Keto Q&A with Dr. Berg and Karen Berg

Keto Q&A with Dr. Berg and Karen Berg

Keto Q&A with Dr. Berg and Karen Berg

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You take this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg good morning we're back and we're here.

To take your questions Karen is here hello and Karen's gonna help feel some of the Facebook and YouTube questions so there's already a lot of callers on the line in fact Debbie called about 30 minutes ago from Tennessee hey Debbie go ahead I'm ready for your question yes first I would say I've been on it a little over three weeks and I've lost 10.

Pounds Wow so I'm doing separate but the last week or so I have been having the worst craving for peanut butter and I give into it cuz I can't stand it I don't know why I would crave peanut butter yeah the peanut butter addiction is very common among people now I mean it's basically do you crave peanut butter.

When like in between meals yes that's what I crave them yeah so how many meals re how many meals are you doing right now well basically one and then in the evening I have yellow sugar free jello with that spray on topping because it has no carbohydrates and basically one and then I have something about six.

O'clock I probably should have a meal so so here the good thing is you're not craving sweet things right you're craving a fat no so that's good I think something missing well I think what I would do is you want to transition to this really nice and smoothly the fact that you crave anything or you're even hungry for anything means you might want.

To back out of it a little bit and have maybe two solid meals like real good meals with the potassium the vegetables and then maybe add some peanut butter to that meal that's what I would do because if you're going a little too fast that can kind of throw you off a little bit so just back it down oh you're freezing so you're cold yeah you're yeah that's a.

Low blood sugar thing so you just have to back out of it a little bit and you know you start with three meals and two meals in one meal so if you go too fast then you're not adapted Foley so you're in the phase of adaptation you just need to spend a little more time with maybe two meals really good healthy nails.

Okay sure all right on any of my things so this is all I get it won't go live what won't go live Facebook or YouTube neither one of them are going live well your your live now so everyone's here you know I know but it's not on my computer oh I got it well hey keep trying thanks Debbie hey Brooke you've been um you've been on the line.

For a while to you you're also from Tennessee you had a question about warts and thirst go ahead I had worked when I was a kid you know like on my hands and my knees in my feet and I also had them on my eyelid those little weird more so people get on their eyelid and the doctors say that there's no way to prevent them you can just like having.

Lasered off afros offer like have them clipped off and I would like to know how to prevent those I'm sure there's bite of the venom and then why am I getting so thirsty after I eat because like I don't eat any sugar okay so quick question about the thirst do you have a history of eating other sugar yes okay did you just start the the keto and.

Intermittent fasting okay has the thirst then increased as you started doing it the first I just started like this not okay well good so let's let's talk about that I just first of all in are just to give everyone a disclaimer everything that I say and recommend is really not meant to diagnose anyone check with your doctor before taking all these these.

Recommendations that I might give you with you know based on my opinion but it's meant for your entertainment and education to do research okay that being said as far as the warts go that's usually a viral problem and there's some great remedies out for viruses one is something called mono Lauren mono Lauren okay it's a.

Concentrated compound in coconut oil and get it online give it Amazon go to health food store mana Lauren it's one of the best things I know for viruses you take small amounts over a long period of time and then you can start beefing up a little bit more but that's a really good for thing for virus is a natural thing with I don't know of any.

Side effects okay so as far as your thirst goes typically if you're extra thirsty it could even be a blood sugar problem pre-diabetes because diabetics usually have a lot of sugar problems when the sugar is really high and then what happens is wherever the sugar goes the water goes so the sugar goes out of the urine and the water goes out so.

You're you're peeing more and you're thirsty more that can be a blood sugar thing however if if you're doing this for two months and maybe other things are improving but let's say you're more thirsty it could be you need more hydration or more quantity of fluids in general because think about it when you.

Do the keto which is low carb you are getting rid of all the excess fluid in the body it's almost like a natural diuretic and that's why you need to keep your electrolytes very very high and and the one that you need to keep high is the sodium the salt and that's what people forget that you need at minimally a teaspoon a day and that would give you.

About 2300 milligrams salt is composed of table cells composed of sodium and chloride so in table salt salt would be sodium you get about 40% but then the other 60% is chlorides so to get the necessary sodium that you need you need a teaspoon of salt so I would add more you'll retain more fluid you have more volume your blood pressure if it was low.

Will come up to a good range but also low so salt diets also worsen insulin resistance which is interesting so I think just by adding a little salt that'll like fix everything and then be okay if you're thirsty just drink more water and I think you'll be totally fine alright thanks for calling Brooke so do we have any questions coming off the.

Facebook here the Facebook yes so and on the YouTube we have Michael asked about keto for a very fatty liver yeah okay here's what happens when you dookied out hopefully are you doing in a minute fasting too you're dropping insulin down which means that you're gonna mobilize and release a lot of fat from your fat cell and as this fat comes out it's.

Gonna come through your bloodstream and it has to go through the liver to then come out as well and if you are not consuming enough of these things called vegetables if you're not consuming enough quantity of vegetables okay salads then you could potentially end up with the fatty liver I'm just letting you know so you want to keep your.

Vegetables very high and you know to worry about it in fact doing that will then actually reduce fat on your liver so yes keto is one of the best things to get rid of fat off your liver because the actual underlying cause of a fatty liver is high insulin which can come from sugar or eating too frequently and and also definitely high fructose corn.

Syrup will do it more than more than regular sugar so good I have another one okay okay good so Noreen on Facebook is asking can she do the keto diet if she is has adrenal fatigue well I think it's gonna be if you have four Drina fatigue it's the thing you need to do to lower stress being on a carbohydrate diet especially a high carbohydrate diet is.

Is stress on the adrenals fat burning you're burning fat is a low stress thing ketones are very low stress on the nervous system and by the way half of your adrenal is neurological tissue so you're gonna actually reduce stress the thing that people are confused about is the intimate fasting portion of this where you're not eating and then your.

Blood sugars aren't ready for it so cortisol which is the adrenal hormone tends to break down protein a little faster and releases turns it into sugar and it can elevate your sugar but what if you go at this at a very nice gradual pace we're doing three meals no snacks and then slowly take that breakfast and start inching it.

Towards lunch it'll be the best thing for the adrenals just make sure that you're consuming a lot of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium and sodium for the adrenals I use the electrolyte power for that powder it for that and then also the B vitamins very important nutritional yeast is key those two things will really help your adrenals as.

You make the transition but yeah carbs are not good for the adrenal at all now let's go to a call from Paula you're from Philadelphia you had a question on the adrenal as well and the thyroid tell me tell me what will be your question hi I've been having a lot of adrenal issues not really fatigue but I noticed like I have an increased heart rate and like my.

Blood sugar is all over the place like I can't get that into control and I tried to do keto but like I have a gallstone if I measured it like one point six centimeters and when I tried like in the morning I'll have the like three eggs with butter avocado and bacon and I take the gallbladder formula like one pill afterwards and I drink apple cider.

Vinegar before and I have problems like I can't um and my blood sugar drops through the night like it drops all day long I gotta keep I can't get a control of it even though I'm adding a lot of fats to my meals I can't go three meals a day I got to do like like every four hours I have to eat yeah I don't know exactly what's the quantity of.

Vegetables that you're consuming in the morning I blend up to big handfuls of spinach and I put a lot of stuff in it like maca maca powder MCT oil just different chia seeds a bunch of stuff and I'll drink that too like around ten o'clock and and then I have a salad for lunch and then I eat like cauliflower man.

Potatoes I keep that on hand make that with butter and sour cream and I might have like you know steamed broccoli at dinner time with a protein okay but I just can't get a hold of you handle on it so there's like let's just talk about this I think this brings up a really good point if someone has like a really dysfunctional adrenal thing what.

Happens is that you have this circadian wave of adrenal hormones that will normally it's supposed to spike at 8 o'clock in the morning and that's why even when you do in a minute fasting when you get this spike at 8 o'clock you can have a higher level of cortisol and that's normal and that alone can start dropping your blood sugars and you end.

Up with low blood sugars that's why some people have like a false sense of hunger about 8 o'clock in the morning because they're like why am i hungry I shouldn't be hungry that's just the cortisol doing this whole blood sugar thing it's going to be a temporary thing just push through it and you'll be fine so but if it's happening like a 2 o'clock in the.

Morning that's probably you know adrenal issues as well especially through the day if it's off but especially if it's high but there's a couple things that you have to realize you're trying to do this whole keto with an adrenal with a gallstone you're gonna have to focus really on dissolving that stone with maybe a little more bile salts maybe two.

With each meal I would add choline as a supplement you can get it as a powder put that in your shake and start consuming that I would add a non-gmo lecithin to that as well so you can start to those are just high in certain properties phosphates to help dissolve this gallstone and then will happen that will become less and less I would not.

Add extra oil to your diet that doesn't only come with the food I wouldn't add MCT oil because it just what happens the oil stimulates the bile and it actually causes a contraction of the gallbladder so that can irritate your gallbladder I would do acupressure on the pancreas and then I have different videos on that as well probably not on your gallbladder.

But than the pancreas because you want to start supporting the pancreas so that would all help and then beefed up your vegetables a little bit more because the fact that your pulse rate is a little higher tells me that you need more potassium so in that shake if you were to add parsley kale and beet tops.

I think that'll give you the nice icing on the cake or that I shouldn't say icing on the cake that'll give you the meat and potatoes no no it'll give you the necessary nutrients to help give you the edge of bringing that heart rate down also be one from the attritional yeast will bring the pulse rate down – these are just little tips and then try.

Like heck to start doing in a minute fasting as soon as possible adding more a little more fat to the meal because that's really gonna help you all right Paula hey Joe Joey I think it's Joe aim you're from Utah go ahead I probably dropped that um that's okay back in April I had a complete bloodwork done I knew something was wrong I knew it.

Wasn't right they did a complete blood work came back insulin resistance got it you know you're here I hear you everything okay okay okay so that's I actually had insulin test which I know that most doctors don't do they only do the glucose yeah so I was at 22.2 and she told me diabetes starts around 25 so she put me on metformin and.

Of course I told her I wasn't gonna stay on a drug until I could figure out how to solve the problem because medication for me is not the answer so I found you and in six months I lost 15 pounds my insulin of my last blood test went from 22 to 217 I'm now off the metformin but I still have a body fat that won't come off I have been stuck.

For the past two months I haven't nothing zero all my levels are pretty good and but I'm wondering if it may have some and I do everything I do to treat your nutritional yeast I do your wheatgrass I do potassium magnesium I do your gall bladder formula I do you name it I do it although I.

Hysterectomies a few years ago so I'm wondering if my body type has changed and maybe I'm stuck there and also my thyroid levels said they were high but she said it wasn't a concern because everything else t4 t3 a1c is all in normal ranges so she was high high thyroid stimulating hormone right the thyroid tpo is high okay okay so so.

I also take progestogen and extra dal because and I've been taking those for a long time since I was in my 30s because I had low levels of both of those okay so really really quick because I have a lot of collars I just wanted to find out are you doing in a minute fasting yeah okay how many meals a day – okay so and how far a claw how close are they.

I do intermittent fasting 17 hours so I try to eat within that a 7 hour period okay good question so let me just kind of tell you doing a lot of things right it's it's improving but now we have to tweak it I think you're gonna be left with trying to shorten that period of time within a minute fasting to try to get it closer and closer and closer to.

The point where you're even doing one meal a day and the reason for that is because you have hysterectomy that takes out one piece of the puzzle now puts more stress than adrenal so and then it throws off the thyroid – so I think your solution would be to tighten up the time between meals so try to do it shoot for 20 meals to 20 hours of.

Fasting go for that until you're comfortable adding more fat and then start switching it so you're like doing maybe one long meal between two hours and then down to one meal I think that is what you're going to need right now because your insulin was way too high and then that way that will ultimately just heal that area but you're doing.

Everything right that's what I would do to tweak it okay thanks for your call hey Karen did you have a question we have a bunch of questions on social here Cinda and a bunch of other people are asking about fats either MC tees or their fish oil in their daily supplements is that going to break the fast is that going to have some negative.

Effect on their fast well this is a really good question what about liquids what about fats what about supplements what about carbs and supplements all these different things let's just cover it well it really depends on how many calories or how much how much mass that you're consuming that will then trigger insulin if you're doing a very small.

Amount of fat it's gonna probably spike it just a tiny little bit okay but if you're doing a small amount of carbon it'll spike it a lot so you want to evaluate you know the quantities I'm not crazy about a lot of people jumping into the MTC's if they have any call better issues MCT issues if they have gallbladder issues however if if they.

Don't have a gallbladder issue it might be a good thing the one of the big things they really need is the omega-3 fatty acids and you get that from flax oil and fish oils but I'm going to recommend a high quality cod liver oil virgin olive oil as the best thing so those are the two fats that you would need more than anything and if you'd.

Consumed that in a supplement or just the liquid it's gonna stimulate insulin such an insignificant amount you're not gonna have to worry about it but when you get an empty oil then you start doing like ounces you're gonna spike insulin just because the fact that you're eating okay okay good I have another one okay you have one more.

Question no social media we're gonna rule okay so there are a couple of questions just on intermittent fasting we're talking a lot about keto what's the difference do you do one without the other what's more important yeah talk about that well briefly they're coming very briefly in a minute or hour okay okay so.

Here's the thing the intimate of fasting will help you reduce insulin significantly intimate fasting will increase growth hormone by 2,000 percent and what about aging that fat burning okay okay anti-aging fat burning if you want that you know if you don't want that then forget it so I don't know yes so in termina fasting.

Will also increase testosterone okay for me no well yeah but mainly for men so it's a very important thing now doing keto will also drop your insulin down that will help you so they're both kind of similar in nature and so I would put them on the same weight of importance you just need to do them both okay now I'm gonna take a question from Linda.

She's been on the phone for 22 minutes then to go ahead you're from Indiana thanks Warren thank you for all your information you put out there I accidentally come across the video of yours and I ain't stopped since but anyway I think you've got the healthiest version of keto I haven't started yet but my question was I'm.

Getting crepey skin I'm not talking like fine lines around the eyes or anything like that but it's a crepey skin like maybe certain maybe where the slab is like say like under the arms but now I'm starting to see it on my neck is there a reason for that or what the keto help I'm sure it is something to is collagen right did you start the keto and mmm.

Fasting yet no no I want to get I'm one I like to learn everything for a jump in and make no mistakes okay good are you did you did you reading my book yeah yes I've got it I've got your you're saying and all that okay great so let me just kind of give you a step by step from really fast this is a really good booklet to get started and then filled.

In the details and I think you're doing it right I mean you're just learning all the details of how to do it but as soon as you start it's gonna start making a huge difference with your skin it's gonna help you unwrinkle your wrinkles okay because that is all collagen you don't need more collagen you need to do the intermittent fasting and the keto.

Which will drop insulin now you'll start absorbing amino acids and you'll start having more elasticity more youthful skin it will start tightening up there's another condition that is called etapa G which is your cells we cycling old damaged proteins so here you have this amazing mechanism which goes in there cleans up all the damaged old.

Proteins in your cells cleans it up now you're left with really good healthy cells that show up in nice skin toner skin less wrinkles plus the eating is gonna be really good fat soluble vitamins you can start absorbing those so that will fully handle your problem so I would maybe this weekend finish the book and then jump right in and start.

Monday because a good thing we don't have any holidays coming up attempt you thanks Linda so I want to take a question from Christian he's from California go ahead actor coverage oh wow still good to talk to you um first of I wanna say thank you for all your videos really changed my life that's good so.

The first question is you know electrolyte powder right I tend to either like way too much I want to know does it break my fast or not because I have like one one scoop of serving like almost every hour right and then like I eat one one meal a day and I'm easily it's very difficult you know because I'm so adapted but they're literally powder.

I'm so into it so I want to know is it okay for me to consume it as much as I want and my second question is um so I'm eating one one meal a day and so I'm trying to back out from this fad a little bit you know because I was one of the videos you said once we are death we can back out from the facts yeah well if there's nothing else to eat because I'm.

Having my I've like 16 cups of vegetables and then I have moderate amount of protein boy what else is that it give not a fat he don't make sense yeah yeah you got to eat something right so here's the thing you could try you know maybe add some humus in there almost would be good and you have to replace with something so you have.

Vegetables you have protein and you have fat so I would I would maybe add some types of fats that normally come with the protein itself so you can do like nuts or maybe if you want to do that brie cheese is really good maybe when you have meats have more of a hamburger if add a hamburger versus a steak those are all.

Important things now as far as electrolyte powder it has a thousand milligrams of actual potassium per serving size so you might want to stick with maybe four to five as the maximum and because you're getting it from the vegetables but some people can do more and not have a problem I would stick with that if I were you.

There's not gonna be any danger but just stick with that because that's really all you need but you're getting a lot of minerals that are going in there and the other thing that's not in there unless you're doing well actually is a lot of salt so because people normally get it from the diet so as long as you have enough salt and elect light powder I.

Think that will give you enough minerals to help you with the hydration and performance so I think you're doing great so just make those small little tweaks all right okay well let's go to Karen for a quick question yes why are my questions always quick because I have the I have these callers okay so Abdul here on Facebook he's been.

Suffering with congestion rhinos itís all kinds of allergy problems for a long time and he's basically been trying the Med route but he wants to know what do you have to say about that there's a really good video you have to check it check it out it's called a sea so I think it's called a salt nasal rinse it's a netipot procedure that you have.

This little neti pot and you put sea salt in there and it goes up into your sinuses you put a little garlic oil in there oregano oil it will clean out your sinuses really nicely I have a it's on youtube just check it out that's what I recommend and of course you want to cut out the sugar because that breeds microbes and also congestion so right it.

Isn't isn't the liver really important when it comes to allergies and inflammation yeah in fact when you when you do the keto in a minute fasting you should have less and less allergies over time especially the sinus because you're also finally able to absorb vitamin A because you're getting rid of insulin resistance which actually helps heal the.

Inside of the membranes so yeah definitely change your diet yeah good so I'm gonna give you one more question see I wasn't I wasn't completely prepared I had two lined up okay somebody let's see um I'm not sure this was first name is all I was hesitating on but she's been on thyroid meds and she's handling a thyroid issue.

And she started keto is there any specific recommendation for someone who's handling a thyroid taking meds with regard to keto well what's gonna happen is your liver function is gonna improve okay so then the need for thyroid is gonna be less and less and less because if you're taking thyroid medication and it's getting better you.

Could end up with more sour homas than you need and end up with a hyper thyroid so just monitor that because you're gonna have better liver function and take selenium and iodine from seek help that's what I would recommend okay I get more because this menu really fast I know those questions come up about five times what about coffee and cream.

Make sure it's a grass-fed cream organic grass-fed cream not a problem with coffee just make sure keep it at one cup in the morning like a medium or small cup because all that caffeine will stimulate the adrenals and by the way for those of you that are coffee drinkers if you feel that little jittery or this weird feeling after drink coffee.

Or if you're addicted to coffee you're doing too much if you take the nutritional yeast boy the report's I'm getting back it just seems to take all that out those symptoms out of the body really fast this calms the nervous system really fast because the natural B once I want to go to Dan dan you're in Toronto you had a question about organic.

Coconut oil in coffee actually okay that's correct well thanks dr. Burke I just to give you before I ask you the question I just let you know like back in November 8th I was 203 pounds and now I'm a hundred and eighty six right yeah and that's not a leg injury back in September so I haven't been able do my regular workouts so let's just by doing.

Stretches and yoga and doing the internet fasting wow that's awesome so it's incredible like I was trying to weigh myself this morning but that said wall doesn't matter cuz I feel better now you know like I feel better so but then I looked at the scales are like wow that's you know pretty pretty amazing.

Stop your rock like your advice is incredible you know I'm trying to get the word out to other people too yeah anyway so my questions this dr. Berg when you're supplementing with extra virgin coconut oil and the recommendation is one tablespoon it has no protein no carbohydrates mostly fats does that break the fast so say if I if.

I'm doing like try to do one day I'm one meal a day right now does that break the fast I put that in my I know you kind of hinted about that when think Lisa was asking that question right on but does that break the fast in the morning okay good let's talk about that it depends here's here's the data about breaking the fast in eating foods now.

Fats are basically almost close to zero as far as triggering insulin but there's another trigger of insulin and it's just the that basically every time you stimulate the gastro or the stomach hormone so if the stomach has to work in any fashion with certain calories that triggers insulin so it really depends on the quantity of fat that you consume and.

How bad your insulin resistance is a healthier you are with insulin and the more that it works you can get away with a little more fat if you have major insulin sensitivity just a little fat like a teaspoon could spike your insulin more than you would like overweight people in general have a lot more insulin than thinner people so the more.

Weight you lose the less insulin you have to deal with so the easier it is so it's almost like you have to get skinny to really fix your insulin resistance so I would play around with it and see how you do you might be able to handle it fine and if you find that you're plateauing and you want lose a little bit more then cut it out so generally.

Speaking one teaspoon it's not heaping will be totally fine with that coffee all right good we're going to go to Indiana talk to Holly you had a question yes hi dr. Berg hi I'm just starting the keto diet and I'm getting I'm reading reading reading and I'm getting a little confused I have my.

Micro on My Fitness Pal set at 5% carbs 20% protein 75 fat and you know I a lot of people says that's not right you know I'm just trying to do this right and my other question is like you're talking about the intermittent fasting when you drink keitel coffee in the morning that breaks that back correct good question very a tiny bit.

Especially if if you have a really bad insulin problem it might break it a little bit more but typically it's not going to be an issue so I wouldn't worry about it too much I have okay and another thing liver spots yeah I just seemed like the last six years I have just been getting pelted with liver spots believe it or not those should.

Improve as you do this now did you can you see my screen right now yeah okay you see this book I'm holding up do you have this you have this book no I think I'm a little bit behind okay the reason I'm recommending it's like you can get through it in 45 minutes and it's all pictures it's on Kindle it's called it's not lose weight to get.

Healthy it's good healthy lose weight and then fill in the blanks with the bigger book but there's a lot of conflicting data out here and so I try to simplify how to do this and I actually show you really simply how to do it so there's no confusion because the problem is going to all these different sources and getting.

Conflicting data I think you're going to be fine with the the ratios that you said with your eating and then you just need to go ahead and jump in I have a recent video it's called in a minute fasting keto and manifesting overview and it gives you an overview of the whole thing from start to finish and then tomorrow I'm gonna release a video.

For intermittent fasting and keto for procrastinators not that you're pressing here but I want to make it really really simple like six simple steps so everyone can actually jump in and get started but I would start with this little book right here and get it on Kindle and you can basically learn how to do this like in 45 minutes okay okay yes like I.

Said it's just so confusing you know I just and another thing I have a question about you know it says that vegetables are curbs so if you're trying to keep your carbs under 20 you know I I love ballads I could I could live off a salad so alright so Hollywood can I say something okay then I have a lot of.

Other questions in this book we're gonna clarify that as well because again it again not everyone agrees with a plan so you have to stick with one person and stick with that but the thing with the carbohydrates it's true you want to keep your carbohydrates low with this exception you don't have to count vegetable carbohydrates in fact you want.

A lot of vegetable carbohydrates you want between seven and ten cups of salad a day so or vegetables so that would so you don't to worry about it I'm talking about counting your additional carbs if you're gonna do hummus or nuts whatever and there's a little bit of carb in there or berries then those are the carbs that you count okay so hopefully.

That clarified things but yeah thanks Holly okay we're gonna go to Karen for a quick question okay what about dry eye yeah okay dry eyes I used to have that so bad it was crazy you know the combination of doing mass amounts of coffee and low minerals and also a gall bladder problem and a liver problem I wasn't able to absorb the key.

Healthy fats that I needed to go help and lubricate the eye I was very low in vitamin A I really think dry eye is a vitamin A deficiency but it's not that you're not consuming vitamin A it's because your gall bladder and liver is not absorbing it and the cells are insulin resistant and you it takes really healthy insulin normal.

Insulin low insulin no insulin resistance to be able to absorb vitamin A so do the keto in a minute fasting that will eventually help your eyes but if you want to take about them and I do not take it in a supplement form why because it's all synthetic you want to take it is a virgin cod liver oil and cut out the sugar and then.

Your body will start to absorb it and that will actually fix the dry eyes so now we're going to go to Veronica from California you had a question about d3 and k2 yes dr. Berg hi I'm so happy I got a hold of you anyway dr. Berg it's on the D in July my D was low okay so then by that time I had already been listening to your your YouTube so then I.

Started taking your regimen on that D and I came so now I went this month for some more blood work and my D is high now so way high so I was wondering was I supposed to stop at a certain time or keep going on the D or what do I do now stop it now and how many how much how much d3 are you taking I was taking the 10,000 IU's okay and are you taking the.

K2 as well and yeah and I was taking the k2 right along with it yeah what I would do uh-huh yeah here's what I would do I would take the d3 in k2 maybe every third day right now because your body's finally has enough and just realized you when they do a blood test they're measuring in the blood but sometimes you know you may.

Have have to build it up in the tissues which take a lot longer so it's like building up and driving it in there but as long as you're taking the k2 I think gonna be totally fine but I would take them every third day now and apparently you have enough d3 but of course I wouldn't worry about an excess if you're taking every third day and of course.

You're in California maybe you're gonna be able to get some Sun so maybe you'll need it like once a week that would be the best source of vitamin d3 but then you'd have to take k2 thanks Veronica okay we're gonna go to Karen okay so liz has a question about carbs she said she ate some cereal one day and she found that she had a lot.

Of joint pain why would that be what does joint pain have to do with carbs what's gonna happen is you're gonna you're gonna spike your sugars okay when you do cereal and and what's gonna happen is you're gonna spike insulin and insulin causes inflammation okay so you're gonna end up with a stiffness arthritis or pain when.

You do too many carbs so as you cut that down all that should clear right up in fact if you add in a minute fasting to your Kido your the severity of our itis goes right down so it's really good for arthritis and any type of itis bursitis tendinitis you name it all the addresses gastritis colitis okay alright good so let's go to Kara you're from Erie.

Pennsylvania you had a question about the gallbladder and pancreas go ahead hi dr. Berg I was calling you to get your advice I 39 years old I've never been sick just woke up one morning with severe well I didn't know that gall bladder at the time gall bladder problems end up had my gallbladder removed and I was in the emergency room.

For about three weeks with severe pancreatitis still had that to this day then had a hysterectomy had my uterus removed and still to this day I'm throwing up every single night I've been on the keto diet for about a month and just found out also I have saibra Hashimoto with a very large goiter just out of nowhere I just started.

Having all these symptoms and all these problems and since I've been watching your videos I have been a lot better tonight like I said I've been on a keto diet for about a month lost 22 pounds great if I die roid it has improved 50 percent with no medication just on the keto diet alone that's Fanta are you doing in a minute fasting yes I.

Am I'm doing I'm down to one meal now but but last night I just a hamburger with some sauteed peppers and onions and was very sick over that okay last night with that just don't know what my root cause is crying like I said are you doing my gallbladder formula yes I just ordered that yesterday I'm doing the gallbladder the enzymes the.

Vinegar tablet John I take that before okay let me just give you some quick tips Cara here's what you want to do you want to take the Gaul better formula after you eat that's going to start kind of giving you what you don't have right now which is low bile the factor you're doing once a day as far as your meal which is fantastic it's going to give.

Your pancreas a chance to chill out and heal I would watch my videos on the acupressure to the digestive system it's actually even in my membership site do I go more in depth but if you start to do massage on these different organs you can actually help improve the circulation because you're you're trying to help them with nutrition and foods.

Which is great but they could be manipulated they can actually it's kind of like a muscle if you have a tight muscle you'd massage it right you can do the same thing with the organs and that would actually speed things up tremendously you'll be surprised it's kind of like like massage for your organs it sounds strange but it really.

Really works the other thing you want to make sure is you really want to beef up your your vegetables now and your potassium which is gonna it's more of it's going to protect your pancreas and yes now you have the you had these organs removed you're just gonna have to cope with that but I would put more attention on your adrenals I would do.

Some acupressure on the adrenals that's what I would do if I are you because that's kind of like the last thing that's in stress know that if you actually improve that you probably see a lot of change okay let me just get a quick call from Patricia has been online for 22 minutes I want to answer her question from Pennsylvania go ahead hi.

Hi I too would like to thank you for your videos and I have a question about carpal tunnel plus um I also while my daughter has carpal tunnel then I have been struggling with tremors since late 2001 it is when it first started it was it was like um my hand would shake a little bit and then it got to a point where my head flipped in Sirk.

And up and down and back and forth and stuff and and I've been seeing my chiropractor but as long as I'm completely in I don't have the tremors but if I let their pool or something and I my spine goes out then I have trainers what have you started the keto and fasting yet I have off and on but start for me to stay on because everybody in.

My house other than me or eating the American American diet are you saying really good foods to resist yes my wife's from Ellen coots town fair and ya know Kutztown cuts to time yeah they have some serious shoofly pie there and other things so apple dumplings yeah let me give you a couple funny take let me give you some tips okay you're gonna.

Have to get cooperation from your family to help you with this thing they're gonna have to agree now to put it in your face because it's gonna be you really need to do this especially for your nervous system in the carpal tunnel which by the way if it's only in one hand I'm gonna give you a tip you can work on the.

Opposite the muscles on the opposite side it'll get rid of carpal tunnel just so fast vitamin b6 is good for carpal tunnel but I would do it through nutritional yeast and the tremors should improve once you get into some serious ketosis within a minute fasting in Aikido you're gonna have to talk to your family if they want to see you improve.

Then they're gonna have to either go on the program to support you or hide all this food when they're eating because I do know the situation it's definitely a big problem but now that you have the knowledge now it's just gonna have to try to make it easy and then for your for your nerves and the tremors you know unless you want to keep going on the.

Chiropractor for the rest of your life I would just really bite the bullet and talk to your family yeah or or lead the way and do the diet yeah regardless of what they're eating mm-hmm and get your improvements and you'll inspire them that's right gotta do it thanks Patricia now let's go to Karen for a question yes so I have shri.

Harsh from india who can't get the gallbladder formula right now so he wants to know in his diet what can he eat increase by oh well you can do beet tops like the Leafs from the beets okay the beet leaves it's very very high in nutrients that are really good for the gallbladder and also the other thing that I would do would be dandelion.

Greens if you can find them is really good for the gallbladder liver and then lastly is kale so those are the things that I would recommend to actually really help your liver okay in the gallbladder all right so now let's go to nella you're from Texas go ahead you two question yes hi dr. Burdick first of all I want to thank you so much for all your.

Videos I've had a tremendous success listening to all of your advice so my question is going to be I have lost I think a huge amount of weight so now I feel like I'm struggling for the last I want to say maybe probably less than ten pounds so my question is what is your opinion on calorie deficit or more than anything what do you think of calories.

In versus calories does does that counts and a keto diet and then if you do believe in calories in versus calories out what is your opinion on BMR and I'm sure you know what that is and also just one last question what is your opinion on coffee I love coffee time for me to give it up so just your opinion on it please like if I can get organic coffee.

Drink it every day yes so you do one into one small cup a day okay and you're good make sure you don't put sugar in there with the coffee organic would be the ideal situation now for the last that my viewpoint on calories is that we we boils down to this I'll show you in my book on page six okay the definition food that which is eaten to sustain life.

Provide energy and promote the growth and repair of tissues comes from the derivation which means nourishment so we really don't need calories we need the nourishment in the calories and that would be the vitamins and minerals and all these other things so we don't need calories so as far as calorie deficit goes it really depends on what type of.

Calories that you're doing I I wouldn't focus on restricting calories what I would focus on is restricting the frequency of eating so that way we keep the calories high enough to provide the nutrients because it's if you're doing if you really kind of look at it and confront it you're gonna have to you can lower your calories increase your.

Nutrients if you want which is a good idea but if you have a low quality food you have to eat a lot of calories to get those nutrients so it doesn't make sense so I wouldn't worry about calories just start going to twice a day or two once once a days for its eating and you can have a huge meal and lose at last 10 pounds because the real secret to losing.

Weight and you talked about your basic metabolic rate you're talking about improving that is reducing insulin because if you don't you're never going to go plows that pass that plateau you're going to hit a setpoint you're not going to bust through that the couple things that will stimulate your metabolism would be intense exercise of.

Lots of recovery and fixing insulin resistance and one last point the best way to measure your metabolism or insulin would be your girth your waist measurement okay not necessarily even a like a body comp test I will measure the waist that way you know that if it's shrinking everything is improving because that's like the big biggest.

Indicator that you know things are getting better I think that answered all your questions or might have been wanted to do that I miss but all right so let's go to Karen okay so we have Chi from Malaysia he's a student he's 19 and he says he has severe eczema and he's been on some meds and they're gonna start or suggesting.

Immunosuppressant he doesn't want to do that and he wants to know what else he can do if you want to improve your skin there's a couple things that you want to do you can have different issues with skin that are it's like mole growing on the skin in which case you want to take any one of the number of things like grapefruit.

Seed extract oregano oil things like that you can start taking that orally through supplements really helps the skin also getting enough of the vitamin A is going to be important so that would be all the healthy fats one of the best healthy fats would be egg yolks okay a lot of egg yolks and maybe some grass-fed butter cod liver oil awesome.

Vitamin A but taking it to the next step you want to take you want to take a look at it in a minute fasting and see how you can include that in your lifestyle because when you eat and then you stop eating for a period of 18 – 20 to 22 hours you go through a system where you're recycling all this the skin tissue and cells and proteins and you're.

Gonna end up with a new layer of skin that's really really nice so as far as skin goes in a minute fasting is the best thing and that includes acne because will cause acne and skin issues is high levels of insulin that's why women that have polycystic ovarian syndrome they get acne which is caused from insulin resistance and high insulin.

If they can just go on and a fasting program and cut the sugar out man that just completely clears up really nicely now we're gonna go to Robert from Thailand go ahead Robert hello dr. Berg thanks for taking the call last time I talked to you I didn't have my my lab reports but I have them here I just want to ask you I'm looking at my GFR score.

Which is 69 now it says that I have kidney disease is that make sense to you I'm 65 years old and if there's a way to improve the kidney to make it stronger I like to do that okay so let's just talk about go ahead go ahead well I was just gonna take I'm sorry good hair now listening to you I was just gonna say like yeah yeah as far as.

Me diagnosing a kidney disease I can't do that but I will give you some tips on improving kidney function but go ahead you had another question yeah the only other concern I really have is that I have some serious neuropathy in my feet and in my legs and I'm concerned that the the circulation isn't that great so.

What I am doing is I'm taking Salter twice a day organic sulfur which I'm told that can really heal the body with a lot of different things and I was just wondering what else can i Kelly do for that great question Robert there's there's a couple things you can do the B vitamins specifically b1 in the forum of a fat side will be one and even though.

This is synthetic I'm okay with taking it especially if you're trying to fix the neuropathy it's called benfotiamine and oat to mean write that down and that's really good for peripheral neuropathy is any type of nerve damage especially is it if it's related to blood sugar issues because the high levels of insulin destroy the lining of.

The sheath around the nervous system so benfotiamine is what you're missing to help heal that and also that B vitamin will protect you from the damage from high insulin and it's really good for that it's also good to actually support the kidney if you're getting your potassium from large quantities of vegetables that's also protective to the.

Kidney now there's a concern with people that kidney disease have too much potassium but you can monitor that but I think that's probably if you're gonna take potassium supplement but I've had people that have pretty serious kidney issues start adding more salad and they monitor with their doctor the amount of potassium and it actually improves the.

Kidney function so I would go with that and then add the in event of fasting in there those things would be very beneficial okay thanks Robert all right now we're gonna go to Michael from Missouri go ahead you had a question the reason I'm calling is because my wife was put on acquire a medication.

And it was about two years ago in response to her having some hair loss and for two years now and she really noticed no difference whatsoever the hair kind of falls out then it suddenly stops and it will be okay for a little while he'll be slightly cool then it'll start again and so she's really not not noticing any benefit and we've seen on.

One of your previous YouTube videos that you said it could be a good idea to get off and the sooner the better so oh you want to ask me what the strategy should be for coming off of the thyroid medication should there be some tests that are done all you do and then after you do it I imagine it may be possibly quite dangerous so we want to.

Just get you on that okay great all right here's my opinion and again check with your doctor before applying any of this this is just my opinion I'm not trying to diagnose you or tell you to come off your medication what I would suggest that you do if you're taking to our medication you don't see change then obviously there's something else going.

On because if it really was a thyroid problem that's causing all your issues then you would feel better your symptoms would improve everything would go back to normal and so they keep telling you to take it they don't really tell you why and you're here to keep going and you're like okay what's going on my hair still falling out most the.

Thyroid most thyroid conditions are secondary to either a liver problem or gallbladder problem because you're not converting to t4 to t3 and I have a video on that or it could be high levels of estrogen the other cause could be autoimmune in which case usually it's a GMO soy product that's could be triggering it some of the GMOs now cause.

Autoimmune of the thyroid Hashimoto's so avoid soy oil okay in corn oil because the chemicals in there but I would just look at estrogen in gallbladder and see if you can't improve that and get to the real issue of why you have this this problem okay Michael all right now we're gonna go to Karen go ahead Karen okay good well I want to remind everybody on.

Facebook that no matter what you comment in the comments section you will get an invite to the keto course and on YouTube what is it dr. Berg well there's a link down below yeah click the link down below and that's a really good point and I just want to piggyback on that if you guys are benefiting from any of this information and really want to help.

People press share share to your friends and family with your in Facebook or YouTube definitely share this information because the more people that learn I mean you're hearing these great success I mean they're just going to benefit in the goal is to help people but I need your help to help them and we it's a.

Win-win situation so now we're gonna go to Karen for that question good and I'm also gonna say a lot of the questions are from brand new people and they're asking where do I start so so okay go ahead so let me just answer that real quick because this is the book that you should start with it's all pictures it's very very quick 40.

Minutes and then you can get this book to fill in the details I spent tens of thousands of hours creating this book there's a lot of great David actually I just completed yesterday doing a seminar in every chapter that was a lot of work I didn't transcribe it I did a seminar on every chapter okay so and then we're gonna.

Make it available in a form of a seminar and then um audio and that and I forced me to actually read the book again I was like I was kind of impressed I was like there's a lot of great stuff impressed with yourself I was impressed because and remind me how much work I put in there so he's a hundred and fifty six images I mean that took a lot of work.

And so anyway it's a great book for encyclopedia of data on keto intermittent fasting and also the body types but this is a good book comes with a companion if you get on their website they come together but read this get started then fill in the details right here there are videos online beginner videos overviews that you can watch if.

You go to the YouTube my YouTube which color channel okay and you click playlists okay then you'll be able to see all the ones in Quito and they're fasting I have them all right there so you can just watch one after another and get through it and yeah get started that way mm-hmm does it answer that question yeah that's good a lot of basic.

Questions and all the informations on the video that's good so then I have a question about someone wanted to know about achieving maximum etaf adji okay first of all for the beginners etapa g is a really amazing condition where your is recycling old damaged proteins dysfunctional proteins damage from microbes yeast fungus mold Candida and.

Your body recycles that damage from pesticides damage from chemicals in the environment damage from estrogen mimickers and then your body recycles all these proteins it basically it takes that all this junk and it puts it through the recycler and pulls it out of the cell and and actually we takes all these little particles and rebuilds the.

Cells so it's it's like you're putting your body through a little healthy stress called in a minute fasting and then it goes right into the citta pudgy and you actually make new cells and it's great for the immune system it's good for your skin it's good for anti-aging is good for inflammation okay other than that it's not good for anything other.

Than doing it well that was fast yeah all right on that note have a great weekend guys and we will see you next week all right thanks
Keto Q&A with Dr. Berg and Karen Berg
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