Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
good morning everyone we're back and we have a little echo on the back i'm sure you guys can handle that but um karen is in the house anything that we say is not meant to.

Diagnose you or cure you it's just meant for your own educational information check with your doctor before implementing any of the stuff that i talk about so i'll have steve work on this echo if you could that would be wonderful i think there's a way to handle it.

And on the meantime we are going to go right to um sultan are you there hi there hi kevin hi how are you can you hear me yes perfectly what's your question you don't hear anything oh you can't hear anything hi.

I can't hear right now okay can you hear me microphone no not that one okay so yeah sultan can hear you okay okay sultan go ahead what's your question i accidentally every time she go yeah go ahead sultan can you hear me yes i can hear you.

I cannot hear anything okay try it once more sultan can you hear us yeah i can hear yes i can hear right now okay so what's your question yeah i'm calling on behalf of my grandmother she say every time she lay down to sleep on the bottom of her feet she gets like needles and quenching and itching hurting her every every.

Night right before she got sleep what could that be well that sounds like there's a problem with peripheral neuropathy and i would recommend a product called benfotamine it's a b1 product that you can get that you probably need to take four tablets a day.

And uh over a period of time and that will handle the peripheral neuropathy but that's usually a symptom of diabetes so she's going to have to get on keto and imminent fasting for sure can't you take nutrition nutritionally okay yes but it's not going to be as effective because you need something.

That will penetrate the fat lining around the nerves so ben photomean works 25 times stronger than regular b1 so in this case nutritional use won't really penetrate or make a big difference and is there any health difference between.

Butter and e what was that which one do you recommend is there any health difference between butter and ghee um yes yes ghee doesn't have any of the potential allergens like a casein and of course lactose so they it's it's a purified fat and that's the difference is basically it's.

Clarified which means they take everything out of that butter and they leave just the fat okay thank you very much thank you you're welcome all right great so let's go to marie from connecticut good morning dr burke and good morning karen good morning.

I have a good morning i'll jump right in i have an eight-year-old son he has sounded like he's had the worst cold since he was almost born we've been trying to work on his um intestinal with uh probiotics that we bought from you and he wakes up most nights and he's.

Coughing every three seconds for about two hours so yeah everybody's exhausted we're backing down the sugar we're going to the xylitol candy is there anything else that i can do or what what should be my basics that i do every night.

To see he doesn't have allergies he doesn't have asthma oh he'll outgrow it don't worry now is he on any dairy at all he does do um cheese he does do some cheese i'm trying to back him off of that it's a problem because he doesn't he's not a very great eater for me and i'm trying to do the uh keto but.

It's a struggle with him because he is very picky yeah i think i would the ideal situation is to start off with your children keto friendly but of course it's too late now so you've got the problem is there's probably some fungus or microbe growing that's being fed by the sugar or the.

Lactose and the milk so you're going to have to get off that because that's really the only way i mean you could use all these different remedies but if you keep feeding the this whatever it is fungus or mold or yeast it's just not going to go away but you know.

Xylitol helps sinus issues as well so if you if you use that as a sweetener get him involved making some keto treats i would have keto bombs around and go sugar-free but unfortunately that's what you're up against i'm sorry i appreciate it thank you.

You're welcome and then steve i think you're working on the echo right well you know there might be a little deal on your uh little lucy thing that cuts off that that echo thing on your little screen we're getting very technical folks as we work out this lucy.

Yeah on your on your main screen there's a little thing there i know what to do yeah i know what to do take that little gadget off how about now can you hear me i can hear you fine okay i think we're good i think we're good oh that's so fabulous that must have been driving you.

Crazy folks what you didn't realize that poor karen and doc heard a terrible echo in their head and they're trying to keep their brains straight and listen to you at the same time so that was a heroic effort but now you don't need to let's go to ruth from dallas ruth okay stand by the team can you hear me.

Yes i can hear you now oh okay hi dr berg hi karen hi girl hi um i am going to get right to it because i've been calling in a few times and i did get a blood test and it showed that i was borderline low on the calcium and.

So i've been taking calcium and i've been taking a buttload of other supplements as well but i just feel like there's an absorption issue and i've been making sure to take the digestate every time i take my supplements and then two times during the day on an empty stomach i've been taking the.

Pile salt but i'm still like i take 500 milligrams of calcium filtrate 20 use of the d3 uh k2 i take it with a tablespoon of okay ruth can you hear me now coconut oil yeah and i still feel the tingling in my leg if i don't i mean if i miss a day and i.

Don't take it i'll get the tingling in my shins i'll get sore teeth um so i i haven't retested my calcium but i feel like still low i don't feel like increased the same thing with 12 i mean i take 3 000 i use of this day but if i skip a space and i can see.

My nails already split again um what test did you do to determine um the interesting deficiency the cellular test intracellular test wow yeah was it was uh that you'd recommended um where you send your blood off and they tell you you know exactly what you're deficient.

In and like i said the calcium wasn't showing as borderline but um i get tingling in my heel and my shins my teeth start to hurt sore like all of my teeth it's not like there's a cavity somewhere it's just they're all sore.

If i don't take that calcium yeah i would also kind of increase your vitamin d 3 your magnesium b6 and also k2 as well as your stomach acid acidity because those are all factors that are helping absorb calcium it's very odd that you're not able to absorb that.

I'm going to do some research and create a video on this for you but in the meantime i would look at the vitamin d k2 and b6 and your ph just simply because these are cofactors that allow you to absorb calcium it doesn't make sense to me that you'd be deficient in calcium.

There's some other issue i'll stay tuned for that video all right karen yeah what do we have uh coming in through social media for a question okay so uh first of all miriam wants to know on facebook is there a place to submit a success story no we don't accept those anymore no uh.

Absolutely go to dr berg at and submit your success story we are love to actually get these success stories and post them on the website absolutely great um here's one from rosie doc i'm on keto and if coincidentally i got bad headache before.

The rain or bad weather comes or gets a headache why am i getting this headache coming from the back of my neck is there any other data none on keto and if bad weather comes pain in the neck well rain is a pain in the neck now if the weather affects your.

Headaches what's what's happening is you have a there's some of the barometric type problem in the joints and so like some people are real sensitive to the weather changes and there it could be a human weather person which i think maybe should get a part-time job is that but.

In the meantime um there there's probably some old injury to the back of your neck that's has some scar tissue so when the pressure is just not equalizing and for that situation the best thing to do is get into a state of autophagy and start.

Doing a lot more fasting that's what i would recommend i am going to release a video on headaches very very soon so check that out all right i've got parts falling out of me and by the way we've got a whole list of questions so anytime you want to launch.

You know what steve let's give everyone a nice question here the first question is what is the best nutrient for chronic diarrhea you have to open with that one i had to so i tell you what you um you can actually see these results too right yes i can okay let's see what people are saying.

And in the meantime in the meantime i have a question here from ca hey dr berg i hit a plateau and i don't really know what to do i consume 1200 to 1500 calories a day and i'm looking to continue losing weight any advice so there's no data are they doing keto or intermittent fasting so that would be.

The first one the first point right yeah i would go just do this simplicity of this get on keto and intermittent fasting simply because i don't even recommend treating any remedies or anything until you get the basic eating plan in implemented in your life.

So so many things will clear up from that but steve are you are you there i am sir i have a question i think i can get rid of the um the echoing by going off air and then on air and fixing this problem is that okay to do this temporarily.

Yes let's let's do that i'll bring the slide back up and entertain the masses with that so go ahead doc everyone stand by as the dr burke reconnects okay and remember question what is the best nutrient for chronic diarrhea is.

Must-know question and the doctor's continuing to work and we've got the doctor back go ahead okay stand by we're still reconnecting ah technology he says he's back okay all right go ahead oh in conference so there we go dr byrd let him have it okay good so let's go to brandy.

From burbank um you had a question about your digestion hey it's so nice to speak with you guys um thank you for all that you do uh so my question is i have gastritis and i have gerd uh symptoms from both pretty chronically just wondering where to do or what exactly you would do to start to.

Get rid of both of them yeah i think there's two things you can do brandi number one zinc is going to be really important in supporting your digestive system especially when you have gastritis but there's something else that i think could also help you with gerd and that's.

Vitamin b1 i would get it from nutritional yeast but that will help the valve issues so that valve starts getting really really closed down because the problem is if you add more acidifiers to help you with your digestion with the gastritis.

That might irritate it so a good vegetable to consume for this condition would be anything related to cabbage whether it's um sauerkraut coleslaw cabbage is a salad that's like that has the best nutrients for your problems that's what.

I would do in addition to the healthy version of keto and intermittent fasting hopefully you're doing that as well brandy awesome let's let's go to see what uh people answered with the first question okay uh a lot of different things calcium potassium.

Magnesium zinc b6 lectin sodium okay there you go and the answer is zinc zinc someone here do you realize that yeah there's over a half a million children that die from diarrhea because they're zinc deficient.

Every year worldwide that's crazy it's a simple solution the problem is number one some children are not consuming animal products that's number one because most of the zinc is in animal products and secondly if they're doing cereals and grains there's something in the grain that.

Fiber called phytate that that blocks absorption of zinc so become very very deficient so this so-called healthy whole grains is not so healthy so yeah if you have diarrhea definitely do the zinc i have some real interesting questions coming up here but i want to.

Jump right to lynn who's been waiting patiently go ahead lin uh my first question is i have the gallbladder formula the extra strength and i notice that in the supplement facts there's no bile salts guess what you have the version that is.

The vegetarian version we just came out with a vegan version of my gallbladder formula so that's somehow you got that version so what you could do is call my office and just let them know that you have the vegan the vegan version and you want the regular version.

Oh okay definitely and also um yeah also my i went to my doctor yesterday and it and my cholesterol was 131 he told me to go on statins i don't want to do that so what should i do should i i mean i'm not asking you if i should take the stat.

But i am asking you if i should take the steps where can i i just released a video on statins and um i would watch it i think you'll get your answer on that video okay yes i did see where you have that on there and one more thing when i uh 10 years ago i was diagnosed with um i can't even remember but it's like a.

Does it sound right synthetic liver because i do have fatty liver but it says it's it says i'm my liver is constructed like an uh animal's liver like a dog's liver yeah does that sound right no it doesn't sound right to me but here's what i would do if you have a.

Fatty liver and this will help your cholesterol too the purified bile salts especially when you get the the correct version of what you need um with my gallbladder formula but also choline is going to be really important for fatty liver and then just keeping your.

Carbs down doing fasting for a period of time and eventually your body will use all those that that fat that's in your liver um that's kind of an overflow of yours of doing carbs in the past so it can be reversed so definitely stick to it thanks lynn all right i'm ready for another next.

Quest question to put out just say how unflattering this video is oh you're this is there we go that's the correct one say that well you have a doorknob camera so it's a fish eye and so everyone looks like fish it's a lie the whole thing's a lie uh.

Ladies and gentlemen they do not have keep your head in the block i'll keep it right here and next week we're going to have the super duper camera which uh you know is more appealing but in the meantime don't pay attention to what you see on the screen oh my gosh okay if i was watching i.

Would be like what happened to her okay let's take a question here yeah let's do that let's take a social media question before your next question because we've been neglecting these guys over here let's go for it um okay good what is a good substitute for bile salts.

Now you have that vegan product but if someone is just in life they're a vegan they don't want to take that look if you if you look at the ingredients in my vegan gallbladder formula uh you'll see exactly all the remedies that act like bile but like um beets for example beet tops um.

What's what's the other one that's really common that i i never consume this vegetable mustard greens um no it's uh horseradish no what is it radishes i'm thinking of all the things i love radishes will help you for sure yeah also you apple cider vinegar will actually increase your bio.

Output um and also unfortunately if you're a vegan um saturated fat um stimulates bowel release so if you're on a low-fat diet especially if it's saturated fat you might have a problem so coconut oil might be an issue might be something you can also take to increase your bile.

Flow okay yeah all right good okay you want to ask a question i can tell this is a true or false question true let me ask the question okay can a b1 deficiency cause shortness of breath okay while you guys are answering that let's go to shyla from thailand.

Calling about her 13 year old daughter okay so i have a 13 year old daughter she is essentially um healthy her blood pressure is normal and she doesn't have any underlying diseases we've done her blood work a few times and there was really nothing diagnosed.

Except for the fact that she might be borderline anemic but she's sweaty she has sweaty pumps and her problem is that she's dizzy randomly from time to time when she stands up from sitting or goes up the stairs or when she plays sports and this happens quite a lot.

And i was just wondering what to do i've been following your video instruction and i've been giving him given her some daytime formula and the nighttime formula at night but it doesn't seem to help please advice i think i know what's going on this is an easy one to solve this is a.

Classic b1 deficiency she needs vitamin b1 which supports the autonomic nervous system that regulates your adaptation to gravity because if you stand up too quick and you get dizzy that's a b1 deficiency not necessarily always adrenal issues um also the sweating palms is an autonomic.

Nervous system problem and it's really hard to figure this out because you have to go to a neurologist and they do all these different neurological tests and then once they figure it out they don't even know what to do about it sometimes so the b1 and also i would look at my video coming up on.

I'll release it this next week on all the different ways that you are deficient in b1 because there's something that is causing her deficiency it could be that she's consuming too many carbs but there's other reasons too but vitamin b1 is what she needs should i give her nutritional.

East yes absolutely how much of that should she be taking as much as she can tolerate if you get a um non-fortified one or something that's not um adding more synthetic so you just have the natural um you know have them through the day and just you can swallow them chew them and um.

She'll be she'll be feeling a lot better all right thank you so much you're welcome okay karen we have to answer true or false true and false but i would say that the truths have it the truths are correct yes i'm going to release a video on all.

The unusual b1 deficiency symptoms and this is one of them like shortness of breath so if you have like air hunger or you're like you can't get enough air that could be a b1 deficiency but stay tuned for some additional ones that will probably.

Be very interesting all right so i'm ready for another question they're all interesting yes okay good so um culprit asks why would feet burn with coconut oil intake well in theory it shouldn't burn what i'm gonna do to solve this is i'm gonna when i talk i.

Can just pull this out and then i don't have to hear myself yeah this pretty um coconut oil should not cause burning feet i've never heard of that before and i have no idea why you would have burning feet by eating coconut oil unless it could be some allergy but.

Other than that it doesn't make sense there you go yeah i think this works all right deborah from hawaii hawaii you had a question related to some nutrients in your diet go ahead hi dr berg i'm doing intermittent fasting and healthy keto and for the last couple.

Days i've been adding this bibo strategy on top of that um i should say my understanding is that means adding the parameter of no fiber and no ferments for at least a month so i'm wondering about certain ingredients like should i include nutritional yeast even though it has fiber.

And how many tablespoons per day could i have should i can i juice the vegetables that i normally would have eaten can i put can i take the cruciferous superfoods and is tamari okay can i drink homemade nut milks like i use hard coconut meat and when.

Can i drink that and liver if i eat raw liver which i prefer how much a day do i need because it doesn't cooking it kills the water-soluble vitamins that's my first line of questions okay that's quite a few questions but.

Let me see if i can get through these steps um i think here's the problem with sibo and this is what people don't realize is they sibo is this bacteria your even your friendly bacteria that's growing in the small intestine it should be in the large intestine it's growing in the.

Wrong place and they're robbing you of your nutrients so the the liver the coconut the the juice from vegetables the nutritional yeast i think are all totally fine and because they have a little bit of fiber but not that much.

So um it's really when you eat big salads where you're gonna have a problem so i would do all of that and because you're you are going to be deficient so i think that's going to help you offset this uh this problem but the most important thing with sibo would be to do a lot of fasting.

That's like the most important second thing is cut down your carbs and then your fiber vegetables do carnivore for a while and then oregano would help and the other thing too vitamin b1 from the nutritional yeast is going to be very beneficial because it it supports um.

The valve valves on your your digestive system and it's going to actually help peristalsis too so don't forget that one as well okay yeah so i had been doing the intermittent fasting and keto and then i read your and then i read i what happened was i was feeling so good during the fasting period.

Like better than ever but then i would eat and i'd feel like a train wreck right right and then i noticed you know my stomach was just huge and bloated and i was like so um and i'm also you know i'm 5 eight i weighed 125 going into this and suddenly i had sibo and i'm.

Down to 115. so i'm losing weight and i'm kind of scared i'm weak fatigued i got diarrhea a couple of days and so that's when i was like oh geez i think i'm i'm supposed to be adding i go to your videos and everything i'm supposed to add like nut butters and all um i'm like well i'm not supposed to have that on this diet on the sibo part.

Right so i'm like should i just cut back on my vegetables instead of like going on this whole stevo thing or do you think i should stick with this um sibo adding the sibo protocol are you absolutely sure you have sibo well you know so my naturopath she's my best friend is the naturopath and a lot years ago she said you have.

You know you probably have sibo and i didn't do a test but um you know so she put me on the sibo diet nothing has ever worked until i added intermittent fasting like that that stuff is amazing um yeah so i don't know if i had see but you know i tried the dye and it didn't.

Really work but like i said nothing has worked for me before i added intermittent fasting okay so i would get a test to make sure you have sibo i'm not 100 sure you have sibo so you may be able to tolerate some of these vegetables so i'd hate to have you go wow i have.

The wrong thing it's just get a test and find out but you're you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place because especially when you're trying to we know intermittent fasting is so beneficial but then if you're losing more weight what are you going to do if you try to add more fat or fiber or.

Whatever and all of a sudden bam it's like now it's going to create a worse problem so i would first make sure that you have sibo especially if you do um intermittent fasting that should really help you clear out sibo so you no longer have it but i.

Think i would definitely add more betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar to acidify that stomach too as a another thing as well but thanks for your question uh i i haven't made it okay so now i'm ready for a i'm ready to give the next question okay just so they can.

Work on that okay now most of you know that metformin is a medication for diabetes type 2. if you didn't know it it is um why would metformin help someone who has an autoimmune condition yeah they're actually using it for autoimmune conditions why would.

Metformin help someone with an autoimmune condition and metformin is the primary drug that um deals with helping you with diabetes type two okay so this is kind of a a question that you'd have to understand the mechanism a little bit more but let's see who can get this one.

And as you're chewing on that question um i'm ready for a question you are good um question for the sound man uh here i am at hour 36 of my first prolonged fast will stinging nettle root tea break the fast i'm drinking black coffee lemon water electrolytes wheatgrass.

Along with supplements no no it's not going to break your fast how about that well that was a very a to b answer good i'll go back here and get another one yeah uh regarding if i'm doing keto and if i'm currently consuming less than 50 grams of carbs a day and i fast 20 hours and eat within a four hour.

Window is that okay yeah that sounds really good that's um i would highly recommend that that's a really good uh pattern okay good just knocking them out is he's going i like the yes no questions.

Okay here's one from natasha i suspect i have a fatty liver but nothing came up on the blood work i have right shoulder pain should i proceed with remedies you recommend for fatty liver the belly is shrinking with healthy keto yes and yes well that was easy um the thing with the fatty liver though.

You can't do a blood test to determine your fatty liver you have to do an ultrasound you know or there's other testing as well but not a blood test unless i mean you can if there's high levels of liver enzymes that could indicate but it doesn't necessarily mean that so it's ultrasound but here's the thing.

If you have a full sensation on the right upper underneath your rib cage you need bile salts purified salts gall bladder type support that's going to increase the flow bile and help the fatty liver if there is one as well as the flow through your bile ducts i'm doing a lot.

Of videos on the on the bile because it's so interesting i i i'm actually doing because i'm interested in the topic and i hopefully other people are interested as well i'm sure they are but let's see if we get it do we do we get any answers on this um repeat the question why is metformin.

Also in addition to helping you with diabetes also good for autoimmune conditions what do we what are people saying people are saying it's anti-inflammatory it lowers blood sugar and histamines it keeps sugars down less stress on the adrenal it lowers here's one it regulates.

Insulin or it lowers insulin you guys are pretty smart pretty smart people it's nice um wicked smart here's the thing metformin mainly deals with insulin resistance that's what it deals with and when you have insulin resistance.

You get inflammation and inflammation causes insulin resistance back and forth so when you take metformin you're greatly reducing your inflammatory it's called cytokines and that's going to reduce the complications of autoimmune conditions.

Now i'm not recommending it i'm just letting you know because you can easily do this with low low carb especially low carb as well as fasting but the fact that metformin targets insulin resistance is fascinating because that tells us that there's some connection with blood glucose and sugars.

And insulin and autoimmune disease and there is i'm going to release a video coming up that's very interesting and when you do keto and low carb you greatly improve your immune system okay especially the the mechanism that's causing this self-attack and so it's not just about lowering.

Inflammation it's about you're supporting certain immune cells that will um will drop inflammation and help you kind of put that thing in remission so stay tuned for a video on that okay okay okay good uh here is one um excuse me from facebook talk about hi mlas or do a video on it.

Please let me do a video on that one because there's a lot more to it than just a quick answer but lydia is caught lydia is calling for more she had a question about blurriness and the left eye go ahead lydia um so i i started um intermediate fasting and uh.

Keto i was 195 and now i'm 174. i did that for about two and a half months and well i started this i've been wanting to do intermediate fasting forever and listen to your shows for a long time but um i just never thought i could do intermediate fasting but.

Um i did this for a while i lost the weight but i started it because of my vision um i uh it was blurry and i started feeling blurry when i when one of my my left eye sorry i'm so nervous i'm talking to you i'm losing myself um and um.

I went to the doctor and they said that i had uh i thought i had um uh i thought i had what i call it the white and i i forgot what it's called uh cataract but i yeah but he's like you're too young for that so um he told me i had a uh trauma to my eye and it's it was.

Um but the problem is it was getting worse because when you have a trauma i don't think it's supposed to get worse and worse rapidly and he put me on put me on a antiviral um i it's called somewhere i don't i can't even say it correctly for i think about a week and a half i.

Did that um you're very muffled right now but i think i know your question so let me give you some some help with that because typically when you do intermittent fasting um your eyesight should get.

Better even if there's an old injury but there's something else that i think that you you could do that i think you'll really like especially if there's an old injury to the eye and i've done this myself because i had some old injuries to the eye there's a product it's from standard.

Process it's called iplex take one before bed you can order online iplex and it it really will have it's i found it's really good for supporting the eye especially if there is an old injury okay and then continue to do what you're.

Doing because when you do low carb and keto you're gonna um improve the blood flow to the eye the nerve flow to the eye the retina even the lens if you the opposite of that is a high carb and that really destroys the eye and.

Creates all sorts of problems so um those are some suggestions that i would recommend and then let us know if it works okay thanks all right karen what do we have okay uh here we have one from carlos good morning doctor a year ago my wife started having inflammation in.

Her joints her doctor said to use glucosamine she didn't as the pain and inflammation lowered but a month ago she started with d3 and k2 inflammation came back so i don't know how if that was the same time as well as she has dry eye well dry eye is a vitamin a deficiency so she might need more.

Vitamin a sometimes when you take more of one vitamin it can lower another vitamin but but when you actually take d3 and k2 a lot of people have huge benefits from knee pain and other types of pain because you're actually helping mobilize the calcium.

From the joints into the bone so and vitamin d is an anti-inflammatory so i i don't think that the vitamin d is making or the k2 is making the knee worse or the joints worse i think i would add more vitamin cod liver oil that would be good.

And um and see what she's eating and also make sure that you're on the healthy version of keto and intermittent fasting which is the most important thing for sure and some people can notice a huge inflammation the day after a meal that has bread or carbs or something.

That is correct i think it's something else that's right all right okay what are we doing we're gonna go to brad from atlanta brad you had a question you actually lost 50 pounds yeah so thanks dr berg so since november of 2019 i've lost 50 pounds um i hit a plateau.

Around a couple couple months ago where i lost 40 pounds and wasn't quite where i wanted to be body composition wise and that's when i started a regimen of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet and i lost another 10 pounds so i'm feeling great i went to my doctor.

Earlier this week and did a full panel blood work came back with high ldl cholesterol everything else in my lab results came back normal and and so he's recommending that i go on to some medication which i'd really like to avoid at all costs.

I've seen some of your videos where it talks about it in a normal situation i guess my question really is once i reach my body composition goals which i suspect will be in the next three to four months and i get into kind of more of a maintenance routine can i expect that that ldl will come down on its own.

And how long should i expect that that may take okay good question brad um ldl is a protein that carries cholesterol from the liver to the cells and what you have to realize that your fat cells store triglycerides and cholesterol so as you're losing.

Weight your cholesterol obviously is going to have to be mobilized from your fat cells throughout the body um i would recommend just for your own peace of mind because i do not think this is a problem at all i would get an advanced lipid profile test it's an advanced cholest kind of a cholesterol or lipid test.

Which measure measures the two different types of ldl one is uh the small dense particles and the large buoyant are particles a and b um even karen you had that test because your your ldl was higher we did the advanced testing and you're going to find that.

There's actually a good ldl and that's the one that was screaming high on yours and the other one was normal so this whole thing with ldl is still like some of these doctors are kind of not up to date on the new information about ldl once you do this advanced lipid profile.

You're going to find that it's going to be the version that is not bad at all it's a large buoyant ldl that is not going to invade the inside of your arteries so that's what i would do and you're going to find that wow this was not a problem after all because you have all these other benefits.

Nothing to worry about thank you thank you okay all right so before we take a question i'm just going to throw this other question out here okay um what natural nutrient is an antidote if someone's being poisoned with antifreeze.

Ethylene glycol i know you guys were thinking about this for a while and like wow who do you hang around if i ever happen to be poisoned with um antifreeze what would be a remedy wouldn't you like to know half the audience doesn't because you know they might have it in use.

Terrible well i'm just saying steve steve okay let's go to a question okay while you're answering that question that is a rare it's a common thing that people want to know okay so um pia where is your question here's a really interesting question why is our body so demanding for vitamins.

And minerals on a daily basis when we are designed not to eat that much or that often well we were designed to consume nutrient-dense foods that used to be in our soils but no longer are i mean we're consuming we have so um far off the natural diet for so long and have so many.

Deficiencies that you can't just eat food and balance things and unfortunately even the soils now you'd have to literally grow your own food and have super healthy soils to get the nutrition that you need so that's why you have to enhance your diet with supplements the food itself doesn't have.

The nutrients that it used to have it's empty empty especially if you have a history of doing a lot of refined foods and i'm even talking about refined proteins or fats as in vegetable oils that's a refined fat all these all these things create major.

Problems and then now how do we backtrack and undo that nutrients will help did you realize karen that um folate comes from the derivation means foliage which is kind of leafy greens because you get your um or just vegetable folate is leafy greens if you're deficient in folate.

Alone you you start to experience dna damage very similar to radiation damage so nutrients are do a lot more than just help you metabolize they can protect the dna and if you don't have them you're wide open to get damage from diabetes from radiation.

From junk foods from all sorts of things wow okay now did you ask a question yep what nutrient is the antidote to antifreeze um or the poison in antifreeze which is ethylene glycol what do we got so we have zinc uh charcoal milk and then b1 d.

Eggs someone said who said b1 uh well lenga said b1 but also said d and also said x well b one is correct she had the correct answer b one we don't know vitamin b1 will help to counter this poisoning effect which is fascinating also you could use magnesium as well but.

B1 works a little bit better so just make mental note if you're ever on a trivial uh pursuit game right that's hopefully the only time you'll ever need that information yeah okay as you kind of find some other questions let's go to patricia.

Um she had a question about inflammation on the scalp are you there hi yes i am hi dr berg and karen karen i hope one day you start your own youtube channel about how to look so great thank you well i won't be yeah i would watch it for sure and become a subscriber anyway you know what my ques my question.

Is in regard to inflammation of the scalp so i've gone to the dermatologist because i have i have like these little sores on my scalp and they really haven't been able to diagnose it in regards to anything they say you know it's dermatitis or folliculitis but things.

Like none of those are correct so the dermatologist put me on scalp oil and it seems to help but it's definitely not going away and i do your healthy keto been doing it for a long time so i was just wondering if you have any other recommendations since the scalp oil seems to be helping but i feel like it's something from the.

Inside out and then my other question is really in regards to your supplement whether or not you still have to take the d3 and k2 if i have now started taking the immune supplement because they kind of have the same ingredients except for the k2 is not in there so i was wondering about that.

Yeah so that means some of these supplements do cross over so i think the immune product would give you enough of the d that you need for that so i think you're fine on that but as far as your scalp goes um this is kind of a classic vitamin a deficiency i'm going to release i'm writing a book on the skin.

So i have a it's fresh in my mind of what's going on because it's really vitamin a is like the most important thing for your skin but it's not that you don't have enough vitamin a i think usually the more common thing is there's something going on with your liver or gallbladder bile that doesn't allow you.

To absorb the vitamin a so what i would do if i do is i would take um some gallbladder formula or purify bowel salts to help to really get your fat soluble vitamins absorbed a lot more not just a but d as well which is an anti-inflammatory which is good for kind of um dandruff for psoriasis type.

Stuff but i think you'll get most benefit from taking a gallbladder support formula for what you have for your skin and then make sure you're on keto and i f in minimum fasting and i think your skin's going to be the best so.

For those of you that are have skin issues acne whatever when you go low carb your inflammation your skin goes down when you do intermittent fasting you create all these incredible things that happen with your proteins and your skin in collagen is protein and then if you add in the nutrients to.

That to make it healthy especially the fat cyber ones and then you can digest it with bile your skin is going to be amazing just a tip karen as you apply on a regular basis thank you okay here's one yeah uh from irish one dr berg will sarah peptase help with liver cysts.

I don't think so i don't think so uh syrup peptase is a good enzyme to get rid of scar tissue and unwanted protein but the cysts are a little different cysts usually come from some type of blood sugar issue whether it's insulin resistance or.

High sugar or something like that now sometimes if they're in the liver it's just encapsulating encapsulating a poison or a toxin of some sort which is a good thing um so this could have been from years ago when you weren't on keto and intermittent fasting but now that you are.

I'm assuming i think you'll maximize your uh your benefit from that and uh even though maybe not might not go away it won't continue to get worse that's just my guess okay okay yep let's throw in another question karen.

Um let's see here what nutrition or nutrient is missing from morning sickness um okay good question and which is part of the morning sickness a sensitivity to odors okay now i've got to admit we gave the audience a jump on this because i unwittingly threw this.

Up on the uh ethylene glycol so my goodness did you put did you put the question or did you put the answer no no there's no answer luckily so but they just had time to ponder this that's all but uh this question uh you know what nutrition and this is up now what a nutrient deficiency causes morning.

Sickness and sensitivity to order odors so they just got to jump on the test but anyway no answer has come up and so folks have at it okay good okay and i wonder can i hear that yeah sorry guys that's true okay so um carlos has been waiting patiently carlos you're from gaithersburg go ahead you had a nine-year-old son that was.

Diagnosed with high blood sugar and he's suffering from night terrors i can't hear you but i'm going to answer the question uh hello oh hello hi hey i'm sorry i was so muted so yes my son nine year old i have five kids of all of them boys he's the youngest one he was diagnosed with um.

High blood sugar like about 18 months ago and he probably historically has been having night terrors and lately for the last few weeks he says that he sees people with small heads i saw your program that um blood sugar interferes with vision.

So i thought that maybe that has something to do with that or maybe not i don't know point is that a couple of days ago i started giving him um uh 250 milligrams of um b1 and potassium but i would like to know what would be the right doses for kids for potassium and b1 um.

What other thing would you suggest in this case okay so he's nine years old right so the problem is you got to make sure that you're not giving them a synthetic b vitamin that's number one and just so you know not that i'm biased of my own b vitamin product but i have a.

A b1 product in a blend of all the bees and all the nutrients and it's my i call it something different but it's really a b1 product for these type of issues and it's my keto energy product it used to be called the uh mitochondrial.

Support but uh that's the one i think you would get the most benefit i mean here's the thing i use three different types of b1 in there and one of the ones that i use which is natural is extremely expensive it's like 2 200 a kilogram it's crazy it's like the most expensive nutrient but.

I had to have it for that purpose because it really works well um so i think he that would be the best bet for that and then also the fact that he has high blood sugar needs he needs to get on keto that's essential no matter what you have to do convince them to do that that's really.

The underlying problem because the more carbohydrates someone consumes the the more the need for b1 and then the more symptoms you get the more deficiency problems that you have i see how about the potassium yeah you want to do um.

Make sure he's doing enough from the food as well but you could probably give them up to you know like a half a scoop of the electrolytes which is about 500 milligrams a day i think that would be fine for a nine-year-old i mean you could probably do a little bit more but i think 500 would be very.

Reasonable thanks carlos all right karen what do we do we have the answers yet on this question morning sickness what is the nutrient that's so i'm getting um zinc folate b1 b1 b1 so fly so here's the thing.

Um you guys probably have been hearing a common theme on all these questions and the answer is b1 deficiency so b1 is very very important especially if someone's pregnant um a lot of times they'll do a lot of carbs i know it's surprising but they might do a lot of carbs.

And then there goes the b1 and then now the symptoms they're real sensitive to certain odors like that's one symptom and also sensitive to lights that's a b1 deficiency but definitely beef up no pun intended on b1 if you have morning sickness and i think you'll be one in beef yeah.

There's b1 and beef as well then that was a pun that was honey yeah there you go it's a very bunny that's right excellent hey hey belle from canada i've been um i know you've been waiting for 16 minutes you had a question go ahead thank you dr berg yes um.

I know you get a lot of questions on fibroids but mine is a real concern because my mri shows a very enlarged fibroid about seven and a half by seven inches and it's displacing my colon posteriorly and it's it's a it's not invading the colon yet but i thought.

Uh would it be damaging my colon to some extent and another thing is what what's your opinion on embolization and i wondered if you could do a video clip on embolization and so i have a couple other questions but i thought maybe you could answer those first i think that's i think that's an option.

Especially especially if you've tried everything else first and it didn't work but here's the thing um a fibroid is a tumor and it's it's it's fed by um a blood supply and there's there's a whole bunch of foods that can are anti blood supply to tumor there's called.

Anti-angiogenesis so and that would be all the cruciferous of course i'm hope i hope that you're consuming a lot of those foods i would also avoid any foods that could stimulate hormones of any kind like dairy for example the next thing is i would do a lot of not just intermittent fasting i would do.

Periodic prolonged fasting i would definitely do probably 48 hour fasting every week because what's going to happen is you're going to force the tumor to only eat certain fuels that it can't eat so all the other cells can actually live on ketones but.

Fibroids they love glucose so right there it's going to probably help you greatly so that's what i would try to do and see if that works but the the other option might be might be something you might have to do if you tried everything else first and i don't know if it's.

Obstructing anything with your colon because um you know that your doc would be able to have to evaluate that and look inside and see based on ultrasound or mri or whatever but i wouldn't if you have a choice i always always would recommend an mri over a.

Cat scan because the cat scan has a lot of radiation fyi yes and i i had an mri but i am a pre-diabetic and i have all of your products and i just wondered how much estrogen and seek help should i be taking and yeah so that would kind of the estrogen balance that i have i'd take.

Three of those a day and i would take one sea cal sea kelp is very uh powerful you don't need much just one a day and i think that would be good and then just work on the eating work on keeping the carbs low work on doing more fasting and i and then just see how it goes take it.

Week to week bill okay thanks for your call on that note we will be working on the sound the feedback i really appreciate all your questions and your patience and your tolerance of all the bugs that we the bugs that occurred and the barking yep have a wonderful week guys we'll see you.

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