The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 9, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 9, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 9, 2022

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thank you hello everyone we're back with another show a q a and I'm excited just to Dive Right In and we have a lot of people on standby anything that I say is not meant to replace your medical care or diagnose you or even cure you that is uh illegal in the state of Virginia where I'm from.

Bomber so um I know I mean I don't know maybe other states you can cure people but not in Virginia so let's just Dive Right In we have a lot to talk about in um a lot of quizzes to give out as well to see how you guys been you know staying up on the current.

Health topics well let's test them out why don't we kick things off with a quiz question and here is our first one for the day all right what is the fattiest organ in your body out of all the organs what is the fattiest gross you guys can guess this one all right figure that out.

Folks and then we have an especially smart and astute panel in our green room they all add to their questions very easily and why don't we just start off with that and at the top of the queue is Kathy who's coming to us from Carson City and Kathy make sure you're unmuted and you're on with Dr Berg hello I can't tell you how excited I am.

And if you would please tell Karen and your daughter the recipes are fabulous my husband's very happy um but I don't think you want me to list hopefully you have what I sent in I don't think you want me to list everything that I'm taking but my question is with my health improving do I really need to keep taking everything.

Or do you take it you know maybe less a week or every other day or you know that kind of thing I'm just not sure if I should just keep taking everything forever yeah that is a that's a very good question it's really hard to know that um without getting a lot more information about let's say um.

Your weaknesses um one thing that I'm doing a deep dive now is on genetics which um there's a lot of confusion and uh but there's tests that you can do to find out um maybe where you have um some susceptibility to certain problems in which case yeah you want to.

Be staying on certain things long term especially if they're like related to omega-3 fatty acids something related to maybe detoxifying the liver um but you know it's it's I think a good way to um I don't recommend taking like just a ton of things all the time so what you might want to do is as you get better.

You know omit one at a time and just see how you feel and see if you're like oh I'm feeling great um there are other things especially if you're doing fasting you know like the electrolytes and B vitamins that are kind of like a requirement um and other things that are hard to get like vitamin D but you know there's a.

Other things that should not be taken long term the goal is to get your body into a state of uh Power where it can handle um a lot a lot of stress and you don't have to take all these you know nutritional things but the problem is that trying to find food that will give you everything.

Is not easy as well so that's another factor and then the other one is like how close are you following the diet how close are you um how good are you with your habits like you know um we have some people that drink a lot of alcohol other people that have these cheat days so these are all factors to.

Look at I guess I guess I'm not really answering your question but I'm just kind of giving you a some things to think with no that really kind of does because for example I had um fatty liver and I had sleep apnea and I had gallstones and everybody tells you you can't get rid of gallstones well.

Your gallbladder support and your trace minerals I did get rid of gallstones so you know it's kind of like wow and so in that sense for example since I don't have gallstones anymore do I need to keep taking both of those or should I just take all the trace minerals and maybe take the gallbladder support like every other day I mean I don't know if.

That works or not yeah that does work I would I would try to uh start weaning off things and just test the waters it's definitely going to be a testing the waters so you see here's one of the big problems that I ran into when I started getting into nutrition I started going to all these seminars right and nutrition is great.

Because it has less side effects but most um most of the methods of teaching how to use nutrition are are like oh just matching a nutrient with a symptom they're not like correlating all the data connecting all the dots and going okay what's really causing the underlying problem and that's why.

I keep pushing this idea um before someone starts loading up in a bunch of supplements make sure you get this basic eating plan and intermittent fasting implemented correctly long enough for it to impinge and then that way let's see what you really need because that's really at the heart of it and that's under emphasized so much.

Especially in medicine they don't really talk about this basic eating plan so um and this would explain too why certain nutrition won't work if your if your diet's not correct um that being said as far as the genetics which is another interesting topic there are some people like even myself.

Um I do not absorb choline that well so I'm always going to be deficient in choline unless I take a good amount of it so that's one supplement that I had no clue that I needed until fairly recently that I'm taking now and um because that can lead to all sorts of cascaded issues with building you know transmitters affecting sleep energy this.

And that so uh stay tuned for a lot more information on that because the problem with genetics is like trying to understand it so I'm going to be creating a lot of videos just on another channel that just to simplify it so you know you really can get it and don't have to be um falling asleep with all these.

Complexities and things that you shouldn't have to be exposed to well that's great Kathy listen thank you so much for that and folks don't you just hate hearing from people that are having success with a program of course you don't so let's go to another one Mary from YouTube I can't thank you enough for totally changing my life I got off.

Prednisone and cured my poly maglia oops rheumatica good grief all these uh ten dollar words I can't read got rid of my Barrett's esophagus that's a big one I lost 40 pounds in the process I have more energy and I also sleep better you're a lifesaver Dr Berg just like Kathy mentioned her gallstones are gone so yeah we do love that and.

We're going to continue to push that every time you folks speak about it and uh we're also going to continue to push questions because you guys keep answering them so let's look at the first one for today and it asks the audience what is the most blubbery he didn't say that fattiest organ in your body I uh let's see and uh here's what.

You said 75 percent say it's the brain interesting uh 20 say the liver and five percent say the breasts and Dr Berg isn't your skin and all that in Oregon can I throw that in could that be you fat yeah yeah that's an organ I'm gonna throw that in so anyway who's right hopefully me it's the brain.

Your brain is like 60 fat wow is it interesting yeah so um you know here you are concerned about uh fat well you don't want to be um having a lean brain you want to have as much fat in your brain as possible for for everything to work because we it's it's especially the the type of fat that the brain needs is which.

DHA that's the omega-3 that's why the fish oil is the cod liver oil is so important um and um so yeah that's interesting um your brain is a very fatty organ only it only comprises of two percent of the weight of your body but it Hogs 20 of all the energy and the calories.

So it's an energy hog and um as far to part of the survival so it gets the Lion's Share of energy more than anything else because we need the brain it's not an extra thing that we can you know just slide by with so yeah sometimes we need a brain sometimes we don't yeah so calling someone fat head is not really a disparage in common.

Anymore you'll have to think of something else that's right that's a compliment all right well uh we'd like to compliment everybody around the world for watching this and let's find out where they're coming in from today from the UK Canada Mexico Pakistan Sweden Saudi Arabia Germany Albania Italy Kurdistan Vietnam Qatar.

Eritrea I think he Eritrea is that right uh Terry he sort of fanatically spell that out Eritrea wherever that is Mumbai Ireland Croatia Cambodia Papua New Guinea Jamaica Dubai Serbia Slovakia Egypt Australia the Netherlands and Algeria Belgium Scotland France Finland Greenland and Russia India the Czech Republic.

Uganda Jordan Switzerland Denmark Chile Georgia not that one uh Bali Japan Nepal Greece Oman Trinidad and Tobago Morocco Guyana Ireland turkey this is amazing the Philippines is always Spain Nigeria Israel Estonia Peru Austria Malaysia South Africa Poland Taiwan Hungary New Zealand Lithuania Colombia Estonia good grief United States excuse me the United.

Arab Emirates Sudan Tahiti and of course all across these United States and let's see he also wanted to point out that the host of World Cup Guitar World Cup so thank you for that Terry and thank you for your um just thankless job of typing all this stuff out I'm sure it's much harder to type it than it is for me to read it.

So thank you everybody and as usual stand by because some other people will chime in afterwards being sad that they weren't mentioned and we'll get to you as well okay let's go to social media and re retoo from YouTube the skin on my joints started to Blacken during puberty and it has been the same ever since I have very dark elbows knees and Knuckles.

Any suggestions doc that that's usually a a symptom of blood sugar issues insulin resistance I'm not saying you are diabetic you might be I don't know but that's definitely One symptom as you start getting um darker um pigmentation in certain places uh.

Folds of skin in your tissue I did a video on this and there's other reasons as well um what if it's not that then what you can do to change the color of that skin if you want to try something as a the vitamin C serum tends to work good on Aging spots pigmentation sunspots and also other.

Um you know extra pigmentation in certain parts of the body so you might want to try that as a remedy um but typically it's related to blood sugar issues very good okay here's an off-ask concern Sunshine from YouTube I cannot fall asleep easily my thoughts start going.

Here and there and my thinking gets foggy uh at times what can I do to fix this simple simple I used to have this problem too um this is a problem with your autonomic nervous system you have kind of probably your heavier amount of sympathetic or.

Flight of fight versus the parasympathetic or the rest and digest and could potentially be more cortisol I don't know but the remedy is vitamin B1 you take B1 nutritional yeast um and uh wow it should just turn off the excessive solving problems 24 7. that was me years ago.

But the ideal goal would be just to be able to go to sleep and not have to think while you're sleeping or trying to go to sleep that's the goal but when your body's in that fight or flight it has to be surviving by solving problems and um unfortunately it's like start just increasing the B1 and find a.

Natural version of it and then watch what happens it's just kind of like calms right down it's a really good thing to take before bed too okay very good and that begs go ahead doc I'm sorry I was just going to say um like now I've gotten to the point where um there's not any thoughts going.

Through my my mind right before bed I'm just going boom I'll wake up and then I start thinking but uh not before bed anymore so it does work encouraging okay but anyway you mentioned nutritional yeast so let's go with the next question that relates to that there you have it all right what what is the primary reason.

For bad side effects when taking nutritional yeast it could also be brewer's yeast as well so some people when they take it they boy they feel racing racing mine anxiety mood problems they don't feel right and so they're like why is that well let's see if you guys know the answer wow interesting well don't be hitting on.

My nutritional yeast but it doesn't do that to me but anyway Patrick from YouTube uh his wife my wife he says experiencing blotches on her lower leg that are very sensitive to the touch her physician looked into her or and her vitals are are all good excuse me do you have any ideas doc blotchy legs so.

You know you're talking about a neurological thing or was it when you blotchy you're talking about was there bruising or discoloration on the legs well it says experiencing blotches so I would think it was something visible okay yeah so um I have videos on that um that's usually related to again the.

Blood sugar issued you see that in a lot in diabetics because we're getting poor circulation and then the circulation shows up as um a lack of blood flow to the capillaries and so you see a lot of like purple and um bluish um brownish Dots and a lot of circulation.

Issues in the in the extremities and this also happens with the the circulation that goes to the nerve too this is why you end up with a peripheral neuropathy which is a kind of a the nerves start causing tingling burning numbness in the bottom of the feet and then the hands so um it's so I mean it's such a an easy thing.

To fix you just change the diet get the sugar Out start doing intermittent fasting and it that'll clear right up um depending of course how much damage is there but I've seen it clear up very nicely in fact even myself right um I had pitting edema at one point in my life I mean you press that's a little.

Bit different but you press your finger into the lower leg and it left it dead like I'm like that is a major problem um I don't have that anymore so um that also can be corrected if you change the diet but of course when they had the pitting edema the only thing green that I ate was pistachio ice cream and lime green Jello.

I never ate any vegetables or any any good quality protein I was um I think that was when I was a vegetarian but I was really a granitarian so yeah wow interesting well I certainly hope that works because Patrick is threatening to date his wife's sister.

Who is blotch free so I sure hope this clear no I'm just teasing Patrick I hope that works out for you uh so let's move on to the next one Stephen from YouTube I feel like I'm starving on keto what else should I be doing you you haven't adapted yet you haven't adapted to ketosis there's something not right I would check your carb levels.

Your carb levels might be too high and you're you may not be doing intermittent fasting so you want to combine that because there is going to be a transition where you're going to be hungry but we want to convert things to fat burning and when you burn fat boom you're just your hunger goes away and that's the biggest indication that it's.

Working so um I would re-watch the video compare what you're doing find out what it's not doing correctly but the hunger is the thing to go away if you're doing it right lower carbs um moderate protein and doing intermittent fasting cool okay so the uh frisky audience has.

Already answered question number two which asks what is the primary reason for bad side effects of taking nutritional yeast and 65 of our respondents say yeast overgrowth or candida and 35 say a simply digestion issues so this is interesting because you're eating a yeast that's inactive it's dead.

It's not going to cause a yeast infection in fact it's going to be impossible to cause a yeast infection from eating nutritional yeast um the more likely reason is that it's the added synthetic B vitamins okay like here's an example of something and this is my own and it says.

This is non-fortified okay but most nutritional yeast is fortified or enriched with synthetic vitamins okay B12 folic acid maybe B6 right well what happens um a great percent of the population like 30 percent at least have a problem with this inability.

To take those synthetics and turn them into the active form and the term for that is like methylation they can't they don't methylate very well so and you need these vitamins to do that and so if they are deficient in foods like in these natural forms of these vitamins which they usually are.

Because they're not converting too well and they're also taking the synthetics either from a supplement which is like pretty much all of them or nutritional yeast which has the enrichment boy they're going to not feel too well so um that's a genetic issue and a lot of people have a problem with it.

Um I think in in Blacks it's only one to two percent and whites and Hispanic it's like 20 to 40 percent it's very high have this problem but um if someone has side effects then we want to um make sure they never take uh anything with enrichment okay enriching or fortifying anything but you.

Don't have to worry about of course with mine because I don't enrich it but sometimes you get even breweries yeast that's enriched but a lot of times it's non-fortified so as long as you do the non-45 you're going to be fine you won't have a reaction so that's just a side note but an important one since so many people have this problem and um there's.

I did a video on it so you can watch that very good well uh here's a young lady in our green room that has a cool name Anastasia and uh she is up next and she just took a big hit from her coffee so I think she's probably all jazzed up and ready to go there you go you're on with Dr Berg for your one question if you don't.

Mind thank you yes I'm so excited to be here I'm actually brand brand new to intermittent fasting and keto not brand new to eating uh non-conventional food but um is I have an 18 mile nursing and I'm trying to conceive I also have um an autoimmune issue the reason I'm doing.

Intermittent fasting in keto is to keep the inflammation down but I'm wondering if I have to use intermittent fasting and the keto diet differently during different phases of my menstrual cycle to support the different hormones that are uh um yeah so are you you're um you're trying to conceive right now right.

But you're not pregnant yet I am yes okay well on a positive note not yet okay when in a positive note when you do become pregnant um autoimmune diseases tend to turn off which is cool they turn off so all of a sudden I don't have this thing anymore well that's great so as long as you stay pregnant you're fine so you can just.

Keep having kids for the next I don't know how many years but um in the meantime the B vitamins um you know what I'm gonna just get something here okay so doc had a little technical issue but uh not a problem because I had a backup battery I'm just going to just put this in there that's great in the meantime Anastasia we need.

You to carry the show so maybe a little soft shoe dancing something intermittent little music we'll see what um we'll talk about your babies if that goes on though yeah okay and you have a baby though right you already have an 18 month right she makes my life very fun isn't that wonderful well uh we have the good.

Doctor back uh okay there we go oops wait a minute let me just uh yeah let me just fix it okay this is on camera triage and uh I think we're good there we go I always come with a backup battery um so the first thing is any autoimmune disease you need to be taking a good.

Amount of vitamin D3 and I would take a maintenance dose at least 10 000 I use on a regular basis that'll keep the inflammation down and you don't have to change that anytime during your cycle um I would definitely during pregnancy and before this is the most important most important time to um eat healthy to have this baby.

That's going to be a super baby so that means like a combination of I would do two meals a day intermittent fasting and I would do the healthy version of the ketogenic diet and I would definitely take the key nutrients which is zinc vitamin D of course all the B vitamins and um and cod liver oil because it'll give.

You the omega-3 that you need and all this is very important for fertility and it's also important for once you become pregnant is give the baby everything that needs unfortunately so many um mothers are taking um prenatals that are synthetic I wouldn't recommend that um get get something that's food based.

And then um maybe when you're pregnant um don't do too much intermittent fasting but don't snack so have like three good meals with enough calories so you don't have to snack and that way the child would be less susceptible to having insulin resistance and blood sugar issues but so many mothers too they don't stop the the junk food while.

They're pregnant and then that just creates a whole bunch of issues now once you be deliver um this is when the immune system for that child really starts and um I mean even in the womb I mean they've done studies on this and found it's not a sterile environment that um.

That fetus is basically have has microbes and the amniotic fluid and it's in the placenta placenta so all these microbes are are inoculating and starting the uh the digestion system and as well as the immune system so hopefully you will breastfeed for a good period of time too because that's where you get the microbes and hopefully.

You'll have a natural birth and not C-section because um now the child will have the best immune system for future life and so these are all things that you can you can then prevent the child from needing braces down the road and having scoliosis and flat feet and all these other issues just by these basic things.

That are so simple so inexpensive but I wouldn't necessarily alter it for your menstrual cycle um is that did that answer it sort of yeah I think so I you know of course you get the whole and you're doing your research about whatever and so you know I've.

Definitely read in different places that throughout the amendment natural cycle estrogen and then progesterone and then you know ovulation to treat intermittent fasting and keto a little bit differently during those different phases and so um I guess I just want to make sure that I'm in the in the right space uh you.

Know and optimizing fertility that's my main goal right now so yes just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything different that I should be doing okay two points I just want to bring up since you brought that up is that um these studies that you're probably reading about um you know the type of the ketogenic.

Diet that they're doing is definitely not the healthy version it's just like so um because keto is just basically low carb so who knows what diet they're really on and also if you're just doing three meals or two meals with no snacks um that is not in any way going to reduce fertility in fact think about.

Even women that have insulin resistance and um what do they get they get polycystic ovarian syndrome they come very unfertile so there's a huge Factor relationship to having insulin problems and infertility so if you're just doing cut out the snacking and do a little bit of intermittent fasting now that's the.

Best chance you have becoming fertile there's a couple other things too you can take to increase the fertility a good quality of vitamin E is also good because we know vitamin E deficiencies will cause infertility in animals and humans but the other thing is which I'm sure you're going to love is fish eggs are a really good remedy for fertility.

Um poor thing like caviar right but um you may not need that but it's something you can yeah I don't mind right wow well that's great well listen best of luck to you uh and show off your new baby once you have the healthy keto baby you know uh Dr Berg's always bragging about his grandchild or grandchildren.

And uh just white brussels sprouts and all that right and just loves that kind of thing is that right to Dr bird yes yes it is correct and uh you know we just we're starting a um this child Out on Just without all the the tons of candies and sugars and Ultra processed foods that most kids are raised on which is.

So bad um people people just say Well they're not they're not overweight I'm like that is not the reason why you should um feed kids healthy foods but don't wait till they're 18 before you change their diet I don't know if you've noticed this it's very difficult once they become teenagers to try to change.

Their diet um ideally what I'd like to do is just um start over with some new kids and go you know what they've never even heard of sugar until they're 18. that would have been a lot easier that's right I shun all of my children that have had any sugar so that leaves none anyway uh.

Let's see uh this is sad Isabella from YouTube started keto which is not sad but it's created acne on her back and chest what's going on with her that's just a there's something else it's either the type of Keto you're doing it's not the healthy version or there's something you're missing nutritionally.

Um with acne um usually acne goes away when you do the healthy version of Keto but vitamin A is one of the most important things for to prevent acne if you ever think of Accutane it's like a synthetic version of vitamin A which you don't want to do but the natural version um is in egg yolks it's in liver.

In butter it's in some Dairy cheeses and things like that so vitamin A the retinal form not the pre vitamin A from vegetables but that would that would greatly help terrific next question sir this is a true falser okay true or false a sedentary lifestyle is.

The fourth leading risk factor for mortality audience true or false on that one in the meantime let's go back to our great audience on social media uh let's see I can't even pronounce this but I'm going to try Maggie from YouTube My granuloma annulera will not go away it's on my back and legs doctors can't help me what.

Do I do did I say that right doc have you heard of that yeah I just love these questions because I'm not a medical doctor I can't can't give you a medical treatment but I could just suggest a couple things to research um um anytime you have any skin disorder whatsoever there's two.

Things to look at one is the gut your gut lining there's obviously probably some problems with that there's some problems in your gut could be related to your food um the surface area of all of your in the inside of your digestive intestines if you were to stretch it out would be the size of a tennis court so it's a.

Huge surface area that constantly is being exposed to Foods pollution microbes this and that so I would go back to the simple basics of uh watching my basic videos and what to eat and doing the healthy version of Keto okay that's one thing and then the other thing that's really good for any skin conditions would be fasting but period.

With periodic prolonged fasting so you have intermittent fasting and then um maybe once a week or every two weeks you do a three day fast boy your skin will be so good after that if you could do that um so that's what I'm going to recommend versus trying to take some Remedy or.

Some lotion that you know the skin is really from the inside out you have to focus on that interesting okay Jamila from YouTube is there such a thing as eating too much broccoli I could eat it every day with no issues are there any drawbacks from eating too much broccoli I don't think so I don't think so I.

Think if you're feeling good with it I would also make sure you have other Foods other than broccoli but no I I wish I could eat more broccoli that's one thing I can't eat because it tears up my stomach but you're getting a lot of sulforaphane which is a phytonutrient to help prevent cancer it's one of the most researched phytonutrients.

So um and there's a lot of other things in broccoli that can help you of course um you know if you have some raw some steamed that would be good a little bit better than um you know overly cooked but no the breakfast is fine having it in good amounts especially if you don't react to it yeah and especially if you throw some Gorgonzola cheese sauce over.

It oh so good that's what we're having for Christmas with our filet uh Doc and by the way yeah the the birds are so gracious they send us this fantastic keto uh meat each year and uh we're just in heaven with that and again it forces compliance on keto if you have that greater quality of meat you might as well do the deal and we're going to do.

It with some Gorgonzola cheese sauce on the broccoli you know Steve speaking about meat I have I haven't ever had venison before instead until recently and I actually I really I'm impressed with the deer meat and it's so so healthy and it's so good I'm like really enjoying it I think I might have it more on a regular basis and it's um.

I'm liking it now can we plug that company is it the same company that uh it's called go out and get your own deer in the woods oh okay good for you all right I get that that's uh no fresher than that Odette from YouTube I have a red swollen right foot and ankle please help that doesn't give any more detail well was there an injury yeah I mean it.

Was an injury believe it or not the um people go for ice I don't recommend ice because ice slows down the healing think about the blood is coming in there then you get rid of the healing response it delays the injury uh the best thing to do is to do infrared get one of those infrared um little pads you can put on the injury.

That works a lot better but ice is not not the best thing this is different than probably what you've heard but um it's um it makes sense when you think about it because um the only time I would use ice is if I had severe pain okay and then you maybe want to use to get rid of the pain but other than that.

It does not increase the healing very interesting well oh Dad if you get a chance why don't you give us a little more detail in case we're off um you know off what's really going on with you and we wish you well on that uh let's see Sarah from YouTube can you recommend a generic test that would indicate if I am absorbing nutrients.

Efficiently or how do you think about it well that's uh that's a really good that's a really good question I think um there are some GI tests that you can do um I don't know of the names that's more for the gut um you know unfortunately some of the other.

Tests are involve a scope scoping you and looking at the lining of the intestine that's pretty invasive Sometimes some because they have to sometimes put you out in Scopia which will give you a lot of good data um whether this is inflammation or maybe.

Celiac or damage to the lining um but that being said um there is a video I did on I mean I think it was gut permeability it was called a leaky gut with a doctor from Hungary which did have a test and it's something that you can measure for leaky gut which is uh which kind of.

Indirectly will help you understand what's going on with the lining of the colon which could tell you a lot um so search out that video um the other thing would be to get a DNA test because that will pick up if you have.

Genetic weaknesses that are not allowing you to absorb vitamin D vitamin A B12 folic acid and a lot of other nutrients that's another good test to figure things out um so yeah that's that's my answer and I'm sticking to it Steve okay and here's the audience's answer to our true false or a.

Sedentary lifestyle is the fourth leading risk factor for mortality uh and here's their claim 65 percent say that that's absolutely true 35 percent say no way it's false winners please I was surprised it's actually true now if you think about the word sedentary which means sitting too much it comes from the Latin word which means sit and.

Um that means you're not getting physical activity right so um when I started to do a deep dive into that topic I was actually very very surprised in the studies they've done uh just comparing people that get two and a half hours of exercise or physical activity per week versus people that don't.

Oh my goodness your risk for cancer goes up cardiovascular disease deaths from diabetes like all these things get really bad just from not moving you're saying well what's that how is that possible because our bodies were designed genetically to move with motion so in our environment we don't move as much as.

Um our ancestors moved and because there are so many genes connected to motion and exercise and physical work that are related to reducing inflammation helping blood sugars helping your cognitive function so when you stop moving as much boy you start really turning on inflammation all sorts of problems.

So I'm going to do a video on this um I think it's fascinating and it just is going to convince someone that regular consistent exercise is going to really prevent a lot of a lot of problems from your brain your blood sugars longevity very important simply because now we're.

Activating genes that promote health and we're inhibiting the ones that cause disease so if and here's just a survey question if you can put this in the in the comment section um tell me how much physical activity or exercise that you get.

In the comments section right now I'm curious you know you can you know just kind of describe what you do um but so many people I think 30 of the population doesn't really do much I didn't do anything between the ages of I think 29 and 41 or two I did not.

Exercise very much and I had a lot of body problems of course I'm 43 right now so I am much better isn't that something a youthful doctor for us we've got a lot of years left in him and next up is Raj he's coming to us from Raj Rod Chester excuse me New York and Raj is right on the.

Money he put his camera back on go on you're with Dr you're on with Dr Berg for one quick question if you mind Raj hi doctor uh so basically I'm feeling like a lot of thirsty actually uh for the past two three months so I went to hospital like they did all the great work they checked the potassium calcium and sodium everything is normal and the.

Tasted A1C also it's like 5.1 which is normal so they were saying it could be sucrose or something uh autoimmune disease but they're not clear so I'm feeling more thirsty throughout the day actually like night time before sleeping right I'm drinking like four to five liters of water continuously.

So I'm not sure what to do here okay if you did the A1C and it came out um normal then the other reason for excessive thirst would be what's called hypercalcemia so you may want to get your parathyroid tested or your calcium levels tested um because there could be a problem somehow with that of course in the.

Meantime um realize that the water that you drink is retained with salts and you you also may need a bit more salt to hold the water in your body um and to adjust the thirst so make sure you're taking at least a level teaspoon of sea salt in your diet every single.

Day within your food and things um and of course I'm assuming that you are on keto and you're not consuming you know the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes rice um things like that I'm assuming you're not consuming that because that could create um.

A problem with your fluids um because it tends when you what happens when you do eat refined carbs or sugar you retain a lot more uh water and that can also cause imbalances with the sensors for your your fluids and um also your um thirst and um as well as your urination do you have um.

Problems with urination do you urinate frequently or not oh yes I'm doing frequently yeah you know there's also another type of diabetes insipidus that you should check as well so I think you need a a deeper test check the parathyroid check your calcium and check for uh find a doctor that can check with diabetes.

Insipidus and see if there's any problem in that area and then watch my videos on whatever they found to to get uh maybe a natural solution all right well please let us know about that Roger kind of short on time so but please do get back with us and let us know how that goes and we wish you all the best health in the coming new year.

And stick with that great keto stuff or whatever that is going to continue to increase your health and let's see let's uh let's just go straight over to Eric uh he's in Boston and he was just stretching his arms so I don't know if he's got carpal tunnel or something or we've just kept him on hold for too long go ahead with your one question for Dr.

Berg please Eric hi Dr Eric thank you for the opportunity so I'm usually a healthy person with perfect BMI but back in January I had a panic attack because of uh major Financial loss and suddenly some other health problems uh appeared like I had uh I had like gerd reflux shortness of breath a lot of digestion issues a lot.

Of bloating constant dry coughing all the time and of course anxiety so you know it has been like almost like 10 11 months now I'm doing much better than it was before however uh my GI doctor told me that I have IBS and I'm using Duloxetine 20 milligrams every day it's like anti-depression medication and it's also helping my uh.

Bloating issues as well because it's recommended by uh my GI doctor so it looks like uh I will have to be using this medication forever this is what my uh behavioral behavioral uh doctor told me so I was wondering if there is any replacement for this medication because.

I don't want to use this medication because of side effect over long term is there any special diet or lifestyle change or any type of food any type of system that can replace this medication by the way I asked this this question to my GI doctor and she told me that oh if you find that kind of like replacement just let me know so I'm asking you.

Great um it could be and it's very commonly that you would have some of these symptoms related to the side effects of your medication um I would check all the side effects see if they correlate but as you were talking you know I was just kind of in.

My mind seeing if there's any Common Thread between some of the symptoms and there definitely is when you experience losses of any sort which that's the that's the worst stress our bodies can experience which creates such a shock to the system that you become.

Depleted with some really key nutrients the biggest one being vitamin B1 and it just happens vitamin B1 is the antidote to a panic attack it calms the nerve it pulls you out of the flight or fight you know fear sensation and it's great for nightmares and um for worry which is kind of like um.

Anxiety and uh not having a solution to a problem and so B1 is what you need to take a lot of I would find a natural one but then I would also find um probably nutritional use with more B1 would probably be the best thing you could do right now and you're going to feel calmer and so then you can work.

With your doctor to kind of make the adjustments and wean off that medication um the other thing is that watch my video my two videos on panic attack um your breathing is very very important to actively slow down your breath in and out especially when you're sleeping you can actually change your autonomic.

Nervous system and pull yourself right out of a panic attack just by slow breathing which is interesting um so B1 vitamin D is important as well but B1 is the key one and the other interesting thing about B1 is that if you're deficient you are not going to be able to make this hormone another hormone it's a.

Neurotransmitter called acetylcholine and that's going to affect something called the vagus nerve which calms down the heart and it's going to affect your digestion big time so just by not having a B1 can create all sorts of problems with the valve on your stomach um creating.

Um increasing your risk for all sorts of GI gastrointestinal problems even the production of hydrochloric acid is going to be off so I think B1 is going to be your best friend coming in the near a few months that's what I would recommend and then watch my recent video that I talked about that which is the the consequence of having a B1.

Deficiency and how it relates to digestion I don't even know the name of that video that I recently did but I released it from the last week it's on digestion and it's quite massive and it'll give you some data and then also watch um other videos that I had on B1 so you have the full understanding but that's really what you need right now.

That's great well listen Eric get back with us and let me tell you something Eric here is a remedy on screen now and for the whole audience and that's Dr Berg's uh wonderful app now available uh on from the Apple store or Google Play and these are organized not to say that the doctor is disorganized but YouTube apparently is a tough place to research.

And find different stuff but not on this app so you have the power of Health right at your fingertips whether you're Android or uh iPhone so go get that folks and uh you'll probably knock out these questions 20 times faster there's there's a there's a an audio part of that so what's great is if you're driving you just click the audio on the.

Videos and just listen to me listen to certain videos that you're interested in that way it's kind of like a an audio book I listen to a lot of audiobooks when I'm driving um so um it's nice so I would recommend that very good okay next question another true false or doc okay true or false gluten is the only.

Protein we don't digest completely all right folks climb on that let us know what you think uh let's see oh here we go uh coins and ghouls is the handle that this person's going uh from on YouTube do breath Ketone meters actually work I think they do work they give you some data but here's the thing as soon as you.

Adapt to ketosis you're going to be more efficient at Burning ketones and less efficient at wasting well you just you're not you're not going to waste as many ketones like that's why the urine Ketone test or the breath test are good in the beginning of Keto but when you start burning it it might not show up in your urine anymore because you're.

Utilizing these ketones you're not wasting them um so the best one is a blood test but a urine test is you know it's a good good indicator roughly especially in the beginning but probably not when you get fully adapted okay very good let's go to uh Saint Augustine who got roughed up from a.

Hurricane I think and we've got uh Dana on and Dana we're running a little on time but we want to get you in here so let us know quickly what your question is for Dr Burke I've been dealing with um a phlegm or mucus for over a year now and I just can't figure out what's going on I have been to an ENT they've scoped.

Me I've been to an allergist I'm not allergic to any environmental allergens um I'm currently working with my primary doctor and he has me on some nasal sprays um an allergy pill for a couple weeks to see if that might help but nothing seems to be working and I'm not sure what to do I have watched your videos.

Um and I've done a couple of the things but I'm just stuck on what to do what to try is it originating from the back of the throat somewhere or is it coming from the post nasal it seems like it's post nasal uh because when I wake up in the morning I'm having to blow my nose I'm having to clear my throat but I also find that throughout the day.

I have to clear my throat it's almost like a frog like it changes my voice and I have to almost like gag to to clear this have you ever had uh mono or epstein-birs that you know of not that I know of okay have you ever had really bad sore throats.

I get sore throats but I I think maybe just with a common cold have you do you have a history of um having tonsil issues that I've had I've never had my tonsils out so not that I know of yeah we have a history of taking antibiotics I've taken a lot of antibiotics I mean I have two young kids so I'm.

Always sick yeah what happens though um you know when people become sick and they have this uh immune it's really think about it like this wow my immune system is actually working and people don't like to be sick so they instantly take something right when you take antibiotics and a lot of them you.

Kill off bacteria and unfortunately you end up with more uh fungus and yeast that can grow because the bacteria there to keep the yeast in check and the fungus in check and a lot of people have this chronic um fungal infection in the sinuses and then they get that treated and then it just comes back with a vengeance so I think a good approach.

For you would be to watch all of my videos on the sinus and the to find there's several remedies that you can use and one would be actually a diluted juice of kimchi if you take some of that and put up in the nostrils it tends to there's even supplements there's a certain microbe that can help uh reestablish the the microbes in your.

Sinuses um and there's also the Halo um it's called um it's like a salt therapy it's a device I think it'd be good for you that runs at night in your room it's dry salt it's not sea salt sodium chloride that seems to really uh purify your sinuses it's.

Like being at the beach and that's Salt Air and it's really good for uh sinuses and also inhibiting pathogens things like that um and then also I would get on my basic healthy eating plan and intermittent fasting because that's going to reduce um.

Mucus in general especially if you might be doing too many carbs and then fasting is going to help the immune system the acupressure tool or technique will probably help you drain but you're going to have to deal with what's going on deep inside and unfortunately the medication route always ends up.

Making it worse with time because they're they're not looking at what's happening with this this microbiome inside your sinuses they're kind of like well let's use this they're stronger and stronger and stronger and then now you're developing resistant microbes that you can't kill no matter what so you want to.

Go in the area of uh probiotics eating more probiotics Probiotic foods um reestablishing that in your sinus is doing Natural Things um like um I list a whole bunch of them you can start doing that um but I do understand where you're at because I mean you probably had a lot of.

Treatment so whatever you do try not to get any more antibiotics if unless you absolutely have to because that's going to take you in the wrong direction okay thank you you're welcome that's great doc you're so generous with all your time with these people it's like you're talking to your niece there giving a great counsel and thanks so much you.

Know I was I was the poster child for antibiotics every year I mean I took it and uh so I have a lot of experience with um what not to do um you know of course I was like oh my gosh I'm getting sick I have to I have to just suppress the symptom I'm getting a fever I have to take this but um that immune system boy that's.

That's like your friend and getting sick is actually a training for your immune system when you're younger especially um you know let your body go through this whole cycle and you become stronger and don't don't live too much in a sterile environment that's just as bad yeah well I I sure didn't when my kids were I don't know two or three are going.

To so they're preschool or Center four or five whatever the age goes I was sick for two years straight with each of their new strains they come home from that slobber all over me which I love but then I got sick helping you now become very very strong to uh pathogens yeah I'm pretty tough right now uh okay let's go back to uh I.

Think it'll probably be our last question for to this week true false gluten is the only protein we don't digest uh completely and our respondents said uh sorry I it kind of jumped up on my screen 55 say false 45 say true who's right it's true now if you look this up you will say oh no we can digest it and.

That's usually uh put out by various uh sites that don't are not credible um there's a really good researcher this guy is the top guy in the field of um gluten intolerant celiac disease um Dr Fasano wrote a book on gluten fascinating book I'm reading I mean this guy is it really put put Celiac on the.

Map um it's done massive research has massive success very credible and he's the one that said gluten does not fully digest because our we don't we have not developed the enzymes yet to fully break it down so then we end up with this incomplete breakdown and also it has the ability to dilate or open up or make our.

Gut more permeable permeable whether you're allergic or not so when you're eating wheat you're basically creating a a version of leaky gut because of these proteins are not digesting and because some of the other chemical other the the Cascade of things that can happen and that leads to.

Um a lot of problems especially if you're doing it chronically gluten is an interesting protein because first of all over the last two decades we're just like we're increasing the concentration of gluten in the wheat so it's a lot more than it used to be and um this is tearing up our colons and and even.

Um because it's not digested it's not providing a lot of health benefits other than that wonderful texture that bread gives you that wonderful gooey bread dough you know that we love so much but oh my gosh it comes with a a package I remember um not thinking twice consuming uh French bread a huge uh loaf of French.

Bread that's just like and just Downing it just without even thinking it's like a problem at all and I always wondered why I shortly after was just doubled over with this serious digestive issue so um these the gluten or byproducts of gluten um.

Our bodies interpret that um like certain components of microbes and so it does create an immune reaction very commonly and so we have this uh setting the person up for a potential autoimmune disease because all these autoimmune start in the gut and something had to have created a permeability issue.

One really important thing with small children or babies like if they're for you know between being born in four months or five months do not give them any grains at that age you're gonna set them up for all sorts of problems their immune system and their their microbiome isn't strong enough to really deal with it so that's really the.

Problem is that we don't have the the microbiome to deal with the enzymes that are necessary to break down certain things so creates a lot of issues by the way can we put you on the spot just before the show in uh this gentleman uh let's see wants to know when your last cheat day was and what did you have this is coming from ward he dares to ask you.

What your last cheat day when I mean it's a holidays he probably suspects you're having some sugar cookies or something well here's the thing I don't have a cheat day but um I have gone off the program of course so I was in uh I think I was in um Italy and definitely had had to experiment.

With um something called um Pizza and so that was probably the last time and um you know I I can afford to do that occasionally I don't do it a lot but um I do enjoy a high quality pizza and so um yeah that was it that was it Ward your suspicions were your suspicions were correct but look he's still healthy.

So that's great anyway thanks for that last little tidbit I guess we're out of time doc so if you take us away appreciate appreciate all your wonderful comments and thank you for your attention I really uh appreciate that and uh stay tuned for some really interesting videos coming up this next week uh which are even I think are going.

To be even more interesting the last week have a wonderful weekend we will see you next week same time same place
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - December 9, 2022
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