The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 30, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 30, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 30, 2022

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thank you all right welcome back everyone we have a great show a great number of people lined up to ask questions anything that I say is definitely not meant or intended to give you any cures or help you even prevent anything so it's just for information food for thought so.

Check with your doctor before implementing any of the things that I say all right Steve over to you all right thank you so much uh good morning everyone and I think we had a nice gentleman named Jackman if I have it right he was on a forklift in a factory and he had a mask on because he.

Has an abscessed tooth and just the breathing in on it was driving him crazy so short of uh you know plowing the forklift into a dentist office how about people before they get to the dentist or whatever what can they do for an abscessed tooth maybe he's listening I hope the abscesses are are really tough.

Because your body's trying to encapsulate an infection and um you know I I don't know what you can do for pain relief other than maybe some clove oil on the tooth until you can get it handled um some people um who have root canals then later on develop abscess abscesses underneath.

That tooth and so in that case the tooth is probably dead and you're going to have to deal with that but uh yeah you're going to find a competent dentist that can fix that um because that infection um they found bacteria from from infections like that in other places in the body so it can spread so.

It does create a situation um but I don't know other than clove oil topically I don't that's something that you're probably not going to ever you know resolve unless you go to a dentist that knows how to you know deal with that yeah that's one of the worst things.

And of course this takes us back to um what was it stranded with Tom Hanks anyway he banged one of those out with a ice skate and a coconut and I'm sure that's we'd all like to take a better remedy to pain relief than that so good luck to you sir I hope you get that fixed very soon let's kick it.

Off with our first question of the day Dr Bergen here it is okay if insulin prevents brain plaquing in Alzheimer's like that amyloid plaque and Alzheimer's which by the way it does which is interesting then why shouldn't we just be focused on raising insulin with a higher carb diet now that's a.

Very interesting question I can't wait to hear the answer to that and speaking of answers folks let's also kick it off with this um pleasing graphic of Dr Berg's app which is uh not only available now but they've really come through it and made it work very efficiently so unlike YouTube and other social media you'll be able to find the.

Video you're looking for both on Apple a store and Google Play additionally they have like podcasts so if you're driving you can listen to Dr Berg's remedies not cures but suggestions and so on please check with your doctor before you feel better and uh let's see what else I think that's it for that so that's terrific digging to that question.

Let's go straight over to our social media folks and Karen from YouTube what are your thoughts on organic versus free range or pasture-raised chickens organic what there's one one word that I missed sure uh let's see on organic versus free range uh is there any difference so organic pastures or free range.

Well as far as chickens and chicken eggs ideally you need of course pasture raised not pasteurized uh you want chickens that actually can roam around outside the barn eating bugs that's the ideal situation and there are certain um companies now that I would seek out if I were you that have videos on their website to show you their happy chickens.

And then you can see what really happens because honestly most of the chickens out there don't see the light of day and so you look you crack the yolk open and you're like wow it's just so nice and yellow well little do you know uh they're using certain food coloring and colorings to add that color in there it's not coming from a true.

Carotenoid is coming from a synthetic carotenoid I have actually a test that measures carotenoids and eggs and so I'm going to be doing some research on that but it doesn't necessarily differentiate between the synthetic versus the natural but you can still figure it out because the synthetic does not float when you do the mixture.

In other words um the true carotenoids the natural ones are fat soluble so they kind of float at the top so Bingo you can actually determine that just by looking at that but um anyway um I just wanted to bring that up because um the eggs are one of the best foods and.

Uh you know it's worth spending a little bit more and getting a high quality egg so um you know it's so funny look at these commercial eggs and it says oh yeah grain fed like or vegetarian fed like yeah well that's that's not necessarily the greatest because you're just using soy and uh what even if you as compared.

To what animal animal meat you're feeding or animal waste products I mean like so it's just there's a lot of um marketing involved in making it sound really great a lot of sleight of hand out there in that but anyway get some healthy chickens however you can do that I was in Zambia once and ate eggs there and boy what a difference and.

They were indeed free range and the the yolks were so rich and yellow or no orange really yeah they're kind of golden yeah it's very amazing so uh so go get them okay on next is uh Tilly from YouTube what can a person do about polyneuropathy okay so poly means uh many neuropathy problem with the Nerf so we're getting.

Um usually when you have multiple nerve damage that can be coming from many different things one being diabetes so the best thing to do is change your diet come off carbohydrates that's going to increase your micro and macro vascularization so that means that the tiny little capillaries are going to start healing as well as the big.

Arteries are going to start healing so you have less oxidation and so then you can have um blood flow to your actual nerves because that's really the problem is you're not getting enough nutrition or blood flow or oxygen to the nerves and it dies so one one really good remedy to stop the symptoms and like pretty quick.

Is is that benfotamine I talked about the before it's a it's a type of B vitamin that goes it's a fat soluble so it goes right into the nerve and it works great so benfotamine take more than it recommends like I would just take 4 times as much as it recommends they say take one pill a day take four and then you can also add something else.

Too it's called alpha lipoic acid both of those work great for um peripheral neuropathies polyneuropathies um you know autonomic nervous system neuropathies so um yeah you could use that especially if you're pre-diabetic or a diabetic okay very good well there's a great deal.

Of interest about that and uh and other things so we are going to go over to Terry's very thoughtful list of who's watching he just produced two so he obviously has already supplemented the one that he did initially and so here we go good morning to all of our viewers joining us today from the UK Canada Mexico Jordan South.

Africa moratis moritis excuse me if I said that right if I didn't forgive me the Virgin Islands France Japan Algeria Pakistan Taiwan Iran the Netherlands Chile Oman Russia India Nigeria Nicaragua Somalia Sweden Scotland Vietnam Croatia Poland Kurdistan Ghana Romania Dubai Switzerland Kenya Saudi Arabia Australia.

Nepal Jamaica Aruba the Czech Republic Iraq Iran Trinidad and Tobago Ethiopia Slovakia Bangladesh turkeys Zambia Greece uh Bhutan Serbia Germany the list grows New Zealand Qatar Austria Sri Lanka Finland Estonia Egypt Italy Eritrea Eritrea I think he's doing this fanatically for me he knows that my.

Pronunciation skills are in the toilet Bermuda Kuwait Malaysia Denmark a Papua New Guinea Peru United Arab Emirates who are almost done Zimbabwe Bali and all across these United States of America so thanks everyone for joining and you know we have an international cast as well let's see yes and to prove that we have Taha.

From UK let me bring him up and he is our first International guest today Taha you're on or Taha you're on with Dr Burke all right thank you a big fan of you I've been following you for now nearly a year uh my question is like I've been diagnosed with the gallstones uh earlier this year and.

Luckily got your just right now this thing in the post just hour one hour back so the question is like I got like this three gallstones and like as usual the conventional doctor saying go and get it removed the gallbladder uh but I've seen your videos are saying that gallbladder removal is not can be a little bit like dubious so.

Have this thing the supplements I mean should I use anything else with that thing in order to uh get those gallstones out and just make my gallbladder working functional well and also the diet along with these things yeah how big were the golf stands do you know uh it's a three only uh 1.5 centimeters the biggest one the rest is.

Smaller well that's good um well so it so again like you know I can't make any claims that my product or any other product can actually cure that but I'm just going to give you the data on gallstones it's a um a recognized treatment to use uh bile salts for.

Gallstones uh unfortunately a lot of doctors don't want to do that for some reason they just want to take the gallbladder out but but then what and then now you're left with this uh without a gallbladder good thing it was an extra organ that we didn't need because the apparently the body does make a lot of mistakes you know.

Developing organs that doesn't really need and that's so not true the more you study the body the more you realize that it doesn't make mistakes um so we need that organ and the other thing is that um so you're taking the uh bile salts I would take a um probably one with a meal and then I would take uh.

One on an empty stomach and another on empty stomach okay in the afternoon so that's going to put more bile that's going to help to thin the bile that's going to help to slowly dissolve things I would also recommend ordering online uh tadka and choline both of those are are just.

Some really ninja extra things that you can take and you just take um you're just going to be taking more and so you'll take Tucka take take two in the morning and then two in the afternoon so now we have a lot more bile flowing through our bodies and then that will speed things up and help hopefully help dissolve things.

Um now as far as um prevention well what causes a lack of bile a lot of things I have videos on that you have it could be a low fat diet believe it or not because fat stimulation it could be you you have been you haven't been doing the ketogenic diet long enough for you to.

Like you've been doing the opposite of that more carbs which basically will deplete your bile over time so um supporting the gut biome getting on keto um well I'll actually help you in the long run prevent this problem now I I had some serious gallbladder problems and of course I was eating a tremendous amount of fat and everyone.

Was saying oh it's the fat well along with that fat I was doing a tremendous amount of carb so if you're doing the fat without the carb you're going to be good so these are just things that I would recommend and then also watch my um my acupressure technique to kind of massage the left and right areas underneath the.

Rib cage just because you know you got this little sack there that's holding the concentrated bile and if you massage that area you can help me push things through these little tubes they're called bile ducts and facilitate more drainage but when soon as you take those bile salts that's going to actually increase.

Um the sludge and things will come out a lot easier so the tadka and the bio slots that you have are going to help thin the bile and that's really what you want to do right now lovely I should be using the liver cleanse detox as well do you recommend it along with this I mean that that that.

Would support the liver directly not a bad idea because that that um because guess what makes bile cells um your liver so the better the liver the more bio and so many people have a fatty liver and they don't even know it and and that's one of the reasons why they can't produce the bile so yeah so the liver is important.

Uh then thanks for that exercise because that's really working as well the massage under the the ribcage awesome that's great thank you for your great representation uh lovely holiday happy holidays and half season and a new Happy New Year Dr work as well thank you thank you all the viewers thank you that's terrific uh thank you so much have a.

Great time a lot of holiday cheer kind of wrapping up a little sad as we move on toward the January doldrums for most people I think uh okay and let's see let's go back to social no let's go back to answering the first question of today which I thought was very interesting and the question asked if if insulin prevents brain plaquing and Alzheimer's.

Then why shouldn't we be focused on raising the insulin uh with a higher carb diet and um 75 increasing carbs would have harm to vital organs like the liver and kidneys 25 say it would actually harm the brain over uh the long run so there's 75 and 25 any Wizards in those answers.

So this is I think this is a really really key very important point so if anyone has checked out watching this and just check back in right now and really focus in on what I'm about to tell you because um if you're dealing with Dementia neurodegeneration of the brain Alzheimer's right you need to know this.

If you have a loved one loved one or anyone you know this is the data okay um the most important thing to do is to uh get your diet corrected and um insulin as you may already know lowers blood sugars but it has other functions and one other really important function is.

Neuro like brain neurons protection yeah I know that's interesting so it protects the brain against um does that plaquing that can develop in the brain amyloid plaquing in Alzheimer's right so so we need the insulin so but here's the problem how do we increase insulin.

By eating carbs so that's conflicting information so here's the here's the missing information for most people when you start to do that as soon as you start to increase insulin from carbs your body creates resistance it starts creating insulin resistance now.

You end up with a an insulin deficiency so so check this out the reason why you have increased insulin to create insulin deficiencies because the body creates this barrier because it's trying to protect you so it sounds weird but once you understand.

It it makes a lot of sense so the solution is to um normalize insulin okay don't try to increase it with carbs and the way you normalize it is you fix insulin resistance which most people have and you do that with several things so you might want to write this down cut down your carbs.

Lower tubes intermittent fasting intermittent fasting I'm talking about um one meal a day one meal a day if you I mean if you have Alzheimer's or going in the Alzheimer's if you're doing more than that it's unneeded it's unnecessary you can greatly turn things around with this omad one meal a day and.

You might be saying well oh my gosh I'm gonna starve to death well guess what no you're not and you have a really healthy meal make sure it's big enough but um you want to um that's how that's what's going to turn things around really fast that one meal a day that way you fast 23 hours and wow watch what happens to your brain it.

Starts to heal so we got the one meal a day low carb lower your stress stress activates cortisol cortisol makes your body make sugar it's like eating candy believe it or not I know it's weird so you lower stress and then you exercise all those things very simply will help turn things around very important and the kind of.

The necessity foundation and again if you don't understand that you could be ending up giving your um your spouse or a loved one you know oh let's just give them some ice cream let me give him some carbs let's make sure they have enough nourishment by feeding them too frequently and end up unknowingly worsening the situation.

So um anyway that's just some really key things and now you know this really big confusion and the most important thing to do for Alzheimer's patients okay now to add to the confusion Maybe here's a true falser our next question dealing with plaque all right true or false amyloid plaque.

Is a um is a potent anti-microbial protein a hundred times stronger than penicillin and I'm talking about that uh beta amyloid plaquing and from Alzheimer's wow is that true or false hmm if it's true what the heck do you do with that all right so let's go back to social media.

Um oh no we have more shout outs this is a quick one folks they did they want to make sure they were mentioned in Spain Montenegro nambia Israel Paraguay Hong Kong Tunisia Brazil and Bulgaria thank you folks for chiming in uh after the fact that's terrific uh oh um uh.

Pan Veer from YouTube keto is causing tremendous constipation oops and bleeding in my bowel movements what can I do to address this well it's either one of two things one is that you're doing too much fiber or number two you're not doing enough so basically simply ask yourself what what was the big change when you.

Went on keto did you increase the vegetables or decrease them chances are you probably increased them which means you have some underlying pre-existing inflammation in your gut because anytime someone has the gut inflammation they do a lot of fiber it's going to tear them up and bind them up.

So they need to do more carnivore keto for a while make sure it's healthy version of that and then that will um that will help to restore the gut and take the inflammation away and then you can slowly add in some some fibers as the gut heals but in the form maybe fermented like sauerkraut something like that.

So um why don't I recommend carnivore for everyone because um I think I don't need to do that because if you can if you don't have a serious gut issue you can tolerate some of these plant uh plants that have other benefits phytonutrients nutrients uh things like that so I personally have a good amount of salad every single day.

And a lot of Diversified type of uh plants but I don't do I actually add that a good amount of animal protein in there as well so I can get the complete Spectrum but um so I think a combination is great if you can do it but honestly um if there are vegans out there that are.

Trying to exist on plant alone and doing a lot of grains and stuff you have to be pretty darn healthy to be a vegan to handle the um some of the uh some of the stuff in the fiber that can irritate the gut so um I know that sounds strange but uh um if you go into.

Doing vegan um and you're you have gut problems oh my gosh you're going to end up with a lot of issues so that's a tough one okay and an oft asked question uh wants to know uh oh teenage specific from YouTube my hair has been thinning noticeably while on keto what's going on.

And once again I just like to throw in that uh Dr Berg from what I know is not wearing a wig and his lovely wife Karen is like Rapunzel she has this thick beautiful shock of hair and I don't see any hair on the floor around either of them so you can be on keto and have beautiful hair but I have heard that some people have an issue with that.

Doctor can we help in this case Tina the the couple things I would look at I would look are you having enough protein because with keto you have a moderate protein not high not low are you doing the quality protein versus some protein powders which are not quality and then the second thing is the trace minerals are the activators for certain enzymes.

That help you grow hair and then also the B vitamins are you doing the B vitamins um these are all things I would look at because when you do Keto if you don't supply enough B vitamins and sometimes the trace minerals and you're not getting it from the food you know potentially you can lose some hair.

Um but a lot of times it's just a matter of increasing more protein as well very good um another thing I hear a bunch these days is nitrous oxide it seems to be everywhere and uh let's see I've just lost that Brenda oh here we go Brenda from Facebook what are the benefits of.

Nitrous oxide and how it might affect endothelium yeah it does support uh the endothelium the inside layer of your arteries which has a lot of different sensors in there for blood pressure and um and and also to uh attract um immune cells that can then create a.

Plaquing issue so it can actually help your blood pressure and help support the inside of the arteries um and so this is one another you can get it from having beets you know eating beets things like that but there's it's in a lot of different foods so that's kind of the support what it can do a lot of times people take it to help with.

Blood pressure um But realize blood pressure um you know just by correcting the diet just coming off low carb you can usually corrupt the correct the blood pressure also by adding vitamin D and especially especially more potassium.

That'll help your blood pressure all right so Terry once again has climbed on me he is our producer and grammarian and he does he is properly educated has a masters I think in English and he wanted to remind me that um it is nitric not nitrous oxide which I probably did as a teenager it's Nitric okay thank you for that Terry I'll never.

Say that again uh in air I hope okay Christy from Facebook do you have any suggestions on how to treat uh lichen planus lichten planus lichen planus yeah it's kind of a yeasty fungal uh infection and um there's so you can do tea tree oil that's a good one oregano oil you can do.

Garlic oil these are all uh simple things but I think that you know they tend to um you people tend to get external uh fungal infections because they're microbiome okay is not it's not good so they're not really focusing on that you know the more I look at this the more that becomes really really important.

Especially even relating to this next question we're going to be getting to if you have the answers yet Steve I do should I let them rip okay so the question asked and this was a true falser so you're either right or wrong amyloid plaque is a protein a potent microbial protein 100 times stronger than penicillin which I'm.

Allergic to and the audience 78 say it's true 22 say it's absolutely false this is another new piece of information that I um I stumbled on because I'm constantly digging into these topics and uh yes it's absolutely true I mean this is um groundbreaking because Steve if you go in the woods with a match and you strike strike the match.

Right and you start the woods on fire should you be putting all of your energy and trying to get rid of that uh put out that match uh I guess right now rather than the fire right exactly right so what happens is like you have this um everyone's focused on the amyloid plaquing right amyloid plaque it's just.

The match uh what's behind that they found that this this amyloid plaquing and these Tangles that come with it are like they're like a fishing line that encapsulate uh microbes spiral kites from lime uh herpes type one Simplex types one.

Um also like a chlamydia type microorganism and they actually are trying to help you they're very anti-microbial in the brain so when you untangle this amyloid plaquing which see the researchers are spending billions of dollars to trying to to get rid of the plaquing but they're not.

Understanding what's behind it um so we have we have this uh infection so the body so it's not like a real full-blown infection it's subclinical it's below your awareness so here you have this which by the way it takes like 20 years to develop you have this plaquing that's developing you have no symptoms right and then 20 years later.

You get started having cognitive start going in a room like what did I what did I go in here for and all of a sudden you have at the peak of plucking you have less plucking then the immune system then reacts to this by creating a lot of inflammation and then you have more destruction.

On top of that interest right and then you start getting Alzheimer's so then my thought is hmm I wonder if there's a microbiome in the brain or is your brain sterile do you have good bacteria in your brain and it turns out you do have bacteria in the brain it's you do have.

Microbes that help you so so of course um if there's any alteration in the gut microbiome as well as in the brain microbiome that can put you at risk so this all you know leads to a kind of a very objective view on this whole situation to prevent Alzheimer's you really not just need to focus on your insulin.

Resistance problem but you also need to if you have um a virus herpes virus or a tick bite the key is getting your body healthy don't try to just focus on well I'm just going to start taking permanent antibiotics to kill off this uh this spiral kite right or I'm going to take these drugs to try to kill off.

This virus you it doesn't work if the strategy doesn't work you have to look at the whole picture and strengthen the immune system and and that and a big part of that is the microbiome and a big part of that is keeping your stress low and keeping you sleeping you know in check and exercising and all these factors we talked about.

Um but this is kind of new information I'll be releasing a video on it it gives people um a deeper understanding and a solution to prevent this problem and turn around I think if you catch it in time you can easily turn it around but it starts with the knowledge of the mechanism wow well as you know Terry has.

All sorts of embarrassing ill-gotten infections so I'm going to send him some plaque straight away we'll get him squared away so Terry keep hope alive well I just I forgot to say one thing Steve um because because we the the pre-existing Dogma about this plaque is it's just oh it's just waste that.

Accumulates we don't need it has no purpose it's just sitting there it's bad but the genes for that plaque are in other species that's been around for 400 million years so unchanged so obviously it has a very very important purpose at the expense of a lot of collateral damage Alzheimer's wow so I think the.

Same thing with insulin resistance is trying to help you but it ends up creating problems wow okay let's see uh Dania from Facebook I have a 15 year old with tinnitus or whooshing in the ears what can I do to reverse this annoying condition in her son there's two.

Um two or three videos I have on that they should watch there's a technique you can try that works like 50 of the time um and then there's other things that you can look at as far as calcium buildup on the little hairs it also can be um a problem with.

Um you know how you have peripheral neuropathy in diabetic diabetes you can also have neuropathy of that nerve um in the ear from having blood sugar issues and insulin resistance in which case you take pinfhotamine so with a little bit of understanding and and questions you can kind of narrow down where it's coming from I mean another.

Cause could be it could be mucus from a sinus infection and just narrow down and then you can address it correctly very good rather than a one size fits all yep okay well next in from the Green Room I'm going to go to Buzzy from Nova Scotia simply because she was so.

Cheerful when I spoke with her she's a nice lady and let's see Buzzy I have unmuted you so go ahead with your one question for Dr Berg please unmute yourself please hello Dr Berg I appreciate your videos and resources they are helpful and informative um as a member of Dr Jason funds the.

Fasting method I have lost 85 pounds 18 inches around my waist and 16 body fat through intermittent fasting I am no longer diabetic or obese I am 50 years old five feet tall and I weigh 115 pounds I do however still have a pooch belly my question is how can I get rid of it.

And before you answer I want to say thank you and the best of 2023 to you and your loved ones thank you I actually did a video on this topic there's a couple things some of that is loose skin some of it's some subcutaneous fat which is The Superficial fat which is which is not as much related to insulin resistance as.

The internal visceral fat which is easier to get rid of so the real um solution for that is going to have to be more exercise and also doing the reverse setups you can do them standing and you tighten your stomach and you Arch backwards I have videos on it the reverse uh sit-ups.

And then you're you're starting to tighten up this loose skin in your stomach and it'll it's quite interesting you'll see within like a week or two you'll start to go flatter and flatter because the skin like if you do regular sit-ups you just make the skin less tight um so that's one thing I would do but I.

Think now is to step up the exercise and start doing a bit more of that and high intensity interval training with um and then occasionally do um you know maybe once a month do a prolonged fasting which you probably already attempting that that would be very helpful but that's what you're going to have to focus on it it's it's a different.

Problem it's not related to insulin resistance um it's um so and being female you have genes that give you more subcutaneous fat and the reason for that is um survival for the baby if you get pregnant and then you have this extra fat so um.

That is what's really going on awesome and then Steve since we're on the topic a little bit more on Alzheimer's I wanted to mention just one thing I I talked to a gentleman recently that has a series of assisted living home centers in Phoenix Arizona and what I really like about this guy is.

He's um not everyone but those that are willing he's actually putting him on a a really good ketogenic plan and a lot of these uh elderly are able to go back home even if they're in hospice not everyone but some some of them and they're just improving left and right so if anyone has a loved one and they're in.

Phoenix Arizona um email me at Dr Berg and I can put you in contact with this person because if I had my if I needed to put my wife and I'm being sarcastic now my parents whatever and I had to put them in a situation I would probably I would send them to this guy because he really takes care of him and.

He's he gives them really good a ketogenic plan and I always tease my wife that uh honey um I'll send you to a really good assisted living home and you'll be all set up and she just kind of smacks me well they'll do that all right we're going to go to another Green Room person because we've got a.

Lot of them stacked up but first let's get out the next question here it is okay what is in butter that can help you fight off infection okay what is in butter that can help you fight off infection and so when you're sick when you're sick I mean how is butter going to help you okay and Buzzy by the way sorry to cut.

You off so quickly we love you and glad you're still watching and so on but we have to move on with the clock against us and we're going to do that by bringing up Usman from Trinidad and Usman I'm going to unmute you and if you do the same thing you were on with Dr bird foreign.

Yes perfectly yeah right thanks for this opportunity um I spoke as a privilege I've been watching the videos for the past year um I started intermittent fasting eight months ago however um about two months after starting intermittent fast then I.

Developed this um sleeping problem where I would go to bed and I will wake up about hour and a half or two hours after and then unable to go to sleep afterwards um this problem I have been dealing with.

This problem all this time and it still exists I did some dot work um a few weeks ago I could share the results um if if it will help um so that's my position there okay yeah so.

I really can't get into the blood work at this point but here I'll give you some my suggestion um if you if your sleep has worsened by doing keto um the couple things I'd look at because if you do keto the requirement for certain B vitamins go up especially B1 okay and not having a B1 can affect your sleep.

Um also the requirements of certain electrolytes like potassium and magnesium go up so I'm assuming that you're adding about both of those in if you're not I would add those back in but the third thing is um one thing that's I found very beneficial for a good portion I'd say 60 percent of.

The population not everyone is to take vitamin D right before bed it seems to really help support the circadian rhythms and help you sleep um but not for every single person so those are three things I would try um and of course what's that um I have been using um well Dr Brooks.

The supplements have been New Zealand's nutritional East um Dr Bose wheatgrass order formula and I always I am all serious enough um by B1 then 40 million 250 mg I'm using Zing um.

Magnesium citrate because of some crumbs I was having in my feet also so those are the supplements that I'm using okay what about potassium but I I feel like about five cups and I'm using the electrolyte products okay okay so you're getting a potassium from that but you said um.

You have a gluten problem so but you don't there's no gluten in vegetables just the grains no gluten I said gluten yeah so then just by avoiding grains you're going to solve that problem well I have not been using any cops um uh I cut down all capsule because I use is um some berries.

Okay so quick quick question tell me um real quick like 10 seconds what is abnormal on your blood test Michael um went from 158 to telephone so to 290. okay on my HDL went from 65 to 58. uh my um passing blood sugar went from 95 to 85 however my A1C went from 5.3 to 5.5.

My vldl moved from 10 to 15. okay this is the real abnormal case is the total commercial yeah I don't think this is a problem I don't think this is a problem um especially because you're eating more fat and the total cholesterol doesn't really um what happens is as you as you burn.

More fat a lot of that fat has a portion of cholesterol inside the fat cell that has to come out so a lot of people have increased cholesterol when they do this but you should get an advanced lipid profile to look at the two different types of LDL the ones that are the one that is low dense the small dense particle size versus the.

Large buoyant I would imagine if you look at that you would see a whole different picture of some good things but since the fact your HDL went up HDL went up um that's a good indicator yes your A1C went up but just it's still within the normal range.

Um so what I probably would do if you're concerned about this I would add more exercise um to burn off some of this stuff and uh like even for me I have to um when you do keto sometimes you you you're changing over the fuel system so you're getting more energy more efficient energy and just the energy alone could.

Keep you up that is what happened to me so I had to if I'm on keto which I have been for a long time I have to exercise more to get myself tired so I can sleep at night if I don't I'm like okay uh because my body just needs to be tired so I would add in a good exercise something or physical work one of the.

Two to the point where it's a really good solid workout and see if that doesn't help your sleeping oh this is I'm sorry go ahead and Usman by the way we're fighting the clock so I hope all that gives you some great directions there's a lot probably to this side I have to unwind but um I I can't necessarily.

Um because it's going to take a lot longer to evaluate everything I think you're doing a lot right I tell you what why don't you just email me more details to Dr Berg and I'll see if I can take a look at that okay that's terrific great best of luck Gooseman thanks for calling in from Trinidad and we've got.

Answers to quiz question number three which asks what in butter can help you fight off infection and uh the audience uh 45 say vitamin D 20 say K2 20 say vitamin A and oh vitamin D was the first one and then 20 say vitamin A and ten percent say uh butyrate okay well you're all right.

Um the fat soluble vitamins and specifically um vitamin A it's a good source of vitamin A vitamin A you know I don't really talk about it as much for your immune system like I do vitamin D which vitamin D is like hands down the best the vitamin A without enough of that what happens is you do not have the.

Capacity for those antibodies so the antibodies can't help you now whatever and what is an antibody an antibiot is that little uh thing in your immune system that goes around and locates uh these bad guys and tags them so then the other part of immune system can come in and assassinate them.

So it doesn't do the destruction itself it identifies it's kind of like the uh um what do you call that Steve when you have uh um someone that is going out to find certain criminals to call them what Bounty Hunter yes the bounty hunters so that's what these guys are these.

Antibodies and so without vitamin A you don't have that capacity for the Bounty Hunter anymore so now we have less immune system so if I this is why butter is a good thing to consume uh when you're run down or sick but it also has vitamin D which is awesome and vitamin E also supports the immune system nk2 and butyrate so all these things are.

Really important for the immune system wonderful congratulations audience uh you did very well on that last question let's throw one up I took it out of order because we may only have time for one more with all our folks in the waiting room and this is very interesting I thought okay.

Our cataracts more likely to develop from a high or low cholesterol situation all right dig into that audience and we do have some social media so of course we only want to support them but I am going to go back to the Green Room so uh uh Daryl if you would belt out your question just as quickly as possible because I want to make sure we get to.

Everyone and Daryl you were on with Dr Berg welcome to the show uh unmute yourself dear no I still can't hear you I tell you what if you want unplug your headset many times that'll work and you can just talk through the computer no oh yes now we can there you go Pittsburgh I was totally committed to.

Keto took your keto coaching course and was just really excited about it and I took the advice to get a CT calcium score my score was 7.97 rocked my world and I've been confused ever since what advice can you give me okay well here's the thing um the confusion probably is coming in like.

Oh my gosh it's like what am I going to do um we you probably you probably did not do this right before you started the ketogenic plan you probably did it after you kind of got started so we don't know because when you evaluate something you always need two of something to look at the comparison right so um I mean it could have been higher and.

All of a sudden it's coming down we don't know but okay so it's high so what that means is that uh you need to continue what you're doing and then reevaluate in maybe two months and then see the change because you really now have the prediction on what you need to focus more on and that is the um the arteries right so then the tocatrinos.

Would be important keeping your carbs low um making sure that you do the healthy version of Keto all these things are going to help you make sure you fast uh maybe do one meal a day I think if you just did that and then reevaluate is you're going to see a nice change over.

Time and it'll keep coming down more and more and more so what what they also found in some of this calcium plaquing is biofilms or microbes which is fascinating and that's all fed you know with what we're talking about here with the insulin and and the glucose and stuff probably in the past but.

Um if you look at my recent videos on um cardiovascular health in relationship to the biofilms I give a couple other things that you can do um there's another thing you can do too which is a good key later right you can do a key later so um natural chelators I.

Talk about that and so you can start to strip off some of the calcium but of course um you only did one test so now we have to do a comparison over time to see the change I think you're doing the right thing and you just need to stand it but now you have.

It's kind of like when it's like doing a DNA test and finding out your where your weaknesses are that's valuable so I think um I think you're going to do fine I wouldn't worry about it I would just keep doing what you're doing um the worst thing you can do is go back to maybe what you're doing and.

Maybe higher carbs because that's going to create more inflammation we're just trying to reduce inflammation tocatrinols are going to be really important every day because that's really targeting specifically the inside layer of your arteries and that'll be uh very supportive to reduce any more buildup but.

Um yeah I think you're going to do fine you just keep doing what you're doing keep improving it and give it more time and reevaluate well that's great well thank you thank you Daryl and please do get back with us uh with uh with all the great results that you're getting and by the way this continuing things sort of hilarious Dr.

Bergen I'm going to take it as a compliment people continue to question whether the show is live maybe it's too good to be Live Well muramasa from YouTube just a question when it was live so murmas unless we have a time machine we are answering now that yes indeed and I'll prove it Dr Berg hold up two fingers.

Unbelievable I don't know if that proved anything but there they are and we are indeed uh live so muramasa I want you to rest assured that you're getting the latest updates on um health and so on and in fact we'd invite you why don't you sign up muramasa for the uh to be a guest on the show I'm sure you have some interesting question we'd love to meet.

You and demonstrate how much fun you have as a live contestant okay let's uh move along now uh to the answer to the fourth question of the day which asked are cataracts more likely to develop from low or high cholesterol uh and 65 say it's low cholesterol 35 say it's because of high cholesterol any winners yeah the answer is low.

Cholesterol huh interesting yeah we need we need this cholesterol uh for hormones uh for cell membranes for um for the myelin sheath in our brains um uh 25 of your brain is cholesterol and um so that's interesting so we also need cholesterol as a precursor to make.

Vitamin D with with the uh the exposure to Sun we need cholesterol to build up the bile salts so you know cholesterol's gotten a bad name but it has a purpose and um it's important and if you don't have enough you you're likely to get things like um cataracts especially I mean like think about just.

Just take a look just take a look at statins right look at the side effects from statins I mean that'll just blow you away but of course if you look up the side effects from statins on the first two or three or four or five pages of Google it'll say oh there is no side effects it's totally harmless it's fine and then you have to really dig deep so.

Unfortunately these Google searches have are becoming a slightly biased I know this is hard to believe but um yeah that's the problem goodness okay uh and let's see we've got one more person uh Sherry who's waiting in the green room and share we are fighting the clock.

So if you don't mind give me one question in 30 seconds so we can get a good answer back to you you're on the air with Dr Berg good morning Dr Berg good morning uh I like many people am very confused about cholesterol in foods I'd like you to um comment on.

um two videos one is um from nutrition Made Simple and the name of it is the effects of dietary cholesterol um Dr Tom Day Spring talks about the effect.

Um of dietary cholesterol on blood cholesterol and um that is pretty complicated and I would like your comment on it the second video is um again from nutrition made simple and it's entitled Dr Burr.

Um gets fact checked by MD PhD yeah um so you can just comment on those yeah I know about that video um to try to make this really simple um yeah that that particular doctor is um he's not sponsored by his videos directly but indirectly is part of a foundation that he's sponsored by um.

Another group that is uh um supporting the plant base which is fine I had no problem with that but um so he did find uh he found that there's one error that I I said relating to cholesterol and the I think the American Heart Association there was an error that he pointed out which is fine okay but the the whole point about.

Cholesterol and he even talks about this in some of his videos it's like uh um I don't even think he he recommends going low cholesterol but um when you start eating more cholesterol it is true your cholesterol will increase um but then as far as having high cholesterol and then your risk for heart disease.

Um there's a that's that was used to be the Dogma but things are changing because they're finding out it's not actually true and so now we have a two different camps we have one camp that says oh yeah it's we have to hold that that Viewpoint and then a lot of the new doctors are saying no no we need to change and upgrade it.

It's very it takes a long time for um a group of um doctors to agree on something especially if there's new changes um I think the best thing for you to do is to try to learn a little bit more about um the two different types of LDL and.

Um also the um the data on the advanced lipid profile because you have the you know the thing that's really study is the the pathogenic type of LDL which is um the small dense lipopo particle size versus the large buoyant if you really kind of wrap your wits around that um and.

I think it'll all make sense to you because um a lot of the studies that they're talking about with cholesterol not human studies other other studies that they're quoting are observational studies based on questionnaires so like what do you do do you um how much Credence do you give these things and it's really it's hard.

To find volunteers um human volunteers to do something and isolate this one variable that could be other things um so that takes um a medical dictionary it takes time to sort out and actually go through the studies and look up all these different words to really wrap your your wits around it because if you.

Rely on this information from a secondary person either myself or another expert I mean if we just take a medical doctor right there's a lot of conflicting data on medical doctors you know even phds looking at this topic so and then you're going to be just as confused so um there's a there's a.

And then I also tell people okay there's this big controversy about cholesterol why don't you find out what this doctor recommends as a diet okay do that for a period of time and then see how you feel and look at your biomarkers and then do another program see how you feel look at your biomarkers and then you can decide.

Because unless you are first hand and experience it you don't you'll never fully know because you can go to my website and I have over 6 000 success stories right um so I have probably more than most but unless you personally try it you don't know for sure so um we can't just go by cholesterol as.

One biomarker we gotta look at the whole thing but um there's a lot of factors there's genetics there's a it's a very complex thing and I I feel your pain interesting well that begs the question can you get any of these testimonials on your great app are they there no no we keep them on the website because I I only have the videos on the.

App all right very good well that's the most important thing well I'm glad we got through everybody including Sherry that was an interesting question and a fascinating answer uh Dr uh Berg let's say we do have a couple of minutes left so uh why don't we go back wrap it up with social media Devon from Facebook is flaxseed good or bad for you.

I think it's good for certain people um women particularly that uh that might want to help support their estrogen levels a little bit more after menopause but typically it's not like a big huge game changer type thing right um and then if you're gonna do flax oil um it has I would recommend uh make sure it's not rancid because it goes rancid.

Real fast and then you're gonna have to get a sprouted version and you can grind it and grind your own it's just it's more of a hassle but there's some benefits um um as I'm getting more into the DNA testing and understanding that um you know I'm going to be doing seminars.

Or videos on this topic and then also I'll be giving people the epigenetic things you can do for various situations which I think will be really important because if you look that up right now there's first of all there's not a lot of information on that and uh and it's also very tactical so it's like it's hard to understand it you know so.

I'm going to try to simplify that but to do that it takes a lot of deep Dives and that's kind of what I'm doing right now each day and it's uh there's just a lot to tackle so but stay tuned for that all right why don't we wrap up with this Alice from YouTube thank you Dr Berg for your dedication to educate people on.

This journey to keto and intermittent fasting it really is a game changer if you have the right tools and I salute you as well I am way down in weight feel terrific don't eat all day and all those things and that's happening for millions of people around the world including Alice so thank you for that comment Alice.

Yes and on that note I really appreciate everyone's questions and attention um and also the comments on all the videos I do read a lot of those comments and so stay tuned for some more more education on health coming up this next week and also next Friday for another show same time.

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - December 30, 2022
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