The Belly Fat – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

The Belly Fat – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

The Belly Fat – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

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All right welcome welcome to the webinar we're going to talk about midsection weight and cortisol so the first thing I want to cover is that the weight in your midsection is very very different than other types of fat around your body so what you were dealing with is it's a type of hormonal fat and it's coming from a hormone called cortisol there is another hormone involved it's called insulin but we're going to talk about that on the fourth seminar so this seminar is all about cortisol and the effects that it creates on your body I'm going to be using this reference book CIPA encyclopedia of endocrinology by Frank knitter and we're going to give you a lot of data it's a very.

Interesting subject especially if you want to get rid of your belly fat so without further ado let's get started I'm going to turn on my screen saver to show you see we could yeah okay good so you can pretty much see that alright so what I want to talk about is some what is this cortisol thing okay the purpose of cortisol is to adapt adapt the body to stress for survival purposes so the purpose of the body is to survive but your adrenals tend to change the different functions to handle the environmental stress okay that's really what it does and if you're being chased by a tiger you can imagine you got pulse rate blood pressure blood to your muscles you have oxygen opening up in.

Your lungs you have your your mental acuity is very very aware of everything you have more blood flow to the heart all these things are stressed States so that would be one of the purposes cortisol but I know a lot of people want to get rid of their course all because it's creating the belly fat but really you need this thing for survival of mechanisms so we don't want it to be too low and we don't want it to be too high because there's just as many problems with low cholesterol as there are high cholesterol okay and if you have people that have symptoms of high cholesterol and low cholesterol mixed you know you try to do research on that and you won't really find too much data.

And I have my theories because you have these people that present with like for example belly fat but they're showing symptoms of a low cortisol not a high cortisol why is that like they might have allergies or a high blood pressure where they might have inflammation or itching or acid reflux well I think what's really happening is that cortisol is too high in the beginning and then it tries to connect to a receptor like an indifferent like all these hormones connect to different body parts and they cut they plug into these little tiny receptors kind of like a like information goes into your ear well if that cortisol that stress hormone is too high it will cause the receptor to adapt.

And downgrade very similar to insulin being resistant because there's too much insulin and your body just adapts and it just won't it blocks the insulin so so I think you have this thing called cortisol resistance it's the only thing that makes sense so when you have a situation when you have high levels of stress over a period of time sustained stress all these receptors downgrade and now we have symptoms of high cortisol and symptoms of low cortisol not a good situation so the course all is produced from a gland on top of your kidney there's two of them and they're little tiny glands that sit on top of the kidney right in the central part of your body and these glands take a beating.

They're rugged they basically are going to send messages through the body to handle the amount of stress so it keeps the body alive now the interesting thing about the adrenal is that it has two arts and inside and outside the outside is just all gland tissue and that's where cortisol is made but the inside of the gland is all nerve tissue is it weird isn't it so it's part of the nervous system that's called the autonomic nervous system it's just a new word the orb you know it's kind of like the system that works on automatic you don't think about it we call autonomic you can call automatic but it's called autonomic nervous system and and that's the part of the nervous system inside.

The adrenal that makes neurotransmitters now what is the neurotransmitter it's like a hormone that travels through the nervous system so here we have hormones that travel through the blood and they're just communication particles that travel through the blood but then you have communications that travel through the nervous system so you have two ways that the adrenal can communicate through the nerves in the blood so it really innervates every single part of your body there is a device that can measure the autonomic nervous system and you can get clues on what's going on to the inside of the adrenal and I have that device and I'm going to talk about it in a second but I.

Want to explain this autonomic nervous system thing okay it's really simple its purpose is to help balance the inside of the body all the different functions and keep it on regulated properly so it adapts to the environment to keep the inside of the body at a Curt a certain constant state they call that homeostasis where your body is trying to balance itself out so you have like all these things that speed up and turn on and then you have all these parts of the body that can turn off and one part of the system of the autonomic nervous system is called the sympathetic division that's that's all the flight-or-fight that would be like if you're being chased by a tiger.

You're getting stressed all those reactions come out of this autonomic nervous system like its electrical circuits that come out of your if you look at the words locate it's located in your middle back of the spinal column so that's where all those wires come out and cause different reactions that turn on but look it over here we have the opposite division the off switch we call that call that the parasympathetic division and that turns things off and look where that comes out of that comes out of the top of the neck we're going to come back to this so just remember the on switches are on the mid-back and off switches in the top of the neck okay but there's one.

Less thing and I know it's hard to see this so there there's a little connection of this on switch to the adrenal gland right here but if we look over here on the off switches there is no connection to the adrenal with the off switch so the adrenal doesn't have an off switch which explains a lot it this explains why people can't turn off so you have people that are under sustained stress for many years and they get maybe they retire and they where they go on vacation or they go to bed at night and they try to go to sleep and their body will not shut off so the accumulation of stress builds up and it can get stuck in the body and it can cause you to be on 24/7 especially with.

Your head it's just going going going going going it can't you're not thinking solving problems so the nature of the adrenal is survival so what that's going to do is put you in a survival mode where you're always solving problems your attention is on bringing problems up solving them constantly and when it gets even it gets to the extreme where you find that your body gets stuck in that you you lose your tolerance for stress so things start to get to you especially anything that's the opposite of survival like the opposite of lot being logical competent same order so you'll have a low tolerance to any incompetency out of order situation slope you just won't.

Have the patience and that's one of the symptoms that of adrenal overload because the person can feel subjectively that they're very highly critical and that's not their personality that's just the adrenals affecting their personality I mean how many relationships are affected by having the adrenal overload where the person just is just like back and forth back and forth no patients I mean it can get so bad you're in a room and the clock is ticking and you just can't stand that I mean it's like they have to go to sleep with up with the TV white noise to kind of filter out stuff but they're multitaskers they're thinking all the time and so that's one of the problems with the adrenal is that.

It can create a cognitive effect that is very undesirable okay so let's um let's go back to the slides I'm going to show you this right here all right so so does that make sense we have the autonomic nervous system we have the part of the autonomic nervous system that turns things on it's called sympathetic and then you have the other part that don't they call that rest and digest that's called the parasympathetic set and it's there's no parasympathetic connection to that adrenal so there is no off switch fascinating okay so let's talk about can the adrenal glands or let's just say this can we measure a part of the adrenal gland generally speaking to see.

What's going on yes you can there's a technology out there called heart rate variability and I don't want to get into the technological aspects of this but it's basically a fancy test that measures the that part of the nervous system and two things one is stress states and it measures a cumulative stress and it also measures recovery or that that turn off switch so it measures the on switch in the off switch okay now the on switch or the flight-or-fight is this long I'll right here it should be normally straight up and down plumb not to stress not to burnt down and then the off switch or the recovery mechanism should always be.

Twice as high because you need a buffer if you are being chased by a tiger in the wilderness you need some reserve to get away you can't just be right on the edge because there also you would stand up and pass out so you need a good nice robust recovery mechanism to handle stress now let's show you something when you have this tall now let's say the tall that is too high remember it should be straight up and down this person is pretty jacked up on inside of their body and they're revved up um they're stressed out but look at this person might not feel too bad because their recovery dial is so high that's the all the brake pads so they're all gas pedal but they have good brakes to handle it.

So this person is an abstain of they're not burnt out but they're burning out so just a matter of time before it burns out okay so they're going to have problem sleeping and excessive thinking that type of thing now if we get down over here we have that not too bad with the tall dial okay so there may be a little bit of flair to fight but look at this recovery it's way way down here so this person is really not doing good because recovery is necessary for metabolism for sleep for handling stress and for the heart to handle exercise so this person should not be exercising any high intensity because they're going to feel dizzy they might have stress on the heart I take them a long.

Time to recover and there's this recovery is an active recovery so it's going to prevent them from getting into the deep sleep they're going to be very not very tolerant to stress so I just wanted to kind of show you what these two mean because you can kind of visualize not just subjectively feeling stress but you can see the stress accumulated stress so both of these people here if you go into their history I always ask two vital questions that you should always focus on if you have any problems you want to solve your problem is find out like when did you start having this problem when did you start gaining weight in this section what happened just before that there.

Will always always be something that triggered it and you know sometimes you ask the doctor and they'll go oh no you know I know you started having projectile vomiting when I gave you those medications but that couldn't be it I mean it's the only obvious thing you took the medication you vomited okay so this is like the obvious thing what happened right before it and you're going to get clues as to your adrenal stress your belly fat um I mean I had one lady um and she has these itching in her body almost like a yeast infection and I said when did you get that she told me it was like a I think was like three weeks ago I said what did you do just before that and she just she.

Couldn't think of anything and so I just told her I just started asking her said well did you have antibiotics she goes no I said did you take any nutritional yeast she goes oh my gosh yes I did I said ding-ding-ding so because sometimes when you get the wrong type of nutritional yeast which is a supplement for people it can create some yeast issues if you take too much okay so anyway that's just an example of of you know finding out what caused something is okay so now the next thing we talk about is stress stress is a little bit different for a lot of people um but typically people get stressed out from physical stress injury surgery a change of environment change of diet um.

Being in a bad marriage being in a better having a bad job but out of all the stresses that I that I observe people go through I think the biggest thing that I see is stress with other people once you agree so we can pretty much just take people and put them in two boxes number one the people that bring you up and number two the people that bring you down okay um the people that you're around and they stress you out and you're connected to them you're going to have to either improve the situation or not be around them because all day long I'm constantly trying to help people change their environment and it just boils down to being in this this situation where they're around this.

Person who is it could even be a family member but what's happening is that this family member is being so destructive that's killing this person but they don't want to not be around because they're family and blah blah blah so I want to just explain one personality type that I think you could identify with it's called the passive-aggressive this is the person that told you they stood up for you but they actually ruined your reputation they they will say to you like a nice comment like hey I like your hair was it did you get it at cheap cuts you know your haircut a cheap really I would never say that or that's a nice jacket was that on sale like it's.

Just a little bit of a kind of a destructive comment so they're very degrading but they're doing it in a nice way and they'll smile at you as they say are you feeling okay you look a little bit tired I had this person say to me once some hey congratulations you graduated from Chiropractic College hey why don't you want to become a real doctor so that's just interesting it's just something that you probably wouldn't say but it's a very destructive I was in a seminar one day and had all these people said in here and this lady raises her hand and she just smiles at me and she says dr. Berg um we love you but how do we know that you're not a real quack I'm like what that is so rude.

Um first of all how do we like who's we we as you everyone wants to be there so sometimes people are very very um destructive covertly and those are the people that you need to avoid like the plague they will mess with your adrenals guaranteed okay now I talked a little bit about tolerance for stress but as the Drina glands get weaker and weaker you lose your patience you lose your tolerance you fly off the handle easily you don't tolerate slow people on the freeway you don't tolerate um incompetent people that make mistakes you walk in a room you'll find that thing that's just not quite right your your attention goes on it Moore's because your body at your.

Mind is fixated on problems 24/7 so even if you had a wonderful day your attention will go to that one thing that wasn't quite right so it's hard to be happy because your attention is just so stuck in these issues so that's just an example of an adrenal issue and if we measure that on that graph that dial the low dial would be all the way to the left okay so there's a lot of effects of cortisol that I want to talk about because I mean this virtually blows my mind how many issues can occur from the adrenal so I'm going to read from you this in this book called Sivir this encyclopedia on endocrine system medical illustrations by Frank knitters and MD this is enough.

Pretty much all the medical schools um but check it can cause belly fat diabetes muscle atrophy in fact let me just show you a page page 84 right in this book and I'm just gonna I have my book it's hard to read this but I will send you the slides um but here's the thing you have a problem with high cholesterol the adrenals are very destructive on protein so it'll break down your muscle protein your collagen and it will turn that into fat you can pretty much see it on this graph you see this lady with these skinny legs in the big belly well the adrenals will start taking you proteins from the thigh muscle and converting them into sugar and then fat.

Into the belly because the body is in the state where it thinks is starving regardless of the all-you-can-eat buffet down the street it just thinks it's starting and then after it depletes this little go after the butt muscles and turn that into belly it's very destructive so proteins collagen joints fall apart high cholesterol cholesterol will go high because cholesterol is needed to build adrenal hormones low vitamin D levels Wow immune system the white blood cell which protects you against infections are all controlled by the adrenal that's why they give adrenal hormones in the form of cortisone or hydrocortisone or steroids or prednisone.

For pretty much all really bad infections so if you look at what conditions someone would take prednisone or a steroid or cortisol 4 you can get an idea of the function of cortisol it's an anti-inflammatory they give it to allergies heart conditions coronary problems immune problems and the big one autoimmune problems we'll get into that in a little bit but on this page in the bottom it talks about viruses coming out of remission with it with high levels of cortisol I mean it's it just blows my mind how many issues that people have and it's really they're treating all these separately they're not going after the root issue yeah allergies asthma inflammation.

Arthritis bursitis tendinitis excessive brain activity acid reflux diabetes hypoglycemia other than that it won't it doesn't affect anything I'm being sarcastic poor wound healing Buffalo Hump in the background face red cheeks it's rosacea moonface belly fat high blood pressure insomnia sleep apnea oh my gosh it goes on and on and on okay so those are all the symptoms of the adrenal craving for salt chocolate and even sugar so the adrenal gland has a lot of effects and a lot of people have a few of the effects but not all of them because it starts off small and it might gradually get more and more more so when you go to the doctor they rarely check for cortisol and the problem is that if.

You get one test that measures your cortisol it doesn't really do you any good because cortisol works on a circadian wave through the day and night you really to measure this correctly you would have to measure it every four hours throughout a 24-hour cycle to get a better impression and I believe that saliva is one of the good is to do that but here's the thing when they even if you test positive you would have to have the majority of these symptoms before someone does something about it like the doctor and they only use a drug on a compassionate basis so really they don't have a solution okay so now that's in this book right here but there's some other things that I.

Want to show you because there's also a condition called it's a low adrenal I showed you all the symptoms for hygiene or a member you could be a mix but check this out this person loses weight they get atrophy they shrink and they get tanned Dewayne you get tanked okay you might like that right but it's a very unhealthy state and you probably hear people that go through stress and lose weight that's not healthy but this person has vertigo that's an adrenal Michael Jackson mine losing the pigment their immune system is completely destroyed and they have a lot of inflammation John F Kennedy had this condition called Addison's which is.

Load renal and have to be injected by with adrenal hormones so a lot of autoimmune issues so the adrenals can also affect bruising and male pattern baldness facial hair I mean acne I mean think about how many people have these conditions and so it's it's huge so we have this one gland that affects so many issues and it's basically triggered by stress so stress is a huge culprit in destroying our lives in our health and especially with weight loss a lot of people on a diet and exercise well you can get some changes with diet and exercise but there's some other things that you need to know about to help your belly fat that go beyond diet and exercise that very few people are.

Talking about we'll get into that all right so I covered the effects of cortisol okay stress accumulates pregnancy hysterectomy tonsillectomy infections see when you were a kid you may had your tonsils out you had respiratory infections you had sore throats and now you're an adult and you might think well that's probably it's not an issue that was in the past all that stuff does affect your adrenals it's like you have this accumulative number of applications on your desktop computer like right here all these applications on your desktop can slow down the computer it's the exact same thing with the adrenal it's the.

Accumulation of stress and a physical mental emotional the people that I talk to that have never really experienced that much stress they always can lose weight easily and they don't have a lot of health problems it's an interesting connection so personally I've had probably more injuries and infections then any patient that ever came my office my whole life I had sore throats council issues lung issues digestive issues sleep issues arthritis inflammation mg chronic fatigue issues I've had fractures of my leg my arm my elbow I've had Falls on the head whiplashes motorcycle accidents wrestling injuries and fractures fractured my neck several times so all.

That stress accumulates and that's what drove me to figuring out some of this stuff because I personally had a lot of these problems okay so visceral fat visceral fat is a different type of fat it's the fat around the organs it's the fat around the liver it's not superficial and it can be measured and that's coming from cortisol so so the question is how do you lower cortisol you don't want to necessarily you want to balance cortisol by lowering the the impression that it left on the body cortisol well let me just get into that in a second I wanted to touch on this next slide here first and then I'll get.

Into what to do about it I don't we're talking about autoimmune conditions a lot of people have them lupus rheumatoid MS you name it there's so many autoimmune conditions and there's a lot of theories out there and what causes them well I'm going to tell you right now my theory on this is that I think that autoimmune diseases are related to the adrenal and the reason I say that is because you can take any autoimmune case 100% of them and ask them when did it start and what happened just before that and there is always some stress event that occurred right before the autoimmune condition whether a loss of a loved one which by the way losses will affect the adrenal a thousand times more.

Deadly than physical trauma divorce loss of a loved one multiple losses I mean the problem is everyone is around people that eventually they're going to lose all these people so eventually they're going to have adrenal issues it's just a matter of time I've been very lucky my family very few people have died one person very close to me my grandmother but that's about it but the point is that autoimmune cases always have this huge stress usually a loss right before it so that means that the adrenal gland is involved okay so what I want to show you next is there's some data that I'm going to share with you and this data is has to do with another interesting finding with.

Autoimmune cases okay this is research is but been done on this guy by the name of Marshall called the Marshall protocol and here's the here's the simplicity of it he found that or not he does he just observe this and he's connecting the dots he found that the vitamin D is heavily influenced with auto immune and immunity so in other words vitamin D is intimately connected with your immune system and he found that the vitamin D receptor is inside the cell and the difference between vitamin D and other vitamins is it's a fat Seibel vitamin that in can go inside the cell more than a water-soluble vitamin so it goes deep down into the DNA of a cell and what's fascinating is.

That he found that the receptor for vitamin D called vitamin D receptor vdr gets blocked and then you can't absorb vitamin D anymore okay and then the person has this Associated finding with autoimmune and this is what he does he gives someone the vitamin D receptor VD are analog here's another word I want to explain what it means I'll define it an analog is something that kind of mimics something so it acts like something so a vdr analog would be something that could help open up the receptor so it can it can help mimic and open up the receptor okay so what he found is that there's a medication called benicar which is high blood pressure medication that is a it's.

It's a some type of remedy that helps reverse the receptor problem that the block receptor okay allowing vitamin D to go in there and helping the autoimmune system and I don't agree with this because it's a drug and he also uses heavy duty antibiotics for a long creative time I think for like a year so it's not from my viewpoint it's not a good solution but what's interesting is the vitamin D does get blocked so now let's take that into this book right here Frank neder page 84 right here cortisol counters vitamin D levels it blocks vitamin D I don't know if you can see that so in other words the question is why does vitamin D get blocked in the first place.

Marshall talks that it's a microbe that does it and that's totally could be true but what about the adrenal because it's a stress the adrenal is the thing that triggers the whole event because it's a stress event now if you do a search on the vitamin D receptor analogues and I know I'm giving you some words here so just hang in hang tight there is another thing that I think is very natural that can act to help open up this vitamin D receptor and I stumbled on it and you can use bile salts yeah from the gall bladder purify bile salt do help open up that vitamin D so you can absorb more vitamin D at the receptor level which is fascinating because that's where they need to be doing research not been a car.

Because it's is too many side effects and also my bio helps you break down the fat side of a vitamin vitamin D helping you your immune system so I just found that kind of an interesting connection and I want to bring that up if there's anyone listening to pass autoimmune you should research using bile in your diet and vitamin D together to see if that can help you on in addition to also looking at what you can do to improve the adrenal functional role I just want to make make a disclaimer here that I'm not claiming to cure any adrenal diseases okay I'm not here to do that all I'm here to do is give you the information so you can do research and you can know where to focus on and.

Get with your doctor to help yourself okay so that's my disclaimer all right so check this out you guys heard a roundup roundup ready monsanto GMO right it's a herbicide that they use on GMO to be able to it's because GMO is like they made it resistant to Roundup Ready and herbicide so it's genetically modified food well I just found in this toxicology reports that there's Roundup Ready creates a major problem to the adrenal gland yeah interesting it disrupts the endocrine system of the adrenal gland in male rats of course I don't know it could affect humans too what do you think but I just want to bring it up because in this stuff came out in 1996 which is date coincidence to.

A lot of people getting sick shortly after that so I'm curious this could be a huge connection to a lot of adrenal issues from people consuming genetically modified food without even knowing it and that would be in all the soy and the corn but also in the animal products that eat the soy in the corn which is huge it's all over the place okay so now I'm going to talk about some tips to reduce stress alright because what we want to do is we want to you know not take on just a pill to lower core so we want to look at the whole body we want to find out what to eat of course we want to find some way to deal with this issue and so there's a couple things that you can do overall.

Because yes we want to correct the problem but we also want to correct your environment and so it doesn't keep going on um so there are techniques that you can extract stress from the body I'll cover a few even injuries but what happens with the adrenal is that it creates a lot of situations in your head a lot you're thinking you're analyzing I mean who you are at work in front of a computer right now you're watching a computer and then you go to bed but there's not a lot of space going on so with stress what stress does is it kind of it's it collapses your space and that's why when you're stressed you might even say I need some space because you don't have space so.

One of the remedies for stress is to get space so hiding in space go outside go hiking go in a park get lots of space go to the beach all this is very therapeutic you might say it's the salt water you might say it's the Sun it's the space that you need and so going to a gym behind a treadmill looking at the computer screen is very hurt bad um I'm not against meditation but if you're sitting there meditating focusing on something and maybe your meditation is something different but that's how I some people that do it totally but and it works for them but the point is that if you were to extrovert your body and not necessarily focus on any thing but just observe things in your environment.

You know temperature site sounds without analyzing everything that would be very therapeutic if you did it every single day because all day long you're solving problems with your work we have to reverse that and extrovert your body or your stress okay so that's one thing with space another thing let's go back to the screen share here more sleep now some people have a problem sleeping I had a problem sleeping really bad and so one of the common remedies for helping with the adrenal and stress is to get more sleep so now let's talk about sleep how do you fix sleep first of all sleep there's several different causes to sleep problems you can have flashes for example you can have.

Problems with stress that you're thinking and you can't wind down easily your night out you have a problem where you sleep for two hours and wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and you're laying there bright awake yet during the day at 2:00 or 3:00 you're completely exhausted okay because your circadian waves your rhythms are off so what I like to do is I like to make sure the eating is right so there's nothing interfering I also recommend doing various treatments either go to a doctor that I trained come to my office or if you're not avail to do it to do a version of do yourself version of this technique which is the neck you.

Pressure technique and I'm going to show you a couple techniques I I do acupressure on myself every night before to sleep my practitioners work on me as well of course all the injuries that add right but there's a tool that I want to show you a lot of you watching this have this tool already it's an acupressure tool it has three widths so it's good for different body shapes but I use the widest one we work right back here so now what I'm going to show you sleep that will really blow your way okay let me see if I could find the immature okay what I want to show you is that remember when we showed you at the beginning of the webinar the sympathetics the on switch and then the.

Parasympathetic off switch and the off switch basically is in the brainstem up here in the top of the nerves in the top of the neck right here well the name of that nerve is called the vagus nerve okay that's the name of it and it comes from the Latin word which means wandering because it travels all the way up to you're up to your neck down to your your organs let me just quickly just go back over that because I this important I want to show you something yeah right here you see this nerve coming out it goes all the way to the face the lungs the heart the stomach the pancreas deliver the intestines goes all into these organs right here right so.

Check this out where am i hair okay so there is a there's a treatment nowadays it's called that actually it stimulates the vagus nerve and it's called the vagus nerve stimulation and I just wanna let you know I disagree with this treatment and I'll tell you why because it's sending impulses into this nerve and there's a lot of side effects if you if you use this technique there's a much easier way to stimulate the nerve without having to send electricity some shockwave through your nervous system but look at the FDA even approved it for for um depression and epilepsy but it's also used for anxiety and stress and Alzheimer's and.

Migraines in fibromyalgia even obesity why would it be used for obesity because the vagus nerve is the turn off switch it relaxes the body increases recovery and it helps lower court to solve okay tinnitus with ringing the ears look at this atrial fibrillation autism bulimia chronic heart failure hiccups coronary heart disease why would it be used for all these things because it can it can organs it's like you have this circuit that connects you organs so they're using electrical stimulation to this but here's what I use let me show you what you can do and I didn't think a lot of people realize what this is doing when you do this technique they built entire chiropractic techniques around adjusting.

The first cervical vertebra in your neck okay called a hole-in-one the Atlas y because it creates such effects on the rest of the body with relaxation so the technique I develop I use my hands and I get in there so but a lot of times if I'm going to place where there's no one to work on me that sucks so I built this after my hand I mean modeled after my hand it's the exact width of my hand but look at how big my thumb's are right I have huge thumbs and that's why I made this really thick so what I do is you put this in the back of your couch or a tall back chair and you kick back your feet and you just lean back and you let this thing connect right underneath your.

Skull and you let gravity pull you back and you can push your head back and relax guarantee if you did that for two minutes you'd be probably ready for bed why because it stimulates the vagus nerve naturally it relaxes all the neck muscles it helps the nervous system which is the off switch this is turning on the off switch which will then turn off the cortisol because it will affect that flight or fight mechanism so so yes there are techniques out there to turn off the on switch but this is like triggering the off switch okay so we do both we work on both now the other technique I can't really do it here because I do it in my bed then I should create a video on that but.

You use this on your back that middle back part like from your upper back down to the lower part you can use this because you would use this part right here to hit all the way down your spine one and you just let gravity you lay back on your bed and you work on that that's what I do every single night and I go to sleep right after that um my wife's like are you always going to be using that thing why don't you massage my back right but I have to do my back first right so that is something that a lot of you already have but if you don't have it I highly recommend you get one um okay so now let me go back to my slides here okay so so I just wanted to show you.

That there is a vagus nerve stimulation thing I don't agree with it but that's what they're doing now but there's all these different techniques that you can do you can work on the adrenal glands you can work on the mid-back you can work on the tissues in the front these are all the points that I use to extract stress from the body okay and what am i doing is I'm using this to put myself in the Delta wave sleep so acupressure is a really good way to help someone sleep to get better sleep to get deeper sleep and turn the body off so when you go to bed every part of your body can finally turn off okay so we talked about space we talked about sleep let's talk about being too serious.

Okay there's a word I want to teach you it's a French word which means institutions this means carefree non serious untroubled unworried okay let me just so I can talk to you about this the adrenal case is put you in a state where you're solving problems 24 days you get really really serious anytime you're really serious you increase stress on your body a good way to reduce that would be to be very institution but I would write that on some paper to put on your refrigerator and be very carefree about things go through the day and just be light joking but not degrading but just very very playful that viewpoint and attitude is the best viewpoint to reduce stress the people that have the.

Hardest time with losing weight are the most serious people they're like calling their calories and they're stressed out and they're like weighing herself I had one lady comes in and she's freaking out cuz she's not losing weight and she's trying everything nothing's working and I can see she's very serious about everything so I said this is this is what I want you to do I want you to promise me for one week when I start I explained the definition of the solution see carefree I want you to do this for one freaking week okay I want you to stop being so damn serious I want you to stop weighing yourself I want you to have fun I want you not to care about your weight just.

Do the duck eating plan do the things I say and don't worry about it 24/7 why because all that worry is triggering the adrenals adrenals think way too much you're in their head and all that just stirs up the Drina 24/7 so again we have to extract the stress we have to have the attitude of being in solution and carefree do something getting involved in some games games is a very great way to be in solution to play folk don't watch the news before bed watch money okay something like that so in soutien is a playful caring none I mean carefree way to go about life then the people that I know that are the most successful are the most institution okay.

So that's number three okay now we're going to talk about potassium there's another interesting little point here all right so I've got my little book right here page 84 as you know I this is like a hobby for me I love endocrinology that's all I study 24/7 weekend's I'm into it my wife's like aren't you interest in any other books like no she was one glad you're interested in because I don't think anyone else is but there is one thing on this page that talks about potassium deficiencies so with adrenal you lose potassium not to mention you probably don't get enough from your diet because if you watch it in my videos you you require 4700 milligrams of potassium.

Every single day 4700 one banana is 300 you need 12 bananas or 11 bananas so here's the point that I'm trying to make potassium is a physiological tranquilizer it's a calming thing of the nervous system without potassium your nervous system can't calm down and chill out it's a thing that lowers the pulse rate and even blood pressure if you're deficient in potassium your pulse rate goes up try to sleep with your pulse rate in the 90s it doesn't work so it will help calm you down so what food is high in potassium vegetables so there we can work back to the big salad you need a lot of potassium to calm those adrenals down so.

You need huge salads twice a day lunch and dinner no fail just stick it in there sea vegetables don't just have potassium they have the vitamin C complex that you need see most of the vitamin C in your body is stored in the adrenals and most vitamin C that people buy is synthetic so you in ascorbic acid in high dosages will create a vitamin C deficiency because it's synthetic and it depletes you of the good parts of the vitamin C complex so what you need to get is a food based vitamin C or just the food itself if you eat that much vegetable like maybe huge to huge salads a day or plates the vegetable before you have the protein you will have all the vitamin C.

That you need another thing that vitamin C deficiency is will she will show up is pink bleeding gums loss of collagen so we talked about in the seminar a nutrient absorption we talked about having an acid stomach to digest collagen but now you need vitamin C to build collagen so that's in the vegetable family okay so we need a potassium and we need the vitamin C um potassium is in abaca dose so one avocado is 800 so I have like probably half an avocado every other day but I do a lot of salads I go to the farmers market I get my lettuce and I always cut red cabbage and I stick a little kale in there I like the dinosaur kale and I will do.

That every single day if I don't do that I find my sleep is not as good as it should be okay now when you eat a lot of protein that stimulates your body but you need the vegetables to counter the body counter that that revved up protein action all right so now the next thing we're going to talk about is b1 okay so b1 vitamin b1 is the magical vitamin for stress but there's a couple of things you need to know about it number one the more stress that you go through the more be one that you burn up b1 is necessary for your nervous system if you're very deficient in vitamin b1 you will have a condition called berry berry and I'm just typing this up right now so you can so I can.

Just show you the actual name of this of this condition that affects the psyche we see yeah look at this when you're when you're deficient berry berry you get this condition we have neurological and psychiatric symptoms yeah depression severe anxiety doom and gloom Wow yeah so if you ever want to see all the symptoms you can look up berry berry but um you can look at that up later but here's the thing be one most the time is made synthetically so you have to find a natural b1 now it's not it's very expensive to make I like to get my b1 in nutritional yeast the problem is most nutritional yeast is made synthetically it's enriched synthetically with b1 so you need to get an enriched yeast that's.

Not has this enriched with synthetics and there is one product that I do have it's the adrenal de formula okay and I have in here a natural b1 but I also have the entire vitamin C complex that the adrenal needs and all the minerals that the adrenal needs and several herbal things with the adrenal needs but this is interesting because when you take this within I would say about five minutes maybe less you're going to feel like just the stress this kind of goes right away this is a great thing to take if you have that nervous tension build-up that you're going to explode if you have people around you that have that just look one of those in their coffee and they'll just be so nice to.

You so the people that are hyper critical the people that are have low tolerance to stress take three of these take nine of these a day but I think three would be fine sprout to the day of it taken as needed and you'll feel it change because it affects the nervous system it pulls stress out you know it's weird it's like sometimes when I when I don't take it for like a week I'll feel like a little buildup of stress and then I'll just take it because I I run my body and I do all sorts of exercise stressful things and so I'm burn up b1 all the time but b1 naturally comes from wheat grain but not the type of grain that you get from the grocery store if you were to grind your grain and eat the.

Grain right away it might be a problem for your weight but it has all the big complexes be one so I don't need grains so I need to get my grains from something so the adrenal de formula is the stress formula for the adrenal it has the b1 in there it has all to be complex and it comes from the type of nutritional use that's unfortified and it doesn't have the the yeast effect that will cause a yeast infection so it's a really good stress relieving product that helps with stress and energy and focus and also nightmares when your deficient and B one you get nightmares and heavy vivid dreaming so that would be indication that you need that as well okay so b1 is very.

Very necessary for any type of stress events or stress symptoms or any psychiatric problem and they should be giving b1 um you know they label people with a DD and attention deficits order and schizophrenia and bipolar it's just it's just a lot of its b1 deficiency and adrenal stress that's what it is okay um now there's the one that I use for sleep and I use this I developed this formula for myself I take one before bed sometimes I'll take two rarely but you just need one before bed adrenal my formula this formula has been changed many many times and I perfected it to the point where you get the optimum wonderful sleep where you just turn off go to.

Sleep for seven hours when you wake up feel refreshed you don't feel groggy but it really helps people sleep it's a very popular thing so I take one of these and I take three of these through the day it's a great combination if you want to find something that helps you naturally sleep but this is not treating cortisol this is supporting a healthy dream and it helps you sleep – the whole night so you can rejuvenate so this the effects that you get from the sleep help rejuvenate cortisol but this helps you sleep okay so that's the combination that I would recommend all right so now let me go back to this for a second.

Alright so there's a book that comes with this massage tool that shows you all of the different techniques that you can use but also if you even go to this my website dr. Berg calm for / massage – tool – manual you can watch the videos on how to do the technique you need the device but at least you could see that the technique and you can probably do a few of them to help yourself tonight when you're going to sleep for today okay so here are some different things we talked about the turn off switch the vagus nerve now we're going to talk about your eating plan now in previous seminars I've talked about ketosis um ketosis is your body's burning fat but the problem is if you're an adrenal type.

There's some problems with ketosis because the problem with the adrenal is that adrenal puts your body in the state of making new sugar it'll basically convert your protein to your sugar the name of that is called gluconeogenesis which is basically sugar new making of making new sugar that's what it means so with doing an eating plan with the adrenal you have to make sure you have enough protein if your body is breaking down protein if you go on a low protein diet or a vegetarian diet with adrenal your body will have a tendency to eat up your own proteins and that's where you see collagen loss you'll see your legs get thinner your muscles get weaker so we always need to make sure that we have.

At least some protein with each okay the next thing that the adrenal case needs is or what doesn't need is they need zero sugars they cannot do sugar why because your body's already making too much sugar as it is and so we got to put them in a state where there's no sugar we've talked about that in the ketosis webinar it's X zero sugar a good amount of protein and plenty and plenty of high potassium food that's the vegetables okay now here's the thing that I'm going to talk about in the problem with ketosis of the meal plan is this you know ketosis allows you to have a lot of fat the problem if you're an adrenal tight and your metabolism is.

Slow is that when you check the urine you may be in fat burning no doubt but the fact that you're burning is not the fat in your body it's the fat that you're eating it's the dietary fat that is what we don't want to be burning necessarily in high quantities because we want to strength your body so with adrenal cases they can do a modified ketosis diet but they have to increase a lot more vegetables with potassium keep the sugars down but the amount of fat that they can eat is somewhere between moderate and low okay not extremely low but they can't get away with high amounts of you know fatty things because they just need to be able to burn their own fat and so that is the twist on that.

Ketosis diet so I like to start out with a little more fat and then slowly decrease it until you're burning your own fat and you will know that when you're on the scale if you do the key to ptosis diet and you're purely in ketosis and you're not losing any weight do we know you're just burning the fat that you're eating you might not be gaining weight but we want you to lose weight okay so that's just a clarification on the adrenal eating plan now the other point I want to make on is the Paleo diet paleo that's really good but for adrenal cases I found that you can't do the fruit and the berry and it's a little bit restrictive but listen you may have 20.

Or 30 pounds to lose in your belly or ten pounds of fat or maybe five pounds it's a different type of fat it's not going to come off with traditional balanced diets and I'm going to say something that kind of goes against my philosophy and I think it doesn't really go against it but it might a little bit you know I talk about good healthy lose weight not lose weight to get healthy on some of the adrenal cases you can't have a so-called healthy diet where it can be healthy but it's the traditionally thought of as healthy see people think of healthy diets is oh you can do fruits and berries and whole grains none in a row the type of eating plan that you need for the adrenal would be some fat.

Just a little bit lower okay not low fat between moderate and low you need high potassium foods you need a moderate amount of protein not too much and you want to make sure you have zero sugars that's that's the diet that will help you but you're going to have to also pull out this stress now I have a chart here and I'm going to you look at the bottom of this video you'll see a link for these slides you can kind of study this and you can have all these lines but here's the diet that I recommend for the adrenal now this is the kale shake I change the recipe for the kale shake I'm no longer recommending berries if you're in dream but if you have a high metabolism or or.

Let's say you have a male body and you're 30 years old you could probably do fruit you can do paleo you can do higher fat you will still lose weight but I'm not talking about those people I'm talking about the menopausal woman that is struggling they need to be a little bit stripped on this so I'm going to explain what you should be eating the kale is just a way to get the cow on your body we used to recommend putting a combination of a handful of kale and berries in water now I'm recommending put the kale on there put the stevia berry flavored liquid stevia ok it'll taste like berries it's kind of sweet and you can drink it down to shake if.

You want to get if you want to drink your um your salad ok for breakfast it you must have a protein breakfast a protein and some fat whether it's a little steak some eggs a little cheese avocado chunks maybe a burger patty here's an avocado and an egg these are all really good breakfast foods and if you consume the protein for breakfast it will stabilize your blood sugars in the evening one of the triggers for cortisol is a low blood sugar hypoglycemia so just by if you skip breakfast or you eat the wrong thing for breakfast you're going to trigger Cora salt in the evening so I'm showing you what you should do to keep the cortisol level in check for lunch we do the big salad we.

Do a little bit of protein fish shrimp seafood chicken don't worry about taking the skin off we're not worried about low fat okay for dinner do the same thing do some vegetable dish with some protein if you're not hungry don't eat because within 48 hours – – one week – possibly a little long it in one week if you do this then you're limiting the sugars your body will start to convert its enzymes its machinery for burning fat so it takes a while to get into fat burning ok but it will burn fat and you won't be as hungry and you won't crave as much ok now is a little snack in the evening you could do a little hummus with cucumbers or celery a little cheese a little bit of nuts don't go.

Crazy with the nuts I think people eat way too many nuts and too much peanut butter as a snack because it does have a little bit of carb and then we got the celery with the peanutbutter little cheese and this is a keto bomb I have these recipes on my website but those are some things that you can do to keep it really really simple a couple points with the keto bombs they're really delicious they're very filling they're very fattening only take them as needed so don't try to eat the whole thing and that's why you want to make them in small batches so you don't have them sitting around but there they don't have any sugar so but if you.

Do this you won't crave sugar your sugar cravings will go away very fast okay so that is what you're going to be eating okay so we have the adrenal night formula in the day formula on my webinars I always give people a discount if they want to get the kit so either adrenal kit and I'm going to show you right now um you see if I could find it right here okay so this is the adrenal stress kit it has the adrenal day formula pulls the stress out this is the Drina night formula take one before bed take three during the day some people need six at least and it comes with the massage tool a book how to use this in videos but it's not the actual DVDs it's.

Online digital videos a link that you could watch to use this is it so don't look for a DVD and this kit is a certain cost on my website I gave you the maximum discount from this webinar so you get 20% off if you want to get it some of you already have the massage tool okay so in that case what you can do is you can let me just give you another thing here called adrenal kit which is just the night formula and the adrenal day formula ok so because if you already have the massage tool you know maybe just this is what you need right here so I will also give you 20% of this so what you do is you can click this button and use and it automatically goes to the to.

The shopping cart with the coupon code already there so 20% is the highest discount that I've ever given am only giving up the webinar so I don't know how long it's going to be active for but definitely take advantage for it now because it's going to be helping you save money and also help your adrenals and what I also will leave you with a coupon code if you happen to miss the link whatever I have these this coupon code that you can type in to my website for the adrenal kit Padrino kit is just these two things right here and then the distress kit is the adrenal kit with the massage tool okay and that's the code right here and you go to dr. Berg comm and then click.

Shop enter the code in there and I will also list the codes down below on this webinar if you happen to miss this but I want to thank you for watching this webinar and I hope you enjoy the information on the adrenal and I've gotten some valuable tips to help your stress and lower your belly fat we talked about a lot of different things and the effects of cortisol so I want to thank you and I hope to see you in the next webinar have a wonderful evening or day and wherever you are on the planet and I will see you in the next webinar
The Belly Fat – Dr.Berg's Webinar
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