The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 17, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 17, 2023

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 17, 2023

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thank you all right welcome back everyone we are here with another another show to answer your questions uh anything pertaining to keto of intermittent fasting Health Nutrition anything that I say is definitely not meant to replace um any type of synthetic uh medications.

Um so just uh check with your doctor before implementing any of the things we're going to talk about so I guess we have a huge lineup uh so ask your questions and we'll try to get to as many as we can indeed and there's evidence of that uh let's go to Jay from YouTube please discuss the effects of Warfarin on the.

Body and what we can do to correct blood viscosity naturally well it blocks vitamin K1 so it um it thins the blood because vitamin K1 is something that coagulates and um so um you know people are given this for risk for heart attacks because they have maybe heart attack or some type of.

Arrhythmia problem or atrial fib and now they have to keep the body from clotting naturally uh too much and so um the problem is that you've there's so many foods you can't eat you can do the yellow maybe red orange type vegetables but how do you get your phytonutrients if you can't do these.

Leafy greens that you really need it's really hard so there are some natural things to take to thin the blood like for example garlic is one um but there's many others as well but in fish oils can help and also vitamin E in the form of tocatrinals so these are things that can naturally thin the blood and so um.

Of course check with your doctor before Switching gears but um I think they have some new medications now that you can still consume vitamin K because there's a different mechanism I don't know too much about it but you might want to investigate that indeed okay Jay thank you Doc and let's the very first person today was Laura from YouTube I just.

Watched your video on ADHD I'm taking your electrolyte powder dmae binfhotamine how many scoops of your powder should I take daily I'm also on keto and iaf she is just fully involved yeah it really depends on what you're trying to achieve and of course some you know it's an enhancement to um all your vegetables that you're.

Trying to get the potassium up um but you can take you know um one two maybe three um but for certain people that are trying to deal with something maybe really they need to spike up their potassium um let's say they have gout for example maybe they do four.

Um but any extra potassium your body doesn't need it gets rid of unless you have a stage five kidney problem which is very rare in which case you have to check with your doctor but um potassium is there's a lot to talk about with that but it's a it's the most important mineral.

Um out of all the minerals and and maybe we'll chat about it uh when we talked about some of the questions today all right very good well uh just as evidence of how many people just heard uh your discussion on that we'd like to say good morning to all our viewers joining us today from UK Canada Mexico Yugoslavia Brazil Croatia Jordan Pakistan Ireland.

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Kenya Armenia Russian Russia hello Russia Lithuania turkey and Syria thoughts and prayers with all that terrible thing that's gone on there we pray for them daily and donations are available to everybody to help that terrible crisis and all across these United States of America so thanks everybody all around the world for.

Joining amazing and speaking of joining we've also got what we call the green room and that incorporates certain people and there's one nice guy from Kentucky named Willie And Willie um is sort of driving around making sure that Kentucky college campus is safe and and uh and so on so Willie uh why don't we get you up uh hang on just a second.

That didn't work okay Willie you're on the air with Dr Burr go ahead with your one question please okay can you hear me perfectly okay all right I have a question my wife had uh gastric sleeve about three and a half years ago okay she's had trouble with her stomach burning and a lot of nausea and so she goes back and they tell her that they.

Run a scope and they said there's maybe some bowel in the stomach so there's kidneys there's a gallstones in the gallbladder so the gallbladder she had the gallbladder taken out right and there's no it didn't get any better so they're still nausea they're still burning and I I do your products I do intermittent fasting I do apple cider.

Vinegar I do I've lost about 50 pounds doing it right so she lost 100 during that what she had done so I'm trying to incorporate my to her and when I give her the the stuff the vitamins and things like she still gets very nausea like she doesn't even want to eat she's so nauseated and so I still want her to get the nutrients in.

The things but it's hard I don't understand what to do is there any way you could give me some good advice yeah that's a it's a little difficult because when you get this sleeve you alter the mechanics of this digestive system and this uh first part of the small intestine in the stomach so um a couple things probably what's.

Happening is she's getting um this backup of bile which can regurgitate and it can just basically feel just like an acid reflux but it's a bile reflux that comes all the way up into the esophagus and it's a very uh potent detergent that can actually irritate um your esophagus so.

Um there's a couple things I would do um I would do watch try to find my video on the gallbladder flushing just to manually massage the area underneath the ribcage on both sides because that's what I recommend for hiatal hernia and it'll just create uh some relief and uh help the flow of things kind of go.

Through that area but I think she's going to need a little bit and you start off with a little bit of betaine hydrochloride before sheets and then maybe a little gallbladder formula after sheets just to help both on the acid and then the bile um what happens is there's a high risk of.

Getting um deficiencies of especially like B12 when you have this this um surgery um and so you know he I think she's going to have to kind of find some way to get these nutrition uh factors in without creating the nausea but the nausea is probably.

Coming because of the gallbladder she doesn't have a gallbladder so now she just has one tube and it just drains and trickles through but she's always going to be deficient because she can't concentrate the bile so she's probably experiencing bile deficiency symptoms that you're going to have to just cope with and try to get.

The right amounts um but there's um you know a lot of us side issues with when you get that surgery but you can still do fine but I have several videos on it um but of course um you know she has a lot of um probably other things that you didn't.

Tell me that would help me to figure things out but that's what I would do initially with what you just told me um it's going to be trial and error but sounds to me that uh oh tud cup would be probably an important one to at least stop the regurgitation of the bile because it's going to thin the bile and allow it to go through these ducts a lot.

Easier so um I would I would do that okay so that uh as far as like her sugar like does that have anything to do with like the sugar being high like in the morning time because she has that problem as well well that's because she has probably very severe insulin resistance and it's not because she's.

Eating sugar it's just that her body's making sugar because of this insulin resistance just hasn't been corrected yet so I think with time it's going to be corrected and there's things that you can do to speed it up like apple cider vinegar with water berberine cinnamon chromium things like that but um definitely watch.

Um this video that I'm going to release on insulin coming up because I think it'll explain a lot and especially I talk about the production of new glucose called gluconeogenesis for those people that have bad insulin resistance and she'll get some information on that as well that's great well listen Willie.

Thank you so much and we hope that you'll get back with us and let us know uh how all that goes and we wish your wife very well on her pursuit of Greater health so uh let's see who are we going to move on to now let's go back to the internet Sunrise from Facebook how do you get rid of calcium deposits does that make sense.

Yeah it depends where it is I mean is it in the joints is it in the arteries um the the main thing that comes to mind well there's two things one is vitamin K2 so um vitamin K2 helps Drive the calcium back into the bone and out of the arteries and out of the joints and uh.

The best source out of all the sources uh um would be of course NATO but that's pretty disgusting unless you have a taste for it and you live in you know Asia and you can do that fermented soybean but for all of us that can't eat that um.

Like cheese is a really good source like raw milk cheese fatty cheese and Munster cheese if you can get it from France has the highest amount but you're going to get sufficient amounts in hard cheeses and soft cheeses of course the American cheese is not going to have it in there so you can pretty much I don't even think you can.

Call American cheese cheese but you can call it a cheese product because I think it has less than 50 percent of it cheese yeah don't get me started on that Steve all right very good well I'm going to start you what looks to be like a medical exam question so here it is Mary from YouTube my dad used Knight used to use nitrogly glycerin pills back in the.

Day my doctor says I have hyperlipidemia and need to take a Statin I'm taking Citrus Bergamot instead my cholesterol is at 290 my triglycerides are at 88 HDL 72 LDL is 204 and my A1C is 5.5 should I be on statins there's a mouthful there's some natural things that you can do for sure vitamin or vitamin B3 in the.

Form of niacin would be very potent um the other thing would be very potent that acts like Statin but with I think less side effects is the red yeast extract very very beneficial you can also do NATO kinase which will also help lower your cholesterol and even sometimes the Tucka can do it as well but.

You know I'm gonna release a video on something called familial hyper cholesterol anemia which is a cholesterol problem that's genetic and what to do and and actually this is probably part of the questions so I'm going to just zip it right at that point and just we'll talk more about it in a little bit okay very good speaking of.

Question here's our first true falser of the day doc okay true or false high blood insulin which is called hyperinsulinemia is really a condition of an insulin deficiency okay so is that true or false audience I know they'll be back on that in two seconds.

Let's see Richard from Facebook again what the best way to uh re-feed that's an interesting way of putting it coming off a 30-day fast good for you Richard do it slow very slow with tiny bounce of food not any carbohydrates in any concentrated form because that can create a a problem with potassium.

Um but you want to do just a little bit a little bit of maybe a little bit of um salad or a little bit of uh um maybe some an avocado or maybe an egg and then wait for a couple hours and have a little bit more and then wait for a little bit and have a little bit more as you ease into this over three days because.

Um your system has been adapted to um not eating so you don't want to overdo it because you can create a an imbalance all right well on the other hand it's free French fry Friday at McDonald's so um um you know you might want to really yeah might want to go with the medium.

Instead of a large that's good no yeah all right very good let's see now Harley dog from Facebook shingles on my face for a year how do I get rid of that I understand that's awful yeah I did several videos on that I would watch the latest version to get the full scoop on what you can do.

Um with various remedies but um you got to realize that shingles virus started out as a chickenpox virus okay and um it comes out later in life out of remission um during stress events especially like losses or emotional stress so that being said you have to do everything you can.

To knock out that stressful situation and um then you're going to see Improvement but it's kind of what happens when you have this Spike of cortisol it paralyzes the immune system and allows for these viruses to come out of remission and kind of kick you when you're down.

So it's all about just strengthening the immune system and then getting your assistant to a point where um it can keep that virus in remission foreign horse that's an interesting name from YouTube I have a friend that just had surgery to remove polyps from the bladder from the bladder interesting.

They keep coming back what should they do is he maybe the intestine there's a bladder polyp such a thing it could be it could be in the uh urinary bladder too so I think um what I would do um polyps are kind of like usually your body is trying to.

Encapsulate something to protect something and um yeah I would go back to the basics are you eating the healthy version of Keto are you doing things to increase your detoxification like cruciferous vegetables some people as I'm doing some like a deep dive in some of this genetic stuff um have very um.

Big problems with their detox genes and they tend to hold poisons longer and then they could you know develop cysts and even polyps more frequently but polyps could also you know very rarely kind of a form of a tumor could be benign um it could be malignant but those are very rare.

So um the best thing to do is to go back to the basics and then eat as if you're preventing cancer um because I think it's illegal to cure cancer in in the United States at least is from my knowledge so you don't want to do that but if you can prevent it that's even better very good it would appear Helena from Ireland on YouTube.

I'm 50 and have menopause symptoms what are your views on bioidentical hormone creams it comes with the package anytime you take um hormones you you know it's like why do you um why isn't your gland making the hormones and you say well I'm just age right well shouldn't your body.

Um make enough I like shouldn't the backup organs like the adrenals take over and make enough if they're strong enough but when you start taking hormones and you bypass your own glandular production then the clients don't have to produce as much so then you become more and more dependent on those hormones which give.

You another problem now you're you're constantly having to deal with hormones so what would wouldn't a better approach be to strengthen the gland like I'm talking about the adrenal gland with maybe a desiccated adrenal support or an adaptogen like ashwagandha that you can actually support that adrenal um to then get your gland to produce.

More and also all these sex hormones that are produced after especially after menopause that are dependent on the adrenals um need this raw material which is from cholesterol so definitely do not start to go on a low-fat diet if you're going through menopause all right very good now listen I want to.

Remind everybody that in addition to YouTube you can go to this great free app for Android uh and on uh Mac systems OS so get that for a quick reference to all the great videos that Dr Berg has mentioned and of course will lead you through all of his programs and so on which millions of people and Steve I just want to um sometimes I like I if.

I find a good product I will talk about it promote it I'm not affiliated with these two products I want to recommend but I just stumbled on two products and I'd mentioned one last week but this is a pretty good one that I'd like I'm going to tell you why it's the it's a company called hom okay if you can see that right there huh.

We can hom House of macadamia dipped in chocolate what you know what I like about this one is um these little like treats for like a dessert it doesn't have all the extra like garbage that you see it's like chocolate coating okay cocoa butter erythritol cocoa powder chicory root.

Um and then sunflower lecithin and sea salt that's it and they're not the rancid macadamia nuts that you usually find so I like those as a I definitely would recommend that um product as a kind of a dessert and again I'm not getting any Kickbacks on this and then the other one the way I was looking at is this row.

These ROM sticks right here these are actually pork sticks if you can see them and you know when you get fermented sausage or meat it always comes with a lot of sugar and so one of the ingredients for this because I was really impressed with how they treat their animals and how they raise these pigs and um.

Like pasture raised is actually quite fascinating but you know there's a little tiny bit of sugar so I actually just reached it I said couldn't you just make these without sugar and then they would be even better and the problem is when you try to ferment something you have to feed the microbes something some carbohydrate so they add a little tiny.

Bit of carb and then I says well why don't you just do the test and see and tell me how much sugar is in there they just sent me the report it's less than one gram and I'm like wow that's cool so this has a very tiny tiny tiny bit just to feed because the microbes eat most of it and there's just a tiny bit left so you're talking about like when.

You're doing Keto um a maximum of not going over 50 grams we're talking about something that has 0.5 grams of sugar so that's so insignificant I think it'll be okay to consume as a in addition to you know whatever Keto Plan you're doing but the Rome sticks uh it's another good company I like the way that.

They their Farms that's the most important thing and they're very transparent so it's a little shout out to that company well it's incredible doc I was bragging to those in the green room I said you know Dr Berg is not prejudiced in any one sort of approach to health or the other Western medicine is great this.

That and the other uh but no but you you look to what works and does an enormous amount of study to find out the things that work and don't and there's plenty of evidence so there's proof of it he's not kicking a gram of sugar there or whatever and I think that's great and I really I think everyone is in for the ethical treatment of animals they're.

Delicious but they should be treated with respect so that's great to know that that product is aiming for that okay let's see I bet we've got an answer to one of our questions and we do uh quiz question number one it's a true falser and it asked high blood insulin hyper and salemia I didn't say that right but you can do it for us but.

Really a condition of insulin deficiency okay and um with that 55 percent of our respondents say it's true in the balance which is 45 say ah it's false this is a very interesting video I'll release on this topic but um there's a lot of conflicting information in in and confusion in this.

Area of insulin because on one hand bodybuilders use it as a way to build their muscles um insulin is even an anti-inflammatory yes it's true they use as a nasal spray to help you with prevent um dementia so if insulin does all these wonderful things even as an.

Um antioxidant why is it considered so bad well it's because when you increase the insulin you develop insulin resistance and that's really the missing understanding of this insulin resistance Factor where the receptors are actually the brain of this whole thing and you start blocking The receptors you're not getting.

Insulin and despite how much you have so the more you have the more resistance because of this mechanism this feedback loop the thermostat is set at exactly at 70 degrees so now what happens is the this condition is all those symptoms of this terrible condition is really because you can't absorb it there's not enough in.

The cell so here you're starving of insulin yet you have all this insulin in the rest of the body that can't be utilized um so it's a really interesting topic and when you watch the video that I released on this boy everything will make sense everything will make sense all right.

Very good Natalie this is an oft asked question what's the best time to take supplements during omad I'm going to actually produce another video on this because um with omad you're not eating right so do you eat with meals well you're not you're just eat them on an empty stomach and you're like well am I going to get.

The full absorption maybe not 100 with some of the fat soluble ones but you'll you'll get enough um you know the only thing I would recommend if you're doing the electrolyte powder um probably don't take that in the later part of the day because it can act as a you know a fluid release situation and.

You'll be up you're up at night urinating too much so take that in the early part of the day and then the other ones just take when it's convenient because you don't have food this is one of the reasons why quite a few of my products have contained in there um like coconut oil or MCT oil to.

Actually help the absorption of this vitamin D or K2 and I have some other other ones as well so you can do it when you're fasting all right very good so here's sort of off in The Fringe question I like pit Muller from YouTube is his handle is mozzarella from Buffalo's better for you.

Than standard forms of mozzarella you know I think it really would depend on you with the cheese you really have to find out um where it's produced uh it's there are companies in America that produce decent trees but hands down Europe it has the best cheese.

Um in different parts of the world so and they do raw and so you really have to there's there's some amazing um traditional authentic ways of producing cheese that have been kept standard for for hundreds of years um but in America we do shortcuts with.

The the parmesan cheese and and I don't know about uh Buffalo mozzarella at all but I do know there's different parts of like Italy and France that just focus on this one type of cheese and when I did the tours I was just so thoroughly impressed with how they do it and the quality and the pride that they take so the best thing is to you know be able to.

Find that some transparency which is not really easy to find like even if you eat if you want to buy some chicken for example wouldn't it be nice if the farm actually had videos of their farm so you can see their chickens there are certain companies this might be hard to believe that don't want you to see how they.

Raise these chickens I know that's hard to believe but you can't see what they do and you probably don't want to see but um I'm definitely um uh just like um you know promoting Farmers that do a good job and they um we want to support those those people to because they're doing the hard work and they really care about the animals so.

That's really important oh that's terrific okay botama or botama from Facebook I have fibroids that bleed a lot I've been taking your supplements but they have moved from my uterus to my cervix poor thing help well they're on their way out right you want um to actually.

Um help reduce those problems I would recommend increasing not only cruciferous but a product called dim which is a concentrated cruciferous product that can help you sulforaphane is in the broccoli Sprouts microgreens are really good for that condition and then just make sure that.

You want to avoid anything that could stir up the growth of that those issues so um avoid Dairy okay the cheese that I just talked about that I just recommended and then also any soy products of course you're not doing soy if you're on my program and then doing a periodic prolonged fasting that's what I would do okay very good.

Well another gentleman Jason from Tampa Florida he and I were sort of examining each other in the green room and decided that both of us were Model handsome and as evidence of that we're going to bring them up right now look at uh Jason uh live around the world Jason go here with your one question for Dr bird absolutely uh yes.

Absolutely great by the way on a four to five hour feeding window um considering narrowing it even more uh but it's just there's just a lot of conflicting information so I want to see if I can clarify some of that um first of all I realized that I was breaking my fast a little bit with these little true lemon packets I don't know.

If you can see them uh but yeah it contains like a small amount of cane sugar I just didn't even realize I've been using them for so long only three grams but still um so it's about 10 calories and I was accidentally breaking fast but you know I'm just kind of wondering like first of all is how much does that really matter.

I hear David Sinclair always talking about like oh I'm snacking on nuts while I'm fasting so I'm like well I don't get that but um you know overall my goal is you know I want to continue to build muscle in the gym um you know that's important for me but you know more important is obviously to.

Prioritize My Health and Longevity like if it's smaller muscles and I'm going to live longer and be healthier I'm cool with that um so I think omad's good but it's just hard because any trainer nutritionist the people I train with are like as soon as you get home like pound a bunch of food you know eat protein but I'm.

Working out at 6 a.m and I'm feeling great all day not breaking fast until 3 4 P.M sometimes um so but then I'm practically in one sitting consuming all my calories all my protein all my supplements you know 2 000 calories and fatty foods and it's my body really able to process all this kind of like what you were saying.

Earlier in the show about like am I absorbing these supplements you know well in that fashion or do you think I need to maybe adjust my feeding schedule somewhat or or is this case is omad not best for me just any opinion you have would be great yeah I think you're kind of in my boat too because I um I definitely need to get the calories up.

To prevent the weight loss and I'd like to do the long fasting I like to do one meal a day but it's really hard to consume you know 3 000 calories in one meal or 3 500 calories so one thing you might want to do is there's two things that typically don't increase insulin as much as other things and that would be fat and fiber and they're both um so so.

Let's say for example you do um you eat at six whatever or let's say you eat at five and you have a lot of your protein your fat and then maybe wait an hour maybe even two and then do your huge salad with the olive oil so that's kind of what I do so it's kind of like a one.

And a half meal a day that I can because I I just can't do 10 cups of salad and all the protein and all the fat in one meal I just can't do that um so some people can do that because they have a super strong stomach and digestive system but I kind of break it down so I'm almost doing one meal a day.

But with minimal damage because of the uh there's no spike in uh I mean hardly any with her salad you know you're not going to spike that and then of course you're working out so you want to hit the um the volume and the uh intensity um pretty hard to keep the muscles in check but then really make sure that.

Your um your recovery time is good there is some this DNA testing is fascinating as I'm getting into it they even have reports on exercise based on your DNA which I I kind of like it but you can indirectly find out what your pattern is just by trying different things so for example um I do very well with high intensity.

Power exercise but not with endurance so if I go too long with my hit workouts I have so much inflammation that could last for for way too long so with you you might just want to try different things and see what works good and so you want to work out to the point where you do get sore the next day so your muscles are actively growing in that.

Recovery phase um and then just focus on the quality of those those calories but I guess since you're dealing with um muscle preservation uh and also trying to get as much health as possible I would do like a one and a half uh meal a day okay and were these true lemon packets breaking my fast to some degree I I.

Think it's much better to just get just get lemon juice or a lemon because yeah um I I don't I don't I wouldn't I don't like any sugar um even if it's three grams but I mean I could see a like a half of a gram a half of a gram you know that's right you were talking now we're talking with a real insignificant and this would be part of.

The meal not during fasting but when you do fasting and you have sugar um I I don't like that because because what knocks you out of the benefit of like autophagy is insulin so now we're raising insulin to some degree um it's not large but it's still why why even mess around if you don't have to yep makes sense okay that's terrific now.

Back to our who's more handsome contest between me and Jason he's younger but I have better lighting so I think that uh that knocks him out uh knocks him out of the park okay thanks for coming on uh Jason love to hear back from you uh with all your great um you know.

Forward moving in your health so let's uh let's see what we have here I think we asked another question did I not bring the next question up maybe I didn't let's look here uh try that one doc true false sir yeah this is a new question okay so true or false a potassium deficiency can trigger diabetes.

Is it true or false all right folks dig into that and let's go back to social media John from YouTube do you have recommendations for supplements and diet to address early stage prostate cancer I'm sorry John well um the best most powerful thing you could do right now is to start doing.

Fasting start doing fasting immediately um there's a lot out there other things to do there's a protocol if you watch my latest video there's a protocol nutritional products I do not sell any of those you could but we we've done studies I've actually participated in sponsored a study in Europe and with.

Huge success with this protocol and I explained why it would help you but the periodic fasting prolonged fasting is going to be the most potent thing that you can do um with this um so there's one more little factor I want to bring up regarding the cancer there.

Are people who get rid of their cancer and all of a sudden it comes back and then they always ask them well what did you change oh I didn't change any of my diet it's the same thing um I said have you been through any stress and then boom yes massive stress so the stress will definitely can reactivate certain types of cancer.

Because what it does to the immune system so an another another important lesson is to learn from other people having problems so you can avoid that and really work on your um stress factor all right that's terrific okay let's go to uh Beth from Facebook which k2d3 uh do you recommend I can imagine can K2 create blood clots.

No no K2 doesn't create blood clots um uh K1 does it doesn't create blood clots it just there's you know people are like thinking well well if K1 clots then I don't want to get clots so I won't eat no no it's going to get to a certain point it's going to give you normal clotting because you don't want to bleed.

Internally if you have a damaged organ something like that so K1 is like really important as a survival mechanism K2 has everything to do with um channeling calcium but you can also get a lot of energy from K2 as well because it helps the mitochondria um.

So I think I answered that there might have been more to that question but um all right very good well here's an important uh announcement this is from Romania Cipher from Romania on YouTube our national food is garlic apparently it keeps the vampires away and you know I haven't heard of any vampire activity in Romania at all today so you may have.

A point there so thank you cypher he might have something there yeah so that's terrific let's see uh Rosalinda from YouTube can I drink hibiscus tea while on high blood pressure meds I think I think it probably would help you because uh hibiscus tea actually can help lower your blood sugars which could be triggering your.

Um high blood pressure so you should check that out okay very good how far John from Facebook please do more videos on treating high cholesterol which supplements would you recommend to treat it assuming you don't have videos on that well I I do um I am releasing more videos on the topic you really need to do an advanced.

Lipid profile to look at the particle size okay and you'll see two different particle sizes you'll see one which is a small dense SD LDL and then you'll see another one um large buoyant lb LDL and the one that you want more of is the large buoyant LDL the small dense one um has everything to do with your carbohydrate.

If you're doing too too much carb and refined sugars and things like that but if you do keto think about this you're mobilizing a lot of cholesterol this lipo protein is there to transport this fat and so you know there's a lot of false information in this area that uh but I'm.

Going to try to really clarify in this video which I think you're going to like because it's another one of those uh things that everyone knows for a fact but then hmm there's uh actually not much data to show that it's true very good let's see uh this is another question that's frequently Asked Rhonda.

From YouTube my gallbladder has been ripped out she said removed do I need bile salts and your gallbladder formula and if so how much yeah in addition you need to get in another gallbladder you can get them in various places they come in different materials and I'm being very sarcastic yeah you want to get um.

A good product that can help support the bile that you're missing now how do you know you that you took too much well if you get um diarrhea okay that would be indication that you don't need any more bile okay um how do you know if you need more well constipation would tell you if you.

Have constipation you need more bile salts so that's just a real simple thing to kind of determine um maybe the dosage or or if you need it or not some people have um even after surgery they have a nice drainage and they have enough um but there's a good portion of people that don't have enough because they.

Don't have that concentration unfortunately okay very good let's see quiz question number two and by the way viewers wanted to know what was the specific answer to quiz question number one true or false and I erased them as I go by so I don't even remember what it was do you recall what the first question was.

Well I think Jason remembers um do you remember the first question Jason um I don't remember all right uh I I think it has to do with um can a potassium deficiency cause diabetes.

We never answered that did we Steve well I'm ashamed if we didn't I remember giving out the answer to number one let's see I'm going to scroll back here uh and there should be some little music in the background ding dong ding dong anyway it did we did 55 said it was true and 45 said it was false so at least we got answers and we did announce that and.

I remember you chatting about it so uh Carrie would you please type that back in if you recall it I promise not to erase these things as I go along in the future but okay so so let's just let's just cover it again okay if we if we if we did it already then then it's really we're gonna give you more information about this but potassium.

Um I don't think we covered it but um here's the thing with potassium um potassium is needed to um protect your kidneys and also potassium is intimately involved in the storage of the glucose but a really big cause of diabetes is when.

Someone gets on these thiazide diuretics all of a sudden they have this um to get this diabetes but when you take the ACE inhibitors sometimes you actually um it's protective against diabetes so that's interesting so why is that what's the difference between those two medications for blood pressure one uh.

Creates a the thighs that creates a deficiency of potassium and the other one increases the potassium retention so that's interesting and potassium has a huge effect on insulin so if you don't have enough potassium you can't generate enough insulin so if you don't have.

Enough insulin guess what you're going to have a lot of blood sugar going on so that's diabetes so it's really really um interesting to look at this from that point of view because wow if that's true then why don't you just take some potassium for your diabetes and see what happens or or your.

Blood pressure and see what happens and I do find a lot of people get rid of their blood pressure I mean if you're taking a medication like ACE inhibitors and the primary mode of function is just helping with potassium I like bypass the medication and take the potassium and see what happens I mean just I don't know if it's just me.

But it just sounds very logical um but um yeah so it is true when you're low in potassium you can generate um um more glucose in the blood because you don't have that that insulin to control it anymore unfortunately okay very good well by the way I'm back on track so that was quiz question number two and 90 say it's true and ten percent say it's.

False uh and even though Jason was of literally no help at all I discovered that I I have the email and here's the first question true false or high blood insulin hyperinsulimia if I said that right is really a condition of insulin deficiency yeah yeah we covered and I covered that yeah I think I covered that.

Um and that is uh when you have that remember I talked about like um it has everything to do with um the receptor being the brain and that really controls the amount of insulin that's penetrates into the body so um when you get this high level of insulin the blood you're really creating.

A deficiency because you're creating this resistance so that is the problem it's kind of like um let's say you want to get married right and um you want to get your message across to your future spouse right and you start yelling at her and you're really getting your message across but.

You're you're creating resistance on the other side you're not going to end up getting married because she's going to think you're very weird so I guess that would be a kind of a weird analogy to what I just said okay Bachelors keep that in mind here's the next question all right what is the most common.

Symptom of a pancreatic enzyme deficiency okay and we promised to keep track of that question let's see let's go back to the green room and in this case we've got a repeat customer Jesse from Worcester if I said that right I'm very proud when I get that weird Town name right uh did I say.

It right Jesse you did very good I think we can hear you perfectly wow we came through finally all right um thanks for having me on again um so my question last last week was about H pylori um but not H by Lori directly about.

Three and a half years ago I started waking up with little headaches and I first I started getting a lot of GERD symptoms burping very gassy um and then I started having stomach pains and then I started waking up with headaches um and then I coughed up blood and then tested for h pylori so then then it.

Turned into um waking up gasping choking and then I tested positive for sleep apnea I was about 215 pounds and in very good shape then and then um I ended up uh um suffering with that with the Sleep issue ever since um and my weight has fluctuated and I.

Also tested for dysbiosis recently um and I got reinfected with H pylori after eradicating it and I still have sleep issues now I I use a CPAP um so my question was I never had sleep issues until I got H pylori um waking up tired exhausted I know I have gastritis now um and like I said I had dysbiosis on a.

Very high level um so the question I guess would be can can H pylori induce some sort of sleep apnea um yeah yeah the connection with that is because there's two common symptoms of a B12 deficiency weakness and also.

Difficulty breathing which could definitely be sleep apnea for sure and what is the relationship between the stomach can be 12 well it's huge if you have H pylori we know the pH is not right in your stomach and we also know that you're probably having a heck of a Time absorbing B12 which can then also throw off your whole.

Gut there's a huge connection with that because B12 actually helps the diversity of these microbes they actually feed they actually eat B12 too so um I think a good solution for you to start to take um not just work on the stomach but take methylcobolamine the um a better form of a natural form of B12 that can help you restore your breathing.

Um because it's it controls the nervous system and the brain and uh the the also the respiratory centers in the brain so I think that'll actually as you'll start breathing better and you may like many other people you know might have some genetic uh variation that doesn't allow you to absorb B12 so I think that would be.

Something that I would I would try without any testing because it's inexpensive and you can just see really quickly if that doesn't solve it and of course yeah you can then add a probiotic and things like that but what happens with this H pylori is a little sneaky guy it tends to increase the ammonia levels and ammonia is very very.

Alkaline so it's gonna to survive it starts to really mess up your pH of your stomach to go up very high and so now you're like have a hard time digesting and that can create all sorts of issues down chain from in the small intestine the large intestine so um you know definitely if you can take betaine hydrochloride do it because we want to.

Acidify the stomach so we can get rid of that and also sulforaphane as the from the micro greens might be very helpful as well to broccoli broccoli micro greens okay all right go ahead Jesse just one more we're running a little bit of time but quickly so treating all of that stuff you think.

Could keep because when I do lay down and I go to sleep the CPAP seems to help on some days and I've noticed recently that I started introducing aloe vera that has helped somewhat like lower the uh um the amount of apnea is per hour uh but like I said I never had any breathing or.

Sleeping issues before having H pylori now it's been a nightmare for two and a half years but I had a little remission when I went on a pretty alkaline uh plant-based diet for about a month um but then I got that's when I got Ridge I got uh uh H pylori again because I got food poisoning in a foreign country yeah see.

It's see here's the thing um without the right pH of your stomach you're not going to tolerate um animal meat very well so naturally you know you do more plant-based but then the problem is it it makes things more alkaline and now we don't have that acidic stomach to kill off the microbes to keep everything in.

Check um so it's a really um Balancing Act uh between the two you might want to have a little bit of Animal product with the betaine hydrochloride like a lot of it like maybe even nine tablets and then um do some of the other things to restore um.

The balance but uh I guess it's one of those things you're going to have to try something and see if it doesn't work because there's so many other factors involved great okay listen Jesse thanks so much and keep keep us posted on your progress I've been a little behind on the questions but the audience has picked it up for us so the third.

Question is what's the most common symptom of pancreatic enzyme deficiency and 68 of our respondents say burping or excessive gas 22 say pain or fatigue and ten percent say heartburn or constipation so doc do we have any winners today well all of you are correct um but it's basically undigested uh.

Usually you see unadjusted fat in the stool Seattle Rhea it's called and you have this um stool that floats and it has a very bad odor um because what happens is like you don't have those enzymes to break down the fats so we have all this undigested fat that kind of goes down there it just doesn't get digested so it creates a lot.

Of problems you see that with pancreatitis you see that with a lot of pancreatic issues but I'm going to do a complete video on that so you get the full knowledge of what happens in the stomach if you don't have the enzyme like uh pepsin pepsin and then also the large intestine the small intestine too we'll talk about that all right very.

Good here's the next question then we're going to Mary and Huntington Beach so uh there it is Doc okay why would you not want to consume salad or vegetables when you have sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth all right climb on that and Mary I'm glad we got you back you said it disappeared for a while but here you are.

On with Dr Berg if you're unmuted go ahead with your question hear me we can yes perfectly oh okay yeah I had internet issues all of a sudden so I got you back all right um good morning Dr Berg I'm honored to meet you today thank you so much for sharing your Stellar information to me and all the millions of people in this.

World to take control of our health thank you so much okay welcome yeah I'm so honored to meet you okay um let's see I just want to say that uh where I wrote this down Okay um okay the first thing I learned from when I found you about two and a half years ago just thankfully think right before.

Covid and the first thing that I learned was that the health concerns for um long term taking long-term medications okay so you know you go to the doctor you take what you need to take and but it's the long term okay so first thing I did because I was on 10 years of anti uh antidepressants.

So the first thing I did was sorry I started weeding myself off uh watched your videos I started Keto omed um apple cider vinegar and if and so uh what happened is that after I weaned myself off I got so much energy now I've been walking you know I got no brain fog no depression.

Um I didn't know I was a zombie for 10 years I really didn't know that so I only take you supplements now and uh because I'm 70 and proud to say that I T I don't take any medications wow so yeah and um so yeah thank you so much for that um uh I want to mention uh into a December 2020 I got exposed to.

Covid I I couldn't get uh tested but I had symptoms of uh for over a year and a half I couldn't smell well I it tastes and smell so I took your sinus supplement one bottle and I got 85 to 90 percent of my smell back so I I wanted to try anything and I know I.

Want there's another video on um uh concerning sinus okay so and by the way Mary I'm sorry we're kind of running out of time if you have a specific question if you can hit us with it real quickly I'm getting to my question okay so I'm basically healthy but the one thing I I've tried everything gelatin collagen silica uh my nails are so thin paper.

Thin okay okay so let's cover that and uh well done and all these other things I mean you have to be nowadays you have to be really super healthy to be able to handle medications take medications nowadays um because of all the side effects like fatigue and you didn't even know until.

You came off of it um so um for the nails I think the probably the the best thing that I would recommend to take would be um silica in a liquid and then of course you can also do other things like biotin especially if there's any gut problem too that could be blocking your ability.

To use biotin biotin strengthens the fingers and nails and and of course the trace trace minerals will do it as well but silica is a good one let's say you do that and it doesn't work which should be very rare I would just do more trace minerals at this point because the fresh measures are the cofactors that allow proteins to be formed especially.

Collagen and other proteins and so but some people um they have issues with absorbing those minerals so they need more so I would just take more of the trace minerals and that should help you but that would be after the silica okay well listen uh Mary I tell you what we're so short on time I wish we could.

Spend more time with you but we can't but we're glad we were able to get you back on so maybe come back with us at a later date and we will uh address your question at that point now we have um sorry to do that but there we go we have uh answers to the next question and it asks what is the most common symptom of.

Pancreatic enzymes deficiency and the audience quickly answered ninety percent of them said respondents say the fiber actually feeds the sibo or candida 10 say it's because the attached nutrients cannot be absorbed now um so that question I think we oh I'm sorry forgive me.

Here's here's the correct question see I was scared to erase it because I got in trouble before why would you not want to consume salad or veggies if you have sibo which is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth the answer still makes sense so 90 say fiber actually feeds the sibo and 10 say it's because the attached nutrients can't be absorbed so there we.

Go sorry audience yeah so yeah so it's it's absolutely true because you can't um you have bacteria that in the wrong place it's in the small intestines so it's competing it is competing for um nutrients so if you add this food for them they're gonna go oh.

Thank you we can eat this and they're going to start fermenting fermenting is not meant to occur in the small intestine just the large so now we have fermentation in the wrong place and guess what you're going to feel I mean the the small intestine is not as big as the large intestine so you're going to get so much pain and bloating.

When you do salads um and fiber that especially like these synthetic fibers you're just gonna and even like some of the sugar alcohols um that totally have different fibers in it that are synthetic boy it's going to rip up your your colon and make you feel terrible and here you are thinking wow I'm eating healthy I'm eating low carb.

I'm doing salads and I'm like why do I feel so bad it's because you you have sibo and and you need to kind of cut that out for a while like to even do carnivore for a couple months because um you have bacteria in the wrong place but I will release a video more comprehensively on how to explain why you get it and how to.

Resolve it in more detail this next week all right good well Terry said one more screw up on the questions and I'm fired so I'm going to keep that in mind uh however we do have room for one more uh question this one is from YouTube for the past week my urine has been very orange not dark yellow but orange not eating carrots at all dehydration or.

Liver issues well possibly possibly you know I mean um are you doing any type of vitamins especially the B vitamins that can give more of a yellow but sometimes an orange um but uh yeah it could be definitely liver you know when you try to like figure out these problems with just one symptom it's really hard because you.

Need to you gotta need to know a little bit more about what's going on to be able to really give some good advice um it's like me asking like okay I'm fatigued why am I fatigued well it could be a thousand different reasons so um orange urine that's a good one that's the new one you're very good well listen audience I.

Promise to be better behaved on the questions next week that we're about out of time so uh doc if you oh how about this why don't we talk about the great um advances we have in feeding people around the world your great supplements and a little bit more fair affordable uh way uh so yeah we're becoming um more accessible through uh in overseas uh in.

Other places so you can check out we have some links down below if you uh wanted to get some supplements that are pretty darn high quality I'm putting a lot of attention on that so it's going to keep you any better over time because uh um I really like the transparency so we're.

Going to do more and more of that um anyway on that note um I think you're going to be you're going to enjoy these next videos coming up this next week because um um got really creative on different topics so stay tuned for more of that thank you.

For your attention and your wonderful comments have a wonderful week I will see you next week thank you foreign
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - February 17, 2023
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