Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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You hey guys welcome welcome it's a Friday morning 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time I want to welcome you to our Kido show we have Adi who's in charge of social media and she's gonna be answering questions if you have a question and you're running into challenges doing.

Keto or well you can pretty much anything with the body if you have a problem call in and we'll help you the number is 866 five six one four two nine two okay I'm here to take your calls we already have a lot of callers and I also want to mention if there's some all the information that I share with you is based on my own opinion it's not meant.

To diagnose you or substitute for medical advice so if you have anything that I say check with your doctor first before you implement it all right now we want to go right to Shanna she's been waiting for an hour and 18 minutes so Shanna you are on the air you're from Atlanta go ahead hey dr. Byrd all right hey y'all and I just want to.

Say thank you for your whole team and everybody and tell Karen I miss her okay well thank you so much I was calling said I really need your help dr. Byrd back in 2012 I had started bleeding really really bad for nine months straight and when they did the testing and everything going me I didn't have any five girls I had polyps I think.

And then they removed it but the bleeding continues so I just sent up a prayer to God and he told me to drink apple cider vinegar and I did there anyone that the bleeding went away but since then I have had periods about three times a year so you know I recently went Quito July 24th 2017 allows 51 pounds while I have pain yeah.

Yes sir I have came to a stall though and so I haven't lost anyway even though I have been street keto for three months so I have and then also I want to tell you that the burning sensation that I had because I love your advice the nutritional yeast it went away so thank you good but these are the questions.

That I have what can I do to help myself get a normal period again and also on March the 16th I'm going to go see my doctor where can i what kind of questioners can I ask and what type of pants do i need to pay so that I can figure this issue out and get get back to being healthy and lose oh and one more thing i couldäôt all meat and dairy.

Doctor birds this week and I wanted to tell you that since I did that my period came on I haven't had a period since November and also dr. BIR I went from 234 to 24 is that good should I keep this regiment up that's Mike Lee okay good so you have about 10 questions you want me to answer in about one minute right.

Now it's going a question I have for you are you doing in a minute fasting yeah I am okay how many meals a day I only eat who big fails a day that's a – oh I thought eating it 3 o'clock and not stopping like 8 o'clock I don't eat out there so you don't you just have salad nothing else yeah I don't right now because I don't know what the issues are.

So I put off saying I so I don't know what to do that's why I need ya here okay so here's a couple things and you won't be able to I won't be able to hear you but I'm gonna just click you and hold and I'm just going to give you the information so everyone can hear and I you won't be able to dialogue with me but here here's the thing you kind of.

Really be careful if you have problems with female reproductive issues if you're consuming animal products that are definitely not organic and definitely not grass-fed if the grass-fed you're not going to have a problem here's the thing that people have this idea like well it's organic it's healthy.

I organic chicken yeah well they're still given grains maybe it's not GMO but they're still giving grains so that's where you're getting the problem so you have these animal products that are definitely spiked with imbalance and certain nutrition which can then affect.

Your hormones I would do grass-fed organic and I think for you since you've had this problem and all of a sudden you've got this quick weight loss and you have this appeared came on I I think I would go you're gonna need some protein because your body's going to start mobilizing your own muscle protein so I would go for wild-caught salmon.

That's I would use that for your protein and maybe even while caught seafood because female problems especially in the uterus and the ovaries they're very sensitive to estrogen you're describing an imbalance with estrogen so if you take more iodine which is in the sea food and even seek help if you can get some of that that will really help.

Balance your your ratios of estrogen in your body it won't give you any more estrogen it just balances the good and bad and that will help your cycle another thing if you're not having a period royal jelly is a really good thing to take to actually kick in the period and promote fertility so I think you're doing the salads now some people.

Don't do well on meats but I would like for example I get now I'm getting most of my meats from us wellness meats I get it frozen completely frozen and have it shipped you can get like summer sausage you can get all sorts of really high quality protein that's grass-fed grass-finished so that's kind of what you need because you just have to be.

Careful these hormones because they're in so many things but just doing two salads without the protein and fat they it may be a problem actually it's going to be a problem alright well thanks for your call let's go to Natalie she's been waiting for 48 minutes and you're from New York go ahead Natalie hi dr. burns thank you so.

Much for taking my call if I can you just give you a very brief history about myself first I've always had right shoulder pain and now I can attribute it to my gallbladder which I didn't know before and I actually let them remove it and back into fifteen and lately I've been diagnosed with osteopenia and hypercalcemia my.

Calcium is slightly elevated but it's about at ten point seven last time they checked but it just it's creeping up and I've had multiple fractures and I've watched a lot of your videos so I'm kind of relating a lot of this back but I'm taking right now your gall bladder formula and I don't have as much bloating as I used to be for anything.

That I ate my stomach would just be rock-hard I'm also taking apple cider vinegar with water before each meal I'm taking vitamin k2 the vitamin b-complex vitamin B which was prescribed to me and magnesium and a probiotic and sometimes I take your wheatgrass powder I guess my question is is there something that I'm missing that.

I should be taking or not taking as much of just because I'm trying to help my bones but then at the same time I'm too scared to take too much calcium right okay good let's talk about this and so they wanted to remove your shoulder right no I'm just kidding your gall bladder they wouldn't want to remove this shoulder because that would be.

Terrible did they take the gall better act okay all right so here's here's what you do and just for those people that are not familiar with this right shoulder pain is usually referred by the gallbladder and the liver because it can come right up there and just I mean there's so many people that have issues on the right.

Side even into the tooth or the eye or the headache on this side and they don't connect the dots so it's really based on your eating patterns maybe too frequently or wrong foods so osteopenia and osteoporosis is a it's not a little thing it's a big thing that's taken years to develop where you're basically losing minerals in your bone and protein.

And you need to remineralize and that takes that a long time actually it could take up to six years so you're doing all the right thing you're taking the purified bile salts in the gallbladder Foreman which is going to help you pull in the fat size of vitamins which are essential for activating the minerals.

Okay and you're taking magnesium and that's great a couple other things that I would do if I were you I would add in the trace minerals get a good high-quality plant-based trace minerals because that's kind of like the missing link between a lot of issues with protein and not just protein on your with your muscles but protein in the.

Bone it'll actually activate it it actually activates enzymes that help the sense of synthesis of proteins so we have that and then as far as your calcium goes I would I like to get that from raw milk organic cheese if you have a Trader Joe's in your area that's where I love to get my cheese this found that straighter Joe's they have grass-fed.

Organic cheese from a sheep that is big got this milk from a sheep in France in the mountains I mean like how can you get better than that I mean and that cheese is to die for and so that's how you would want to get your calcium and you get the calcium and then you can um help build your bones but that's probably the really the only.

Recommendation that I would use if you happen to have osteoporosis osteopenia take your you're gonna start taking things too you spike the calcium because most people have too much calcium so we want to get it from make sure we don't go crazy so I like to get it from the cheese and I've just been informed the Facebook there's a little interruption.

And we're gonna be right back on Facebook but we are live on YouTube all right Natalie I hope that long answered you know helped but you know what we're gonna take a little break and come right back guys just hold on we're gonna reset everything don't go
Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto
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