The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 1, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 1, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 1, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – December 1, 2022.
thank you good morning everyone it looks like my light needs to be brought up a little bit but I think we have to just cope with that welcome back today we're going to answer a lot of questions and of course anything that I say is not meant to.

Give you any type of um solutions to Health Care before you check with your doctor um Steve we have a lot of callers ready to ask questions let's just Dive Right In you sure do and first up is James Morgan who tried to get to us from Ethiopia last week but was.

Having trouble with his internet so without further Ado we can't get his camera up but James you are on with Dr uh Berg please State your question yes yes uh please see Dr Burke I'm happy to be here I hope you can hear me Dr Burke can you hear him hello no I can't hear him can you can you hear me let's see I can uh hang on just a second.

Let me try to bring him in here we have problem here of the internet we have problem now I I can't hear you again can can you hear me please well I'm sorry uh James I can't here's what I'd like you to do yes I can hear you very very very low can you raise up your voice yeah oh can you hear him wait wait say.

Something James but it was working okay I can hear you now oh good I don't know but uh go ahead with your question Dr Burr can hear you I'm very happy to be here Dr Burke I hope you can hear me now he can go ahead with your question James okay.

Please Dr Burke mine would not be really a question I'm just want to say thank you very much I was very very sick my wife and I we were very sick we were having insulin resistance we I myself was a blown up diabetic I was a diabetic and it was the Christmas of.

Last year that we happened to be in Nairobi Kenya and that was my first time to come across your videos I you know these days Dr anything on the video people don't take it serious because many things videos YouTube the social media has been corrupted with so many things in the first place I didn't.

Believe that it was real but I decided to take few minutes to listen to you I listened that uh video to the end I said is this really real or just uh things of the social media and then I continued I subscribed and then I started receiving your videos then I continued watching you for almost.

A week right from there we decided to put it on trail first of all we started that let us try two meals a day 16 um 16 hours 8 hours of window eating window and 16 hours of fasting when we tried it doctor it it it was.

Showing some improvements that I could wake up in the morning without having dizziness heavy pains and so on and so on so for two weeks I said no let us go for a meal how much one meal a day that was in our January 2022 yeah 13 of January.

We followed it very very strictly we went on three months later we went for checkup the results were very amazing the doctor asked what have you done what have you done I said what have I done I've just followed the instructions from one of the doctors in U.S.

And this seemed to be helpful for the first time my A1C dropped to 5.3 wow that's fantastic that was wonderful and then my fasting blood sugar that morning was almost like um 90. by the way James I'm sorry we're just a little short on time but man we're really excited to hear the grand.

Progress that you've made uh why don't you you know this would be one of those great things for a testimonial if you could uh write into Dr Burke can you give us a little more guidance on how he can do a testimonial hey James thank you so much for that success story it's just yeah and I really want to hear the whole thing the.

Only thing is I have a whole uh series of people in in line waiting so um we have to do it quick but definitely send me the whole write-up this is amazing this is amazing went to your doctor your A1C came down your blood sugars came down doing one omad you probably did keto as well um this is this is awesome awesome I I.

Just I'm blown away that you know it's just not so more obvious to the average doc that you know whoa got high sugar so maybe we should change the diet and lower the sugar so unfortunately um um you know what's missing in the Health Care system is the creation of Health it.

Is kind of more the management of symptoms um other but there's not a lot of things to create health and one thing is to lower the sugars increase the nutrient dense foods um I mean if you take a look at a place where they need nutrient dense foods the most.

That would be in the hospital right but what do they serve people in the hospital institutional foods that the same foods that they serve prisoners I mean it's just so bad it's like worse than the standard American diet so um you know when I had my shoulder work.

Done I was like oh wow what am I going to eat so they had well they had some Jello and crackers and some um some beef that looked like it was like completely processed I mean it was just so bad so anyway Steve Let's uh let's go on to uh the next topic okay okay the next topic is we have six not five but.

Six exciting quiz questions and here's the first one all right uh let's see here so what is the most important anti-stress hormone in the body okay so you have all this cortisol all this stress did you realize that there's another hormone that counters all this what.

Would that be um this might be new information but it's very exciting because um it's something brand new I haven't really discussed in any of my YouTube channel uh videos very good okay let's go over to social media Victoria from Facebook please share any advice you have on clearing up.

Stretch marks I did a video on this um I think the best thing you're you're dealing with um the elastin in the skin is like um a rubber band right and so now the um elastin is overstretched or the the collagen fibers have overstretched now it's like they leave these little marks.

So you're gonna have to clean up that through um various things um increasing circulation to the area you can rub these superficial part of the skin with a kind of a they have a brushes that you can when you're in the shower you can do that as well as I would think the biggest thing would be prolonged fasting where you're going through autophagy and.

Your body's recycling these old damaged proteins and then the third thing is I would rub Vitamin E oil into your skin and that will help break up some of the scar tissue the same thing if you have pock marks from acne vitamin E is a really good um um kind of an anti-fibrotic kind of a.

Breaking up Scar Tissue vitamin well that's uh that's interesting okay let's see I also want to go to Michelle in Germany because she keeps popping off and on not to insult your internet there in Germany but for some reason it's not behaving so stand by unmute yourself dear and uh you are on with Dr bird am I unmuted you are go ahead with your.

Question Michelle all right so I'm having trouble maintaining ketosis I'm hearing a lot of background stuff I don't know um so I'm having trouble maintaining ketosis and I have a history of prolactinoma I had surgery in 2018 and a number of medical problems.

Um so I'm not sure what's going on I'm doing intermittent fasting I thought I was keeping my carbohydrates pretty low but my fasting glucose levels are higher than my right after eating so I'm a little confused so are you on a a really low carbohydrate diet probably not as low as as zero but it's.

Pretty low okay mostly salmon vegetables and salad so I think the um a really good product because you had you had surgery on this this tumor right yeah so um I think if you took a stand it's called a standard it's a standard processed product called pituitrophin called the two at 12 and PMG I would.

Take one before bed because a lot of times when you have surgery um that that can affect other hormones and I think there's a there could be an issue with that I've seen that before and just trying to regulate this hormone flow um and then the other thing that I think.

Would help you um well just just to realize that some of that blood sugar issue that might be too high is probably being made by your own liver it's not you're not eating sugar so your liver is just making it so um you might have to just do something to burn that extra sugar off to get you into deeper ketosis and with time that.

Will improve if you just maintain that all over time but you might want to exercise burning extra sugar off every day and then um that will um the kind of counter what you're dealing with and do other things to stabilize your blood sugars too like um the cinnamon you know you can put some cinnamon on your toast I'm being very sarcastic now just uh.

Cinnamon apple cider vinegar is another good one and berberine because you probably have some insulin resistance that you just have to break through and it takes some time okay well that's terrific well thank you so much Michelle and I'm glad we were able to get you on the air and let's see I'm looking for answers Terry I'm not sure.

Let me look through this list I don't think I see it yet in the meantime we've got Michelle from Germany and we've got a pause from Denmark we'll have her up shortly we've got another one from uh Manila Jennifer and in addition to that we'd like to say good morning to our viewers joining us from the UK Canada Sweden Ethiopia and that was James by.

The way Taiwan Austria Australia excuse me India Cyprus Nigeria Spain Sweden turkey Mongolia good grief haven't heard from them in a while France Ghana Israel Mexico Greece Malaysia Kenya the Philippines there we go Jennifer um Germany Kuwait Estonia South Africa Italy Trinidad and Tobago Japan Egypt Switzerland the Netherlands uh there's.

Another one we've got uh let's see is it is Denmark in the in the Netherlands shake your head positive I'm correct I'm not sure if that is anyway that's up there a Czech Republic Poland Lithuania Chile Oman Singapore Hungary Indonesia Belgium New Zealand Pakistan Denmark Peru Colombia Russia Australia Austria excuse me and all.

Across these United States so thanks everybody for participating in class and in fact all our guests again are from out of town somewhere so thanks so much for participating and making the show such a success everyone and let's see what let's go back to face back to social media with Facebook Linda from Facebook I have heart failure.

What advice would you share to help me I guess congenital heart failure is that what that is Maybe well the best thing the best thing to take from a nutrient angle other than go on the healthy version of Keto and intermittent fasting immediately is to start uh find some um it's called tocotrino it's a vitamin E.

Tocotrino that is very very good for the heart heart protective there's many things in our heart protective cardio protective that you can take with natural nutritional things so that's the simple version and of course you know the things that the two things that really destroy the heart are refined grains.

And refined sugars so um so that's kind of what I would do immediately and I think um you might be able to pull yourself out I have a lot of videos on the cardiovascular system uh watch them all and apply the information um you know.

Steve I I had a comment that someone was a you know asking well they kind of had a disagreement they're like why why do you you know I like your information but why do you sell nutritional products you know it's kind of a conflict of interest and I I said well would you rather have someone who doesn't know about nutrition.

Market or sell products Health Products right I mean for example I'll give you an example um I recently got this email from my Manufacturing Company who helps me with the um making the vitamins and um out of 3500 other clients that they've worked.

With over the years no one has ever asked or requested a product without maltodextrin except me because I I don't want that in any of my products and he said he said 99.9 of all these products that involve like spraying powders and also um like flavorings have hidden maltodextrin right so.

Um this is another reason why you you know if someone's um promoting products you got to make sure that you don't have these hidden things in there and so um I would recommend reaching out to the company that's selling you a product and then making sure that they send you a documentation.

That ours are not with maltodextrin or hidden things like that because it's just so invasive it's just all over the place and this maltodextrin is way worse than sugar and glucose on the glycemic index it's like way higher than a hundred and glucose is 100. so here we are trying to get in keto we're.

Trying to lower our carbs and then you're taking nutrition you're thinking that might be helping you but it could be filled with sugar unknowingly so I just wanted to put that out there and that's one thing that you have to watch for well I'll tell you what there's a fly on the wall you know I work in and around Dr Berg and his lovely wife Karen.

And I don't know if I'm at Liberty to say this but let me tell you something I know for a fact that he pays a great deal more for the ingredients that go into all these various supplements because I hate to call you obsessive doc but I think that's what it is you're not going to put out a rotten product and you know you're in Karen's health is.

Reflective of that and John from Ethiopia talked about it but it really is I can assure you folks that he um is not looking to just slap but Dr Burgess not looking to slap a label on a bottle and get out there he really scrutinizes over it and you know I'm a benefactor of many of his supplements you know I'm a nutritional yeast freak and so on but.

Anyway thank you for that Dr Berg and I I just got to throw that in because again I see the inner workings of the company and I know what he goes to to put out these products and it ain't nothing like the other people just sort of slaying the uh you know foreign ingredients and put a label on and call it great.

So let's see uh we've got a quiz question answer and the first quiz question was uh what is the most important anti-stress hormone in the body and our uh our audience 65 of them say melatonin thirty percent say serotonin and five percent say insulin wow.

Um you know you guys are are close but it's oxytocin now um oxytocin normally you know is related to the birthing process with the contraction of the uterus the lactation the bonding between a mother and a baby but I recently did a whole Deep dive in oxytocin which blew me away it has also.

A huge factor in regulating um cortisol and stress and um um buffering your stress response and so in a video that I'm going to release very soon I'm going to show you how to trigger oxytocin and it has nothing to do with nutrition um they found um you know anything social.

Um bonding with uh you know another person volunteering sharing something reading a story like all these things that involve helping another increase oxytocin which is fascinating because if you ever think about the last time you helped someone were you stressed your stress went down you would never think you would never.

Connect the dots there but there's definitely um a therapy of just helping in general which actually has a lot to do with uh this you know one aspect just the oxytocin from a physical standpoint reducing your stress you know um so this just kind of goes beyond just you know getting on the right diet exercise that type of thing but just stay tuned for.

That video it's actually very very interesting wonderful next question doctor okay what is the most important vitamin in in preventing a stroke I'm on an audience I know you have some answers uh and here is a good question and I just I just lost it let's see.

Oh here we go uh Jolie from YouTube while we're fasting what should we do to address the lack of minerals during this period I have also been diagnosed with oh my goodness breast cancer you need to take minerals uh electrolytes while you're fasting very important so many people don't because think about what's going to happen is.

The first thing what happened first thing that happens when you start fasting is you're going to start to use up your stored glycogen that is stored um sugar okay in your liver and some in the muscle as well okay so you're going to use that up and then you're going to start burning fat well guess what's in the glycogen you got potassium.

And so you're going to dump a lot of um fluid because this glucose also holds water so with that loss of glycogen water you also lose potassium so if you're not taking the potassium you can end up with a deficiency especially if you don't consume 10 cups of vegetables a day like I do and um and then so if you have cancer you.

Should watch my other videos on cancer there's a lot of things you can do but probably the most important thing you can do is start doing prolonged fasting immediately depending on the severity of the cancer like let's say you had stage four if it was me I would start with a 21 day fast starting yesterday.

Because it's more severe and you want to you want to create the biggest impact there's other things to do but the fasting is the most potent thing and it's not too expensive so um everyone can afford fasting all right well I can't afford to give out my observations on geography because Terry says I'm getting roasted on my.

Denmark Netherlands remark he says two different countries bro so I'm going to be very careful in the future before I start slinging those Geographic areas about but that's you learn something new every day so by the way folks denmarket is not part of the Netherlands thank you all right let's see let's go on Terry also mentions that hugging also.

Increases oxytocin yes yes hugging does so start of course yeah you know I wouldn't suggest just start hugging everyone out you know no matter who they are just all day long because um you know that comes with the package but I would just hug those that um yeah especially like even um uh what's another thing that triggers.

That um you know I think volunteering for something I was like wow that's interesting you're contributing to something and you feel good about it and your stress goes down so um it's a fascinating topic fantastic well by the way when we do our shout out to people all over the world I.

Think it's really fun that some other people say hey what about us and Terry is always on the side of the viewers so he added a few more we'll do a shout out to those joining us from Kurdistan Vietnam Qatar you'll have to spell that fromatically with for me Terry Mumbai Ireland Croatia Cambodia Papua New Guinea Jamaica Dubai.

Serbia and Slovakia so thanks everybody and we don't forget about any of you and we'll continue to give you shout outs as you pop on here okay let's see um pitcam from YouTube can you please discuss the effect of black seed oil as a way to strengthen our immune system any comment on that doc.

That's a really good one black seed oil is a potent anti-inflammatory I mean the list goes on and on and on anti-microbial anti-cancer it helps to regulate um estrogen metabolism um it helps to balance your endocrine system it's it does a lot of things so.

If you have access to that I would take that on a regular basis um as I might if you're watching my videos you may have noticed that I'm kind of just talking a little bit more about DNA and some of the DNA testing and I'm doing a huge Deep dive um fascinating fascinating topic um but.

What that's about and stay tuned for um a better explanation with that but if you um check your genes and you can find the most important areas for you personally to focus on because your genes have been given to you by your ancestors and uh and there are certain genes that um are permanent but other genes are not and your environment.

Has a lot to do with and your epigenetic factors have a lot to do with whether these genes are going to be expressed or not so for me uh personally my greatest weakness is in in the inflammatory genes I mean they're just like the worst of the worst so what does that mean it means that um I shouldn't probably go out drinking each night right I should.

Probably not consume the bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits so um and I don't I load up with um a lot of the phytonutrients from my if my diet from my huge salads and things like that I have a very wide range to build up my microbiome also I do a lot of omega-6 foods and oils that the cobbler oil and so.

Um also I got to be careful not to over train I've been guilty of that so um there's just a lot of things once you find out about your personal weaknesses then you can kind of change your lifestyle geared to that so you don't end up with a problem down the road so it gives you kind of some prediction on what problems you're.

Going to have whether it's Alzheimer's cancer whatever so I'm going to be um doing a lot of videos and also recommend where to get a good test and all that very soon but I will say it's a it's a it's a complex subject and to understand it you have to it takes time and so I'm I'm dig digging through it but um I'm almost there very good okay audience.

Is astute is always in getting the next answer in for quiz question number two which asks what is the most important vitamin in preventing Strokes and our audience said 45 at least uh say it's K2 30 say vitamin D and 25 say Omega-3s and then the uh the last five percent say vitamin C well if you notice I said vitamin.

Someone said omega-3 which is uh it's a nutrient it's not a vitamin but um the answer is the most important one would be by the mini in the form of tocatrinos which is literally probably between a hundred to a thousand times more potent than the regular tocopherol so you want the tocatrinals.

You don't want the tuck off roll so what does that do well first of all it's kind of a driver to help you absorb more omega-3 with DHA which is important um and also it's a it's a very powerful antioxidant so it it can actually go in there and help.

Um with the damage during um The Stroke after and even as a preventative so if you're actually if you had a stroke and you're rehabbing that you should you better be taking tocadrino's because that's uh the research on that is tremendous especially what it can do to prevent the fibrosis and the other stuff that comes.

After you get a stroke the problem with the stroke is that um you get lack of blood supply to an area um and then if you get in time of course you want to call 9-1-1 and there are certain drugs that they can dissolve and you know get if you get it within like three or four hours but you know a mini.

Stroke is something that you it doesn't have a residual but a severe stroke does so that tocotrino is like a really important thing um take um during and after as well as before my my whole thing is that's all real great but let's go for preventing a.

Stroke in the first place and that would be changing your diet and um and eating correctly so I have videos on that that would be like the smartest thing to do but if you're unwilling to change your ways then you should be taking other things to counter some of the the damage that's occurring from your diet very good okay speaking.

Of Strokes maybe this next question uh delves into that issue Dr Berg okay so what is the most important vitamin involved in lowering cholesterol folks get on that and here's a problem that probably all of us have from time to time a letter from YouTube I have a problem with hair loss from long-term stress and family problems what can I do.

To save my remaining hair that is um boy that's a Common Thread with all the different types of things that can cause hair loss I mean because the stress depletion of nutrients the stress activates cortisol and burns out the follicles in fact a stress event.

Can cause hair loss that's delayed up to three months so it's hard to connect the dots so um you know what you want to do is watch my video on oxytocin um that's coming up real soon um which is fascinating um that's related to stress and then do things to reduce stress and cortisol so.

Um of course go for long walks a regular um exercise without over training uh sleeping a little bit more being out in the sun eating a healthy Keto Plan is all going to help you reduce stress and also fasting intermittent fasting for sure and then also take the nutrients.

That stress is involved in depleting like the zinc the vitamin C um so these are real key factors and also vitamin D good old vitamins a lot of things yeah okay sounds great and next coming to us from Denmark not the Netherlands uh is uh pause pause you're on with Dr Berg.

Make sure you're unmuted I can't hear you yet and unmute yourself her mic is muted so she just needs to unmute her mic because I can see it's muted all right there she goes there we go there we go okay no can you hear me yes hi Dr bed I'm so happy already submit.

I'm so excited I'm I'm very very grateful to be here with you because you you change my horses in my life four years ago since we're doing your keto diet my husband had a diabetes but now we reverse it and have a healthy life and more strong and everything is positive so thank you very much that's awesome.

You're welcome okay was that is that your comment do you have a question with that thing I'm going through this I have a friend a very good friend who has a problem with gold and gold bladder stones on a inside and high and enzymes right and the doctor wants to take off the.

Gallbladder next month okay and I introduced time to the keto diet she said doing it and she had good result and everything but suddenly she can continue eating into the diet because the doctor asked her to stop to quit from the diet because he said the the keto diet is not a good diet to being while you have good little.

Stone and deficiency of of a bile salt okay pause uh let's get an answer from Dr Berg yeah so well you know might as well go all the way and just remove the gallbladder and the liver because the liver produces bile and that way you completely eliminate the problem um remember coming back.

Um here's the thing um honestly I would scope out some other doctors that can look at the bigger picture um people associate the ketogenic diet well it's a high fat diet well it doesn't have to necessarily be just a high fat it can be a quality fat and it can be low carb which is very beneficial think about this what's the alternative.

A higher carbohydrate diet which actually creates some more problems for the gallbladder um if he's concerned about fats then why don't you just um not add additional fats to the ketogenic diet and then add some bile salts and choline and those two right there will keep the bile nice and thinned and happy and flowing freely.

But um you know I had gallbladder problems very severely and I've been on the ketogenic diet for um a very long time and um before the ketogenic diet what did I have oh pain underneath my right rib cage severe gallbladder problems so um it just doesn't understand.

What the healthy version of the ketogenic diet is it could be very beneficial because even if you think about bile itself what triggers the release of bile which happens to help you dissolve Stones it's fat it's saturated fat now you say well wait a second I thought fats are bad for the gallbladder well only if you take them.

With carbohydrates and and also you can't tolerate it so if you're going from a low fat to a high fat maybe you just do it slowly so your body can adapt but um you know you don't have to go crazy with the fats with the ketogenic diet um but um if you can't digest them just you add things to help your digest them.

But um find another doctor who really is can work with you well pause thank you so much for that question and it speaks volumes about you that you would be interested in your friend's Health after you've already benefited so much and here's another and boy I'm so excited Carrie's been bashing.

Me to get a graphic produce forever and here it is so for people like paws she can tell her friend about the Dr Berg app that's now available uh both on the App Store Apple's App Store and Google play so get that and you will have a source of knowledge Second To None on your phone in your pocket all the time and by the way they Dr Berg held back a.

Little bit until he made sure that all the sort of little kinks are out of it so that you can really go on there and dig down and find the video that you're looking for which apparently according to Dr Burke is very difficult to do on YouTube sometimes so Dr Berg do you have any uh wonderful things to say about your app well I created the app because.

I was like having a hard time finding certain things on my own channel so um which is really weird this happened like two years ago and I remember October I started searching I'm like I can't even find these videos they're on there um but I'm like not showing up so um created the app and then that way you.

Can have the resources um if you need them like if you want to do a quick search it just pops right up and so it's a free app check it out I and you know what if you don't like it please let us know why because give us feedback if you like it let us know why because um I'm constantly trying to improve it.

And um so it's just another little uh resource for you and also just just as an FYI we're doing something on our website it's called The 12 Days of Christmas starting today if you live in the U.S it's free shipping today if you wanted to check that out um of course we're not um offering that in Europe because of.

The expense but anyway I just want to throw that out and um each day we'll have a different nice little surprise for you so stay tuned for that have fun okay quiz question number three ask what is the most important vitamin involved in lowering cholesterol and Terry.

Ferreted out the answer which is 55 percent say some form of vitamin D 35 say niacin five percent say vitamin B B3 and five percent say vitamin C okay it's the answer is niacin that's B3 so a lot of you were correct niacin um is quite quite fantastic I mean what I'm shocked is this you know this is not like on the front page of the news while.

I know why it's just there's no money in it but there is some hardcore data that niacin literally not just regulates cholesterol but it protects the inside layer of your artery from oxidative stress and oxidative cholesterol oxidative LDL it can actually uh reverse that I mean if you have heart problems I mean you should be popping these niacin.

Through the day you can get a 500 milligram time release and you know um don't get the one that um is like a no flush you actually want the flushing response if that bothers you then take smaller amounts of it starting out to gradually increase it over time but boy what it does for your um your heart is amazing amazing on many.

Different levels so I just want to point that out and so much research I was like why don't more people know about this um very good well here's an interesting question I'm sure many people around the world are on this odd schedule Kathy from Facebook why um oops let's say sorry Vanessa from.

YouTube can I lead a healthy life working from 11 30 P.M to 8 A.M what can I do to improve my health with these schedules you know a lot of times these places you work like they've got one rotten sort of fast food vending machine where you can get a you know a Snickers and that's about it so how can she plan and survive that.

What was it what was the time frame it's what 11 30 p.m just before midnight to 8 A.M in the morning okay yeah so um so that's a rotational uh shift night shift where you're gonna have to keep your life um stable like in other words on the weekends whatever you're gonna have to.

Keep that unfortunately I wouldn't rotate it back because the rotation really throws off the the Circadian waves and Rhythm um one thing I would add to that because everything is just kind of like shifted is to buy some type of um lighting like a full spectrum light they have them like these healing lights so you can.

Expose your your eyes your your face to this natural light uh sometime at night because everything is reversed there's a lot of um things that are happening with with what the sun gives us and the Darkness gives us so you're just gonna have to cope with that it's a difficult situation.

You're gonna have to be taking vitamin D that's going to help you as the most important nutrient but also get that light and maybe by your desk you're exposing yourself to that light um you know for at least an hour a day and then if you couldn't get out in the sun too at some point.

Maybe when you're getting up or I don't know before you go to bed I don't know how you're going to do that but that is a it's definitely a stress on the body it's the stress on the immune system so yes all right well you know I really like these questions I think and I think I speak for the audience too you really.

Learn a lot of stuff and here's the next one okay what foods uh what food is highest in quercetin kercetin leap on it uh Haley it is interesting Juan from YouTube can a high carb diet affect the thyroid.

Yeah yeah it can because when you're in high carbs you're think about what's happening to your metabolism right it's a completely different metabolism um it's it's involving a lot more energy um wasted energy then burning fat and so the thyroid has to adjust and this is why.

Um when you go on a low low carb diet the thyroid does not have to work as hard and so you're not going to require it as much of that hormone as you would if you're on the high carb diet as long as you're getting all the nutrients okay uh you'll be fine to do the ketogenic diet so that's why I always recommend.

The healthy version of the ketogenic diet all right very good let's go back to our green room and Jennifer is from Manila in the Philippines and I'm going to unmute you Jennifer and uh hang on just a second like that and we're asking for your one question to Dr Byrd yes hi good morning good afternoon good evening to all the the to everyone.

Watching um first I'd like to thank you Dr Berg and your team for this opportunity so here's my concern um I'd like to ask how should I respond to doctors um well I'm diabetic and how should I my question is I'd like to ask how should I respond to doctors who warned me about diabetic ketoacidosis.

And those who really tell me um to take statins because of my high LDL but I have low triglycerides and high HDL they say because I'm diabetic so I'm more prone to um so all those hard problems so are you a type one or type two okay so I would go to the virta website.

Verda website it's a it's a group that even certain insurances are are will help lower your payments if you um if you do their program I mean they have some great documentation that's more medical oriented more research that you can then show your doctor because um I mean unfortunately.

Uh some of these doctors are not as flexible in their thinking as we would like um I mean the bottom line is if I were going up to a doctor I'd say so you don't recommend the ketogenic diet because of uh and I'm a diabetic well let me ask you this so what is diabetes and see what they say what's the.

Definition of diabetes Well it's it's a state or condition where you have high sugar in the blood so why when lowering the sugar be a beneficial thing and see what they say I mean this is like so a seven-year-old could understand that um so then um the next question is what about the ketoacidosis which would only occur if.

You're if you're a type one and you fail to take your insulin but going on a ketogenic diet is is going to raise your ketones but not sorry about that not in the level of um not in to the level of being dangerous which is like like you know 8 9 10 11.

12. um you'd be lucky if you get them up to three or four so there's a thing called nutritional ketosis you should look it up and you just need the doctors just need to be educated on that that's a very therapeutic thing what do you think they did before they had insulin they did low carbs they did this but then.

They invented insulin and or discovered it and then now um they don't really focus on that um the only time you're going to get ketoacidosis if you if you have a if you're eating a lot of carbs whatever and then you don't take insulin but you're not taking insulin uh so you.

Don't have to worry about it it's actually um and then also as far as the statins go uh it is true that statins will lower your cholesterol but it doesn't necessarily decrease your risk of heart disease that's interesting so um you know there's a lot of controversy on the statins I would I would find some of.

These books written by medical doctors on the dangers of statins you can get all that data because unfortunately I still recommend it I mean if you took um and I'm not telling you not to take your statins but if like red yeast extract Works in a very similar way to statins B3 niacin works very similar to statins what about those those have virtually no.

Side effects got it well that sounds great well thanks for representing you bet thanks for representing Manila so well Jennifer and thanks for hanging on being our last Green Room caller uh now let's go back to the quizzes and uh the latest one which is the highest in.

Kirsten did I say that right now yeah which actually is good for um allergies and uh histamines and all sorts of uh things the audience knew what it was because 66 percent uh say onions are garlic 20 say cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables and 14 per se citrus fruits they're all over the place there.

Okay well onions are um probably one of the best sources um so start including onions in your in your diet um just yesterday I I love onions and I put those onions right with my eggs yesterday it was delicious so um I could pretty much have onions every single day and uh I recommend it all.

Right now that we've crap cracked the uh the Caper about onions let's go further into that and this is a true falser our one true falser for today yeah so true or false raw onions provide more kercetin than slightly cooked onions okay climb on that audience and let's see here's another one that.

Affects a lot of people kele from Facebook what is the best way to address eczema eczema excuse me issues yeah this is related to your gut and so you have to fix the gut to fix the skin and chances are you might be doing not just gluten but maybe some weed products that you have to eliminate and probably eliminate Dairy and um and some.

Other allergy and start doing things to support the gut um cabbage I mean like sauerkraut is a really good thing but you want to build up your microbiome probably take a probiotic and then watch my video on bloating because I actually go into that um the skin issues are I mean also you want to take vitamin D.

Or like an anti-inflammatory but uh eczema is a definitely a gut issue because um you know they've found even like these like the Europe leaky gut these little Junctions or these uh these spaces in your in your intestine um when you take like gluten they just like open right up and they allow.

All sorts of food that's shouldn't be passing through that barrier that passed right through or your immune system is ready to go what the heck is that it starts to tag these proteins as pathogens and something that's foreign and now you now you are have new allergies now you have um antibodies against the wrong thing.

Now you're more susceptible to autoimmune problems like Hashimoto's you know it's just um it's a situation absolutely well this is no fun Uma from Facebook please share any advice for burning feet sensation at night simple simple simple simple solution you just go out get something called.

Benphotamine which is a uh it's a B1 it's a synthetic B1 which is one of the only synthetics I recommend um and that B1 helps to heal the nerves usually the products with benphotamine also have alpha lipoic acid and so either one of those are good but I like the benphotamine um.

And sometimes with the alpha lipoic acid you take that and it's really good to help your nerves which usually come from either diabetic situation or what can come from other things too but it's a it's a simple solution it works very well very good and the audience works very well they're ripping through these.

Questions as I said we have six today instead of five and by golly we're going to get through them and this latest one asked or is a true falser uh true false raw onions provide more curcitin than slightly cooked vegetables in our audience uh 55 of them say no way that's false 45 is true it's false.

When you slightly cook these onions you get a a little bump um you get a little increase and so so like maybe six to twenty five percent um so but you know eat them raw too but you get a little bit more so it's kind of like with the garlic right you have to and also sulforaphane which is in um.

Um broccoli Sprouts you have to crunch them and break them open to release an enzyme that then makes this active compound active well same thing with the onions okay very good uh and speaking of onions this is the onion show and here's our last question for the day doc okay which type of onion has the least quercetin red onion yellow onion or.

White onion all right now let's go back to social media John from Facebook how do you feel about Citrus Bergamot to lower I hope I said that right to lower cholesterol Citrus Bergamot I think I think it's a I think it's a great remedy um but also at the same time you know you want to cut out cut out the carbs which actually.

Inevitably raise things so um if you have also a genetic problem related to fats in general um if you have a weakness within an area you know you want to add choline you want to add some of the B vitamins you want to add um things like um bile salts.

So and niacin there's a lot of things you can do depending on your situation but typically that is a good remedy for um what what you want to do that's terrific let's see now Kathy from Facebook why is it that cruciferous vegetables bother me uh badly extremely gassy reactions help yeah well there's there's definitely.

There's something that's called dysbiosis or this imbalance of some microbe in in your gut that you know these microbes are supposed to help you break down uh this fiber but um sometimes we don't have the microbes um there so then when you eat these things and boy it just it tears us up because they're not digested and then.

What happens is you have this over fermentation problem so then we get uh too much gas uh different types of gas and then we have pressure and then so um you just have to avoid them right now and then slowly increase them in the diet over a long period of time so your body can adapt to digesting this there's one cruciferous vegetable that I cannot.

Eat or I will be in so much pain that's broccoli um but I can do cabbage I can do other ones and of course if you're doing um brussels sprouts I would we need those raw if I were you I would cook them or steam them but but yeah so if you can't do the cruciferous do other vegetables like.

Salad and things like that if you can't do that go on the carnivore for a while but you know our bodies will eventually adapt to certain things um if you give it enough time but if your genetics have been adapting for thousands of years in a certain way it may take a few thousand years to get them back to.

Where where they need to be depending on the environment or what what you're doing but in the meantime you know there's a lot of things you can do to cope with the problem okay my sounding the klaxon that means that the audience has done absolutely incredible with their homework because they just answered six questions we.

Usually have trouble getting through five and it asks the final one which type of onion has the least curcitin red yellow or white I'm such a fan of red they didn't say red instead they said 60 say it's white onions 40 say it's the yellow ones it's the white because it's lacking a pigment.

And these phytonutrients especially curcitin is a it's an it's a pigment which is a antioxidant pigment just like a lot of the other ones anthraxanthins carotenoids pigments so um this is why um you know like the dark uh purple beets or carrots or these uh different color.

Type vegetables are are good um but yeah I mean still do the white ones but if you do the yellow red ones it's just you get a little bit more of that nutrient which is uh very interesting and I'm I'm doing some I have a device I'm doing some research on this I have a whole team of people helping me but um.

So I want to find out how can we grow food that is higher in some of these phytonutrients and a lot of it of the past research has to do with it really depends on the microbes in the around the seed when you're growing it as well as in the soil so we'll do a.

Whole research I'll do a whole video on that um because it's a fascinating topic and uh you know it's it's related to a couple things and one thing one variable is the microbes another variable is the sunlight so if you're growing in a greenhouse with a certain growing lamp versus out in the sun completely.

Different um phytonutrient Spectrum so it's a very interesting subject all right here's something interesting Jillian from YouTube would nut Rod work in my morning coffee in lieu of butter while I'm fasting it has zero carbs and a couple of grams of fat I think we'd be fine I think it'd be.

Fine all right have at it and let's see Elaine from uh YouTube we're back to nice and how much niacin should we be taking on a daily basis I would take 500 milligrams of time release and you know there's not a lot of options as far as the type of niacin out.

There so um they pretty much all come from the same company so I would I would take it it seems to work regardless of the the type on that particular vitamin but niacin um niacin is also good for um schizophrenia too and um even bipolar and even depression um so yeah it's a real key key nutrient.

For a lot of problems very good I love these handles high five from YouTube can the use of Moringa help with the effects of IBS I don't know I don't know uh you might want to try it Moringa Moringa comes from a a leaf from a tree um and so you can actually even grow it too it grows.

Very easily but it's a really nutrient packed plant I mean a leaf so um will it help your gut I don't know I do know for example fiber might aggravate the gut if you have pre-existing damage so that's really important so if some people can't tolerate like vegetables because they have already have existing damage from.

The seed oils that they consumed so um one thing that I do is I do my wheatgrass juice powder added with water in there because that has the benefit of the chlorophyll without the fiber and that's really good to help heal the inner skin of the intestinal tract all right very good Charlene from YouTube represents a great many people in the.

Populace women in this case what supplements would you recommend for someone who is post-menopausal probably the most important one would be starting with vitamin E um because that's going to that's what they lose from um having the loss of ovaries so the vitamin E would be good I would get in the tocotrinos that would.

Really help make sure you don't take a lot of calcium okay because so that can be a problem I would get the calcium from the food but and then I would also do the Omega uh three these the omega-3 I would say like cod liver oil that would be good and definitely start eliminating the omega-6 very very important.

um and then kind of go from there but that that would be important um without having any further data all right very good and let's go back and brag about this app again uh it's free how many things are free well this is and uh it'll really keep you in tune.

You have an absolute like an old Star Trek tricorder my goodness you can answer any question for your friends you want and um you know it's like pause right he was kind enough to come on and talk about her friend who was ailing well get them to download this app and great things will happen I noticed you mentioned Dr.

Berg that they can't offer free shipping internationally but you do have some remedies for the high cost of shipping I believe here's the thing um the products that I have and in Europe are definitely do not have maltodextrin I can promise you that so that's one big.

Plus thing um but a lot of the products people are taking in Europe are taking maltodextrin unknowingly and um you know I'm just going to keep increasing the awareness so more and more companies will start to get that darn terrible ingredient out of the products.

Because it's unnecessary but it's very difficult to find companies that don't have it in there because um you know you have to pay more not to have it in there but they use it because it's it makes a great spray and it's cheap and um but think about where it comes from you know it's like it's just a starch and usually from corn or wheat.

Which people have allergies to things like that so it's just not it's not a good product I think what I want to do Steve is I want to go to the grocery store and I want to um I want to look at all the products and then have like a little chart to determine.

How much of their products are really have maltodextrin in them and and also grains and uh just do a deep dive on that because I you can see what a lot of people are consuming a lot of grains and how do I know that we'll just go to the grocery store look what look what's selling um but there's a lot of other hidden.

Things in the food so it's becoming more difficult to find healthy food at the local grocery store um and on that note um stay tuned for some really interesting videos coming up this next week as well as we will come Ravine next Monday I'm sorry next Friday at our.

Regular time at 11 o'clock uh Eastern Standard Time in the morning so have a wonderful weekend uh coming up here and we will talk to everyone real soon thank you foreign
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