The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 26, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 26, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 26, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 26, 2022.
welcome back everyone we're here for another show q a we have steve on the line and anything that i say is definitely not meant to replace your medical care check with your doc before you you know do any things that we talk about and uh.

And so as we're going through the show um you know what i'll be really curious about if you could in the chat type this question down this answer to the question i want to find out how many people are new to keto and if or experience taquito so if you could just.

Make a note in the chat i'll be curious what the answer is because i always i never asked that question i wanted to find out so that way i can tailor make my answers all right steve all right well i tell you so let's kick it off from social media now rhonda is not uh exclaiming that she they're saying that she's on.

Keto but uh she is fasting and here's the earthy question is is it normal to have loose watery steels during a 48 hour fast no no it's not normal and there's obviously probably something going on with your uh your microbes that there's some.

Imbalance and you know sometimes uh if you actually do a first fast and uh like you haven't done it before um what can happen is um you know you're like these microbes are so used to getting fed all of a sudden you don't feed them and.

There could be a problem so um it's not normal i think what i would probably recommend is to take a probiotic that would be good take something that survives the stomach acid too that's important kefir is a good natural probiotic as well.

Great her microbes are rebelling uh debra from youtube what are your thoughts about drinking ketones while on keto diet yay or nay so it's an expensive way to do it i think the only reason i would do that is if i had some type of dementia or some.

Let's say i seizures something like that that i wanted to raise my a level of ketones up or maybe i'm going to exercise and get a little more energy but typically like there was a guy that i just talked to recently that was a type 1 diabetic and his ketones went up to like a 5.5.

Which is pretty darn good and he was a diabetic so it really depends on where your ketones are do you want to increase them i mean it's it's not going to help with weight loss it might just you know you're already generating this these ketones um i think it'd be kind of.

An overkill to just take additional ketones but that being said you know ketones do help the brain so you you could always you know get benefits from that and get more energy all right go for that laura from youtube could you please do a video on.

Uh acidic choline did i say that right terry was trying to find thank you and function in the heart okay all right i just made a note of that will do wonderful and let's do one more before we kick over to something else helene from youtube i did watch your video about cholesterol should i be.

Taking both niacin and tudka together how many milligrams of tutka should i be taking a day well you know you only want to take that if you there's a concern if there's a problem um but tutka is a bile salt and choline is actually in the bile salts so you're taking something to kind of break things.

Up you'll get lower readings you'll get more digestion break break above this cholesterol and if you're doing keto healthily with low carbs okay and fasting there really isn't any need for uh worrying about cholesterol but it's when you're cheating or just.

Like you're doing it sort of correct or you're still eating carbs that's when there's a problem with cholesterol all right my guess is the audience begging for a question so here's the first one all right so what test can determine.

Your longevity now i'm talking i'm not talking about an expensive lab test what's a simple test that can determine your longevity how long you're going to live all right very good well we've got an interesting group in the green room and the first one i think would be fascinating is a.

Husband and wife team that promised to argue on the air and let's see who wins now i'm just kidding this is uh ariel who i think is speaking on behalf of her husband and ariel if you would unmute yourself you and nathan are wrong with dr byrd hi how's it going great.

Go ahead with your questions dr berg actually oh i can hear you perfectly can you hear me now that's interesting uh the rest of the team there can you all hear dr byrd a head shake if you can yeah the rest of your uh cohorts can uh this might be or can you do this see if you can speaking.

Over to me real quickly ariel and i'll uh sort of transcribe it verbally for you well why don't you just uh you can ask her she can answer the question and then i can just you know answer it i mean she just asked the question because you can hear i'm sorry go ahead ariel so ask a question please.

All right yeah no um i i just can't hear dr berg's uh response but uh anyways um my question is um yeah sorry i'm just getting my camera here um is that my husband has been having a foot uh issue for the last like 10 years um and he has gone on ken on the candida.

Diet so during that period of time he did not have the foot issue the foot issue is that he gets cracked cracked heels an itchy toe itchy bottom of the foot he also gets peely skin as well too um so we've been doing the keto healthy keto for about five uh no sorry three months now we're.

Almost six months postpartum actually um and um so obviously we're not getting a lot of sleep um but he's been it the foot skin been getting better however um uh it does have some flare-ups here and there so we just wanted to we did purchase your liver uh course online which was great and and your.

Videos about the liver's connection to the foot has been great but we just wanted to check in and just to see if we're on the right track and whatnot yeah i think you are on the right track um the um the problem is there's probably some residual overgrowth of candida going on.

In the foot that's tender it's a perfect environment with being moist and things like that so i'm glad you reduced sugar because that's ultimately going to correct it but the dry cracked skin is the result of the microbes so tea tree oil.

Mixed with a coconut oil applied topically each night before i go to bed i think would be the best remedy for him so you might not be able to hear me talking but you can re watch the recording when um you know when we're done with this show today.

Well uh ariel i'm sorry for the technical difficulty on you're in there or whatever but uh dr berg just gave you uh a comment and also urged you to watch the recording of the show on either youtube or facebook and uh you'll be able to uh get his counsel which i think was very sound so anyway i hope you and uh awesome your husband have a blast.

Thanks for having us we really appreciate it yeah and congratulations on your burgeoning family there that's really fun so don't worry you'll get some sleep after they're about 16 to 18. uh until until then yeah you know it's gonna be a full-time job.

All right well thank you so much and uh nathan and again watch the show after the fact and um you will be uh updated on what uh is going on with your uh itchy foot your husbands that you foot so thanks for joining us and uh the audience is always as quick with their answers and the first question of.

This show asked what task can best determine your longevity and the audience claims or at least 90 percent of them say a cac test five percent say a liver enzyme test and five percent say a urine test so so you know everyone is right on that and csc is a really good predictor of mortality for sure.

But regarding longevity um and people that are aging and getting to a point where you know things are breaking down there's a um a really good test and that would be so.

Seat to standing test just by getting off your chair and your grip strength because what happens as we age uh we start to lose muscle that's the real big thing and it's called the sarcopenia age-related muscle loss and so one quick test is just to see how fast you can get up from a seated.

Position or off the floor so um i might be aging really fast because like it takes me a long time to especially after this last workout yesterday i could barely get off the floor i can barely walk actually so um but if you didn't work out just.

Getting up quickly is an indication of strong muscles and that means you don't have a problem with sarcopenia but it's a you know they just isolated that as a good um task to do it's non-invasive and um and then i'm gonna release a video on what to do to kind of.

Prolong that process and what to do when you have sarcopenia so stay tuned for that video doc for those of us who don't know can you tell us what a cac test is what does that mean yeah it's coronary artery calcification scan or a test or a score and then so what they do is they just it's a.

Relatively inexpensive test but they do use the cat scan and they look into the heart and look at the coronary artery the main artery to the heart and they're looking for how much calcium is in there there shouldn't be any calcium in there but if there is um it's kind of they've associated with a with a good predictor for mortality.

From all causes of death so the more calcium you have the less you have that you can live so um it should be zero but um you know it can go over a thousand so um it's a good test to do and um.

Because if you have calcium in your artery i think it's important to be aware of that and so you could do something about it i mean it's going to create some more urgency to like start working on it very good well some might say nobody.

Listens to dr berg's show oh yeah well this morning we have people joining us from the uk canada scotland egypt saudi arabia belgium trinidad tobago greece japan algeria cameroon australia france germany mexico sweden taiwan the netherlands turkey the philippines macedonia india norway nigeria hungary poland argentina.

Bermuda brazil switzerland panama portugal iceland the united arab emirates chile ghana south africa pakistan iraq good to hear from you folks new zealand italy peru bulgaria iran guyana hong kong croatia spain jordan and of course all across these united states.

And i always blame terry for not mentioning canada yet it was the second up so plenty of people up north who are also in our green room and they're going to be joining us shortly wow steve i think this is so great compared to especially where i came from doing um i remember doing video doing seminars at whole.

Foods for for many years until i got kicked out and um i i asked him like why why am i getting kicked out of doing seminars and they go well there's been you know some people that just really never heard this information before and.

They're a little bit upset i said and i find out it's one person that basically complained because i told her something she'd never heard before so i thought maybe that would be a reason why you'd want to go to a seminar maybe you want to learn something but so they kicked me out but then they let.

Me back in so i'm glad we have a captive audience that would like to learn new things so well your comeback to that woman is how do you like me now of course that's a that'll show her anyway let's go back to some more uh great questions from.

Uh social media and this is ed from youtube poor guy why do i keep craving ice cream after i've given up bread maybe he needs to give up more well you crave it because you keep eating it um i know i was in that trap um boy as soon as you do it once it's like the next day you want it again and.

Then you're you're in the trap so you're going to have to use what's called discipline right steve to restrain yourself long enough till those cravings go away but um recently i i i'm trying something new um.

Uh shifting not what i eat or the pattern of what i eat but when i eat i'm trying something i'm taking that pattern of my first meal and bringing it closer to breakfast now this kind of opposed what i've been telling people but you're i'm still fasting for 20 hours but i'm eating earlier and i'm just experimenting there's some great.

New information on how that can improve results a little bit more so it's something you'll have to stay tuned to watch that video and see if you want to try it out as well but again if it's working for you don't don't change anything but um i'm finding that it aligns with your circadian rhythms a bit more by by shifting this pattern my.

First meal is in the morning and the second meal is like you know two o'clock or one o'clock depending on what i eat and then boom i'm done so um it's it's interesting so stay tuned for that video coming out next week sometime well that's interesting well ed i feel.

For you and there are many of us out here that do not have the sort of intrinsic discipline that many others do and all of us have felt the pain for many years so you know when i would try three freezer burned lean cuisines per day for a healthy life that lasted about 30 seconds couldn't stand that just i'd rather whatever.

Not be healthy but anyway this stuff the dr berg it is now uh 11 a.m where i am and i have no desire to eat whatsoever and about three o'clock today i'll have my first meal and then i'll eat you know heartily and so on and i'm not perfect on the keto stuff but my life has improved so much so the great thing about.

Dr berg's various approaches is it's not all or nothing is you continue to move toward uh you know a level of enjoyment of food in a responsible way and you get rewarded along the way which keeps keeps you motivated so i feel better emotionally i'm not tired all these things and yet i'm not doing this thing.

Perfectly but i would never go all the way back because i'm getting rewards that never happened before and and giving it up you're a one meal a day you're doing omad one meal a day right yeah and well over maybe an hour and a half but yeah so i'll have some cheese and then i'll have the main sort of meal this that and the other and something.

And you know there might be a little carbohydrate in there i don't want to lie to you but that in toast so in an hour and a half i consume what i'm going to have and man i feel better you know um so if someone's on omad which i i really i like that approach i if you have that one meal before three and maybe even at two.

O'clock at the very latest um i think you you may experience better benefits with insulin improving insulin resistance and sleeping versus later at night something to consider very good uh back to uh i think this might oh this.

Is youtube again kathy from youtube what's the best indication that my h pylori is gone blood work stool sample or breath test and if it's not gone what's the best natural way to eliminate it well h pylori really is a type of microbe that should not bother.

Us i mean it just kind of lives there hangs out we most of us have it and it just kind of doesn't irritate us um so really it's not a matter of getting rid of it it's a matter of putting it into a state where it's it's like friendly to us it's not unfriendly.

So the symptoms that that will give you would be something like an ulcer uh gastritis inflammation uh maybe those symptoms so if those symptoms go away chances are you're good so you put it right back in remission you you know when there are and.

When your body changes and it gets stressed out the some of the bad good bacteria turn bad on you some of the microbes that have been neutral in this relationship they don't harm us they don't hurt us they start turning nasty so they're they're called opportunistic they take advantage of a situation they kind of.

Kick you when you're down because they um so unfortunately probably happens in life the same way but i would just work on putting the acid back in the stomach cleaning up the diet and if you have no symptoms don't worry about it.

Wonderful okay doc i have another question and these are a couple of acronyms is it fair for you to spell that out i'll leave that to you or is that part of the quiz okay so what is a better exercise high intensity interval training or low intensity steady state and basically it's we're.

Comparing the high intensity interval training to um something that's like low intensity moderate endurance like you're walking on a treadmill something like that what is uh better for you okay dig into that folks and why don't we go back to our green room and um.

I'm watching their faces and joseph seems to be the most patient of all of them so with that comes rewards uh joseph you're on with dr berg uh forget don't forget to unmute yourself sir hi dr berg thank you for having me um i've had health issues for a couple years and about 10 months ago.

I figured out it was high levels of heavy metal metals and chemicals some new intermittent fasting keto dsma activated charcoal sweating but i've taken some tests during that time leaky gut food sensitivity and a bacteria test the.

Bacteria test the normal stuff was okay but for the opportunistic like pseudomonas and staph they're really high i'm not sensitive to dairy on when i took the test but um i i noticed that it does exasperate my symptoms so i want to know what you.

Thought about kefir if that was a good probiotic considering i have leaky gut and i'm sort of overcoming this stuff and what if that's good and what else i might do great question because i'm just very interested in this whole microbial thing um yeah you're smart because um one way to counteract some of the heavy.

Metals is to build up your own flora and your gut that really helps to um help keep things at a minimum and um i think um if you can if you in your state what what state do you are you from nevada okay so um.

I would seek out go to to see if you can find a farm that has the raw milk and make your own kefir there's a huge difference between buying kefir and making it yourself with a starter kit and using raw milk there are things in the raw milk um when you make this kefir that um seem to bypass like people that have.

Allergies and sensitivities and intolerances to things so i would at least try it because the kefir is hands down like one of the best probiotics i mean it has a wide range of the yeast and the bacteria and you could take some of that now so let's say that doesn't work you have uh you know kimchi and.

Sauerkraut those two are are really important um a good probiotic you can get a spore probiotic which is a kind of a um it's a microbe in dormancy just like in my greenhouse right now i'm not growing anything right now because it's like too hot and so these microbes i'm not watering them they're.

In a spore as soon as i have water boom they become alive so same thing with the spore of microbes you can take them and they tend to be better than the ones that might already be dead when you take them so yeah that's what i would i would do and um sauerkraut is like the best.

Okay great thank you doctor sure no problem thanks so much uh joseph appreciate having you on i'm just teasing the rest of you all look very mature and patient so i'm just having some fun here but thank you for that joseph and we hope that you would call us back as we do all of you.

To let us know your progress and you know how things are going for you so let's see let's go back to well how about a quiz question um number two uh asked and of course i didn't understand the thing which is better high intensity training or low intensity.

I guess sustained training or something correct me if i'm wrong dr berg but the audience understood it oops sorry ma'am i didn't mean to bring you up quite yet and um 80 percent say hit and 20 say list okay it's a trick question uh they're both.

They have their own uh purposes you know we always you know i'm bringing this up because um i get this question a lot like um you know like well should i do this or that i think you should do both of them because there's benefits on each side like for example the low intensity can actually lower cortisol the high.

Intensity can increase cortisol so um plus both of those exercises don't really work on your flexibility um range of motion as much as was i like to do workouts with that as well so i think a combination of both also the um you know with the high intensity interval training you're going to get more growth.

Hormone you might get a little bit more fat burning but the low intensity um works on the blood sugars a little bit better the advantage with the high intensity you can have um it's for those people that don't have a lot of time and uh you like to just get in and out.

And i but i think a little bit of both is good because um i can't just do a low intensity workout i have to personally do something high intensity and sometimes i push to the limit like i did two days ago which um i could barely walk right now but um so that's uh being said um i hope that answered the.

Question and as we're proceeding if terry could go ahead and see if there's any answers of the original question that i asked about people that are just beginning or experienced with keto good we'll get the whole team on that and let's see here's an interesting question carl is asking i've just.

Started an active exercise program is it best to skip workouts for a couple of days while i'm faster fasting excuse me or does that matter so it's if you could work out while you're fasting you're going to add a lot more benefit but how do you know if you can handle exercise when you're fasting.

Well you do it you work out and see if you can maintain your same amount of energy if you can then you've adapted your body can when you're working out the problem with workouts when you're fasting is you're you're tapping into your fat and you have to be adapted to your fat or else you might just um.

You know run out of sugar and then because you're not adapted yet to ketosis and then get really tired so if you could maintain the same level of energy level of energy i would definitely work out while you're fasting the brain doesn't need to adapt to ketosis it can it it can use ketones.

Or sugar like that like no um no adaptation so um it's the survival mechanism because you need to have to do that so if if you actually put ketones in your blood versus sugar.

The the brain will always choose the ketones before the sugar so um one thing when you're starting keto and people have um headaches and things like that or side effects that's when it's a good time to add the.

Mct oil to add more ketones so the brain feels better and that way you don't have any you know problems symptomatic with that but um but there is no adaptation for your brain your brain can just suck up those ketones or sugar um back and forth.

And um so i just wanted to throw that extra thing in there very good zee shan uh from our social media gang can you please tell me how to address hashimoto's thyroidism that is an autoimmune hypothyroid case and and i think the best remedy for that is selenium.

And lots of vitamin d because it's autoimmune so you take about 30 maybe even 40 000 ius of vitamin d3 to help reduce inflammation and of course you know fasting is going to be really important for any autoimmune problem because that's going to strengthen your immune system.

Microbial diversity you'll have more microbes in different types so um that's what i would do very good okay coming from india watai i guess that's her non-degear but from india wants to know can you please discuss the best way to address gastritis caused by h pylori.

Licorice root is a good remedy also marshmallow root is a good one but not marshmallows the other thing that's good is the wheatgrass juice powder is really good for um gastritis and also.

You know you might think that it's coming from this h pylori and it might be but you can also have gastritis from bile backing up into the stomach so just if that's happening you don't want to be taking bile cells.

Um you want to you might want to take tucker just to kind of keep the flow going but then don't take it because you have it's not draining properly so in that case you want to do like some manual type therapy to kind of allow it to drain through there a little bit better very good okay uh why don't we we're.

Really staying ahead of the questions and these are interesting doc here's the next one all right so which is more common in sinus congestion viral or bacterial infections all right dig into that audience i know you will and let's see let's go back to social.

Media again um oh here we go macy from youtube what's the best vitamin or best foods to reduce stress increase energy and sustain focus well there's no there's no uh lag on that answer because it's b1 b1 is hands down the best vitamin for stress anxiety nervous.

Tension restless leg syndrome um i mean you'll feel difference within probably a few minutes you'll just feel like relief so be one wow is the answer to that well i know you don't uh push your products on the.

Air and that's very admirable but but i don't mind doing it what do you have it has b1 in it do you have any recommendations out of your list of things i have a i have a natural b1 supplement now i finally got that in as well as the nutritional yeast so both of those have the b1 very good um you know it's really hard to find a.

Natural b1 um but we found one um unfortunately it's really hard to make uh but most of the b1 out there is just pure synthetic from petroleum and um i i just there's just not much attention being put on the source of where you get these ingredients and the vitamins so that's where my head is at um.

Finding sources that are really good and soils that are really healthy good well i'm glad you reminded me the nutritional yeast as b1 i'm a fan of that of course able from youtube is biotin good to treat flaky skin what else might help it can it can for sure but it's biotin is also good for your um.

Your hair growth hair splitting the strength of hair um some of the biotin is coming from your gut so but a better remedy would be um the omega.

3 fatty acid like the cod liver oil and limit the omega-6 fatty acids so how do you do that well you just don't go out to eat for a while because every single restaurant is going to give you these omega-6 fatty acids and that will lead to this imbalance where you have inflammation the skin flaky dry red.

Skin i can even look at someone their skin and tell you what they've been eating um you know but then they're at the local restaurant eating probably chicken wings or something fried and they don't realize how that's affecting the skin.

Well you indeed you are what you eat i guess so and the audience is eating up these questions and they've already got an answer to the last one which asks which is more common uh in sinus congestion virus or bacteria and the audience has an opinion sixty percent say it's.

Viral thirty percent say it's bacterial and ten percent uh are hedging their bats and say it's both okay so the great majority of sinus infections is viral sometimes but rarely it's bacteria this is why the antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Rarely are just it's just a waste now you also can have uh what's common is fungal affections if it's a chronic sinus you're around i will us release the video on that this week as well uh some really good remedies to use to if you have sinus congestion which yeah boy that's uh you know it can really.

Affect you know your sleeping snoring getting up but mainly oxygen at night when you're trying to sleep because um you can't breathe you breathe through your mouth and then you don't get the air and then you don't wake up feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed wow that's interesting well i gave.

Everybody a sneak peek of susan from manitoba accidentally so we might as well bring her on the air and susan if you would unmute yourself you're now officially on the dr berg show hi thank you very much for having me um i'm in my 60s i come from a family with high cholesterol so it's from a low.

Hypercholesterolemia um mine is the highest in my family i've been on statins since my 20s currently on rosuvastatin 20 milligrams which i i really want to stop taking but my endocrinologist would wouldn't hear it um so you know family history of heart attack and stroke um.

I was eating a low-fat diet for many years and i'm so glad to want to eat the fats but i'm a bit conflicted with regards to the keto and not handling um stopping eating for a while you know fasting is not so easy but i've cut back on the snacking.

So you know you've got one approach which i appreciate um things are different around here up in canada and you know the dietetics diabetic association because i have diabetes as well um.

They say all the other stuff which i'm not happy with yeah i know i hear you and i know exactly some direction would be yes i totally understand that and uh wow i mean there's so many um official organizations that are putting.

You on a diet that's low fat high carb high grain soy blah blah blah so this is what um i have i've had other people with even a genetic high cholesterol um be able to do this and bring the cholesterol down i think would be very important.

Is to do what i'm going to tell you and then go back and get an advanced well actually no i would get an advanced lipid profile test first and just see where your numbers are and i'm talking about looking at all these little factors related to cholesterol not just total cholesterol but all the.

All the data and then do what i'm going to tell you and then go back maybe two months later and recheck it and then you'll you'll know for sure what you can handle that way there's no mystery but um so if you have a problem with this.

Cholesterol genetically then you're going to have to take um like tutca which is a bile salt on a regular basis that will keep the cholesterol mobile and moving through your body also choline is another good cholesterol thing that breaks down.

Cholesterol and then niacin which not only will help your cholesterol that will help protect the heart with one more little thing and that's tocatrinals and that would be a type of vitamin e that's hands down it's like 50 times stronger than the regular tocopherols so called tocotrienols but.

It protects the inside lining of your arteries so that way even if there is high cholesterol you have this antioxidant that can uh kind of mop up any type of uh free radicals and inflammation and damage that's going on so um the the most important thing though for you is to really keep your carbs low so.

Even though you probably haven't been doing that but that's because those these carbs they actually convert to cholesterol the bad kind of cholesterol that's really sticky and it's oxidized and of course one last little tip and that's just you know you're gonna have to the type of fat that um really need to.

Avoid is the uh the the vegetable oils like that's really like bad stuff so maybe you just uh you do keto but you just don't add a lot of extra fat and then the fat that you do add would be like um olive oil and you know a lot of fish oil because fish oil will not create a problem it's a unique type of.

Oil so that should keep you busy for a few days um thank you you mentioned the bio salt yeah yeah i didn't get the name of the bio salt that you mentioned yeah it's called tudka t-u-d-c-a and tutca is a.

A very unique type of bile salt that can really bring down your cholesterol um yeah because cholesterol i mean bile is the the primary uh controller thank you very much you're welcome so it controls cholesterol so uh anytime you have higher cholesterol.

Maybe you need more bile and so a lot of people do but they didn't realize it until they tried it and then also that worked well that's terrific well thank you susan for joining us from manitoba representing them so well and let's see uh oh this is interesting uh name anyway it caused me to look at it the crunchy.

Pancake i have some serious acne scars on my face how can i get rid of them or at least make them less visible so these are acne scars yeah so he must be beyond the initial deal you can you can you definitely use vitamin e oil rub it in each night before i go to bed that's a really good tip and then the other thing is there's.

A product from standard process it's called dermatrophin pmg dermatrophy pmg from standard process you can seek out that product and just take take one before bed for probably three months and uh that seems to work good as well very good abigail from facebook what can i do to get uh relief from a food.

Allergy i suspect it was salmon and now i have a sore throat and swollen lips well i mean the the best thing if you want to reduce the reaction to that allergy right now like i would take a lot of vitamin d but to get rid of the allergy i would do periodic.

Prolonged fasting so like every week you do 48 hour fasting and then every month you do like a longer fasting more than three days and then that will greatly improve your immune system and it may even get rid of your allergies very good well here's our first true.

Falsehood of the day and they're really fun because you have a 50 chance of being smart and here it is all right the average person in the u.s drinks 25 of their liquids as a soft drink is that true or false wow i'm not sure coca-cola is going to like.

You asking that question uh anyway let's see let's move on from that and let's go back to the green room and in this case uh shannon and her family is chattering away in the background i think which is so wonderful has a question for you dr berg and here she is go ahead shannon hi dr berg hi.

My family just left so it should be quiet now so my question it's probably i think it's a common question that you get but i've been doing this for a year my husband's been doing it for five months and we can't seem to get it right electrolytes and leg cramps and diarrhea sorry too much information but um so my.

Husband has to have like five scoops of your electrolytes a day to avoid having leg cramps and that seems excessive to me but i don't know and for me the balance is if i if i take one scoop i get leg cramps but if i eat two soups i seem to get loose bowels so not sure how to get a happy medium it's.

Been a year and i feel like i was i was actually vegan for 10 years before this i feel so much better doing keto everything is great except for for me the bad issues um that i've never had before i never had loose stools ever in my life until now so yeah so it's kind of a twofold it's a question for both of us but it's kind of.

A similar yeah well i mean i think this is this is normal because you're married and everything usually is opposite i mean like my wife likes it warmer i like it cold when i'm sleeping so it's a perfect so of course um i'm surprised it doesn't cause uh.

Constipation on his side but okay interesting um yeah it's just a normal part of being married um that's really what's going on but i think if you um cut down you probably don't need more than a half of a scoop maybe a fourth of a scoop.

And then just you know eat really good as far as your husband um the thing about uh the electrolytes that i have um with some people i don't know what his diet was in the past but um some people do need a lot more if like think about like one scoop is 1 000 milligrams we need 4 700.

Milligrams but that's just the rda that's recommended there's some data that shows that um from an evolutionary point of view that we need like 11 000 um milligrams a day um so that's uh so i i don't think it's a problem um if that's what's working.

For him realize our bodies have a very uh convenient way of getting rid of excess potassium if we don't need it so it's not like a dangerous thing at all unless you have stage five kidney failure which he doesn't i highly doubt if he does um so um the thing about this our body is trying to conserve sodium but not potassium.

So um he's his body's getting rid of anything he doesn't need but um but you know some people require a lot more potassium i'm going to do an experiment and i'll put this in a video i'm going to get a glass of distilled water put some wires into it and.

Hook it up to a light bulb and you'll see that it won't work until i add a little electrolytes and then boom it works so what we're doing is we're adding more um electrical um activity to the body and um maybe that's what he needs um but yeah so i wouldn't i would just.

Reduce yours and just see you know see just maybe work on his diet a little bit more maybe he needs to have more salads i don't know but um oh then add some mct oil um that might help and then also uh he probably needs a good probiotic or some type of uh.

Keefe or something that can actually fix the microbes that will help the um the stool okay sounds great one last thing if you haven't if you haven't seen my recent video on constipation watch that one because peristalsis which is the pumping action.

Of colon is controlled by that thing that we talked about in the very beginning of the show called acetylcholine and to build that up you need vitamin b1 so he might need b1 for his constipation so i did a whole video on it um.

It's uh i thought it was i'll go back and watch a pretty good video so you can check it out awesome that's great videos are great thank you so much shannon thanks so much for joining us let us know how you and your husband uh do together uh challenge all across the world let's see now um and dr berg.

Has a great heart for kids so let's go to leset from facebook my beautiful granddaughter is ten but her face is already breaking out what can i do for her i wish i would have known um back then what i know now because um first of all i bet you anything there's too much sugar and more carbs.

And too much insulin which then converts to androgens and then increases acne and women so um i would for young adults i would definitely just go go to the standard eating plan and cut down the sugars and for kids um get alternative type sweets you know you have the sugar alcohols make the different keto bombs and different.

Recipes and that would be um some good advice and the key is starting your kids early early as possible don't try to change it after they hit 18 because it's uh it's more difficult so um steve with you i know your kids are grown up and it's uh.

They don't they don't like to change as much as when they're younger so you're just gonna have to start over and have some new kids oh absolutely and especially if any council comes from their father that's the end of it just a quick let me tell you something a quick anecdote so uh my son uh alec and.

My daughter was sitting at the dining table and i just bought hooked on phonics you know it was an 85 set to teach your kid how to read early and she's i don't know five or something and i pulled it out and i said honey this is a a and this is a lowercase a she said uh-uh i said well no this is the lowercase she goes no my teacher showed.

Us an a and there's no lowercase a so i realized then i i quietly folded the thing back up slid the lid on it and put it away and then never return to it again now she's now got a master's degree is doing great but it wasn't because of any counsel from her father she just doesn't want to hear that from me so but you know so there you go.

Okay so uh the audience has jumped on this true false question which asks the average person in the us drinks 25 percent of their liquids as soft drinks 65 percent of the audience says no way it's false 35 unfortunately it's true it's actually true isn't that crazy wow that's crazy yeah so that's uh i'll do a video on the.

Um more on that topic but i was just like what the um it's crazy and also um i'll talk a bit more on like what percentage of people consume like the tap water and what's in tap water but you know might be might be good to get a filter.

But even at the very very bare minimum there's there's certain types of filters and things that you can use that are better than others i will cover that as well that's great we've got a filter on our fridge i hope it works the screw in type anyway let's see um oh how about the last question here doc it's an.

Interesting one all right what is the first symptom of a vitamin d overdose how do you know you're taking too much vitamin d is there any simple way of knowing that what do you think about that very good dig into that audience and now.

Let's go to mary who is from uh an oaky from oklahoma and mary let me unreach you on my end and you are on with dr byrd thank you thank you can you hear me perfectly okay um what i'm having is i was wanting to talk.

To you about i'm having anemia uh because i have a fibroid in my uterus and it's been bleeding for like four months it's getting worse but i'm going to get in you know i finally got into the gynecologist that'd be next month and then after that they'll send me to if they're going to do something about it but.

I'm only been on the program probably maybe six seven weeks and i love it i mean it just hit me just perfect i mean i don't have keto flu i've never had any you know side effects i just started doing it and then within a week i was already.

Fasting so i was off and running but i'm finding that i'm the fasting's not so good for me because i feel like i'm going to faint all the time i feel like i'm going to faint um i tried to add more nutrients.

I take the electrolytes but and i'm not hungry i'm not hungry at breakfast i'm not hungry until like two three maybe if i'm even hungry because i have a job where i can work straight through and not even stop wow um i can wait till dinner to eat but.

I yet i'm constantly like the room starts spinning or i'll just have to grab hold of something because i know i'm gonna faint and then the logical thing to do would be eat something you know right so you don't faint right i mean.

I'm just confused because i don't want to eat anything but i know i know yeah that's it so okay so this is what i would try um the next time you get dizzy um take about an eighth of a teaspoon of sea salt and dissolve it in water and drink it and see if that gets rid of your.

Dizziness sea salt that might be what you're missing let's say that doesn't work you know you don't feel any change at all if you feel some change then it means you need to do more of that but let's say there's no change at all and you've tried that a couple times.

Then i would support the adrenal glands because the adrenal glands might need support there's uh something i have called the whole desiccated what's called adrenal support but it's a desiccated adrenal it's a an actual extract that it it kind of supports the adrenal.

Because one of the symptoms uh about adrenal that needs supporting is dizziness um sometimes low tolerance to stress not that you have that but definitely the dizziness i love the fact that you're you lost the appetite now we just need.

To get handled that one symptom because then you can go longer and um things can really start to happen but uh yeah so the most likely thing it's it's sea salt but then second you support the adrenal um so those are the two things i would i.

Would do right now and if that doesn't work come back and i will give you a third solution all right that's so great well mary thanks for joining us and thanks for waiting so long in the room uh and s uh stefan uh from uh washington is our last participant here and we're gonna bring.

Him on and stephon go ahead with your question hang on dr burke i've got your shot all screwed up here let's fix that oops oh well here we go there you go dr berg and stefan you're on with dr berg hi dr berg first i want to thank you for you uh completely revolutionized my wife's health and my health i lost 55.

Pounds her rheumatoid arthritis is significantly improved wow and uh it's people don't realize how easy it's it's much easier to eat less frequently instead of bothering all these dishes and cooking three times a day or going out my goodness i know i hear you it's like your whole it's a whole life.

Revolving around these doing these dishes and eating i tell you i hear you that's for sure so just a little bit of pertinent medical history about 14 years ago i had chemotherapy for testicular cancer about a year ago.

I had a gi procedure and they told me that i had markers for gi inflammation and so my current struggle is i generally it seems like forever now i've had floating stool and uh sometimes fragmented i've tried many different types of probiotics and and all the sauerkrauts you can eat and.

It's persistent i was wonder i wanted to know if you had any other ideas yes yes i do um what's happening is um you're getting um the still floats it means that there's fat in the stool so that's not a lack of microbes that is a lack of bile salts so you need the bile salts.

So you want to add the bile salts until that improves but what happens when you eat is you have this release of the bile salt and then you also have the triggering of the pancreas to release an enzyme to help fully break down fats so um the bile salts are.

Usually will handle that problem but sometimes you have to add some enzymes pancreatic enzymes so the combination of those two i mean i'm not saying that i'm not biased in my own gallbladder formula but it does have the bile salts and the enzymes and of course that was a sarcasm but the thing is that um that's really what you need.

Um the other point i was gonna bring up um is just uh and i'm sure i have tried those i did try your product and i and it didn't seem to help okay so if you try the my product maybe i did it wrong i don't know.

He was taking it after eating yeah okay so if you still have some take more of it and if it still doesn't work for some reason then we know what you need to do is you need to find some enzymes some um you know pancreatic enzymes and start doing that because it's either it's either the bile or.

Enzymes one of the two but um you know when you don't have either one of those you can have like a floating school a stool uh skid marks in the toilet there's a whole series of things that can happen um.

But um i would do that and then if that fully doesn't handle it you just come back and let's uh let's take it one step further because you know what i'm trying to do in the show is just to give people tips on things but sometimes you have to get more.

Information and test things out and uh but most of the time the most likely thing is just to try the bile salts and not just one probably two or three after a meal especially if it's a big problem okay i'll give it a try awesome thank you great for your results.

I love it that's awesome great thanks stefan and again as we always say please get back with us and let us know uh you know uh your progress because dr berg is very interested in all that and let's see quiz question number five we got to all of them today because of the vigorous attention the audience gave.

Them and the last one asks what is the symptom of vitamin d uh overdose and drumroll 55 say joint pain 30 say elevated calcium levels and 15 say loose bowel or frequent urination okay so um what happens with vitamin d is that without vitamin d you can only really.

Absorb 10 of the calcium from your food with vitamin d you increase that by 20x so you really start extracting calcium from the food that you eat and it gets absorbed into the blood and so if you're having too much vitamin d you're going to have too much calcium and that's going to show up as calcification now in a woman it might.

Show up as a little calcification spots on in the breast it could show up as calcification on your teeth is tartar it could show up as calcification um and the um kidney you know but it's really just too much calcium you might feel the joints it's stiffness.

But if you reduce your um i'm sorry if you add in some additional helper um nutrients like vitamin k and zinc and.

Magnesium then you reduce dramatically the collateral damage from that and also if you drink 2.5 liters of fluid you completely just rule out or eliminate the risk for kidney stones so there's some really cool things that you.

Can do and i will release a video on that but um you know people are concerned about taking ten thousand i used to vitamin d3 but you're gonna find out in this new video that the real dangers occur when you're taking hundreds of thousands of international.

Units of vitamin d3 and sometimes even a million ius of vitamin d3 so um you know most people can handle thirty thousand i use for a hundred months without getting any symptoms so anyway i think that'll be a good video to release.

Um maybe this next week very good by the way we really didn't get any responses from the audience on how long they've been on the keto diet and that's a couple of experts have been digging through the comments so maybe there's another way we could po pose that but audience uh if you didn't answer let's.

Re why don't you restate that doc and just see if they'll do it after the fact and we can get some stuff oh yeah um yes all i need to know is i'd just like to know like are you new to keto like have you never tried keto or have you experienced with keto that's all i want to know because i'm just curious who do we have listening um.

It would be very helpful i'm i'm assuming i'm assuming that probably everyone has been on keto but i'd like to really know for sure all right well that uh you would have asked during the show but that's wrapped so this becomes your homework assignment and doc maybe last week you can always comment and you can i can watch this um.

Later i can watch in post production because you could add add the comments if you talk within the next 30 seconds and of course um you know this next uh week of videos lined up you know i get a lot of great uh feedback on ideas on new videos that i do research.

Uh and i'm putting a lot of time in these research just to come up with a lot of the background and data so i think you'll appreciate it you'll like it and definitely apply the information spread it around your friends and family members.

As you're already doing but um yeah it's interesting when you when you get helped with something and the natural thing is like you want to help someone someone else so that's like a that's really the thing for me is if i'm not helping a lot of people of course i go into severe depression by.

The way let me interject they are killing it with answers on that thank you audience i mean they're just spraying by so there's a whole ton of information on who people who's new to keto and so on and uh so there you have it yeah i think that'll be uh valuable just to you know i might have to reword my.

Questions my answers because you know i mean i just assume everyone pretty much has watched all my videos but they probably haven't so there you have it well doctor take us out no i won't what's that steve i'm sorry i was just saying take us out i didn't need to tell.

You that we're done yeah so thank you have a wonderful weekend and i appreciate all your wonderful comments so i will see you next week you
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