The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 22, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 22, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 22, 2022

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hey welcome everyone we're back anything that i say is definitely not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor before you know i'm taking up any of these suggestions that we're going to talk about so on that note we'd just like to dive right in and answer your questions.

So i know we're live social media and also we have a green room of people so steve let's take it over and let's let's get these questions answered you know i have people that say well you can't do i can't do um keto because i have a weight problem or i can't do keto because of my diabetic.

Well if you have a pancreas then you need to do keto you know keto is um i'll give you an example like um i'll have people that say well i i have diabetes will the keto plan cure me can i can then be cured and go back to my normal foods uh it's kind of like having a car and it runs on unleaded can i go back to.

Diesel fuel i'm like no your your car will not run on diesel fuel i accidentally put it diesel fuel in my atv and that was a big mistake didn't run after that so our bodies were designed to run on ketones and if anyone disagrees with that.

Just ask them well what's normal blood sugar and they'll say full 80 milliliters per deciliter i said yeah good so how much sugar is that they'll say well i don't know well it's one teaspoon for all of your blood it's like you know almost two gallons of blood so.

We're dealing with um a very tiny amount of sugar in a fasting state our body was not designed to have the normal you know sugar that's in like 375 carbohydrates or grams of carbohydrates so we we do much better if we run on the right.

Fuel source that was my long answer and now i see hmm yeah it's a situation where you have brain inflammation or brain damage because you have a loss of oxygen absolutely because you'll get more.

More oxygen to the brain when you run your body on ketones just take a look at a diabetic that's runs on high has high sugar they have a lot of problems with four organs one is the eye the kidney the heart and the vessels.

And then the brain and nervous system so um you'll get a lot more less oxidation more oxygen more healthy um things happen to your brain cells so um the other thing too if you have damaged brain damage i did a whole video on this omega-3 fatty acids are going to be very.

Important vitamin d is going to be important and b1 is going to be important but definitely run the body on the right fuel source which is the most important thing a lot of these nutrients um don't work unless you have the right eating implemented so some people want to know.

What what vitamins should i take for this well first let's talk about your diet is are you doing the right things so if you're new to my channel go to dr download the eating plan and then you'll have you'll be on the right thing okay so that question was for if someone.

Has um hypoxic encephaloph uh what do you say ins would you say steve brain damage okay brain damage due to lack of oxygen well that was the question and then i gave you the answer so okay the next question steve is asking is will fasting eliminate muscle tissue.

Uh no eliminates fat tissue not muscle tissue now when you starve that eliminates muscle tissue but that that only occurs after you get rid of all your fat and an average person has a hundred thousand calories of extra fat even if they don't have if even if they're not overweight.

So you can imagine um that would give a person several months of energy without eating so for those of you that are worried about starving your body to death when you're fasting you don't have to worry about it you won't you will lose a lot of fat though which is a plus point.

Well as you're looking for a good question i want to talk i'll talk about there's a if you looked on the news recently not in the news but actually articles online think new york's times and different so-called credible sources it'll say well uh time restricted.

New study or scientists say that time restricted eating uh has no benefit right based on new studies um well if you look at the source of the study it was it was you can't really tell it was it was sponsored by a certain organization in china and others and they don't.

Really tell you and and then um they compared intermittent fasting with um a low-calorie diet so.

And so if you look at the all these different quotes at the the headlines it says it doesn't work it's that's completely false you if you compare it to a low-calorie diet apparently they didn't find a significant um difference but there was an improvement more more weight loss uh done with intermittent fasting and low calorie.

Diet but anyway that this is just a total smear campaign to try to dissuade people from doing intermittent fasting but you know my whole thing is there's enough research out there that says it works in fact almost every single religion has fasting as a part of.

As a part of it so it's been around for a very long time and what unfortunately the food companies and the companies that make snack foods they don't like it in a minute fasting because then we're taking away your snacks so that's pretty much.

Um why you're going to see that but it's just i saw i wasn't even going to make a comment on it because it was ridiculous but i went i went ahead and said something about it more and more of these sweet fruits and sweet things are are you see them in certain keto plants.

Um and unfortunately now it's like so many other you know even synthetic carbohydrates and stuff that are being put in to these so-called healthy keto friendly meals um dates even though it's natural okay it just has a lot of sugar.

So it has the vitamins and minerals but it has a lot of sugar so it's it's definitely not keto friendly um but it has nutrients just like a lot of other things now if we take a look at a lot of the other fruits out there even apples bananas watermelon a lot of these fruits were hybrids they were basically.

Man-made to increase the carbohydrates pineapples so back in the day these these uh fruits were not as sweet and so the problem nowadays people say well it's natural yes naturally increased carbohydrates or sugars in the in these fruits i mean.

Honey crisp apples like 19 grams of sugar not carbohydrates but sugar so you'd be better off drinking a soda i mean because there's less sugar than that but the point is that um it's very very um sweet and yes it has vitamins but it's not going to help you lose weight.

All right uh let me just yeah i can see it okay the primary nutrient to boost collagen is what that's our first question so a lot of people are um want to boost collagen to improve their um the anti-aging effect their skin.

To help with joint problems but there's a very specific nutrient that can actually help boost your collagen as compared to what a lot of people do is they just eat more collagen well you're going to find out why that doesn't always work so they're not unable to digest spicy.

Foods well that's i need more data because that could be spicy foods what from a fast food restaurant because it's a spicy um yeah usually spices aren't the problem it's usually the other things in the food and the second question was what steve we'll take it down one at a.

Time okay cannot tolerate apple cider vinegar lemons etc well i don't know what etc means but apple cider vinegar it could mean that you have gastritis or your ph is maybe a little too acidic some people just don't like apple cider vinegar vinegar but.

I will say though if you do have an ulcer or gastritis you apple cider vinegar is not going to be good for you and lemon might irritate you as well so what i would what i would suggest that you do is avoid apple cider vinegar the great majority of people do very well with.

Apple cider vinegar but um some people don't like it so if you have an aversion to it avoid it because um okay so someone asked a question about is is some some product good for you well i first of all i need to know the ingredients so.

Here here's the thing that i would do if you want to know something's good for you stay tuned for a video coming up on um how to read um a label and i'm telling you and i'm talking about like just keto in general there are so many things right.

Now that you're gonna find that are just not the healthy version of keto even now they might be below 50 grams of net carbs but i'm going to talk about why the net carb might not be accurate because some of these resistant starches now are.

Classified as fiber okay fiber doesn't have any effect on insulin so now we have a situation where they're starches and tachyo tapioca maltodextrin these are resistant uh starches from cornstarch originally.

They're classified as a fiber so now you can deduct them from the total carbs and they're not even in the sugar category so the point is that read the labels and stay tuned for my videos all right the primary nutrient for most.

Collagen is uh let's see what your guesses were so 80 vitamin c 10 said vitamin e and 10 percent said omega-3 the correct answer is copper.

Copper copper is involved in a very important enzyme to make connective tissue and collagen specifically and this connective tissue is the thing that um that holds everything together steve i'm getting some.

Reverb somewhere somewhere before i didn't have it now i do steve um so so that's what collagen that's what the copper does so copper is very very very important now how would you end up with a copper deficiency um because that's really what i would focus on more than.

Getting copper from the diet because most people can get it um let's say you're you watch one of my videos on zinc and you should start taking more zinc because i'm emphasizing zinc or or because of this this whole you know the covid thing right where you have to have.

All this zinc too much zinc will create a copper deficiency and then you could show up these copper deficiency symptoms and one of the big ones is that you lose collagen and you're more susceptible to get getting a hernia more susceptible to having an aneurysm.

Your your skin starts to get sagging so this collagen needs copper and copper is a fascinating uh mineral i will be releasing a video on that as well but you know we don't want to neglect that trace mineral that seems to be very very important just as important as zinc but if you if you get the zinc with.

Copper then you don't have to worry about anything and that's usually what i recommend all right someone wanted to know how do you end a fast with what type of foods well it really depends on how long that you're fasting for if you're doing regular intermittent fasting even one meal a day.

You just go to your regular meals nothing special okay but if you're doing an extended fast let's say 48 72 hours five days fasting seven days then we need to be careful and go slow and maybe have a little bit of um steamed vegetables.

Wait an hour maybe have an egg wait a little bit more time maybe eat some nuts something like that but don't have this big meal and especially don't do this carb meal because that's going to shift your electrolytes and then you're going to.

You could be you can have a really major problem if you eat too much too fast um i'm a perfect example i had to test the waters i fasted for i think three days and i i ate a big meal i wanted to see what happened i would never recommend that again that was very very bad i was just literally.

Sick to my stomach so the system you know your digest digestive system goes into this this mode where it kind of goes to sleep and you got to slowly wake it up and not overwhelm it too fast all right how much alcohol would it take to cause early stage liver.

Disease let's see if you guys can get this one i'll just leave it at that well i have some very interesting videos coming up um that uh we can we can mention um one is the liver i want to talk about the liver.

A little bit because um a lot of people have a fatty liver and the liver is a really important organ if you wanted to restore a liver that is either fatty or damaged to increase the detox uh the ability to detox poisons.

Then what you want to do is maintain your glutathione levels so let me just touch on glutathione it's a very very important um antioxidant that's in all of your cells in a very large concentration so there's a lot of that you have and the more that we go through stress.

The more that we eat poorly the more that we're traumatized the more that we're having chronic inflammation the less glutathione that we're going to have and as you get older you're going to have less glutathione so this means that you're going to have a.

Hard time detoxifying heavy metals getting rid of poisons um getting getting rid of the residue from your medications and there's there's over 75 different diseases that are associated with low glutathione.

Levels so really important to keep the glutathione very very high in your in your cells to keep things handled what's interesting about glutathione as well um with mercury it has a a real strong affinity for mercury so it literally will extract mercury from your cells.

And from your brain so it does a lot and the question is what's more important to eat certain foods or avoid certain things and the answer is to avoid certain things you want to avoid um stressing the body out avoid commercial.

Foods don't do too much alcohol and if you do drink and there might be one or two people watching that do drink um then i would highly recommend you eat extremely healthy to beef up no pun intended your glutathione to be able to handle.

The damage that's going to occur if you're on i don't know any medications that you should be beefing up your glutathione by eating really really clean to counter that effect so the way to beef up your glutathione is to eat beef.

And fish poultry and also vegetables that are high in sulfur like the cruciferous vegetables especially radishes but other things too like garlic and onion but you get more glutathione.

Because glutathione is coming from certain amino acids if you consume more animal meats and things like that then if you're just purely consuming vegetables so um i like a combination of meat and vegetables so if you were to do any type of meat add more garlic and onion to it.

Add garlic and onion to your eggs and you'll have the perfect meal to beef up your glutathione but just realize that the more stress that you have the more glutathione that you need and one really cool thing that i want to mention while we're at it is if you can if you get exposure to the sun so you.

Have vitamin d and you have infrared both of those will increase glutathione because infrared increases melatonin and melatonin increases glutathione so being out in the sun actually will increase your antioxidants and then if you eat healthy on top of that and keep.

Your stress somewhat okay you can have a lot of glutathione to keep your liver in good shape and i think that's really really important all right so how so we're gonna answer the question how much alcohol do you have to consume to end up with early stage liver disease.

So 75 75 said three drinks a day 25 said more than three drinks a day and i think we'll just give you yeah let me give you the correct answer okay because um it's kind of like a i mean who's going to come up with that unless you researched it but um this is this is.

Based on a fascinating study i'll be releasing a video on this but in the study they found that 21 episodes or abouts of binge drinking 21 of those binge drinking events.

Um showed signs of early liver disease which is fascinating those so what is that what is the 21 um binge drinking sessions it's that's five or more drinks okay and when we talk about drinks we're talking about.

Um alcohol that is uh slightly more than a half of an ounce of pure alcohol so like one beer glass of wine a shot of alcohol liquor that would be considered one drink so five of those.

21 times can start giving you early liver damage now um what happens though when you when you drink alcohol is that your body your liver starts to break it down and at first it can do that okay and it breaks it down to these um.

To a substance that can be very harmful to your body that toxicity so it's really you kind of wake up with a hangover and you don't feel very good because of this toxic material this this byproduct of alcohol that your body is trying to break it down um but over time when you lose the detoxification enzymes.

And you start to deplete your your nutrient reserves especially b1 that's when you start having all this collateral damage and oxidation and inflammation of the liver which then turns into scar tissue and fatty liver so again if if you drink it's very very important.

To eat healthy eat super healthy if you drink and at least at the very bare minimum you can counteract some of the um the free radicals and the collateral damage but steve i don't know about you but i think most people that do drink heavy drinkers they probably aren't eating.

At least 10 cups of cruciferous vegetables a day are they yeah yeah that's not gonna work okay the next question is on allulose is that a good sweetener i like allers i think it's a really great.

Sweetener it's it's an alternative sweetener it's not even classified as a sugar alcohol but it is a very good sweetener because it's zero on the glycemic index the other one that's good is erythritol xylitol i like xylitol but it's not it's not 100 it's not zero on.

The glycemic index it's like 30 so it's low so if you have it in small amounts is fine but definitely stay away from a multitote maltose stay away from mannitol stay away from sorbitol or stay away from splenda and definitely stay away from any type of synthetic.

Sugars you know which is maltodextrin but you're going to see maltodextrin in a lot of keto friendly foods i would avoid it if i were you even if it's a so-called resistant maltodextrin which i've done a video on um because.

The research is not out yet and you're having the synthetic fiber and we just don't know there's so many things that are approved um but then we find out that they have problems later on and so i'm really hesitant of anything coming out of the.

Market in a synthetic fashion and this the safety studies are just too short you know especially if it's if it's anything that's uh that can like it's everyone knows for sure it's it's going to be fine well i would go in the.

Opposite direction in fact i get a lot of my good material from finding out what everyone knows is true and then looking in the opposite direction because inevitably we find out if especially if all the scientists and doctors agree that okay we found this to be true yeah um you know smoking is safe.

And then years later we find out maybe it's not too safe okay so someone want to know is drinking too much water harmful because it can flush out your minerals well i don't know if you've ever had a a plant in your garden where you watered.

It too much right you can water it too much and actually kill it so we can water our bodies too much too because you're going to dilute minerals especially sodium and that can create a condition called hyponatremia and which is severe dehydration so yes.

You can you can drink too much water i think you're going to be safe if you just drink when you're thirsty and don't overdo it so let's say you do a high carb meal what's the best way to get back in the keto um well obviously you you cheated right so um.

It's kind of like if you cheated on your spouse what would you have to do well number one you have to make up the damage number one number two you're gonna have to be real clean and not cheat anymore so um with your diet it's the same thing you wanna.

Make up the damage make up the damage and eat really really healthy and do really good and fast longer and um having more leafy greens things like that to counter the damage that you created um it's a slippery slope for some people because.

They can't just moderate that in a certain amount that once they start it's the next day boom they crave the next day they crave they get into this unhealthy pattern i think it's very very beneficial with both exercise.

As well as intermittent fasting to improve your willpower because it's like you're restricting certain things and you're doing things that are uncomfortable it's actually very therapeutic um to not give in to.

The demands of your body all the time that says okay i need i need a brownie i'm gonna i need to um reward myself no you're not rewarding yourself i'm sorry you're just the body's telling you to eat certain things because your blood sugar is low don't give in to it all right next question is the what's.

The best nutrient to um maximize your height okay see if you guys can figure this one out so if someone has anorexia okay and they want to start gaining weight um should they start doing fasting.

Uh no no i don't think so that's that they need to um should they do the the carno carnivore version of keto well um it depends do you have digestive problems you may and then i would recommend the carnivore version um the reason i don't recommend it because just because i find that the healthy.

Version of keto seems to work for the majority of people but there's always exceptions to that um i will say if you're doing carnivore a lot of people are just doing more protein and hardly any carbs you're going to lose some some weight so.

You might want to increase your your carbs at least to 50 grams you know maybe have um berries that might be good carbohydrate but it really depends on your digestive system and what you can tolerate but gaining weight i wouldn't try to gain weight with sugar or grains.

I would do it with healthy foods and then add exercise and make sure the quantity of food is is good so eat more calories for example um so and then definitely keep your fats on the higher end as well that's what i would recommend.

What is the best way to achieve hormonal balance well the you have all these different glands that make hormones hormones are communications um some of your hormones are made from proteins others are made from cholesterol.

So what you don't want to do is go on a low fat low cholesterol diet if you want to improve your hormones hormones like testosterone also need um trace minerals like zinc so you'd want to consume.

Foods high in trace minerals that would be like shellfish for example that or seafood or fish that would be very very important um other things that destroy hormones would be like a high carb diet what is what does the high carb diet do for insulin it.

Just it just completely jacks it up to the point where it just burns out the cells that make insulin so that's probably one of the most important hormones to recover and keep it at a minimum so you'd want to be on a low carb diet and then be do the healthy version of that that's called healthy keto.

So and then if you do intermittent fasting you can also improve other hormones like growth hormone so if you're asking the best thing to improve hormones i would say what i'm recommending is our standard eating plan which is the healthy keto.

And intermittent fasting which you can download the page at and get the exact plan so here's a here's a question from a runner what level of carbs would you recommend want to eat healthy now it really depends if you're just if you're just regular you know a runner.

Just exercising again i wouldn't change anything but what about if you're a long distance runner okay let's say you're running a marathon or an altar marathon marathon can you get by without these carbs i think you're going to need some carbs um yeah i think you're going to need carbs but i wouldn't do.

What everyone else is doing with the synthetic sugars where they have this little thing it's got like a goo or these bars that are like dextrose or maltodextrin that's what they consume when they're doing some of these marathons so these are synthetic sugars not good um you'd be much better off doing.

Things you know like doing definitely doing keto for a period of a year or year and a half to fully fat adapt but then you may need um some things like sweet potato you may need some brown rice but um that would be.

That would be the only time i would recommend that being a long distance runner all right so we we're going to answer now the question uh the best nutrient for maximizing your your height okay 85.

Say zinc five percent calcium five percent say animal proteins and the answer and then some other people say vitamin d so here's the thing um i just want to see who was watching my video that i released today and 85 of the people watching watch my video so because i.

Talked about that zinc is the most important um trace mineral for growth when you're growing as a child to maximize your growth but there's other things too like calcium and vitamin d for sure but.

And iodine as well if you're deficient in iodine you're not going to grow very very much um this is why it's so important if someone is pregnant or they're preparing their body for pregnancy um or even even if you're a guy and you're going to.

Contribute to half of those genetics this is not just about a woman who's preparing for a pregnancy it's about the other side as well having very fertile dna so you can really develop a healthy child so um.

I think both men and women need to eat healthy well before you decide to have a baby and then definitely during the pregnancy and and especially right after when you're breastfeeding which is so important if you decide not to breastfeed and you start doing the.

Um the formulas just realize that there they're so filled with garbage and soy which is a big experiment on our whole population and they have um sugar in there low quality nutrients and even the prenatals are also.

So these are all things that um i don't think are good when you're trying to maximize um height not just height but just function health um i mean the most important time is this earlier phase of life.

But unfortunately we don't emphasize this enough all right someone want to know what's the best supplement for improving your uh what was that down memory gotcha steve um so i'm gonna just i'm just gonna tell you.

This right now like it's gonna be omega-3 fatty acids and that's why i like priced salmon it's probably the best thing for the brain but if your diet is not good if it's if it's not uh low carb i think this nutrient is not going to help you.

So i think you need both you need to get your right eating plan in and then you also need omega-3 fatty omega-3 fatty acids as well you can get it from krill you can get it from salmon you can get it from cod liver oil um but um.

Usually fatty fish will give you enough omega-3 fatty acids but that's really important other nutrients that are important for your brain because there's other things involved would be vitamin b1 b1 and this is why because what destroys the neurons is.

Too much fuel too much of the wrong fuel i'm talking about sugars sugar and carbs the more carbohydrate and sugar that you have the more b1 that you need and if you don't have enough b1 to help metabolize this this fuel glucose.

Or carbs then you can't use that fuel and so the nerves starve to death and that's what creates dementia so by keeping enough of these be this b1 um in your diet regardless of whether you have carbs or not.

Then you can start to utilize the fuel i mean if you take a look at any um person with dementia or alzheimer's what's happening is that the nerves are just they're not in communication anymore i mean if they can't utilize the fuel the fuel literally starve off these cells and then what if you ever go to um.

Like a nursing home where they have a specialized place for people with alzheimer's what are they feeding them well they're feeding them six to seven meals a day uh putting carbocity so it's just it's really it's sad to see that but um just at the very very sign of the loss.

Of memory you need to be quickly changing your diet getting foods high in b1 omega-3 fatty acids and getting on a keto plan because these carbs are are destroying the brain cells other than that it's totally slow is keto safe for a 15 year old the answer is yes.

I wish i would have started keto when i was 15. maybe you don't want to do limited fasting if you're a kid but you want to you want to keep your carbs low because i can't tell you how i wish i would have done that early on because how these.

Carbs affected my ability to perform in sports my ability to study and i needed because i was so carved out i couldn't study my learning was inhibited and also i was tired all the time so that's why i drank a lot of coffee so um.

Yeah for your ability to learn uh mentally and prof and and also perform physically as well as your your overall mood it will improve your mood but i would highly recommend it all right the next question is the best nutrient.

Oh um steve let's give the next question after that all right the best way um let's see here let's let me see if i can see oh okay what is the best way to boost glutathione plant or animal foods all right so the next question is uh someone that's 83 years old what would.

Be the best vitamin when they have this numbness in the fingers well i already know that's what's called peripheral neuropathy so there's something causing the damage and usually something that's inhibiting the blood supply to the nervous system and it can happen in the fingertips or the bottom of the feet.

And the main cause of that is is too much blood sugar so the remedy is two things one is benfotamine which will usually work it's a fat style b vitamin um and or alpha lipoic acid both of those are.

Really good for the nerves but let's say for example you've done that and it's still for some weird reason it's not working then it could mean that you have too much calcium in your body so therefore you might want to take more.

Magnesium so there's there's other reasons but i would first start out with the um the thing that i told you first because um it's usually a high blood sugar situation it's destroying the the peripheral nerves unless you're on chemo that could be another reason.

All right someone want to know what is the best way to get rid of water weight that's so easy cut out the sugars which retains fluid and consume foods high in potassium not a banana but you can do it with any of the leafy greens there's a lot of herbal things you can.

Do but potassium is the food to help push fluid out um and if if you take a look at glucose in the body glucose for every glucose molecule you have three molecules of water so.

When you when your carbs are too high you're basically a fluid filled sack you're a water retainer and the way to get that fluid out is simply to stop the sugar get the sugar out cut it out go on keto you'll probably drop 13 pounds of water weight right there but if you want some assistant potassium.

Foods are going to be the key for that leafy greens is a good potassium source okay so now we want to answer the question what is the best way to boost your glutathione levels would it be plant source or animal source ninety percent say animal and ten percent say plant now if you.

Were listening closely i already already told you this answer early on so that it's animal products so um if you take um someone who doesn't consume animal protein is more susceptible to having an amino acid deficiency and you need these amino acids to build up.

Glutathione which by the way is one of the most vital antioxidants i mean every cell in your body has a significant amount of glutathione and so i mean it can help you protect you against it's like you're it's like a little superhero because it.

Protects you against the bad stuff and um and there's a lot of bad stuff in your environment so you have this thing that can counter stuff and then but when you get older you don't produce it as much so you need to get it from the diet and the environment.

Um even keeping your stress level low can increase this so there's a whole bunch of things you can do i'll release the video on this shortly but glutathione is a um a powerhouse when it comes into the the helper molecule to keep the poisons especially lowering.

Your risk from getting cancer because think about what cancer is cancer starts with genetic damage to the mitochondria well guess where glutathione exists it's made in the outside of the cell but then it actually works in the mitochondria so it keeps the mitochondria from becoming damaged so.

It's very very potent as its antioxidant effect for cancer and keeping you living a long and healthy life so marcie want to know can slim people do keto who don't want to lose weight i think.

You know it's it's not just for people that want to lose weight it's for people that want to be healthy there's so many benefits and i'll just run on the list one is is cognitive improvement that's improvement in focus concentration and memory we also have mood elevation so if someone is.

Depressed or has anxiety or highly irritable they should be doing it as well reducing inflammation increasing your ability to learn new things being more creative having better energy levels i mean these are.

All just huge huge things you should think about doing keto for so um it's not just about weight loss and then you have other people that are thin that say well i don't need to change my diet because i'm thin thinking that oh diets are only for people that need to lose weight you just you need to expand.

Your your viewpoint on that there's there's other reasons why you should do keto and if which i don't even i consider it like the diet that is should be normal for us any tips on eating raw meat um you know oh any risks for eating raw milk uh yeah especially if you're doing um chicken i mean the quality of chicken.

This is why you should always cook your chicken thoroughly and because if you eat raw chicken you're highly susceptible of getting e coli simply because of the the antibiotics that they give these chickens um create a situation where now you have super bugs and so but it's not just even the the.

Raw chicken it's the um you cut the chicken on the cutting board and you put your hands on the cutting board and it ends up in your body and then you wonder why you have this serious infection now so if when you go to mcdonald's make sure.

And you order the chick-fil-a or wherever don't eat it raw don't ask for it raw um i would possibly maybe cook it and i'm being sarcastic no no um there's other you know like i'm telling like raw fish is very very healthy just.

You have to make sure that um if i'm gonna do raw fish by myself i'll actually freeze it for 72 hours thaw it out then i will cook and eat it i think that's a very healthy thing and it's also healthy to have raw meat as well it's easier to digest but i would i would recommend doing a really healthy source of that as.

Well um yes but there's a lot of benefits in raw meat um okay as far as hemorrhoids go someone know about hemorrhoids that's usually um in the in the classification of varicose.

Veins because there's a lot of veins down there loose veins um or or weakened veins and copper is a good remedy for that copper can help strengthen the vascular system it can help because it's all collagen so that would be something i would recommend.

There's a lot of other remedies that you can take but i think copper would be the most important one with that and then also making sure you eat healthy because the liver is usually behind that um steve we have some guests in our green room um is there a way that we can get some.

Well what about typing in oh what about time can they type in their their okay so jillian has a question he's on now but somehow we can't hear them here for some reason and he his main thing is he wants to lower blood pressure is that right steve.

An increased testosterone anything else so so um so eating dozen eggs he's doing all the right things i mean i i don't think that's a problem at all honestly it's i think there's a lot of nutrition in that um but as far as blood pressure goes okay um there's a couple different.

Causes of a blood sugar you know you have the elasticity of this uh of this collet of this of the actual vessel itself when the vessel becomes hardened uh the blood pressure can go up that's one cause.

But there's other causes too like a potassium deficiency like a vitamin d deficiency so what i would do i would take one thing at a time and you might have already tried this julian i would start doing high levels of vitamin d did that help you okay yes great if it did.

Not help you then um is there any reason why you might might not be absorbing vitamin d and there's an interesting thing on this if you ever had that test it's called 23andme um where you can you can see if you have a vitamin d.

Um genetic problem with vitamin d that you just can't absorb it like i had one one patient who um you know she's taking vitamin d but she had a genetic problem with the absorption of vitamin d because the receptors were like mutated so i said wow that's incredible so we.

Upped it dramatically like i think it was 60 or 70 000 um per day for a while oh my gosh she did really good she slept like a baby so that's just one thing in the back of my mind and then we have potassium um i don't know if you're having enough.

Potassium i would try that too i would i would try to get at least you know maybe 5 000 iu's from your food and also supplemental see if your blood pressure comes down the other thing with the blood pressure as um the blood pressure.

Is related to something called the heart and they're connected and so what happens is when you have uh the check your blood pressure you're measuring what's called the sympathetic nervous system and then the relaxation is called the parasympathetic so we have.

The systolic is the sympathetic and the parasympathetic is the the diastolic so you could have a problem with your heavy on the systolic and low on the diastolic there's a great test it's called heart rate variability maybe you can look up online to see if you can.

Get a home test and start testing yourself and see where your parasympathetic is are you heavy on the sympathetic and because i you may want to do recovery training and what is that well you start doing an exercise.

A real short high intensity exercise and give yourself an exaggerated amount of rest because when you spike your pulse rate what's going to happen next is you have this parasympathetic coming in and pushing down your pulse rate and if you if you don't allow it to push it down.

All the way then you can weaken the parasympathetic you'll never really kind of strengthen it it's an active thing that kicks in when you stop working out so that's just i would do some little short little thing to spike the pulse.

Rate and then let your body come all the way down maybe maybe you rest for like three or four minutes and do do a series of that like seven of those you will find that your parasympathetic will improve and your blood pressure should come down as well um but to evaluate that i need a little.

Bit more data on your lifestyle when it started um is there does it ever come down or is it always high these are just things i would look at because um if it's always high there might be some rigidity there um that you need to take more vitamin k2 to soften up.

The vessel but overall one of the most important things for the elasticity of the artery would be potassium number one and number two copper copper um is very very important in.

The basque uh keeping things really really normalized in your connective tissue area and if you're deficient in copper all sorts of things can get messed up you can get a sway back you can have varicose veins that could affect your blood sugar a blood pressure.

As well so anyway because i can't really talk to you right now that would be my um my suggestion you know okay yeah steve all right.

For those of you for those of you that are not in the u.s and you wanted to order some products we now can we have different places where we can you can get them directly from europe russia different parts uh out of the country so there will be a.

Link down below so check it out if you want a cheaper shipping method the best supplement to help with allergy well you know um i think the best thing for allergy would be uh something that would acidify your.

Your immune system so um this is why like vitamin c works or ascorbic acid which is kind of like the synthetic version of the so-called vitamin c because it acidifies the body when you acidify you have a ex a speeding up of the phagocytes so it helps your immune system in other parts of the immune system so.

Apple cider vinegar would be a really good remedy to help reduce allergies but steve i did a whole video on this and i don't want to give people the the punch line of because i just uh i'm just i just did the video a couple days ago and i will release it this next week analogy so there's a lot more to say.

About allergies uh so i wanted to kind of save that for the release of this video that will be in a couple days all right steve i i had you muted did you say something okay so listen i apologize for the lack of.

Smoothness in this presentation but um stay tuned for some uh really good content coming up on the next few days and i will see you next friday morning at 11 11 o'clock eastern standard time in the morning we'll see you soon have a good one you.

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