The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 12, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 12, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 12, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – August 12, 2022.
all right welcome back everyone we're here for another q a and anything that i say is not meant to diagnose replace your medical care check with your physician before implementing any of the information that i'm going to share with you.

On that note we like to dive right in steve uh should we talk to chris right away since he's been waiting patiently we sure will poor chris is having little internet issues or maybe it's us who knows but anyway chris i would like you to unmute yourself and prepare for a great time with dr berg you're on the air go.

Ahead chris all right thank you doc i love everything you do i've been following intermittent fasting keto for quite some time you've helped me lose about 100 pounds i feel great um as far as that goes i went and got that calcium score and that scared the vegetables out of me because i'm at a 560 something so we'll.

Get to that in a minute bought all your stuff watched all your videos and i'm on a five-day fifth day of a seven day fast trying to combat that a little bit and cholesterol ldl the bad one's really high and give you those numbers i don't know what's causing all my inflammation i've been my doctor won't.

Help i had to fight to get some tests i thought maybe i had fabry's disease but that came back negative but it's inconclusive i've been taking some of those uh like vino things that seems to help digesting a lot of gas so that's where i was kind of leaning with that i seem like i have a hard time with like broccoli.

Especially your pills which by the way i have almost everything that you sell and if i don't i'll probably you know half at it so last night i actually took too many pills because i've been trying to work on my lip oops well doc he dropped off again i mean that's that's fine i have this is.

Recorded and i have as much of i have enough information to tell him some things to do the the the thing is though if if you have a coronary artery calcification test which actually by the way is one of the best predictors for not just heart attacks and heart deaths but also.

All cause mortality so it's a great um risk it's a great um way to really see how healthy you are and the thing is if you just get one test you really don't know what it was before so you just have nothing to compare it to when when you evaluate something you always need two.

At least two of something right to evaluate or else you don't know well how how was i before you have you can you can compare it based on normal um and yeah 500 is is too high um i've i've had people had over a thousand so it could be a lot better but here's the thing to know um the most important thing is to.

Do the right thing and then test it over time so i would wait two months and retest it and it should be coming down and then we know it's working so of course to remove calcium we want to remove the actual reason why you have calcium in the first place which is inflammation oxidation things like that so like.

Vitamin k2 tocatrinals is all really important going low carb doing fasting all those things are going to greatly help i'm going to be releasing a new video this week on some advance some additional advanced um things that you can find out from your.

Blood test but you have to get a you have to get a an advanced lipid profile to do it and unfortunately a lot of the doctors don't really even understand some of these additional uh things that go beyond just total cholesterol ldl hdl so i'm going to clarify that.

And give you some i think the name of this video is going to be the um unusual or or surprising risk factors that you.

Haven't heard about when you for a heart attack so i'll talk about that and some of the best things to look at that go way beyond just total cholesterol and even ldl so um that being said if you're consuming.

Something that is irritating you especially taking a lot of supplements you're gonna have to back off them for a while and then just introduce one at a time to isolate what what is creating that symptom and then avoid that for a while and it could be something related to fiber or who knows what it could be so.

That is the problem of taking a whole bunch of things at once you really don't know what is um you know making the symptom okay all right chris we hope that uh that gives you a nice answer i hope you log on and watch it and i remind.

Everybody of course both facebook and youtube the show is recorded afterwards and captured so you can watch it in perpetuity and terry our producers fingers must be throbbing because he has really done a great job for our social media participants and we've got a ton of questions let's start off with blue.

Games that's apparently the non-degear that this person uses from youtube i am a 43 year old female on omad i f healthy keto and i'm suffering from severe internal body heat or heat intolerance with little or no sweating ouch doc any uh remedy what was the age again that she said 43. yeah i mean.

It sounds to me like it could be like a perimenopausal symptom that is not necessarily a um you know night sweats but your body does the the thermostat uh in your in your body is actually on the hypothalamus and it's it's it's in the same nuclei or the same.

Nerve bundle is where you have other things are related to menopause so as this change occurs there's could be a little circuitry problem with temperature and so um what happens is you get an increase of two hormones one is coming up from your.

Hypothalamus the other one's coming out from your pituitary so it's called that the gonadotropic releasing hormone and also the luteinizing hormone so so that's like kind of compensating for uh maybe some changes in the ovary and if you can normalize those uh things.

Will probably be a lot better and i think one of the best remedies for that um would be something i'm going to reveal in a video in two days from now uh it's i'm gonna release a video on that and i don't want to give it away because i always always do that on the show and then.

People don't watch my video so um stay tuned for that video on the best remedy for perimenopause as well as menstrual issues so um that would be my long answer to that steve well that's good and boy certainly a lot of the population half of them.

Roughly that are concerned about that sort of thing so that's terrific all right back to youtube serbia uh is 24 this is unusual or interesting my tongue gets red and under the area my tongue is burning with mesh-like structure forming behind my lips my stomach always burns after i eat.

I do not do alcohol tobacco or coffee or tea maybe he should start that's a sounds like a severe b12 deficiency red tongue burning tongue i mean it's like a b12 that's a that's a b12 now you could you said let's let's say your your diet is really good well it could be.

You have some type of um something called pernicious anemia which is a um or like some autoimmune condition to what's called the intrinsic factor i would look at my videos on b12 to see what's going on with that there's another genetic video genetic factor that it's in a video that.

I did on b12 you have to really make sure you don't take the wrong version of b12 you want to take the natural version which is the methylcobolamine not the cyanocobolomy so watch that video.

And see if you can sort that out and one really interesting thing that you might want to consider is to do a genetic test that's becoming more popular you the genetic tests i really like because you can find out your weaknesses and it gives you a lot of data the problem is trying to find someone to interpret that data so um.

But they're out there um so you have to find someone in in functional medicine that really understands uh what to do with the data wow well we pray you get over that one that is really uh awful sounding uh what's good sounding is our first question of the day this is interesting.

Doc and there you have it okay what increases your i can't even read that mortality risk sugar or vegetable oils oh okay it's right in front of my camera right here okay yeah what increases your mortality risk um sugar or vegetable oils so what.

Causes a greater increase in death and deaths sugar or seed oils and vegetables and we used to think they were so good for you okay let's find out who else is.

Listening uh besides our great folks in the green room and uh terry wants to say a good morning to all our viewers joining from the uk canada scotland egypt saudi arabia belgium trinidad tobago greece japan algeria cameroon australia france germany mexico sweden taiwan the netherlands turkey.

Philippines macedonia india norway nigeria hungary poland argentina haven't heard from them for a while bermuda brazil switzerland panama portugal iceland the united arab emirates welcome folks chile ghana south africa pakistan iraq new zealand italy peru bulgaria iran guyana hong kong croatia i haven't heard.

From them while either spain jordan and all across these united states and i always accuse terry of not saying canada i don't recall him saying that but anyway welcome canada in case we didn't have you in there because i know you all are listening and then let's go back to uh social media oh wow he typed even some more so i may have missed it anyway.

Amy from youtube why have i stopped losing weight i've been on clean keto and i have been doing extreme workouts the weight was falling off but now it stopped help well you know i always like to um do a periodic video on that topic because you know as time goes on i i i.

Constantly am finding more more more data more strategies more things to do to speed up that result because you can always improve that problem of having a plateaued weight and so i'm going to be i just did another video on it and there's a couple things.

That you can look at and of course the thing that i can't i constantly keep talking about is to bring your carbs down to close to zero as possible fast longer but there's some other things you can do especially with fats like realize that the more dietary fat that.

You consume the less of your own body fat are you gonna you're gonna use so uh we want to mobilize your own fat so in that case you don't want to be taking extra like keto bombs or like as desserts mct oil you don't want to restrict your fat like.

From normal protein but you don't want to add more fat that's that's important um the other thing the other big factor and i'm going to talk about this in the video is the stress stress is similar to eating sugar why because it releases cortisol what's another name.

For cortisol glucocorticoid it means it's a glucose controlling hormone so the more cortisol that increases the more sugar that your body your liver makes and then all sudden that raises insulin so you can even become a diabetic by having this spike in cortisol i mean.

I know of a person off the hand that um that took prednisone which is a type of a synthetic cortisol and ended up with diabetes and of course the doctor didn't connect the dots i'm like i mean it was it was perfectly right after that situation so that is one of the side effects um.

That is not really promoted and acknowledged when you take these steroids unfortunately i i took them every year for many years because of this darn poison ivy problem that i have so that kind of messed up my adrenals so um i again um.

On a positive note if i didn't have all these physical problems i probably wouldn't even be doing this podcast right here because i wouldn't be interested in it as much as i am now yeah doc was the original petri dish and has poked and prodded himself through the years in fact i remember you talking.

Before he used to make these sort of concoctions and eat them and turn blue and say nope not that one i've done every single experiment i've taken every supplement to try things and detox myself and got sick so many times so um.

I am the human guinea pig so well we all thank you for your sacrifice the audience uh as always is always on it and you ask them which increases your mortality risk sugar or vegetable oils 55 say it's vegetable oil and 45 percent say it's sugar any winners.

You know this will surprise you in a video that i will release um it's it's vegetables by a factor of of i mean quite a bit quite a bit there's only really two other things that are more deadly than.

Vegetable oils and that would be a heavy smoke heavy smoking as well as um let's see what's the other one heavy smoking and obesity like i mean really overweight other than that um sugar is kind of uh lower on the list.

So um stay tuned for that video but these omega 6 fatty acids are very pro inflammatory and they um they're we need omega-6 fatty acids but we definitely don't need the ratios of like an average person has 20 to one 20.

Omega 6 to only one omega 3 fatty acid so that's like just way off the charts and so in this in two videos i'm going to be doing this week i'll be talking about that and what you can do about to reverse that because i mean your body problems could be just a matter of making this.

Adjustment of these two fats and i'm also going to release a video on the simple way to do it because so to not make it too complex okay here's another interesting name lab tech 66 from youtube says i believe i am suffering from exposure to mold i found a roof leak that wasn't repaired.

Properly and now i am exhausted with severe muscle and joint pain chronic sinus and skin issues what should i do to address these issues there's one really good remedy that's probably growing in your backyard or in the field down the road somewhere that you can get it's called milk.

Thistle it's this prickery huge plant that has these kind of like purple flowers that then turn white and you can grab the seeds out of them grind them up in a coffee grinder and put them on your salad and uh that actually um here i'm giving away the answer to the.

Next quiz question um that can greatly neutralize poisons okay from mold from snake bites from poisonous mushrooms and the list goes on and on and that's all i'm going to say.

All right well listen and terry's had enough of me every week he puts canada second he just admonished me for that so i'll remember that canada you're always represented thanks to terry rylu from facebook thank you so much dr berg your heart is so generous thank you for all the information you have shared with us there they go again uh satisfied.

Customers so it's great to hear all the successes and let's see oh lisa from facebook should someone who's recovering from a stroke still be feeling dizzy every day well ideally not but it does take some time there's a really good remedy.

That you can take to recover from stroke and that's a good amount of vitamin e okay and i would the one i would recommend is the tocatrinos uh there's several studies that show that when you take the tocotrienols without the tocopherols.

That can actually increase your recovery from stroke because we have a lot of brain damage and you need something fat soluble to penetrate the myelin sheath and open up the the vascular part of your brain so um that's what i would recommend and also the other thing i would do is i would do a lot of fasting.

And then of course with your regular nutrients that you need when you fast all right let's try another question doc here you go okay so does lemon acidify or alkalize our body okay and maybe that's an appropriate.

Precursor to cecilia from facebook's question an oft-asked question please educate us on how to treat acid reflux typically what happens is that you have a weakened stomach acid situation where your ph is no longer between one and three it's four five even six or even seven.

There was a test that i did in my clinic that you have a person swallow a pill that's on a string and it goes down to their stomach and you have them lay on their right side for about i think 10 minutes and then you pull up the string and you you measure the ph of that of that little capsule which absorbs the.

Acid and uh it was like one for one people that have acid reflux their ph was like five six sometimes neutral i mean that's crazy so they didn't have very much stomach acid so there's nothing to to send signals to the valve on top of.

The stomach to keep it closed that valve so then it stays open and regurgitates you get acid reflux and heartburn so the solution is to acidify the stomach and what do people do they alkalize the stomach so if you acidify with betaine hydrochloride take about five before a.

Meal go slow because you might have an ulcer and then you can um acidify the stomach and then if you have an ulcer you have to heal the stomach first with something like chlorophyll or wheatgrass juice powder and then acidify it let's say several months down the road but steve the reason why i stopped doing that test.

Even though it was a great test is one one person had a really dry throat and the capsule got stuck in her throat so here i'm i'm pulling pulling the string up like a like a fish that's hooked down there i'm pulling and it won't come out.

And i said you know what i'm just going to cut the string and just swallow it and just let it go through the other other way but um i said that's it i'm not doing this test anymore because this was scaring the heck out of me and that person awful did you attend the funeral no she's survived oh thank goodness okay.

And uh we have answers already on quiz question number two and it asks does lemon acidify or alkalize your body and our recipients uh said our guest said let's respond and excuse me 77 say lemon alkalizes the body and 23 say it acidifies the body.

So it initially acidifies but the citric acid um in citrus fruits will um break down pretty quick within probably an hour and oxidizes to an alkaline substance so it will alkalize people this is why.

People that have calcium deposits that have arthritis um they're usually way too alkaline in the first place and when they take citrus especially the fruits oh my gosh about an hour later they're stiff as a board so they need to acidify their body and their that.

Mobilize the calcium because think about it like if you go outside and you have your little faucet that has some calcium deposits on it that's because the water is more alkaline so when you acidify it especially like having a really strong acid stomach you.

Can help keep the calcium from forming deposits throughout your body so that's just a little tip that's why apple cider vinegar is really good for arthritis interesting okay waiting patiently from uh i think it's.

England texas is rainy uh and rainy you are on hang on let me push the button here you're on with dr berg go ahead with you your quick question rainey hi good morning uh i'm from ingram texas oops anyway i'm 64 years old i've been doing healthy keto and one meal a day for over five years.

But since the pandemic i increased my vitamin d three to three thirty thousand but i didn't increase the k2 so i've been doing this for about two plus years since march of 2020. that i knew that keto and intermittent fasting is very.

Anti-inflammatory but i started developing arthritic symptoms in my wrist and my hands my hips and so it puzzled me so i'm thinking possibly uh because i've been taking too much d and not enough k could that be the reason.

Why and can it be reversed yeah i think i think it can be reversed and yes i think that's the reason why because think about it when you so vitamin d increases the calcium in the blood by um a factor of like 20x but if we don't have enough k2 from your diet that can take it.

From your blood to the bone then it kind of it goes out through the joints it can aggravate arthritic type problems so i would for a while not take any d and just take k2 until your joints feel better and then go back to taking both of them together that's why i always recommend taking.

Both of them together and in the um the ratio normally is like if you have 10 000 ius of vitamin d3 you'd want about 100 micrograms of k2 in your case you might want to do four times the k2 and then like half the vitamin d3 just to kind of balance you back to where you.

Need to be when you know when people talk about vitamin d as being um like 10 000 i use which i think is a good maintenance dose sometimes they freak out they think oh my gosh it's so much ten thousand i use well ten thousand i use is really only 250 micrograms which is only.

0.25 milligrams so that's like 1 4 of 1 milligram that's that's what 10 000 i uses but um but it sounds like such a big number so i think uh um that's all you need to do okay thank you you're welcome thank you so much for.

Joining us rainey and we'd love to hear back from you uh to for your continued uh progress and you're striving for health so that is terrific let's see why don't we go back to uh social media of course tanya uh from in maryland on facebook i need help with thinning hair and bald spots i.

Can't find a dermatologist who will address these issues help so it sounds like alopecia there's a great video i released i don't know if you saw a good tip for for hair growth um which is basically jello but of course i would do gelatin i wouldn't do just regular the artificial sweetener type stuff but gelatin which.

Is also in um collagen supplements um will help with alopecia and hair loss um not 100 of the cases so there are other factors there's hormonal issues uh high dha or dht i'm sorry and also there could be a trace mineral deficiency possibly so um.

Of course i'm not um here to promote my products but i do have a hair formula that you might want to consider because it has everything in it but in the meantime try to get some gelatin and see if that doesn't just help you and the last thing i will mention regardless of whatever symptom you have.

Including hair loss you always want to kind of figure out when did this thing start and what happened before right before it okay to get the clue that you need because there's always something in the background that might have triggered it to give you.

Some idea on what to take or what to do terrific uh let's go to gail you elmo i had it right before now i can't say it from facebook i usually boil a large pot of hibiscus tea and then put it in the fridge after it cools will it still keep his properties when it's consumed cold yeah absolutely.

All right that's good to know so chug away that nice cold brew you have there mickey from facebook could you address oh the issues of premature ejaculation and low levels of serotonin well again this i i don't have your history i would um uh for example i mean it could be a problem with um.

Um what your diet is uh especially when we're dealing with issues like erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation or even low testosterone um there could be many different reasons for that it could be too much estrogen it could be that you have insulin resistance in the.

Arteries not just in your in your private parts are a problem but also in the arteries in the physical the arteries as well in your heart so it's uh there's a i would watch my videos on the topic because i don't have a quick answer for that.

All right well good luck and uh thanks for your courage and asking the question that you know involves a lot of people dmp from youtube i just finished a 21 day cycle of doxy doxycycline after being diagnosed with lyme disease what do i do now thanks for your advice i feel for you that's a it's a.

It's a nasty condition and it's a nasty treatment you you better be putting that probiotic back into your body for sure um or that good bacteria immediately and start consuming uh foods that will build up like the fermented vegetables but i would i would now watch my video online because there's.

Some natural things to take because even like sometimes one round of antibiotics doesn't cut it and they want to have you continue for for a long time but there are natural antibiotics like garlic like.

Oregano oil thyme sage that you can take that don't affect your good bacteria only the only the pathogen the other thing is colloidal silver is a really good remedy for lime um it's a good remedy and no it won't turn your your skin blue.

Unless you drank a gallon of it but um the other thing too is that um this nasty um spirochite goes in there and hides into biofilms and spreads to the body so um i could probably spend an hour on what to do but i think i would watch my videos and then.

You're gonna have to just keep working at it to keep your immune system really really strong um that's really the key to the whole thing all right very good evelyn from youtube i'm 60 years old and had a full hysterectomy ten years ago can you please do a video on the nutrients women.

In our situation need if you haven't already well i think i have but i think it's a good idea to do a video on hysterectomy i'll give you one tip um i would there's standard process has a really good product called utrophin.

Pmg okay eutrophin pmg i would find that product i would take it i would take two before bed and it works really really good for women who had a hysterectomy so um but i will do a video on that because i think that's a good idea all right and i'm sure a lot of women haven't uh have had that procedure.

You know it's just kind of a standard thing it's like um probably this relates to having a uterine fibroid in which case i should probably do a video on that as well so boy i am so grateful for my simple hydraulics i don't have to put up with.

All that i tell you what i hats off to ladies for all that machinery having to deal with it and now let's deal with the next question here it is doc all right true or false sugar lowers your iq okay terry's anxious for that answer and let's move on how about to the green room.

And this time we're going to go to gerardo from san francisco and gerardo we appreciate oh hang on just a second doc let me fix something here your head's half cut off in that shot and here we go girardi you're on with dr byrd hello dr berg my name is gerardo.

From san francisco california i'm 63 years old i've been doing your intermittent fasting for over 10 weeks now and doing mostly omad following the same program you laid out in your dietary supplements dietary and supplements taking uh abcd zinc cod liver oil lemon water.

Apple cider vinegar exercise you know daily sunlight i lost 15 pounds already after six weeks and have lots of energy and no more naps after meals but my sleep is inconsistent where i wake up two or three times just like the other person i have a broken thermostat i sleep with the eye mask and i did some.

Tweaks so i cut down the number of i only wake up once but it's still inconsistent and yesterday your uh sleep aid and your um electrolyte arrived so i took those and so sleep is uh still uh i woke up once lots of dreams.

And um yeah i is it my cortisol that uh is my problem uh uh yeah any suggestions yes you have a this is a really really good question because um you have a clock.

Uh not only in your in your brain but in all the cells as well there's a literally a tiny mechanism that is controlling the whole circadian rhythm of your sleep and what the biggest stimulus of that is light and darkness so.

Unfortunately the big problem that we have nowadays is we have an abundance of light even in the dark we have also a lot of artificial light so there's a couple things that you can do in addition to what you're doing that i think will help you number one is in the morning if you could go outside.

And watch the sun rise that would be a very therapeutic thing because that will at the right time give your retina what it needs to start to reset the other thing if you could do this okay is to watch the sun set at night because that will tell the it tells the brain okay reset the clock those are the two.

Reset things let's say you can't do that well then you can get what's called bright light therapy and you can buy a little lamp and you can expose like about 30 minutes in the morning to that bright light maybe that would be good in the winter too but those two things um i think will help you um a lot.

Especially the one early in the morning um and then as far as the supplement that i that you took from my this is the sleep aid i would take three of those before about 20 minutes before you go to bed um not just one.

Um if you're having any problem that usually will also assist but don't try to don't do everything at once try one thing at a time so you really can isolate what is going on um so that's what i would do all right sounds like great counsel and uh.

We have another question answered by the astute audience true false sugar lowers your iq and 95 of your uh admirers say it's true and five percent say it's false you know i just i i'm i i mainly asked it just to see if there was that five percent i'm just curious about that five percent i'm very.

Curious about uh um like there's people out there that don't think that sugar can lower iq it actually will it literally makes your brain um not not connected to their i mean.

Disconnects the neurons i mean if you think about even a diabetic um their iq goes down uh by a certain by certain amount of points so yeah sugar does destroy the brain and it does lower your ability to problem solve to be creative.

To use the mental processes that you need to figure things out so um i'm going to release a video on the topic if i haven't already i think i in fact i don't think i i don't know if i did release that video yes i did release the video.

I did i just remember um i think uh i think that would be a really good video for you to watch on the cognitive function of how to increase it and then what to do to avoid that goes beyond just sugar too there's other things you should avoid that.

Inhibit your cognitive function i'm talking about your ability to put your attention on something and keep it there because you're constantly filtering out extra data that you don't need and that's really the problem is the the filter mechanisms because when you actually study something it's kind of like you have your cell phone you have.

This you have that how well can you resist that additional information when you have sugar you lose those inhibitory filters so now everything kind of goes in and you're kind of distracted easily you you have this deficit of attention someday they'll even probably come up.

With some label for some disease on that but uh yeah you'll have a deficit of attention what'd you say no i'm just kidding so uh boy our viewership is really growing on youtube and facebook for so thanks everybody for joining dr berg obviously his council is welcome and popular and.

It's just great to see that uh you know continuing on the rise let's see jessica from facebook can you share some tips on how to address weight gain while in or during menopause okay so how to maintain weight gain or i'm guessing she wants to maintain her weight she doesn't want to lose weight is that right or she wants to lose.

Weight let's see let me go back to that uh oh gain weight i think she would rather uh let's see how to address weight gain i think she wants to lose it okay okay yeah with menopause we have a shift we have a shift of hormones we have.

A sudden shift and that's really the shock to the system this sudden shift of the decrease of estrogen but but more more decrease in progesterone and so now your body recruits help from the backup organ which is the adrenals and then the adrenals tend to create the cortisol and the belly fat and all the other symptoms.

That come with it so we come right back full circle to the adrenal how do you support a health a stressed adrenal i have so many videos on that if the cortisol is high it's really hard to lose weight so a couple little tips to lower cortisol would be to get adequate enough adequate.

Amount of vitamin d to do regular exercise to do regular physical work also mental stress is probably one of the biggest things that is relates to dealing with other people so you really want to do what's called a stress detox.

And you know just kind of don't hang out with anyone that is stressing you out for a while and that usually helps but um i would just identify those individuals in your life that tend to stress you out and they usually are bringing you bad.

News too so you don't you don't want to watch the news you don't want to have too much bad news because it keeps you from sleeping and it keeps things stressed and um and that can affect your weight as well well i'm flush with excitement because someone's asked me a question cookie.

Cutter girl from youtube question for steve can you eat too much nutritional yeast now don't take my counsel but i followed dr burke's recommended daily allowance which is nine of these things and it works very well for me so you know as anything i think you can kill yourself from drinking too much water so i don't go crazy but i do trust very.

Much what dr berg says and i get great results doc am i on on track here probably just don't do more than a pound a day steve i wouldn't do a pound okay um but i think nutritional yeast um it has an interesting flavor so either you like it or you don't like it but.

It's a it's a good source of b vitamins especially if you get it from the um without the fortification or the synthetic additions of the b vitamins um yes they might work initially but as a maintenance you don't want to take anything synthetic um because i did a video on that i mean the synthetic vitamins um.

Basically mainly from china they're from chemical companies they may come from the petroleum so why would you want to put that in your body but the nutritional yeast even though the b vitamins might be lower than some fortified version of nutritional yeast there's they still are more.

Bioavailable and they'll still work really nice and they um they're more of a natural source you know these microbes man they just i'm so interested in how these these microbes uh help us in fact we are totally dependent on these microbes for um all sorts of things in our body.

For immune protection digestion um making different vitamins making different chemicals the same thing with a plant the plant is dependent on the microbes you can't grow a healthy plant without microbes the microbes even.

Immobilize the minerals in the soil but they even invade the roots and they turn into this is interesting okay this is i'm getting distracted here but you can have a pathogen that invades the root and becomes a friendly microbe and develops a symbiotic relationship with.

That plant it goes right up into the root up and even to the stem and leaves so there's a whole new research on how microbes even go are inside these plants i mean it makes sense because they're inside our bodies and.

They were on the planet before the human bodies and so you have a um a lot of interesting things with these bacterial and other microbial life which you know i can study for hours that's interesting okay cookie so uh uses dr berg uh uh requires on his label.

For best results i've certainly found that to be true okay patsy from facebook i've been on keto and omad for over a month but have developed vertigo and i'm just feeling very lethargic what are your thoughts dr bird you know what i think you need more sea salt sea salt.

I think that's going to be the answer i think that's going to be the simple answer um i would also there's the other thing that if you take sea salt and it doesn't work then you'd want to take a ben photo which is a fat soluble b1 which i i doubt if you'll really need to do that.

After the sea salt but i would start with the sea salt as a plan plan a wonderful doc how about another question and you feared that you might have touched on this already and there it is all right what is the primary effect of milk thistle climb audit audience why don't we go back to the green room.

And let's see how about um we went to her tracy we've been to there let's see who else do we have here um we have tracy hang on just a second let me get her on tracy prepare yourself yeah because you are on with dr berg with your quick question please hi dr berg i've learned so much from.

Your videos thank you for all you do um i've been i've been doing standard keto and intermittent fasting for about a month um i'm eating two meals a day i have adrenal fatigue with high cortisol my blood sugar after 20 hours of fasting averages about 105 but my ketones are.

0.5 should i still be fasting with the adrenal fatigue yes yes because on that scale of ketones we want to get it up to maybe three or more so there's different levels of things you can do the fact that your blood sugars are over 100 tells me there's.

Either you had some really nasty insulin resistance that's keeping things from working like they should um and um so i would definitely um do longer fast and add exercise those are the two things that will start pushing the ketone level.

Higher and higher and higher but uh um ideally you want to do that until the blood sugars come down to about 80 or less okay thank you you're welcome all right thank you so much for your succinct question there let's go back to um oh wow quiz how about the quiz.

Answers so the latest uh quiz question number four asks what is the primary effect of milk thistle and the audience is very cocky they 100 of them say milk thistle heals or cleans the liver you know i kind of gave away the answer there but yes they are all correct specifically liver protection.

It protects the liver against poison a lot of different poisons poisons from medications poisons from snake by a snake bite poisons from poisonous mushrooms poison from mold toxins so it's quite interesting because um you know i can go outside right now and.

I see milk thistle all over the place and uh so i'm gonna be collecting the seeds as soon as soon as the flower turns white and i'll be i'll be blending them up and i'll be putting them in a little container and consuming them on a regular basis just because as the more i study milk thistle the more i'm amazed at what it can do.

I mean it's like serious liver protection and and also um good for blood sugars and mood and um so but what it does to the liver because so many people have a toxic liver nowadays you know why not use a.

Homemade remedy like that and it's it's so easy to find the milk thistle it's like all over the place you just have to look up what it looks like all right that's great and i gave everybody a quick preview of daniel somehow his picture popped up so why.

Don't we just carry that further and bring him on to the show daniel you are on with dr berg for your brief question daniel can you hear us um i guess daniel has muted out so let's go back to a full picture of you and go back to social media while we're waiting for him to get that together vicki from facebook i am a nurse and your.

Information is much more helpful and on the spot than any of my doctors oh wait a minute here we've got him just a moment uh daniel let's bring it back up there you go you're on with dr bergdaniel we have some technical difficulty with daniel so daniel i'm sorry but we're going to have to put you back in the.

Green room for a while until we figure out what your audio problem is so anyway isn't that interesting dr berg that vicki a nurse has found your information more spot-on than any of the doctors that is uh that's hopeful so thank you for uh that acknowledgement you know i think sometimes yeah so let's.

See let's see if we can get daniel daniel can you hear me daniel can you hear us uh gee i think we can hear him but he can't hear us that's probably the issue i'm not sure what it is i spoke with him earlier and he uh cheerfully addressed us.

But uh hang on just a second i uh just can't get him to go but we're not going to give up on him certainly um let's go to okay so he just said he he just said yes so why don't you tell me daniel your question okay so maybe you can't hear me yeah for some.

Reason interesting well i'm that saddens both of us but we'll uh keep that in mind i tell you what why don't we go to our final question as we wait for daniel uh to uh come about and here it is uh yeah but there's a severe delay so why don't you go ahead and ask your.

Question oh you can hear me now okay great go ahead what's your question what you might want to do is type in your question because either there's a delay or something i don't know what's happening but yes uh oh.

Great so uh yes i've uh yes i've i've been so here's a little bit of background i've been doing your uh keto and intermittent fasting for about uh three and a half daniel if you can hear us go on with your question so steve why don't you just text him to ask the question in the chat and we'll.

Put him on mu because it kind of comes in and out so sorry about the delay i don't know what's happening but i yes and and so um i've lost about 25 pounds wait the suspense is killing us.

Yes steve why don't you just put him on pause and tell him to type in the um and we'll go to what about do we let's see did we uh i think we've got that yeah gone to everyone now i don't know let's see did we get to uh tracy yeah tracy you there oh no we did i'm here i heard you yeah.

That's right that's my question oh good thank you tracy yeah we're all sort of caught up here so uh we talked about rain rain reyna spray did we do rayna we did okay we did from texas and she it was very entertaining and then let's see how about um the last question for the day here it is.

Yeah all right so let's see uh true or false the lack of diversity of your microbiome can contribute to depression is that true or false okay and then meanwhile poor daniel dropped off completely so we hope daniel when you're watching this on youtube or facebook please write us back and type in uh your question and.

We'll get oh he just popped back up and i'll i'll write him back so audience climb on that uh question and then let's go back to the very patient folks on um social media okay charles from facebook what are your thoughts about alkaline water and ionized water.

Yeah i don't um i really don't have an opinion of ionized water but alkaline water i don't like it unless it's naturally alkaline from spring water um that's what it normally is but when you start to alkalize water you know i i just um i actually did the urine.

Test on on quite a few people and when they did the alkaline water their urine ph was a nine now normally it should be like five and a half to six and a half um when you have nine that's like just off the charts so i'm like.

That's too high we need that uh ph in the urine to be a certain level and when you start alkalizing the entire body um that's not the best way to do it you want to just find out why your body's too acid in the.

First place and correct that reason instead of just alkalizing the whole body because every part of the body is a different ph and when you alkalize the entire body you kind of throw off everything so um if you just but if you eat just eat healthy your body will go back to the ph it needs to be in.

Very good ado from facebook what foods are best for someone with scleroderma and can it be cured well you'd want foods that are good um as an anti-inflammatory so of course the obvious is to avoid the omega-6 oils the sugars the wheat the grains and things like.

That but vitamin d is one of the best remedies for inflammatory skin problems inflammation and i do want to say i do have a this is and this is a little plug for a new my new liquid vitamin d k2 product it has zinc and mct oil because you know some people don't like.

Capsules and they um also kids have a hard time with capsules that's a good new product to take and it tastes good too it's like a lemon mint so i just wanted to do a plug on my own product but for skin problems you need vitamin d vitamin d is uh the best for inflammatory skin issues.

And um you can get it from the sun so you don't really have to take a vitamin e supplement but um in fact kids that um have like uh scleroderma where they have a psoriasis or even eczema throughout the sun it seems to clear up.

So that's a interesting coincidence interesting well i'll tell you what this must be a national dr berg nurse appreciation day because here we have another one i'm a christina i think i'm a nurse in a hospital i'm also a home care nurse and i recommend your.

Videos to all my patients in regard to whatever ailments they might have and she claims as the other one did you are the best so thanks folks for uh reporting especially from this no i i just want to say i really appreciate that because i'm there's there's quite a few doctors that are watching and.

Recommending the videos i mean like i'm just giving helpful tips that anyone could use especially in the medical profession um i mean these things have been tested we have a well over 5000 success stories on the website so might as well share this information and use it because i don't think anyone.

Should keep uh keep their uh information hidden or secret or mysterious if you have something that works tell other people and um that's what it's all about yeah i have a good doctor a good plastic surgeon buddy and he says many doctors because of their specialty get tunnel vision and they just know a lot about.

One thing and just you know maybe they're too busy or distracted but they just don't see outside of that tube and he says it's really excellent to do some research on the side so uh anyway i think you're great and in his case he said so dr berg is is terrific you know learn a lot from him if need a face left i can help but.

Otherwise you know my my knowledge of medicine is is in a very sort of narrow channel yeah and it's also it takes time to dive in and try to sort things out unfortunately i have a very strange strange interest in studying.

Health information all day and then trying to understand it and try to package it in a way that people can understand so not a lot of people read textbooks as a hobby or for fun for some reason i just i enjoy that so.

That's one of the pluses and minuses of my enjoyment we're all the great benefactors of your energy in that regard okay last question uh true falser the lack of diversity in your microbiome can contribute to depression and uh 95 of our audience say it's true and five.

Percent say no way you know this this i'm just curious about that five percent i just thought it was common knowledge but you have this gut brain axis this connection through the vagus nerve i'm telling you your mood is hugely affected by what's happening in your gut.

Especially after you do an antibiotic i mean you could literally go into some anxiety depression so you know it's uh i mean think about what the microbes are doing they make neurotransmitters um and they influence a lot of um chemistry in our body so um yeah if your gut is really good.

And everything's working and you have the diversity because your diet's good and boy you're uh you're going to feel better you're going to feel better um in your head so there's definitely a huge connection um i mean it's way bigger than what people think in fact even um.

There's certain research within especially like on animal studies okay it's just like in my studies they put mice on a um they destroyed their microbes right and they experience symptoms almost identical to autism.

Now that's interesting autistic symptoms which is a whole different thing but still it's an interesting connection that's connected to the microbiome so if my child had autism you better believe it i would be fortifying them with um probiotics fermented.

Uh vegetables getting rid of the sugar i would be all over that well that's wonderful dr burke guess what we've done it again we got through all our questions and uh it's about that time listen just i want to thank you guys again you guys have great questions i appreciate all the comments uh on.

My channel i read a lot of them and stay tuned for some additional really interesting videos coming up this next week have a good weekend you
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