The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 29, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 29, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 29, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 29, 2022.
A little way to hold this camera but i'm going live because our other mechanism didn't quite kick in so i'm just going to answer any questions you guys have if this works i think i got one person with one thumb up.

So all right matthew all right matthew you're the first one let's try this again okay good awesome so um all right so we have another person we have actually 36 people so this is exciting so we're going to get started uh anything that i say is not meant to.

Diagnose you or replace your medical treatment but let's um let's answer some questions uh we'll let some people log in here everyone's saying hello and hello from all over the place portugal and uh let's see where else people from uh certain middle east yes i am live uh.

Detroit awesome awesome welcome okay oh from australia alabama awesome all right good so um why is my ketone levels in my urine above eight oh okay above eight i'm not pre-diabetic.

And i have not been and i've and i have been doing keto okay so i that's pretty high um what i would do is um i would want to probably get a glucose if you can check your glucose too which i think that um.

I want to make sure your glucose is low because uh a type 1 diabetic runs out of insulin and their their ketones can be very very high so check your blood sugars if it's in normal range i think you're going to be okay and really also how do you feel um but.

It becomes dangerous when it gets to like a 10 11 12 that type of thing you can also um take some baking soda to start to drop your your ph a little bit that might be helpful and then get a um i think that could your machine could be a mistake i would get a make sure the unit is um.

Very very high quality and check it several times just to make sure you're not in air but if you're fasting for a long period of time then that could be more why that's that high but it's not um completely out of the range but it is on the high side all right um.

Okay good so we have uh people from all over the country actually all over the world that is awesome germany ireland puerto rico missouri great good so um let's see uh right someone says i have a lipoprotein.

Deficiency online it says avoid fatty fatty meats keto says otherwise what can i do well i think the big thing is um avoiding carbs because the the lipoproteins are only damaging if your carbs are high so if you can actually get away with eating a good amount of fat if your carbs are low.

So that's what i would focus on all right i'm 18 years old and my current weight is 44 kilograms let's see will it be a good time to start keto and intermittent fasting right now i would i would if you do at 18 years old if you do like two meals and you eat a lot of food.

Good amount of calories and nutrient dense man you're going to feel strong especially if you're in sports it's going to be the best thing i wish i would have started a lot earlier you know don't start you know in your late 40s like myself all right um what do you think about structured.

Water um i don't have a lot of data on that uh i think you can try it but i'm i'm not into the alkal alkaline alkaline water especially naturally alkaline water that's fine but when you start to alkalize it way way too high it throws off your whole.

Chemistry so um i like to consume spring water that's naturally alkaline but not having to alter something to be more one way or the other all right question about bowel movements have been on keto for four months limited bowel movement so um are you adding enough fiber i would increase or decrease fiber to achieve the bowel.

Movements as well as add more friendly bacteria okay that can help too at what point does your body switch from ket ketones all right what butter let's see i think you're asking at what point do your does your body start using ketones well um within.

Two to three days you should start to switch over to ketones if you keep your carbs low what determines ketosis is your carb levels not your amount of fat alright so let's see how can i stop this okay why some people eat everything oh my gosh okay why can some people eat.

Everything and not gain weight and other people gain weight it has to do with your metabolism unfortunately there is a genetics involved as well um but um even if you have um a tendency to be overweight and you can still do this do more fasting keep your carbs low and still overcome.

The slow metabolism issue which really comes from an insulin resistance situation why am i wearing glasses today well because um to read these comments i can i could barely see it i didn't need glasses until.

Recently and the problem i think with myself as i do a tremendous amount of reading and staring at a book for hours and hours for many many years so that's really messed up my eyes so when i don't wear glasses my eyes do better but i need glasses to read all right so let's see if i can um.

What is uh the question is so ideal prolonged fasting time to read maximum effectiveness of autophagy well um if you want to actually about 20 20 hours you're gonna you're gonna achieve some really good autophagy but if you can go one meal a day which is like 20 23 hour fast you'll be in some really.

Good autophagy and again the more you do this the better so a 48 hour fasting is going to really give you a lot of benefits with um autophagy and then also when you go 72 hours that's when you start seeing immune benefits so it really the more the better when it comes to that we just had another person who was a.

Stage four cancer that did some serious autophagy and fasting prolonged fasting and apparently he got checked out by his doctor he does not have um cancer anymore so i'm going to do a.

Video interview with him and that's the second one that had a stage four now there's been other people that i haven't interviewed yet but uh two really i mean terminal cases that i flipped over and they're doing great so i want to share what they're doing all right um if i take k2.

Is that a way to dissolve gallstones um no you want to take bile salts purify bio salts that's how you dissolve gallstones k2 will help you limit the calcium in the arteries and in the joints um okay i suffered from terrible gout.

Um add keto flu okay you're losing weight all right so couple things with um the keto flu that is a potassium deficiency or you might need the b vitamins but it's probably going to be a potassium deficiency you need more potassium.

Because you're losing all this fluid and electrolytes so that's what's happening with that the other thing that you mentioned with your gout if you get a flare-up i would double check to make sure you're doing keto correctly because the people that i've talked to with gout are doing keto but they're also having a little carb with that it's the carb.

Not the protein that is affecting your gout now there's a quick little thing you could do take some baking soda like a half a teaspoon in some water that will increase the ph become more alkaline and you will feel a lot better so you might want to do that.

Each hour from maybe up to three hours a day or four hours and you'll see that an improvement in your your gout symptoms all right what if you have an off day and only eat one meal but don't have any nutrients that meal you need well.

It's you have to realize that when you take nutrients um it doesn't have to be all in one day you can take them every other day as long as you get all your nutrients so when they when you when you look at the rdas which is kind of like the required nutrients each day um.

That doesn't mean that your body's not storing even some of the fat soluble vitamins so even like zinc it's stored up to four days so as long as you're getting like um a good amount of nutrition you can skip a day it's not going to be an issue at all i want to share something very interesting with you i'm.

I'm buying a machine that and this has been quite some project to find a portable machine that measures nutrients and foods and there's several out there that are not quite released to the public yet i'm on the list to get one.

But there is one from germany that i just ordered which measures total carotenoids okay now i want to use that for measuring the carotenoids and eggs and do comparison with the eggs that my hands are are laying versus the commercial.

Um eggs and i'm going to be i'll be doing some videos on that because i want to measure the two and so when i talked to the researcher who sold me the machine she said that you're probably not going to see a difference and i said why well because these companies use.

Synthetic coloring to mimic these carotenoids that's why when you look at commercial eggs you see this like bright orangish yellow gold uh yolk that's not coming from the food that they're eating it's coming from.

A chemical or something artificial that they're giving these chickens so it's a way to kind of make you think you're getting something healthy but you're not really doing that so this machine unfortunately does not differentiate between the um the artificial carotenoids versus the natural carotenoids.

But what she said is she said that the natural carotenoids are fat soluble so guess what they're going to float at to the top and if it's synthetic they'll sink to the bottom so i'll do this experiment we'll take a look at it and uh just another great uh way to demonstrate nutrition.

And how you can get more nutrition by buying certain things and overcome some of these little things these little dirty secrets that conventional food manufacturing companies do okay how do you get rid of chronic gastritis uh zinc is probably the best thing to do it zinc picolinate is a good one.

Zinc i think it's called zinc carnosine that's actually going to be the best for you so i would do that let's see here let's see here leaky brain leaky brain and diets are you talking.

Give me some more are you talking about the blood-brain barrier but there's certain membranes in your gut and the brain that do leak and you know certain things destroy that i just need more data on that question um.

Okay so someone broke both collar bones they're very rigid so you need to do the exercise of stretching by hanging on some bar like a pull-up bar that's the best stretch uh to stretch out those muscles and you can take my device.

Massage device that you're asking about and hook that underneath your clavicle and then stretch your head back so you can work on those there's some tight muscles underneath your your clavicle all right okay so uh let's see rami romney is starting to eat eggs in lemon water.

Every day for a start hey that's a good start um i'm doing a lot of eggs nowadays because we have so many and they're so good um yeah recently i had my videographer come to my farm because we're going to do some filming.

And i had him taste asparagus from my garden and he never liked asparagus until he had this asparagus he couldn't believe that like real food that was grown nutrient dense was that delicious so i'll be doing a lot of videos on.

On how to find and how to grow your own food very soon here and it's going to be really cool because even especially with kids i think kids don't they don't get a chance to consume real food and so they end up eating junk food to try to get that flavor but when you have real food like.

Especially like carrots or tomatoes and you give these to kids they'll like it if it's actually good for you because it's it's going to have this it's going to better aroma and better taste i have more anxiety when switching to keto that is because you're deficient in the b vitamins you need nutritional.

Yeast um let's see if i have any to show you but nutritional yeast has to be one that will get rid of the anxiety okay non-diabetic low blood sugar well when you do keto um you're gonna fix insulin okay you're gonna fix insulin.

And then now insulin will be able to regulate blood sugar so it's not pushing the blood sugar down anymore so that's what you can do all right let's see should i take bile salts on an empty stomach yes especially if you're trying to do.

With a like a clogged bile duct or a gallstone things like that but then if you can't digest fats too well also have it right after a meal that might be helpful all right leaky gut well um.

I wouldn't do my version of healthy keto i would do a healthy version of carnivore if you have leaky gut simply because you're not going to be able to tolerate some of these fibers one thing that um as you might notice that a lot of the videos that i'm doing recently are on.

Some of these sneaky little additives these functional fibers that they're adding like the resistant maltodextrin and the tapioca honestly i would avoid all those fibers right now it's just too early to know if they're safe and they're in so many keto so-called keto-friendly foods i would avoid them if i were you.

Can a diabetic do fasting a diabetic needs to do fasting desperately to reduce the need for things to lower the blood sugars i mean think about if your diabetes is a problem with blood sugar you have you have high sugar because either insulin is not there or.

It's resistant and you can't control blood sugar so anything you could do to reduce sugar in your blood fasting is one thing because you're not eating sugar so you're gonna you're gonna create a lot of therapy for that good good things i deal with the tumor on my pituitary.

Gland what can i do to remove the tumor well watch my video on cancer okay and apply that information all right so vovi says enough keto please well what do you want me to talk about then uh let's see should a teenager do keto um yes i think you should now if you're.

Very very thin and let's say you're a young teenager maybe you're not going to do anything crazy with intermittent fasting but i will say three meals with no snacks would be great for anyone growing up um it's the snacks that really create a problem.

Psoriasis there's a great cream that i recommend to buy for psoriasis it's the most awesome um chinese herb and i actually even i spent the money i spent my own money like 4 800 bucks to do a test just to make sure they're not adding synthetic hormones in this product i have i'm not.

Affiliated with the company but if you look up um one of my videos on psoriasis i talk about this cream and i have the link you might want to try it it works really good there's something i don't even know what's in it but it's some chinese herbs that work really good for psoriasis and then vitamin d also helps.

How to remove remove liver flukes well i have a video on that look up the one on liver parasites and oregano garlic thyme sage all these things are really beneficial to kill microbes baja gold sea salt yes i am actually.

Coming out with my own version of that um that is coming up it's a really good sea salt to help lower the sodium chloride and enhance the other minerals in season in in the sea so it's it's going to be pretty awesome that's the one i use can you take k2 every day absolutely.

Sheep milk on keto i think um it does it's high in sugar so you might want to do the sheep milk cheese which has a lot less sugar all right our detox teas safe for the most part they are i wouldn't worry about it.

Are protein shakes safe long term the problem with protein shakes is all the other stuff they put in it and also they put like they have you know it's the quality of protein that you're using are using soy protein is it low fat does it have hidden maltodextrin these are all issues unfortunately they use maltodextrin as a.

Spray agent and all these extracts and powders so you have to get one without that all right berries yes or no on keto yeah those those are fun just make sure you don't eat too many um it looks like my wife is is uh watching and she should show the puppy i just got a puppy for her a.

Collie i don't have um the puppy in the room so i can't show the puppy all right tips for increasing hdl yes vitamin b3 the one that causes the flushing okay that's the one that you want and uh niacin i mean that'll that will greatly.

Increase your hdl and lower your ldl okay let's see let's see here oh set the slowdown chat how do i do that i'll have to figure out how to do that because they just these comments come in so fast um.

Why am i always palpating doing water fasting well because i think you need electrolytes uh you need when you're when you're fasting um that's probably the most important thing is you're taking electrolytes so um of course i'm not biased of my own but i would recommend my own and take.

Maybe one or two scoops of water a day and then add the sea salt very very important that should get rid of um palpitations um how safe is uh 30 000 i use the vitamin d i think it's totally safe especially if you're taking prednisone.

So i think it's going to be very safe and um i wouldn't worry about it um i've taken that much for for quite some time when you get into um like over a hundred thousand ius for for weeks and weeks then you're gonna you might have a problem all right tips for resolving neuropathy you know you need to get on.

The keto diet and you need to take benfotamine building muscle on keto you're going to have to eat more calories a little more protein and do a lot of weight training safe sunscreens i've done videos on that but the best thing to do is to take take calcium.

And vitamin and omega 3 fatty acids and k2 when you go out in the sun okay that'll protect you all right what is gaba that is a neurotransmitter that will make you feel calm and i've done a video on that as well.

Can you take bulletproof coffee every day absolutely yes or no in coffee if you have just a small amount i do a small amount each day i don't recommend a lot it's going to affect your it does affect vitamins the caffeine will affect your b1 and other vitamins and calcium are eggs bad for the prostate no.

Not at all but anything that increases estrogen is bad for the prostate um yes let's see here what about pasture-raised eggs absolutely pasture-raised organic eggs is the best thing feeling sleepy after a workout that means that you probably need um.

You're not adapted to fat yet and i think um you need to eat and then work out because it does take some more time because if you're you're using up your energy you fall back on glucose but you're on keto but then you feel tired so that just means that you need to do this a little bit slower or right now just give it more time.

All right shogrens any tips for sjogren's from carolyn walker yes uh you want to do vitamin d in high amounts 40 000 ius uh there's a brazilian doctor i can't remember his name starts with a c that did the research on that he wrote a book on sunshine and autoimmune diseases with ms i would apply that information to you.

Severe ibs for eight years i have a yeast infection was on accutane wow well if you have ibs you might need to do carnivore you might need to um you know avoid definitely carbs because that's feeding the yeast all right let's see what we got here let's see.

Um chronic bloating i have a lot of videos on that it's usually hidden uh things in foods especially uh the keto friendly snacks and desserts oh my gosh that'll just bloat the heck out of you you might want to avoid this.

Um let's see here how much fruit can i eat at all stick with the berries don't do the rest of the fruit especially if you are on keto um let's see here dr berg what's your opinion oh it just disappeared i'm sorry i still have to figure out how to slow these down is nac good.

Yes it's very very good it's a very powerful antioxidant it turns into glutathione and it's um it's good for a lot of um chronic inflammatory conditions it's good for people that have um that have diabetes or alzheimer's that are generating a lot of free radicals.

Nic is also good to counteract um people that have migraine headaches that are take to have to take tylenol and things like that it's really good for you not one fruit is bad food okay that's by doug mack um well the problem is they've hybrid all these.

Fruits and uh they they're they come with a lot more carbohydrates than they did a long long ago so it's it's only adding a lot of fructose to the diet so i think it's not the best thing in the world what is mct oil medium chain triglyceride oil it's good to turn into ketones really fast in your brain and it'll help your cognitive function and.

Help your energy while your exercise because the brain will use ketones to for energy if you give that uh and put it to the into the blood it'll it'll choose ketones over glucose so um let's see here gonna get vitamin d for my immune system yeah that's a.

Really important one and uh um let's see oh why did my knees hurt after exercise you have to watch my video that i did on recently on the knees over toes guy it's like walking backwards pulling a sled backwards i'm telling you that will fix your knees um and you start off just walking backwards and you eventually get this little sled.

I'm doing a sled exercise now every day it's the most awesome exercise for back pain and to strengthen your your foundation um let's see here all right let's see here can you do vegan can you do keto if you're a vegan yes i would highly recommend it.

Are peanuts keto friendly yes are glutathione supplements safe yes but you have to get the type of glutathione that is this is absorbable and um i rather getting into that specific i would just search my video i have i kind of walk you through the ones i would.

Recommend on that um okay dr burke how can i beat a panic disorder uh that's very easy you need to take a lot of b1 you need to take vitamin d but get b1 from nutritional yeast get the non-fortified version and also watch.

My video on panic tax where you actually can control your breath by breathing through your nose and slowing down your breath you can get less um ox um you can get less oxygen and more co2 i mean think about what people when they get a panic attack they breathe in a.

Paper bag to get more co2 because too much oxygen um will block uh will create an imbalance and so you need co2 for the oxygen to release so we want to slow down the breath in and slow it out through the nose and it'll pull you right out of a panic attack all right what can help tested.

Testicular atrophy well i'm going to release a video on erectile dysfunction in a couple days and i'm going to tell you how to do it and you want to increase nitric oxide by nose breathing by eating foods high in nitrates which.

I'll talk about and by taking zinc all right let's see what else we got here got a million questions here um it's hard to get through all of these all right any benefits to help with vertical or dizziness um there's a there's a couple things you can do.

But the biggest thing for vertigo and disney's especially if you stand up too fast which is a kind of a mild version of this condition called pots is to take b1 b1 i'm telling you that b1 is really important it helps the autonomic nervous system.

All right so let's see what else we got here um are you starting your channel for the farm content yes i'm ordering the camera right now so um i'm planning to jump right in but i have some great things to share with you valerian for anxiety um yes it does help um.

But it's more like a tranquilizer and so it might make you feel kind of groggy i there's there's better things for anxiety that i would recommend like um lemon balm tea for example that's a good one um vitamin d things like that.

How much nutritional yeast per day um you can take quite a bit um i use it on my salad each day but you can take maybe i'd say four to five tablespoons if you wanted not a problem it gives you a lot of b vitamins best probiotic for h pylori of course.

I'm not going to be biased but of course i would recommend my probiotic and you need to change your diet reduce the carbs uh let's see here sorry about the dizziness here i'm holding this thing up um how do you treat hormonal acne in men you want to get on a ketogenic diet.

Lower your insulin and take zinc all right okay let's see here what's your opinion on duck meat i think it's great um all right you see here can i go on keto i'm a type 1 diabetic you definitely need to go on keto if.

You're a type 1 diabetic for sure okay jerry says i found people on mars in 2004 well i would definitely like to know more about that send me a video i'd like to see that that sounds pretty cool all right how do you treat hand sweating copper copper supplements to support the.

Adrenal let's see here is vitamin d good for autoimmune diseases absolutely how much a lot like at least forty thousand fifty thousand i use i should do another video on that um constipation issues you need to balance your fiber either increase or decrease constipation sometimes you need.

Bile salts to help lubricate the colon because if you're deficient in the bile you will be constipated bile helps to lubricate the colon so okay someone has elevated liver enzymes i i just released a video on that you should check it out there's a lot of things you can do to help your liver in.

Fact watch the video i just released today on the liver i'm tired all the time what should i take i don't i don't suggest you take anything i think you need to work on your sleep and your diet and uh go on right on the top you can download my.

Diet it's for free and and find out what to eat and your energy will increase absolutely versus to try to you know treat the symptom fatigue is a symptom of something you just have to first fix the diet that's the most important thing.

You guys give me a lot of great ideas for videos i'll tell you that right now because i'm running out of ideas let's see here what can i you tell us about psychotherapy i i'm not i'm actually against psychotherapy because they misdiagnose you and they treat you with drugs.

Okay so snake diet is a bad um no comment i i think it's kind of on a radical radical diet um i i'm gonna have to give you a no comment on that because um of course i'm gonna recommend my own right um okay is soy sauce bad well good question.

It depends on um if they're adding all these other chemicals in a little bit of soy sauce i think is gonna be fine but typically i'm against soy um it's it's you know what makes the poison is the is the dosage and the amount right so a little bit of this or fermented soy that's.

Really fermented might be okay but you got to be careful about soy because it's the most estrogenic thing that you can consume and people have already too much estrogen so not good all right painfully weak ankles you need to watch my knees over toes guy video on on the knee exercises and start walking.

Backwards and and start to strengthen your ankle joints and do it on a very gradual level how does it take to reduce fatty liver two weeks if you go on keto intermittent fasting you'll see 50 of your fat off your liver go away so that's very really cool i've done a video on that too okay how much tuck cut.

To take i would take um i think it's in 300 milligram i would take two of those empty stomach twice a day on empty stomach sometimes you can take a little bit more and then you can lower that to once a day on a um a maintenance dosage all right if you can't always get.

Organic is it okay yeah that's okay but uh you know organic at least tells us that there's a lot less crap in the food but you know what just because something's organic doesn't mean it's it's healthy i mean it doesn't mean it's nutrient dense always i'm doing a tremendous amount of.

Research and deep dive into um nutrient-dense foods i'm going to be sharing some mind-blowing stuff with you guys because i'm doing a lot of experiments and my ultimate goal is to really teach people about how to get um nutrient dense foods which is the.

Healthy part of keto because if we match that with keto boy you're going to be in really good shape so but the problem is you go to the grocery store and it doesn't really tell you if the nutrition is is that um.

Nutrient dense so what tests can you do no one's going to spend the money to send to a lab and then you might look up the the nutrient facts for various foods but that's all outdated updated information so there's huge wide ranges and it's a very complex problem um that certain groups are working on.

But i'm involved in that i'm gonna i'm gonna just share with you what we're finding on my new channel okay let's see here do you know um dr rhonda patrick yes she has some great data i like her stuff especially on the sauna and her sulforaphanes with cruciferous so.

She has some great information pcos recommendation very simple you need to reduce insulin okay uh how's the keto intermittent fasting we'll we'll help you carpal sun carpal tunnel syndrome i've done videos on that you want to take vitamin b6 okay can metabolic damage be reversed due to prolonged fasting um.

I don't i i think prolonged fasting fixes metabolic damage okay it doesn't cause it leg cramps it's going to be potassium or magnesium bulging disc um copper uh boron.

And do those exercises where you're pulling so there's not this this load on the lower back and it's a different type of exercise that will strengthen without adding unnecessary stress what do you feed your chickens at the moment i do feed them organic grains a little bit of that which is.

Fermented for three days and then i let them roam around the farm eating bugs and we do feed them bugs as well i also feed them fodder which is a fermented barley grass and they like that as well is erythritol okay for a diabetic absolutely yes i'm taking metformin.

For weight loss and phentermine for nutritional use should i be taking b1 yes if you're taking metformin take b1 honestly the reason why metformin might help you with weight loss is because it helps insulin resistance but.

There's side effects lactic acidosis i would i don't like or i don't recommend losing weight with the medication because it you can do this with keto and all the things that improve insulin resistance you don't need a medication um benfotamine causes me to get very dizzy.

I'm a type 1 diabetic then find a natural b1 okay i do have one you can get that one it's not yeast based and use that i think you'll be fine um how do you fix receding gums um take a whole lemon.

With a big glass of water and blend it and drink that every morning that'll give you the flavonoids you need to support the bleeding gums which is uh it'll help that leaky that leaky the capillaries in your.

In your gum tissue all right i'm trying to get a variety of questions here all right every fraud i'm waiting for your beer to grow out well i keep shaving it or cutting it down um.

Okay what i use for d3 should i take if i have dark skin well you need a little bit more so i would need i would recommend at least 10 000 i use but probably 20 000 i use as a maintenance okay chin acne you need to cut down your.

Carbs how do i lower oh how to lower high conjugated bilirubin tudka okay good red dots on skin that means you need omega-3 fatty acids and you can get that by um.

Uh by taking omega-3 i like fish oil things like that um you look better without the beard well thank you let's see here keto on a budget yeah that's cope cope as best as you can try.

To buy nutritionally dense foods while you get a better job or find a better job okay cause of hypertension in youngsters it's either potassium deficiency or a vitamin d deficiency all right so let's see here um.

Okay dry brushing good for you yes um let's see here tips on weight loss okay i'm sorry hair loss so a couple things.

So some people are saying i like your beard well good i'll keep it okay so tips on hair loss okay the first thing is that you want to determine did it start after you went on keto or not if it did then that means you need trace minerals okay if it if you just had hair loss it could.

Be you have too much dht which is a very powerful form of testosterone in which i've done a whole video on what to take to have it like a natural inhibitor of that which by the way zinc is sinks really important as well as um.

Stinging nettle root there's a whole list of things you can do but um i think it's a um you have to take something that inhibits something called five alpha reductase the enzyme that is just making your testosterone into dht but watch my video for more information.

On that because there's a lot more um eyebrows hair falling out um castor oil put some castor oil on your eyelids um that will help you greatly zinc overdose okay then you need copper as a supplement how are your teeth so white um.

I don't whiten them but i just happen to brush them on a regular basis that that does help i'm being very sarcastic about that just eating healthy foods i i would imagine um pain on the right side of my neck that's gallbladder watch my video on that you want to do.

Some manual massage underneath your right rib cage how do i reverse narrowing of my bowel ducts tadka take get that supplement it works like a charm low testosterone increase.

Zinc but have it in a whole pro like a a blend of all the electrolytes i suffer from dementia what supplements is needed a lot of vitamin b1 and b3 but primarily b1 and get on a good version of the ketogenic diet all right what is the purpose of the.

Appendix um it's kind of a reserve for microbes so when you take that out now we don't have that backup so if you have antibiotics then you have to take take more microbes from friendly bacteria hung over how to fix my headache sea salt.

Nutritional yeast b1 um electrolytes that will help you all rights why acid reflux maria says why acid reflux within a minute of fasting um i think that will go away but i think um.

The best thing that you need to do with acid reflux is that um you might be eating something when you stop your intermittent fasting and there's certain there's certain things that you're eating that you might either be allergic to or you're not digesting and then that's affecting you when you don't eat.

So also it could be um that you need more acid so with when you eat food have more um acid to help because what happens is the the valve on the top of the stomach is not closing so it's really.

About the valve and the valve could be open because the autonomic nervous system is not working like you might need more b1 so there's i did a video on it and um rather than try to give you a quick remedy you should just understand the mechanism that's really what i'm trying to do with all these videos.

Is to kind of give you all the connecting dots to see what theory is going to work because right now unfortunately you do searches on these things man you're going to just be so confused all right okay.

Topical steroid withdrawal please sir what to do uh you need vitamin d a lot of vitamin d that's going to help you kind of transition off these steroid withdrawal because vitamin d works like a steroid it is a steroid it's not even a vitamin it's like a natural version of prednisone without the side effects so on that note um.

I really appreciate all your questions and your attention i'll i'll be releasing more videos unfortunately this whole live event did not work this time and so um we are gonna fix it steve promise me so stay tuned for some q a next week um but i have some really cool videos coming up this uh the next seven days so.

Have a great week everyone okay so i'm going to be signing off here thank you very much
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - April 29, 2022
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