Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
although karen is actually here in spirit you can kind of see her there if you really look if you concentrate uh welcome to the show anything that i say is not meant to diagnose you or cure you or provide or replace your medical.

Care check with your doctor before taking any of the recommendations that i'm about to give you okay so today is black friday just fyi um it's a huge special at dr if you go there sometime today uh just use the key code keto keto and you'll get huge.

Savings all right i have a lot of questions um steve's gonna help me in social media i have some other interesting questions i'm going to ask you guys and see if you can get the answers correct i want to jump right into the callers so rose is on the line and she had a.

Question from new york city hi rose hi uh happy thanksgiving that's right happy turkey day yes yes um well my question is like it's you you posted a funny video a while back at a grocery store where you had to look at the nutritional labels.

Of like certain products and it was really funny um so my question is uh you know piggybacking on that because there's so many uh keto products out there you know cereal snacks and all that and they all say low carb and it does some of them have.

You know uh the net carbs are low um but in your um based on your opinion like what are the are there certain ingredients that we need to avoid even though it says low carb or low that carb that's a really good question in fact i think i need to do a video on that but.

I'm going to tell you what i would recommend so let's talk about that just because something says it's keto friendly does not mean it's keto friendly um you want to really focus on that carb and sugar level a lot of times they're adding all these sugar alcohols in there and.

The type of sugar alcohols do matter if they're doing something like um malt uh what is it uh um multitos or or or um what's another one it's uh some of these these ones that are sugar-free but they're actually very high on the glycemic index um.

Now i use xylitol in small amounts and it does have like it's on the glass glycine mechanics it's not zero it's like 30. so if you a small amount it's not a big deal uh the ideal situation is if you do erythritol and monk fruit or erythritol and stevia together those are real good.

Combinations there's a lot of things out there that include that but really watch out for um not just the sugars but the ingredients so read the ingredients because you're going to find that they may have dextrose maltodextrose and that's what you want to avoid as well those are synthetic sugars.

And pretty nasty as far as blood sugar issues and sometimes they'll they'll be below one gram but like a very small serving size so if you're having any any amounts it's going to be really a major problem the other thing is tapioca they stick that in there too i don't like that.

It's in a lot of the like the pizza crust type products i think um let's see what's some other ones that i would recommend i would also make sure it doesn't have any um vegetable oils like corn soy canola cotton seed make sure it doesn't have that.

Make sure it doesn't have soy protein isolates that's not good corn solids i don't like that either msg modified food starch is really really bad textured vegetable protein is really bad these are just several things i would look at i would.

Look at and then avoid so i will do a more complete video on that but very good question all right let's go right to sultan from saudi arabia are you there are you there hi thank you very much for taking my call sure.

I'd like to ask about how does eating food that are that doesn't grow in my in our ecosystem or in our uh nature naturally doesn't grow naturally like some avocados or raspberry it doesn't go well i did um how does that affect the body does anyway is that maybe it's something new or different the body is not used to.

Yeah that's a good question too sultan i think that when you when your genetic line of people have been in a certain area for a long period of time and you'll be eating these certain foods and then you go to another place you your body is not going to obviously do as well because your.

Your body's your your ancestry are used to certain certain foods but i think that is less important than the introduction the recent introduction in the last 40 years of all the junk foods and hidden sugars because 100 years ago we didn't have these.

Things and so now we have this introduction of a lot of vegetable oils we have a lot more foods that we're not used to and that's really the culprit the hidden sugars even um some of the fruits that are supposedly good for you have been hybrids.

Even the grains have been hybrids and they're they're designed to have more carbohydrates so you do want to go back to maybe you know what the original diet was way back when they didn't have all these additives that would be good but um i do know that when people especially when they move to america from other.

Countries and even though they eat healthy they end up getting really sick because of the foods i mean i remember in practice this lady came in and she was majorly overweight with her husband and she was very very sad and she was from russia and i said how can i help you and.

She said well look at me i've said when i before she showed me a picture before when she moved to america and she was just dropped down gorgeous perfect body and then now she's gained all this weight and she did not just live on twinkies and donuts it was just.

I mean a little bit but it wasn't that off so the the quality of food in america is pretty um low as far as compared to other countries so uh even if you're eating like potatoes and things like that um you know in russia it's actually higher quality because the soils are.

Better than america not that you would do that but welcome to america if you come if you come here that's the food is not that great um all right so let's go right to val north battleford canada are you there yes i am can you hear me perfectly.

Okay good um well um i called in about a month ago and i'm the lady with uh an enlarged tumor grew very it grew in the space of three years it doubled so what's happening with that is a couple things i went to uh well a surgeon called me and they wanted to.

They said they want to do surgery as quickly as possible and that they don't know if it's cancer they they'd only know if it's after they did the surgery and i'm i don't i'm not interested in surgery i i've just never had done those things and anyway so i'm kind of.

Afraid of doing things with them and they're sending me cancer you know booklets and stuff and to ask you what i was doing is you told me to do fasting um so i did fast for five days and it worked really well and i didn't get hungry i took your supplement and then after i.

Finished the fast i i started eating and i got pain again and it was all night kind of thing so i was wondering if you had any suggestions on what i could do when i start eating why i'm having pain i guess and and what i could do what would you do if you know for the.

Pain what would you take yeah good question val um so you're talking about an enlarged fibroid um many many times those are the great majority are they're benign they're not malignant tumors so definitely get a second opinion check with another physician that maybe will have.

Other options but as far as the pain goes i'm guessing you avoided all dairy for sure because that's kind of a that can stir things up i'm also guessing that you probably took a dim estrogen balance with c-kelp that would be two other things because.

Iodine helps to reduce the excess amount of estrogen that's behind it there's also some some let's see vitamin d for the pain that would be very very important taking a good amount of vitamin d i would recommend probably 30 000 ius.

These are all things that i would recommend um also for someone like you it might be a good idea um for me just to take a quick peek and i don't do this very often but if you could just send an email to dr berg at and just.

Email us just an average of what you would eat in two different and two different days just so i can see what you're eating just to make sure there's nothing there that could be more anabolic stimulating the growth of something so that's that's what i would do and we.

Can take a look at that and see if there's something else that we can do yeah okay thanks for your call val and doc yes we have got a lot of viewers and by the way i have to throw myself on the sword several of our viewers saw me trying to adjust what's called your ifb and you.

Were a good sport doc but they saw my hand flitting around back there so that that created a little bit of a stir which is fun and these people that saw it are coming to us from thailand canada the uk kuwait romania italy yemen south africa india good grief.

Saudi arabia sweden ireland france belgium spain mexico let me take a breath iceland oman turkey egypt and all across these united states so thanks again folks for your great patronage to the show and let's see doc maybe we should throw up one of your questions let's let's throw.

Up the first question the first quiz of today what is the most powerful vitamin for your skin and it's not vitamin c and it's not vitamin e okay see if you guys can guess the most powerful most important vitamin for skin health okay this is a good one this is an.

Important question um let's see if you can get it correct um one thing i just also remembered in the last call when the lady talked about a fibroid um and she was doing fasting for five days which is very important i think um going back to eating after five days you have to do it really.

Really slow like you might want to introduce just maybe a little bit of food wait an hour a little more okay just because you want to grab if you if you have a whole meal after five days it can really that can cause pain right there uh happened to me when coming off.

Fasting i wanted to experiment i was i was like oh wow i'm eating and i'm just gonna eat the regular meal and i was like okay that was not good this is too much food too fast because your system is used to not eating so you want to gradually kind of go into it that way.

All right um doc by the way we've got a lot of social media questions if you'd like to tackle give me some good questions all right over to facebook first up is gina uh and she says she's on a keto stall now and she wants your help okay keto stall i've done probably 10 10 of these videos if you plateau.

The first thing you want to do is look to make sure that you really have a stall because let's say you're losing size and you started and you're losing inches but you're not losing weight that could just mean that you're actually your body's developing more muscle protein and.

Muscle per volume weighs more than fat per volume that's number one number two how are the other factors doing other than weight is your cravings going away is your hunger gone if so that means it's working give it more time the next thing i would do is i would.

Start really cutting down more carbs bring the carbs way down there's an interesting program that i or a video it's kind of a program it's called keto on steroids you can look up that video and apply that information but then the next thing is very very.

Important you need to fast longer so if you're eating twice a day go down the once a day if you're eating once a day ask yourself am i really hungry do i need to eat and then go another day like fast eat every other day that is very beneficial to those people with.

A slow metabolism and also if they have you know had a history of dieting or they're getting older post-menopausal and their metabolism is just kind of shut down those are things that i would recommend and you can also improve the sleep add exercise and reduce stress steve you have another question.

Sorry i certainly do okay this is help me out here terry sakina sakina what is the best meal replacement shakes in your opinion or is there such a thing well i'm gonna i'm not biased of course but i'm going to recommend my own meal replacement.

Yay yeah so there's two different ones it's kale shake and then there's a there's actually a keto meal replacement which is chocolate they're both chocolate and the meal replacement has mct oil in it so it's like a healthy fat and you can do that it tastes good and i wouldn't recommend living off of it but.

It's a great as an extra meal if you wanted to add something and it tastes good i like to put it in plain cold almond milk tastes amazing blends up real nice and then you can go to to get that and also take advantage of the black friday special today that's going on today it's keto is the code.

Steve what's what do you have is the answer to the questions what is the most in powerful and most important um vitamin for healthy skin okay so uh this is all over the place sixty percent uh say vitamin d twenty percent vitamin b.

In its various forms ten percent say vitamin k and ten percent lysine and biotin so uh how can you sort that out okay the answer is vitamin b3 niacin or you can take it in the niacinamide now let me tell you why because the opposite of that when you're deficient.

In vitamin b3 there's a condition called pellegra that can really mess up your skin and steve take a wild guess based on the history of pelegra and bad skin problems how was that created what were people eating back in the early 1900s that.

Actually triggered this serious skin problems where it's the skin is cracking it's dry it's flaking take a while guess what um what food created that undercooked meat maybe i have no idea when uh i don't know is that when the captain crunch first came out for.

Goodness sake no it's basically corn a lot of corn and a lot of refined flour products as well as refined rice white rice so if you think about what they did at that point is they started to enrich grains with synthetic you know b vitamins but they didn't eliminate the.

Food unfortunately so they eliminated pellegra the importance of vitamin b3 for youthful skin is huge and so it's not hard to get b3 from the diet it but it's easy to become depleted either from eating refined grains refined.

You know like other products as well as too much corn or any corn at all that's going to start to deplete you and then also alcohol will do it as well so these are these things that will deplete your b3 and you notice your skin is not going to be that healthy but b3 is a cofactor for a lot of different things that happen in the body with.

Energy and protein and fats vital very important and that's why probably they have the b3 uh or niacinamide in a lot of the skin creams nowadays to try to do that but i always like to do it from the inside out steve that makes sense speaking of which we've.

Got so many great quiz questions why don't we at least toss up the next one then we'll move over to social media okay so here's a true or false question fungus in your sinuses like when you have a fungal infection in the sinuses that fungus can live on iron true or false.

Interesting okay so why don't we go to social media and let's see lola the best advice for someone starting intermittent fasting on facebook well the absolute first thing to do if you want to do it gradually is to just cut out the snacks okay and then do that for a bit couple.

Days and then you start to cut out the carbs and this can be happened at the same time you start cutting out the carbs and now the insulin becomes better more normalized now it's easier to go longer if you're doing intermittent fasting with a high carb diet which a lot some.

People do it's going to be very difficult why because you're going to affect your blood sugars it's going to be unless you're enough with low blood sugar and you're going to be hungry or craving if you keep the carbs low it's going to be a lot easier so you keep the carbs low.

And then you add more fat to the meal for the purpose of going longer so then you skip your breakfast and then push your breakfast and then your first meal which is going to be your lunch further forward and now we got we have a a nice fasting of maybe 16 hours and then go to 18 hours and then hopefully up to 20 hours i'm doing 20.

Hours um that seems to work really good for a lot of the benefits but you know you don't have to do 20 hours do if you can't do 18 do do 16 and but don't go less than 16 hours so that's that's how we do it now the other way that you can do it is just jump in and just get it over with.

You know just do i don't know twice twice a day two meals a day and do 18 hours and then what happens the first three days might be a little difficult but then it's going to be easier because it takes about three days to adapt so depend on what what kind of person you are.

Some people can just dive in and do it some people can't doc i've got an unsolicited tip and i mean it doc never tells me to pick up these things but i gobble nutritional yeast and it really helps me stay on par and dr bergen i don't think he'd fib to me said that this will not break.

My fast and that i can eat as many as i can tolerate so i do that whenever i feel like cheating and yes that's the word i go i gobble a couple of these things i actually crunch them up they make me feel calm and they get me through that little thing and i've lost a lot of weight based on this again i.

Don't know if dr berg recommends it but it sure works for me and it sure can't hoit the there's not a lot of calories in there so it's not going to break your fast but nutritional yeast is one of the best sources of b vitamins the only thing that i added in that.

Product is b12 and natural b12 but a lot of other nutritional yeast products they put synthetic b vitamins i just don't recommend that the only time i would recommend synthetic vitamins is when you're doing a detoxification program okay all right steve let me just jump right to derek.

Who's been from queens how you doing darry here derek hey dr berg how are you great thanks uh my question is um in regards to high risk hpv um and um i know there's uh there's over 10 000 different strains but 14 of them are like really bad.

Including 16 and 18. i saw your video that you did um not too not too far um about it my thing is um i'm involved with the female that i've basically you know been involved with my entire life and when we were kind of not speaking uh she contracted high-risk hpv i don't know what it is 16 or 18 but.

It's probably 16 18 you got 31 33. uh whatever it may be my thing is i immediately put her on a uh hcc i immediately put her on your vitamin d and i put it on beta glucan amongst other things like rosemary thyme oil of oregano um all these things.

So is there anything else i can add and can you give me well can you give me some advice in regards to as you know like can i easily contract this i mean i have kissed her like deep kissing we haven't done anything since i.

I i found out that you know when she told me about it we haven't done anything like intimately um so like i i don't know what to do here and this is like the girl that i love you know i mean she's not like all the females i've been with right okay so this is derek.

I think you the a hcc is an uh mushroom extract and it's really really beneficial for greatly beefing up your lymphocytes and the killer t cells and even the antibodies and like it strengthens your immune system to a whole new level so that's important you're taking the vitamin d.

Awesome i would add zinc for sure these viruses this specific one tends to go latent it kind of goes into remission and so that's good that's the good news so a lot of times it doesn't come out and create problems but the things that trigger it the primary thing that triggers it.

Is stress so as long as you don't experience stress i think you're gonna be totally totally fine i mean you live in new york it's probably stress-free right now so you're good to go there and being very sarcastic but um the thing is that uh stress is a factor.

In health the overall health factor the people that have these outbreaks where it comes out of remission and creates havoc are people you have usually have other issues other problems poor diet stress so i think what you're going to have to do and your your girlfriend is you're going.

To have to you're going to have to maintain a super level of health and try like to maintain lower stress levels to cope with that and that's really all you can do the viruses um i'm going to do another video on viruses coming up and you'll learn more.

More about that but um yeah that's what i would recommend derek thanks for your call okay doc we've got some answers for you guys quiz all right let me bring that up on the screen for everyone and of course that's true or false can chronic fungal sinus infections thrive on iron and survey says 95.

Say true five percent say no way let's say you doc now you would think that these viruses can't eat heavy metals but they do they do specifically iron they can live on iron they've adapted to just eat iron and that's why when your immune system is compromised.

You tend to your own body tends to start taking iron and sticking away in storage and preventing these pathogens from taking it and stealing the iron the worst thing you could do with an infection any type of infection is take an iron pill you never want to take iron in fact not.

Good so you want to actually avoid iron during an infection the the thing to know about fungal infections especially the sinuses is that what weakens the immune system is sugar so if you're having a diet on sugar or your have this year-round sinus problem where it's always kind of.

Postnatal drip and you're doing carbs well you're going to keep that thing alive and you're going to keep your immune system weak and you're going to have a hard time overcoming it most of the sinus infections also could be viral in nature like a rhinovirus.

In which case you need the of course the zinc and the vitamin d very important but if it's a factual fungus you want to avoid of course sugar milk sugar and iron and you can also take two other minerals that will lower iron one is calcium calcium orotate or lactate and that's probably.

Why like a lot of kids there if they have a viral thing going on and you give them calcium if they have a fever it tends to go go away it goes away pretty quick so because it lowers this iron thing also you can take zinc which also will lower iron so.

More zinc more calcium will lower iron okay and that should help the sinuses okay doc i think we've been ignoring youtube a little bit or i have it's not your fault and spooky on youtube says what's the best approach to address acne and i sure had that as a.

Teen so that's a great question what say you doc well before you take a remedy i would make sure that your diet is lower in carbs because i'm not sure if you if this person is a male or female but if they're female then the carbs increase insulin that can.

Convert to androgens and boom you have the acne um some other good things that can help you is iodine or seek help because that will help regulate estrogen by the way and that can help cystic acne but you know most acne can be i wish i.

Would have known this back when i was in high school because i had acne really bad so you want to just keep your carbs low that's the most important thing now fasting will really make your acne go away if you do that as well so the frequency of eating is really bad for your skin so you start eating.

Two meals or even one meal a day boy your skin just clears right up like that but keto go back to the basics steve it's keto absolutely and here's another odd one i think or that's not ah but this is sanda uh pre-diabetic but losing too much weight now on keto and iaf and she's on youtube.

So that's sort of unusual to be low weight and still be pre-diabetic or is it well the weight really has nothing to do with it you can absolutely gain weight or lose weight on keto i'm not on keto but if you're diabetic i'm guessing it's type 2 diabetes that's what i'm guessing but it might be type 1.

I don't know which would be a little different answer but if you're losing too much weight you need to do your two meals a day eat more calories more volume of fat that's what i would do to keep your weight from going too low that's what i have to do and also mct oil is a really good.

Solution as well okay all right steve yes sir we are going to go to sharon from pennsylvania are you there yes i'm here hi hi hi dr brewer how are you great thanks good i have um two questions i was admitted in the hospital back in august.

And my blood pressure kept dropping and right now is is better than what it was before it was dropping to 86 over over 56 right now is at 105 over 73 is getting better than was before what can i do to help this was keep keep it from dropping that's one and secondly i'm on.

Medication for hearing voices and i have my diagnosis is called psychosis the medication they had me on they made me offer zyprexa and put me on to residents but with the thing is what i don't like it constantly keep making me feel so hungry.

And is i'm constantly gaining weight um i'm gaining weight when i'm eating i'm gaining weight when i'm not eating like what can i do to help with that okay so legally i cannot tell you not to take the medication but what i can just give you some suggestions some areas to research in the area of psychosis one of the best.

Natural things for psychosis is vitamin b1 i would also highly recommend you do keto by the book introduce intermittent fasting because that tends to greatly improve areas of your brain that could contribute to this problem okay so that's what i want to tell you.

As far as your blood pressure you just need more sea salt to raise your blood pressure sea salt so vitamin b1 start taking that a good amount of it from nutritional yeast and then also get get on keto intermittent fasting and then find a doctor that is also.

Open to natural type things and there are doctors out there there's a there's a keto md who's a psychiatrist after that she fixes or helps people correct mental disorders through diet okay and you'll find her i don't have her information handy but i think i would highly recommend seeking.

Out her help i think she can help you i mean the amount of problems that are improved um that are have to do with mental diagnosis are just outstanding when you actually look at the research of how keto affects your cognitive function mood disorders impulses.

Obsessive compulsive personality disorders there's even a doctor who's doing research on this a psychiatrist in saudi or one of the countries in the middle east i think it might be saudi arabia and um it's it's spreading so hopefully it'll be the wave of the.

Future okay and that medication that you're taking does affect your blood sugars and and actually contributes to more insulin resistance and that's what you're dealing with okay go ahead that's interesting and by the way your sort of selfless approach to medicine is.

Uh is a perfect uh set up for the next comment not question in other words you uh told the audience that maybe there's another source to remedy their problem and you're humbled enough to suggest that they go elsewhere sometimes to find additional information and lady della and we see a lot of this.

On youtube spoke about her breaking through a six-month plateau and now she's absolutely in she loves you you're very humble and kind she says and that's just indicative of what you do it doesn't appear that you know you're trying to remain on a pedestal for yourself you're trying to do it for.

The health of the nation and the world and you again just demonstrated that by telling them to seek some help elsewhere with particular things so everyone's delighted with your approach there and as are those in the control room that's great that's great i mean sometimes you talk.

To these docs who are very arrogant and very important and so um anyway i don't like that hey steve it's time for another question how about that all right stand by here we go and the next one is this is a true or false question okay this is true or false and let's.

Bring it up it is true or false viruses viruses are a normal part of healthy microbiome all your flora your good bac your good microbes and your gut true or false are virus part of that oh you know what true or false not i'm not asking a question i'm just telling you viruses are a part.

Of your microbiome is that true or false okay see if you could give me an answer on that and steve i'm going to take a question here actually and then we'll go to social media we're going to go to i think it's bertrand.

From the netherlands hello hi hi dr burke um thank you for uh being in your show um i have two questions um i read that keaton can fuel some sort of cancer so i'm a bit confused whether producing ketones is always a great thing and.

The second question is my girlfriend used stunning bats a lot in the past but inducing autophagy repair some dna damage from uv radiation to prevent melanoma and if not do you have some tips she's a little bit worried about it yeah well these are two very interesting questions that could.

Could go on for about an hour as far as ketones and cancer okay so in my um summit last year my talk was on that topic and there are certain cancers that can live on ketones so the this is why you do intermittent fasting and it's very very important to do this there is a protocol.

If you want to watch that video that i recommend on that topic unfortunately when you get in the area of cancer that's one area that's highly censored on social media so i can't say too much all i can say is that there's some real interesting research coming out on this and there is a way.

To deal with this there is a solution the thing though that the benefit of ketones is it does definitely prolongs things so it's definitely because if you what do you do are you going to eat high carbs like that's going to like speed things up in a negative way.

But i think the best thing to do is to um go to my site and just see if you can get this last year's summit for for the complete information which is about an hour now as far as the next question about getting your body in autophagy to handle the damage.

From i think you said melanoma which is the skin cancer there's a couple things that i've talked about in other videos vitamin d is very very protective against melanoma so hopefully you're taking that but as far as the damage goes autophagy is spot on that's what you.

Want to do because that's going to help your skin fibrous tissue your body's going to recycle a lot of this fibrous tissue that shouldn't be there and so that includes some of the scar tissue the other thing you can do topically is tocatrinals which is a type of vitamin e.

As well as take it orally that's another one to help break down some of the scar tissue that's that's what i would do if i were you but i do understand there's some conflicting information with these ketones in cancer and i will say i am involved in participating in some.

Research that's being done in europe right now on mice that deal with this one specific topic that you're talking about and it's going to be fascinating but i'll stay tuned i will do a video on that and so there's a lot of information to talk about.

Okay steve yes sir we've got some answers what do you what do you got all right let me bring up the questions for everyone and doc would you repeat it again for us viruses are a normal part of a healthy microbiome true or false 98 say true uh a mere two percent say false yeah the answer is true.

And i just of course released a video on viruses the why you can't why we can't live without viruses steve that sounds kind of weird doesn't it like everyone's avoiding viruses but we you would not be able to live on this planet without viruses maybe for a day or so things would get.

Really bad so how do they can you give an example of one that um so there are more viruses on this planet then there are stars in the universe times about a million 100 million actually don't ask me how they counted these but there is a lot of viruses in the ocean.

And what these viruses are doing is they're they're called phages and they kill and bacteria they help regulate the overpopulation of bacteria and other microbes and so if you didn't have the viruses there you'd have this massive population of bacteria that would just.

Go way off the deep end and so these viruses help diverse help microbial life being diversified also it's involved in plankton allowing plankton to generate oxygen which generates over 50 of our oxygen on this planet so there's a lot of benefits to having.

Viruses as far as the pathogenic viruses that people are freaked out about that only categorizes about less than less than 0.1 percent so it's a very small population of viruses viruses are they want to live they don't want to just kill the host off right away but the reason why people.

Die is because they have other factors that are weaking the immune system but over time viruses weakened so in 1918 the spanish flu which killed 50 million people it's called the h1n1 influenza influenza virus type a that virus is still around but it's not nearly as deadly as it was.

Back then so over time viruses weaken and they want to live in our bodies balance in our bodies terrain so the thing that we need to focus on is not to try to kill off every single virus but to keep our immune systems healthy so we can co-exist and overcome this.

Virus because the virus also helps to strengthen your acquired immunity so if you never had these pathogens you'd never have a training camp to train your immune system but again it all it has to do with these other um predisposing factors like insulin resistance and these other health.

Problems that that really are the problem that's fascinating yeah okay steve let's go to angel from the caribbean are you there i am can you hear me well dr bernie yes i can wow this is so amazing great so i'll get right into it.

Okay my mom took two people this is about my mom and myself so start with my mom my mom just had a stroke her second stroke that left her where she couldn't speak and then she was on a feeding tube she lost her gag reflex and now she's back on food so the speech therapist.

Said to keep from soft foods she has copd arthritis her blood pressure has been spiking she's on medications um she the only meat she's eating right now is fish she's not on any salads and i'm wondering how what can i feed her to help to get her.

Off these medications and healthy again right so did you say i missed something in the very beginning did you say she's on keto in in a minute fasting or not no she's not although i have tried doing that with her in the past and she was open to it so i'm just wondering i don't know it's.

Absolutely required it's quiet that she gets on keto for various reasons simply because not being on keto not doing intermittent fasting increases your risk if she's doing high carb four clots recurrent clotting of the of the blood vessels so.

Absolutely this would help her recovery too especially the brain because if she has some damage in the brain from hypoxia where the stroke was and this lack of oxygen and you have her do fasting and start feeding the brain with ketones including mct oil and.

Exogenous ketones for sure that bypasses some of that damage and you can actually start to regenerate neurons and the damage from a stroke so it's vital that she does that i've had people that i know personally that had a stroke and they got on keto and intermittent fasting and they wish he would have done.

It before and they've recovered remarkably there's one more thing you can do and that is hyperbaric oxygen therapy um that's another good one too what's that sorry she has an oxygen she is on oxygen right now she's yeah but the hyperbaric oxygen chambers that you can go into force oxygen.

Deep into parts of the brain and other tissues that are hypoxic and that's been very very therapeutic fyi and so how how should she do the fasting um 16-8 to start out with but then she needs to go to one meal today for sure absolutely but do it on a gradual.

Thing and really kind of have her watch the video so she understands it but i think that's going to make her recover much better and so what do i feed her then if she's not on solids what can i get her i hope you have i hope you have my book and i would follow the keto.

Standardly exactly how i teach in the book and also in my videos so if you go to dr on the blog i have step one two three four and there's also if you go up to resources there may be a a download of the of some basic eating as well.

But she needs to do healthy version of keto and we listed all those foods so um that's what she needs to do because we don't want to treat this like a symptom we want to treat it like let's how can we get her healthy on the inside this is like really important point steve.

If you're you're wasting your time if you're treating a symptom if you have not already implemented the correct eating plan because chances are you're going to avoid and resolve only most your symptoms by getting your diet corrected it comes back down to that fundamental thing and.

I wish i would have known that when i started practice but they don't teach you that so it's expensive urine to take all these vitamins if it's if you don't have your basic eating plan in so if you want better results just get healthy keto intermittent fasting.

And then watch what happens you're going to be shocked to find out how many problems go away well here's also some important news and that is that dr keto is up for the audience to see and that means that we have some black friday sales is that correct it's black friday you can go there.

And go to the uh cart and then uh click kito keto and we have a huge special so you can check it out as i just told people not to take supplements if they haven't implemented keto and i i stand by that but you can do both at the same time but the.

Point is that boy getting in the basic eating plan is so so underrated and undervalued and not emphasized enough and i think if the medical profession if they were to do that boy would they see some massive change overnight.

I'm talking about for all the inflammatory conditions and many many things so wow dr berg listen we have a viewer that on facebook that really needs some help jennifer has been sick for over two years with sweats and blisters and she wants to know what in the world is wrong sweat she's sweating and she has.

Blisters correct okay so of course if she was right here i would ask her are you doing keto and in the fasting not she needs to jump on that immediately but sweating um is the imbalance from your autonomic nervous system if you're just sitting around.

And that has to do with supporting um certain parts of the nervous system with vitamin b1 nutritional yeast would be very beneficial benfotamine is another important one because it's fat soluble and blisters well that tells me there's something.

Seriously out of whack zinc is very very important for ulcers or bed sores or even blisters but it could also be vitamin b2 i mean i'm sorry b3 deficiency a lot of skin problems occur from subclinical pellegra which you're you're eating too many grains and you're.

Depleting vitamin b3 and then you get these serious blisters on your hands around your neck that's a subclinical version or an actual version of pelegra which is a b3 deficiency well we certainly wish her well and how about another question doc.

Yes all right what is the best mineral nutrient for the sensation of a lump in your throat what is the best nutrient to address a lump sensation in your throat that's the next question perfect all right you know apparently steve there's a lot of people who have this symptom and it.

Drives them crazy because there's no treatment they do scan there's nothing in the throat but they have this lump in the throat so they're doing surgery on the part of the cartilage around the the vocal cords removing the cartilage.

Which is oh my gosh it's crazy and even removing part of the thyroid so what were they thinking for goodness sakes well i can't wait for the answer and i'm sure the world can't either i'm sure there's a lot of people gulping right now waiting for your help well we're going to answer that in about a month now.

Because i'm going to keep people in a mystery i'm being very sarcastic steve awful um do we have any social media questions coming in we certainly do okay back on facebook julie is it safe to do keto if your gallbladder has been removed it's essential because now.

You're going to be having a lower amount of bile and so you're going to have less ability to detoxify regulate cholesterol absorb fat soluble nutrients feel satisfied after you eat so you definitely need you may need some purified bile salts or a gallbladder formula.

After each meal but the keto is going to reduce the stress with intermittent fasting around your liver and your gallbladder so it's very very important and then you probably see what happens what causes problems within the liver in the first.

Place that that sets you up for having the gallbladder to be removed is high carbs with high insulin high cortisol will do it and then eye height estrogen will do it as well so if you get on keto it's actually very beneficial for someone that has.

Had their gallbladder removed there's a great video i think it might be acupressure for the gallbladder or gallbladder flush that you can do if you have any pain in that area it's great technique check it out it's online okay steve yes sir we've already got the.

Answers okay good let me give it to you the question here okay would you read it again for our audience please what's the best nutrient to adjust address a lump sensation in the throat all right well the audience uh suggested eight eighty percent of them say iodine and sea kelp ten percent say.

Calcium five percent say vitamin b1 and five percent if that all adds up to 100 say apple cider vinegar okay whoever said calcium is correct calcium lactate though in practice i would use this at the versions called calcium lactates.

From standard process it's very inexpensive great remedy you don't have to use that one you can also use calcium orotate those are two good sources you could even probably do calcium citrate or calcium magnesium products but here's the thing there's something.

Called laryngeal spasm spasm of your larynx there's little muscles in there there's little sphincters and it tightens up a little too much because see this condition is aggravated by stress so if you take some calcium you support the autonomic nervous system.

And it chills out this area of your neck the spasm and you'll see that that sensation most of the time will go away calcium if you look under hypocalcemia as a as a condition that's low calcium in the blood and you look at the side effects of that or the symptoms of that.

You'll see a spasm of the larynx is one of them and tetany as well so i stumbled a long time ago and i started to give these clients calcium and it seems to just kind of handle it like that so it's just a symptom that you need more calcium but you may need vitamin d that might be.

Behind the low calcium too so it's not just about calcium because vitamin d helps you absorb calcium by 20x so if you take the calcium and it's not working take the vitamin d but i would take them both i would take calcium and vitamin d and that should help you greatly there's.

Other reasons why you might be deficient in calcium it could be that you're you have acid reflux and that the the ph of your stomach needs to be actually more acid to absorb the calcium another reason okay okay doc i tell you what with our short time why don't we go to another question and.

Then hit the phone calls for goodness sakes go ahead you have a question oh you okay yeah our next question all right last question why does sugar vitamin b1 okay that's the question so we're going to go to beverly from chicago are you there.

Beverly hi dr byrd i'm here can you hear me yes i can hi um well um thank you for taking my call my sister vicky got me into your videos i'm rather new and i've been um particularly interested in apple cider vinegar insulin resistance.

And intermittent fasting videos and you've gone over um supplements um during these videos and i i'm sorry if i'm lost on which one i was uh seeing with these supplements but um i had a total thyroidectomy i'm 51 um going into menopause i believe and.

I'm feeling like my body is preparing for that and i had a total thyroidectomy a year and a half ago um so i'm just wondering if there's any any special attention of a supplement that i need to take for not having a thyroid any longer or just kind of go through the.

Supplements that you have suggested with insulin resistance instrument fasting etc okay good question now you also mentioned low white blood cell count is that true oh no no that's another question sorry never mind okay good so um beverly here's what i would recommend of course do your.

Normal thing that you're doing get unhealthy keto but there is a product that that you can find on the internet somewhere it's from standard process it's called thyrotrophin pmg that's a really good one it's a glandular it doesn't have the hormones it actually has the glandular part that.

Seems to i've just used in practice and it's i've seen seen amazing results for people that had a thyroidectomy the other thing that you have to be aware of is if the question is did they also remove your parathyroid glands sometimes they do sometimes they leave them hopefully i left them because that.

Can add another complicated thing if they did take those out you have to add something else from standard process called kalma plus kalma plus okay but those are the two things i would recommend in addition to what you're already doing with a healthy keto.

And your regular supplements um yeah okay thanks for your call beverly okay we're you stumped them a little bit doc so why don't we excuse me wrap up with the calls and then we'll wrap the show with the answer to the question okay you know it's uh this is an important question.

So um i stick around to the end guys um we're gonna go to scott from north carolina are you there yeah dr byrd how are you thank you for all that you do sir thank you um i wanted to have you address the situation you recommend cruciferous vegetables and i totally agree with you on that but.

However as you know they contain a lot of goitrogens and that will affect your iodine levels and from what i've been aware of information-wise is that uh those chrysis cruciferous vegetables should be uh cooked or steamed for at least 15 minutes in order to.

Prevent depleting iodine levels can you speak to that just uh sure briefly yeah absolutely very good question and i'm going to hold up a book right here if you can see this this is on cruciferous vegetables and the research on cancer prevention by the international agency for research.

On cancer world health organization so um this is massive massive data on the benefits of cruciferous i mean just so we have to look at the pros and cons yes cruciferous vegetables if you consume a lot of them can tend to lower the iodine in your body but the question is how much it's.

Actually a very very small amount it's not a lot it's it's probably insignificant especially uh taking the average person and watching how much they have but if you just only did cruciferous vegetables all day long for weeks and weeks pretend that's going to deplete your iodine.

So how do we get the benefits of cruciferous and not have the the cons simply just take one c cal per day that's enough iodine to replace any depletion of iodine but realize that the benefits of this are just massive massive on an average.

Year a person is exposed to about 80 000 different chemicals now i think it's a lot more i think it's hundreds of thousands but um we'll just say 80 000. you are hit from all levels of chemicals so there are certain enzyme pathways to help detoxify you.

And you need and just so happens that these will help induce that that transformation from poisons to harmless particles through your liver and your other tissues so we definitely want to consume cruciferous on a regular basis but you'd have to consume a lot to.

Deplete any iodine so they blow some some people blow that out of proportion you don't deplete a lot i have done a video on it with actual references and things but i would just take a little sea kelp and you're going to be good to go and then also take shellfish if that has.

Plenty of iodine as well thanks for your call scott you reckon oh yeah sure okay so brenda brenda is calling from east texas hi brenda hello dr berg thank you very much um i'll be brief time is short um husband is a type one diabetic wears an.

Insulin pump uh so we see an endocrinologist four times a year for blood work back in august his blood work came back with a low white blood cell count so we were referred to a hematologist hematologist wants to do a bone marrow biopsy and a colonoscopy neither one of which husband can do.

Because back in march of 2020 he had a stent put in and he's on blood thinners so they won't let him do the test so we're hoping to get them done before the end of the year if we push it but in the meantime are there supplements that can help there's three there's.

Three very important supplements to increases uh his white blood cell count and uh if possible i would highly recommend doing my immune course stay tuned for more information on that because i teach people what to do for the immune system but you he needs zinc desperately zinc vitamin c.

But not just the synthetic version needs a food-based vitamin c and he also needs vitamin d zinc vitamin c and vitamin d that is what he needs right now the other thing you want to do is he wants to get on keto and imminent fasting but not your regular version because he can't do.

A lot of the green vegetables that have all the vitamin k1 so if you look on my video under i think keto if you're on keto with kum kumit let's see was it coumadin or something it could be i can't remember the exact name of the video but if you're on a blood thinner.

I actually give people a list of vegetables that they can are low vitamin k vegetables and doing keto at the same time i would highly recommend that very very important all right steve yes sir okay here's the answer okay read the question why does sugar deplete b1.

Okay because what happens is that refined sugars doesn't have any b1 in order to metabolize that sugar that glucose through the little energy factories called the mitochondria it takes b1 as like a spark plug type thing so you have oxygen spark plug and you burn the fuel to the carburetor.

Right so if you're running all this fuel without b1 straight jet fuel without b1 it's your body is going to have to pull from its reserve this b1 to be able to metabolize that that glucose that sugar and if you can't do that you're going to get really really really tired because your.

Metabolism is not going to be low and this is why people get tired after a lot of sugar as well so it requires b1 to metabolize sugar therefore pulling from your reserves that's why it depletes it so the solution steve is to avoid sugar for those of you that want to know about if you just if you're just tuning in.

We have a black friday special today go to my site type in keto for some really cool savings and steve i just want to tell everyone thank you so much for your wonderful comments and your questions stay tuned for some really interesting videos coming up tomorrow and the next day.

And we will see you or i will see you next friday you
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