The Best Supplements for Healthy Menstrual Cycle – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

The Best Supplements for Healthy Menstrual Cycle – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

The Best Supplements for Healthy Menstrual Cycle – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

Check out the video on The Best Supplements for Healthy Menstrual Cycle – Dr.Berg’s Webinar.
Okay so we're going to get started so I wanted to create a video to explain the common remedies for all sorts of menstrual cycle issues because so many women have issues with fibroids endometriosis heavy periods have been cramping um irregular periods PMS depression so that mental cycle is so common if I mean dementia cycle problems.

Are so common that you know women don't know what to do what kind do naturally because there's so many things out there I've had a chance to work with a lot of people over many years to figure out what works what doesn't work this webinar is on showing you the most common problems and the solutions that work the majority of time what things I.

Use so I created a little presentation through my PowerPoint so I'm going to go ahead and work that right now let me see how this works here we present to everyone good and I'm going to think I'm going to expand this there's a button let me just find it let's see I think it's let's go to presentation slideshow I think it's uh.

Okay let me see right here okay good I got it all right so what are the best supplements to support a healthy menstrual cycle first let's talk about the symptoms of estrogen dominance most cycle issues occur because the estrogen is too high in the body it's not symptoms of a low estrogen it's too high estrogen is the female hormone that.

Gives the female the characteristics and that separates a male from a female so the more estrogen they have the more female characteristics are going to have estrogen also gives a female their shape because it holds weight in the lower part of the body and it increases breast size if you look at the shape of men they don't have big hips where they.

Don't have weight in the hips and so it creates the female body it also is involved in fertility and the making the uterus fertile for to have a baby so if there's too much or too little there's going to be a problem but the problems with too much estrogen are PMS moody irritability menstrual cramps heavy bleeding irregular cycles fibroids.

Endometriosis ovarian cysts fibrocystic breasts postpartum depression infertility yeah so it's quite expensive an average female will release over four of our actually right around 400 eggs in their lifetime okay 400 eggs and the way it works is one month an ovary releases an egg from one side and the next month the ovary.

Releases another egg from the other side and so if you notice every other month you're getting like acne on one side of your face versus the other or problems with one side versus the other we know it's one of the ovaries which is the problem it's not both so the ovary and the female reproductive organs take up beating because of the amount of.

Shedding of blood and tissue that happens every single month so it's quite a stressful thing to the ovaries and the uterus so let's just take a look at what happens we have a 28-day cycle that occurs and at day 14 right in the middle you have what's called ovulation an ovulation is when the person is most fertile okay so that means that the.

Highest fertility and the egg is released and it goes down the fallopian tube into the uterus and that is the highest chances of getting pregnant there's kind of like a four-day window but you know who knows I mean some women can get pregnant right in their period so because they're so fertile so it's these are just kind of guidelines now.

The reason I'm showing you this fluctuation right here just just look at the orange up line right here that that cycle that goes up the first spike that is estrogen okay so what happens right during your ovulation you have the spike of estrogen and then about a couple maybe a week later but a week before your actual period you get a spike of.

Another hormone called progesterone okay so now depending on where you get symptoms we can kind of tell which hormone is the problem so if you have a lot of problems one week before your period did we know the problem is progesterone and if you have a lot of problems right in your relation or during the period we know it's estrogen.

Now on dr. Lee I wrote a book on the menstrual cycle and his thing is progesterone cream which is for estrogen dominance because progesterone and estrogen work together to balance each other so in other words what one goes up the other one goes down so you can indirectly bring down estrogen by taking progesterone so that's one thing you can.

Do but my question is why why why do you need to take anything I mean what with really causing the problem that's where I get into so as far as a cyst that grow on the ovaries or in the breast for that matter that's an estrogen dominance thing so in the brain you have these glands up here that send communication down to the ovary and then what happens.

The ovary releases its hormone and it's supposed to go back in the blood and create a feedback loop up to the brain on a hole site it's like a little circuit right here so if there's anything that blocks a circuit it can either increase or decrease the mono output at that hormone and that's why birth control pills you know if you take.

Birth control pills you're taking estrogen it stops this feedback loop and it stops your cycles it interferes with the cycles but of course it comes with a package it has side effects but we have to start looking at ovary problems from the viewpoint of what's the communication cycle that occurs to the body you know if there's too much.

Hormone you'll get a cyst if there's not enough hormone you'll get a shrinkage of that gland okay so now what causes the ovary to produce too much hormone well there there's this thing called endocrine disrupters okay that would be like all the pesticides herbicides fungicides certain pills like that mimic estrogen synthetic hormones in the food.

Supply industrial chemicals even certain makeups so your ovary is very sensitive to these chemicals because they're like sponges for these chemicals why because these chemicals can have the capacity to mimic estrogen so so basically when you're exposed to this you're exposed to estrogen and it can create alteration in your own tissue so let's see what part.

Of your body has receptors for estrogen you have the ovary you have the thyroid you have the breast tissue you have the uterus those are really they're like magnets for estrogen and chemicals so especially if you're consuming them from the food supply yeah and I'm talking about GMO as well without proper estrogen you have a lot.

Of issues as well so you might find that after menopause for example you might have some deficiencies of estrogen and it can affect your mood your brain function your skin your cardiovascular immune binge-eating but my thought is instead of jumping to start taking estrogen why don't you work on the part of the body that backs up the ovary.

During menopause and that would be the adrenal gland so you have two adrenals on top of the kidney and they also produce estrogen in there there to back up the ovaries during menopause if you take care of them and strengthen them then you won't get effects like hot flashes and night sweats those type of things so one of the best remedies for.

Ovary imbalances would be the ovary support formula it has all the herbs that help balance estrogen but it also has sea kelp why is sea kelp because sea kelp has a very special plant-based iodine that is really good for cysts fibrocystic breast ovarian cysts a little sea kelp will really help reduce those things now the.

Other thing that ovary support formula has in addition to the sea kelp and all the other estrogen balancing balancing properties it has glandulars it has glandular for the ovary for the uterus for the adrenal and for the anterior pituitary that's the front part the pituitary why is that important because we have when we have an a hormonal.

Imbalance the best thing to do is to consume things or take things that the gland not the hormone itself because the gland is the thing that controls the hormones so this is a great product because it supports not just the ovary but everything connected to that ovary pituitary adrenal uterus so I use this as a tool for any type of heavy bleeding.

Menstrual cramp discomfort PMS irregular periods hot flashes so it's good for everything connected with the ovary and I would recommend taking start out taking one three times a day if it's really bad you can take up to six if you just get hot flashes take three before bed now if you only have cysts let's say you have a cyst in the breast or system.

Ovaries then you may want to just go with the C count and make sure that the seek help is from an area on the planet that's clean so I get mine from Iceland which is probably the last place on the planet that's unpolluted because we don't want to be taking seek help with with pollution or chemicals heavy metals in the oceans so this isn't really or a.

Good one it's organic but but iodine is very very important for the ovary to support a healthy ovary iodine is a very common deficiency now what I want to do is I want to UM make sure that you guys can see me here so I'm just going to back out for a second okay so basically we have in the brain you have two organs you have there's a pituitary deep inside.

And then right deep inside there's a hypothalamus so they're two little master glands that send hormones down to the the ovary every month they go on a feedback loop right here now during menopause there's what I clarified is yes you lose the function of the ovary but there's a backup organ called the adrenal so that the two eteri pathway.

Shifts it starts backing up the adrenal so again if you have hot flashes it's more of an adrenal thing but I like the idea of taking the ovary supplements for that because it has support for the ovary and the adrenal all in one okay so I just wanted to mention that and go right back to my slides because I'm going to show you something right here.

And I'm going to flip ya so here's a picture I just discussed the hot flashes now I'm going to show you the picture here you can see that there is something in your brain up in the hypothalamus that controls temperature yeah it's like a thermostat and if there's a glitch in the circuitry you can get this flush and heat that goes through the body but.

Really it's a failure of the adrenal glands to back up the ovary so we want to support the whole the whole ball of wax there I want to switch gears to fibroids right now because fibroids are becoming more and more common especially in african-american females and I'll tell you why in a second but let's just tell you what fibroids are fibroids and.

Our extra growths that occur in on top of around the uterus and they can grow very large to the size of grapefruits and you can get multiple fibroids and really they're just mini tumors so if we think about what a tumor is it's like a precancerous situation um there's a couple things that you can do to stop the growth of fibroids and you really.

Want to understand this new word I want to give you it's called um anabolic so there are certain hormones that are what's called anabolic and they make things grow so they make things get the two hormones that are anabolic that basically can produce an increase of growth would be estrogen we've been talking about but also insulin and that.

Is why in order to help you shrink fibroids you must cut down the need for insulin so that means sugar has to go down to zero because the fibroids will just keep getting bigger and bigger if you don't change your diet and of course make sure that when you eat food read the labels make sure it's not genetically modified.

How do you know yeah that's the problem isn't it because they don't list them well one thing you could do is if you buy organic food that would be non-gmo okay so if it's organic the laws that can't make it with GMO so start consuming especially like meats and dairy make sure you do not consume commercial chicken or beef always do.

Organic okay so that will help you in reducing the things that can trigger fibroids and then the other thing is that heavy period can cause estrogen that can cause fibroids so really it's an estrogen dominant situation so by fixing the period on the cycle using supplements and things that will help reduce the size of fibroids.

Endometriosis is also coming from the same cause excess estrogen but that would be an excessive of kind of an extra tissue that can grow like crabgrass all over your abdomen around the uterus it can even go up into the lungs I mean it can go all over the place so endometriosis is a similar thing and.

Then the remedy would be to do things to lower estrogen and do things to lower insulin and what triggers insulin is sugar so you're going to have to avoid sugar okay so now let's I'll give you some some ideas on what foods are anti estrogen accan and really this is anti bad estrogen it's not completely getting rid of all your estrogen it's just.

Balancing out any bad effects from things that are estrogen or things that mimic estrogen like those pesticides herbicides fungicides chemicals that are in our food so the cruciferous vegetables would include kale brussel sprouts radishes cabbage all those bitter vegetables they're really really positive for.

Cleaning up a toxic filled body and it's also really therapeutic to help shrink fibroids and things because it's anti estrogenic so you should be eating these foods on a regular basis um I take I take cabbage and I use that a lot of times as my lettuce I'll take kale and blend it sometimes with a little bit of berries and drink.

That down I'll make sure that maybe a few times a week some people do it every day not a problem so I'm always using arugula in my salad that is a really good cruciferous there is a concentrated cruciferous that I have it's 250 capsules and it has all of the cruciferous it has but it has some additional vegetables that are really.

Good for the liver and the detoxification of chemicals it has work and it's organic so it's organic beetroot organic Brussels sprouts organic collard green I put asparagus because that's good for the kidney organic kale organic parsley parsley has so much nutrition but it's used as a garnish so that people don't even eat it.

Organic red radish root organic cabbage leaf organic garlic garlic is probably the number one superstar of anti-cancer everything I mean it's the most powerful anti-cancer thing you can consume and then organic turmeric which is very impressive with things like on anti-aging anti-cancer it's just incredible and so this product also has.

Organic seek help as well so it has some item because sometimes people freak out when you don't have the when you take cruciferous and you think you're going to affect the thyroid not if you add sea kelp it will not do that okay so now let's talk about polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS this is a situation where you have high levels of.

Androgens androgens are male hormones and that creates problem with facial hair um mustache hair loss in the top of your head weight gain in the midsection lack of cycles so and this other interesting symptom called estrogen insulin resistance that means that the insulin is not working properly because it the liver is blocking it because the.

Receptors are not receiving insulin so that's insulin resistance so the whole question is is PCS cause insulin resistance or does insulin resistance cause PCOS well from doing a lot of experimentation my office I found that high I mean insulin resistance causes PCOS so here's a good experiment do you can test this on yourself all you have.

To do is cut out all your sugar and your diet for a couple weeks and just see see how much improvement you get from PCOS I found its massive significant improvement okay so really PCOS is a problem with insulin because high levels of insulin or insulin resistance from eating too much sugar will increase androgens the male hormones in females.

Okay so that's another remedy you can do now I want to talk about birth control pills because a lot of women are on it and I want to tell you I know you might be upset if I tell you to get out of it and I can't legally tell you to stop taking any medication but I'm just here to educate you on the the problems and birth control pills.

Let's give it it's taking estrogen most the time it's synthetic so you need to look at your options alternatively so there is this thing it's called a lady cue stick you can get it online probably do a search on Google and get it from Amazon and I even provided a link that you can check it out I mean I don't I'm not involved with any other company.

With lady q stick but you can just order them pretty much anywhere but what this does this you have you put some saliva on this microscope and you look up into the light and it will give a pattern of like a fern leaf if you're fertile and if you're not fertile then it will it will actually give you a different pattern so it's a really good way to.

Find out if you're ovulating or if you're not okay so even if you're trying to get pregnant it might be a good tool to to see when your body is most fertile or not okay so I'm just giving you options that maybe you never heard of before now this is the thing I'm really against depo-provera so this is like an.

Injection that you would get like every few months to stop your period but the problem is check this out in 1972 in 1973 the FDA denied approval of depo-provera because it caused cancer so that it was approved I think politically is approved and then I mean all these women start getting cancer so it creates a lot of side effects because it's so.

Much hormonal in such a like one-shot deal that if you were going to do this you just want to research a lot more rather than just jump and do it get all the facts before you start taking this drug okay alright so I am on this webinar doing a little special if you want to get this product it's buy one get one.

Free you save thirty four ninety five so go ahead and click the link at the bottom of this video in the description and you'll be able to get it a discounted I do not know if this webinar is um how you can always go to link and check to see if I'm doing a special now when you go to the website and order it it will.

Not have the discount until you press order and then you'll see a button that says two-for-one okay so that's how it works and again just to tell you probably for a nice global support of all the problems I talked about this would be the number one product to get it has herbs to help balance estrogen if it's too low or if it's too high so it.

Doesn't matter if it's too high we're not trying to do that we're just trying to balance you it has a seek help it has the glandular four ovary uterus adrenal pituitary and that's really the key right there that um that will support you now if you're having a real severe period you can take take a little bit more during the period but I recommend.

Taking it before you get the period to prevent these issues but you really have to understand what a normal period is a normal period should not have um heavy cramping things you shouldn't have the amount of symptoms that people you know say that's normal it's not normal to have heavy cramping heavy bleeding any PMS it is not normal for that at all so.

I recommend that you try it and see if it can help you let me just call something with right here okay I think you can see this you know if you can't see this I'm pulling up a little slide you can see the link below but here's what I recommend go ahead and try the product if it works for you wonderful and if it doesn't work just.

Call us up we'll give your money back it's it's we do offer a guarantee on this product but it's kind of a no-brainer because it's it is a high level of success there's a lot of products that I have this is one that works on a high percentage of the time so I want to thank you for coming to this webinar and I hope you got some.

Valuable information and please share with me your success after you apply this information I'll see you in some upcoming videos have a great day
The Best Supplements for Healthy Menstrual Cycle – Dr.Berg’s Webinar
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