Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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hey guys welcome back you made it back it's Friday morning we're about to begin the live show and yes we are live if you have any question if you have a question and you want to call in the numbers eight six six five six one four two nine too hard to read that okay so call in and we also today we have Roxanna.

Helping me with the calls Roxanne has been working with me for about what six months now yeah she's been with me for how many years thirteen years she's the back backbone of the organization she she does all everything I pretty much just do these and she does everything else yes yeah so okay so we're gonna go right to our.

First question that's been waiting for 47 minutes Ruth you're from Texas go ahead good morning dr. Barry good morning so glad to be speaking with you this morning hopefully I can keep it together and get my question across but I have been on the keto diet your way since September and I feel fantastic it has fixed my blood.

Sugar's I haven't had any gallbladder problems I had gall stones who knows they may have even disappeared because I feel so good great um I am all about looking for health not so much worried about the weight I believe what you say where it'll come you know as you get healthier and I feel like I just need to tweak something to get me some energy.

That but kind of that final piece and I'm thinking it's my adrenal because I took your test where you hold your breath where you go from laying to standing if I'm laying my blood pressure is 129 over 68 when I stand up it's 134 over 85 well and I can hold my breath for about 20 seconds so so leave it the adrenals.

So basically the the number lying down is 1:29 the top number right 1:29 right mhm and then you stand up and goes to 134 okay yeah that actually is um that's not bad actually because if it goes but I guess it you know you're a little bit low but it's borderline so it should go up between 6 and 10 points that the systolic but.

Still that's fine it could be a 1 indicator so you're you're basically not as energetic as you'd like right um I've had days where I mean I could clean the garage in the house and a couple of hours and just feel great and then I've had other days where you know it's just okay I'm at least able to get out of bed now there was years that I didn't even.

Feel like getting out of bed so I'm able to get up out and around now the other thing that I've noticed is anger shortness of temper I mean there was a period of time back in September October I probably shouldn't have even been driving I was probably a road trip road rage Canada Wow now you're not in education are you know my story is your.

Story which was I my mom tried natural approaches with us as children even dr. Jensen you mentioned him in one of your videos at one time she even tried mr. Jensen so we've always done the natural approach and I've never taken any medications when they wanted to take my gallbladder out I said no when they told me diabetic.

Medications I said no but I'm on all of your vitamins which you know I take the C calc the cruciferous the nutritional oh the nutritional yeast is such a lifesaver isn't that great I can't well the difference if I don't take it it's it's amazing I love that stuff dude are you how many times a day are you eating right now I only eat once a day because.

I'm not hungry but I eat the seven to ten cups of vegetables I only eat about three bounces of protein sometimes less because I just don't feel like I need as much protein I'm pretty sedentary in front of the computer a lot and then I only eat healthy fats I don't do any of the additional MCTS and stuff but I do.

Do the fish oil that you recommended great do for Catholic lives which oil good and then the other question I was gonna ask you is your sleep quality of sleep oh and see god that's the other thing I thought it was the sleep but I got one of those Fitbit and it says I get two hours at least of deep sleep and a lot I mean the rest is RAM and light.

Sleep but I sleep at least eight hours okay so let me just give you yeah let me just give you a couple tips okay so so number one I wanted to make sure you're doing things kind of correcting it sounds like you are so that's good we got the basics in I didn't ask you all the questions but you're doing protein I mean sometimes the need for protein you.

May want to increase it just a little bit maybe to four or five ounces but I don't think that's the issue it sounds like you had a history of a lot of fatigue so now you're coming out of it there's a couple things if you're on keto to spike the energy is you may need to add a little more b5 vitamin b5 in addition to the week the nutritional.

Yeast because b5 is really intimately involved in the mitochondria the energy factories with the b1 but B 5 is the key so that's the other thing I would recommend the other thing is getting squeezing out some more sleep the Fitbit is is great to do a general scan to see how much deep sleep you're getting but honestly our bodies are so filled with.

Stress over the years because our bodies are like a sponge it just accumulates stress so the massage tool this little thing right this little torture I mean treatment device right here has all different techniques associated with it to extract stress I'm getting a lot of feedback from it from people because I've been telling what I'm doing it for.

Myself there's I actually created a little booklet that shows you how to extract stress out of seven places your body and when you do it it's gonna relax every part of your body because when you go to sleep at night a lot of times a certain part of your body that just won't turn off there kind of like a little revved up and are energized and.

You're gonna basically turn off the different energy spots in your body to fully relax to get to a deeper sleep the deeper sleep will then allow you to recharge a little bit more on the energies to start popping up so if that's what I would focus on is b5 and then the device in addition to some of the basics but thank you so much for.

Your feedback and your question and let us know how that works okay we're gonna go to Ontario Canada Monique hi how are you I'm well thank you how are you great you'd a question about I think insulin resistance right I'm insulin resistant I have all the symptoms so my question then is is this a condition that's reversible and I'll.

Tell you why I'm asking some of the articles I've read are actually indicated that carb cycling so cycling in and out of ketosis I think it said to do it weekly or could have been monthly and but if that if you did that if you cycled in and out of ketosis that you could get your system to adjust itself again to bouncing back and forth between.

Using the two fuel sources what are you good question if I had a little bit more time I would ask you some more questions about this but I'm just gonna kind of tell you my viewpoint on it think about what what you're doing when you when you actually go into ketosis and you adapt to ketosis you're making all these new enzymes right and.

Then if you were to start adding cars back in it's very very easy to go back to burning carbs and sugar you don't have to develop those enzymes they're already there in fact in the presence of any glucose your body's going to go after that burst okay so you don't have to really develop if the system is already there as a priority system for.

Carbs now when you get in ketosis it takes a longer time to get into ketosis because you have to kind of deplete your glycogen reserve a bit but there's always going to be glycogen sitting there it's just going to be kind of preserved and sitting there waiting to be used up if you do any sudden exercise or that type of.

Thing but when you get into ketosis you're burning this fuel you're burning this fuel as your alternative fuel you're basically taking all the stress off insulin which then is going to heal instant resistance that's how you fix it if you do carbon cycling that is gonna slow you down why because the way you got insulin resistance in the first.

Place is by raising insulin through carbs so why would we want to go back to the actual thing that created the problem in the first place if you need glucose if you need glucose for certain parts of your body that haven't adapted or don't run on ketones which is a small percentage a little bit part of the brain and other parts of the body your.

Body can very easily the liver can very easily make glucose out of protein it can also make glucose out of the storage fat and some of the data out there says you can't do that but yes you can and I can I actually I created a video on that to show you some physiology that you can do that so you don't need to you do not need to do carb recycle cycling at all.

And I think you're gonna be best if you stick in ketosis stay in there and just let your body switch over between your dietary fuel that you eat and then also your a storage fat it just takes a while to do that but you're gonna be much better off because soon as you start the carbs it's gonna take you a while to get back in that ketosis but very good.

Question though all right we're gonna go – Roxanna do we have any questions in social media yet is anyone there oh yes we have a lot of people so Melissa from YouTube she wants to know will kill and frozen fruit smoothies with water or take me out of I have okay good so if you take frozen fruit a regular fruit it's going to very easily bump you out.

Of ketosis now the only thing I would recommend that you can consume our berries but I would recommend more blackberry in the raspberry because they have the lowest glycemic index and keep it around the half to out of a cup to a cup with your kale and then you're okay but don't do any of the fruit okay do.

You have any other questions I'm gonna take a couple here ah let's see we have Laura from Facebook she's actually from England she wants to know the best way to lose weight after she quit smoking she feels that her metabolism has dramatically slowed down she's actually gone up two dress sizes in 11 months since she feels like going.

Back to smoking just to get back to her original size but she's not inhaling right okay so here's the thing about smoking with nicotine it actually really stimulates the adrenals so a lot of times when you stop suddenly some people they start raising the cortisol levels so they go they go for more carbs because nicotine alters certain.

Receptors in the body neurotransmitters which also affect the brain that's why it's I mean that's why you crave so much because the receptors are like give me some more nicotine and then you smoke this cigarette and you just feel so calm because it's relaxing certain parts of the body artificially and you know it's like a stress relief like how could.

Taking a drug and smoke relax stress it has to do with neurotransmitters so what you need to do is you want to beef up the adrenals you want to support the adrenals with nutrition I have a lot of videos on that you can watch on YouTube and as you transition off the adrenal is gonna be the thing that will then come back up and help you to stay off the.

Smoking now if you add in a minute fasting and ketosis that will also take a huge stress off the system so you can absorb more protein in the cells because you're fixing instant resistance thereby increasing more to neurotransmitters that way so and also your blood Sugar's will be better and it would be less stress on the.

The system – okay and that's my answer I'm sticking to it okay good do we have any other questions uh Francis from Facebook she wants to know how can you gain weight on ketosis is he too skinny which wants to gain weight okay one of those views okay that is the problem the only way that you're going to be able to.

Do that is doing weight training and definitely probably three meals no snacks you could probably get away with two meals no snacks but you're gonna have to eat more quantity of food and a lot more fat I don't know if you're gonna gain weight but you might be able to maintain the weight at least you'll gain more muscle that way okay all right.

Let's go to Rhonda from Missouri go ahead you're on the air hello dr. Bergeron I feel like well know you personally I should invite you to dinner oh thanks okay I'm gonna give you a little bit of my history yeah and and then I'll give you my questions at the end but in high school I was diagnosed with PCOS and so I believe that anyway.

Hormone and then I've had three children I pretty much been a very unhealthy person up into the last six seven eight years my first child I did in a hundred pound little over and then my third child I didn't gain anything that was actually a very good pregnancy I felt great right before him I forgot to mention I was diagnosed with type 1.

Diabetes and then I did end up getting pregnant I did not gain I did not lose I just stayed steady okay it was a very good pregnancy I'm so 9 years ago but after I had him in October I had a sudden panic attack it was in October after I had had him was born May and I have had this constant not able to shut my adrenals off he's mentioned that in.

Your videos I've been watching you quite a bit lately at the time I didn't know anything about health but I didn't have someone suggest com+ with the magnesium in the calcium and then I also started taking a synthetic B complex that did seem to help me but I never completely been able to knock it out I noticed that if I had in I mean.

Three years ago but I had a wrong thought I was stuck for two three days Wow now I am probably 80% better if I have too much stress than I then I have to I have to do something I have to help myself okay it takes about it okay and so my issues now I really think I'm just kind of a whole gamut of issues insulin adrenal the hormone all of it and so and.

So here lately I've noticed I will occasionally have chest pain it will come and it will go very long and then in the early morning I'm doing fine through the day generally about noon I'm level I'm feeling decent but I noticed no matter if my days are good or bad in the morning I still have like a tiger chasing me yeah I just have my heart.

Pounding and adrenal in the morning and sometimes I'll have a dream sometimes they don't so let me give you some let me give you a couple really important tips okay okay yeah so you gave me a lot of good clues I don't think the problem is like a lot of times you can have a little blood sugar which can create anxiety and panic I don't think it's.

That more than it is adrenal based on the number of kids you had and what you've been through but I do know there's an insulin issue there I can see that so you definitely want to get in the basics and of course do the mini free course you've probably already done it on my site is called them a key to keto course it's the free mini course.

It'll kind of give you the basics I'm assuming he already did that but here's the thing I think it's a high cortisol because cortisol is on a circadian rhythm and it spikes at 8 o'clock in the morning right exactly where you get these excessive panic type things right now you've taken the magnesium the calcium which is helping a little bit.

And you took the synthetic pee which helped you probably want to take nutritional yeast in larger amounts but there's something else that you need to do this right here get the tool show you how to physically extract stress from the body and you're gonna be working on the area of your body where the adrenal glands are and you can turn.

Them off and you're gonna feel so chilled out because the thing about the adrenal they have there's two connections one is with the flight-or-fight it's called the sympathetic nervous system which is the on switch but the adrenals are the only organ that don't have the off switch it's called.

The parasympathetic innervation neurologically so I found you have to manually work on them I do it every night before I go to sleep you will just feel like you've got a really good delta-wave sleep and you're gonna start feeling a lot better so do that technique I have the videos online you can check it out but it's um it's.

Usually it's using this massage tool so that's what I would do and then add more nutritional yeast I think that's what you're missing so do that Rhonda and let us know how you do all right so we're gonna go to Natalie she's been holding for 56 minutes go ahead you're in Tallahassee Florida go ahead about the best protein sources.

For vegetarians and also about claims that stevia isn't very healthy yeah okay so the best protein source for a vegetarian is probably spirulina spirulina is a really good quality protein yeah you mix it in a shake you have Peet protein powder you have that there's there's you know there's a good amount of protein in seeds and nuts that.

You can start doing that's pretty much that's going to be your main go-to now you could do organic tempeh or tofu but you got to watch that because it's adding a little bit more estrogen make sure it's fermented but I think tempeh is not fermented it just tofu is those are your go-to sources I'm gonna be creating a lot more recipes on my site.

For you so stay tuned but then the other question you asked was now what was it again I'm about stevia yes being healthy got it yeah the only way steuby is not going to be healthy as if it actually contains multi dextran because you buy this pack it says natural stevia in an herb and it has melted extra which has a higher.

Glycemic index in sugar it's off the charts it's like over a hundred but regular stevia is not gonna be a problem there's a lot of conflicting data out there but if you think about it's an herb I'm gonna do an experiment on my lab my my facebook close group in a minute fasting group on stevia just to kind of validate this point but I see I.

Have an advantage I've worked with so many people in my clinic for so many years rarely need to ever run into a problem with stevia maybe one or two out of a hundred but it's not gonna be an issue I would not worry about it out of all the things that's the least damaging but of course you're gonna find conflicting data about every single.

Thing on the internet about no matter just like even salad you're gonna find oh my gosh now we found that salad is bad for you yeah well you know it's taken with a grain of salt but thank you so much for that question and now Roxanna we're gonna start ask our first question you're gonna ask the viewers this well I'm gonna ask the viewers to.

Type in see if you know the answer so here's the first question guys we're gonna ask the question you type it in below and then I'm gonna take another question or we're gonna ask Roxanna and then you're gonna we're gonna look and see who's correct on this so true or false now I'm not gonna ask you or false we'll.

Drinking coffee increase or decrease ketones in your blood or urine while drinking coffee in the morning increase or decrease your ketones go ahead and type down the answer below okay and do we have any questions in the meantime vamsee from India he's on YouTube he said elevation of liver enzymes during keto diet elevation of enzymes in the.

Liver okay well what happens is it should actually decrease the enzymes in the if you're doing it correctly but the main thing you want to do is make sure that you're doing in a minute fasting and you're doing a lot of vegetables because if you add a lot of unqualified protein or fat an Aikido and you don't.

Do in a minute fasting you could stress out the liver because you're dumping a lot of fat through that liver but typically it will reduce stress on the liver especially if you do in a minute fasting you have to do those in combination right ok all right do we get any answers yet might take a couple minutes mm-hmm what are they saying.

Decrease increase neutral none neither okay so what do you think Roxanna what do you think I think if it's gonna increase your ketones or decrease am i drinking coffee because I know you drink a pot o like you're not angry increase you are correct all right so the answer is if you said it increases I just did a little study.

On our Facebook group and nearly every single person found when they drank coffee it increased the ketosis which is quite interesting you would think it decreases it so do you know why that it increases it yeah here's my theory I think it releases the free fatty acids in the liver you're thinking that right and actually that it's converting to.

Ketones so basically it helps your ketosis so that means rocks I know you can start drinking a lot of coffee Cuban coffee and also coffee from Peruvian coffee is it coffee good infer okay and I'm just kidding you want to stick with one small cup they'll coordinate because then you're gonna start stimulating the adrenal okay so.

Now we're gonna go to Pamela from Alabama go ahead you were on line for 46 minutes good morning who are you right how are you right I'm wonderful thank you well I I'm gonna try to I had two questions but I'm gonna try to put them both in one uh and what is your video you mentioned that some people may experience bad.

Lower back pain in a rash while on keto can you tell me what causes that and how to get rid of it because I got that rash and it has just torn my neck yeah well that's not good the rash usually comes from a B vitamin deficiency usually did you say you get it on the neck yeah okay yeah there's a condition called pellagra and it's a b3 deficiency.

Now if you get a severe deficiency it shows up on this neck this rash but you can have a very subclinical mild deficiency of b3 and it can show up on the neck so what you need to do is take a lot of nutritional yeast you're already doing that then take an additional b3 and that should improve that the other thing is that there's.

Another thing called tryptophan that turns into b3 but I'm not going to get into that at this point but I just wanted to say take me 3 now the other thing is making sure you do enough vegetables because sometimes if you're dumping all this about to the liver and you're not having the vegetables to clean it up you could actually really.

Select auxins in the fat and cause the rash so it's either a lack of vegetables or deficiency 2 B 3 and that should help you but you're kind of going through the keto adaptation phase that's what you're going through eventually it should go away – all right let's go to Jessica you're from Texas you had a question.

Go ahead hi hi what can please and I think you know me or not so first of all I've been doing keto for about a year a little over here I started because I I gained like 50 pounds in one year but I know what had happened I I went to the doctor and she told me a PCOS and insulin resistance so I didn't want I refused and.

Prescriptions for the rest of my life so I found a natural way and then I found you so basically I my question is and so I've had like an emotional trauma or stress that something that's so kind of present today how do I heal myself if I think the stress of that is what is keeping me from losing weight in my.

Stomach I'm like my cortisol levels are too high or something is that like basically the okay to fast for long periods time with the already stressed out cortisol level and then also I have another question is my eyes been twitching for like a month and I don't know an apple butter vinegar to melt okay alright okay so here's here's.

A couple things the other cause of twitching could be a b1 deficiency so you might want to go up on the b1 a nutritional yeast but just the fact that you have an emotional trauma you need a lot of nutritional yeast like double what I normally recommend to get your B vitamins which actually help counter that that's the most important the other.

Thing is sleep high-quality sleep I would use this on the adrenals to put your body into a really good sleep state as far as emotional trauma it can react on the Drina 'ls even worse than physical trauma especially losses and things like that so the best thing that you need is to go for long walks get a lot of space get into environments that.

Don't remind you of these triggers that's the main thing you need and you know like let's say you had a loss of a loved one – that's a common thing don't have pictures all around you 24/7 to remind you you want to change your environment to a point where it's not triggering the memories as much okay and then work on the adrenal nutritionally.

There's a lot of nutritional things that I recommend in the videos to take and then as far as in the book there's a you do the basic keto intermittent fasting and then you add the adrenal on top of it which is a whole protocol that you can you can implement but I think doing in a minute fasting and keto is going to take a big stress off the adrenals the.

Longer you do it thanks for your question all right Roxanna we'll go into you do you have any good questions not bad ones but really good ones the easy ones – okay so we have James on YouTube and he asked I don't know what can help with PTSD yeah well I just answered that in the last question it's for like post-traumatic.

Stress disorder it's stress I would do the same thing get a lot of space go for long walks do adrenal type things like do the acupressure tweak your eating based on this do ketone and fasting those are the things that you really need to do at the point of chilling out the adrenals so that you can cope better yeah okay we.

Have like three people that asked about nutritional yeast on Facebook yeah Jenny she wants to know how much nutritional yeast at the beginning of keto is good for people and share it wants to know how to take nutritional use well here's the problem nutritional yeast have you ever tried it yet Roxanna now you probably mix it in a shake or something.

Well you probably take our tablets but you can take it in tablets and they're kind of big so you break them in half and you kind of break them up in your mouth and then you swallow them that is the problem with nutrition use is trying to consume it because it's kind of sticky it's in a powder form and you're like taking this a powder in your mouth.

And you're trying to chew it it gets stuck in your teeth and it's it's a disaster right so you can get the pills it's unfortified that actually helps and you can even swallow them but the amounts you would probably need about six tablets a day or about three heaping tablespoons a day of nutritional yeast that's like really important but if you.

Actually buy it in a powder form make sure it's not four to five you don't want the synthetic B's okay and then you can add it in your shake you could mix it with peanut butter honestly what I do is I've taken the tablet form I take I'll take three or four at a time chew them a little bit wash them down do the rest it's just kind of a situation.

But it seems to work but boy you'll feel results immediately okay good question Roxanna keep those up keep keep the easy ones coming okay all right so we're gonna go to low L from Ohio you were here to a question on proteins in the urine yes first of all I want to thank you so much for all that you've done I've been on.

Your diet for 23 months Wow and I just got back from from my and Wrekin ologist I had been insulin-dependent for 15 years and I had an off of insulin since December I have a total of 65 pounds and six inches in my waist but the reason why I started going on this thing was because they.

Said I had a fatty liver well I was told that my liver is normal all the enzymes are down on it and I'm just my chiropractor says I my body is responding so well to treatments to just moving and doing what he what it needs to be done but the I I'm off of almost all medications I got to go ahead to stop the metformin.

But the doctor said that I still have protein that's in my urine and I'm just wondering what I can do to encourage the health of my my kidneys so they're not doing that good question so I'm against that tide with the influence right right now question I have so they never diagnosed you as a type one correct pardon me they never diagnosed you as a.

Type one diabetic no no type 2 yeah okay this is awesome this is really awesome let me just kind of talk about it because what's happening now is the doctors are putting people on metformin for type 2 and glucophage and to improve insulin resistance and then that doesn't work so they add more insulin to it so a lot of type twos are on insulin and.

Insulin resistance medication which oh my gosh it just really causes the body to cope with these side effects from higher amounts of insulin because when you have insulin resistance your insulin is really really high and so they and then what happens but it's unavailable to you it can't work so so you have all this insulin but it's ineffective so the.

Blood sugars go sky-high so then they have to add more insulin to cram it down which affects the kidney the eyes the arteries so you're actually healing up I think eventually your kidneys are going to come around really nicely but in the meantime I would go go online there's a type under um Amazon and try to find a product called.

Maybe your chiropractor uses standard process products there's a couple products that I use still to this day because I used to use a lot of the products but arena TRO Fionn called arena troph and you can get that online Amazon that's good for the kidney I would take that I would take like six of those a day and I would.

Also take in your salads do what's that called well it's what's that weed called dandelion root yeah dandelion greens you can get dandelion greens at the health of store make sure that's in your salad because that's good for the kidney and the liver I wouldn't detoxify the kidney I would just make sure your vegetables are.

Really high keep doing this because eventually the kidneys will heal and then the protein will come down and down I think there's this damage from the insulin resistance so you're doing great just taking a little bit longer for the kidney to respond very well done overall this is like a perfect example how you doing them and fasting can actually help.

You a lot so well done and thanks for your success story I love it I appreciate that all right so Derek your film Queens New York go ahead you had a question hey good morning dr. Berg how are you good morning dr. Berg you've been helping me tremendously for months now I mean my house I was always healthy and.

Due to actually high alkylene high ph water and some h2 blockers and PPI is these doctors put me on for a little bit all my my stomach acid just got wiped out I got leaky gut and then I started going through all these situations like a bladder sludge all my vitamins just went down b12 vitamin D vitamin K my irons very low everything in with the.

Stomach acid and now I'm getting and now I'm getting symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and a saray taray ik arthritis and maybe even our a basically my pinkies the smaller joints in my pinky and the inside pinky actually they're just within the past month they've gotten very swollen and I'm having kind.

Of problems with my with my hands now they just came out out of nowhere and something else you actually told me that I might have I might I should look into autonomic neuropathy and my leg hair from my leg hair is like missing so basically for my ankles there's a little bit of hair and then right above it it's like completely gone until a little bit.

A little higher okay I really don't know what's going on here okay let me let me give you some tips you've called before yeah yeah I speak to you every week that's what I thought oh that's who I thought you were okay so there's a couple things that I would recommend the peripheral neuropathy is really you need a fat-soluble be one it's called.

Benfotiamine been out to me that should help help you with the with the nervous system now what happened because you alkalize your body with anti acids and by the way everything i'm recommending to you and anyone else listening i'm not meaning to diagnose you this is just for your own education that you can research and present your doctor before you take.

Any recommendations just check with your doctor before giving anything okay that being said you alkalized your system and now what happens you lost the key function of the stomach which is to kill microbes to kill pathogenic microbes coming into the system so then you get microbes from the food going into the system go into the small gut invade the.

System you go through because most of your immune system is in the gut did you know that Roxanna yeah York knew that she watches every single video yeah right now so all these microbes going into the gut and then eventually you start getting autoimmune or or inflammatory type conditions so what you need to do is take grapefruit seed.

Extract take that on a daily basis that is really good for deeper microbial growth in the system and that'll kind of clean things up in addition take think you already of taking my digest plus which has the petain headed chloride in the upside of indigo you probably need four of those with your meal maybe five with.

A meal and over time that'll start building up your acid so I think that's which will then help you absorption to the iron and the fat soluble vitamins and help your gut that's what I would do Dara okay all right Roxanna we're ready for another question okay so the next question everyone and see if you can get this right you really.

Screwed up in the last one but no I'm just kidding what is the only food the type what is the only type of food that will not increase insulin I'm gonna give you three choices carbs proteins or fats which one of that which one of those categories will not increase insulin go ahead and type it down let's see who can.

Get this right okay all right while you're answering that I'm gonna go right to can I think it's Cannella from Hollow from Hawaii why that you're you're on this island it must be terrible with the weather over there right now yeah I spend raining here oh really days but it's okay we needed the showers so I just wanted to know I've been on.

Keto for the past three weeks since the 5th of February and I'm a diabetic and I was actually on June 8th which is like a form of metformin and something else yeah and my doctor switched me to insulin because I'm trying we're trying to have a baby and everything and he switched me to insulin which is the lantus and he put me on 6 MLS which is a.

Long-acting and then he put me on Humalog which is the fast-acting and I need to eat it every three meals and I told him I'm I'm on you know I'm doing keto and you know I've been doing intermittent fasting I haven't been taking any of the insulin because you know we follow your videos you're like okay I don't know and.

Have too much insulin I want to you know I don't want to take the insulin now so that's why we're calling and we just wanted to know like what what's your take on it should I start taking the insulin chai hold off should I could continue it you know yeah and good question it's a it's a sensitive answer because I can't tell you not to take.

Something that your doctor prescribed honestly you got to find people around you doctors that are more open-minded about your solution because it's taking insulin it's going to set you back if you try to mix the ketogenic in a minute fasting which actually is the whole goal is to reduce insulin yeah you're taking insulin it kind of defeats the purpose.

So honestly if you're trying to get pregnant and have a baby I would hold off until you resolve your blood sugar issues to the point where your pancreas and your blood sugars are really healthy because then the baby won't be born with a problem with their blood sugars because that's it passes on if there's a weakness within your system so that's.

What number one and also doing the ketone and fasting will greatly improve your fertility greatly because in Flint tends to suppress fertility hormones and then erase your your androgens and your testosterone so that's one thing but I would I would I don't know I don't I would do the keto in him and fasting like I said and then see what happens.

With your blood Sugar's be especially if it's getting better then your doctor should be using less less medications and less harmful medications that's my my viewpoint on that and so you can just do your own research and go from there okay all right Roxanna what do we got the majority said that oh you are correct.

Everyone is correct you are correct yeah so yeah so fat is the only macronutrient will won't stimulate insulin but cars will and protein will not as much but carbs is number one and by the way have a really cool little free thing for you guys it's called the nutrient requirements and food examples my spare time I did some research and compiled.

The list all the key nutrients that you need in the right amounts and then what foods have those nutrients in highest mountain so that way you could let's say you want to increase your b3 I talked about what foods that you should need to consume more of like vitamin A what foods are high in vitamin A so if you want this chart click the link down.

Below and you can get it okay so you're welcome it's a cool chart so that way you have a reference because your little there you want to consume get all your nutrients but this also will tell you the amounts of food that you need to achieve your nutrient requirements okay and then Roxanna I do have another question coming up real soon so don't.

Don't leave this channel and we don't have any commercial breaks doing okay so could you have any questions first we have a birthday Alice George from Facebook happy birthday happy birthday you would you like to kind of sing a song it's only an hour show Yeah right okay let's let's hold off okay so I have DC 12 from YouTube that has asked a.

Couple times chronic blushing nah rosacea she wants nutritional ideas on chronic blushing yeah that is a kind of a sympathetic response which means a part of the nervous system which is the flutter fight it's an over adrenal reaction so I would support the adrenal honestly I think there's a product I have is called.

Adrenal and cortisol support that if you took that it probably help you with coping with that symptom some of the symptoms for an overactive adrenal would be you could have a shower and you break on the sweat that would be one you you get up too fast you feel dizzy out of breath climbing up stairs easily triggered with stress that's how.

The thing b-vitamins would also be beneficial okay do you have any other questions somebody asked about rash in the sculpt he was on the scalp for one to two months on keto and he keeps getting a rash yeah I think the rash it's a beef B vitamin deficiency so make sure you take b3 and then the whole complex that should help you a lot of B.

Lot of skin problems are related to either the B vitamins or the trace minerals those to control the skin but if your this is a what I always tell people like they're always asking me what do you do to fix this and that the first question I'd say do you have the basic basics in implemented do you are you eating the correct thing are you.

Doing in a minute fasting because if you're not doing those these remedies won't work there's one thing that in a minute fasting works on so nicely is the skin and inflammation but you always need to do intermittent fasting with keto because if you're eating junk food let's say you're eating sugar and you're trying to do in a minute fasting.

You'll never fully adapt over to ketosis in the way that you should healthily and you'll keep running and you'll be miserable because the brain needs the sugar or the ketones but you'll never get in there so you're you're like doing in a minute fasting with low blood sugars you're gonna feel miserable in the head you're gonna feel funky so do.

Them together okay let's go to Christie from North Carolina you had a question about exercise go ahead yeah so I've been doing the intermittent fasting since beginning of February I haven't been following Quito and I saw your video on fixing your adrenals and I was like yep symptoms symptoms so I would like to get those kind of fixed out.

Fixed up and also start implementing more of the ketosis methods but I was wondering about you say to do easy walking and do you still recommend doing a high interval training as your your adrenals are adjusting or should you wait and give yourself some time to heal before you start doing the intense workouts again.

Good question it really depends I think you should start off on a nice little gradient and this is what you should do do the long walks okay and in don't don't bring a headphone don't bring another person that's talking to you or you can bring another person just don't do any talking just go for long walks and just kind of.

Get into nature and get your focus going out of your head so you can do that secondly you can start adding in things like yoga Pilates then go to the high intensity level training but here's the catch with that it really depends on how you feel afterwards so if you're feeling like oh my god I am exhausted I came not recovering don't work out until you're.

Fully recovered and you're pretty much not sore anymore and that could be once a week but I think it's a good thing to raise your pulse right and let it come down but here's the mistake that most people made make they spiked the pulse rate and they wait a minute do it again so think about this you spiked the pulse rate the adrenals won't let it come down.

Very far and then you do it again when you stop working out there's a part of your nervous system that actually actively pushes the pulse rate down and recovers you recovers you but if you do it too fast you'll never achieve that so the secret with the adrenals is to do a high-intensity bout of full body exercise and wait longer before you do.

The next bout like I'm talking like four maybe even five minutes and it sounds weird but I think that will be the best gradient into this exercise for you adrenal because if you do it too fast now the pulse rates high now you can't sleep at night now you feel funky so many people are overtraining and then also never exercise if you're.

High-intensity if you're not sleeping if you haven't slept then do low intensity walking okay good question all right do we have a question coming up Sara Brooks from YouTube but wants to know what form of calcium is best for children calcium lactate or calcium citrate well they're they're pretty.

Close I like the calcium lactate for kids it works so well for fevers pretty much almost every childhood illness in fact if you have kids or a little infants you can crush it up and put it in the you know your breast milk or put it in then eat any type the formula that you're using calcium lactate seems to be like a cure-all for kids issues so try.

That and it should work citrate will work too but calcium lactate seems to go on there like a rocket ship and they can you can get it non-dairy and it works oh yeah okay so let's go to Robbie from Kansas go ahead you had a question hello dr. Berg I'm a big fan I started my ketosis on December first and I basically got out of my metformin which.

I've been using from last eight years and I lost around twenty-one pounds so um we are really interested to you actually you're doing such a great service for all of us so thanks thanks for that and I'm a vegetarian and I want to basically see what would be the good sources of fat I've heard your comments on proteins or not ask that question fat.

Is one thing which I want to ask and one more question and I'll stop I keep getting on the left side of my stomach I keep getting pain at times and some back pains so I won't ask okay so I have a question do you would you ever consume ghee or not yes I do coconut oil I take ghee and I take avocados okay and I take the semi I like as well at times.

Okay the main thing with your fats is that we want to consume enough fat to go from one meal to the next secondly we want to get our fat size of item ins from the fats the challenge you're gonna run into is vitamin A but if you're doing some clarified butter you're good to go because the active form of vitamin A retinol is in animal products and.

You're not consuming those but clarified butter is okay you're doing coconut oil I think you said you know there's the oils from you do flaxseed oil or your omega-3 fatty acids it would be nice that you can do a fish oil but you probably aren't going to do that maybe krill but if you can't do that I understand so nuts and seeds.

All have whales but yeah don't don't do a lot of soy oil that's for sure so that's that's one thing I am going to be doing some more recipes for vegan meals but when you consume like foods as their whole source whether you're a vegan or not a vegan protein tends to always come with fat so you don't have to necessarily always add extra and also.

When you're getting in some hardcore ketosis the need for fat goes down because you're going to use your own fat as your fuel source but you're not going to get vitamins from your own own body because you already tapped into it so you want to get your vitamins from the nutrition so that's kind of what I would recommend now the pain in the left area.

Could be the pancreas that you're consuming maybe too many nuts that's one thing the other thing it could be is possibility if you're doing too much spinach for example you might get you're susceptible to a kidney stone and that can also can't cause pain in the abdomen or the back in which case you have to add a lot more lemon juice to your diet.

Okay those are some things that I would play it around with and try okay now Roxanna we have our last question we're gonna answer more questions but I want to ask everyone okay we're gonna talk about the glycemic index what has a higher glycemic index whole-grain bread okay or table sugar what has a higher glycemic index whole-grain bread I'm.

Sorry I think it's it's a whole grain bread or table sugar answerest now and let's see see if you guys are correct if you're right or you're wrong okay all right so Roxanna do we have any questions coming over yes Chris on YouTube said while on keto and I do workout I tend to suffer terribly with leg cramps at night and I can't sleep.

Yeah yeah leg cramps most the time like ninety percent of time it's going to be a potassium deficiency you probably benefit from the electrolytes that we have because it has a thousand milligrams of potassium because and also are you consuming ten cups of vegetables a day that could be yet now the if that doesn't handle it which normally it will.

Then you'd go to a calcium magnesium because it could be magnesium or calcium and that should handle the leg cramps on a rare occasion it could be B vitamins officially be one deficiency but it's normally the minerals because what happens roxanna is when you switch to ketosis you no longer running off the sugar so.

That all this stored sugar as glycogen which hold the tremendous amount of water like it holds like a waterlogged sponge so you're getting rid of that and you're going to get rid of out of fluid and electrolytes and so people start getting palpitations or heart cramps I mean like I'm some cramps in the calf because you lose more of the potassium.

Than you do the sodium so if you don't put the potassium back you can kind of have these issues with electrolytes but the biggest mistake people make is they start drinking more water and fleshing out the last bit electrolytes that had so here they're all I supposed to drink all this water and I'm I'm like ended with a mineral deficiency that's why I.

Always recommend if you're gonna do this study learn how to do it first don't make the mistakes a lot of people do and then the two things I recommend is the electrolyte powder and then the nutritional yeast tablets as a way to transition that's why I created them because I think I want to make it easy for people to to do it correctly and.

There's not really any other product out there that has those in it alright so I'm gonna go to Annie first and I'll take a question from you from Tennessee go ahead your daughter had an issue with adrenaline I think we were retired military but in the mean time at the age of four she was diagnosed with calm sake at the age of 12 she had mono at.

The age of 13 she started a psycho severe severe problems pains and then she was put on birth control pills and she stayed on that for a year and then she got they got took her off and she still had the problem so then they diagnosed her as fibromyalgia at the age of 17 so we see a doctor on a period of at least every three months we are in.

Somebody's somebody's office doctor's office she has had surgery she has had her appendix removed she's had a hysterectomy she's had back surgery so I was at a loss and I was thumbing through the internet and I saw your information the YouTube since we started watching that we ordered the new body type guide and we took that she took the test and.

We found out that there's the adrenal and the thyroid and it's only one point difference so what I did was we ordered the adrenaline Abadi package and she started that and she started feeling a little bit better so we we did that in the last part of January the first of February so now I'm wondering if we should order the adrenaline fatigue.

Advanced formula or what should we do does she have a lot of still have a lot of inflammation yes because we just had that we just did a test in December she has a lot her sent rate is high and our CRP is elevated so which causes inflammation so I asked well what is causing the inflammation so they can't tell me so they're gonna send us to a.

Rheumatologist on the 12th of March but in the meantime I think it's both adrenaline and thyroid so let me just give you a couple tips okay because I think I think you took the adrenal kit which is good but there's one piece of the puzzle I think that'll help her in addition is the adrenal fatigue advanced formula it's just stronger for the.

Adrenals it's for people that have more information and you might chill but benefit from that but here's the other thing that I would really focus on in a minute fasting for her gradually working to make sure the Kido is in there because those two together will take a huge stress all off her endocrine system because it sounds like.

She has a lot of endocrine issues and drop her inflammation probably better than any pill or nutritional formula you could possibly take so I think you're on the right track I think she needs to get the basics in there and I will be very curious to see how she does because I know you're going to doctors and you're going through the whole thing that was.

Me I have the t-shirt I'd I would be good driving around so maybe maybe they could help me maybe they can help me but I was I didn't have the base extent I was treating symptoms symptoms symptom so yeah so that's what I would recommend but thanks Annie for your call all right Roxanna what do we got what kind of questions we have coming in questions.

You want the response that people oh I'm gonna answer the response in about a minute after I get some questions from you okay Nikki from YouTube is asking do you recommend spelt almond or coconut flour on keto spelt is it grain we want to do almond and what almond or coconut flour almond or coconut is the best options okay we.

Don't want to do spell good question all right so now the next question I'm going to take from late in from Toronto you had a question go ahead hi how are you great thanks I listen or I watch your videos and on YouTube and you did a little video regarding the allergy to the Sun which I thought I have but it turns out to be.

Photosensitivity whenever I go away I break out in you know rashes and it's like a heat rash as well so you mentioned taking a form of I think was niacin this said it's a lack of nutrient in my body which I have but it gives me a headache a real bad headache and when I stop it's fine but when I start taking it I take one a day I don't know what to.

Do now yeah I think what I would do if I were you is I would I would take it the nutritional complex nutritional yeast and take a half of the pill or very small amounts because a lot of people they tend to detox with that nutrient too because it pulls toxins out so I think you talked about niacinamide if I'm not mistaken so that's how we do.

Is take it in the complex as well and then the other thing that I would recommend in addition to that would be vitamin k2 that will actually help as well okay thank you so much for that all right thank you you're welcome so Roxanna do you have the answers to this quit last question hole bread whole grain bread or table sugar what is it.

Yes you are correct the answer is whole grain bread has a higher glycemic index 269 verses table sugar which is 70 63 so now we can all go back to consuming sugar because it's lower for us right right I'm being sarcastic it's my dress hey guys I really want to thank your questions your attention awesome.

Questions and your great compliments and thanks Roxanna wolf until next week while I'll be sending videos out twice a day so stay tuned and I'll see you guys on Facebook our private lab as well alright have a great weekend
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