Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Check out the video on Join Dr. Berg for a lively discussion on KETO and Intermittent Fasting this Friday at 11:00 AM EST.
Hey welcome back everyone i have a lot of questions lined up there's people calling in from all over the world people watching through social media so we have a really good show today um i'm here to answer all your questions and also i have some real interesting quizzes coming up too.

Anything that i say is not meant to diagnose you or replace your medical care take my information with a grain of salt and it's just mainly for you to um help yourself in educating yourself into an area of maybe doing research with some type of connection between.

Cause and effect so you can look that up look those things up as i go through them um all right good so we're going to jump right into the first caller sultan from saudi arabia it sounds like you've called before um so yes sultan are you there very much for taking my call.

Um i would like to ask you yes yes can you hear me i can hear you perfectly yes um i'd like to ask i started quito about three months ago i have not i've noticed it's really hard for me to fast especially in the morning before that i used to be.

On intermittent fasting and mostly omad for one year and three months and i've lost about 40 kilograms that's about 85 pounds and then i stalled and then i i started keto at the beginning when transitioning to keto i i wanted to let my body tell me when to eat i didn't pass.

When starting quito then i tried trusting it seemed very hard for me especially in the morning like i wake up hungrier than i used to be on international traffic so that's a good question i have a question for you um are you eating any fruits or.

Dates or anything sweet during the day um no okay is your carbs very very low um yes yes okay and um then if it's not carbs then it's probably um insulin resistance and it could be cortisol cortisol might be too high in the morning and that's mobilizing sugars so what i would do if i were you is i.

Would support your adrenal function support the liver so you could actually maybe take milk thistle for the liver take a little more vitamin d for the insulin resistance make sure you have enough vegetables and fiber from the vegetables to help build up through the help of your microbes something called butyrate which.

Will help your insulin resistance too that that's another thing that will help you like during the day you get a mixture of big salads so then the next day like your your body is helping you stabilize blood sugars and then apple cider vinegar also will help your blood sugars as well but.

I would focus on doing things to increase insulin resistance and then the other thing you can do in the meantime is take maybe some mct oil in the morning to counteract that craving but you just haven't you're not fully in the fat burning for some reason it could.

Be insulin resistance it could be high cortisol that is usually happens as well just as a compensation thing in the morning but those that's what i would do as far as a tip okay sultan thanks for your question let's go right to bell from saskatchewan um that's in canada hi how are you.

Good how are you thanks for taking my call um i i have i'm the person who has the enlarged fibroid or tumor and i'm at the stage here where it's making me kind of panicky um because i'm getting pain i'm i'm doing healthy keto and i have all your supplements that i think i.

Should have i'm checking my glucose is negative and the keto sticks i just got them yesterday and they it's between zero no 1.5 and see i just wanted to know what you would what you would do a stage like this your opinion they really want me to have the surgery.

And i'm not for it but what would if the shoe was on the other foot what would you do would you have the surgery or um okay good question that's a very good question um quick question for you are you doing any dairy whatsoever nothing i i've been following your instructions.

Good now go ahead i just ate something spicy i'm on a 48-hour fast right now and it's and i've got a dull ache and so it's been there for two two days so i just need to know what you'd recommend for pain and what what i should do for tips at this point.

So for these situations anytime you have like um tumors cancer anything like that i think you're doing the right thing you're doing the fasting periodic prolonged fasting but the other thing that you can do is um you can increase the amount of.

Fat to protein that's really really good to help especially your gut health and also because the leaner the protein the more the insulin spike which is it's it's an animal see what we want to do is we want to reduce anabolic hormones those are the hormones that make things.

Bigger estrogen that's why you want to get rid of give it get rid of the dairy you want to keep insulin low and there's something called the insulin index and the fattier the meat the lower on the scale that would be so one thing you want to make sure you do is the protein that you have make sure.

It's as fatty as you can like maybe have more sausage that has the fat in there maybe you can do like some stews because what happens when you actually have like a hamburger or even bacon you pretty much fry all the fat off of it so now.

The ratio of fat to protein gets kind of screwed up so if you have like a stew where you have the fat in there that's also another really good thing for your body is especially for tumors and things like that now i think that um there are various nutritional.

Remedies that you can take and you may already be taking that but there is a point of limitation there gets to a point where it might get too big where it's almost impossible to reduce simply because there's there's uh.

There's um it's not just the tumor it's like a lot of fibrous tissue it's like protein scar tissue in there that could be keeping it from shrinking easily so there is a point of limitation to the point where okay so let's say you had to get it out.

Can they salvage some of the organ can they just take it out and keep some of your organs so like i had this one lady who had you know it was just growing and invading everywhere it was like you know she had to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages and she decided to take it out and she did a lot.

Better so let's say worst case scenario you had to take it out and they had to take out the uterus then you have to just make the best of that and there's a product that might be very beneficial it's called utrophin pmg it's from standard process that seems to.

Help when you have to do that there's also another product that they have called ovitrophin pmg so if you took overtrophin pmg and eutrophin that might kind of substitute for um if you didn't have the uterus so these are just things i'm just thinking out loud and things you might want to consider but um.

The other the last thing i want to tell you is the liver um has something in it that helps buffer um estrogen so milk thistle is a really good thing to help support liver which then can actually bring estrogen down even more anyway that's just my thought um and um.

That's all the data i have for you that's a lot of data doc for goodness sakes i tell you why don't we speaking of data we have a collection of where people are uh you know watching from and it is starts in australia moves to the netherlands scotland iceland the uk belgium canada philippines algeria saudi.

Arabia france indonesia mexico ireland egypt wales boy healthy people across the world and of course all over the beautiful united states and i think i said canada but they're also listening as well doc so uh that's fantastic this is exciting um definitely be giving me some some.

Questions through social media around the world but let's start with our first quiz how about that are you ready for the first quiz question um what country in the world has the highest incidence of cancer okay that's the first question see if.

You guys can guess this since you are all over the world and see what you have drumroll i'm a little nervous doc i know i know you should be no just kidding um all right so let's go to karen from virginia beach which is uh right down the street are you there.

Karen yeah i'm here hi yeah can you hear me yes okay um i talked to you a couple weeks ago because i was like several months at a stall and um i had decided to do a liquid fast for the last eight days and i've never done one before um so um i would like to know how to get um.

My biceps seeming to tell me signal but i need to get out it's time to get off the fast but i would like to know what to eat off the fast for the first three days without gaining any weight back i haven't seen any videos on that and um i wasn't sure if i could have mct or oil.

Or anything else so i didn't so i just had like water broth green nut starchy vegetable juices and herbal teas that's all i had okay so i've done very well oh great excellent um yeah this is a very good question because if you're fasting for eight days and you're making the transition back don't do what i did.

Initially where i just i overate and boy did i i was like that was a mistake your digestive system is not ready for it um so you really want to ease into this the first meal should be just a little bit of something maybe a little little bit of maybe half an egg with a.

Little bit of salad something like that okay yeah and then wait wait like an hour and then have a little bit more okay okay so i don't want to gain any weight back that's a huge concern yeah and then well what you have to do is you have to um mainly worry about one thing and that's.

Your your carbs and the other thing is like we want to make sure that you have all the nutrients because especially if your body is like hey you know what i'm ready to eat um nutrient dense foods so like shellfish would be really really good um avocado would be very very good i.

Wouldn't go lean protein anything a fatty protein no i don't don't worry about calories anything like that um but um i think though this this last eight days you've greatly improved your insulin resistance made made it less insulin resistance as.

Well as your metabolism so i think you're going to be able to every time you do this it doesn't slow your metabolism it will speed it up so i think that that's one thing you could do you won't also want to bring up your exercise some full body activity that you could do to really burn off.

Calories as well that's going to be important but other than that i would just focus on the regular nutrient dense foods eggs are also also really good organ meats are really good that's what i would do protein and fat i'm sorry say that again protein and fat quantities.

Which we're trying to keep those at okay so before um yeah i think that um i i just i'm gonna release a video on that but you want to keep the ratio of two to one calories uh with fat like do you want twice as much fat as um protein and that would be perfect.

For the way that protein normally comes with its fat um which is like um because because it's actually more than double the calories it's like nine calories per gram versus four for carbs so if you just kind of just consume the regular protein that's out there.

Preferably more fat of your protein whether you're doing salmon or even some other type of meat don't cut the fat off you want to add that to your meal and you're going to find that it'll actually help you lose weight believe it or not now when i talk about cutting your fat down to 75 grams.

I'm talking about eliminating some of the mct oil and extra keto bombs and the extra treats and that type of thing so i just want to clarify that all right thanks karen all right steve do we have an answer to that question just a moment we certainly do and the question of course is what country has.

The highest rate of cancer drum roll please please and our audience thinks 70 is usa 20 australia i wouldn't figure that and 10 this is kind of a top out others okay so the answer is are you ready for this steve i am united states oh bomber united states.

Hey guess guess what has the highest rate of um um or the highest expense for health care in the world i'm flummoxed united states good grief you know terry is looking a little pale to get him checked out you know it's kind of like uh should we the solution is not to add more money to.

This problem that's not the solution steve we're going to roll right into the second question because it's connected to the first question what countries as a group of countries in a certain area of the world have the lowest incidence of cancer all right they are tabulating as we speak the audience is hard at work.

Yeah and uh this is going to keep we're going to keep building on this question because the um you know it can it reveals a lot and it'll give you some really good information and since people are we have a global audience i think this would be very interesting um let's go right to chicago.

Um adriana are you there hi dr berg yes i'm here how are you great thanks i'm calling because first of all i want to say thank you for everything that you've done i love this way of life and i feel so great when i'm doing intermittent fasting and i try to tell everyone about it um but i'm going straight to my question.

I think i have gut issues because i've noticed that um my toilet leaves like marks and i don't go as often as i think i should be going i probably go like two or three times a week and um yeah i don't i don't think my body is digesting the fat.

As well what can i do for that do you um i also have menopause i'm sorry i also have menopause i'm 46 years old i've had menopause since like like 10 years ago i don't know if that has anything to do with it or okay anything are you taking any gallbladder formula no i think that would help you i think.

This is a this is a lack of bile because when you lack when you're lacking bile you get the skid marks and you may also when you eat you might not feel satisfied like you need a little bit something else and also bile is a lubricant so if you're.

Deficient you'll have you'll tend to be more constipated and so what happens if there's not enough bile things kind of get kind of plugged up with the little tubes between the liver and the gallbladder as well as some of the ducts through the.

Pancreas because they both kind of connect at the same place if that happens it backs up in the pancreas and then you start you don't have enough lipase which is an enzyme in the pancreas and so then you just get this incomplete fat digestion so i would i think this is a real simple.

Solution you just need to add some more uh help with the bile salts uh gallbladder formula is a good one to take you take one in the empty stomach in the morning take one with your first meal and then take another one on an empty stomach later in the day and do that for a while i think that will.

Help you i thought you i thought you were going to say you might have more of a bowel problem like lower down like inflammation which is a completely different thing which i'm going to release a video on okay okay now what about okay so does the.

Gallbladder formula have like bile salts in it yeah that's absolutely different no it does have the bile salts that you need oh perfect okay it has that it has also a lot of other things to help like with the enzyme and the stomach and this and that so it's kind of a really good um.

Wonderful thing and you know this i'm i've read every single textbook on bile salts it's a fascinating topic and so i have a lot of videos on it but i think this is a simple solution for you as you start doing keto and you'll start adapting and then.

There'll be a point where you you won't you won't need it so uh do you suggest maybe a colonoscopy just to make sure that everything's okay or is that something i don't have i think that might be an i think it might be an overkill because that's an invasive procedure where you have to they have to put you.

Out and they have to scope you so i think that's an i don't think you're going to need that because if you assume that it's a lobile you take bile and it the problem goes away then we know that's it and then you avoided anesthetics and um.

Uh anesthesia i mean and also you avoid the cat scans they do and the radiation and all everything else um there is some other tests that you can do but i don't think you're gonna need that so i think this is pretty all right great thank you so much i'm gonna go ahead and order that right away.

Okay have a good one all right steve can do we do we have an answer to what countries or group of countries or area has the lowest incidence of cancer in the world we do excuse me we do indeed uh and i might mention that a few people mention countries that have the highest.

Fat lowest carb diet but they break it up with 60 asian 20 european and 20 mediterranean okay the answer is south asia countries afghanistan bangladesh nepal pakistan and i might mention that people actually gave those so we just split it up into asian countries but yes people were.

Responding with those uh i guess of those baltic countries or no i guess they're not asian countries well here's the here's the some interesting thing about that if we take the incidence of cancer per 100 000 and we compare us to those countries us has about.

542 um cancer cases versus only 25 per 100 000 so wow um the and then the the lowest rate of cancer then it goes to india is number two then iraq indonesia cambodia and then um we also have sub saharan african countries and then egypt.

Now what's interesting about these the all these countries with the lowest um incidence of cancer compared to the the highest which we have uh us canada uh new zealand uh norway australia japan the netherlands if we compare these two together um what i noticed and again this is my.

Guess first of all in the countries that have the highest incidence of cancer you have probably the lowest exposure to vitamin d they're colder countries that's one thing again this is just my guess and the other countries.

Are they have there's more sun there's definitely more sun um and so that would be one thing and then the other thing too is that a lot of these countries with the lowest institute of cancer are muslim countries they practice ramadan which they're going to fast and fasting is very very powerful as an.

Anti-cancer weapon so that's just another thought that i had there's probably other reasons as well so those are two questions so um i have some more but let's go right to a social media question that you might have steve very good okay from facebook charman.

Wants to know and i think i know the answer is coconut sugar a good sugar substitute steve no it's not it's not because it's concentrated sugar it's it's like it's not table sugar but it's still too high in carbs i would avoid coconut sugar and coconut water now coconut milk might be okay and.

Coconut oil is okay and coconut the shredded coconut's okay but don't do um the coconut drinks absolutely i'm sorry steve well that's all right i sort of suspected that sorry sharmin anyway on youtube angela first of all loves your videos that's a common.

Uh theme among them and she wants to increase her potassium and somehow she used six thousand i think it's milligrams uh wants to know what the best supplement i guess first question is that uh is there a threshold do you think she should take and and if so.

What is the best way to get it the best way to get your potassium is through vegetables but also of course i'm not biased with my own electrolyte powder but i we have several different flavors of our electrolyte powder which is very high in potassium and i would take one to two a day of.

That now the only thing i want to mention about that if you exercise and you actually sweat you exercise enough where you're sweating you need to do the sports electrolyte because it has more sodium my regular electrolyte powder is not meant.

For sweating a lot of sodium out because it's low in sodium so that's just an extra point i mean you could do the regular and just have more sea salt i mean that would solve it right there but it's a it's a probably one of the most important products i have just because the.

Electrolytes especially potassium magnesium power the mitochondria and the requirements for potassium and and magnesium are just so huge in the body it's really hard to get it and when you're deficient uh the one of the first symptoms is fatigue fatigue all right let me throw in one.

More question because i think it's interesting earshot uh i i hope i'm saying that we're right uh has a colostomy wants to know if he should uh be on keto with a colostomy going to have to modify things big time you're going to have to probably do pureed type food blended food.

Don't do the 10 cups of salad you're going to have to just do your best but don't do what they tell you to do which is like the diet of i'll eat more crackers and applesauce and tomato soup and no no no no you want to have healthier food you're going to have to take you know trace minerals try to have to.

Get some liquid minerals definitely purify bile salts but it's a difficult situation you're going to have to cope as best as you can okay we're real quick one here how about um what uh without a gallbladder is um excuse me i'm looking at gallbladder formula necessary.

Uh if she has no gallbladder maybe kind of expand on why that is you know um great britain you might be okay for a while but sooner or later there's a potential for a deficiency of bile because the purpose of the gallbladder is to concentrate the bile so if you don't if you can't concentrate it you're just getting this.

Trickling effect of a little bile at a time which you may end up being deficient now some people grow a remnant gallbladder if they have it out so they actually grow another gallbladder back in there it's a smaller bang one and then the other thing is some people.

Produce too much bile and it's draining out too much in which case a good indication to know you're having too much bile or is that if you have diarrhea um so but typically most people end up needing more bile but it's a slow process you might not even know it unless you're at night you're like your.

Vision's kind of off and you're like what i can't see as well it's subtle but it's something to consider and something to think about but the the gallbladder formula i have does have the bile in it plus a lot of other things it's a real popular thing that a lot of people take.

Wonderful all right let's go let's go to daryl from southern maryland um there are you there you had a question about vitamin d go ahead yes yes sir hi uh i have been following you for about a year now done very well uh it works um and i have arthritis um.

Pretty severe case i'm on remicade which i hate but what i've been listening to you is high doses of vitamin d because when i was tested a year ago for vitamin d it was like 15. and now i just got tested it's 150. and my doctor says that's way too high um.

I've stopped it the vitamin d i was taking 40 000 ius for about six months now is there i mean is there a danger of being that high good question very good question i've done several videos i will be doing more uh in fact i probably will even do some.

Studies myself on vitamin d because it's fascinating because you want to get the benefit of vitamin d here's the here's the data watch those and i followed that so yeah that's great okay yeah you're welcome here's here's the data you'd have to consume hundreds 100 000 milligrams or several.

Hundred thousand milligrams over a period of months to end up with hypercalcemia if you're consumed if you're concerned about that because that's really the only danger is the calcium then just go dairy free don't take calcium.

And drink two and a half liters of fluid a day because that would prevent that calcification that happens in your kidney because here's the thing the benefit of vitamin d for inflammation for arthritis for autoimmune for immune system is off the charts and.

The average person cannot get it from their diet um they have they usually have um as you get older the absorption goes in uh that becomes less the more overweight you are the less absorption you're going to have the darker the skin the less absorption you're going to have.

Where you are on the planet as far as latitude less absorption you're going to have so there are there are probably a hundred things that are against you with vitamin d not to mention genetic variations um and also um when they check your vitamin d in your blood.

They're checking the precursor for vitamin d which is um like 25 hydroxy vitamin d versus the active form which is 125. so they're they're not measuring the conversions of vitamin d into the active form to your kidney and some in the liver they're not measuring that so.

Um it only gives you a piece of the information not the whole picture if your doctor really insists it's a problem then all you have to do is get the reference he's talking about with the toxicity and actually read it and you're going to find out oh this is not actually what it really.

Says because there's not a lot of data out there that says that it is a problem so that 151 is not a huge concern should i stop the vitamin d for a while all i'm gonna say is um i would keep studying and um i would decide on your own because i.

Can't necessarily tell you like a medical question and go against your medical doctor but honestly i i personally don't think it's a problem i take a very large amount of vitamin d because it's really beneficial and i do drink two and a half liters of fluid a day there's a really good site to go to.

Regarding vitamin d it's a vitamin d wiki vitamin d w-i-k-i dot com that site provides tremendous amount of scientific data on vitamin d um so check that out as well and then you can and study the part where they the sections where they talk about taking large doses of vitamin d for.

Certain beneficial effects all right awesome how about we launch into the next question you want to do that doc yes yes um all right so now we talked about cancer sec this next question is about um worldwide global cancer what is the the most common type of cancer.

That people get the number one most common type of cancer worldwide that people are getting okay steve see if you can get that question answered certainly well um and let's go to social media all right so let's see here hang on just a second um let's go back to facebook uh.

Michaela wants to know the best way to treat keto rash i guess she has a rash poor thing the best way to keep uh to handle keto rash as well as uh itchiness from keto is to add more purified bowel salts gallbladder formula would be helpful your gallbladder needs more support.

That's what's happening that will usually handle it because that's going to help you detoxify better and less rash issues um and steve um give me another question all right from youtube and first of all i would like to chastise the parents name this poor person gee whiz.

I don't know what they were thinking when they named poor g so g wants to know how do you know if you have a remnant gallbladder great question gee sorry about your name i think the only way to know is to get an ultrasound get an ultrasound they can they can.

Pick it up um i i don't i don't like cat scans because the amount of radiation is off the charts so you want to minimize that but a cat scan would show up as well it would show it as well okay i'm kind of her current theme tracy on facebook would like to know any suggestions to stop hair loss.

On keto i think the first thing to make sure you're taking the trace minerals the trace minerals are key and the b vitamins those two usually will handle the hair loss sometimes there's you might need like stinging nettle root if there's a higher level of a powerful testosterone.

Called dha but typically it's going to be the trace minerals another thing to take is the b vitamins from nutritional yeast which i know steve you really benefit from those the nutritional yeast you love it and it gives you the b vitamins you need and it also can help your.

Stress level absolutely i'm showing the audience now this stuff i'm just gobbling and by the way i get people hooked on it i don't know it should be a controlled substance as much as people but i have this wrestler weight lifters just begging for more bottles so i've got him.

Hooked in but i gave him a free one first one's free you've heard that before terrible but anyway yeah the nutritional yeast it's like i think what i'm going to need i'm going to do with that product though is i'm going to try to come up with a put in capsules um because it's a.

It's a tablet and i like chilling them but some people don't like to chew them like to swallow them so it's a little bit more difficult so i will be working on that well i hope you offer both because i love it this guy is munching them too he likes to eat them so there's there's a certain yeah group of folks.

That love it so maybe the problem with nutritional yeast is it's um it's a we have it unfortified with synthetics so you need more of it so you're gonna have to just take more of it if it's in a capsule so something to do um okay so do you have do we have the answer to the question.

What is the most common type of cancer worldwide well people are still investigating this so why don't we roll onto a phone call okay good let's go to let's see we have matthew from calgary hey matthew hi i'm one for uh dr burke uh i have a question i'm actually uh taking your supplements.

And also um uh and that will be the core liver oil and the gallbladder formula and i also have the vitamin d with a k3 i think and then i wanted to know if it's safe to take them the same time and also i actually work sometimes i work a whole day from morning six.

O'clock to 11 and i don't know where the stress if it is kind of um safe because i was i think i was i called before one time because i had a fatty liver and then i was on keto and i've lost a lot of weight and i'm feeling more better now but i don't know.

Because usually you said it takes some time about three uh one to three years before you can fully get you know better from that and i just wanted to know how safe it is we know with long hours of work and then and sometimes just two out three times a week.

But then i just wanted to know how safe it is with the medication and that as well okay so i'm just i'm thinking when you say medication you're saying supplements right yeah sorry i'm in supplement i mean sorry i mean supplement not medication yeah yeah the gallbladder and uh k2 d3 you can take together.

No problem um i put some purify bio salts in the k2 and d3 to actually it's called d3k2 to make it more absorbable too so that so that would actually help you you can take them long term there's no counter indication for that the as far as your stress is that going to be a problem yes i.

Suggest you stop working immediately and reduce no i'm just kidding now you need i think work is very healthy i think if you wanted to support your stress level you need to just take more b vitamins nutritional yeast and then that's going to allow you to handle more stress.

And work longer and deal with all the stresses at work but i think you're on the right track you just want to ride the wave it does take a long time for your body to restore the liver as well as to restore insulin resistance so as long as you're benefiting and you're.

Seeing the results ride the wave keep doing it you know it's a simple thing of like if you're doing better why would you want to stop you know and uh so good luck to you matthew thanks for your call all right well the world has answered dr.

Berg what is the most common type of cancer worldwide and the world says 50 percent colon cancer 10 breast cancer 10 lung cancer 10 skin cancer including the horrible melanoma and 10 percent pancreatic cancer.

Okay so steve i'm going to give you a hint to see if you can get this right and before you answer the answer is the same as the highest death rate from cancer so we have the comments we have the the most common incident of cancer the type.

That you would get as well as the death rate the highest death rate of cancer they're both the same answer what's your answer steve well i'm gonna i'm gonna guess colon cancer although you know terry's pointed a pancreatic i know pancreatic cancer is a death sentence but i don't know that it's the.

Highest rate of cancer so i'm going to stick with it with horrible old colon cancer well the answer is lung cancer ow and that includes trachea and bronchial cancer the whole package um so that is the number one what do you attribute down to why are.

Why is everyone dying on lung cancer i would imagine that somebody was smoking in secondhand smoking which i'm going to do a video on which is just as bad as primary smoking which i think you stopped smoking last week right steve actually i'm proud to say.

It's been 33 years ago wow wow i mean it's really hard to stop for some people but i i tried to try to smoke in high school i couldn't get past one pack so i gave it up well really a little quick tip here when i quit there's all these people that said oh three days for the physical addiction.

And two more and you'll be over it and i thought you know that doesn't sound right and somebody finally told me look steve you know you're in it for the long haul it's okay to want to smoke and it's okay not to but it's going to take you a year so before you get over it and that answer sound plausible and.

That's what i stuck with and i'm so grateful that i quit now and believe it or not i do not look i do not yearn for a cigarette and i thought that would never leave me well i tell you i think the best thing to do if you have weaknesses within the lung if you're a smoker and you're trying to get off or.

You have history smoking there's some key nutrients that will protect you against cancer one is the vitamin d very important and the zinc very important and vitamin c smoking depletes your vitamin c reserve and you need that for all the antioxidants so you know it's just it's kind of exposure to pollution and.

Smoking that's that makes more sense so the highest rate of death rate of cancer would be lung second is colorectal third is stomach fourth is liver and fifth is breast all very unfortunate yes so um you know what it's um.

It's you can't really put too many videos out in cancer without getting censored unfortunately but there's a lot of great information that i do have about your immune system hint hint that the immune system is not just about killing pathogens it's about killing cancer cells that's.

Like the second important function third be third being a wound healing but that your immune system if it's strong can actually protect you thus the vitamin d and the zinc etc um let's go to valerie from new york hi good afternoon thank you for taking my call dr burke.

Sure my pleasure it's actually my first time seeing your show is that right well welcome yeah i i just got another notification on my phone and i said oh this is what i need to speak to because actually i am going to see my um ent in about an hour so my question to you.

Is uh first of all i have hyper thyroidism and it actually has caused the goiter in my throat and this is actually causing an effect on my vocal cord focal cord and which causes a hostness and i would like to know does the enlarged.

Thyroid can cause internal bleeding and um there was something else i need to ask you yeah one is internal bleeding and oh the other thing is at night when i sleep i notice my saliva has increased and it also has this sort of thickness so i'm wondering if it has anything to.

Do with my saliva and i had also taken a ct scan which they had told me that the the thyroid had caused liver elevation so those are some questions i needed to ask you because i'm going to see my auntie i need to find out what should i also actually when i go there today.

Yeah hopefully they'll do all the testing you can get more data of exactly what could be causing this um you want to know is it graves that's one it is it is grave okay so it's so really it's an autoimmune condition and um i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna give you some areas to research.

Okay okay research the relationship between hyperthyroidism and vitamin b1 you need more b1 secondly this is just a side note you don't want to take bile salts you don't want to take anything bile related like gallbladder support simply because that's going to.

Convert your thyroid hormones more you're going to end up with more thyroid hormones so you don't want to do that the other thing that you want to research is vaccine-induced autoimmune conditions like in graves and that's another area that they have a lot of research i have.

A textbook on them and i'm studying it and it's just fascinating that connection um but i think the best thing for you and i don't i doubt if it can create internal bleeding but it can definitely alter your liver enzymes i think uh the the most important thing is to do things to support your immune system.

More than anything and then just go there today and get all the data and see if they can help you find out the underlying cause to this situation because obviously something triggered it triggered it so whenever they're telling me it's uh.

It's uh what does it tell me it's uh um it's like um genetic that's all i'm getting it's genetic yeah that's so that's such a rare um association there it's so rare um i don't know if i would agree with that but um usually you gotta look at what happened.

Just before you got this and that's gonna give you a big clue but anyway thanks for calling and keep pulling the string and see if you could get to the bottom of it okay doc i tell you what after those first dreary questions the world is updating their bucket list why don't we cheer them up.

With the next question which is sort of hopeful you want to do that yeah all right and here yeah what what's the most important vitamin for thinking for better thinking how about that one they're gonna love it i mean how many of you got would you guys like well i'm not gonna ask the.

Question because i'm i'm not gonna answer ask two questions at the same time but i would assume that a lot of people want to think better right steve well especially terry he's having a little issue but i'm covering for him but yeah we need to get a iv started for.

Terry right away i think it's also important to not think so much too so um that's why you know at least an hour a day you should not think so much um but it's hard to turn it off so you got to get outside go for a walk get some space hopefully in nature and.

Um stop thinking so much steve because it's kind of draining it is indeed okay so steve um i need to go to another question here uh kim from span school wherever that is kim are you there sorry yes i'm here yeah so every time i eat something sweet.

I uh i am on the keto program uh so but but yeah i have been cheating uh rarely but even even if it's like volatile or whatever as soon as i eat something sweet i over produce saliva and it gets the saliva gets very watery and especially i i at night i can feel it like.

You know i lie in my bed and swallow all the time and it's it gets really annoying i even tried once to to stand up uh with my mouth open uh to the floor and see like let it let it drip and it it accumulated to a big pile on the floor.

It was like a waterfall uh so the question is like like what's that what's that i think i don't want to tell you what to do about that because then you're gonna be able to eat your carbs how about how about just avoiding carbs how about avoiding sweets as a solution could you do that.

Yeah yeah yeah i am on the on the keto pro program i have been cheating like very uh like sometimes yeah it's not it's not often right so you mean like yeah so you want to just uh cheat cheat a lot less okay uh i think that'll help you and the.

Other thing too is that uh vitamin b1 uh is very important in the autonomic nervous system which relates to things like the overproduction of gastric juices saliva sweating all these things are related to that the autonomic um nervous system imbalance and so.

What i would recommend is taking some nutritional yeast take more of that to support that um but of course then now avoid sugar as much as you can as well and that should keep your saliva in check yeah because i keep like four td uh i mean tablespoons.

Of nutritional yeast i i try to keep it at four a day okay well that's good uh i like that and i think you just need to stay really clean with your diet and um cheat a lot less that's okay that's the remedy okay doc how about some answers uh for yeah what do you got cheerful question what is the most important.

Vitamin for improved thinking uh and our viewers say 60 fish oil stand by let me bring your picture back up there doc that's what they want to see and uh then b vitamins 20 percent 10 dha and finally i'm surprised at this 10 say iodine who's right.

Well that's why i said vitamin i didn't say like a fat i said a vitamin oops not a mineral but a vitamin and so the answer is choline ouch choline believe it or not is a they considered a b vitamin but it's a.

Lemon tasting if you suck on it's like lemon tasting and some people that crave lemons they need choline the choline turns into acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter which is needed for an essential function of thinking memory dexterity.

Reaction time focus and when you're deficient you get brain fog sluggish you start to forget things so so they've done some really good research on this and i'm going to put a video out on the research because it's fascinating even dramatic within minutes of taking choline you're a little.

Smarter and you can think better and you can focus more so steve the food if you want to have food that's high in choline egg yolks wow i love them scallops shrimp oh and beef liver so all these are very high in choline the choline is a really.

Um it's another it's it's a good thing also to strip strip off that fat from your liver when you're deficient in choline you you actually develop a fatty liver too so choline is a very very vital nutrient or vitamin well i was right with you till you got to the beef liver oh come on steve.

All right got liver and onions take one for the team there now um let's go to hey team from high point you had a question about vain occlusion good morning bear good morning yeah uh yeah i have a central retinal vein occlusion with a micro edema.

And i got a diabetes for like eight years and uh i'm in keto now and the kit is working fine with me uh i got my a1c is 5.6 oh good i got it yeah uh i got my all uh blood work is is good i'm 39 years old yeah so just i want to know.

What can cause this uh retinal vein occlusion especially like two times in the in the left eye and then right like for uh for for branch retinal occlusion yeah this is what's happening what's happening is you're you're past diabetes uh the high sugar is.

Creating a tremendous amount of inflammation in the blood vessels that go to the nerves as well as in your in your veins and in your arteries and the small ones and especially in the eye and so all this free radical damage is just destroying and creating occlusions and blockages and destruction.

Of your circulation in your eye so very good idea that you started keto i would keep i would do keto very very strict and i would do healthy healthy version like i say in my book where you're doing a lot of nutrient dense greens and things like that because that will also reduce your.

The complications of your blood sugar issues that you're hopefully resolving now and it does take a long time there are a couple things that you should be taking one is ben photamine as a a great thing for the eye to speed things up and you should be to also be taking alpha lipoic.

Acid and tocatrinos all three of those will help you in reducing kind of the free radical damage that's going on in the eye one last thing i would take it's a standard process product it's called oculotrophin pmg it's just a good product i used to recommend i i don't.

You have to search it out but it's a really good one to support the eye tissue i've just seen great success with it especially if you have some damage from diabetes all right thanks for your question now doc how about we throw out the last question speaking of questions yes so this is a yes or no question.

Um does farm-raised fish have lowered amounts of vitamin d yes or no all right they're tabulating i can hear the calculators clacking in the background okay good all right let's go to uh colleen from alberta canada uh are you there colleen you betcha good morning.

Good morning yeah i just said a couple things um your electrolyte calcium magnesium you had mentioned the calcium magnesium should be one to one um but the electrolytes they say 75 gram milligrams of calcium 120 of magnesium that.

Doesn't look like one to one so can you explain good good question i'm glad that you asked that because it's an important point um most people um have way too much calcium and way too little magnesium so this is meant to kind of correct and imbalance the same thing with potassium.

It's very hard for our body to get rid of calcium it's very easy to get rid of magnesium and so the one of the primary purposes of magnesium is to help prevent calcium toxicity especially as we get older so with all the other foods that you're eating it's just going to be.

Very easy to get calcium so i didn't want to keep that ratio because most people have too much and it's hard to get rid of that calcium and so if i started to add more calcium to that product it would it probably accumulate in the body in the wrong places and we don't want to do that.

Right with the ldl issues um and i watched well you know all the holiday videos and dr ali etc my ldl was 5.23 and my blood pressure 165 over 84 and i did watch your video about blood pressure point being so they're all concerned and.

Saying i'm an intermediate risk of framingham cardiac risk score but this ldl like the hdl is good and i know like your body makes cholesterol all this stuff so you know should there be some any worry about this um i mean here's the thing if you're doing keto correctly there shouldn't be a problem unless you.

Have some genetic issue but which i it's very rare um so this is what i would do if i were you i would get an advanced lipid test lipid profile to measure both types of ldl pattern a and pattern b and you're gonna you're gonna most definitely find this because this is.

What happened with my wife karen that the large buoyant type um was that was the one that was high the one that was low which was it was the small dense one that is more pathogenic which creates problems so that was low so unfortunately a lot of the docs don't look deeper into this problem they just.

Like oh it's bad it'll yell well no that's not true so um and and if you still have concerns in my last two actually the last three summits there was several cardiologists that that you could probably content that are keto friendly and use them if you needed to.

Help you with more testing and things like that but ivor cummins is a really good resource and there's several others as well okay perfect thank you you're welcome okay doc we got some answers yes what do we have all right well do uh.

Do farm-raised fish have more excuse me have lower amounts of vitamin d 85 say yes and 15 say no okay so the answer is yes 100 it should be 100 yes so um farm-raised fish could have anywhere between three to four.

Times less vitamin d interesting and the same thing with these chickens and pigs that are in barns that don't really go out they also have significantly lower vitamin d level so levels you're saying a pig gets it from the sun just like a human is that correct.

Steve you heard it you heard it from the horse's mouth okay they're a pig or whoever chicken all right well i tell you what that concludes we've been very efficient on our questions thank you audience for being so diligent in providing us the answers we have uh let's see who we have uh rasheed.

Rasheed you had a question yes from germany oh okay great thank you thank you to give me a penalty to to ask my question well it's about a thyroid i have a problem with my thyroid my values it.

Names t is h around about 0.22 so the doctor recommends me to to do the radius you'd therapy it's something about you know radioactivity to destroy the thyroid wow because because your your numbers are too low he wants to destroy.

It yes but it's it's at the low level of uh you know it's it's the low level of normal value oh my god it's gracious are you on are you on keto um yes i well i don't eat sugar and many things that are not healthy for example.

Um but you know they at the last five years there's no um you know the values rest the same they okay so this is my answer rasheed um yeah when you do keto and especially intermittent fasting um your your hormones with the thyroid do.

Go a little lower because your body's adapting to a different system and they become more efficient and you don't need as many thyroid hormones in fact i even think that they should re-establish these thyroid hormone levels because especially because what they'll do is.

Even if something's within the normal range and it's on the low side it's still within the normal range and the probably the more important one to look at is the thyroid stimulating hormone versus the t4 and t3 you know you want to look at the whole picture how you're converting how much is your thyroid hormone what's happening.

You're still with the normal ranges i think you need to find another doctor to work with because that does not make sense to me i can see if you have a hyperthyroid they're concerned but a hypo you want to use radiation well i i don't get it doesn't make sense to me okay thank you.

You're welcome steve on that note i just i just want to say thanks everyone for tuning in stay tuned for some for some really interesting videos i'll be releasing in the next couple days have a great week guys see you next time.

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