The Dr. Berg Show LIVE –  February 26, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 26, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 26, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 26, 2022.
all right welcome back everyone we're here for your questions if you have questions uh there should be a number down below to call um or actually just ask them on social media anything that i say is definitely not intended to.

Cure your diseases so i can't legally cure you so just check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that we're going to suggest all right steve let's just dive right in we have quite a few people in the lineup we sure do and kicking it off is amy from oregon and.

She's currently unmuting herself and here is her fascinating question for you you're on with dr burr gaming good morning dr berg it's an honor good morning my question is if there is something i can do to stop my aversion to meat and my lifelong allergy to eggs.

Yeah um the first thing i would do is i would work on your stomach acids because uh you could need to build up your hydrochloric acid and that could be why your body's like no no thank you um yeah so like betaine hydrochloride and you know you the betaine on the.

Chloride you'd need a lot more than you think so uh sometimes people take like one or two but actually you need like five or six per meal and start to build it up and it does take some time so that's one thing that might help you the other thing with the eggs is to try duck eggs i don't know if you've tried that yet.

Um but they're uh they're quite delicious and usually people can do duck eggs if they have an allergy to chicken eggs and then the other thing is that i'm really curious if you ever tried um some real healthy eggs from a farm that like we have like that you actually.

They don't have any of this garbage and i wonder if you would be allergic or not that would be interesting right definitely tried that and i tried a year of um ox bile you know all the things about the.

Digestion which are very important um and so far so i haven't tried everything that's why i'm here because my issue is not what a lot of people is i don't need to lose weight i need to actually gain weight and build more muscle because i'm not getting the nutrients that i would like to get.

Right good point um well um in the meantime you know you could do the fish just seafood um the other thing too if you do no you don't like that no it doesn't it's the same something in the proteins i'm not being able to break down and.

Digest it doesn't stay down yeah it's stomach acids yeah there's something stomach acids uh the other thing is um possibly probiotics possibly i don't i don't i do have autoimmune which is what a lot of people suffer on so i've always.

Thought that that might be an issue as well hashimoto's is my beast okay yeah okay interesting um one more thing in the meantime if you're not able to consume some of these.

Proteins it's um there's a really good um product it's a keto aminos which uh um that way you don't have to even break anything down it's it's a very interesting unique blend that um instead of um most amino acid blends you're wasting like the great majority because it turns.

Into sugar this one right um you're utilizing 99 of it so it's a there's a whole patent that was i private labeled it but there's a whole patent on it that is fascinating because this blend is used by athletes to get all the the basic building blocks that you need and it kind of goes in like a rocket ship because you don't.

Have to break it down that's one thing especially if you're trying to build muscle and you can't really do yes these other proteins especially eggs right okay that's another thing perfect thank you so much you're welcome try that out let us know.

That's great now tell you what amy if you need to gain weight you just hang around me for a week or two and i guarantee you'll pack it on so good luck on that right uh and also uh as a bonus for your great we're going to put out our first quiz question and dr berg would you read that for us.

Okay what is the most common symptom of dehydration that's the first symptom i mean that's the first question all right that's great so climb on that audience we got some great interesting questions today i can't wait to hear uh the answer to many of them and let's see let's go to.

Uh social media in just a moment please we got tons of people on there oh in fact why don't we talk about where tons of people are coming from see if i've got that from terry yet not yet well the heck with it how about we start with rachel from scotland on youtube i was a vegan uh on raw food for years and now finding.

It difficult to transition to keto boy that's like amy i am a mother of three teen girls should they transition as well what can you do for that family yeah just because it's a lot more difficult to get all the key nutrients um especially the forms of nutrients that you need uh like when.

You're vegan you have all like the pre vitamin a that has to be converted and you don't have the actual retinol and then you have the b12 and then you have the pre-omega-3 uh fatty acids so you don't have the actual dha unless unless you really know what you're doing and you take algae and.

Things like that so it's more difficult um also even like zinc for example the the best source of zinc um is not from vegetables it's from uh um red meat uh so in other animal products so you honestly i think it's you should make.

The transition and do what you can do a little bit you know hopefully you're not allergic to eggs like amy because eggs are just such a good source of protein but there are other sources so there has to be something that you can you can do um but especially with the.

Kids you know um the key is especially as a child develops they need all these key nutrients especially like the fat soluble vitamins that sometimes you don't necessarily get if you're not doing animal products so that being said the answer would be yes.

Wonderful i'm sure this is this person's real name desert love from youtube what is the best probiotic to take if you have ulcer ulcerative colitis i butchered that rachel from scotland on you oh i'm sorry that's the question so what can they do what's probiotic yeah of course um you know i'm completely unbiased of my own.

Probiotic but i would recommend my own probiotic because it's a liquid it passes through the gut lining without being destroyed it's a very interesting combination of not just friendly bacteria but friendly yeast as well and it it works i i love it um.

So that's one that would help you because there's inflammation right in your gut and one of the one of the purposes of good microbes is to reduce inflammation and if you take a look at someone that has chronic inflammation it usually stems from antibiotics which destroy the flora.

So you know just like um like a baby an infant that's um when they come out they don't have that good bacteria initially so um they're inoculated with colostrum from breast milk.

And also from the microbes from the mother so if you have a child that's not breastfed that is given a c-section they don't have that flora and they don't they don't have that the good bacteria so it's kind of like even growing trying to grow a plant with a seed on sterile.

Like um i don't know coconut filter without putting the good inoculation of good bacteria in there to start out you'll notice that plant doesn't survive as well same thing with humans so we need this flora and if we don't have it we get inflammation and we get all sorts of um.

Irritable bowel syndromes and so yeah the microbes are vital all right latasha from youtube what should i do for pain in my legs and feet from edema ouch well i would if you're having an edema chances are there might be possibly um too many carbs in your diet because.

Um you know the my answer to all these things is are you doing the standard version of keto um if you are i highly doubt you're going to have this edema in your legs so so once you do that first and i bet you that will solve it and um and the healthy version of it so you're having enough potassium to drive out this fluid.

Um so that's what you need to start with uh if you want to know more information if you just go to and right on the front page if you scroll down i even you can just download the diet right there and explains what to do you don't have to buy anything just.

Download the diet start and uh get the results that's right call prevention right don't fix a problem um keep it from happening uh and it was no problem avoidance how about that there you go because i think it's even also nowadays illegal to prevent something so we can legally avoid it.

Good point avoid a disease i like that keep that in mind i do who wants a disease all right well the audience was right on it with quiz question number one which asked what is the most common symptom of the dreaded dehydration and 45 say.

Darker urine 30 say dry mouth and 20 percent say constipation and the five last five percent say headaches are they on to something doc wow uh well the number one is the fatigue actually you get tired oh audience yep so um.

That is the uh one of the symptoms i mean take it take a just think about this um when you start keto and you lose all this fluid right and you lose your electrolytes um what mineral causes.

Um like a weakness or fatigue like a loss of one mineral which would be sodium so having that that balance of fluids uh very very important for to keep you strong and to have energy so.

Um when you're dehydrated you don't have also the electrolytes too so it's not just the lack of water and so these things these lack of electrolytes can give you fatigue both potassium and sodium interesting okay that's why we have gatorade right steve you bet you know when i was in high school i didn't play.

Football uh i heard another call but the ones that did the coach would give them salt pills and i don't know you know to which somehow remedied something or prevented something is that still in vogue or do people say you're going to have a heart attack yeah totally you want to do sea salt pills but i mean if.

You're a football practice or you're sweating a lot or a soccer practice and you sweating and you're not taking electrolytes try to maintain a high level of energy good luck it's not going to happen you're going to be tired you're going to feel weak.

What you need is some salt wonderful gary from facebook what is the effect of coffee on your adrenals well too much of it uh will stimulate cortisol and cortisol will then keep you from sleeping so you're going to be tired the next day um like if you drink a lot of.

It and of course i stick with like one one small little cup i should bring my little cup in there it's like it's just a tea cup i'll drink that and i'm good but i used to drink a lot more a couple pots a day and that's literally what contributed to my burnt out adrenals.

Because the constant stimulation you know you know it's interesting because people drink coffee to stay awake um but it ends up making them asleep during the day because then all of a sudden you need more and more to create the same effect to the point where you're always kind of.

You're tired and you're you just don't have the energy and you're not sleeping so it really has a rebound effect so then we have to transition to something like red bull to really create the effect yeah that's tough um so and i love coffee by the way how does tea like iced tea stack up against in terms of.

Caffeine or whatever it's better because it has less caffeine so um yeah um i mean you could do naturally decaffeinated that's really good as well there's some great um phytonutrients and teas that can help you in all sorts of ways from stress relief to blood sugars.

To um helping you lose weight because it makes insulin more sensitive so just did a video on that um if you've been tracking with my videos wonderful okay let's see how astute the audience is on this now we'll i want to tease them but there was a hundred percent failure in the first question.

Let's give them another chance go ahead and read this doc all right so why should you never drink seawater if you get stranded at sea yeah you're you know you ran on water and you're in this boat and um nothing no no help in sight.

Should you drink a little seawater or not that's the question or actually this is true or false right no that's the the question let's bring it up again just to clarify uh yeah why should you never drink salt water if you get a stranded disease okay so it's just an answer yeah that's right so why shouldn't you okay and if your.

Mother-in-law is on board how can you encourage her to drink salt uh see seawater separately steve you're gonna get some you're gonna you're gonna get some comments on that oh well many many agree all right now listen no actually i love my mother-in-law it's all fine but i.

Digress okay let's uh let's go back to another question here shabazz from facebook how can i reduce uric acid naturally sounds like gout well the one thing you could do is you can um realize that the ph of the urine if you bring up the ph to make it a little bit more alkaline.

Then those uh then you'll have less gout symptoms so how do you do that well you can consume more vegetables or electrolyte called potassium citrate and lemons believe it or not will help to the gout symptoms but really what we're dealing with is we're dealing with.

A lot of purines and so you got purines in like organ meats if you're doing too much protein animal protein and you're doing maybe chocolate so there's certain triggers um so that's i would work on your ph and uh.

Um and then watch my video on gout there are there are certain remedies that you can do like celery seed extract um things like that wonderful okay well you know we have this interesting green room lineup we've got samir from saudi arabia we've got israel we have got um.

Moody from south africa and we're not going to put you guys on the air yet but i just wanted to say to indicate that we have worldwide interest in your show and here's the rest of them we've got people coming in from the uk canada thailand france south africa morocco india germany pakistan israel we said belgium denmark algeria.

Kazakhstan puerto rico mexico norway taiwan oops my thing slipped trinidad chile czech republic egypt we have saudi arabia which i guess is somewhat close to all that zambia sweden switzerland peru and all across the united states so thanks everybody around the world for your patronage on the show and all you folks waiting uh patiently in the green.

Room for us and let's see um adrianzi what a name from facebook sorry didn't mean to tease you like that i have no thyroid or gallbladder and i'm entering menopause ouch should i still do the same keto and iaf as everyone else well yeah i would recommend that you do this same with a little tweak um realize.

That uh you know even if you don't have a thyroid you can still exist fine with taking your thyroid hormones as long as you get them adjusted quite right but as far as without a gallbladder then you may benefit from a gallbladder formula.

Which will actually help you aid in the digestions of fat because what's going to happen now you don't have that concentrated effect and so now we're going to have less bile less digestion of the vitamin a e d.

K 1 k 2 omega 3 fatty acids so now we have to be aware that you might be deficient in some of those and you'll be driving at night and trying to see in the dark and you can't quite see and what's the vitamin a deficiency so you can be eating foods with vitamin a and these other vitamins but they just won't be absorbed so you might want to.

Add the bile salts i would recommend the gallbladder formula with the meal to help you extract the nutrients because now you just have a little tube without the gallbladder that just trickles bile this trickles down but not in a concentrated amount.

So that's what i would recommend all right very good well i recommend we get the answers to the second question and as we all recall the poor audience struck out on the first one and it asked why should you never drink seawater if you're stranded at sea and they put everything on black a hundred percent of them.

Responded say will actually cause dehydration because of the high salt levels they are correct this time because what happens um is you're doing this concentrated salt and you are literally pulling any and all water out of your system.

And your your kidneys can't help but get rid of the salt and the little bit of water you have left so basically you accelerate the death process you accelerate your dehydration problem so i know the temptation is going to be there steve to just drink that water but.

That would be a huge mistake because you're not going to last as long if you just don't drink anything wow there's a there's something called dry fasting where you're not drinking any water um and believe it or not uh your body does have somewhat of an ability to make water out.

Of your fat um so some people have lived more than three days without water just fyi wow okay well listen from across the world.

We've got samir from saudi arabia and he also is a resident of ottawa poor guy's flying all over the world constantly and samir you're wrong with dr burr hi dr berg it's a pleasure to meet you thank you and thank you so much for all the great work that you've been doing it's benefiting everyone.

So my question is a cholesterol question just to give you a bit of a background i just completed my 12 weeks of keto and it was a mostly positive experience i did have a little bit of nausea and a little bit of weakness here and there but apart from that it was it was good and i feel better than i did before i.

Lost 20 pounds so my question is i went i got my blood works and i was a bit alarmed i've just to give you a background i have seen your videos on cholesterol so i was expecting a bit of a spike but my triglyceride levels they almost went up by 70.

And my white blood cells they dropped my red blood cells went up mpv went up as well the only thing which kind of improved was my sugar the hpa1c that dropped by about 0.3 so i was wondering because i did a quite a standard diet i was eating eggs in the morning.

I was having a little bit of butter and i was having salmon at least three to four days a week for lunch and i was eating meat in the evening and some vegetables so the triglyceride part threw me off that how did they go up so much well um honestly i i think um think about this.

You you've lost weight you're still you're burning fat you have all these other great things do you know what fat is made out of mostly triglycerides yes so naturally those fats have to come out they have to come out of your body and they can they go.

Through the liver and they can end up in because if you're not utilizing all this energy if you're not exercising with all this this new energy that's coming out and using up all this fat then it has to come out through the system and and i think this is a transition period for you.

I would highly recommend you get an advanced lipid profile if it concerns you and you could look at look at the the indicators of um the ldl the different particle sizes of ldl and i've done videos on this um but i i i do not think it's a thing that could.

Be concerned um ivor cummins um you should watch his videos and even you can reach out and contact him and if you're concerned and maybe even consult with him and he can go through your numbers and help you do a deep dive um like he has his sorry who did he mention.

Ivor cummins yeah he's a really knowledgeable guy and cholesterol he's done he's done youtube videos and he spoke at both of my uh summits flew him out and the guy is a um he's a biochemical engineer so he knows a lot about biochemistry like he.

Inside it out he's done a thorough study on it and uh he can give you a little bit additional data i think what's way more important than this test that you just had done is to get a cac which is a calcium or a coronary artery calcium test just to see if your arteries are calcified.

But i think really what's happening is you're just fat is going through the system triglycerides is going through i bet you if you started exercising more give it a couple weeks and then retest and see what happens the other thing too did you fast before this test.

Yes about 12 13 hours yeah and so think about what happens when you're fasting you're you're into some serious fat burning it's coming right out so i think um i wouldn't be concerned i would also retest it maybe in another couple weeks and add more exercise and then also.

You can also add the the gallbladder formula the bile salts to help break up some of the um the fats if there is still some fat in your liver that could be an issue um that's what you can do about it a really good profile.

Sorry to interrupt you yeah i am taking the gallbladder formula just a question there should i be taking the gallbladder formula after the meal and i'm also taking your advanced digestive formula so how do i combine these two yeah you want to take you always want to take the gallbladder.

Formula after the meal and you want to take the digestive the advance digestion before the meal that way um we have the because if you take the bowel sauce before the meal you'll have tendency to dilute the stomach acids because it's alkaline so i would just take that one after.

Okay and i can take up to one two three there's no uh restriction on that not a problem okay thank you so much you're welcome thank you samir safe flying uh doc by the way if you want to go to your auxiliary camera your battery just bombed out and okay so let me um that's.

Right we're going to put up a very festive sign in the meantime and i tell you what doc while you're working that out i'm going to go to another question and terang from youtube how long does it take for b12 uh to levels to drop to normal level if i uh stop supplementation so she.

Quits taking vitamins how long before she goes back to the dreadful normal um i don't know i i think it um could take uh two to three weeks i would imagine um yeah but i'm not sure a hundred percent so and you're gonna have to test the waters and find out interesting all right well.

Um i've been chowing down on nutritional yeast so i'm not about to find out when it drops because i ain't quitting let's see nubian queen i'm sure that's her name do you have a hormonal package available i'm taking estrogen with dim right now but still having hot flashes i would take my seat help and i would also take the uh cruciferous.

Um those two are really good and and i think that will handle it but for some weird reason it doesn't then add in some vitamin e you can just get that get the tocatrinos because sometimes you need some vitamin e the pituitary after menopause.

Tends to be go deficient in vitamin e because you need that vitamin d to help with the sex hormones as the hormones go down to the gonads so if you're not having babies anymore that tends to dry up and then you need and then your vitamin e dries up so and then the hot.

Flashes can kick in there so vitamin e is another thing that i use as the last resort so don't forget about that all right terrific and let's see here oh mary from youtube wants to know if sprouted grain bread is okay on keto is it non-gmo gmo organic the way she.

Puts it it's not okay because it's a grain um yeah it's probably non-gmo but we're going to be talking about that in one of the questions so i don't want to give that away but um yeah it's not part of the keto plan um so.

I am looking at um having a list kind of a doctor approved dr berg approved keto foods on my website because i'm finding even these keto certifications that it's not they're they're just allowing all sorts of.

Things into the um into the uh into your diet that shouldn't be there so i'm going to work on that so stay tuned for that it'll be on the website so that way you can kind of see what's good on keto and what's not good on keto to make it really simple all right good.

Well speaking of gmo and so on here's our next question okay does the term non-gmo mean the same as gmo free all right dig into that audience and let's uh i tell why don't we go uh back to our green room and we've got nancy uh her camera isn't uh working for.

Us but uh she is has a question for you so nancy go ahead with dr berg with your question thank you dr berg thank you very much for all the help you've given me already i'm seeing results already after a month however i am the thyroid body type and i'm keeping my carbs under 20 grams a.

Day because of that so i can have weight loss but i'm still getting the sweet cravings i'm sticking to keto desserts but it's still the cravings are still there and i immediately go to sleep afterwards okay how many meals a day do you have two i'm doing the intermittent fasting.

And i eat about two in about seven um okay so you have cravings but what about your actual hunger no i don't get hungry until like two or three okay do you ever eat when you're not hungry or do you kind of follow when you're hungry you eat.

Yes okay yeah i think um i think what's happening right now is that i would honestly start working on adding just a little more fat to your diet.

And going for that omad one meal a day because i think you just need a you need more time for your body to really adapt to that fat to the point where those ketones are really satisfying any cravings at all the problem with the even the keto treats even though they're better is that some of them especially if.

You're buying them or they can they can affect the blood sugars what's that i'm making all my own okay i make everything from scratch okay good um how long you've been doing this for a month okay you know what i don't think this is abnormal i think.

You just need to ride the wave it's going to get better with time but what you can do is you can um just try like heck to go one meal a day and i bet you anything that will just be the huge difference that you that'll make them that will make everything work um you know a month.

Sometimes it takes actually three months to really get make a dent into insulin resistance especially if you have your whole life of not being in keto and so i think this is not a bad uh it's not an abnormal thing give it more time try to shoot for one.

Meal a day and realize that the magic will happen a little bit more when you fast and then also as you go closer to the three-month mark that's when like your body's really finally adapted but um that's what i would recommend now should i do that one meal.

A day over a time period like within an hour or two hours or yeah try to do it within an hour that would be great um and don't be don't try to restrict the amount of food that you eat like really have a a decent large meal um with enough fat your meals and your you eat a lot more.

Than i do i know i hear you so maybe you spread it out for uh you know a couple hours at first so you can ease into this but um i'm telling you like anyone over the age of 45 should be doing should really strive to do um one meal a day just because they they need it especially if the thyroid is.

Involved the metabolism is slow um they'll get some results with two two meals but they'll get the magic will happen with one meal okay i'll work on that over the next month thank you all right awesome thanks nancy thanks so much nancy and let's see uh we have answers to quiz question number three.

Which asked does the term non-gmo mean the same as gmo free and our audience ninety percent of them said no and ten percent said yes it does what say you doctor well the majority is correct because if you ever look at uh the label on the non-gmo it will usually say.

Non-gmo verified project now what is verified project it's basically it's a project that goes through a whole list of things that um they check for um it doesn't mean it's organic it just means that there's a potential.

For non-gmo foods but it could still have gmos in there because it's a project it's not non-gmo and uh unfortunately it's a it's a what's a non-profit independent organization um and so you could still have like what's the damage of gmo foods is it the gmo is.

It the genetically modified organism or is it the pesticides they spray on it or the herbicides glyphosate glyphosate that's the problem with gmo because they make these foods resistance resistant to this thing but then they can spray more of it so just because something is gmo free does.

Not mean it's glyphosate free so it's a it's a step up but it's this doesn't tell you it's really free of gmos wow all right well let's see here i'm sorry i'm sorry to tell you that steve but i had to get it.

Out i know well i suspected my double cheeseburger was not gmo free so it confirms that sure anyway tanzila from youtube uh and boy amy's onto something today i'm allergic to all kinds of fish can you recommend a vegetarian source of omega-3s in supplement form yeah yeah there's um there's all sorts of um algae that you can get.

That that will give you the omega-3 dha so you just look for the supplements uh that are a vegan source uh um and you'll you'll find them all over the place so that'll help you with your your dha which is a um omega-3 fatty acid wonderful well i'll tell you what um gratitude abounds in the dr uh berg.

World uh here tim and sheila from facebook said they've been battling sugar addiction for 20 years blood sugar is now 84. this is life-saving thank you dr berg so there you have it and you didn't give any advice right you didn't do anything bad what happens when the when you do keto.

And intermittent fasting is that your you'll notice your blood sugars start coming down into the lower range and sometimes people get concerned like it's 60 and they're concerned but they have they feel great i would not worry about that because think about you're not eating sugar so.

Your amount of sugar in your blood is going to be less so um it's only when you feel bad like when i did the uh the colon cleanse with bernard jensen you do this week of colon cleansing and then what you do is you um you don't eat anything.

But you're taking these supplements psyllium husk powder with apple juice so we have this apple juice through the day right so you should never never do a fast with juice or sugar because you'll never get into ketosis and you'll be literally tortured because you're going to have all the cravings.

You're going to be trying to get run on this little bit of sugar it's literally torture and so i dreamt about eating pizza 24 7 from that week because i didn't even tell you to take sea salt you know and then.

Um boy did i carve out after that wow well gene from facebook wants to know which source of vitamin e do you recommend and importantly how much should we take daily well i don't have a brand but i would recommend trying to find tocotrinols.

I like 300 milligrams per day um but the tocotrienols are a superior um type of vitamin e as part of the complex code they're they're um they work 50 times stronger so might as well get the ones that are really good and especially.

For the inside of the arteries for the heart i mean it's just a dynamite remedy for that all right terrific let's see where the heck are we why don't we do another quiz question for goodness sakes okay and here you go doc okay how can.

A synthetic antioxidant trigger cancer so you buy all these like even vitamin c vitamin e antioxidants that are made synthetically if you look up on the research on it um it's been linked to getting cancer like wait a second an antioxidant causing cancer.

How could that be why is that interesting okay we have a veteran on the show inez i always butcher her name but she's on with us this is her third time and she's going to demonstrate how to ask one question in 30 seconds inez you're on with dr berg hi thank you i appreciate having this time dr berg my question rebates to sibo.

And chrome i forgot the other oh psoriasis wow okay and your question is how does it relate you mean no no no i was waiting for your question in relation to it so i um i started your intermittent fasting last july and.

Did pretty well and hit a couple plateaus but then come march after i s come march i started increasing my greens to.

Four cups a day and uh by the end of march my kids were complaining that my breath was really bad so i looked it up and i watched a couple of your videos one on bad breath and then the one on sibo and it sounds like it's sibo.

So i started the carnivore diet and my concern with the carnivore diet is well i got psoriasis up here above my eyebrow and so i went and read on the psoriasis and it has to do with a balance take a vitamin d and a balance.

Between omega-3 and omega-6 correct me if i'm wrong when i can and so i um i think i'm getting this backwards anyway so now i am vacillating or yo-yoing between the sibo issue and the psoriasis and.

Acid reflux issue acid reflux issue help okay so let me just kind of give you some my two cents on that um you're stuck between a rock and a hard place so we have to probably fix one thing before the other i would i would not focus on the um psoriasis.

Right off the bat even though it could be related i would focus on the placebo um now the thing is with the sibo is that we if you add too much fiber into the gut or even a probiotic then the microbes start eating that and they start growing and bloating and the whole thing so really.

You're left with doing a lot of fasting fasting should be your middle name you should be doing regular intermittent fasting and a lot of prolonged fasting what's what that's going to do it's going to clear out your.

Whole digestive piping and allow for your your body to finally heal and um i don't think you can maybe get rid of this without this fasting prolonged fasting so there's going to be some days maybe once a week we go 48 hours and.

Maybe every other week you do 72 and what happens is now that starts to kind of clear this thing out nicely and um uh you're gonna have to do it for a few months because it's probably um it's it's because you want to correct it the other thing that um you may want to try.

As you do this for a while is to in implement um sauerkraut fermented just a little bit because that is really good for the acid reflux but just a little bit of the time to see what you can tolerate but in the meantime like carnivore is going to have to be what you're going to do as well.

But you could do it like the eggs and the fish and then um okay well then do it do what you can do what you can and you're going to have to cope but i think you're going to have to focus on the fasting okay thank you so much for that question and.

We'll have to um that's all i can really give you right now but let's let's go on to the next next uh do you have the answers for the quiz questions i sure do and i know thank you so much for coming back with us and let's move over to the question number four.

Which asks how can a synthetic antioxidant trigger cancer and stand by the audience says uh or at least 60 say synthetics mimic hormones 30 say the chemicals in them and 10 say they have petroleum components.

Okay so take a look at this right we have what causes cancer cancer is damage to the mitochondria and um so you have uh like radiation can act as a free radical and and create damage so free radicals from smoking can.

Damage the mitochondrion so what does a an antioxidant do it donates one of its electrons to this to free radicals now free radicals are they're missing electrons so it's an unbalanced um kind of like if i'm going to spin these.

Plates on my finger right here and then i put a weight on one side it starts to not become balanced so that's kind of what you you could envision and then a free radical would be so when you take a an antioxidant it's donating an electron to neutralize the free radicals but then.

It becomes a free radical because now it doesn't have anything to balance it out this is why in nature and in your body you have networks of antioxidants not some individual antioxidant so when one donates its electron it can then borrow electron from someone else.

And then when that becomes out of balance it borrows from someone else so they all tend to balance each other out that's really how it works so don't don't buy antioxidants that are synthetic get it from food source or a food based um any antioxidant.

I mean because the synthetics that's why just stay away from synthetic vitamins in general that that would be your best bet all right good deal let's see uh wow this is something i tell you uh amy has started a firestorm on social media barbara wants to know i'm allergic to seafood and grass-fed beef what.

Veggies can provide the most of most proteins have we already covered that yeah we talked we talked about that but uh seek help like it's really a problem if someone's allergic to iodine because um that really eliminates the sea kelp.

And a lot of foods but um let's just talk about allergies in general if you have an allergy um you can eventually get rid of it by doing enough fasting the problem with amy is she's not trying to lose weight and so if she's already thin and she does long fasting prolonged fasting that's what you need.

Then it's like i'm trying to gain weight and i'm losing i'm getting too thin so it's definitely a a problem to overcome but i will say that there is a technique out there you can search it out i used to do it in my practice i don't do it anymore but it's called n a e t and there might be a local practitioner.

That's competent that you want to find uh don't get someone that's just starting out just practicing but um someone that does it it's called the butcher pot allergy elimination technique and it's a it's a technique that someone can perform to help you remove an allergy um.

You know that's you know the key is finding someone that does it standardly like like um dr naboochipot teaches you and it doesn't kind of go off into something else so it can help you i remember i worked on.

Someone who had an allergy to eggs and it helped them with that and also someone that had a deadly allergy they had um like they went into shock if they consumed um sesame seeds and after i was done they were able to eat a whole bag of sesame seeds so.

You can there are things out there that can help wow sort of like a snake venom right slowly get over it ben wu from facebook can we have chickpeas or sprouted chickpeas on keto if you're gonna do chickpeas don't do a lot of them um but you can if you add it if you have it in a hummus you're not.

Doing that much and you have the oil in there and you have the garlic in there and you have actually olive oil instead of soy oil or other oils like canola oil and and if you did that i think that would not be a problem with your blood sugars because of the oil.

Offsets it the same thing with if you were to consume like egg yolk versus the egg the whole egg i'm sorry egg whites versus the whole egg um when you eat the whole egg you have less of an insulin spike so by adding the fat in there you have less uh bad problems so.

Thus that's why steve you can have more ice cream because it's fatty right oh boy absolutely i'm being very sarcastic you don't wanna you don't wanna have anything fatty with sugar okay no can't get away with it can't have your cake and eat it too okay here's our last quiz question this one's a true false.

Okay true or false city tap water will not affect your gut microbiome is that true audience dig into that and i tell you what let's go back to the green room and all the way from south africa we have uh uh moody moody are you with us and go ahead with your question for dr bird.

Hello can you hear me yes okay thank you i dr bed um i had a question my mom's thyroid was um destroyed by that radioactive pill that she took years ago and she had a lot of constipation i watched your videos a lot of them and so.

I um pulled her in and she she wanted to order your bile salts but we couldn't you didn't there wasn't an option to sell it to south africa but.

She ordered another one but it was the same it's the same ingredients mostly and i just she just want to know if she takes it um well um sorry i have to get my words straight yeah my english is not that good um will she.

Have to take it for the rest of her life or will it um solve the problem for constipation and she she's got really dry eyes and all that kind of stuff yeah um when you take bile salts it does help lubricate the colon and um you said she had her.

Thyroid removed or her gallbladder removed now the thyroid thyroid wasn't removed it was she took a pill that a radioactive pill you know yeah i don't think she's gonna if you still she still has a gallbladder and i would just after she works on the liver.

And gets the liver producing her own bile it's not a it's not a for life thing um unless you don't have a gallbladder then it is but no i don't think it's going to be a lifelong thing the other thing um that.

i will be releasing video probably tomorrow the next day related to your mom's problem so you have to stay tuned for that but um the the cool thing about bile salts or the gallbladder formula is that.

If someone has hypothyroid taking bio salts will help the conversion from the t4 to t3 so it really helps activate and without enough bile salts it's harder to activate it that's why if you have a hyper thyroid and too much hormone you don't want to take bio salts.

Because you're going to get too much conversion so a person with hypothyroid syndrome can be greatly improved or helped with the gallbladder formula because of the conversion and if you your thyroid has no function anymore yeah well she's probably still taking that she's taking thyroid hormones.

Correct yeah yeah yeah she does so she's taking t4 so yeah t4 is the inactive uh thyroid hormone so how is it being converted through the liver and through the kidney so without that liver really working that well in the bile being produced then she may not have the full conversion to.

See the results with the thyroid so that's why the gallbladder formula helps with that okay thank you moody thanks so much for coming to us from beautiful south africa and let's see we have the answer to the only true false question here which uh asks city tap water uh will not.

Affect your gut biome and the audience 95 percent of them have said um that's false and um yeah and and then the the last straggler said that it was true what do you say yeah well think about what's in tap water you have chlorine.

What is the purpose of chlorine to kill microorganisms you have fluoride kills microorganisms you have a lot of other chemicals that kill microorganisms this is why you never want to put city tap water on your garden or your plants because it kills off the.

Microbes in the soil so why would you put in your body so you know i think what's happening this is my opinion is that we're people that are drinking tap water without the filter are basically kind of taking a mild version of an antibiotic and.

It can it can affect the microbiome now it's going to happen to every single person well now because depending on where you live there might not be the concentration but i know where i live boy if you drink straight tap water without the filter boy does it you know some people say well the.

Chlorine evaporates yeah but there's other chemicals chlorine-based chemicals that can really uh be a problem so so anyway if you're trying to work on your gut one way to do that is to get a filter or get some well water or spring water or artesian well water that's what i.

Would do well congratulations audience you really knocked him out of the park there at the end and speaking of the end we also have our final participant and this is michael from israel and we decided he was so handsome that he gets to ask two questions so go ahead uh michael you are on with dr bird thank you hi dr birds such a great honor.

Uh i truly appreciate everything you're doing to the keto citizens of the world so thank you for your guidance uh dr berg i've been doing intermittent fasting in keto uh on and off since 2019 i typically do a four 18-hour fasts a week during which i um exercise twice on a fasted state it is truly my my secret.

Sauce if i exercise on a fasted state the next day i usually tend to lose weight but i digress on the remaining days of the week i eat three meals a day usually carbs out of which one of those days is my cheat day or as i like to call it my treat day where me and the guys get.

Together and we feast i'm talking vikings after a raid kind of level you know beer splashing pizza slices everywhere i scream the whole ordeal and assuming my goal is longevity and optimal weight how does that structure four days sunday to wednesday i do keto and intermittent fasting and.

Then thursday is my cheat day and the next two days i eat carbs how does that affect my ketosis and what do you think is the best way to switch it around well i think the that's a really good question um because of course you probably have read my book and noticed that i don't really have a cheat day in.

That book but anyway um what happens is if you have a whole day that you're cheating think about how how long that will bump you out of your fat adaptation in your ketosis you're talking at least two three days so.

Let's see there's seven days in a week and you have probably four days of of benefit from this program four days of benefit it's definitely that's good it's better than but maybe what you do is you um transition to a.

One meal on that one day just to lessen it and maybe um try to um like instead of beer have like kombucha tea and some kind of keto alternatives to try to get to that point um because there you can achieve.

Incredible pleasure from doing uh these foods that mimic some of the junk foods uh and there's other foods that are like very pleasurable i'll give you an example like um more a smoked uh pork um shoulder now.

Some people don't eat pork but i smoke it for 16 hours it's probably the most pleasurable thing i've ever eaten in my life it's just so tasty uh believe me i'm a pescatarian so i don't want to eat that but okay i see what you're saying you can probably do beef.

And uh you know make make spend some time really making these recipes like delicious savory foods that you can really enjoy because i mean like let's say you're tempted you want to eat something really junky like a big bag of chips or i don't know ice cream.

Um and then you eat that i mean i always like to say well i always ask myself was that was that really worth it was it really maybe it was maybe it wasn't maybe you're like oh i'm not bloated i don't feel too good but you know what another factor there's some other factors here.

That are probably even just as important how much health reserve you have is your whole life have you been insulin resistant like i can't afford that you might be able to afford to do that because you have a a huge health reserve that you've um you really are eating nutrient dense.

Foods and you're doing a lot of other things too like you're the exercise you're outside of nature um your stress level is low um you have a good social structure around you like all these other things um add up too so it's not just diet so you just want to look at that and like.

I can't i can't afford to do that myself so my diet has to be really perfect but there are some people that get away with it because they have low stress level their environment like there's two guys neighbors that are farmers that help me out.

Do they eat healthy no but guess what they're doing physical work outside all day in the sun that has probably helped them more than anything survive and they'll probably live a long life i see what you mean the balance i get that thank you another question if i may.

Um i used to break my fast with nuts and seeds and then an hour later i would eat my big meal i recently read and saw some videos of thomas de laurie which i also admire very much about first breaking the fast with lean protein and then an hour later eating my full meal from your knowledge what is best.

And i've seen you also do videos on lemon juice and zinc what is the best structure of breaking a fast okay so if we take the worst structure that would be carbs so definitely don't want to do any carbs breaking it fast because that's going to create some problems um.

You think about what's happening you you put the uh the digestive system into a sleep mode and you got to wake it up slowly so um protein and and some fat maybe a little salad just a little bit like the quantity and if you only fast it for 48 hours.

Then yeah that you can do a small amount wait an hour and eat a full meal but if you're doing 72 or let's see you're fasting for five days or seven days um i would not do a full meal probably i would do small little things and i'd done a video on this where you maybe.

Through the day and then the next day you could start to have a little bit bigger but it really depends on how long you put that uh digestive system to sleep i made a mistake of fasting i think three days and i just you know.

I did not have a small meal i had a big meal and here i am down chomping down and i got in trouble really fast i found that i will never do that again because it's like my whole body was like freaking out so experiment with it but it really depends on other factors i understand thank you.

You're welcome and i want to thank everyone for being on i appreciate your attention great questions and thanks for all the wonderful comments stay tuned next week we'll have another show and uh and also releasing videos every morning.

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE -  February 26, 2022
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