him open is 8.5 really bad it's it's not that great I mean I've seen it people have up to 11. so it's not good um it just tells me they're eating too many carbs well he does he's a mini Snicker bar fanatic so it shouldn't be too hard for him to behave all right why.

Don't we go back to our Green Room Mark as our next sleepiest guy uh on the ramp he's in Southern California was uh on the air we're on the Queue with us at 7 30 in the morning and Mark if you'll unmute yourself we'd ask your one question in 30 seconds go good morning dog good morning hey I'm using a couple of your supplements.

And I already have called in to the customer service and asked what makes a complete supplement regimen and what I have what I was told is this the D3 plus the K2 the keto energy The Organic Raw wheatgrass and the trace minerals those four items would that be a complete supplement yeah.

I think I would probably just add one little thing and that's the electrolytes because that way you can get the uh the benefit of potassium it's so wild that they press the powder I'm sorry that's the powder okay and I have that also that's right then you're then you're good to go that's actually money and you're going to do be in good shape but.

You know you try to find a potassium supplement it's really only like 99 milligrams they sell it and so I mean we need 4 700 milligrams so that's always on the low side but yeah it sounds like a good protocol I think you'll enjoy that so how much of that should I use the electrical like drink how much of that.

Should I use it per day I think you just need one one to enhance your diet um depending on what you're doing I mean if you have a lot of fluid retention you can take more or if you um let's say you exercise uh you want to spike your energy take that right before you work out Watch What Happens I think you'll you'll see a a shift in your energy.

I am I'm about um six one 193 I have dropped about seven pounds since I've started following you wow that's great getting to the because I'm not extremely I have a lot to wait to lose but maybe another five or ten wouldn't be bad so that's great sounds like I appreciate your stuff it's good it's very reasonable and good information so.

Thanks Mark that's great thanks so much for joining us Mark we appreciate it as you continue to uh drop down and wait and increase health we always love to have our participants come back and and give us another Glimpse at their progress and so on so thank you for that oh you know what boy I've I've bombed out on the questions let's get going.

Here doc here's the first one okay so um uh let me try to click this thing to see if I could pop it up so I could see here we go okay good okay the best antidote for salt sensitivity is fill in the blank now salt sensitivity is the kind of like where you uh you eat salt and you retain fluid you retain sodium and you're retaining fluid so.

What is the best remedy for that the antidote to that salt sensitivity all right sounds great an audience I know you'll help me out uh I am remiss and not getting these up quick enough so launch into that we're going to get all five quiz questions answered uh in spite of my tardiness on that issue okay let's go back to social media Mary from.

Facebook what could be behind a craving for vinegar that's interesting well I think I think there's many reasons but um it could be that you need more help with your digestion but also um acetic acid in the vinegar has um amazing benefits that uh help to reestablish like pH for example so let's.

Say your pH is running more on the alkaline side than it should um then you probably crave acids so that could be one reason and you take it you're like wow I feel so much better like people you can even breathe better because the pH comes back to where it needs to be now some people will say well I thought the.

PH was supposed to be alkaline well that's you're looking at the blood right it should be slightly alkaline but um sometimes it's just off a little bit either too high or too low too acid or two alkaline and so we need it in this very narrow range and so um that's kind of like everything is revolves around with that blood pH but.

Um realize that every part of your body has a different pH so um um your stomach is really acid so don't don't try to just alkalize the body thinking that that's the most healthiest thing in the world because you can end up alkalizing your stomach and creating a whole bunch of problems very good okay man preet from YouTube I am 38 a.

Vegetarian and have hypothyroidism I have tried everything to lose weight but no success please share your best advice difficult being a vegetarian because it's hard to keep your carbs low and keep the fat high and keep all the nutrition in but I think you said you're not a vegan or vegetarian so you can have eggs right so.

Um maybe have more eggs but there are a couple things to really look at is your results are going to be dependent on you really addressing that insulin resistance and keep the insulin as low as possible by cutting down the carbs so you can do it but it's just more difficult you cut down the carbs get more sleep.

You make sure that your um your stress is as low as possible go for long walks do physical activity outside to keep the stress down and exercise um these and I have a huge list of additional things if you plateau um what you could do is pull up my videos based on plateauing and always look at the most recent one because.

Those are the most updated one like today I'm going to be doing a some updated videos on things that I found related to blood pressure that I like you need to know this if you have blood pressure so I'm always constantly finding new things so stay tuned for that but um that's what I would recommend all right very good and we.

Must go to Christine from YouTube can you talk about the best diet plan and supplements for someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or sorry to hear that Christine what do you think doc that too I would find my most recent uh video on cancer we there's a protocol that you can download.

Um that I'm not making any claims but there's a little protocol that I would recommend of what I would do if I had cancer there's going to be a lot of fasting involved like prolonged fasting depending on how severe the the cancer is the more fasting you need to do I do not provide any supplements for this.

Protocol um but we we list out a protocol that will help to inhibit a certain pathway that's involved in the cancer cells making their membranes and if you can starve them off of that there's some really good research to actually make the cancer go bye-bye but again read that look at it decide.

Um and then of course check with your doctor before implementing any of these crazy suggestions absolutely okay thank you audience uh who immediately answered the first question which asked the best antidote for salt sensitivity is and uh 80 of our respondents say potassium or magnesium and 10 say uh coenzyme I'm sorry qq10 uh and five percent say.

Hallium and five percent say drink more water yeah the answer is potassium yeah potassium and sodium work together um so many people are focused on reducing sodium instead of increasing potassium sodium does no longer become sensitive if you get the ratios right if you.

Increase your your potassium you need twice as much potassium as you do sodium and then when you're low in potassium guess what your body retains sodium so it's like not good um a lot of problems go away when you increase potassium especially if you have any problem with sodium or anything related to that and with some people.

They're low on sodium and then they're low in potassium and so now they don't have those key electrolytes to keep things going so they're going to be always tired and things like that so in some cases they need to take more sea salt and they make more potassium and to get that those electrolytes working and then they'll feel so much.

Better so much better because then they'll have more volume of fluid in their body and they'll have more blood but um these are really key nutrients to power the nervous system which is connected to your muscles so you're going to have more nerve support with as well as muscle power very good okay next question doc here it.

Is all right the primary symptom of low sodium is fill in the blank climb on it audience okay let's see Claire from YouTube is a low carb diet recommended for children who are diabetics especially especially because the very thing that caused the diabetes in the first place was too many carbs now if.

They have our Diabetic Type 1 that's an autoimmune condition and they still need the same diet because then they can actually at least reduce the quantity of medication they're taking and because I mean that's a proven fact if you are a diabetic type one the more carbs you take the more medication you need well okay so why don't we just take.

The least amount possible uh by getting on the right diet very good of course always monitor your blood sugars because things will change like if if you're afraid if a doctor is afraid of patient developing hypoglycemia because they're reducing their carbs well then just make some adjustments on.

The medication and watch what happens I mean it's just the medication is there to lower the blood pressure blood sugar so if your blood sugar comes down and you're still taking medication that would not be logical all right thank you Dr Berg for that Anna from Facebook how can I treat lymphedema.

That's a difficult one um because the limb system is um you know when you have the like the even the valves in the lens system that are overstretched and you have these dilation of of the lymph nodes and um or lymphatic system in your retaining fluid um what what I think the best thing to.

Do is to increase the exercise too because the lymph system is a passive system and it needs um it doesn't have um like a muscular pumps like the basket that the arteries do so if you were to actively stay in motion and do more of that that would help you to a large degree all right very good let's see.

Um Malcolm who's from Scotland on Facebook I'm suffering from indigestion and acid reflux and diarrhea the big Trifecta of suffering what sort of adjustments do I need to make uh to my diet so that he can overcome this terrible thing so so we have three things there there uh oh sure there's he's got indigestion.

Acid reflux and to top it off some diarrhea this is an easy one very easy anytime you have indigestion all that means is you need to get more acid in your stomach and what's going to happen um then the valve the valve on the top of the stomach will close so you'll have.

Less backup of acid coming into your esophagus and you'll probably have more complete digestion which means it'll probably help your diarrhea but don't forget to take a probiotic if you have diarrhea that's important but um betaine hydrochloride the betaine hydrochloride should be your go-to supplement and sometimes you need.

A lot of it so start off with like maybe three with the meal and then go up I keep adding one until these symptoms go away and you may end up taking 10 before a meal my guitar teacher found out he had to take like nine or ten uh for symptoms go away so then you could go back to consuming his uh large hamburgers and stuff and I'm like.

No no no no that's not the goal the goal is to oh get your diet cleared up I know I know it's shocking all right very good well uh what else is not shocking is our audience's quick response to our questions I think I'm going to call us caught up and the last one asked the primary symptom of low sodium is 75 percent uh say fatigue or dizziness 15.

Say headaches and 10 say low blood pressure any uh any Geniuses out there there's one really big one that happens first and that is weakness you will feel weak in the muscles anytime you feel weak take a little sea salt and like wow I feel so much better so that would explain too.

Um like if you exercising and you feel kind of weak um sometimes you just need a little sea salt and then boom your muscles like respond I'm not talking about where you have this you hit the wall where you're exercising you deplete your glycogen that's completely different I'm talking about just weakness in general.

All right I think we can probably give that to the 75 percent they say fatigue and so on maybe you're on the right track folks so thank you for that let's see Peg from Facebook I have stage three liver fibrosis and I've lost 35 pounds that's a great start I am not hungry at all and have a hard time eating sufficient salads veggies and protein I.

Eat once a day around 5 PM what can I do to supplement my diet I think you're on the right track I would make sure if you have the fibrosis um is to take tocotranals that's a really good one for the liver the other thing is um yeah I like the idea of the one meal a day so what you probably will have to do.

Is eat your meal and maybe even maybe I don't know wait a little bit and then have your maybe your salad because it is hard to eat everything in one time so that it's always a situation but you can enhance it with um a greens product a really high quality one and of course I'm not going to I'm not biased of my own greens product but something like.

That would be good that's freeze-dried that's uh um doesn't have high heat um one thing I'm looking at um also recommending is too like if you had so you have this huge salad right and you have a hard time doing all that well you could also you could eat more.

Um you can do Sprouts or these uh mini greens these uh these smaller like the little um they're called micro greens and that would actually have um more concentrated properties for the liver phytonutrients and things like that so maybe you can.

Have a little less of that and get by with the concentrated nutrition so the micro greens um of the wave of the future um uh yeah sometimes if you they're growing them hydroponic if you have the if you have the option of getting them from growing on dirt that.

Would be better there's if you happen to live in Washington DC or Maryland there's a farmer's market in Bethesda it's on Sundays that they they grow theirs in um soil and I really like them like that company but because they're like doing it right so you'd stop there and get get.

Your micro greens wow I think we're gonna need a new bell here Sarah from Facebook has lost 80 plus pounds with fasting and your Healthy keto since July thank you Dr Berg that's a great great thing to hear Sarah congratulations fantastic okay let's see here's another boy all.

These names giving with a purpose is asking what are some natural ways to address narcolepsy I am on several medications and struggling thank you Dr Burke yeah that's a tough one um the I think the best thing to do um well without getting into the history of what happened just before that.

Um because I do know that um that can happen after certain vaccines which I can't really talk about too much right now but I will say um if you start taking more B1 okay higher amounts of B1 that can help you but um I tell you what though I will do a video I'll work on the video on that to give you a more complete answer just.

To give you the whole whole scoop all right well uh Abraham from Modesto California seems like a nice fellow so uh we will put him on in the hopes that that's true go ahead with your one question Abraham yes hi Dr Berg hello um I just want to know if I could still.

Lose fat without having my gallbladder oh yeah absolutely you could you can do fine you could actually consume more fat it just just a matter here's what's happening right you don't have the um the gallbladder and the gallbladder has a very important function that is not emphasized it concentrates that bile that means that if you don't have a.

Gallbladder it's not going to be as concentrated so you might not get the complete breakdown of that fat so you have two things you got the bile and then it releases a pancreas that helps you break down from an enzyme standpoint so you have this mixture here that's going on so um I would take some bile salts right.

After the meal maybe a few and I think you'd be fine I think you'll be totally fine and now the way that you know that it's working is that if your stool is floating that means that there's fat in the stool that means it's not it's not working so you need more of this bile if it if your stool is dark and tarry and it leaves a.

Skid mark that means you might need help from the pancreas you need enzymes specially lipase if the stool is light colored and pale or gray that means you need more bile if you have diarrhea you've taken too much so these just little indications of how to make the adjustments without doing a expensive test.

I have been trying your gallbladder formula here okay good then also um you might you might it might be like one or two might be enough so I think uh I think you'll be fine on that first and some people um somehow um the way the Ducks adapt they even grow a.

Gallbladder back I'm not kidding so who knows you might grow on back well that that's great well thanks so much Abraham I'm going to award you the award for the most succinct question we've ever had on our show and that is fantastic and we wish you all the best uh Sans gallbladder uh you know as you move forward all right let's see let's.

Go back to social media uh uh oh here we go choose uh choose Joy is is the name from YouTube what are the best natural ways to treat hypothyroidism and Graves disease well I always like when people ask me questions to treat diseases um and of course check with your doctor but it's an.

Autoimmune disease so it's a it's more than a thyroid problem it's an autoimmune disease so the thyroid is working too hard and um there's a lot of triggers to this um it's funny that I just talked about B1 being a remedy for so many things but B1 is a good remedy.

Not to handle it but to help it but the other key remedy would be vitamin D3 large amounts because that will reduce the inflammation but again you know you know you work hopefully you're working with your doctor that can make these adjustments to slow things down a bit because.

Um you know you have a lot of complications the heart working harder and your eyeballs you know bulging out and things like that so um it's an autoimmune which chances are something may have been triggered in the gut uh and now your immune system is kind of.

Inappropriately responding so vitamin D is the best way to at least reduce the um the inflammation part of it which might might just put that whole thing in remission all right very good next question sir this is a true false sir okay true or false if you have polyps in your colon your.

Risk for colon cancer is very high All Right audience climb onto that one I can't believe Terry you making this up mask of Sanity is our latest questionnaire from YouTube what is the best uh in your opinion thiamin or benphotamine well um it depends if you have any type.

Of neurological problems let's say you have peripheral neuropathy and your your fingers or your feet or you have um Dementia or you you have Alzheimer's and you're taking this bin you should take but Ben photamine because it's a fat soluble vitamin that penetrates the brain and nervous system because it's a it's related to the fat membranes but.

For other things um you can just do a natural B1 that will work just just fine like for example one of the big reasons people take B1 is because they have this nervous energy and stress that they have to reduce boy within minutes you'll just feel like oh I can I feel relaxed you know so you can get that from.

Nutritional yeast or just in a supplement form um yes very good okay Christy from Facebook how can I do healthy keto if I'm prone to kidney stones just take um Regular um amounts of lemon in your water I.

Would recommend just taking the whole lemon just blending one with water and and maybe a little electrolytes in there as a drink in the morning that would be really great but also the most important thing is to take consume at least two and a half liters of fluids a day and that way it'll keep your urine from becoming super saturated.

And developing a stone regardless if you're prone to stones or not it'd be almost impossible to get a stone if you're drinking this fluid on a regular basis so that's what I would recommend and um also I you know I um I don't do many commercials for my products or even.

Um other products but every once in a while I find a good product um that I endorse and this product I'm going to show you right now I have no affiliation with the company never even contacted them but I found a I was at the store and I found this interesting grain-free grain free cracker that I really was impressed and I'll tell you.

Why I'm just gonna you know when I found a good product I like to tell people about it so you can see this is uh by who hu I guess it's called grain free cracker let me just tell you what I like about this um no tapioca no gluten no grains.

No sunflower oil no lecithin no seed or vegetable oils no maltodextrin hey you got me right there that's awesome nowhere fine starches because so many of these crackers have tapioca starch or other starches that are potato starch that are these and they call it keto right so what does this have in it it has uh almond cassava organic coconut.

Flour perfect organic sesame seed chia seed onion sea salt flax seed and uh garlic and rosemary extract so I was like Wow and it it's not too bad it's it tastes tastes great when you put like your cheese on it or something but uh it's always hard to find a good cracker that doesn't have these other things in it so.

Um yeah this is a no Kickback endorsement they also have other chocolates with with sweet and things like that I don't recommend those but this is one product that I would definitely recommend if someone wanted to get a cracker not as a snack but you know with the meal very good okay latest question asked was a.

True falser if you have polyps your risk of colon cancer will be high and the audience has addressed this 65 percent respondents say that that's true and the other 35 percent say it's absolutely false you know this is actually false it's not as common like there's I'm gonna do a video on this but there's like four main.

Kinds of polyps right and 80 of the time you really only have like a two percent chance of of having it turn into cancer so the great majority of time they're benign so you don't have to freak out if you have a polyp um so that's good news um but if you do have a polyp um.

You know just um it's just another motivation to eat clean you know because really what you're dealing with is your food and um yes smoking can be a factor um but also the food so as long as you eat healthy and do the right things um many times it's going to be benign the majority of time is going to be benign.

So you don't have to freak out too bad on that um so stay tuned for a video on more details very good we're gonna go to Michael our last person in the green room but first let's kick out another question all right true or false E coli okay creates B vitamins okay and helps you.

Break down lactose milk sugar that's true or false all right climb on that and Michael you're on with Dr bird thanks can you hear me okay yes thanks for having me on so I'm an audio nerd and uh self-made home engineer I don't do too much but uh I do have tinnitus and I want to give everybody a pro tip.

About that method where you cup your ears and flick the base of your skull add one of these to the base of your skull don't know what brand it is but it works wonders way better than the fingers so I'm one of those people that still uses cotton swabs and I know I shouldn't but a couple of weeks ago I ended up digging a little bit too hard.

And I think I may have caused a little bit of damage to the membrane in my ear and I'm a little bit concerned about it so I do have an appointment with an ENT and of course that takes a couple of weeks and you I just want to know how do I nurse that and appropriately do it I've heard earplugs and a little bit of petroleum jelly but what should I do.

Yeah um yeah they'll be able to look and see if there's any damage I think if it was ruptured you would know it so it's probably just irritated and it could be just um you know just going to take some time to heal and sometimes when you have inner ear damage it it could take some weeks to actually heal depending on how much uh bruising or irritation there is.

Um I would I wouldn't add too many things into the ear um you have a normal layer of Flora so you want that you know that protects things so you start taking that out too hard and then all of a sudden now you're susceptible to getting infections and stuff like that also there's an eustachian tube a hole in the back of.

Your throat that goes in the back of the ear um and um a lot of times if you have sinus issues uh that you can you can create more irritation but I think what I would do if I were you is I just kind of leave it alone right now and just and see what's in there but um you know there are people that um.

They've they've done some damage to the ear um and they have a reincurrent microbial imbalances and stuff like that and in that case what they do is they take um just a diluted um bit of kimchi juice just they dilute that a little bit and they just put a couple drops in there to get the Flora.

Back going because that's they have microbes that are really good for the sinuses as well as the inner ear but you have a whole inner microbial life form in there that's protecting you and things like that so um when I'm not doing cotton swabs because I'm going to stop what should I do to.

Normally get the earwax out there's there's different there's different uh gentle um washes their different fluids of I think one would be sailing without any chemicals that you can gently kind of flush out the ear um but also.

I mean I think it's totally okay to take a cotton squab and just go superficially just very gently in that area I think that's fine the problem is when people go too deep or they go too hard and they start you know just like you're just like if they clean your face you're scrubbing too hard you're just like and.

Then you end up with all sorts of issues so I think if you're just gentle gentle you'll be fine but that's a really good tip on that um that massager that you have in the back of the neck I'll have to uh um update a video on that because that probably gives you a lot of uh quick stimulation in the back of the occiput.

Especially right after Loud Music and concert yeah right exactly all right that sounds great well thank you so much Michael and thanks for hanging in with us as our last I responded from The Green Room and that was a great question uh and I hope that that helps you out we've got answers we've got answers the latest one true.

False E coli creates vitamins and helps you break down lactose uh let's see uh 55 say it's true and 45 say it's false doc how are they doing we're very much against uh this E coli because uh people are freaked out about it but you know that we have a quite a bit of E coli that naturally is in our guts uh.

It's in animal guts and basically it's uh it's friendly um it makes bevadas B1 B2 B6 B12 and um it's it's when the environment changes that becomes pathogenic so it can morph over into an unhealthy strain but if you're growing food on good soils and or eating animals that have not had antibiotics which.

Can then change the environment and cause these unhealthy strains then you're going to be fine so um so that's interesting yeah E coli is a uh it's not normally unfriendly until you piss it off so take care of your guts don't upset them and uh antibiotics are the biggest culprit and.

Unfortunately like 80 percent of the antibiotics are used in animal feeds and things like that or Adam For Animals agricultural so um that's how we're getting it indirectly then we get these all resistant strains that you can't kill anymore so it's a problem all right very good we're going to go to Barbara from.

YouTube and answer her question after we put up the last question interested to hear the answer to this one what is the only sugar that won't spike your blood sugars and I'm not talking about sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners and talking about sugar like what's the only one that will not increase your blood sugars how about.

That one I'm dying to know the answer and I'm sure our audience is too research hard okay we promised to go to Barber from YouTube and here we go I have a problem with acid reflux and it even triggers by a glass of water it's triggered by a glass of water what's wrong with poor Barbara um.

Well I think that um I think what I would do is I would um instead of well like when you eat for example just don't drink any water because I you're gonna maybe dilute the acid and that can actually create more acid reflux and I think your valve your valve on the top of the stomach is not closing because.

You don't have enough acid and it sounds logical because you think wow I have too much acid I need to alkalize my stomach and then it always gets worse so um what I would recommend is um watch my videos in heartburn and acid reflux and you actually take betaine hydrochloride the only time you wouldn't is if you took if you had something like um.

Like gastritis or an ulcer and I talk about what to do for that but typically um the way you correct it is by taking this butane hydrochloride reestablishing the hydrochloric acid so the top of the valve can close and um and those symptoms will go away but don't definitely don't drink for.

Your situation don't drink water or liquids like right around the meal um yeah all right very good and that begs that we asked the question from Christine uh what's the best way to treat Barrett's esophagus that's a nasty one same thing same thing you wanted to take.

Betaine hydrochloride because what's happening is we have not just acid coming up into the esophagus we have the um enzymes okay they're really powerful protein enzymes like protease enzyme that comes up there that starts digesting your own protein your esophagus the cartilage in there so it's.

All about keeping that valve shut and tight um some of the problem can also be a lack of B1 because B1 helps make acid because uh of the vagus nerve and the acetylcholine that control and then you also have um.

Just the acid itself just from what you've eaten in the past so watch my most recent video on digestion where I talk about taking more B1 to actually help this acid problem and it can even support uh the valves from from an angle of the autonomic nervous system innervation there so there's things that you can do.

Naturally well audience I'm really in your debt because I would probably have been written up uh if I because I started the quizzes too late but we've gotten to all of them and the last one asked what is the only sugar that won't spike your blood sugar and I'm rooting for your audience of which 45 say Stevia 15 say.

Monk fruit sugar 10 percent say natural sugars found in fruits oops and vegetables 10 say honey wow ten percent say erythritol which you said don't say and 10 say coconut sugar okay so we'll answer this next month on the uh no I'm just kidding um now the answer is fructose now hear me out.

Um when you check your blood sugar right you ever notice um they're checking the blood glucose level not the blood fructose level it's glucose so when you consume fructose it doesn't automatically just turn into glucose so it doesn't actually even.

Um show up in the blood it gets absorbed and then goes to the liver but some of it's undigested it's slower um but here's the catch-22 fructose is uh very low on the glycemic index compared to glucose so fructose is very low which it won't spike your blood sugar and so they at first thought hey this is great we're going to give it to.

Diabetics and we can sell it at the grocery store and people will buy it as a sweetener and then they found out um whoops that's a big mistake because the liver is like the only organ that can ask it is forced to deal with this sugar and it quickly very quickly we'll start building up glycogen and then convert to Fat triglycerides really.

Fat really fat fast and then that creates insulin resistance so you're going to create more of a problem with your blood sugars indirectly than just raising your blood sugar so it's actually worse than glucose if you have it and especially in the high fructose corn syrup um but some of the sugar.

Especially if it's in Fruit um kind of passes on into the intestine and and starts feeding the microbes and boy do they like that and so they just go crazy and you start getting all sorts of gas and this is why a lot of times when people eat fruit they gas out too much because you're feeding these microbes and they're just loving it.

They're thanking you for it but it's not always a good thing so um that would is the only sugar and I'm not recommending it all right very good uh but you did recommend that those cool uh who crackers and we're getting several comments from that asking won't the cassava flower disrupt ketosis.

So cassava flour um it's it's a type of it's there's very small amounts of it it's out of all the different flowers um it's probably the a a good one to take compared to everything else okay in a cracker and also um it's it is considered a resistant starch um so it's definitely gonna be fine in.

Small small amounts compared to everything else you know the tapioca the potato um so I don't recommend consuming cassava in large amounts but if you if you take a look at all the ingredients out there that they're using now with these so-called keto snacks especially they're using dextrose they're using.

Corn soluble um starch and corn fiber and soy and all this stuff cassava would be something that's a lot better than these other ones so um yeah that's why I recommend and also there's no grains I mean there's no also.

Um that darn hidden maltodextrin which is all synthetic so these are things that are a lot of the new fibers now that they're putting in all these keto things are untested long term and so I think what they're going to find is that um like oh we shouldn't have recommended this because it creates a lot of bowel.

Problems and digestive issues and blah blah blah sorry just just like for example Steve you know how many years have doctors recommended like an aspirin a day for uh if you have heart problems a long time yeah now they're saying the even there's a study about the AMA they said that uh.

Well you know we found that it actually does not increase the outcomes that we thought I mean all these years and then they find out that wow maybe we shouldn't recommend it this is happening so much with so many different things after a while you know your trust goes down in some of these recommendations so.

Um you want to stick with something that is a that stood the test of time okay very good I know we're running out of time but we have an emergency Dr Burke Daniel from Facebook has had non-stop hiccups for three days now he's got to be sick of that any any recommendations for poor Daniel.

Well I did a video on this um you know you you um it's a bit of a autonomic nervous system glitch in the circuitry um you know I'm sure you try to drink a glass water upside down but I would take some B1 get some B1 and start taking that immediately to stop it and also I would do things to support the.

Gallbladder because sometimes you could have some congestion in the gallbladder and that could be irritating uh the neurological reflex that's occurring so you may even want to try look up my video on gallbladder flushing and manually massage the gallbladder and the even the pancreas underneath your stomach to create more space in there it.

Could be congested I had one lady that came in my clinic and she she had chronic burping for the entire year and it happened after she did this um protein powder a low fat protein powder mix that the weight loss doctor gave her who by the way who's who's obese and um it's like a if you go to a dentist and.

They have their have a rotten teeth um you might want to think twice but um so it was a gallbladder it got just completely messed with the gallbladder and she had this burping thing so that's what I would recommend if I were you all righty well guess what time it is Doc yes well I appreciate all the wonderful questions and the comments and.

The attention I read the comments and uh stay tuned for some more in more data more knowledge so have a great weekend and we'll see you next week foreign
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - January 13, 2023
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