Nutrient Absorption & Digestion – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

Nutrient Absorption & Digestion – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

Nutrient Absorption & Digestion – Dr.Berg’s Webinar

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Everyone if you can hear me go ahead and let me know we're going to start in just about 30 seconds great okay good so it does work awesome last webinar I did I didn't put it on private and we had all sorts of confusion so today it's going to be a lot more organized I can see all the comments over to the right we have 1700 people on this webinar and so we're going to get started on time we do have a kind of a guest coming in I'll wait for her to log on hopefully that will work but I wanted to use her as a demonstration of what we're going to talk about so in this webinar we are going to talk about the digestive system.

Nutrient absorption this is a topic that needs to be covered first before you get in anything else potentially because if you can't digest you can't heal so it's very important understand the basics I want to cover a tremendous amount information hopefully I'll won't overload you but if there's anything as we go through that is confusing stop me and we'll clarify it but I will give you some answers to your questions as we go through this the purpose of food is to observe to extract nutrients the purpose of eating is to extract nutrients from our food and we have two problems knowing how to get our nutrients and number two being able to digest the nutrients so when that occurs we want to.

Make sure that you understand any type of indicators or symptoms of the digestive system and what those mean so we're going to really talk about the cause and effect relationship between what heartburn means GERD means bloating and all these things so then you can understand what what it means and what you're deficient in and what is blocking your nutrients so and there's some questions about leaky gut we'll talk about that and flat inflammatory conditions of the bow we'll get into a lot of things so I just happen to have my friendly PowerPoint slide so let me just let me just pop this in there should work and it does work awesome.

Okay so the first thing I want to talk about it's kind of weird because I'm looking at the screen I should be looking at the video camera at you but so I'm always looking down so I'm just trying to look at what I'm doing here okay digestion absorption of nutrients so there's four main areas that we're going to talk about we're going to start about this stop I start at the stomach level the stomach basically the simplicity of it it does several things primarily it helps break down proteins so that's where most of the protein is digested it has a unique function of breaking down collagen yeah collagen so when you eat meat and it has those little layers of tendons and.

Things like that well collagen is absorbed and broken down in the stomach if your pH is between one and three which is very very very acid but that's normal you need the pH to be one two three and as we age get into a 50 60 70 s 80s 90s we lose our stomach acids and our ability to digest collagen so you see a lot of people with all sorts of problems with their joints ten I mean the ligaments I mean think about what your body is made out of as far as college and you have the skin you have tone of the skin you have um all the joints connective tissue that holds everything together you have ligaments around your bladder and you have the arteries that are all made of collagen.

So the elasticity is controlled by that so the stomach due to its strong acids triggers a very powerful enzyme called pepsin and that enzyme helps you digest protein it's a serious seriously powerful enzyme that helps digest the protein and but it's only triggered if the pH is between one and three so you can see the problem with a lot of people if they cannot digest proteins um the biggest symptom would be gas um now I could see if you eat beans or you need something like fruit and you could guess I'm not talking about that I'm talking about if you have protein meat and you can't digest it you get gas that would mean you don't have enough acid okay so.

The stomach produces acid to break down proteins it also helps us to absorb minerals these proteins that are broken down turn into with what's called amino acids those are the small building blocks of protein but if you think about what Mino acids I mean that pretty much builds your entire body but I want to talk mainly about building up certain hormones and these hormone-like substances that travel through the nervous system called neurotransmitters so in other words those neurotransmitters are Veronica's here great hi Veronica so okay so we wanted so neurotransmitters are basically those proteins that go through the nervous system and they're made by the adrenal.

Gland or made by the brain and I'm talking about specifically um okay just have tomato okay yes I can hear you someone says I can't hear you but they can hear me okay good so neurotransmitters we have serotonin serotonin without serotonin guess what you get depressed you get anxiety think about how many people are on psych drugs and they have a lot of digestive problems there are more nerve endings in your digestive system there are then there are in your spinal column so you have tremendous connection between your brain and your stomach alright so so we need a very strong acid to break down proteins to absorb minerals calcium iron if you're not absorbing iron you get.

Anemic and so those are the two big things that the stomach does it kind of just incinerates everything gets the stomach the intestines ready to do the next level so now here's the thing there's a myth about the stomach okay now before I get into this myth I want to UM talk to Monica can you hear me Veronica yes I can okay so um your voice is a little bit quiet as are you by a mic okay now Veronica for four years you've had heartburn and it's been debilitating uh you started having problems with acid reflux and then the doctors kept giving you any assets over and over and they I think they told you that you had too much acid right yes exactly yeah.

So she had too much acid which that's the myth right there acid reflux is not too much acid it's not enough acid and so um so they told you that and then what kind of what trigger that was it stress or did you take antibiotics would trigger this heartburn um I'm gonna say stress um I've I do customer service so it's been pretty stressful and so most um I mean I've noticed that as soon as some I'm stressed I started feeling you know like I'm getting acid so stress and then just um I don't know if I'm eating you know um I probably ate something that I was not supposed to like something spicy or something acidic so collision so you started to go to the doctor and I started giving any assets.

And if this is this went on for four years right yes okay now um you started basically losing weight because you couldn't eat yeah I lost like seven pounds did you have it huh did you have any other symptoms I know you have you had a severe dry esophagus um was there any other symptoms like I don't know fatigue sleeping problems cramps in your your calf's twitching on your eyelid any of those um I had one of them was um I was extremely dizzy every single day I would wake up dizzy and then um even if I was just standing up I felt like I was in a boat um painting on my back like you know just on my throat and um back being and back um being on my shoulders and.

Not being able to sleep cuz my throat was extremely dried and I would eat anything and I can barely swallow it because I can I can feel the food getting stuck on my esophagus okay so now that thank you for that introduction because now I can go into the next part because what I want to cover is this right here let me just pop back in here we'll come back to that is that um you have break down a protein college and now you're pretty young so you probably haven't noticed a lot of collagen breakdown but absorbing absorbing minerals like electrolytes so if you don't have electrolytes you could feel dizzy you can have salt cravings you can have cramps in your muscles and also.

Well let me just hold off what I don't want to jump into that but now check this out we have a pH scale between 0 and 14 right in the middle 7 is neutral the higher you go with the numbers the more your alkaline the lower the acid so every number whole number you go from 7 to 6 that's by a factor of 10 times so 6 is 10 times more acid than 7 ok so it kind of compounds alright now here's the interesting thing that I really want to teach you guys so if you have some paper and notes just take notes I'm kind of summarizing summarizing all the most common problems that I run into 25 years and I'm just going to summarize it in about 40 minutes get ready so the valve on top of your.

Stomach that little valve that closes the acid so let me pop to this this little valve right here that stops the acid from going into the soffits is controlled by your pH that's right so that valve if that pH goes a little too alkaline it will not close well if you ever hear of GERD gastroesophageal reflux disorder that's basically a valve that doesn't close so the acid splashes up into the esophagus so in reality acid reflux is not enough acid so here they were giving veronika all this anti-acids this thing called a proton inhibitor which basically if you take hydrochloric acid the HCL the H is a hydrogen ion well they block that from being absorbed so.

They block the acids so I can imagine Veronica you probably just kept getting worse and worse and worse and worse now as we go down the list we have this thing right here it's called the release of bile bi le I want to just spend a second talking about that bile is the kind of like the detergent that breaks down the grease it's the thing to how to digest fats it helps you absorb healthy things from fats and when we get into the gallbladder section we'll cover more on that but here's the thing you should know your pH being very acid is the trigger for bile so guess what Veronica when you took these any assets I could imagine your pH probably went up to about a four five six and you didn't.

Release bile and so one of the symptoms that Veronica had was severe dry mouth I think its esophagus was it dry eyes too or just the throat um it was just on my throat and I can film I mean I would fill my esophagus extremely dry coz my food would get stuck yeah and that's a deficiency of the fat soluble vitamins anytime you have dry eyes dry skin dry throats dry mouth that's not dehydration that is a lack of oils like fat soluble vitamins specifically vitamin A so I told you to consume what did I tell you to eat um you asked me to eat um butter um water yes yeah okay Kerry Kerry gold butter because that it's loaded with vitamin A um the other things that are.

Really good was vitamin A our liver which I know I can't stand it but you know it's that's one thing you can get your vitamin A the problem with vegetables even kale has a lot of vitamin A it's a pre vitamin A so it's only really like 4% of its absorbs so if you are a vegetarian you're going to be in trouble with that unless you can have maybe some grass-fed ghee which is a type of butter to get your vitamin A but vitamin A which we'll get into in the next section is important in a lot of lot of things okay so we have the pH needed being strong to make sure the valve closes make sure you release bile and release of those pancreatic enzymes an enzyme is something that helps you do.

The work and breaking down food and converting it into body tissue so enzymes either break stuff down or they build stuff up so they break down your food and then they build back up the food into body tissue that's what enzymes do it's like the powerhouse there they're quite magical because they seem to they can be recycled but they're triggered by certain things especially pH and and hormones okay so we need the pancreas like like when you have certain foods in your mouth as soon as you put in your mouth your pancreas picks up what food that is and it's automatically generating a lot of enzymes for you to break down that food so I mean you hear you eat meals with carbohydrates.

Proteins fats fibers your body is generating enzymes ready so when that food gets through the stomach it's ready to break all that down and it has all the enzymes but if you're eating a lot of cook foods huh you don't have enzymes so your pancreas has to work even harder um people that like eat a lot of cooked foods like roasted nuts they don't eat raw enough raw foods especially like the roasted nuts al the raw nuts what happens is that their pancreas starts working harder in it can enlarge by three times its size and you can feel like a full sensation and eat the left ribcage alright the next thing is the full absorption of minerals calcium iron all the minerals need to be.

In an acid pH so if you're like everyone's so focused on alkalizing the body well all they're doing is blocking the absorption of minerals so guess what they're going to notice the first sign of a calcium deficiency is cramps in your lower calves yeah okay also the last function of acid pH is to kill all potential microbes if these microbes are not killed in the stomach level they can enter the rest of intestine and infect you okay yeah lovely so the myth of acid reflux indigestion heartburn GERD is a problem of too much acid no it's actually not enough fasted if you look up acid reflux on Google oh my goodness it's filled with all types of false information that you need to handle your.

Take an antacid get rid of your acid you know change your foods but they're not looking at the pH even when they do a test they don't ever take for a pH so I mean you could check for a pH or you could simply acidify your body and solve the problem and not have to even do the test okay so that's that's some basic data on the stomach okay so acid reflux means too little acid now it ulcer means too little acid for too long period of time and then you get a chronic irritation and it just eats a hole through your your esophagus or stomach or even small intestine so that's what an ulcer and it also could be triggered by stress as well GERD too little acid gases too little acid so you think about.

This if the stomach is not right absorb minerals you can't absorb amino acids you can't absorb b12 yeah a lot of problems okay what is that one of the root causes now I want to ask Veronica um did you ever crave salt uh my exes did because oh my mouth was extremely dry so I was just reading um tons of salt but I was not eating salt thinking maybe that was gonna irritate my my esophagus yeah interesting so um so here's the thing um one of the one of the things that if you're deficient in salt you can create a lost you can actually not make your HDL your hydrochloric acid so low salt diet scan create an alkaline stomach or a low stomach acid so what does the.

Doctors tell you to do avoid salt big problem especially as you age your body actually requires at least at minimum a thousand milligrams of salt a day I'm sorry a thousand milligrams of sodium but you need chloride as well so that sodium about say about maybe an eighth almost 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt that's how much we need of course we have other minerals that require to balance that off so that salt is necessary to build up your hydrochloric acid okay so I want to answer just a couple little questions as we go here because I'm rattling off some people are losing me some people are not okay well but if you don't have a pancreas Wow huh then you have to take enzymes on.

A regular basis that's a pretty serious situation because that pancreas is very very vital so you have to take enzymes and one of the things that you'll take is called pancreatic which is a bunch of pancreatic enzymes that's what you need to take okay next question Rachel cooking food too long kills off the valuable nutrients yes it does Rachel so when you roast you you microwave you kill off enzymes because enzymes are sensitive to heat how can stomach acid be so strong and that it's okay for the food I'm not sure I answer that question but it's normal for your stomach to be extremely acid that's a normal process okay all right so I answered two questions I can go.

Back to the webinar okay so what causes a low salt dial aging anti-acids now in a college oh my gosh did I have a problem I had a problem with them let me just pop me back in here stop screen sharing okay so I had heartburn so bad in college I would take the mega packs of Rolaids just over and over and over and over I didn't know what to do but I was taking all the rights to wrong things and I started getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse as going to the doctor he says take any acids that I kept getting worse I always had pain in my stomach little did I know and that's when my gallbladder problem started because you need the acid to trigger the gallbladder or else you.

Won't release the bile and you start getting pain right here and I had all this pain of course I was in Chiropractic College so I actually had a million adjustments to my neck and everyone and their brother tried to get in there and work on me and adjust me and just me the right way the wrong way and it was I was like a human guinea pig alright someone who has a problem with sodium causing edema and high blood pressure okay so here's the thing when when you have a dimmi edema or you have too much sodium or whatever high blood pressure the thing to do is not to decrease the salt it's to increase the opposing mineral and that opposing mineral does anyone know what the.

Opposing mineral or the counter mineral to sodium is go ahead and tell me right now I want to see if anyone get it right okay you guys are smart yeah it's potassium potassium is the mineral that you need to balance out the sodium so normally we need about 4700 milligrams of potassium every single day and only a thousand milligrams of sodium so all you have to do is increase yeah you guys yes you're sure all you have to do is increase the potassium and the sodium will not repeat the fluid comes out because when you lower sodium you're going to get dizzy like Veronica and you're going to feel dizzy because you need sodium for the adrenals to recharge.

Those electrolytes are important in maintaining normal blood glucose why do you think when you get home at night when your stress you need a little sweet and then you little salt and a seat sweet salt you're trying to get the sodium and the glucose balanced um so yeah Cindy says we're going to start soon oh yeah we already started we already started the webinar okay so now the next slide I'm going to cover okay alright we talked about pepsin you need that to digest collagen very important oh yeah check this out now the medical term for a claw hide Rhea that's the name for low stomach acids a chlorohydrate you finally look it up Wikipedia dictionary whatever so I mean.

I don't know why they can't just say low stomach acid so it sounds very scientific a chloride Rhea we'll check this out if you look that up one of the symptoms of a claw Hydra low stomach acid is gases the gastro esophageal reflux disease what does that mean it means one of symptoms is Girt hello it's the cause of GERD it's not the symptom so I mean and then of course if you look up GERD as far as a treatment they say take anti acids it doesn't make it's just a big business and unfortunately a lot of people just they assume that too much acid they take the wrong thing so what they need to do is acidify the body okay and I'm getting two other.

Dissolution coming up here so there's a there's a remedy it's called betaine hydrochloride petain how to chloride is the natural thing it's made from beets and that it splits off with the hydrogen ion and the chlorides and helps you build stomach acid that's a really good way to acidify your stomach and then taking pepsin too at the same time that will really help acid reflux now with Veronica it was so bad we had to heal her stomach with chlorophyll first right Veronica yes that's correct so that gave her finally some relief there for a couple of days so if there's an also or severe irritation chlorophyll now wheatgrass juice in water is like pure chlorophyll you could sip that and.

That will soothe and heal that's what I use for any type of chlorophyll type things and then the other thing is you never ever ever ever want to take calcium with meals so if you're taking calcium only take it before bed do not take it with a meal like three times a day because that will dilute the stomach acids how do you know if you don't have enough acid you have heartburn indigestion gas so these three things are good solutions for that okay so um I'm going to answer a couple questions and then go right back to it my dad has edema I gave him the task of supplements but his doctor was horrified and warned him not to take it due to his low functioning kidneys oh brother okay so.

Um here's the thing I had a guy come up to see me from Alabama he was on kidney dialysis and what we did he wasn't supposed to take potassium I'm like fine let's just get it from the food let's get it from the food so he started eating a lot of vegetables and avocados and he went back home and his port was dry and I actually have a recording of the successor output on the website and he basically he was a veterinarian he no longer needed that to go to kitty Dallas and he and potassium was a key thing of course you don't want to take potassium if you have kidney disease as a supplement but you can get it from the foods and small amounts and start to build a person up I mean that's really.

The I mean I don't know how you're going to heal these guys with like if their have kidney disease and there are medication how what is your options what are you going to do not eat vegetables and just go down now I mean that's the problem okay so apple cider vinegar that's a very good idea to acidify the body I really think that's a very smart idea now can we calcium rich foods with Emil sure that's not a problem mainly I'm talking about calcium supplements okay I've been getting pain in my stomach two hours uh before eating but only when I consume alkaline foods bingo ding ding ding you need to acidify your stomach.

That'll solve that um what if I'm allergic to wheat well first of all you shouldn't be eating wheat in the first place so um because wheat is turns into sugar and it has gluten okay good so I'm going to go back to the seminar here or the webinar now we're going to get into my favorite topic called the gall bladder okay now I'm covering you know the gall bladder liver are kind of connected they are connected actually and they work as a unit but I want to talk about the most common problems that you're going to run into so here's the symptoms of the gall bladder um number one you're going to get bloating when you eat now Veronica did you have any bloating when you ate.

Lots of blue yeah did you have burping um burping not so much okay good then okay so burping bloating belching the need for sweets after a meal like you're not satisfied why because you're not pulling in the fat to satisfy the brain constipation why because the bile lubricates the colon see the gallbladder is a sac that hangs underneath your liver and it stores bile bile is made by the liver it's stored by the gallbladder and then every time you eat the gallbladder squeezes the bile into the small intestine to help you break down food mainly fats okay so it helps you extract nutrients from fats well other other nutrients and fats yes essential fatty acids those are things.

That like in fish oils I mean flax oil all those really healthy oils that are anti-inflammatory you also have fat Seibel vitamins extraction of those but I'm an ad and K if you're low in vitamin D could be your gallbladder now right shoulder pain oh my gosh that's classic gallbladder sore headaches so anything on the right side like the jaw headache on the right side the scapula on the right side that's all gallbladder and then the other thing that's fascinating is low thyroid function did you know that the thyroid converts t4 to t3 through the gallbladder and liver so without a good gallbladder you can't convert those hormones and you're going to have style right symptoms and you'll.

Take the thyroid medication you will not feel any more energetic you won't lose weight because your thyroid problem is secondary to a lack of bile Veronica did you ever have coffee did I ever have hematite cold feet cold feet cold okay yes yeah that's probably because your thyroid is not converting I'm sorry your gallbladder is not converting the thyroid 80% of the thyroid function is controlled by the gallbladder and then deliver and then 20% is controlled by the kidneys now high cholesterol cholesterol is broken down by bile so if you don't have enough file your cholesterol can go higher but there's other things that can cause high cholesterol in some of the other.

Webinars we're going to cover cholesterol extensively gall stones gall stones purely our lack of bile what are the doctors do take out the gallbladder oh my gosh now you're really going to get stones in your liver so the way to dissolve gall stones is to take some purified bile salts floating stool floating stool is a symptom of lack of I'll why because your stool is filled with fat and fat floats okay so that's a good indication to know if uh you need bio another indication is light-colored stool and craving for fatty foods um I don't know about Branca did you ever crave for deep fried catfish or any type of fried anything yes ding ding what a.

Coincidence um I used to have gallbladder problems so bad my grandmother before she died she gave me a not just she gave me um this recipe for her famous meatloaf um that was back in college I don't eat meat look like they make it back then so you actually added white bread to me love it's crazy and then I didn't I didn't read the directions fully I just scanned it and I missed the last little sentence where she said make sure you drain all the grease from the pound of meat loaf well let me tell you what happened I consumed a pound of meatloaf with all of the grease soaked up it's in the bread that could you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to try to.

Um I mean with this pain in your stomach I didn't know what it was I thought I was having heart attack I had no I had I had the absence of information knowledge on health back then and that was the start of my gallbladder problems ok so let me just see if there's any questions is it possible to have stones in your liver after the gallbladder removed absolutely because the stones a lot of times are made by the liver and then they drop down into the gallbladder please elaborate on the need for sweets after meals what that means is that your body is not satisfying the brain to balance the blood sugars because your digestion is faulty what you should do.

Is take a little purified bile salts and that will help you absorb more the fat see fat is what satisfies you stops the brain stops the hunger if you go on low-fat diets it can really create a serious hunger craving problem okay so let's see I've been a ketogenic diet for over a year but these symptoms still but these symptoms still persist I fear taking betaine hydrochloride as I don't want to be knocked out of ketosis oh wow guess what pétain how to chloride will not knock you out of ketosis no it's not a carbohydrate it's not sugar even though it's made from beets it's not beets so you can do betaine hydrochloride all day long it will not be a problem okay so now the next thing.

I want to talk about is itching you just make sure that um okay it she let me go back to the screenshare right here okay Veronica I never asked you this but you ever have itching in your body yes okay you had so many symptoms of this gall bladder we've been we've probably been working on your stomach we should probably now work on your gall bladder because the itching is a classic sign of a gall a gall bladder um basically bile deficiency now we get to the gall stones gall stones basically cumin because you're in a file because bio helps you break down the stones and then they get stuck in the duct and they can create a lot of pain a lot of problems for you right shoulder pain it can be very.

Miserable um there's an herb called stone root that's very very effective against stones very no side effects it's wonderful here are some gall butter symptoms constipation right shoulder pain specifically the muscle right if you could see this right here I think you can see it yeah it's the muscle on the right upper trap there's a muscle called the levator angulas scapular muscles from your neck to your little scapula right here and that thing will be like a rope you massage it it never goes away that is gallbladder you should be pressing on the gallbladder now Veronica I I never asked you this question did.

You have you have any um like ropey neck muscles tight upper back locks that was one of the biggest issue I have still um that pain is just um and I've been going to get a massages but it's just I get it a lot yeah because the problem is not in your upper trap it sends you a cold letter so you'll get also you get bloating over the gallbladder and you get belching those are my images so you could memorize them so what is bio bio is a fluid that helps you break down fats and extract nutrients from the fat that you eat there are healthy types of fats that you should eat but you need the bile to be able to pull it in so you know coconut oil um grass-fed cheese and butter and meats.

And eggs they're all healthy fats yolk it's very healthy um but if you have a bile you'll get deficiencies of certain nutrients okay so the bile helps to extract the healthy fats to pull up the essential fatty acids and also to help you extract the fat soluble vitamins and that's really what I want to spend a little time on because this right here is so common yet there's not a lot of information out there correct information so what is a fat soluble vitamin it's it's a vitamin that gets stored in your body in your fat cells so you can retain it a lot longer and vitamin A for example here's a symptom you get poor vision especially at night.

Dry skin acne why do you think they use accutane that's a synthetic vitamin A but it's very toxic this has a lot of side effects um sinusitis because vitamin-a works to heal all the inner skin of the sinuses of the throat of the bronchial tissue the inner skin and on the eye as well and the outer skin so anything wrong with the inner and outer skin is a vitamin A deficiency but you know what it could be just you just don't have the bottle okay that's vitamin A vitamin d3 check this out bone pain loss of bone depression especially seasonal asthma kids that go outside in the Sun to get vitamin D miraculously get rid of their asthma symptoms interesting if I had.

Asthma I would take high levels of vitamin D and k2 we'll get into that in a second vitamin D is also helping with calcium metabolism and that vitamin D helps increase the absorption of calcium by 20 times in the intestine so without a minute you don't really absorb calcium okay vitamin E vitamin E is pretty much sleek muscle cramp vitamin and that includes not just your muscles but your heart people that have angina if they took a good whole food vitamin E complex it's like taking nitroglycerin it helps helps chest pain and angina that's chest pain or the heart cramps if you think about um what causes a vitamin E deficiency is by.

Consuming a lot of refined wheat or grains as in bread pasta cereal crackers viscous waffles pancakes muffin sodas not so does not a wheat but you know I mean so if you if you were taking like calcium magnesium potassium and you still have muscle cramps take vitamin a that will get rid of it if you go into high altitude mountain climbing if you look at the peak of every mountain top you will see empty bottles of vitamin E why because it increases oxygen saturation of the heart muscle and that the brain and the oxygen they and the blood so it's really important in increasing oxygen-carrying capacity also the sex hormones women that men go through menopause a lot of times they.

Lose the libido because the pituitary is where you store all the vitamin E so if you're have you suddenly don't need the ovaries anymore and they stopped working then the pituitary doesn't have to work as hard and you dry up your vitamin E Reserve that's are supposed to build up those hormones and so you therefore can have like no libido that's about any deficiency I mean it can be other things too but that's one now vitamin k2 people know I'm sorry vitamin k1 people know that is like clotting and they're concerned because they don't want to take vitamin K because they don't want to get a stroke well guess what by the min k has about eight different categories or proteins that it uses to.

Help balance clotting and thinning of the blood so it's not just for clotting there's a medication committin which is rat poison that helps block vitamin K and they can't consume vegetables well the problem is that you need vitamin K to help regulate the consistency so again I'm not going to go down that road right now because I don't want to get in trouble but I'm just telling you if you are put on coumadin you better do your research and then decide for yourself but I want to talk about this vitamin k2 k2 this is kind of a new thing for people but vitamin k2 is probably will be the one of most important vitamins in the next five years if people start learning about and start taking why.

Because it controls calcium it controls and regulates the soft tissue calcium it transports the calcium from the wrong place in the arteries in the brain and the joints and it puts it into the bone vitamin k2 will make your arteries elastic I'll come back to that in a little bit so here's vitamin A acne dry skin sinus can't see in the dark vitamin D own pain depression asthma osteoporosis or osteopenia vitamin E deficiency heart cramps cramps in your calves and low oxygen so you run out of gas real fast if you're exercising so you have low recovery vitamin k2 I want to spend a little more time on this there's a great website it's called bite.

It it's called vitamin k2 org has a lot of research that you can go into when your spare time learn about k2 in the research on elasticity if you have these Spurs in your joints like I do from trauma injuries and accidents falling off my bike ins and on the cement having surgeries for my arms and all that you're going to have a lot of spurring and you're gonna have a lot of arthritis and a little type of calcium deposit so guess what will help that k2 and the combination of III and K two together and what k2 will do is it prevents bone spurs it prevents bunions why do you think people get this these bunions that's like a calcium deposit on your big toe there's also a condition called.

Stenosis that's when the spinal column is suddenly gets smaller well guess what that is that's calcium plugging up the spinal column so you have kidney stones gall stones plaquing in the arteries stiffness in the joints arthritis bursitis tendinitis all that is a lack of vitamin k2 if you don't have vitamin k2 you body basically turns into a stone let me get more into that there's a a way better test for heart risk then kallab didn't cholesterol 50% of all people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol it's really the calcium buildup on the arteries that's why the arteries become stiff and then you will have a problem with high blood.

Pressure and then eventually a stroke but there's a test that can be done called the coronary artery calcium scoring and you do this test and they can look inside and see if your arteries are calcified so this is a way better predictor of heart attacks than cholesterol a lot of the doctors don't want to you know they're not really flexible in their thinking so they're they're kind of it's going to take a while before they accept this but I'm not going to wait that long here's here's another Time magazine so we know it's true it says predicting heart attack risks a calcium test may help and just for some.

Of you that don't know me have a very dry sense of humor says right here researchers looked at 950 patients with no symptoms of heart disease and found that patients with the presence of calcium even with those at low cholesterol had twice the risk of heart attacks or stroke and four times the risk of heart disease because the calcium is when you take calcium without the right things without vitamin k2 you can increase your chance of getting heart attacks here's another one use users of calcium supplements had significantly statistically significant increase in myocardium risk which is heart attack amazing well guess me now let's uh let's see what you guys if you.

Can get this right um go ahead and answer this question because I've been rambling on a long time um tell me what where do you get vitamin k2 what foods have vitamin k2 I'm gonna see if you guys get this right and as you're typing I'm going to answer some questions can K to help a aortic stenosis absolutely check out the website and look into that era you're going to find that it absolutely will help that is k2 bad when your arteries are already too elastic now it's not going to make it worse okay you need to take board much more vitamin A but reluctant to try carrot juice well I wouldn't get my vitamin A from carrots I would get my vitamin A from animal fat I would consume.

Grass-fed butter things like that okay so some of you it's kind of a mix some of you are saying kale there is no K 2 in PL you're thinking of K 1 ok vitamin K 2 is different in k1 but some of you had this correct so let's go back and show you my slide let me find my powerpoint but okay there it is right there okay check this out we get it from grass-fed products okay and see the k1 is in the grass the cows eat the grass they convert the K 1 into K 2 you may eat the milk the key for the yogurt the cheese the beef the eggs from the chicken who hopefully eat some grass and then that's how you get it that's how you get K 2 you can have a vegetarian source through it's called NATO and.

That's the supplement I use so it's a type of them non GMO fermented soy product in Japan it's called NATO and that's what I use because it's a it's a version MK 7 which is a natural version I like it better than synthetic but the point is that you get it from the grass-fed animal products but you might say well I eat cheese ate milk yeah but you probably don't realize that most it when you buy beef or or any type of yogurt or cheese or butter you have to read the labor has to say grass-fed because if it's not man it's some soy in corn-fed I just did an interview of a farmer who is a patient and he said most the farmers nowadays plant koi corn and soy and 90% of its.

Shipped off to the animals so that's what they get to eat and unfortunately it's all GMO and it really destroys the digestive system of these animals so it's really really bad I wanted to show you real quick on a lot of the problems that happen with too much I'll see em soft-tissue calcium one you get calcification of the arteries so you're going to get arrhythmias why do you think some of the medications they use for the heart and high blood pressure are called calcium channel blockers it's because you have too much calcium in the heart and therefore you have to take this drug that pull it up but they're not looking at the whole scene so we have anxiety bone pain.

Insomnia soft tissue calcium and the kidneys gallstones arteries eyes well what do you think cataracts are that's calcium constipation oh yeah check this out increase urination yeah it's too much calcium there's the condition if you want to know the name of the condition is called hypercalcemia too much calcium in the blood and you can get it also by taking too much vitamin D because vitamin D will increase in the blood and not taking vitamin k2 so I always recommend taking vitamin k2 with vitamin d3 and you'll be safe cramps asthma bronchial spasm that chronic cough that's a that's a calcium issue um high blood pressure but again you have to look at do you not.

Have enough bile to even digest the fat soluble vitamins what I'm trying to do is expand your knowledge of the digestive system the absorption of nutrients and all the deficiencies that can occur and then if you have a symptom you know what it means gall bladder the causes of gall bladder issue highest region from heavy periods giving birth will increase estrogen birth control pills estrogen therapy environmental estrogens excessive soy soy protein isolates and a lot of the diet things that are there like for example thick Medifast ideal protein it's all soy based it's genetically modified story and even if it's not generally modified it's still estrogenic.

High cortisol that's stress so the gallbladder um when you get stressed that can that can mess with the gallbladder high estrogen and also low amounts of vegetables and college I think I never ate a vegetable i justified I said I'll eat vessels when I graduate that nine years later I didn't eat them I didn't like them and now I probably more vegetables than any vegetarians that I know and do I like them I don't even know if I like them I eat them because I'm such an Abbott now but I just consume them because they're good for me and they make me feel good that's why I eat them low fat diets check this out vegetarians have gallbladder problems because and I'm not.

Saying stopping the deter and I'm just telling you some of the things that if you do it incorrectly could be a problem because I think some people do very well on a vegetarian diet but other people don't so I'm very flexible with what diet I put someone on but guess what stimulates the bile release not just the acid stomach but actual saturated fats I guess where that comes from animal products so if you get that other diet then also your goal butter dries out and you don't have enough biome so then you start getting your skin gets dry and your vision goes been dry here all sorts of things Oh lands of nuts will irritate the gallbladder two or underman ated nuts.

Now what you should do if you buy raw nuts and you soak them in water and overnight and then rinse them out and then dry them in maybe a low temperature in your oven or a dehydrator that's called germinating and that will actually help you digest those nuts because that process helps to get rid of certain types of things that block digestion are called enzyme inhibitors I know it's a pain in the butt but um you know I will guarantee if you don't do that and you eat nuts you probably notice your right shoulder start hurting solutions take purified bile salts now the next question is where does it come from I knew you can ask that it comes from an ox called ox bottle but we're.

Not giving you ox bile we're giving you just two purified salts of the bile and that's what your body needs to help build up your own bow why because bile is recycled and once you lose it it's really hard to get it back so the liver in the gall bladder love vegetables and they love the kale kale juice kale blended lg's so why do you think I recommend kale because it's really good for the gall bladder in the liver and I drink it on a regular basis that I feel really good so that's some simple solutions for the gall bladder okay so what I want to do right now is I just want to see I'll answer some questions our raw nut butters okay absolutely those are totally fun how do I feel.

About using ox bile I love it I think it's a really beneficial thing you speak of is eating vegetarian bad whoever eating animals in the way that grows them okay yeah I totally understand that viewpoint that the animals are treated terribly and that's a good reason not to consume them but I found that personally with my body and a lot of patients if they don't do animal products their health suffers so again it's just a viewpoint what foods are good sources of vitamin E all of the vegetables peas by the way are very high in vitamin E if you have some frozen peas and you eat those that would be a high in vitamin E also certain nuts certain seeds that are not rancid are high in vitamin E what's.

The maximum level of d3 now realize the international units come in our different form so on my vitamin D I use the 10,000 IU's and you might say wow that's too much yeah but it's only it's only like ten milligrams it's not that much and I don't know why they used international units cuz they make it sound like it's a lot if you take a forty thousand I use a d3 and then four hundred units of cake k2 together you will get some serious improvement in your joints and your arteries so here's the thing if you have symptoms of calcium to shoot calcium you want to take a little bit more like I take if you don't then you can take a little less like maybe take one of each.

But I'll get into the dosing and a little bit can you do a keto without a gall bladder absolutely you just might need to take some Sembach for your five bile salts is epsom salts good for you well epsom salts is magnesium sulfate and that will also help with a gall bladder issue because magnesium does relax the battle duct but it's only temporary and so I like the bio um does low stomach acid affect your double bowel syndrome yeah because it's going to be undigested food that's going to end up in your small intestine so anything I always like to start with the stomach and work down what if you don't have a gall bladder then you definitely need to do bile salts um yeah you want.

To check your blood levels of d3 to make sure it doesn't get out of control but if you take somehow if you have if your gall bladder is working in your you support that and you take K two you can get away with taking a little bit more d3 and and you need D three to help help transport to work with the k2 to transport the calcium um should can a cancer patient supplement with calcium only if they have a deficiency really I like to get my calcium from food um certain dairy I like grass-fed cheese I like grass-fed um I like certain types of kefir but mainly with cheese that's how I get it um I let's see here okay so we trim oil wonderful for vitamin E and we trim oil.

Does not have does not contain gluten okay so um all right now let me just get back to the slide presentation okay let's get to the pancreas the pancreas Wow I really plan to going 30 minutes so I have to go a little faster sorry guys I don't have that much longer ago but the pancreas is an organ that's underneath the left ribcage it does two things it makes all the enzymes to help you digest but it also helps you balance blood sugars because it makes insulin so enzymes are those proteins that basically transform food into your body and break down the body into waste it works with the bile so in other words bio only breaks down food to a certain.

Level and then it's the pancreas enzymes to take it all the way down to the smallest particle and then so we need both of those things working together some of the symptoms from the pancreas are identical to the gallbladder um symptoms steadily up that's oily sticky stool that sticks to the toilet like the skid marks on the toilet on the bottom of the toilet that means that you have a pancreas problem because you're deficient in the pancreatic enzyme special specifically lipase or lipase okay under adjusted food which causes constipation slugger spells that can be a symptom you see how you can have like you really have to look at if you have one symptom I can't tell you what to.

Take unless I get the whole picture of what's going on I have certain infographics that I'll be putting out this week to help you guys kind of organize all these things easily okay stomach pain bloating irritation gas similar to the gallbladder similar to the stomach pancreatitis you could have that if if there's a blockage of the duct what do you do what do you do to kind of prevent pancreas problems you need us to having some raw foods I like to have my vegetables mostly raw when I eat a salad I'll do the salad lettuce stuff but I will always chop up some like red cabbage in there I'll do some kale um I will I might do some cauliflower I.

Always do these additional vegetables and my salads to really just take it to the next level I don't go I don't like have the whole thing like that but I have probably a good like a good couple cups avoid sugar okay that will help your pancreas I guarantee avoiding roasted nuts germinate your silkier nuts and seeds because the squirrels bury their nuts in the in the dirt and then they eat them after a while that sounds really weird doesn't it okay so the enzymes for the pancreas are called pate pancreatic that would be pancreatic enzymes that you could take if you had a pancreas issue okay we're going right to the colon your colon it has it's like 33 feet of intestine so we have the small.

Intestine and we have a large intestine 90% of all the digestion occurs in the small intestine this is where you have a lot of friendly bacteria that make enzymes to help you break down a lot of food so we we have about a hundred trillion microbes living on an inside our body ten times the amount that you have a cells so you only have like ten thousand ten trillion cells you have a hundred trillion microbes living on your body Veronica do you know that only ninety percent of you has really micro microbes yeah that's pretty gross isn't it so microbes are growing right now all over you and inside you but guess what they help you they work with you you provide a house and they take care.

They take the garbage out and also help make vitamins and they help your immune system as well um okay so let's see here function 90% all the digestion I just talked about that they help their microbes are mini recyclers there are garbage disposals when you don't have enough microbes and you're deficient in the bacteria you get unfriendly bacteria that that grows too much and this might be a personal question Veronica because there's there's only 1,700 people on this webinar but um do you have any yeast problems yeast infections um actually I did okay so what happens toenail yeast chronic halitosis all this is a deficiency of.

The good bacteria and an excess of the bad bacteria in your gut you have all the 400 different types of strains you have from the bacteria from the yeast friendly mold friendly fungus and that you need in your body and without these things especially if you take antibiotics you are going to get bloating constipation or diarrhea bad breath abdominal pain cramps diarrhea and gas other than that you're going to be totally fine solution what is the solution the solution is probiotics I always like the soil based organisms microorganisms because the soil based probiotics are the microbes that will help kind of deodorize you like good plant base or I'm sorry soil.

Based organisms which are called effective microbes they're liquid if you take them when you wake up in the morning there's no bad breath even when you go to the bathroom there's no there's no bad odor fact we should have a bottle list in the airports when before you go in the bathroom because there's like every single person with a digestive problem there so probiotics are very important and you can even take these liquid probiotics spray them on your sewage and it just cleans everything up so it's the same microbes that are in our body that are in the soil yogurt is a bit too weak to get your bacteria from but kefir is way better make sure it's plain and then.

Fermented foods very very important fermented foods and that would be like kief like kefir pickles sauerkraut um what else kombucha those are all fermented drinks those are really good no I know I haven't not been answering some questions do you recommend the probiotic yes I will in a second let's see toenail yeast yeah what happens when you don't have enough good bacteria you get overgrowth of bacteria and fungus that can grow on the outside your body is toe on your skin that's what I mean is that you're deficient in the good bacteria um yes I will have this on replay yes and let's see here I had my colon cut room a.

Part of my colon well then you definitely need to support the digestive system because if you ever colon resected you're going to be always deficient in the surface area which then you're going to have less microbes that's why we need like a long digestive tract to be able to get a full digestion my daughter is having problems with breakouts with weight I would do vitamin A and vitamin E but just make sure that her diet has those fast Laden vitamins but you might need help with some bile rashes on the skin well that would be a vitamin A I would look for the vitamin A and gallbladder when you actually support the gallbladder you really help the skin with so many things because.

Think about all these these creams that women buy for their skin they're all fat Seibel vitamins vitamin E vitamin A oils the putting on the outside the skin but they're not taking from the inside out if you took like my daughter for example Veronica I sent you a picture of my daughter right you you can't really see her skin but her skin is like an angel skin and that that's because you know she's her gallbladder is working good and she can pull these nutrients into the skin and for women I mean why put it on the outside when you can take it from the inside out good let's see if there's another question here okay please explain soil base there's.

Different types of microbes out there there's probiotics there's acidophilus the type of microbes that I always use recommend and have are called effective microbes because they can be used in your garden that can use in your body and Japan has done a lot of studies over the last few hundred years on these microbes and they have these blends that work synergistically that are for spraying in gardens and different soils to be able to convert them from herbicides to an organic free or an organic soil because they can eat up the chemicals so they actually help recycle chemicals in soil so these microbes the soil based microbes are doing all the wonderful things are breaking down.

Minerals and then helping to plant absorb it so our soils are filled with microbes well the same microbes are on the soil or in our body so there are microbes that you can take they're not going to be called soil based because the FDA is freaked out about that they're called effective microbes okay good so now I want to show you so I'm going to show you something let me get back here yeah so there's been some questions what do I take for this how do I take that where do I get this I'm going to give you an option of getting a little kit that I put together starting with the gall bladder formula and then you can just get the gall bladder formula it's fine but there's a little.

Kit that I'm going to show you I recently upgraded my gall bladder formula to made it make it very very complete because not only did I put the purified bile salts in oh that's already been in there but I just recently put the pancreatic enzymes all it's called pancreatic 4x which has all those enzymes for the pancreas like it's the ultimate digestive supplement because it handles the pancreas it handles the gallbladder it handles the stomach I put betaine hydrochloride in there and there's also stone root in there there's a Spanish black radish for the liver it has slippery elm bark to help lubricate the bile duct so it's a.

Wonderful product that you take more like a short-term product unless you don't have a gall bladder you need to take it long-term but you take it as needed and I always start out with one with breakfast and just see how you do um don't take it on an empty stomach mmm tea stomach take it with food and then if it helps you then take one for lunch and one for dinner you you might not need it for three meals you might just need it for the breakfast so start small work up but it's it's really a complete supplement for the gall bladder but this is a webinar discount that I'm going to give you off this little kit it's kind of a fat soluble vitamin optimization kit if you want to call it.

So let's start with the gallbladders talked about that I have the natural k2 and there's several versions of k2 this is the natural one it's called a mk7 is from nato so it's not from animal products so k2 is the one we talked about the calcium transportation and then we have vitamin d3 this is 10,000 IU's so what I did is I have the right ratio so it's always a one to one ratio between K 2 and D 3 the only thing I would recommend though if you have some major major major calcium problems you may want to take like 2 to 1 like twice as much k2 is d3 so if it's a mild problem I take take one of these and one of these in the morning with either some butter or your.

Breakfast if you have symptoms like I don't know high blood pressure calcium issues stiffness or even have a stroke I would take 4 K 2 & 4 D 3 personally I take 4 of each in the morning and you'll find that the it will help transport the calcium out of the wrong places then we have the probiotic this is live probiotic flora and basically this is the effective microbes I talked about because I got this from Japan it's a liquid it doesn't go bad you keep it outside the frigerator you take a half a capful before bed and I like to put it with a little bit of kefir and slug it before bed and all night bomb it grows on your digestive tract and it'll start to build up your.

Flora that's the friendly bacteria that is in the in the microbes so I'm going to also try it I don't know if I can this works yeah okay so if you if anyone wanted to get this they can click this and you would get the 20% off automatically so that's just a link that you can click but it's on the shopping cart but if you're not in the webinar you don't get the discount so you'd have to click that to get it but it's a kid and then we also if you get the kit I'm going to give you this little bonus which is my mouse pad which is pretty cool so I'm going to show you I have it right here this is what it looks like right here this is your kale mouse pad it's a.

Pretty cool so so anyway if you wanted to get something if you wanted to get some fat soluble a whole kit you can get it or just get it individual if you want it's on my website but here's the thing the probiotic that that is something I don't take long term I'll take it for a couple months and then I won't take it for a month or two I'll take it for a couple months and I won't take it because once you fortify your body with the microbes you don't need it anymore and you know it's interesting you will just go you know what I'm done I have enough so almost like your body will tell you the microbes will tell you I had enough and if it's really if you have like a lot of.

Antibiotic stuff you probably take a whole capsule if you have a little child maybe take a little half a teaspoon and just a little bit in the water but there's little white specks on there that is not a bad thing those are microbes that are clumped together there are little colonies so don't it's not contaminated so you take half a capful before bed you can take it in water a little kefir and it grows the intestine and then in the morning it'll um like I'll have people that will take it for like a week and they'll notice that their their breath is different they no longer have chronic halitosis their energy is better and even their digestive system down here is better.

Unfortunately the water now has antibiotics if you do tap water which I hopefully you don't do that and we're just bombarded by chemicals so it's a it's a high quality liquid probiotic um the d3 is natural and that's in a 10,000 IU's so it's only actually it's only one milligram okay it's not it's not ten milligrams it's one of the gram so it's not that much and you take the k2 and then the gallbladder and you can take them together to start to help absorb it so that's what I'm going to recommend tonight if you have any problems with the digestive system so as you're looking at that I'm going to continue to answer some questions here can I call.

Your office with the code and get it tomorrow yes of course you can what I can do is I can i'll send people the code actually I don't know I'm going to see if I can give you the code right now because let me just see if I can do that copy let's try that right now chat um see if I could do this I don't know if that worked yes there is it there yeah FN 20 does it give you the actual code yeah isn't it a 20 oh okay so what I'm going to do is I will just create a this is the code right here alright so let me just do this here your backspace alright so I'm just gonna show people to code if you want to write it down screen share alright so it's F s and K 203 D off so.

It's that's Oh F F okay so that's the code that you can use if there's any questions you can call my office but that is the code that you can use all right um let me see here all right so all right so now let's see here someone's asking about water the best water to take would be mineral water with ionized calcium and magnesium I like the Pellegrino I like the I like to read labels and just get me out like unique waters even if they'll do Fuji even because it's like a good mineral water and it's almost sweet to me and so that's fun water that I love that's the best you can also you know filled your own water and then take electrolytes if you want I'm going to be doing this.

Seminar different seminars for the next month every Tuesday on different topics so that's why this one is the digestive system but there will be other seminars but I'm going to have you sign up for the additional ones but because you sign up for this one you will be able to automatically just click a button when I send you the link and it will it'll enter your information so it'll be a real simple way to sign up for next Tuesday but I wanted to get this step out because a lot of information is based on some new books that I'm writing a book series that I wanted to you know see how people like the information see if it can help them.

Alright says why do I get acid reflux with apple cider vinegar I try to take cranberry juice well what happens is that there is a condition where you have too much lactic acid that's a waste ask that comes from the small intestine so if you have a situation where you do not do well with fermented like episode of vinegar and you get like a sour then what you need is you need to fix the the waste acid in a lower bottle so that's what you need the probiotic that I recommended to take in a liquid form to start building up the good bacteria that make lactic acid the good microbes make acids to help you protect you against the unfriendly microbes that my unfriendly microbes can't live in that.

Acidic environment your intestines especially the large intestine is very acidic so you and that's because the microbes make lactic acid to help you digest and also to help kill off microbes so we need that nice balance of acid and that's why you need sometimes need to take microbes because it'll start to counter that um so there are people that don't do well with that and that's because the problem is coming from the lower bowel do you ship to Australia yes I do what about alkaline water absolutely not only if it's naturally made alkaline water but the machines I don't recommend it because I'll check people with a pH of a nine it's like way way too high of.

The urine and that's because we're drinking all this alkaline water um I don't know if I could show you this this is a this is a book I keep these in my office this is an endocrine book I'm going to turn to the adrenal right here and you can see that the adrenal you can see that causes alkalosis so stress makes you too alkaline in your blood your urine might be too acid because you're losing assets you're losing assets from your stomach so when you check the year and you're like highly acidic but you're really generating an alkaline internal blood and that's alkalosis and so as soon as you start doing alkaline water you start remember we talked about pH.

You start destroying the stomach you up lies the stomach so now you can't pull the minerals now you don't have the electrolytes now you feel dizzy now the adrenals go down it um now you get cramps and then you can't sleep so if you're feeling very hyped up and you can't wind out easily it's a like electrolyte problem what is the symptom of gallbladder polyps well polyps are like a mini tumor in tumors are triggered by things that are causing anabolic effect and that would mainly be there's couple hormones are anabolic one is estrogen number two is insulin so the most common cause for polyps is usually an insulin polyp and that's coming from eating a little too.

Much sugar if you want to get rid of polyps just avoid all sugars and read the labels oh yeah someone asked is does my probiotic um does it go through the stomach yes it does none of that none of those microbes are destroyed at the stomach level one of the microbes in my probiotic is called called Pseudomonas sunomono Paul serious that microbe can grow in lava isn't that wild it can grow in lava it doesn't get kill I mean like it'll survive anything so there are microbes that live in the cloud I mean live in the bottom of the ocean so it's a very complete there's 400 strains in that probiotic so when you take it and it's like it's going to.

Slowly over time balance out your your flora at town I mean there's a lot of different effects that will create for joints for less waste in your gut more regular bowel movements lubricates the colon does a lot of things um baking soda for stomach problems absolutely not because that's going to alkalize your stomach and you don't want to take baking soda it'll give you a little bit of relief but then it could create a lot of problems down the road just like you Veronica when you took the any assets you probably noticed that you felt good for a second and then it got worse is that true yes that's good that's completely correct yeah yeah because just alkalize your stomach you.

Feel better and then you feel worse and then you're like oh my gosh my stomach is killing me right so I just finally got through all my slides and I want to know if you guys liked the webinar did you learn anything oh sorry the ratio of k2 it's a 1 to 1 ratio K 1 to K 2 okay so how many do you need personally I take for K 2 in 4 d 3 in the morning every single day why because I have a history of a lot of spurring I'm trying to find my bed my x-rays renhill show you I have spurring all of my neck back from injuries from motorcycle accidents and things like that and but other people take it maybe further blood pressure so be four to four if for.

Example you might have you just want to prevent issues just take one in one but the k2 is really good for creating elasticity into the arteries in the joints and also if anyone of you take any of my vitamins or anything you have a question about how many I should take you could always call my office and ask me personally I will leave a message and tell you what to take based on your history but I'll probably need you to give a little history on what's going on I don't like the alkaline water machines now I don't honey now you don't want to take honey because it's basically too many too many sugars unless you don't want to lose weight if you don't want to lose weight.

A little bit of Tupelo Honey is not a bad thing Organic coffee I'm not against a small amount of coffee that's the worst of your problems it's like if you want to do that just make sure the cream is organic and make sure that the the sugar is xylitol and not regular sugar or if you want to use some honey but if you're trying to lose weight that's not a good idea all right so I want to just say thank you for all of you that actually stayed on this long because I went overboard by an hour again and I hope you enjoyed it I hope you got some great data so I want you to apply what you learned and I'm looking forward to talking to you next Tuesday night same.

Time same place we're going to cover even some more in-depth information about cortisol so thank you wonderful comments bronica did you learn anything I did okay well thanks uh thank you for coming on here I still want to kind of help you tweak I think now we have to do with your gall bladder because I we've been working on the stomach now it's the gall bladder and work our way down but just have to get the the food right so I want to thank everyone for coming on I appreciate your attention and your interest and again um if you wanted to get the kit go ahead and click it I don't even know if it's posted.

Anymore maybe it is is that is it posted somewhere in there yeah so anyway um have a wonderful night it's time to go to bed and for me and I will see all of you very very soon and thanks for Annika thank you you're welcome
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