The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 2, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 2, 2022

The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 2, 2022

Check out the video on The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – April 2, 2022.
there you go dr byrd dr burke can you hear us oh yeah i can hear you fine sorry uh we're on air forgive me maybe you didn't see the opening jingle welcome back welcome back everyone um anything that i say is not definitely not meant to diagnose or.

Replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice that we're about to tell you and uh steve i have some really really a huge important announcement um you know as you know i have like six thousand videos.

And i'm gonna have to make some changes because we're changing our entire program to veganism we found that that is the best way to you know lose weight and be healthy so that's my april fool's joke for you today now we're not we're not changing sorry i.

Just had to throw it out there because terry convinced me to say that but um we're we're not changing anytime soon oh my goodness well i just dumped out my freezer thanks a lot i knew you i knew you would so well listen we've got today uh.

Unwittingly it's ladies night we have all uh female cast in our green room and we're really excited about that no boys but we will talk to the boys on social media so uh anyway let's see why don't we go right to that and we have uh anik uh is coming from quebec and stand by i'm gonna bring you up and unmute.

Yourself annik if you haven't already and here we go you're on with dr byrd mojo dr berg i'm so happy to speak with you it's unbelievable i'm your number one fan just so you know so my question today is whenever i eat i i eat my whole meal i'm full i can't eat.

More but at the end of my meal i sort of had to grab a cracker i need to grab a carb or some sugar i know that i have some left in my plate that i could eat but that's not what i want to feel content i want a cracker or a piece of bread or something right i'm not on a keto.

Diet only but i'm getting there got it well that's a really good question because what's happening there's a difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied you can literally be stuffed but you just still feel like i need something you know and that that something.

Is either nutrients and or um fuel and so if someone has the most likely reason for that is you have insulin resistance and so the cell has a difficult time.

Pulling in that fuel so this happens when you eat food and you just feel like you know i need something sweet something quick to drive into the cell to like oh okay now i'm i'm back to normal um i would uh just don't go in don't don't give in to that.

Of course you want to start to go more and more keto because eventually what will happen that insulin resistance will be corrected and then you'll feel really satisfied but to correct it you can't keep doing the carbs so that is the catch-22 that you're in and then what you can focus on is the nutrient dense food as much as possible.

Because um i have noticed that uh just the the quality of nutrients uh of certain even vegetables for example and from a farmer's market versus a store or from certain countries versus other countries are so much different and when you consume nutrient-dense foods it's.

Going to be more satisfying so i think you're going to have to just cope as best as you can bite the bullet and then maybe have some additional fatty foods after you eat as your replacement um like maybe fatty nuts pecans something like.

That that's what i do but i do understand i had the exact same thing okay thank you okay you're welcome that is great and i might remind anik that he just gave you a.

Vegan approach with a nut so that's terrific dr berg and let's see why don't we start off with the uh first quiz of the day and i really like these questions not that what i like is of any material concern but here you go doc okay um i can't i can't see the question okay let me take that for you which has more.

Friendly bacteria yogurt or kef if i'm saying that right kiefer that's correct that's the first question okay audience jump on that and then let's go to let's go to social media and terry's been hard at it and liam from youtube my right hip and right side.

Of my belly feel tender and i get a dull ache uh that goes around to my back in the same place after i eat what's causing this and by the way not april fool's you know what i suspect it could be a potential kidney stone especially if it wraps around.

So one thing that might be good to rule out a kidney stone is not to just run and get a cat scan because a lot of radiation you can get a much less invasive procedure just a an ultrasound and they can look for potential kidney stones on that.

Side but that's what it sounds like and then of course in the meantime what you should be doing is drinking at least two and a half liters of water every single day that would be very important um the other thing about kidney stones is that they tend to develop when your.

Urine ph is a little bit too alkaline so by acidifying your urine that would be better so the apple cider vinegar would be a good thing to do a few times a day but i have a lot of videos on kidney stones that's what i would suspect if there is no kidney stone and then what you need to do is watch my.

Recently promoted video that i did on knee and back pain which i brought on ben patrick has a great incredible program all about walking backwards or pulling a sled backwards a great exercise to help uh back pain and knee pain and i do it it's completely eliminated my back pain and i.

Because especially from sitting all day long you need an exercise that reverses that so if you haven't seen that video check it out it's a fascinating exercise that you can do it's real simple and anyone can do it and all you need you don't need anything you just need your backyard or you don't even need.

That you just go start walking backwards and so watch that video if you haven't seen it well that's wonderful well i wanted to get to mimi because this sounds terrible from youtube again she has partial heart failure due to a new medicine she was taking my heart is only working at 54 capacity.

Should i be on the keto diet 100 1 000 yes because the high carb diet the opposite diet which is higher carb diet attacks four tissues.

One the heart to the kidneys three the nervous system and brain and four your eyeballs so if you're not on keto and you're you have a heart problem the heart is has has more free radicals more free.

It has more oxidation from the high glucose and so absolutely positively yes you need to be in the ketogenic diet you know i'll have people that will say something that just indicates that they don't even know what the ketogenic diet is and they'll say well i can't do keto because i am a.

Diabetic i can't do keto because i have heart disease i'm like no no that's why you need to do it so keto is stands for ketones which basically is a alternative form of fuel.

When you cut down your carbs your body starts running on a different fuel which is a lot healthier and that's ketones so it doesn't need to run on glucose any glucose that's needed by the body can be made easily by the body out of fat protein or even ketones so we really don't need.

Glucose in our diet at all well mimi best of luck to you and i hope you find a remember yeah eating a couple cups of sugar a day doesn't keep the doctor away and i love it when you put it that way you know that's the difference between keto and you know gorging junk so uh anyway let's say a good morning to our folks.

All around the world and i should first mention that we have alice coming up in a little bit she's from hong kong uh of course we already had anik from quebec and here's the rest of them a good morning from the uk canada greece nairobi pakistan switzerland ethiopia romania kenya sweden india taiwan norway.

Spain palu iran zambia mexico the philippines france germany uzbekistan ireland turkey chile saudi arabia the czech republic the dominican republic cameroon and of course all across the united states so thanks so much everybody you make the show poor dr berg would have nothing to.

Talk about if you didn't feed him uh reasons to come up great videos and all the great questions so let's see what we have in terms of a answer for our first quiz and the first quiz let me bring that up real quick ask the audience which has more friendly bacteria yogurt or kefir if i said that right doc.

And the audience 70 of them claim kefir and only 30 say yogurt yeah the answer is kefir kefir has a lot more friendly bacteria it has nine times the amount of good bacteria as yogurt unfortunately yogurt is not the best source of probiotics it only has like maybe.

One two maybe three strains and many times yogurt is heated so it kills off the microbes and so those microbes don't survive the stomach as well so when typically when you eat yogurt you're eating pretty much dead bacteria but i'm not opposed to all yogurts you know like they're like the.

Bulgarian yogurt and other types of yogurt might be okay but not necessarily to fortify the from the the friendly bacteria and i won't even mention all the extra sugar that they put in yogurt but um and then you have the lactose intolerance and the allergy to the casein the milk protein so there's a lot.

Of problems with yogurt so there's i'm going to release a video this week on a much you know things that are better than yogurt to fortify you with probiotics stuff that you can you can easily get and consume and even make.

So stay tuned for that video that's fantastic and by the way for those of us that don't know what's kefir what does it look like what is it kefir is a different fermentated product it's usually from cow milk or goat or sheep but what they do is they use these grains they're different they're a.

Different blend of lactic acid bacteria and yeast so it's just a whole different microbial fermentation and it produces a different product it's more sour um it has more microbes and it has more uh diversity of microbes plus the yeast so it's much better for you and now what are the benefits of probiotics in.

General well um you know constipation diarrhea and also to increase your energy decrease inflammation in your gut improve neurotransmitters which actually make you happier and bring you up and so whatever's really going on in the gut.

If you get your gut straightened out your up here is going to be much better too there's definitely a huge connection so we need probiotics we need um a healthy gut and uh so many problems occur when you don't have that in fact the derivation kefir comes from the.

Think of the turkish word which means to feel better after you eat so there you go steve that's the river go listen we've got a couple of guests here that are going to be really close to your heart because they're doing something new and that's arna and her beautiful daughter i think uh and she is calling in or.

Viewing in from ohio and uh arna you are on and your and your daughter what's your daughter's name sorry honor i think you're still muted hey hi i know you guys i've done an interview and this is amazing um we have to we have to connect up because i can't hear your.

Microphone if you could somehow unclick it because i definitely want to talk to you in fact uh this um we don't have a wonderful child was i was going to do another interview but i didn't quite hook up yet.

Um but we're still trying to hook up because um she's fairly local to me so i still can't hear you for some reason yeah we had you up arnold we heard your volume before so either your volume up or that click that little well what i see is the mic is.

Is muted it looks like it's yeah it looks like it was muted oh you know what happened i think arnold you just put those headset on and many times that kind of screws it up can you unplug that and just go through the computer sorry audience thanks but this will be worth the wait not yet is there another button you can.

Press i tell you what uh arnold we're not going to let you go let me have you sort of figure that out try it unplug that um that hit site which you already did and then try to bring your speaker back to uh the computer itself the built-in speaker so stand by just a moment arna we don't want to miss you.

And the fabulous story and dr berg maybe you can set it up for the audience what's going on here well i mean this uh little sweet girl she had diabetes type one and i did a whole video interview and uh she did fantastic uh you know um there was you know they got her on.

Keto and things started improving it was a mere it's a miracle story so we have to really talk to her somehow we have to get that mic working um i was planning on meeting her in person didn't quite hook up but uh this is great that she's on and i um i think maybe just keep playing around with your.

Speaker because there's something i'm looking on my end and it says that there's a red arrow through your speaker somehow yes so you're saying i've seen it play with that and here's what we're going to do arna i'm going to leave you unmuted and so we're just and it's it's great because i know you have.

Your sweet baby there she's been very patient but if we hear you suddenly blurt out which means your speaker or your mic is working then uh we'll go straight to you in the meantime doc let's uh go to someone else here uh alice uh is coming to us all the way from hong kong and uh let me unmute her and alice.

You're on with doctor you know i'm gonna click this you're almost on with dr berg there you go i knew myself hello dr fred so glad to have you i i have been practicing fasting for a long time and i now start sharing the.

Benefit with the people i love and one of my very close friends she has diabetes type 2 for many years and she had been trying for fasting like a day or two days she seems work better with that because when whenever she feels hungry i asked her to drink.

Green juice and she feel much better and resolve the hunger but for intermittent fasting because maybe one day we eat one main meal or a little bit more but she feel very difficult to sustain because when she eats a meal but she feel hungry all the time.

So she had to snacking in between so i i don't know what could i suggest to her because i couldn't really feel how how difficult is it for to stop the hunger okay so this is a good question because the hunger slash the appetite is the best way.

To know that it's working when that appetite goes away and so all this means that she's hasn't gotten into ketosis yet so that could mean that when she does eat she's eating too many carbs so you have fasting and then you have the ketogenic diet you must get her on the healthy version of keto that i recommend and then what will happen.

Is then she's going to convert over to ketones once that occurs you will not have an appetite it's gone it's like history so the fact that she's still hungry and craving just means that she's not in the ketosis yet she hasn't converted over and you can mainly do that by lowering your carbs and then when she eats i would actually.

Recommend more fat in the diet for the purpose of going longer so yeah that's what i would do um and have her study the diet on my website i actually usually download it for free so right on. so um yeah simple problem to solve she's just not quite converted into ketones yet but soon as she is she'll be able to go a lot longer um that's easy to handle if that is um uh if she can increase the diet more from fat source energy source.

Then i will let you know if how how she goes and while everyone's sharing and i have a second question if is that okay go ahead uh because i re i i have been watching a lot of your video and talking about the problem about high crop diets.

And it's actually a lot of diabetes because we have overused our pancreas and and it stock our self to react and because have been a high carbohydrate diet for that happy on the.

History for many years and ketosis keto diet is not as long history as crop diet and i wonder if we on the ketone diets for after a long period of time would we overuse some of the organ related to fat.

Digestion like the bowel okay so here's the thing um i believe if we take a look at history um we have been on the ketogenic diet a tremendously long time period of time compared to this recent diet if you take a look at just the evolution.

Of our bodies it didn't start out with all these carbohydrates it you know we ate what was available we and the carbohydrates that we did eat were definitely not like the ones nowadays a lot of the.

Fruits for example have been hybrids and the starches the corn all these things so um we actually have been on the ketogenic diet for much much much longer than we have the carbohydrate diet and we just haven't uh we've just forgot about it and so when we bring our body back to what we were.

Designed to live off of we do much better health-wise that's great alice thanks so much for calling in from uh beautiful hong kong and wish you well please report back to us as your health continues to increase why don't we go to our next question and um i think i think um.

Arnold might be um it might be working well i hope so can you hear us oh my goodness this is exciting stand by we're gonna get her sweet babies being so patient yeah we got you so stand by uh arna get your little girl and we'll put you on the air oh great great stand by everybody drum roll.

Here we go there's the little angel go ahead arno good morning dr burke good morning good morning dr byrd good morning we're happy to see you again this is liliana you know her yes she's live now wow amazing yes.

Doing health keto lots and lots of vegetables um things like that along with the healthy keto for two years now amazing i think we've got a delay i don't hear you you're right um.

Uh continue sharing just in case it's still going on here so it is yeah you know she was diagnosed with uh type one diabetes about two and a half years ago and so we started into that about six months after her diagnosis and good news um her most recent um hba1c exam her blood work uh for the average blood sugars um.

Came down to 6.1 wow wow 12 when she was first diagnosed well just at once i wanted to share that with you that's a miracle we're thankful for our program wow so my question today is about um low glycemic sugar non-sug.

Non-sugar sweeteners um so i wanted to ask you about that because we want to be very careful with what sugars i'm baking with to make sure that we don't shoot her blood sugar up i make a lot of our toppings like my little jam here i make that from scratch.

And i use mostly erythritol and stevia but what are the best like the the um since she's so young like the organic ones like the ones that are the most natural what do you recommend that would be non-glycemic.

For a type one child yes i think you're on the right track um the the ones that i probably wouldn't do are xylitol because it does have it's a little higher but uh the ones that are zero on the glycemic index would be solid tall that's a good one monk fruit and stevia those three are really really safe but.

Um you know what what the little the the manufacturing companies have um sometimes they'll use like in the stevia or monk fruit it's sprayed with maltodextrin so unfortunately this is a big problem because.

A lot of our vitamins and a lot of our sweeteners alternative sweeteners are sprayed with maltodextrin we don't know it so i'm starting to research this and and finding out what what companies don't use it you might want to contact them and say can you send me kind of some type of proof that you.

Don't use maltodextrin because maltodextrin if you're spraying 50 percent of it in maltodextrin it doesn't have to show up in the ingredients and you thinking you're getting this great thing when you're not that's a big problem so um i will be doing a video on this but uh.

Maybe if you could find a stevia that says no maltodextrin that would be perfect well that's great listen arna i know you can't or probably can't hear us uh but i want you to tune in afterwards and watch the show so you can hear all the stuff she's still having a little problem with her computer but what a fantastic story.

And what a sweet little girl to sit on your lap so patiently i wouldn't have made it five seconds so anyway thank you so much uh arnold for that and uh we hope to hear from you later and and going from a 12 a1c to a 6.1 is literally a miracle because um the a1c is an average of three months of blood sugars so i mean this just totally took.

Her out of the danger zone and she can live a long healthy life without any any complications so this is very good news and uh i'm excited well how fantastic i wish she could answer but she's not hearing your feed but she will later when she watches the show let's go on to the next question.

Which asks uh the chemistry of sugar is nearly identical to which vitamin audience what's vitamins like sugar and uh let's go back to uh poor social media which i have been ignoring for a little bit will make up for lost time uh let's see mary from youtube not a fan of oh not a fan of the beard it catches.

Germs and then when you kiss your wife you're transferring them to her yuck what are we going to do about that dr berg for goodness sake well it's friendly germs it's friendly bacteria you know so you know what we just have to spread the love right that's great okay uh also from social media loretta uh we'll walking eight.

Miles today at a matter at pace matter excuse me moderate pace do more harm than good while fasting no it does more uh good because you're you're going to increase the benefit of a lot of things including the lowering of cortisol including the improvement of insulin problems you'll have insulin become more.

Sensitive uh so i think um it's going to enhance your your pr progress and if you could exercise while you're in the fasting mode that's the ideal situation so i like it that's terrific elise wants to know if she can add collagen to my coffee when.

She's fasting no no because that's going to be protein that's one thing you don't want to add you can act at nct oil or mct powder or butter but don't add the collagen because it's a protein it will spike the blood sugar and um and that's uh the same thing goes with you when you work out you don't want to.

Add a protein to your workout like either a drink or or a supplement called um branch chain amino acids because that's going to spike your blood sugars interesting and nullify your results got it okay robin has been doing nomad but when she eats she gets explosive diarrhea of course she doesn't say what she's eating but what can she do to.

Avoid this that's usually related to some new change in this program it could be you know the large amount of vegetables that you're not used to it could be some other thing that is related to like a sugar alcohol or a keto snack that.

Is filled with mct or or even some of these sugar alcohols like maltitol for example that will create that that problem so i would go through and just see what's new and start eliminating that until that diarrhea goes away because diarrhea is actually it's a dangerous situation if if it's chronic because you'll start.

Losing your nutrients and your zinc and trace minerals and sea salt so you have to fix that and i have a lot of videos on that so long term not good all right well our audience is in total agreement uh the chemistry of sugar is nearly identical to which vitamin a.

Hundred percent of them say vitamin c they are 100 correct wow so what does that mean it means that if you ever consume sugar at the same time you're consuming vitamin c vitamin c will get blocked the body will take on glucose before vitamin c so.

Think about how many um people try to get their vitamin c from orange juice or how many people are taking the vitamin c in a sweetened chewable you know with sugar it's like and i'm talking about refined sugar right not like if you were to get the sugar from berries for example that have are high in vitamin c you're not it's.

Not going to block that i'm talking about actual like glucose so um this is interesting um the more carbs that you consume the less vitamin c you'll have so um just uh that's some interesting data and i'm very very very um.

Interested to share a new video on vitamin c the shocking things about vitamin c and i'm hesitant about saying anything right now because i some of those questions might be coming up real soon so i will zip it for a little bit all right perfect timing uh our next question.

Which makes sense and i think you just spoke of most of the world's vitamin c is made from sugar that's a true false is it or is it not audience okay get on that and let's see why don't we go back to our green room and nancy from georgia has been extraordinarily patient waiting there and nancy unmute.

Yourself dear and you're on with dr byrd hey dr burke hello okay well i always quit your program because you said you you're going veto i'm very uh you're going vegetarian so but um the question i have is that i'm a 50 year old menopausal woman and i have um.

I have done diets all my life and then um i uh recently stopped and um i was like noticing that i have um oh i stopped dieting but i noticed i i gotta i've got a big belly and a big behind and that's not right i don't know why i.

Have that so i get i thought well gosh maybe it's diet coke because i drank that a lot and so i gave that up for almost a year and uh i didn't see a big real big change so do you have any uh explanation for my big bottom and big belly well um the question that i'm gonna have.

Is probably i did how long you've been on the ketogenic diet with in a minute of fasting um well about six or eight months okay and how many meals a day do you have two okay and um is there.

Would you say that you're doing it by the book or are you kind of doing it close or not not perfect um i'm i was doing it for six months for sure buy the book okay and did you find that your appetite went away when you did that yes did your clothes feel a little bit looser.

Not maybe a little but not very much yeah i guess so yeah they did yeah okay and before this ketogenic diet have you been on a good amount of carbs for many years um yes sir yes okay so this is what i would do i i just.

Think that the you have some the rate at which it's working is slower than you would like it and that i understand that i think the uh the thing that i would do if i were you is i would um i would do omad that's one meal a day especially if you're post menopausal a lot of.

My clients that were menopausal just did one meal a day and they did a big meal and then of course i would try to get those carbs down even lower and then what i would do is once a week go a little longer go like periodic prolonged fasting.

Because what's happening is you have to get rid of the fat off your liver before some of the belly starts going and so once you do this a little bit more strict um you're going to find that um and i'm talking about fasting for like 23 hours now the liver has a chance to really dump all that fat and.

Then the belly can then shrink a lot faster so i think because of the years that you haven't been doing it just it's just more it's it's more stubborn and you just have to we're dealing with uh time.

Uh and correcting a lifelong problem and unfortunately you have to be more strict some people might even need to do more more periodic prolonged fasting like maybe once a week before 48 hours every every day it's it's all mad and then they start really seeing results.

Especially um menopause so that's what i would recommend i think that will work um and it's frustrating because you might see other people especially men do it and they lose all this weight and then you're like wait a second.

With my chopped liver it just has to do with um hormone you know women have different hormones with estrogen and so i would go start with omad and i think that's going to help you okay well thank you dr berg you're welcome good luck with that nancy uh.

And uh let's see we've had good luck with questions today the audience is right on it the next one uh true false uh most of the world's vitamin c is made from sugar and 90 of our respondents say false 10 say true that's interesting the answer is that's a true statement it's made from d.

Glucose from corn so that's how they make vitamin c and it's 80 of it comes from china and the rest comes from two main chemical companies so um they use this uh as a form called ascorbic acid and so you're thinking wow ascorbic acid that's vitamin c well.

That's only because they they change the definition of it in the dictionary so the vitamin c in nature is very different than the vitamin c you get um from a pill that you buy on amazon i looked at the top um 10 companies that sell the most vitamin c on even every single one of them it's just ascorbic acid it's all.

Synthetic and so that's where it's coming from but it's so cheap you can you can buy it um for just pennies i mean this is so cheap so um unfortunately you think you're getting the real thing when it's fake so.

That's kind of a going to be part of the video i'm going to release on that here you think you're getting some vitamin c when in fact you're getting an imitation imitated version of a fraction of the vitamin c complex that nature.

Was you know nature's design it's not even remotely close to that interesting oh audience only 10 got that right well we'll give another opportunity to uh to uh get a much better result uh meantime mina from youtube i have a high platelet count i'm taking vitamin d3 5000 if.

That's a brand would it be necessary together with k2 vitamin k2 yeah if you take vitamin d3 short term i think it's fine but if you're doing it long term make sure you include the k2 in there because the k2 does a lot.

It helps to work with vitamin d because think about what vitamin d does it's it's increasing the absorption of calcium into the blood and you know sometimes people are concerned about this uh i mean you you have to take a lot of it over a long period of time but some people are concerned with too much.

Calcium in the blood it's called hypercalcemia risk of kidney stones etc but if you take vitamin d d2 i'm sorry k2 it kind of protects you from excessive calcium in the soft tissues and so i like the combination of d3 and k2 together and the right blend and that.

Way you can get the benefit of not having too much calcium plus all the other benefits that k2 has more energy better solid bones less osteopenia osteoporosis and it has many other benefits wow that's terrific another question.

Will it break my fast this one from chandra a chandra excuse me will mct oil splenda and butter in my coffee break my fast um okay so it's not going to stimulate insulin all right so that's one thing um but you're still consuming something.

So it's not going to interfere with your fasting benefits too much other than this one little thing so when you're doing fasting right people are saying is this gonna this food is gonna break my fast it's gonna break my ketosis.

Um i wanna clarify something if you're trying to lose weight you want to burn your own ketones right i can give you ketones right now whether it's mct oil or just straight ketones.

And that's not going to break your ketosis but it's going to slow down your weight loss why because now the body can use that as fuel and it doesn't have to use your own ketones it doesn't have to use your own fat so if you're trying to lose weight you don't want to be adding butter or mct.

Oil to your coffee you don't want to be consuming any mct oil or things like that because that's going to lessen your ability for your body to go after your own fat reserves so the only reason to bring it up is if you're if you're struggling like nancy for example you don't want to add these.

Extra fats okay eat the fat that's normally within the protein but don't add the extra it's an important point sorry chandra you're gonna have to knock it off uh let's see opal from youtube uh was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks ago we're sorry to hear that and have had surgery i'm going for chemo this wednesday what foods do i need to.

Avoid and what should i eat more of so if you have cancer and this is just my personal viewpoint based on the research i did you should probably search my videos on cancer and watch the most recent one because i stumbled on some fascinating information that led me.

To even doing my own research on mice in europe right now we're doing a whole research on that and quite fascinating information because i um you know you can get in big trouble when you talk about cancer on the internet so we decided hey let's just do the.

Study and report we found um it's not even necessarily just going on keto it's it's a little bit more than that so instead of telling you what foods to eat i'm just going to refer you to that video and you could actually watch that.

And take notes there's there's uh definitely a a protocol that i would recommend that um because the problem you're dealing with is uh how do you starve off this cancer there's a there's some stuff you need to know about before.

You just randomly kind of just eat this or eat that you have to understand like what causes cancer and and how to do this with a strategy in mind so um because cancer can consume other things other than sugar so of course just by eliminating sugar doesn't.

Guarantee that you won't fuel that cancer wow well um our hearts go out to you best of luck with that treatment and diet jack is on high blood pressure meds and wants to take nutritional yeast i'm a freak for nutritional yeast of course i've been told that that's not a good.

Idea your thoughts it's false information um nutritional yeast does not increase blood pressure in fact it gives you the b vitamins that help reduce stress which can actually help you do the opposite the other important two things to know.

About blood pressure is that a low vitamin d will cause high blood pressure also low potassium will cause it and many times you might not have any symptoms from having high blood pressure because the.

Body is compensating for um for a weak heart and so it just increases the pressure to keep the same amount of oxygen and nutrition to your cells so it's important to know what's causing that high blood.

Pressure and uh unfortunately in the medical profession they don't look deep enough they say well hypertension that's it's caused by you're eating too much salt it's genetics it's stress but there there's multiple causes to.

Hypertension 90 of all hypertension is um it's called essential essential hypertension what does that mean it means unknown cause so um i've done videos on that you should watch this and get the full um scoop on on what's really underneath this thing okay that's terrific by the way one of.

Our earlier arna uh had asked i wanted to ask about a maltitol and sweetener i keep seeing the ingredient listed store-bought keto treats or candies is maltitol any good it's the worst it is the worst in fact i think it has a glycemic index of like over 50 and that's in a small.

Small amount if you increase the amount it's going to do nasty things to your blood sugars i can't even i can't believe they still have that they're out there and put in sugar-free candy and things like that maltitol is the um is the worst um sugar alcohol.

Oh good grief terrible i'm sorry steve yeah that's bad anyway uh i'll just stick with double cheeseburgers okay next question which has more vitamin c lemons or peppers more vitamin c lemons or peppers audience climb on that please and we've got someone that just popped.

In stephanie from maryland uh if she can hear us let's see if i can bring her on stephanie uh can you hear us dear i don't think she can we'll see if she can work on that in the meantime let's go back to social media and let's see here what do we have um oh.

Dip as he's known wants to know um what do you recommend for fatty liver with just dysleptemia this dyslipidemia yeah so there's a there's a problem with the lipids so the thing with the fatty liver is that um.

If usually you're going to look down and your belly is going to be sticking out because there's uh when the liver fills up with fat it spills off into the other organs and around the organs so um i mean there's a really powerful study i.

Put a video on this that you can drop fifty percent of that fat on your liver in two weeks if you're doing the healthy version of keto with um well if you're doing keto i should just say keto um ketogenic diet but if you're going to add fasting to that and then you're going to add maybe um.

The type of foods that i recommend for a fatty liver which is kind of like cruciferous maybe you add some bile salts and choline boy now you're going to really see some changes because think about this bile in your made from your liver helps you get rid of excess cholesterol.

And other lipids okay but if your liver is fatty you're not going to make the bile that you would normally make so now we get a backup of this these lipids which are not not a good thing so anything that you can do to increase your production of bile would help with the fatty liver and also lipids.

And i've talked about that in a lot of videos i'll be releasing another video like apple cider vinegar is a good thing the b vitamins are another great thing purify bile salts are another thing it's in the gallbladder formula so there's a lot of things you can do but fasting and low carbs is the answer because what.

What's really behind the fatty liver is consuming too many carbohydrates all right the disciplined audience joe from youtube if i have unhealthy gut microbiome would i be more likely to have uncontrollable hunger urges that's interesting that's that's for sure that's for sure there are so many things you can get rid.

Of by making sure you have the right of good bacteria in your gut so many things from hunger to blood sugar fluctuations to mood disorders i mean it's it's uh if in doubt you know start increasing your probiotics you can do it through.

Food fermented sauerkraut or kimchi something like that or even kefir but you'd be surprised like how many people are missing that and they try all these other things but they omit the probiotics which can help you sleep in fact they can help you sleep.

Taking before bed it's quite amazing well there you have it it does have a correlation okay so our last question was which has more vitamin c lemons or or peppers and this is a chance for the audience to redeem themselves i hope they're right because 95 percent say peppers five percent say lemon.

They are right it's peppers yay peppers um are loaded with vitamin c and um i mean lemons if you eat the peel you take the whole lemon like i did this morning you put in a blender i put the uh my electrolytes in it fill up with water blend it up and drink the whole thing seeds and all.

They're not going to bother you you're going to get more vitamin c you're going to get more bioflavonoids from that skin the outer part and the white part underneath it so that's something i would recommend but peppers okay which by the way are very easy to grow in your garden they just like they don't.

Die i mean they just survive and they grow like crazy and you don't have to do much to them you don't even barely have to water them so you grow these peppers start putting them in make your salsas make different things eat them um raw on your salad fantastic amount of vitamin c so.

Peppers are a superfood for vitamin c that's fantastic okay let's see here the final question for the day is a true falsehood scurvy can be cured with absorbic acid audience true or false so we'll get on to that let's see stephanie can you hear us we're trying to get her on but no she.

Has a little problem i see stephanie but i don't hear her i know she i don't either so and she doesn't hear us it seems like she's not leaping up with excitement but anyway can you hear me now oh my goodness stephanie i'm going to get you on the screen.

Uh there we go good morning my question is um so i'm diabetic um and i also i had like a fatty liver but i'm very skinny so i've been doing the intermittent fasting to lose.

My belly but i'm trying to gain weight everywhere else so i'm struggling hey i hear you i you know i when i was i think in high school i tried to gain more weight and so i started to of course.

Do the thing that everyone was doing about i bought the weight loss powders which i happen i didn't happen to understand what maltodextrin is as the first ingredient but um you know they always say well eat more carbs to gain more weight the problem is every time you do that you worsen your diabetes and the liver so.

The food that you need to consume more of believe it or not is going to be fat fattier foods and that could be like macadamia nuts or pecans or avocado or olive oil make sure you do not go low fat you want to have a lot of that so more more calories from the nutrient dense.

Macro food which is fats if you have meats and chicken keep the skin on it don't go lean um if you're having hamburger make sure you have the fatty or hamburger but that's one thing and you may you probably probably have a hard time doing one meal.

A day so i would do two meals a day and make sure you have just more calories but don't forget the uh the vegetables large salads because being a diabetic you could literally avoid nearly all the complications that occur even if you're a diabetic by having enough the antioxidant type.

Foods so even though there's a lot of like oxidation going on free radical damage you have the antioxidants to come to that all of a sudden the side effects go away even though you're diabetic so um i think over time as you do this it's going to be better and better and.

Better but but to keep the weight on that's always the the catch-22 you know have an adequate amount of protein a lot more fat a lot more food but keep those carbs low okay okay okay thank you.

You're welcome well that sounds great stephanie i'm glad we were able to get you on and we are also able to get uh an answer from the final question of the day it was a true falsehood scurvy can be cured with absorbent ascorbic acid i guess they said that wrong and audience 60 say it's true 40 say no way it's false.

Okay you can't you can't if you take a synthesized version of vitamin c complex you can't cure scurvy which is interesting but you can cure scurvy from things like lemons onions and believe it or not even potatoes have vitamin c in it which i don't recommend but um.

There's certain if you take a synthesized fraction ascorbic acid which is kind of a um an isolated compound um the antioxidant portion you can't you can't cure cervix scurvy so it just goes to show you that a lot of people have been.

Mistaken this this ingredient for vitamin c and they think they're the same thing but they're not just because something might have a resemblance of something doesn't make it identical it's similar but it's not identical because in nature.

The vitamin c doesn't just come as ascorbic acid it comes as the whole complex it has a lot of different parts so i mean i would just stick with nature what nature intended that's what i would do steve but that's just me now the reason why.

You may do a little bit better by even taking the ascorbic acid in the first place with a cold or some illness is simply because it's an acid and acids tend to speed up the action of things like um phagocytes which are part of the immune.

System so you might have a less duration of infection but why not just instead do something like apple cider vinegar um instead of the ascorbic acid because i had this gentleman who decided to get cancer treatment and he flew to i think mexico to get high.

Doses of ascorbic acid he thought was like the real vitamin c but he came back with the worst hemorrhoids the worst spider veins varicose veins that i've ever seen and that has to do with when you take megadoses of a certain part of a vitamin complex it can sometimes then deplete you of the other factors.

So this is why when you take a lot of ascorbic acid you get diarrhea for example or you might have a you might have spider veins because the normally with vitamin c you have like the bioflavonoids as part of it to help the permeability issue of the leaking.

Issue so it helps to prevent um bleeding things like that so if you like one symptom of scurvy like a subclinical scurvy would be bleeding gums right because um you need the a part of the vitamin c complex called the p factor which stands for permeability and if you have too.

Much like a leaky space in your gums you start getting bleeding so if you were to take um lemons for example with all this bile flavonoids like the peeled lemon you could you can get rid of that really quick so.

I will be doing a video on this i think it's important because unfortunately everything is kind of gone imitation type vitamins and you're getting synthetic and everything's sterilized and you got to get the whole the truth on this thing before you start to buy into it especially if you're trying to.

Get trying to get better and you don't know the difference then it's going to take a long time all right well listen dr berg quickly can you tell people how that are not in the united states of the new product availability internationally we're always working to um.

Get the products over there um faster and with less expense so we if you we should there should be a link down below if you're not in america and you want to order some products and you can get them directly from some place distributors in.

Different parts of the world so check out those links if you would like to use that and save a little bit on the shipping okay in our final minute uh this is a timely question melissa from youtube what would you recommend with someone with pollen allergies and a sinus.

Infection there's a couple things you can do uh kercetin is a good one and a little more apple cider vinegar to acidify your body will tend to decrease these these allergy symptoms at least temporarily until you can.

Fix them a good way to deal with allergies believe it or not is through fasting fasting strengthens the immune system and it's been quite quite a few reports and people no longer have allergies once they start doing intermittent fasting with periodic prolonged fasting because the immune.

System is strengthened um on that note steve i appreciate all of your attention your questions and your comments i read a lot of these comments and i appreciate that so stay tuned for some more videos more interesting videos this next week and as well as the next friday morning.

Show that we'll do all right have a good one you
The Dr. Berg Show LIVE - April 2, 2022
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