Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation's capital it's time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys we're back deja vu it's Friday morning 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time and we.

Have Adi and so we probably already having that calls come in or actually emails come in for questions right yeah we're getting a lot of questions this mornings which is awesome we're going to be talking about keyed out in a minute fasting seems to be the hot topic today if you want to call in the numbers eight six six five six one four two nine.

Two I'm just going to jump right in and go right to the first caller Marilyn Thompson from Utah go ahead you had a question Maryland hi so I have a lot of questions so first I have reactive hypoglycemia and diabetes insipidus which I actually hadn't heard of until about two weeks ago oh wow yeah not fun I have wanted to go on keto and.

Intermittent fasting for a while but it's really difficult for me because as soon as I skip even a snack I get really bad panic attacks and anxiety and it makes it really hard I really only started getting anxiety and panic attacks after my second child about two years ago and I'd never had them before so I just I'm kind of looking to see.

What you would suggest for me trying to go into a keto plan because that's what I've been told will help me with both of my problems yeah and the intermittent fasting but I don't know how to get started without dealing with panic attacks oh yeah yeah that's not good something about panic that people just don't like at all attack so reactive.

Hypoglycemia is basic you're having this low blood sugar situation after you eat just drops and that's probably why you're like you probably can't go a long period of time without eating and diabetes insipidus I haven't done any videos I'm going to be doing one on that it's a completely different type of diabetes where you.

Have problems to a hormone that's produced from the pituitary called vasopressin and there's different types I don't want to kind of get into too much but it's a situation we have extreme thirst and an excessive urination so the problem is your urine is so diluted that you can become dehydrated if you lose too much fluid.

Are you really thirsty and peeing a lot yes I definitely drink can drink a ton at once and I'm always thirsty okay I actually can't drink my water unless I add lemon and salt to it though or else it just makes me sick right because this hormone that's supposed to be keeping the minerals with the fluid is not not responding so in the kidneys it's just.

Not responding so a couple things that I would recommend I would definitely get my electrolyte powder and the reason for that is because it has a ton of great minerals and the right ratios with trace minerals and then you just add a little more sea salt to that and that way you put that in your water and you're drinking this really nice hydrating.

Fluid that will help you because the last thing you want to do is start depleting all your electrolytes because you need the potassium and magnesium and the other electrolytes to help your insulin resistant problem to help you go longer without eating that's really going to be essential so really the key with you is to do that make sure you.

Have a lot of vegetables because that's going to also help heal this blood sugar thing and then beef up the fat no pun intended so you want to increase more fat with the meal so you can go longer because that's really the key in the beginning is that your we want to prevent low blood sugar well if you do too much protein.

That will spike insulin if you do many too many carbs it'll spike insulin so you can have to do this in such a nice gradual level that your body can go longer and longer and longer with the satisfying food so I would add more foods I'm more fat to that meal and then just go longer and then add the greens in the potassium that's really the big.

Key to doing this correctly and then you're gonna find as you do that and your body adapts it's going to help your condition and everything's gonna get better as you do this but keto and I'm gonna fasting is the solution to your problem for sure alright thanks Marilyn okay so we're gonna go right to Eugene from California you'd a question go.

Ahead Eugene oh hi dr. Burke huh it's four weeks si hi yeah it's four weeks s I am on kita program and I lost 20 pounds good I it once a day and don't eat on Monday at all okay ah I try to eat seven cups of veggies it's it's not happened all the time and after eating I feel sleepy and my problem is that I still don't have.

Mental and physical energy and very sensitive to supplements if I take them so yeah I try to escape taking them if I take vitamins B EC magnesium potassium whitegrass adaptogens and others it makes my life much more complicated and difficult I feel as if my brain is swollen I am unable to concentrate I have more brain sogginess God and.

Another problem is after yeah eating or taking probiotics I feel irritated become much more sensitive to sounds I suffer from sound sensitivity for many years okay start talking um so what will be your advice about this problem okay so right now because you're taking so many things it's really hard to isolate it I have some ideas but the.

Fact that you have sound sensitivities tells me there's a B vitamin deficiency specifically b1 which who knows you could be reacting to that sometimes people have I know this might sound weird even to serve nutrients and even nutritional yeast if you're taking that so when you take it you can actually build up your.

Histamines that feel a little bit tired so what I would do is that I do this I would not take all yourself in this together I would spread it up for the whole week take one supplement each day separately just by itself and see if you react see if you get tired to isolate which one is making you tired that's number one because it's probably not all.

Of them the second thing you've only done this for four weeks so you're probably still in the phase of adaptation mode so if you're getting tired especially after you eat that means that you're just not fully adapted yet especially if it's in the brain if you feel mentally sluggish so you want to combine keto and then.

Fasting and just realize that when you know that when you fully adapt your brain is going to wake up but in the process of doing it maybe in the beginning or in the transition you're gonna feel kind of like foggy kind of tired and that's just a reflection of you're not fully there yet give it more time so those are some things that I.

Would recommend right off the bat okay cool thanks Eugene all right let's go to Adi what kind of questions do we have coming in to social media we have lots of questions in regards to keto in tomato fasting but first out there are a lot of countries and they want to say hi to you so we have Wales Spain Malaysia UK France India Pakistan and then in the.

U.s. we have North Carolina Washington Idaho New York Tampa and California wow that's that's awesome and much more that's cool right so the first question goes to Danya and she's asking she's actually from Chile and she's asking so she's been on keto and intimidation for one month and now she's been diagnosed with.

Anemia what can she do and she's a vegetarian okay yeah this is the problem to get your iron especially the type of iron that is builds up the blood because it's really really hard if you're vegan that's what you're running into you're probably just anemic because you're either b12 deficient or iron-deficient so I'm gonna recommend.

You're gonna have to get some high quality iron supplement and probably a b12 that's what I'm going to recommend okay because unless you're willing to do at least maybe eggs or organ meats which you're probably not it's not gonna happen so but yeah you are anemic because it's really hard to get the b12 and the type of iron you need if you're.

A vegan so I'm gonna have to take them as a supplement okay so is that sufficient yes okay good and the other question before going to the so we have John on YouTube and he wants to know is it possible to be in ketosis and also be insulin resistant well yeah you're gonna be insulin was this well most people are insulin resistant and when you get on to.

Ketosis you're going to be insulin resistant for a while until you fix that but keto and intermittent fasting is the thing that's gonna fix insulin resistance over time it's gonna get better and better and better because think about what what insulin resistance is it's a situation where your body is blocking insulin it doesn't it considers.

It toxic why because it's too high why is it too high because you're eating the foods that you shouldn't be eating or the carbs and the frequent meals that's creating the conditions so removing those triggers instantly drops the the stress on insulin and that condition doesn't even need to be there anymore so it's going to get better with time okay.

Okay and also anything that I say in this hour is not to mention diagnosed you it's not meant to replace your medical treatments so it's just meant to educate you and give you things to do research on check with your doctor before taking any of it my my advice okay alright so also tune in if you actually go to tune in comm you can find.

Us it's online it's a online app you can get and check this show out and also for those of you that have not downloaded the she there's a link down below you can download it it it basically explains all the nutrients and they're the foods that fit those nutrients in the right amounts to get your required nutrients so if you.

Want that document click down below and check it out ok alright so now with that we're gonna go right to Raj from North Carolina you had a question go ahead rash well thank you for taking my call dr. Byrd sure I have a four months now I have a concern about heart rate being too high when I make this.

Bike so I've been taking a little pill STC you know which is a bitter blocker to the heart rate but then the blood pressure goes really low in months now I also had hypothermia so I talked to my doctor about it you know the the complete blood panel test metabolic says everything's not normal even my even see it's now five point six thanks Peter.

Fasting and the dive that I eat system vegetarian I saw yeah and so it just works perfect for me I eat a mommy and to who and so but it was a low platelet count and he also ordered something called beep the PPT second and lower ranges between twenty one point six and thirty point one sits somewhere in between so that's normal but what the.

Other PT value is and he says I'm not taking comedy in a walk read the PC value is nine point eight seconds and those should be between nineteen twenty eight twenty nine point seven so and the doing writing measurement is AI and R which is 99 which is between women so how do I interpret this regarding my sepsis.

Systems and I also ordered something called organic acid test code by medical by the way and it goes my or the comma pool – to an orange agent it's very hot so Raj know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna cut you off there for a second yeah yeah I want to make these questions have to be really quick because we have a lot of callers on the line to evaluate your.

Entire profile take a little more time but I'm just gonna give you some tips because right off the bat you gave me some huge clues that your sounds like you're really be deficient and I'm talking about like folate and b12 and b1 because those vitamins can actually bring the pulse rate down and also support the platelet counts I would make.

Sure you consuming maybe a good amount of nutritional yeast make sure your basics your basic foods are in with the cruciferous that'll also give you some of those nutrients specially folate but yeah like zinc b12 folate and b12 the ones that I think that you need more help with and also to lower the pulse rate the other thing that I would do is.

Make sure you go up with the potassium so you may need electrolyte powder unless you're consuming 7 to 10 cups of vegetables which I don't know if you are but if you're not then maybe you want to enhance that with electrolyte powder to get the potassium up that'll automatically bring the pulse right right down but now you might say well I.

Had my blood test and my pet potassium is normal yeah but there are 99% of all the potassium is inside the cell they're checking the blood they're not gonna find it unless I do an interest cellular potassium test which you're not going to do so you might want to try that Raj and then let's see how it goes all right thanks hey Megan.

You're from Georgia you've been on the line for 47 minutes go ahead you're on I'm gonna take okay thank you for taking my call so basically I'm I'm a 37 year old mom of three still nursing history of gestational diabetes and so I started keto in the beginning of the year and my a once II came down from a six point.

Four to a five point nine and two months which I know it's gonna be lower now but I've also been on thyroid medication and my last lab showed my TSH which was the only thing they tested was three point eight seven but I was feeling the symptoms of hyperthyroid just the heart rate increased and increasing and such so I I felt like I needed to step back.

On the medication so I'm actually been taking half of a pill I haven't had labs done again but my blood sugar has been coming down even more I don't know if that's related but I have been having headaches so I'm wondering what your suggestions are as my body I feel like the intermittent fasting and the keto is helping my body.

To heal and my thyroid to heal but in the meantime kind of helping my body adjust and and dealing with these headaches yeah so now other headaches something new yes like right as I started cutting the thyroid dose in half I started getting them but now I'm not having the other symptoms of too much thyroid right so are you taking.

Synthroid is that the medication no I like that better yeah I like that better yeah I think would help I think what's happening to you as your body's makes a making the adjustments as you're getting to this root issue your body didn't need for medication is going down obviously I mean everything's getting better so it's just a matter of really.

Adjusting that as your doctors kind of weaning you off that slowly over time but the fact that you had gestational diabetes tells me that your hormones were off when your pregnant and now they're like probably recovering to some degree but but also when you're pregnant they you do get a high level of estrogen.

Which then inhibits the thyroid function so what I would do I would increase the cruciferous vegetables with some seek help those two things you might already be doing that and then also is your blood sugar really really low I like to well no no it's just now where I'm getting right below 100 fasting okay I think I think you just need to do those.

Things ride the wave because I think you're on the way to getting your body in a good place so it's going to just take a little more time but make sure the basics are in because when you do this you want to have all the facts you want to do it correctly because especially if you're on medication you're adjusting.

You're like there's a lot of things going on so and the fact that you had diabetes you just you probably want to enhance with certain nutrients to support that okay Megan okay thank you thanks for calling okay cool so what do we have on social media look what what questions are coming up.

Okay so I have Tony on YouTube and he's asking as old mad recommended for adrenal body types yeah oh man it means one meal per day for adrenal types absolutely see the in event of fasting is actually good for adrenal types because it actually takes the stress off the body you know I saw this audio side of the show keto is really coming up in.

The news and there's been some attacks on keto like it's like by certain dietitians I won't mention any names but they're like say oh yeah keto is harmful for the kidney keido's dangerous long-term keido's is toxic I'm like no it's not ketones people are associated out with ketoacidosis which is completely apples.

And oranges because they use the word keto you know just because it's similar doesn't mean make it that's the same thing okay so ketones actually are really good for their cardioprotective their neural protective there they help reduce oxidative stress glucose is the problem you know they're.

Recommending all these grains and sugars so no it's not gonna be a problem and I think that the truth is that it's really healthy and people are gonna find that out when they try it out okay did I ask you a question I think I gave a sidetrack what was your question my question was can somebody that is Adreno body type can they do oh man Wow.

I just want off the side okay um yeah they can totally do that and I suggest that they do that that's going to help you adrenals okay good all right what other questions do we have all right so have Wes on YouTube and he's asking how can he gain weight or muscle on keto well you probably can maintain the weight it's hard to gain.

Weight on keto but if you're underweight then what you need to do is you definitely need to increase your fat increase your fat because and here's just the tip I'm gonna give you a tip okay you got two people you have two categories yet people that want to lose weight and people want to kind of maintain or maybe gain some weight yeah.

You don't want to increase the carbs you don't want to increase the protein so you're left with the fat now if you want to lose weight and this is interesting with the help of Leanna which basically is our chef that really helped us she's helping us do our app when I really appreciate that because she's going back and forth of the program and really.

Figure this out and as she's doing this she's having some huge realizations because she's doing all the macros and and that the fat that you're consuming could be a little too high because we calculated a one meal a day you would need about 89 grams or 90 grams of fat right yeah well just your salad dressing alone could account for 25% of all your.

Fat do you doing coffee and adding cream and you have a couple you know coffees a day that could have to 50 percent of your fat so right there you could be overdoing it and another thing that's a bad thing it just means that your body's going to go after the fact that you're eating not your own fat so don't worry we have this out.

That's gonna help you sort that out but the point is that if you want to maintain your fat your weight just go up with the fat a little bit and then you won't lose any more okay okay all right so hey I got it I got a question that you can ask that you can see what see if people can actually get this correct the first question of the hour is what is.

The absolute best vitamin on the planet Earth in the universe okay for a fatty liver okay what do you think you have a fatty liver okay or should I say if you have a belly if you have belly fat same thing what is the absolute best vitamin on this in the universe not just on this planet okay it will help you dissolve the fat on the liver like that within a.

Couple months all right good so as you're answering that question okay I'm gonna go into the next question over here we're gonna go to Sarah who's in Tennessee go ahead Sarah hi dr. Burke thank you for taking my call I'll try to make this as quick as I can I'd like to give you just a tiny little background.

I've been trying to lose weight for probably about three years or so I've tried every diet known to man finally found a doctor kind of like a natural doctor where she took some hormonal tests and found out that I was severely deficient in vitamin D I had my insulin was like four times higher than normal and I had low progesterone different.

Things like that so she actually suggested I started fasting and I had ordered dr. Jason Stein's fasting book and read that and found in there that the 36 hour fast was the best way though to lose weight so me and my 20 year old daughter started doing that because she kind of had similar problems as me and I did low carb and then I came across you.

And started listening to your videos ordered your book so I started doing Aikido after that and kept the 36 hour fast and what I do is Monday Wednesday and Fridays or Saturdays I do 36 hour to 42 hours fast and then just eat like two meals on the date that I do eat snacking and do it Kito my question is is that safe to do should I just do like the 24.

Hour fast we're still trying to lose the weight so what kind of a little leery is that just jumping right into the one day a week one meal a day just simply because we don't want to gain our weight back it's a little late that we have lost since it's been so hard for us good question um I have a question for you first.

How are you feeling on this okay I feel fine I've gotten used to it there's sometimes it hits me where I feel like I'm starving to death and then others I could go you know a long time I did order your electrolyte powder I felt like since I wasn't eating anything on the days that I was fasting I was obviously not getting any nutrients so I.

Did that we do probiotics and then on the days that I do eat we definitely try to get that seven to ten cups of vegetables in there but I feel fine I district I don't want to do it forever it's not something one have to do for the rest of my life just to maintain or lose the weight so I just didn't know what I should do I'm gonna give you some.

Advice okay are you ready for this okay so here's what you do I kind of have a little different approach I like to go in more gradually into this because I mean you were vitamin D deficient which you could be deficient other vitamins you had insulin problems so we know there's nutritional deficiencies so you jump right into a.

Big fast with those deficiencies not eating and now the deficiencies on top of that you know it's not the best thing so my whole thing is get healthy first then there's weight so do this start going for the nutrients first right so we start three meals no snacks and then now the two meals no sacks it's easy to do that because then you let your body.

Adapt as you're getting all these nutrients you're doing keto you're healing the body right instead of trying to just go for the weight loss because then you end up passing out and like some people and hitting your head on something that's not good so we build up your body and we gradually put you into keto adaptation when you're burning fat.

And then you eventually go to one meal a day that seems to be for some serious weight loss I mean it's really good for most people one meal a day and now at that point it's consistent you have your schedule worked out it's easy you're not hungry you're providing all your nutrients you work up to it and you're doing great but what's interesting about.

Vitamin D that vitamin D and insulin resistance goes hand-in-hand so if you increase more vitamin D more Sun or just as a supplement your insulin resistance will get so much better but when you have in some resistance you can't absorb as much vitamin D so that vitamin D is a big clue but the.

Fact that you had eye insulin tells me that you're doing the right thing stick with it focus on the health almost put the weight loss over here because that will come as you get healthy and then long-term as your metabolism is better and you're healed it's going to be so much easier to lose weight and if you.

Wanted to go off the program you have that flexibility because you have this health reserve built up versus just trying to lose weight and then go back to your old habits getting it back okay but thanks for the question that was good all right so what do we have as answers body all right so we have lots of answers.

I have vitamin b12 milk thistle potassium b3 vitamin B choline vitamin C niacin vitamin D vitamin A ok so what do you think it was what was your guess okay so with drumroll please and the answer is Colleen Colleen Colleen it's categorized in the B vitamins but choline is interesting I'm not going to tell you what brand to get or the dose.

That you're just gonna have to research that but choline for a fatty liver is awesome because it works together with bile salts to help break down fat and also it prevents if I deliver so let's say for example your you have a fatty liver and you and you're like trying to get this out of the liver to increase your capacity so your liver can work so.

You don't end up with a keto rash or inability to detoxify you start including that on top of everything else and you're gonna speed up the process of the stock coming out but that doesn't substitute not eating healthy or 7 to 10 cups of vegetables now here's the next question this is just between you and me and the.

Four walls what what foods are high in choline are you asking me yeah exactly because you were going to say that I know you can say yeah egg yolks and actually organ meats no are you like wait wait a second that's fat doesn't that cause a fatty liver no no no no it's the carbs in the alcohol that causes a fatty liver it's not the fat.

And that's what's really interesting is that I'm not suggest start eating like just egg yolks only and organ meats but I'm the point is that choline is naturally in there and that will help protect you against a fatty liver and to keep your carbs down you can you can handle the increased fats but you can take it as a supplement take it as a.

Powder take it every day and end up with a nice clean happy liver okay all right so now let's go on to Tiffany you had a question you're from Nashville Tennessee I just found out about your program and I'm excited to start getting healthy but I'm going on a vacation in about six weeks and I'm wondering if I should wait to start the keto because.

That's probably about when I would begin and also when I began would it be beneficial to do a fast at the beginning Johnny were you gonna go I'm going on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas oh wow so it's this is a kind of a ship right yes sure they have anything they probably won't have any desserts on there or alcoholic beverages like a lot of.

Organic romaine yeah exactly okay so and are you going for what like a week or so I think it's a five night so it is about a week so I know that'll really I know if I'm in Quito that'll stop my keto ketosis so okay got it so here's what I'm gonna recommend start immediately like this afternoon that way you have some time going into this and.

You can get your body primed and then you're going to go on this trip have fun you're gonna get Sun probably go off the program but maybe I don't know maybe you'll do kind of like won't you know you you're gonna feel so good going into this that you have some momentum that you may want to just not go off like completely the deep end but I think the.

Sun the change of environment that reduced reduction of stress is gonna be probably healing but I would go I would start now that's why I tell people like like it's November in time of the year and all the sudden they go well I don't want to start until January first I'm like what you either like a month and a half so basically I said start now okay.

Go off when you go on vacation there's a holiday get right back on the wagon that way you have so much momentum going in and know you don't necessarily have to start with the with a hardcore fast but do the combination of keto in a minute fasting in my videos I show you how to do this like three meals a day no snacks two meals a day and do that gradually.

With keto at the same time and you'll you'll feel good you'll lose weight your body will just it'll get healthy that's the best way to do it but yeah I would start now and definitely you know you're gonna go off that's fine but at least you have momentum going into this that's going to be really good because the good thing is if you start now you're gonna.

Weigh a lot way less going into I'm sure you're gonna be like Anna bathing-suit so that's gonna help you alright Tiffany thanks for calling all right Adi what do we have on social media all right so I have Nicki on Facebook from Ohio and she is asking so she has pain under her right side for several years and has been doing keto for about a year.

And her ultrasound says you know her gallbladder liver and kidneys are fine what other tests can she do because it really hurts and she doesn't know why well I think it's gonna be more of a functional test they're looking for stones it's probably not stones it's just like an inability for the production of gall bile to be produced.

So what I would do is I would get you can get a functional bile test or a digestive functional where it measures the output of bile and the transition but sometimes it's really hard because you have you had several things going on you have the stomach acids which they never test you got the bile output what's they never test and.

The friendly microbes which are not going to test so I would to increase your ability to digest fat I would simply instead of doing another test just add something like outside of vinegar betaine how to chloride maybe some bile salts after the meal and and then choline all those in combination will decrease the pain on the right side.

But make sure you doing in a minute fasting because that's like gonna help you to lessen to trauma of eating constantly to create that full side on the right side when you if you join my membership site I actually walk you through all sorts of techniques to do manual therapy and acupressure on the digestive organs to help that as well.

Because I had a fullness and a tightness and underneath my right side for 12 years I didn't know what it was and that's what forced me to come up with really good techniques to help myself which I don't have that anymore and also lastly body if you're doing a lot of nuts that could be the culprit right there so cut down on the nuts and that.

Could be a lot less stressful on your right right underneath your right ribcage okay alright so a couple things guys if you if you haven't downloaded that really cool essentials keto essentials do it now there's a lot of great data on there and then secondly we're in tune in calm you can check that out you can listen to and also we are an.

Anchor anchor app so you can download that and check out the different podcast and I want to make a note I just did a video on EMF I think I released it this morning yeah yeah so people want to know like what is EMF electromagnetic frequencies okay and this cellphone thing right here gives off these these.

Of energy which can interfere with your DNA and your brain kind of putting your head into a microwave so if you're touching your head right here you're basically putting your head into the microwave in destroying brain cells and your IQ will go down also it can fry the brain and craved tumors right and cancer another than that is totally safe okay.

But if you actually look at some of the studies that are out there that I said it's safe they're not independent studies okay so look at the independent studies that are non-biased but the point is I can I talk on the phone I can feel it big time so if you're gonna talk just use the speaker or keep it out here or get.

Something like this which is 99% free of these EMS and this is called air tube headsets okay just like normal headsets right here but they don't have that wire that goes right in here it's all hollow so that way you don't have this EMF going directly right into your brain frying your brain and you'll feel a lot better with with these so you can buy.

These online but if you want to get one where you can talk on the phone make sure you get one that has a little speaker right here because this one doesn't this is just for music so I just wanted to point that out EMF not not exciting but they're out there damage control so you just need to you know do like.

Don't recharge your cell phone right by your head your your your nightstand right there keep that away from your body all right Donnie okay okay so do we have any do have some cool questions some real interesting ones I do so have Jessica on Facebook and she has a daughter who is 13 years old and Adreno body type she's very emotional stressed.

And easily tired she wants to know what is your advice on that yes and wait she's been in Quito for a month and she lost 10 pounds Wow yeah and how old is she again 13 that's normal for 13 year old it's called puberty Oskar yeah there's some things that you you want to realize that she's going through probably this transition.

But I'm telling you for kids I'm very interested in this topic because if you get their blood sugar straightened out and you get them on keto they're gonna be so much nicer to you they're gonna be really chilled out happy better learning abilities less ATD more patience and this blood sugar thing is like so I would I would start substituting I would.

Start enhancing the diet with the B vitamins like nutritional yeast or nutritional yeast tablets for sure that's like number one make sure that you add the keto bombs for the kids at the meal so they have more fat so they can go longer without eating and let the body adapt but it's really the hard part with kids is the getting the potassium.

In there with with the quantities of vegetables that is the trick I mean I have a hard time getting adults to eat vegetables I know it's hard to believe some adults don't even like vegetables I know isn't that weird it is especially ten cups so you you might want to enhance the diet with electrolytes wheatgrass juice powder but they're.

Gonna have to somehow get these vegetables one way or the other either we can use a syringe or have them chew it someone chew it for them okay I don't know but it's gonna be a situation yeah all right so I'm gonna go right to no no no L from New York go ahead yes how you doing great thanks good I just want to first I want to say thank you for the.

For the information you give out and I know you're authentic because you know like the other doctors or people who beat around the bush and you have to watch a video for five hours and two minutes to give you the information I just know right in my hateful with the passion like you like get right to the top yeah I agree.

Appreciate that so my question is with the keto diet I I'm aware of the of the essential form now I wanted to know what would it go against the keto diet when if you eat like purple yams or sweet potato is that gonna make your sugar go up with defeats the purpose good question how old are you I am 39 okay yeah like paleo is Kido with the yams.

The sweet potato and fruit so here's the thing here's my viewpoint on that it's gonna be really hard to get into ketosis with the yams or the potatoes or even the fruit because it's just how too high in carb if you if you want to calculate and measure how many carbs are getting and keep it below 30 you might you might be able to get into ketosis but if.

You're 39 years old like myself I'm around 39 what happens is that your metabolism is gonna be not quite as fast as when you're 18 and you might not be able to get away with it so I would say no not consume the sweet potato the yam any type of potatoes from Peru which basically are you know purple and orange and yellow even though they have had a.

Nutrients it's just too starchy so I would avoid that and but you can have some berries but you got to keep your carbs a little bit lower thanks for your question okay so audio yes we have question number two okay this is a true or false question okay is it true or false the lactic acid is the thing that makes you sore after you exercise what.

Do you think guys give me a response and then Adi give me another question over there but this time make wouldn't make it a good one there okay so I have Piper on YouTube and she is I Pro glycemia and a vegan and can she do intimate of fasting well Piper this is exactly what is going to help you with your hypoglycemia.

Because think about it your blood Sugar's are too low right well what causes blood Sugar's to go low is higher amounts of insulin because the carbs are too high so when you eat every time you eat it triggers insulin so if you eat less you have less insulin spike better blood sugars and this is kind of weird because people they feel better when.

They eat so they think oh I might I need carbs no no you just have a little blood sugar problem so you're just satisfying that and people do fine as soon as they eat and they spike insulin then they end up with low blood sugars the more times they eat so if you do this correctly like I recommend in my videos so go to.

Dr. bird come under education there's a little tabs is how to do keto it's a free little mini course click that and I show you how to combine it and do it correctly so if you do send a gradual scale eat less you're gonna be less hungry but as soon as you eat for whatever reason now is then you're gonna be hungry so it's kind of a trap the.

More you eat the more hungry you are the less eat less times you eat and if you do this correctly you actually stabilize your blood sugars like I tested this out so many times like I wasn't even hungry and I figured I'm just gonna eat just for that because I'm bored I want to eat some food hour later now I'm starving crazy okay so alright so.

What do we have as our answer to the question true or false lactic acid question okay so a lot of people are saying true okay what do you think can you give me a hint true yeah sure actually it's false that's the answer is well not the lactic acid that's doing this lactic acid clears out of your.

System within 30 and 60 minutes after workout it's not the lactic acid it's the micro trauma that is destroying your muscles after a workout which usually happens to the next day or two days later office in your store its micro trauma the muscles have contractile tissue in little membranes and those get tore so you're actually tearing your.

Muscles at a micro level creating inflammation and that's really what the soreness is so this is the big mistake adi if you have soreness and then you start stretching hardcore with a lot of intensity you're be traumatized now you're going to develop scar tissue and not just the muscle in the tendon the muscle now you get scar tissue now.

You got stiffness now you wake up feeling stiff so after workout don't do massive stretching until it's fully healed you can do passive very light low intensity stretching okay but not hardcore because you realize you got inflammation you're gonna traumatize it okay are you making mental note yes I am okay good alright do you have another.

Question I do lemo on YouTube is asking what's the solution for being tired and sleepy all the time on keto ok so you just need to take a nap take a nap and that'll satisfy your sleepiness well when you do keto you have to do in a minute fasting at the same time or else it's going to take a long time to adapt.

So that's could be one thing you're missing the other thing is like what are you eating there's something that's not right to get into keto you need not just low-carb you need a moderate protein more fat and you need the potassium from the vegetables that's going to heal the insulin resistance to the point where you're burning fat when you're tired it.

Just means that you haven't fully adapted yet you probably also need to be vitamins specifically b5 you can get them from nutritional yeast or get them in the tablets but the B vitamins with a little b5 will go a long way with fatigue so keto fatigue is really a bit efficiency if you're doing everything correctly I have a video on that you can.

Watch that okay so now we're gonna go right to Becky from Florida you had a question go ahead Becky hi first of all I want to thank you for everything that you do for all of us oh you're welcome my question my question has to do with intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee I know you've been hit up with this quite often.

According to your videos but I've been taking my blood sugar when I wake up in the morning and then I do a bulletproof coffee and then I take my blood sugar again so my question would be do we know how many points for example would mean that I am absolutely breaking the fast with the bulletproof coffee or not breaking the fast and by the way I'm.

Only 12 days in loving this program lost nine and a half pounds the first week and I'm sitting here right now on Eastern Time and still not even hungry for my first meal that is fantastic Becky hey Becky how old are you I'm 57 okay okay so and then you're using the MCT oil with your coffee I am NOT I'm using coconut oil okay and butter okay.

Alright so this is a really good question and then the other question I have for you is how high do your blood Sugar's go like how many points is it going up go for from what what ranges any ranges anywhere from five to seven or eight for example today my blood sugar was 96 and it went to 103.

Yesterday it was 98 it went to 110 so on and so forth just just so you know my blood sugar was a hundred 143 Monday a week ago when I started this and I'm in the mid – anywhere from mid to high 90s now this is I am doing seven at least seven vegetables a day you're doing great Becky you're awesome this is awesome so let me give you a.

Couple tips on this obviously it's working and some people having a just a slight bit of fat in the morning with their coffee and the blood sugars going up they might the ketones might be going down a little bit okay just a little bit you're still in ketosis maybe not hundred percent so you may want to get some ketone strips maybe.

Not but that will really tell you but here's the here's the thing it's working everything's going good you're losing weight ride the wave now you're gonna you may get to a point where you plateau and that's where we probably want to take out the coconut oil if you plateau and you want to.

Because even though it increases blood sugars a little bit if you cut that out you will speed up the ability to burn fat and it'll it will help you lose weight a little faster if that's really your main goal so because here's the thing if you're any time you add fat your body's gonna burn that as your ketones as well and maybe not your own.

Fat to that degree but if you're losing weight now and everything is cool and you're happy with it ride the way i'v keep doing it it seems like it's working it sounds like your metabolism is is right on track so but I would only change that if you need to change it but I think you're doing great thanks Becky all right so now let's go to its moralia.

From Los Angeles I probably chopped your name to shreds but go ahead good morning doc you pronounced it rightly oh thank you good I just wanted to ask you three questions I don't know if I have the time for it number one when would I know to stop my diabetic medication number two I love kamut actually I've stopped eating kamut inside I stopped eating all.

Grains now for the past one month and three when it's an ideal time to take MCT oil okay good so you can stop your medications in approximately three weeks three and a half weeks from now no I I'm not going to tell you the stop your medication I can't really tell you that legally so you got to check with your doctor on that and it really goes it.

Basically has to do with as your blood Sugar's get normal the need for medication goes down if your blood if you actually get to a point where your blood sugars end up going lower then you definitely are taking too much Minh okay so just get with your doctor find a good doctor that will allow you to eventually come off because eventually.

The need for it is not going to be there so why would you take medications if you don't need it okay that's my viewpoint on that I'm glad that you're not consuming the grains anymore you don't really need the grains it's gonna slow you down it sounds like you cut them up so just avoid grains I would not consume grains okay and then the last question.

Is when to take MCT oil well the MCT oil is a type of fat that does help you make more ketones so some people like it some people don't some people don't need it some people it slows their weight-loss down I'm not crazy about it put in your coffee if you need it so you have a good metabolism go ahead and take it but I'm not crazy about it as something that you.

Really really need to take but it is it's a type of fat that's a healthy fat that will if you wanted to add that to like a shake for example with a meal and as your fat go for it I have no problem with that but here's the thing if your make it if you're doing all the vegetables and you're doing a moderate amount of protein and you keep your.

Carbs low and you don't consume enough fat the the first time that you break the fast the first meal make sure that all those macros that I just told you about our really high quality and because that's the point where you get the most absorption of these nutrients so the best time to consume your nutrients if you want to consider mc2 a.

Nutrient I don't really consider a nutrient is the first meal of the day because those cells are so ready to absorb other than that MCT oil is probably best to take in the morning and yeah so that's my opinion thank you very much for your questions now we're gonna go to Audie yes so before I ask this next question would they take the MCT.

Oil like during fest or after they break their fast it's gonna break your fast a little that so I would recommend adding it to the meal and not on an empty stomach because it's it's more calories it's the fat so anything that has that even no one is found and it has the minimum amount of spike of insulin I would.

Prefer you tick it with a key with a meal okay all right so next question is Wafi on Facebook and he he has no gallbladder has fatty liver and trying to lose weight nothing is helping him right now what is the best diet recommendation for his situation okay no gallbladder fatty liver and his fatty liver and wants to.

Lose weight fast lose weight yeah that's a tough one to do in a minute fasting maybe you should try that yeah that is the thing you need because that'll take the pressure off your liver and your gallbladder and then in a minute fasting see here's the thing because you don't have a gallbladder you're you you're gonna always have less.

Bile output because you don't have the it's just gonna trickle down okay so then you also don't have the concentrated bile so now you're going to be a little deficient in ability to absorb those fats so naturally intermittent fasting is gonna be the thing that's going to be the best thing for you so you're not adding more stress.

I would add purified bile salts all the clock or the gallbladder formula after a meal one of those after a meal because then you'll increase your absorption of the fat soluble vitamins so you don't end up with problems with the eyes the skin and other body issues so in a minute fasting in the basics just like anyone else that I'm talking to you need.

To plug those in and do that to support your problem big-time and I think that'll solve it but you're gonna have to add some purified bile salts there's no special diet other than that because it's the basics okay and also just so you guys know last week I released a new course it's a keto coaching training course it's awesome we.

Have a whole bunch of people that are doing it now that our signing of getting the training and it's the least expensive course out there ever I wanted to make it very affordable but you go to my site check it out it's under keto at the bottom it's a training course so you can actually be a coach and learn the basics and learn how to do.

It correctly and help a lot of people and this is for those people who like to help you like to help definitely needed of course because you're gonna get it some serious result and it's a lot of fun to get these results so check it out if you're interested okay so now we're gonna go to Carla from Texas you had a question go ahead Carla how can I.

Prevent hair loss you can okay okay I did you start the diet and you're losing some hair um yeah I actually two weeks in the diet and I've lost a little bit ten pounds and yeah I have good that you lost ten pounds not good that you lost your hair and it doesn't sound like um like if you're female and you lose hair it's not a good combination right and.

There's I guess there's something there's something about being bald you don't like okay and you don't like wigs okay so let me give you a comedy okay there's really like three things to focus on either if you're going into Quito or intermittent fasting which you you need to be doing both the same time and you're nutritionally deficient you.

Could end up with something like that so all that means you need either more B vitamins from nutritional yeast okay or trace minerals plant-based trace minerals or a little protein which probably is not that not the situation in your situation because it's really easy to get protein so it's usually going to be the trace minerals or the B.

Vitamins so you what you probably would benefit I have this I have these liquid trace minerals that they don't even taste like anything but you put those in water and those more likely or not are going to help you more than anything else because that's like the hardest to get from your diet is trace minerals so I have a plant version you might want to.

Get that and just put like a dropper full in some water each day because that will help the hair the nails the skin your nails would be really really really strong as well that's what I'm go for and that should help you but also add the nutritional yeast and I think you should be fine.

Thanks for your call okay Adi I have another question for you okay and we do have some more questions but and here's the last question all right what nutritional deficiency will cause an inability to smell and taste but primarily smell if you lose your sense of smell what vitamin are you deficient in or what nutrient a you deficient it.

Okay that's the question all right all right you like that question I did okay so let's let me go to Christine from North Carolina you two question actually earlier with the bulletproof coffee I was curious on the effects with breaking the fast as far as the etosha G.

And ro tournament hormone and also if the blood sugar could tell us anything about if we're getting I mean I know we can't test insulin at home so is there any way to kind of figure that out cuz I also did the before my coffee after my coffee and my blood sugar did go up and then it dropped really low about an hour later so I didn't know if that meant.

That I was spiking insulin I'm doing a heavy whipping cream and pure in my my coffee okay are you satisfied with your weight loss or would you like to speed it up it's been good so I was thinking I might be the riding the wave yeah so the ultimate this is a very good question because the ultimate question is what's happening with insulin because you want.

That low right but the fact that you're losing weight means that it must be low enough but you cannot lower insulin if there's too too much food or too much sugar in the diet or the blood sugars are too high so insulin and blood sugars are related in that if the sugars are high insulin will spike okay but if your.

Interests are low typically insulin will not go high that's usually when blood sugars are low insulin is going to be low so that's what you need to focus on so by adding the fat in there you're consuming the least amount of stimulation to your insulin but it's still a meal and it still will affect the blood Sugar's a.

Little bit but the fact that you're losing and everything's cool means that you probably get away with it fine and a lot of people doing this in their 20s don't even have to worry about it they can do the keto bombs they can do the fat they lose weight and they could shrink but I will say if you get into your 40s 50s 60s then you got to watch.

These little things like the too much fat too much this you have to be a little bit more strict and the bulletproof coffee can knock you out of ketosis a little bit okay but you just have to test it out thanks for your call okay what do we have all right so a lot of people are saying zinc and b12 really yeah okay well let's give let's get the.

Drumroll here and the answer is gosh these guys are smart I can try to stop them you're right if you're zinc deficient you're not gonna be able to smell or taste so that's a there's actually a zinc test you can actually consume some zinc in your mouth and holding your mouth for like a minute or maybe make 30 seconds.

And if you can't taste anything your zinc deficient if you can taste it because it's gonna be very metallic you don't have a problem with zinc and then we have that test by the way I have some zinc wc+ people hey guys thank you so much for your wonderful questions and an audience questions as well through social media have a wonderful week I'll.

Be doing more videos this weekend so check it out and thank you very much have a good one
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